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- Shibuya Incident Arc to Past arcs/scenes
- After Itadori gets knocked out/killed(?) by Okkotsu Yuta he gets time travelled to the past.
- Time travels to any arc/scene : eating the first finger, gojo vs jogo, the 1st years being dispatched to the 1st special grade curse appearance, yuuji's 1st death, first appearance of Junpei and Mahito, student exchange event arc.

Scenes :
- Future!Itadori currently has 15 fingers, the past sorcerers get shocked at the increase in Itadori Yuuji's cursed energy. Past!Yuuji gets uneasy and Past!Sukuna's interest is piqued at the strange yet fascinating situation. Future!Sukuna is also entertained at what was happening.
- Future Itadori needs a hug, is traumatized, sees Kugisaki still have both her eyes- Gojo not unsealed- everyone not dead, on the brink of death or severely injured and he cries/breaks down.

ENDs :
1 : Itadori Yuuji's time travel is only temporary (an error in the universe or something wrong with the reversed technique) and gets pulled back to his own timeline.
2 : Future!Sukuna who currently has 15 of his fingers either takes control of his vessel's body (probably possible) and massacres the past sorcerers or stays silent and watches the chaos, confusion, and angst unfold.
3 : Itadori is stuck in the past, two Itadoris exist in one plane, they find a way for both to live/exist (via change of names, appearance, etc.)


Alternate scenes :
- Future!Itadori who currently has 15 of Sukuna's fingers, replaces the Past!Itadori. (F!Itadori time travels -> takes P!Itadori -> P!Itadori's existence vanishes replaced by F!Itadori)
- He gathers his resolve and starts to make plans (secretly) to make sure no one dies this time, to make sure he saves everyone, to make sure he doesn't let Sukuna out and to make sure the events of the future doesn't happen again.
- The trio of course would notice something wrong with Itadori, a shift or a change in his demeanour, act and the way he fights/holds himself. Gojo would be the first to confront Itadori about this sudden change (increase in curse energy).

ENDs :
1 : Itadori gets found out, the target on him becomes even bigger, lots of sorcerers and curse try to kill him. Shibuya incident still happens but is only slightly less traumatizing than the first.
2 : Itadori spills the truth to his closest friends + sensei. They help him through his plans and gives the boy a hug/therapy.
3 : Shibuya incident still happens, nothing's changed- the burden, guilt and overwhelming defeat weigh heavily on Yuuji's shoulders. He had failed, again. Sukuna laughs, amused and very much entertained at the spectacular failure that is his vessel, Itadori Yuuji.

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- The feral squad/tokyo jujutech squad gets transported to/dimension travelled to the BNHA universe for a temporary/short amount of time.

- They get transported to BNHA's training camp arc while they (jjk cast) themselves were in the exchange event arc.



Now how in the ever-loving fuck did his students and him get transported to a completely different universe? Well, recap time with Gojo-sensei!


Itadori stole a quick glance at Todou before going back to the special grade curse who was currently speaking, he doesn't bother listening- preparing his stance for another attack.

He sensed Todou tense beside him after the special grade curse slammed their hand on the ground, the black-steel hand with the rose perched on their shoulder began crackling with energy.


' Shit- They're doing Domain expansion-! ' Itadori channels his cursed energy ready at his fists. " Get ready, bruza. " Todou mutters, voice shifting to a more serious tone. He gulps nervously.


" 領りょう域いき--展-- ! (RYŌUIKI TEN--!) "


A loud bang! resounded throughout the skies, the veil lifted successfully deterring the curse. His eyes widen at the familiar figure floating in the air. " Oh-! Gojou-sensei! "

" The veil's lifted but the fight isn't over yet, best-o friend-o. Focus! " Todou tells him in a firm voice, Itadori grunts in confirmation and glues his eyes back to the curse.

They exchange blows at the curse again, Todou takes the back while Itadori takes the front. Dead branches snap from around them, the dried out soil crumbles and leaves out a trail of dust with every punch and kick sent at each other.

Todou's eyes widen, he jumps back- yanking Itadori by his hoodie. " Todou-? " 


" Don't take another step, bruza. ", the older sensed the massive cursed energy coming their way. He releases his grip on Yuuji when the teen didn't show any signs of recklessly rushing at the curse head-on.


The special grade curse spoke, their voice echoing, " I shall retreat for now. I am not arrogant enough to fight Gojou Satoru- " 


A bright light, a huge orb of crackling purple cursed energy came hurtling towards their way, violently shaking the ground and tearing through its pathway. 

' WOAH. WHAT THE- HOLY SHIT IS THAT A FUCKING RASENGAN?! ' Itadori watches in horror as it grows bigger in size, closing in on their location. He doesn't notice the curse desperately making a shield to protect themselves.


The purple light was becoming too bright for their eyes, the three squeezed their eyes shut. He hears the curse let out a pained grunt and the last thing he remembers was Todou's faint shouting of ' Bruza! '






And that's how the blind-fold individual found himself in yet another mess.

' I might have gotten a bit too rough with Hollow Purple, and as far as he knows dimension travel wasn't part of his Murasaki technique. ' Gojou sighs, sheepishly turning to where his students were huddled together- different kinds of bruised and injured, matching glares all directed at their poor sensei.


" Ah... surprise! It's a spontaneous field trip, everyone! I'll treat all of you today so don't kill your dear sensei, alright? " Gojou lets out a laugh, waving his hands out to ease the tension.


" YOU-! " Kugisaki growls from where she was being held up by Panda. Itadori groans, finally letting his body sag on the ground. " My bones are definitely broken and my cheeks are traumatized, sensei. " 

" Okay-! Let's patch you all up first before we head back to our universe. Panda, hope you don't mind carrying those three with you? " Gojo secures his grip on Yuuji's body from his right side while he carries Toge on his left. " Mnm, no problem at all. " Panda crouches down to scoop a glaring Fushiguro, Kugisaki jostling his back from her angry gestures and a sleeping Maki on his other arm.


" Yosh! Tokyo Jujutech squad let's go~! Ehehe~ ~ "



The Tokyo Jujutsu Tech Squad trudged quietly through the unknown forest, Gojo hums- careful not to jostle the two tired teens he was carrying. Kugisaki had long since quiet down and had their face buried in Panda's fur. 

Gojo abruptly stops making Panda pause in his step as well. " Looks like we've got company... ", their teacher exasperatedly sighs. He wanted to leave this universe as quietly and inconspicuous as possible but things never do go his way, does it?


- Aizawa, Vlad, and the hero cat squad(?) noticed several intruders suddenly blip into the radar monitoring the training camp's forest. Aizawa was the first to get out and deal with the intruders. Jujutech squad encounters Aizawa.

- Gojo puts on his sensei mode and does adult-talk/negotiation/reasoning with Aizawa, who actually listens but still doesn't let his guard down. The underground hero notices the injured students and he sighs- he escorts the intruders back to the camp. They meet the UA students outside who were busy eating dinner, they notice the new figures come out of the forest.

- UA students are confused, they ask their teachers who were those people entering the camp's nurses office. Aizawa pinches the bridge of his nose and says ' We'll explain later. Eat your dinner for now. ' and leaves the curious hero students.

- Aizawa goes to surveillance the intruders and sees Vlad getting pestered on by " Gojo Satoru ", the name of said injured students' teacher. They try to question him, drill out answers from the cheery yet ominous teacher. Gojo avoids answering their questions, instead annoying/acting insufferable at the two. Aizawa glares deadpanned and is like ' Fuck this shit, I'm not cut out for this. ' and proceeds to sit down on a chair to put eye drops.

- Gojo requests for the " heroes " (he learned) to leave them in the nurse's office for a while. The heroes disagree, not fully trusting the strangers and says the only reason they haven't contacted the hero association/police is that there were students injured and needed healing. Gojo pouts and turns back to watch over his own students who were peacefully asleep, all covered from head to toe with bandages and gauze pads.

- Day after the UA students and heroes gathered outside to announce something, they announce the new people from yesterday. It was 5am and the sun was just rising. Cue Jujutech squad coming out of the nurse's office (green screen explosion sfx)

Kugisaki, Maki, Fushiguro looking disgruntled, annoyed and tired af. Inumaki with a deadpanned expression and beside him was Panda. Yuuji was the only one who bothered to put on a refreshed, friendly face. And Gojo Satoru being loud and insufferable and making all the tired students groan at his loud voice at ass'o'clock in the morning.


- Gojo finally explains their situation, the heroes are satisfied knowing why they were there. They let the dimension travellers rest in the camp so that they can all go back, BNHA cast resume their schedule while the JJK cast spent the day healing their injuries. Gojo comes back from touring the strange world, paper bags on each of his arms containing snacks and sweets he bought for his dear students. He tells them what he found out about the universe they're in while he hands out the snacks.

- Itadori impressed and curious, Fushiguro mildly impressed- eats matcha mochi, Kugisaki ignores their teacher- opting to chat with Maki, Inumaki watching Minecraft vids on the borrowed phone, Panda asleep. 

- Sometime in the day, the Jujutech squad went out to watch the " heroes " / hero students train. They were quite impressed and fascinated with said quirks/abilities/superpowers. (Sukuna is only impressed at the half-n-half boy's power.)

- After UA students were done with their schedule they notice the JJK squad watching them from afar. 

- (Few more days later) Tokyo Jujutech has slowly recovered, most injuries healed only the ache and lethargy of being bed-ridden left in their bodies. Gojo tells them they will be training- cue students groaning. (to see if their bodies are well-enough to handle dimension travel/warping.)

- UA students are curious, watching the JJK squad who were out in the field with them. Aizawa sighs at the interruption of their training/class. 

- Cue JJK badass fight/training scenes. Gojo informs them that there are a few curses that exists in this universe- he points at the forest and tells them to exorcise 'em.

- UA fascinated with how they move/jujutsu/martial arts. Gojo tells them they are what they called " quirkless " in their universe. BNHA cast is surprised/shocked. Gojo smirks, ego inflating and continues to show-off his students.

- UA students want to learn martial arts/jujutsu. JJK squad tries (fails) to warm up with the hero students, ideologies and stuff clashing.

End :

- JJK squad finally goes back to their universe, they say bye-bye to BNHA cast, timelines fixed. \o/


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Itadori Yuuji is a normal high-school student, well that's what he wants to be. He glances at his shinigami, Sukuna, who was rifling through erotic magazines he managed to smuggle out of the convenience store. Sukuna sighs, throwing the magazine across the room and turns to Itadori with strained eyes.


" So, when are you gonna use the notebook, brat? I'm dying of boredom here, I didn't drop the Death Note just for some dry, boring kid to pick it up and not use it. "


" I already told you I'm not killing anyone, and I'm definitely not going to test out the Death note. Nope, never. " Itadori blows a raspberry at the pissed-off shinigami before continuing his manga. " Fuckin' hell. " Sukuna stands up, his figure towering over him. " I'm gonna look for some caviar to eat, when I come back I expect at least 10 names written in the Death note or I might just write your name on it and find a new human. "


With that the shinigami phases outside his house, evil cackling disappearing in the distance. Itadori lets out a tsk, conflicted thoughts clashing in his mind. He opens twitter and scrolls through his feed, he sees current issues around the world and he taps on an article.

Yuuji opens the Death note roughly, pen hovering over the paper. With shakey-hands, he writes down a name, guilt and wrongness settling in the pit of his stomach as he writes down criminals' names one after another.


He doesn't want to die, stupid death god, stupid notebook. He curses mentally, brows pinched as he looks at the names he's written. Stray tears left his eyes and he quickly wipes them when he hears Sukuna's dark chuckles from behind him. 


" Finally! How does it feel, brat? Your first kills, I mean. " Sukuna laughs, grinning while he claps Yuuji's shaking shoulders. " Fuck you. "

Sukuna grins, " Why don't you check if the Death note worked? " sharp nails pointing at his phone. Itadori gulps nervously, refreshing his twitter page. He lets out a choked sound at the update on the criminal.


He just killed someone.



- Itadori as Light, Sukuna as Ryuk, Mahito as Mikami, Gojo as L, Beyond Birthday as Getou Suguru, Okkotsu as Near, Kugisaki as Misa, Maki as Rem, Fushiguro as Matsuda <o/

- There would be slight changes with their personality (ex. Sukuna beats down Itadori mentally, wanting more entertainment and suffering. )

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Itadori was not vibing today.


He left the school early to buy flowers and visit their grandpa earlier but his brother reels him into their workplace and dumps half of the other's shift work onto him.


' It was his day off for god's sake. ' Itadori sighs, twisting the wet rag from his hands.


He tries to blink away the sleep from his eyes while he wipes the restaurant's greasy tables and makes them squeaky clean for tomorrow's use. Sukuna, his older brother, was slacking off by chatting with their fellow co-worker near the counter.

Yuuji huffs, zipping his bag and opening the staff door to clock out. He looks back and sees his brother still chatting with their co-worker. " Let's go already, Sukuna. "

Sukuna flips him off and waves goodbye at their co-worker. " The old man's probably asleep now, there's no need to rush, you impatient brat. "

" Well I'm hungry and it's your turn paying for dinner. So hurry up, I'm sick of seeing you two lovebirds flirting in front of the goddamn counter. ", he sticks his tongue out at the older before running out of Sukuna's reach, laughing at the other's threats. 


They reach the hospital, both silently greeting the nurses and apologizing on behalf of their grandfather's pissy attitude. 

" Oi, old man. " Sukuna greets their grandfather, putting down the take-out dinner he and Yuuji bought at the counter near the window sill. " You're both late today. " 

Yuuji plops down next to Sukuna, grabs a chopstick, and scarves down his dinner. He turns to their grandpa, " S'kuna ke't fl'tr'ng w'thm th' co-'work'r. "

" Don't eat with your mouth full, brat. " Sukuna slaps the back of Yuuji's head, the younger squawks, he turns to stab his chopsticks at Sukuna's eyes who easily blocked the younger's attempt.


They continue to bicker, their grandpa scolding them telling the two to lower their voices with a loud voice. Their grandpa huffs and turns to his side, his back facing his two grandsons.

" When it's your time to go, make sure you're surrounded by others. Don't end up like me. ", the old man mutters. Itadori was silent, staring at his grandpa's back. 

Sukuna was still munching on his food, his back still turned from the old man ever since he entered the room. Itadori walks up to the side of the bed, 

" Jii-chan? "


The room was silent, save for the hum of the AC and Sukuna's quiet munching.


A sniff interrupts the stillness of the room.


" He's dead, brat. Call the nurses. " Sukuna mutters before slurping his food loudly, he sets their dirty plastic containers aside and finally turns to look at Yuuji's shaking form besides the old man's bed.



Yuuji fills out the last of the paperwork from the hospital, the nurse asking if they were alright. Yuuji musters a small smile telling them they're fine.

Sukuna excused himself to the bathroom, leaving the other to fill out the paperwork. It's why he missed the interaction the younger had with a certain someone.


The " retired " King of Curses didn't expect to leave the bathroom and find his younger bro not in the hospital's lobby anymore. He asks the nurse where the other went, the nurse told him Yuuji was just talking with a black-haired teen and the two went out of the main entrance. Sukuna hums, thanking the nurse before heading out of the hospital as well.


A jujutsu sorcerer then... well, it was expected. One of his old fingers was located near Yuuji's new school and the brat told him about his occult friends unsealing the cursed object tonight. The brat was probably with the sorcerer now to save his friends. 


Sukuna grins, " That self-persevering brat's gonna do something stupid, isn't he? ". He hums, he feels the cursed energy of one of his fingers radiate as he nears the school. 



Itadori struggles from the curse's grip. 

His teeth clenched on the loose skin of the cursed finger, his mind races as he thinks of ways to defeat the curse and keep it out of Fushiguro's reach. 

" Oi, Fushiguro! I just need a tiny bit of cursed energy to defeat this thing, right?? " 

Fushiguro's eyes widen, " Don't do it, you idiot! ". He feels a sweat trickle down his spine, Yuuji gulps. 


' Here goes nothing... '


The pink-haired teen tossed the finger into the air. He feels the curse move up to catch it but Yuuji was faster. He snags it before the curse could, Itadori resisted the urge to gag once he swallowed the vile finger down his throat. The curse's grip on him tightens, Itadori shrieks once he felt his foot slip into the curse's mouth.



Fushiguro moves to save the other when the curse suddenly burst into pieces, chunks of flesh and blood stained the ground. The black-haired teen was frozen in place- sensing a tremendous aura of a curse standing right beside him.


" What a hassle, this brat... can't even defeat a puny curse. Oi, Yuuji! Get your ass up from there and help your new friend here. ", Fushiguro crained his neck slowly to look up at the new presence. He flinched violently at the sight of


Ryoumen Sukuna.


" I-ITADORI. STAY WHERE YOU ARE-! " Fushiguro choked out, feet stumbling to make some distance from the King of Curses. His hands were shaking from fear.

Sukuna just raised an eyebrow at his actions, his face quickly turning to realization. " Oh right, King of Curses and a jujutsu sorcerer. " He looks at the injured teen assessing him.


Itadori finally stood up from his spot in the rubble and jogged to where Sukuna and Fushiguro were at. " That was a close one, thanks for saving us, Sukuna. " He grins, roughly patting his older brother's back. Sukuna rolls his eyes, " You couldn't exorcise such a weak curse? Pathetic. "


Yuuji's brow pinched, " This whole thing wouldn't have happened if you just ate your stupid finger. " he jabbed a finger at the other's pecs. Sukuna sighs, " Whatever, brat. So, where's my finger? "


" Ah. About that... " Itadori weakly whistles, eyes averted from Sukuna's. " I ate it. " 


Sukuna stared at him blankly. Fushiguro watched the scene unfold, flabbergasted.


Sukuna gives Yuuji a disgusted look, " Is that your new kink now, brat? Eating deceased body parts? Have some decency." 

" HOW DID YOU EVEN MANAGE TO COLLERATE EATING DECEASED BODY PARTS WITH THE WORD KINK??? ", Itadori shoots his older brother a look of disbelief while the other's shoulders shake from restrained laughter.

" If I died from eating your stinky finger and I don't make it to tomorrow's shift, the manager's going to add my shift hours to yours. " Itadori smirked smugly, Sukuna bonks his twin's head.


" I'll pass. I'll tell the old creep I'd take my bereavement leave and mourn for you and the old man's dead body and hoard the extra wage to myself. " Sukuna grins, avoiding Yuuji's punch.


" You're a fuckin' asshole, you know that? "

" I'm aware. "


" Don't move. " 

The two stopped with their squabble to turn to Fushiguro who was in a combat stance. Shadows swirled from around him, Fushiguro steeled his nerves to face off the two, " You're no longer a human and the King of Curses has returned. Under Jujutsu's regulations, Itadori Yuuji and Ryoumen Sukuna, I will exorcise both of you as special grade curses and as a threat to society. "


Sukuna huffs a laugh, " Looks like we're joining the old man rather soon, outoto. " 

" Wait, I'm fine though, Fushiguro! See? " Itadori gestures to his body with panicked gestures. " More importantly, you and I are both pretty beat up. Let's hurry to a hospital first. "


" The king of curses is right next to you. "

" Well, yeah. But he's reformed now so it's all good really! " 

Fushiguro's face ranged from disconcerted to dumbfounded and finally settling to ire. He readies his hands to release his technique, Itadori doesn't notice this but Sukuna does, an amused glint forming in the curse's face.


He was about to move when they were yet interrupted by a new presence.


" Yo! " 


Sukuna and Itadori looked at the new intruder, Fushiguro turned to where his mentor was standing.

" Gojou-sensei?! Why are you here? "


" I wasn't planning on coming but, man, you're roughed up. " Gojo pulls out his phone and starts taking shots,  " I should show the second-years. "

The older laughs while his student raised an arm to cover the flash in annoyance. 


" Well, this is boring. " Sukuna mutters from beside Yuuji.

Gojo stopped annoying his student to ask a question, " So, where's the special grade curse object? "


" Um... Sorry but, I ate it. "


Gojo finally turned to acknowledge their presence, his eyes were blocked by the blindfold so they don't know who he was currently looking at. 

" Seriously? " 


" Seriously. " 


Gojo was now standing in front of the brothers. " Oh! How surprising, the King of Curses is back. "

Sukuna levels the sorcerer with a dry look, " Another jujutsu sorcerer. " Gojo started to stretch, handing over the paper bag he was holding to Fushiguro.

Itadori sensed the tension between the two and moved to the side, " Yeah, uh try not to hit me and Fushiguro... "


Gojo gives him a thumbs up before disappearing in a blur, " Woah-! "


A loud bang resounded from the school's rooftop, heavy punches and blows were exchanged. Itadori's eyes squint at the blurry figures moving from the air.

His thought were ripped out of him when he hears Fushiguro clears his throat, taking his attention.


" Itadori, care to tell me what your relationship is with the King of Curses? " Fushiguro watched as Itadori wring his hands nervously, 

" About that... he's kind of my older brother? ", his tone tilted at the last part. Fushiguro was again, stupefied. " Since when? "

" Since before I was even born, I think. That's what he told me. "


Fushiguro pinched the bridge of his nose, " The higher-ups are gonna have a field day with this I bet. "

Itadori laughs nervously, scratching the side of his cheek sheepishly. " I kind of understand why you're angry and want to exorcise me and Sukuna so, uh, no hard feelings or anything like that... "

Fushiguro sighs, he turns to Gojou-sensei and Sukuna talking in the distance- surrounded by piles of rubble.


" How are we going to report this to the others... "


Additional notes :


- Yuuji first met/got to know Sukuna at the age of 5. 

- After Sukuna got himself a body (secretly and inconspicuously), he wandered the cities/towns of Japan (careful not to get into the jujutsu sorcerers' radar).

He stops when he sees a person woman with stitch-like scars on their forehead and was radiating cursed energy. Intrigued, he followed the human from the shadows. Sukuna learned that "the brain" or Noritoshi Kamo resided in the flesh of Itadori's mother. He confronted the woman and the other was mildly surprised to meet the King of Curses, as well as, Sukuna having his own body after millennia of rest. 

- Sukuna learns that Noritoshi Kamo was doing an experiment/testing out his theory of creating a cursed child. Sukuna's interest was piqued and stayed with the Itadori family for the result.

Itadori's grandpa wasn't pleased with Sukuna joining at first but time passed and the old man relents. 

- Sukuna was with Yuuji as he grows up, he shifts his body to match a human older brother's age. He learns of Itadori Yuuji's, the cursed child, curse technique before the younger could. 


The younger seemed to not notice the memory-altering cursed technique he possessed, Sukuna first witnessed Yuuji using this when he picks the other up from kindergarten. A teen kept clinging to Itadori calling him his ' younger bro ' and stuff. Itadori kept shaking his head and telling the other his older brother (Sukuna) was over there waiting at the entrance.

Sukuna, being a good- better than humans-older bro, pushes the teen away from Itadori and walks back to their house not without threatening the stranger- Yuuji's tiny body being carried from his arms. (and no, he did not feel the slight twinge of jealousy at the sight of another human holding Yuuji's tiny hands cause he is the King of Curses.)


- Itadori learns that his older brother was a curse, the King of Curses as a matter of fact, at the age of 13. He finally connects the dots from the strange things he observed/seen from his childhood (seeing strange creatures, seeing four eyes and arms sprout off Sukuna, the origin of Sukuna's tattoos). Sukuna shows off his skills at the younger when he took him for a stroll in the forest, exorcising weak curses- Yuuji grimacing at the sight of the curses. He also tells him about jujutsu and curses, he trained Yuuji- he trained him how to use his otherworldly strength and stamina which normal humans don't usually possess at the age of 13.

- Itadori and Sukuna work as part-timers in a fast food restaurant, cause they need money to buy food and shit and they're not that close to their other relatives.

Chapter Text

- After Sukuna gets all 20 of his fingers and a new body, he eliminates/kills and injures a lot of jujutsu sorcerers. He leaves Fushiguro alive, the teen who piqued his interest with his technique, and turns to Itadori Yuuji, his former vessel and Fushiguro's last friend standing.
- Sukuna kills Itadori Yuuji. Itadori Yuuji, former vessel of Sukuna, still has the remaining strength and has more cursed energy/honed his skills after housing the King of Curses. They fight, Yuuji managed to scratch one of Sukuna's eyes but he gets killed in the end.
- Itadori Yuuji time travels.
- He time travels to the past, to the time where Gojo Satoru, Geto Suguru, and Shoko Ieri were still young/students in Jujutech.
- His cursed energy alarmed the curses from where he fainted, there was still some remnants of Sukuna's cursed energy clinging to him.
- After the movement of curses changed this alerted the jujutsu sorcerers.
- They somehow dubbed Itadori Yuuji as ' Prince of Curses '.

- BAMF Itadori Yuuji, lots of cool fight scenes.

Scenes :
- Itadori Yuuji meets the young jujutsu sorcerer trio. They either fight/exorcise him or escort him back to base.
- Itadori, after suffering trauma and fucked up shit from his timeline, goes apathetic/numb and starts killing curses and corrupt people alike. He resents curses more, going on a slaughter.
He was stuck in that time so might as well kill the curses and other stuff that may intervene and harm his future friends. He works solo. (Finds ways and plans to change the future events)

Chapter Text

Itadori Yuuji time loop time!

- Itadori was dragged and stuck in a time loop phenomenon ever since he ate Sukuna's finger.

- He experiences death and inhumane ways of dying a shit ton. Every loop, every restart- the pain is ingrained into his body. Sometimes leaving him numb, sometimes leaving him a flinching mess.

- The trio, in every loop, would always notice the drastic change of their friend's demeanor.


Scenes :

- Itadori would sometimes go on a rampage, killing everyone to make it stop- to make the loop stop- to make the voices begging for more blood to stop.

- Sukuna doesn't loop with Itadori, meaning he is out of the "loop" on what's going on with his vessel and why he seems to kill without hesitation now as well as the way he brutally exorcises the curses.

- Itadori hones his skills/techniques with every loop so that he can break out of that specific loop. (He learns of his memory-altering technique and uses it to his advantage).


Alternates :

- (can be added) Sukuna is with Yuuji in every time loop, he watches as his vessel further descents to madness (he enjoys it/he pities him).

- Sometimes Itadori would tell his friends about the time loop and help him. (His heart breaks every time a loop restarts and his friends forget about it, it's why he sometimes doesn't bother telling them)

The risk of telling someone about the time loops is the increase of them dying early.

- Itadori's personality does a 360. (the kind-hearted, cheerful young man buried deep but not forgotten inside him) 



Honestly, I’m scared
The world’s drunk in a swirling glass
At the edge is my burning heart
But I just wanna stay


Itadori watches the sky turn red once again, he doesn't remember its original color anymore- it had always been red to his eyes.


I feel it, my head’s in a Daze Daze Daze
I’m addicted, I Replay Play Play
The way you want it
Go as far as you can to reach it
Trapped in this carnival


He feels bones crunch from underneath him, he stares at the corpse of the Patchwork curse. Ah, maybe he's gone too far this time?


My heart’s again in a Daze Daze Daze
Can’t control my body dance dance dance
This sweet scent
Fangs glowing red
Revel in it, this carnival


Thick blood runs from his fingers, he's dying- he's restarting. Yuuji lets out a weak laugh, standing shakily on his feet he faces Choso.


Mmm call me out from across the line
Everything changes, everything crumbles
I reach past the locked door
Pain welcomes me, a feast of thirst


Pitch black darkness greets him, bloodshot eyes of the void staring at him- watching his every move. They seem to enjoy his suffering, the voices rejoice at the next loop.

He could feel sharp nails claw at his heart, cold hands wrapped around his neck he is pulled back into the living.


Yuuji gasps, eyes open to the innocent bathe of sunlight peaking through the window blinds. He was back, he had failed.

He buries his face into his hands, a sob wracking his entire frame.


Honestly, I’m scared
My reflection in the mirror is unfamiliar
The pitiful truth behind this mask
But I never escape.

Chapter Text



Itadori falls and lands on a table, hard.

The teen groans, hissing at the ache blooming on his back. His eyes were still closed, trying to ease the headache that formed but when he does open his eyes and looks up he was faced with varying faces of shock, bewilderment, and surprise.


Itadori's mouth hung open, he whips his head to the side where a person that looked eerily similar- no- that looked exactly like his Gojo-sensei, was looking at him with surprise.

He squints at the projector's light that was aimed in his direction.


" Ah-! Sorry for crashing your class, you guys can continue- don't mind me haha! "


Yuuji fails to notice the familiar faces at the back of the class, opting to get his body off of the table and out of the classroom.

The pink-haired teen runs from the school's hallways, unfamiliar to it he gets lost with every turn.


" OIII, ITADORI! " He hears Nobara shout behind him, " KUGISAKIII! Thank goodness, I thought I was the only one that got blasted from that stupid curse. " he clings to Nobara, pouting and whining.

Kugisaki lets out a tsk, " I got dumped at the auditorium and the janitor looked at me like I was some insect that somehow ended up landing on their favourite burrito dish. "


" Th-that's oddly specific. Are you okay? " Yuuji took Nobara's face into his hands, checking his friend's face for any injuries or head damage. He gets a slap in the forehead.


" We still need to find Fushiguro and get out of here. ", the teen drags the other to the cafeteria. " But, since we're here, let's get grub. We didn't get to eat breakfast anyway, pay for me I didn't bring money with me. "

" Bruhh... " Itadori sighs and relents at his friend's request. " One onigiri... "



Both sorcerers left the cafeteria with their hunger quenched, just in time the school bell rings indicating that school was finished for the day.

They watched as students trickle out the entrance, they were on the rooftop- Kugisaki forcing the restricted door to open with her hammer and nails.


" This blows. We're somehow in another universe. " Kugisaki whines, face being supported by her hand as she leans on the railing. They could see the sunset from up there, a gentle breeze pass by them.

" This takes me back... the rooftop, I mean. " Itadori reminisces to when he first got pulled into the Jujutsu world. " By the way, Fushiguro is still missing. ", he mutters aloud.


" Lucky bastard probably didn't get hit by the blast. Tcheh. " Kugisaki stretches, " Well, we still got a curse to exorcise. It was slinking around the auditorium last I saw of it. "

" Wha- Why didn't you tell me sooner?! Let's go. " Yuuji got up from where he sat and follows behind Kugisaki. They were about to open the door for the rooftop open when it was violently swung open from the other side.


Itadori moves in front of Kugisaki to shield his friend away from the intruder while the other prepares nails from her hands.


" Oh~? What's do we have here? Doppelgangers of my dear students? "


Both students froze in surprise. They turned to look at each other and to the figure that stepped out of the door's shadow.


' That voice... Gojou-sensei?! '


- Fushiguro calls Gojo-sensei for back-up. He tells him the other two got hit by a blast and disappeared. Both rescue the other two from the alternate universe.

- Itadori and Kugisaki meet and interact with their alternate counterparts. Chaos and stuff ensue.

- The two sorcerers excused themselves to head to the auditorium where the curse they need to exorcise was at. The AU!JJk cast follow them, intrigued.

- They fight off said curse, AU!Jjk at the sidelines watching in amazement. Lilacs, flowers, sparkly sfx shit appears behind the duo from the compliments and awe aimed at them.

- Gojo and Fushiguro appear behind them breaking the mental image. They collect the duo. 

- They say their goodbyes to the AU!Jjk and heads bacl to their universe.

Chapter Text

Alternate Universe : a universe where BNHA and JJK exist together. (BNHA x JJK)

Background of the BNHA X JJK crossover :
- Jujutsu sorcerers (Gojo Satoru and available tokyo JJK sorcerers) get dispatched / sent to protect the UA students after being attacked in the U.S.J. (reported that wanted/powerful curse users were working amongst the villain's side).
- (Tweak in the U.S.J. incident is that it was more dangerous with curse users involved)

- The sorcerers try (fails) to act inconspicuous, forced to work and mingle in an environment completely different from what they are used to, and clashes with their beliefs and work style.
- (JJK 1st years) Protects UA first years. (JJK 2nd years) Protects UA first to third years.

Jujutsu sorcerers available :
- Fushiguro, Kugisaki, Itadori.
- Maki, Panda, Inumaki.

- Gojo

Scenes :

- A security breach happens after school (the time when students leave school), alerting the sorcerers who were left behind the school and students who were just about to leave the school.
- Heroes urge the UA students to safety after getting the nonchalant warning from Gojo Satoru (smug prick), he does help in ushering the ' soon to be heroes ' students to safety.
- The sorcerers were split into teams, covering the U.A. grounds/prestigious school (which was huge and leaves the sorcerers complaining as they run around exorcising stray curses)
- The culprit of setting off the alarm: Hanami (the forest curse) and the other curses involved in the JJK Exchange event arc.
- Low-grade curses aim for the hero students, the 1st years are responsible and were given orders to solely focus on protecting the students. The 2nd years and Gojo Satoru will be responsible on eliminating the curses. Heroes on sight are prohibited from assisting the sorcerers unless villains (which are not curses) appear alongside the fight.

Bonus scenes :
- Hero students are surprised to know the sorcerers are classified as quirkless.
- Gojo goads the others to challenge Maki in combat, with quirk or not.
- Lots of condescending moments (mostly from Gojo).
- The hero students try to make the sorcerers more comfy, sorcerers relents after Gojo-sensei's attitude to the heroes.
- The heroes were more tolerable, the sorcerers think, more tolerable than their teacher who kept annoying the hero teachers.
- Gojo hurt at his students' attitude towards him, sulks at the corner of the classroom.

Kugisaki gives the back of his teacher's head a dry look, " An old man sulking in a corner of a classroom, what a creep. "
Maki agrees, munching on an onigiri while Fushiguro slurps loudly, judging their teacher silently. Inumaki watches cat videos, ignoring their sulking teacher completely and there's Panda.
Itadori looked at Gojo-sensei pitifully, " Poor Gojo-sensei... "

The hero students watch in horror at the way they treat their teacher, Gojo Satoru.