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The Three Films

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“Along with you died joy. All that remains is despair and a future of meaningless tomorrows.”




My Dearest Reader,

I'm writing you this email to inform you of a dark secret I have stumbled upon. My identity will have to remain disclosed for the time being, until I can ensure my safety, though I'm unsure if that is a possibility at this point. Even if I am allowed the perfect chance to publicly announce who I am, I don't think I will choose to do so. Currently, I have possession of five reels of film. There are assuredly copies of each film out in the world, but they will have been bought by private collectors and will most likely not be recovered. What is notable about my situation, though, is that I have the originals. I've gone through the trouble of telling you this because the person being filmed, your dearest friend, should certainly be granted the closure they deserve. Their family, those who wonder every night if she may come home, need to have their closure. And hopefully, if the task force working on this case (and notably failing, as I've seen you've begun to take matters into your hands), can glean anything from this information, both parties will have their justice, though the former will have to be from beyond the grave. I plan to mail the films to the police department when I have finished these emails and when you can assure me that I was not in the wrong with what I did. A fool's dream, perhaps. For now, I will hold onto them, as I've handled them with my bare hands. I'm almost positive that I've erased my presence from them, but I cannot risk my identity being known. I've attached a folder to this email, containing the few clues you may be hopelessly looking for to find your friend... the first attachment is a transcription of the first film, from start to finish. I've tried to be as impartial as possible. The other three attachments are pictures that I've taken of the film. I apologize for the quality, but it was the best I could do. The first picture is of the first victim: she is seen with duct tape over her mouth and a blue sweater. The second picture is of a distinct marking on her shoulder. This along with the first picture may help with identifying and further proving it is her you're searching for: the image is blurry, but while watching the film I can see that the mark is that of some sort of scar... presumably one unique to just her body. The third picture is the aftermath of what was done to your dear friend... I apologize for sending you something so upsetting, but you must understand the severity of the situation that we have found ourselves in. Of what this monster is capable of. Please open this last image with caution. I hope that with my help you should be able to find closure and comfort while delving into the search for your lost friend.


Yours in the hunt for justice,