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He's Got It Comin'

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In watched with a hand over his mouth as Dean cried. He had never seen Dean cry. When they were far enough away from the administration office, Dean stopped walking and let his head drop and his shoulders started shaking.

Pharm looked back when his hand yanked at Dean stopping behind. “P’Dean?!” Pharm gasped and rushed to grab his upper arms, looking up into his face. “Hey? Hey, what’s wrong?” he asked in a scared voice. “Please say something.”

“I didn’t even know my own boyfriend had suffered so much,” Dean rasped out when he finally spoke. In realized with a sinking heart that Dean had probably been holding this guilt in the whole time they had been dealing with Alex. “I just- I thought he flirted with you some. I didn’t know until In told me how bad and even then I- I didn’t want to do anything. I thought you could handle it. I didn’t- I didn’t know how bad, Pharm.” He let out an actual sob and In’s eyes began to burn too. “I’m sorry! I’m so sorry!”

He was begging. In felt like he shouldn’t be watching, but his feet were rooted to the spot. Dean was begging Pharm to forgive him. It was so painful to watch.

Pharm gasped. “Oh Baby,” he said, and In had never heard Pharm use endearments for Dean. Pharm shoved his way into Dean’s arms, pulling Dean’s head down to his shoulder, no matter how much he had to hunch over to get there. Pharm fisted a hand in his shirt and put the other in his hair, cupping the back of his head close. “Shhhhh. I’m okay, P’Dean. I’m okay. It’s over now, right? And I’m fine. You didn’t know because I didn’t tell you, remember? We talked about this-“

“But you shouldn’t have to tell me! I should know what’s hurting my boyfriend!” Dean cried, arms tightening around Pharm. “Is that the real reason you don’t want to have sex? Because that bastard touched you and it reminds you of being fucking molested?”

In snapped out of it. “Okay, guys, I think this is a conversation for somewhere private,” he said, going over to them. He patted Dean on the back and put his hand on Pharm’s shoulder, making eye-contact with him. “Are you okay to take him somewhere private?” he asked, and Pharm nodded, smiling tearfully.

“I’m okay, In. I just need to make him okay.” He turned and kissed the side of Dean’s head. “Come on, P’Dean. Let’s go home, okay?”

Dean stood up and nodded. Pharm wiped his tears and Dean caught his hand to kiss it. “Yeah, Good Boy, let’s get out of here.”


In sat down at lunch and sighed, checking his phone. Pharm still hadn’t texted him other than to tell him they arrived at Dean’s house and he was going to take care of him. “Hey, where’s Dean?” He looked up as Win sat down beside Team. “He didn’t come to class.”

Team and Manaow exchanged looks. “Pharm didn’t either. Is something wrong?”

Del joined them. “P’Dean just texted me and P’Don that he was going home early so to not wait for him when we leave school,” she said, frowning some.

In smirked coldly. “Oh something’s far from wrong.”

To all their surprise, Korn sat down beside In and smirked at him. “We got him. He’s been expelled,” he informed him, and In threw his arms up.

“YES! Ding Dong the Witch is Dead!” he cheered, dancing in his seat.

“Shit, what did you to do get him expelled?” Win asked. “I know Korn said he had a plan but I didn’t think what he did was enough to-“

“What he confessed to didn’t sound like ‘enough’ to you?” Korn asked incredulously. “Fucking really?”

In touched his arm and shook his head. “They don’t all know everything and it’s not ours to tell,” he said softly and Korn settled.

“Oh. Okay.” He cleared his throat. “Anyway, Dean got Alex to confess to everything disgusting he’s done and since Alex doesn’t see me with In or Pharm, he didn’t think anything of me sitting nearby ‘reading’ on my phone. I was filming it. We took it to the Dean. Alex is gone.”

The whole table deflated some, which didn’t shock In at all. “Thank God,” Team said. “That bastard deserved it.”

“That still doesn’t explain where Dean and Pharm are,” Win said.

In cooed. “Oh it was so romantic!” He kicked his feet some. “After we left the Dean’s office, we just got down the hall and P’Dean started crying! He said he felt so guilty that he hadn’t realized what his own boyfriend had gone through until very recently and was begging Pharm for forgiveness and Pharm just held that massive man in his arms and let him lay his head on his shoulder and called him ‘Baby’ and promised he didn’t blame him.” He wiggled and squealed. “You had to be there. I almost cried it was so cute! I mean it was very sad, I never thought I would see P’Dean cry, but man, he really loves Pharm,” he gushed.

“Awwww,” Manaow cooed. “That’s so adorable. Man, I want a boyfriend who loves me that much,” she said with a pout.

Del looked shocked. “I have never seen my brother cry. Not even when the grandmother who raised him apart from us died.” She looked down, her mouth still hanging open. “Whoa, he really does love Pharm, huh?”

Win shrugged. “I mean of fucking course he cried in that situation. If I found out some bastard was saying all that horrific shit to Team and I didn’t know to protect him? Hell yeah I’d cry. I’d feel like the worst piece of shit in the world.”

Team blushed. “Hiaaaa,” he whined, and Win just blew him a kiss to make him blush worse. He turned back to In. “So where did they go? Was P’Dean really that upset?”

In shrugged. “They went to Dean’s house for Pharm to take care of him, so probably. It was a rough morning. Pharm cried too when he was telling Alex to his face to stop lying about how bad the harassment was. He looked that bastard in the eyes and listed all the shit he’s said and done so the Dean would see Alex’s reactions.”

Korn nodded. “So you guys should probably leave them alone today. Let them have time alone. I’m sure they have a lot to talk though together.” He looked at In. “Unless you need to-“

“Nah, I got all last night to cuddle with my brother and talk about things,” In dismissed. “It’s Dean’s turn now. And Pharm needs it, too. He loves that man more than I could have ever hoped Pharm to find when we moved here.” He sighed. “If only I can meet the right man for me, too.”

Korn choked on his water beside him and In sat up and flushed, looking at him bashfully as Korn wiped his mouth and avoided his eyes. In looked away, biting his lip, ignoring the way Win whistled at their reactions. “Well now! What’s this?”

“Nothing!” they both said quickly, though neither could make eye contact again for the rest of lunch.


Dean was still so upset when they got to his house. Pharm was really worried. “P’Dean?” Dean looked at him. “Come on,” he said, nodding upstairs. “Let’s go take a shower, okay?”

When Pharm got the shower ready he laid out the fluffiest towel he could find and sent Dean in there with the softest clothes he found in Dean’s dresser. “Here. You’ll feel better after a warm shower, okay?”

Dean nodded. “I’ll be right out, Good Boy,” he said, kissing the top of his head on the way past.

Pharm sighed after he went in and went to go raid Dean’s dresser again. He changed into one of Dean’s big tee-shirts that fit him almost like a dress and looked for some pants to wear, but nothing would come close to fitting him. He decided to just steal a pair of Dean’s boxers to wear as shorts since the elastic on those should be tight enough to not completely slide off his hips.

Once he changed and hung his uniform on a hanger so it didn’t wrinkle and hung it on the hook on the back of the closet door, he went and fluffed all the pillows on Dean’s bed so he could cuddle his boyfriend and make him feel less vulnerable while they talked. He couldn’t believe Dean was so upset, but on another level, he actually really did understand. Dean loved him and of course he felt bad that Pharm was hurt and Dean didn’t protect him.

“What are you doing, Good Boy?”

Pharm smiled as Dean came out of the bathroom, toweling his hair. “Come here,” he said, and Dean came over. Pharm guided him to sit on the side of the bed and took the towel. He knelt behind him and started drying his hair for him. “Feeling a little better?” he asked.

Dean hummed. “Yes. You were right as always. Nothing like a shower to help you get rid of some of the weight on your shoulders.”

When Pharm finished with his hair, Dean went and hung his towel up and then came back to find Pharm under the covers already, propped against a pillow, patting the bed beside him. Pharm watched Dean as he smiled and crawled into the bed, immediately sinking down so that he could fit shoulder to shoulder with Pharm, taking Pharm’s hand in his. “I’m sorry for my outburst.”

Pharm groaned. Of course he was. “Dean, do you think I’m worried about you crying? I’m worried about you feeling guilty,” he urged. He pulled Dean’s hand to his lips. “We talked about how I hold things in. We already had that discussion. How could you know?” He looked Dean in the eyes. “You couldn’t. You couldn’t possibly know. Intouch didn’t even know.”

Dean searched his gaze and Pharm didn’t even blink. “Good Boy, what I said… is that why? Do you start to think about that bastard touching you when my hands stray?”

Pharm shook his head. “No, because he sneakily touched me in a bad way.” He pulled Dean’s hand flat to his chest. “You touch me because you love me. I really do just get nervous, but if you wanted to put your hand on my thigh and touch me just like he did right now, I would never, ever feel disgusted by it.”

Dean sighed, leaning closer, no doubt feeling Pharm’s heart not skip a beat through his chest, just as Pharm intended. “I still feel bad about it.”

Pharm smiled sadly. “You shouldn’t. We can’t go back in time and me tell you and you take care of it right then and there, can we?”

“I know.” Dean swapped their hands and pulled Pharm’s to his lips to kiss. “I fucking hate him. Nobody should ever touch anybody that way and he did it to my Good Boy.”

Pharm smiled at him. “It was wrong and it made me afraid of him, but you know what?” Pharm leaned close and bumped their noses together. “You got rid of him for me. He’s gone now. I don’t have to be scared of him ever again.”

Dean smiled and nodded. “He’s gone. I checked my phone. Korn confirmed he’s been expelled.”

Pharm beamed. “Good.” He kissed Dean’s lips sweetly. “Thank you.” He cupped Dean’s cheek in his hand. “Want to really make me happier?”

“Anything,” Dean promised immediately.

Pharm giggled. “Let’s cuddle and take a nap and not think about that bastard again.”

Dean sighed. “That sounds fantastic,” he agreed, and they slid down in the bed.

When they got settled, Pharm with his head on Dean’s shoulder, Dean holding him almost entirely in his arms, one of his legs across Dean’s hips, Pharm smiled, looking into Dean’s beautiful eyes. “I love you so much, P’Dean.” Dean hummed and pecked his lips.

“I love you too, my Good Boy.” He rubbed his thigh and Pharm saw a flicker in his eyes. “God, I just-“

“Shhhhh,” Pharm said, putting a finger over his lips. “Remember. No thinking about him.” He gave him a teasing smile. “Besides, only you have ever kissed my thighs, so think about that instead.”

Dean rolled his eyes. “Probably not a good idea to think about that when your thigh is where it is right now,” he joked and Pharm blushed and smacked him on the chest lightly.


Dean smiled widely for the first time all day and tickled him behind his knee before letting go and kissing Pharm’s forehead. “I love making you blush,” he flirted, but didn’t go further, just held Pharm snug and warm in his arms.

Pharm would never admit it, because he was actually shy, but he loved when Dean flirted with him to make him blush, too.


Pharm woke up slowly and blinked in confusion when he didn’t see In’s bed. He lifted his head and his mind cleared and he remembered going to cuddle with Dean in his room. He smiled and wiggled back into the warmth behind him and put his hand to rest on the arm around his waist. He loved weaking up in Dean’s arms.

To his confusion that same hand on his belly moved to his hip. “Stop moving, Good Boy,” Dean said, sounding hesitant.

“P’Dean?” he mumbled and started to turn his head, but the movement made him press back and he felt why Dean wanted him to stop wiggling. He blushed and gasped. “Oh!”

Dean chuckled. “Sorry. I was going to get up before you woke up but every time I tried to move my arm from under your head, you made this cute little whine and I couldn’t bear to move.”

Pharm giggled and turned to hide his face in Dean’s bicep. “P’Deeeeean.”

“Don’t worry, I wasn’t up to anything,” Dean promised, kissing the back of his head. “Just what happens when my beautiful boyfriend likes to move in his sleep while pressed against me this way.”

Pharm rolled his eyes. “You’re just dirty,” he teased, then he was the one to move away and roll over, so they were facing one another, not pressed together. He let Dean have his arm back and Dean stretched before propping himself on that elbow, head on his hand. Pharm looked at him and reached up to touch his cheek. “You look more relaxed,” he noted, and Dean nodded, pressing into his touch.

“I just got upset this morning. I’m better now that I know it’s over and that you’re safe right here where nobody could ever hurt you,” Dean said, voice still a bit rough with sleep. He stroked the ridge of Pharm’s hip. “It doesn’t hurt I was between you and my bedroom door and your body is so small it fits entirely within my hold, so I felt like a shield between you and anything that could hurt you,” he admitted, and Pharm was pleased to see Dean blush for once, his ears turning bright red and his cheeks rosy. “That’s so stupid ‘macho boyfriend’ of me, but it’s true.”

“You just like that I’m small, admit it,” he teased. He patted Dean’s cheek lightly. “My hands are actually kinda of big for me, and look? Can’t even hold your whole cheek, but your hand is bigger than my entire face.”

“Well you are really cute like a little mouse,” Dean teased, sliding his hand into the dip of Pharm’s waist. “See? I can almost hold your whole tiny waist in my hand. I could probably wrap them around you entirely if I pressed hard enough, but I never would hurt you by squishing you,” he joked.

Pharm giggled and grabbed is wrist, guiding his hand down to his thigh and up the leg of the shorts he was wearing. “I know, see? You can grab my thigh the way I grab your wrist. You’re so big and I’m so little.”

Dean’s eyes widened and he blushed for real. “Um. Pharm. You, uh-“ He cleared his throat, and his hand twitched on Pharm’s leg. “You should probably let me take my hand away.”

Pharm frowned, only to feel Dean’s fingers flex a little and realized just how high he had just shoved Dean’s hand up his shorts. His fingertips were at the curve of his ass and his thumb brushing his briefs up under the shorts. “Oh my Gosh, I’m so sorry,” he said, hiding his face in Dean’s chest. “Wow, I really just shoved your hand up there, I wasn’t even thinking.”

“Yeah, uh. So can you let go so I can move it?” Pharm lifted his eyes, them going wide when he realized he still had a vice grip on Dean’s wrist. “Good Boy?” Dean asked, swallowing hard. “Pharm, I- uh- this is not helping the- the predicament- um.”

Pharm felt a flicker of heat in his belly when Dean’s thumb twitched and he felt it on the groove of his groin. “Shit, sorry.” He let go with shaky hands. “I just- um.” He shivered when Dean’s hand slid down to a reasonable spot lower near his knee. “It feels good,” he blurted out.

Dean stilled. “Oh?” he asked.

Pharm whined. “P’Deeean, you know what I mean. You were almost t-touching me. There.”

Dean moved his hand away from his thigh and Pharm pouted only for Dean to tip his chin up so he looked at him. “Is that what you want, Pharm?” he asked softly, but sincerely. “I wasn’t trying to do that, I promise.”

Pharm hesitated, then looked at Dean’s lips. “D-Does your door have a lock.” Dean raised both eyebrows, looking stunned. Pharm blushed but giggled. “Not e-everything, but. Um.” He slid his hand to Dean’s chest, stroking a finger down his sternum. “I kinda want a little?”

Dean’s eyes darkened. “A little what?”

Pharm gathered his courage and traced that finger down Dean’s abs and to the hem of his sweatpants. “You know what I want a little of, P’Dean,” he said sweetly.

Dean ducked in and kissed him suddenly, making Pharm whimper from the force of it. “You are going to be the death of me, Good Boy,” he said, then pulled away, almost stumbling out of the covers to go to the door, making Pharm laugh at him and feel even more confident in what he might be about to do with his boyfriend.


In raised an eyebrow when the door opened and Pharm came in. He checked the time on his phone above his text conversation with Korn and saw it was six. “You didn’t stay for dinner?” he asked, and Pharm blushed and rushed to put his things away, not speaking. In was intrigued suddenly. “Oh Phaaarm,” he sing-songed and Pharm flipped him off and went to flop on his bed and kick his feet as he yelled into his pillow. “What the hell is up with you?”

Pharm groaned and rolled onto his back. “P’Don caught me and Dean both coming downstairs with wet hair,” he confessed.

It took In a second before he sat up and gasped. “SHUT UP!”

Pharm sat up and glared, pointing a finger at him. “You don’t get to tease, too, I thought Dean and I both were going to burst into flames, Don laughed so hard!”

In squealed. “Did you do it?!” he hissed at him, as if it was some secret somebody else might hear.

Pharm rolled his eyes. “We both had wet hair at the same time, we showered together, you know what that implies.”

“Yeah, but I want to knoooow!” In wiggled is eyebrows. “Did you get the whole performance?”

“INTOUCH!” Pharm threw a pillow at him, blushing. “Shut up!”

“That’s not a no,” In teased.

Pharm sighed and flopped face first on his other pillow, facing In’s way. “Not… the whole thing,” he said, blushing. “But we locked the door and our clothes came off, so you know what I’m getting at.”

In smirked. “So. Was it big like I said when I judge the swimming club in their trunks?”

“Holy shit, fucking massive,” Pharm blurted out, seeming unable to hold it back. “I mean my hand barely fit around it! How is anybody’s that big?! I don’t know if I’ll be able to put that in my mouth, nonetheless my ass!”

Intouch burst out laughing so hard he almost fell off his bed. “Yassss! Pharm, you lucky bitch!” He wiped tears of laughter from his eyes. “Oh God, that’s too funny!”

Pharm whined. “It was so awkward afterwards. Why does nobody tell you that after you’re ‘done’ you both just sorta look at one another like ‘huh so we did that, didn’t we?’ and don’t know what to say or what to do and just like, sit there in the most uncomfortable silence you have ever had as a couple?”

“That’s because you’re shy and were virgins,” In said gently. “Pharm, I promise, it’s not always like that. Don’t get discouraged! I mean hey, if you showered together, that means you had to get over that, right?”

Pharm sighed. “Yeah. We decided to go shower to break the awkwardness and that was better. We hugged and kissed while showering and that sort of reminded me ‘oh yeah, you two are in love, you just did what people in love do’.”

“See?” In encouraged. “You’ll get better at it.”

“I hope so,” Pharm said. He picked at his pillow thread. “I am glad we waited so long, though. If we had done that when we just started dating, I may have never looked the man in the eyes again.”

“That’s sweet,” In said. “I’m jealous though. I want an amazing boyfriend that loves me,” he whined. “God speaking of never looking a man in the eyes, I said that exact same thing at lunch today and P’Korn was sitting right beside me!” In put a hand over his face. “We haven’t even gone on our first date and I said that in front of him!”

Pharm sat up. “Wait that’s right! Are you guys going out this weekend?” Pharm asked eagerly.

In nodded, holding up his phone. “I’m texting with him now. We can’t pick if we want to try something simple like dinner or if we want to go somewhere we can get to know each other without risking awkwardly sitting and staring at one another, like shopping or something.”

Pharm hummed. “My first official date with P’Dean was the aquarium. You could try that? Or do like we did and sort of hang out a few times before trying an official date.”

In nodded. “I’m leaning towards shopping. Maybe shopping and a movie perhaps.”

Pharm wiggled his eyebrows. “Sneaky handholding opportunity,” he said, and In winked.

“You know I do like to put on the charm as fast as possible.” He chuckled, looking down at his phone again. “I’m still pretty shocked he asked me out. I hit on him so over the top all the time, I was pretty sure he found me annoying, but it was fun so I kept at it.”

Pharm hummed. “Well you are still really pretty,” he said. “Annoying or not, he’s still a man.”

In sat up. “Oooh that reminds me! In all this drama I forgot to tell you I think we have a mission,” he said, rubbing his hands together evilly. “You know that swimmer Pruk, the one with the glasses?”

Pharm nodded. “Yeah, why?”

In grinned deviously. “I think he likes Manaow.”

Pharm sat up straighter and matched In’s devious look, though far less dramatic. “Oh really now? I’m listening.”

Alex was gone, Pharm was doing really great now, In had a date with a hot guy in a few days, and now he and Pharm had some matchmaking work to do. Everything was finally right in the world.