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It had been several days since the Red Pyramid Thing found another thing . A thing of shadows. He spent nearly every moment planning the best way to attempt to kill it. He would lay with Sage each night, his mind going through different scenarios. He wasn’t even sure if it was inherently harmful to the entity, he wasn’t even going to bother asking it. He felt threatened by the creature. Its energy seeped into his core. 

Pyra would glance down to Sage every moment and remember that he wasn’t just out to kill the thing for himself. He knew he needed to keep them safe from the thing. Even before they were together , he stopped doing things in his own best interest. He found that he had been putting them first. Even more of a reason to kill whatever was out there. He chose the day he would do it and prepared to leave in the morning. 

“Morning, P,” Sage mumbled as they woke up. 

They ran their hands down the bottom of the pyramid as they gave him a kiss. The sensations caused a purr to emanate from his chest. They shifted to get up, but Pyra tightened his arms around them, holding them close. It was his first time embracing them like this, but it was what he felt would give him the strength to fight. Sage opened their mouth to speak but instead chose silence. They smiled a little and curled up in their lover’s arms. 

Pyra eventually let go, allowing Sage to get up and begin their morning routine. He waited by the door, blade in hand, to let Sage know he was going. 

“Going out?” They ask. 

Pyra nods. He points to himself, then to Sage, and then he brings his pointer fingers together. 

You. Me. Together. 

Sage nods, pressing their pointer fingers together. “Together. I’ll be seeing you, love you.”

They gave him a small hug and a pat on the hip.

Pyra nods. It could be more powerful than the entity, but it couldn’t be more powerful than Pyramid Head was. 

He teleported straight to where he found the creature the first time. It clearly had left that area but left a fogless trail where it had gone. It had turned around and started to head back, towards where the entity was. He followed the trail it had left, it hadn’t gone very far. When he found it, it was out in the open. 

It turned its head around when it sensed him, snarling lowly. Rather than turning its entire shadow form around, it simply rearranged its body so it was facing Pyra. Pyra stood his ground, snarling at the thing. He gripped tightly to his blade, sinking the tip into the ground. 

It lifted one of its six legs, unsheathing claws. It swiped at him, and Pyra was quick to lift his sword in an attempt to block the attack. It pushed him back many meters but otherwise didn’t harm him. 

He lifted the blade up and ran at it, hoping to stab one of its legs to cause it to collapse. But he took too long and the creature slapped him, its paw much bigger than he was. He was thrown to the side like he was nothing. Any human would have been killed, but he was unharmed. He got right back up, using his blade to help him. 

He dug the point of the blade into the ground, dragging it behind him and leaving a trail of barbed wire behind him. When he was close enough, he used his punishment of the damned. It hit the creature, which let out an ear-piercing shriek and stumbled back. Pyra did it a second time with similar results. 

He was convinced that he had figured out how to kill it, but then the fog started to lessen further. Its backside was to the dense fog, which lessened even more. The fog was quickly converted to the smoke that made its body, healing its wounds. It seemed to grow overall as well. 

It roared loudly, and all Pyra could do was lift his blade and brace himself as he got slammed with its massive paws repeatedly. It moved forward with each slam until Pyra ended up pinned to the ground. With each slam, claws pierced into Pyra’s skin and ripped through like it was paper. 

He thrashed beneath the endless pummeling, scrambling to try and get to his feet. He could feel the claws sinking not only into his skin but into him . Into his being. 

It was sucking his lifeforce from him like it absorbed the fog from around it.

There was so much blood. His blood. 

He felt so weak. 

He only had enough power left in him to do one thing. 

Sage was sitting alone, awaiting their lover’s return eagerly. They wondered where he had gone, what he was doing. 

They were in the main hotel room, sitting on the bed. They were busying themself with a book on the history of Silent Hill that they had managed to find, covered in a thick layer of dust. They were reading about the cults and the gods of the town that they worshipped.

Out of the corner of their eye, they saw something appear. They lifted their head just as the one they were waiting for collapsed onto the ground. 

“Shit!” They hissed out, literally throwing the book and jumping into action. 

Sage froze when they saw their lover on the ground, skin torn up like shredded cheese, completely still. 

“Don’t be dead,” They say, their voice sounding flat but their face was filled with nothing but desperation. 

They got on their knees by his side, pressing their head against his bloody chest. His chest still moved with air. 

“Thank Christ,” they muttered as they lifted their head. “… You’re not conscious, are you?”

They sighed when there wasn’t any form of response after a few short moments. 

Sage wondered how they would get their much larger lover off of the floor and into the bed. He kept his blade close, but that could stay. It was important to them that he was put somewhere better than the floor. They got behind him, wrapping their arms under his armpits and pulling. They dug their heels into the ground, giving it all they had but he barely budged. They didn’t more time trying to move him, as his injuries were much more pressing.

They got up, sprinting to the bathroom and throwing as much of what was in there that could be put to use into their arms. They sprinted back, arms full, and dropped it all onto the floor. 

“Where to start, where to start,” They mutter. “Right. Should peel his clothes off.”

They got to work, pulling the butcher’s apron off of Pyra’s unconscious form and gagged at the sight. There was more of his insides visible than there was skin. His organs somehow didn’t seem to have been touched, but the fact they were visible already warranted enough concern. Next, they pulled his boots and his pants off, leaving him nude until they put a towel over his crotch. 

They put their hands on the bottom of the helmet, pushing it up but it didn’t budge. They tried to pull, but there was still no result. So they gave up. They wondered to themself if the cast iron pyramid was his head. Or if it could come off, at least. 

The next thing they did was dump all of the rubbing alcohol they could onto the wounds, and the amount they had wasn’t close to enough. But it would have to do. 

Sage let out a gag when they lifted some skin with a washed hand to see under it, to make sure he wasn’t bleeding out. They were happy to drop it when everything looked surprisingly fine to them, and they were quick to start stitching it up the best they could. They worked diligently, doing everything they could in order to heal their lover. After a few hours, they started growing concerned about how he had been unconscious for so long. But all they could do was continue stitching sliced skin together and hoping. 

They went back into the bathroom a few times, littering the floor with everything they didn’t need in their search for more things that could help. The search even stretched outside of the bathroom. The luckiest find after a few hours was a fresh bottle of rubbing alcohol left in a place they would have least expected it. 

They returned to Pyra’s side before pouring it onto him and letting the liquid begin seeping into the open wounds. Pyra woke up with a start, the only thing that filled his mind was the burning pain he felt everywhere. One hand thrashed to find the handle of his blade, and the other nearly hit Sage but missed narrowly. 

Sage was quick to cup the bottom of Pyra’s head in their hand, making him look at them. 

“Sh, listen to me, you’re safe and sound. I know it hurts but you gotta try and keep still so I can help you.” Sage explains. 

Pyra was trembling but he nodded to them. He took a deep breath, allowing them to work. He flinched and growled a few times, but Sage didn’t show signs of caring much. 

“It’s okay,” Sage cooed as they stitched one of the wounds shut. “I think I’m going to be able to stitch most of these. Maybe even all of these. I just hope that you don’t mind the thread being different colors.” 

Sage was shocked at how most of his organs were intact, despite how ripped up his skin was. There were small scratches and scars on some, but nothing was terribly damaged. 

After many long hours, every wound was sealed. Their hands trembled after using them so carefully for all of that time, and they lay on the floor next to their lover.

“Doing alright?” They ask him.

He thinks for a moment and shrugs, grunting from the movement.

“I know,” They say, wrapping an arm around his chest. “I can’t imagine you’re feeling alright. But you’re alive.”

They think for a moment. They needed more supplies, and food was running out. Sage decided to go out the next day to search for what they needed. They didn’t tell Pyra, not initially, they didn’t want him to worry. Though they knew it would be better if they did. Maybe if he slept, if he could sleep, they would go then. 

Pyra slowly lifted his hand, placing it on Sage’s shoulders. He was alive and breathing, and they were with him. He wondered if he would have survived without them. If he would continue to survive. Regardless, it was much more pleasurable to have them at his side. 

He stayed awake for many hours, lying still while Sage ate, slept, and tended to him. However, there was a strange feeling that set in after a while. 

Was he dying

It felt like ropes had wrapped around his very being, pulling him down into water, deeper and deeper. He couldn’t fight it. 

He must have been dying

Sage was sitting next to him, wiping some stitches with a wet rag. He grabbed onto their arm and they flinched at his sudden movement. 

“What’s wrong?” They ask him. “You’re breathing heavy.”

He held on, fighting to stay conscious. They put a hand over his. 

“What is it?” They ask. 

He tried to figure out how to communicate to them, to tell them he was fading . But he didn’t know how. 

Pyra’s whole body went limp and his hand fell onto the floor.