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  1. Ohhh I love that you comment on every story so far, you really made my day and I'm happy this story brought you so much happiness ^.^

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    1. If course! You're going to the effort of writing and posting. If I enjoy it, commenting is the least I can do, especially on fic I love so very much.
      There might be a few that I read first on Tumblr where I forget to comment whenyouport them here, but I try to say something on just about everything. Or at the very least, kudos. I figure it helps keep you enjoying writing and everyone should spread joy where they can, right? It's free! 😊

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      1. Ok, I've distilled it down to my absolute favorite parts (what, no, totally not an excuse to read it again). Here goes.

        "He still got a little thrill racing up and down his spine when he used the term boyfriend in his head." *flails* The cuteness!

        "even without the burrito situation going on" 😂

        "if he learned something about Sarawat" He's learning! About Sarawat!

        "Wouldn’t I love you so much I would throw you down the hill in your blanket wrap-up…-” yes yes, the love bit is awesome, but I seriously want to know where he was going with the rest of this sentence!

        “Why are you always naked?” 🤣

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