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crushes are plague (and i caught your fever)

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jeon jungkook isn't someone who has crushes. he was used to sleeping with someone now and then, whenever the urge came. usually, he was busy trying to keep his grades at a decent average that he barely had time.

crushes were like a plague. jungkook did every single thing to avoid catching feelings. even when the boy or girl underneath him were beyond pretty, funny and charming, he would end it once the condom got filled.

it wasn't that he was an asshole, he was to an extent, it's just that he doesn't like the idea of trusting someone with so much.

yes, he was your typical bad boy. leather jackets instead of the school jacket, lip piercings which teachers stopped bothering to ask to remove them, ear piercings that help distract him when the lesson is too boring, and his motorcycle that's always a couple feet away.

so yes, your typical bad boy. throw in the fact that he sleeps with older women or men, you have your typical bad boy with a reputation.

even with all that, jungkook had his pride. and that pride helps protect his heart. growing up, jungkook loved love. but after seeing his mother be tear apart by the person she loved, his view shifted.

no longer was he watching love movies, he was out in his shed fixing his stepfather's motorcycle, which was the only good thing he left behind.

so crushes. no. prideful and careful, jungkook avoided them like crazy.

at least.

that's what he thought.

"hey," jungkook said, sitting down on the park table, throwing his backpack on the table. "i'm sorry i'm late."

he looked up, smiling softly. today he wore his glasses, circle frames, nose red from waiting in the cold. adorable.

"it's fine," the voice that made him forget all his rules, belong to his school's favorite angel. park jimin.

jungkook grunted, he'd been lost in his thoughts all day. remembering what his life was like before dating jimin.

jimin smiled. "did you bring it?"

"i did," jungkook zipped open his backpack, eyes glancing over at jimin.

he looked pensive too. "it's getting cold."

"it is."

"do you think we could see the snow together?"

ah. so that's what it was. "maybe," jungkook didn't feel like fighting about this again.

jimin looked at him. "liar."

"you know the answer to that."

"i do," jimin pouted. "i just keep hoping you'd change your answer."

jungkook huffed, finally took out the wooden box he made last year. jimin sighed, leaning over the table.

he opened the box, eyes flickering to the small engraving he made when using it. he wrote 'JJKPJM' in the corner, using the english alphabet in case someone found it.

"two, right?" he took out two packs of his favorite clay.

"two." jimin nodded, grabbing the packs. "thank you."

"they're 20,000 won."

"i know."

jungkook nodded. "please don't waste what you don't need."

"got it."

"it's really easy to mold and the end products are ama--"

"i know, baby," jimin smiled, shaking his head. he picked up his own backpack. "i was with you when you bought it, remember?"


jimin rolled his eyes, smiling. "you ready to go?"

"go where?"


jungkook smiled. "home."


jungkook watched as jimin took off his jacket, walking around the almost-empty house, his footsteps echoing.

"hi," jimin said to jungkook's grandmother, who was sitting in her usual spot. she smiled up at jimin.

"hi sweetie," she croaked. "is jungkook with you?"

"i am," jungkook squeezed her arm. "hi grandma."

she laughed. "you don't smell like cigarettes, that's a surprise." she turned to jimin. "you really are a great influence."

"so they say," jimin giggled. "we'll be out in the shed, okay?"

"okay," she waved at them as they walked out to the backyard.

jimin looked back at jungkook, smiling softly. jungkook sighed, hands slipping into his jacket.

crushes. crushes were like a plague.

jungkook took off jimin's school jacket, kissing up his neck, sucking and biting, doing anything to get those moans out of jimin.

he avoided them. he ran away from them. did every single thing he could to avoid them.

jimin moaned louder and louder as jungkook fucked him with his fingers, jimin bouncing on his fingers. jimin slipped his hand into jungkook's hair, begging for more, for his dick.

"fuck me already," jimin panted, leaning his forehead on jungkook's. "you looked so hot today."

jungkook chuckled, pumping himself a couple times before slipping into jimin's hole. jimin gasped as he settled down on jungkook's length.

"i look hot every day."

jimin giggled, almost breathlessly. "looked," jimin moaned as jungkook fucked up into him. "fuck, looked hot while, ah, ah, jungkook."

jungkook laughed breathlessly, kissing his boyfriend again. tongues slipping together naturally, jungkook fucking up into jimin, moaning whenever jimin clenched around him.

jimin whimpered when jungkook's hand went down to squeeze his ass cheek, making jungkook smirk.

"m'close," jimin whispered against jungkook's lips. "s'been too long."

he caressed his nose against jungkook's neck, kissing his skin now and then.

crushes. he really wanted to avoid them. he was prideful, careful. he wouldn't let anyone in. he couldn't. they hurt him. he has too much pride to let himself be vulnerable like that.

"fuck yourself on my dick," jungkook leaned back on his elbows. "make us both cum."

jimin whimpered, nodding. he bounced on jungkook's dick, throwing his head back, hand around his own dick.

jungkook licked his lips, resisting the urge to buck up into jimin's warmth. he needed this, this beautiful image for later. for when jimin becomes too busy, for when jungkook forgets to text jimin and jimin pouts at him angrily and ices him out for two days. for when they want to touch but can't.

"fuck," jimin opened his eyes, looking completely blissed out. lips swollen and slicked with their spit, eyes glossy, cheeks red. "i'm going to come, kookie."

"me too baby," jungkook whispered, completely in awe with jimin's face. he always has been. "i'm going to cum just looking at you like this."

jimin giggled, which broke off into a whimper as they both came. he panted, falling onto jungkook's chest.

"fuck, baby," jungkook pushed him up, sitting straight, jimin humming. "i missed you."

"i missed you too," jimin smiled, kissing him again.

jungkook caressed his back, kissing the top of jimin's head. "you're leaving for that camp shit, huh?"

jimin lifted himself off jungkook's dick, moaning softly as they split apart. "the bonding trip, yeah, two days."


"yes," jimin stood on his knees, looking at himself in the full body mirror. "you left my ass red."

"you looked hot again."

"again," jimin rolled his eyes. "did not but thanks."

jungkook frowned, "you look hot every day."

"why did you ask? did you forget?"

"no," jungkook pulled jimin into his arms, hugging him from behind. jiming tangled their legs together, warm skin against each other. "just hoping it was canceled or something."

jimin giggled, shaking his head. "i don't want it to. there's a lake, tennis court, bicycling, hiking. it's going to be so much fun!"

jungkook rested his chin on the top of jimin's head. "hm."

"i heard taehyung, from daegu, is going. you remember him, right? the one my age?"

"yeah," jungkook hugged jimin tighter. last week jimin left to daegu for, yet another, bonding trip. sometimes he wondered if the school council was just using the funds to take day trips.

"i think the kids from seoul are coming too."

"sounds like a fucking blast."

"it will be," jimin turned to look up at him. "do you want to come?"

jungkook scoffed. "what the fuck am i going to be doing there?"

"you could," jimin shrugged. "say you're thinking of joining the council."

"i would never."

"you could--" jungkook kissed him, chuckling. "fine."

"let's leave school shit to the student body president."

jimin smiled. "fine."

"guess you won't be staying for dinner? my grandma was going to make your favorite."

"are you trying to guilt trip me, jeon jungkook?"

"me? i would never!"

jimin laughed, his pretty eyes smile and laugh making jungkook remember why he let himself get infected with a crush.

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[jimin -- 4:30 am]
i woke up and it's snowing. i don't think we're going to go canoeing.
[jimin -- 5:02 am]
woke up again, missing you, and it's still snowing. i'm pretty sure we might have to come back early. :(
[jimin -- 6:44 am]
hi. miss you. i know it's early, i got out of bed and went on a walk. can't wait to show you pictures.
[jimin -- 6:45 am]
they've improved!
[jimin -- 7:30 am]
please get to school safely.
[jimin -- 7:34 am]
or more so, GO to school.

jungkook smiled at the messages, the first thing he sees as he wakes up that morning. he rolled his eyes. he slept through his zero period, which was an extra credit class that his counselor signed him up for.

he licked his lips, wondering what he should make for breakfast. fingers typing back a response.

[jungkook -- 8:10 am]
lol. i'm still in bed.
[jimin -- 8:11 am]
kookie!! :( what did we talk about?
[jungkook -- 8:11 am]
stop pouting at your phone.
[jimin -- 8:11 am]
how did you know? :o
[jungkook -- 8:12 am]
i'm right behind u. boo.
[jimin -- 8:12 am]
i wish. :(

jungkook smiled at that, pocketing his phone and getting out of bed. he rubbed his eyes as he walked out of his room, going to the kitchen.

"morning!" his grandma called out. jungkook hummed. "didn't school start two hours ago for you?"

"i slept in."

"you always do."

"so why do you ask?"

jungkook poured milk into two bowls. "same question every day, grandma, doesn't it get boring?"

"i just keep hoping you won't be here to answer me next time."

"he won't be there." jungkook mumbled, eating his cereal. "so there's no point."


[jimin -- 12:22 pm]
are you eating?
[jungkook -- 1:03 pm]
[jimin -- 1:03 pm]
[jungkook -- 1:04 pm]
grandma is mad again.
[jimin -- 1:05 pm]
why? what did you do to my precious baby?
[jungkook -- 1:06 pm]
just remember i'm the one fucking you. so watch it.
[jimin -- 1:07 pm]
i was wondering how long it would take for you to bring up fucking.
[jungkook -- 1:08 pm]

jungkook turned off his phone, pocketing it and looking out at the skyline. he sighed, cigarette in hand as he watched the sunset.

jimin should be there.


jungkook rolled his eyes as the teacher yelled at someone. he looked down at his paper, going back to doodling the skyline he saw yesterday.

if jimin had pictures of nature to show jungkook, then he guesses he should have something to show him too.

"good morning."

jungkook didn't look up, the student body team always came in to say their hellos or pointless announcements. jungkook only pays attention when jimin came.

he shades the buildings, making sure to get every single detail down. the girl next to him whispered something about 'nice details.'

jungkook nodded in acknowledgment, not really in the mood for socializing.

"as you know," jungkook dropped his pen, making the girl next to him giggle. he grabbed the pen, looking up to see jimin.

his breath hitched at the sight. jimin was wearing his thick frame glasses this time, the stupid student body jacket was now a school vest.

"prom is coming up soon," the class cheered and jungkook almost yelled for them to shut up. almost.

jimin smiled at their reactions, eyes moving everywhere like the good spokesperson he was.

"unfortunately," he pouted. "freshman aren't allowed to go unless invited by a senior, i apologize for that. but there will be a dance held specifically for freshman, sophomore, and juniors so please look forward to that."

jungkook scoffed, going back to sketching his skyline. he bit his lip, feeling the girl next to him watching him.


jimin smiled at him from across the room. eyes lingering on jungkook for a while before turning back to the conversation with his friends.

jungkook chuckled, going back to his drawing. he had finished the skyline and was now working on how to remodel his shed.

it wasn't too bad now. he had his bed, mirror, computer, and a couple of mugs decorating his sink.

jimin complains less these days since he's started lighting up candles so that's a plus.

jungkook sketched a wooden frame. maybe he could make some frames, put them on the wall and put some photos inside. maybe the ones he took with his camera.

"nice doodles, jeon."

he looked up to see his counselor.

"thanks." jungkook closed his notebook. "can i help you?"

"actually you can. you need to see me in my office."

"i haven't gotten detention."

his counselor laughed. "it's not about that, kid."

"mr. kim!"

jungkook looked up at the voice, lips twitching to smile as he saw jimin walking towards them.

"my favorite student, park jimin."

jimin smiled. "thank you, sir."

"what do i owe this pleasure?"

"there's some kids littering and i know how much you hate that."

"i despise it!" mr. kim quickly sped out the cafeteria.

jimin giggled, turning to jungkook. "did i save you?"

jungkook looked up at him. "maybe. he said it didn't have anything to do with detention."

"that's even more frightening."

jungkook laughed. "tell me about it."


jimin kissed him sweetly, so slow and passionate that jungkook could only just sit there, letting jimin lead.

he felt warm hands cup his neck, a thumb caressing the hickeys jimin just left. jungkook sighed, hands gripping jimin's ass.

"i missed you," jimin whispered, voice hoarse. "i missed you so much."

jungkook smiled, turning his head to kiss jimin's neck, stopping himself from biting and sucking his skin. tomorrow jimin had a presentation and couldn't have hickeys spread all over his neck.

but fuck did jungkook wanted to. mark up his neck as he fucked jimin, making every one know who jimin belonged to.

"what were you and mel talking about?"


jimin leaned back, smiling. "mel? the girl you sit next to during history?"

"uh," jungkook tried to think back. ah. the girl that stares at him. "the girl that stares a lot?"

"does she?" jimin wrapped an arm around jungkook's neck. "don't blame her."

"we don't talk," jungkook shrugged.

jimin nodded. "seemed like you did. she was giggling like a fifth grader."

jungkook smiled, knowing that tone of voice. it rarely came out but when it did, it was probably the cutest thing jimin was capable of doing, which says a lot.

"park jimin," jungkook whispered, kissing jimin's lips. "you are jealous."

"am not!"

"oh no?"

"no!" jimin huffed. "i'm just saying it must've been something hilarious for her to giggle like that and for you to drop your pen while sketching."

"did you get down every single detail?"

"i'm just curious."

jungkook laughed, humming. "bet you are."



jimin pouted and yeah, he was so gone for him.

Chapter Text

jungkook sighed, watching the slides on the screen. sometimes he wondered why they made the freshman suffer the most. he didn't care for the clubs or the field trips they got if they get good grades.

"now a word from our student body president."

jungkook perked up, watching as jimin walked on stage, the pretty smile not meeting his eyes like they always do.

"hello," jimin waved. "i'm park jimin, student president, nice to meet you again. i'm here to talk about a giveaway we always do for freshman exclusively."

the people beside him leaned forward, curious. jungkook bit his lip.

"we are a school that prides themselves on the talents of the students, whether that be academic, sports, or creative arts. the art club," jimin turned towards jungkook's direction. "has a giveaway for tickets to a cabin in the mountains."

jungkook almost laughed. he watched as jimin's smile turned upwards, eyes almost closing into the pretty crescents, as if he knew jungkook's almost-reaction.

"you will be given tickets of the quantity of your choice," the crowd cheered. jimin let them finish, turning away from jungkook. "this is for artists only, yeah, i'm sorry. all you have to do is color the sketch drawn by one of the members of the art club. you can use any media, as long as the piece is yours and yours only. the deadline is this friday. the sketch can be found in the school's newspaper, page fourteen."

jungkook glanced at the rack of newspapers in the theater. "all of the student council members will be taking turns to collect them at a booth by the art room. please make sure to turn them in by friday and good luck!"

jimin turned to a member. "i think that's it for today."


jungkook waited until friday to turn in the drawing. if he went any day before, he would've gotten jimin at the booth and that was the last thing he needed.

so he went friday, making sure to be as late as possible in the school day. just as he walked into line, jimin came in, taking the girl's spot.

fuck, he thought, looking down at the piece. he wanted to surprise jimin with the tickets, if he even won.

giveaways like these were all bias. you had to know someone who knew someone who was fucking related to someone who knew someone to win.

and yet. here he was, palms sweating as he waited in line for those stupid tickets.

"next," shit that was him. "well, well, well. if it isn't my favorite freshman."

"hey," he mumbled, putting his work on the table.

jimin looked up from an application, looking at the work.

jungkook had taken the 2-d sketch and made it into a 3-d object. the colors standing out yet blending together in a beautiful way. or so jungkook might say so himself.

"you're participating?" laughed quinn. "i never thought i'd see the day jeon jungkook participates in a school event."

"can i turn this in or not?"

"of course you can! i'm just curious," she leaned forward. "is it for a girl? i bet it is. there has to be, i haven't seen you at the club, i miss you."

jungkook glanced over at jimin, who met his gaze for a few seconds before turning back to the paper in his hand.

"i've been busy."

"busy what?"

"why do you care?"

quinn gasped. "because you were fun, jungkook. what happened to you?"

"i've been trying to keep mr. kim off my ass and doing homework. not all of us can get jobs at strip clubs."

"that was once and i'm pretty sure you enjoyed your private show."

jungkook glanced at jimin again, whose cheeks were now pink. "next in line," jimin said, attending whoever was behind him.

"what? no witty comeback?"

"can i just turn in my work?"

quinn pouted. "you're no fun, jungkook. miss you being fun."

she handed him the slip. jungkook took the pen, bending over and filled in the slip. name, id number, number of tickets, and phone number.

"at least now i have your number."

jungkook slid the slip back to her. "thanks," he mumbled, one last glance at jimin before walking away.


[jungkook -- 4:33 pm]
reply pls.

jungkook sighed, rereading the messages prior to his latest one. he's been texting jimin all day but no reply.

"where's jimin?"

"he's busy," jungkook said, mostly to remind himself that, yeah, maybe jimin is just busy.

with so many events happening, it's only normal. jungkook put the phone face down, biting his lip.

"jungkookie, can you go out and buy some groceries?"

"yeah, grandma, just make a list of things."

"jimin made me a list," she pointed to the fridge. "it's the one with the cute paper. he said if i used pretty paper, it'll make shopping more fun."

jungkook found it instantly, picking up the paper, chuckling softly. it was the paper pad that jungkook had bought jimin for his birthday. it was a lame gift but jimin still cried and thank jungkook.

"i'll be back."

"go walking."


"i don't like that motorcycle, go walking. you need it."



jungkook rolled his eyes, dropping the keys on the table to make sure she heard and closed the door. he sighed, lifting his hood, inserting his earphones and walked to the market.

when he and jimin met, they were in elementary. jungkook found jimin trying to help a bee from being ran over by a truck.

the truck was causing a traffic jam, cars were honking everywhere but jimin insisted on helping the bee.

with a small hand in the air to signal the truck to wait, jimin was using his other hand to try to get the bee on a leaf.

jungkook was just watching from the other side, licking his ice cream, laughing at the stupid kid trying to help a beee.

little did he know that he'd be falling really hard for that stupid kid. oh, and that jimin, the small little thing he is, was older. that was the most surprising.

"that'll be 30,000 won."


jungkook took off his earbuds, looking down at the bags. he blinked, revising that he got everything he needed.

"shit, yeah, okay," jungkook took out his wallet, handing the cashier the money. "do you have some chocolate milk?"

"yes, we have some in the back."

"i'll take one, please."

jungkook walked over to the part of the store, picking his milk and coming back.

"hi little jungkook."

he winced once he saw quinn. "hi."

she smiled, eyes darting to the milk. "you like chocolate milk? it's so gross."


"i forget how serious you are outside the bedroom."

jungkook looked around to make sure no one was there. even with his reputation, or dying reputation, he really didn't want her talking like that.

"can i get my change?"

"oh, yeah sure."

she handed him the change. "thanks."

"so what's a little freshman asking for two tickets to the mountains? won't daddy and mommy freak out?"

"later." jungkook picked up his bags, turning to leave.


jungkook looked up to see jimin with someone. jimin smiled at her, eyes moving from her to jungkook, the smile reducing.

"hi jungkook, hi quinn." jimin waved. "taehyung, this is quinn and jungkook. quinn is a senior and jungkook is a freshman."

taehyung nodded. "nice to meet you, i'm taehyung." we got that.

"i need to go," jungkook turned away. "nice meeting you."

he walked out of the store, jaw clenching. so that's why he wasn't replying? fine.



jungkook came out from his shed, into the house, hands rubbing his eyes. "yes grandma?"

"will jimin be coming over?"

"no, grandma. he's," jungkook shrugged. "he's the student body president, he has more important things to do."

"are you okay?"

"i'm peachy, is that all? can i go back to being your failure nephew?"

"jungkook," she grabbed his arm. "you're a failure and a stinky nephew. when are you going to take a shower?"

"love you too, grandma."

but jungkook did listen to her, walked up the stairs into his old room to shower. he sighed, rubbing shampoo into his hair.

he hasn't spoken to jimin since friday. it was now sunday, the day they always met after breakfast and there was no sign of him.

jungkook closed his eyes, fingers massaging the roots of his hair. not only did he miss him, he missed fucking him.

ah, now he's hard. jungkook opened his eyes, biting his lip, hand going down his chest, fingers wrapping around his dick.

he forced down a moan, closing his eyes as he tried to imagine jimin on his knees for him.

pretty lips spread around his width, eyes never leaving jungkook's, tongue sliding up and down his dick, making sure to wet it nicely for later. for when he fucks jimin, making those pretty noises come out of him.

fuck, he was close. jungkook pumped faster, squeezing harder, imagining it was jimin's tight hole fucking himself on him. using him to get off like before.

"jimin," jungkook moaned brokenly, throwing his head back as he came. his chest moved up and down fast, eyes opening to see jimin. "shit."

he must be really whipped. he closed his eyes, leaning his head back. what was he doing? ah, yeah, showering.

jungkook washed his hand, dick, wincing at the sensitivity and finally coming out. he wrapped a towel around his waist, biting his lip.

jungkook looked up, eyes widening a little when he saw jimin on the sink counter. cheeks pink, fidgeting as jungkook stared at him.


"grandma," jimin's voice was more high pitch. "she said you were showering."

jungkook walked to him, stepping in between jimin's legs, jimin's breath hitching as jungkook spread his legs apart.

"you saw me?"


jungkook smirked slightly, leaning forward, making jimin fall back on the mirror. jungkook put a hand against the mirror, towering over jimin.

"did you like it?"

jimin looked away, cheeks turning even more pink. "yeah."

jungkook chuckled, kissing a line against jimin's jaw. "missed you."

"missed you too," jimin closed his eyes, letting jungkook kiss down his neck. "i wanted to text you but taehyung didn't leave until early today. he surprised visited and i was worried i wouldn't be able to see you today."

jungkook sighed, hand on jimin's thigh squeezing the muscle. "i thought you were ignoring me."

"kind of," jimin chuckled breathlessly. "i was angry about the quinn thing that i might've forgot to text you back."

"it's in the past," jungkook reassured, tugging on jimin's shirt to expose his collarbones. he liked when jimin wore oversized shirts. means they'll be fucking more than twice.

"i know that," jimin moaned as jungkook bit at jimin's collarbone, not hesitating to mark. finally, some place to mark his baby.

jungkook hummed, wondering if jimin really knew that. "then?"

"it's still annoying to know that you've fucked every person on the student council," jimin panted, grinding his hips against jungkook's, trying to get some sort of pressure.

"and now i'm fucking the student body president exclusively, isn't that what you call character development?"

jimin laughed, pulling up to meet jungkook's gaze. "i trust you," jungkook nodded, thumb caressing jimin's thigh. "but i'm scared of losing you. is that too mean?"

"you don't have a fiber in to you to be mean," jungkook whispered. "i know what you mean, jimin. i'm scared of losing you too."

"good," jimin smiled. "because i'm the best thing to happen to you."

"i take that back, you're mean and self-absorbed!"


jungkook tickled jimin's sides, making the smaller one wrap his legs around him, giggling in that high pitch giggle he likes so much.

"st--stop it!" jimin squeaked, moving to kiss jungkook. jungkook stopped, completely melting into the kiss.

jimin smiled against his lips, thumb caressing jungkook's cheek. "i wanted to be the first to tell you."

"tell me what?"

"you won the tickets."

jungkook furrowed his eyebrows. "really?"

"yeah," jimin smiled. "who are you going to take?"

"a little cutie," jungkook pinched jimin's ass as he lifted him from the sink.

"kookie!" jimin squeaked.

they smiled at each other, kissing again, jungkook pressing him against the door, jimin kissing him deeper, tongues coming together in the middle. jimin rutting against jungkook, moaning the pretty noises jungkook imagined a couple minutes ago.

jungkook almost fucked him right there. but jimin's stomach growled and jungkook just laughed at jimin's adorable pout.

Chapter Text

there's only one class that makes jungkook get out of bed every morning. and that's art class.

during art class, jungkook is able to do whatever he wants as long as he turns in a piece at the end of the class. the teacher just writes the theme on the board, the material they need to use and then retreats to the desk in the back.

so with 'smiles & pencil' written on the board, jungkook quickly got to it. he grabbed the piece of paper the teacher provides and went back to his table. his foot started moving to the music in his ears, licking his lips as his fingers tapped the pencil.

whose smile?

"sorry to interrupt," jungkook took off one of his earbuds, watching as the student council walked in, bowing respectfully to the teacher. "we're here to give the winner their tickets."

jungkook glanced over to jimin, who smiled at everyone. he felt himself smile as they gave jimin the tickets, who almost dropped them. some girls in the class cooed at him. his foot kept tapping to the music, english words he can barely understand, just some.

"uh," jimin walked to the middle of his council. "we got many entries and it was hard for all of us to come up with just one. thank you to everyone who participated. the winner is jeon jungkook."

some cheered, some stayed quiet but jungkook could only see jimin, his pretty shy smile on his face.

"uh, here," jimin walked to jungkook, almost tripping on something. jungkook chuckled, hand covering his mouth as he watched fondly. jimin's cheeks turned pink. "congratulations on winning, jungkook. your piece was beautiful."

jungkook bit his lip, nodding. "thanks," he said. he looked at the council. he nodded at them, turning back to jimin.

jimin smiled, nodding. "you're welcome. sorry for interrupting, mr. soon."

"no worries, jimin. jungkook is one of my best students, it's no surprise that he won. congratulations, jungkook."

jungkook hummed, eyes moving away from jimin to the envelope. jimin started walking back.

"jimin, how many tickets did he get?" someone whispered.

"ah, it's not my business to tell," jimin chuckled.

jungkook glanced up at jimin, who was smiling politely at the girl.

"don't you think he'll just take people up there to fuck them?"

"uh," jimin glanced up at jungkook, both of them staring at each other for what felt like forever. "that's a mean thing to say, kiko."

"jiminnie!" said someone from his council.

jungkook chuckled, shaking his head. even with months of not sleeping around, the reputation was still alive. he sighed, about to put in his earphone back in when he heard jimin.

"jungkook is a nice person, kiko. i recommend you get to know him before you talk that bad about him."


jungkook leaned against his locker, looking over at the tickets. they were to his name, the directions at the bottom. the cabin was approximately two hours away. he leaned his head back, wondering how the fuck he was supposed to take jimin to the cabin. would it be okay to travel together?

"don't be an asshole!" yugyeom said, chasing after someone. jungkook raised his eyebrows, watching as yugyeom grabbed hold of the guy's arm.

"let me go," said the guy, eyes moving everywhere. "don't touch me ever again fa-"

"hey," jungkook shouted, yugyeom looking at him. "don't use that word, asshole."

the guy scoffed. "are you going to stop me, freshman? what is it with you freshman being such fa-"

jungkook threw a punch, shutting the guy up. everyone gasped, turning to see what was happening. the guy got up, throwing a punch but jungkook dodge it, throwing another and then another.

"hey, stop, stop!" he heard someone yell, pulling jungkook away from the asshole.

jungkook's chest moved quickly, staring the guy down, who did the same, lip bleeding. he clenched his jaw.

"take him to the principal," he heard someone tell someone.

that someone grabbed jungkook's arm, jungkook pulled away. "don't fucking touch me," he growled, turning to see jimin. jimin flinched, hands retreating to his pockets.

"let's go," jimin waited for jungkook to start walking. jimin sighed beside him, biting his lip.

jungkook looked back, seeing yugyeom staring at him, small smile on his face. he turned back around, glancing sideways at jimin. "i'm sorry."

"it's fine," jimin whispered, eyes not meeting jungkook's. "you'll probably get some serious discipline. probably one or two weeks of suspension and one week of detention."

"i don't care," jimin looked at him, about to complain but jungkook shut him up with a stare. "that guy was a fucking prick, jimin, i wasn't going to let him act like that."

jimin nodded, looking up at the principal office. "okay," he crossed his arms. "i understand that, jungkook, but you still punched a guy."

"he deserved it."

jimin broke out into a smile, which he tried to hide. "i know," he looked around. "but you still punched him."

jungkook shrugged, sighing. "i'm sorry."

"it's fine," jimin's hand twitched, almost reaching up. "just go in there and see what happens."

jungkook nodded, looking around before moving quickly to peck jimin's cheek. jimin squeaked, about to scold jungkook but he was already inside the principal office.


"two weeks?"

jungkook nodded, hand moving as he sketched out the bottom shape of the lip. "two weeks of suspension and three days of detention."

"where was jimin?"

"grandma, he's not my lawyer."

"no, but he's the president, couldn't he waiver something? the guy deserved it."

jungkook smiled. "that's not how it works, grandma."

"what about those tickets?"

"they asked for the back," jungkook mumbled. "which was bullshit. they complained about letting me have them was applauding bad behavior or something like that."

she scoffed. "assholes."

"i know, grandma, i know."

"maybe you can save up some money and invite jimin somewhere else."

jungkook stopped his pencil, biting his lip. that wasn't a bad idea.

"while you're here, will you help clean up the house?"

"are you going to pay me?"

grandma laughed, nodding. "i will if i'm pleased with your cleaning."

jungkook smiled, "really?"

"of course, i like jimin."

jungkook got up, hugging her tightly, kissing her forehead. "grandma! you're amazing!"

she laughed, hugging him back. "ridiculous it took you this long to hug me and over this? such a horrible nephew."

"yeah, yeah," jungkook laughed. "thank you."

"you seem awfully happy for someone who got suspended."

jungkook looked up to see jimin, carrying bags of food. "hey," his lips twitched into a smile.

jimin smiled, biting his lip. he lifted the bag, jungkook's favorite restaurant on the bag. "hey champ."

"my favorite!" grandma laughed. "you brought food?"

"yes i did," he went over to hug and kiss the top of her head. "how have you been, grandma?"

she hummed. "i'm alright, a bit tired. you'll save me some, right? i think i'll nap."

"course," jimin chuckled. "i'll set some aside."

"an angel." tell me about it.

jungkook followed jimin to the kitchen, where he rolled to the tips of his feet to grab a plate. jungkook smiled at his small boyfriend, his school shirt hitching up as he reached up.

"how mad are you," jungkook broke apart the disposable chopsticks.

jimin hummed, grabbing a spoon from the kitchen, putting some rice on the plate. "how mad do you think i am?"

"don't answer my question with a question."

"oh?" jimin put some portion of the noodles, then the meat. "then how should i answer it?"

jungkook sighed, leaning his chin on the palm of his hand. "saying that you're not mad because you completely understand where i came from?"

jimin scoffed, grabbing some plastic wrap. "i do understand where you're coming from, jeon."

jeon? yeah, he was in deep shit.

"but that doesn't excuse the fact that you punched someone," jimin looked up at him. "what were you thinking there? what's worse is that i can't defend you because you threw the first punch."

"you're not my lawyer, you don't need to defend me."

jimin sighed, rolling his eyes. "that's not the fucking problem, kookie."

kookie? we're getting there.

"it's just a couple weeks, it's not that big, jimin."

"colleges look at that sort of stuff," jimin sighed.

"it's just high school."

jimin looked at him, biting his lip, he nodded slowly. "okay," he said, putting the plate into the fridge. "let's eat."

"so you're not mad?"

"whatever," jimin walked towards the shed, jungkook sighing after him.

jimin sat down on his bed, the plate of food between them. they ate in turns and silence, which was slowly driving jungkook crazy.

"are you going to be mad at me these entire two weeks?"

"that's not a bad idea."

jungkook shook his head, putting the chopsticks down, jimin picked them up. "you're being unfair."

"colleges care about--"

"i don't care about them," jungkook interrupted. "let me worry about that. i care about you and you're being unfair. i fucking stood up for yugyeom because the dude was a complete asshole. yugyeom looked so fucking confused to the guy's reaction. plus the guy was a fucking asshole and almost said a word that yugyeom  would've been offended by and yeah, me too. so i fucking punched him."

jimin pursed his lips. "are you done cursing?"

"now you're controlling my words? fuck, shit, fucking, shitting, bullshit, ass--"

jimin pressed his lips against  jungkook's, catching him by surprise, falling back on the bed as jimin straddled him. "shut up," he whispered, small smile on his face. "i know, baby, i know why you did it. and i thank you for saving yugyeom from hearing that word come from someone he cherishes a lot but you hurt someone."

"i'm not like i was before."

"you wouldn't stop," jimin whispered. "you scared me."

jungkook's heart stopped, jaw clenching as he processed what jimin just told him. he looked away, biting his lip.

"i'm sorry," jimin put a hand on jungkook's cheek. "you didn't scare me, it's just, it surprised me."

"i'm sorry."

"your hand is okay, right?" jimin twined their fingers together, his thumb brushing over jungkook's knuckles. "you didn't get hurt?"

jungkook shook his head, looking at their fingers twined together. "i'm sorry for scaring you."

jimin shook his head too, kissing him softly. "it's okay."

"you're not mad?"



jimin sighed, looking down at him, rolling his eyes. "no, i'm not."

"yippee ," jungkook whispered, kissing him softly.

jimin giggled, shaking his head as he kissed jungkook back softly. "yippee."

Chapter Text

it's only been two hours and jungkook is already done with being suspended. he sighed, looking around his shed. the trash was taken outside, bed made, desk cleaned to a sparkling touch, clothes folded and dirty ones in the dryer. he did a lot.


he got up from the ground, walking into the house. grandma smiled at him.

"what day is it?"

"it's tuesday," jungkook poked his head into the house. "why?"

"when does jimin come over again?"

"he has dance today, so tomorrow probably."

grandma hummed. "i miss him."

jungkook smiled. "me too."


[jungkook -- 10:34 am]
i'm bored. :/
[jimin -- 10:35 am]
you're not supposed to text me during class!!
[jungkook -- 10:35 am]
i'm not in class so suck it, park jimin.
[jungkook -- 10:35 am]
entertain me.
[jimin -- 10:36 am]
nice try.
[jungkook -- 10:37 am]
are you being a bad boy?
[jungkook -- 10:37 am]
am i going to have to punish you?

jungkook laughed, biting his lip as he rolled on the bed, watching the typing bubble appear.

he set the phone down on the bed, watching as jimin typed.

[jimin -- 10:38 am]
i'm at a meeting. we are not doing this right now.
[jungkook -- 10:38 am]
texting me while in a meeting? so you ARE being a bad boy.
[jimin -- 10:39 am]
shut up.

jungkook licked his lips, lifting the phone, holding it at an angle, biting his lip before taking a picture. he laughed to himself as he sent it to jimin.

he waited, phone next to his head as he looked at the ceiling. the unfinished galaxy he never finished.

his phone buzzed.

[jimin -- 10:40 am]
jeon fucking jungkook, i will fucking exile you from fucking me if you don't fucking stop.

jungkook bit his lip, debating his next move. jimin was angry with him over the suspension, so that meant no sex for a week. so either way...

he lifted his shirt, tongue peeking out at the corner of his mouth as he took a phone. he hit sent again, the phone dropping to the bed as it sent.

jungkook turned back to the unfinished galaxy. he guesses he could finish it now that he has two weeks off.

he was painting it for his mother but she wouldn't be coming back. jungkook tilted his head.

could he cover it up and start something new?

[jimin -- 10:45 am]
call me.

jungkook smiled, rolling his eyes as he dialed jimin's number.

"listen you little shit, i have thirty minutes before i need to go back to class so you better get this over with."

jungkook laughed, purposefully making his laugh deeper. "did i get you hard baby?"

"fuck you, jeon jungkook," jungkook bit his lip at how breathless jimin sounded.

"what are you doing, hmm?"

"ah," jimin gasped. "i'm filing a fucking restraint order against you. did you really think we're going to have phone sex?"

"i was hoping."

"you're so filthy," jimin laughed. "i'm at the baseball stadium, i needed to get away from all of that."

jungkook hummed. "everything okay?"

"no," jimin scoffed. "someone is starting drama against lisa and well, minho said he might know who but won't tell lisa because of this grudge he has against jisoo."

"what does that have to do with the students?"

"i don't know," jimin sighed. "all i know is that there's a prom to plan and no one is fucking helping to buy those stupid glitter balloons."

"you're getting glitter balloons?"

jimin hummed, the sound of jimin climbing the bleachers in the background. "the seniors decided on a 'starry night in busan' as the theme."

"that's cute."

"it'd be cuter if my fucking committee committed to getting those stupid glitter balloons!"

jungkook smiled to himself, leaning his head on the bed. "just buy balloons and put glitter in them."

"you're a genius, why on earth did i not think of it? i? the first sophomore to get voted as student president. how dare i--"

"got it, you thought of it. don't be a dick."

jimin sighed. "hey, speaking of prom, i need to talk to you about something."

"what is it?"

"one of the seniors asked me out to prom," jungkook's throat went dry. "i declined but i don't know, they're being persistent."

jungkook looked up at the galaxy ceiling. "okay?"

"minho said she might ask me again during lunchtime and you know."

"are you going to say yes?"

"i might avoid going anywhere tomorrow," jimin sighed. "it's awkward when they do the big productions, i don't know what to do."

jungkook closed his eyes. "say yes. i mean, you're the student body president, shouldn't you be going?"

"i'm still a sophomore," jimin chuckled. "i don't think my mom would let me go with a senior."

"i wouldn't be too sure, your mom loves bragging rights."

jimin giggled. "you're right."

jungkook smiled at the sound, sighing. "what are you going to do?"

"i don't know."


"i have to go, i'll talk to you later, yeah?"

"you have dance today, right?"

"until eight at night, yes. why?"

"i'm craving some of the ice cream around the corner."

"are you asking me on a date?"

"you? that's disgusting."


jungkook laughed as he watched jimin wipe away the ice cream on his nose.

"no one told you to eat and laugh at the same time."

"this is your fault!"

"it's not my fault i'm hilarious!"

jimin glared at him, taking his spoon and eating again. "so, what did you do today?"

"i cleaned a shit ton. i'm thinking of asking grandma to pay me so i can buy paint to finish the ceiling."

jimin giggled, shifting on the chair. "you're finally finishing that?"

jungkook shrugged. "maybe."

"you should do our mural," jimin pointed at jungkook with the spoon. "we were thinking of doing a mural of paintings. the senior artists are doing some space."

"so why the fuck would i do one? i'm not a senior."

jimin giggled again. "shit," he used his sweater hand to cover his mouth. "you're right. i might be drunk on sugar."

"you almost finished a pint, babe."

"i did not!"

"kiddos," the owner smiled at them. "we're closing in twelve minutes."

jimin looked up at him. "can we please have any leftovers?"

"are you a charity case, park jimin? aren't you a student body president?"

"even more reason!"

jungkook smiled at jimin, watching small flakes of snow fall down behind him. he smiled to himself, wishing he could sketch this sight in front of him.

fuck, jimin was beautiful.

even with his still-wet hair from the shower he took after dance, jungkook's windbreaker on, lips tinted with the green tea ice cream he just ate. white flakes falling behind him, the big window making jimin seem smaller but just as beautiful.

"i have muffins, muffins only!"

"thanks jinnie!" jimin cooed, giggling as his eyes met jungkook's. "what?"

"you look beautiful."

jimin smiled. "all post-shower, no makeup and bare? thanks."

"if you could see," jungkook smiled wide. "what i could see."

"and what do you see?"

"i see the boy i love in front of a giant ass window while it snows behind him. it's beautiful."

jimin smiled wide at him, eyes almost disappearing. "the boy you love?"


"you said the boy you love."

jungkook smiled at him, nodding. "yeah."

"i love you too."


jimin giggled as he fell onto jungkook's bed, hands reaching up to take off his jacket. jungkook kissed him softly, biting down on jimin's bottom lip, tugging at it.

"so beautiful," jungkook whispered. "so perfect."

jimin huffed, cheeks and nose red. they had walked around for a few minutes, talking about sweet nothings, before coming back to jungkook's shed.

"make me yours," jimin whispered.

jungkook smiled, leaning down to kiss jimin's neck, hips moving against jimin. "is that what you want?"

"fuck yes," jimin moaned, tilting his head. "but underneath the sheets, it's cold."

jungkook laughed, turning to pull the sheets over them. jimin giggled, bringing jungkook close to him.

"i love you," jimin smiled, fingers threading into jungkook's hair. "i love you a lot, jungkook."

"yeah? then why did i have to say it first?"

jimin giggled, rolling his eyes. "because!"

"because!" jungkook mimicked, making his voice high pitch.

"don't mock me, brat!"

"i love you too," jungkook kissed jimin's lips repeatedly. "i love you, i love you, i love you."

jimin giggled, his phone vibrating next to them. he pressed one more kiss to jungkook before answering.

"hi dad," jimin said, his free hand to card through jungkook's hair, smiling at him. "yeah, i'm visiting a old friend."

jungkook leaned into jimin's touch, both of their chests moving in sync.

"no, don't worry. i ate a lot of sweets," his hand came down to caress jungkook's cheek with his thumb. "you know i love sweets."

jimin looked away, humming, biting his lip as he listened. jungkook leaned down, kissing the part of jimin's neck that was exposed to him.

"yeah," jimin closed his eyes. "i'll be home soon, don't worry. uh, no, i can find a ride."

jungkook tugged on jimin's shirt, exposing his collarbones. he sucked on the skin there, jimin stuttering over his goodbye.

he sucked and licked at the skin, making sure to mark him up. the only place jimin allowed him.

"you little shit," jimin moaned, pushing jungkook away. "take me home?"

"you are home."

jimin rolled his eyes. "kookie," he whined. "please? i promised my dad i'd be home soon."

jungkook sighed, nodding. "grandma is asleep so i think we could sneak out the motorcycle."

"i want to walk."



"like i can say no to you?"


jimin caught snow on his gloves, giggling softly. "looks like we saw snow together."

"i wanted to take you," jungkook sighed.

"i know."

jungkook shook his head. "those assholes."

"hm," jimin shoved jungkook's shoulder. "you know why they did that."

"yeah, yeah."

jimin smiled at him, shaking his head. "will you be fine walking home?"

"yeah, go ahead," he gestured to jimin's house. "you must be tired."

"i am." jimin put in his code, the gate opening. "text me when you get home, okay?"

"yeah, yeah."

jimin looked back at his house. "you don't want to stay? i can drop you off before school."

"your parents wouldn't want that."

"it's too cold, jungkook."

"it's fine, i literally live like three blocks."

"jimin, why aren't you coming in?"

jimin turned. "dad! please convince jungkook into staying the night. it's too cold to go walking home."

jungkook almost cooed at jimin's dad. both of them look the exact same. "nonsense, jungkook. you both can go to school in the morning. come in, son. you can call your parents."

"jimin," jungkook glared at him when his father turned away. jungkook walked inside, to jimin's house.

"do you need to borrow a phone?"

"no, sir. i brought my own."

jimin's dad nodded. "you don't mind splitting the bed, do you? or you could take the couch."

"too cold to sleep on the couch, dad," jimin tugged on jungkook's arm. "he can split the bed."

"okay," jimin's dad smiled. "sleep tight, boys. and don't spend too much time awake playing video games."

jimin giggled, "yes dad."


"you're annoying."

"you love me," jimin giggled, handing jungkook a pillow.

"i'm serious rethinking that."

jimin rolled his eyes, jumping onto the sink counter. he watched jungkook brush his teeth. "have i told you how handsome you are?"

"wha?" jungkook said, mouth filled with toothpaste.

"you're handsome," jimin ruffled jungkook's hair, smiling.

jungkook scoffed, spitting out the toothpaste. "are you horny?"

"a little," giggled jimin, shrugging.

"i thought so," jungkook gestured to jimin's crotch. "you're tenting."

jimin smiled, biting his lip. "fuck me?"

"here?" jungkook glanced to the door. "no way."

"why not?"

"not while your dad is in the same household."

"we fuck with your grandma feet away from us."

"my grandma is a crazy minx," jungkook pointed at jimin. "besides, i'm not doing it."

"kookie!" jimin whined. "fuck me!"

"no," jungkook's cheeks warmed up.

"are you trying to have a good impression on my dad?"


jimin giggled, leaning against the mirror, biting his lip. "fuck, i love you."

jungkook looked at jimin, stomach doing flips as he saw jimin look at him.

"you make me happy, jeon jungkook."

Chapter Text

jungkook opened his eyes to see jimin changing. he smiled to himself, watching jimin shimmy into his jeans, bending over to fix his jeans.

jimin's ass always did look good in those damn jeans.

"morning," jimin smiled through the mirror. he stood straight again, looking around for his shirt. "do you want to stop by somewhere to eat?"

"won't you be late?"

jimin checked his watch. "ah, you're right." he grabbed his tie. "maybe not, sorry baby. i'll walk you home then."

"don't be ridiculous, you'll be late to school. you don't have to."

jimin took his jacket off the hanger, licking his lips. "i want to walk you home."

"you don't have to."

"sh," jimin walked over to his vanity, picking up his bb cream. "i need to buy more, remind me, please?"

jungkook hummed, pushing off the covers, stretching his arms. he walked over to the pile of clothes he made last night, putting on his clothes from last night.

"this is nice," jimin smiled. "it's almost like we're living together."

jungkook hugged jimin from behind, kissing the side of his face which didn't have bb cream. "cute," he mumbled before pulling away.

jimin hummed, jungkook watched curiously as jimin used some orange thing to tap his face.

"what's that for?"

"this?" jimin lifted to orange thing. "it's called a beauty blender. it helps blend the bb cream more effectively."

jungkook hummed, watching jimin pick up the eyeliner, slowly lining his eyes. he smiled fondly, could see himself in the vanity mirror.

"one day i'm going to do your makeup."

"that'll be the day we break up."

jimin gasped, hitting jungkook's arm. "how dare you!"

jungkook snickered, kissing jimin's neck, hugging him from behind again. "i don't want you to leave."

"school," jimin laughed, turning around. he carefully kissed jungkook, smiling as he pulled away. "i'll text you during lunch, okay?"



"no, you're pronouncing the word wrong."

jungkook sighed, looking back at jimin. "this is too hard, can't i quit while i'm ahead?"

"kookie," jimin giggled, making jungkook move with him.

they've been at the same place on the bed, jungkook laying his head on jimin's stomach, both of them reading the english study book.

"it's not that hard, baby, you just have to make sure your tongue touches the top of your mouth."

"i want my tongue to touch other places, can we take a break?" jungkook turned, hovering over jimin.

jimin glared up at him. "jungkook..."

jungkook hummed, leaning down to kiss jimin, biting down on his lip as he pulled away. "want to hear you scream my name, baby boy."

"jungkook, i came here to study," jungkook spread jimin's legs, settling down between.

"just ten minutes," jungkook slipped his tongue into jimin's mouth, which jimin accepted.

jimin moaned as jungkook rocked his hips down, their erections rubbing against each other. jungkook slipped his hand into jimin's shirt, fingers coming up to pinch and tug on jimin's nipple.

"fuck," jimin moaned louder. "no, jungkook, you have homework to finish. y--you can't fall back on your st--studies."

"yeah?" jungkook lifted jimin's shirt, moving down to kiss jimin's hip bone. "what else?"

jimin giggled, throwing his head back as jungkook started unbuttoning his jeans. "you--you need to study for history too."

"hm," jungkook kissed jimin over his boxers, jimin's breath hitching.

jungkook pulled his boxers down, tongue coming out to lick the underside of jimin's length. "kookie," jimin hissed, fingers flipping into jungkook's hair. "your grandma could come in."

"she knows better than that," jungkook took jimin into his mouth, a pretty loud whimper coming from jimin.

"jungkook, ah, fuck baby," jimin arched his hips forward, jungkook choking slightly. "sorry, shit, let me just--"


jungkook groaned, lifting himself from jimin. jimin quickly pulling his jeans back up. "i'll be back."

he walked out of his shed and into the house.


"you have a visitor."

jungkook frowned, walking to the living room. "quinn."

quinn smiled at him. "hi jungkookie. cute house."

"what the fuck are you doing here?"

"i just wanted to drop by, i heard about your suspension. yugyeom has been going around trying to get your days decreased."

jungkook nodded. "okay?"

"are you okay? your cheeks are pink. i don't make you nervous do i?" she giggled. "that's adorable if i do. i never thought i'd have that affect on jeon jungkook."

"why are you here?"

quinn bit her lip, taking a step closer. "i just want to fall back to old habits, i've had a bad day, kookie."

she wrapped an around his neck, jungkook stepping away. "make me feel better like old times?"

"listen," jungkook hesitated, not sure how to push her away. he decided on her shoulders. "i usually just eat and sleep when i have a bad day."

"my dad keeps drinking," she sighed. "just one time, yeah? i know you love a dancer. i'll be your dirty dancer."

"look," jungkook raised his voice, getting annoyed. "my grandma is two feet away and i don't want her listening to this. i'm sorry you had a bad da--"

jungkook dodged her attempt to kiss him, making her fall.

"what the fuck, jungkook!"

"i don't want this," jungkook sighed. "quinn, get a fucking clue."

quinn looked up at him. "is your latest bitch here? is that what this is? or is it your latest dick? that's fine, you know i don't mind a watcher. won't be the first time we--"

"fucking hell, get out!"

jungkook opened the door. "leave."

quinn looked up at jungkook, her chest moving fast. "are you rejecting me?"

"have been for like the past hour, seriously, quinn. you're great and all the other bullshit but no, just leave."

"i thought you liked me. you confessed to me at jimin's party."

jungkook sighed. "that was a long time ago."

"but you--"

"you deserve better than a freshman."

quinn chuckled. "a bad boy freshman with a good heart? yeah, what more could a girl want." she stood up, sniffling. "fine."

jungkook nodded, gesturing to the door. "do you want me to, uh, walk you to your car?"

"no," quinn sighed, wiping her eyes. "if you tell anyone about this, jeon jungkook, i will--"

"castrate me and throw my dick to pluto, you've been telling me this since elementary."

quinn chuckled. "cause i've liked you since," she mumbled as she walked away.

jungkook closed the door, making sure to lock it. he sighed.

"that was better than my drama."


she giggled. "this is what happens when you don't establish your relationship."

"i really don't want to talk about that again."

"kookie," jungkook sighed, walking to her. "you both deserve that."

jungkook nodded. "i know, grandma, but you know better than anyone else that we can't."

she smiled at him. "will i live to see you happy openly?"

"you'll live longer than us," jungkook whispered. "now stop talking nonsense and watch your drama."

jungkook kissed her forehead before walking to the shed, walking as slow as he could.

with a weary smile, he opened the door to his shed.


jimin was on his bed, flipping through the english book. "jungkook."

jungkook sighed, flopping onto the bed. "say something."

"like what?"


jimin looked up at jungkook. "you're a player!" he said in english.

jungkook blinked at him. "what?"

"you break hearts!" jimin said in english.

"say something in korean, baby."

jimin shook his head, flipping the page. "i don't want to," he said in english. "jerk."

jungkook closed his eyes, listening to jimin sigh. "i'm sorry." jungkook said in english.


jungkook finally came back to school, his arms sore from the amount of free time spent cleaning and lifting to weights his step-dad left behind.


he turned to see yugyeom, carrying a teddy bear with a heart chocolate. "they only had white day things on sale, sorry."

"you should've just bought a card," jungkook took the bear, throwing it into his locker. "the chocolate looks good though."

yugyeom smiled. "i just, i wanted to thank you for standing up for me. a lot of people would've just watched. thank you."

jungkook peeled the chocolate. "don't listen to that asshole, okay?"

"i stopped seeing him," yugyeom whispered, looking around. "i'm, you know. and he just, he wasn't accepting himself so he just shut me out."

"no, yeah, don't worry about it. you're talking to someone who used to sleep with boys and girls, you're fine."

yugyeom smiled. "can i eat lunch with you?"

"uh, yeah, sure."


"i don't see why not."

the bell rang, yugyeom smiled at him before waving goodbye. jungkook raised his eyebrows, eating his chocolate as he walked to his class.


jungkook chewed as he watched the student council set up some speakers.

"what are they doing?"

"they're raffling tickets to the lower class dance."

"how did you know that?"

jungkook spotted jimin, who was laughing with someone. his chest became heavy, it's been two weeks since he's seen jimin.

ever since quinn came over, jimin had been ignoring every single text and call jungkook sent.

yeah, he understood. that interesting discussion he had but, fuck did he miss seeing that smile.



yugyeom glanced over in the direction jungkook was look. "oh, that's taemin. him and jimin have been getting close. i think he's a junior?"

jungkook hummed. "that's nice."

"it is, i heard they used to have a thing but no one made a move," yugyeom chuckled. "at least that's what my ex said."

jungkook looked back at jimin, who was smiling up at taemin.

"fucking hell," jungkook stood up, walking up to the booth.

quinn jumped. "ah, jungkook."

jungkook watched as jimin quickly turned to look at him.

"i want tickets."

"tickets? how did you know--"

"can i or not?"

quinn glanced at jimin. "uh, jimin has the paper you fill in."

"ok," jungkook moved to jimin. "can i have a slip?"

jimin blinked at him, nodding. "uh, yeah," jimin turned to grab them, bumping his coffee.

jungkook quickly grabbed it, at the same time jimin did. their hands touched as they caught the mug.

jimin looked at him, chest moving fast. jungkook caressed his thumb against jimin's skin before putting the mug back on the table.

"here you go, jeon." taemin smiled. "just fill in and you'll be entered."

"thanks," jungkook took the pen quinn offered him.

"how did you know before we made the announcement?"

"mind reader," jungkook deadpanned.

quinn scoffed. "fucker."

jungkook wrote down his name and first period. he handed the slip to jimin. "thanks," he said without sparing him another look.

if jimin was going to be pissed over ex flings than jungkook could play that card too.

Chapter Text

jungkook sighed, leaning back in the seat, half listening to the movie the teacher put on.

his phone vibrated, making he look around before pulling it out.

[jimin -- 2:33 pm]
i didn't think you'd be going to the dance.

jungkook scoffed, tongue poking his cheek. two weeks, two fucking weeks jimin spent ignoring jungkook and now he came with this?

[jungkook -- 2:34 pm]

he silenced his phone, putting it on his lap, where it was hidden from the teacher but jungkook would be able to see a notification.

[jimin -- 2:35 pm]
[jungkook -- 2:35 pm]
[jimin -- 2:35 pm]

jungkook rolled his eyes.

[jungkook -- 2:36 pm]

he turned off his phone, pocketing it and turning back to the movie. when he couldn't focus, he put his head down and slept.


jungkook walked to the detention room, slowing down when he saw the student council putting up signs for the prom.

"hey, jungkook."

he turned to see yugyeom. "hey."

"it feels far away but that'll be our dance soon," yugyeom chuckled. "are you ready to be seniors?"

no. jungkook looked up, eyes finding jimin easily. senior year meant going to school and not seeing his favorite jerk.

"i have deten--," jungkook dropped his backpack, running towards jimin, just as the little one slipped off the ladder.


he heard someone scream but jungkook was catching him, both of them falling with impact.

jimin gasped, opening his eyes, turning to see jungkook. jungkook winced as jimin got off him.

"you okay?" jungkook whispered, his chest hurting. jimin's bottom lip trembled, but nodded, obviously in shocked. "good."

jungkook groaned, resting his head down on the concrete. "good," he repeated.

jimin looked at him, his hand touching his cheek. "are you okay?" he said. "jungkook?"

"are you an idiot?" he heard someone say. "my gosh, jimin, are you okay?"

jungkook groaned, slowly sitting up, wincing at the pain. he got a glimpse at jimin's worried look and quickly sobered up.

"you okay?" jungkook said. jimin nodded, eyes still glossy with tears he was probably holding back. "are you all idiots? you should be holding his fucking ladder."

jungkook got up, trying not to wince at the pain. jimin's eyes followed him. "i'll leave before i'm late to detention because of your idiocies."

he walked to the detention room, thanking yugyeom for picking up his backpack and walked in.

the teacher scolded him for being late but he ignored him. jungkook sat down, wincing at the sharp pain that went up his spine.


"how is that?"

"like heaven," jungkook sighed. "thank you grandma."

"i heard love makes you an idiot but never heard the one saying loves makes you a mattress."

jungkook laughed, wincing at the pain. "no laughing, grandma!"

"not my fault i'm hilarious, honey. how is jimin?"

"i had detention after so i couldn't stick around."

she hummed, adding another warm towel to his back. "i bet he was scared."

"i don't doubt that," jungkook sighed. "i was so scared, grandma. it all happened in slow motion. i was so scared."

"thank you," grandma ruffled her hair. "for being so attentive to those things. i remember when you caught be before i fell on those steps."

"spider sense."

"kookie sense."

jungkook groaned. "that sounds too lame."

"and you're super cool."


she giggled, adding the last towel to jungkook before ruffling her hair. "i love you, rest up, okay?"

jungkook hummed, hugging the pillow underneath him. he sighed, closing his eyes, jimin's face appearing.

his wet eyes, the sad look on his face, bottom lip trembling, his entire body shaking with fear.

"ah," jungkook whispered, opening his eyes. "my poor baby."


jungkook finally made it to his shed, crawling into bed. the warm towels had worked but he was still sore.

he lifted his shirt, wincing at the bruise that was forming. had he fallen that hard or was his body just bruising too easily?

"knock knock."

he turned to see jimin, a white bag in one of his hands.


jimin's eyes moved down to jungkook's bruise, which he quickly dropped his shirt to cover.

"i brought heating pads," jimin lifted the bag. "and some--some..."

jimin's bottom lip started shaking again and jungkook was so in love with him.

"baby," jungkook walked to him, hugging him, kissing the top of jimin's head as the smaller one started sobbing. "it's okay, it must've been scary."

"i'm not," jimin sobbed. "i'm not crying because of that. i was so scared for you and i couldn't do anything, i'm so sorry."

jungkook laughed, shaking his head. "don't be silly, i rather be hurt than you, baby boy. i'm so happy you're okay."

jimin hugged him, sobbing. "i'm sorry."

"it's okay."

"i love you," jimin whispered.

jungkook smiled, kissing jimin's temple. "i love you too."


jungkook smiled, fingers slowly letting jimin's hair fall onto his face. jimin scrunched up his nose, making jungkook laugh.

"i'm sorry," jimin whispered, opening his eyes. jungkook pouted at how puffy his eyes looked, the result of him crying for the hour.


"ignoring you for those two weeks, i was just so, so annoyed with you. i know your past is the past but fuck, jungkook, hearing it hurt me so much."

jungkook nodded, thumb caressing jimin's cheek. "i know, i know. i was angry too but i understand. i do."

jimin kissed jungkook's finger. "i want to take you to the dance."

"the dance?"

"i want to slow dance with you," jimin giggled, sitting up on the bed, hands wrapping around jungkook's neck. "do you know how to slow dance, jeon jungkook?"

jungkook shook his head, of course he did. his mother signed him up for etiquette classes. that's where him and jimin met again.

"nope," jungkook lied, both of them knowing it was a lie. "how do you slow dance?"

"you put your hands on my hips," jimin dropped one hand to move jungkook's hands to his waist, returning it to intertwine behind his neck. "and then you just sway."


jimin hummed. "you sway," he whispered, giggling as he leaned closer. "left, right, left, right."

jungkook pressed their foreheads together. "park jimin, i am in love with you."

"how do you know what love is?" jimin whispered, eyes closing half way. "how do we both know?"

"i feel it when i kiss you," jungkook kissed him. "when i touch you, when we make love, when we smile together, when we laugh together, when we spend time together."

jimin's eyes watered, smiling at jungkook.

"i don't need a dictionary definition to define us," jungkook whispered. "i know i'm in love with you."

"jeon jungkook," jimin whispered, tears falling down his cheeks. "i love you so fucking much."


"college fair!"

jungkook rolled his eyes, hands in his pockets as he walked down the halls. he put his earphones in, shutting out the people.

he walked out onto the quad, eyes moving around, mentally getting ready for algebra when he saw a crowd.

jungkook licked his lips, pushing past the crowd, stopping when he saw a girl carrying a sign, everyone looking at a certain direction.

he glanced at the sign. 'are you (jim)IN for a good time? prom?' was written on the sign with glitter.

everyone gasped, pointing to a certain direction. sure enough, there was jimin walking their direction.

jungkook turned away, heart slowing down as he walked away, putting more volume as everyone started hooting at them.

"did you see the promposal?"

"i can't believe she asked jimin!"

"i thought him and taemin would go together."

"don't be silly, jimin isn't gay."

"i wouldn't mind if he was, he's cute and definitely looks like a bottom."

"you know too much about that!"

they giggled, passing by jungkook and to their seats. one of the girls glanced at jungkook, smiling softly before turning back.

jungkook looked down at his algebra notebook, picking up his pencil and slowly sketching out two bodies on a dance floor.

he didn't put a face or any gender exclusive shapes. just two bodies on a dance floor.

that's all they were. two bodies wanting to dance on the dance floor. he felt warm tears start to fill his eyes and no, he couldn't cry. not here. not in front of them.

"ah, the student council!"

jungkook closed his eyes instead of lifting it. ignored their words instead of listening.

"prom is near--"

"who cares," jungkook lifted his head, looking directly at jimin, who stared at him. "why are we talking about prom when we're freshman."

jimin glanced at one of his council. "y--you're right but we just wanted to--"

"no one cares, what about our dance? can we bring outside guests?"

"uh, yes, you just have to fill a slip at the office and the person needs to provide a school id."

"why a school id?"

jimin swallowed. "they--they need to be in high school."

"what if they're older?"

everyone gasped, jungkook could already hear the rumors starting. jeon jungkook is fucking a college student. jeon jungkook is back.

"that's not allowed, i'm sorry."

"no you're not," jungkook stood up, shaking his head, walking out of the classroom.

the classroom started whispering among themselves but jungkook could care less. he needed to get the fuck out of there as soon as possible.


"you did what?"

jungkook laughed, shrugging. "i was fucking angry."

"i can't fucking believe you walked out on him like that, fuck, jeon. you have more balls than me," yoongi laughed, smoke coming out of his nose.

"he accepted the fucking prom thing," jungkook shook his head when yoongi offered him a joint. "and then he comes running his pretty mouth about how prom is coming around. who fucking cares."

yoongi huffed. "prom is overrated, jeon. i went with this chick to just end up leaving alone after finding her blowing some dude under the table."

"under the table?"

"imagine my surprise, i just wanted my napkin back and found dick."

jungkook laughed, shaking his head. "i like being with you, yoongi. why can't it be this easy."

"but you love him, don't you?"

"i do," jungkook looked at yoongi. "is that lame? a freshman being in love?"

"course not," yoongi pushed jungkook's shoulder. "do you remember namjoon?"


"he fell in love freshman year too, now he's somewhere traveling with his boyfriend. give it time, kid. things work their way."

jungkook sighed. "it just sucks, you know. not being able to fucking hold his hand in school because of the consequences that follow."

"it's just high school, colleges and all that shit don't give a fuck if you're gay, bisexual, straight, whatever. just fucking high school."

"he's going to punish me."

"punish you?"

jungkook nodded. "yeah."

"it's that kind of relationship?"

"what--no! i mean, he's probably really mad. and just when we made up."

yoongi laughed, "sexile? exile you of sex? wait, you're fucking?"


"fucking hell, you're getting some dick and i'm not? that's fucking ridiculous."


"i'm leaving," yoongi groaned, standing up. "it's been fun, have to go."

jungkook laughed, nodding. "i should get home too, thanks for listening."

"thanks for the call, we should hang out more often," yoongi put back on his beanie. "you're not as annoying as before."


yoongi ruffled jungkook's hair. "use protection."

jungkook scoffed, picking up his jacket and walking out of the half pipe.

"is that him?"


jimin stood there, hands crossed on his chest, jaw clenched. jungkook giggled, a bit tipsy from the beer he had with yoongi.

"you're cute, you know that."

"you're drunk."

"i had one beer and no, i can consciously you know, uh, think. i talked about how my boyfriend accepted going to prom and shit did i sober up."

jimin sighed. "are we going to fight again?"

"are we?"

jimin walked to him, wrapping jungkook around him. "let's get you home."

"i can walk."

"you and i both know it's a matter of time before the alcohol hits you."

jungkook scoffed. "i'm fine, i can handle one beer."

"was it one?"


"why do you hang out with him? you know he's a bad influence."

"yoongi is fun," jungkook scoffed.

"fun." jimin scoffed. "he isn't attending college and works as a assistant to a tattoo artist. how is he a good influence?"

jungkook rolled his eyes. "just because someone doesn't go to college doesn't mean shit, jimin. just because college is so up your ass doesn't mean its to everyone."

"don't be a fucking dick, jungkook."

"you accepted!"

"you said you were okay with it."

jungkook shoved jimin away. "fuck you."

"what do you want me to do!" jimin took out his keys, hands shaking as he opened the front door.

"i wanted you to say no!" jungkook followed jimin inside. "am i supposed to stay on the sidelines watching you be with someone else."

"of course not."

"then what do i do?" jungkook felt his tears coming up again. "am i supposed to just let someone else steal you away just to fucking please everyone?"

jimin shook his head. "of course not."

"then tell me," jungkook's chest moved up and down quickly. "what am i to do?"

"i'll," jimin shook his head. "i won't go."

"jimin," jungkook sighed, walking away and to his shed. remembering that grandma must be sleeping.

jimin followed him, closing the door to the shed. "what do you want to do?"

"put you in my pocket and keep you away from everyone."

"babe," jimin laughed, wiping away his tears. "i'm serious."

jungkook shrugged, "i don't know."

"do you," jimin sat down. "do you want to b--break up?"

"of course not," jungkook frowned. "no."

jimin sighed. "good," jimin whimpered, laying his head on jungkook's shoulder. "i'm sorry. i'm sorry for this, i'll figure something out."

jungkook interlaced their fingers together. "we're going to figure something out."



Chapter Text

"wait, you know min yoongi?"

"is that really all you heard from me?"

yugyeom laughed. "okay, sorry. its just. i heard some things about him when i was in middle school. is it true he slept with one of the teachers during his senior year?"

"uh, i don't know. i don't really go around asking who he slept with, i'm not interested."

"well of course not, you're both fuckboys."

jungkook frowned at him. "excuse you?"

"shit, sorry. i mean, that's what everyone calls you."

"are you everybody, yugyeom," jungkook rolled his eyes, turning back to his textbook.

"hey, i'm sorry, i didn't mean to upset you."

jungkook ignored him, someone from another table calling his name. he looked up.

"is it true you're bringing someone older?"

"why do you care?"

she scoffed. "i don't."

"then don't ask."

"hey, don't be a dick. i write a column on the school newspaper and want to know."

jungkook rolled his eyes, getting up. "i need to pee," he walked to the teacher, getting the pass from her then walking out.

he put his hands into his pockets, walking everywhere. into and out of the main building, around the library, down the halls, everywhere.

he wasn't sure what he was expecting, maybe he wished he'd run into jimin.

see his boyfriend, pass by with shy smiles, or maybe walk around the school and talk about stupid things like they always do.

jungkook sighed, checking the time on his phone. third period was ending soon, which meant jimin had student council next.

he changed directions, walking towards the building dedicated to helping students. jungkook bit his lip, looking inside the windows, looking for jimin.


he turned to see minho.


minho smiled. "what are you doing here? do you need anything?"

jungkook shrugged. "i need that slip," he glanced at the classroom he knows jimin might be in. "for the dance."

"oh, we gave those all to the--wait, i think i saw some on jimin's desk, come in."

minho opened the door for jungkook, who stepped inside the big room, amused at how spacious it was.

jungkook scoffed at the vending machines. "you have vending machines?"

"oh yeah, one of jimin's friends is good at that techy things? it was a fixer upper but the dude did an amazing job. looks new, huh?"

jungkook just hummed, following minho to the desk that was in the middle. minho scuffled through some papers.

"i'm pretty sure i saw them here, i was just telling jimin about them," minho hummed. "he might've filed them, i'll be back."

he watched minho leave, chuckling at the chair. he remembers when jimin first bought it.

they spent hours putting the stupid chair together. jimin swore it'd be worth it. raved about the padded seat, the reclining options.

jungkook pulled out the chair, sitting down. he smiled, spinning around. so this was where his boyfriend did his big decisions?

he kept spinning, coming to a stop when he saw jimin. jimin was smiling at him, eyes turned up into crescents.

"enjoying yourself?"


jimin smiled, walking to him. he picked up a folder from the desk. "don't you have algebra right now?"



"i need the slip thing," jungkook interrupted.

jimin blinked. "you were serious?"

"well, yeah."

"they won't let you, kookie."

jungkook shrugged. "i'll never know unless i try."

"my friend tried that, they didn't even let her bring her boyfriend during prom. it's not that yoongli guy is it?"

"it's yoongi and you know it."

jimin scoffed, looking through the folder. "i'm not that good with names."

"you're amazing with names, that's why you're president."

jimin pursed his lips but didn't look up from the folder. "so you're bringing him?"


"of course not." jimin scoffed. "why would i be jealous? i'm perfect fine."

shit, he was adorable when jealous too.

"uh huh."

jimin cracked his neck, taking out a purple paper. "he needs to get a background check."

"fucking hell, seriously?"

"what? is he going to fail it?"

"of course not."

"then you have nothing to worry about."


"i'm failing that, you do know that, right?"

jungkook groaned, turning in yoongi's bed. "why'd you have to steal someone's bike!"

"i was running away from thugs!"

"who have yet to appear!"

yoongi frowned. "listen, punk, whose side are you on?"

jungkook shook his head. "we'll fake it."

"what made you think i want to go to some stupid freshman dance anyway?"

"lower class!"

"same shit. i'm out of high school, why the fuck would i go back?"

"so you can help me get back at jimin?"

yoongi scoffed, "is this another one of your kinks?"


yoongi rolled his eyes, playing with his white lighter. "i don't know kid, i won't pass that background check."

"we'll fake it."

"all of this for that guy?"

"he hurt my pride."

"i thought he always did."


jungkook kissed down jimin's neck, making the smaller one on his lap giggle.

"quit it," jimin swatted at jungkook, looking back at him. "m'trying to study."

"okay, okay," jungkook rested his chin on jimin's shoulder, closing his eyes as he hugged jimin from behind.

so small and warm, jungkook loved hugging jimin like this. especially when jimin smelled like jungkook's favorite body wash.

"can you pass me more flash cards?"

jungkook didn't move, just hugged jimin tighter. jimin sighed, shifting over to grab the pile, the chair moving across jimin's floor.

"very helpful, baby," jimin sighed, turning the page to his textbook. jungkook smiled, turning his head, softly kissing jimin's neck again. "jungkookie!"

"what? oh, sorry, i did it subconsciously."

jimin scoffed, elbowing him. "stop it."

"smell so good," jungkook whispered, kissing jimin's earlobe. "i can't help myself."

"oh so now you want to fuck in my bedroom?"

"your parents are gone," jungkook tongued jimin's neck, hips moving upwards. "ride me, baby. you can ride me while you study."

jimin shivered, head tilting back onto jungkook's shoulder. "ko--kookie, i need to study."

"you can baby, just let me be inside you."

"n--no," jimin shook his head. "you're, uh, you've been a dick lately. i'm not rewarding you by letting you fuck me. now stop bothering and let me study."

jungkook sighed, thrusting forward as he adjusted on the seat. "fine."

"thank you."

"yoongi said he'll go."

"and there goes my will to study."

jungkook smiled, pleased with himself. "good, let me fuck you."

"you're so annoying," jimin laughed, turning on jungkook's lap, eyes moving down. "so impatient."

jungkook captured jimin's lip between his teeth, humming. jimin rolled his eyes but rolled his hips down against jungkook.

adorable even now. park jimin was unfair.

Chapter Text

"jungkook, wake up!"

jungkook groaned at whoever was shaking him. he opened his eyes to see jimin.

"it's late, shit, we overslept. wake up!" jimin got off the bed, cherubic ass shaking as he walked to his closet.

jungkook smiled to himself before closing his eyes again. "did you parents come home?"

"shit, i don't know!"

"check your texts."

"you check them," jimin threw his phone at jungkook. "the password is our anniversary, fuck, i didn't wash."

jimin disappeared into his bathroom, jungkook picking up the phone. he glanced over at jimin.

their anniversary date? cute.

he tapped in the date, freezing when he saw jimin's background was their selca. jungkook smiled, not knowing that was jimin's wallpaper.

jungkook clicked the messages app, raising his eyebrows at the notifications. he scrolled through jimin's message groups, not even surprised at how many he was in.

finally finding the one between his parents. he clicked on it, reading over the latest message.

[dad -- 2:09 am]
i know it's late but just wanted to tell you that we won't be coming home until the end of the week. please eat and sleep a lot.

"they said they're not coming back until the end of the week."

jimin popped his head out of the bathroom, toothbrush in his mouth. "really?"

"yes. to eat and sleep properly."

"i slept enough," jimin went back in, jungkook rolling his eyes. missing one class or two wouldn't be the end of the world.

jimin's phone vibrated, jungkook glancing up at jimin before looking back down.

[taetae - 9:58 am]
aw, my little jimin is all grownup.

jungkook blinked at him. his? little jimin?

"did you get dressed?" jimin came out, in just his uniform jacket. "you didn't change?"

"you put me on dad duty." jungkook shook then phone. "remember?"

"it's called multitasking!"

jungkook rolled his eyes, throwing jimin his phone. "here."

"thank you," iimin pocketed the phone. his? jimin. fuck that taetae guy.

"can you fucking put your pants on?"

"why? i'm drying them."

"makes me want to eat you out."

jimin dropped his backpack, sighing. "why are you," he sighed louder. "i didn't study, jungkook!"


"this is your fault!"

jungkook groaned, pulling the covers over his head. "goodnight."

"where are you going? you need to get changed for school!"

"i don't feel like going."

jimin tugged the sheets but jungkook held them strong. he thought he won when someone straddled him.

"get up!" jimin looked down at him, cheeks pink. jungkook smiled at him. "don't smile at me, asshole. get up."

"i want to stay in bed. it smells like you," jungkook shook his head. "besides, no one is coming home right? so i can stay?"

"my brother is home."

"he slept over at a friends, remember?"

jimin blinked at him. "no i didn't, it's a school night. i would never."

"you did, he called when we were in the middle of having sex."

"you made me tell my brother to sleep over on a school night!"

jungkook rolled his eyes. "i didn't do anything."

"you little shit, oh my," jimin rolled off jungkook. "i didn't study, i made my brother sleepover at his friends so he wouldn't hear me fuck my boyfriend. who am i!"

"a normal teenager," jungkook kissed jimin's shoulder. "baby, it's fine."

jimin shook his head. "it's not," he got up. "i'm going to go check on my pants."

jungkook sighed, clicking his tongue as he watched jimin walk away. he grabbed jimin's phone, typing in the password.

[jimin -- 10:08 am]
hey. go to school.

he wondered if it was too straightforward.

[tiny park -- 10:09 am]
im here??? where are you?

oh shit.

[jimin -- 10:10 am]
i'm the one worried here.
[jimin -- 10:10 am]
come home after school. and study lots.

too much?

[little park -- 10:11 am]

yeah too much.

[little park -- 10:11 am]
ik jeon is fucking u but is he going all the way up to ur brain.



"what?" jimin snapped, eyes moving to the phone in jungkook's hand. "what? did something happen to my parents?"

"no, i uh," jungkook cleared his throat. "i texted your brother to make sure he was at school, and--"

"baby, you didn't have to do that. i know i snapped at you and i'm sorry."

"no, it's fine. you're too cute for that. i just, well, here."

jimin took the phone, furrowing his eyebrows as he read the messages. "okay first of all, i don't sound like that."

"uh, yeah you do. want me to show you our text messages?"

"wait", jimin's eyes went wide. "that's your last name, holy shit. does he know? fuck, baby, he's typing!"

jungkook crawled to jimin, reading over his shoulder.

[little park -- 10: 14 am]
did u really think i wouldn't know?
[little park -- 10:14 am]
something changed between u two after the camping trip. it was so fucking obvious idk why no one has said anything.
[little park -- 10:14 am]
plus. i found his infamous jacket in your room. everyone knows it means a shit ton to him and well. put the pieces together.

"i can't believe he was smart enough to put us together but failed his world history final."

"i left my jacket?"

jimin nodded. "it was the last day, it was raining and you put it on my shoulders before leaving."

"i've been looking for that everywhere. didn't you give it back?"

"wait, yeah, i did. when i first went over, i wore it as an outfit and you said you liked seeing me in your things."

jungkook furrowed his eyebrows. "what happened to it?"

jimin tilted his head, "i'm not sure, baby."


[jimin -- 10:16 am]
we'll talk later. focus on your studies, sorry for interrupting. i'll be there by lunch. please remember to turn in your library books before the deadline. and make sure to turn ALL of them in.

jungkook hummed, so that's how jimin texted his brother.

[little park -- 10:17 am]
who the fuck was texting me earlier?


jungkook sighed, asking for the bathroom pass again. last period he asked again, the period before that too.

he had a late start to the day but here he was, avoiding every single bit of knowledge the teacher was trying to drill into him.


jungkook looked up to see one of the seniors, jinki.


"you're friends with jimin, right?"

"everyone is friends with jimin."

jinki laughed. "touche, i have a favor to ask you. i have to turn in these requests from the seniors but have a test to prepare. can you help me out?"


jinki pouted. "please?"

"sounds like a personal problem, lee."

"i'll owe you one, yeah?"

jungkook sighed. "fine. where's the kid?"

jinki laughed. "he's older than you."

"he's tiny," jungkook waved his hand around before grabbing the stacks. "where is he?"

"last time i heard, the council office but i'm not sure."

jungkook sighed. "guess english will just have to wait."

"how's that going?"

"it's hell," jungkook said in english.


jungkook walked down the student halls again, looking in the windows for jimin. if he were someone else, he'd find it suspicious to see someone like jungkook here again.

he found the ball of sunshine in the council room.

"i just," the girl in front of him cried. jungkook glanced at jimin, who was staring at the girl, the cute sympathetic look he always gives the puppies they see at the rescue house. "i know we were young but i really did love him."

"sorry," jungkook cleared his throat. "i don't mean to interrupt."

the girl quickly wiped her eyes. "no, you're fine, jungkook."

jungkook noticed it was the same girl that wrote for the paper or whatever. "jinki says these are requests from seniors."

jimin looked up at jungkook, humming. "did he say what for?"

"uh, no."

"then what am i--no, it's fine, you didn't know." jimin took them, furrowing his eyebrows. "sorry, do you mind sorting them out for me?"

jungkook raised his eyebrows. "sorting them out?"

"i could write you a slip back to class after, i just," jimin glanced at the girl then back at jungkook. "i have a lot right now and requests or demands is the last thing i need."

jungkook scratched the back of his head, he really should go back to english. they were finishing up on adverbs.

"please?" jimin pouted slightly. and fuck as if he could say no to that.

"yeah, sure," jungkook said completely whipped for the ball of sunshine.

jimin smiled before turning to the girl. "jungkook is someone of trust, but if you're not comfortable, we can move somewhere else?"

"no, it's fine, i just," jimin handed her a tissue. "i really needed to cry this out."

jungkook looked at the first slip.

more outside trips.

he put it on the side.

less homework.

he put it on the opposite side.

"i think young love is stupid," she scoffed. "what the fuck do we know, right? high school seems like a fucking huge deal now but will this stupid relationship matter after?"

jungkook glanced at jimin, who bit his lip. she sighed, shaking his head.

"and me too, you know. what the fuck was i thinking involving myself with a freshman. all they want to do is get drunk and fuck, no offense jungkook."


"well your track record isn't exactly the cleanest for a freshman."

jungkook blinked at her. "so?"

"speaking of which, why are freshman such assholes? is sex all you think about?"

"yes." jimin answered, surprising jungkook and the girl, mostly himself.

jungkook frowned at him. "no, it's not."

"i find that hard to believe, especially from you, jeon. fuck, all i want is a stupid romantic relationship that makes me warm inside. a sick and disgusting relationship that when we're both in the room, every single negative emotion just goes away. it's just you and that person."

jungkook glanced at jimin, who smiled at her.

"you'll get that."

"when, jimin!"

jimin giggled. "i'm not sure."

jungkook looked down at the slips.

more language classes.

he put it with the other slip demanding more.

"the only people who say those things are the ones experiencing it, are you in love?"

jimin giggled, "we're not talking about me. we're here about you."

"oh my gosh, is that why you were late?"

the girl turned to jungkook. "park jimin has never once come late to school, can you believe this jungkook?"

"cool," jungkook dismissed, focusing on the task jimin gave him.

"i don't need to be in love to know you deserve better."

she chuckled. "park jimin, i didn't vote for you to be our president and i regret it every day. thank you."

"i'm here as your friend."

jungkook glanced up, smiling softly as jimin squeezed her hand. the girl started crying again.

jimin smiled at her, eyes crinkled and fuck did jungkook love him.


"sorry for holding you back," jimin stretched, jungkook smiling softly. "is your backpack still in english?"

"how did you know i have english?"

"i uh," jimin's cheeks turned pink. "well, before we started dating, i kind of stalked you."

jungkook laughed. "stalked me?"

"shut up, i know. i just, well, i wanted to make sure that we go personally announce things to your class."

"i did find it strange you always showed up."

jimin groaned. "shut up."

"you're adorable."

"any-anyway, did you do the slips?"

"yeah, i organized them by either demanding more things or less things," he pointed to two stacks. "the other pile are useful suggestions, and this one is just plain stupid ones."

jimin smiled. "can i see the useful ones?"

jungkook hummed, handing him them. his cheeks blushed as their fingers touched, the first touch they've had during school hours.

usually they spent time away from each other. maybe it was the fact they were almost a year into their relationship, maybe their walls were falling, maybe they were too into their lie that they were hoping everyone wouldn't see anything. maybe not.

either way, fuck did jungkook want to hold his hand.

"this one is nice," jimin showed jungkook the slip. "have more fundraisers to help outside charities, never expected someone to do that."

"that's why it's in the useful pile."

"okay, shut up, i'm still asleep." jimin used his cute tiny hand to wave jungkook away. "you're done, right? i'll write you a slip."

jimin made a move to get up but jungkook stopped him. "let me stay longer," jungkook pouted.

"i don't have anything else for you to do," jimin smiled at him, "besides, you need to get whatever assignments you need from english and i know you have a test next period."

jungkook deflated. "fine."

jimin hummed, getting up and walking past jungkook. jungkook grabbed jimin by the waist, pulling him down on his lap.

"kookie!" jimin squeaked.

jungkook put his chin on jimin's shoulder. "let me recharge."

jimin laughed breathlessly, fidgeting. "someone can--"

"let them," jungkook hugged him tighter. "you're not coming over huh?"

jimin sighed. "no, i have to feed and bathe my brother."

"i'll miss you," jungkook lightly kissed jimin's expose neck, tongue lightly touching it. "a lot."

"jungkook," jimin tilted his head, breath shaking. "someone can--"

jungkook cut him off by sucking on his skin, jimin arching, moaning. "i know we said no marks," he whispered. "but i'm selfish, jimin. i need everyone to know you're mine."

jimin whimpered, ass grinding down onto jungkook as he sucked more marks onto his skin. kissing, licking, and sucking until the hickey grew more and more darker. more obvious.

"come home," jimin breathed out, so low that jungkook almost missed it over the sound of him sucking onto jimin's skin.


jimin used this to catch his breathe, fixing the obvious bulge in his pants. "come over, if you want."

"but your brother--"

"already knows so it'll be no big deal. and we could explain to him about our relationship," jimin looked back at him. "yeah?"

jungkook smiled, kissing jimin softly. "walking home together?"

"i don't see why not."

they should stay away from each other. avoid one another and have minimum contact. so what changed?

why is there this necessary magnet between that that's making them want to be together as much as possible.


"you're walking home with jeon?"

jungkook rolled his eyes, crossing his arms. jimin smiled at his student council.

"don't be mean, he helped me a lot today and wanted to treat him to some food."

minho smirked. "be careful of the tongue, jimin, heard it reaches places unknown to man kind."

some girl hit minho. "minho! oh my gosh."

"how do you know?"

jungkook glanced at jimin, who furrowed his eyebrows. shit. abort.

"can we go? i don't have all day," jungkook pushed himself away from the wall, waiting for jimin.

"return home safely!" jimin waved catching up to jungkook. when he did, he slapped jungkook in the back of his head. "my treasurer? really! you fucked minho too?"

"it was a drunk night."

"oh my gosh," jimin groaned. "i hate you."

"you don't mean that," jungkook smiled, glancing at jimin.

jimin rolled his eyes. "whatever."

"cute pouty baby," jungkook cooed, pinching his cheek.

"fuck off," jimin slapped his hand away, the adorable pout on his lips all the way to his house.

when they arrived, jungkook held the front gate opened for jimin.

"so romantic."

they both snapped around, hearts settling when they saw jimin's brother.

"hey, great timing, i wanted to cook you something."

"uh oh, that's never good."

they walk inside, jungkook behind, letting the park brothers catch up.

"so it's official then?" jimin's brother looked at jungkook. "you're dating?"

jimin took off his jacket, sighing. "yes."

"for how long, since when? how?"

jimin glanced over at jungkook, who smiled reassuring. "let's talk while making dinner, yeah?"

jungkook peeled the potatoes, listening to jimin's brother never-ending questions.

"so you confessed during the camping trip?"


"did he just say he wanted your dick or what? you make it sound so unromantic."

jimin giggled. "because it was. we were walking along the beach and he said i'd be the only guy he'd dick down and take to dinner."

jungkook groaned, again with that? he was literally a dumb kid who just wanted to tell jimin how he felt without sounding too lame.

"oh my, and what did you say?"

"i said that it was a strange compliment and thanked him."

"thanked him!" jimin's brother laughed. "seriously, jimin? you're both idiots."

jungkook smiled, continuing his peeling.

"we reached the end of the beach and went back around. but i don't know, i think it was the setting that helped a lot. in the middle, i just grabbed him and we uh," jungkook smiled, could feel jimin's eyes looking at him. "we kissed and well, yeah."

"that's so gross and sappy, oh my!" jimin's brother stomped. "so what? you just started dating or what?"

"no," jungkook spoke up for the first time since he arrived. he pointed to jimin with his half peeled potato. "that boy made me chase him around for a fuck--can i cuss?"

"we're the same age."

"shit, you're right. he fucking made me chase him for a stupid answer."

jimin giggled. "i wanted to make sure."

"smart move, make the fuckboy chase you to prove he's saying the truth. smart boy."

"yeah no, i tried for months."

"it wasn't months."

"don't you," jungkook glared at jimin. "dare. you know very well that it was months. i had a fucking calendar dedicated to you."

jimin giggled, nodding. "it was months."

"so when did he agree?"

"early this year," jungkook went back to peeling. "i stopped persuading since he was becoming more busy with the president shit."

jimin hummed. "one day he stopped coming to the campaigns and i don't know, i felt bad for tagging him along so i went over to his house. i saw him saving a girl from being bullied and well, answered the question he asked months ago."

jimin's brother giggled. "that's so lame but cute? so he asked you?"

"i asked him after kissing for the first time but the brat didn't take me serious."

"you have a record, i don't blame him. but the line of him being the only guy you'd dick down then take on the date was pretty much the icing on your couple cake."

jungkook smiled at jimin. "do you," jimin shrugged. "do you give us your blessing?"

"of course i do," jimin's brother chuckled. "minnie, i don't care who you date as long as they make you happy and treat you right."

jimin smiled. "you have no idea how much i needed to hear that. thank you."


jungkook kissed jimin's temple before getting up to use the restroom. jimin was already half asleep but jungkook was way too invested in the movie.

"hey jeon," jimin's brother grabbed his wrist. "does my brother know?"

"know what?"

"that you shouldn't have been on that camping trip?"

jungkook nodded. "he does. i told him after."

"does he know why though?"

jungkook frowned. "he knows about my past."

"you didn't tell him?"

"can you let me go?"

"or what? you're going to beat me up too?"

jungkook frowned deeper, tugging his hand away from him. "excuse me, i need to piss."

"don't lie to my brother, jeon. or else."

"or else what?"

his brother stayed quiet. jungkook scoffed, walking past them and into the bathroom.

he let out a sigh, closing his eyes as he leaned his head back.

fucking little brat.

Chapter Text

jungkook puffed out his cheeks, watching the class drag out. he wrote down the notes, mind drifting off to jimin. a small smile started forming on his face, blinking at the sketch he had drawn.

it was a pair of lips but jungkook knew better than anyone else whose lips they were. jungkook shaded the lips, leaning his cheek onto his knuckle.


jungkook looked up. "huh?"

"you have a call slip," the teacher waved it.

jungkook hummed, putting his things into his backpack. he grabbed the slip and walked into the office.

the front desk guy smiled at him. "hi jungkook."

"i have a," jungkook shrugged, handed him the slip. "slip thing."

"i don't remember sending them out," the guy looked down at them. "ah, this isn't for the office, at least not this one. it's a slip for the student office."

"they have that power?"

the guy shrugged. "their president makes pretty convincing points."

"ah," jungkook nodded. "okay, thanks."

"how's your mom, jungkook?"

jungkook clenched his jaw, looking up at the guy. "she's fine," he shrugged.

the guy smiled, nodding. "good."

jungkook hummed, walking out of the office and towards the student building. he looked over the slip.

jeon jungkook -- 3 per.
note: please send jungkook over when convenient.
lee minho.

"jungkook!" mino smiled. "you're here."

jungkook turned, minho gesturing to the building. they walked inside, jungkook sighing.

"what did i do?"

minho laughed. "nothing, i wanted to talk to you about your dance request."

"ah," jungkook sat down opposite to minho. "was it rejected?"

"quite the opposite, actually, jimin approved it. as long as it's fine for us to check in on you every now and then."

jungkook snorted. "is that really necessary?"

"well, it's the only one jimin has approved so it's a big deal. besides, you're still underage. look, i'm not here to judge you but just," minho sighed. "how do i put this? just be careful who you go to bed with."

"oh my--" jungkook laughed. "go to bed with? minho, i'm not--"

"i'm not judging! you know, you're the gay-straight alliance bisexual icon, i'm not judging who you like. just keep in mind the age difference and not that it's wrong liking older people it's just, you have a reputation."

jungkook scoffed, looking away. "he's just a friend."

"like i said, i'm not judging you. do you, uh, agree to the conditions? you can bring yoongi just, uh, we need to check on you every half hour."

"i'm not going to fuck him."

"oh," jungkook looked up, cheeks warming up as he saw jimin. "am i interrupting something?"

"just going through the conditions."

jimin giggled, "and that includes him not fucking someone?"

minho gave jimin a look. "it sounds weird coming out of your mouth. you're too innocent looking."

jungkook scoffed, trying not to feel so smug but he couldn't help it. he knew how dirty jimin could get.

just last night, jimin was whispering how bad he wanted jungkook to fuck him.

as if knowing exactly why jungkook was smirking, jimin blushed, clearing his throat.

"i'm here for your file."

"ah, i'll go get it."

jimin nodded, running a hand through his hair. jungkook looked up at him. he must be stressed, it was time for reelections, which always made him stress.

"are you going to agree with the conditions?"

"you mean the babysitting?"

jimin shrugged. "call it what you want."

"you're petty, baby."

"i got him in, didn't i?"

jungkook scoffed, smiling at him. "petty."

jimin shrugged, his school jacket falling, making jungkook lick his lips. "i did my part," he looked at jungkook. "do yours."

"i will."

"i look forward to seeing that unfold."

minho came back, handing jimin a file. "here's everything."

"thank you," jimin smiled.

"good luck with reelections, wish i could be here to see the result."

jimin shook his head, giggling. "i'm not, what if i lose? i wouldn't want you to see that."

"you're going to win." jungkook said instinctively. his brain and mouth always working to pick up jimin when he puts himself down.

they both looked at him. minho laughed.

"see, even he knows."

jimin smiled at jungkook. "thank you." he looked at minho. "i'll let you two finish."

"wait, park jimin," minho crossed his arms. "are you a secret kinky little shit?"

"excuse me?" jimin laughed, cheeks turning pink.

minho laughed. "i feel like you are."

jungkook touched his cheek to his tongue. "are those all the conditions?"

"ah, no, you need to sign something, let me go get it. it's on your desk, right?"

jimin hummed, hugging the file to his chest.

"how is that any of his business?" jungkook said once minho left.

"sh," jimin giggled, leaning against the table beside jungkook. "are you going to join any clubs next year?"

"are trying to recruit me?" jungkook rolled his eyes.

jimin shrugged. "colleges look at that sort of stuff. you should consider a sport," he poked jungkook's arms with his pen. "your structure is really athletic."

"my structure?"

"you're," jimin looked around. "you're hot and i really want to wear your sport uniform."

jungkook laughed, leaning back. "so you are a kinky bastard?"

"you know that better than anyone else."

jungkook shook his head, grinning. "you're using this to make me join a sport, aren't you?"

jimin hummed, looking around again. rubbing his foot up and down jungkook's leg.

"don't you want that?" jimin's voice dropped. "me riding you while wearing nothing but your uniform shirt."

jungkook bit his lip, eyes moving to jimin's lips, which turned up into his flirty smirk.

"jimin," jungkook whispered, his hands wanting nothing more than to touch him.

"in your uniforms sweater as you fuck me, doesn't that seem appealing, jungkookie?"

jungkook shifted in his seat, feeling himself grow harder at the thought. fuck him, really, and his ability to manipulate jungkook.



jungkook glared at jimin, throwing him a chocolate chip. jimin giggled, covering his face.


"so you're joining the baseball team?" grandma took out the trays from the stove. "what led that?"

jungkook scoffed. "some asshole convinced me."

"must be some convincing, you hate sports."

"they're alright," jungkook shrugged, stopping the whisk so jimin could pour some chocolate chips inside.

"it's a good thing," jimin smiled, giggling. "it'll look good when he applies to colleges and besides, he has the body for it."

grandma hummed. "he has a point. what about you, jimin, have you thought about what college you'll be applying to."

jungkook tuned out, knowing he should listen to the future jimin wants, should hope for nothing than to be apart of it he?


"you haven't spoken to me since the cookies," jimin pushed back jungkook's wet hair. "what is it?"

jungkook shrugged, fixing the mistakes in his math. "just tired."

"jungkookie," jimin whispered. jungkook looked up at him. "what is it?"

"am i," jungkook wiped away the eraser shavings. "am i selfish for wanting to be apart of your future?"

jimin chuckled softly, thumb caressing jungkook's cheek. "you mean college?"

"i mean anything in general," jungkook shrugged. "you're leaving to your annual summer camp thing, i'm staying and helping my uncle with his coffee shop. what happens then? summer is in less than four weeks, you'll start to get busy with reelections and finals. so will i, what happens then?"

"baby," jimin took jungkook's hand. "there are enough hours in the day to make some time for you."

"jimin," jungkook sighed. "you'll be exhausted, i don't want to be a burden to you."

"you're not a burden."

jungkook shrugged, going back to his math. he stopped when jimin ran his fingers through his wet hair, feeling when jimin leaned in to kiss his head.

"you have never been a burden, jeon jungkook," he whispered. "and you never will be."

he turned, kissing jimin, pushing him down against the bed. jimin kissed him back, arm wrapping around jungkook's neck, opening his mouth for him.

jungkook slipped his tongue in, hips dipping down to meet jimin's in a slow pace, their tongues sliding against each other.

"i love you," jungkook whispered, kissing down jimin's neck, lifting his shirt, placing wet kisses to his stomach, sucking and biting the skin, jimin moaning underneath him. "i love you so fucking much."

jimin tangled his fingers into jungkook's hair, hips arching up. "i love you too," he chuckled breathlessly. "so stop worrying so much."

jungkook kissed him, "i don't want to--"

jimin kissed him silent, lifting himself from the bed and onto jungkook's lap. "listen to me," he cupped his face, thumbs caressing jungkook's cheeks. "i don't know what the future has for us, that part scares me. but i'm not planning anything without thinking of you."

jungkook looked down.

"the colleges i'm picking," jimin kissed him. "they're near art schools, the apartments i'm searching for, they're couple minutes from both colleges. you deserve to pursue a career in art, baby, i want you to."

"you really see me in college?"

"of course i do," jimin smiled. "i see us," jimin looked away, cheeks pink. "i see us in our own apartment, having breakfast talking about stupid things, making time before you leave to your class. i see you and me, just being together for a long time. do you?"

jungkook met his gaze, nodding. "i do."

"good," jimin giggled. "that eases my heart a lot."

"i love you."

jimin kissed him, sighing. "i love you."


"can you throw a ball?"

"who doesn't?"

the coach scoffed. "got a mouth on you?"

"sorry, it's a," jungkook shrugged. "sorry."

the coach hummed, fixing his hat. "pitch that ball to me."

"okay," jungkook grabbed the baseball, positioning himself.

"just throw."

jungkook nodded, taking a deep breath before throwing it. the coach caught it, raising his eyebrows.

"hm," the coach chuckled. "you've never played a sport before?"


the coach threw the ball at jungkook, who caught it easily. "auditions are during the summer. you have potential, jeon."

jungkook nodded, thanking him for his time. he sighed, turning to see jimin. he furrowed his eyes, smiling as he saw jimin with a baseball hat.

"nice hat."

"do you like it?" jimin wiggled his eyebrows. "it was on sale."

jungkook scoffed, climbing up the couple bleachers to sit with jimin. "you have a muscle kink, don't you?"

"shut up," jimin rolled his eyes. "i want to see you succeed, that's my kink."


"i am." jimin took off his baseball cap, putting it on jungkook. "handsome."

jungkook leaned forward, stopping himself from kissing jimin. he sighed, moving backwards.

"when are auditions?"


"i wanted to see," jimin pouted.

jungkook turned away, if he stared at him any longer, he'd end up kissing him here and there.

"i'll probably not get in."

"don't be ridiculous," jimin pressed their thighs together. "you're amazing in everything you do."


jimin smirked, "yeah."

jungkook scoffed, pressing their legs more together. "cute."

"you are."

jungkook looked at him, jimin smiling at him. "don't move," jungkook took out his phone.

"no!" jimin pouted, covering his face.

"ah, don't be like that!" jungkook laughed, taking many pictures, would sort them out later.

"kookie, stop!"

jungkook shook his head, trying to take jimin's hands out of the way. "you look adorable!"

"no!" jimin giggled, jungkook finally pinned him to the bleachers, jimin biting his lip.

jungkook looked down at his lips, smiling softly. jimin smiled, eyes glancing around before kissing him and running away.

frozen at jimin's surprise attack, jungkook blinked before coming back.

jimin was already half way down, giggling as he did.

"park jimin!" jungkook shouted, running after the smaller one.

Chapter Text

jungkook pushed opened the door, double checking to make sure it was the right class before entering.

"hey kookie!"

jungkook smiled at the familiar face but couldn't put a name to it. he found his desk in the front row, sighing.

he wanted to sit in the back, after spending summer in california, jungkook was able to expand his english and was way ahead of his classmates.

"looks like you're sitting next to our class president!" someone hit jungkook in the back. "woah, dude, when did you get so fucking muscular?"

"i spent all summer with my uncle," jungkook shrugged. "he got me into weights."

the guy laughed, squeezing jungkook's arm. "shit dude, you need to guide me through that shit. you looked so scrawny last year."

"people change," jungkook mumbled before turning back to face the classroom. he started taking out his english book and pencil.

"woah," he heard a girl whisper. jungkook looked up to see jimin come into the classroom, faded orange hair. "nice hair!"

jimin smiled, "i lost a bet and had to dye it." he pouted as he waved goodbye to some friends. "i wanted to let the dye fade."

"no, you look hotter. it seems like the busan boys are getting hit by the puberty truck, even jungkook got hotter and no one thought that was possible."

jungkook chuckled, flipping through his journal from last year, trying to find a clear sheet for notes.

"ah, i suppose so." jimin hummed. "are the seats assigned?"

"yeah, you're sitting next to jungkook."

jungkook glanced at the name tag on the table next to him. he sighed, closing his eyes, then turning back to looking for notes.

"ah, thank you, i'll talk to you later!"

jimin walked to the seat, putting down his backpack before disappearing again.

jungkook looked down at one of his sketches, chuckling at the drawing of two bodies on a dance floor.

he remembered sketching this last year.

"alright, settle down!" the teacher chuckled. "it's been a while since you've probably been told that, hasn't it?"

jungkook tuned out the class like always, he hated introductions so he just sketched instead.

he had gotten so into his drawing, jungkook didn't realize jimin had come back. it was until jimin elbowed him that jungkook looked up.

"huh?" jungkook looked at the teacher, who was looking at him.

he glanced at jimin, who was trying not to smile.

"i asked you what your summer plans were, mr. jeon."

jungkook nodded, slyly covering his sketches with his english book. "i went overseas to visit my uncle and helped with his cafe."

"overseas? where to?"


"did you see any hot girls?" someone asked.

jungkook chuckled. "yeah, they were some hot college students."

the class gasped and laughed. the teacher sighed.

"anything else?"

"i took a couple dance lessons," jungkook shrugged. "nothing that interesting."

"okay, thank you for sharing."

his gaze shifted to jimin. "president," the teacher smiled. "anything besides school?"

jimin chuckled. "anything besides school? i uh, helped out some charities and spent a weekend with my closest friends in daegu."

"that's fun, how was daegu?"

jimin shifted, clearing his throat. jungkook swiped his tongue across his cheek subconsciously, once again tuning out the class.


"here," yoongi threw him a jug of milk. "it's banana, don't worry."

jungkook scoffed. "i don't drink that anymore."

"bullshit," yoongi laughed, kicking jungkook's swing, making him swing into the post. "that's what you get!"

"fuck you!" jungkook laughed, picking up the jug and taking off the cap. "i saw him."

"of course you did," yoongi chuckled. "you're going to be stuck in the same high school for two more years."

jungkook hummed. "he has orange hair now."

"orange hair?"

"yeah. he looks different, more slim and his cheeks aren't as chubby."

yoongi hummed. "that's what breakups do. i mean, look at you. you went overseas, probably fucked some foreigner, and got into working out."

jungkook scoffed. "i didn't fuck anyone. i was a fucking mess that sex was the last thing on my mind."

"so when did it stopped hurting?"

"it didn't." jungkook finally sipped his milk, smiling at the memory of seeing jimin again. after months of not speaking or seeing each other, it felt bittersweet. "i just got used to it."

"that's deep, kid."

jungkook hummed. "what about you? did you find anyone to fuck yet?"

"i did, actually. but then he fucking told me he was a junior in high school and booked it out of there."

"well shit."

"tell me about it. was a shame, he had some waist on him but i'm not getting my hands dirty for some dick."

jungkook hummed. "he's over there."

they both turned to look at the ice cream truck in the distance. jungkook could quickly find jimin, his orange hair making it even more easier.

"shit, is that really him?"


"he looks hot."

jungkook leaned his head on the chain of the swing. "yeah."


jungkook turned in bed, hugging the pillow as he tucked his chin into it. he stared at the picture frame on his cabinet.

the same picture that used to be jimin's wallpaper. he changed it now, jungkook saw during english that jimin changed it to a picture of the moon.

he closed his eyes, feeling the same burning feeling in his chest. jungkook counted to fourteen before opening his eyes.

tomorrow was the start of baseball practice. he should sleep.

but he knew he wouldn't be sleeping. he rarely has been for months now.


jungkook hit the ball, then again, again, and again. the coach praised him, so did his members but everything felt like a blur.

he didn't know why he was still here. if jungkook was honest, he wasn't sure why he bothered joining. he hated sports.

the only reason why he joined baseball was because of jimin. and as he glanced over at the empty bleachers, he was reminded of the last day of school.

how they kissed there for what felt like hours, just in each other's warmth and taste. but now they weren't together, jimin wouldn't be waiting there for him like he promised he would.

so why did jungkook bother looking up as he came out of the lockers. cleaned and bathed after practice, his baseball jacket on, lip between his teeth.

and yeah, no jimin.

"hey jeon," one of his members laughed. "we're going to go eat, you want to come?"

"no thanks, i have to go convert some dollars into won."

"are you rich?"

jungkook scoffed, rolling his eyes. "i wish."

"shit dude, i almost forgot to tell you. the president came around asking for you."

"for me?"

"yeah, said to tell you to meet him at the student building."

jungkook looked at the building. "isn't it locked?"

"he's the president, dude. don't doubt him."

he smiled before waving goodbye to jungkook, catching up with the rest of the baseball team.

jungkook sighed, fixing his backpack strap before going towards the building. he pushed the door opened, looking around the dim halls.

he walked to the student building, only one room with the doors opened. jungkook knocked on the door, startling jimin.

"ah, sorry, i wasn't expecting you." jimin looked at him with his round glasses, not wearing his uniform.

"one of my members told me you were looking for me."

"that's why i didn't think you'd come," jimin smiled softly. he got up, arms crossed against his chest. "i promised you that i'd be there after your first baseball practice."

"jimin, it's fine."

jimin nodded, looking away. "i knew you'd say that but that doesn't ease me. i made you that promise and i was there, i did wait. but then i started thinking that maybe you didn't want me there and started freaking out."

"it was a silly promise, jimin. don't work yourself up over it."

"yeah," jimin shrugged. "maybe it was to you but i meant it."

jungkook let out a sigh. "okay."

"i just wanted to apologize for not being there but since it didn't mean shit to you, my apologies for bringing it up."

jimin went to leave but jungkook grabbed his wrist. "you don't get to play that card."

"what card? there is no card, i'm--"

"you broke up with me, jimin. if your conscious is keeping you up, that is not my fault."

jimin frowned. "i like keeping my promises, i felt bad for--"

"what about the promise to keep loving me, to fight for us, are those just conveniently forgotten?"

"you were going to hurt my brother!" jimin shouted.

jungkook rolled his eyes. "so the brat told you."

"don't talk bad about him, jeon."

jungkook shook his head. "i'm leaving."

"jungkook," he looked up, his heart breaking at the sight. jimin's eyes watering. "do you honestly believe this is easy for me?"

"i don't know, jimin. you iced me out before i could come to the conclusion."

"you were going to hurt my brother," jimin shook his head. "what the fuck did you want me to do?"

"trust me," jungkook shrugged. "talk to me about it, listen to my side of the story, instead of ignoring my calls, my texts. avoiding me until you finally just ended it."

"he's my brother."

"and i'm your boyfriend," jungkook winced. "i was your boyfriend."

jimin wiped his eyes, nodding. "i'm sorry, okay? i was just, i was overwhelmed by a lot of things and just, there was tension between us because of the stupid prom thing and i just, i'm sorry."

"it's fine," jungkook sighed. "hey, don't cry. it's fine."

"no, it's not, you're right," jimin's voice cracked. "i should've--"

jungkook hugged him, closing his eyes, taking in the familiar smell, warmth. he was smaller than he remembered.

jimin sobbed into his chest, hugging him tighter, saying words that weren't coherent but jungkook understood.


jungkook hesitated, hands shaking as they touched jimin's bare skin. jimin arched at the touch, eyes half opened.

"kookie," jimin whispered but jungkook ignored him.

letting his hands go up and down jimin's body, trying to get used to the new body. it wasn't soft and squishy anymore. it was slimmer, more rough.

his hipbones were sticking out, abs were growing. but jimin was still thick, thick lips, thick thighs.

jungkook leaned down to kiss his chest, feeling his eyes water. he never thought he'd be here again. touching jimin like this.

nights he spent wondering if he'd ever be here. in the shed they first made love, in the shed they broke up.

"look at me," jimin lifted his head, his own eyes watering.

jungkook wondered if jimin was just as nervous. just as anxious for this moment to never end.

"jimin," jungkook's voice broke. jimin smiled at him, cheeks flushed red, lips swollen from kissing and sucking jungkook off.

"i'm scared," jimin whispered as he stroke jungkook's cheek. "am i finally just another quick fuck?"

jungkook frowned at him, moving up to kiss jimin's lips. "you will never be that," he whispered. "you never have been nor ever will be."

"it's fine if i am," jimin wrapped an arm around jungkook, bringing him closer. "as long as i'm your favorite."

"don't say stupid shit like that," jungkook gripped his hips. "i love you and would never hurt you."

"jeon jungkook," jimin kissed him softly. "i have something to tell you in english. you've been practicing, haven't you?"


jimin wrapped his legs around jungkook, smiling as they leaned in, lips barely touching.

"crushes are plague and i caught your fever."

Chapter Text

jungkook woke up to an empty bed. he sighed, wondering if it was all a dream. had they really been here or was jungkook's imagination that vivid?

he turned in his bed, checking the time. 6:31 am. jimin probably went home to not be late to class.

wouldn't a note hurt? or maybe jimin really didn't care about him. but why would he come with jungkook if he didn't. it was risky so why did--ah, he's going to drive himself insane if he tried wrapping his brain around this.


jungkook froze, turning to look at the front door. jimin stood there in his sweater, plate of food in his hands.

"what? did you think i left?" jimin giggled, climbing into bed carefully. he sat between jungkook's legs. "i made us, and grandma, some blueberry pancakes with freshly squeezed orange juice."

jungkook hugged him, digging his face into jimin's neck. "i thought," he whispered.

jimin chuckled, hand over jungkook's hand. "i love you too, jungkook. i want to work us out."

"don't you have a meeting or something before school?"

"i cancelled it for this week," jimin cut a piece of the pancake and turned to feet jungkook. "can i stay over this week?"

jungkook took the bite, chewing slowly. "this entire week?"

"will you have me?"

"of course i will."


jungkook swallowed, shrugging. "won't that affect you? and your parents, what will they say?"

jimin leaned back, fingers threading into jungkook's hair. "i've been thinking about us all summer and i realized just how much i'm in love with you."

"really now?"

"why do you say it like that, jerk!"

jungkook laughed, hugging jimin. "i don't know, it's just. you never did this before."

"and that's why we had ridges in our relationship, you always unconditionally loved me and i took that for granted."

"can't we stay all day like this?"

jimin laughed. "now you're pushing it."

"what? to make up for you taking my love for granted."

"oh shut up and eat!"


jungkook walked into class with a small smile, meeting jimin's gaze before looking away.

"morning jeon!"

jungkook smiled at the guy, whose name he should really learn. "morning."

"did you and the president talk?"

"yeah, he wanted to recruit me into their cult."

the guy laughed. "oh no," he grabbed jungkook's jacket, tugging at the shirt. "did they suck your blood? is that how they all get good grades!"

jungkook laughed, shoving him away. "that's not where they suck."

"on my," the guy started laughing harder and louder, jungkook shook his head at his own joke.

"my apologies to your innocence," jungkook laughed.

"wait, are those hickeys?"

jungkook swatted his hands away. the guy glared at him.

"i can't believe you get more ass than me and i'm a junior. shouldn't i be living that crazy life?"

"well i'm hot."

the guy punched jungkook and yeah, he deserved that. he's been in such a good mood that he's been cracking jokes all day.

"morning," jimin came to sit next to jungkook. "your collar is messed up."

"ah, thanks," jungkook fixed his collar. "this idiot messed it up."

the guy scoffed. "i was just checking those hickeys out."

"hickeys?" jimin's eyes moved to jungkook's neck. "you should cover those up before the principal sees them."

"yeah, last time i got caught with some and he gave me three weeks detention."

jungkook shrugged. "the collar covers them, it's fine."

jimin kept staring at his neck throughout the rest of their conversation. the guy and jungkook talked about stupid things until the class started.

he hit jimin's knee, making him jump.

"woah, pres, you okay?"

"yeah, just hit my knee."

"alright. let me see those eyes!" the teacher called out.

jungkook turned, glancing at jimin before turning to the teacher.

"today we are going to learn about conjunctions."

jungkook tuned out the class like usual, until they got to working on their own. that's when he finally paid attention.

he never learned by having someone else teach him. that was something he struggled with comprehending when he was younger.

it wasn't until yoongi helped him understand since yoongi was the same way.

his phone vibrated, starling jimin.

"sorry," jungkook whispered, taking out his phone.

[yoongs -- 8:32 am]
burritos after school?

jungkook chuckled, forgetting it was burrito day. yoongi loved going to this shop that lets you build your own burrito. the sad part was that it was only opened two days a month.

he was about to say yes when he remembered jimin. how he said he'd come over this week after school.


jungkook ripped a piece of paper from his notebook, writing down 'want to come w/ me and yoongi somewhere?' before sliding it to jimin.

jimin stopped moving his pencil, glancing at jungkook then the note. he picked it up, furrowing his eyebrows.


jungkook bit his lip, feeling his phone vibrate in his lap. probably another message from yoongi.

we're getting burritos at the place where make your own!


yeah. it's only open twice a month.

he doesn't mind?

it's cool.

jimin looked at jungkook, who quickly met his gaze. he smiled softly and nodded.

[jungkook -- 8:37 am.]
yeah! but i'm bringing my boyfriend. :))))
[yoongi -- 8:37 am.]
that was fast. guess president is long gone?
[jungkook -- 8:38 am.]
i'm joking & ... not really?
[yoongi -- 8:38 am.]
[jungkook -- 8:38 am.]
maybe? look it's complicated but he doesn't hate you anymore.
[yoongi -- 8:38 am.]
anymore. lol. & i don't care if he does or doesn't, it'll just be awkward.
[jungkook -- 8:39 am.]
it'll be fine!!


"this is so fucking awkward, jungkook," yoongi whispered, glancing over at jimin, who was saving their seats. "the last time i saw him, you were grinding on me."

jungkook coughed on his free sample. "shit, you're right. i forgot about that."

"you guys are so fucking weird. do you even remember anything from that night? you were fucking drunk."

"was not."

"you started crying because this girl complimented your shirt."

jungkook glanced at jimin, who was looking out the window. "could you blame me though? my boyfriend at the time was going to prom with some girl and they looked fucking amazing together."

"yeah but you still went and got drunk, and got said boyfriend to watch you fucking grind against me."

"but you liked it!"

"fuck you," yoongi squeezed jungkook's arm. "i was sex deprived so don't flatter yourself."

jungkook snorted, pointing to the vegetables. "get some, you need some. you know old age and shit."

"ah, fuck you," yoongi shoved jungkook. "go fucking talk with your not boyfriend."

jungkook chuckled, walking over to jimin. "hey."

"hi." jimin finally met his gaze. "he got a new tattoo?"

"yeah, over the summer. he kept sending me pictures of updates. he did it himself."

jimin glanced at yoongi. "it's in a very intimate place."

"you're jealous?"

"no," jimin looked away, cheeks turning pink. "just--uh, pointing out facts."

jungkook chuckled. "okay."

jimin looked at him, licking his lips. "uh," he shrugged. "never mind."


"they don't have fucking bacon," yoongi sat down beside jungkook. "what kind of place doesn't have bac--why does he look so flustered?"

jungkook looked back at jimin, who did look flustered. he could almost coo at how adorable jimin looked right now.

"he's cold," jungkook said. "did you ask them to restock the bacon?"

"of course i fucking did, and do you know what they said to me? they said they were going vegetarian and/or vegan soon."


yoongi scoffed. "i'm not paying for this bullshit!"

"oh shush," jungkook hit yoongi's arm. "eat."

"fine but i'm not happy!"


jimin didn't say a word as they walked inside the house. grandma smiled at them.

"hi kiddos," she waved. "i made cookies."

"thanks grandma," jungkook went and hugged her.

jimin smiled. "hi."

"we'll be in the shed, yeah?"

"i'll go to sleep, don't stay up too late."

jimin hummed, walking out first. jungkook sighed, knowing he's going to go fight with jimin now. fun.

he followed jimin into the shed. jungkook opened his mouth to say something but lips were attacking his.

jungkook hummed in surprise, hands moving to jimin's hips naturally. jimin bit his lip, tugged on it. hips rocking against his in a slow sensual matter.

"baby?" jungkook's face was warming up.

"seeing you with him," jimin got down on his knees. jungkook swallowed. "fucking annoyed me."

jimin unbuckled jungkook's jeans, pushing down his jeans and boxers. jungkook's dick propping up, jimin kissing down the length.

jungkook whimpered, hands going into jimin's hair. "f--fuck baby."

"i want to," jimin licked down jungkook's length. "can i?"

"course, baby," jungkook whispered, closing his eyes as jimin took him into his mouth. jungkook moaned, tugging on jimin's hair. "fuck, jimin, you're so good with your mouth."

jimin moaned at the praise, bobbing his head faster, closing his eyes. jungkook smirked at the sight in front of him.

"fuck, baby," jungkook tugged on jimin's hair. "jealous, huh?"

jimin pulled away, trail of saliva following. he looked up at him with swollen and glossy lips. "yes," he said. his voice deeper than usual. "you're mine."

jungkook's thumb came to caress jimin's bottom lip, smiling. "i'm yours," he whispered. "always."

Chapter Text

"please make sure to get permission from your parents," the teacher handed jungkook the slip. "each group needs one adult supervisor at all times and there should at least be three or four kids in the hotel room."

jungkook looked up at jimin, who was smiling at him before glancing away. "we don't usually allow sophomores to travel overseas but since your teacher put up a very good fight, the principal has allowed this to happen. so please, please be responsible and respectful."

"will you be going, student president?" asked someone.

jungkook looked at jimin, curious to the answer.

jimin looked at his council. "it's undecided but we will let you know."

jimin's eyes met jungkook's again, small smile on his lips. jungkook smiled back before shyly looking down at the slip.


"why am i always being dragged into this?" yoongi groaned, throwing the slip back at jungkook. "i don't even like airplanes! i get anxiety, you know this!"

"please?" jungkook tugged on yoongi's jacket. "grandma will never get cleared to fly and you're the only other adult i know!"

yoongi glared at him. "no, kooks. you know i'd do anything for you, reluctantly or not, but you're asking me to fly! i fucking hate flying."

jungkook pouted at him. "i'll be next to you all the time!"


"i'll even give you a handjob to distract you."

"fuck off!"

yoongi glared at him before walking to his tattoo station. he looked around. "have you seen my tattoo book?"

"maybe, i'll tell you if you go."

"great bargain," yoongi scoffed, walking over to another station. "why don't you just ask, uh, shit. you really don't have any other adult figures, do you?"

"i'm a sad boy with only a grandma and a college dropped out best friend, please?"

yoongi sighed. "even if i wanted to, which i don't, this week i have more than twenty appointments."

"it's not this week."

"oh? what week is it?"

"in almost a month."

"i have over one hundred appointments then too."



"stop pouting."

jungkook glared at jimin as he stuffed his mouth with noodles and chicken.

"i'm sure you'll find an adult," jimin giggled, playing with jungkook's hair. "why don't you ask to join a group?"

jungkook chewed furiously, because he doesn't want to stay with some lame sophomores and their lame adult.

"you're going to get an upset stomach if you eat like this," jimin cooed, caressing jungkook's cheek. "i'm jealous, i didn't get to go to los angeles my sophomore year."

"you're going to paris this year," jungkook took a sip of the drink jimin brought him.

"ah, right," jimin giggled. "sorry."

jungkook looked at him, jimin smiled at him softly. "are you going?"

"to the trip?"

jungkook nodded.

"i'm not sure," jimin went back to playing with jungkook's hair. "the principal wants to have a spirit week the week you leave but i'm telling him that there will be a drop in participation if we do. the majority of sophomores are in english so they'll most likely not be there."

jungkook hummed, watching jimin talk. how his face gave away so many expressions, how his lips moved in a unique way, his hands moving around.

"plus," jimin leaned in, jungkook subconsciously leaning in too. "i really want to go too."

"i want you to go," jungkook whispered, looking down at jimin's lips, which turned into a smile.

there was a knock on their shed door. jungkook frowning. he quickly got up, opening the door slightly.


"hey, grandma let me in. can we talk?"

"yeah," jungkook looked back. "jimin's here."

yoongi nodded. "that's fine, let me in?"

jungkook opened the door, yoongi coming inside. he heard as the two said hello to one another as he closed the door.

"what's wrong, yoongs?"

jungkook gestured for him to sit down on the chair. yoongi sighed, tugging on his sleeves.

"i think," yoongi scratched the back of his head. "i think i like someone."

"aw," jungkook cooed. yoongi frowned. "what? you never like anyone, this is cute."

yoongi sighed. "it's not, i don't want to like this person, kooks. they're still in high school and i feel disgusting."

"oh, is it that dude you were talking about?"

"yeah, taehyung."

"wait," jimin reacted. "kim taehyung? from daegu?"

yoongi scoffed, shaking his head. "why does it even surprise me that you know him? yeah, kim taehyung from fucking daegu."

jimin's eyes widened. "you're the guy taehyung got close to over the summer?"

"he talks about me?"

jungkook snickered, which yoongi snarled at him for. "cute."

jimin cleared his throat, jungkook almost laughing at that too. "yeah, he says you're tiny and soft."

"sounds familiar," jungkook mumbled.

"soft?" yoongi frowned. "wow, i think you just cured me from liking him. how the fuck am i soft?"

jungkook shrugged. "you can be soft."

"fuck you, jeon."

"yoongi, you're literally blushing right now. how can i not find that cute and soft?"

jimin cracked his neck, making jungkook almost giggle at him.

"fuck you."

"okay, okay, so what are you going to do?"

yoongi sighed. "i think i'm going to fall off the planet."

jimin shook his head. "no, don't do that. talk to him about your concerns, which are logical. taehyung likes you too, if that's any consolation. so when you do talk to him, go with that thought in mind. he likes you a lot and wants to make this, whatever you decide to label or not label it, work."

yoongi blinked at him. "you're the school president, right?"


"i can see why," yoongi glanced at jungkook. "my president just slept with girls and threw lame house parties."

"they were sort of amazing."

"how the fuck would you know?"

"i went to one in eighth grade."

"what!" jimin and yoongi both looked at jungkook with an incredulous look.


jungkook smiled into the kiss, slowly zigzagging his nose down jimin's neck, making the older one giggle lightly.

"i love you in my things," jungkook whispered, leaving light kisses down jimin's skin.

jimin hummed, eyes closing. "i love you."

"i love you too," jungkook kissed a line back up jimin's neck to his jawline to his cheeks ending at his nose. "tired yet?"

"a lot," jimin chuckled softly, his hand moving up and down jungkook's side lazily. "i have to work on my college pro-folio tomorrow."

"sounds lame," jungkook teased, earning a light pinch on his side.

"is not," jimin slurred, eyes half open. "you're lame."

jungkook laughed, slowly falling on the bed beside jimin, pulling him into his arms. "good night."

he kissed jimin's shoulder. "good night, kookie," jimin whispered. "i love you."

"i love you too."


jungkook ignored the fight going on in class, just continued drawing the subject on the board. desire.

"but i liked him first!" he overheard the girl yell as he went to collect some paint.

"jungkook," someone tapped his shoulder. "if you liked someone and your so-called friend started liking them, what would you do?"

jungkook shrugged. "it's not up to me but the person we like."

the girl glanced at the girl. "even if i'm more in love with them?"

"it doesn't matter how in love you are," jungkook mixed his colors together, smiling softly when it became the color he was looking for. "it's up to the person you like and you just have to respect their decision. that's love."


"stop it!"

jimin giggled, slapping away jungkook's paintbrush.

"they asked me to paint art!"

"you're gross and cheesy," jimin scrunched up his nose. "i knew i shouldn't have recommended you for this."

"sh," jungkook painted over his sketch, smiling softly. "i'm working."

"oh so now he's working?"

"yes," jungkook dipped his paintbrush again.

"have i ever told you that i love seeing you paint?"

jungkook's cheeks started to warm up. "really?"

"yeah, you look so relaxed and happy."

"as opposed to what?"

jimin hummed. "as opposed to always looking so alone, so disinterested."

jungkook raised his eyebrows at him. "this talk again?"

"you worry me," jimin shrugged. "you know this."

"i can't believe my boyfriend hates spending time with me."

"you know that's not it, kookie."

jungkook hummed. "just that you rather have me hanging out with someone else?"

"it's just--"

"i get it, jimin," jungkook interrupted. "i'll fucking make friends and shit. can i go back to drawing now?"


jungkook washed the paint off his hands, glancing over at jimin who was talking to someone.

he sighed, peeling off the the dry paint that wouldn't come off. it wasn't like jungkook didn't understand where jimin was coming from.

ever since he was little, jungkook wasn't really sociable or popular. his mother used to tease him about it.

after his mother left, jungkook slowly broke out of his shell, but in the wrong way. he went out to parties, started sleeping around at a young age, getting high and drunk. he was ready for his life to continue that way.

that was until they went to that camping trip. jungkook and jimin started getting close from day one, when he was the only one who waited for jimin to finish the hike up to the cabin. truth was that jimin was in charge of the water and jungkook wanted some but yeah, he waited and they talked all the way up.

it wasn't until then that jungkook started seeing his future in a different way. he didn't see himself waking up to a different face every morning, he saw himself waking up to jimin every single morning.

so friends?

they were never in jungkook's mind. sure, he had yoongi, but that was it. what more did jimin want from him?

"are you still mad?"

jungkook looked over at jimin, who was pouting a bit.

"a little."

"i just don't want you to be alone when i'm not there, i want you to smile and laugh like you do with me." jimin stepped close to him, taking his hand in his.

jungkook sighed, nodding. "i know."

"i'm sorry," jimin whispered. "i didn't mean to overstep or ma--"

"you don't," jungkook kissed jimin's lips. "i'm sorry for being stubborned."

"we're okay?"

jungkook looked down at jimin, whose eyes were glossy. he smiled and nodded. "course we are, baby."

just one friend then? jungkook could do that, couldn't he?

Chapter Text

"no, no, put those back!"

jimin ran all the way from the kitchen to snatch the photo book from jungkook's hands.


"jimin, don't be rude!"

"you're not scaring jungkook off with these photos, dad."

jungkook snorted. jimin's dad chuckled. "and why would he be scared off, jimin?"

"my cheeks were huge!" jimin pouted.

jungkook bit his tongue, naturally wanting to compliment jimin's features. his dad scoffed.

"he's your friend, jimin, not your boyfriend. he's stuck with the raw version of you." he laughed. "that's what best friends are for!"

jungkook glanced at jimin, who smiled, his president smile. "i still hate those pictures, now stop showing them to everyone!"

"we have plenty of baby photos, so take those away!"

"can i take pictures of them? i need to make memes out of them."

jimin's dad laughed. "send me some."



jungkook helped jimin's mom fix the table as jimin was out helping his dad finish up the drinks.

"it's nice to see you around again, jungkook." she smiled.

"ah, yeah, i left to the states for the summer so i couldn't come around," jungkook put down a plate. "how was your summer?"

she hummed, fixing the napkins. "it was fine," she looked over at the kitchen. "i was waiting until you were around so i can ask you this."

"ask me what?"

"when jimin won reelection, we didn't really celebrate. his brother had gotten into a bike accident and everything went to that. we bought jimin a," she glanced at the kitchen again. "a car. would you please distract him long enough for us to bring it out front?"

jungkook smiled. "yeah," he chuckled. "where?"

"in his room is fine, thank you, kookie!"

"right now?"

"yes, please!"

jungkook nodded, smiling as he walked into the kitchen. jimin was giggling at something his father said.

"uh," jungkook cleared his throat. jimin turned instantly, warm smile on his lips. "can we talk?"

jimin's dad sighed. "i always knew this time would come, jimin get out of here. we need to have the talk."

jungkook blinked. "uh, no, we don't, sir."

"dad," jimin laughed, nodding as he walked with jungkook. "where?"

jungkook glanced at jimin's mom, who winked at him. "uh, your room."

jimin furrowed his eyebrows but nodded. he followed jimin up the stairs, glancing down at jimin's parents who winked at him.

"kookie, what's wrong?"

jungkook closed the door, unsure on what to do. should he cough up some bullshit? should they make out? how long did he have to keep him up here?

"uh," jungkook scratched the back of his head. "we need to talk."

jimin nodded. "okay?"

"i love you."

"i know."

jungkook looked around the room, trying to think of something. "a lot."

jimin crossed his arms. "i know."

"like a lot."

"jungkook, where is this going?"

"fuck it," jungkook stepped forward, capturing jimin's lips in his. jimin squeaked, crashing into his dresser.

jimin hesitated at first but then melted, wrapping his hands around jungkook's neck, opening his mouth for jungkook.

jungkook slipped his tongue into jimin's mouth, the oldest sucking on his tongue, hips arching against jungkook.


jungkook pulled away at the knock.

"yeah, dad?" jimin glared at jungkook, cheeks pink.

"dinner is ready."


jimin lightly punched jungkook's chest. "you fucking owe me one," he whispered, glaring at him cutely before opening the door.

jungkook quickly took out his phone, recording jimin as they went down the stairs, jimin's mom smiling widely at them.


"park jimin," she giggled. "you've always worked so hard to make us proud. as a thank you gift for all the awards, the bragging rights, here you go, son."

jimin gasped as his mom held out a car key. "no."


jimin ran to the front, jungkook following him. he laughed, recording jimin as he laid on the car hood.

"mom, dad," jimin's eyes watered, looking over at jungkook. "you jerk, did you know?"

"i asked him to distract you." she laughed, putting a hand around jungkook.

jimin smiled brightly, tears running down his cheeks. "thank you."


"where are you taking me?"

jimin giggled, tucking his feet underneath jungkook's thighs. "where do you want to go?"

jungkook looked away from the stars to jimin, shrugging. "we can go anywhere."

"not really, i've been practicing but i am not able to drive yet."

"your driveway it is then, how romantic."

jimin giggled, smiling. "i love you."


"a lot," jimin moved, resting his head on jungkook's chest. "even though they only saw you today as my best friend, it's probably one of my fondest memories."

jungkook ran his fingers through jimin's hair, "me too. one day i hope we can all come together, you know. both our families and just, shit i don't know, be able to hold your hand over the table."

jimin giggled. "and kiss you goodbye."

"and hello and every three seconds."

"just three?"

"you're right. let's kiss forever."

jimin giggled. "sounds like a deal."

jungkook looked up at the stars. "we'll be like this during the day too, right?"

"one day," jimin whispered. "yes."


jungkook took off his jacket, smiling softly at jimin, who was brushing his teeth. "i'm going to get a glass of water, want one?"

"just get a big one and we'll share."

"no way, get your own!"

jimin pouted at him and yeah, as if jungkook could deny him anything.

"i'll be back," jungkook smiled as he walked out. he went down the stairs, stopping when he saw jimin's brother.

"hey," he said, lifting the jar of cold water. "water?"

"yeah," jungkook grabbed the biggest glass he could find. "how was your night class?"

"boring," he poured the water in jungkook's glass. "is jimin still awake? i need him to sign some thing for me."

"yeah, he's brushing his teeth."

jimin's brother hummed. "okay."

jungkook watched as he went up the stairs, sighing softly. he chugged a good portion of the water before filling the cup again.

he waited a couple seconds before going back up. jungkook slowly walked to jimin's room.

jungkook peeked in, smiling once he saw jimin getting into bed. he closed the door behind him. "water?"

"how was," jimin glanced at the door. "my brother? did he overreact?"

"no," jungkook chuckled. "he acted normal. just said night classes were boring and he needed you to sign things."

"yeah," jimin sighed. "he got in trouble and needed me to forge some signatures."

jungkook put the cup on the side table, crawling into bed. "park jimin, did you forge a signature?"

jimin giggled, going over to the door, locking it. "maybe," he ran towards jungkook, jumping on top of him.

"oof," jungkook laughed, hugging jimin, kissing his face all over. "so pretty."

"shut up," jimin giggled smiling brightly at jungkook.

"i love you."

"do you mean it?"

"without a doubt."

jimin smiled, kissing him softly. "i love you too."

Chapter Text

jungkook stretched his arm, glancing over to the bleachers, small smile forming when he saw jimin surrounded by other people.

"i don't think we've ever had a turn out like this," said one of the baseball players.

"it's been like this since jungkook joined the team."

jungkook glanced over at his teammates. "yeah right," he picked up his glove, one more glance at jimin before going to warm up.


jungkook wince as the ball hit his arm, someone else gasping around him.

"hey, kim, watch it!" someone shouted. "shit, jungkook, are you okay?"

jungkook glanced at his teammate, who just smirked as he walked away. "i'm fine." he said, shrugging it off.

"that looked like it hurt," said the coach. "i'll have a chat with him about his accuracy, that's enough for today, boys. go wash up."

jungkook sighed, walking over to the locker room. he lifted his shirt as he did, a giant red spot was on his arm.

"president, what do we owe this honor?"

jungkook looked up, slowing down as he saw jimin leaning against the wall of the locker room.

in slow motion, in cheesy and stupid slow motion, jimin turned and smiled at him. jungkook smiled back, as if he couldn't resist that pretty smile.

"just making sure the pride of the school aren't slacking it."

the players started arguing, defending themselves, making jimin giggle at their response.

"alright, alright," jimin laughed. "just making sure."

jungkook glanced one more time at jimin before pushing past the crowd of players and walking to his locker.

he was going to sleepover at jimin's this week, so he'll just shower there. no need in wasting time here when he can waste time in jimin's shower, with jimin, shower activities, yeah.

after changing into some sweats and a white shirt, jungkook walked out of the locker room, smirking slightly when jimin's words trailed off. he knew jimin found this outfit hot, loved jungkook in his white shirts.

jungkook walked to the gate of the school, leaning against the rails, waiting for jimin.

"hey jeon."

he looked up to see a girl. "hi."

she smiled. "uh, i've been meaning to ask if you were going to junhoe's party?"

"probably," jungkook glanced around for jimin. "if i'm not busy."

"i'm going so send me a text if you end up going, yeah?"

she left giggling, jungkook raising his eyebrows at her.


jungkook looked at jimin, who seemed like he was holding back a laugh.



"what is it?"

"i just," jimin looked away. "i saw myself in her."

"the girl?"

jimin hummed, both of them walking down the path. "she was fiddling with her bag and you were so disinterested."

"i've never been disinterested in you."

"oh, bullshit," jimin laughed. "you've been disinterested in me since kindergarten."

jungkook tried to argue but couldn't. it was true, jungkook didn't really pay jimin that much attention until a few years ago.

jimin giggled. "i've always been interested in you."

"speaking of bullshit!"

"uh," jimin slapped jungkook's arm, right where the baseball had hit him, making him wince. "what?"

"nothing, sneezed."

jimin chuckled. "what was i saying? oh yeah, i've always been interested in you. i swear we always go back to the bee incident but i was only there because you were. i begged my mom to buy me an ice cream from that shop and that shop only."

"i owned your bell pepper even then."

"okay, fuck you!" jimin hit him again. "i told you about that dream because you said you wouldn't embarrass me with it!"

jungkook laughed. "i'm sorry, you're just too easy to tease!"

"fuck you," jimin hit him again, making jungkook wince. "okay, what is it? why do you keep wincing?"

"am not," jungkook moved his arm away before jimin could grab it. "you're just seeing things."

"oh yeah, totally."

jimin rolled his eyes, walking faster. "well i'm not talking to you until you tell me."


jimin turned his head away, cute pout on his lips as he avoided jungkook's gaze. jungkook giggled, hugging jimin from behind.

"forgive me, baby."

jimin whined, shoving him away. "don't touch me!"

"ha! you talked to me!"

"fuck you, jeon jungkook!"


jungkook kissed down jimin's stomach, glancing up to see him looking down at him, small smile on his face.

"i don't want you to love anyone else like this." jimin whispered. "the thought of you like this with someone else hurts a lot."

jungkook smiled against jimin's hipbone, kissing a line back up his stomach, tongue coming out now and then until he met jimin's lips.

"you want to do something stupid?"

"what do you mean?"




"this is stupid, jeon."

"i agree."

jungkook laughed. "i thought you loved me!"

"don't blackmail with that bullshit!"

"it's somewhere only both of us will see."

"how does that make it any less stupid?"

jimin bit his lip. "i don't know."

"park, you're not actually considering this, are you?"


jungkook smiled at jimin. "you want to be stupid?"

jimin bit his lip, glancing at yoongi, as if looking for his opinion.

"hey, it's your body. i personally think this is stupid. couple tattoos are stupid."

"says the one who got one with his ex."

yoongi frowned. "they were hennas, fuck you."

"yes or no?" jungkook turned to jimin.

jimin sighed, nodding. "okay."

"i fucking," yoongi sighed. "fine, whatever. i can't fucking believe you texted me saying this was a fucking emergency. i stopped cooking my ramen for this bullshit so you better last forever or shit, i don't know, get married."

jungkook glanced over at jimin, whose cheeks turned a pretty pink.

"who's going first?"

"i'll go," jungkook smiled.

yoongi sighed, tapping his knee. "put your foot on my knee and bite a towel or something."


"i want to send a picture to taehyung," jimin giggled. "he'd probably freak out then proceed to coo at how cute we are."

jungkook smiled at their bandaged feet. jimin had cried for a good hour afterwards, making jungkook carry him back home but they turned out pretty.

"crystal snow," jimin smiled at the small snowflake on their feet. "if my mom finds out--"

"she won't," laughed jungkook, cuddling into jimin more. "now shut up and sleep. you have to go in early tomorrow."

"technically today."


jimin giggled. "goodnight baby snowflake."


"you're going to the homecoming game, right?"

jungkook ate his food silently, listening to the conversations going around him. he looked up to see jimin, as usual, surrounded by a group of people, all talking among one another.

but it never seemed to faze jimin, and yeah, that was something he liked the most about his boyfriend. his endless ability to be kind and friendly to anyone. from the "cool" kids to the "uncool" kids.

it was something jungkook always liked about jimin, even when he just knew him as 'that nice guy with the nice ass.'

"will you be signing up for a secret santa?"


"it's a little fundraiser we're having," the girl smiled. "each club needs to come up with funds so we decided to do a secret santa."


the other girl laughed. "it's basically just a small basket filled with goodies that'll be sent to a person of your choice. it can be anonymous or not."

jungkook glanced at jimin. "oh, no thanks."

even if it were anonymous, if someone sees jungkook giving a slip with jimin's name on it, it'll probably be first period rumor tomorrow.


why couldn't he eat a meal in peace anymore?

"hey!" yugyeom smiled. "i feel like i haven't been able to talk to you! i hope you don't mind me bringing my friend."

jungkook looked up, raising his eyebrows when he saw the guy who had thrown a baseball at him.



"ah, right, you already know each other from baseball."

jungkook chuckled. "something like that."

mingyu smiled softly. "wouldn't be a problem if you caught the ball."

"i would if it were aimed correctly."

"uh," yugyeom looked from mingyu to jungkook. "we can move somewhere else if you want to."

"i don't care," jungkook shrugged.


jungkook was pushed against the locker, eyes glaring at mingyu, who was smirking at him.

"you're pretty when you're angry."

"fuck you."

"that's what i want," mingyu leaned forward, jungkook swerving his head away. "to fuck you."

jungkook used all his strength to shove mingyu away, his fist balling up. "get the fuck away from me."

"come on baby!"

mingyu went to take a step forward but jungkook was already swinging when someone grabbed his wrist.

"don't," he heard someone whisper. jungkook looked up, ready to snap at whoever stopped him.

"let me go," jungkook pulled his hand away.

"whatever," mingyu chuckled before leaving.

jungkook frowned. "what the fuck?"

"if i let you punch him, you'd be kicked off the team. we have a zero violence policy."

"who the fuck cares? i'm not going to let some asshole think he can get away with this bullshit."

the guy sighed. "he's an asshole but that's just how he is. mingyu is really all talk and no action."

"i still want to fucking punch him."

"i know," the guy laughed. "but it's better to just take the pacifist side and not ruin your chance at something good."

"something good?"

"scholarships? for college? you're a really good player, jungkook, you're definitely getting one."

jungkook shrugged. "okay?"

"you haven't thought about that? your future?"

"what are you? my fucking counselor?"

"i'm just saying, no need to get angry about it. i have dance practice so if you excuse me--"

"dance practice?"

the guy picked up a bag from the floor. "yeah, i'm part of the dance team."

jungkook bit his lip. "can i come?"

"you want to come?"

"during the summer i started getting into dance. i really fell in love with it but i haven't, i haven't actually taken a class or some shit like that."

the guy hummed. "yeah, you can come with. are you okay, though? with the whole mingyu shit?"

"i'm decent," jungkook closed his locker, following the guy to the door. "what's your name?"



minghao smiled. "i know, they're starting to call you the 'golden student.'"

"what the fuck, how come?"

"cause you're getting your act together. good grades, stopped partying, joined a sport. plus you're acing them all."

jungkook scoffed. "people need to live their lives and stop worrying about me."

minghao smiled. "i couldn't agree more."

they both chuckled, falling into easy conversation after that. all the way to the dance room.

Chapter Text

"and then we started a warm up of coming up with a thirty second routine to a song of our choice!"

jungkook followed jimin around his room, hands flailing around.

"it's honestly the best class ever, jimin, and the people there are so fun and energetic. did you know yugyeom is even there? i just, i fucking loved it."

jimin smiled up at him, pulling down a couple of his textbooks from his bookshelf. "sounds like you really had fun, baby, i'm happy."

"i did," jungkook sighed. "i think i'm going to drop baseball and join the dance team."


"i've talked it out with my coach and he says i wouldn't be able to commit to both sports but he supports my decision."

jimin furrowed his eyebrows. "are you sure about that? there's hardly any careers in that, i mean, what are you going to major in college?"

"college? baby this is my sophomore year in high school, i don't need to think about college."

"i've been thinking about college since first grade."

"that's because you're park jimin, the only guy who is making his boyfriend cuddle him while he studies for anatomy."

"it's a perfect way to learn the bones of the body while keeping warm!"

jungkook smiled, helping jimin carry his textbooks to the bed. "i really like dancing, i have ever since i went to the states. will you support me or not?"

jimin looked up at him, eyebrows furrowing. "of course i will, kookie," he smiled, leaning over to kiss him. "i always will."

"can i show you some moves?" jungkook wrapped his arm around jimin's waist, pulling him close, kissing him slowly.

"not here," jimin whispered, tilting his head as jungkook kissed down his neck. "plus, we need to study."

jungkook sighed, letting jimin step back with a giggle. "why do i have to study?"

"you have finals," jimin patted his textbooks. "these are all of mine, they're highlighted and have notes of things that are important to learn."

"that's like six hundred pages in each book."

"we have two weeks until finals start."

"why are we starting so early?"

jimin raised his eyebrows at him. "you are not procrastinating, colleges start looking at your grades from now on!"

"two weeks?"

"jungkook, we aren't procrastinating."

jungkook climbed onto bed, pulling jimin with him. "but what if i want to fuck you," he whispered. "you'll let me, right?"

"jungkook, no, you have to study!" jimin pushed jungkook away, smiling shyly.

"jimin, you know i find studying the least exciting thing ever. can't we just--"

"i'll make it interesting."

jungkook furrowed his eyebrows, chuckling. "how will you do that?"

jimin bit his lip, gesturing for jungkook to sit on the edge of the bed. jungkook followed, furrowing his eyebrows.

"what are five different types of receptors?"

jungkook blinked. "uh, i don't know."

jimin chuckled, he stood between jungkook's legs, pushing jungkook's head back, slipping his tongue into his mouth.

jungkook moaned softly, hands squeezing jimin's ass. jimin slid his tongue everywhere, tugging at jungkook's hair.

"chemoreceptors," jimin whispered as he pulled away. "taste."

jungkook nodded. "chemoreceptors, taste, you taste so good, baby."

jimin smiled at him with hooded eyes, getting down on his knees. jungkook swallowed hard, moaning out as jimin started rubbing him through his jeans.

"mechanoreceptor," jimin palmed him harder, jungkook bucking up into his hand. "touch."

"m--mechanoreceptor," jungkook hissed as jimin kissed him again, hand still moving fast and hard. "chemoreceptors and mechanoreceptor."

jimin smiled against his lips, pulling away after a while. "good boy. should we take a break?"

"no, please," jungkook put his hand over jimin's. "more."

"okay, since you're so willingly to learn," jimin unbuckled jungkook's jeans, a broken moan coming from jungkook as he tucked down his jeans and boxers. "photoreceptors."


jimin licked the tip of jungkook's dick, making the youngest whimper. "eye."

"fuck, jimin," jungkook moaned as jimin took him in his mouth, maintain eye contact as he took jungkook all the way. "fuck, baby, you feel so good."

jimin hummed, bobbing his head up and down, taking jungkook further and further, hand coming over to play with his balls.

"fuck, jimin," jungkook bucked forward, earning a deep whimper from jimin. "shit, you feel so good, baby. so good with your mouth."

he looked down at jimin, biting his lip at the sight. his eyes kept looking at him, even as he pulled up, popping off to lick a stripe down his length, then put him back in his mouth.

"i'm going to cum, baby," jungkook tangled his fingers into jimin's hair. "pain receptors."

jimin chuckled, pulling off jungkook's dick, sucking at the tip. "tissue."

"let me fuck your mouth?"

"educational purposes?"

"of course."


"you look so cute studying together."

jungkook choked on his water, hearing jimin giggle as he went to hug his parents.

"have a nice date night!" jimin sat back beside jungkook, their knees touching. "bring us back some food!"

"it feels like you're both my parents and i'm the child," jimin's mom laughed. "you both need to get out and date! making me feel bad!"

jimin giggled. "i'm too busy studying."

"i don't like dating." jungkook shrugged. jimin discretely pinched his thigh. "ow!"

"have fun!" jimin waved.

jimin's mother gave them a fond look before closing the door. jungkook frowned when jimin turned to look at him.

"what?" jimin picked up his highlighter.

"you fucking pinched me!"

"did i? i had no idea, sorry," jimin opened his notebook.

jungkook scoffed. "bullshit." he opened his own notebook, glaring at jimin whenever he glanced at jungkook.

"oh, i talked to the principal about letting us go to the trip with you," jimin closed his textbook, grabbing another one and flipping through the pages.


"he said that only i could go," jimin stopped at a page, finger going down the page as his eyes skimmed the page. "which everyone opposed to because they didn't want me to go."

"those cockblockers."

jimin giggled, shaking his head. "it doesn't seem like i can go, i'm sorry."

jungkook looked at jimin, who was smiling at him sadly. "it's fine, you tried your best."

"i really wanted to go," jimin looked down, pinky intertwining with jungkook's. "i mean, everyone knows what happens overseas."

"i'm gladly dating someone, thank you very much."

"don't drink."

"i won't."

"and go to bed before ten so they don't go into your dorm."

"i will."

jimin bit his lip. "text me every day, yeah? when you can. i just, i'll miss you a lot."

jungkook smiled, nodding. "got it," he kissed jimin's nose. "i'll call you every night and tell you about my day."

"sounds perfect."

"yeah, you are."

he kissed jimin again, pulling away slightly, jimin chasing after his lips. jungkook smiled.

jungkook should try to save money to buy souvenirs for jimin. he loves those kinds of things.

Chapter Text

"make sure you have everything!"

jungkook bit his lip, looking around for jimin. he said he'd say goodbye to him before they left that morning.


"thanks for coming."

"you fucking owe me," yoongi yawned. "i'm so tired i might collapse."

jungkook smiled, nodding, eyes moving along the crowd of people. where was he? was he busy? it was 6 am, was he still asleep?

"looking for jimin?" yoongi whispered.

"he said he'd say goodbye," jungkook chewed on his lip.

"hello!" yugyeom smiled, mingyu and minghao beside him. "ready for california air?"

"listen," yoongi pushed himself off the lamppost. "i'm your chauffeur but i will not fucking babysit you. i think you're all at a age to take care of yourselves."

jungkook ignored the rest of the scolding, eyes turning back to the school, trying to find his boyfriend.

"everyone start getting into your designated bus!"

"what bus do we have?"



jungkook chewed on his lip, looking over at yoongi, who shrugged.

"i forgot something," jungkook ran inside the school, running towards the student building.

he looked everywhere, pushing open doors, groaning in frustration when they wouldn't open.

jungkook opened the doors, finding jimin asleep at his desk. he stopped, chuckling at him.

jimin was asleep over his desk, snoring slightly. jungkook walked to him, squatting down, staring up at his boyfriend.

"i'm leaving," jungkook whispered. "you've worked hard with your finals, baby."

two weeks had passed so fast, jimin staying up past midnight studying for every single class.

"i love you," jungkook whispered, smiling at his sleeping boyfriend. he looked around before pressing a kiss to jimin's forehead before walking out and back to yoongi.


"did you see him?"

"huh?" jungkook took off his earphone, shaking his head. "he was asleep."


"he's been studying really hard these past weeks," jungkook chuckled. "must be so fucking tired. i didn't have the heart to wake him up."

yoongi chuckled. "are you maturing on me, kookie?"

jungkook rolled his eyes, putting back in his earphone and looking out the bus window.


"finally!" yugyeom threw himself on the bed. "a bed!"

"how are we going to split this?"

yoongi sighed, shrugging. "i'm only splitting the bed with jungkook."

"i'm offended." mingyu deadpanned.

"i'm glad," yoongi rolled his eyes. "we'll sleep on this bed, you three decide on something."

jungkook shrugged when yugyeom gave him a look of help. he started unpacking, eyes slowly closing.

his phone vibrated, startling him. jungkook walked to the balcony, closing the door behind him.


"i'm sorry!"

jungkook smiled. "what for?"

"i slept through your departure, im sorry baby."

"don't be ridiculous, you've been working hard to get good grades on your finals."

jimin sighed. "guess where i am."


"your shed," jimin giggled. "grandma told me to stay over as long as i want."

jungkook chuckled. "sleep in one of my sweaters, will you? i want it to smell like you when i get back."

"i miss you," jimin whispered. "is it too early?"

"i miss you every time we're away," jungkook leaned over the railing. "so no."

jimin hummed, chuckling. "i guess this is how it'll be, no?"

"what do you mean?"

"when i'm in college."

jungkook swallowed. "do you plan on going this far away?"

"well no, but we'll be a far distance away."

"i guess you're right," jungkook whispered.

"i love you."

"i lov--"

"jungkook, we're going to get food," yoongi said. "you want to come?"

"yeah, let me just finish my call."


jungkook hummed. yoongi nodded before stepping back, closing the door behind him.

"hey, i should get going. apparently its lunch time here."

jimin hummed. "eat lots."

"thanks, baby. sleep tight, okay?"



yoongi stopped walking, hiding behind jungkook. "you've got to be fucking kidding me. i'm fucking miles away!"


"that's," yoongi pointed. "that's fucking kim taehyung, the guy."

jungkook looked up, chuckling a little. taehyung was chatting with someone else, a pretty boxy smile on his face.

"go talk--"

"fuck you."


yoongi peeked out from jungkook's shoulder. "life is unfair."

"life is telling you something."

"yeah? it's that i fucking did something against life in my past life and life wants to fuck me over."

"should we call him over?"

"if you do, jeon jungkook, i will call jimin and tell him you showed me his nudes!"

"i never did that."

"i don't fucking care, i'll lie!"

jungkook rolled his eyes. "the hotel isn't that big, how do you plan on hi--"

"hi jungkook."

"shit, uh, hey," jungkook chuckled. "how do you know me?"

taehyung chuckled. "you're not just famous in busan, jeon. you've made a name for yourself. both in and out of the bed."

"ah," jungkook forced a smile. "cool."

"and you're dating my best friend. hi yoongi."

jungkook chuckled, stepping aside to expose yoongi. yoongi sighed, fixing his shirt.


taehyung smiled. "what brings you in california, pretty boy?"

jungkook snorted, looking away.

"i told you not to call me that."

"and i told you i'm not planning to, it's cute seeing you blush."

"wow, i'm uncomfortable," jungkook cleared his throat. "i'm getting food."

he glanced one more time at yoongi, who smiled at something taehyung said. jungkook rolled his eyes, dumbass, why try to hide that he missed taehyung. he'd do anything to have jimin here.

Chapter Text

"are you touching yourself?"

"jungkook, shut up."

jungkook laughed, looking out at the beach. "are you?"

"i'm jogging, asshole." jimin giggled. "what? are you?"

"i can if you want me to."

"why aren't you sleeping?"

"i miss you."

jimin chuckled. "i miss you too. i might start inhabiting your shed, it's warm and smells like you."

"i should've brought something of yours, i miss you a lot."

"we should get used to it."

"this bullshit again, jimin?"

"baby, shouldn't we face reality? next year i'm a senior and that's going to mean spending all year deciding what university and i just--"

"don't want to deal with me?"

"that's not what i was going to say."

"not in that way anyway, am i right?"

"no, you're not. i can do both."

"i'm not an assignment."

jimin sighed. "no one said you were. i just want to focus on that and not have to worry that we'll break up before."

"so you want to breakup now?"

"what are you talking about! jungkook, you're spewing out bullshit. i want to be with you for a long fucking time. i just don't want to be worried that you're thinking i'm purposely picking a school to be away from you. i love you but my decision will be solely on whoever gives me a good scholarship and the recommendations. not us or the distance."

jungkook clenched his jaw from saying something, knowing that jimin was right. jimin's future always had college in it, a good and respected one.

dating jungkook must've not been in his plan that he made years ago. so no, jungkook shouldn't be angry. but jungkook was angry.

"whatever, do what you want."

"no, don't get that fucking attitude."

"which one should i get? the one where i'm glad to not be anywhere in your stupid plan for the future?"

jimin sighed. "i see jet lag is getting to you. call me when you're not being a selfish bastard."

with that, jimin hung up on jungkook. jungkook shouted, throwing his phone against the wall.

"shit," jungkook moved to his phone, sighing at his broken electronic.

"i'm trying to sleep, asshole." mingyu opened the balcony door.

"fuck off," jungkook picked up the pieces to his phone.

"what happened?"

jungkook sighed, standing up. "i threw my phone at the wall."

"why the fuck did you do that?"

"because i fucking have spasm issues, why the fuck do you care?"

mingyu blinked, unaffected. "i asked why you did that not to fucking spit at my face."

"i'm going for a walk."

mingyu grabbed his arm. "you can't be out after hours, you'll get all of us in trouble."

"who cares."

"i do." mingyu frowned. "this means a lot to me and i'm not letting a stupid hormonal teen running around ruining this for me."

jungkook pulled his arm away. "fuck you."

he shoved past mingyu and walked out of the room, sighing softly as he looked up at the sky.

jungkook could hear the murmurs of the other students, he slowly walked down the stairs, biting his lip.

he knew jimin was right. jungkook was being a selfish bastard who should've apologized to jimin but yeah, he's prideful.


jungkook looked up to see taehyung leaning over the balcony. "kim."

"what are you doing up so late? shouldn't kids need to be in bed by eight?"

"you going to invite me to a beer or not, kim? if not, fuck off."

taehyung tilted his head. "jimin would hurt me if i did."

"who's going to tell him?"

"ah, there's the famous jeon." taehyung nodded. "okay, i'll give you half of one."


"do you want to play spin the bottle?"

jungkook sipped his beer, watching the juniors from taehyung's school decide on a game.

"what's a busan baby doing here?" a girl smiled at jungkook. "shouldn't you be somewhere else?"

jungkook raised his eyebrows. "didn't know you had to be from daegu to appreciate beer."

"got a mouth on you, you ever put it to better use?"

"i do when i'm going down on my boyfriend, could you leave me alone now?"

the girl's eyes widened before getting off the couch. jungkook sighed, finishing his second beer.

he went to grab another but taehyung slapped his wrist. "two is enough."

"two is never enough."

"what did she ask you?"

"are you asking because you're curious or because you're jimin's best friend?"

taehyung chuckled. "jimin did say that you had a temper."


"did she do anything?"

jungkook scoffed. "did jimin send you to check on me?"

taehyung looked away before meeting his gaze. "no."


"fine, just because i hate lying. yes, he called a couple seconds after you guys fought and told me to check up on you. he said you like going for walks when you fight."

jungkook smiled softly. "he's pissed but still cares," jungkook sighed. "i love him."

"he care a lot about you, jungkook."

"can i borrow your phone?"


jungkook shrugged. "i broke mine by, uh, accident."

taehyung snorted, taking his phone out. "accident my ass," he handed it to jungkook. "don't look at my nudes."



jungkook walked out of the room and onto the balcony, licking his lips before dialing jimin's number. he chuckled at the contact name 'tiny angel park.'

"tae-tae, i'm so happy you called! i've been dialing jungkook's number and the little shit isn't answering. i felt bad for what i said to him and i'm just, am i a bad person, tae?"

jungkook opened his mouth to respond but jimin continued ranting.

"i get where he's coming from, i do. it's scary that we're a year apart and i'll be in college and we don't even know which one. but isn't it his part to support me whatever i decide? he can't just make pick between him and a good college!"

once again jungkook opened his mouth to respond but jimin kept going.

"but i guess i can see his point. he probably thinks that i'm being unfair and not putting him in my future. i guess that's scary too. not knowing whether or not we'll make it past my senior year. but i love him, taehyung, a lot. i could see myself marrying this kid and i'm just, i don't know. you there?"

jungkook hummed.

"i'm sorry for ranting, thank you for always listening. how are you? did you manage to see yoongi? i heard he dyed his hair again. he looks really hot if i'm honest."

jungkook swiped his tongue against his cheek.

"i hate his new hair color, he looks so damn hot and seeing him with jungkook is infuriating. they make such a fucking sexy duo and here i am growing out of my baby fat."

jungkook scoffed, cracking his neck.

"you think he's hot?"

the line went quiet for a while, jungkook checking to make sure their line didn't disconnect.

"you bastard!" jimin squeaked. "how long were you listening! oh my--i hate you! i just fucking spilled my guts and you just--oh my."

"you think yoongi's hot."

jimin huffed. "yeah, i do! so what!"

"whatever," jungkook kicked a rock.

"whatever back to you! that was a private conversation, jeon!"

and yeah, how can jungkook be angry when jimin is calling him that. jungkook suppressed a smile.

"hey! reply back! what did you hear!"


"you're driving me crazy, how dare you!"

"says the one calling my friend sexy!"

jimin scoffed. "whatever."

"whatever back to you!"

jungkook scoffed back, looking out at the scenery, not even noticing when he had walked to the beach. he sighed, hearing as jimin scuffled.

"what are you doing?"


"what kind?"

"don't you have to eavesdrop someone else's conversation?"

jungkook chuckled. "cute."

"d--don't compliment me when i'm trying to insult you."

"hey jimin?"


jungkook sat down in the sand, smiling softly. "would you really marry me?"

"that! was private!" jimin screamed which quickly turned into a whisper. "you had no right!"

"would you?"

"of course i would!" jimin huffed. "how could you think i wouldn't?"

"where would our honeymoon be?"




jungkook smiled to himself. "i'm sorry."

"i know."

"i broke my phone."

jimin chuckled. "i should've seen that coming."

"i love you."

jimin giggled in his ear and if jungkook wasn't in love with the boy, he was now.

"i love you too. stop breaking phones and get some rest, yeah?"

"i can't sleep. you know i struggle sleeping without you."

jimin hummed. "hug yoongi, we're almost the same size."

"he does smell better than you."

"fuck you."

"hm, maybe when we're--" taehyung's phone vibrated. "wait, someone texted taehyung's phone."

"who is it?"

jungkook checked, choking on his snort as he read the text. "i want to bleach my eyes. wow, he really is cute."

"excuse me?"

"oh shut up, you called him sexy."

"i said you'd be a hot duo not him. what is it!" jimin whined. "tell me!"

jungkook smiled. "our bad ass yoongi just texted taehyung saying he missed him and a cute emoticon."


"i know."

"hey jungkook?"


jimin chuckled, "i love you, okay?"

jungkook smiled. "i love you too, i'll be home soon, okay?"

"okay, jeon."

"you know i love when you call me that, don't you?"

"you bet your ass i do."

jungkook laughed, smiling at the ocean, smiling at the thought of seeing jimin again.

Chapter Text

jungkook's eyes almost dropped as he walked down the steps, looking around.

"can we go home?"

the teacher smiled. "you have to check in with the student council before. they'll take it from there."

"okay." jungkook looked at yoongi. "you heard that?"

"yeah," yoongi yawned. "am i giving you a ride home?"

jungkook hummed, hauling his bag with him as they walked into the school. "let me check in with the student council first."

"i'll be at the parking lot, yeah?"



jungkook almost dozed off before they finally called him next. he looked around, feeling his heart skip as a familiar smile greeted him.

"how can i help you, jungkook?"

jungkook looked around, too many people to say or do something slyly. "they said to talk to you before going home."

jimin hummed, grabbing a blue piece of paper. "it's to make sure you came home safely and to know how you're getting home."

"yeah, my uh," jungkook blinked, jet lag catching up to him. "yoongi. yoongi is giving me a ride home."

"tired?" jimin chuckled, smiling softly before writing someone on the blue paper. "here you go, sleep lots. you have school tomorrow."

"yes sir," jungkook grabbed the paper before walking out of the room. before he did, he glanced back at jimin.

the jacket jimin was wearing, jungkook smiled. that was his jacket.


"thanks for lunch and the ride home," jungkook yawned. "also thanks for coming with me. it means a lot."

yoongi hummed. "i had fun too."

"uh, yeah you did."

"shut up."

jungkook smiled before waving bye. he walked to his door, opening the door slowly.


"in the kitchen!"

jungkook went into the kitchen, smiling. "hi."

she smiled, pointing to the oven. "i'm making cookies for jimin."

"i'm the one coming home after a week, grandma."

"he won an award!"

jungkook furrowed his eyebrows. "an award?"

she nodded. "he got student of the year!"

"student of," she handed jungkook a letter. "whats this?"

"the award! they had a party yesterday. he was coming over every day but didn't last night so i couldn't tell him. isn't it great!"

jungkook looked down, smiling softly. "it's great."

"he's such a great student, i'm making little uniform shirts. do you know when he'll be home?"

"no, a lot of students came back from the trip so it'll be a while. he needs to check in with each one that leaves early."

she hummed, taking out the batch. "you must be exhausted, how was it? did you miss the states?"

"the beach was pretty, oh! i brought you back some souvenirs."


jungkook chuckled to himself as he walked into his shed. everything was neatly arranged, even the corners of his bed were tucked.

"oh jimin," jungkook laughed, freezing when he saw a new picture on his wall. he furrowed his eyebrows, getting closer.

he picked up a polaroid of jimin on his bed, recognizing the sheets, his smile pretty a wide.

jungkook smiled wide, putting the polaroid back and throwing himself on his bed, moving around the scuffle his sheets.


"jeon jungkook!"

jungkook groaned, lifting his head from the pillow, squinting at the bright lights.


"you were here an hour and you already messed up your bed! i made it all nice and neat and you--"

jungkook used his strength and pull jimin down with him on the bed. jimin squealed, falling onto jungkook.

"i could've hurt you!"

jungkook kissed him, smiling into the kiss. jimin sighed but kissed him back, hands slipping into his hair, deepening the kiss.

he turned them around, pressing jimin into the bed, hand sliding up and into jimin's shirt, making him shiver.

"congrats," jungkook whispered.


jungkook licked his lips as he pulled away, smiling at jimin. "you won student of the year."

jimin hummed, fingers threading through jungkook's hair. "i did. where's my present?"

"my presence isn't enough?" jungkook kissed him again, biting down on his lip. "you're getting greedy."

"you're the one who said you'd spoil me," jimin grinned, tugging on jungkook's belt hoop. "spoil me then, kookie."

jungkook bit his lip, looking down at jimin. "you get dirtier while i was gone?" he kissed down jimin's neck. "do i have to teach you a lesson?"

"more than one."


"prom! get your tickets to prom!"

jungkook scoffed, glancing at yugyeom. "i'm barely a sophomore and i'm sick of hearing this every year."

"makes two of us," said mingyu. "but the gossip that comes out of it is fun."

"last year was boring, i guess jimin saying yes to that senior was the only big that happened. everyone was expecting them to start dating."

mingyu scoffed. "jimin knows better. besides, no one could maintain mr. president. i bet you have to pass a certain test to date him."

"you make him sound all picky," yugyeom scoffed. "he's really nice and genuine. i'm sure he'll date anyone who makes him laugh."

jungkook ate in silence, glancing at them every now and then.

"i'm not saying he's picky, i'm just saying. it's not like jimin would date a guy like jungkook."

"hey!" yugyeom frown. "what's wrong with him?"

"well, first, he's a bad boy. barely does shit in class, smokes before he's even legal, and has had sex with the entire student population. why would mr. president want to taint his reputation for a fling."

jungkook yawned. "are you done discussing people's love lives?"

"you don't have one, jeon. you're too much of a playboy for that."

"fuck off," jungkook rolled his eyes. "i need chips."

he got up, rubbing his eyes as he walked over to the line. jungkook took his wallet, frowning as he saw he was low on cash.

maybe he shouldn't have spent all that money on souvenirs. how was he supposed to eat this week?


jungkook looked up to see jimin, smiling brightly. "hi."

"guess what."


"i found money on the ground and the owner didn't want it. want me to buy you something?"

leave it to jimin to return money. "you sure?"

jimin hummed, gesturing for jungkook to order.

"just a bag of chips."

"what kind?"


the guy gave him the snack, looking at jimin.

"i'm fine," he paid.

jungkook wondered if he should wait for him. he looked around, were they going to be okay interacting like this?

"study lots," jimin whispered before walking away.

"as if," jungkook said back, earning a smile from jimin as he walked away.

jungkook bit back a smile of his own, going back to his table.

"woah, those are expensive!"

jungkook looked down at his chips. "these?"

"yeah, they sell them super expensive because they don't want us buying them a lot. do you still have money from your uncle?"

"no, jimin bought them for me. said he found money or some shit like that." jungkook shrugged. "good timing. i'm running out of money."

mingyu shrugged. "just borrow some from your parents. that's why they're there."

"yeah okay," jungkook scoffed.


jungkook shook his head, glancing over at jimin's table, finding his boyfriend talking to some girl. the girl touched his arm, jimin stepping back a bit, shaking his head.

the girl stepped forward but jimin turned away, quickly leaving the lunch quad. jungkook frowned, staring at the girl.

the girl ducked her head before walking away the opposite direction. jungkook clenched his jaw, getting up to go after jimin but the bell rang.

"math can suck my dick," mingyu sighed. "jeon, what do you have?"

"i'm skipping," jungkook mumbled, grabbing his things before walking in the direction jimin left.


jungkook looked around the hallway, biting his lip, eyes moving everywhere. he stepped into the bathroom, feeling his heart break when he heard soft sobbing.

no. jungkook looked under the stalls, finding jimin's bag underneath the bigger one. no. no. no.

"jimin?" he whispered.

the soft sobbing stopped. jungkook leaned his head on the door.

"open up."


"i'll fucking break the door open if you don't open it."


jungkook sighed, walking to the door of the bathroom.

"hey, you," he grabbed a freshman. he took out his wallet, giving him all of his money. "keep everyone out, okay?"

the freshman nodded, running to guard the door. jungkook made sure that no one was in before he went back to the stall.

"hey, there's no one here. open up, please."


jungkook cursed under his breath, squatting underneath the door, mumbling something about hygiene when he found jimin curled into a ball.

he froze, his frown softening.

"jimin," he whispered.

jimin lifted his head, eyes red. "i'm sorry."

jungkook shook his head, going to jimin. he pulled him into him, hugging him tightly.

"i'm sorry," jimin sobbed, grasping onto jungkook's shirt. "i'm so sorry."

"sh," jungkook whispered, feeling as jimin shook in his arms, sobbing. "you're okay."

jimin sobbed silently but shook like crazy, jungkook rubbing his back, pressing kisses onto jimin's head.

"you're okay, i'm okay," jungkook whispered. "we're okay."


jungkook walked with jimin, who was still shaking as they walked to his student room. he opened the door for him, pulled the chair for him to sit down.

"here," jungkook took off his jacket and put it around jimin. "better?"

jimin looked at jungkook, eyes puffy, nose red. he nodded, still shaking slightly.

jungkook took jimin's hands in his, kissing jimin's knuckles. "you're okay."

he smiled softly at jimin, squatting down.

"what happened?"

jimin let out a shaky breath. "i'm so--"

"no," jungkook shook his head. "i'm asking what happened."

"she," jimin looked down, eyes watering again. "i don't want to talk about it."

jungkook frowned. "jim--"

"you should be in class," jimin stood up, sniffling. "i'll write you a pass."

"hey," jungkook stood up, stopping jimin. "what happened?"

"it's almost the end of the year, jungkook, you need good grades to--"

"park jimin!" jungkook shouted. jimin bit his lip. "what is it?"

"she said a guy like me shouldn't be winning awards."

"a guy like you?"

"someone who is gay."

jungkook scoffed, quickly turning around, ignoring jimin's shouts. he walked out into the hallway, looking around.

"jungkook, stop!" jimin grabbed his arm.

"let me go, i'm going to--"

"do what? she's a girl, jungkook." jimin pulled jungkook into the room again.

"let me go, jimin, i'll fucking--"

jimin stood in front of the door. "please," jimin whispered.

"she can't just fucking get away with what she fucking said just because she's a girl! that's bullshit, jimin. you got that reward because you work fucking hard. what the fuck does your sexuality have to do with it!"

"i know."

"that's bullshit!"

jimin nodded. "i know."

jungkook frowned, shaking his head. "no." he looked around. "jimin, i'm not letting anyone hurt you."

"jungkook," jimin put a hand on jungkook's cheek. "listen to me. it's okay, i've heard worse."

"by who, that's fucking bullshit!"

"i'm a nerd by definition, not everyone is going to like me. but hey, hey," jimin smiles softly. "i'm sorry for making you worry, i'm fine now, please. please calm down."

jungkook clenched his jaw, looking at jimin. "i'm not going to promise you that i won't do something stupid if i see her. i'm not going to let her fucking get away with it just because she's a girl. no one deserves to be treated like that."

"kookie," jimin whispered. "promise me you won't."

"i can't."


jungkook shook his head. "you can pretend everything is okay but i'm not. that's--"

"bullshit, i know. but not everyone is accepting." jimin caressed jungkook's cheek. "there are still people who are closed minded and horrible. but baby, you can't go bad ass on them every single time."

"i don't want you to be like that again," jungkook whispered.

jimin nodded, "i know," he whispered. "but i'm fine now. you said we're fine."

"that was before you said that bi--"

"stop," jimin whispered. "don't lower yourself to her level. you are better than that."

jungkook sighed. "do we really have to take the pacifist path?"

"sometimes we do."

"i hate it."

jimin smiled, pulling jungkook by the school tie. he kissed him softly. "thank you."

"for not punching a wall?"

"for being here with me," jimin whispered. "i love you."

jungkook sighed. "yeah, i guess."

"say it back," jimin whined, poking jungkook's side.

"i love you too."

Chapter Text

jungkook watched jimin review his paper, smiling softly as his pretty eyes moved everywhere. he looked so pretty, so dreamy.

"that's," jimin mumbled to himself, bringing the pencil to his mouth, eyes moving.

he looked down to jimin's lips, which were obnoxiously wrapped around the pencil, distracted by the paper to know what he was doing.

jimin turned the page. "no spelling mistakes," he mumbled, sighing softly. "some grammar."

jungkook didn't mind like he would, too distracted by taking jimin in. how pretty he looked straight out of the shower, glasses on because he took out his contacts, pretty lips wrapped around a pencil, nose red from the cold, wearing the new sweater jungkook bought him from the states.

"okay," jimin put down the paper. "i think you did an excellent job connecting the two characters. they are very distinctive so i can see why your teacher hesitated letting you do this topic. but reading this, i can totally understand your points."

jimin moved back on the bed next to jungkook, flipping through the pages. "especially here. one of them suffered a great loss, the other character didn't but you were able to compare that loss to him losing the necklace. i didn't really think that was a strong point in my opinion, too obvious, but it's a good point."

jungkook hummed, eyes lowering to jimin's lips, who moved prettily.

"there's some grammar issues but i would definitely give this at least an a or b."


"did you even listen to a word i just said?"

"course," jungkook smiled. "why?"

jimin pushed jungkook's head up, making him meet his eyes. "eyes are up here, baby boy."

"lips are pretty."

"you're sleepy."


jimin laughed, rolling his eyes. "you've been sleeping at strange times, you're probably still jet lagged. i can't believe you wrote all that with your mind right now."

"i love you."

"you can nap," jimin ruffled jimin's hair. "i'm going to finish my essay and homework, okay? i'll wake you up for dinner."

jungkook leaned forward, startling jimin. "you're the best."


jungkook rubbed his eyes, finding jimin's room without any lights. he sighed, slowly getting up from the bed and out.

he heard faint talking and walked towards it. jungkook walked down the stairs, stopping when he heard his name.


jimin's mom hummed. "he's coming too, isn't he?"

"mom," he heard jimin's brother say.

"what? i think it's an important part of jimin's life. why wouldn't he come with?"

"he's busy, mom. he's a high schooler too, he has a lot of things to do. plus it's finals week."

jimin's mom laughed. "and what? i don't understand what the problem is."

jungkook furrowed his eyebrows. go where?

"i'm sure your father would agree. why wouldn't you want your best friend at an important ceremony like this?"


"jimin, seriously, i don't understand."

"my day was fine, thanks for asking mom."

"honey, we'll get to you, i promise. i'm just confused with your brother right now."

jungkook looked down, walking back up the steps. he sighed, closing the door behind him.

he turned on the lights, slowly packing his things. a couple minutes later, jimin came in.

"what are you doing?"

"going home."

"i thought you were staying the night."

"i need to study."

jimin handed jungkook his folder. "you can do that here?"

"i'm too distracted," jungkook felt something in his chest as he avoided jimin's gaze. "i'll see you later."

"let me walk you to the door."

"i know my way."

jungkook avoided jimin's kiss as well, face warming up as he walked out of his room. he paced down the stairs.

"oh, jungkook! jimin said you were asleep so we didn't wake you for dinner."

"it's okay, mrs. park."

she hummed. "do you," her eyes went up the stairs. "want to carpool to jimin's ceremony?"

"no thank you, mrs. park. i have a lot of studying that week, thank you for your hospitality." he bowed politely and quickly left the house.

once he was out on the street, he looked back at the house. sighing softly, watching as the light in jimin's room turned off.


jungkook smiled at his grandma, helping her put on the sweater.


"you think so?"

he nodded. "always."

"oh now you're flattering me!"

jungkook laughed, shaking his head. "i'm happy to see you go out."

"this is stupid," she cupped her cheeks. "what am i doing?"

"going out to have, that's what." jungkook took her hand in his. "i want you back before midnight."

she scoffed. "you know the party starts after midnight."

"grandma, you are a the true party animal. please don't do too much damage."

she giggled, shooing him away. jungkook laughed, nodding as he stepped inside.

the elder man from the store grandma always shopped at came. jungkook snorted behind the door.


"ignore the snicker, it's jungkook being a pain."

the elder waved. "i'll have her home before ten."

"you better!" he shouted, laughing as grandma shot him a look.

jungkook stepped out, taking his phone and taking a picture of them. he smiled at the phone.


"he won two golden pencils."

"i heard those are really hard to get."

jungkook looked at door, waiting for jimin.

"hey, you're coming the party tonight, right?"


"there's party after school. lots more people will come if i say jeon jungkook is going."

jungkook looked at the door, seeing jimin walk in, smiling at the people at the door. he felt his heart skip.

it's been a week since he last saw jimin. since he left jimin's house. not once did jimin message him, but neither did jungkook. not after hearing everything from mingyu, of all people.

jimin won two golden pencils. an award recognized in all of the country. there was a festival, dance, show, food, everything. and jungkook never got a word from jimin.

"no," jungkook responded. "i'm sick of seeing the people from school." he said just as jimin sat down.

"morning." jimin said softly.

"mr. president! congratulations on the two golden pencils and reelections! senior year is going to be your year!"

jungkook looked away annoyed, sighing softly.

"thank you."

"i'm going to miss this class, especially you, jungkook."

jungkook hummed. "i'm not."

"always the positive."

the teacher walked in, everyone settling down. jungkook sighed, dozing off, pencil doodling on the desk.

he drew a kite and a guy flying it. the kite has a pencil in the middle.

someone tapped his arm, jungkook looking up.

"jungkook, thank you for joining us." said the teacher.

jungkook hummed.

"so, jungkook, what are you looking forward to next year?"

"next year?"

the teacher nodded.

jungkook looked around the room, avoiding jimin's again. "art class."

"ah, that's right. juniors get that internship at the art museum, don't they?"

"yeah, i have a slot already."

the teacher hummed. "already? i thought slots didn't open until next winter."

"early acceptance."

"wow, congratulations!"

some people clapped, jungkook shrugged, going back to his drawing once the attention on him was gone.

written next to his drawing was jimin's handwriting: rooftop after third. bring a blanket.


jungkook sighed, not knowing he was listening to jimin. he couldn't even look him in the eye, why did he think he'd be able to talk to him?

he turned to run away, only to find jimin there. he gestured to the doors of the rooftop, making jungkook sigh.

they walked up, jimin holding the door for him.

"over here," jimin walked to the edge of the roof, a bench there. "sit down."

jungkook did, keeping his distance from jimin. jimin closed it, only for jungkook to slide away.

"okay," jimin sighed, giving up on closing their distance. "let it out."


"you're angry, annoyed, right? let it out."

jungkook scoffed.

"see! there's anger, take it out."

"don't be ridiculous, jimin."

jimin sighed, getting up. jungkook looked away, couldn't meet his gaze.

that was until jimin sat on his lap, jungkook quickly turning, jimin's face inches away.

"there they are," jimin whispered, "i forgot how pretty they were."

jungkook clenched his jaw, having missed jimin's eyes too. the calming warmth inside them.

"you didn't tell me," jungkook whispered.

"it's embarrassing," jimin looked down this time, cheeks turning pink.

"some asshole had to tell me."

jimin nodded. "i'm sorry."


"congratulations on your internship."

jungkook hummed. "thank you."

jimin wrapped his arms around jungkook's neck, pulling him close. "i'm sorry."

"i know you are, it still hurt." jungkook looked down.

"i love you," jimin leaned their foreheads together. "i'm so sorry, kookie. i know i fucked up."

"that's fine," jungkook whispered. "hey, don't cry over it. no, baby."

jimin nodded, wiping away his tears. "i wanted you there, oh my. i saw these cute bears and i just, i bought you six because i couldn't decide on a color and i felt so bad."


jimin nodded, reaching over for his backpack. one by one, medium size bears of six different colors gathered on their laps.

"i couldn't decide on a color and they didn't have your favorite."

jungkook smiled, chuckling softly. "that guilty huh?"

"i'm sorry." jimin pouted, tears falling down. "it was such a shitty thing for me to--"

jungkook kissed him softly, hand on his cheek. "stop crying, please. it breaks my heart seeing you cry."

"i'm sorry."

"it's fine," jungkook shook his head. "i love you."

jimin nodded, sniffling. "okay."

"what am i going to do with my seven bears."


jungkook hummed. "you're my life size one."


Chapter Text

"fuck, yes, jungkook! fuck, yes!"

jungkook chuckled. "you like that?"

"i love it, i love you!"

jungkook frowned, stopping his thrusting. "you know how to ruin a good time, don't you?"

"wait, i didn't--"

"i lost my boner," jungkook sighed, pulling out, taking off the condom.

"wait, i didn't mean that," hands grabbed his wrists but he pulled away.

"i need to go anyway," jungkook yawned. "i have work. can you," he shooed her away.

"like this? i look like a mess, my dad will know that--"

jungkook shrugged. "not my problem. get dressed and get out of my car, please. i don't want to be late."

the girl blinked at him. "you're joking."

"get out please."


jungkook smiled at yoongi, who waved at him as he stepped inside the restaurant. he turned to the customer, pressing the order into the computer.

he finished with the last customer and walked over to yoongi.

"hey, sorry for coming out so late."

"it's fine, i was doing some things around so i thought i was the one who was late."

jungkook yawned. "fuck i'm tired. i covered a coworkers shift so that's why i'm in charge of closing."

"don't work so hard, jeon."

"i'm fine," jungkook spotted a customer and went back to his register.


yoongi and jungkook walked to his car, yoongi sighing softly.

"i have to," yoongi leaned against the hood of jungkook's car. "i have to confess something to you."

jungkook nodded. "what is it?"

"i'm seeing taehyung."

jungkook smiled, crossing his arms. "are you?"

"yeah, i mean. he's finally a college student so i thought, you know, might as well."

"might as well?" jungkook laughed. "i'm happy for you, yoongs. why would you think i wouldn't be?"

yoongi shrugged. "with everything that happened with jimin, i wasn't sure how you'd react."

"ah, right. no, i like taehyung for you. you two have been fucking crushing on each other since i was a freshman. just," jungkook took out his car keys. "just don't tell him anything about me. okay?"

"i figured, there's some things i don't want to tell him about myself either." yoongj smiled. "but i'm happy you approve."

jungkook snorted, squeezing yoongi's cheeks. "ah, where's my bad ass brother at? now he's all cute."

"fuck you," yoongi shoved jungkook's hand away. "and we're half-brothers."

"only half? you've hurt me." jungkook put a hand on his chest. "i consider you full."

"i don't want to be a jeon."

jungkook chuckled, "i don't want to be a min. too short."

"you fucker!"


jungkook punched in the number to his apartment, the door opening when one of his neighbors came out.


he looked up, smiling. "hey lisa. what are you doing up so late?"

"video games," lisa laughed. "i'm trying to pass this damn level but i keep dying."

jungkook snorted. "because you suck."

"says the one who lost to me on overwatch."

"oh, is that how we're going to play it?"

"no, shut up. i meant to come tell you that some girl came around to pound on your door." she shook her head. "again dissatisfying ladies in bed?"

jungkook leaned against the wall. "well that's why i do it. so they can come over and you seduce them into a good time."

lisa glared at him. "such a smart mouth," she smiled. "just be careful, okay? and always use condom. by the looks of it, they'll do anything to tie you down."

"i think i've had enough of that to last me, so don't worry."

"okay, good night, jungkookie."

jungkook nodded, watching as lisa got inside. he sighed, getting in himself. he always liked lisa.

when he first moved in, he was afraid she'd try to pull a 'girl next door' bullshit but she ended up being a good friend.

lisa was just as witty and nerdy as him. on a rainy night, she came out to him and jungkook did the same. since then, they've been good friends. lisa always scolding him for sleeping around and jungkook scolding her for not sleeping around enough.

"aren't you going to say hello?"

jungkook walked past his mother and into his room. he shut the door, sighing softly. he made sure to lock the door.

"jungkook?" someone knocked. "there was a girl shouting at you, we need to talk."

the doorknob moved but didn't budge. jungkook sighed, looking out his window. it was raining again. nowadays it seemed like it just rained.


jungkook ducked his head as he walked into school, too tired to put on a fake smile. he walked straight to his history class, sliding down the seat of his chair.

"hey kook."

"hey yugyeom, how was your night?"

"tiring. i thought having a part time job would be fun but i'm fucking exhausted."

jungkook chuckled. "i hear you. i had to close yesterday and my legs are killing me."

"hello ladies."

"hey mingyu."

mingyu chuckled. "have you heard the latest?"


"our little jungkookie made a cheerleader go home looking like a mess and now her party is cancelled."

jungkook scoffed. "good."

"good?" yugyeom scoffed. "that's horrible! you made a party get cancelled. they're going to crucify you."

"it's a cheerleader of another school." minghao said as he sat down. "which means that our cheerleaders are now the go-to party."

mingyu hummed. "and now jungkook will be celebrated."

yugyeom blinked. "but he made a girl look horrible. how is that good?"

"this is why we keep you around," jungkook squeezed yugyeom's cheeks. "you give us moral advice."

mingyu snorted. "you keep us grounded."

"and stop us from doing stupid shit." minghao nodded.

"but you still do it anyway!"

"we never said we'd follow. but you still give it to us anyway."

"oh fuck off," yugyeom turned around in his seat, making the rest of the three laugh.


jungkook stretched his shoulders, sighing softly. "where's mingyu with the food? i'm fucking starving."

yugyeom hummed. "my stomach might grow another stomach."

minghao snorted. "what?"

"are you boys going to prom?"

jungkook froze. recognizing that voice. he stopped breathing, stop thinking as he looked up.

"jimin!" yugyeom got up to hug him. jimin giggling as he hugged him back. "i can't believe you're here!"

jimin smiled at all of them. "i'm here to do a practice run of the golden pencil. i'm in charge of giving it to this years winner."

"really? that's amazing!"

"so. are you boys going to prom?"

jungkook scoffed, finally coming back. "why would we waste a night of fun watching high school idiots grind up on each other when we could just go to a club?"

minghao nodded. "i agree. i rather go clubbing than see that bullshit."

"i might go alone," yugyeom sighed. "these idiots don't want to go."

jimin smiled, gaze moving to jungkook and jungkook only. "i was hoping you could give me a 'hand.'"

jungkook raised his eyebrow. "a hand?"

"a hand."


jungkook pressed jimin against the wall, kissing down his neck as jimin shoved away his leather jacket.

he sucked, licked and bit every part of jimin's exposed skin. jimin moaned underneath him, hips grinding against jungkook.

he finally took off jimin's jean and underwear, watching it fall to the ground. jimin panted hard underneath him, eyes following every one of jungkook's movement.

"stretched out?"

"last night."

jungkook licked his lips, nodding. "good boy," he took jimin into his hand, making him whimper. "but whose fingers were they?"

jimin whimpered louder as jungkook moved his hand up and down slowly along his length. "mine."

"liar," jungkook pressed a bruise on jimin's chest. "you're covered in bruises."

"i," jimin moaned, head thrown back as jungkook's thumb pressed into his slit. "f--fine. not mine."

jungkook shook his head. "you just had someone fuck you last night and you're coming to me? are you that desperate?"

jimin pulled jungkook from the school tie, jungkook looking down at his lips. "i missed you."

jungkook's hand stopped, eyes moving to jimin's, who stared at him. jungkook clenched his jaw.

they were in dangerous territory, they have been for almost two years now. two years. it's been two years since they broke up.

"get on your knees," jungkook broke their eye contact, like he always did when jimin got his heart speeding.

jimin did, too fast that jungkook winced at the sound. he'd probably have bruises but jungkook didn't care. he didn't care.

they were just sleeping together. that's what they do now. no more 'i love you's as jimin took jungkook into his mouth.

no more shy smiles as they saw each other before. no more jimin coming over to his shed.

just sex.

just jimin moaning around his dick so loud, just jungkook thrusting into his mouth, head thrown back in ecstasy. just them, at jimin's apartment, just them moaning as loud as they please.

"fuck," jungkook whispered as he came into jimin's mouth, jimin milking him dry. jungkook whimpered at the sensitivity.

jimin pulled away, wiping his mouth, panting. jungkook looked down at him, feeling that little tingle in his heart, reminding him that it's time to go.

being around jimin was addicting, familiar. jungkook picked up his jeans, almost mindlessly.

"oh," jungkook said before leaving. jimin looked up at him, eyes watering. jungkook looked away. "yoongi and taehyung are now dating. don't tell them we've still been in contact for the past year."

he closed the door, choking on his own sob as he walked to his car. he got inside, breaking down into sobs.

they were idiots but they were better off like this. they had to be.

Chapter Text

"jungkook, can we talk?"

jungkook looked up, seeing his mother, hair up in a bun, small smile on her lips.

"about?" jungkook mumbled, spitting out the toothpaste. "there isn't much to talk about. everything i wanted to talk about you made it clear my opinion was irrelevant."

"i never said it was irrelevant," she sighed. "i know that it's a difficult time for you. but we need to be there for each other."

jungkook rinsed his mouth. "the only difficult thing is that you forced me out of a home that i was more than happy in and made me break up with my boyfriend. don't come with that bullshit."

"i never asked you to break up with him!"

"oh so now you're innocent?" jungkook scoffed. "i'm late to school."

"we need to talk about this eventually, jungkook."

jungkook grabbed his keys and backpack. "unless i get to go back to grandma, i'm not talking. have a nice day."


"jeon jungkook, can you explain to me why you aren't at school?"

jungkook shrugged, playing with the frosting on his cake. "i hate it there."

"jungkook," she sighed, sitting down next to him. "what is it?"

"this past year has been shit, grandma. i haven't even talked to you." he looked up at her. "i started sleeping around again."

she sighed, taking his hand in hers. "jimin?"

"my mom made it impossible to see him. she started cutting my curfew, locking the windows and doors. i just--i stopped going to school."


"i didn't go my junior year, i just," he shrugged. "walked around each day until they called her saying that i've been absent for a month."

grandma opened her mouth to say something but jungkook kept talking.

"i know, i wished i went. i wish i would've enjoyed that last year with jimin but it was pointless. jimin was busy with his senior year, he stopped replying back, kept being busy with the start of the year presidential shit. we drifted apart."

she nodded.

"and it's not like i didn't understand him. i too was drifting. i didn't reach out as much, didn't talk as much. we just drifted, both of us dealing with some shit."

"so you broke up?" she sighed. "but that doesn't mean you need to pick up old habits."

jungkook nodded. "i know i don't but it seems right. it seemed like this was the right path. but last night, i saw jimin again and he had hickeys on him. the thought--"

she nodded. "it hurt you, didn't it?"

"i don't know how to fix this," jungkook bit his lip, eyes watering. "i want my best friend back."

"have you talked to him?" she ruffled jungkook's hair. "hm? you two always stayed up late talking and giggling."

jungkook looked at his shed, hadn't seen it in so long. he smiled softly. "i remember those nights."

"you know, he comes by every day to say hello." jungkook turned around. grandma smiled at him. "why don't you get some rest and prepare to talk to him after school. you haven't been sleeping have you?"

"grandma," jungkook smiled softly. "i want to come home."

she cupped his face. "i will always be here but you need to be with your mother. she's missed so much of your life."

"i don't want to be with her," jungkook shook his head. "i was fine without her."

"don't say that," she squeezed his hand. "there's going to be a time where i need to leave and i don't want to go knowing you weren't with your mother."

jungkook shook his head, laying his head on her shoulder. "you're immortal."

grandma giggled. "you've got a point there, honey."


jungkook waited anxiously, sighing softly. maybe he shouldn't. maybe he should just continue living like he has been.

it was a daily thing, sleeping around. just when he needed to and it hardly ever lasted long. jungkook would lose interest and just end up leaving.

but with jimin. with jimin it has always been different. when they stopped talking and it all became physical, he wasn't sure. and the thought scared him.

were they always meant to be like this? just friends with benefits. they started like that too. jungkook made the first move, jimin followed and they ended up almost fucking before jungkook asked him out.

were they just that? two bodies longing for each others heat and touch but nothing else.


now jungkook was psyching himself out of this. where was the confidence he oozed?

though he's never really been confident when jimin was involved. his mind was always made to goo and mush and all he could think of was jimin and how cute he was.


shit. shit. shit.

jungkook hid behind the couch. shit shit shit.

"i brought some early dinner."

shit. shit. shit. jungkook was a coward. confirmed. he could never face jimin about this. could he?

everything is fucked. everything won't go back to normal. just leave, jungkook.


he looked up, seeing jimin smile down at him.


"i haven't seen you around here in a while."

jungkook cleared his throat, getting up from his hiding spot. "yeah."

jimin smiled softly, putting down the food. "grandma?"

"she's out with her boyfriend." jungkook fiddled with his fingers. "actually i told her to leave us alone for a while."

"oh," jimin nodded, he started unbuttoning his shirt. "i didn't bring condoms so i--"

"what! no," jungkook stopped jimin's hands, sighing. "i know i've been a bit of an asshole. but just, just hear me out."

jimin tilted his head. "are you finally going to explain to me what happened?"



jungkook sighed. "a few days before we broke up, my mom came back. she started saying that she was going to fight for my custody, which grandma had no other choice but to give it to her."

he looked down, avoiding jimin's gaze. "i had to move in with her and her endless stream of temporary boyfriends. junior year was shit, jimin. and we started drifting apart and i just, i was so emotionally constipated that i just, i just stopped trying too."

jungkook shifted his feet. "my mom didn't make it easier either. she started getting aggressive with me. she cut my curfew, locked the doors, and kept talking about how wrong homosexuality was during breakfast. she asked me to break up with you and i just, i was sick of everything and i didn't know what else to do."


"i know it's no excuse and i should've known better but i don't, jimin. i didn't know better. maybe i was just searching for her approval or some shit but i'm sorry. i didn't know what else to do."

jimin giggled softly, making jungkook furrow his eyebrows. "i forget sometimes."

"forget what?"

"that you're so young," jimin cupped jungkook's face. "that you act and talk like an adult but you're still a child at heart."

jungkook frowned. "you're only one year older than me."

"i'm not angry," jimin whispered. "i didn't know the full story but i heard about your mom coming back. i'm sorry."

"i'm also sorry for making our relationship into a sex-based one," jungkook looked away. "i can't really excuse that."

"that's my fault too, i should've said no but i missed you."

jungkook cleared his throat. "yeah, it's fine. we should know better."

jimin hummed, hands dropping from jungkook's face. "jungkook, why don't you want to tell yoongi that we're still talking?"

"oh," jungkook shrugged. "he'd get really pissed off. i kind of cried a lot for you and well."



jimin nodded. "are you better?"


jimin giggled. "why not?"

"i ruined us," jungkook looked at jimin.

"you didn't--"

"yes i did, jimin. we broke up, we sleep around but fuck each other. we don't have healing to that."

jimin chuckled. "do you love me?"

"of course i do."

jimin stepped forward, pressing a kiss to jungkook's lips. "a little tip for when you become an adult. you'll do shit you regret but don't let it define you."

"are you drunk?"


"you're just more daring than i remember."

jimin giggled, kissing him again. "we change, we grow, jungkook. now let's grow together, okay?"

"i'm sorry--"

jimin kissed him. "shut up. we all make mistakes, we all make hard decisions. but you love me and i love you so let's work hard, okay?"

"i missed you."

"me too."

Chapter Text

jungkook watched grandma and jimin talk about her date. he mindlessly ate his cake, looking at jimin.

the way he moved his hands around as he talked, the bright smile on his face. jungkook wanted to paint that. yeah, he needed to paint that. carry it around in his wallet just to bug jimin. but mostly for him.

"i should get going," jimin hugged grandma. "i have an early class tomorrow."

"i'll drive you."

jimin furrowed his eyebrows. "are you sure?"

"he's a good driver." grandma smiled.

"okay," jimin chuckled, waving bye one more time.

"jungkook," grandma stopped jungkook, letting jimin go ahead. "what happened? did you talk it out?"

jungkook hummed. "i get it now, grandma."

"get what?"

"i get why my mom left." jungkook looked at her. grandma furrowed her eyebrows. "because she knew i was better off with you."

"you think jimin is better off without you?"

jungkook nodded, fiddling with his fingers as he looked down. "i've hurt him a lot."

"hey," grandma tilted his head up. "that's a decision you both need to come to terms with. it is true, your mother left you with me but look at all that darkness in your heart you have for her, little one. you were a child then, you're a senior in high school, you have a lot more mistakes to make. but learn from them. we are going to make the worst of things but if we go, one by one, picking up things and trying to better them. we can come to terms with our mistakes and move on."

jungkook hugged her, eyes closing. "thank you. thank you."


jungkook found jimin star gazing, shivering slightly. he shrugged off his jacket, handing it to jimin.

"thank you." jimin whispered.

"you have some things unsaid, don't you?"

jimin looked at him, nodding once. "yes."

jungkook sighed. "do you have time for a trip to our ice cream shop?"

"course." jimin smiled softly.


jungkook snorted, shaking his head. "you have ice cream on your nose."


"there!" jungkook pointed.

jimin wiped the wrong place. "there?"

"that's nowhere near your nose," jungkook laughed, grabbing a napkin and leaning forward.

jimin smiled gently. "thanks."

"sorry," jungkook sat back down. "i didn't mean to--"

"it's fine," jimin chuckled.

jungkook nodded. "what are they?"

"right," jimin sighed. "two years is a long time. we barely saw each other in that time and when we did, we would just have sex."

jungkook hummed.

"we saw other people," jimin sighed. "we went from a proper relationship to a friends with benefits relationship. what's going to happen the next time we break up?"

"i don't know."

"that's the scary part, that we don't know." jimin picked at his ice cream. "it's not your fault, okay? we're both to blame here."

"so what next?"

jimin bit his lip. "do you remember the night of the camp?"

"of course i do."

"i rejected you because as much as i liked you, you scared me. you had history, you seemed noncommittal, i didn't need that heartbreak."

jungkook nodded, eyes downcast.

"but you kept insisting and you kept trying to swoon me," jimin chuckled lightly. "i eventually caved and i've enjoyed every single moment."

"this sounds like a goodbye." jungkook lifted his head. "is that what this is?"

"i don't know," jimin leaned his cheek on his knuckle. "do we have some giant reset button somewhere?"

jungkook chuckled. "i think it's underneath our table."

"no that's just a big ball of chewing gum."

jungkook laughed, shaking his head. "friends?"

"what? you and me?"

jungkook shrugged. jimin sighed, biting his lip.

"friends?" jimin hummed. "okay, yeah. let's try it."



"i can't be his fucking friend. we went out for coffee and he sneezed and it was the cutest sneeze ever, yoongi. i almost cried at how adorable he is." 

yoongi snorted. "who told you that was a good idea?" he flipped through the pages of his book. "i thought you stopped seeing him."

"we only started up a couple months ago."


"i'm here to rant not to be grilled by a hundred questions, yoongi."

yoongi scoffed. "am i just ears to you?"

"what's the point of having a brother if it's not to rant to."

"we're half-brothers and that's not the point of one. look up the dictionary example, if you have to."

jungkook stopped pacing. "are we toxic?"

yoongi looked up at him. "look, jungkook, you two did some shitty things. maybe a break will do more good than harm. ease off some heat from everything."

"you're avoiding the question."

"you want my honest opinion?"

"of course i do."

yoongi sighed, looking jungkook. "do you know why i smoke?"

"you're addicted."

"do you know how taehyung is getting me to stop smoking?"


yoongi lifted a lollipop.

Chapter Text

jungkook looked around, fiddling with his fingers as jimin walked him around his apartment.


"it's scary how you it is."

"what do you mean?"

jungkook gestured. "it's just you. the curtains, the decorations, the everything. it even smells like you."

jimin smiled. "smells like me? what the fuck do i smell like?"


jimin looked at him. "i," he looked away but jungkook didn't miss the slight blush on his cheeks.

two months, two months since they started being friends. jungkook was finally coming over to jungkook's shared apartment and fuck was he nervous.

"you want anything to drink?" jimin gestured to his kitchen.

"does taehyung even live here anymore?" jungkook chuckled. "i see him all the time at yoongi's."

jimin chuckled. "yeah," he took out two cups. "he still comes here when he needs to study or borrow money."

"yoongi is thinking of asking him to move in, since there's no point in him driving an hour back."

"wait really!"

"yeah," jungkook chuckled. "i'm actually happy for them. this is the happiest i've seen yoongi."

jimin hummed. "how's school?"

"fucking exhausting, im tired of counselors asking me what i'm going to do after high school. like my impulsive brain can decide on one fucking career."

jimin chuckled, leaning over the counter. "any on your mind though?"

"art and dance," jungkook sighed, sitting on the stool. "but my mother says that's impractical."

"it's a hard decision to make," jimin slid the glass to jungkook. "no pressure."

"oh no, none at all."

jimin giggled. "a toast," he lifted his cup. "to undecided soon-to-be high school graduate, jeon jungkook!"

"hear hear!"


jungkook closed his eyes, throwing his head back, feeling his body completely submerge in the water.

he let out a relaxed sigh, slowly opening his eyes. he smiled at the clear sky.

"having fun?"

"fuck yeah," he said. "this is what i needed."

"bet you're glad we stayed friends now."

jungkook hummed. "finally, you're good for something, mingyu."

"fuck off, jeon."

"i might just fuck myself. i'm so relaxed."

mingyu scoffed. "do you think yugyeom and minghao will make it?"

"i don't care," jungkook sighed.

"do you remember my friend? bam-bam?"

"vaguely. is he that dancer?"

mingyu hummed. "he's friends with this dude in college and he invited us to a party."

"a party."

"come on, don't act like you don't like parties."

"haven't been to a party in two months," jungkook yawned.

mingyu chuckled. "going back to boring jeon?"

"i'm tired and not interested."

"jimin is going."

jungkook opened his eyes, glancing over at mingyu. "and?"

minyu chuckled, giving him a look. "do you really think i didn't know about you two?"

"we aren't--"

"i know," mingyu shrugged. "you started partying when he left."

jungkook blinked. "i was--"

"and your eyes lit up when he appeared that one day."

"we," jungkook shrugged. "stopped dating."

mingyu chuckled. "yeah, i noticed that too. started sleeping around like an asshole thirsty for sex."


"i liked you," mingyu looked at jungkook. "i still do. so don't be stupid and be happy, okay?"

before jungkook could reply, yugyeom shouted, canon balling into the pool.



jungkook watched as yoongi traced over the lines he made, wiping away the excess ink and small drops of blood.

it's been two months since he's been friends with jimin. each day they text, sometimes call, sometimes hang out.

he sighed. "yoongi."

"are you in pain?"

"i want jimin back."

yoongi snorted, going back to tattooing jungkook's arm. "you scared me, i thought it was hurting."

"do you think we should--"

"i don't know, kid." yoongi interrupted. "don't ask me questions i don't know the answer to."

jungkook sighed. "i want to hold his hand again."

"then do it," yoongi chuckled.

"is it too soon?"

"since when did jeon jungkook get scared of asking out someone?"

jungkook rolled his eyes. "everyone makes me out to be some casanova."

"you used to be, lost your flame."

"fuck you."

"hey! don't move!"

"fine," jungkook scoffed. "just wait until i finish this tattoo. i'll beat your ass, old man."



"do you like tulips?"


"cause you're tulips are pretty."

jimin snorted, covering his mouth. "what?"

"i'm sorry, that was lame."

"that didn't even make sense!"

"shut up."

"my tulips? my two lips?"

"i'm trying here."

jimin giggled, leaning back on the hood. "trying to what? make me fall from laughing so damn hard? you're weird, jeon."

"i'm trying to be cute, what? you hate it when i act cute?" jungkook sighed. "it's hard for me too, you know."

"your voice is weird," jimin shoved him.

jungkook unzipped his jacket, jimin looked at him weird. he took out a paper tulip.

"a tulip," jimin chuckled, taking the paper tulip. "thank you."

"and another."

"oh wow, two, three, wait jungkook, how many--"

jungkook took one out with a ring stuck to a petal. jimin looked at jungkook.


"park jimin, whether we date in the future or not, i promise to love and protect you. you don't have to wear it but i just, shit, i'm sorry. i screwed things up, didn't i?"

jimin sighed, stopping jungkook from getting off the hood. "why are you like this? it's hard for me." he mimicked.

jungkook smiled. "you're not mad?"

"i'm touched more than anything," jimin took the ring. "thank you, jungkook."

jimin leaned forward, kissing jungkook's cheek. jungkook felt his cheek warm up, looking away.

"thanks to you back, uh, friend."

jimin giggled. "thanks for the flowers and ring, buddy."

jungkook hummed, entire body warm as he looked back up at the sky, decorated with clouds.

"you got a tattoo?"

"huh? oh yeah," jungkook lifted his shirt sleeve. "it's your face."


jungkook laughed. "i'm joking, it's a paintbrush."

jimin hummed, nodding. "you better send me a photo when it's all healed."

"you want a photo of my bicep?"

"not for that purpose."

"are you sure? don't you have old pic--"

jimin put a finger to jungkook's mouth. "we shared a cute moment, don't ruin it."

jungkook laughed. "fine, fine."

"i think i'll put this on a necklace chain," jimin turned the ring in his hands.

jungkook smiled at him. "do you like tulips?"

"i'm pushing you off!"

Chapter Text

"have you decided on a college?"

jungkook rolled his eyes, looking down at his notebook, sketching someone holding a bouquet of flowers. mingyu elbowed him, making him look up. mingyu slid a piece of paper towards him. he looked down to see a penis with a smiley face.

"why?" jungkook whispered, making mingyu shrug.

"someone told me to pass it to you." he whispered back.

jungkook scoffed, grabbed the paper and crumbled it up. he got up from his desk and went to throw it away.

"ah, mr. jeon, since you're up, why don't you tell us about your future?"

jungkook sighed. "i'm going to become rich and famous and become someone's sugar daddy." the class laughed, mingyu cheered, and the teacher rolled his eyes at him.


"so you're going to become my sugar daddy?" mingyu put his arm around jungkook, making him roll his eyes. "what? that's what you said."

"if anything, he'll become yugyeom's sugar daddy," minghao said, laughing at yugyeom's offended look.

yugyeom scoffed, "you're all the worst. i'm going to become rich and famous and become jungkook's sugar daddy, how about that!"

"oh please, you're such a bottom, jungkook is probably a dom."

yugyeom's cheeks turned pink, turning away from his friends. "fuck you."

jungkook snorted, shrugging off mingyu's arm and leaning his head on yugyeom. "you'll always be my sugar daddy, yugyeom."

"you're all the worst," yugyeom shoved jungkook away. "what got you in a good mood? you never participate in our banter."

jungkook smiled, shrugging as he picked at his food. "you know," he mumbled.

"what? got a good laid?" mingyu snorted. "or did you finally get back with jimin?"

minghao looked up. "back with jimin?"

"jimin?" yugyeom looked at jungkook. "wait, the jimin? park jimin?"

jungkook glared at mingyu, who shrugged. "it slipped," mingyu smiled at him. "sorry?"

"you're fucking dead," jungkook shook his head at him.

"wait," minghao laughed. "this is a joke, right?"


"jimin can do way better than jungkook." yugyeom said. jungkook glared at him. "what? am i wrong? you're so, i don't know, different."

jungkook scoffed, "what do you know?"


"there's a band," jimin said, looking over at jungkook. "they're coming this friday for a show, i, bought tickets but it turned out to be cheaper buying two. i don't know, if you--"

"are you asking me out?" jungkook finally looked up from his textbook, smiling at jimin, even with his cheeks warming up.

jimin scoffed, looking away. "who's asking who out? all i'm saying is that there's a free ticket if you want it."

jungkook looked back down at his textbook, smiling. "yeah, i'll think about it. friday? maybe, yeah."

"okay, cool, you think about it." jimin mumbled. "did you figure out the problem?"

"yeah, i just reread the question, thanks." jungkook glanced up at jimin, whose cheeks were pink. "are you blushing?"

"of course i am," jimin huffed, looking away, squishing his cheeks. "how do people do it, my heart is pounding like crazy."


jimin glared at jungkook. "you don't make it any easier, you know."

"sorry." jungkook picked up jimin's hand, putting it against his chest. "my heart is pounding fast too, you know."

jimin smiled, looking away again. "you're too much, you know that?"

"of course i do, i told my entire math class that i wanted to be someone's sugar daddy today."

jimin snorted, furrowing his eyebrows. "wait what!"

"yeah, this dude came in and he's been coming in for like a week now, i got fed up and just said whatever came out first."

:"how are you not expelled yet? it amazes me, really."

jungkook chuckled, noticing his thumb was caressing jimin's hand but chose not pull away, been too long since he's felt jimin's warmth. if jimin pulls away, he'll stop. "yeah."

jimin used his free hand to take out a necklace. "put it on a chain."

"looks pretty," jungkook said.

"thanks, kook."


"grandma, i miss you."

his grandma ruffled jungkook's hair. "my favorite problematic son," she smiled. "how's school?"

"annoying," jungkook frowned, cuddling more onto her lap. "people keep demanding me to decide on a major, college, my fucking entire life, and it's just getting annoying. how am i supposed to know?"

she hummed, threading her fingers through his hair. "i know it's difficult for you to decide but there's options, you can apply under 'undecided,' maybe take a year off, do your general education first, go abroad, explore the world, baby, there's no right decision because we're all different people."

"i want to stay on your lap forever, will that make me money?"

"nope," grandma laughed, tickling his neck. "but you can stay as long as you want. though, keep in mind that i'm old and my legs will get numb."

jungkook laughed, nodding. "i'll keep it in mind."

Chapter Text

"you know i don't like you."

jungkook nodded, holding out a small cake. "i want to make peace."

"i don't like you two together," jimin's brother sighed. "but i hated you broken up even more."

"i'm sorry," jungkook smiled when jimin's brother took the cake, both of them sitting down. "i shouldn't have hurt you but i--i was young and stupid, i still am young and stupid. but you're jimin's brother and i should've protected you instead of hurt you."

jimin's brother nodded. "i'm sorry for talking bad about you, i didn't really know your situation at home."


"yeah, bud, thanks for the cake."

they both chuckled, jimin's brother opened the cake, pushing it towards jungkook. jungkook thanked him, taking a small bite, then pushing it back to him.


jungkook wrote down the size of shirt, sighing as he handed the paper back to the teacher. he walked over to his friends, who were all staring at him.


"park jimin, really?"

"you're still with that?"

yugyeom nodded. "of course! it's just, i don't know, weird."

"get over it."

"like jimin got over you?"

"fuck off, mingyu."

mingyu smiled, throwing jungkook a bag of chips. "eat up, we're going to the movies after and i'm not inviting you popcorn."

"aw but daddy," whined yugyeom. "you spoiled us last time!"

"and i almost paid a million won, ungrateful shits."

jungkook chuckled, opening the bag. "at least pay for drinks, daddy."

mingyu scoffed, "maybe."


jungkook and minghao were battling on ddr when mingyu came back with a group of girls.

"they wanted to join us." mingyu chuckled. "ladies, meet my friends, jungkook, minghao, and yugyeom."

jungkook waved nonchalantly, too into the game to win, both of them having a competitive side.

"they seem more interested in the game than us," someone whined.

"i'm definitely not," mingyu chuckled.

jungkook rolled his eyes, taking one last step, panting as the song ended. "fuck yes!" he laughed, winning by one thousand points.

"that's not fair, you took dancing lessons abroad!"

"not my fault," jungkook laughed.

minghao glared at him, demanding a rematch but mingyu sternly reminded them that the movie was about to start.

all of them slowly moved to the theater. yugyeom and jungkook walking slowler than the group.

"now he really does look like a daddy," yugyeom whispered.

"i know," jungkook whispered. "where did he even find them?"

"i think he paid them," minghao whispered. "the guy is good looking but to have all those girls, definitely paid."

"more like bribed," jungkook looked up to see a girl smiling at them. "kim jennie, nice to meet you."

"hey," the three of them said.

yugyeom chuckled. "bribe them how, jennie?"

"he offered to pay for our popcorn."

"that's definitely daddy material."

jennie chuckled. "are you guys obsessed with him or something?"

"gross," jungkook shook his head. "i think he's gotten obsessed with the idea of being a daddy. we said it as a joke but i think he's liking it."

"oh," jennie laughed. "well, i guess you unleashed the beast."

minghao groaned. "i don't like where this is headed. he's already an airhead."

jungkook chuckled, phone vibrating in his pocket. "i'll catch up with you."

"alright!" yugyeom said.

jungkook leaned against the wall, "hello?"

"you talked to him?"

"don't be mad?"

"mad?" jimin laughed. "i'm--i'm feeling a lot but mad is far from it. is everything okay now? is he going to stop with the voodoo dolls?"

jungkook chuckled. "when i told you about that, i was serious! it did feel like a needle in my eye."

"it was probably a jumpy nerve."

"you're a jumpy nerve!"

"ooh, great comeback, please do more."

jungkook rolled his eyes, smiling. "shut up, is that all?"

"maybe," jimin giggled. "i wanted to ask if we're still going friday?"

"yeah," jungkook smiled to himself. "i'm looking forward to it."

jimin chuckled. "me too. i--i'm nervous though. is this the right thing?"

"i don't know but i want to try. for you, for me, for us. i want to try."

"me too, jungkook." jimin whispered. "where are you? i heard chatter."

jungkook hummed. "movies, mingyu became everyone's sugar daddy, apparently."

"do i want to know?"

"probably not."

someone tapped his shoulder. "jungkook, the movie is about to start," jennie said.

jungkook nodded. "i have to go, i'll call you later tonight, yeah?"



jimin stayed quiet, sighing in his ear. "come over after? if--if it's not too late? shit, it's a school night so you can't, huh? plus your mom proba--"

"i'll be there."


"yeah, and then minghao got all angry at mingyu for buying the girls popcorn and challenged him to a ddr-off, it was sad."

jimin laughed, shaking his head. "what the fuck?"

"i recorded the whole thing," jungkook gave jimin his phone, jimin taking it, eyebrows furrowing. jungkook could hear the loud background music. "i think you could hear me laughing somewhere in the background."

"oh, your mom is calling." jimin gave jungkook back his phone.

jungkook sighed, silencing his phone before putting it back into his backpack. "she's been calling all day."

"did you fight?" jimin put his feet onto jungkook's chair, biting his lip.

"that's the only time we communicate," jungkook sighed. "i can't wait for college, i want to move out as soon as possible. hopefully back into my precious shed."

jimin smiled. "you really love that shed."

"good memories," jungkook said, smiling back. "some of the best."

jimin looked at him, "why did you talk to my brother?"

jungkook sighed, hand slowly placed on jimin's leg, waiting for jimin to pull away. when he didn't, jungkook answered. "i want to make things right."

"how'd you manage to leave without a broken bone?"

"i bought him a cake."

"how did you know he can be bribed by cake?"

"because i listen to you whenever you ranted about fighting with him. how you used to buy cake for him and that's how he forgave you when you were younger."

jimin chuckled. "you actually listened to my stupid anecdotes?"

"of course i do, i love hearing you talk and your stories."

jimin chuckled again, hand quickly wiping his cheek. "sorry, i--"

"jimin," jungkook whispered, squeezing his knee. "it's fine, it's fine. cry if you need to."

"no, i'm just," jimin laughed. "i'm just really happy right now and i'm scared."

jungkook moved, lifting jimin off the chair, and bringing him down to his lap. jimin's breath hitched, eyes never leaving his. "i'm sorry i made you scared to be happy."

jimin hummed, a tear falling down his face. jungkook wiped it away with his thumb, feeling his heart break. he did this. it was all his fault, how could he be so stupid?

"i still love you," jungkook whispered. "and i will work every single day to remind of that and make sure you're never feeling scared to be happy, to be loved again."

"kookie," jimin chuckled, leaning forward and pressing a kiss to jungkook's forehead. "i'll hold you to that, jeon."

jungkook smiled at the nickname, hugging jimin close to him. the smell overwhelming him, been too long since he's had it close to him.

he couldn't let this go, not again, not ever. there wasn't anyone else that could make jungkook feel like this and he didn't want to find anyone else.

his everything was right here on his lap, laying his head on jungkook's chest, his world was sitting barefoot on his chest, legs slowly intertwining with his.

"if you hurt me again, i'll have to emasculate you."

"learning big boy words, huh?"

jimin pinched his arm. "shut up."

"ouch, that hurt you know!"

"like my heart?"

"that's cold!"

jimin lifted his head, sticking his tongue out at jungkook. "suck it, jerk."

jungkook blinked at him, feeling a huge smile spread on his face as he cooed. "you're so fucking adorable," he squeezed jimin's cheeks. "oh my--"


"i'm emasculating you back!"

jimin slapped his hands away, "you little shit!"

both idiots bickered and fought until they grew sleepy, jungkook taking jimin to bed and falling asleep on the couch beside him. jimin smiled at him from the bed, whispering 'see you tomorrow,' to which jungkook nodded slowly, whispering 'i love you,' making jimin giggle, eyes slowly closing. and jungkook was thanked the world for sending an angel back to his life.

Chapter Text

someone was running their fingers through jungkook's hair and for a moment, he wondered if it was his mom. but he never went home, so it must be--no, it might be yugyeom again. it can't be jimin. they're not--


jungkook let out a sigh, blinkkng at the beautiful boy sitting in front of him, hand threading his hair.

"i just went through a fucking turmoil," jungkook chuckled, sitting up as well, smiling sleepily at jimin. "morning."


"i thought i went home and it was my mom doing that but then i remembered i didn't go home. and i just," jungkook sighed. "i can't believe i'm here."

jimin smiled, humming. "believe it."

"i don't want to be anywhere else," jungkook whispered, placing his hand on jimin's cheek. "i love you."

"it's friday," jimin whispered. "you should go home so your mom doesn't freak out," he took jungkook's hand, kissing it before interlacing their fingers. "i'll see you later tonight."

jungkook looked down at their hands. "she's never home anymore so i doubt she noticed. i think we're both at the end of all this."

"what do you mean?"

"just that," jungkook shrugged. "i think she remembered why she left me with my grandma. i heard her talking to her lawyers about returning the custody to my grandma but since i'm almost legal, it doesn't really matter anymore."

jimin kissed jungkook's knuckles. "i'm sorry, kook."

jungkook shrugged. "not a big deal."

"it is," jimin sighed. "still, you should go home and show her you're okay, regardless of anything, she's your mother and cares about you."

"you're still the goodie two shoes, aren't you?" jungkook laughed, "i'm happy that hasn't changed. i loved that about you."



jungkook sighed, knowing she wouldn't be home. he walked to his room, scoffing at his windows, at the locks on his door. little by little, she had stopped locking him in, stopped trying to control jungkook. but the damage had been done.

he didn't trust her like she didn't trust him. they fought all the time, never ate together, never even saw each other.

yet. here they were. pretending to be a happy duo for the neighbors.

"i can't!"

jungkook followed the voice, finding his mom with his grandma in her room.

"that's the same thing you told me when you left."

"don't," his mother sighed. "do you have any idea how hard it is to come home to a son that can't even look at you? or even stand to look at you?"

grandma hummed. "whose fault is that? i'm not trying to blame you, honey, but you weren't the best mom. you left him for years."

"i don't," his mom sighed. "i can't be a mom."

"i noticed that."


"what are you going to do?"

his mom sighed. "i don't know, he doesn't want me here, he doesn't want to be here."

"you never tried," jungkook spoke up. "you made me break up with my boyfriend, locked me up, and started bringing strangers over. how am i supposed to want to be here with that going on?"

"i thought i could live my two lives, but i can't be a mom. i'm a shitty person, jungkook."

jungkook chuckled, sitting beside his grandma. "if i've learned anything these psst weeks is that we all make mistakes and sometimes we need a fresh start."

"who made you mature?" grandma ruffled his hair. "hm?"

"my boyfriend." jungkook chuckled when his mom winced.

"sorry!" she said. "i'm trying to get used to it."

grandma patted jungkook's knee. "i'm happy to see you happy again."

"thanks grandma." jungkook smiled.

"wh--what is he like?" his mom asked. "is he nice?"

jungkook tried, he really tried to not talk for hours about jimin but as soon as he opened his mouth, he couldn't stop bragging.


jungkook bit his lip, waiting for jimin. the door opened, jimin with a brown backpack and a blanket.


"did you really skip class?"


jimin frowned. "jung--"

"with my mom's permission."



"well shit."

jungkook smiled, jimin running to him. with a small jump, jungkook was spinning jimin, kissing him softly. jimin giggled.


"so fucking dramatic."

jimin hummed, smiling at him. "i love you."

"i love you more."


jungkook smiled, pressing kiss after kiss, jimin giggling.

"wait, hey, we should stop, my neighbors," jimin squeaked, jungkook quickly putting him down. "fuck, we're so gay."

"come on," jungkook laughed, opening the door for jimin.


"that was the best fucking concert ever!"

"agreed," jungkook closed the back door, pushing down the back seats, the trunk of the car now more spacious.

"when your boyfriend can't afford a hotel."


jimin looked at jungkook. "s--sorry, i thought--"

"no," jungkook smiled. "i just haven't heard you call me that in a long time."

"boyfriend," jimin blushed. "are we boyfriends?"

"fuck yeah," jungkook leaned into jimin's space, jimin leaning against the wall of the car. jungkook put his hands on jimin's thighs, jimin humming against him.

jungkook swiped his tongue against jimin's lip, asking for permission, asking for reassurance. jimin opened his mouth and he didn't hesitate. kissing jimin with his tongue, hands gripping jimin's thighs, wanting more but perfectly fine with this.

fresh start. that meant super uncomfortable car make out. he wanted it one step at a time. no jumping before seeing.

"i've missed this," jimin panted out, smiling with his pretty swollen red lips. "i've missed you."

"me too," jungkook kissed him again. "i won't let this go. no more fucking around, jimin, i want you. i want us. i want that future."

jimin smiled. "slow down, baby, you still have college and--"

"doesn't matter, i'll still want you. the boy who stops traffic for frogs, the boy who was top of his class, the boy who gave me a reason to love, i want park jimin."

"you have me," jimin smiled. "now keep kissing me before i start blushing."

"yes, sir."

jungkook laughed before taking his lips in his again, both of them oblivious to the soft rain outside, washing away all the bad days.

Chapter Text


jungkook sighed. maybe not.

"i've decided."

jimin hummed, cuddling closer to jungkook. "about what?"

"my major." jungkook whispered, hand caressing jimin's back underneath his shirt, warm skin under his fingers.

"about time."

"art," jungkook said, ignoring jimin's sarcasm. "i want to study art."

jimin chuckled, hugging jungkook closer. "you're an amazing artist so i don't doubt you'll be successful."

"let me draw you?" jungkook asked, looking down at jimin. "naked?"

"jeon jungkook!" jimin slapped his chest, jungkook laughing as he pulled him closer. "keep dreaming."

jungkook smiled. "i love you."

"me too."


"do we have to go back?"

"yes, you have graduation practice," jimin giggled, picking up a napkin and wiping jungkook's cheek. "look at you, finally getting out of high school."

jungkook smiled at jimin, loving the scenery of all this. the park behind jimin, just them sitting at a random park, eating some cheap food they bought from the market. he loved this. he loved them.

"it's about time, i was getting sick of that uniform," jungkook scoffed, taking a sip of his soda.

"you have the whole world to explore," jimin said.

jungkook looked at jimin. "we."


"we have the whole world to explore," jungkook moved closer on the bench towards jimin, jimin bit his lip. "i'm taking you with me, willingly or not."

jimin smiled, looking around before pressing a kiss to his lips. "you're too much," he whispered before pulling away, going back to eating.


"why do you need me to buy condoms?"

"look," mingyu said, cheeks turning pink. "you're the only one that knows about, you know."

jungkook gave him a strange look. "what?"

"you know, sex but for," mingyu looked away. "for two guys."

"i'm sorry what? this coming from the great daddy mingyu?"

mingyu scoffed, avoiding jungkook's gaze. "look, are you going to help or just mock?"

"who is it?"

"i'm not telling you."

"is it one of our friends?"

mingyu scoffed, walking off to the section. jungkook laughed, grabbing a bag of chocolates before running after him.

"fine, fine, i promise not to tell anyone."

"liar," mingyu looked at the chocolates. "i'm not buying you that."

jungkook pouted. "please?"

mingyu scoffed, "fine, whatever."

"thanks daddy, now let's get your condoms."

"don't be so fucking loud!"


jungkook walked into the parlor, holding the bag of chocolates to his chest. he looked around, trying to find his friend.

"baby, stop moving." bingo.

he smiled as he walked to the voice, finding yoongi and taehyung. taehyung was on one of the seats, hand extended towards yoongi, who was trying to tattoo his wrist.

"it hurts," taehyung whined.

"i can stop, you want me to stop?"

taehyung sighed. "no, i want it."

"then be a good boy and stay fucking still."

"am i getting a preview of your sex life?"

taehyung squeaked, moving his arm.


"it's not my fault!" taehyung pointed to jungkook. "it's his fault."

yoongi looked up, snarl on his lip until he saw jungkook. "jeon jungkook," he smiled, expressions softening. "what brings you here?"

"i brought you chocolate," jungkook shook the bag around. "happy anniversary."

"you remember?"

jungkook hummed. "of course i do, so let me invite you to some food."

yoongi chuckled, nodding. "let's be the boyfriends."



jungkook laughed, putting his arm around jimin, who smiled at him. "what?"

"nothing just," jimin shrugged. "you know when you've had a bad day and feel like this giant weight on your shoulders?"

jungkook nodded. "yeah."

"i feel like it's finally over," jimin smiled. "i can breath again."

"i'm sorry," jungkook kissed jimin's temple. "i'm sorry you felt that way, i'll find a way to fucking pass you my oxygen if i have to."

jimin giggled, placing his hand on jungkook's knee. "silly, boy, you were my oxygen."

jungkook looked at him, jimin leaning in to press a kiss to jungkook's lips.

"marry me," jimin whispered, "today, tomorrow, the next day, a week from now, a month or two, a year. just marry the fuck out of me."

"let's get out of here." jungkook grabbed jimin's hand, pulling them out of the booth, and out of the club.

he glanced over at yoongi and taehyung before leaving, catching taehyung's gaze, who smiled and nodded knowingly.


truth is they don't make it home. jungkook a bit too tipsy, jimin as well, both of them longing for each others warmth.

jimin is riding jungkook in the backseat of his car when jungkook starts confessing. "i liked you since we were little."

"wh--what?" jimin pants, clenching his ass before moving back up on jungkooks length, gasping as jungkook twitched.

jungkook laughed, grabbing fistfuls of jimin's ass, spreading his cheeks further apart as jimin bounced. "i liked you since i saw you saving that bee, i th--thought it was stupid but sweet."

jimin moaned, throwing his head back, hand sliding down his chest to his own neglected dick. "me t--too, i kept keeping an eye on you since middle school."

"fuck," jungkook licked his lips, thrusting upwards into jimin's heat, both of them moaning louder.

"i saved you," jimin whimpered, moving his hand faster against his own dick, panting out. "from suspension one time. when you fucking drew a penis with permanent marker over the chalk."

jungkook laughed at the memory, leaning over to press kisses to jimin's naked chest, thrusting faster and harder, wanting to make more sounds come out of jimin.

"i knew it was strange they didn't expelled me," jungkook laughed, slapping away jimin's hand and wrapping his own around it. moving his hand slow, jimin whimpering for him to go faster. "i saved you too."

jimin hummed, hands on jungkook's shoulders, his bouncing slowing down, eyes closed as he panted. "how?"

"you had this group of bullies, do you remember?"

"you didn't."

jimin opened his eyes, jungkook smirking as he nodded, jimin coming in his hand. "i did."

"fuck, jungkookie," jimin whimpered, clenching then unclenching, starting up again. "i hated seeing you fight but fuck, it was so hot."

jungkook laughed breathlessly, watching jimin fuck himself on his dick, licking his lips. "as if i'd let anyone hurt you, i didn't know why, but you meant a lot to me. like a friend that wasn't a friend."

"fuck, jungkook," jimin moved his hips, jungkook groaning as he came, jimin smiling, collapsing onto jungkook's chest. "i guess we saved each other, huh?"

"we were idiots even then," jungkook panted, pressing a kiss to jimin's nose. "i love you."

"can't believe you confessed something adorable while i fucked myself on your dick," jimin scoffed. "that was a cute story to tell our kids but i won't remember it because i'll just think of us fucking."

"kids?" jungkook wince at how much his cheeks hurt from smiling but he didn't care. kids. he said kids.

jimin looked away, small smile on his lips. "shut up."

"ah, park jimin," jungkook hid his face into jimin's chest. "you make me happy."

jimin hugged him, giggling as he pressed kisses to his skin. "me too, you make me happy."

Chapter Text

jeon jungkook isn't someone who has crushes. he was used to sleeping with someone now and then, whenever the urge came. usually, he was busy trying to keep his grades at a decent average that he barely had time.

crushes were like a plague. jungkook did every single thing to avoid catching feelings. even when the boy or girl underneath him were beyond pretty, funny and charming, he would end it once the condom got filled.

it wasn't that he was an asshole, he was to an extent, it's just that he doesn't like the idea of trusting someone with so much.

yes, he was your typical bad boy. leather jackets instead of the school jacket, lip piercings which teachers stopped bothering to ask to remove them, ear piercings that help distract him when the lesson is too boring, and his motorcycle that's always a couple feet away.

so yes, your typical bad boy. throw in the fact that he sleeps with older women or men, you have your typical bad boy with a reputation.

even with all that, jungkook had his pride. and that pride helps protect his heart. growing up, jungkook loved love. but after seeing his mother be tear apart by the person she loved, his view shifted.

no longer was he watching love movies, he was out in his shed fixing his stepfather's motorcycle, which was the only good thing he left behind.

so crushes. no. prideful and careful, jungkook avoided them like crazy.

at least.

that's what he thought.

crushes are dangerous. they shift your way of thinking, overwhelm you into make stupid decisions and you wonder whether or not you picked the right decision. crushes turn in love and that four letter word is just as dangerous.

love isn’t always rainbows and butterflies. love can be selfish, dark, and sometimes hard to comprehend, especially at a young age.

jungkook fell in love at a very young age, completely overwhelmed with what to do with such emotions, he was driven to do and act out in the stupidest ways, not caring or not knowing how those decisions would affect those around him.

he didn’t do love, he didn’t do crushes, but one look at park jimin and all of that changed. despite their hardships, jungkook learned a lot from jimin. jimin helped him with his schoolwork, family problems, and future. jimin was there when jungkook pushed every one away.

it was difficult, their journey together, both making mistakes at a young age, no matter how ‘mature’ they were sought out to be. but over time, they grew, they matured, and now jungkook was positive, without a single second thought, that park jimin was his forever.

“jeon jungkook,” jimin poked jungkook’s nose. “are you even listening to me?”

“what?” jungkook blinked out of his daze, had been thinking about their past for a while now. “oh, sorry, was in my thoughts.”

jimin moved on the bed to face jungkook better. “you okay?”

“of course, baby,” jungkook laughed, kissing jimin’s hand before threading their fingers together. “i was just thinking about how i really fucking love you and want to marry you.”

jimin choked on his spit, jungkook smiling at him. “fuck, kookie, that’s so, yeah.”

jungkook glanced at the clock, sighing softly. “it’s almost time.”

“i’m sure it’ll be okay, we’ll all be there.”

jungkook hummed, heart feeling heavy. “they weren’t there when i graduated from middle school,” he looked at jimin. “the only thing that made me happy was seeing you smile brightly that day.”

jimin moved again, straddling jungkook’s lap. “i’m going to be there, grandma is going too, yoongi and taehyung,” he whispered as he pressed kisses to jungkook’s lips. “my mom, dad, and brother.”

“sorry, you lost me after you said you were going.”

“you’re so cheesy,” jimin giggled. “you should sleepover more if you get that cheesy.”

“i love you.”

“i love you too.”

jungkook smiled as he walked to meet his friends, all of them laughing as they saw jungkook. “we made it.”

“that we did,” mingyu laughed. “can’t believe i had to put up with you all for these years.”

“as if, you loved it,” yugyeom scoffed.

minghao smiled, throwing an arm around jungkook’s shoulder. “it’s been a pleasure being your friend, jungkook.”

jungkook scoffed. “nice try, i’m not breaking.”

“neither am i,” mingyu said. “you’re all childish for betting.”

“oh please, as if you didn’t bet that jungkook would be the first.”

“me? i’m not fucking crying like a wimp, that’s yugyeom’s job.”

“fuck off!” yugyeom laughed, punching jungkook’s arm.

the teachers announced for them to get into position, jungkook’s heart racing again. they were finally here, finally leaving high school.

“see you after?”

“course, think you’d get rid of us that easily, jeon?” mingyu smiled, both him and yugyeom leaving in one direction. minghao waved, leaving in another.

jungkook smiled, watching his friends get in order. he felt bittersweet then. he’d spent so much time alone, he forgot the feeling. the feeling of friendship, genuine, stupid, friendship. he hoped to never lose these idiots.

“shit, i might cry,” yugyeom hiccuped, leaning his head on minghao’s shoulder. “ming-ming, i love you.”

“alright, alright,” mingyu pulled yugyeom away from minghao. “stop drooling on him, gyeom.”

jungkook stared at them, head buzzing. “are you,” he pointed from mingyu to yugyeom. “is he the one you’re fucking?”

“jungkook!” everyone said, jimin giggling next to him.

“there are parents around, you idiot,” yoongi slapped jungkook in the back of his head. “what are you yelling for?”

jungkook giggled, everyone looking up at him. “what?”

“that was the cutest thing ever.” mingyu said.

“i agree,” yugyeom seconded.

“he is the cutest thing ever,” yoongi added. “especially when he’s drunk, gets all horny but cute. one time he lined up the spices in my kitchen from smallest to tallest because he didn’t want them to feel bad for being short.”

everyone laughed, cooing at jungkook. jungkook rolled his eyes, feeling jimin’s hand on his thigh. he turned to look at jimin, who smiled at him before turning to talk with taehyung.

“that’s nothing,” mingyu said. “one time we got drunk and he started singing a ballad dedicated to that guy right there.” everyone turned to look at jimin, who blushed. “said he needed jimin to understand his love through a ballad.”

“or the time he—“

“alright,” jungkook shouted, everyone flinching slightly. “i get it, i’m fucking cute, stop embarrassing me.”

“embarrassing you?” jungkook looked up to see his grandma. “why wasn’t i invited?”

“grandma,” jungkook smiled, getting up from his seat, and hugging her tightly. “where were you?”

“jimin, exactly how drunk is he?” grandma giggled. “didn’t we see each other after the ceremony, baby?”

“grandma,” jungkook whined. “they’re making fun of me.”

yoongi snorted. “told you, cute.”

“super cute.” mingyu seconded.

“the cutest.” taehyung laughed.

“fuck you all.”

“no, just jimin.”



jungkook nodded, rubbing his eyes as he slowly sat up. “where are we?”

“your shed,” jimin smiled, stretching. “grandma said you probably didn’t want to go home so we brought you here. oh, you told me to remind you that mingyu owes you money.”


jimin hummed, “something about a bet?”

“wait,” jungkook jumped, grimacing instantly, head hurting. “shit, fuck, my head.”

jimin put a hand on jungkook’s bicep. “relax a bit, baby, you had a lot of drinks.”

“yeah, okay,” jungkook rubbed his temples. “what else happened?”

“you slapped my brother’s ass and dance with him,” jimin took out his phone, showing jungkook the video. jungkook furrowed his eyebrows, watching himself dance the tango with jimin’s brother.


jimin hummed. “you were both pretty fucking drunk at that point, you started apologizing for hurting him, then he started apologizing for ruining your bike.”


jimin nodded, putting his phone on the bed. “oh, your friends are inside, grandma brought all the drunkees home, so thank her for that.”

“they’re here? why?” jungkook whined, laying his head on jimin’s lap. “i don’t want them here.”

“jungkook,” jimin said, caressing his fingers up and down jungkook’s nape. “you’ve graduated high school.”

jungkook hummed.

“you can now decide what you want for your future,” jimin whispered.


“am i in it?”

jungkook lifted his head, meeting jimin’s eyes. “of course, why? did i say something else? i’ll fucking punch my drunk self.”

“that’s not possible,” jimin giggled.

“jimin,” jungkook frowned, putting a hand on jimin’s cheek. “why wouldn’t you?”

jimin smiled, taking jungkook’s hand and kissing his wrist. “just want to make sure this means a lot to you.”

“of course it does.”

“because you kind of,” jimin shifted, taking out a red box. “you gave me this last night.”

jungkook blinked. “is that–“

“grandma said she gave you these a month ago,” jimin played with the box. “you gave them to me last night when i helped you onto the bed, you must’ve thought i was yoongi, because you told me how you were going to wait to ask me to marry you.”

jungkook looked down at the box, chuckling softly. “i am.”


“our whole relationship, i’ve been acting without thinking, which resulted in us both getting hurt. when i ask you to marry me,” jungkook looked back up at jimin. “i want it to be special, to be perfect, i want to be able to give you everything and anything.”

jimin smiled, eyes watering. “when did you grow up, jeon jungkook?”

“when you needed me to be a man, not a boy.”

Chapter Text

jungkook turned off the lights, sighing softly as he lifted his hoodie, pushing back his glasses, taking one last look at his shed. the shed he made his own for a long time, safe-haven from everything that life brought. the same shed that taught him a lot of life lessons, starting with: don’t procrastinate to fix those leaks, jungkook.

he smiled at the memory, remembering how much jimin had complain about not wanting to sleep under a roof that leaks into his mouth whenever he laid down.

now it was just an empty shed, one that’ll be used for storage by the new house owners. he wondered if they had a kid, if the kid would use it like jungkook did, to hide away from the dark nights, to bring over their favorite person, and just forget the world outside. jungkook wondered if anyone would see this old, beaten up shed the same way he did.

“ready?” grandma asked, smiling at jungkook.

jungkook hummed, looking over at his grandma, eyes tearing up a bit. “do happy endings ever exist in the real world, grandma?”

she smiled at her grandson, digging into her pocket, taking out a familiar red box. “why don’t you find out, my angel?”

“will i make him happy?” jungkook asked, taking the red box into his hand. “these were yours and grandpa’s, am i really worthy?”

“your grandpa would hit you for thinking that, kookie,” grandma pulled him in, kissing the top of his head, the best she could. “go get him, dummy, before he gets away again.”

jungkook pressed the code, the door unlocking. he opened it slowly, smiling as he saw the bright yellow couch that jimin loved so much, the pictures that jungkook gifted jimin, the black cat tower beside the yellow couch. home.

“oh good, you’re home,” jimin said, head appearing from the kitchen. “taehyung is driving me crazy, jungkook, come here and taste this.”

jimin walked over to him, wearing nothing but jungkook’s wrestling hoodie, bare feet making noises as he crossed the tile floor, hand extending to grab jungkook.

“what did he do now?” jungkook laughed, noticing the purple icing on jimin’s cheek and hair. “more importantly, what did you do to our kitchen?”

“shut up, don’t start with me too, jeon jungkook, i will kick you in the balls,” jimin flared, pulling jungkook into the kitchen. “i am genuinely fed up with these stupid cupcakes, taste the batter.”

jungkook snorted, noticing that taehyung was on video call, frowning at them. “hi tae.”

“hey kook, please tell your boyfriend that his cupcakes taste like nothing. i was over earlier today and he kicked me out for being honest.”

“excuse me, i did not kick you out,” jimin dipped the spoon into the batter. “you were the one who stormed out because i said i didn’t buy stupid white icing.”

“it was an essential!”

“well give me a fucking heads up before i spend half my savings on your stupid fancy cupcakes!”

“hey,” jungkook touched jimin’s arm, chuckling softly. “baby, relax, i’m sure they’re not that bad. we can remake the batter if it is.”

jimin scoffed, rolling his eyes. “of course you’d side with him, why don’t you two go make your damn cupcakes, leave me out of it since i’m so damn incapable.”

jungkook furrowed his eyebrows, watching as jimin stormed out of the kitchen. he turned to look at taehyung. “what did i do?”

“nothing, kook, it’s-“ taehyung hesitated. “it’s nothing.”

“it’s obviously something,” jungkook frowned. “taehyung, what is it?”

taehyung sighed. “i made the mistake of asking jimin help me out with my wedding, given that it’s been a year since he saw the rings.”

jungkook licked his lips, looking away. “oh.”

“when i was over today, he confessed that he feels insecure, jungkook. why haven’t you asked him?”

“it’s scary,” jungkook chuckled, looking over at the direction jimin stormed off. “i’ll talk to him, taehyung, it’s not your fault.”

taehyung hummed. “yoongi is home, i’ll talk to you later, kookie.”

jungkook ended the call, sighing softly as he closed his eyes. he nodded to himself, slowly walking to their room. he found jimin on the bed, flipping through a yearbook.


“did you apologize to taehyung for me?”

“yeah, he doesn’t mind,” jungkook crawled on the bed, going to where jimin was, hugging him from behind. he lightly kissed the back of his neck, down to his shoulders. “want to tell me what that was about?”

jimin sighed, shrugging. “just stressed about the wedding, i might’ve overestimated my abilities, i’m not the same jimin from high school.”

“no,” jungkook hugged jimin tighter. “you’re an older, sexier, and wiser version of him.”

“do you think,” jimin turned to look at jungkook. “do you really think that?”

jungkook nodded, brushing back jimin’s hair, chuckling at the purple icing. “of course i do, baby,” he leaned forward, kissing jimin’s lips. “i’d love you anyway.”

jimin smiled, nodding back. “then it’s settled,” he patted jungkook’s leg before standing up. “we’re getting married.”


“what? you don’t want to?”

“n—no, i do,” jungkook stood up, “i just—i don’t know, that was out of nowhere.”

“most marriage proposals are, kook, that’s the whole point.”

“i was going to ask.”

jimin hummed, walking over to their closet, digging around. “it’s been a fucking year.”

“but i—“

“here,” jimin took out two golden rings, “recognize them?”

jungkook walked closer, lifting the rings, furrowing his eyebrows. “aren’t these—“

“your grandmas? yeah, i took them out of the box the night you gave them to me,” jimin raised his eyebrows. “you didn’t even open the box, did you?”

“i might’ve,” jungkook racked his brain, “have you been holding them all this time? but grandma—“

jimin laughed, “she was the one who told me to take them, she said you weren’t going to ask first, that i’d have to ask.”

jungkook blinked, nodding slowly. “so that talk you had with taehyung?”

“ah,” jimin looked down at the rings. “i decided to give you a year to pop the question, mostly to laugh at you when you open the empty box, but you never did.”

jungkook smiled. “that’s horrible.”

“yeah, so is dancing around the question,” jimin poked jungkook’s stomach. “i was insecure about the whole thing, but i want to, jungkook. i want to marry you and just, just marry me, yeah?”

jungkook laughed, eyes watering as he nodded. “how can i say no to you, jimin,” he cupped jimin’s face. “with you wearing my hoodie, purple icing in your hair, looking at me with that smile of yours, fuck yeah.”

jimin giggled, wiping away jungkook’s tears. “i love you.”

“i love you too,” jungkook kissed jimin’s forehead.

jimin nodded, tears falling down his cheeks as jungkook kissed him softly, cradling his face between his hands, jimin moving them to the bed.

jungkook slowly sat at the edge of the bed, jimin sitting on his lap. jimin smiled down at him, thumbs caressing jungkook’s cheeks. “even after these years, even after the battles, i still want you.”

“i didn’t ask,” jungkook whispered, hands moving up and down jimin’s sides. “because i want to be the best for you, park jimin.”

“you already are,” jimin smiled. “and even if you’re unsatisfied, we can work on ourselves together, for ourselves, and for one another.”

jungkook laughed, looking away. “fuck, i love you a lot.”

“let's leave school shit to the student body president."

jimin smiled. "fine."

"guess you won't be staying for dinner? my grandma was going to make your favorite."

"are you trying to guilt trip me, jeon jungkook?"

"me? i would never!"

jimin laughed, his pretty eyes smile and laugh making jungkook remember why he let himself get infected with a crush.

jungkook turned off his phone, pocketing it and looking out at the skyline. he sighed, cigarette in hand as he watched the sunset.

jimin should be there.

it's still annoying to know that you've fucked every person on the student council," jimin panted, grinding his hips against jungkook's, trying to get some sort of pressure.

"and now i'm fucking the student body president exclusively, isn't that what you call character development?"

jimin laughed, pulling up to meet jungkook's gaze. "i trust you," jungkook nodded, thumb caressing jimin's thigh. "but i'm scared of losing you. is that too mean?"

"you don't have a fiber in to you to be mean," jungkook whispered. "i know what you mean, jimin. i'm scared of losing you too."

"good," jimin smiled. "because i'm the best thing to happen to you."

"i take that back, you're mean and self-absorbed!"


how mad are you," jungkook broke apart the disposable chopsticks.

jimin hummed, grabbing a spoon from the kitchen, putting some rice on the plate. "how mad do you think i am?"

"don't answer my question with a question."

"oh?" jimin put some portion of the noodles, then the meat. "then how should i answer it?"

jungkook sighed, leaning his chin on the palm of his hand. "saying that you're not mad because you completely understand where i came from?"

jimin scoffed, grabbing some plastic wrap. "i do understand where you're coming from, jeon."

jeon? yeah, he was in deep shit.

they both turned to look at the ice cream truck in the distance. jungkook could quickly find jimin, his orange hair making it even more easier.

"shit, is that really him?"


"he looks hot."

jungkook leaned his head on the chain of the swing. "yeah."

“hi." jimin finally met his gaze. "he got a new tattoo?"

"yeah, over the summer. he kept sending me pictures of updates. he did it himself."

jimin glanced at yoongi. "it's in a very intimate place."

"you're jealous?"

"no," jimin looked away, cheeks turning pink. "just--uh, pointing out facts."

jungkook chuckled. "okay."

yeah, taehyung."

"wait," jimin reacted. "kim taehyung? from daegu?"

yoongi scoffed, shaking his head. "why does it even surprise me that you know him? yeah, kim taehyung from fucking daegu."

jimin's eyes widened. "you're the guy taehyung got close to over the summer?"

"he talks about me?"

jungkook snickered, which yoongi snarled at him for. "cute."

jimin cleared his throat, jungkook almost laughing at that too. "yeah, he says you're tiny and soft."

"sounds familiar," jungkook mumbled.

"soft?" yoongi frowned. "wow, i think you just cured me from liking him. how the fuck am i soft?"

jungkook shrugged. "you can be soft."

"fuck you, jeon."

jimin giggled, smiling. "i love you."


"a lot," jimin moved, resting his head on jungkook's chest. "even though they only saw you today as my best friend, it's probably one of my fondest memories."

jungkook ran his fingers through jimin's hair, "me too. one day i hope we can all come together, you know. both our families and just, shit i don't know, be able to hold your hand over the table."

jimin giggled. "and kiss you goodbye."

"and hello and every three seconds."

"just three?"

"you're right. let's kiss forever."

jimin giggled. "sounds like a deal."

jungkook looked up at the stars. "we'll be like this during the day too, right?"

"one day," jimin whispered. "yes."

are you boys going to prom?"

jungkook froze. recognizing that voice. he stopped breathing, stop thinking as he looked up.

"jimin!" yugyeom got up to hug him. jimin giggling as he hugged him back. "i can't believe you're here!"

jimin smiled at all of them. "i'm here to do a practice run of the golden pencil. i'm in charge of giving it to this years winner."

"really? that's amazing!"

"so. are you boys going to prom?"

jungkook scoffed, finally coming back. "why would we waste a night of fun watching high school idiots grind up on each other when we could just go to a club?"

minghao nodded. "i agree. i rather go clubbing than see that bullshit."

"i might go alone," yugyeom sighed. "these idiots don't want to go."

jimin smiled, gaze moving to jungkook and jungkook only. "i was hoping you could give me a 'hand.'"

jungkook raised his eyebrow. "a hand?"

"a hand."

jimin giggled softly, making jungkook furrow his eyebrows. "i forget sometimes."

"forget what?"

"that you're so young," jimin cupped jungkook's face. "that you act and talk like an adult but you're still a child at heart."

jungkook frowned. "you're only one year older than me.”

"i don't know," jimin leaned his cheek on his knuckle. "do we have some giant reset button somewhere?"

jungkook chuckled. "i think it's underneath our table."

"no that's just a big ball of chewing gum."

jungkook laughed, shaking his head. "friends?"

"what? you and me?"

jungkook shrugged. jimin sighed, biting his lip.

"friends?" jimin hummed. "okay, yeah. let's try it."



"do you like tulips?"


"cause you're tulips are pretty."

jimin snorted, covering his mouth. "what?"

"i'm sorry, that was lame."

"that didn't even make sense!"

"shut up."

"my tulips? my two lips?"

"i'm trying here."

jimin giggled, leaning back on the hood. "trying to what? make me fall from laughing so damn hard? you're weird, jeon."

"i'm trying to be cute, what? you hate it when i act cute?" jungkook sighed. "it's hard for me too, you know."

"your voice is weird," jimin shoved him.

jungkook unzipped his jacket, jimin looked at him weird. he took out a paper tulip.

"a tulip," jimin chuckled, taking the paper tulip. "thank you."

"and another."

"oh wow, two, three, wait jungkook, how many--"

jungkook took one out with a ring stuck to a petal. jimin looked at jungkook.


"park jimin, whether we date in the future or not, i promise to love and protect you. you don't have to wear it but i just, shit, i'm sorry. i screwed things up, didn't i?"

jimin sighed, stopping jungkook from getting off the hood. "why are you like this? it's hard for me." he mimicked.

jungkook smiled. "you're not mad?"

"i'm touched more than anything," jimin took the ring. "thank you, jungkook."

jimin leaned forward, kissing jungkook's cheek. jungkook felt his cheek warm up, looking away.

"thanks to you back, uh, friend."

jimin giggled. "thanks for the flowers and ring, buddy."

“and don’t forget the bread, okay? please, please tell me you won’t forget it again.”

“baby, i promise i won’t,” jungkook laughed as he wiped his hands, dirty from painting all morning. “just get the kids to school, already, it’s late.”

jimin pouted, wrapping his hands around jungkook’s neck. “if you buy us bread, i’ll surprise you.”

jungkook raised his eyebrows, one of his hands wrapping itself around jimin’s waist. “oh? with what?”

“i’ll wear that pretty lace thong i wore on our honeymoon.”

“oh fuck,” jungkook pulled jimin closer, just becoming aroused from the memories. “you really want bread that fucking badly?”

“you try telling your son that he can’t have his favorite pb&j in the morning,” jimin kissed jungkook two times. “okay, i have to go, i love you. bread, okay?”

jungkook rolled his eyes, “yeah, yeah, you better wear that thong.”

“already am,” jimin winked before waving goodbye, closing the door before jungkook could say anything else.

jungkook laughed, biting his lip at the thought. he shook his head, walking back to his paint room, putting away his daughter’s paint set, picking up his son’s dinosaurs. he walked over to his painting, chuckling softly.

“park jimin,” jungkook whispered. “i caught your fever and i’ll be feeling it forever.”

someone knocked on the door, startlingly jungkook. he looked up to see jimin, sheepish smile on his cute face.

“one more kiss?”