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Jealous Possessive

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The club was happening and Peng Fang felt high on the alcohol, all the beautiful women and the good music floating around them. Between him and Wu Zi Ang they had a woman hanging from each arm and alcohol aplenty before them.

As usual they had taken over a private table in the club where they could do their own thing without interruption from other patrons enjoying the club scene. Da Li, as usual was by himself on the far right corner of the couch, taking in the music and Yuan Yang, for some unknown reason was on the other side, looking like he was sucking on a bitter melon.

Peng Fang didn’t have it in him to pay too much attention though, he was enjoying himself way too much. The girls were receptive and the alcohol kept flowing and he had his friends with him. Really, what more could a guy ask for?

It went on for a few more minutes until he could see Yuan Yang typing on his phone, his irritation seeming to have gone up a notch. He watched from the corner of his eyes as Yuan Yang sat back, then forward in irritation, never taking his eyes away from his phone like the device was personally insulting him.

Peng Fang wondered what the problem was. Did somebody owe his friend or something? Was Yuan being stood up by a girl? Did his friend plan to beat somebody up?

That actually sounded like fun. Eh, now he wanted to beat somebody up too. Definitely fun.

Peng Fang actually kept an eye on Yuan Yang as the night progressed. He wanted to know so bad what the problem was but he’d learned from experience never to engage the volatile Yuan Yang when he was in this state unless spoken to first. For Yuan Yang to be this worked up meant some poor bastard would be at the end of his fist before the night was over and Peng Fang is so looking forward to that.

It was around 9 pm when Peng Fang saw Yuan Yang’s phone screen light up and the determined edge that crossed his friend’s features when he read whatever was on the screen. Yuan Yang took off towards the exit like a shot and Peng Fang followed close behind, ignoring the disappointment from the girls as he made his escape. When he made it outside he saw Yuan Yang heading for his SUV in the car park and he shot ahead of his friend and jumped in the driver’s seat.

“Hey, I’ll drive, get in the back.”

Yuan Yang’s eyes narrowed but he angrily got in the back seat, slamming the door closed behind him. Peng Fang started the engine but startled when the passenger door suddenly opened. He grinned wolfishly when he saw it was Zi Ang.

“Let’s get this show on the road,” Peng Fang grinned excitedly and Zi Ang mirrored his excitement.


“Stop here,” Yuan Yang ordered and Peng Fang brought the car to a stop at the side of the road at the sudden command.

“What is it? What’s here?” Peng Fang asked while he looked around. They were in a rather upscale part of the neighborhood, with high class restaurants, shops and hotels. He kept looking for something or somebody that might indicate why Yuan Yang wanted to stop here but he saw nothing except the people doing their things and going about their business. He looked to Zi Ang beside him, who shrugged in his own cluelessness. Then he craned his neck and looked at Yuan Yang in the backseat and he noticed his friend was laser focused on the restaurant across from them, a scary look on his face. He looked back at the restaurant, taking in all the people sitting and eating that he could see through the clear glass window. It took him a few looks but when he saw them he couldn’t help the “Oh shit!” that fell from his lips.

“What, what is it?” Zi Ang asked anxiously, looking at the restaurant too but not recognizing who was inside.

“Yuan Yang, what…?” Peng Fang was about to ask but his friend opened the car door and slid out before he could finish, briskly making his way to the restaurant’s entrance.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck,” Peng Fang groaned while he banged his head against his hands holding the steering wheel. He looked back up and watched as Yuan Yang made his way inside, bracing for all hell to break loose inside the establishment.

“Peng Fang, what the hell is it?!” Zi Ang asked determinedly and Peng Fang looked at his other friend in worry.

“It’s Manager Gu,” he answered.

Zi Ang still looked puzzled and confused. Of course he would be, he wasn’t inside the hotel room when they all went to Nanlin to set Gu Qing Pei up, when Yuan Yang became a demon that rode Gu Qing Pei all the way down to hell and back.

Peng Fang watched as Yuan Yang walked up to the table where Manager Gu and some guy was sitting. The guy, whoever he was, looked really put out by Yuan Yang’s presence while manager Gu looked a mix of irritated and embarrassed. He had no idea what Yuan Yang was saying but it made the other man uncomfortable and then he said something to Manager Gu that had the man standing abruptly and grabbing his arm to lead him out of the restaurant. But judging by his stance Yuan Yang wasn’t finished with the guy because he kept speaking and the guy was starting to answer him back, slowly standing while his mouth moved with rebuttal.

Manager Gu let go of Yuan Yang’s arm and stormed away, forcing his friend to run after him. Manager Gu turned to head down the street and Yuan Yang grabbed his arm way too tight before he marched him over to the car, opening the back door and forcing the smaller man inside.

“What the hell was that?” Manager Gu cried out.

“Gu Qing Pei,” Yuan Yang growled in warning after he got in, getting all up in Manager Gu’s personal space.

Peng Fang looked to Zi Ang, wondering what the hell was about to happen here.

“I was having dinner…”

“With Wong Jin!” Yuan Yang spat.

Peng Fang jumped at the steel in Yuan Yang’s voice. He watched through the rear view mirror as Yuan Yang grabbed the other man’s face forcefully and snarled.

“I’ve been texting you all evening, and here you are getting cozy at dinner with him. How many times am I going to tell you to stay away from that guy?!”

Manager Gu slapped the offending hand away and fixed his glasses on his nose before countering, “And how many times do I have to tell you I have to do this? It’s proper business protocol.”

“It’s business when you’re having dinner more than once with the guy that wants your ass? I swear, Gu Qing Pei, if you allow Wong Jin to touch you I’ll strangle him and you!”

Manager Gu only chuckled and Peng Fang felt like Yuan Yang was about to explode around there.

“I’m tired of repeating myself,” Manager Gu sighed out tiredly, like he was being most inconvenienced.

Peng Fang wanted to ask where Yuan Yang wanted to go because they were loud enough that passersby were looking at the car as they passed by, but before he could open his mouth his friend started talking again.

“And I’m tired of repeating myself. When you get me this angry I just want to fuck that attitude you have right out of you.”

Woah! Ok, that was unexpected. Not like Peng Fang didn’t know Yuan Yang was still tapping that ass but this, in front of him and Zi Ang, was a whole new level of possessiveness from Yuan Yang that he wasn’t used to at all.

“Your friends are in the car,” Manager Gu ground out in a low voice, obviously embarrassed and upset by Yuan Yang’s caveman display in front of them.

Yuan Yang leaned closer so he could whisper in Manager Gu’s ear, for all of them to hear, “I don’t give a fuck.”

Manager Gu shot Yuan Yang a cold look and his friend only hung his head and laughed before looking back at the man before him like he wanted to eat him alive.

“Peng Fang…” Yuan Yang said suddenly.

Peng Fang jumped like a frightened animal at the sound of his name, looking at his fright reflected in Zi Ang’s expression. “Y-yeah?”

“Take me to  xxxxxxxxx”

Peng Fang obeyed, occasionally watching the two men through the rearview mirror. Yuan Yang kept this shit eating grin on his face while he stared Manager Gu down the entire time he drove towards his destination and Manager Gu kept his gaze firmly away, obviously knowing what that look meant if his blush was any indication.

Peng Fang could guess and it wasn’t a pretty thought. He remembered that first time in Nanlin, how his friend had used five condoms and Manager Gu had needed a doctor because Yuan Yang didn’t care that he had almost fucked the guy to death. There was bleeding on the sheets and bruises on the smaller man’s skin and fluids everywhere. Lots of dry, tacky fluids all over the bed sheets. Yuck.

When he found the street Peng Fang pulled up to the house with the number his friend had told him. He wondered where the hell this was because he knew all of Yuan Yang’s hangouts and houses and this wasn’t one of them. Zi Ang didn’t know it either because he was looking around at the posh house and neighborhood in confusion.

“Get out of the car,” Yuan Yang spat with authority and Peng Fang was drawn back to the two, wondering how his friend had become such a savage beast overnight. He’s never seen this side of Yuan Yang and he’s seen his friend in a lot of compromising positions with girls over the years, even ones he’s liked and it was never like this.

Manager Gu actually looked hesitant and maybe a little afraid. He fixed his glasses on his nose in an actual nervous tick and sighed. “No, I change my mind. I’ll stay at a hotel tonight, I don’t want to be anywhere near you right now.”

Yuan Yang tsked before he followed up with, “I can fuck you in the house or I can fuck right here, right now. It’s your choice, Gu Qing Pei. I’ll give you 5 seconds to decide. 5, 4, 3…”

Not here, not here, not here. Yuan Yang fucking a man wasn’t something Peng Fang wanted to see right now or up close and he was sure Zi Ang felt the same. If he wasn’t sure he would lose his hands he would have dragged Manager Gu from the car himself because Yuan Yang never says anything he doesn’t mean.

“…2 …1,”

Manager Gu bailed from the car so fast Peng Fang almost didn’t see him until the door was already closed. He released the breath he didn’t realize he was holding in a shaky exhale.

“Hey, Peng Fang, Wu Zi Ang…” Yuan Yang said while he turned to leave. “Don’t wait up, I’m going to fuck that guy all night until he understands himself. I’ll call you tomorrow.”

Peng Fang didn’t know how to respond to that so he didn’t. Wu Zi Ang sat beside him dumbfounded. He watched his friend walk up to the driveway until he reached the front door, which was locked. Gu Qing Pei was fast. He could see his friend’s shoulders giving away his mirth before he reached in his pocket and produced what was obviously a key, letting himself in. Yuan Yang started removing his jacket even before he closed the door and Peng Fang felt sorry for Manager Gu’s ass. He really did.

“Holy shit! Is Yuan Yang really fucking that guy?! Didn’t he hate his guts?! And when did Yuan Yang become gay? What the hell?!” Wu Zi Ang asked in shock.

Peng Fang looked at his friend ruefully and shook his head. “Just know this, there’s something special about Manager Gu’s ass that even the mighty Yuan Yang is obsessed with it. Don’t question it or Yuan Yang will punch your teeth in and never, ever touch the guy because you’ll hurt badly if Yuan Yang finds out. Just accept that this is the way things are and leave it at that, ok?”

Zi Ang nodded his head in agreement. “Ok, but that was savage even for Yuan Yang. I’m wondering if the old guy will need a doctor later.”

Peng Fang put his foot on the brake and turned the engine over. “Don’t worry. Manager Gu will get a fever and then he’ll be fine. At this point his ass should be used to the pressure anyway.”

Zi Ang looked at him skeptically and asked, “How do you know that?”

Peng Fang chuckled while he stepped on the gas and drove away. “I just do, leave it at that, ok?”