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Of all the Chances, this Love happened

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For someone who had initially been rather resistant to advancing their relationship physically, Can’s near constant hunger for sex after their first time threw Tin for a loop. 

Not that Tin was complaining. He was attracted to Can and possessed of a libido as well. But there had to be a limit to how often a normal human could orgasm in a day and Can seemed to take that as a challenge.

It started with sleeping over. After an initial denial and fight, Can always walked into Tin’s space, throwing his clothes any which way until he was “comfortable,” leaving Tin to pick up and fold everything properly. This usually meant Can was doing homework in a t-shirt and boxer shorts, which also meant Can was promoting “easy access” of sorts. Once Can was bored of his homework, it lead to Can pushing Tin’s laptop off his lap like a cat and settling into its place, warmer, heavier, and much more insistent for attention, mouthing along Tin’s jaw.

Tin was a good boyfriend. He paid Can all the attention he requested after that. Besides, Tin was ahead in assignments anyway. He’d be fine.

This would usually be it. Can with his insane refractory period would get off at least three times as Tin worshiped his body before he was satiated and Tin was left to coolly collect himself and not appear as worn out as he felt. Can would then deny that he was interested in doing anything for the next few days, claiming that Tin was the cause of going multiple rounds. 

Tin would always fire back that it wasn’t him pulling Can’s ass onto his crotch the immediate day after. Can could only pout in reply.

Next, Can started pulling Tin away at lunch to make out in quiet IC Faculty bathroom stalls. Tin found himself always having to kiss Can deeply to muffle his moans as he stroked Can’s insistent erections to a quick climax lest he hump his thigh and leave stains right before going back to class. Can was more than happy to reciprocate after that and continued to tease Tin after one particular instance when Pete came looking for Tin. 

Can had been sitting on the toilet, Tin’s dick stuffed deep into the shorter boy’s unsurprisingly large mouth as Pete talked to Tin through the stall door about not being late for a presentation. Tin refused to admit that the subsequent orgasm had been one of the best of his life, but Can’s shit eating grin as he wiped his mouth was a significant indication that he knew better.

Attempts at a repeat of such an event were not successful, much to Can’s disappointment and Tin’s relief. Pete’s grin as Can pulled Tin away at lunch was often far too smug after that day as well.

Tin had a feeling things were getting out of hand when Can started taking his right hand away from the steering wheel on drives home to grind against. Tin thanked the fact that his car had automatic emergency breaking for the fact that they hadn’t gotten into an accident yet. 

He was also mildly upset that Can had nearly conditioned him to reach for his dick instead of the gearshift. Can’s moans were a rather nice incentive after all.

It was only after moving in together that Tin took a second to tally up the surprisingly large amount of sex he was having with Can. The resulting number was essentially a lot. Waking up to Can’s morning blowjobs, shower make out sessions, lunch handjobs, drive home handjobs (and the one passenger seat blowjob which had been particularly distracting, difficult, nerve wracking, and far too erotic), and then regular sex at least three times a week on nights with no homework. 

Tin was not complaining per say. Other people weren’t either. Apparently orgasming more than five times a day had been good for modulating Can’s energy levels and loudness. Or it could be all of Can’s shouting during the day was difficult when he was already nearly hoarse from moaning during morning sex. 

“Are you trying to break a record?” Tin asked after one particularly spirited night. 

“Are you not enjoying it?” Can said as he curled up against Tin’s side. “You’re the one who said you wanted it too!” Can then threw his leg over Tin’s hip, letting his half hard dick rub against Tin’s thigh, making sticky trails on skin. “Just one more...”

Tin huffed, made a mental note to buy stronger coffee and some vitamin supplements in the morning before grabbing Can and tumbling them over into the sheets again as Can simply laughed about his victory.