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Hogwarts Fluff

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Green had given him a gorgeous quill and notebook for Christmas in their fourth year, for him to write down his song compositions.


The feather was a mixture of brown and green, the green catching the sun perfectly through the windows. The metal tip had his name engraved into it, and honestly Dim had scolded his boyfriend at first.


He didn’t even want to think about how much money it cost, when he’d only given Green some silly chocolates.


His favourite chocolates, but they did not measure up to Green’s gift.


At first, Dim didn’t dare use it, scared that it was going to break at the slightest touch. He kept it on his bedside table, where he stared at it every night before going to sleep, remembering the look on Green’s face when the younger boy handed it over.


He’d clearly been nervous that Dim wouldn’t like it.


It wasn’t until their little break, that Dim decided it was time to use the quill, instead of leaving it to gather dust. He brought it to every class, remembering Green’s bright smile when he first saw him using it.


“I thought you’d thrown it away.” Green whispered.


“No… I was just keeping it safe.”


“… I love you.”


Dim was shocked for a couple of moments, before a slow smile spread across his face. “I love you too.”




Being in love didn’t stop their arguments though.


“…. You were flirting with him Green!” Dim hissed, ignoring the look from Madam Pince, “And don’t tell me you weren’t!”


“I wasn’t!” Green protested, “That’s just how me and Tine are!”


“WELL IT SHOULDN’T BE!” Dim yelled, pressing the quill into the parchment in frustration, only to hear a loud SNAP.




Dim dropped the now broken quill in horror, pushing himself away from the table and taking a step back.


“P’Dim…” Green whispered in shock.


“I didn’t mean to.” Dim whispered, “I- I just- “


“- It’s just a quill.” Green whispered, “It’s okay.”


“No, it’s not.” Stubbornly, Dim repaired it, mentally making a note to put the quill down when they next argued.


He made a great point of putting it down when they argued after that.