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The black van pulled into the camp, finally.

Beam rode in the van with Forth and everybody else travelled together in different vehicles. They didn’t reach at the same time but Laem, Niran and Bank walked up to them hurriedly when they drove in, looking them over.

“Dude, you’re forty five minutes late, where were you guys? I thought for sure your van ran off the road, I was about to call a search party out for you,” Niran griped.

Forth smiled, his face glowing as he got out the driver’s side, almost tripping when he landed on his feet.

“Told you they were fucking,” Laem murmured low enough for Beam not to hear from the other side of the vehicle.

Niran blushed and Bank fixed his glasses on his nose nervously.

Laem held his breath when Forth walked up to him and answered lowly. “If you have an ass like that under you you’d fuck it every chance you get too.”

Laem whistled. “Cool down, my friend, leave some for later. We need your Wifey at his best, not sore from a dick down.”

“That it was, dude, that it was,” Forth snickered, a shit eating grin on his face.

Bank coughed loudly, shifting their attention to the fact that Beam was approaching them with some equipment in his arms.

“Hey, what are you all here whispering about?” Beam asked seriously, his gaze passing over each of them in turn. Everybody chose to ignore the fact that he walked with a very slight limp.

“Oh, it’s nothing,” Forth offered nonchalantly while he took the stuff Beam handed him, clearly knowing how to deal with his wifey.

Beam gave them all another appraising once over, clearly not believing his boyfriend.

Laem, Bank and Niran stood there nervously, hoping Beam didn’t pick up on their conversation topic, which was his sex life. Nobody wanted to cross Baramee Vongviphan, the guy looked more serious than a judge sometimes and later he could become your doctor. Revenge would be slow but it would be sweet for Mr. Vongviphan.

“Fine. Take these to the camping area, Forth. You others can help me take out the food ingredients and put it in the kitchen, I’ll start prepping for lunch,” Beam instructed while he walked back to the van, Laem, Bank and Niran trailing behind him obediently.


Cake kept a really close eye on one of her favorite couples at the camp; the head hazer and the doctor. The head hazer, Forth, took his shirt off while he did manual work and even she could admit the guy was Fine, with a capital F. She wondered sometimes if the plan was to turn on his boyfriend or everybody else who was interested, because his hot body was a hot topic throughout the camp…and at school.

She sat sipping her juice after lunch and she just didn’t know how to leave the two hot guys alone. Petal, her other friend, crossed into her line of sight before sitting beside her and following her gaze.

“So guess what I found out?” Petal asked excitedly, her brown eyes gleaming.

“Spill!” Cake instructed excitedly.

“Apparently they went off road for some sexy time earlier, that’s why they were so late.”

Both girls squealed in fangirl excitement.

“Wait, wait, wait… how do you know?” Cake asked suspiciously. As much as she was a fujoshi, she didn’t want anybody spreading false rumors about her idols. Lies had a way of starting out small until they exploded into something big eventually.

Petal rolled her eyes. “One of my friends overheard brother Bank complaining that lunch would have started half an hour earlier if P’Forth could keep it in his pants and P’Forth flipped him the bird while laughing.”

At the revelation both girls fangirled uncontrollably.

“So, we have more material for our fanfictions.” Cake withdrew her mini novella of oneshots about the two from her bag and they read through the latest one, brainstorming ideas based on recent events.

“For this part, we can say P’Forth and P’Beam were heading out on a cross country road trip when they just couldn’t keep their hands to themselves,” Cake offered, pointing to the text where the information could be added.

Petal nodded, making notes in the margin of the page with her pencil. They kept tossing ideas at each other, totally engrossed in their Forth and Beam universe until an ominous shadow fell over them both.

“Oh, P’March,” they chuckled nervously before standing. Cake tried to put her stories away as inconspicuously as possible, not wanting to draw attention to it.

P’March, the camp coordinator, stood before them, scowling with his arms crossed.

“Shouldn’t you two young ladies be helping the others? Lunch ended half an hour ago,” the man pointed out. He was a slim built, forty five years old man that was sometimes mean and not everybody liked him. He would walk around the camp giving orders but not actually help with anything. P’Beam did most of the work and everybody knew it.

Cake looked around and realized that the others had indeed started working again. She nodded with her hands clasped and scurried off, both her and Petal agreeing to meet up afterwards to pick up where they left off.

They clearly intended to write lots more as time progressed, keeping an eye on the two that made their heart beat faster.


“Hey, you feeling ok?” Forth asked while walking over to his boyfriend, who was sitting on a log under a tree with his eyes closed.

“I’m fine, just tired,” Beam answered with a smile after opening his eyes.

Forth handed his boyfriend the bottle of juice he had in his hand before sitting down, looking almost upset.

Beam picked up on it and bumped his shoulders lightly into Forth’s. “Hey, don’t be upset, I’m fine, really.”

Forth sighed mulishly. “I wish you wouldn’t do this, you shouldn’t be doing so much with that asshole P’March not even acknowledging your efforts.”

“I’m doing it for me, not for anybody else,” Beam answered simply.

Forth could accept that but he still didn’t like it.

They were far enough away from the other people’s line of sight that Beam felt bold. He brought his lips close to his lover’s ear and whispered hotly. “Besides, do you know how much I love to see you with your shirt off, you’re hot body glistening with sweat while you work, knowing everybody else can look but can’t touch because they know what I’ll do to them if they try?”

Forth smiled bashfully, instantly getting hard at the way Beam just loved to assert his dominance sometimes. “You do?”

“Of course, and I’ll show you later just how much. You didn’t tell your little friends you got as good as you gave me earlier, did you?” Beam asked, his baritone low and his pheromones high.

Forth shook his head, hunching his shoulders and smiling like a girl getting dirty talks from her crush. “No, I didn’t.”

“Why? Don’t want them to know you love spreading your legs for me too?” Beam bit at the shell of Forth’s ear and Forth shivered before answering.

“That’s not it, it just never came up.”

Beam smiled before kissing Forth on the lips, their tongues doing a very familiar dance of dominance before Beam pulled back, licking his lips while they both eye fucked each other.

“We can’t do it here, but later you’re getting it good, do you understand me?”

Forth honestly felt all tingly inside. He nodded his head. “Yes, Wifey.”

Beam slapped him upside the head and Forth laughed while rubbing at the spot. “There you go again, always hurting the patient.”

“Quit it with your wifey crap, you’ll be the wife tonight.”

“Gladly,” Forth smiled, waggling his eyebrows while his lover rolled his eyes.

“I need to go help the juniors with one of the classrooms, then dinner. I’ll see you later,” Beam said while standing and brushing off his pants, trying to will his erection down.

“Promise?” Forth asked with a smile.

“Yes,” Beam answered before walking away, his gait sexy as hell as he went towards a group of girls that were probably looking for him for something.

Somebody was always looking for him for something.

Forth allowed himself a moment of internal fangirling for his hot ass wifey before he composed himself and became the sexy, bad boy again. He then he found Laem and Bank and they finished repairing some desk and chairs that was in need of it, his anticipation simmering under his skin for later.

It’s going to be so, so good.