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Kiss The Boy

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Kai looks at Third in disbelief, "You don't believe me? You don't believe me? This time, you are giving up on me as well, aren't you?"


Third whispers, "Ai'Kai, please, I need you, don't be like this, please, get over this." Both of them look guilty and close to tears, it is hard to do this but it has to be done. Both are right, from their individual stand point views.


Third continues, "It is hard to believe your theory, Ai'Kai."


Kai takes a deep breath. He turns away and mutters to himself, "I am not making it up. I am not mad, I am not insane." He speaks more to himself than to Third and Third wants nothing but to help Kai but he knows he can't give in.


Kai believes that someone is out to get him, someone is stalking and following him, someone is out to hurt him, that someone caused the accident on purpose. Third already had it investigated thoroughly with the cops and with the help of Bone, Two and An. Nothing fishy was discovered. Things became more clear after they spoke to the doctor about Kai's symptoms, after they got to know about Delusional disorder.


Kai needs help and Third can't go soft on him now. If Third were to be soft now, Kai can never be saved or helped. It is hard to be tough on Kai, he is not in his right mind but this has to be done.


Third steels himself and says firmly. He bites back the stutters, his insecurities and the tears that threaten to reveal themselves.


"It is hard to believe! Damn, there is no proof! It is just in your head, it started after the accident please... Ai'Kai, please. Come back to me. I can't see you hurting yourself like this, deluding yourself like this. No one is after you, love. No one is trying to kill you, please. I need you. I know it is hard but please, don't destroy yourself. Even if you don't believe in yourself, believe in me and I will help you regain trust in yourself, OK?"


"How can you be so sure that no one is targeting me?"


"Kai, I am glued to your side all the time. I haven't sensed anything. Our friends haven't noticed anything. The doctor says that this is something mental, this isn't real. That it is a part of the symptoms. Please. If you get the required help, it will become better. There is nothing wrong about this."


"You think I am insane, off the rockers, don't you? You don't believe in me. You think I am mad, crazy, don't you?"


"Baby, please, no. You are not mad or crazy. It is related to your psyche, your mind. It is serious. That doesn't make you insane. It can be cured, you just need the treatment, Kai, listen to me, please? Things won't be better immediately but we can reach there, together."


"Those therapies, those meds, those shots... they won't make me feel like myself. What if I lose myself? What if I lose you? What if I lose what we have, our emotions, our bond? I don't want to be a living corpse. I would rather have my memories and emotions rather than get better by losing all of them."


So, Kai knows about possible side effects of medication. Is he insisting that someone is following him because he is afraid to change? And not because he really thinks that? It is a good sign, if he is starting to realize things but it still saddens and hurts Third a lot. He needs to accept these.


"It will be difficult but Ai'Kai, therapies, treatments and meds will help you. I will always remind you about us. I am here, I am not going to leave you alone. You are not facing this alone, really. It is worrying now but you are not alone in this, I will help, things will work out slowly, very slowly, it will take a lot of time and patience, cooperation and reiterations but we will get there together, don't give up on me."


"You don't believe me."


"Baby... I am sorry but you are not right this time. It is the disorder that is speaking. I just want you to get better, Ai'Kai, please, really. I really looked into it with the help of cops, please, please."


Kai breaks down and Third hugs him tightly and lets him cry it all out. He watches as An, Two and Bone see them from far with pained expressions, unwilling to interrupt.


Third is going to make Kai feel better, no matter what.