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Phantom, The assassin Hero

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“Well, let’s see how good you have become”



Izuku stepped into the fake city and jumped to the nearest building in his reach as he continued to do so until he reached a fairly high one. If he understood them correctly then he would have to defend against the three.

Well, that would be hard as both Kirishima and Uraraka were almost as fast as him, but he couldn’t picture them running away. 

He turned his invisibility on as he waited for his aura to cover him, meanwhile, he tried to think of new uses of his newest ability, he had gotten on the terrorist mission. Killing almost twenty terrorists had his tattoo grown much more, even adding a new color.

The quirk was not much, just the ability to create an invisible platform or shield. It was nothing useful for him since he was an attacker and not a defender. But he wouldn’t complain about a new quirk, furthermore, the platform could be created anywhere in a one-meter radius around him.

It even stayed there for a second, so that meant he could use it as a steppingstone. Maybe it was even just made for this because the platform vanished after only one little touch. He could use it to walk through the sky, but he wasn’t sure how many he could use until he reached his limit.

Well, for now, that didn’t matter, because it was just his ace card when he faced the three. Speaking about them he saw how the city started to smoke. It seemed that Momo wanted to take his vision away, but that also meant they wouldn’t see him.

Unless she created night vision glasses for them, seeing that it would counter his invisibility and his mist, it was the most logical option. He turned off his invisibility again as it had no use now and would just cool him down.


A fast movement caught his eye as Ei sprinted to his building and smashed it with all his might, he could already feel how the building started to fall as the lower half of it was completely smashed away.

Yea, his boyfriend had night-vision on, he sighed as he jumped away from him. It would be wrong to fight the tank first. His priority was Momo, the longer she was in the game the more dangerous it would become.

He almost reached the new building when suddenly his whole body started to feel heavy.

Gravity Pull ” Shit how could he have forgotten this ability of hers. Only now did he see Uraraka in the building he was about to jump on, so they even calculated his escape route, not bad.

He could already see Ei waiting for him on the ground, but that wouldn’t be so easy as they thought. He grabbed his kunai and connected it with a rope before he used it to get away from Eijiro.

At least now he knows from where they came from, he jumped over all the buildings to their entrance. If he guessed correctly then Momo should still be there, he could already hear how the two flanked him from his left and right side.

So, that meant that it was really true, she must have hidden somewhere there. He used the last high building to propel himself even more as they got close, though that was a mistake as he was in free fall and had no building near him to escape to.

Even more so as two gigantic nets were shot in his direction, he thought about cutting them for a moment, but Momo knows what he could do, so these things must be special. It hurt his pride that he already had to use his trump card, but he would be caught without it.

“The fuck?” He had to smile as he heard his boyfriend under him curse in wonder, it was surprising to see someone just jump up in midair. It was cheating like in video games when someone did a double jump or in his case multiple jumps in midair.

He used their surprise as he created a second platform to jump straight at the unprepared girl, Uraraka couldn’t do much as he knocked her out. His instincts told him to dodge as a rock was shot at his head, fuck that smoke was taking his vision.

“Got a new quirk again?” Eijiro asked as he tried to hit him, Izuku dodged a few but was hit with a surprise attack as Eijiro hardened the energy around his feet. That punch hurt like hell and now he saw no reason why he shouldn’t hit back.

Their fight continued with Izuku cutting Eijiro up and he was amazed how much pain the boy could tolerate. Eijiro was closing all his big cuts with his healing almost instantly as he sometimes hit him back, though, he couldn’t shake the feeling that Eijiro was stalling for time.

This continued for at least five minutes until Izuku felt how his moments began to become slower, he couldn’t dodge most of Eijiro’s attacks anymore. What was wrong with him? He shouldn’t be exhausted from just this.

Did Ei somehow poison his breakfast? No that can’t be, they wouldn’t know what kind of test would come until just an hour ago. But he wasn’t hit with anything until now so that only left the smoke.

“Sleeping gas mixed in our smoke screen” Eijiro answered his silent question, he wanted to curse himself. Because Eijiro could regenerate and detox the poison, but that also meant.

“You sacrificed Uraraka for this plan” Yea, she had no way to avoid it and she couldn’t wear a gas mask for the plan to work.

“It was her plan and I would say it worked out well.” Indeed it did, but he wasn’t out yet. His resistance against poison was high so he could find Momo before he was out cold. But all the fast movements let his blood in his veins just run faster and with that the poison.

He created a platform and jumped away from Ei, he had already discovered where the produced poison came from. Momo would be defenseless since she was producing this amount of poison the whole time, her fat reserves must be almost out.

Jumping around the corner he was faced with a Momo who had her entire back exposed as gas came out, even now he saw the tripping wires as he jumped over them silently. He would eliminate her and try to fight Eijiro after this, though he wasn’t very optimistic about his chances.

The three of them had gotten really strong already. Hitting Momo’s pressure points from behind he already felt that something was wrong but it was too late, electricity shot through his entire body as it paralyzed him.

He saw how Momo turned around and put the cuffs around his arms.

“You totally fell for our plan President.” She said before the tone came out that the match was over, he didn’t hear it clearly as his eyes became heavy when he slowly drifted to sleep.








Izuku groaned as he woke up, he had a headache from the sleeping gas. Another groan came out as he realized that he had lost against the three.

“You shouldn’t move too much.” Ei said from his side as he handed him a glass of water. Izuku gladly took the glass as he gulped it down.

“Who planned this?” He asked as he gave the glass back to Eijiro.

“It was Momo, she made the overall plan. Uraraka planned the attack and I provided them with your most likely ways to react.” Izuku nodded along as he heard him.

“Momo pointed out that you would finish us one after another, so we needed to lure you into a trap. Uraraka said that she would let herself be eliminated to let you feel at ease, it worked out well since you didn’t notice the poison until was too late.”

Izuku could only agree with Eijiro on this, they had defeated him with a good plan. He was going to train harder from now on, it was unacceptable to lose. 

Next time people around him could be hurt or even die, he was glad that Eijiro was getting stronger, but it also meant that he would have to get stronger to protect him.

“You did well Ei, you have grown so much over the past month.” Izuku said as Eijiro smiled at him.

“Yeah right, look I’m almost a head taller than you now.” Eijiro said as he stood up, now that Izuku paid attention to it, he was right. That guy was growing like he took some steroids and not only that, he was also getting more muscular.

Eijiro definitely looked like a little greek god, something that woke up desires Izuku never had encountered before. He wanted to explore the young man in front of him, to devour him.

He never had these kinds of urges in his life up until now, had always everything under his control, but he couldn’t deny that Eijiro was drawing him in. It was hard to control something he had no experience with.

“You look good, the top outlines your muscles perfectly.” Izuku tried as he gave his thoughts a way out, it wouldn’t hurt to say the things he thought, right?

“Thanks?” Eijiro replied or more asked with a heavy blush as he avoided his eyes, well that looked cute. Eijiro was really perfect, sexy and cute at the same time. 

“I’m just trying to vocalize my desire instead of just rubbishing you straight away, but I must say that it doesn’t work out all that well.” Izuku thought out loud as Eijiro blushed furiously.

“What do you do if desire overcomes you like this?” Izuku asked but was surprised as Eijiro pressed his lips hard against his as he kissed him. Eijiro didn’t stop there though as bit his lower lip to get access into his mouth to deepen the kiss.

“I take a kiss to satisfy it for the time being and take the rest later in the bedroom, or at least that’s how I’m going to do it from now on” Eiijro said confidently when pressed Izuku’s chest down to lean over him.

Izuku was staring right into these beautiful red eyes when pulled Eijiro gently down to his kiss him again, it was different from before. This time it was filled with love and passion instead of lust and hunger.

“Auww” Kirishima hissed out as he rubbed the back of his head where Recovery Girl hit him with her cane.

“You should watch over and not devour him the moment he wakes up” The old lady scolded as Eijiro looked a little sheepish. 

“Is there any kind of pain besides the headache?” Recovery Girl asked Izuku as she checked the young man over, well boy, but they all respected him enough and knew that he was more man than other adults.

“No, everything is fine.” Izuku answered as he did a short check of his body himself, it seemed that she had healed the small wounds Eijiro had left on him. 

“You can go home then, I didn’t expect anything away.” She said as she almost throws them out of the infirmary, well, they shouldn’t have made out in her workroom.


“Are Hitoshi and Shoto already home?” Izuku asked as he put his jacket on. 

“Hmm, Denki is also there” Eijiro hummed out with a smile as Izuku cursed under his breath.

“I think he wants to stay for a sleepover.” Yap, Eijiro enjoyed it to provoke Izuku like this, because he knows how much Denki bothered Izuku. One, because the boy was just everything Izuku didn’t like for a man.

He was undisciplined, immature and maybe Hitoshi liked him more than Izuku. Second, because the boy was somehow likable, his personality was so happy and carefree that you had to like him, which created a conflict with the first part.

But Eijiro knows that Izuku liked Denki more than he let on, or the boy would already be thrown out of their apartment. 

“We are back”