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Phantom, The assassin Hero

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Izuku was on his way home from school. He tried to hide the burn marks Kacchan left on his wrists, but he knew that it would be hard to pretend this time.

After a month, the last boy got his quirk in the daycare, the other children started to call him quirkless, useless, a Deku, all for lacking a quirk. He thought that Kacchan was his friend, but he changed, and it wasn't a good change in his eyes.

He looked up to see that he already reached the apartment door. He pulled out his keys to enter but stopped as he heard his parents fight again. He sighed as he waited for it to end.

Their fighting was becoming more regular and he didn't like it one bit. They were fighting because of his quirkless status. His father wanted to chase him out because of it, but his mom wouldn't allow it.

He almost yelled when he heard a loud crash inside and swiftly opened the door to see what happened. He ran inside but he couldn't see nor hear anything. He tried to sneak as he slowly made his way to the kitchen.

It was at this moment when Izuku's life changed forever. As he rounded the corner, he saw something that he will never forget in his entire life. In front of him was his father, covered in blood, a knife in his right hand. He looked at Izuku with a shocked expression as if he couldn't believe what he had done, but for Izuku his expression didn't matter.

He was staring at the only human who loved him in this cruel world, the only person for him that made his daily life bearable. He tried to process that this only person, his mom, was dead in front of him, blood pouring out from her stomach, covering the whole floor.

He looked up at his father who was still in denial 'What did I do?', 'This must be a dream' and 'It can't be' and oh Izuku hoped with all his being that this was just a dream but he knew better.

Suddenly his father's expression turned from shock to outrage as he looked at him.

"You, you, you... this is all your fault, you quirkless shit!" His father said while swinging the knife at him. He stumbled backward to escape when he was struck across his arm causing him to yell out in pain.

A large cut on his arm, as blood leaked out. He was on his butt still moving backward when he felt a knife in his left hand. It must have fallen when his parents had argued but it didn't matter to him right now, because he was about to lose his life, so he did the only thing he could think of, and that was trusting his knife forward as he closed his eyes and hoped.

After what felt like hours to him he opened them and saw his father. His eyes were wide, his mouth agape, and most importantly he had a knife stuck in his chest. He breathed out in relief when his father hit the ground.

The next moment, he screamed as a tattoo formed on his biceps. He looked at it but couldn't see much since his eyes were blurry with the tears running down.

He again looked up at his mother and cried. He cried and cried until there was nothing left, all these feelings for his mother were so strong and happy but now they were sad, filled with hate and so much pain.

He couldn't take it anymore as he lied on the floor, his eyes wouldn't stop crying, his heart wouldn't stop hurting. Until it all stopped, he wasn't crying anymore, and his heart didn't hurt in the slightest.

He looked around but no matter what he saw it didn't trigger any emotion in him. Not his loving mother and not his abusive father, nor the blood all around him. For a second, he thought about why he didn't feel anything but buried it fast.

He’d check it later. As he walked into the living room to get the first aid kit and bandage his arm, Izuku quickly called the police and waited.

This was the day Izuku lost everything he had in exchange for a quirk he didn't know about.


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Detective Naomasa had a bad day. First, his damn phone woke him up an hour earlier than it should, then the coffee shop he usually gets his coffee was closed for some reason, and last but not least he was in an interrogation room with a FUCKING Five-year-old child.

He closed his eyes as he deeply sighed, because what in the world was this officer thinking to put a child into a dark room without windows. This child just lost both his parents for god's sake.

He opened his eyes again and was at least grateful that they got the child fresh clothes. The kid still had some blood on his face and his hands but at least his clothes aren't soaked in blood anymore. His thoughts suddenly got distracted by something very disturbing and that was the kid himself.

Because the kid just sat there, a blank face that was unreadable, his body still and his expression still the only thing that was moving was his chest and his eyes as he stared at him. What unnerved him the most was his blank dead eyes looking and waiting to start something.

"Hello I'm detective Tsukauchi Naomasa and I will help you through this," he said awkwardly, as he looked at the kid who just nodded.

"Okay, I will ask you some questions so that we can understand what happened. Then we can catch the villain who did this." He said and again the kid just nodded. He hoped that the kid wasn't traumatized so badly that he couldn't talk anymore because that would make his job really hard. He should start with some easy questions.

"What's your name?"

"Midoriya, Izuku Midoriya.'' The kid answered in such a monotone voice that he couldn't read any kind of emotion from him, but his quirk tells him that Izuku said the truth. It still concerned him though.

"How old are you?"

"five" truth again, and again as monotone as before.

"Can you tell me what happened? Can you tell me who killed your mother?" He asked, and in the same second, he could have slapped himself for asking the kid something like this directly.

"You don't have to tell" but the kid cut him off.

"My father killed my mother because I'm quirkless, then he tried to kill me so I killed him" 'truth' now this was not something that he expected. It was the fastest confession in his career and the saddest on top of that. A five-year-old child killing his own dad in self-defense. It was something that he didn't want to think about but still, it was just sad no matter how you looked at it.    

"When do I go to prison?" the kid asked, and it shocked him that the kid asked about prison and not 'if' but 'when'. It really concerned him.

"There will be no prison, you're a child and you acted in self-defense," he said, and the kid just nodded again. As he looked at the kid, he just couldn't believe it, in his age of five the kid already killed someone and had no family to go to. On top of that, it seemed as if the kid just had no emotions. It was risky but he had to ask.

"Midoriya, do you feel anything?" he asked as gently as possible and it was the first time that the kid reacted differently than before he tilted his head to the side.

"No, not anymore, I don't know how but after a while of crying and this pain in my chest just disappeared" 'truth' again and also confirmation that Izuku buried his emotions deep down in his heart to survive the pain of losing someone he loved.

"Now what will happen, I mean with me." The kid asked bringing him back to reality and wished that he could tell the kid something good. But his parents had no relatives that could take him. Furthermore, he was quirkless and this society didn't really care about them.

"I don't know kid, is there no one you could go to or is there?" he asked hopeful but the kid just shook his head.

"I know that my parents paid the rent for the apartment for the next four years, I can live by myself." 'truth' he looked at the kid like he was crazy to think that he would allow it to let a child live by himself.

He knows that this kid is more than capable of living by himself since he abandoned his emotions and with that, he would always make the most logical decision. But it would take his entire childhood away, it would isolate him and most importantly he didn't know when he would get his emotions back and collapse with that.

As he looked at Izuku he was surprised to see that he had his phone in his hands and searched for something.

"I don't think that you can do that, you're underage and you have no income, from what I have seen and the Bank Accounts of your parents that will last for about a year or two before you have nothing to buy food and clothes. On top of that, you have to go to school and can't work so it's highly unlikely that you can live on your own"  

His eyes widened as he saw what the kid had searched on his phone, as he held it up to him.


For the first time in his life, he felt glad that he was quirkless because right now it gave him the possibility to live on his own. The law stated that children, if no guardian there, had to go into foster care, but that didn't include quirkless children since nobody adopted them and so they just cost them a bunch of money.

It was cruel and just evil to cast children out like that but it was also his way to get what he wanted and that was living by himself. To isolate himself from this society.



The funeral of his mother was short as almost nobody attended. There were some of her colleagues and the Bakugou’s were also there and tried to comfort him, but it was pointless. He had locked all his emotions away to make sure that he would never have to feel that pain again. Katsuki stared at him as if he had grown a second head as he did nothing but stand and waited until it was over. No tears, no sobbing, no emotions at all.

It made Katsuki angry that Deku wasn't reacting at all. This quirkless shit had just lost his mother and father to a villain and did so as if they were strangers to him. He was about to attack when his father placed a firm hand on him with a very disappointing look in his eyes.


It was the next day and Izuku had two weeks until he had to go to school again. It was laughable to give someone that short amount of time grief, but it was all he had. He first cleaned the apartment and then started to clear the room of his parents to make an improvised gym.

He immediately started to train his body. Now that he had no emotions, he thinks differently, for example why he didn't fight back before he thought that he couldn't win, that he wasn't in the right as a quirkless useless Deku to fight. Now though he knew that most of his classmates' quirks were nothing that could help them. He had to learn to fight because now no one will defend him.

(as if there was someone before)

When he finished doing his workout, he showered and that was the first time that he saw the tattoo on his right biceps. It was a small figure crouching in a tree with blades in his hands or more kunai.

It was completely black just the eyes of the figure were as green as emerald. Touching it he could feel how his fingertips were getting covered in something cold. He looked at his fingers to see an aura around them. He was confused at how he got the tattoo and what this aura was or what it did.

He then remembered the pain he felt right after he killed his father, so he most likely got it then. What it did he had no idea. His fingers were still covered by it and it was getting too cold for them. He tried to shake it off, but nothing happened.

The next best thing was to think it away and hope that his body will follow. What he didn't expect was for his fingers to turn invisible in front of his eyes. He again tried to stop it this time thinking about stopping his quirk and like that his fingers turned visible again.

Looking at it for more than 30 seconds he began to laugh. It was just too ironic, all the pain and cruelty he had to go through just because of this fucking quirk, and now he had one but it didn't matter because there was no one left to share it with.

He will keep it a secret, he has to or the government will send him into foster care.


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It was Sunday, and with that signaling him that his time at home was over. Tomorrow he had to go to school again. He would say that he hated it, but he can't, he left this feeling behind instead he just thought that it would be a waste of his time. One thing that he learned quickly in these two weeks was that emotions are a hindrance to his learning.

It's an obstacle to prevent someone to think completely logically. He had read all books for this school year and had memorized them instantly. It was like his brain now had way more places to store all this information away.

He was lucky that it was like that because he had to be on the top spot on the school from now on or maybe some dumb adults would try something to get him to live with others.

He also made great progress with his quirk. His quirk wasn't something flashy or strong, but it was certainly useful. He could cover his whole body with his aura and then turn invisible. He had a maximum limit of 10 minutes before it got too cold for him. It was not much but with training, he sure can increase the time limit.

He also practiced material arts that he had learned from the internet thanks to his new way of learning. It was easy to learn it if your body moved exactly as you wanted it, with no hesitation or fear of getting hurt.

He just had to watch a video and then practice it for his own body to remember. Of course, he had to fight to test it and learn to master it, but for the school bullies, it should be enough.

Next day

Izuku was sitting in his chair waiting for classes to start as the other students one by one came into class. They looked at him in pity and some even in disgust, but he didn't care. The teacher finally arrived, and the class quieted down as he began the lesson.

It was the last class before lunch, and he was bored. All the things the teacher explained were so logical and he had already read to book about it. He was looking out the window when the teacher called him out.

"Midoriya if you have time to look out the window instead of focusing on the lesson then you sure can solve this sentence," The English teacher said. Izuku just looked up at him with dead eyes and the teacher flinched slightly.

With a sigh, he stood up and made his way to the front. Someone tried to trip him, but he just used so much force that the student fell from his chair clutching his feet in pain. Of course, his foot was also in pain, but the pain was something comforting for him. In a world where he felt nothing, pain remembered him that he was still alive.

"I'm sorry I didn't see you there" he just simply said to the boy as he made his way to the front. He ignored the shocked class as just grabbed the chalk and corrected the sentence.

"Is there anything else you need sensei," he said in English, he still had a heavy accent, but it was flawless for a five-year-old anyway.

"No no, all good Midoriya sit back," The teacher said shocked.
The class was soon over, he packed his things to eat lunch outside. He was almost done with lunch when half of the class came to his side, led by Katsuki himself.

"Look what we have here a useless Deku," he said with a smirk, but it disappeared pretty fast, turning into an angry scowl. Deku didn't even look at him at all.

"Hey, you piece of shit I'm talking to you!" He said angrily as his quirk activated. Some of the classmates backed away from him but this piece of shit still ignored him. So, he went up to him to grab him he was shocked as Deku moved out of the way.

He looked up, still shocked that Deku had dodged him, but what he saw made him take a step back as he stared into Deku's green eyes. They once held so much happiness and love but now they were dead, looking like a snake ready to attack.

"I'm sorry Bakugou, I didn't know you were talking to me since my name isn't Deku," Izuku said in such a monotone voice that some took their distance. Katsuki on the other hand was in shock that Deku just talked back to him.

"Of course it's your name you peace of shit! You're a quirkless, useless Deku after all." he said, what he didn't expect was for Deku to laugh at him.

"Sorry, sorry," Deku as he went back to his monotone self.

"It's just that the teachers always praise you for your intelligence, but you are too dumb to see that you just said the same word twice since Deku means useless." that broke something in Katsuki. Deku was mocking him and he called him dumb. He will kill him.

Katsuki used his quirk to attack him with his right hook, but before the punch could connect, he saw how Deku dodged to the side placing his hand on his face and a leg behind his. He wanted to react but just as this thought crossed his mind, he felt the push against his face. He flew backward on his butt.

The class was shocked that the quirkless kid had just thrown back their strongest kid.

"You will leave me alone. From now on you call me Midoriya." He said as he walked through the group of children who parted for him.

"You shitty nerd! Stay there or I will destroy you!" Katsuki yelled as he stood up. His nose was bleeding, but it was nothing serious.

"What do you want Bakugou?" Izuku asked again as he looked over his shoulder.

"Fight me, you bastard!" He said, ready to charge again but stopped as Izuku turned and held his arms up a signal for him to wait.

"I will if you accept a bet," he said, his voice still monotone his face unchanging.

"What bet?" Katsuki growled out.

"If you win you have one wish that I will do. If I win you will leave me alone and call me Midoriya since we are no longer friends." Izuku said.

"Fine by me! It's not like some quirkless kid has a chance to win against me, one day I will even surpass All Might!" Said the cocky blonde boy.

"Fine then start." Izuku said but didn't move at all. Katsuki on the other hand rushed at him at full speed, hands upfront to blow the fuckers face-off, but like last time Izuku ducked to the side and then kicked him into the stomach so hard that he flew back. He vomited from the pain but looked up as he heard someone running toward him.

What he saw feared him. Izuku was already in front of him with a roundhouse kick slamming into his face. He was in so much pain. He wondered where Deku had gotten all this power from, being able to hit him this strong. Soon he felt his vision started to go black as he fell unconscious.
When he woke up the first thing he registered was that he was in the nurse's office, the second thing was that his entire body hurt like hell. He hissed in pain and it seemed like someone heard him. He looked up only to be met with his dead green eyes again.

"What the fuck do you want De.." was cut off by immense pain in his arm as Deku gripped it.

"I'm just here to make sure that you hold on to your end of the bet Bakugou. So, from now on don't talk to me unless it's necessary and don't call me Deku again." he said in a dangerous voice. More like a whisper as he leaned forward.

"Because if I'm useless, what would that make you then? Someone who lost to someone as useless as me?" Izuku said as he gripped his hand even stronger bringing tears to Katsuki's eyes. The blonde didn't yell, much to Izuku's displeasure. It would show weakness and that can't be shown. He already lost so much of his pride today.

"Make sure you listen, or I will have to make sure that you never be a hero. That's a promise." Izuku said as he left the room.


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It was a year since he had beaten Bakugou on the school ground in front of his class. To his relief Bakugou hold up on his side of the bet and only talked to him when necessary. Some of the kids were afraid of him, the others find him cool since he destroyed Bakugou so hard that he had gone into the hospital.

Izuku himself had to limp for a week since his foot had a fracture from his kick but all in all the other students left him alone. Something that he was really thankful for, he just couldn't believe how cruel they could be. They were only six and bullied children for their quirks. Even if they stopped bullying him out of respect or fear he didn't know, they still bullied children with weak quirks just for the shake of it.

First, he thought that he should help them but if he remembered correctly, and he did, then they didn't help him when the other bullied him, sometimes they even joined in. So they will have to face their consequences.

That however didn't really matter to him since he had problems of his own. His money was getting short after a year. He knows that he spends most of his money on expensive and really delicious food but can you blame him. It is one of the rare times he can feel something. The enjoyment of good food, so of course he buys it.

Looking over his bank account and his monthly output he had about 5 months left before he is out of it. Legally he couldn't get a job as a six-year-old child but there are other ways to get money. Over the year he learned to hack into almost any electronic device, so he will gather information on people and sell them.

It was something that he was really good with since his analyses skill is good and with his quirk and hacking skill he will easily be able to gather information on whoever he wanted.

But he had to set himself a few ground rules first. He knows that one day he will get his emotions back and that he shouldn't do something that his future self will regret then.

Rule 1: Do only jobs on or for people who deserve it.

Rule 2: Never physically hurt someone permanently.

Rule 3: Put your own safety over your job.

Rule 4: Always try to get as much money as possible.

Rule 5: Try to think like before, try to be good, try to be Izuku again.

And with that, it started slowly. He gathered information all around him but mostly on successful businessmen or politicians. When he found something that could be used against them, then confirmed that they deserved it, he would contact someone that would profit from this and sell his information.

The first few months it was hard since no one knows him and so he had to find clients but after 4 months his name slowly began to spread. It also helped that he bought some graffiti spray-cans and sprayed his email address and his offer for information over skyscrapers.

That was only possible thanks to his quirk, he could cover the items with his aura and make them invisible as well. So he sprayed his message and then took off until he was about 500 meters away and turning it off to make it visible again. 

He was getting better with his quirk as his time limit increased to one hour before he got too cold. This had a slight side-effect with him being in his aura shutting off all around him. It was nothing dangerous just his skin and hair slowly turning white. It was really slow so he didn't think much about it since his hair was just slightly lighter than before, so still dark green if not black

He had thought about taking material arts lessons since he now started to go around to actually meet his clients. He also wanted to learn how to move faster, his tattoo, his quirk, was given him a hint to be like an assassin or at least that's what he can gather from a person sitting in a tree with two kunais. 

So he started to google how ninjas and assassins moved before quirks appeared. It was hard to do since he had to learn a completely new way to move but it was definitely way more silent and faster than his normal movement. He trained and trained over two years until one day he couldn't hear himself moving anymore. 

His material arts also improved massively with real training partners from the dojo near on. 


Time skip 

Izuku was 9 years old when he killed someone. It wasn't even hard for him, it was just turning himself invisible and wait for his target to get home. He then just sliced the man's throat and let him slowly fall to the ground. He didn't feel a thing by doing so and he wasn't even sure if he would have felt when still had emotions. This man was a murderer and rapist. 

He had gotten his mission from a businessman whose daughter was killed. He was relatively fine with it and the payment was more than worth it. With this amount of money he could live for 4 years before going back to work again, but he wouldn't stop now. Who knows when he would need extra money and besides he could say that he liked his job.

It gave him something to do, a purpose, it saved him from his normal and boring school life that he still had to attempt.  

But what interested him the most was that his quirk seems to evolve with killing. Right after he killed the man his biceps started to burn again. It wasn't nearly as painful as before but it was still there. When he looked at it, he could see that it had grown about an inch, but that was not the only thing the leaves in his tattoo turned light pink. Now it looked like a Sakura tree.

The visual change was nothing compared to the physical change of his body. Suddenly his weight dropped about 25 kilograms. Making him way faster than before, but not only that with this much weight loss he could now not only run as if he had a speed quirk but could also jump from walls to walls with this kind of speed. 

He once tested it before if he jumps around like that to catch your target from different angles. Before he was just too heavy, now thought it was pretty easy after two months of training. 


The school was just pure boredom, he was alone and he had nothing to do since he was two or three years ahead of his class. The only interaction he had were students asking him why his hair was getting more and more white. 

Bakugou god forbid tried every year to fight him and every year he punched the shit out of him. He was rather popular at school for his pure white skin and hair, if you add his dark green eyes he was a really handsome boy. He was still small but he was pretty muscular, not bulky, more lean and athletic. 

This, however, is all for nothing when you are quirkless and emotionless, the students might admire you but they will never befriend you. It was strange since he was the best at everything in school his grades are always perfect and in sport, he was faster and stronger than his peers.

Actually, he was so fast that some people said that he had a speed quirk. The only thing he had to look out for was his tattoo since it is forbidden for children in Japan, so he always used bandages to cover it. He first thought that he could use his quirk but it turned his whole arm invisible so it was no option. 


He scrolled through his email to choose a mission when he found a very interesting offer. The offer itself was pretty normal, the person behind the offer on the other hand was really interesting. He answered that he would accept the job and send the person the location to meet him. 

He had a small grin on his normally monotone face as he looked at the screen. Meeting Nezu will be interesting. 

He put on his costume as he made himself ready to meet the mouse bear dog thing. His costume was pretty much like his tattoo, just an old fashion ninja-like outfit in black. A year ago he had bought some kunais and a lockpick set so that he can enter almost everywhere. 

He made his way to an abandoned warehouse to meet Nezu. He just hoped that Nezu wasn't so dumb and use this as a trap because the last time someone tried something like this with him it ended badly for the other.

Chapter Text

The warehouse was empty as Izuku sneaked in, he was 30 minutes early so it was understandable. He used the time to look around and see if this was a trap or not. 

30 minutes later Midnight came in. On her shoulder was the principal sitting with his always never leaving smile. They looked around to find him but with his quirk on, they would never see him. But time was running short and he had just about 20 minutes left before he would get a frostbite.

He jumped down from the ceiling with almost no sound as he landed in front of them. 

"Midnight, Nezu it is nice to see you" he said cheerful but his voice was so monotone that it sounded forced.

The principal looked down from Midnight before he jumped down to the ground, as he heard the voice way more to the ground than he expected.

"I would like to say the same Phantom but it seems that you will not reveal your identity to us" the principal said. 

"Hmm, it wouldn't be wise to do that" Izuku just said waiting for the other to explain the mission, but seemed that the principal had other ideas.

"say why are you so small, your even smaller than me. Or do you crouch down so that we don't learn about your real high" the principal asked as he scratched his paw into Izuku's face. Izuku was so surprised at how fast the principal was that he couldn't dodge it, so now he had a really fucking soft paw in his face feeling him up and down. He then sighed and gripped the hand/paw of the principal so hard that he squeaks.

"Now, now, Nedzu you know how rude it is to just touch someone's face" He said gripping a little harder. Midnight was about to use her quirk on them. Izuku reacted fast as he jumped five feet away with the principal in his arm, bringing a kunai to his neck.

"Midnight stand down or I will have to kill your boss here" he said as the kunai slowly turned visible to her. She held her arms up and took a step back to show that she would not attack.

"Now Nedzu is there something you want to say" he asked as he pressed the knife a little deeper.

"I have a job for you. We have lost one of our new teachers and can't find him" he said breathing heavy.

"How about we start with ' I'm sorry Phantom-san that I just touched your face without permission '. Just because you are not human doesn't mean that you have to lack our social standards" Izuku said as he pressed a little further.

"Okay, okay, I'm sorry that I touched you Phantom-san" Nezu said in panic. Normally he was good at reading people but Phantom was different. No body-language that he could read and his voice was so monotone that he couldn't even put an age to it.

Izuku then literally throw Nedzu back at Midnight, who tried to catch him, but failed as Nezu landed on his butt.

"Back to business, who is missing since when, where is the place he was seen and so on?" he asked them.

"His name is Eraserhead and he is missing for two days, the last place where he was seen was in U.A. and that is all we have" Nedzu said as he rubbed his butt. 

"so is my mission is to just find him or should I bring him back" He asked. He really had to hurry it was getting colder with each second.

"Bring him back, now about the payment" Nezu said but was cut off.

"Okay you will have him by tomorrow, I will come by and get my payment" Izuku said before he dashed off, they only knew that he left because he had used the door. 

"you think that was a good idea Nezu" Midnight asked the first time this evening. She looked at his neck in concern.

"hmm, I shouldn't have touched him like that" he said as they started to walk back.

"What do you think of him" she asked. She knows that Nezu always tried to solve the human character. 

"I can say nothing about him. From his height and face I would say that he is about 8 to 10 years old, but it could also be an illusion quirk. So I have no idea, in this world pretty much everything is possible." He said he settled down on her shoulder.



Izuku was getting more and more irritated. First, he tried to hack Eraserheads phone to locate him but it seemed that the U.A. teachers all had some Nezu proved special edition, so hacking was out of option.

He now tried to track him through the street cameras, the only problem with this method was that Eraserhead was just damn good in avoiding them. Lucky him though because he knew almost all routes around the city where cameras have the most blind spots. He just had to find out which route he took. 

It was almost five hours of work but it was worth it. He had found the guy or more a glimpse of him in one of the street cameras. He was also lucky that this street was surrounded by cameras and he hasn't seen him come out, which means that he must be somewhere in this street. He packed his things and started to move. 

An hour later he was in the street looking for something suspicious. It was practical to have a quirk like his for this kind of work. He can go around unseen and look out for all kinds of information. He wandered through the street until he found it. It was a guard, a guard means something is in there that has to be guarded. 

He checked his taser over before he climbed through an open window on the 3 floors. Looking around he could see some people mostly guards. What caught his eye was that they were mostly mutant-type quirk user. If he thought about it, he hasn't seen so many mutant quirks at once in his whole life since they are quite rare. 

He moved around to look for Eraserhead. He was thankful to himself that he learned how to move without making any noise because right now he had to go right through three guards. It seemed that his training wasn't pointless since they didn't even hear his breathing as he passed them.

He got down to the basement as he saw Eraserhead hanging from the ceiling. His arms and feet were bound together by chains. He saw just one guard in this room sitting in the left corner. He sneaked up to him and positioned himself behind the man. Then he instantly brought the guy in a choking hold and pressed his kunai on his throat. 

"Scream and you are dead, move and you are dead, use your quirk and you are dead if you understand that then slowly move your right leg forward." he whispered. The guy trembled a little but did as he was told. 

"Now where are the keys to his chains?" he asked and the guy slowly pointed at the box under the table. He was to 90% sure that guy wouldn't lie to him so he tasered him. He then walked to the box, look at that there were the keys. 


Aizawa was having a shit time hanging from the ceiling. Yesterday was just like every other day, he worked or more taught this class of hormonal teenagers with too much power for their own good.

Then he walked home and made himself something to eat, he was just out shopping when he caught something suspicious and took after them. He infiltrated this house but what he didn't expect was that 90% of the people in here were mutant-type quirk users.

Now he was hanging from the fucking ceiling and thought of a way to get himself out, but whatever plan he had was thrown away as he saw the guard stiffen before he slowly moved his foot forward. It was strange seeing the guy like that, he looked pale as he pointed at the box with the keys. He next moved he knew why he acted so stiff as the poor guy was tasered. He looked around trying to see someone but he didn't find the person. 

He then heard the box open and before he knew it the locks on his chains were opened and he fell to the ground.

"Can you move?" a monotone voice asked him. If he didn't know better he would have said that it was his voice. It sounded so tired and bored. 

"Who are you, why are you here?" he asked instead of answering. 

"What's with all of you hero's nowadays, so inpatient and disrespectful. I asked first and I would like to have an answer." The guy said. His voice was again flat and monotone but this time it also sounded dangerous. 

"yes I can move" he answered as he tested his limps, letting blood flow through then as he stretched them.

"good because I doubt that I could carry you and my quirk is running out of time" The guy said, as slowly he could see an aura appearing around a now visible boy before it disappeared. He blinked one time, then again but still. He couldn't believe it before him was a small boy or he thought it was a boy given by the voice but who knows. 

"Kid what in the world are you doing here, shouldn't you be in bed, where are your parents" He asked a little too shocked. The kid on the other hand seemed to ignore him as he bowed to him.

"it's nice to meet you Eraserhead" He said his tone still monotone. He was about rant again when the kid continued.

"I'm Phantom, Nedzu hired me" Now this was a mind blow. Nezu had hired a fucking kid to safe him. He will kill his boss after he gets back. What was more mind blowing is that the famous Phantom was just a little kid by his height he would say 8 or 9. Phantom existed about three years now that would mean that this kid had started with 6 or 5 to be one of the best infobroker in japan. 

This is just insane who on earth looked at their child so rarely to let the kid do something like this. On the other hand this kid had so much potential in what he was doing, to gather so much information on anybody he wanted. To make a network for himself without the possibility for the police to track him down. But the most potential was his ability to move without a single tone. 

Seriously he was trained to be a underground hero, to hear someone three floors above you, but this kid had moved through the whole room to the guy without him even noticing. He looked down on the boys face just to see this piercing green eyes staring back at him. His head and body was covered in a ninja like outfit black outfit. 

"why on earth are you doing this, your just a kid" he asked irritated, sure he had potential that outmatched his students he had now, but kids should have a childhood and play with friends. Laugh and Cry when they played together and not blackmailing people all around japan.

The kid sighed as he straighten again from his bowing position.

"you know in such a conversations you would say something like 'It's nice to meet you too Phantom' or 'thanks that are here to save my butt' but no all rude and unprofessional. Now is not the time talk about me, between five to ten minutes their will be a new guard coming and my body needs time before I can use my quirk again" Phantom said.

He looked at the door the kid was right they don't have much time left. They needed a plan to get out. He looked down and sighed he was really unprofessional right now. It hit his pride pretty hard that a kid just slightly higher then his hip knew better what to do. He had to change in his work persona or they wouldn't get out here.

"your right, It's a pleasure to meet you Phantom, do you have any kind of information about the villains out side" he asked. He had to tread him like an equal in this moment he isn't a kid, he is Phantom.

"yes in this building are 24 people but just two of them have emitter quirks, that makes us two completely quirkless in a fight. Our advantage is that mutant type quirks don't have range so we can fight them in hand to hand combat." Phantom explained as he tossed him his capture weapon. 

"we can take four or five out if we strike first, it isn't a good plan but it is all we can do with the limited amount of options we have, the only question is how good your are in fighting Eraserhead" Phantom asked as he started to walk up the stairs. 

"with my quirk I depend on hand to hand combat so pretty good" he said walking after the kid who stopped as he looked at him.

"your movement is pretty loud for a stealth hero" Phantom noted as he looked at his foots. He started walk hear it himself and could only hear a slight tone of this steps. He actually was pretty proud of his technique but it seemed it wasn't enough to compare to the Phantom. On the other hand this guy was a specialist in stealth, so it didn't wondered him that he was so much better then him in it.

They reached the door when Phantom signaled him to be as quit as possible. He then closed his eyes and leaned his ear on the door. Three second later he opened his green eyes again.

"I will take the three on the left, you take the two to the right, we have a 30 seconds before the others will come. Unless we defeat them fast and quietly. Be careful we don't know if they have weapons" Phantom said as he checked his taser again before he started counting with his fingers.





Chapter Text






Aizawa didn't expect Phantom to run off in that amount of speed, the boy was already by his first victim before he even got through the door. He could see Phantom slamming his feet into the neck of a guy double his own height, taking down the first of his three targets.


He himself sprinted to a shocked guy slamming his knee into his face bringing him down with him. He looked at his next target, but it seemed that this guy was prepared as he dodged his attacks. He jumped away as he saw a tail coming at him.


Out of the corner of his vision, he could see the boy sliding under the second adult tasering his balls. The man was about to scream in pain when Phantom hit the guy's throat so hard that no voice came out. 


He got smacked into his face while he was distracted but blocked the next hit from the guy. He used his capture weapon and brought the villain to him before putting him in a choke hold. The guy struggled a little while but eventually fell unconscious. 

Meanwhile Phantom used the shoulder of the second guy to jump straight at his last target and used his taser on their neck. He then let the guy slowly to the ground to make it less noisy. 


Izuku looked at Eraserhead and nodded as he saw that the hero had taken down his targets as well. Still, they made some noise so there will be at least one guy coming down to check on them. He signaled the hero to follow him upstairs, they wouldn't have to fight all villains. It would be enough if they can fight off the four on this floor and then just escape through the front door. 


He used sign language to tell Eraser his plan who nodded before they dashed out again. Izuku used his quirk to cover the taser making it invisible, he then threw it at the villain who was going upstairs. He jumped against a wall and took off from there jumping to the next wall and so on until there was just a small blurred black point bouncing around.


He used his kunais to cut the arms and legs from the two villains, as Aizawa took down the fourth. 


The two then sprinted to the front door and out running over the rooftops as they heard shouting and cursing. They called police and heroes to the location, but it seemed that the rest was already off. 


Izuku looked behind and laughed the first time in so many years. He wouldn’t admit it to anyone, but he was really having fun right now. He froze up as he realized what he just thought and instantly put his emotions away. But what is once broken will never be put together like before, there will always be a small crack. 

His joy was even more short-lived as he was suddenly held in Eraser's capture weapon. 


"This is not the payment I thought I would be getting for rescuing one of the best underground heroes." He said with a flat but annoyed tone into Aizawa's face. 


"Sorry kid, I'm grateful but you are still a kid and what you are doing is Illegal. I will bring you to the police station then we can find your parents" he said lifting the boy up.


"The fuck kid, why on earth are you so light? What is these 10 kilograms maybe 15?" he asked as he brought him closer with just one arm. Oh, that was a mistake, because the next moment he had a foot planted into his face with so much force that his nose broke.


He stepped back and realized that Phantom was no longer bound. How in hell could he muster this amount of strength with this little mass. It was just against the simplest physical law, for strength you need mass and speed. The kid had speed without a doubt but mass, he just didn't get it. It could be a quirk, so he stopped thinking about it, because with quirks everything is possible. 


"Sorry about your nose Aizawa-san, but I would rather not go to the police." Phantom bowed before just casually starting to walk away. Aizawa frowned as he activated his quirk and his capture weapon again just for Phantom to sidestep it.


"Please Eraser, we both knew that I'm way faster than you with or without a quirk." the boy said before he jumped down from the roof. He went to the edge but saw nobody as he looked down, he sighed as he called Mic to get him to Recovery Girl. 


It was two hours later that all the teachers were in the conference room waiting for a small animal to come. Aizawa was sulking, his nose had been healed by Recovery Girl, but his pride was down. It didn't help that Mic and Midnight were teasing him for being captured.


Nedzu was happy that Aizawa was there but at the same time his face was rather sore. 


"Sorry that I'm late, I had to negotiate the price with Phantom about the rescue mission" He said sitting down on his chair. The hero's waited for him to continue since they knew not to interrupt him.


"First of all, I would like to say that I'm glad that you're back Eraserhead." He said with a happy smile but a second after his smile vanished. Some of the teachers paled since Nedzu always wore a smile.


"Now I have bad news for all of you, I will cut your salary short about 4%" First the heroes didn't react, then there was chaos, some outraged, some just shocked and others just wanted to know why.


"Silence please!" Said Nezu as he hopped on the table.


"Why are you cutting them short?" Mic asked, completely forgetting to not interrupt Nezu.


"5% for you Mic." The teacher just said. Present Mic was about to say something when Nezu just looked at him with a raised eyebrow. It was clear if he asked it would just cut his salary even shorter.


"Now then, I will have to do that since Phantom has calculated an enormously high payment for his job." Nezu said. Some of them looked confused, because this is U.A., they have money to build 1000 robots just so that they can be destroyed each year. 


"I don't get how high it can be to cut our salary short." Midnight asked. 


"His price was one million." Nezu said as if it had something to say. 


"But we have more than one million yen (about 9000 dollar)" Snipe said.


"Sorry about that, let me clarify. He wants one million dollars." Nezu said. All the hero's faces turned pale as they looked at him. One million dollar is just unreasonable. They were heroes, so they were already on top of the food salary chain, but even with their Salary it would take them 5 to 10 years depending on your rank to get so much money. 


"This is a completely unreasonable amount of money for such a mission. We do this kind of thing all the time and don't get paid that much" Power Loader said still with shocked expression.


"I'm afraid it is not, I have discussed that with Phantom and that is what we could agree on. Here you can see the receipt" Nezu said, giving them the note. The teachers all grouped and looked at it.


Finding Aizawa: 100000.  Was fucking hard just so you know.


Sneaking in: 100000. Was pretty exhausting.


Fighting Villains: 50000. I took 6 out.


All in all, that makes 500000 now multiply that with 2 for Nedzu's rudeness by our first meeting.


They all looked at Nezu for explanation what that meant but it seemed that he won't tell them anything. Then Midnight slammed her hand down glaring at Nezu.


"You just touched his face!" she almost yelled. Now the teachers looked even more confused but thought better of it then to ask. 


"Now, now, please sit down all of you," Nezu said, clapping his paws. 


"We have three years to gather the money so it shouldn't be that much of a problem. Now the last thing Phantom wanted is" Nezu looked at Aizawa, who pleaded that it was just a coincidence that Nezu was looking at him.


"Eraserhead," shit this world just hates him. "Phantom said to cut your salary down about 6% and give it to Recovery Girl." Now all hero's were staring at the old lady who had a puzzled look on her face.


"He said that the poor woman was getting old and didn't get enough recognition for her hard work, since without her we couldn't do any practical training without a student having to go to the hospital." 


"Oh, I like this man, send him my gratitude Nedzu" she said with a pleased expression on her face.


"Will do, now that is over let's talk about the information, we have on him." 


"First of all, he is short and it seems he has an invisible quirk or something" Midnight said.


"You are right Midnight, this is pretty much everything we knew about him, have you seen more Eraserhead?" Nedzu asked. Aizawa took a deep breath as all teachers looked at him.


"He is a child, so around 8 or 9-" he was cut off by Hound Dog.


"Just to be clear, the famous Phantom is a 9-year-old kid." he asked with a shocked expression.


"Yes, it seems so. His quirk wore off after he freed me, he is slightly higher than my hip" he said gesturing with his arm.


"Wait, wait, wait, Phantom is already 3 years active. That would mean he started at 5 or 6 years old!" Mic asked, a little pale. 


"It seems so but let us hear Eraser out and then discuss this." Nedzu said.


"Right, he has green eyes. The rest of his body were hidden with his ninja like outfit. He is a specialist in stealth, you hear literally nothing when he walks around even when he sprinted there was just a slight noise. His hand to hand combat skills are over the top. I have seen him take out three Villains in 30 seconds. His speed is incredible, he was so fast that he could jump from wall to wall, bouncing around his opponent and striking them in the most unexpected angles. I think his speed comes through a lot of training but also from his almost nonexistent weight. I lifted him up once and he weighed about 10 to 15 kilograms." 


All the hero's had a thoughtful look on their faces. It's true this kid had an enormous potential, but he was also dangerous that he can pull that off. Taking down 3 villains in 30 is even hard for some pro heroes. Either way they had to look out for him. What if he went villainous?

Chapter Text

Izuku was 13 now, almost 14. He spent his last three years training and working for the government. Yes, you heard him right. He was 10 when he got the first request from the department of defense, they wanted information on a terrorist. It seemed that they were pleased with his work since they hired him more often over the years.


He was 12 when they gave him his first elimination mission. It was like the first time for him, sneaking in killing the man and just as exhilarating. Strangely, his tattoo got bigger, but the color didn't change like the last time and with that no new abilities came. 


It seemed that the government was impressed with his fast and efficient work, since he killed about 10 more people for them. One mission was especially hard since it had to be done in daylight and in front of people. He decided that he would use a gun, but it was just too loud for his kind of work. He then decided to use a bow, it was silent, and he could cover the arrows in his aura making them invisible. 


He had to practice for a while, but he learned that it was just easier to learn with no emotions. Izuku didn’t have to worry about getting angry or frustrated. He now could shoot a target 200 meter away if it didn't move or 100 meter if it did. It was a pretty good weapon to have in your arsenal, because you never knew when you needed range sometimes.


For his good work the government has given him the rang special agent. It gives him the freedom to engage in fights as long it was reasonable. 


But his contract with them expired now since it had been three years and he didn't want to extend it. He had a mission, his former emotional self wanted to be a hero so he would have to grant him that wish. Plus, a hero license on top of his special agent license would give him a lot of freedom.



Now, however, he was sitting in front of a purple haired boy whose parents he had just sent to prison. The even stranger thing is that this boy was his client. It seemed that they had abused him for his villain's quirk and eventually everybody will reach their breaking point. What the boy didn't think about was that he now had to go into foster care. What brought them into this situation.


"Please! I will do everything you want, but please don’t send me to foster care!" Now this was just great. He originally just came here to get his payment, but that boy just asked him to take him in. Sure, the boy didn't know that they are the same age, or maybe the boy is even older than him! 


He thought about it but came to the conclusion that he shouldn't do it. He wasn't cut out to be a dad or big brother. He is always away and most importantly he killed people. He is a murderer. He sure shouldn't be a parent, someone you look up to.


"I'm sorry kid, but no." Izuku said as he moved and grabbed the money.


"Why?" It was a simple question with so much emotion behind it.


"Because..." his body went limp as he felt his brain freeze. Brainwashing truly a powerful quirk but as with his mental based quirks it was a loss for him. Without emotions there is nothing strong enough where it could settle down. 


"Take me with you." It was a simple order and once again he was glad that it didn't work on him. 


"Kid, something like that doesn't work on me." He could practically see how his face morphed to shock his mouth wide agape. 


"How..?" it was a broken sob as he kneeled on the floor.


Izuku had enough as he took off through the window seeing the police coming probably to get the kid. 


He sighed as he came out of the shower. He dried himself before he looked at his tattoo again. With the kills he did for the government it had grown enormously. It reached his elbow and on the other side it touched his chest. It even grew over his shoulder to his back. Luckily, it didn't travel up his neck. Now there were more Sakura trees down his elbow, the leaves light pink. To the other side it shoved a garden and there was the beginning of a house, but it still had to grow. What he didn't understand was why the colors hadn’t changed like last time. 


He sighed as he made his way into the kitchen. Cooking Katsudon he couldn't stop thinking about the boy. He saw so much of himself in him. Beaten down by society because of something that he couldn't control. Parents that abused him, but he can't adopt him. 


He cursed himself as he looked up just to see his blackboard with his rules on it.


Rule five: Try to think like before, try to be good, try to be Izuku again. Cursing himself, he set his food down and looked up which orphanage the kid got into. 



He can do this, he just has to press the bell. But if he did that then he would be responsible for another life. It was too late to change his decision now, so he pressed the bell and not 30 seconds later the door to the orphanage opened. Standing there was an old annoyed looking woman.


"What do you want?" It was harsh and inpatient. 


"I'm here to adopt someone." his voice is always monotone and without emotions. It didn't help that he was still this short, sure he had grown but he was still under the average height for his age. The woman looked at him funny and he couldn't even blame her.


"Nice joke brat go home." She said, turning but he put his foot forward so that she couldn't close the door.


"It wasn't a joke, I'm legally allowed to adopt since I care for myself, on top of that I have government rights." He said, giving her his special agent license. She looked it over before her eyes widened slightly. She let him in, leading him into a waiting room. 


After about five minutes another woman came in and sat in front of him.


"So, mister Midoriya, is it correct that you want to adopt someone?" He just nodded as she explained all kinds of rules and paperwork he had to fill out to do it. 


"So, should I lead you around?" she asked but he denied.


"It's not necessary, I'm here to adopt Shinso Hitoshi" the woman looked shocked but nodded as she took off to get him.




Shinso was sitting in his room and did nothing, well what could he do all by himself. The other kids somehow figured his quirk out and now he was casted out like always. He was about to sleep when he heard a knock on his door. Then his caretaker came in and she told him that someone wanted to adopt him. 


The first thing he thought is that it was a prank, but she looked so genuine about it, so he slowly got up and made his way down. On his way he just couldn't wrap his mind around who this guy was. He knew nobody that would want to have him.


What he did not expect was a boy around his age sitting in his waiting room. He had snow white hair with just a slightly darker tone white for his skin, with his green eyes he looked like a model from some fancy manga. 


"Is this some kind of sick joke?" he asked the boy.


"No, it is not, I'm willing to give you a new home" The stranger said in a monotone voice that sounded very familiar to him but he couldn't put a face on it.


"Why would you want to help me?" He asked ready to use his quirk to get the truth.


"It was..." 


"Tell me the truth, why do you want to help me?" he asked but the person opposite him just shook his head.


"Oh Shinso, I already told you yesterday that doesn't work on me," the guy said. He looked shocked at this boy in front of him. This flat voice it's Phantom.


"I'm here because you asked for it, didn't you?" the guy said.


"I thought you wouldn't..." he couldn't finish the sentence.


"I changed my mind, I had time to think about it, you know we have a pretty similar background story. The only thing different is that I changed myself to make my life worth living in." Phantom said as he stood up and stretched his hand out for a handshake.


"So, will you come with me?" Phantom asked, hand still out waiting.


"Yes, I would like that Phantom-san!" he answered, nodding his head excitedly.


“I'm Izuku, Izuku Midoriya but you can call me Izuku." he said.


"Now please sign here and get your things so that we can leave this shit hole." Shinso practically sprinted back to his room to get his backpack, since he hadn't started to pack things out.



The way back to their apartment was silent as he didn't know what to say. It was in a friendly neighborhood. When they entered, he could see that it was small but clean. He sat his backpack down as he took a chair by the table. Midoriya moved into the kitchen and three minutes later he came back with two teacups.


"So, let us start with simple things first, I'm Izuku Midoriya A.K.A. Phantom. I have lived on my own since I'm five" Izuku started.


Now this is a start off for Shinso, who in their right mind would leave their child alone. 


"I'm Shinsou Hitoshi-” was cut off by Izuku.


"It's Midoriya now, didn't you read about the change of your last name? If you don't like having my surname, we can change it back." he said.


"Oh, no I didn't see that, but it doesn't matter to me." he said happily.


"Hmm. If you say so, just tell me if you want it back. So, tell me Hitoshi, what are your plans for the future, what are your hobbies?" Izuku asked, leaning back into his chair. Damm for such a small body he sure had presence in the room. With his white hair and skin, he practically screamed wisdom.


"I like computer games since people don't judge you there for your quirk and I would like to get into the U.A. The hero course to be precise. I want to become a hero and show everybody that I'm not a villain, Sir. Even if I have a villain like quirk." Yea, he sure was intimidated by Izuku to call him sir, but it seemed that Izuku just ignored it.


He looked him up and down with raised eyebrows.


"And how exactly are you planning to get in there? You don't seem like you could pass the practical exam. I heard it's practical this year." he asked seriously. 


"I have no idea, Sir." he almost stuttered. Izuku sure is more than intimidating right now.


Izuku sighed. The people nowadays were so naive to think that somehow, they will get their things without doing much for it. 


"Hmm, I see. As your guardian it's my job to help you achieve your dreams, but we will have to put down some ground rules first." He said and Hitoshi nodded.


"Rule 1: never tell someone that I'm Phantom, 


"Rule 2: you have as much freedom however you like it, but you will always message me where you are going,


"Rule 3: When I say Order before a sentence then there will be no discussion, you will just do it,


"Rule 4: come out of your 'I'm a victim mood' there are other people out there that have seen way worse than you and still can stand head high.


"Are these rules acceptable for you?" Izuku asked.  


"su-re" Hitoshi stuttered. He was a little overwhelmed, but hey, Izuku was right. This world moved on with or without him, so he better get his shit together. 


"Perfect now please stay home until I'm back. I will just make some arrangements and come back tomorrow. Food is in the fridge and in my room is a TV and laptop. See you tomorrow, if something happens here is my number.” He quickly wrote it down, and with that Izuku was out.


Hitoshi sighed as he just set down and tried to progress what just happened.



Izuku was filling out school forms for Hitoshi since they had still a year left until the U.A. exam. He also looked up a new apartment for them since theirs would be too small now. Hmm a penthouse maybe, something near U.A.. Yea that seemed good to him and he had the money so there wasn't a problem with it. 


Izuku had never in his life thought about being the person that could destroy Bakugou hero career, but here he was. Sitting in his bed holding a kunai to his neck, watching as Bakugou trembled a little but didn’t dare to move. 


"Do you have an Idea who I am?" he asked in a low voice.

"Your that fucking Phantom bitch or something.." He cursed but gulped as the kunai pierced his skin a little.


"I wouldn't talk to me like that." Bakugou just nodded shakily.


"Good, now why I'm here is because one of your bullying victims wants to destroy Bakugou Katsuki." It was a whisper but Bakugou paled at the implication.


"I'm pretty sure he thought about something physically, but I also have this." he said letting a USB stick appear.


"What the fuck is this?" Bakugou whisper growled. 


"These are videos from street cameras. It has 36 hours of you using your quirk to harm others. Pretty villain like, don't you think?" Phantom asked.


"I'm not a villain-" he was interrupted.


"If you say so, then I assume you have nothing against it if I post it online and we see how the public decides" Izuku asked and Bakugou went frozen. This would be the end of his career before it even started. His dream was destroyed before it could even be completed.


"Ple-please don't." never in his life before had he pleaded for something and it was so humiliating.


"Then you agree that you're a villain?" Phantom asked. 


"I never said that," he countered quickly.


"But if your actions aren't villainous then you should have no problem with me posting it. Bakugou you're a smart boy, what do we call people, say if you see someone willingly harm others for no good reason? what do we call them then?" Phantom asked.


"A-a villain" Bakugou finally realized as his eyes started to tear. Shit this was humiliating. He must look weak and pathetic, not a good picture to show Phantom.


"So, I will give you a choice. I can release this video, or I can lock it away for a small price" 


"What do you want to have, I will give you whatever you want." Bakugou was pleading and he doesn't give a shit about it. He had to give him anything he wanted, for his dream, his goal.


"It is simple, I want your pride Bakugou." Bakugou's brain froze because how on earth can you give something like that, it's no item.




"Your pride Bakugou, is a small price for what you have done to all these children. You have no idea how this is to live in constant fear do you?" Phantom said as he cut Bakugou's arm, who was about to scream hadn't Phantom put a hand over his mouth.


"It hurts, doesn't it?" Izuku asked and Bakugou just nodded tears running down his face.


"I really don't have a good reason to do this to you, other than that I can do it without consequences, just like you. Just like you did to those children, I can do that to you.” He pushed the knife closer.


“Have you any idea how much your quirk hurts, how long your burn marks stay, how hard it is to lie to your parents because the teacher would say that you had lied if they asked them?" Phantom asked. Bakugou was just limping in Izuku's arms sobbing, but Izuku couldn't have that.


"I asked you a question, Bakugou, do you have any idea how hard it is?" Phantom's tone was harsh as he cut him again.


"No, no I don't please, please stop it hurts!" 


"Grow up, you never stop when someone begged you. It gives you a feeling of power doesn't it?" Bakugou just nodded as his face was full of tears. 


"Now what I want is clear, I want your pride. You go to each kid you hurt, and you will apologize for what you have done. You will kneel by doing so, and if that is done then I will guarantee you that this video will not hurt your career. Do we have a deal?" He asked and Bakugou nodded again, still sobbing quietly.


"Man up boy! Say it!" It almost sounded like an order.


"We have a deal, Sir." 


"Perfect, now be aware that I just mean the videos up until today if you still decide to go on this route, then there will be more that can this be used against you, clear" 


"Clear, Sir"


"Perfect, now back to business. I will break your left arm since you write with the other one." Bakugou looked at him with a shocked expression. His eyes practically screamed why.


"This video was my thought to show you what kind of person you are, and I think we both can say a horrible one. Your arm on the other hand is business since I was paid for your pain. If someone asks you, you can say that you fell down the stairs or something like that." 


He gave Bakugou a pillow to bite in as he took his left arm in his hand before he brought his knee up, hard enough that Bakugou's arm snapped. Bakugou screamed into his pillow and was glad that his parents aren't at home right now. He could see how Phantom picked his phone up and called the ambulance.


"I will leave you my business card, if you need something or someone to talk to, just write an email." and with that Phantom had left his home through the window.


Chapter Text

Four moths had went buy since he visited Bakugou and a lot of things have changed since then. He and Hitoshi or Toshi now had moved into a penthouse with its own gym. Toshi's face was so priceless as he saw where they would be living now. They started training together so that Toshi had at least a chance to get some points in the U.A. exams.


Bakugou had drastically changed. After his arm was he healed he went around to each student and apologized to them it looked really sweet seeing Bakugou before him kneeling. He still had his fool mouth and aggression but ever since then he never used his quirk on others again. He still didn't know why he did this to him, there was absolute no reason for him to mention the video. There was no reason for him to cut Bakugou either. He was just confused what had happened to him. 


Toshi going to his school rolled some questions around, especially his last name but it settled fast. Some students called him a villain but all in all the school was great for him. It was different for him to talk with others without them fearing about his quirk.


Today was just a normal day. He teacher had announced that he, Bakugou and Izuku would go to U.A., there were still some assholes saying that a villain and a quirkless guy couldn't get into such a school but they all know deep down that Izuku could take them out easily.

He was going home alone since Izuku was doing some kind of Phantom job again. He was going through a tunnel when he suddenly was grabbed by something. He looked back to see a big slime monster, before he could ask him something for his quirk to work he felt his body already engulfed. Slime forcing itself down his throat. He felt his lungs burn from the lag of air. His vision started to blurre as he heard someone.

"Never fear," he shouted popping out of the sewers through a manhole, "for I am here!"

"Detroit," All Might screamed pulling back his fist, "SMASH!" The stereotypical burst of wind that accompanied one of All Might's smashes blasted the slime villain off of the boy and against the wall of the tunnel. All Might quickly gathered the now unconscious man in two empty bottle he had from his groceries back. Then he went to check on the young boy.

"Young Man are you alright," All Might asked gently slapping his face to bring him to consciousness. Suddenly the boy grabbed his wrist and stopped him.

Toshi woke up feeling his face getting slapped. Then he saw him the number one smiling down on him.

"I'm awake, thanks for saving me All Might sir" he said. He must ask him.

"That's quite all right my boy!" All Might assured him, "I'm always happy to help. But I really must be going no-"

"Wait! All Might," the boy interrupted but All Might was already ready to jump off so he did to most stupid thing in his life, he grabbed onto his leg. 

All Might sensed him and tried to pry him off until he realized where they where right now and told him to close his eyes. 

They landed and Toshi must say that his feet were a bit unstable. 

"young man that was dangerous, please don't do something like this again" All Might said turning to leave again. 

"knock on the door and explain the situation they will let you down" he said ready to jump.

"Wait please All Might sir, I just have one question" Toshi said with pleading eyes.

"sure but hurry" 

"can I became a hero without a physical quirk" 

Right then All Might started to smoke before his body turned into skeleton. He then told Toshi the story about his fight five years ago and why his time was decreasing. 

"you see my boy even with a quirk like mine I still got hurt, so no I don't think that you can be a hero without a physical quirk" 

"ah I see" Toshi just said. He was pretty down he knew of course that he didn't need one. Izuku was the prime example for that or Eraserhead. But still, it hurt, he was All Might the Symbol of Peace. He was walking home when he heard an explosion near on. His curiosity got the better of him and he walked through the crowed to look at it.


What he saw surprised him, it was the same villain that attack him. He looked around seeing no hero even try to rescue the boy. When the villain moved a little he could see who the hostage was. It was Bakugou, he actually was a pretty decent guy, he remembered how the boy was apologizing to everybody. It seemed that he was some sort of bully before but now he was just fool mouthed and arrogant. 

He locked eyes with him and the next moment he took off to him, ignoring the hero shouting for to come back. Thank to his training with Izuku he was much faster then the slime villain had predicted. He grabbed Bakugous hand pulled him half way out giving him time to breath.

"the fuck are you doing here eye-bags" he shouted.

"I don't know my legs just moved on their own" he shouted back. He didn't see the slime tentacle swinging down on him. He saw it a second to late so he brought his arms up eyes closed as he waited for the hit.


Just in the same moment before All Might powered up someone used Death Arms face as launching pad, as he flied past the slime monster taking Toshi with him. 

"I must say that I'm proud and disappointed in you Toshi" Izuku said holding him so that he didn't fell to the ground. He jumped to a lantern and from there past the slime again taking Bakugou's freed hand pulling him out. He told Toshi to hold him before he jumped around again until he attacked his eye with his taser. The villain fall unconscious from the pain.

Izuku walked up to him and told him that he should go home and wait there for him. Izuku would check Bakugou over and then handle the heroes.

He started to walk head low as he knew that Izuku will scold him into the dead. Izuku's scolds are brutal, since Izuku rarely had any emotions his scolds were all logical and you feel like shit in the end. 

He was around the corner when All Might was there waiting for him. 

"Young man" All Might started but deflected into his skeleton form coughing up blood.

"All Might are you alright" Toshi asked a little worried. 

"yea, this is normal so don't worry" 

"I'm here to say that I'm sorry young man. You can be a hero" All Might said with never ending goofy smile.

Toshi was crying he was so happy right now that he didn't hear All Mights full speech.

".... that's why I think your worthy of my quirk" hu, he really missed something here.

To his relief All Might repeated himself. He described his quirk and how it can be passed on from generation to generation and that he wanted Toshi to be the ninth holder of One for All. It was like a dream someone giving him the opportunity for greatness, so he accepted of course.

All Might then told him to meet him at the beach the next day and took off.


Izuku's scolding was like predicted just brutal, he was forbidden from any video games for four months. 

His training with All Might started the next day. All Might had him clean the whole beach to build up muscle mass so that he could use the power without his arm popping off.

It took him nine months to clean it since he still had hand to hand combat lesson from Izuku. It was getting harder to lie to Izuku every day when asked what he was doing since All Might had forbidden him to tell it anybody. And with growing time the guilt was getting heavier.

Once All Might gave him his quirk they started to train with it but he had to say All Might was terrible teacher. He broke his arm twice in this month and he still couldn't control it. He was lucky Recovery Girl healed him or Izuku would have asked the shit out of him. 


Entrance Exam Day.

Izuku was in front of the U.A. building waiting for Toshi and he must say he was impressed by the big building shaped into an H. Toshi came running to him with small stressed smile. Speaking of wish, Toshi was definitely hiding something from him. He always looked so exhausted and he bruises on his body but the boy wouldn't talk to him.

"Are you ready" he asked as they took off into the building. Toshi nodded it had become a habit of him since he avoided talking him.

"speak up boy" he said as he pulled him up when Toshi was about to fall.

"I'm ready sir" he still used sir, it was kinda cute and it helped with the authority since Toshi was rather tall and he was still slight under average height. 

The written exam was easy for him and he hoped that his tutoring was enough for Toshi to pass. 

They were sitting in preparation room for the practical exam waiting for Present Mic to finish the explanation when a blue haired boy interrupted him assuming that U.A. made a mistake. He then pointed at two girls said that their whispering was distracting. He just rolled his eyes as he wanted this to be over as fast as possible. He wasn't here to make friends, he will just get his license and at the same time he will have an eye on Toshi. 

"so are there anymore questions?" huh it seemed that Mic was finished with his explanation. He raised his hand and Mic nodded to him.

"I just want to confirm that our areas are the starting points and that we can gather points with all means necessary as long we don't hurt other competitors?" he some of the student's looked at him funny. It were really simple questions and they were already answered, so of course he looked like a dumme right now.

"that is correct little listener" Mic said before they took off to their areas. 

He looked at the gate as he played with his kunai, he was about to go to the front when a hand landed on his shoulder, his reaction was instantly as he jumped back-flipping, he landed on the guys shoulder who stumbled a little bit but with his weight he wouldn't fall. He pressed his kunai against the boys neck.

"don't touch me, what is it that you want" he asked the other students looked at him in worry but he ignored them.

"weapons are not allowed here" The boy said a little pale. He jumped off and started to turn his quirk on as he slowly turned invisible.

"this a registered support weapon and don't just go around touching people" He said.

"AND START" Izuku took off in his fastest sprint as he jumped from building to building until he reached the roof.

"WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR THERE IS NO COUNTDOWN IN REAL LIFE" Mic screamed at them and with that the fake city was filled with students.

He run over the roofs straight to the control tower. He was tankful that he was still this small because if he had been any bulkier then he wouldn't have fit through the vents. He crawled through them until he was above them, he then silently opened the grid and jumped down. To his luck nobody heard him so he walked around until he was behind All Might. With lightning speed he jumped up putting All Might in choking hold with his feet as he held a kunai by his side and one to his head as he turned his quirk off. 

The teachers were all shocked even Aizawa, as they saw a child sitting on All Mights shoulder choking him with his feet meanwhile holding two kunais ready to attack.

"Nezu if you could be so kind and shut the robots down and give me the points, and please don't forget the zero pointers" 

"I can give you the points but I would like to keep the exam going if you don't mind" Nezu said. 

"Your are something Nezu to even negotiate with me when I held the life of our dear Symbol of Peace but okay" He said jumping down. 

"Thanks Phantom" Nedzu said by then all eyes were already wide but what happened next brought them to drop off, as Izuku slapped Nedzu ass.

"no problem" Izuku said staring at Nedzu. "It's rude isn't it?" he asked innocently. Nedzu just nodded dumbly still trying to process that someone had the balls to slap his ass.

"So how many points will I get. In each area there are 500 points but I was here a little late so lets say 400 points. With 6 areas that makes 2400 villain points. Now let us get to the rescue points." Izuku said as got him a chair and pulled it next to Nedzu's.

"hold on a second, rescue points are given for saving someone by putting your self in danger" Power Loader said from behind still irritated that a kid just sneaked up on them and taking the number one hero hostage.

"that is completely illogical, do you see that boy there that was saved by the girl, with my action that wouldn't have happened so the logical conclusion is that I get points for that. Or do you think otherwise Aizawa-kun" Izuku asked the man in his sleeping back. But it seemed that Aizawa didn't want to answer him.

"Oh please stop sulking just because you didn't hear me coming" Izuku said in a flat tone.

"I'm not sulking" Aizawa said as he stood up. Midnight screamed as she swiftly took a photo.

"omg omg. Shouta you are pouting" she said sending it to Mic.

"you didn't answer my question, are you just so rude to me or you rude in general" 

"okay okay I get it, sorry, and yea I think you should get the rescue points" he said looking Phantom up and down. Now without his outfit, you could see that the boy was muscled and with his white hair and skin he sure looked handsame. He had grown a bit but was still small compared to him. 

The boys eyes landed at the door before it even opened, he had ask him how he was doing that. Then Recovery Girl stepped in and the boy just vanished and reappeared before her. What caught his attention thought was that he had a smile on his face. It was small but it was still there.

"Hi, I'm Phantom, I'm such a big fan of you Recovery Girl helping others in the background. You are the reason U.A. could bring out so much good hero's without you half of them would have died or at least disabled. Your my idol, such a big role and responsibility but never once stepping out into the spotlight" 

Some of the teachers looked away in mild shame, they always took the old lady for granted but the boy was right, she was the reason they could train so hard, that they could fight so reckless because they knew that when something goes wrong Recovery Girl will be there. 

"oh aren't you a sweet boy and so handsome on that, but you don't have to say it to them dear, because with saying it you are putting me into the spotlight and that means I'm a target and we both knew that there is nobody that could take over my position" she said. 

Oh that hit hard. Not only was she helping them always from the background but she also couldn't retire like the most hero's do in her age, oh fuck that the average hero retires 20 years before her age. They really should get her a gift and maybe an assistant. 

"sorry, that won't happen again. Oh my were are my manners introducing my self with Phantom. I'm Izuku, Izuku Midoriya" He said bowing. Aizawa didn't know when it happened but the flat voice was slightly filled with warm.

"handsame and polite you really are a sweet boy, I'm Chiyo Shuzenji. Are you related to Hitoshi Midoriya?" she asked.

In the corner All Might stiffened as coughed blood in his hand.

"Ah yea you could say so" All Might stiffened even more. "he is my, it sounds may strange but he is my son, but I prefer legal guardian" Izuku said with a thoughtful look on his face.

"how do you know him, he know I like you, he would have told me if he had met you" Izuku asked.

"Oh you have a sweet boy. He was so shy last week when he was in my infirmary?" and like that Aizawa could see how Izuku's face dropped to the flat unreadable lines.

"could you tell me why my son was brought into your infirmary and why I wasn't contacted as his guardian" the room was deadly silent as his voice hissed through them. 

"I think this isn't my place to tell" Recovery Girl said with a sweat-drop. 

Izuku wanted to ask her who's it would be but was interrupted as a zero pointer was taken down so hard that the ground shook. They all looked at the display in the middle replaying a purple haired boy jumping at the robot and destroying it with one punch. You could see how is right arm and his legs were broken. Before he could hit the ground he was saved by a girl.

"Ah I see" Izuku said turning his head away from Recovery Girl facing All Might now. All teachers know that his was't friendly and that All Might was defends-less right now. Izuku started running before sliding under Aizawa who tried to block him. He grabbed his capture weapon as he jumped up to Power Loader and wrapped his head up with it, before he used his shoulder fly straight at All Might.

He knocked his foot away planting All Might head down to the ground as he hold the kunai right above his old wound.

"give me one good reason, to not stab you right now" Izuku asked. What he didn't realized was that he was feeling emotions. He was angry that All Might just gave Toshi his quirk without asking him. He was angry that Toshi was hurt. But mostly he was deeply worried.

"Midoriya I would kindly ask you to let All Might go" Aizawa said still trying to get away from Power Loaders face, man that was embarrassing.

"That bastard gave him his quirk without asking me first. I'm his guardian god dammed, how can I protect him when they don't include me" Izuku said tears were rolling down his face, the first time since his parents died. 

"what do you mean gave him his quirk" Snipe asked.

"All Mights quirk can be" All Might wanted to interrupt but Izuku just slammed his head down "given to a new holder, making it stronger with each holder" 

"young man that information was secret" All Might said still struggling to get up.

"not my problem, if you had just asked or even told me that would have never happened. And they would have figured it out anyway. When one student had a power and then suddenly he didn't but another coming around having the lost power" Izuku said getting up. 

"what do you mean that he suddenly don't have his power anymore" All Might asked getting up.

"Toshi will give this power away too someone more fitting. Someone I will choose and not you" Izuku almost screamed at All Might, who looked shocked beyond believe. The other teachers minus Nezu and Recovery Girl looked also shocked that there was a quirk that could be given. 

"Midoriya you are losing control over your emotions" Nedzu said calmly as if they weren't fighting who gets to decide where the most powerful quirk goes next.

"that is not possible Nedzu, I lost my emotions with my parents at five" the room grow even more silent than before, they had speculated what kind of parents would leave their kid so unattended that he could be Phantom with just 6 years. Now they know, no parents would that, Izuku just doesn't had any.

"then way are you crying" he asked again in a calm voice.

"huh" Izuku as he used his hand to wipe through his face. He looked at it, Nezu was right he had been fucking crying but why, how?.

"Midoriya my boy please think about it, Hitoshi can't be a hero without a physical quirk" All Might said trying to make Izuku change his mind but it was the complete opposite. Izuku took ten second too breath. He wasn't familiar with emotions clouding his thinking.

"I see" he said taking a deep breath. All Might thought he had convinced him a smile appeared but that faded away the moment he saw Midoriya's face. It was avoid of any emotions but his eyes this green eyes were filled with anger.

"All Might the next time I see you talking to Toshi without my permission will kill you" his tone was dead serious, all around him know that this was no bluff. They looked at the boy and they were terrified.

"With my quirk I couldn't fight you head on that's true but you will never knew when I come, while you sleep, while you work or when you are sitting on the fucking toilet. You will never see me coming before I slice your throat off. You already have given your quirk to someone so it wouldn't be so dramatic" Izuku said walking up to All Might who audibly gulped. 

"that you can say something like this it's a shame, that I once looked up to you, say All Might can you look into Aizawa-kuns face and say that all the years he protected this country from the shadows are for nothing, that he is no hero?" Izuku asked in front of All Mights face. It was ridiculous because All Might was almost double Izuku height and still he looked so small compared to Izuku presents.

"that's not what I meant" All Might tried but was cut off as Izuku poked his finger into his chest.

"That was exactly what you said, It doesn't meter what you mean. Ah shit why do I even try your a daylight person you will never understand it" Izuku said as started to walk to door taking Recovery Girl with him.

"Remember speak to him" He didn't need to finish his sentence as they all knew what he meant. They all breathed a sigh of relieve as he was gone. 

"that kid is scary as shit" Snipe said.

"yea and he is so skilled how he took Eraser and me down" Power Loader said.

"for second I thought I was looking into a villains face" Midnight said but was punched so hard she flow two meters away.

"don't you dare say something like this over him" Aizawa said to a shocked Midnight.

"all this fucking daylight people, you make me sick" he said.

"Aizawa I'm " All Might started to apologize.

"shut up, you have no Idea what we sacrificed for you daylights, you have no idea what this boy of the of 14 already did for you, what he gave up so that you daylights can live in peace. Nedzu I will take two days off, his face makes me sick" Aizawa said as he went after Recovery Girl and Phantom.



They slowly turned to Nedzu for an explanation but he didn't know if they could manage the truth, they were daylights after all. On the other hand, they are his teachers and if they didn't know the truth how could they teach the children right. 

Chapter Text

The silence was getting unbearable, the hero’s all waited for Nedzu to start explaining but he still didn’t know if it would be wise to bring daylights into the nightlife. They would lose their optimism, their smiles.

“Nedzu fucking tell us what Shouta meant” Midnight shouted at him. She was angry and confused, she hadn’t seen Shouta so angry before, so filled with hate.

“What Aizawa meant is that you all live your happy daylight lives of the cost of the Nightlife's” Nezu said thoughtful.

“Daylight or Nightlife's what does this mean” Power Loader asked.

“Oh how can I describe it, ah I know, All Might I have read your script for your first class” Nedzu said.

“and what’s with that” he asked.

“hmm, your script says that most villain fights are inside, that the more intelligent villains fight inside” Nezu said thoughtful.

“Ah yea that, I wanted them to know that the hero world doesn’t work like that, that this big TV fights outside are pretty rare” All Might said proud, for his idea.

“hmm that’s true, a really important lesson to learn but it also applies for all of you” Nedzu said getting confused looks from the other hero’s. Oh god daylights indeed.

“do you really think that if you want to hide or to do something shady you will do it by daylight of course not, night is the time when villains came out the most. At nighttime there are double so many villains than on daytime. You all just never know because the underground hero’s do their work fast, efficient and most importantly quiet.” Nedzu paused letting it sink in what he just told them.

“I don’t get it if there are more villains at night, then way are we never listed for night patrols” Snipe asked. Nedzu could only laugh at his question, they are just so naive to think like that.

“you are a daylight, your job is it take down some villains in public and smile, because that makes society feel safe. Snipe if you go around in the night shooting villains they would hear you. They would feel unsafe, because night is the time where normal people think nothing happens. The truth is there are way more underground hero’s then normal once. All of them working quietly every night to keep japan safe. All Might disrespected almost 80% of them, since they have mostly nonphysical quirks because nobody wants to wake up seeing their house break in two or catch on fire.”

“I didn’t know” Vlad King said speaking up the first time. They were all so naive to think that their life was so simple. They thought they were heroes standing over villain letting them take photos. How wrong they were, they lived because of the hard work of others. Other hero’s that nobody knows because they did it in the dark, because they do it for society.

“I still don't get why Shouta was so angry with me” Midnight said with a thoughtful look.

“Because Aizawa know what Phantom gave up for us, he sacrificed something even underground hero’s don’t do but he did to make this world safer” Nedzu said. The animal looked so sad.

“what is it?, What did Young Midoriya do?” All Might asked. He didn’t expect for Nedzu to look at him with such sad eyes.

“do you know that there is a complete division for you All Might, all they do is to wipe the floor after you.”

“what?, I don’t get what you mean Nedzu” All Might said.

“There is a division to make sure that your true form is not discovered, have you any idea how often you just transform in front of a camera. They have people who can change memories so that there are no witnesses, but sometimes they have mental quirks themselves that protect them from them. It’s quite rare that’s true but it happens. When these people aren’t willing to sign a confidentiality agreement then we have a problem.”

“I didn’t know that there were people watching after me, I just thought I had good luck. What happens when such problem comes around” All Might said to himself? he didn't know anymore.

“Then we call Phantom and he eliminates the target” Nedzu said quietly. The hero’s were all shocked they all livid in a paradise created by shadows.

“this is bullshit, how can you do this, how can you order a child to kill someone” Midnight said as she cried.

“Midnight is right we should do something about it, maybe” Snipe was cut off by Nedzu’s laugher.

“maybe what Snipe, have you any idea how hard it is to find someone with his abilities willing to kill for the greater good. When I look in your faces I can only see innocence, no one of you has blood on your hands. Even if you would be willing to kill someone, you still wouldn’t have the skill sets to do his job. Finding someone like him is a one in a million or more one in a billion change” Nezu was wiping his tears away as he looked at his teachers. They had all lived way to long in the sun without knowing the price others pay for it. This had to change, and it will change with Phantom. He will make him the first number one underground hero that works in the daylight. That is the minimum he could do, for the boy that given them so much. His tears were running down and didn't remember the last time he had cried. He and Aizawa had known Phantom, of course not personally but they both respected him for what he did. For his decision to always take action for the good of society.

“All Might you have no idea what you said into Midoriya face. This boy has killed 5 people for you, in order to keep this secret of yours and you told the boy who sacrificed his soul, his innocence that people with quirks like his can’t be a hero. If I didn’t know Phantom than I would say that you would have lost this child to villains All Might. He could kill us all but I have trust in him because since I knew Phantom he always acted for the greater good.”

“I didn’t know, and I didn’t mean it like that” All Might’s heart was aching, a child gave everything to keep him safe to keep society safe. He was ignorant to this around, he had to laugh, lucky that nobody saw him. He felt dumb in believing so. “Midoriya is right you knew, it doesn’t matter what you mean. What matters is, what you say because you’re the Symbol of Peace. People look up to you, children want to be like you, so the next time you say something like this again will probably be the last time you say something” Nezu said before walking off, most likely to the infirmary.


The teachers all looked around unsure of what do to. Their world just crushed before them, they thought that they were hard working to keep peace but what was their work compared to this child. Sure he didn't save anyone but he did the dirty jobs. He did things they didn't even want to think about. 

"you better come up with a god damm good apology All Might, because Aizawa is right he gave something that I'm even after hearing this story wouldn't give up. He will never get his innocence back, his soul" Snipe said as he left for the teacher lounge. He needed time for himself, to think about his work.

"I will see if I can get a present for Recovery Girl" Midnight said as she left with the rest.

All Might was still standing there with his world up side down. Snipe was right he better come up with an apology.


Izuku looked down on Toshi's broken arm and legs. This idiot why didn't he tell him, why didn't he search for what Toshi was hiding from him. He wiped his tears away but they didn't stop falling, shit, shit.

"god damm it" he yelled. He had to close this crack in his heart as fast as possible. He know that he had made a mistake taking Toshi in. Over the year he slowly grow attached to him, and now there are this feelings again of hurt and worry. He had to close them, he had important mission to do. He breathed in and out before he let his face back into his unreadable self.

Hitoshi knew the moment he woke up that he had fucked up, before him was Izuku eyes closed as he could see tears rolling to his face. It was something that he hadn't seen before. His 'father' was always so emotionless, sure he cared about him. He always asked how his day was, what he wanted for dinner, or if he had changed his dreams or goals. 

It lacked the warmness, but that didn't matter to Toshi since he knew that Izuku was trying his best, he sometimes even smiled for him.

Seeing him like this made his heart hurt, he looked so small and broken. It wasn't right Izuku was strong head high and definitely no tears. He could hear and see how Izuku took a deep breath before his facial expression turned back to normal.

As he opened his eyes again he could see Toshi looked up to him. He had to think, he had to choose his words wisely. He needed more time, so he turned and looked at Recovery Girl.

"how long until Toshi can be fully healed" he asked his tone had changed back to be flat and monotone again. 

"I can heal his legs now but for his arm you have to come back tomorrow" she said.

"I see, then please do that" he asked bowing. 


Their way back to the apartment was short but it felt like it took forever. As they finally arrived Izuku signaled him to sit at the couch as he settle himself into the armchair across from him.

"I'm sorry Izuku, I.." Izuku just shook his head and silents filled the room again. Then after 5 minutes of waiting Izuku spoke up.

"You have no idea how disappointed I'm in you" he started and he could see Toshi flinch.

"You lied to me and that for ten months" Toshi started to curl up.

"you betrayed my trust Toshi, you could have died today do you knew that. You didn't save that girl because the robot would have stopped, what wouldn't have stopped was your falling body. If you had told me about it I could have been there and save you" his eyes began to tear again.

"have you any Idea how that is, seeing someone you care about falling down into his death. We were lucky that this girl had that kind of quirk and the skill to catch you" his tears slowed down as he got his emotion back in check.

Hitoshi was crying across from him, he was a sobbing mess. It will be enough for today Izuku thought as he stood up and sit himself to Toshi wrapping an arm around the boy. 


It was three days since the exam and Izuku had asked some of the underground hero's to change the memories of the children who saw Toshi with this power. They had also deleted the conversation from the teachers mind but it seemed that Snipe somehow got away. He didn't agree with Nedzu here, daylights shouldn't know about nightlife's, it destroys the whole purpose of daylights if they lose their smile, their naivety.   

Toshi was crying for about 4 hours before he fall asleep from exhaustion that day. The last two days Toshi hasn't left his room so they hadn't talked about it. But it seemed as if he was ready now. 

Izuku was in the kitchen making dinner when Toshi came in hesitatingly waiting at the door. 

"Dad" he started and huh, he must feel really shitty call him dad. He could count down just with one hand how often Toshi used that name for him. 

"Dad, I'm really sorry for lying to you" Toshi started but his voice broke has he started to sob again. Izuku sighed as he took his apron off and hugged the boy.

"it's okay, your my son Toshi. I forgive you, I will always forgive you" He said to an even more sobbing boy.

"now take a shower get some fresh closes and we will talk about consequences Toshi" Izuku said to bewildered looking boy. 

"that I forgive you doesn't mean that your action don't have consequences" Izuku said before he leaded Toshi to the bath. 


30 minutes later they sat at the table eating dinner when Hitoshi couldn't take it anymore.

"okay so what is it, what treatment do I get?" he asked Izuku, who just sighed.

"this quirk you got Toshi, it's not yours to hold" Izuku said. He could practically see how Toshi's face fell. He looked shocked, disbelieve and ready to cry again.

"you aren't this kind of a person that can stand high and always smile Toshi, we both have seen to much cruel in this world to can do something like that" Toshi looked defeated, as if someone that ripped his heart out. It hurt to look at him, to see his broken face.

"Toshi, hey look at me" he said taking his chin and forced it up, so that they made eye contact. 

"I will train you, you will make a great hero. I will promise you that I can bring you into the top 10, but trust me when I say that the number one spot is not made for people like us" Izuku said wrapping his arm around his son.

"I will not force you to give this quirk away but I hope you knew that I only want the best for you" 

"I know, I know dad, it's just everything I ever wanted. It is a normal quirk were nobody says that I'm a villain" Toshi said still sobbing in Izuku's shoulder.

"you are perfect like you are right now Toshi, your quirk is normal like every other quirk. Please listen to me when I say you don't need it, let me find someone who lived a normal life but isn't blinded by his quirk" Izuku as he patted Toshi's back. 

"your right dad, I'm sorry that I doubted myself so much" Hitoshi said as pulled a hair out.

"here eat it and contain the power until you have found someone" Izuku just nodded as he took the hair and gagged it down.

"that taste like shit" Izuku said his face twisting in funny expressions.

"we have two week left, you already know decent hand to hand combat skills, so I will teach you how to finish a fight as fast as possible" 

"ah and you will go and find this girl that saved you Toshi. You will go there with flowers and cake to thank her, got it" Izuku asked with a small smile. He didn't know it but his emotion slowly start to came out.


In Nedzu's office.

Nedzu was sitting there with Aizawa and Snipe waiting for the last person to arrive. They looked up as the door opened and a small boy with white hair came in.  

"Thanks for coming today" Izuku said as he sat besides Aizawa.

"I don't have much time so let us cut to the point. Snipe's I want you to go with Aizawa and let them forget our conversation" Izuku said.

"I'm sorry but I can't do that. I can't go back to normal now that I know what price it comes with" Snipe answered.

"I unde...." he was interrupted by knock on the door before it opened. All Might came in his skeleton form looking around until he found them on the couch. 

"Oh I'm sorry did I interrupt something" All Might said.

"no, we were just speaking with a new student of ours since he has the highest score in history. ah were are my manners, Izuku this is Yagi-san. He is All Mights assistant." Snipe looked like he wanted to kick himself.

"It's a pleasure to meet you Yagi-san" Izuku said bowing.

"the pleasure is mine young man" Snipe just couldn't believe it, last time the two spoke Izuku was about to kill this guy and now he could just pretend as if nothing happened.

"Yagi could you wait outside please we are almost finished" Nedzu said and All Might left with that.

"as I said before Snipe. Please consider it, because with you knowing it, it makes my sacrifices pointless" oh god that was such a low hit move and Izuku would be ashamed of himself if he hadn't his emotions under control. 

"I will consider it" Snipe said as stood up ready to go. 

"do as you please Snipe but be sure not to tell anyone about it" Izuku said putting his hand on Snip's shoulder. Snipe turned half way but stopped as he saw this eyes, they practically promised trouble. He would think about it and at least keep to himself.



The two week were over very quickly as Izuku trained Toshi. Snipe hadn't accepted yet but at least he wasn't talking about it. Toshi was by the girl and came really red faced back as he had to convince her mother that this were just for saving his life and nothing more. 

Nedzu and Izuku had already found someone suitable to give All Mights quirk to, a red haired boy, Kirishima Eijirou. He was muscled enough, he had the right personality happy and optimistic but at the same time not to blinded since he was bullied for his unflashy quirk. They had talked with the parents and got their agreement but Izuku wanted to wait before he gave someone this amount of power without being certain. 

Izuku still had to talk to All Might about it since they had erased his memory of it. He just hoped that All Might still thought Toshi had it. The man may be no Nedzu but still he isn't dumb either, if he can make it to the number one spot then he sure has instincts. 

It doesn't matter right now thought. Right now he tied Toshi's tie because it seemed that his son didn't learn something like this. They made their way to class 1-A. He had decided to activate his quirk permanently since for some good reason Nezu thought it was a good Idea to tell the world that someone broke the worlds record with 5000 points. 

He got 2400 villain points and 2600 rescue points. He was just grateful that he hadn't given them his name. He was also grateful that he had improved his time limit up to 6 hours over last three years. He just hoped that Aizawa would do him the favor and not tell them his name. 

They opened the door just to see Bakugou and the blue haired guy arguing over foots on tables. The blue head I think Iida was his name had obviously a stick up his ass, while on the other Bakugou looked like he needed one up badly. 

He sat down behind Bakugou who now looked at Toshi as if he couldn't believe it that he made. Toshi on the other hand looked nervous, new people meant for him judgement. New ways to be cast out by his classmates. He just hoped that Toshi doesn't call him by his name. It was really funny to see Toshi's face as Nezu said that I had gotten 5000 points.

More and more students came in. The girl Toshi saved, the red head, a girl with ping skin and horns. A guy with a bird head. The last students arrived ten minutes before classes begin and sat down talking with his neighbor.

"If your here to make friends then get out" that was so typical for Aizawa, coming in with his yellow sleeping back. 

“I’m your homeroom teacher, Aizawa Shouta. Pleasure to meet you all.”

‘Sheesh, he doesn’t sound pleased to be here at all, that’s for sure,’ the class inwardly remarked.

Aizawa bent downwards behind the teacher’s table, coming back up with twenty sets of some kind of clothes that were of a predominantly navy-blue colour.

“Come up here and take your assigned P.E. uniform. Get changed, and meet me at the training grounds in fifteen minutes. Get moving.”

Aizawa walked out of the classroom without a further word. The students made no move for several beats, before slowly getting up to retrieve their assigned uniform, their names taped to the plastic covers.


Fifteen minutes later, the class, all dressed in their P.E. uniforms, had gathered at the training grounds. Aizawa did a quick check to ensure all were accounted for, before addressing them.


"Alright," he drawled, "this morning we are conducting a quirk apprehension test to gauge your capabilities."

"Aizawa-sensei, I thought we were supposed to attend the welcoming ceremony" the gravity girl said.

"your all here to became a hero, so use your time efficient and as you see you don’t have time for superfluous platitudes"


The girl shrunk back slightly, lowering her hand. Aizawa continued on, “We’ll be covering several stations this morning. First the softball throw, then long jump, 50-meter sprint, endurance running, grip strength, side-jumps, pull-ups, and seated toe-touch.”

Aizawa pointed at the girl who blinked but complained as she stepped forward.

"Uraraka right" he asked and she nodded again.

"what was your score by the softball throw in middle school" 

"I think 45 meters" she said.

"good now go into the circle, you cab do what ever you want to throw the ball as long as you don't leave the circle" he said.

She grabbed the ball and stepped into the circle, she then just used her quirk to remove gravity from the ball and throw it. All students looked as the ball slowly but steady got higher and higher until they couldn't see it anymore. 

Aizawa's phone blinked he had a surprised look for a second but schooled it fast back. He then showed them the infinity symbol.

The class went into uproar.


“That’s so cool!”




“Her quirk is so manly!”


Save for two 

Izuku had just a raised eyebrow as to why they acted like that and Todoroki, well it seemed the boy also tried to avoid emotional contact with the others just like him. 

The girl with pink hair and skin, exclaimed, “This is going to be so much fun!”

“So much fun…?”


Izuku shifted over to Aizawa, who had gone eerily quiet and menacing. The excited aura that hung over the students died instantly.


“Is that what you think you’re going to be doing for the next three years? Having fun?” Aizawa asked unnervingly, his manic grin and bloodshot eyes not helping his image, “Are you not planning on becoming heroes?”

“Perhaps this will make you lot take things more seriously,” Aizawa continued, “I’m implementing a new rule. The one who comes in last place will be expelled.”

Izuku could see how Toshi was getting nervous so he walked over and placed his hand on the boys shoulder.

"don't worry you will not get last place. Here are a lot of quirks that don't help them much with the test and you trained well" It seemed to relax Toshi a little but he was still pretty stiff.

“How can you do that?!”

“That is unreasonable and unfair!”

Aizawa remained unfazed, folding his arms across his chest, “Unfair? The world out there is an unfair place. And it is heroes’ duty to correct that unfairness.” His eyes narrowed, “If you came here expecting to socialize with friends and goofing off, well, I have a news flash for you. The next three years of your education here will push you to your breaking point. U.A.’s motto is ‘Plus Ultra’. You will need your all and beyond to overcome what’s in store for you.”


The class went dead silence following this proclamation. Aizawa took this as a sign to continue on with the test.

"Midoriya your up next" 

Perfekt how should they know who, but it seemed that Toshi wanted to go first. He used this and walked to Eraser over.

"are you gonna grand me that favor Eraser or not" whispered into Aizawa's ear. 

"sorry kid no special treatment" Aizawa whispered back.

"Oh come on, please and remember I once saved your ass" Izuku almost hissed.

"I'm really sorry Phantom and I would if I could, but Nezu specially told me that I should use your real name and that you scored first. He said that the students should be aware that powerful quirks aren't everything" Aizawa looked really apologetic so there was nothing he could about it.

"At least give me two minutes, I once visited Bakugou as Phantom. I don't want him revealing my identity" Izuku said and Aizawa nodded. 

Izuku then walked to Bakugou who to his luck stayed away from the group of "extras".

"Todoroki, your up next" 

He took his kunai from his sleeve and pressed it against Bakugou's neck who stilled. At least he was calm enough to not to scream. 

"Aizawa-sensei will call my name in a bit. What I expect of you is to sit still and say nothing understand. We haven't seen each other until now and if you tell just one person that I'm Phantom than this person will die with you got it" He asked but he knew that he doesn't need a responds.

"Midoriya you are up next"

Chapter Text

"Midoriya you're up next" Aizawa said. 

The students looked confused at the purple haired boy, but it seemed that their teacher didn't mean him as he just stood there not even moving a muscle.

They saw Aizawa taking a ball and throw it into the circle. What they didn't expect was for the ball to be caught. Then slowly a small boy appeared holding the ball in his hand to test the weight. His skin even thought white looked healthy and his pure snow white hair waved a little to the left. This looked like scene from a manga they all thought. That was until he opened his eyes to look at them, this green eyes looked so much like death and sadness. The boy took the ball in his right hand and throw it. 

They all looked but there was nothing special about it. On the other hand what had they expected from an invisible quirk. 

"134 meters. This is the perfect example that strong quirks aren't everything in this world. Skill and experience are more often better then an uncontrolled powerful quirk" The class didn't seem to get it. Sure they understand what Aizawa said, but couldn't figure out why he was the example.

"this boy may look small and harmless but he is the bar you will all have to measure up to, since he is the one with 5000 points in the entrance exam and with that more then this class and class B together" Aizawa said. Now this surprised them all the boy sure looked small and harmless. With his white hair and skin he looked more like a model for child clothing then a fighter. His eyes were the only thing that gave his intentions away as it hold a cold calculating gaze.

"That's cool man how did you do that" the red head asked. The Midoriya boy however just walked to the purple haired student.

"there is an invisible girl with you, ask her" he said before you could see how his body slowly turned invisible from his right biceps. 

They all looked at the floating uniform but she just shrugged, not knowing in the slightest how he did it. 

The test continued and Izuku was pretty decent at most of them. Duo to his light weight he could almost jump over the whole pit. Pull ups were also no problem for him thanks to that. 

The only thing were he stood out was the 50 meter sprint. He had managed it in 2.1 seconds, the next highest was Iida with 3.2 seconds and he had a speed quirk. 

The endurance run was also not that hard for him and Toshi with their training. 

In the of the day Izuku placed third on the list behind Yaoyorozu and Todoroki. Bakugou seemed like he wanted to throw a temper tantrum for getting fourth but Izuku made a small slicing motion on his neck. It seemed to hold Bakugou in place and Izuku had to say that he was almost proud of Bakugou. Progress, small but better then nothing.

A small boy with purple hair looked about to cry as he came last place. That was also the first time that Izuku realized that they are 21 and not the normal 20 in class. Aizawa then said that it was a logical ruse to get them motivated and with that they were released for the day. 

They walked back into the boys locker room and showered. He turned his quirk off to shower since he would freeze himself if he didn't. The only problem with that, the boys were staring at his massive tattoo.    

"dude how did you get that it looks so badass" the tape boy said. 

"yea how, isn't that illegal to have something like that in our age" a blond guy with tail asked.

Hitoshi looked bewildered, he had sports classes with Izuku before but had never seen it. On the other hand they had private stalls there so it isn't so surprising. It looked really cool with this ninja sitting in the pink sakura trees. 

"dude forget about his tattoo look at this muscles, do you have any fat at all?" the red head asked. He was maybe 3 to 4 centimetre taller then Izuku and had a pretty good body himself. But again Hitoshi had to agree with the guy. Izuku's muscles were defined. He had an eight pack and good trained chest and back muscles. His shoulders were broad and his biceps maybe double or triple his size. 

He looked up as he heard someone fall to the ground. It was Iida, it seemed he had again tried to lecture Izuku over rules. What was more interesting was the red head who just touched Izuku's eight pack. The guy should have see it coming as the poor boy flow through the bath. 

"Todoroki do me a favor and make a wall" Izuku just said and they were surprised that the other didn't even respond as a wall of ice appeared around the boy.

"thanks man, I own you one" Izuku simply said as he turned showered on again.

"so manly" this red head must have a lot of optimism to call that manly.


After 7 minutes Izuku punched trough the ice and walked to the locker room putting his uniform back on. He waited for Toshi to come so that he could help him with his tie. His plans however were thrown out the window as the red head put his arm around his shoulder with a grim in his face.

He instantly throw him over his shoulder to the ground but the guy just activated his quirk taking to damage as he smiled at him.

"you're really fast dude, Kirishima Eijiro by the way" the said.

"Midoriya Izuku, you should ask before touch someone" this guy had a way to friendly personality for his liking.

"nah it's okay dude, no harm done. See?" he asked presenting his back.

"I meant me dumb ass" Izuku just said and again the guy just laughed it off.

"Ah sorry Midoriya. You're really cool dude you know, so mystery and manly" the guy said again putting his arm around his shoulder. He thought about throwing him again but their was no gain so he left it be. What was more interesting is that blond boy with lightning in his hair tying Toshi's tie. He should observe the guy closer later. 


They walked all to the train station together and Izuku must say that this Kirishima boy is pretty touchy. Hanging on his shoulder, dragging him around by his arm. Patting his back but as long he didn't cross the border it didn't matter to him. What nerved him more was his happiness, it was infectious, he had caught himself smiling three times already. After Toshi's near death situation, his emotions were getting onto the surface. It was dangerous for him, he now sometimes had nightmares with the people he killed. It was getting into him.

He had already spoken with Nedzu about it. It was strange but since Nedzu was not human and that he knew about his doings made him a good partner to talk about it. He was understanding and told him a few things from his passt, the torturing and experiments. Nedzu also said that he should let his emotions into his normal life, so that he could process them and learn to handle this feelings. 

"hey how come that you're so fast with an invisible quirk" his thoughts were interrupted by invisible girls question. 

"mostly training, without my quirk I would have made it in 4 instead of 2 seconds and that is still faster then Bakugou with his explosions" he said. 

"you as another invisible quirk user must know that we don't have the same offensive power like others, but when we attack fast and quietly there is almost no quirk that can beat us" Izuku explained to the group. 

"wow, I never saw it that way" the girl said.

"hmm just training really, with the evolution of quirks our body's have also changed. We are the next step in evolution what back then seemed impossible is now normal for us" 

"you're really manly Midoriya" Kirishima said trying to jump at his back. Izuku dodged letting the red plant face first into the ground.

"I have said it already, you should be careful with touching" he said lying through his teeth if Kirishima had landed on him then they would have fallen directly. With his weight he could still lift as much and punch as hard as before but he couldn't withstand brutal force with it.

He had to change his fighting style because of it. Each time he tried to block an attack he would he pushed three meters away. This was a major weakness that he isn't willing to share with them. 

"Ah I said it already nothing happened" Kirishima said dusting himself off.

"could you always turn your quirk off Midoriya-kun" she asked.

"first of all, I still haven't gotten your name and to answer your question my quirk is to be turned on to work" 

"oh sorry I'm Tooru Hagakure" her tone was sad.

"I sorry that I can't help you with your problem. It must be pretty lonely to be always invisible" he said with a soft tone. Shit his emotions were really getting the better of him. When was the last time Izuku comforted someone who was not Toshi, he can't remember. This had to stop fast, making friends means making weaknesses at the same time. In his line of work this was something you should avoid.

"yea, but I'm used to it, so it's just life you know" 

"hmm" he shouldn't say more now before he drags himself even deeper. 


The next day was just like every normal school day. The only difference was that their teachers are pro hero's, math was still boring and Mic-sensei was to loud for his tast. The only different class from normal school is the fundamental hero course. He just hoped that All Might wasn't that bad at teaching how Toshi described it. 

Speaking of which All Might was late to his first class. Then he heard it loud footsteps coming this way.

"I'm coming" the door slid open "through the door like a normal person" All might said with blinding smile.

Izuku was depressed. In what world is that normal. The students around him had stars in their eyes.

"omg All Might will teach us" 

"is this his Silver Age costume" 

"he is amazing" 

Wow, way to much praise for just coming through a door. He looked around and could see that Toshi was happy but also nervous. They still hadn't told All Might that he now had the quirk. He could see that Todoroki even behind his stoic face had something akin to rage. Interesting information that he should keep in mind. 

The Symbol of Peace strode up to the teacher’s podium, turning to address the class, “In Hero Basic Training, you will learn the fundamental basics of being a hero through a series of trials. So for today, we will be holding…”

All Might dramatically produced a card with the word ‘battle’ in stylised, capital letters.


“…battle trials!”


“Also!” All Might continued, “You will be needing these!”


Right on cue with his words, four slots on the wall behind him opened. Each was a cabinet holding five metal cases with a number stamped on the lids.


“Your costumes tailored based on your requests and to best suit your quirks!”

Oh he hoped that the support department got his costume right. 


“The battle trial will be held at Ground Beta,” All Might instructed, “Go and get changed, everyone, and I’ll see you there!”


“Man! All Might as our teacher!” Kirishima gushed, “Isn’t that something!”

The red head was really to optimistic about everything, on the other hand they didn't know the truth so let them be happy. 

Opening the metal case bearing his number, he did a visual check to make sure everything he had requested was included. His outfit was complete white, skin tight white shirt and pants. On top of that he had a wide mantle with hood also in snow white. 

He could see how Kirishima was looked at from time to time as he changed. He would had to ask if he had a question. Thought Kirishima isn't the shy dude so he will probably ask him himself.

His hood worked great hide his face in. For people on the outside it looked like a white wall with green eyes staring out. He checked his weapons in the mantle. 

Taser check

Five kunais check

Two smoke bombs check

And lastly a small sword (more like a long knife) check

His costume was just designed for the look right now. The only think that it was good for is that you can't see what he was doing with his hands. But that was also useless thanks to his quirk. He didn't use special materials because he had no idea what would be good for him. He will go to the support course this week and discuss that with them.

He looked at Toshi who had a pretty similar jumpsuit to Eraserhead. It seemed thought that Toshi hadn't thought about weapons. He had just some fingerless gloves, they would have to find something for him.

Pretty much everyone had their costumes bild around their quirk. They should start to think ahead, I stun grenade could help the most of them. Or a weapon generally, but you can say with this powers they are weapons themselves.

Kirishima had a pretty revealing costume but he must say that it looked pretty good on him. He could put on more muscles on his shoulder and chest but all in all they are presentable. He wanted to punch himself, what in the world is he thinking. It must be some dumb hormones stuff or something to do with puberty, to let him think like that. Why thought, he had already seen people having sex. It was on a mission where he went in with the prostitute. He then watched them until they were down and she had left to kill the man. He had felt nothing watching them doing it and now he got such thought from just a bare chest and stomach.

He tried to forget it as he walked to the meeting point. It was just hard to forget when the said person was hanging on him like a plague.

"man Midoriya your costume looks great on you. You look like this ninjas in manga's just in white" Kirishima said running around him.

"do you have hidden weapons in the mantle" he asked as he tried to feel them. Kirishima patted the mantle and could feel a weapon. He then tried to grab it but it slid down, he tried again to get it but it was still sliding down. He then grabbed something that he would also define as a weapon, definitely a big weapon at that. 

He had just a second where he activated his quirk and tried to dodge but it was no good, as a roundhouse kick hit his head hard. Even with his quirk activated it hurt like hell, he didn't even want to image what his head would look like hadn't he used his quirk. 

He flew against a wall hitting it with his head first. The next moment he could feel Midoriya behind him, one hand around his neck pulling back as he hand pressed from behind.

"careful Kirishima, your quirk doesn't make you invulnerable. Your eyes can be hurt and you still need to breath. You better ask someone before you grab areas like this. Got it?" Izuku asked with hiss. 

Kirishima nodded his face slowly turning blue.

"I asked you a question boy" Izuku hissed and Kirishima must say that he was intimidated like shit right now.

"I got it sir, please let me breath" the next moment he was released and he breathed heavily, someone put a hand on his shoulder saving him from falling. He breathed a few times before he looked up. What he didn't expect was for Midoriya standing there holding his hand out.

"stand up Kirishima we have to go. All Might is probably waiting for us" Izuku said pulling him up. They turned and walked the rest of the way through the tunnel. 


He was surprised as he and Kirishima weren't even the last one to arrive. He looked around and could see that the girls also had some interesting fashion choices. Toshi seemed even more uncomfortable now with All Might staring at him. This man really doesn't know what discreet meant. 


“The battle trials will see you all split into two groups, heroes and villains, and pitted against each other in 2-vs-2 fights that will take place in indoor settings. Unlike the entrance exams, there are no robots for you to attack.”


Then came a barrage of questions from the class.


“How will the wins and losses be decided?” Yaoyorozu Momo asked first.


“Can we punch the fuck out of them?” that came, naturally, from Bakugou.

“Will the worst-performing pair be expelled?” asked a nervous Uraraka.

“How will we be paired?” Iida raised a hand.


“Is my cape flashy or what?” Aoyama asked as he displayed the sparkling piece of cloth to those looking.


"Shut up" Izuku shouted. They all quieted down and looking at him, it was strange to stare at this eyes while the rest of him was completely white.

"let All Might explain first" he just said signaling the old man to start.

"yea right so. Villains will hide with a nuclear weapon in an unknown floor of the building. The heroes will have to find the villains, and either defeat them or secure the weapon before the time limit ends. The villains will attain victory if they are able to protect the weapon or defeat the heroes within the time limit.”


All Might closed the script, "the pairing will be chosen by lots" 

Iida was about to interrupt again when he felt a hand over his mouth. 

"you should really learn to shut your mouth Iida. Assuming U.A. made a mistake before Mic had ended the explanation, calling out the girls, calling out me on my tattoo. I will give you a good advise most people don't care that much about rules, they are our guidelines not our life" Izuku said  

Iida looked around just to see that most of his classmates agreed with Midoriya. He nodded as Midoriya took his hand away. He sulked a little as Uraraka patted his back with pity. 

"It's okay Iida, while he is right, it's also what makes you so charming" she tried to cheer him up and at least it worked a little as a small smile came back to his lips.

All Might cleared his throat to gain attention again as he continued. "Unfortunately your class have an uneven amount of students, so we have to build a three man team." 

"All Might that will not be necessary. I will fight alone against two MVP's" Izuku said. It was odd that he stated it in a matter of fact tone without even doubting that All Might will deny it. 

But the class was again surprised as All Might allowed it. 

"I will allow it since you had the highest score in history Midoriya, but don't think that you will always get what you want" 

All Might then got a box with lots in it. 


Team A: Midoriya Hitoshi & Uraraka Ochako


Team B: Shouji Mezou & Todoroki Shouto


Team C: Yaoyorozu Momo & Mineta Minoru


Team D: Iida Tenya & Bakugou Katsuki


Team E: Aoyama Yuuga & Ashido Mina


Team F: Satou Rikidou & Kouda Kouji


Team G: Jirou Kyouka & Kaminari Denki


Team H: Tokoyami Fumikage & Asui Tsuyu


Team I: Hagakure Tooru & Ojiro Mashirao


Team J: Kirishima Eijirou & Sero Hanta


"Then let us start team A as heroes vs team D as villains" All Might announced.  

Chapter Text

"Then let us start team A as heroes vs team D as villains" All Might announced.  

Izuku looked at All Might with something akin to annoyance. This guy was getting on his nerves, matching Bakugou against Toshi. He could see how Toshi spoke a small prayer before he walked to his teammate. 

Sighing he made his way over to Bakugou. Bakugou scowled as he saw him but didn't move away.

"what do you want?" Bakugou asked.

"I just want to make sure that you don't go over board, those things on your hands look dangerous" Izuku noted as he touched the metal. Bakugou flinched but didn't move away.

"of course they are nerd" 

"hmm, just make sure that if you use them, to not directly point it at them" Izuku whispered now behind Bakugou, it creeped the poor boy out.

"Hah, and I thought you wanted to forbid them" Bakugou laughed back at him.

"if they can't dodge an attack that isn't even directly pointed at them, then they are not cut out to be a hero" Izuku said walking away. 

"didn't think you would be so hard to them" Bakugou said as he walked to the building the battle will be held. 


Izuku leaned against the wall in the back staring at the monitors as the match started. 

"who do you think will win?" Kirishima asked. He didn't know what the boy saw in him to always hang around him.

"That depends on Bakugou's temper. If he gets triggered enough to answer one of Toshi's questions" Izuku said, out of the corner of his vision he could see the pink girl coming over to them.

"omg, what happened to your face Kiri?" she asked pulling him down a bit.

"ah that" Kirishima tried come up with an answer as he scratched his neck nervously. "you see I..." 

"Kirishima was clumsy and stumbled face first into ground" Izuku said putting his hand on Kirishima's shoulder squeezing it hart.

"yea, I was so shocked that I forgot to turn my quirk on Mina" the red head said.

She looked at both of them but sighed "Ashido Mina, I'm Kiri's childhood friend" 

"Midoriya Izuku" he replied shortly, he didn't need more people acting like they are his friends. It was already hart to keep Kirishima at a provisional distance. If a villain attacked now then he would save Toshi first but Kirishima was already at second place in his list. It was concerning to say at least, that someone had changed his priorities so fast. 

"HERO TEAM WINS" All might yelled trough the coms. It seemed that he had lost himself in thoughts to see Toshi beating Bakugou.

hey waited for the four to came back to the observation room to discuss the battle. Toshi and Uraraka looked happy with their win, Iida looked a little down but still determined. Bakugou looked ready to murder someone but didn't say anything, again progress. 

"Now who can tell me who MVP is and why" All Might asked the group. A hand shot up and All Might nodded at her.

"I think it was Uraraka. After Midoriya had thrown Bakugou over his shoulder she rushed at him and used her quirk on him. Bakugou still tried to fight with his quirk but shot himself into a wall because of her quirk. Iida did also good preparing for his opponents quirk but with an uncooperative partner it was the best he could do" 

Bakugou just snored at her comment.

"Uraraka was also the person who made it able for them to secure the bomb, by using her quirk on Midoriya before throwing him at it" Izuku wasn't sure if he heard that right. That girl had used Toshi as ammo, she sure is interesting. 

"Her quick thinking and her overall performance was good. Midoriya helped good along with supporting her, but she was the key player" 


"Very good Yaoyorozu!" All Might said with a nod. "I couldn't have said it better myself. Now all of you should think over your mistakes and what you can do to improve. Bakugou, please go see the nurse. That last blow was rather nasty, and I want to make sure you don't have a concussion. Uraraka congratulations on MVP." All Might flashed him a smile and a thumbs up before turning back to the rest of the class to continue the lesson.


The rest of the battles were fast over with nothing to special. Todoroki displayed an enormous amount of power freezing the whole building, but the rest were pretty average in their fighting ability. It was funny watching Yaoyorozu kicking the purple shit out of the building. 

He prepared himself for his battle as the MVP's figured out who would fight him. He had mostly guessed that it would be this two. Bakugou was still annoyed that he lost and wanted a match to prove himself, so they let him even though he wasn't MVP. Todoroki just wanted to see if Izuku was a person he had to look out for.


They at least gave him the hero role, defending would have been a pain in the ass for him. He looked through the blueprints of the building. That would be a relative easy win for, he was just thinking if he should go for the bomb or fight the two. The bomb was a saver option, but he had to see how good he is in fight compared to the powerhouses of his class. 

All Might called the start and Izuku went into the building. He was glad that nobody could ambush him since they couldn't see or hear him. He could see Bakugou standing at the stairs, he sprinted to him and kicked his foot away. Bakugou fell to the ground, but stood up fast letting los explosions in all directions.

"come out you coward and fight me head on" Bakugou yelled but Izuku kicked into his back, what send him against a wall.

"oh come really Bakugou you want me to fight quirkless" Izuku asked as again kicked Bakugou's feet away letting him fall again.

"yea you bastard, or are you afraid of me" Bakugou taunted.

"I will fight you quirkless, if your willing to do the same" Izuku said with a smile.

"why should I, my quirk is made for fighting" 

"so is my, can it be that you are afraid to fight me quirkless" 

"shut up" and again a kick against his head this time. Izuku's time was running so he decided to end it now. He kicked Bakugou from below, who still tried to randomly set of explosions. Bakugou was send up flying and before he could fall down, Izuku punched him hard. Izuku controlled his breathing as he looked if Bakugou would stand up again, but it seemed that he was out.

He would have to establish his dominance when he wanted special treatment. He needed flexibility when the government called him. He needed the possibility to take a day off, go to after his Phantom work. With other words he needed to show them that he was way ahead of them. 

He will fight Todoroki without his quirk. Show them that he could win even without it. Speaking of which, ice boy seemed to have frozen he room together with the bomb. He walked in deactivating his quirk. 

Todoroki didn't seem like the talking guy as he launched an ice wave to him. He jumped to the side before he grabbed his kunais. He then started to jumping from wall to wall making him unpredictable, he saw a small opening in the boys defends and took it. Jumping from behind he slid over the ice ground as he cut Todoroki's legs. The boy hissed and knelt down. Izuku then jumped and delivered a harsh kick against the boys face. 

Todoroki fell unconscious. Izuku held his guard up thought, who knows what could happen when the boy lashes out. One thing he learned over the years is, that with his quirk never leave your guard down for a second. When he did it could be his down fall, he didn't have raw strength. Sure he could fight them head on now, but in a few years he would definitely had to use his quirk and all his skill to fight them.


"Hero them .... WINS" All Might calls. He sighed as he walked back, he definitely had to buy some flowers for Recovery Girl. His real first day at the school and he was already making trouble for her. 

He entered the observation room. The students were speaking with each other discussing the fight. All Might ordered medi-bots to bring Bakugou and Todoroki into the infirmary. 

"Have you seen that, it looked like Bakugou was punched by the force it self" 

"yea and he didn't even use his quirk against Todoroki. He is terrifying strong" 

"he cut Todoroki's legs without hesitation" 

"using the walls as launchpads it was so manly" 

"we have similar quirks maybe if I train enough then I can do that to" 

"sure you can Hagakure, you all can if you train enough" Izuku said that causes half the class to yell and jump back in shock. 

"dude say something when you come in and don't just sneak up to us" the blond lightning guy said. 


"That was really good work young Midoriya. I would have liked to discuss your match but I have no time for it, as there is a important meeting I have to attempt" All Might said dashing off. 

But Izuku knew better, All Mights time must have gotten short to sprint off like that. 

"Okay then since All Might is gone I think that class is dismissed" Yaoyorozu said.


they all changed back into their uniforms and again he had to watch the blond guy with Toshi. At least now he know his name, Kaminari Denki. That guy was getting touchy with Toshi and when he meant touchy, then that was more then Kirishima by him.

Talking about the Kirishima, he was again on him, his arm around his neck. He guy was just way to happy, Kirishima then did something Izuku didn't expected. He lifted him and you could see his confused face. He opened his mouth to say something but Izuku slapped his hand over it. He then dragged the red head away from the group and told Toshi to go home without him. 

Kirishima looked nervous as they walked through some shady streets. Izuku sighed as he turned.

"you will tell nobody about it" Izuku said in a serious tone but it seemed that Kirishima was pretty obvious to it.

"why, that isn't something to be ashamed of bro. Actually it is cute that I can carry you with just one arm" Kirishima said laughing.

"that wasn't a suggestion Kirishima. Tell someone about it and will make sure that you can't walk for a week, got it" Izuku asked with a dangerous glint in his eyes.

"chill bro, I swear nobody will ever knew. It will be our little secret" he said in a sing sang tone and then it made all sense for Izuku. Oh that bastard, but he can play that game too, when the time is right he will strike.

For now Izuku walked home, but now he was sure that he would give Kirishima One for All. Behind his smiling face was a good working head on his shoulder. It was a shame that he used it to flirt with an emotionless boy. 

The next day started with him bringing Recovery Girl flowers. She scolded him to go so brutal on the two but was thankful for the gift. 

Izuku was sitting with Toshi when Aizawa walked into the room.


“Good morning.” He said as he made his way to the podium. Totally ignoring that they hadn't sat down 


Some of 1-A looked amongst each other before shrugging.


“I guess I won’t beat around the bush and make the announcement.” Aizawa spoke with a neutral expression.


Suddenly everyone began to sweat nervously.


‘Are going to have another test?’ They all thought.


“You’ll be picking your class representatives.” He announced in a monotone tone.


‘Such a normal thing!’ 1-A sighed in relief, thankful that it was a normal activity this time.


All the sudden the classroom was bombarded by noise.


“Pick me I wanna be president!” Mina called out as she quickly stood up and waved her hand around.


“I’ll do it.” Jiro said as she slightly raised her hand while still being seated.


“This position is perfectly suited for moi!” Aoyama declared as he put his head on his hands and stars started to shine all around him.


“Piss off extras! It’s clearly me who’s going to be the president!” Bakugou roared out as he stood on top of his desk which immediately earned him a reprimand from Iida.


“Bakugou, get down from there!” he ordered as he chopped at the air.


“Piss of ‘glasses’!” Bakugou replied with a growl.


Izuku simply sat there, just watching the commotion and thinking. This was a disaster, loud, uncoordinated and mostly inefficient.

He whistled loudly getting their attention as they calmed down.

"We will hold a vote. The person with the most votes will be president and the person second will be vice rep. Got it?" he asked and they just nodded. He walked over to Yaoyorozu and she got what he wanted as she produced voting cards with their names on.

Izuku then handed them out. "voting for yourself is of course prohibited" he said. He could hear mild protest but silents them with one look. Good that was going in his favor. If he could became President or at least vice then would have way more influence. He can talk with other class reps and the best is the student counsel meeting. Being rep or vice would get him into the student counsel, provided he can beat one of them. But if he did, he would instantly get a temporary hero license. 

In the moment the student counsel consisted of three people. The big three, U.A. most powerful students. Since the moment they got their positions in the counsel nobody could get in. Each time someone tried, they lost against one of them, but he can fight them, he can win. 


In the end, it had went like he planned it. They had voted for his cool and calm personality, he had to work at that if they thought he was cool and not cold how he hoped they would see him. Others had voted for him because of his strength.

Izuku 9 votes

Yaoyorozu 6 votes

Kirishima 2 votes

Todoroki 1 vote




“It’s decided, Midoriya is President with a total of nine votes with Yaoyorozu as the vice-president with six votes.” Iida announced as he pointed at the whiteboard.

Chapter Text

Izuku 9 votes

Yaoyorozu 6 votes

Kirishima 2 votes

Todoroki 1 vote




“It’s decided, Midoriya is President with a total of nine votes with Yaoyorozu as the vice-president with six votes.” Iida announced as he pointed at the whiteboard.



Lunch wasn't as quiet as he wished it to be. He just wished for Toshi and him to have time and talk about their All Might problem. The man was getting impatient with Toshi and because of that Toshi was avoiding him with all he got. He always surrounded himself with at least two or three classmates, so that All Might couldn't just go up to him. Izuku could practically see that All Might's was getting more then frustrated not only with Toshi but also with himself.

Today he would have to talk with the old man. He had to be careful thought, last time he spoke with him he had exposed himself and his comrades. He would have to make sure that his emotions doesn't overtake his thoughts again. 

"Bro say something you haven't talked since we sat down with you" speaking of the devil. This red head is ruining his peaceful lunch with Toshi, they were just sitting by themselves wanting to talk some serious shit until Mr. Happy and his friends came. The pink girl, Ashido Mina and the blond electric boy, Kaminari Denki. 

He sighed, this was going to be his down fall one day, sitting with people and having lunch. It was a weakness, something that some could use against him. He know it wasn't good for him to stay, but why, why does it feel so comforting. He should grab this warm emotion and put it back from were it come from, but he didn't and he was afraid of why he didn't do it. His emotions will make him weak, it will slowly take his rational thinking, it will slowly destroy him inside out.

"I just want to have a peaceful lunch with Toshi, so leave me be" It was harsh and it seemed that three people had understand that. However Kirishima just laughed again and moved onto the next topic. He wasn't sure anymore if Kirishima was just that obvious to his words or if the guy was just that good at pretending. 

"can we sit with you?" and now he was sure that someone was mocking him. Yaoyorozu, Hagakure, Asui the frog girl and Sero the tape boy came to sit with them. The other of course invited them directly. Now half of the class was sitting with him even thought he just wanted to have a peaceful lunch with Toshi.

They talked with each other for 10 minutes and Izuku was just glad that they left him in peace. Or not as Yaoyorozu looked at him before asking something he didn't expect.

"so, when did you start making plans for becoming class president Midoriya?" she asked straight forward. To say that he was caught off guard would be to much but he still was speechless for second. She had figured him out and that so fast.

"in the battle trials. What gave me away?" he answered and asked.

"You started speaking more then before, but mostly how you took control over the voting with no hesitation. I could see it in your eyes, waiting long enough for the class to be in chaos before making your move. Then you didn't even asked us if we even wanted to vote, you just gave a command and we followed. That gave the others the image of a leader when they thought about you" She said with a small smirk crossing her lips. Izuku could see that she was proud of herself and she should be.

"hmm, all correct Yaoyorozu, but you should be careful your mask is cracking" Izuku could see how she moved her hand up to her mouth. She must have felt the smirk since it was gone with her hand. The others by the table looked at them as if they had grown a second head. 

"wait, wait, wait. You played us to give you our vote" Kaminari asked shocked.

"that I did Kaminari-kun" Izuku said in such a flat tone that the others didn't know if what he said was real or if it was sarcasm. 

"that is cheating, we should ask Aizawa-sensei and vote again" Kaminari said.

"Kaminari-kun, I would suggest you to leave it be, if you ever want to lay your hand this near on Toshi again that is" Izuku said with serious voice. Kaminari now a little pale as he took his hand from Toshi's shoulder.

"speaking of Hitoshi-kun. Are you two related?" Asui asked getting Izuku's attention, much to Kaminari's relieve. In japan it wasn't that uncommon for people to have the same last name, thought the meaning behind the names were often different. Midoriya had something to do with green, that's all he could remember from his mom, but that also lost his meaning with his quirk. His white hair and skin was nothing like his mother.

"Toshi is my adopted son" Izuku said and like that the table froze. They looked at him as if he was crazy or something but Izuku just continued eating. That it's of course until Kirishima spit his drink into his face. That was it.

"Midoriya I'm so sorry" Kirishima tried but was just dragged out of the cafeteria by the white angel. Thought some would say that the devil himself lived behind this eyes. 


All eyes turned to Hitoshi to explain since Izuku had left. He scratched his neck as he thought of a good way to begin the story.

"you see" he started telling them the hole story from him getting adopted by Izuku. He of course left out that Izuku was Phantom. The story was long and Hitoshi was telling them about his punishment when he lied to Izuku when the alarms started.

It was like the class before complete chaos. Students trying to escape when they pushed each other, some were knocked down until someone yelled that loud that they had to cover their ears. 

Standing on the table was Yaoyorozu holding a megaphone. 

"This is not how we should react, if this continues someone will get hurt. I want 10 third year students to act as guides, so all of us can CALMLY evacuate." It wasn't long before the students did as she wanted. 

Yaoyorozu was surprised by herself. She did it like Midoriya had before in class, she had waited for the chaos to reach the full maximum and then took control. She ordered them instead of asking. It was so easy to manipulate a crowed, when people aren't in direkt danger they will do what the crowed does. She just had to bring some of them to listen to her and with that the entire school had followed her instructions. 



Izuku dragged Kirishima down the hall until they reached the boys toilets. He then walked in dragging a struggling Kirishima with him in. When they entered he let Kirishima off as he went to sink to wash his face.

"Izuku, I'm sorry" Kirishima said again. That bastard must be thinking that he was dumb. He had spit his drink intentionally in his face. Now thought Izuku just felt insulted. The red head thought that Izuku wouldn't even notice, that Kirishima was using his first name.

Izuku looked up to meet Kirishima's ever smiling face. It was so happy but now he could see it, it was small that's true but it was still there. A tiny crack in Kirishima's mask. It wasn't something that he boy could control, no his acting was perfekt. His eyes weren't thought, they looked sad and insecure.

"Kirishima we need to talk" Izuku's voice was serious as he closed the distant between them in second. Kirishima wasn't much taller then him so they could look at each others eyes without trouble. 

"your using your intelligent on the wrong objective. I'm emotionless and with that have no interest for a romantic relationship." Izuku said looking at the boy, he could see the crack becoming bigger with each word that leaves his mouth.

"all this bright ideas and this perfect acting is for nothing" Izuku continued and it hurt to see how Kirishima's smile slowly started to break as well. 

"you have no idea what life I lived. What life I will live. What I did and what I will do in the future" Izuku said and caught Kirishima who was trying to stand still but was failing as crushed to the floor.

Kirishima started to cry silently and the only think Izuku could do was lock the door and then wrap an arm around the boy as Kirishima cried into his shoulder. He could hear the alarm but it seemed Kirishima was in his own world right now and he would let him be for now.

They set there for about 30 minutes before Kirishima was done crying. 

"Kirishima what is wrong" Izuku asked as softly as for him possible.

"I-I-I just thought that I found the perfect guy to be with" Kirishima said still crying. 

"your so co-ol a-and badass. You also have this beautiful hair and skin" 

"I see but that have many people. Bakugou is handsome and badass in his way" Izuku pointed out. He then took Kirishima's chin and forced him to look into his eyes.

"so tell me, why are you so obsessed with me. What's it about me that caught your interest?" Izuku asked.

Kirishima looked away, trying to find the right words to describe what was so special about Mr. snow. 

"it's your eyes Izuku" He finally said looking down. 

"day are like mine. The first time I saw into them was the time I fell in love with you" Kirishima said looked up, to a shocked looking Izuku.

"they hold so much pain and hurt in there" Kirishima said and this time it was Izuku who looked away, but like Izuku did before Kirishima now forced Izuku to look at them.

"don't look away. I know what this eyes are saying and your right. I don't know anything about your passt and what you did" Kirishima was now hugging a sobbing Izuku.

"but I know that it is worth fighting for you Izuku" Kirishima said as he smiled at him.

"because seeing these" Kirishima wiped a few tears away with his thumb. "means that your not as emotionless as you claim to be" 

The next thing Izuku know was that Kirishima had leaned forward and kissed his cheek. 

Kirishima then hardened himself waiting for a blow to hit him but nothing came. Izuku slowly started to laugh until it almost sounded sinister.

"how pathetic of me, to have someone with insecurity problems cheer me up" Izuku looked straight into Kirishima's soul. "you don't need to bother holding up this smiling mask anymore. You have seen me in my lowest, there is no one here besides us, so let it out" 


The two just cried silently for another 30 minutes in each others arms before they both stood up. They washed their tears away in the sink and when they faced each other again their masks were back on. A smile and an unreadable face. 

The two didn't talk as they left the toilets without looking at each other, as they parted their ways. Kirishima to class and Izuku to Nedzu. Kirishima had his mask back on, letting his insecurity about his quirk fall as deep as he could. Izuku had his emotions under control again, but it was a step backwards for him. He had to control his emotions, he shouldn't have emotions in the first place. 


The day was over rather quickly. Izuku's meeting with Nedzu about the alarm was frustrating, he and Nedzu know that no reporter had such a powerful quirk to destroy the front gate. All Might and Power Loader had other opinions thought, they didn't think that someone would try to attack them. He wanted to facepalm at their naivety, he at least asked All Might to hold back and safe his time for the students and emergencies for a few days. 



Izuku was sitting in a bus with his class on the way to the USJ. This morning Eraserhead come into their class saying that they would be having a field trip. It was for rescue training in natural disasters. It was the area were Izuku lagged the most and he didn't plan on changing that. He was a master in what he was doing now, killing people, saving thought that was something he wouldn't be able to. What bothered him was this uneasy feeling since this morning, the feeling he got before an elimination mission.

"Class rep" Asui said getting his intention. 

"my name is Midoriya you know" he said at her with announce, something that was getting more often lately.

"I know but we have two so it's quicker to call the right person" she said.

"then call me Izuku" he simply said with a flat tone. He had to control his emotions. Announce is just another form of rage. 

"then call me Tsuyu, but what I wanted to ask is how you got so strong. I have heard from the others that you train much but the moves you pulled are more then just training" she said and he had to admit. This class had a lot more smart heads then he thought.

"if you want to know how I train then I have to kindly decline this request" he said as politely as possible.

"still being able to just cut someone without hesitation is a scary but still useful skill" she said and he again had to admit that she was very smart to pick the most useful of his actions to ask for. 

"hesitation is something that will kill you in a battle, the moment you hesitate, can be the moment someone kills you." 

"you sound so emotionless just like Todoroki" she said out loud much to their classmates fear. Todoroki now looked up to look at them hearing his name. 

"please don't compare us. We are totally different, I just don't have the ability to feel emotion and when then just in short episodes. Todoroki on the other hand is filled with so much rage that he doesn't care about others. He just covers it well with his stoic face." most of the students looked at Todoroki and went pale as you now could see the rage, as his face was clearly shoving it now. 

"but still, you, Todoroki and Bakugou are the strongest in our class but I don't think anyone of you will become popular" Asui just said with no fear in her face as she just insulted the three strongest students in her class. Someone of them even started to cover them selves, but to their surprise Izuku laughed a little. It wasn't long or loud but they clearly heard it.

"you are really are fearless one aren't you" Izuku said but he continued before she could answer.

"it's nice to talk to someone who isn't afraid to say what is in their mind. Thought you are wrong we three are by no means the strongest" now got him some confused looks even from Todoroki and Bakugou.

"as you all heard I'm mostly emotionless, I don't just do something for nothing but since I own them something and will tell you. The most potential quirks for fighting in this class have...... Uraraka, Yaoyorozu and Kirishima" the class looked shocked and confused. The two girls even more then rest, their quirks best for battle?. Kirishima sure his quirk was pretty useful for defending and with that for fighting but the best?

"SHUT YOUR MOUTH you peace of shit how in the world could they fight me or even half and half here" Bakugou yelled at him.

"I'm sorry Midoriya but you really have to explain that" Ashido said.

"Yaoyorozu, I own you one for handling the alarm even thought it was my responsibility. Your quirk is the most powerful in this class because no matter the situation you will be always useful. But what makes it so powerful is that you can replicate quirks" there was silents.

"I'm sorry what" the girl in question asked.

"I said you can replicate quirks. If you analyse Midnight's gas i'm sure you can replicate it. If you analyse Ashido's acid you can replicate it or make even better now. Your quirk almost has no limitations, electricity, gas, acid, weapons. Hell if you make the right equipment first, then you can make explosions like Bakugou since nitroglycerin is fairly easy for you to make. The same can be said about Todoroki's quirk"

The class was beyond speechless. Sure they thought she was smart and that her quirk was already strong but the way Izuku put it she would be a god. Yaoyorozu on the other hand couldn't believe it, she had so much power on her fingers tips and didn't know about it. Izuku just outright gave her the key for greatness. 

"omg Yaoyorozu is a god" Ashido said still staring at the girl in awe. 

"is something wrong Yao..." he was interrupted 

"you can call me Momo" she said quickly. She didn't care that allowing a boy to call her with her first name was pretty intimate. This boy gave her more then she could have ever asked for.

"sure, now Uraraka" the class already looked on edge ready to hear what other overpowered girl they had in class.

"I own you more then you know for saving Toshi's life, so be sure that when ever you need something that you can always ask me. Be it training, school work, family trouble or even money there is no limit what you could ask for, you understand?" Izuku asked and she just nodded, too overwhelmed with his offer.

"Momo could you make me a diamond" Izuku asked hands demonstrating the length. Momo did it without a second thought. 

Izuku held up the stone for everyone to see.

"this is one of the of hardest materials on earth. Nobody of you could destroy it, but she can. Use your quirk on it" Izuku instructed and she did.

Izuku then took the diamond his hands and broke it in two with the last bit of his strength he had.

"as you can see, with your quirk the diamond can be broken. True I still needed a lot of strength but it's also one of the hardest materials, so normal stone should be easy. Your quirk can reduce the mass of objects so that they have no gravity. But by reducing the mass you also reduce the stability of it" 

Izuku then leaned forward to her whispering something to her and her face grow even more shocked.

"what did he say" Kaminari asked.

"if he wanted us to know then he wouldn't have whispered it dumb ass" Jiro said.

"I'm glad you under stand that Jiro-san, so I presume that you didn't eavesdrop on us." Izuku said without waiting for answer.

"last but not least, Kirishima I'm sorry but I don't own you anything so you will have to wait until then." 

The class again looked shocked. They thought they would hear another one of their classmates becoming OP but the boy just refused. 

"Oh come on man just a little bit" Kirishima pleaded but it was no use, as Izuku just looked away from the red head. Kirishima sulked a little, but he knew that once Izuku owned him one then he could become powerful from what he had witnessed. 

"We are almost there so I want to make something clear, you three may be the strongest in the class in a head on fight. Turn to a villain with the knowledge I gave you and I will make sure that nobody finds your body. Sure I can't fight you head on if you become more skilled but I'm sure that I can kill you while you sleep" 

To say that the class was creeped out and afraid as shit would we understatement. The boy who just helped then to reach their greatest potential, outright said that he would kill them. They all shivered from his killing intent, Bakugou looked even more pale remembering how Izuku was in his room without him noticing anything at all.

"We are here, so get out" Aizawa said before he turned to Izuku. "and Midoriya stop scaring them" it was said with light amusement.

"why because it's your job" Izuku asked stepping besides him. 

"damm right kid, so get moving before I give you detention" 

"yea, yea, got it Eraser your still mad that I had save your ass" Izuku could see how Aizawa turned red. 

Chapter Text

Izuku looked over his class as they all stared at the massiv building called Unforeseen Simulation Joint or short USJ. It sure was big but what interested him more was how his classmates were crowding Uraraka, Momo and Kirishima. The problem Kirishima was besides him and so was the crowd. 

He could see Aizawa talking with Thirteen, she held three fingers down probably stating that All Might had used up his time limit. That idiot what if something happens now and he was pretty sure that something will happen. This feeling he had got intenser with each passing second. He heard just the half of Thirteens speech but was still impressed that she had picked up this interesting subject. Quirks sure are to powerful for people to wield and even more dangerous. It's good that she made sure to tell them that they all could easily kill with their quirks.

Thought the portal was more interesting then her speech. The first villain appeared and he moved besides Toshi to keep him save for now.

"Kaminari use your quirk to contact the school, NOW" this got everyone to look at him. Izuku raising his voice was rare and terrifying. Izuku already pulled two kunais from his sleeves and cursed himself for not having visited the support course yet. Kaminari shook his head making it clear that he couldn't reach them.

"Aizawa, Thirteen, villains are attacking" He stated as calmly as he could. Eraserheads head snapped so fast to the center, that some thought his head may fall off. The hero put his googles on quickly.

"Thirteen evacuate the students" was the last thing he said before jumping down to fight the villains even thought masses weren't his strength. To Izuku's surprise he held his own pretty good. Aizawa must have worked on himself after he had been captured.

The students and Thirteen made their way to the doors when a man made of mist appeared before them. 

"Nice to meet you. We are the League of Villains. My names Kurogiri and were are here for the Symbol of Peace to take his last breath" Kurogiri said revealing to them their motives for being here.

Killing All Might huh, not that he cared. It mostly would even solve some of his problems right now but he remembered his damm rule five. Be good, be Izuku. He was dumb to make this rule, because one day he will die because of it.

“I believe All Might should have been here. Has there been some kind of change? Well, that is neither here nor there. This is the part I am to play.” Kurogiri sated as he prepared to take out Thirteen and the students.


Thirteen was about to use her Black Whole Quirk but stopped as out of nowhere, both Kirishima and Bakugou were in front of him as they charged Kurogiri head on. Bakugou blasted him in the face with a loud explosion.


“What in the hell are those two idiots doing?!” Izuku said as he wiped the smoke away from his face.


“Did you consider that you’d got beaten by us before you did it?” Kirishima yelled as he taunted Kurogiri.


“Oh dear, that’s dangerous… “


When the smoke completely cleared, Kurogiri was shown to not have a single scratch on him


“That’s right. Even if you are students , you are excellent golden eggs.” Kurogiri said as he praised the young and talented students.


“No! Move away, you two!” Thirteen said as he tried to warn Kirishima and Bakugou.


“My job is to scatter you all and torture you to death!” Kurogiri said as he enveloped the entire class with his purple mist. It created a big circular shield around them made of smoke.

Izuku was paralyzed he couldn't move, he couldn't reach Toshi as he fell to the left. He on the other hand just straight up fall through the portal. He felt water, he must have landed in the Flood zone. He tried to swim to the surface but a villain charging at him. He took his kunai ready to attack when something wrapped around his body. He was about to cut it when he saw that it was Tsuyu's tongue, who kicked the villain away from him. 

She leaped out of the water to the ship and placed him there before jumping in again. Izuku stood up and checked his weapons. Four kunais, one lost. His mini blade. Taser and smoke bombs were there but ruined by the water damage. He again cursed himself for not going to the support department.

Thought that was not the right time for this thoughts, he had to get to Toshi first and then to Kirishima. He saw Tsuyu jumping out of the water with Mineta under her arm and stepped to the side letting them land. Tsuyu seemed to cope pretty well with the situation but Mineta was getting on his nerves. 

How this pathetic crying child could even get into the hero course was out of his imaginations. 

"they don't know our quirks, if they had known then they wouldn't had send me here" Tsuyu stated. 

"true, we have the advantage knowing that" Izuku said.

"we should try to get out of here, the longer we are here the more dangerous it can get for us" Tsuyu sure was smart. It seemed that her calm nature was helping here to make the right decisions.

"you two are crazy, we should wait here until a hero saves us" Mineta cried.

"you are the hero who is supposed to save someone crybaby" Izuku said flipping his kunai.

"They seem pretty prepared so I think that they really have a way to defeat All Might. Tsuyu can you jump over the water?" he asked the girl who nodded in responds. 

"Okay I will use my quirk on us to make us invisible, Mineta if you want to come with us then grab my hand now or stay here" Izuku said turning his quirk on. A shiver run down Tsuyu's spine at the cold.

"we have to hurry my quirk makes me weak against cold" she said. 

Izuku nodded as he lead them to the edge, they both looked back to see that Mineta was to afraid and moved inside the ship. They didn't have time to go after him and he was a hero in training he will make his own decisions and will live with the consequences. 

Tsuyu jumped and realized that Izuku was much lighter then she thought he would be. Izuku instantly turned his quirk off when they landed. He could see that she was cold but it seemed that it wasn't that bad as she still could move normally. 

"I have to get to Toshi, please stay safe" Izuku said running off.

He sprinted to the Ruins zone. It was the nearest zone and he had a chance to see Toshi from the top of the buildings. 



Hitoshi was having a hard time. He landed in the Mountain zone with Yaoyorozu, Jiro and Kaminari. They were fighting villains off, but they were massively outnumbered. He used his quirk on some but after the fifth they started to get it and shut their mouths. Now he was just holding a sword given to him. He sure was good at fighting since he trained with Izuku, but he was getting tired. 

"Jiro, Midoriya get down here" Yaoyorozu yelled trowing a thick blanked up. He and Jiro listened without question as they got under it. The girl yelled something to Kaminari and he just hoped that the guy would be save. He was nice and funny, it made him always feel warm around the blond.

The next moment Yaoyorozu came under the blanked as well. What he didn't expect was that her top was completely destroyed displaying her boobs to his full view. He went red as a tomato as he looked away. Yaoyorozu seemed to notice it a moment later since she yelled in shock for a moment before making a new one.

They heard people screaming outside, heard their bodies hitting the ground. They waited for about 5 seconds to make sure that they wont be shocked themselves before they got out from under the blanket. Looking around they could see villains down from left to right. 



Eijiro looked around to see where he was. It seemed that he and Bakugou were teleported to same building but he didn't know where exactly. The room they were in looked like it was about to break down. He hardened his skin as he saw a villain behind Bakugou and punched the guy hard. This was all their fault if they hadn't been so impulsiv, then Thirteen would have used her quirk to defeat the mist guy. 

He and Bakugou fought against docent of villains. They thought for about 15 minutes and he had to say that it took a toll on his quirk, he had about four minutes left, six when he overused it. To his relieve it seemed that Bakugou had taken out the last one of them. They looked around at the defeated villains and they both know that they were mere distraction. The real villains are planning something to send this street criminals at them. He was brought out of his thought when he heard a crush behind him to see a villain hitting the wall so hard that he got stuck there. 

He and Bakugou looked around and saw Izuku slowly turning invisible again. 

"don't let your guard down until you are sure that the fight is over" Izuku stated as he walked to the stairs. To his and Bakugou's surprise he walked up rather then down. It seemed that Izuku sensed their confusion.

"I'm searching for Toshi, do what you want" it was cold and so unlike Izuku. Sure most of his classmates would say that it was exactly like him but Kirishima know better. Even if he knew Izuku just for a few days he was sure that the other cared about them. He was looking for Toshi so this was prove enough that Izuku was a good person. He had also saved him another prove, so why did he sound like he had a battle right behind his eyes. 

He had followed Izuku up stairs as Bakugou had run off to the center. He wanted to help Aizawa-sensei but something just told him to stay by Izuku's side. He looked around until he saw something in the distance. It looked like purple, Hitoshi or maybe Mineta.

"Izuku over there" He said pointing to the Mountain zone. Izuku looked for about five seconds before a small smile appeared on his face. 

"we are going there, I will run ahead try to keep up" Izuku said before jumping from this building to the smaller one 20 meters away. Kirishima sighed, it was always amazing seeing the other boy moving around so quickly. Maybe Izuku will train him to move like that. 

He used his quirk as he jumped down from the seventh floor. He left a large crack as he landed but didn't bother as he started running to the Mountain zone. He could see Izuku way ahead of him or more he could see how villains got beaten by an invisible force. This guy was so fucking manly. 

The three of them lifted the blanked of as Hitoshi looked around to see if they had gotten all of them. At the first glance it seemed like that. Then he saw how the earth moved slightly by Kaminari's position. The poor guy was out duo to his quirk overuse, he had to help the boy. He run to the smiling boy with thumbs up and pushed him out of the way as a villain came out. The villain was startled as he saw Hitoshi who was about to punch him. The villain panicked as he used his sword to defend himself. 

Izuku halted as he saw what was before him. He couldn't take his eyes off the scene, it wasn't until Toshi screamed so loud he was sure that he whole USJ heard him. He could see the blood slashing everywhere as Toshi's arm hit the ground. He villain before Toshi was shocked but raised his sword again, that is until a kunai hit his face. The guy was instantly dead falling to the ground besides the screaming boy.

Izuku rushed past the two shocked girls as he knelled besides Toshi. The girls still in shock didn't know what to do. 

"Momo move your ass over here and make bandages we have to stop the bleeding. Jiro look after the dumb ass" the girls flinched at his harsh tone. Izuku who always had a flat and monotone voice, now thought it was filled with anger and murderous intent.

The girls still did what they were told. Momo rushed over and started to make bandages. They strangulate the blooding stopping Toshi from bleeding out. They were halfway through the treatment when Kirishima arrived. He looked sick as he saw Toshi's arm on the ground. He run over to see if he could help them but he doubted it.

"Izuku, Hitoshi has lost to much blood we need a blood transfusion" Momo said. 

"you can have my blood, I'm 0 negativ so it should work with all" Kirishima said. Momo nodded as she made the right set for this. Izuku then pierced Kirishima's skin with the needle and connected it with Toshi. Jiro and Kaminari were back, the boy was still out but at least he wasn't running around now.

"Jiro is someone near by?" Izuku asked. Jiro shook her had saying that they were alone. Izuku relaxed for a moment, this guys had to pay for what they did to Toshi. Fuck rule five, fuck it. Being nice had him brought into this situation, if he had just straight but killed one of the villains stepping out of the portal with a thrown kunai then they would had feared their lives and wouldn't attack them. 

"Jiro please make sure to always listen if someone is coming" Izuku said turning to Kirishima. 

"can you promise me that you protect them with your life?" Izuku asked. Kirishima was the only person he could trust right now. He felt that the boy wouldn't disappoint him no matter what.

"I can promise you that" hearing this set Izuku at ease. His eyes turned darker as thought about what he will do the others. 

"I will be back as fast as possible" Izuku as his quirk slowly started to make him invisible again. They stared as he left them.


Chapter Text

Izuku saw black as he waited for his quirk, he had let this happen just because he played hero. He had let Toshi get hurt, just because he wanted to have a more normal life. This will end now, he will plant fear in this villains hearts. He is an assassin, assassins kill their targets. 

He went down through the different zones in top speed as he killed them all, fast efficient and mostly importantly quiet. This was his life and it will stay this way. He slashed a mans throat, letting the guy fall to the ground. In front of him was a young looking guy, probably his first time as a villain.

"say to everyone you meet that Phantom will be going after these who try to attack U.A. again" the boy nodded. His fighting spirit had already left his body as four of his comrades died in front of him.

Izuku had killed about 24 villains before he entered the center. He could feel how his tattoo grow incredible in size, it hurt like hell but now was not the time to think over his pain.

He looked at Aizawa who was held down by big guy with a bird head. It seemed that bird head was controlled since it did nothing but holding Aizawa down. He saw a guy with light blue hair and hands covering his face and upper body. He was scratching his neck until the mist guy came back.

"Kurogiri, did you kill Thirteen?" Shigaraki asked him. Izuku felt his grip tighten on his kunais. To talk of death so casually was normal for him, so it wasn't hard for him to find out that they were new to this.


"Thirteen is out of commission," the misty man said. "I regret to inform you that a student managed to escape."


Shigaraki scratched his neck like the skin was offending him. "Kurogiri, if you weren't our exit strategy, I'd kill you."


"The pros will be on their way," Kurogiri pointed out.


"We can't handle an army of pros," Shigaraki spat. "We'll have to leave."


"The Symbol of Peace didn't even show up," Shigaraki grumbled. "What a waste. Maybe we can ruin a bit of his pride before we go!"

Shigaraki was fast. He sped towards Asui who for some reason was still there at the point he had left her. As the world slowed, Izuku had already known that he couldn't reach them in time but his kunai could. He throw it as fast as he could, it flow with so much force that it cut off three fingers on the guys right hand. 

Hand-job screamed as he held his bleeding hand to his chest. Izuku ignored it as he throw a second knife piercing the guys foot to the ground. The mist guy looked around and tried to find him. That is until a loud yelling student with blond hair came flying at him. Bakugou tackled the mist guy to the ground and held his hand threateningly to the metal plates. Where the hell had Bakugou been, he had run off to the center way before him. 

It doesn't matter thought. Izuku was running at the screaming boy on the ground clutching his hand. 

"Nomu kill this fucking shit who did this to me" the guy screamed, tears still running down his face. 

The Nomu, Izuku assumed was the big bird guy that didn't move at all. It's hard to order a brainless thing to attack something it can't see. Izuku was halfway to the Hand-job guy when the USJ door was destroyed by All Might. It startled them all for just a second, but it was still enough for veteran mist villain to create a portal under himself and the blue haired guy. 

The guy still screamed how unfair this is and how a low NPC shouldn't be able to damage him. What a man child, the guy ordered the Nomu to kill All Might before they vanished. Bird guy moved in extra ordinary speed as it attack the number one hero. It must have more then one quirk or at least some biologically improved resistance. It was as fast and strong as All Might and it didn't even looked like that All Mights punches had any effective on it. 

All Might could beat it thought, after 10 minutes of fighting that is. He looked exhausted and Izuku couldn't bring himself to care, this had it coming for him. He had warned the hero, had asked him to stay low for just a few days, but no he just didn't want to listen.

Izuku saw the other teachers of U.A. coming in and he felt save enough now to let his guard down. The moment he did it was the moment he collapsed to the ground, as his tattoo hurt like someone had set his entire back and chest on fire. Oh fuck it, his entire body was on fire, he screamed as he waited to fall unconscious but it seemed that his body was betraying him again. Finally after what felt like hours, 3 minutes, his body couldn't handle the stress and pain anymore and he passed out. 


The teachers weren't sure what they were seeing as they came in. What they didn't expect was one dead villain body after another. They spread to search for the remaining villains and students. What they found made them sick, most of them seemed to be okay. Thought there were some that weren't this lucky. Mineta was almost dead, blood flowing out of his body everywhere. Purple Midoriya had lost his left hand. 

But what turned their stomach even more was the brutal way white Midoriya had killed 24 villains. These that were left looked terrified and didn't even resist in the slightest when they cuffed them. 24, that was more then the most of them had killed in their line of work.

They brought all students back to the campus. Mineta, Aizawa, Thirteen and the two Midoriya's were brought to Recovery Girl. The atmosphere of failure was heavy as the students left the school. They would have a few days off to gather themselves, to bury this image of Izuku killing one after another. They all had at least witnessed Izuku killing one villain, be it right in front of them or from afar it didn't matter. They will always have the image of the villains face realizing that this was his last moment.

Some were scared of him others were thankful that he had saved them. Thought they all know that it doesn't matter right now, what mattered was that the five of them will survive the following night. Kirishima tried to stay but was swiftly kicked out by Recovery girl, his parents weren't helping either as they dragged him home. 



Recovery Girl sighed as she bandaged Izuku's chest and back. This boy was only 14 years old and had to do much horrible things. She didn't know that the small boy had such a large tattoo over his body. His entire back and chest were covered in it.

It was a big garden with Sakura trees all around, the trees had light pink leaves and with a dark brown for the boughs. In the middle of his chest was a big house in traditional japanese style, it was brown, with a light white for the doors. The roof was blood red, with a symbol on it. The symbol looked like a small green kunai with red eyes in it. His back was completely different thought, in the middle was a small person with two small swords. The piercing green eyes said that it most likely was Midoriya. Surrounding this figure were a bunch of corpses. He was standing in the middle of a massacre, it seemed that blood was on his blades but it was hard to tell. The tattoo on his back was in complete black so you couldn't make out much expect for the green eyes. His arms had the same motif a small figure with kunais sitting in a sakura tree.


She sighed as he made her way to the conference room.

The conference was hell as all teachers were there, minus Eraser and Thirteen. 

"how could this happen" 

"why didn't go the alarm off" 

"who killed all this villains" 

"why wasn't there any other teacher with them" 

It was complete chaos, that is until the door opened and Recover Girl came in. She took her seat and waited for Nedzu to handle the situation.

"okay calm down all of you" Nedzu said getting their attention.

"now let us start with most important question" he said turning to Recovery Girl.

"will they all make it" he asked in a hopeful tone.

There was silents as the heroes waited for her answer. 

"yes" relieve washed over there faces.

"but" and there it was destroyed.

"they will have limitations, Aizawa will not be able to use his quirk that often anymore. The small boy Mineta will have a hard time walking again but with therapy it should do. Thirteen will be completely okay. Midoriya Hitoshi has lost an arm, so you can guess what that means for him. Midoriya Izuku seems completely okay, there wasn't a wound in the first place" 

The room was silent trying to process what she said. Two okay, one with decreased quirk usage, one with walking problems and one without an arm. This was bad, U.A. reputation will take a heavy hit for that.

"thanks Recovery Girl" Nedzu said turning back to the others.

"now let us talk about our security system, how did they manage to break in one of the safest places in japan" Nedzu asked Power Loader who was the man charge for their security.

"it seemed that they had some kind of jamming quirk, it was also the location they used to attack, since there was only one way for our signal to escape. They took advantage of this and jammed it, cutting off all ways of communication" 

"I see, thank you Power Loader. You will upgrade our system" it wasn't a suggestion, but it wasn't like Power Loader hadn't thought about it. He felt guilty, the Midoriya boy had warned them that something like this could happen. It was just yesterday as All Might and him had dismissed him.

"what is more concerning thought is that young Midoriya killed 24 people" All Might said, getting agreement from the other heroes. Snipe wanted to shoot this guy directly, but he remembered Izuku's words. They can't be judged for their character if they don't have all the information. He agreed with that, he was like them before, unknowing and naive. Just seeing black and white, good and evil. Now thought he had to make sure that he at least defended the boy who did this much for them.

"no that is not, he did everything he could to help his classmates. Something he wouldn't have if you just have been there" Snipe said with a sharp voice. All Might at least looked guilty, that was a start but still. 

"were have you been, when your students were attacked, when Midoriya was forced to do all this shit" he asked. The heroes now looked at All Might waiting for an explanation. 

"I had used up my time for the day, I had to do my job" he said shamefully. 

"this is just a pathetic excuse All Might. Aizawa works all day as a teacher and at night he works as hero, the guy didn't sleep more three hours a day and nonetheless does a better job then you." Snipe snapped.

"I really sorry, I didn't know this would happen" All Might said, he looked small and defeated. They all looked up as Power Loader stoop up.

"It's true that you didn't know what would happen, but still. Yesterday Midoriya warned us that something like this could happen, he asked you to save your time for the students and emergencies. If we had listened to him, if we had done our job, then Midoriya wouldn't had to do all this. So I'm sorry but I think that the blood of the 24 people isn't just on his hand. It's on my and it's on yours All Might" Power Loader said as he made his way to the doors.

"now if you excuse me, it's my fault someone lost his arm. Fortunately I have the ability to at least fix this, an iron arm will not make me any less guilty but it gives the kid something" with that Power Loader left the room. It was silent they all looked at All Might who had an even more guilty face then before. He now realized that he had fucked up big time. 

If he had listened to the boy, then maybe, just maybe, things would have gone differently.

Chapter Text

Izuku was sitting by Toshi's bed, seeing his son chest move made him feel less like a failure. Izuku had woken up the moment Recovery Girl had left, he of course directly searched for Toshi. 

Seeing him lie there set him at ease. The boy was not dead, his only family was not dead again. Toshi had lost his left arm, but it wasn't something that concerned him that much. Toshi is strong he will adapt, he will get stronger or he will leave the hero industry. No matter what thought Izuku will always be there for him. 

He looked up to see Power Loader coming in but the hero stopped as he saw Izuku besides Toshi. The guy looked guilty as he stared at him and Toshi. 

"how do you feel kid?" Power Loader finally asked. 

"like shit" and that was true, seeing Toshi this close to death again broke the last piece in him. His emotions were back and the only reason that he wasn't a crying baby right now is that he still were in some sort of shock. 

"I'm really sorry that I didn't listen to you" Power Loader said as he bowed 90°. 

"It's nothing we can change now, being angry at you will not help me, so we have to accept what happened and live with the consequences" Izuku shocked the teacher. The kid was way to mature for his age, he knew that they wouldn't gain a thing from hating each other.

"If you allow it, then I would like to make a new hand for Midoriya-kun" Power Loader could see Izuku brain working as he decided if this was good idea.

"you may, but never talk with Toshi again after finished this" Izuku said in a cold voice.

"thank you" Power Loader said as he quietly took the measure of Toshi other arm. He was about to leave when Izuku called him.

"Power Loader-san, could you tell All Might, that he is forbidden to ever talk to Toshi again" Izuku said with a sweet smile. 

"of course Midoriya" Power Loader said leaving the room. 

Power Loader was glad that he could leave the room, sure he felt guilty that it was his fault and he felt even more guilty that he was afraid of Midoriya. But staying in the save room with someone that can kill you easily was already hard, but staying in a room with someone that had all reasons to kill you was even harder. 



Denki looked at his friend in the hospital bed, it had been three days since the attack and Hitoshi still hadn't woken up. He had lost his arm to save him, now if this doesn't make you feel guilty then what. A yea it makes him feel loved. His crush had sacrificed his arm to save him if that wasn't material for a love story then didn't know what else could. 

He wanted to punch himself for this thoughts. This boy had lost his arm for the rest of his life. He will have to make sure that he did everything he could, to make sure that Hitoshi was comfortable with this situation. That's the reason he was standing here with the chocolate Hitoshi loved so much. His thoughts were interrupted when the door opened. His breath stopped as his crushes dad came in. It sure was strange to call him that but it was so true, so he should get used to that. 

He was a bit scared of Midoriya-san. He along with Mineta were the only one who didn't see Midoriya killing one villain after another. The consequences of his quirk overuse was over at the end, letting him only see the result Midoriya had left behind. 

It was scary that this small boy was capable of this. Now this boy or in his eyes man (with 14 years) was standing right in front of him. The guy who's fault it is that his son lost an arm. 

"Kaminari-kun, what a surprise to see you, shouldn't school be closed for this entire week" Izuku asked. It was that moment that Denki noticed that Izuku's voice had changed. Not much it was still flat but it had gained a warm that set him at ease. 

"Ah yea, I came to check on Hitoshi" he said.

"hmm, he is fine, but he still hasn't woken up thought" yea Izuku's voice definitely was warmer then before. 

"could I stay here for a while" Denki asked hopeful that Izuku wouldn't throw him out.

"of course you can" Izuku said gesturing to chair.

"That gives us the perfect opportunity to talk about you and my son" shit Denki will die today, he slowly made his way to chair hoping some angel will save him. To his surprise his plea was heard as the door opened letting Kirishima in. 

"Izuku how are you doing, how is Hitoshi" Kirishima asked in his ever happy mood. He didn't even notice that Denki was there until he looked at him.

"oh hey Kaminari, what are you doing here" the red head asked. Denki just pointed to Toshi and he could see how the smile on Kirishima's face grow even wider.

"perfect, if you are here to watch Hitoshi, then you sure don't mind if I take Izuku for short while?" Kirishima asked innocently. It seemed that Izuku wasn't so willing to follow the red head out, but Kirishima just lifted him up and moved out with him. Denki let out a sigh, he would have to buy something for Kirishima. Something big probably for saving him from Izuku. 



Izuku was annoyed that Kirishima had taken the opportunity for him to question this Kaminari guy, but well what can he do about it. He should use this to give Kirishima One for All. They walked for a long time until they reached the highest roof in U.A..

It was the perfect please for him to talk about One for All with Kirishima, but he wanted to wait. The boy came to him, so he must have something to talk about. They sat down as Izuku waited for Kirishima to start. 

"Izuku are.............are you okay" it was such a innocent question, but they both know that it meant way more. Izuku looked at the sky to form the right answer, but Kirishima just continued.

"I have seen your face Izuku, the face you had when Hitoshi was bleeding. You looked so broken and lost, so I wanted to ask you Izuku are you okay" his voice was filled with so much emotion, as pleaded for Izuku to answer him.

"I ..... I have been better" it actually surprised Kirishima that Izuku had answered him. He thought that the other would just say that he was okay like always. 

"Do you want to talk about" he asked, but Izuku didn't want to answer. Kirishima then did something he hadn't thought through. He slid to Izuku and put him in his lap, head against his chest, as he stroked his white hair. He had thought that Izuku would beat him until even Recovery Girl couldn't help him but the small boy just stayed there, leaning into his touch as the minutes passed.

"you know that I care about you, right Izuku?" Kirishima asked and Izuku nodded into his chest. They stayed like this for about an one hour and Kirishima just hoped that Kaminari haven't left yet. Izuku looked so small and peaceful sleeping on his chest, you would ever guess that this sweet boy was a high class assassin.

Izuku stirred a little as he moved his arm to text Kaminari. Then his eyes flow wide open as he jumped three meter away from him. He looked around and relaxed his battle stance when his eyes landed on Kirishima. 

"who had thought that the famous Phantom-san was this sweet while sleeping" Kirishima said and Izuku tensed. He moved faster then before as he pinned Kirishima to the wall.

"how do you know that I'm Phantom" he asked in a dangerous voice, but again Kirishima seemed obvious to it as he laughed down on Izuku.

"Izuku chill bro. The whole city is talking about you, words go around saying that you have threatened everyone who want's to harm U.A." 

"shit, shit, shit. They know my face, they will find out about Toshi " he was going into a mild panic attack. That was until Kirishima ripped Izuku's hand from his throat. He hugged the shaking Izuku.

"hey, hey, hey it's okay, they just know that Phantom was there. No one knows your face and no one knows that your a student here. Just class 1-A know and I'm sure that no one will tell anything." Izuku slowly stopped shaking and his breathing became normal again. This emotional shit is killing him. 

Izuku didn't know how humans live with them all day without going crazy, no wonder there are so many villains. He had his emotions back for three days now and already had a panic attack. The only good thing is this feeling when he is near Toshi and Kirishima. It made him feel warm and comfortable. Kirishima had this aura around him, that made him feel safe and protected even knowing that it should be the other way around. 

"Thanks, Kirishima" he said pushing himself away from the warm of Kirishima's body.

"no problem Izuku" he said as they were standing a meter away from each other.

"Kirishima, why do you want to be a hero?" Izuku asked. 

"why, why, there is not a real reason why Izuku. I just want to help others" to everyone else it would be the perfect answer for this question. Izuku however knew that people didn't do anything without a reason. Be it personal gain, revenge, love, pain, hate, there is always a reason.

Kirishima seemed to know why Izuku wasn't satisfied with his answer as he looked away. Izuku waited for the other to find his words.

"I-I................. I was ten wh-when my parents died" Izuku could see tears building up in Kirishima's eyes.

"it was a villain attack, I survived because of my quirk, bu-but my parents weren't that lucky" Izuku could understand.

"When I say that I could give you a power that could surpass the power of Bakugou, Todoroki or even Momo. Would you take it, would you take the responsibility that comes with great power" if it would have been any other person that had asked this question, then Kirishima would have said that he was crazy. Izuku thought, Izuku would not ask this question without a reason, when he asked this then it meant that Izuku had the power he was offering. 

It was a strange offer and bit crazy, but if he accepted then he would be one off the most powerful students here in U.A, when not the most powerful. He could protect these that were important to him, he could save these around him. 

"I would accept the power, I would take it to protect these in need. I would shoulder the burden that would come with it" Kirishima said with a determination. 

"Then I will grand you this power" Izuku said pulling a hair out. 

"now if you would eat this, you need to consume my DNA for the quirk to pass on" Izuku said.

"hold on a minute, I can't just take your quirk Izuku, what will happen with you then" Kirishima asked as he took a step back from the hair. 

"no need to worry Kirishima, this quirk was given to me to choose someone who is worthy of this power. My own quirk will stay with me, so no need to worry" Kirishima looked less skeptical but still crossed out of the idea with the hair. His face turned red as he looked to the ground.

"if-if I just need to get your DNA, then isn't it better when I suck you off" Izuku had to praise himself not to react at all. His face wasn't burning even thought his ears turned slightly red. He was proud that he managed to control his damm cock not to react. Kirishima was pretty bold for his shy nature, but on the other hand he was just shy around him.

"you would like that wouldn't you?" Izuku asked as he entered Kirishima's personal space. He then grabbed Kirishima's hair as he pulled him a bit down before he kissed him. Izuku's hand traveled down until he grabbed Kirishima's butt. His ass was firm under his and Kirishima moaned as he squeezed it. He shoved his tongue, exploring more from the other teens mouth until they parted to take a breath. 

"I think that should be enough DNA for you" Izuku said with a small smile, Kirishima was a mess. He was panting heavily, his face was red like a tomato and he had that lust filled expression on his face.

"Oh come on, Izuku I didn't even wanted something in return. Just a quick blow job" Kirishima pleaded. He was horny right now and couldn't think straight and he will probably slap himself once he is at home but now he was more then willing to suck Izuku's cock. 

Izuku had a hard time controlling his body, seeing Kirishima there on his knees just a step away from him made him horny as hell. He didn't even know when the last time was that he had gotten off. It doesn't matter thought, he wasn't in a relationship with this guy, so that meant no sex. 

His body hated his mind for this decision but he knew that he had to be a good example for Toshi even if the boy couldn't see him.

"sorry Kirishima but we are not dating" said as he took the other by his arm and pulled him up. Kirishima wanted to say that he would date him anytime but stopped. Izuku was a serious person if he just throw around with this words then he will most likely scare him away.



They walked back to Toshi in silents. They entered his room but froze in the doorway. In front of them were Toshi and Kaminari in a make out session. Kaminari had his tongue in Toshi's mouth as his hands were slowly going down to Toshi boxers. They were so distracted with each other that they didn't even notice the two at the door. That was until Kirishima whistled a warning for Kaminari, because he knew that the boy would be dead if he just crossed this border called underwear. 

The two jumped slightly before turning to them. Kaminari's hand was away in an instant. The poor guy looked pale as he tried to hide in the corner. Toshi on the other hand looked startled and embarrassed, but his eyes didn't show any kind of fear. 

Izuku would have change that. He could see Kaminari looking at Kirishima probably for help but the red head just shook his head. This was something he couldn't help him with. 

"Kaminari-kun please wait outside the door. I will just speak with my son before I will have a chat with you" Izuku said taking a seat next to Toshi's bed. Kaminari took that as his sign to flee, he would have to run the moment the door closes. He was almost at the door when Izuku spoke up.

"Kirishima be so kind and stay with Kaminari-kun, so he wont be lonely out there" Kirishima was more then glad to leave the room as he was even out before Izuku had finished his sentence.



Kaminari was dead, he was sure of that. He would have to tell a guy who had killed 24 people to defend them, that he had tried to give his son a hand job. He is definitely dead and Kirishima wouldn't let him run away.

"please Kirishima. You are my bro, you should be on my side" he tried again, it was his only chance that Kirishima would take his bro-mance over his fear, respect or whatever the other saw in Midoriya to help him.

"sorry bro, but I was just denied what you wanted to do. Plus I saved your ass already, because if you had gone through with what you were doing then it would have been much worse." Kirishima said slightly red.

"please. Just say that you had to go to the toilet, I will even buy your lunch for a week" Kaminari was desperate, but it all broke down on Kirishima's stone wall.

"not gonna happen bro" Kaminari wanted to increase his offer for a month but the doors opened and Izuku came out. 

"thanks for waiting Kaminari-kun, let us talk over here" Izuku said as they walked into an empty classroom. Kirishima staying by Toshi. 


"now why don't we start by the beginning and you try to explain me how your hand and tongue were on Toshi, when I came in" Izuku asked a sickly sweet voice, letting Kaminari pale even more. The boy was sitting in silence without knowing what to say. Izuku waited patiently but sighed after five minutes of silents.

"fine you don't want start, I will. First of all, are taking advantage of Toshi's situation or do you really like him" Kaminari turned red as he looked away, trying to find the right words. 

"look kid, you will do better answer my questions" Izuku said patients running low.

"I like him" he finally said. 

"okay good start. Next question, how on earth can it be that someone who lost his arm wakes up from his coma is to make out with you"

"I don't really know, it just happened" Izuku sighed it was exactly the same answer he got from Toshi. He was still mad at Toshi for not informing him that he had woken up. 

"okay I will let it slide this time" Kaminari's face got his color back as he his fear slowly vanished. 

"however, if I see you doing this again, then you can be sure to have your hands broken. Understood?" Kaminari nodded so fast his head could have fallen off. 

"now if you want to have any sexual activity with Toshi, then you go on a date with and ask him out first. Then you come to me and ask for my permission. Got it?" and again a nod. 

"good, now get out and don't come back before school starts" Kaminari was out of the room in a second. Izuku sighed, he hadn't slept in the three days, except for the hour in Kirishima's arm. He was tired, he wanted to sleep but he just didn't feel safe enough to sleep and the nightmares he was getting weren't helping. All this people he killed haunting him in his dreams. 


"Izuku you okay" of course Kirishima hadn't left. The boy was way to stop-born to even think about it. He looked at the red head and remembered that his only peaceful sleep was with him. Izuku sighed as he stood up and took Kirishima's hand before he dragged him to the second infirmary room. He texted Toshi that he will be back in 4 hours. 

"Kirishima could you do me favor and stay for a bit, just until I have fallen asleep" Izuku asked, Kirishima just smiled as he took his shoes off and got on the bed before gesturing for Izuku to join him. Izuku was just glad and got besides the boy, Kirishima wrapped his hand around Izuku as he pulled him on his chest. 

It was peaceful and quiet, it wasn't long until Izuku fall asleep.

Chapter Text

Izuku woke up to the slight movement under him. He slowly opened his eyes as he looked at the sleeping boy, who's chest he had used as pillow. Kirishima sure was cute with this goofy smile on his face. The boy seemed to be dreaming as his hands moved around Izuku and wrapped him up. 

Izuku wouldn't have done something, when Kirishima's erection wouldn't poke his ass. Izuku slowly tried to free himself without waking the boy up, but was interrupted as Kirishima's hands moved down. This hands now on his crotch started to manage his cock through the pants. Izuku kicked Kirishima with on swift motion as the boy flow down from the bed.

Kirishima startled with his sudden wake up used his quirk on instinct, getting no damage in process. He looked up to Izuku in question, on what he had done wrong, but his question was answered as he saw the massiv bulge in Izuku's short.

"I said it once already Kirishima, you should ask before you touch someone in this areas" Izuku said.

"Oh come on, I wasn't even awake" Kirishima argued back, but it was useless as Izuku just moved to the door already. 

"I will check on Toshi, text your parents that you will" Izuku looked at his watch to see that he had slept an entire day. He looked shocked before he turned to Kirishima.

"I already called them yesterday. They want me back on the weekend, so we have a day left" Kirishima said sensing Izuku's question.

"you didn't had to stay you know" Izuku said. 

"I know, but I wanted to" this words filled Izuku with a warm feeling.

"thanks, I will check on Toshi, you can go to gym gamma and start stretching, the quirk should be in you now. Please wait for me and don't try to use it alone" Izuku said leaving for Toshi. He was concerned since Power Loader wanted to present him his idea of the new arm Toshi's would get, he just hoped that he hadn't missed it. 

To his surprise, it seemed as if they had waited for him as he came into Toshi's room. He apologized for his late arrival and apologized to Toshi's again since he had said that he would be back in four hours and not after a whole day. 

Power Loader presented his idea of an arm, but also said that his student Hatsume had a pretty interesting idea. She thought that they could make two arms one for normal school activities and one for battle. The only problem would be that they had to implant some sort of switch in Toshi's shoulder so that they could switch the arms when ever they wanted. 

It was a good idea, the downside was that it would take longer and that it would hurt way more. They had to access way more nerves this way. In the end it was Toshi's decision and he wouldn't want to influence him in that. They said that Toshi should decide until tomorrow morning.

Izuku had left after the meeting, giving Toshi the space he needed for this decision. 



Izuku could see Kirishima making warm up stretches as he walked up to him. He tapped him on the shoulder and Kirishima jumped with a yell. 

"Izuku don't scare me like that, you gave me a heard attack sneaking up on me" Kirishima said holding his chest. 

"I don't sneak up on you, it's just the usual way I move" Izuku said as he moved around Kirishima. 

"take you shirt and shorts off" Izuku said in a flat voice and Kirishima went deep red as he looked at Izuku for some explanation.

"the quirk I gave you needs a basic muscle build to work without hurting yourself, now hurry we just have one day" Izuku said. Kirishima still red started to take of his clothes as he watched Izuku eyeing him up and down.

He was just left in his boxers as Izuku started to touch his chest. Not in a sexy way, it was more clinic. Izuku felt his whole body up and down, his chest, back, stomach, thighs, legs and even his butt. 

"it seems that you have quiet some muscles there, even thought that they aren't trained well" Izuku said stepping back.

"can I put my clothes on" Kirishima asked shyly.

"sure. I just thought that you would like to show of your muscles" Izuku said with a straight face, making Kirishima even redder. 

"no, not like that" Kirishima whispered.

"but you always star at me when we change in the locker room and you also take your time changing" Izuku noted.

"that is completely different, the atmosphere is different there, not this clinic" 

"hmm, I will remember it" Izuku just said before he waited for Kirishima to put on his clothes.


"now let me explain how this quirk works" Izuku said taking a seat besides Kirishima.

"you are the 11 holder of this quirk, but practically your the 9 since me and the holder before were just vessels to keep the power" Izuku said and Kirishima nodded.

"okay this quirk will get stronger with each holder, so since me the 9 holder haven't had it that long, the power shouldn't have increased that much" 

"It's a stockfilling quirk that stores energy. You can use this energy to boost your quirk or give you inhuman speed and strength. I didn't had the quirk for long, so you will have to find out the rest by yourself" Izuku said and Kirishima looked at his hands in awe. 

"now I want you to search for this power inside you" Izuku said and he could see the confused look on Kirishima's face until his face got a big smile. He closed his eyes as he tried to meditate. Izuku looked at the boy with amusement, this will take a while. 

He was right it took Kirishima a whole hour before he jumped up.

"yea I did it" he yelled fist high in the air.

"great" Izuku just deadpanned. 

"now try to use 1% and punch the ground" Izuku said. 

Kirishima concentrated for a while until his right fist glowed with red electricity. He then punched the ground making cracks that spread four meter wide. Izuku had to say that he was impressed with Kirishima's power and control, he had thought that 1% would be way less power then what he just saw. 

He looked at Kirishima as the boy yelled in pain. Izuku carefully took Kirishima's hand to see a small crack in the boys hand. 

"it seems that you used your quirk to harden your hand, but it seems like that your hardening isn't strong enough that it can match with your power output" Izuku explained. 

"so what do I do now" Kirishima hissed out as tried to use his hand again.

"you will have to experiment with your new quirk, see how you can boost your hardening that it is at least as strong as your output" that being said Kirishima trained for four hours, but no matter what he thought of it always ended up with his hands getting hurt a little bit more. Izuku wasn't helping either as he said that it would be better to test his own ideas. 


"okay it seems that you wont get anywhere with this today" Izuku said getting up from the ground. 

"It's really hard to control" Kirishima complained.

"maybe you aren't trying hard enough" Izuku said with a mocking tone.

"I'm trying it's just so hard, give a better motivation" Kirishima said.

"okay how about this, I have to go to a meeting. I will send Recovery Girl down here to watch over you, the meeting goes two hours. If you impress me with something new when I come back than you have a free wish for whatever you want" Izuku said. You could see how Kirishima's face turned to concentrated, as he thought about new ideas.

"see you later, don't try anything until Recovery Girl is here" Izuku said walking out. He texted the old woman and asked her, it seemed that she just left Toshi in his room so she had time to look over Kirishima. 




Izuku walked into the meeting room with his quirk on. He settled down on Recovery Girls chair and waited for the rest of the heroes to come in. About 30 minutes later all heroes had gathered, Nedzu clapped his hands/paws to get their attention. 

"I would like to start the meeting, discussing the Sportfestival" the teachers looked skeptical to host a festival this soon after an incident like this. 

"I think that we should cancel or at least delay the festival" Power Loader said.

"but this will give U.A. a bad reputation" Midnight argued back.

"It would let us look like as if the villains had won" Present Mic said.

"I'm with Power Loader here, we should delay the festival" Thirteen said.

"It would clearly display that the villains have gotten us, we should increase security and hold the festival" Ectoplasm said.

"we should think about our students first, they have been through something traumatic we should at least give them some time to deal with it" Cementoss said.

"I agree we are teachers first, our thoughts should be with the students before we think about the festival" Aizawa said getting the attention. He looked half dead, as his whole body was bandaged. 

"That's true, but we have to keep up the heroes image or society will lose faith in us" All Might said. The teachers started to argue but were stopped by Nedzu.

"we will discuss this later on, for now we will have to decide if we confirm the rumors that Phantom-san killed 24 villains and say that he if part of U.A., with this decision we would be risking that his reputation can give us a heavy hit if things go wrong. The other option would be to deny his involvement and with that risking to lose the protection, he himself and his reputation can give us" Nezu explained. 

"for that matter, who is Phantom" All Might asked serious and Izuku had to give them respect for not laughing. All the teachers were staring at All Might as if he was dumb, for what his is.

"I think we shouldn't deny his involvement, he saved many students of us and we don't know how the USJ attack would have endet without him" Snipe said, they all completely ignored All Mights question.

"yes, but that would imply that we heroes weren't capable to protect our own students" Vlad King said. 

"doesn't matter he protected the students and still does it with his threat. With his reputation villains will think twice about attacking since they don't just risks their freedom but their lives too" Cementoss said.

"I think that we should do more then just deny it, we should expel Midoriya for what he did and maybe give his name out. It will deny Phantoms involvement and shows that U.A. doesn't tolerate this kind of actions" Vlad King said.

"this is the lowest mov..."

"you should be ashe..."

"I will kil...." 

Snipe had pointed his gun at Vlad King, Aizawa's capture weapon was flying and Power Loader had slammed his hand on the table. They were stopped as something hit Snipes gun so hard it flow out of his hand, a second later Aizawa was back on his chair capture weapon around him. 

"now, now, I'm touched that you stood up for me, but there is no need to get violent right" Izuku said turning visible in Recovery Girls chair. The teachers were shocked, one moment they were about to witness a hero killing another the other the small boy they were talking about had defused the situation.

"It's nice that you finally take place in the meeting Phantom" Nedzu said not in the slightest shocked that Izuku was there.

"and it's nice to see that you have upgraded your security system" Izuku said back.

"even if you weight less than normal doesn't mean you weight nothing" Nedzu said and Izuku understood. Weight sensors on the ground are really effective. 

"so what are you doing here Midoriya or are you just here to hear our opinions about you" Nedzu asked. 

"I'm just here concerning the first matter, I want the Sportfestival delayed. A month should do" Izuku said. The teachers were about to argue again but Izuku cut them off.

"I heard your arguments, but they doesn't mean shit against the students safety and I don't just mean physical, but also mental. They have seen things they shouldn't have, give them time to process" Izuku explained.

"and why should we listen to you, we are doing this job way longer then you and therefore know better how to handle this situation" Midnight said. Izuku thought about it his next words carefully.

"your right" he said and some teachers looked doubtful at his words.

"so let me get some things clear. First, I will not leave this school since Toshi said that he still wants to be a hero. Second, I'm the class president, so I demand that you will delay the the festival for a month for the safety of my class. Now if you choose to deny my demands, then I will give the media the recording of this meeting" Izuku said holding his phone up.

Vlad Kind used his quirk to make a lance, but stopped as a kunai pressed against his throat. 

"we don't want to get violent here, do we?" Izuku asked in sweet voice giving the rest of the room a shiver. He then walked back to his seat not letting his eyes off Vlad King.

"you think that I'm blackmailing you, but this isn't the case. This tape has hardly anything really damaging, you will lose some popularity but nothing more" Izuku said and the heroes shivered again.

"let me demonstrate how I threat someone" Izuku said, he vanished in second just to appear behind All Might pressing his kunai in his old wound.

"All Might if you ever talk to Toshi or Kirishima again what is not related to teaching, then I will give your secret away to the whole world to know" Izuku said with a low voice but everyone could here him clearly since the room was dead silent.

He then vanished again appearing at the door.

"If I threat someone, then with their whole life and career" Izuku said as he walked out, leaving shocked heroes to think about his words.

Chapter Text

Izuku was mad at the teachers, they just wanted to continue with the festival, as if nothing happened. He was lucky that he attended this meeting or they wouldn't have any time to train. 

He walked back to Kirishima, he was interested if the boy had managed to create something that impressed him or if he would fail. He also remembered that he should make sure that the class doesn't go around telling people who Phantom really was. 

Recovery Girl saw him and just left, she sure had better things to do then watching a boy train, but for Izuku she would always make time. 

"and did you manage it" Izuku asked, standing directly behind Kirishima making the boy yell and jump again.

"I swear I will punch you the next time" Kirishima said but his smile told otherwise. 

"sure, you can try" Izuku challenged. Kirishima looked at Izuku for a second but decided against it.

"nah, next time. Look what I can do" he said as he pressed his hands together, he then slowly let room between them. Izuku looked at the hands to see a small ball of energy in Kirishima's hand. Kirishima slowly took his left hand away as he let the ball grow. He then throw the ball and it exploded five meters away from them. The explosion wasn't strong but Kirishima just closed his hand and activated his own quirk. 

The energy that had spread all around from the explosion hardened and made a wall. Izuku looked at Kirishima's hand to see a small string connected to it. The guy must have used the quirk to boost the energy of his hardening quirk and with that he was able to make the energy harden, very impressive. 

"that is more then impressive Kirishima, how did you manage to get the energy out into your hands" Izuku asked.

"ah, since this quirk is from All Might, I thought that I could do the same. His punches are so strong that it can change the weather, but it's not the strength more the energy he releases with it. I just compromised his energy into a ball" Izuku was more then surprised. If he had been anyone else, his mouth would probably be agape. 

"when did you find out that it was All Mights quirk" Izuku asked.

"the first time I used it. This amount of power is only known from the number one hero" Kirishima said and Izuku was sure made the right choice, this guy wasn't just muscle and smiles, no he also had some brains. If he manages to control the power like this, then they wouldn't even have to explain how he got his power. It would just look like a extinction of his original quirk. 

Hardening in a distance really is terrifying strong power, even more if he can make it permanent. 

"that's good, I'm glad that I didn't give the power to an idiot" Izuku said as he took off his jacket.

"now let us spare to see if you can use your quirk to move faster" Izuku said, as he attacked. Kirishima defended by hardening his skin.

They slashed at each other but Izuku was the only one hitting something. The problem was the hardening quirk, he then switched as he tried to put Kirishima in choke hold, but the guy was on his guard now and it wasn't hard for Kirishima to throw him off with his none existing weight. 

They fought for about 30 minutes when Izuku had enough. He used brute force and kicked Kirishima with all his might. He expected Kirishima to slide five to ten meters away, with Kirishima's weight, plus his quirks weight, the guy shouldn't have flown through the hole gym. Izuku rushed after Kirishima, as the poor kid at crushed into the gym wall, leaving there a dent in human form.

"bro you have to chill, this kick hurt like hell and I even put energy from the new quirk in my own to make it even harder" Kirishima complained. Izuku just looked at his feet, how did he manage to bring up so much power for this kick. He didn't know and that made feel uneasy. 

"Izuku you okay in there" Kirishima asked getting his attention. 

"yea sure, I was just thinking, sorry" Izuku said.

"nah, no problem man but you should be careful, if you kick anyone else like this, then you have to be sure that they don't break in half" Kirishima joked.  

"yea, sorry I just don't know from were the power came" Izuku said looking at his feet again. 

"maybe you have left some of my new quirk in you" Kirishima said.

"yea I have, but I didn't use it. Your quirk is called One for All and with time being the leftover power will transfer to you" Izuku explained as they started to walk to their clothes. 

"hmm, I will just call it hardening 2.0, we don't people to hear the real name right?" 

"hmm, I don't really care" Izuku said still looking at his feet as they walked. He just don't know where the power came from, if he is honest it scared him a bit. What if he takes Toshi's hand and the next moment the crushes it.

"hey don't beat yourself up, let us shower and we figure out from where the power boost came from" Kirishima said with a smile. He still hadn't forgotten about his wish. He just wasn't sure what to ask for. He could ask Izuku to go out with him, but that would force the other in this relationship. He could ask for sex, but that would be to soon and could drive Izuku away from him. He had to ask something that was not to selfish, something simple, something were Izuku didn't have to do something that he didn't want. 

He would ask Izuku to give him permission to suck him off. Yea that is a good idea, if he asks then Izuku won't have to do something he didn't want. It also shows that he cares about Izuku well being, because it looked like the other boy hadn't jerked off in a while now.


They got into the locker rooms and Kirishima took his clothes off, he was hit with a feeling of nervousness. What if Izuku didn't wanted him to suck him off, what if he just allows it because he didn't want to break his promise. Izuku wouldn't break his word, so it was possible that he would do something that he didn't like. 

He buried his nerves, Izuku would tell him if there is something that he doesn't want to do. He would probably kick him through the wall. He turned, just to see Izuku taking off his shirt.

"when in hell did you had time to extent your tattoo" He asked, the reaction he got was strange. Izuku was startled and then looked his whole body up and down. Like he didn't know that he had a tattoo, how could you forget that you have something this massive on your body. 

"shit" was all Izuku said. Kirishima got near to have a better look, it sure was beautiful even thought the theme was dark. Kirishima then realized it. This wasn't a tattoo it was a quirk.

"Izuku is this your quirk" Kirishima asked wanting to know if his theory was right. Izuku just nodded as he looked at his back in the mirror.

"how come that it grow so much, last time it didn't even touch your chest that fully" Kirishima asked but regretted, Izuku looked sad for a moment before his face had gone into his natural flat look. Nothing to give away, nothing to read from. 

"It grow with each person I kill. At least now I know from were the power came" Izuku answered tracing the painting.

"so you get stronger with each dead person" Kirishima asked hesitatingly.

"yea. I'm born killer. I'm made to be an assassin" Izuku said with a sad look. 

"but you don't have to be Izuku. You could use your abilities for hero work, sure killing isn't the most hero like attribute but same villains are to dangerous, to evil, that we can let them live" Kirishima said. 

"and you have plenty of none lethal ways to stop a villain, so you will always have a choice" Kirishima tried to cheer Izuku up and it worked as a smile came to his face. 

"Thanks Kirishima" he just said before he walked into the showers. Kirishima was close behind him, looking at his god like body. This guy just didn't had any fat on him. His eight-pack was perfect, his shoulders broad and well defined. His biceps is massive and then there is his cock. This monster weapon, he wasn't even sure if he could suck it at all. 

"Kirishima your are staring again, is there something you want" Izuku asked in a challenging tone.

"actually yes, there is" now it was Izuku turn to look at him, waiting for Kirishima to explain what he wanted.

"my wish Izuku, I would like to have it granted" 

"what do you want" Izuku's tone was still warm, so he was in a good mood.

"I want your permissiontosuckyouoff" he yelled out, way to fast to understand.

"could you please repeat that?" Izuku asked with a mocking tone.

"I want your permission to suck you off" Kirishima was red like a tomato as he waited for Izuku punch him or to agree. What he didn't expect was that Izuku would start to laugh at him. He laughed for about two minutes before he could breath again.

"I'm so sorry for laughing, it's just. You could wished for anything, money, fame, hero license or even revenge for your parents. But with all this possibilities you choose to give me blow job, not me giving you one but the other way" Izuku laughed out before he turned serious again.

"I will give you a chance to think about it, are you sure that you want that and nothing else" Izuku asked in a serious voice.

"I'm sure" Kirishima said with confidence for once.

"then who I'm to deny you your wish" Izuku said turning the shower off.

Kirishima made his way to Izuku before he knelled in front of him. Izuku cock was even bigger this near as he thought it would be. He opened his mouth and took the tip in, letting his tongue slide around the shaft. He then slowly took more and more of Izuku cock inside his mouth. His own cock was already hard, as he started jerk himself off. 

He could feel how Izuku cock was hitting his throat as he started to suck. Izuku was groaning above him and he wasn't even trying to be quiet. Kirishima was surprised as Izuku grabbed his hair before he forced his whole cock inside him. He choked on the massive length, as Izuku forcefully fucked his virgin mouth. 

To his surprise, he got even more hard and turned on, Izuku using him like some slutty cock whore he was right now. Hell yea it turned him on. He was in such a bliss that he didn't realized how close Izuku had gotten. That is until Izuku shoved his length into his throat and his cock pulsed in him, he swallowed all the cum he could get as Izuku's cock started to soften. His own cum running down his chest and thighs, he didn't know when he came but he didn't care. He was on cloud nine right now. 

"Shit, you are really good at this" Izuku said breathing heavily above him. 

"thanks, you are my first, just in case I gave away another" he was cut off as Izuku pulled him up and gave him a long kiss.

"do not worry, I understand" Izuku said with a slight smirk on his face. Kirishima still didn't know how the once emotionless boy had transformed to this so fast, not that he complained.

"you are just a cock slut for me then" Kirishima turned bright red. His entire body flushed at Izuku's words, they were sexy coming out of his mouth, but mostly they were true. He just nodded to ashamed to say something.

"whats this all shy now after you used my cock" Izuku teased and Kirishima was getting redder with each second.

"come on we have clean up and then change back" Izuku said as he started the shower again. Izuku cleaned them both up before he guided Kirishima back to the bench in the locker room. Izuku then left to put his clothes back on. Nobody noticed that his tattoo had vanished a little. It really wasn't much but if you looked closely then you could say that almost a centimeter had vanished. 

They both had silently put their clothes on and left the locker room, to visit Toshi again. It was already late, so that had to leave anyway. They entered Toshi's room just freeze at the door again. There in Toshi's bed wasn't just him but a certain blond. The boy just lie besides Toshi, it was really innocent, but Izuku was sure that he had told the boy not to come back until school starts. 

This disrespectful little shit. Kirishima whistled again before Izuku could do something to harm Kaminari. The boys again jumped up, looking at them. Kaminari at least paled, Toshi thought looked just annoyed right now. 

"Kaminari-kun what a surprise to see you here" Izuku said painting the biggest smile he could get on his face. Kaminari looked even more scared as he tried to hide behind Toshi.

"yea, what a surprise Midoriya-san" Kaminari answered with a nervous laugh. 

"a surprise indeed" Izuku said as he took a step forward murderous intent flying off him, but stopped as a hand landed on his shoulder. He looked over his shoulder to see that it was Kirishima's hand. 

"Izuku why don't you figure out where I will be sleeping tonight. I will handle this here" Izuku would have slept Kirishima's hand away but the boys face was serious and maybe the blow job had influenced his decision making.

"make sure that they understand the message" Izuku whispered as he left.



The room was silent for a second as the three of them hold their breath.

"you two own me a big one for this" Kirishima finally said. 

"what ever you want" Kaminari said with a relieved face. 

"yea thanks" Toshi said, but he was still curious that Izuku had listened to the boy. He just couldn't image how he got this close to Izuku that he even listened to his suggestions. 

"you two are to afraid of him, he is really a nice guy. He cares about Hitoshi, that's the only reason he is like that. One moment sweet and friendly the next the dangerous dad" Kirishima said with a smile. Toshi just looked at the guy, this guy must be crazy. Izuku and caring sure, but sweet and friendly he don't think so.

"that's easy for you to say, with your quirk there is no reason for you to be afraid" Kaminari said and Toshi nodded.

"then your underestimating your dad Hitoshi. He has more then enough power to break through my quirk" Kirishima said and the two tried to process what he had just said.

"now Izuku said I should make sure that you know the consequences" Kirishima said the next moment the floor under him cracked in peaces. Kirishima was pretty proud of himself, that he had managed to release energy from his foots, Cementoss will repair that later. 

"I don't know what will happen to Hitoshi, but Kaminari you can be sure that will be your hands" Kirishima said and let lose the energy he had build up. The whole room cracked, as the two boys paled at the power Kirishima had. You didn't notice it but the guy sure could be scary like this. 

"be sure to ask Izuku next time" with that he left them alone. 


He looked around until his eyes landed on Izuku who was sitting by himself, looking through his phone. 

"and is there a place I can stay or do I have to go home" he asked. It wasn't that he didn't like his adoptive parents. It's just that they didn't love him the way his parents loved him. 

"yea, you can sleep in my apartment" 

Chapter Text

Sleeping in Izuku's home, now this was a surprise to Kirishima. He would have thought that Izuku would be more privat about his home, but here they were sitting in his fancy apartment that only he and Hitoshi lived in. They had their own fucking gym, no wonder Izuku was so muscled. 

"what do you want for dinner" Izuku asked from the kitchen. Kirishima looked up to see him carrying two cups with tea as he placed them down on the table. 

"everything is fine" he answered and Izuku just hummed as he walked back into the kitchen. Kirishima sat there in silence until he couldn't take it anymore. He moved to the kitchen to see Izuku moving around like it was his job, who had thought that an assassin was this good in the kitchen. 

He looked so normal, like nothing was wrong with the world. It was just that big of a difference, he slowly walked up to Izuku until he was directly behind him. He could see how Izuku stiffened, he slowly reached out and placed his hands on his shoulders. He started to massage them, in the mean time he tried to think about what he was doing right now. 

It was like he was on instinct, his hands moved on their own. Izuku relaxed under his touch as his shoulder became sluggish. He could see how Izuku took a deep breath before he took his hands of his shoulders.

"I'm sorry Kirishima, but we can't do this" Izuku said with pained expression. It was the first time that Kirishima had seen him so broken and he didn't like, not one bit.

"what do you mean Izuku, I'm just massaging your shoulders" Kirishima the poor soul was just way to innocent.

"exactly that, this are things that couples do. These things implicate that we are dating and before you ask we can't date Kirishima" now it was Izuku turn to see a pained facial expression. Kirishima looked lost and betrayed.

"why Izuku, what did I wrong, what is it that makes me unworthy of your time" Kirishima asked or more like pleaded, as tears went down his face.

"It's not your fault Kirishima, you are perfect. Really you are the boyfriend everyone would ever want, but my work. With this kind of job it's dangerous for me to have relationship. They will find you and they kill you to get revenge on me, Toshi was already a great risk. You thought, I don't know were to start, you make me feel warm and comforted" Izuku said with tears running down his face. He took Kirishima's hand as he kissed the knuckles. 

"I'm scared of you" Kirishima wanted ask of what. How could someone as strong as Izuku be scared of someone like him.

"I'm scared, because each time I see you, I have this warm feeling. It makes me want to be near you and that scares me. We didn't know each other more then two weeks and we are already that close. I live with Toshi for over a year now and we aren't even near this close to each other" 

Kirishima stared at Izuku in awe, the small boy had just told him all his feelings and from what he heard it was more then positive. Thought he could understand Izuku's feelings, it also scared him. They moved forward way to fast and he didn't know either how this was happening, but that didn't mean it was something negative.

They were just made for each other, okay maybe this a bit to much, but still he feels comfortable enough around Izuku to let his guard done. He know that Izuku doesn't judge his non flashy quirk like the kids in school. He know that Izuku didn't think of him as a coward hiding behind his quirk. 

"It's scares me too, but that doesn't mean that we should give up now" Kirishima said as knelled before Izuku taking his hand in his.

"I can't say that I love you right now Izuku, but I sure as hell can say that you mean a lot to me. I know what you did and what you will do and it scares me, but I still like you and I will find a way around it. I will become strong enough, so that you don't have to worry about me getting hurt or taken hostage. So give me a chance and become my boyfriend" Kirishima was sure that he will die out of embarrassment when this is over, but for Izuku he could do it. 

Izuku just looked down at the boy who had asked him to be his boyfriend like it was a marriage proposal. Kirishima was right thought he liked the guy, a lot, and Nedzu had said that he should follow his feelings more often. Maybe, just maybe, this isn't that bad of an idea. Kirishima was strong already, but with All Mights quirk he would be unbreakable. He could train him make him one of the best heroes to ever exist.

He would always watch over him from the shadows, Kirishima will know that he always has someone that protects his back. If just this uneasy feeling would go away, that he says something bad is going to happen. Was he just nervous and this feelings were there, so that he could say no without feeling guilty for breaking Mr. Sunshine. 

He wasn't sure, he felt warm around the boy, safe and protected. He closed his eyes as he couldn't look in this pleading eyes anymore. 

Yes or No, what would be the right decision. No would be safer for both of them, there would be no threat that someone would kill Kirishima out of revenge. He could hide Toshi pretty well from this people, since they almost never walked around together. Kirishima thought was on him all the time, he didn't have to do anything as he boy was naturally clinging on him. 

Yes would mean happiness for him. Happiness he hadn't had in a long time, but the last time he wanted something normal like this, was the time Toshi lost his arm. He remembered his conversation with Recovery Girl, she had said that he had all right be selfish. She had said that he done more for this country then most people do in their whole life. 

He swallowed the uneasy feeling done as he opened his eyes. Kirishima was still waiting, kneeling at the ground. It seemed that he was thinking pretty long since Kirishima looked uncomfortable. 

"I" Kirishima looked at him with expecting eyes.

"I would like to be your boyfriend" Izuku finally said, it was like someone that lifted a ton or maybe two of his shoulders. His entire body felt warm and he was filled with happiness.

Kirishima jumped up as hugged Izuku, crying into his shoulder. He then kissed Izuku what turned out into a make out session, until his hands squeezed Izuku ass. It was just like the times before, Kirishima flying through the apartment in to a wall. 

"You still have to ask you pervert" Izuku said glaring at a griming Kirishima.

"oh come on, how on earth is it a bad think when you touch your boyfriend butt" Kirishima said as he tried to free himself from the wall, but it seemed that he was stuck.

"Izu, help me" he wined. Izuku was frozen for a bit before a smirk crossed his face. This guy was doing it again, thinking that he didn't notice it.

"help yourself Ei" now it was Eijiro's turn to freeze, but he wasn't angry that Izuku hadn't ask for his permission to call him that. No he was happier then he was just a minute ago. Izuku didn't just called him by his first name, no he called him with a nickname. He used 1% of Hardening 2.0 and got free before he bounced at Izuku, who in turn fall flat to the ground with Kirishima on top of him. 

"Ei get of me or I swear to god that you will fly down 18 floors until you hit the ground" Izuku hissed under him.

"sure thing Izu" he said happily. He got up and picked Izu up before he carried them into a bedroom. It was pretty dark and messy, he could see underwear lying around. 

"you sure are a pervert Ei, bringing me into my sons room for your naughty fantasies" Izuku said from the bed. 

Kirishima's face twisted into one of shock and horror before he dashed out of the room. Izuku laughed as he slowly walked after him. 

"hadn't thought that your into these things" Izuku commented.

"shut up, that was just a misunderstanding" Eijiro said. 

"sure it was. Now go into the gym and do same work out, while I cook us something. With this quirk of yours, you need all the muscle mass you can get" Eijiro nodded as he made his way into the fancy gym.

He had worked out for good 45 minutes before Izuku had announced that food would be ready soon and that he should take a shower. The idiot he was, he had suggested for Izuku to join him. Now he had a bruise on his hip as he was to slow to use his quirk. 

The evening was great they ate a really delicious food and watched a short movie before Izuku had said that they probably should go sleeping. Izuku then seriously had shown him the guest room, to was relieved as Izuku didn't say anything when he sneaked into his room. He even made space for him on the bed and wrapped an arm around him. 


The weekend was over rather fast, as he had called his parents and told them that he would be staying by a friend. Toshi came home at the weekend finally released from his bed. He had to wait until Mei was finished with the arm. It seemed that he would have to live three weeks without one and then have physiotherapy for three months at best. They had decided to keep their relationship a secret, that meant no sexual touching or something in this direction. Thought he still touched Izuku more then than he had before, but to Toshi it seemed more like Kirishima being brave and less like relationship. 

The only thing he questioned was the their nicknames, but they said that it is a social experiment, to see if Izuku would feel more. That seemed to satisfied Hitoshi since he didn't ask again. It also help that Izuku was showing more emotions around them, even thought it wasn't much. 

Their classmates got the same lie on Monday as they asked. Some of them seemed skeptical, but they were to afraid of Izuku aka. Phantom to question them more. They waited for the teacher to arrive and wondered who it would be, since Aizawa-sensei was wounded.


The door opened and in walked what looked like a mummy. Only the loose black clothing and shaggy black hair clued them into the mummy's true identity.

"It's too soon!!!" Mina shouted at Aizawa. Several students exchanged similar remarks as Aizawa made his way to the podium.


"Should he really be up and about with those injuries?" Toshi asked.


"Missing class would be illogical," Aizawa chastised them. "And Midoriya, are you really one to talk?" Hitoshi blushed and the class fell silent at the man's words, as they looked at his missing arm.


"Now in a month U.A. is going to be hosting its annual sport's festival. Man-"


"The sport's festival!" Kaminari screamed cutting off their teacher.


"It's so normal!" Ojiro joined in. Aizawa's cold glare silenced them both.


"As I was saying," Aizawa continued once there was silence, "many of you have probably watched the U.A. sport's festival on TV. It has largely replaced the Olympics as the premier display of Japan's best. As such it is a prime opportunity for you to show off."


"Many pros watch," Momo remarked. "They use it to determine who they think have potential."


"That's true," Aizawa confirmed.

"This will help them determine who they want to offer internships too. As such it is not something to be taken lightly. Some of you may question why we would hold the festival so soon after a villain attack. The principal believes that this is a prime example to show UA's resolve. Security will be five times higher than in the past. You have nothing to fear.


"You'll only get this chance to stand out three times before you graduate. If you're aiming to be a hero, then I suggest you don't waste it." He said with a serious look.

"also if any of you have problems processing what happened, then U.A. will give you privat sessions with a therapist, so feel free to ask."

Homeroom went by swiftly after that as Aizawa went over the increased training schedule in preparation of the sport's festival. The moment the bell rang Aizawa-sensei vanished. He probably still had some painful scares. 


This was the last time Kirishima had peace for himself, because starting that day Izuku trained him. It was hell, he made him a complete new work out plan, he taught him hand to hand combat and lastly they spared.

This routine was going day in day out. No pause, no break and he was sure that his body was about to collapse. He sure had better control over his quirks now but he wasn't sure if the price was worth it. He was always sore and he had zero physical contact to Izuku, the only once were when they spared and they hurt. He will go crazy when Izuku didn't hug him today.

Currently he was training his new quirk, they had agreed that he could use 5% without hurting himself. He had learned to let the power circulate in him rather then forcing it into his limbs. He was fast now, almost as fast as Iida. He could destroy five meter thick stone walls, he learned from Izuku how to jump from wall to wall. The only problem with this was that he mostly destroyed the walls he landed on. 

He was just to heavy and used to much power to land on one without at least cracking them. His original quirk was stronger then ever, he could boost it with energy making him denser and with that heavier. The last time Izuku had kicked with all his might he thought that he would have flown through the gym again, but now he just slid about 3 meters away. 

It still hurts as hell, but now he was sure that he could withstand almost everything. He also improved his new technique, he now could create pillars with his energy and harden them permanently for six minutes. He once used them as ammo throwing them after Izuku. 

Izuku also improved quit a bit. He now had full control over his power output with his kicks and punches. His power was massive, sure it was like 10% of One for All, but for 95% people without strength quirks that was god like. His speed of course had increased with it, his record on the first day with 2.1 second for 50 meters was nothing now. He could literally fly for about 50 meters. With his weight and strength their were no limits for his speed. 

What concerned them more was that Izuku had three new colors in his tattoo meaning that he should have three new powers but they just found out about the extra strength. After some time and experimenting they found out that he had gotten resistent brute force, taking his major weakness away. 

This weakness had prevented him from fighting head on, he still flow about 50 meters away and it hurt, but there was almost no damage. Meaning Kirishima could punch him with all his might and the boy would just fly away but didn't get as much damage. His last ability was so ninja like that Kirishima had found a movie where the power was explained. It was the ability to create mist, it was dense and made it almost impossible to look through. 

Izuku on the other hand could see everything could feel everything that was in the mist. It was terrifying how fast this mist just appeared out of nowhere. Kirishima had already lost himself in the mist this often that he hated this ability. He just couldn't do a thing about it, it appeared and disappeared in mere seconds, filling a whole gym. 



They were about to start their sparing match, that he always lost, when the door to gym gamma opened, their gym. 

"The plan says that the gym is booked up but there are just two students" one said.

"What arrogant brats to book the whole gym just for the two of them and that for the whole month" a blond guy said, as the walked up to them.

"Hey from what class are" the blond asked. Izuku wanted to comment how rude the guy was but Kirishima was faster to answer.

"We are from class 1-A" he said and the two could see how the facial expressions of the guys changed.


"hah, so class A things they are better then us" the blond mocked. 

"must be nice to have the spotlight on you after the villain attack, but not only that, now you two take the whole gym just for yourself" Izuku was surprised that someone could bring up so much hatred without knowing them. 

"what nothing to say in your defends" the blond said. 

"we don't have to, this gym is legally booked by us, so there is no problem. Now leave" Izuku said turning. 

"you think that your better then us, it was must be nice to have villains attacking yo...." the rest was cut of as Kirishima punched the guy or least thought he did. Someone with steal hardening quirk had blocked his attack. 

"shut up, I should rip your arm out and then we talk how nice it is to being attack" Izuku said holding his kunai slightly under the boys arm without touching him. The blond boy stilled as he know that he shouldn't move. 

"I will give you a choice. First option, I will cut your arm off and you can continue your shit talk. Second option you shut your mouth and I will leave your arm alone" Izuku hissed. 

"Sec--c-cond" he stuttered out. 

"good choice now leave" Izuku said turning, but he was stopped by the silver haired boy.


"now even thought his words, he still has a good argument. We should share the gym" silver head said.

"you know what, if you wait for 30 minutes then you can have the gym, let us just spar and then we are gone" Izuku answered, shocking Kirishima, they would end early today. A dream coming true. 

"sure" silver head said before they moved to the benches. 


They sat there  waiting for them to start. 

"and what do you think their quirk are Monoma" silver head asked the blond called Monoma.

"tch, no idea but they can't be better then ours. Maybe a speed quirk and strength quirk" Monoma answered. 

They saw how the white haired boy started throwing something like a knife and already hissed. They were surprised as the knife just bounced off of the red head. The white boy then jumped to a wall and from there to another. This continued until they just saw a blur around the gym. They heard the sound of metal hitting stone over and over again. 

"fuck, he is faster then you thought he would be right" the silver haired boy asked.

"shut up Tetsutetsu" Monoma hissed, still watching with awe and jealousy on how strong the boy was. 


"I have enough of that" the red head yelled punching the ground so hard that the concrete flow up. He white haired boy however used the concretes as projectile, kicking them against the red head. His movement however was stopped when a massive stone materialized above them. The stone was about 10 meters long and 6 meters wide.

"holy shit" the third guy just whispered as they saw the red head kicking the stone in the white haired boys direction with so much strength that it shattered into hundreds of peaces. Trapping the small boy under some of them. The red head materialized a smaller stone and was about to throw it.

"holy shit, he will kill the guy"

"we have to stop him" 

but it was to late as the stone was already on his way. To their surprise the small boy just punched the stone shattering it before he freed himself. 

"Ei, you shit head, that hurt like hell" the white haired boy yelled before his eyes glowed white. 

"no no no no, Izu don't do this to me. I swear, it was an accident that the stone became this big" the red head yelled as he backed away.

The three watched as mist began to appear taking their vision. What they then heard was just out of a horror movie. Slashes, punches and kicks could be heard. They heard cracks and probably the red head flying to the ground. They heard the poor boy whine and beg, but it didn't stop the sounds. Then after five minutes the mist began to disappear and the three could only stare as the small boy held a knife to the red heads throat. 

In an instant the atmosphere changed as the red head started laugh as he stood up. 

"that makes 147 loses" the red head said head down. 

"you know that you can win against most of our classmates Ei, don't beat yourself up" 

"yea I know, but when will I be able to beat you Izu, I just want one win" he answered as they walked over to them.

"wow, you two are so strong" the two boys looked up two see two awe filled faces and one that they couldn't quiet place. Is it awe, hate, fear or even pride they didn't know.

"thanks but we just trained good, nothing that you can't accomplish" Izuku said taking his shirt off to wipe the sweat away with towel. 

"bro this tattoo looks amazing" Tetsutetsu said. 

"um, thanks" Izuku said putting a fresh shirt on. He wasn't comfortable with people knowing about his tattoo.

"let us go Ei, they want to train" Izuku said.

"wait I want to apologize" the blond boy said holding his hand out. Izuku took it and felt a strange pull, the next moment the blond guy started to scream in pain. He fell to the ground holding his chest and back as tears were running down his face.

"what did you do to him" the silver head demanded.

"I didn't do anything" Izuku answered but knelled besides the boy as he saw something. He pulled the boys shirt up to see the tattoo growing over his chest. It was slow and from his experience very painful.

"It seems like that your friend has used his quirk on me" he stated with matter of fact tone.

"can we do anything about it" 

"It depends how long can he copy quirks" Izuku asked.

"about five minutes" 

"then we can do nothing, if it were longer then we could have gotten Aizawa-sensei, but with five minutes it will be over before we get to him" Izuku said standing up.

"come Ei let us go" Izuku said turning to leave.

"wait" it sure irritated Izuku.

"what now" Izuku hissed with a dangerous glint in his eyes. He was sore, his legs hurt and he wanted to shower. 

"you have to help him, it's your quirks fault isn't it?" the silver haired boy asked.

"no it's not, your friend pays the price of what can happen if you use your quirk without asking the other first" Izuku said with a harsh tone. 

"come Ei, there is nothing we can do" this time it was a command and Eijiro was sure to follow. He had known Izuku long enough now to know that you shouldn't disobey Izuku when he used this tone.

They just had one week left until the sports festival and Kirishima hoped that he would be strong enough then to stay by Izuku's side on second place.

Chapter Text

"come Ei, there is nothing we can do" this time it was a command and Eijiro was sure to follow. He had known Izuku long enough now to know that you shouldn't disobey Izuku when he used this tone.



"you shouldn't be that harsh to them Izu" Kirishima finally said was they entered the locker room. 

"this guy used his quirk on me without permission, even more he tricked me into it" Izuku said taking his clothes off, ready to go into the showers. 

"yea, but just because others make mistakes didn't mean that we should do the same, how do you want to make a friend here" Eijiro asked.

"I'm not here to make friends Ei. I'm came here to protect Toshi and now you too" Izuku answered as he turned the shower on.

"but don't you want be a hero" 

"not really, the license sure. I will be my own hero, I will protect you and Toshi, and if there is a villain who needs to be killed then they will call me" Izuku said as he turned the shower off and walked behind him.

"or do you think, that doesn't suit me" Izuku whispered into Eijiro's ear as he wrapped his arm around the boys waist. He pressed the slightly taller boy against his chest, as he bit down on the collarbone. A groan escaped Eijiro as he leaned into Izuku's touch. 

Izuku thought, smirked as he pushed the taller boy off him and started to walk in to the locker room.

He was stopped as Eijiro lifted him up with just one hand and pressed him against a wall. 

"are you fucking kidding me, teasing me like this and then just nothing?" he asked with a heavy breathing. 

"now, now, Ei you already got an erection from this" Izuku asked innocently even knowing that he had a hard time controlling his own. 

"of course I have one, we haven't touched each other in three weeks and my way to sexy boyfriend started to tease me" Kirishima said with a lust filled voice as he was just a centimeter away from Izuku. He leaned down and kissed the boys neck. He then bit down as hard as he could, which was pretty hard and with his shark teeth he pierced Izuku's skin easily. 

Izuku gasped in shock as the pain shot through his body. 

"Ei, wh-what a-are you do-ing" Izuku panted out and it turned Eijiro extremely on. 

"claiming what is mine, we don't want someone think that you don't have anybody" Eijiro said but gasped in pain as Izuku had freed himself and had bitten him on the same spot.

"there now let us change" Izuku said as if he wasn't horny himself.

"Izu come on, just a quick blow job" and Izuku went still, he remembered the last time and it was a more then a happy memory of his, but they had to wait. He used his speed to press Eijiro against a wall.

"would you like it if I used you right now" Izuku asked, as he played with Eijiro's nipple. 

"yea" Eijiro was already panting heavily, he loved it when Izuku became this dominant. 

"you would like if I didn't just use your mouth but this hole" Izuku said, rubbing two fingers over Eijiro's pink hole. He then let one finger slip in and Eijiro gasped.

"I asked you if you would like that" Izuku said pressing against Kirishima's prostate. Eijiro yelled at the new feeling, stars started to form in his vision as pleasure over took him. 

"yes Izu, pleas just use me, fuck me" he didn't know that he could say such things but here he is, a small needy whore waiting for Izuku's cock. 

Izuku then pulled his hands away from Eijiro who whined at the lose of stimulation. He went to grab his cock, but his hand was snatched away and pilled above his head. 

"If you want this reward, then you have to earn it Ei" Izuku whispered.

"anything Izu, just say it" Eijiro panted out. 

"You have to get under the top three in the sports festival" and Eijiro froze. 

"Izu that is in a week, I wanna come now" Eijiro whined as he tried to rub his cock against Izuku's stomach. 

"I know, but you are not allowed to come until you have managed to reach that spot okay?" Izuku asked as gripped Eijiro's hip to hold him still. 

"please Izuku, I know what your doing, but you don't need to motivate me for the sport festival, so please give your boyfriend a bit of release" Eijiro pleaded as tears started to appear. 

Izuku sighed as lifted Eijiro up and took him to the bench. He then lied him down and pinned his hands above his head again.

"You move your hand and I will stop, got it?" Izuku asked and Eijiro nodded.

"I asked you a question boy" Izuku said as he squeezed Eijiro's hands harder.

"yes, sir" he cried out.

"good boy" Izuku then let go of Eijiro's hands and moved down. He played with Eijiro's hole until he thought that the boy had enough torture. He pushed his finger in and started to search for the prostate again. He could hear Eijiro gasped above him, so he had found it. To his surprise and pride Eijiro didn't move his hands away. 

"You like that boy" Izuku asked with a husky voice as he pushed against Eijiro's sweet spot.

"yea, oh god Izu" the Izuku paused, getting a whine from Eijiro.

"It's sir, get that little man" Izuku said with serious but still lust filled voice. Eijiro wanted to tell Izuku that he was taller but thought better of it. 

"yes sir" 

"now there is my good boy and good boys get a reward" Izuku said pushing his finger against Eijiro's prostate again. He then lowered his head down, until he was just inches away from Eijiro's cock and swallowed it. Eijiro almost screamed in pleasure as Izuku finger fucked and sucked him in the same time. 

He didn't last long as he came in Izuku mouth. He was panting heavily, his whole vision was still blurry as he saw stars. He calmed down after 3 minutes, but he still couldn't move as his legs were like jelly from his possibly best orgasm ever. He didn't want to image how he will feel like when Izuku used his cock. 

"how do you feel Ei, I wasn't to rough was I" Izuku asked a bit concerned as he felt Eijiro hole body up and down. Eijiro blinked this was so not Izuku. Izuku kicked him through the whole gym and wouldn't check him over, but now just from putting his finger up his ass. 

"Izuku are you okay" he was asked seriously as he sat up. 

"yea, I'm fine, why do you ask" 

"because you literally punched the shit out of me today and didn't checked once how I was, but now are checking me over for nothing" he answered. 

"I just want to make sure that you are okay Ei. Training and this are two completely different things" Eijiro blinked again. Izuku was way more caring then he thought. It was cute that he thought that had hurt him, he wondered how long it will take until Izuku shows this side of him to everyone else. 

"hmm, It's nice of you to care so much" he said but Izuku was already vanished. He looked around until he saw him by his locker putting a shirt on.

"hey, hey, hey what about you" he asked as he still saw the obvious bulge in Izuku's pants.

Izuku smirked as he kissed him, he then took Eijiro's hand and guided it to his crotch.

"the next time I come will be in your ass, provided you would allow that" Izuku asked as he bit in his ear.

"yea, sure" Eijiro said a bit dazed. Just the image of Izuku fucking him made him hard again, fucking hormones and puberty. It made him a little cock loving bitch, but he didn't care as long as it was Izuku. 


"come on Ei, we have to rest. Tomorrow is a important day for me" Izuku said, as he put his jacket on.

"huh, what is tomorrow" Eijiro asked perplexed. 

"I want to be student council president, therefor I have to beat not only one but two of U.A. Big Three" Eijiro wanted to strangle Izuku, the Big Three weren't just the top students on this school no. They were powerful enough to directly take a spot under the number ten heroes. One of them could even be the next number one. 

Rumors say that he is unbeatable. He knows that Izuku is strong but fighting two of them is even for him to much. 

"Izu are you sure you want this. They are more powerful then you think, same say that they will be the next top three heroes" Ei said as they made their way to their apartment. Yes their apartment, since Eijiro almost lived there. He was there more often then home by now. 

"It's true that it would have been hard for me to win, but now with my new powers there isn't much they can do. Ei always remember no matter how powerful your quirk is, there is always a counter quirk. My quirk just happen to be their counter, the presidents quirk only lets him only do damage in brute force, as does the vise presidents. Thought the girl could use her quirk to pin me down" Izuku explained.

"so what is your counter" Eijiro asked as they walked into the apartment. 

"a search quirk or heat vision, something like that will make my quirk useless, but they still had to fight me head on quirkless and as you know that is pretty hard" 

"so you will just go invisible tomorrow and beat them" Eijiro asked, he now was more then sure that Izuku could do it. It made sense that each quirk had a weakness. 

"yea and if that isn’t enough than I have my mist left" 



They entered the biggest gym U.A. had as they waited for the student counsel to appear. Thought there were more people then the two expected. They saw third and second years and they were staring at them. Whispering something about them. Eijiro looked around until he caught sign of a familiar crowed.

They walked up to the class.

"what are you guys doing here" Eijiro asked.

"what do you mean what are we doing here, we want to watch an epic fight between titans" Sero answered as the rest of the class agreed.

"it's also good to see the upper classmans quirks and watch Midoriya's fighting style" Todoroki answered.

"I think what Ei meant is how do you know about" Izuku asked.

"oh that, the counsel twitter it" Uraraka said holding her phone into his face. 

"so, do you wanna bet too?" Kaminari asked.

"a bet?" 

"yea, there is a bet going on, on who will win" Sero said.

"thought most of the bets are on the counsel" Mina said.

"Ei, why don't you go and bet this on me" Izuku said giving Ei check. Eijiro looked at the number before he almost vomited, this was way to much money to run around with. 

"Izu, this is way to much. There isn't even one that could bet against it to make it worth for you" this got the class attention as they glanced over Kirishima's shoulder to see what Izuku wanted to bet.

"200 hundred million" (2 million dollar) they yelled as some of them fell unconscious. 

"that is may to much Midoriya-san" Iida said. 

"how about that" Izuku said, as he turned to Uraraka. 

"your family needs money right" he asked and she just nodded.

"then let us make a deal. Up there are at least 20 pro heroes, make them bet against me and you get half of the profit I will make" Izuku and Uraraka's eyes widened for a moment before she ripped the check out of Eijiro's hand and dashed away. Some classmates followed her to help.

"and you really think that you can win" Jiro asked.

"sure thing" Izuku just answered confidently. 



"There you are" a loud booming voice got there attention as the student counsel run up to them. 

"Hey I'm your senpai, Mirio Togata and this is" he was cut of when a girl with blue hair bounced around Izuku.

"Hey I'm Nejire Hado, your hair looks so soft. Your skin is so white. If I think about your whole body looks white. Ah you look so cute" the girl just didn't want to shut up.

"just let us get this over with, we can later discus this things" Izuku said making his way to the center. The girls look turned serious as she walked after him. The whole gym began to quiet down as they saw that it was about to start.



Izuku vanished and was in front of her with his top speed. His fist just millimeters away from her face when a shockwave hit him, he was send flying through the whole gym with his weight. At least now he know what this feels like. 

He turned his quirk on as he slowly started to turn invisible, the girl saw that and instantly fired of as many waves as she could. Izuku however dodged them as he again started to jump from wall to wall. He should give it a name and make it a special move of him. 

Finally after 20 seconds he was completely invisible as he attacked the poor girl, he was fast as he changed his direction after each attack to make sure that she doesn't hit him again. The girl fired two shockwaves at once and that was his opening as he jumped down from ceiling. He then delivered a powerful kick to her neck sending her flying 3 meters. She wasn't moving what meant that he was probably unconscious, but he still held his guard up. 

"Midoriya Izuku wins" he heard and breath a sigh of relieve. The big threat was over. 


"Midoriya do you need a pause or can we start right away" Togata asked standing 10 meters away from him. 

"we can start right away" Izuku said getting in position. 






Izuku again went for a head on attack, but his kick just went through the boy. The other just smiled before he punched Izuku so hard that he flow up against the ceiling. 

"hmm, so your light huh. No wonder your that fast" the third year commented as he appeared besides him. The punch he got was painful as he flow back to the ground. He jumped up after his body had rolled over the floor for 10 seconds. He turned his quirk on and wanted to wait but jumped back as the other came up from the ground in lighting speed. The other then vanished into the ground again, before he appeared behind him. 

Izuku blocked the attack with both hands but still slid about 10 meters away from the guy. 

"you have great reflexes" Togata said as he saw how Izuku turned Invisible. 

"thanks" is all the guy heard before his head was punched sending him to the ground but he used his quirk before could hit his head, falling into the ground again. 

He appeared again looking around. Izuku took his chance as he saw the same opening the girl had, just a minutes ago. His kick thought went through the head as the boy turned and grabbed his invisible body. 

"you should be more careful for this traps" he said before punching Izuku's stomach so hard that Izuku vomited as flow away. His quirk turned off as he rolled over the ground, he shakily stood up as he faces his opponent.


"you see that, I said that the first year wouldn't win" a second year said.

"but he is still standing and he won against Nejire" a third answered.

"it was still arrogant of him, to believe he could fight the top two students" 


"come on Midoriya, win for me" Uraraka said as she waited for Izuku to pull some shit.

"go Izu, destroy him" Eijiro yelled down.



"you are a great fighter senpai and you have way more raw power then me" Izuku said as his body stopped shaking.

"well thanks Midoriya-kohai but you aren't bad yourself, just train two more years and you can beat me" Togata said. 

"I think that I have a good chance now" with that Izuku punched the ground hard enough to let the concrete flow up, just like Eijiro. He then kicked and punched the concrete making them into projectiles as they went flying through the upper classman. 

"what a shame and here I thought that you need some time to use your quirk again" Izuku said.

"yea, I once had this weakness, but with enough training it's almost nonexistent now" Togata said charging at Izuku. Izuku however jumped out of the way several times as the other boy was just one step behind him.

"I didn't thought that you would be this good senpai. You are really making me use my trump card here" Izuku said as his eyes turned white as well. 

Togata jumped back as mist started to appear all of a sudden. He couldn't see as think, he move to th....

His thought were cut of with the pain running down his spine as a kick connected to it. He yelled in pain as he hit the ground, used his quirk and had luck as he felt something going through his legs. Thought his luck was short, as another punch hit him, he tried to defend him but it was even more difficult now. 

Before he just couldn't see were the person was, now thought, he saw nothing. He wasn't even sure in which way the door was. He was attacked again when something cut his legs. He yelled as he went to the ground, but didn't even had time for that as a brutal kick hit his stomach sending him flying for about 11 meters. 

He hit the ground harshly, he tried to stand up, but gritted his teeth as he noticed that the boy had cut his yearn making it impossible for him to stand. 

The mist disappeared as the boy was just 3 meters away from him with his kunai. The students and heroes saw that Mirio was completely bruised and bloody and wanted to help him, but Midoriya held his hand up stopping them. 

"do you give up" he asked in a flat tone. 

"yea, I give up" he said letting his head hit the ground. God he had lost against a first year, if this wasn't embarrassing then what. The next moment he noticed how someone lifted him up. 

God now he know what was more embarrassing. It's to be carried by the boy who beat you and who was about half your own height. 

"your legs should be okay when Recovery Girl heals you, I didn't cut that deep" the boy said gently. Wow what a personality change, looking closely he could see the bruises and red marks all over the boy too. Thought the boy seemed to ignore it.

"you have to learn fighting blind Togata-senpai" Midoriya said.

"yea seems like" he answered. 

"tomorrow I will come to the student counsel meeting, until then" Midoriya said, as he vanished after he had let him to the ground by his friend.



"Izu, you did it" Eijiro said hugging the boy. 

"yes I did Ei" Izuku said as he kissed the boy, shocking Eijiro and his classmates. 

"you two are cr." what ever Bakugou wanted to say was cut off by a dangerous glare.

"all of you should be careful, I as student counsel president have more then enough power to expel someone" Izuku said in sweet tone, but his eyes were deadly. All students just nodded.

"Midoriya, I'm rich" Uraraka said as she hugged the boy. 

"hmm, who did you get to bet against you?" Izuku asked, as he was curious who had this amount of money to bet on something like this.

"ah, it was skeleton guy, he said that he is All Mights assistant" she said all to happy with the money. 

"urgg, I don't want this mans money, just take the whole profit and invite everyone to a fancy lunch or so" Izuku with a crossed out face. Of course All Might would bet against him. It doesn't matter how much power he had for All Might as long as he didn't had the heroic spirit. Well it doesn't matter thought, he had won and with that he is able to get his goal in reaching distance. 

"yea, sure. You are all invited to lunch tomorrow" Uraraka said as she was happy that she had so much money. Her parent will not believe her. 




Izuku walked into small building on the campus. This should be the right building, he opened the door without knocking. Walking in he saw that it was a library with a couch and a coffee table. There was also a small round meeting table, were others waited for him. He walked up to them, before he sat down in the leather chair for the president. 

"thanks for coming today. My name is Izuku Midoriya and I'm your new student counsel president" Izuku said thought it was obvious that the others know who he was and that he had won against them to get this position. 

"now I already know all your names and quirk, so let us just skip this. I would like to end this as fast as possible today since I was invited to lunch and they already started without me" now if you looked closely then you could see a small pout on Izuku's face.

"If you say so, today isn't much just some paper work about the sport festival and the internships following them" Mirio answered. 

"hmm, okay that should be quick, can someone of you tell me when I will be getting my license?" Izuku asked. 

"I think that should be done until sports festival. I have never seen a quirk like yours, how does it work. Why are you so fast and at the same time so strong. How are you able to turn invisible, how do you make the mist" the girl again wouldn't shut up.

Izuku sighed this would be a long hour.





The class was sitting in a fancy restaurant in a privat section, most of them looked around in awe since it was the first time for them to be in here. 

"this place looks awesome" 

"it's fancy" 

"I hope I don't destroy something" 

They ordered lunch and eat with some shit chat, as Mina had to bring up Izuku.

"this food is so delicious. You are lucky Kirishima, to get a boyfriend this loaded" and Kirishima blushed at her words. Izuku was more then one way loaded.

"yea how did you two get together" Momo asked from the side.

"huh, I think that it was pretty normal you know, we hanged out with each other. Sometimes he kicked me into a wall other then this it was rather normal" the class sweatdropped at Kirishima's definition of normal.

"how is he even strong enough to kick you into a wall, I mean Midoriya seemed to have more then one quirk. He turns invisible, is super fast and has this mist thing, that I didn't understand." They looked at Kirishima for an explanation.

"I don't think that it is my place to tell you that" he said nervously. 

They all fell silent again as they knew that they shouldn't pry into an assassins business, some shivered even by just thinking out it.

"are.......are you not afraid?" Shoji asked, it was clear that he felt uncomfortable asking that, but it seemed like it was important to him.

"not really. There are times when Izu is angry, but he always controls himself and if you do what he wants then there is nothing to worry about." Kirishima answered and it seemed to set the boy at ease. It was already quiet rare to see Shoji speaking and then about such a personal question that is.

"also he is most of the time pretty caring and sweet, so there is nothing to worry about." the slime on his face was to blinding as some looked away. 

"and with something goes wrong then you can always l..." he wanted to say 'lift him of the ground', but was stopped as Izuku appeared behind him. 

"evening everyone" he greeted as he took his place next to Eijiro.

"I'm sorry I interrupted you Ei, go try and say it" Izuku said as he lined in to whisper.

"but if you do, then I will happily tell our classmates about our sex life" the class could see how Kirishima's face turned white before it exploded red, as the poor boy yelled a small but loud no.

"hmm, it seems that Ei has forgotten what he wanted to tell" Izuku said with a cheerful voice as he looked around the table. Thought he could clearly see the faces that screamed 'forgotten my ass' but they were to afraid of him. Ah how nice it was to have this kind of power. 

"Uraraka, how did your parents react?" he asked as he girl looked at him with happy eyes. 

"they fainted first, but they are really happy and started to plan some vacations" she said. 

"sounds nice. Also could you try out the ideas I suggested" Izuku asked.

"ah yea, they work pretty good, but the nausea afterwards is bad. It should hold long enough for a fight thought" she answered and some of her classmates knew that she was training alone in the gym. Thought they didn't know what kind of ideas Izuku had given her. They just know from what they heard about Momo that Uraraka must be pretty strong. This was going to be a dangerous sport festival.

Chapter Text

It was the day of the sport festival and everyone was nervous, but also determined to win this. They had all about three hours left until the start of the festival. Izuku and Eijiro were going to the Stadion, they agreed to meet with Toshi here before the festival. It was sad that the boy couldn’t take part in it, but with his just recently gotten arm, it would have made it worse for him. Toshi just had to wait for three more months to heal. 

Speaking of which Izuku couldn’t see the boy around, he was sure that they had agreed to meet at the entrance. It wasn’t like Toshi to be late without calling him, something must have happened. He was about to call the boy when Kirishima interrupted him.

“Hey Izu, I just got a call from Hitoshi saying that he will be late and that we should go in without him.“ the smile on Kirishima’s face was hiding something, it looked like fear to him but he wasn’t sure. It was a long time ago that Eijiro was afraid of him, so this expression was a bit concerning. He know that Eijiro didn’t fear him physically even knowing that he could beat the boy black and blue. No if Eijiro feared him then it always had something to do with others. 

“When did Toshi start calling you“ he asked as he followed the boy into the Stadion. It was much bigger than he expected, for an assassin it would be easy to kill someone in this mass of people without being caught. 

“Just now“ Kirishima said as they walked to the classrooms locker. 

“Can you wait for me in the locker room, I will just go to the toilet and then catch up to you“ Kirishima asked and Izuku nodded. 


Kirishima sighed in relieve as he walked back to the entrance.

5 minutes earlier.

He looked around for Hitoshi when he found the boy leaning against a wall. It wouldn’t be problem like this, but Kaminari was with him and not only that, the boy was shoving his tongue in Hitoshi‘s mouth as if he was starving. Sure he wasn‘t the best kisser himself but the sure had learned from Izuku to know that this wasn’t that comfortable for the other.

He was glad that the two hadn’t moved from their position. 

“you two are complete idiot“ he said startling the two so hard that Kaminari even lost control over his quirk, as a small amount of electricity flow to him. He blocked it with a hardened hand. 

“Kirishima, don‘t just sneak up on us“ Kaminari said as his breathing slowed down. Thought Kirishima's eye twitched.

“that is rude to just walk in on someone“ Kaminari said without noticing that Kirishima's face was getting a bit angrier with each word.

“next time wait until we are done“ he couldn’t finish the sentence as he was pressed against the wall with brutal grip on his collar. 

“Maybe I will let Izu see you next time. I didn’t want to image what he would do to you“ he said, as his eyes glowed with electricity. 

“and you“ he said turning to Hitoshi. “You better watch out what you’re doing in public“ 

“you have no right to tell me what I can and can‘t do, you are not my father, nor are you family“ Toshi said with rage for being interrupted and embarrassed, but regretted it the moment it left his mouth, as Kirishima's face fell. He looked so hurt, as he dashed away. 

He could see how Kirishima walked through the mass of people as a small tear slipped down his cheek. Hitoshi wanted to go after him, but he didn’t know what to say to him. ‘Sorry I didn’t mean it like that’ no this was a whole lot more fucked up to just apologize. 

“We lost his support didn't we?“ Kaminari asked with a sad look, he also realized how rude he was to someone who probably saved him from a lot of pain. Neither of them needed an answer to his question.


Unknown to them an invisible person was watching them from the side. Izuku had a sad look at his face hearing Toshi's words, he of course know that the boy didn't mean it like that but that didn't mean that they hurt any less. He just wanted to see how Eijiro would handle the situation again, he of course had seen them, he was one of the best assassins after all. 

He would wait and see if they need his help to solve this or if they can manage it on their own. It would be hard for them to get this worked out, it was already hard for Izuku and Toshi to have authority between them, given that Toshi was way taller and even a bit older then Izuku. It helped that Izuku had saved him and that he was way stronger.

But Kirishima was just a boy in their age group dating the boy Toshi called father. It was strange to get someone as young and inexperienced as Kirishima to have a say over him. Izuku sighed this was going to be a pain in the ass, but if this was over he will have a firm word with Toshi about how he talked with Eijiro. 


Izuku entered the locker room to see most of his classmates already preparing even thought that they still had about two hours until the start. He looked around and went to Ei in the corner. Kirishima saw him coming and put up a smile as he tried to act like nothing happened, Izuku didn't command on it or on the tear that was building up in his eyes. He just kissed Eijiro on the cheek before he turned to the person coming to them. It was Todoroki, the boy looked a bit startled when Izuku looked at him with these calculating eyes. 

“What is it that you want Todoroki?“ asked with a cold voice, it send shivers through the most of their classmates spines. They heard this kind of voice just in the first weeks and thought that Izuku had warmed up to them. 

Izuku himself was surprised by his coldness, since he didn’t have anything against Todoroki. It seems that the fight between Ei and Toshi had taken more from him then he thought. Damm this emotions it was making him grumpy, but he should get used to it, because he wouldn’t change it with everything in the world. Before maybe, but now he had Ei and Toshi, something worth to feel the pain and hurt. Because feeling means that he also can feel love and comfort, something he wishes to feel more. All this years his life was meaningless to him. There was nothing to live for, the only thing that kept him alive was his damm rules. Now there were two good reasons to live and two that makes his life worth living.

“If we see this objectively, then we can say that I have more raw power than you“ Todoroki said and some of his classmates paled. Izuku was already in a bad mood, but to insult him like that.

“but you have more experience and control over your power then me“ with that the class relaxed a little.

“thought this Stadion doesn’t have walls in the battle field that can help you, so I will beat you“ the locker room was so silent that you could have heard a feather fall. Not even Bakugou was this bold to tell Izuku that he could beat him. They all shivered as Izuku looked at Todoroki with his cold eyes, scanning the boy for weaknesses.

Then they heard it a small laugh, Izuku was laughing and it sounded genius and not insane.

“you have so much to learn Todoroki-kun, if I remember correctly then you didn't developed some power boosting abilities, that could help you. I on the other hand had not one or two, no I had three power boosts. I beat you without much effort before, what makes you think that you could beat me now“ Izuku asked with a dangerous smile. Todoroki didn't really know what to answer to that.

“besides, you are overestimating yourself way to much“ Todoroki's eye twitched as Izuku just continued. 

“You should better watch out for the people I told you about, while your quirk is powerful theirs have way more potential.“ Izuku finished as he took Eijiro's hand to lead him out of the room.

“come Ei we have still one and half hour until the start“ they left and walked until they reached their roof top again, it was getting their personal peaceful space just for them. It was the roof were all started, were there connection got deeper. It was the roof were Eijiro got his power, the power to protect and fight for the people in need. 

“Izu are you alright?“ Eijiro asked as they closed the door. Izuku waited for a while to scann for eavesdroppers, he sighed as he was sure that nobody followed them.

“yea, I‘m just emotionally tired. It will not be long until the whole world will see me the first time and I‘m nervous about their reaction to my decisions. What will they think when they hear that I will be a hero to kill, that this world is not perfect as they thought it is“ Izuku said with a thoughtful look as lied down besides Eijiro. 

“What ever they think doesn't matter Izu“ Eijiro said as he pulled Izuku's head on his chest. “They will probably curse you and your believing, but never forget that even if the world hates you, I will always stay by your side.“ 

It made Izuku's heart feel warm when Eijiro said something like this, it was always wonderful to know that there is someone believing in you. He didn't know how he had lived before, but he was sure that it was a pretty empty life without any reason to live. 

“Thanks Ei, that means a lot to me“ Izuku said, as he kissed the boy. 

They lied there for almost a hour before there phones signaled them that the festival was about to start soon. 

“Be sure to give it your all Ei or I will rip you apart in front of the whole world“ Izuku said, as he jumped from the building. Eijiro could see how Izuku jumped from one building to another before he reached the ground in mere seconds. He wanted to do the same, but know that he wasn't as skilled as Izuku and would probably destroy something on the way. He signed as he turned and took the stairs, a long way indeed.


They arrived at the locker room to see that the rest of their classmates have made it. Eijiro looked around to see that they all were a little tense as they stared at them. They probably are scared of Izuku, that didn’t sit well with Eijiro as he made his way over to Izu and hugged him. He could feel the warm radiating from Izuku, it felt nice and comforting. He really didn't get why everyone was so nervous about Izuku.

“okay everyone the festival is about to start, make yourself ready we are going out“ 

They were all pretty stiff as they slowly walked out. They heard Mic-Sensei introduce them all and they could all clearly hear out his favoritism to their class. While they were thankful it also made them a bigger target at the same time.

“and now you will hear a speech from the student council president. He is a first year rooki who managed to get the highest score in history. He also managed to beat two of the Big Three, U.A.s strongest students and with that managed to be the youngest person to get a hero license ever. Welcome Izuku Midoriya“ the crowed cheered as they saw a boy with white coming up to the stage.

Izuku took a deep breath as he stared at the crowed at the people.

“Hello, I‘m Izuku Midoriya as you already know. You will find out that I’m not your typical hero student, that means that I also will not give you this excuse of speeches you already heard so many times. No I want you to have some insides on how I work, how I managed to get this high score and on what kind of hero I will be“ people started to whisper as this was kind of unusual but they stayed quiet.

“This society is broken, it‘s corrupt and evil“ the whispers got louder as some started to boo but it didn't stop Izuku.

“we threaten quirkless people like shit, like they are nothing less then garbage. We threat people with so called villains quirk like they were born evil, as if they had already killed our family. We forget that they have no power over their quirk, it‘s not like that a four year old child thinks ‘hey I want that all kids bully me and hate me, so I will choose this quirk or better no quirk at all.‘ This children have no choice and we do so as if they had. We threat them like shit and then we wonder why villains exist but that ends now“ he said as looked at the thoughtful looks he got.

“the second thing we do wrong is how we view heroes. We praise them, as if they were gods, as if they are free of sins but not anymore. Starting today I will go after each person may it be civilian, villain or even hero. I‘m ruthless in what I do, I only got the highest score in history because I broke into the observation room and threatened to Kill All Might if they didn't stop the exam giving me the points. I will not be your ordinary hero patrolling through the city. I will be in the shadows until the need is there for me to come. I will not go around and make you feel safe. No I will spread fear in these that know I‘m after them, because they will realize that I‘m willing to kill“ The crowed was shocked. Some heroes even looked away from the boy as they turned green. 

“So fear me, because the next time you see me, can be the last thing you see“ Izuku said as he turned invisible. 

Chapter Text

Hey there, 

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I use the username to find out if someone has updated his work and thought that some of you do the same.


This work is not abandoned. This work will definitely go on, I already have some ideas. It’s just that I read same Naruto stories and they motivated me to do my own. Hope you don’t hate me for the pause.


Thanks for reading and I hope you like my future work.

Chapter Text

“So fear me, because the next time you see me, can be the last thing you see“ Izuku said as he turned invisible. 


The Stadion stayed quiet as they all thought about Izuku's words. It was the reaction the he had expected and the reaction he had hoped for. It was time for someone to give them a reality check, but who knows how they will think about it. 

He walked to Ei and Kaminari, the boy was constantly hiding behind Ei. It was funny that he thought that Ei could truly stop him when he went after him. He still had to teach the boy a lesson for his return the other day thought. Sure the he didn't do anything wrong, but his words had to be followed or the brat will think that he was a pushover with just talk and no bite. 

"We will be announce the first event of the festival ........" Izuku stopped listening as he reached Ei.

"Hey, are you okay?" it was sweet that Eijiro always worried about him.

"yea, I'm fine. Toshi isn't here today, so they wont figure out that he is with me. That will give us one year for the most of them, but I still have a friend watching after him" Ei's next action shocked him, as the boy patted his head. 

"you are a good dad worrying all the time." It was the first time that Izuku blushed as even his ears turned red. It was just extremely embarrassing to be patted like a kid. What made it even more worse was Kaminari who tried hard not to laugh. Now that can't be.

"You better make it to the third round or you can say good bye to my son" now this expression of horror was much better. It seems like that the first round is an obstacle course, something made for him. 

"hey, hey stop that. The poor guy is almost crying, you know that Hitoshi will be mad at you if you scare him to much" Ei had a point, it still didn't mean that he will stop with it. 


"Please make your way to the starting point for the obstacle course" They all moved to the two massive doors. 

They all walked to a big road with a giant door. As the door opened and a 'GOOO' from Present Mic came, all students rushed out.

Izuku was already halfway in the crowed when Present Mic announced the start of the race. The other students were blocking his way, so he did the only logical think and that was to use the heads of the others to cross the crowed in front of him. 

His speed had reached the point that he could just out run the other competitors without fearing to lose, or that was what he thought. He had almost reached the first obstacle, the robot inferno, when he heard two people behind him. He couldn't look behind with his speed or he would crush into something thing, so he had to use the time when he jumped from a robot. 

What he saw surprised him, not that far away was Uraraka and just behind her Eijiro. He knew that Ei was fast, but this was way faster then calculated. Is it that he was hiding it or is it that he doesn't had to care about the damage he made in the ground. He could clearly see the footprint Ei left with each step. Uraraka on the other hand was just like him, she flow through the robots before they could even react. 

She must have figured out even more of her quirk then he had told her. He was about to turn back again when he heard a huge explosion, his first thought was Bakugou. Thought the huge red glider in the sky made it clear that it was Momo, the girl had it in her. She must have shot herself up creating a glider on the way, what a risky move, but it was also genius one. 

The rules didn't say anything about air way, so she can straight up move to the finishing line. 

"Class 1-A is showing an overwhelming dominance with 6 of their people leading the front and that in this unique way. What in the world are you feeding them Aizawa?" 

"Shut up, my ears are hurting" yea that was to typical Aizawa like. They had already reached the second obstacle, it was a cliff with ropes that connected the ends to small islands. He smirked as he didn't slow down at all, running over this ropes was so easy, even Toshi could do it. The sound behind him made it clear that the other two weren't confident enough to go over the ropes in this kind of speed. 

He thought about destroying the ropes, but Ei was right. Toshi wouldn't be that happy if he bullied his 'maybe future boyfriend' to often. His smirk grow even bigger when he saw the third obstacle, I mean a minefield. Just by looking at them it was clear where they were hidden. 

"First Place of the obstacle course, Momo Yaoyorozu, with a new record" shit he had lost this round, but it wasn't that tragic. It just didn't sit well with his pride, but he would have to live with it. It wasn't long before he crossed the third obstacle and finished the run. 

"Second Place, Izuku Midoriya" not long after Uraraka and Eijiro came in and shortly after them were Todoroki and Bakugou. 



1 Place Momo Yaoyorozu

2 Place Izuku Midoriya 

3 Place Ochaco Uraraka

4 Place Eijiro Kirishima 

5 Place Shouto Todoroki

6 Place Katsuki Bakugou

7 Place Mei Hatsume






23 Place Denki Kaminari



The boy could at least reach the second obstacle, but he would had to train him more in the future. He wouldn't let some twink be his sons boyfriend, no if the guy really want to get near Toshi then he should at least put on a bit more muscle mass. 

"congratulations Momo, you really out did us this time" Yea this was his boyfriend always cheerful, sometimes a bit to much. 

"Thanks, but it was all thanks to Midoriya. He really helped me think of new ways to use my quirk." He should be careful around her. She is intelligent and extremely powerful, she would have the means to defeat him in the near future. Now she may be a hero student, but who knows what greed can make us do. She just tasted the tip of her potential, for now he will just observe her. 

"It was nothing. I just told you in what way you could use your quirk, your quick thinking of this plan brought you the victory" 

"Have you guys seen the looks of class B, they were staring at your backs that they didn't even move for a few seconds" Kaminari said. 

"Isn't that what you did as well. Thought he is right, all students had a time delay because of your performance. Bakugou and Todoroki were on fire as they dashed after you" Tsuyu said as she pointed at the two. The two indeed look like they are about to explode.

"That's right, we all could only stare after you guys. I mean we know that Izuku is fast and that Momo could do that, but how did Uraraka and you did it Kiri?" Mina asked. He should be more careful, they all started to call him with his first name and what is more frightening is that he does it as well. They will just be another weak point if he gets to close to them.  

"It's a secret Izu told us" Eijiro said with a proud smile. 

"Oh come on, I'm your best friend" Mina tried, but Eijiro didn't seem to crack. 


"Now let us see what this years second event will be" Midnight announced as they all looked at the display to see what their next obstacle was. 

"and the next event is ................................... Cavalry Battle" This was definitely Nezu's doing. A team activity, yea something he wasn't that found off. He will just think of the others as tools.


"You will have the choice to form a team with 2 to 5 people. The rider will have a headband with the all the points of your team combined. The points start with 5 for place 42, 10 points for place 41 and 20 for place 40, this goes on until the first place with 10 million points" The whole Stadion was staring at Momo with their predator eyes. But just like Izuku had predicted, the girl didn't show any kind of uneasiness.     

"Your are not out of the game as long as your rider don't touch the ground. You can use any means to get the headbands of your opponents, as long as you don't deal permanent damage to them." 

"Okay now you have 15 minutes time to form your team. Oh I almost forgot, the station has a limitation up to 30 meter in the air" Now this was really a restriction for some of the class 1-A students. The question is, was it Midnight's or Nezu's idea. Thought it must be Midnight, Nezu always says that we shouldn't restrict our advantages. 


"Izu, how about we" Eijiro started but was cut off.

"no. I will neither team up with you or this lightning brat. You two will make it to the third stage on your own." Eijiro looked thoughtful, but it seemed that he was going to accept it. Now then, who will team up with him. 

"Izuku would you like to join my team?" Luck was with him, Momo and Uraraka already teamed up. The three of them shouldn't have any problem to protect their headband. 

"sure, so what's the plan" Let's see what kind of plan they have thought off. 

"The best option is Air superiority, even with the limitation we will still be able to have the upper hand. I will make a jetpack and with Uraraka's quirk it will be easy to stay in the air. I will make the weapons you need defend us up there" It was by no means the best plan, but it was acceptable. 

"Please register your teams and get your headbands, there is only 5 minutes left" Izuku waited with Uraraka as Momo got them the headband. It seemed that Ei had teamed up with Mina, Bakugou and Sero aka. Tapeboy. This will be a team to look out for, but he was sure that Bakugou is still afraid off him. Another dangerous team is Todoroki's, he had Kaminari, Iida and the girl from the support department Hatsume. 

The other teams looked all average, but he will still look out for them. 

"Okay teams, time is up. Make your way to the stage, we are about to begin" came an announcement. 


"Okay Izuku, you will be the rider. I will need 30 seconds for the jetpack, so you two have to cover me" 

"I will make us invisible for the time being, but you I can't do it for to long or you two will freeze" Izuku said.

"I will use my quirk on you two and we will directly take off into the air. Momo can make the jetpack on the way, so we wont need to land" Uraraka said. 








Hey guys, I'm back and I hope that you liked this chapter. 

I have started to write more in the first-person perspective, instead of 'Izuku said' or 'Eijiro whispered' so please tell me what you like more.

I would like to thank one of my biggest fans, Bryce_stewart32. I stopped writing for the time being because of my studies, but his comments really motivated me for this short chapter and I promise that there will be more in the future.

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Chapter Text







The reaction was immediately, most of the teams turned to them and moved. Uraraka didn't wait long as she touched the three of them and made them float up. He used his quirk to turn them invisible, they were already halfway invisible when his instincts told him to dodge. 

He let go of Uraraka and just capt his hand on Momo's leg as he pushed himself away. 

"Mido--" she didn't finish as an ice arrow flew past them, just were Izuku was a second ago. It seemed that Todoroki wasn't giving up that easily.

"Finished" He looked down to see that Momo was putting on the jetpack. 

"I will drop my invisibility or you two will freeze. I will use it later we should save our energy. Momo make me some throwing knifes, so that I can block their attacks instead of dodging it." Momo just nodded as she produced what he asked for. 

"Wow Team Midoriya from class 1-A still used air superiority and that even thought the rules limited it's usage." Present Mic commented as the crowd watched in awe. 

"Uraraka cancel your quirk on me, we have to save up our energy for later" Momo said. She sure that a level head to plan for later in this kind of situation or was she just so sure that they wouldn't be in trouble to think ahead.

The battle wasn't really eventful as they just flow over the most of the other teams, Izuku blocked some needles attacks from time to time. They were already 15 Minutes in the air, that meant half of the time was over. 30% of the teams were already disqualified and moved from the field. 

"We have to land in about two minutes, I'm almost out of fuel. I will only be able to create two or three things" Izuku thought what they could do with the limited options. Momo had almost no fighting experience and without her quirk she was slow to respond.

"you will make a metal pillar and elastic but sturdy band, also make a fake headband. Uraraka will only use her quirk on me when we land. I will then fly around and get more headbands or defend against the enemy. I will turn our headband invisible and then throw the fake once into the middle, let's see who knows right from wrong." The two girls shivered at the look Izuku had. 

It didn't take long for them to land and it took even less for the other teams to notice that. Most of them stopped in their track on the way to them, when they saw that Izuku stood up on the shoulders of the two girls with a massiv metal pillar. Izuku then jumped up and rammed the pillar into the ground making it stabile, he then put the elastic band around his waist and connected it with the pillar. 

"Now it's show time" Uraraka used her quirk on him and with that the last bit of his weight was removed. He could feel how he hovered lightly over the two of them, he then tested the elastic band. It seemed that he would be withdrawn pretty fast, his actions radius seemed to be only 15 meters. It wasn't optimal, but he would have to work with it. He then took the fake headband and hold it out for all of them to see, he could see the skeptical looks he got and smirked. This will be easier then he thought.

He jumped on the metal pillar and used it as a launchpad to fly in lightning speed to the nearest team. He was so fast that the other team didn't even notice that he had swapped his headband with theirs. Some people could only blink, as they didn't know if this was for real. They could only see a blur of white flying to the team and the next moment the teams headband had been swapped. Thought the other teams didn't wait long as they saw the headband for the number one spot on an other team. 

Most of them changed their destination and targeted the poor team that had the misfortune to be Izuku's first victim. It wasn't long before chaos was the only thing you could see, other teams all fought over the fake headband. Izuku waited for a few seconds before he took off, the only thing that could be seen was a white beam that flashed around all the teams. It was like the stadium paused for a second before the riders of the teams Izuku went by all fall down from the shoulders of their teammates.

"What an amazing move. Midoriya's team eliminated 8 teams in second, who would have thought that his speed could increase even more." Present Mic commented as the crowd still tried to progress what happened. 

After that the other teams didn't dare to move into their range, that was until Todoroki's team came. They again fired ice arrows first, looking closely he could see the support girl holding a crossbow and Todoroki making arrows for her. It seemed that the boy could at least work with others, it doesn't matter thought. Izuku used the knifes Momo had made to block all the attacks effortlessly. Thought it didn't seem like that the team wanted to stop there, Todoroki made a huge ice-wave that shot towards them. 

Izuku thought for a second how he should stop it, he could dodge it easily but Momo and Uraraka couldn't. 

"I will destroy it, you go for the headband." he heard Uraraka behind him. He just nodded as he saw her fly past him, he then took after her straight to the ice-wave. It didn't take long for her to reach the wave, she touched it and then smashed it into million pieces. He was really impressed that she applied his theory, that he had talked about in the bus ride.

He flied through the shattered ice straight at Todoroki, the poor boy was completely startled. He was just a few inches away from Todoroki's headband as his left side caught fire, Izuku was forced to grip on the elastic band to propel himself back before he touched the fire. Who would have thought that Todoroki would use his fire, but judging from the expression he was seeing it wasn't planned. 

"Look at this girl, this is the perfect definition that look isn't everything. Who would have thought that this small girl had such a destruktive power, she smashed the ice like it was nothing." Present mic yelled as the crowd sheered for them.

His team didn't waste any time as Momo and Uraraka used the flying ice pieces to throw them at other teams that got near them. Izuku ignored Todoroki's team as they didn't seem to attack again. Looking around he could see Bakugou's team going after the teams of class 1-B, from what he had seen from above was that class-B had planned to take down as many class-A students as they could. It seemed that Bakugou didn't take it that well, as he went after them. 

"Only 3 minutes left. Try your last attacks before the time is over" Midnight announced.


Izuku and his team instantly put all guards up again as they heard that. They know that some desperate teams would try to go after them, but they would be ready by then. It didn't take long for the first team to arrive, but it was instantly eliminated as Momo shot the rider with a paintball gun. The other teams were all taken down the moment he they got in Izuku's attack radius. It seemed that Todoroki had complete given up and that Bakugou didn't even want to try. 


"AND END ................................................... congratulation for Team Midoriya for getting first place" Present mic announced. 

"Second place is Team Bakugou, third place Team Todoroki, Fourth place Team Monoma ...............:" Mic announced one after another. 


"You have one hour to rest before we start the third event. A One on One battle" Midnight announced.


"thanks for the team up you two, you have improved a lot" Izuku said facing his two teammates. 

"the improvement was all thanks to you" Momo said and Uraraka just nodded as Jiro came over. They started to talk and Izuku wanted to go and see Toshi, he was stopped thought as a hand gripped his shoulder and he had to physically force his body not to react. 

He slowly turned with a murderous glare to see who had the guts to touch him. Of course it was Todoroki with his ever stoic face, he at least had the pleasure to see the guy flinch at his glare.  

"Is there something you want Todoroki-kun?" Izuku asked in a calm but threatening way. 

"There is, could we talk somewhere privat" He answered as he looked around. 

"Fine follow me and make it quick." Izuku said as he moved to the corridors. 



"Now then what is it that you want to talk about?" Izuku asked as he looked directly into Todoroki's eyes. It was like he was looking through them into his soul. 

"You are the one that made me break my promise. I promised myself that I would never use his quirk, this fire is cursed and you made me use it" Izuku thought what exactly the boy wanted from him, but kept quiet for now.

"My father bought my mother into a quirk marriage and produced four children with her. I'm the youngest, his master peace or perfect creation as he calls me. I'm made to surpass All Might, just for that I was made. That bastard drove my mother mad until she poured boiling water over my left face side, because it reminds her of him. I promised myself to never use that bastards quirk and get Number One position without it." Todoroki ranted, but he still looked calm on the outside. 

They stayed like this for a minute in complete silents. Izuku then sighed as he looked at the helpless boy in front of him.

"Todoroki, do you think logic is a good thing?" The sudden question brought the other boy completely out of his world of anger, as he was more confused over the question now.

"Sure" He couldn't say more as he didn't know why Izuku asked him that.

"Then I will give you something to think about. First, can your father activate the fire on your left side?" Izuku asked. 

"No of course not" Todoroki wasn't sure why Izuku asked this, it was clear that he couldn't.

"If he can't and you can, then it is clearly your quirk" The anger took place in him again.

"no this ---" Todoroki started, but stopped as Izuku held a knife against his throat.

"Shut up and let me speak. I let you finish your story before, didn't I?" The poor boy could only nod.

"Good. Second question, have you noticed that your plan is totally idiotic. Let me summon up what I understood, your father wanted to be Number One hero but couldn't reach it. He then thought that if something that he created would become Number One, he would also be number one too. Right?" Again the boy could only nod.

"So, if you become number without using your fire side like you promised yourself, wouldn't you still fulfill your fathers wishes as you have gotten Number One like he wanted you to be" Izuku could see how Todoroki's expression changed in rapid speed. Confusion, anger, disappointment, resolve and lastly understanding. 

"I will say this because I own you one, but your talent is far to great to be wasted like this. Just leave your father behind and start your own life, you could help people with the power that brought so much pain in your life." The Todoroki boy looked thoughtful, but he also looked like he doubted his words.

"You know what, in my and Toshi's home will always be a room for you. So should you really decide to go through with it there is always a place were you can come to. I can even help you with your father, I'm Phantom so just think about it." Izuku said as he started to walk away, but stopped two meters from the entrance.

"ah and if you ever waste my time with my son for something this illogical, make sure that you will get punished for it the next time" and with that Izuku vanished. 

Chapter Text

Izuku made his way up to the cafeteria, they had agreed to meet there in the one hour pause they had. Looking around he found them at the table in the corner, at least Toshi remembered that he didn't like to sit somewhere in the middle of the room. He sighed as he made his way over, because Toshi and Eijiro wasn't the only one by the table. With them were class 1-A, how they fitted on the small table, he had no idea.

"Izu there you are, come I have saved a seat for you" Eijiro said with a smile as he waved him over. The class stiffed a little, but it was noticeable less then last time. Maybe he was losing his touch, when even they didn't fear him. He sighed again as he set down, this was just too loud for him. Thought he will have to put up with that for now. 

"Where have you been?" Eijiro asked.

"Hmm, just talked to someone" He said as he stared at his son. It was a little irritating to see him this close to Kaminari, and it was even more as both couldn't keep their hands to themselves. Luckily an opportunity came around the corner.

"Todoroki-kun come and sit with us" some of his classmates looked as if he was crazy, but the ice boy just nodded. He was about to sit down when Izuku stopped him.

"Thinking about our conversation, could you please sit between Kaminari and Toshi. It would be good if you two know each other better" The others looked puzzled, Todoroki looked at him as if he tried to understand if this was joke. Thought Izuku's serious face seemed to convince him, what an obedient boy.

"Dad --" "No complaining" To say that the table was a bit surprised was an understatement, Izuku never shot Hitoshi down. The boy himself looked lost, did he do something wrong. Why was Izuku like this all of a sudden, did he hear the conversation between the three of them this morning?

"Say Izu, what will I get if I win against you in the tournament?" Eijiro suddenly asked with shit eating grin. It seemed that the rest was interested as well, even Bakugou and Iida were listening. How come that the whole class was interested in his privat life and why was Eijiro asking that in front of all of them.

"If and that is a big 'if'. If you really win against me, then you can ask me for anything you want." some of the class whispered what Eijiro would want. Some of the girls blushed as they giggled.

"But what will I get Ei or are you just taking advantage of me without giving something back" Eijiro thought for a while, there wasn't much that he give, but there where many things that he could do. 

"I will accompany you to one of your underground meetings" The table didn't really know what he meant with that, but seeing Izuku smile like that meant that it was a good thing.

"Well then you better make your evening free, because I really want you to meet my friends" Now Hitoshi understood, he was going to meet Izuku's assassin friends. They were all around the age of thirty and a bit strange, okay they were completely normal when they didn't talk about killing. The problem was that they did talk about it all the time, Izuku once brought him there. It was so that he know the faces of the people that would care for him should something happen to Izuku. 


"And what do we get if one of us will win?" Mina asked with her armes crossed. The class was a little insulted as they saw the smile on Izuku's face that said 'do you  even have a chance?'.

"If Momo or Uraraka win against me," some started to protest as they saw that he didn't even count them as threat. "then I'm willing to serve them to the rest of my live. It is not that I look down on your strength, you are all strong otherwise you wouldn't be here. What you all don't have is experience, I have years of it and Ei is training with me every day." 

At least it seemed that the class understood that, some still looked miffed. Bakugou was trying really hard not to yell at him, his rage and fear battling. It seemed that the fear won, as the guy stayed silent. 

"Toshi have you already seen the blueprint for your arm?" His son just shook his head still trying to find out what he did wrong besides this morning. He looked up as he heard Izuku sigh in disappointment and that didn't happen often. 

"What do I always tell you" It looked really funny for the class as Hitoshi who was almost a head taller then Izuku started to shrink. This father and son was per se pretty ridiculous. 

"To speak up" Toshi mumbled out as he was embarrassed in front of the entire class.

"To speak up" he repeated after Izuku looked at him with raised eyebrows. Some of their classmates laughed, but tried to hide it.

"See that isn't that hard. If I hear you teasing Toshi about this, then I will put you over my knee and spank you and that no matter where we are, Clear?" They nodded with a pale face. Izuku again looked at them as if they were idiots. 

"Yes Sir" surprisingly it was Bakugou who said. It didn't took long for the others to understand and follow with it. It seemed that he really had a big impact on the explosive boy. 

"good, now eat up the pause is almost over" 




"All competitor please prepare yourself the first match is starting in 15 minutes.

"The first match is between Izuku Midoriya class 1-A and Mashirao Ojiro class 1-A" The whole table looked at the poor boy with pity, it was clear that he wouldn't win. 

"I will see you Ojiro-kun, give it your all. Toshi we will have a serious talk after this is over" Both boys looked pale as Izuku left them, thought the reasons were different. 



Izuku's first match was nothing to talk about and everybody knew that. He gave Ojiro a chance to show off his hand to hand combat skills, but even there the boy was outmatched. Even if Izuku didn't throw him out directly, he still didn't allow anyone to think that he was an easy target. Showing weakness was not possible for him, it also wasn't fair for these that really could hit him in a match. 

The second match between Todoroki and Sero was even more one sided. The Tape-boy was frozen in a gigantic ice glacier, the match didn't even last ten seconds before it was over. Todoroki looked angry as he melted the ice, it seemed that he had talked with his trash-can of a father before and let his anger out on Sero.

At least Izuku had something to laugh as Kaminari lost against the girl from class 1-B. She had vines for hair and could control it, she used it to bind him after he had over used his quirk the moment the match started. It wasn't anything to talk about it, he attacked and she blocked it. Thought it looked really funny and Hitoshi had even the decency to blush and hide behind Izuku.

The girl from the support department used Iida for advertising her 'Babies' and then walked down from the stage. It was funny to watch, but also embarrassing. 

The fight between Mina and Aoyama was okay, it wasn't something what Izuku would call interesting. That match was at least evenly matched and the crowd had something more then these 10 second fights to see, in the end Mina won with her mobility. Momo easily destroyed Tokoyami as she created a flash-bang, thought she seemed to have modified it as even the crowd had to close their eyes. She then produced some kind of ice-gun, because Tokoyami looked like he froze the moment the bullet hit him. 

This was something that made Izuku extremely interested, even thought that a gun wasn't his style. Toshi on the other hand, he would had to ask. Momo sure had grown, it was really terrifying that she could create something like this already. Maybe she could make some for the police force, or even for them. Eijiro's fight against his clone in steel was over in a second as he just punched him out of the ring. 


"And now we have a fight I was waiting for. The one and only fierce looking guy with an explosive temper against the girl that can toy with gravity itself" Present Mic's voice brought Izuku back from his thoughts as both made their way up to the stage. 




"Ready round face or are gonna give up now. Midoriya might have said that you are strong, but I haven't seen it yet. So don't disappoint me and become an extra like the rest" Bakugou said as he got ready.

"Oh please, as if you really have chance, before Midoriya helped me maybe. Now thought, he showed me what potential my quirk has and how truly powerful it will become." She answered as she lowered herself. 

"You already know the rules, are you ready" Midnight asked from the side. Both nodded with grin on their faces.



In a second Uraraka was in front of Bakugou, it was even faster as in the obstacle race. Bakugou could only dodge it with a well timed explosion to get out of her range. 

"Is that all you can do" he taunted as he fired a few explosion in her direction. She tried to dodge, but got hit slid two meters back as her hands touched the ground.

"If you want to see my power, here I come" She yelled as she punched the ground she touched before. The area shattered in thousand pieces and flow up, she then started to punch and kick them into Bakugou who had to dodge them. 

The stones turned into high speed bullets, some of the spectators backed away as the stones left a crater on the wall behind Bakugou. She was about to hit him when he shot a monstrous explosion in her direction. The only thing she could do in order to not fly away was to dig her hands into the ground.

"At least your confidence and arrogance has a backing." She said.

"The same can't be said about you Round Face. All this talk that I don't have a chance, that my potential isn't as good as yours. I call bullshit" Bakugou said as he made himself ready to attack again.

"Well we will see" If someone watched closely then they would seen the pink glow in her hands as she again touched the ground. The ground around her started to rise and Bakugou could only watch as the girl kept rising on a wall before him. It was truly impressive and you could see the smirk on his face as he looked up.

"Never mind. You are definitely not in extra, but did you forget that I can fly" He said, he ignited his palms and the crowd watched as he moved higher and higher. He was just four meters away from her as he saw her palms glowing dark blue.

"No I didn't forget, I hoped for it or would you say planned it? Reverse" suddenly his body felt heavy like it weighed a ton, class 1-A and B could only watch how one of their best dropped from the sky. They all hissed as they heard the crack as he smashed into the ground. 

Midnight gaped from the side before she went over to look if he could continue, thought she doubted that he could. 

"The winner of this fight is Ochaco Uraraka from class 1-A" The stadium roared with applause. Uraraka just put her hands together and whispered release and lowered the wall she was standing on. 

She jumped down halfway and then sprinted to the bathroom to throw up.


"We will announce the next parings in 15 minutes." Present Mic said.




"And why did you bring me here again" Izuku asked 'daddy issues', he wasn't sure if he should really dub him like that.

Todoroki just looked at him with his ever stoic face, but his eyes showed an emotional war. It was truly beautiful to watch this two different colored eyes, like a work of art. Izuku could see many emotions that he also felt, loneliness, helplessness and insecurity. 

"Your it still standing? The room I mean" It surprised Izuku that he had come to an decision so fast, seems like his talk with his dad didn't go so well.

"Yes it is still open" Izuku said as he smiled or he was giving his best to smile. Thought for the ice boy it was a long time ago that someone was giving his best. 

"And can I borrow money from you" even with his stoic face, Izuku could see the fear behind it, the angst of rejection.

"Yes you can borrow as much as you want, but I need a reason" Before Todoroki could answer Izuku vanished in a blur. He heard a small yell from around the corner.

"eavesdrop on me again and I will punish you Bakugou." It wasn't even a second before Izuku was standing before him again, just like nothing had happened. His face was patient and strangely warm, not like a mother had for her child, but it still felt right.

"You can continue" It really felt right to talk with Izuku about it, he didn't judge him or worse petty. It seemed that he himself was through more then that. 

"I have two older siblings and my mother is in a hospital, both needs financial resources" Izuku's face remained the same, not even the smallest hint of what he thought. 

"I can give you more then enough money that they can live above average. But there will be conditions" Izuku said.

"What kind of conditions"

"There will be some rules how you behave at home, same as Toshi's" He got a nod from the other boy.

"I will also start to train your fire, I don't say that you have to use it. I just want to make sure that you can use it probably, because if you use it and have no control over it. Let's just say that you don't want that to happen while you save someone." 

Todoroki looked thoughtful, Izuku had seen his face as he spoke over his fire. His expression only returned to his stoic face as he heard why, at least he was reasonable. 

"It's acceptable" 

"Then welcome in the family, when will you come?" 

"as soon as possible" Todoroki answered.

"You will come with us today, I will sneak into your home and get you the things you want" 

"Thanks for taking care of me" Izuku wanted to say something, but couldn't as Present Mic announced the first match.

"Our first match in the quarter finals is Todoroki Shoto vs Midoriya Izuku

Chapter Text

"Our first match in the quarter finals is Todoroki Shoto vs Midoriya Izuku"



"This is not favorable" Izuku simple stated. Todoroki on the other hand didn't seem to care, his thoughts were still on their conversation before. 

"We will talk later at home. Now think about it, this is just a competition. Don't feel pressured to use your fire for something like this, we can always work later on it. Now lets go to the preparation room together" Izuku said, he took one of Todoroki's hand as he dragged him with him. Todoroki looked at his hand as he felt it getting cold, he saw Izuku's aura spread out. It didn't took long for their entire body to be covered, it was cold and that had a meaning coming from him.

He wasn't sure why Izuku did it, was he trying to cool him down already so that he had a disadvantage in the fight. Thought that didn't make sense, Izuku was strong enough to fight him without such a trick. He reason was obvious as they rounded the corner and saw the Number Two hero, he was waiting for someone and it wasn't hard to find out who. 

He really wanted to see his fathers face when they get to the stage without him seeing. 

"The round is about to start please take your seats" Mic announced, Izuku gave him a pat on the back before got into his own room. 


"And here is our first challenger. Give a round of applause for Izuku Midoriya, also know for the first year that took down two of our best students becoming Student Counsel President." Mic introduced. He wanted to say more, but Izuku made a very clear signal that he didn't want it. 

"His opponent is one of the powerhouses class 1-A has. Todoroki Shoto is the son of the Number Two hero and has a good chance of winning" It took a moment for Mic to realize that he said something wrong as Izuku stared at him with a death glare.

"Are the two of you ready?" Midnight asked bringing Izuku back to the match, they both nodded.

Ice filled the stadium the second the match started, it was just like with Sero before if not even more. Thought this time Shoto didn't relax as he looked around and he was right to do that. Standing on the tip of his glacier was Izuku, he took a step forward and slid down. He had to jump again as Shoto shot one ice wave after another. 

Izuku didn't move much as he dodged them all. Both know that Izuku was already way to fast to get hit by him, Shoto just wasn't sure why Izuku didn't attack. Thought that changed as Izuku started running at him, he was just two meters away when he vanished. He used his ice out of reflex as he moved forward and that not a second to late as Izuku's foot graced his back.

"Your institution isn't bad, but we will have to work on your speed Todoroki-kun" Izuku commented, standing a meter away from him. Shoto shot another wave after him, but it was no use. No matter what Shoto did his attacks never hit, it was just impossible. 

"Why aren't you finishing this, we already know that I can't win" Shoto shouted as he was getting frustrated and cold. 

"I'm testing you of course, I'm trying to see how fast your opponent has to become to win against you" Izuku calmly said. He looked so indifferent, his breathing was even and his body showed that he was completely relaxed.

"I think that I know it now, let us end this" The crowd watched how Izuku slowly turned invisible, it didn't took long for the match to end as Todoroki was hit on the pressure point in his neck. 

"The Winner is Izuku Midoriya" The crowd cheered while class 1-A just sat there. They all know who would win, it was completely clear the moment Izuku dodged the first attack. Eijiro could see how some of his classmates took notes on how Izuku moved, Hagakure was the most intense with it. It must be hard for her to have someone with an invisibility quirk that is so much stronger then you. The world must feel unfair for her, but it wasn't without a price. 

Iida vs Vine Girl was boring, he just pushed her down from the battlefield. Momo vs Mina was a short match as well, Momo created something to neutralize Mina's acid. It wasn't long before the alien girl gave up.



"Our next match is between a really interesting hardening quirk combined with a cheerful, but in battle ruthless personality. His opponent my favorite girl, the Queen over gravity" Present Mic announced as the two made their way up the stage. 

"Ready?" and again just a nod from both.


"THEN START" but nothing happened, both parties didn't move at all. They just watched each other, looking out what they were planning. Then a dark blue spark escaped Uraraka's palm, Eijiro dashed to her as fast as he could.

"Too late, GRAVITATION PULL" The entire stadium felt how their bodies grow heavy, a few standing individuals landed on their asses. Thought that was nothing, Eijiro who was nearest to her crushed into the ground and even started to sink. The ground cracked until a hole in human form shaped around him, after a minute she released her quirk. 

The crowd all breathed a sigh of relieve at that, it was hard to breath for normal civilians under her pressure.

"Holy shit, I will never anger her again" Mina whispered and the whole class could only nod. This was extremely dangerous. 

"This is our almighty girl, what a power" Present Mic comment after getting over his shock. Midnight got up from the ground as she wanted to check after the poor boy. She took a step on the stage when the ground shattered, a second later Eijiro jumped out of the ground in his hardened form.

"What a move Uraraka, but it's still not enough. Izuku trained me after all, how could I lose like this then" Eijiro then materialized a giant rock above her and let it drop. Some of the civilians screamed and closed their eyes, a few pro heroes in the crowd turned green. This was beyond the power a human should have, both of them were way to strong for first year students. The whole stadium gaped as Uraraka snatched the rock from the air before she throw it at Eijiro. 

The rock shattered as it hit Eijiro, the boy just stood there as he took the stone with crossed arms. Some of the shattered pieces flow to the crowd, but were stopped as an energy barrier came to live around them. It was already a few years U.A. had to use this barrier, normally the students weren't this destructive or powerful.

"Do you really think that I would be dumb enough to create something that I can't block" He asked dashing after her. It was amazing how fast she had become, but he had trained with Izuku. Even if he wasn't as fast as the two, he know how to predict their movements and she wasn't as good as Izuku in hiding it. No she wasn't hiding it at all, why would she? There was never a reason for her up until now that is. 

He punched the stage with so much strength that the stadium shook, the stage cracked so terrible that it deformed under his hand. Uraraka lost her footing as she tripped over a rubble that came from the ground, with her speed she straight up flow out of the stage into the barrier. 

"Yea, I will anger him even less" Mina whispered as she turned green. It was a disastrous demonstration of power, even pro heroes feared his quirk. It was unnatural, something All Might would do. Both of them showed ridiculous amount of talent and fighting strength. 

"The Winner is Kirishima Eijiro" Midnight announced.


"We will have a 10 minute pause before the semi finals" Cementoss just sighed as he repaired the broken stage, it looked like a natural disaster had run over it. 



The pause wasn't long before they continued, the match between Izuku and Iida was over the moment it started. He dodged Iida's round-house kick and pushed him from behind out of the stage. 

"Young Midoriya we have to speak" All Might said as he passed him. Izuku was waiting for this, if he had to be honest, he had thought that All Might would come sooner. Up until today the poor guy must have thought that Toshi still had his quirk, but he had forbidden All Might from getting near his boy and surprisingly All Might didn't force it.

He will give the guy a chance, All Might had disappointed him two times already. Thought one time was deleted from his memories, how will he react when he finds out one day. Will he be angry, sad, depressed or even happy, who knows what that guy thought and felt. All Might was a mystery to him, the guy was a hero, but at the same time he was like a villain without the right mind set. He was just too idealistic, too naiv for this world. 

"Let us talk in the waiting room" Izuku said as he opened the door to his waiting room. At least there was a table and a few seats.

"What is it that you want to talk about?" Izuku asked, even thought it was obvious what it was. Thinking about it why didn't he speak to Eijiro directly, it would have been easier and he wouldn't have to talk to him. Could it be that All Might still didn't understand that Eijiro had One for All and that after his demonstration of power.

"Young Mido--" "Just Midoriya, young Midoriya is my son" It was fun to play around with the Number One hero like this. Toshi was older than him, even if it is just a few months.

"Midoriya then. I would like to speak with your son, but you and Power Loader forbid it." All Might stopped and tried to find the right words. Izuku sighed at the helplessness of this guy.

"For what reason do you want to talk with him?" All Might fidgeted in his seat as he tried to come up with an answer.

"This talk seems like it will take some time, why don't you transform back Yagi-san. You will need your time later for the medal ceremony" All Might looked around, before his body shrank in a cloud of smoke. Sitting there was a skeleton of a man, it truly looked pitiful, even Kaminari had more muscle mass. All Might looked anxious and nervous, like a kid that was caught with his hand in the candy jar.

"To be honest. My quirk is special it--" "I know perfectly well how your quirk works All Might" Izuku interrupted with smile that slowly turned into a smirk, All Might on the other hand looked shocked.

"And to help you, I know that you gave it Toshi." It was really entertaining to watch the Number One hero gap as he tried to process what he heard. It didn't seem like All Might would talk soon, he looked too deep in thoughts.

"That you wouldn't even ask your successors parents for their permission, you know that Toshi is under age right? That you have to talk to the guardian, what you did is highly illegal. My son broke his arm and legs with your power, I could sue you for that." All Might now even paled a bit. 

"You have so much power and yet you have no consideration towards others, did you even think about telling me or did you think that rules don't apply to you?" Izuku asked as he crossed his arms over his chest. He sure had an impressive build, his presence alone demanded respect. It was hard for All Might to look at the young boy and not feel pressured, he was almost double the height of Izuku and yet the boy looked Intimidating. 

"Youn...... Midoriya. It's not what it looks like, ---" "It's not? Then please enlighten me All Might did or did you not have my son injure his body the entire time you two trained. Did or did you not bring him to Recovery Girl and didn't notify his guardian?" Izuku's eyes looked at All Might with the promise of death, with hate and disappointment.

"You don't underst---" 

"Did you or did you not ANSWER IT" Izuku's tone was in such an authority that All Might flinched back and avoided his eyes. Yea the Symbol of Peace was good in fighting bad people, but to be confronted with his mistakes was new to him.

"Midoriya ----"

"ANSWER IT" Izuku growled out. 

"Yes I did" All Might finally answered with his head handing down.

"Did you think that the status of Number One will give you any right to break laws" Izuku asked in a more calm manner. 

"No, no that wasn't ---" but Izuku interrupted him again.

"No? All Might I will give you a hint, just because your intention was good doesn't mean that you are in the right. My son hurt himself multiple times under your watch and yet you didn't notify me, this is in a matter of fact against the law" All Might gulped as he stared at his opponent. This kid was dangerous, he hadn't faced something like this in his whole life.

"I'm waiting for your answer" Izuku said after a minute bringing All Might out of his thoughts.


"Winner Kirishima Eijiro, the next match will start in 30 minutes." Present Mic's voice was heard outside. 


"It seems you will be busy" All Might said as he stood up to leave.

"Sit down, we have 30 minutes to talk about this in friendly manner. If you can't answer my questions now, then I will sue you openly for all to see." All remaining color All Might had left his face as he slowly took his seat back. 

"To make this fast answer with Yes or No, Understood?" Izuku asked as his eyes started to glow. 

"Yes Sir" it was really funny to see All Might so small before him, just like Bakugou. 

"Let's start from the beginning, did you give my son an extreme dangerous quirk without my permission?" 

"Yes, I did" 

"Did you notify me when my son was hurt multiple times?" Izuku asked as he leaned back, it was really satisfaction to see this.

"No, I didn't" All Might shrank with each answer.

"Did you ignore my warning and let our class be under attack because of that."

"I did" All Might said as his head was hanging down in shame.

"Look at me, have the decency to look into my eyes when you knowledge that it was partly your fault my son lost an arm" All Might looked at Izuku with a broken expression. 

"I'm done with you, for now" All Might looked relieved as he breathed in deeply. 

"Here are some information you might want. Toshi has long given that quirk of yours to me, and I in return picked someone worthy for it" All Mights mix of surprise, anger and guilt was just priceless. 

"I asked his parents for permission and gave it to Kirishima after the villain attack. I trained him and he didn't break any bone until now, wouldn't you say that his power is already monstrous. You have lost the right over this quirk the moment you gave it to someone without a background check." All Might wanted to protest, to tell Izuku that Hitoshi had a heroic spirit. 


"Please take your seats, the finals will start in 5 minutes" Present Mic announced.


"It seems like I have to go. I will make one thing clear, you have crossed a line that you shouldn't have All Might. I'm not a person you can mess with, don't come near Toshi or Eijiro out of class. Maybe you will regain my trust again, but until then don't anger me or you will see what happens" Izuku said as he left.

Chapter Text

"It seems like I have to go. I will make one thing clear, you have crossed a line that you shouldn't have All Might. I'm not a person you can mess with, don't come near Toshi or Eijiro out of class. Maybe you will regain my trust again, but until then don't anger me or you will see what happens" Izuku said as he left.



"Ladies and Gentlemen welcome our two finalists." the crowd cheered as they made their way to the stage.

"On the left side we have our indestructible powerhouse, Eijiro Kirishima. He beat his opponents with sheer power and his unique technique to form rocks out of thin air." Eijiro could see how his class was cheering for him. 

"On the right side we have our speed specialist, Izuku Midoriya. He defeated his opponents with lightning speed and assassin like skills" The two of them were facing each other. Izuku was wondering why Eijiro looked so confident, he hadn't won once against him.

"Who will win this, elegant and graceful skill or monstrous strength

"Are you two ready?" Izuku nodded, Eijiro shook his head.

"I would like to request the whole field for this battle" Eijiro said loud enough for all of them to hear. Whispers started; the class was curious as to why he thought more place would be better for him. With Izuku's speed it would be a clear disadvantage, what was he planning. 

"I don't think---" Midnight started but was interrupted by Nedzu.

"I will allow it, please clear the field for the two and rise the barrier" whispers got even louder at that, why would the principal allow it. Cementoss and Midnight left the field as they stood there alone. 

"Then I will request my blades" Izuku said with confidence as he would know the answer already.

"Go ahead" Nedzu said, the rat seems to have a plan. Maybe public demonstration of power shows their capability. Who knows what this rat was thinking, he had always admired Nedzu's way of thinking.  

"Momo the blades we talked about" Izuku instructed, Momo just nodded as she created two blades. One was red with bandages around the handle, the other was green with a serrate edge. They had an elegant look to it, like they were made of diamonds. Only the class know that the possibility of diamonds wasn’t that low, Izuku was always crafty. 

The barrier disappeared for a short time to let Momo throw the blades down, Izuku caught them testing the weight and length. Eijiro on the other hand stared at them with calculating eyes, Izuku always used kunais and now this. He had no idea how that would change Izuku's fighting style, his boyfriend had always an ace up his sleeve.  

He couldn't hide his small smile, if Izuku thought that this would be enough then he will lose. He had worked hard to keep some of his skills hidden from Izuku just for this, he had planned it all out. Thought Izuku wasn't someone to fool easily, he just hoped that he had calculated correctly. 


"What are you planning Ei?" Izuku asked as he finished testing his blades. He looked truly deadly like this, small and compact. Even though his height was small, you could see the muscles on his arms and legs. 

"What do you think, my first win against you of course" Eijiro replied as he stretched, he could see how his classmates were betting on them. Toshi was going around collecting the money, he stopped and gave him thumbs up. It seemed that they thought he would win against Izuku, he really hoped so.


"Are you two ready now?" Nedzu asked over the speakers. The crowd silenced as they waited for the match to start, this would be interesting for all of them. Pro heroes were watching closely to analyze them, they would be the future heroes besides them as it seemed. 

"I will be the referee for this match" Nedzu said as both nodded again. 







Izuku was behind Eijiro as Nedzu wasn't even finished saying start, Eijiro dodged as Izuku blade made a tiny cut into his hardened back. This was why he had requested the blades from Momo, Eijiro was 100% sure now that Izuku's blades were made of pure diamonds. He wanted to laugh, of course Momo was able to produce something that could hurt him. 

His fight with her showed already that she was extremely dangerous with her quirk, but her quirk and Izuku's skill, that is truly terrifying. He had to continue with his plan, he jumped and clapped his hands together gathering energy. He knows that Izuku was right behind him, but he had put more energy into his hardening and hoped that Izuku couldn't penetrate it. 

Izuku's blade hit his right arm, but it didn't cut him. No, instead he was sent flying back to the ground. He still kept his hands to together as the energy grow in his hands. He dodged one of Izuku's bone crushing round-house-kicks as he rolled to the side. A smile formed on his face as he released the energy into the sky.

"Falling Sky" he whispered and then activated his hardening. A second later the entire sky was filled with rocks that were as big as the zero pointer. People screamed as hundreds of rocks fell down, the ground shook so hard that the spectators had to hold themselves onto something. 

Eijiro didn't stop thought, this was just the distraction for his plan. He released more energy over the field but didn't harden it. 

"I didn't expect that you would be able to hide this kind of moves from me Ei, truly impressive." Izuku said as he turned invisible. Eijiro didn't mind thought, it was exactly why he hadn't hardened his energy. He could feel how Izuku was nearing him from behind, how he moved through his energy.

He could feel how Izuku dodged one stone after another, he just stood there hardened as some rocks landed on him. He just had to wait and gather more energy for his next move. There, Izuku was on his right, sprinting to get behind him again. Eijiro moved as fast as he could and grabbed Izuku's leg and throw him at the barrier.

Izuku's body smashed two rocks on his way, before hitting the barrier. Thought Izuku didn't just left it there, he used the barrier to propel himself at Eijiro again. This thought was stopped as a fist met his stomach with so much strength that he vomited blood. Eijiro really wasn't holding back here, he really wanted to win. The crowd paled as Eijiro front was suddenly painted with blood, not long after they could see how Izuku's body turned visible again.

He had to hold his stomach as he whipped the blood from his mouth, a smirk slowly forming on his face. Some pros wanted to know how on earth he had survived a punch like this, or how he could still fight. This weren’t students anymore, this were monsters. Many of them would be already dead at some point, this was a fight between giants. 

They watched how Izuku's feet were encased into the ground and how chains of stones formed around his hands to keep him in place. 

"You really want to win, don't you Ei?" Izuku asked as his eyes turned glowing white, mist started to form.

"I really do, so give up Izuku. Your mist isn't going to help you" Eijiro said as he clapped with his energy filled hands, it created a wave of wind that blow the mist away. 

"Give up you say, don't make laugh Ei. Give it your all and see if you can beat me" Izuku said, he pulled his arms together until the chains broke apart. Eijiro was already on his way to deal the finishing blow, his fist were just inches from Izuku's face when he vanished and kicked him from behind. Eijiro flow with his momentum straight into the barrier. 

Eijiro didn't move for a second, trying to find out how Izuku came out from his trap so fast.  

"This is not what I taught you Ei, didn't I always say think and move at the same time. You are wide open like this" Izuku said as he kicked the other boy from the side. The crowd watched how Eijiro flow through half of the stadium bouncing off the ground multiple times. He coughed a few times as he stood up, blocking kick to his left.

Eijiro tried to grab Izuku by his shoulder as he came from his left side, Izuku saw it and dodged at the last second. It didn't stop Eijiro from grabbing his shirt thought and a second later they heard the shirt tear apart. Some of girls blushed as they saw how ripped he was, some of the boys whistled. They saw his gigantic tattoo going over nearly his entire upper body. 

"You could have just asked you know, no need to be to destroy my shirt to see me naked" Izuku teased a blushing Eijiro. The crowd muttered over the tattoo he had, since it was illegal for teens to have them. 

"Shut up, isn't like there is much to see" Eijiro shot back, but his dark red face was saying otherwise. Izuku just smirked as he leaned forward ready to sprint, Eijiro on the other hand was distracted from the eight-pack he was seeing. This distraction was his doom as Izuku used it to dash behind and cut his tendon from both his arms. Where he had pulled the blades from again, who knows. 

Eijiro's arms hung down as the boy hissed in pain, it was already remarkable that Izuku didn't injure any life-threatening arteries. Eijiro didn't give up thought, he tried to fight Izuku with his legs. This plan however was destroyed as Izuku cut the tendon for these too, he at least now knows how Izuku penetrated his defense. 

Izuku had thrown away his green blade and used the free hand to press the red blade with all his might. This was highly risky as he would have a weapon less if the cut still didn't work. Eijiro smiled, he had forced Izuku to this extent. Next year he will win for sure, his hardening will be better then. He was about to plant face first into the ground, when Izuku caught him.


"The Winner is Izuku Midoriya" Nedzu announced, bringing everyone out of their daze. Mic and Aizawa couldn't even comment as the fight draw their full attention, this was truly a fight between monsters.

The spectators and pro heroes were awe struck by the display of power; this would be out there in the future protecting them. Nedzu was again right to show them the fight in this manner, the two didn't hold back and gave it their all or at least one did. Nedzu was sure that Izuku always had a trump card that he wouldn't show the public.

"Well will be fucked if we anger one of them, I mean seriously who gave them this monstrous amount of power" Shoji said, as Kaminari paled even more. The class watched as Izuku picked Eijiro up and put him over his shoulder. It looked a bit ridiculous as Eijiro was a bit too broad for just Izuku’s shoulder, but it seemed that Izuku had no problem with it. 

"No, it isn't just power, me and Uraraka have power too. No what these two have is battle experience, Izuku more then we all together and Eijiro is learning fast." Momo said from the sideline. 

"Yea no, I mean it doesn't matter how much experience I have. I will always lose against this speed and power" Jiro said making most of the class nod in agreement.

"I don't think that is true. Izuku sometimes talks about how most of us waste our potential just because we want to fit the picture of a perfect hero" Hitoshi said making them all turn around to look at the one-armed guy.  Hitoshi sighed as he wasn't really comfortable with this much attention.

"I once asked him if I could become a hero with you know" He said as he gestured to his arm, most of the class looked away. They still remembered how he was brought to the ambulance, how much blood he had lost. 

"He said that even a quirkless hero could make it into the top 10 rank if he used the right equipment. We all know that Momo couldn't win against him in a direct battle, but she could snipe him from a hundred-meter distance. This weapon doesn't have to be created by her, it could just be her support item. We all could have one and be more dangerous, but it doesn't suit into the picture of a hero or we would already have one." This made them all think, it wasn't all day that someone said something like this. 


They would have to see how things would work out for them, maybe they should ask Izuku more about this. A small white-haired boy stiffened as a cold shiver run down his spine, like someone was targeting him.




Chapter Text

They would have to see how things would work out for them, maybe they should ask Izuku more about this. A small white-haired boy stiffened as a cold shiver run down his spine, like someone was targeting him.


Izuku brought Eijiro to Recovery Girl, who beat him up with her cane for being so brutal, it seems that it didn't matter that Eijiro had nearly smashed his stomach. Eijiro had to hide his laugh, but got smack over his head as well. 

She could heal them both as he wasn't seriously injured and Eijiro had All Mights quirk what gave him energy. Eijiro looked less confident as they made their way out of the infirmary.

"Sad that you lost again?" Izuku spoke up in a teasing tone to lift the depressing atmosphere. Eijiro just smiled at his weak and obvious try to help, but reminded head down. 

"It's not that I lost, it's that my plan failed so miserably, and I still don't know how" Eijiro replied. He was deep in thoughts and Izuku wasn't really sure what to do, this was kinda new to him.

He wasn't that good with feelings and certainly not with comforting, thought Eijiro helped him all the time when felt down. He awkwardly put his hand around Eijiro's waist as he pulled the other boy to his side.

"I will not say how I did it, but I can say that your plan was really good. You had planned a good distraction and the trap was really good too." Izuku hoped that this was enough, or he was lost for now. 

"I will get over it, congrats on winning Izu" Eijiro said as he pulled the smaller boy up for a short kiss. Izuku had to hide his smile as Eijiro's face got scaled red after his actions, it was really cute. 

"You sure blush much for someone who said and I quote 'nothing much to see' " Izuku said with a laugh, the poor boy was flushed over his entire body, his ears looked like they would explode. 


They walked to together on the stage again, as Izuku continued to tease Eijiro on the way. The medal ceremony wasn't much, Uraraka and Momo got third, Eijiro second and he first place. The only amusing thing was that All Might, who gave them the medals, was overly friendly with them and even a bit scared when he looked into Izuku's eyes. 

Thought who wouldn't be? This small boy was the definition of death himself. Even Nedzu respected him and that said something, he got help from all kind of sources be it assassins, villains, heroes or even the government itself, he had his connections. 


"I would like to thank all people that watched today, this sport festival isn't just fun. No, it gives us one the opportunity to show off and get scouted by the pros, to show you who will protect you in the future." Izuku began his speech, winning is just so troublesome.  

"This will be the last festival I will attend, as I will be a freelance hero without agency and therefor don't need to show off more. As I have already said in the beginning, I'm not your normal hero. I will be the downfall to many, may it be villains, theorists, heroes or even civilian. I don't fear to kill them, and I don't fear the judgement some might have for that." The crowd was silent again as they listened for his words.

"I will not put my life in danger too safe others, because I also have important people that would be sad without me. I will do my best to keep you all safe and eliminate the biggest treats of society. With that thanks for your time again" Izuku bowed, it was slow, but people started to applause. It felt good to know that not all people were against his way of doing things. 

He left with the other three as they made their way back to class, Toshi and Shoto were waiting for him. Eijiro's parents were oversee for two months, so he lived with them for the time being. It seemed that they really liked him, since they never complained when Eijiro didn't go home or stayed over for more than three days a week.  



"Congratulations you four, you made Class 1-B completely shut up. I swear, I saw smoke coming out of the blond" Hagakure said from the side. 

"Yea you showed them, how about we celebrate this" Ojiro said and most of the class voiced their agreement, thought Izuku wasn't paying attention to that.

"Where is Iida?" They all stopped as his voice cut through them, he was calmly speaking, but his voice always held a certain degree of authority. 

"Iida left early because of some family matters" Uraraka said.

"Then delay this celebration thing to a later date, let Momo know when you have time and let her organize it. I will pay, so there is no limit to where we go" He said turning to leave, he stopped at the door.

"Toshi, Todoroki, Ei why aren't you coming?" The three said their goodbyes before they followed him. The class watched as the four boys left them, it would be funny that they were following the smallest boy, if this boy wasn't their assassin classmate.



"You know, for a coldblooded killer Midoriya sure cares about these important to him." Sato said.

"Hmm, he took Todoroki with him and that boy screams coldness." Sero commended. 

"I don't fucking give a shit about that, Ponytail make sure to waste as much money from him as possible" Bakugou said as he left.

"Even if I wouldn't use these words, you should really choose something that we normally cant enter, kero" Asui said with a deadpan look.

"Yea, he wouldn't give you the choice if he had minded." Ashido agreed. 

"If you say so, I will research and contact you all tomorrow to discuss a date." Momo said as she lifted her school back over her shoulders, give it to her that she brought books to the sport festival.



The walk to their apartment was fast, as they lived near U.A. Both Toshi and Eijiro thought why Todoroki was going with them, but they kept quiet as they know that Izuku don't do things without reason.

Todoroki looked weirdly calm thought, something that was widely uncommon in Izuku's presents. People who don't know him well kept their distance because of the aura he gave out, there were expectations like Eijiro or Toshi, but Todoroki was a different kind of calm. 

He looked content and relieved; they were speculating what the reason was. He never looked like this, sure others would say that he looked no different from his usual stoic face. These two though not, they lived with Izuku the king of expressionless. They saw the tiny shifts in his expression and the ice boy looked overall happy. 

Izuku gestured them to sit as he went straight into the. Not three minutes later he came back with four cups of tea and some sweets. 

"Now I want you to listen to me and don't interrupt" Izuku stated as he sat down in the leather armchair opposite to them. His tone carried a finality that wouldn't be questioned. The armchair, his tone, his build and his aura made it clear that he was the head of the house, nobody would question that. 

"Todoroki-kun will be living with us from now on" Izuku could see how the gears started to turn in their heads. Toshi had to physically hold himself back from asking questions. 

"His reasons for living here or anything related is up to him to tell. You two will not prey or pressure him in any kind of way to get answers." Relieve washed over Shoto's face as he avoided eye contact with any of them.

"He will be following the same rules Toshi has. Other than that, I hope you will get along well" Izuku with a smile as he leaned back, taking a sip from his tea. 

"Sure, no problem, then I would say welcome to the family Todoroki" Toshi said in his ever lazy tone and Izuku suspected that Aizawa was rubbing off on him. 

"Shoto, Todoroki too much like my father and thanks" Ice boy answered in his stoic manner.

"Toshi, why don't you take Shoto and give him a tour around the apartment. He will stay in the guest room for the time being" Izuku said or more instructed, the two boys left as Toshi lead them to the gym. Izuku continued to sip his tea as he watched the way the two had left, he was deep in thought and hadn't noticed that Eijiro was in front of him.


"Hey, you want to talk about it?" Eijiro asked as he took one of Izuku's hands, Izuku was a bit startled but calmed down fast. A small smile appeared on his face, as he pulled Eijiro into his lap.

The other boy stumbled as he fell forward, Eijiro was blushing madly as he steadied himself on Izuku's shoulder. His face was just inches away from Izuku's, he pushed Izuku's shoulder a bit to get more room between them.

"Ei, are you trying to get information from me using your boyfriend status" Izuku asked in husky tone as nibbled on Eijiro’s collarbone, Eijiro of course blushed even deeper. Oh poor little Eijiro wasn't ready for this, he tried to look away, but Izuku held his chin firmly in place. 

"Of course not" Eijiro breathed out as he tried to suppress a moan. Izuku laughed a bit as stopped teasing his boyfriend, he took Eijiro off his lap as they stood up. 

"Shame, you could have gotten something" Izuku said as made his way to his office. Eijiro stopped following him as his destination became clear, it was a rule in this house that nobody entered Izuku's office.

Hitoshi once tried to enter, but his dad got really mad or as mad as an emotionless guy could get. Hitoshi was grounded for two weeks and that without his play-station, phone or other electronic device.




Izuku was going through a lot of requests, the time at U.A. had reduced his amount of missions significantly. The government had 37 requests, 13 of them elimination, the rest was just information gathering.

That left him with 243 requests from some strangers, mostly information on certain people. It was easy to finish 59 of them in the four hours he was sitting there already, most information was already stored away and didn't need extra research. 

Finishing this would get him around 5 million dollars or 53 million yen since they were in Japan. This kind of job gets you money if you are good at it and Izuku was one of the best. Elimination was even more rewarding, and he had done more than enough of them.

That was also a reason he preferred the government as client, they always paid well and never tried to trick him after the first time. 

The first time they tried to reduce his payment was the day they had witnessed true fear. He had visited them all at home with their families, he knocked them out and then explained that he wasn't someone to be messed with. They all understood perfectly well after that night that angering him wasn't healthy. He looked up when someone knocked at the door.

"Who is there?" he asked as sorted through a specifically hard assassination mission. 

"It's me" He folded it to the side as Eijiro replied.

"come in" he said as he answered an email. 

"Are you sure?" Eijiro asked in an uncertain tone from the other side of the door.

"Yea come in" A second later door opened and a sweat drenched Eijiro came in, his shirt was completely wet hugging his body like a second skin. He had a towel around his shoulder and water bottle in his left hand, it seemed that he had used his time to train.

He wasn't as build or defined as Izuku, but he was getting nearer with each day. His shoulder and waist were already broader, thought you could see that they weren't as efficient as Izuku's.

Eijiro was unbothered by his state as he looked around the office. It seemed that he was really curios, he even tried to read a few documents, but Izuku put his hand over it. 

"Is there a reason you are here or are you just teasing me" Izuku asked with a slight smirk as Eijiro's face turned lightly pink. 

"I just wanted to say that Toshi is making dinner and that it will be ready in 10 minutes" Eijiro answered, Izuku just hummed as he answered another email for a client.

"I will be there in bit" Eijiro took these as his clue to leave. He was almost out when Izuku spoke up again.

"And Ei, take a shower before we eat. I don't want others to see you like this" Izuku said with a meaningful look, Eijiro just blushed deeper as he left the office. 



Izuku finished his last request for the day before he left his office. He took his seat at the head of the table with Eijiro to his right, on the left were Hitoshi and Todoroki. They ate in peaceful atmosphere with some shit chat about the sport festival.

"As I said earlier Shoto will be following the same rules as Toshi" Izuku started as the table stilled and waited for him to continue.

"But situations lately had me change them a bit." Hitoshi still wasn't sure why Izuku was acting like this, did he really heard him say these things to Kirishima. 

"First, you will be respectful to each other, if there is a problem then come to me" Izuku said, as he glanced at Hitoshi.

"Second, you can go out whenever you want, but I want to know where and with whom" Yea that was meant for Hitoshi, didn't want to be left in the dark about him and Kaminari. 

"Third, you will ask for permission if you bring someone over" 

"Fourth, my word is law. I have the responsibility over you two, so I don't want you two to grow up as some brats. If you have problems with my decisions then you speak with me when we are home, I'm not unreasonable and will listen to you if your point is valid" 

"And lastly, no and I mean no sexual actions before I have talked about it with you and your partner" Izuku said as he looked at Hitoshi with a clear message.

"If you two have a problem with them then say it now" it didn't go unnoticed that Izuku always made sure to clarify that this rules never applied to Kirishima.

"No, good. Then I hope that you don't break these rules, if you do ............. well you will find out then" Izuku said with a tone that made it clear that they didn't want to find out.


Chapter Text

"No, good. Then I hope that you don't break these rules, if you do ............. well you will find out then" Izuku said with a tone that made it clear that they didn't want to find out.


"Do you think that my rules are too restricting?" Izuku asked as he looked up into Eijiro's eyes. It was night and they shared the bed since Shoto now lived in the guest room. Izuku had used Eijiro's chest as pillow as he cuddled him. 

"No, not exactly. They are normal rules all families have in one way or another." Eijiro said with a heavy sigh. 

"But I can hear a but" Izuku said, as he sat up in the bed. 

"But must parents don't have the power to make sure that their rules are followed. No normal boy would tell their parents immediately when they are dating someone, let alone when they have sex. I mean, I only told my parent about us because you made me. It is one of the things that you can't really understand but let me tell you that nobody wants to talk with their parents about sex" Eijiro said as pulled Izuku closer. 

"On the other hand, your relationship with Toshi isn't what others would call a normal father-son relationship. From what I know about you and him, I think that these rules are suitable for both of you. Toshi had extreme controlling and abusive parents growing up, now that they are gone he tries new things. He doesn't know where to stop since he was isolated in school up until now, you will be his line to holds him back if he goes too far" Eijiro explained.

"Thanks, Ei, you really helped me." Izuku said as he rested his head on Eijiro's shoulder, Eijiro just smiled as he traced Izuku's back with his fingers.

"Shoto shouldn't have a problem at all, he seems like the straight forward guy. He will say something if he needs it" 






"And you? Are you okay with how things are going" Izuku asked after a while of silence. His tone was light with a trace of sadness or bitterness Eijiro wasn't sure, it didn't feel right to hear Izuku like this. So uncertain and down, not like his usual self, the confident family leader father.

"I'm not sure what you are asking Izu, it's always been like this, nothing has changed" Eijiro asked looking down, but Izuku was avoiding his eyes, looking everywhere but him.

"I mean ........ if we speak objectively, then you are dating an emotional destructive and instable boy, I have a lot of enemies and I have a son or maybe two now to take care. You will always be behind Toshi, because I must take care of him before my own desires. Dating me is so much responsibility, you will be practically his second dad and that with 14 years. I'm just wondering if I'm taking your childhood, if I'm taking your future for a normal relationship." They both stayed silent after his words.

Izuku was glad Eijiro didn't interrupt him and had him let out all of his concerns. At least all concerns he had regarding him, he didn't want to think about all the other dangers lurking in the shadows. The government had a mission for him that he couldn't deny, some theorists were planning to plant a bomb somewhere. They ---.

"Izu did you hear me" Eijiro asked bringing him back from his thoughts. 

"Sorry" he mumbled out.

"Hmm aren't you a bad boy, didn't you tell Toshi to speak loud and clearly." Eijiro teased, but Izuku didn't really react. 

"I will say it one more time, so pay attention, I will not repeat it." Izuku sat still as he faced him and waited for him to start. 

"All people have problems, your emotions may be a bit unsorted, but we will handle it together. The dad thing is a bit much to handle that is true, not because that I don't like Toshi or something. If you are right and he sees me as some sort of dad, then he will come to ask me something or will do things that I have to punish him for." Eijiro took a deep breath to calm himself down a bit.

"I'm just not sure if I'm mature enough to make the right decisions at that moment, if I have enough experience and wisdom to give him a good advice." Izuku hummed besides him in understanding, probably because he felt the same. 

"One thing is for sure thought and that is that you aren't robbing me of some kind of childhood. You are the person I want to be with, the person that makes me happy, so don't doubt yourself over this. I'm really happy how I'm now and I hope that it will stay so" Eijiro said with a small smile as he used his thumb to whip the tear from Izuku's face.

"Yea why was I even telling you this, you were by my side since I entered this school and stubbornly refuse to leave. What was I thinking that some words would change that, who would want a normal relationship, when I can have you" Izuku said half joking, his last words were whispered as he pulled the taller boy down for a deep kiss. 



Eijiro let out a startled yell before he kissed him back. They deepened the kiss as Eijiro let his hand travel downwards, thought he was stopped before he could reach his destination. Izuku smirked at him as he looked up, a second later he was on his back as Izuku sat on top of him. His hands were pinned above his head when Izuku leaned down and bit his neck. He wanted to touch Izuku, to feel him, he used his quirk too---.

"Ah ah, if you wanna use your hands then do it with your own power Ei, no quirk in my bedroom" Izuku said as he traced Eijiro neck down with small light kisses. Eijiro could feel how his breath was getting uneven, he looked down as Izuku stopped. He stopped breathing when he saw Izuku's devil like smirk with his mouth right above his right nipple.   

"Say Ei, what would you have wanted from me if you won" Izuku asked as he liked the nipple getting a small moan from him.

"What could it have been?" Izuku pondered as he didn't answer, it seemed that the small boy was getting impatient as he bit his nipple. That shot another wave of electricity filled with lust and pleasure through his body, if they continued like this then he will come in his boxers. 

"You are pent up, aren't you? Or you wouldn't be so desperate with only this." Izuku smirked as Eijiro could only turn his head to the side with his mouth open.

His breathing was heavy, and moans escaped his mouth one after another. He had lost all strength in his body, so it wasn't surprising when Izuku could hold both his hands down with just one of his. 

"Would you have wanted something perverted like this? Or could it have been something else?" Izuku's mouth were just inches away from his ear, he could feel Izuku's hot breath on it. How his breath tickled in his ear as Izuku's husky voice asked him the question. He wanted to answer but stopped when Izuku got off him. 

"Well we will do no perverted things tonight" Izuku said as he laid back down with a small smirk on his face, he was sure Izuku was laughing at him right now. He must look ridiculous as Izuku giggled even a bit. 

"I'm dating a sadist, getting me so hard and then nothing. I almost came a moment ago." He complained, but Izuku didn't look bothered or guilty at all.

No, the bastard even smiled at him, this sinister smile. He could just sigh as laid back down to his demonic boyfriend, but he will not let him off this easily. He pulled Izuku into an embrace as little spoon, he locked his hand around his waist so that he couldn't escape. 

"Ei, there is something hard poking my ass" Izuku said after some time. 

"Your ass have to live with that, you shouldn't start something that you don't finish" Eijiro shot back as got the blanked over them. It was funny that he only blushed when they weren't in bed, even when they did or said dirtier things. 



Waking up Izuku left Eijiro in the bed to sleep longer. He started with his usual morning routine and that was hitting the gym at 5 AM, first were weight training before he got to running. After running and some more cardio training he started with his fighting skills, he went through each move step by step. He took his shirt of as he poured water over his sweating body. 

He let the shirt besides his water bottle as he started with his parkour training. It was mostly balance combined with good hand eye coordination. He then took it up a step as he started to bounce of the walls, he tried to become faster, lighter, smoother and mostly perfecter.

Mistakes could cost him his life, something that would leave not only him but also the people important to him sad. 

No sad wasn't even nearly enough to describe how he would feel, but how could he get a word for something that would make him to miserable, bitter, angry, lonely, sad and mostly guilty. He didn't know if people should find a word for that, because that would mean some had lived through it. 

He jumped to the other side of the gym when he heard something behind him, looking back he saw Todoroki. The boy looked with his calculating eyes at him, as if he was trying to predict if he could win a fight. Thought even mister stoic seems to have a little feeling of shame as his face got red and he looked away.

"I'm sorry Midoriya-san, I wasn't aware that you were in here, I didn't hear something from the outside." Shoto defended looking at the floor like he would get scolded in a moment. 

"No need to be sorry, I should be apologizing. I didn't know someone would get up so early when we don't have school." Izuku said as he pulled his shirt on. 

"I'm always up early to train" the boy replied with his stoic manner, it seemed like he wasn't sure what to do with Izuku. 

"I was finished anyway, have fun and shower after you finished." The last words probably weren't needed, but Hitoshi always avoided to shower before breakfast if he could. That lead to a smelly brat sitting next to him when he tried to eat, he just hoped that Shoto wasn't like this. 


He left the shower with fresh clothes and got himself a tea before he entered his office, he could only sigh at the amount of work he had to do. School was really taxing at his work life, maybe he could get an office there.

He wanted to finish a lot of small manner business as he wanted to finish as much requests as possible, he could only sigh that would take a while.

He had finished all small requests from some nobodies in two hours, that would give him some free time for the time being.

It was almost 8 AM, the other two should sleep at least for another hour before they would wake up. He should start to gather information about Todoroki's family to calculate how much money he would lend the boy, maybe some information about the Number Two too. 

After 30 minutes of intense search he had found enough, it always fascinated him how the weak looked the other way when the strong did something wrong. How they bend the rules so that it fitted those above them, he of course was no exception.

He had killed many that didn't deserve it and yet they hadn't said a thing about it. They had made excuses like that they were villains even when they were petty thugs, thought he didn't complain about it, after all this is life.


He had found the hospital Shoto's mother was in and what it would cost to pay the fees for the next three years. He had also found both of his older siblings, his sister was 22 years old and in her last year of college to become a teacher. His brother was 18 and his last year of high-school, they both would need a lot of money in the future. 

Apartments weren't cheap, but he had said that they would live above average. So maybe a small house or would that be too much, and how much monthly allowance would be enough? This was stressing him, maybe he should ask Momo and Uraraka later. One was rich the other poor so the middle of both of their suggestion would be good. 

There was also one thing bothering him, it seemed that Shoto had one more brother. The older boy thought vanished as Shoto was just a little kid, where the boy was now, he had no idea. The only thing that was sure is that Enji (Endeavor) didn't really care, maybe boy was dead, or he just run away from home. 

He will be on the lookout for more information regarding this matter. He did the same with Eijiro's dead parents, maybe he will find the villains that were responsible. He sighed as his phone ringed, he glanced over and saw that it was Momo. What in the world does she want so early in the morning, only one way to find out.


"Midoriya speaking" He answered as usual, he could hear how she breathed in for a second. Was she still afraid of him, that would be great.

"Sorry for the early call, I have found a restaurant and wanted to confirm with you if it is okay" She asked nervously, it really seemed that she still feared him. Now this put him in a much better mood. 

"Anything is good, like I said there is no limit" Izuku said.

"Okay good. Most of the class has time tomorrow, Iida is the only one not coming. He has family matters but said that we should celebrate without him." Momo continued with her list.

"Yea I have seen the news, tragic what happened to his brother. Nevertheless, we have time tomorrow Eijiro, Toshi, Todoroki and I will be there, just send us the address." He could practically hear Momo think about why he had accepted for all four of them, but it seems that she will keep quiet over it. 

"Okay then, until tomorrow Midoriya-san" Momo and ended the call before he could respond.  

Chapter Text

"Okay then, until tomorrow Midoriya-san" Momo and ended the call before he could respond. 


"Izu come out, breakfast is ready." Eijiro shouted from the kitchen, they all were probably waiting for him already. He sighed as he slowly stood up, this was tiring.

All this responsibility, all the danger that could come any second and on top of that he had to take care of his family. He needed help, someone that could either manage his family or his job. Either way he needed someone for at least one of these. 

"Izu are you coming" Kirishima's voice brought him out of his thoughts, it seemed that this kid really didn't fear him one bit. Coming in his office without knocking or looking sorry at all. He had just his stupid way to happy smile, but he could see the concern in his eyes. 

"Yea" He shortly replied as he followed the other boy to the table. The other two boys were already there, it seemed that they waited for him as they hadn't started yet.

"Sorry for being late, let’s eat" He ate his breakfast mostly in silence, the others were talking about schoolwork and some assignments they had to do. 



"I got a call from Yaoyorozu, she asked if I had time tomorrow for the celebration. I said that I would ask you first and then answer her" Todoroki stated at the end of the breakfast. 

"Yea, she already called me, I have already stated that we will be there. In the future you don't have to ask me, you just have to say where and with who you go" Todoroki just nodded as he went to his phone. It seemed that he still wanted to confirm her invitation personally, even thought he had already done it. 

"Toshi please go with Shoto shopping, he will need some new things for his room and who knows what else." Toshi just nodded, he wasn't sure if he should have talked with his son over their new family addition.

Though, Toshi was the longest here with him and should have at least an opinion on the matter. Was he even okay with Shoto being here, did he feel replaced with the other boy? Yea he should probably talk with his son about this.

"Toshi please come and find me after you are finish shopping, I would like to talk with you" Izuku had tried to be as warm as possible and it seemed that it worked as Toshi didn't look so nervous. 



The two eventually left to get Shoto some new decorations and whatever the other boy needed for himself. He was doing the dishes as the others had already made breakfast.

It was really relaxing to do such simple tasks, it differed from his usual jobs. A hand on his waist distracted him as he almost let the plate slip form his hand. 

"Izu what's wrong, you have been spacing out for a while now" Eijiro asked him concerned.

"Just thinking about stuff, work is just getting more and more lately" Izuku replied automatically still in thoughts, that was until something hit his head.

"What was that for" Izuku asked when he saw Eijiro's hand on his head. The other boy just shrugged as he crossed his arms and gave him a look that meant 'spill', but Izuku wasn't someone you could force to do anything.

He had faced official representative of many nations and organizations that wanted information from him, he wouldn't break under Kirishima's stern gaze. 

"Fine, keep quiet then. I will be in the gym if you want to talk" Eijiro said as he left the kitchen. Izuku will later talk with Eijiro, he had work to do for the time being.



He should gather more information about Endeavor before he stands against the guy, he would need information that could ruin his career. To his luck it wasn't too hard to find something, the Number Two hero had killed an innocent bystander twice, but it was wrapped up.

This was perfect, nothing would be more dangerous to a hero’s image if he killed innocence people. 

He loaded the video on his phone and some more minor information about the hero. He had texted Nedzu yesterday had him tell Endeavor that the boy was staying over by a friend. He can't have Endeavor gathering a search troop just because he thinks someone has kidnapped his perfect creation. 

He used his reminding time to finish as much work as possible until his son would come back, his talk with Toshi would be something.

He just hoped that everything would be okay with him, he was coping fairly well for someone who lost his arm. He hadn't complained once and never said anything that stated that he was unhappy with the situation. 


"Dad can I come in" Toshi voice brought him out of his thoughts. He looked at the watch to see that the two were pretty fast. It wasn't even 3 PM, did they fly through the shops or did Todoroki just didn't buy anything.  

"No, I will come out" Eijiro was one thing, but his son will sure not enter this room. This room was filled with information that would be pretty dangerous to know, he will not risk Toshi's safety with this. 

Coming out Izuku could see the rejected face of his son, probably because Eijiro could enter and he doesn't. This will take some time, Toshi was always sensitive when it came to such things. He took his son to his bedroom and sat him down on the bed as he took the chair in corner. 

"So . . . . .  . .   why did you want to talk to me" Hitoshi asked after a while of silence.

"I want to know how you are feeling right now" Izuku asked with a straight face. 

"Feeling?" Hitoshi asked a bit confused. 

"Yes, since the attack we haven't really talked much with each other. I want to know your thoughts about your arm, about Kaminari and Eijiro. I want to know what you think of Todoroki living here" Izuku said with a patient expression as he gave Hitoshi time to sort through his thoughts. 






"I'm good my arm will be replaced so it y---" Izuku shook his head as he stood up. He walked over and sat down, back against the head of the bed. He then pulled Hitoshi to him, so that his head was in Izuku's lap facing the ceiling.

"When did I gave you the feeling that you need to lie to me Toshi. You can tell me anything you want, I would never judge you. I was just worrying about my son, so give your old man something." Izuku said gently as he moved his fingers through Toshi's hair.

"I don't know how I feel, my arm is lost an--and I do--don't know if--if I will ever feel any--anything again" Hitoshi said as he started to cry, Izuku just silently pulled him to his chest and embraced the poor boy. Resting his chin on top of Toshi head as he rubbed his back.

"There let it all out, there is no shame to cry Toshi." Izuku whispered. 

"I will make sure that you will get the best cybernetic arm out there, you will be able to feel again and maybe even more. I mean you will get a cool robo arm with who knows more functions. You have to stay positive okay, you still have the other arm and the robotic one will help you in battle. You will be Iida 2.0." Izuku joked getting a small laugh from the boy. 

"Thanks dad, you always say that I shouldn't feel like a victim, but it is so hard" Hitoshi said against his chest.

"Oh Toshi, I'm so sorry that I said that, I didn't mean it like that. I meant that you shouldn't hold on the past to long, it will get into your growing and hinder you. That doesn't mean that you can't feel miserable in this situation." Izuku said as he hugged his son stronger.






"Do you want to talk about the other things I mentioned?" Izuku asked after a while getting groan from the other boy.

"Do I have to?" Hitoshi whined out under him. 

"Yes, now hop hop, your old man doesn't have the whole day" Izuku said with a laugh.

"I don't know what to tell about them" Hitoshi said hoping his father would stop with this. 

"Fine, I will ask then. Let’s start with Ei" Izuku could feel how the boy stiffened under him, oh god please let Toshi don't hate his boyfriend. That would be devastating, to him and Kirishima's relationship.

"What is Ei to you" He should take one step after another. 

"Well he is a pretty nice guy. He is cool and easy to hangout with, he is also the guy you are dating so maybe a little crazy" At that Izuku laughed, Eijiro definitely was a bit crazy to be with him.

"He also caring and a little scary, like the time he had send you out and then he just shattered the whole room" Ooh he didn't know about this, seems like Eijiro had a way to threaten Kaminari (Kirishima +1).

"And you don't feel like I care less about you or that Eijiro is taking your place in my heart?" Hitoshi wondered how Izuku could such embarrassing question without even blinking. 

"What no, he is cool. He obviously has feelings for you and cares, if you are asking for permission then go for it" Hitoshi said.

"Are you sure, because he would become your second dad one day and let’s say I have heard some nasty words the other day" Hitoshi paled as he tried to move away, but Izuku had his body in an iron grip holding him in place. 

"You will stay here until were done. Now then spill, is it really okay or are you lying so that I can date him?" Izuku asked, but his tone was more strained. 

"No no, I swear he is okay. It was my fault, I was embarrassed and just said words without thinking." 

"Hitoshi, you of all people should know how hurtful such words can be. I mean what would you say when I say that you aren't even family?" Izuku could see the regret all over Toshi's face. 

"I know, and I know that you are disappointed in me." Hitoshi whispered the words out, too afraid to hear them himself. He didn't like to disappoint Izuku, because one, he was his dad and two it was extremely hard since Izuku had so much patience with him. 

"Just a little since you regret it, just make sure to apologize to Ei later" Izuku said and the boy nodded.


"Then let us move to Shoto-kun" another groan could be heard, this would take the whole chapter day it seemed.

"I have no problem with him being here and before you ask no I don't feel like he is replacing me. I'm sure that he has his reasons to live with us and I will respect that. The other things are hard to answer since I don't even know him that much, he really doesn’t talk that much."  Izuku just hummed in agreement, there wasn't much he could tell about Shoto himself, so he will let it be for now.

"And this brat Kaminari?" Hitoshi had to hide his smile as Izuku spoke about the boy with an annoyed tone.

"Are you even gay?" Izuku asked when he didn't answer.

"Of course, why wouldn't I be. I mean you have seen me an--and him" Yea that was the wrong thing to say to his dad.

"How should I know, you didn't tell me. The only think I saw was how he molested you, that guy is pretty bold to do that right in front of my eyes." Izuku huffed out.

"Well now you know, and he wasn't molesting me." Hitoshi defended.

"Well I don't care, if I see you two again like this then I will show you a new side of me. I didn't put hand on you since it wasn't needed until now, but if you two cross the line then I will spank both of you.  Got it?" Hitoshi was glowing red, Izuku wasn't sure if it was because of anger or embarrassment. 

"Just because you don't have sex with Kirishima doesn't mean that you have to ruin my sex life" Oh Hitoshi wanted to slap himself and that hard. He could feel how Izuku's grip tightened around him, it seemed that his father was trying hard to control himself. 

"First of all, say something like this again and I will make sure that you are grounded for the rest of the year. No phone, no TV and no Playstation, I will make sure of that. Are we in the clear on this?" Izuku asked in a dangerous tone and Hitoshi was sure that he meant every word of it.

"Yes dad" He quickly spoke up.

"Second, the only reason that I haven't slept with the guy is because of you. I don't want to get intimate with him and then break up when you don't approve of him." The realization hit him hard, Izuku was waiting for him.

Izuku put him before his own desires, he would be lonely for the rest of his live if he don't like the guys, he brought home. 

A small tear run down over cheek, this person loved him so much that he was willing to give up his own happiness. Izuku was truly his dad now, only a parent would go so far. Thought it was extremely stupid, that his dad was younger than him. 

"Thanks dad, I love you" It was said so softly that you could have missed it, but Izuku wouldn't do him the favor. 

"I too son, I love you too" Izuku said as he gave Hitoshi a light kiss at his head. Hitoshi wanted to tell him that these things were only done to children, but Izuku had him only for a year and half now, so he let it be. 


Chapter Text

"I too son, I love you too" Izuku said as he gave Hitoshi a light kiss at his head. Hitoshi wanted to tell him that these things were only done to children, but Izuku had him only for a year and half now so he let it be. 


The rest of the day was over shortly after, nothing much had happened that should be mentioned. Eijiro still seemed unhappy that Izuku was not telling him what he was thinking about, but he kept quiet and didn't prey for it. 



They were on their way to a fucking Five Star restaurant and Eijiro wasn't sure if he had the right to be here. Todoroki didn't look bothered at all, maybe he was in one of them already or he could just hide his nervousness well. 

Strangely Hitoshi didn't seem nervous at all, the boy was relaxed as he scrolled through his phone. It seemed Izuku had taken the boy to something like this before, it wouldn't surprise him.

He was so nervous that he couldn't sit still, had he even the right clothing to go into something like this. They had all their normal clothes nothing special, almost all, Izuku was wearing a god damm suit.

He looked like these model businessmen, the suit let him appear more sexy mature. It was breathing taking when he looked at the building as they arrived in their car, they at least had a chauffeur.

Some of their classmates were already waiting and it seemed that some of class 1-B were also there. They, at least, had all normal clothes, why Izuku didn't were his jeans was a puzzle for him. 

Thought he will not complain, his boyfriend looked good with his pure white skin and hair. Putting these in a scarlet red suit and you have scarily handsome looking guy. The problem was that many of their and class 1-B girls were looking at his boyfriend. Even some guys had the guts to look at Izuku with their hungry eyes, he will kill them if they come to near. 


Eraserhead and Vlad King were also there, but both looked like they wanted to die any moment. Eijiro wasn't even sure why they were here or why class 1-B come around. Was Momo trying to make Izuku bankrupt, if she did then she sure knows how. It seemed that both teachers thought the same, as they nervously glanced around.

"Problem child, what is the meaning of this" Aizawa questioned gesturing at the restaurant and both classes. 

"We are celebrating the victory of the sport festival, why you and the other class is here, I really have no idea." Izuku said with a shrug, like he didn't really care.

"I meant the restaurant, can you even image how much it cost to eat here alone" Aizawa hissed at him.

"Aizawa do you really think that I work as the best informant in Japan without salary. I have more than enough money to invite you all today" Izuku said as he looked around for Momo. He spotted her and waved her over, he looked around until he found his boyfriend. Eijiro was with Ashido and Uraraka, Toshi was with Kaminari and Sero. 

"What is it" Momo said as she got close.

"I'm just wondering why class 1-B is here" Izuku asked.

"Just bonding with them, we will work together in the future so it's important to know each other. I'm right Sensei?" She asked with a sly smile. This girl was testing him, was looking how far she could go with him. 

"It's no problem, I was just wondering that's all" Izuku said before Aizawa could answer.

"Good, then I assume that you don't mind that I booked the whole restaurant for today" Izuku could hear Aizawa and Vlad King choke on air. This girl was pushing him, and she was doing a pretty good job at that. He had more than enough money to buy this whole thing, but he didn't like it to waste money. 

"That is no problem, but make sure that you don't waste so much in the future. I hate it when I waste money and even more people who waste it" It seemed that Momo understood him good. She nodded and bowed before she made her way back to her group of friends. 


"Why exactly are you here Aizawa?" He asked after a while of silence, it seemed that some people didn't know what punctuality meant.

"You are all underage, someone has to look after you kids." Wrong answer and Aizawa know it the moment he had said the words 'kids'. Izuku had looked after himself longer then Aizawa was a hero, he didn't like it when people called him kid.

"Aizawa, I would like to think that we are friends, but say that again and I will show you how his kid will get angry" Izuku know how intimidating he could be, so it wasn't surprising when Aizawa flinched a little at his words.


"It seems all people arrived" Uraraka called over the crowd of students. 

Izuku nodded at her and went to the entrance, the staff recognized him and let him in without a word. They know that he wasn't the one to talk much, he was known to give an enormous tip. That led to waiters fighting over who get to serve him, once they had to fire one as he wouldn't go. 

"Welcome Midoriya-san, are you alone or these young ladies and gentleman with you" The head waiter asked. 

"We are together" Izuku confirmed as the waiter lead them to their tables. His classmates looked around with excitement, this was even better than the other time with Uraraka. Class 1-B looked shocked as they all went in, they thought that class 1-A was just bluffing.



They had all taken their seats and were looking through the menu. Most of them paled as they saw how much it costs to just order a small drink, Izuku could have sworn that Bakugou was about to explode.

"Is it really okay that our class is here Midoriya-san" Looking up he saw Itsuka Kendo, the class president of class 1-B, what a hard job with a bunch of assholes. The girl made a decent impression on him. She was neither shy nor too confident, she was a person everyone liked. Thought looking now, she had a nervous aura. 

"It's no problem, my class wanted to celebrate, and our vise president was right to invite you. We will all work with each other in the future, knowing each other’s names should be the minimum." She just nodded as she went back to her menu. Eijiro next to him gave him a small smile like he had done something good, thought he wasn't sure what it was. 

Momo was already done choosing what she wanted since she was already here a few times. She helped Kendo to pick a few things, the other girl looked thankful as she didn't seem to know what. 

Their meals arrived soon, and the atmosphere got more loose and relaxed. He was sitting with Eijiro, Momo, Kendo and his two teachers at the head to the table, the rest was further down or on another table. 

"I must say that I was impressed with your performance during the festival, this moves and speed. I heard from my classmates that you two have trained a lot, would you mind if some of us tag along during your training sessions." Kendo asked as she finished her first plate. 

"We can arrange something, but I think that it will not help you that much. Our training is designed for our fighting style, Uraraka and you could learn something from it since you two are also melee fighters and have enough power to go against us." Izuku said as he signaled a waiter to come.

"But shouldn't we all learn to fight melee, just in case?" Kendo asked him as the waiter came around.

"What can I do for you?" He asked from Izuku's side.

"I would like something to drink" 

"The usual?" The waiter asked and Izuku just nodded as he turned back to face Kendo.

"Theoretically you are right, but I think they should first master their ranged attacks. It is better master one thing than to be medium in two things." Aizawa hummed in agreement sides him, the guy sure liked to listen into other conversations.

He and Vlad King hadn't talked that much and preferred to enjoy the food. It wasn't all day that I student payed for this kind of luxury food for them. He will rub that under Mic and Midnight's nose when he gets back.

Midoriya was still a puzzle for him, something that he tried to solve for the last five years. It seemed that the kid boy had taken care of himself since he was little, and now he was even taking care of another person. It must kill him to have so much responsibility, so much to think about all the time. 

"He is right Kendo, you should all find your own fighting style first and then perfect it. You can work on your weak points after you got that down." Vlad King butted in from the side.


The waiter arrived with a cocktail and placed it down, Izuku took a sip and hummed with joy. This was truly one of his favored drinks here. Looking up he saw how the table stilled around him, all looking at his drink. That doesn't go unnoticed be the others until all were staring at him.

"What?" he asked after a while of silence.

"Problem child, is that an alcoholic cocktail" Aizawa asked with sigh from the side. Aah now he got why they were like this, he had completely forgotten about that since he always ordered this drink here.

"Ah, yea sorry about that. It's a habit, I will not order another one" Izuku said as he continued sipping on his drink.

"Woa, does this mean we can also order one?" Tetsutetsu from class B asked with a bright smile. 

"Of course, not you are all underage" Izuku stated making the waiter stop in their tracks. 'So are you' was the thought by the others.

"So are you" They all wanted to facepalm on Tetsutetsu's obviousness.   

"Just see it as dad who is going through a midlife crisis." They all heard how Aizawa's head slammed into the table in defeat. Some of class B whispered over the dad thing, class A just pointed at Hitoshi. 

"Midoriya you are just 14 for fucks sake, you are 20 years too early to be in a midlife crisis" Aizawa groaned out with his face still on the table. 

"Just let me be this once okay, you have no idea how tiring it is to manage my job, school, family and a relationship. I think my son is starting a relationship soon and I don't want to have 'the talk' with him, I mean he is even older than I'm" Izuku whispered back to Aizawa so that nobody could hear him. 

"Fine just this once, but you we will talk about this again" Aizawa hissed back. Izuku just sipped his brink as he hummed in agreement.


They finished eating in relative peace and both classes thanked Izuku for the invitation. Aizawa had nearly fainted when he saw the receipt, Kendo on the other hand did faint. To their luck a very pale Vlad King caught her, he glanced one last time over Izuku before he waved his goodbye. Most of the class were already gone and the remaining were starting to leave.

That left him with Eijiro, Hitoshi, Shoto, Aizawa and Kaminari, it seemed Hitoshi wanted to take him home with them. He could practically predict that this would be a disaster for all of them, Toshi probably wanted Kaminari to sleepover.

They all got into the car and made their way home, Izuku just hoped that Aizawa wouldn't take too much of his time. He still had his meeting planned with Eijiro and his assassin friends. They reached home in 40 minutes and the chauffeur took the care of the car. 

"Let's go in" Izuku suggested but Aizawa stopped him.

"If it's okay, I would like to go into a cafe" Izuku stopped looking back, he was sure Aizawa had his reasons why he wanted to go into a cafe. What could it be, was he trying to lure him away from his son? No that was completely bullshit, it was more likely that there was a second person. 

"Sure, give me a second." Izuku answered as he pulled his walled out. 

"Toshi, I and Ei will be gone until midnight. Order something to eat and be friendly with each other." His son nodded with a smile as he took the money.


They walked to a cafe in downtown near where Izuku would meet his friends later. The cafe was well known for the privacy it provided, Izuku and Eijiro sat down together as Aizawa took his chair opposite to them. 

"So Aizawa, when is the other person coming?"  


Chapter Text

"So Aizawa when is the other person coming?"  


"I'm right here Izuku" Detective Naomasa Tsukauchi said, he wore his usual trench coat over his suit. 

"How often did I tell you to dress better or you will stay single for ever." Izuku said, getting a glare from the other.

"Shut up brat, don't think you can tease me until you find yourself someone" The detective shot back.

"Oh but I have" Izuku said as pulled Eijiro down for a kiss, the other startled yelled but let it happen. Thought his face looked like it would explode any second.

"Congratulations then, still doesn't give you the right to tease me" He said as he hung his coat and sat down besides Aizawa.

"It seems you already know detective Tsukauchi" Aizawa stated dryly.

"Yea, he was the one responsible for my case and checked on me from time to time. Thought that stopped a year ago since I moved away" Izuku said.

"Why don't we start from the beginning" Naomasa said as he shook Eijiro's hand.

"Hi, I'm Naomasa Tsukauchi." He introduced himself to Kirishima.

"Eijiro Kirishima, nice to meet" 


They all ordered a drink and a piece of cake, it looked funny to see the four. Two were in suit while the other one was in normal clothes and last looked like a homeless man. The waitress looked a bit alarmed but didn't say anything as she placed the drinks and plates with cake on the table. 

"So why did you bring us here Sensei" Kirishima started after no one attempted to start the conversation. 

"I wanted to know more about Midoriya since he seemed to be in a lot of stress, I called Tsukauchi so that he couldn't lie" Aizawa answered. 

"I'm fine Eraserhead and I don't need someone to put their nose in my matters" Izuku said in an annoyed angry tone.

"Izuku you know that you can't lie to me, and I don't even need my quirk to see that you are stressed" Naomasa said. 




"Fine, I'm stressed happy." Izuku said with a glare.

"No, we are not happy, you should tell us, or we can't help." Aizawa said with a huff.

"It's normal for a single parent to be stressed Aizawa, are you going to help them all" Izuku asked.

"It's not normal to be a parent with 13 years. You are way too young to have so much responsibility placed open you, you should share this stress with someone" Naomasa butted in.

"I took Toshi under my care and he is my responsibility and that will stay so. I'm stressed that is true, but I will find a way to handle it. I did it when I was five and I can do it now, I always took care of myself." Izuku stopped with his rant when Eijiro squeezed his thigh. 

"That you did it doesn't mean that you must continue like this, you have to find someone that you trust to share this burden with. Now tell us what stresses you this much that even your classmates notice it" Aizawa asked.

"Just the usual things. The department of defense have this assassination mission for me that I can’t refuse. Then there is my son, who lost his arm, but didn't speak with me about it. I mean when did he think that he couldn't tell me all of his worries, he hides All Might’s quirk from me and that for 9 months."

"School is exhausting and is taking too much time from my work, I mean do you know how much paperwork I have to do each day. I will ask Nedzu if I can get an office in the school or some time off to work. Then there is this brat Kaminari, who might or might not use the situation of Toshi's lost arm to bond with him. Who knows if the guy is only after the money Toshi has?" 

The three could only watch as Izuku didn't stop with his rant, the poor boy had so much work on his plate. He managed all this alone and that for years, no wonder that he never asked for help.

"Have any of you any idea how tiring it is to be a family father, don't get wrong I love the boy, but he worries me to no end. With my enemies I always fear for his safety the moment he isn't by my side. And lately I have these fucking nightmares because my emotions are coming back, I see all this disgusting people I killed. How they come after me every night. I'm just emotionally exhausted." Izuku said finishing his monologue.

Yea that was a lot to take in, how were they supposed to help him. This kid had lived through more hardship then the three of them combined, he managed these things when they were babied from their parents in his age. 

"How about I help you out, I can sort through your things. I could even sleepover in your office with my sleeping-back." Aizawa offered. 

"Nobody can go into my office Aizawa, I don't trust you enough for that. Even my son wasn't once in my office, that room is what I worked for my entire life" Izuku said. Aizawa looked a bit dejected that Izuku didn't trust him but felt better when he heard Hitoshi couldn't enter as well.

"What about me, I was in your office" now all eyes turned to Izuku who looked deep in thoughts. 

"I'm not sure, it just felt right to share my place with you. I didn't really think about it at the time and then kind of forget about it until now" Izuku answered not noticing the bright smile Eijiro had on his face.

The boy was almost exploding from happiness right now, the other two could see it and they were happy for him. They were happy for Izuku to have find someone that he trusts. 


"Then it's decided, your lover boy will help you. He will be a great help to get all this pent-up energy out of you" Naomasa said. The two adults watched how the red-haired boy's face got almost the same color as his hair, then it clicked.

"Did you two, you know" Naomasa asked awkwardly as he made gestures with his hand. A second later he had a handprint on his cheek as Izuku had slapped him.

"Old pervert, questioning underage boys sex life. Come Ei lets go, my friends should already be waiting for us" Izuku said as took Eijiro's hand leaving the money on the table. Aizawa burst out laughing when the boys were out of sight.

"ha ha ha Old pervert, ha ha you should have known that this would come" Aizawa couldn't hold as Naomasa tried to massage the hand print from his face. 

"Yea I know, but at least he has the another one he can lean on. It really depresses me that we can't help him, he always relies on himself." Naomasa said.

"Kirishima will take care of him, now more than before since he has more information now. I don't know how, but Kirishima has his way to make Midoriya do things." Aizawa said. They both could only wonder how the red head did it, thought it seemed that they will never get the answer.




Kirishima couldn't stop his smile as Izuku dragged him through the streets. Izuku had admitted that he felt like it was right to share with him, his whole life work. He stumbled into Izuku's back when the other boy stopped before him, looking up he saw that they had reached a bar in a backstreet. If he had to be honest then this looked like one of these shady bars that you shouldn't enter.

He didn't really have a choose thought as Izuku dragged him in. The bar didn't look that shady on inside thought, no on the contrary, it was a small wooden bar. It had this home like atmosphere, the guests also looked friendly. Speaking of guests, the guys on the table at the left corner stopped and waved them over.

"Midoriya-kun, you look good in this suit" A man in his thirties said ruffling Izuku hair. Eijiro was completely lost, that guy just ruffled Izuku's hair and he didn't even complain about it. Looking around he saw three more guys also in their thirties.

"Ken let the boys sit first" The man to left said getting an extra chair for him. He thanked the man quietly as he sat down besides Izuku. 

"Hello everyone, I hope we are not too late" Yea that wasn't his Izuku, he was never that friendly and polite with others.

"Nah all fine, who is your friend" A men with blue hair and glasses asked.

"Ah right, I should introduce you to each other." Izuku said.

"The guy with blue hair is Danny, the one with brown hair is Kenny or Ken. On his left is Nishiki and to your right is Yamato-san" Izuku said they all greeted him with a nod or a short word.

"Guys this is my boyfriend Eijiro Kirishima" Izuku said. The table stilled until Ken? Eijiro wasn't sure broke out laughing. 

"He did find a boyfriend before you" he said pointing at Danny. 

"Shut up Ken or I will kill you" Only now did Eijiro see the gun at Danny's waist, he totally forgot that this were all assassins. 

"Congratulations Midoriya-kun we are proud of you" Yamato said with a fatherly tone interrupting the other two.

"Yea shortly, you got yourself a hot one" Ken said before Izuku punched him into his rips.

"Brat that hurts" Ken complained with groan.

"Then you should choose your words more careful Kenny" Izuku replied deadpan.

"We have seen you two fight at the sports festival, didn't know that you fight that good head on. I always thought that assassination is your expertise" Nishiki was it? asked.

"I'm, but I learned a bit melee combat to defend myself in a fight" A bit my ass they wanted to say but let it slide.

"You were great as well Kirishima-kun, an interesting quirk you got there." Yamato commented and Eijiro felt like the guy know about One for All. 

"Thanks" Eijiro answered softly as he watched how Izuku and Kenny were arguing. 

"You don't have to be shy with us. We know Izuku since he was nine, so he is like family." That answered why Izuku wasn't so annoyed with the guy. This was his chance thought, they must know a thing or two about Izuku.


"Then you can probably tell me more about him" Eijiro asked the older man. 

"Sure, what do you wanna know?" 

"How was he so with nine?" Eijiro asked with excitement. To his amazement the other man also got excited as he pulled his phone out.

"Oh, he was so cute, you should have seen him. He was so tiny with his snow-white skin and hair. The first time he got here we thought that the poor boy was lost, that was until someone tried to grab him. Izuku had the guy pinned under him in a second, we then took him in and taught him a thing or two." Yamato said scrolling through his phone.

"So Izuku learned from you guys" Eijiro asked.

"No, not really. Sure, we gave him a tip sometimes, he was already pretty good back then. Now he is the best informant and assassin in Japan. He just came here since there wasn't someone he could talk to and we kind of became friends" Kirishima just hummed as he heard the other out.

"Here look" Yamato said giving him his phone. He had to hold his nose so that it didn't bleed, because here he was watching how they had put Izuku in reindeer costume. He looked so cute like this, with his cheek’s red from embarrassment. 

"omg, you have to send me this picture" Eijiro said to Yamato who gave him a sly grin.

"Sure, if you answer some of our questions" hearing our made Eijiro look around. Izuku was still talking with Ken and Nishiki, but it seemed that Danny had listened into their conversation.

"What do you want to know?" he asked carefully.

"Just how he is like with you alone" Danny said.

"Oh this things. Well he is very caring if we are not training, training is always ruthless. He likes to lead and take control over the situation, it's hard to follow all his thoughts but I think I got a grip on it." 

"That's all, come on you are both teens going into puberty. Don't you have some bedroom stories for us to tease him with" Danny asked with a straight face, letting Eijiro's face explode.

"What no, he is small sadist. He always teases me and then just stops, why are am I even telling you this" Eijiro said beat red now.

"Hah, who would have thought that our emotionless number one was too nervous to sleep with his boyfriend" Danny said with a laugh before Yamato slapped him upside down.

"Idiot, don't talk nonsense. Izuku was never nervous for anything. I'm sure it's because of Hitoshi-kun" Yamato said, now this got Eijiro's attention.

"Now that you say it, it makes more sense than the nervous theory" Danny spoke with a thoughtful tone.

"What is with Toshi?" Eijiro asked as they didn't continue.

"Hmm, how should I answer this. Let's just say that Izuku would give everything for the boy, he would probably deny it, but he sees a lot of himself in Hitoshi. A boy beaten down by fate, he is the person to Hitoshi that he always hoped who come to save him one day. He is probably waiting for Hitoshi to knowledge you, because if he doesn't then you can say goodbye to Izuku" It was scary how much sense that made. 

Izuku had said it himself that he would put Toshi always before him, he wouldn't have thought that he even put's the boy before himself. But again, that was so much like Izuku, he was caring to these close to him. 

"Yamato is right, if you want to go to the next stage then you should speak with your step-son" Danny teased.

"Thanks" Eijiro replied as his face got a bit more red.

"You don't have to be embarrassed, you should have seen Kenny two years ago. He gave Izuku 'The Talk' and came out more embarrassed then Izuku." Yamato said with a small laugh. 



The evening was a new experience for Kirishima, he never thought that he would see Izuku be so open with others. They laughed together and they told him some stories were Izuku was new around here, how he one time tripped over his own raincoat. Izuku seemed to have a lot of fun with his friends, they were all grown up and yet they didn't look down on them.

"I'm sorry, but I think we must go. I don't want to let Toshi alone to long" Izuku said. Eijiro thought that Kaminari and Shoto were there, but Izuku was probably talking about something else. 

"Yea sure, say hello to your brat and bring him here again." Danny said.

"Will do, Eijiro could you wait outside for a while. I will just discuss something quick" Eijiro wasn't sure what to do, this decision was taken when Yamato stood up and went with him out.



"So, what is it that you want to talk about Izuku?" Kenny asked his arm still on Izuku's shoulder, thought he took it back and listened when Izuku straightened his back.

"I just want to change a small part of my testament. If I should die, then all my money and power go to Eijiro. He will take care of Toshi for me, I just want to ask you to help him. He will have billions of dollars, but he will need someone he can trust. I hope that you can be the people he can rely on, just like I can rely on you" Nobody made fun over Izuku's words or didn't take them seriously.

"We will be here and take care of everything, you have nothing to worry about. That doesn't give you the right thought to recklessly go into combat, make sure that you survive brat" Nishiki said as he knelled down to make eye contact. 

"We will not forgive you if you don't come back" 



"You don't have to take Izuku's words to heart. He is probably asking something personal, so no need to feel left out" Yamato said as he lit up his cigarette, Eijiro hummed besides him in understanding.

"You are always welcome here, Izuku saved our lives at least once so we owe him. He is like family to some of us, in our job it's dangerous to have someone we care about. That person will be our weak point, so Izuku was like the child most of us couldn't have. He was small and cute and most importantly he didn't die, you shouldn't really worry about Izuku dying." Yamato huffed out with a smile.

"He is the only one that thinks that it could happen, but he is way too careful for that. He is Number One with a big margin to Number Two, there isn't someone out there that can't be killed by him."

"That's a relieve" Eijiro said.

"Just take it slow with him, he is way more emotional than most can see” Yamato said before he stared right into his eyes.

“Should you ever hurt him, well let's say Izuku isn't the only assassin after your ass then"  


Chapter Text

“Should you ever hurt him, well let's say Izuku isn't the only assassin after your ass then"  


Kirishima was still mulling over Yamato's words, hurting Izuku. That made it clear that he was family as long as he didn't hurt Izuku, for assassins they sure care about each other. 

Everyone was talking to their desk buddies until Aizawa walks in. The class goes silent, and everyone sits down, looking forward. 

"Morning." Aizawa quickly finds himself in front of the class. 

"Good morning Sensei" Hagakure states while everyone gives the chorus of good morning. 

"We've got hero informatics class and a special one at that." Aizawa continues. 

Kirishima sinks in his chair hearing this, he really had better things to do. How was he going to help Izuku, how would he lessen his burden. 

'A special one? Don't tell me it's a pop quiz! Give us a break…" the class starts to sweat, well minus Momo, Izuku and Iida.

"You'll be coming up with your hero, aliases," Aizawa states in the blandest tone. 


"YEAHHHHH!!!" The class yells out while cheering before being silenced with a glare from red eyes. 

"But first… concerning the pro, draft picks I mentioned the other day… It's based on who the pros think will be ready to join the hero workforce after another two or three years of experience, so you could say that it's a way for them to show interest in your futures." Aizawa said letting his quirk turn off as his hair lowers itself.

"But there's ample time for their interests to wane before you graduate. And any and all offers can be arbitrarily revoked. It happens quite often." 

"So if we're picked now, that just means there'll be higher hurdles in the years to come." Hagarkure states from her desk. 

"Yes. Now, here're the complete draft pick numbers." Aizawa motions towards the board as Names and numbers come up. 

Yaoyorozu 4532

Uraraka 4271

Todoroki 3803

Bakugou 1204

Iida 606

Tokoyami 360

Kaminari 272

Midoriya 145

Kirishima 136

"GAH! They're in a whole other league!" Kaminari leans back in his chair after seeing the top 3. 

"Those pros have no eyes for talent." Aoyama looks pissed for the first time since meeting the blond. 

"But why are Midoriya and Kirishima at the bottom" Ojiro asks Aizawa.

"Well how should I put it, they displayed to much power" Aizawa started, but was interrupted.

"You can have to much power?" Tokoyami asked, getting a glare from Aizawa.

"Yes you can, Yaoyorozu and Uraraka also showed what they are capable off, but they didn't go overboard. They both look approachable and easy to handle, Midoriya and Kirishima don't. They have so much power that most heroes fear that they can't control them if a fight broke out, they fear that they can't win against them" That left the class speechless, heroes feared that they can't win against the couple.

"That's a pity, but have you seen how much offers I got" Ochako asked, shaking Iida to listen to her. 

"yes, yes," Iida states while being shaken. 

The class congratulated both Momo and Uraraka for their success. Some even spoke to Todoroki, who in return tried not to close of completely.

"with that settled… whether you were picked or not... you will all have a chance to work alongside the pros. Seeing the pros in action and taking part yourself will still be valuable training." Aizawa brings the class back together. 

"That's where our hero names come in!" 

"This is really getting fun!" Ochako smiles, raising her fist some. 

"They're only tentative, but you still want to pick something appropriate…" Aizawa was cut off by the door being thrown open. 

"Or else you'll know true hell!" Midnight walks in, swaying her hips way too much for the amount of testosterone in the room.

"The name you pick now maybe what the world ends up calling you." Midnight walks towards Aizawa, who looked too tired to live. 

"Yes. True enough. Midnight here will be assessing the sensibility of the names you pick… I'm no good at that." Aizawa leans down, grabbing his sleeping bag.

"What future do you see yourself? The name you choose will bring you ever closer to cementing a certain image… because names are capable of reflecting one's true character." Aizawa gets into the sleeping back towards the corner of the room. 


15 minutes later

"let's finish up." Midnight looks across the class seeing most had their boards and markers down.

"we can start with whoever's ready!" She asked.

Aoyama goes up first. He flips his board and surprises everyone. 

"Shining Hero: Can't Stop Twinkling" Aoyama smiles brightly while stars seem to glow off him. 

"Fitting! I approve!" Midnight smiles. The class claps and cheers for him. 


"The Tentacle Hero: Tentacole" Shoji said..

"An excellent portmanteau! Well done Shoji!" 


"I've had this thought out since elementary school. Call me, Froppy." 

The board flips, showing off her full hero name. 

"Rainy Season Hero: Froppy" 

"So cute!! It makes you sound like you'd be easy to get to know!!" Midnight grins.


"Uravity" Uraraka simple stated, the was made for her.

"One word and yet perfect" Midnight said with a smile.


"Taping hero: Cellophane" Was Sero's quick fitting for the tape god. 


"Invisible girl!" 


"Tailman," for the martial arts hero. 






"Invisible girl!" 


"King Explosion Murder," Katsuki states with a straight face. 

"No good, try again." Midnight facepalms alongside most of the class. 


They all stilled as Izuku made his way to the front, they all waited for this moment to see what he would choose.

"I'm going with the usual, so my name will be; The assassin Hero, Phantom" Fitting, there wasn't a better word to describe him. Thought Midnight wasn't sure what to say about it, so she just stayed still.


"Ground Zero" Bakugou states satisfied with his arms crossed as a symbol of finality.


"Shoto" Ice boy stated emotionless. 

"Oh come on Shoto not under my watch" Eijiro said as he took the boy back, Midnight just ignored it. 

"Here we come again" Eijiro said as he took the boy back to the front.

"The King of the North; Blizzard" (just like GoT) Shoto didn't look so sure, but didn't protest. 

"Not bad, it's a bit dramatic it works" 


"The controlling Hero; Overtaker" Hitoshi said a bit insecure, but Izuku smiled at him with thumbs up.

"A good description of yourself" 


Iida didn't say anything as he just showed them his last Iida. They all weren't sure how the boy was doing since his brother was attacked, Izuku was sure that the boy was planning something. He wouldn't put it behind him to think that Iida would go for revenge, maybe he will help the boy a bit if he can. This continued until almost everyone were finished.


"The indestructible Hero, Unbreakable Red" That got him a few confused looks form his classmates, but Midnight and Izuku just smiled.

"Why Red?" Ashido asked. 

"Well originally I wanted to go with Red Riot, but I realized that I want to be my own person. Red also has a new meaning for me now." Kirishima said with his one million volt smile.

"Wait, wait, what does red mean to you" Momo asked.

"Huh, ah well if villains pisses me off to much then they can paint me like Izu did" The class looked at him with horror, they haven't forgotten how he had punched Izuku so hard that he had vomited blood at the other boy. The class swore once again to never anger this couple, and to make sure that Izuku doesn't corrupt another one of them.

"You will go with; The indestructible Hero, Unbreakable" Midnight said as the rest of the class nodded along with her. 

"Great we are finished, Aizawa take back over your class" Midnight said as she left, thought Aizawa didn't move at all. He lay peacefully at the ground, his yellow sleeping-back over his head. Uraraka was about to wake him up when Izuku stopped her.

"Let him sleep, he probably had an exhausting night patrol" He said.

"Now take your sheets and leave the classroom silently, lunch is about to start anyway. If you have questions with choosing then come to me today, no excuses when Aizawa wants them tomorrow." Izuku said as he took his sheets and put them into his back and made his way to the cafeteria, behind him were Toshi and Eijiro, it seemed that Shoto still wasn't comfortable with them.


Lunch was .... how should he put it .... ah yea EXHAUSTING, how come that half of the class sat down on his table AGAIN. How in the world did they even fit, the table was for fucking four people, he had made sure of that. To his amazement rescue came as the girl form support department stopped them, she moved through the whole cafeteria letting people stumble in each other.

"Test subject I need you" She said happily standing before a very confused Hitoshi, that is until he understood the meaning of her words.

"What is it that you want Hatsume-san?" Izuku asked with his scary polite tone, but the girl just brushed it off as she took Hitoshi reminding arm and started to drag him away.

"Just some testing and other stuff" She was already halfway through the room when Izuku stood up to follow them, Eijiro wasn't one to left behind also followed.




The support department was a complete mess, materials lay around no matter where they looked. Power Loader looked so done with his life, thought that expression changed to serious as Izuku came through the door. Mei was already all over Hitoshi, the poor boy was seated and couldn't really move as she took his measure. 

"You don't have to worry, my babies are the best" Mei said as Hitoshi protested, Power Loader already moved over to stop her.

"Don't worry One-Arm-Guy, the possibility that this arm explodes is pretty low. Well as low as it can be" Power Loader could feel the dark aura coming from Midoriya.  


"Not now, I testing my new project" Yea that was the last straw that triggered Izuku. He put his hand around her neck before he lifted the girl up from the ground, she panicked as she struggled to breath in his tight grip.

"I'm sure you can make time for me" Izuku said in a sickly sweet voice that send chills down the others in the room, the poor girl could only nod.

"I'm glad" Izuku said while put her back down, she breathed in deeply before she could even look at his face. 

"Now I want to make some things clear, this boy there is my son. His name is Hitoshi and not One-Arm-Guy, call him by his name. That out of the way, you will test nothing at him. You will make sure that the thing is 100% safe before you get even near him with it, if I see that he get's harmed because of your carelessness then I will make sure that you never work on your 'Babies' again. Got it?" Izuku asked as he tilted his to the side to look at Toshi, the poor boy was blushing from embarrassment. 

"Yes, I will give my best" She said. 

"Good, how long will that take" Izuku asked, the girl stilled a bit as she seriously thought over it. It wasn't like her to give a time, since she wasn't sure when one of her inventions exploded.

"Maybe if he stays here for a few hours today and let me run some 'normal' tests, then I will be finished in about a week or two" She answered. That brought Izuku into a dilemma, today was his meeting with the Todoroki siblings. 

"Can we maybe reschedule this, I have an important meeting today and don't want to let him be alone" Hitoshi was going to die out of embarrassment, it was nice that Izuku cared, but this was taking it to far. 

"Sure we----" She was stopped by Eijiro.

"Hey why don't you go to your meeting and I will stay with Toshi" He offered, Izuku thought about it for a while before he looked at Toshi for confirmation that it was okay. The gave a rapid nod as he was more than glad for this opportunity.   

"Okay but come directly home after this" Said to Eijiro as he went for the door.

"and thanks Ei" and with that he vanished. 


Chapter Text

"and thanks Ei" and with that he vanished. 


Izuku was sitting in his armchair looking at the three Todoroki's on the couch, the most noticeable resemble were their white hair, he could be a part of them. Thought that wasn't the topic right now.

"Thanks for coming over today Fuyumi-san and Natusuo-kun" Izuku started, the two older siblings looked at him with suspicion. They didn't glare thought, he had the same authoritative aura that demanded respect as old people did or even their father.

"Shoto said it is important, so we made time for it, didn't expect to meet with a shrimp" Natusuo said getting a death glare from Izuku that made him flinch. 

"I would like to recommend that you don't provoke me. I'm here to help you or more like Shoto" Izuku stated, the other boy was about to report back when his older sister spoke up.

"Well, what is it exactly you want to help Shoto with" He liked her, straight to the point.

"Shoto told me about his ... let's say family problems" Both siblings stiffened as they heard 'family problems', they looked afraid and a bit nervous.

"To make matters short, Shoto is living here and asked me to lend him money to sponsor your lifestyle." Yap they were both utterly confused.

"When you say that he borrowed money from you about how much are we talking and is he borrowing it from you or your parents?" Fuyumi asked, she was really good to get the important matters first.

"It's about two billion yen and yes he is borrowing it from me. I'm the head of my family and was living here alone with my son until Shoto joined us" Both siblings tried to understand the boy before them, did he have a quirk that lets him look young. 

"I'm sorry if it is rude, but how old are you" She asked.

"I'm 14 years old. Let me give you more information before you ask more. I'm fending off for myself since I was four years old, and I adopted a boy around my age last year. You should probably know that I go to U.A. since you must have watched the sport festival. I make my money through information gathering, what would lead me to the current situation." Izuku explained.

Both 'adults' one was 22 and the 18 years old, were confused as fuck. They didn't know what to think of this, what to think about this boy, who was apparently a father, to lend them two BILLION yen. The only thing that kept them from doubting this was his aura, he always spoke with confidence.

They wanted to question him when the door opened and a boy came in, he was roughly at the height of Shoto and had gravity defying purple hair. 

"Dad, I'm home, the girl finished testing way earlier then she predicted. Kirishima is buying ingredients and will came soon, he said that he wanted to cook today" Hitoshi yelled as he scrolled through his phone as he took of his shoes. 

"Toshi what did I tell you about shouting at home" Hitoshi screamed in a very not manly way as he heard Izuku, only then did he notice the others. The first thing he notice was of course the white hair, the question was Izuku's or Shoto's family. Thought from the looks it seemed more like Shoto's family. 

"Sorry dad, hi I'm Hitoshi Midoriya" he introduced himself a bit awkwardly. 

"Why don't you and Shoto go into your room and finish the assignment that we got today" Izuku suggested.

"Sure, come let’s go before they stop us for boring adult things" Hitoshi called out for Shoto, it didn't take long for the other boy to follow.

"Hitoshi" It was said like a warning thought the others didn't know why. 

"Fine" he boy grumbled as he gave his phone to Izuku.

"But don't look through my chat" he said as he leaved. 


"Sorry for the interruption, thought now we can talk a bit more freely" Izuku said snapping them both out of their thoughts.

"So, here is this thing I want to know, why didn't any of you two reported your father. I can understand that Shoto is too young and insecure to do that, but you two are adults aren't you.?" Izuku asked with a serious face, making them both gulp.

"We just couldn't, he is the Number Two hero, no one would have believed us." The boy said.

"You want to say that you didn't find someone in this quirk filled world with the ability to reveal the truth, because I did with two-minute online research. Thought I didn't call you here to judge your personality, no this will be Shoto job when he grows up. Shoto asked me to sponsor your lifestyle, you are just here to choose the houses that I will buy for you." Izuku said handing them the letters with houses they could choose from.

"You will buy us a house? each?" The boy asked in daze as he looked through the pictures. 

"Yes, and you will get a monthly allowance of 500000 yen for three years. It should be enough to give you a good start into your life, and more than enough to live from it. Thought I will stop sending it should you laze around." The boy's eyes were shining in excitement as he went through all houses near his future college.

The girl on the other hand was staring at Izuku with calculating eyes, trying to figure out why he was helping them. How he was even able to effort so much money, or how he looked so calm and yet cold at the same time. She also thought about his words and thinking back he was right, they had let left Shoto behind to suffer alone and he was right that their little brother will one day judge them for it. 

"Izu, I'm home" perfect timing.

"Ei were in the living room" Izuku called out, a few seconds later Eijiro came in with his shopping backs.

"Ei, this are Shoto siblings Fuyumi and Natusuo" Izuku introduced.

"Hi, Eijiro Kirishima" Eijiro said as he shook the hand of the older sibling.

"I will let you alone, if you need me, I'm in the kitchen" Eijiro said.


"How did our father react to this" Fuyumi asked after Eijiro had left. 

"He doesn't know, but I will meet him today to discuss guardianship and some other matters." 

"And you just think that he will let you?" Natusuo asked with sarcasm dripping from his mouth.

"He will have no other choice if he wants to continue his hero work." Both siblings were shocked that it was so easy for the boy to do what they couldn't.

"Then we thank you for your help" Fuyumi said with a small bow. Izuku realized that the two didn't ask about the money or how Shoto was going to pay it back. Either they are extremely selfish and just hope that their younger brother will handle it, or they are planning something themselves.

"Ah before you go, here are information about more residences that might be to your liking. Sent me a mail if you have found something and I will arrange everything else. Thought I have two conditions" Both looked at him alarmed, it was too good to be true. There was always a catch, nothing is free in this world.

"Fuyumi, I want you to accompany Shoto to your mother, he shouldn't go there alone. Can you do that?" Izuku asked.

"Sure" She answered a bit baffled.

"Natusuo. I have seen your grades and they are average, your brother is giving you a chance. Should I see that your grades fall, just because you have money to laze around then it will be cut off. Do I make myself clear?" Izuku asked the older boy in a very intimidating way.

"Yes Sir." the boy replied automatically.

"Good, then have a good day. Please call us before you visit, we don't like surprises here" Izuku said as he escorted them to the front door, he waved them off when he pushed them through the door. Sighing he went to the kitchen, this was getting stressful. 

"Why this long face" Eijiro said as he spotted Izuku.

"I just throw this two out, now I have to speak with this garbage can of a father" Izuku complained as he slumped into a chair. 

"Hmm, should I escort you?" Eijiro asked.

"No, I don't want to let the two be here alone, what would they eat?" Eijiro sighed, this was just ridiculous.

"Hey, you two, Izu and I have to take care of things, make yourself dinner" Eijiro shouted and Izuku was about to scold him.

"Sure" Toshi yelled back.

"See, let’s go" Eijiro said as he picked Izuku up and carried the boy to the door. He slipped into his shoes and took Izuku's with him, Izuku could put them on in the car. Izuku protested but didn't really fight back. 





Enji (Endeavor) had a ridiculous expression on his face as he opened the door and spotted the two. Did he know who they are, or did he already forgot about them, but seeing that the two had taken Shoto's first place they doubted it. 

"Todoroki-san we have some things to talk about" Izuku said with a very polite tone, Eijiro wasn't sure what he was planning.

"What do you want to talk about Mr. First and Second place" Enji asked with sarcasm.

"How about your missing masterpiece" Eijiro could see how Enji stiffened, how his fire became hotter. 

"What do you know?" Enji asked carefully.

"How about we continue this talk inside, that is of course if you want that your neighbors want to hear about quirk marriage" Izuku said and Eijiro could swear that Izuku was smirking behind his emotionless facade. 

"Come in" Enji said as he stepped aside to let them in. The mansion was big and traditional, thought it also felt lonely and cold. Like all life had left this place, which it sure has for a while now. Enji lead them to the living room where they set down.


"So, what exactly do you two know?" Enji asked as his flames grow dangerously hot, this house must be fireproof to withstand that. Thought instead of being scared Izuku started to laugh, it sounded real, not like his insane once sometimes. 

"Oh, Enji you have no idea what you are doing, you lived your whole life abusing your power. Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against that. There will be always someone stronger and these who are stronger can get away with things others wouldn't. Because people without power do certain things to please powerful people, things like looking away when a quirk marriage happens or when a child is abused." 

Eijiro shivered at Izuku's tone, it so disgusting to hear that people could get away with something like this. It was even more disturbing that Izuku didn't have a problem with that, that he found it natural, even if it was true.

"And what of it" It made Eijiro sick that Endeavor didn't even deny it, that he literally didn't care about his crimes. 

"Nothing really, thought you have a tiny problem" Izuku stated and this time Eijiro could see how a real smirk formed on his face.

"What problem?" Endeavor was getting impatient.

"Me, I'm your problem. Because I stand a few stages above you in the food chain" Endeavor body bursted into flames, his entire body was on fire. Eijiro had prepared for this moment since they entered the house, he had to make sure Izuku was okay. He had secretly let his energy fill the room since they started to talk, it was already halfway full now. 

As Endeavor moved to punch Izuku with his flaming fist, well he lost control for a moment. Nobody was allowed to hurt Izuku, not villains and certainly not heroes. He hardened his energy around the flaming body locking the Number Two hero in place. Only Endeavors head was free, but Eijiro could feel how his restrain wouldn't hold long, this guy wasn't Number Two for nothing.

"Ei you can release him, I think that he wouldn't try something like this again. Because if he does, a video will be released how he killed innocent people, you wouldn't want to ruin your own career, do you?" Only then did Eijiro notice that Izuku hadn't moved an inch, like he had predicted them both. Izuku had trusted him to protect him, he smiled as he released Endeavor.

"You didn't encounter someone higher until now so this must be new for you, to be this helpless. It must eat you alive that your problem is right in front of you and yet you can't attack me." Izuku mocked as sat relaxed at the couch. Endeavor was clenching his fists as he glared at the boy, if only looks cool kill. 

"Just to make sure that you don't get the wrong idea and try to backstab me later. You are merely a Number Two hero, sure you have an immense amount of power, but that is nothing that couldn't be replaced. Give Eijiro one or two years and he will have more roar power than you, me on the other hand. I'm the best assassin this country has and I'm not so easily to replace as you." Izuku said with a dangerous implication. 

"Stopped six terror attacks that would have killed thousands of lives and I'm going on to mission soon. The government wouldn't punish me if I killed you in your sleep, because you are replaceable. If you killed me or just tried, well I'm sure that they would find the smallest faults with you right away and destroy you." It was scary how Izuku could say something like this with such a certainty.

"I hope we understand each other better now?" Izuku asked with a satisfied smile on his face. Endeavor looked out right defeated, you could see that all his fighting spirit had left his soul.

"Yea I got it, you are a big player" Endeavor said as he slumped into his chair.

"Good, now to Shoto, the boy has decided to live with me. You will just let him be and do nothing about this situation, if the school wants your permission regarding anything related to Shoto you will just give it and good is." 

"Sure" For such a big man he looked truly pitiful.

"Should one of us two want anything from you in the future then you will just do it, no questions and no hesitation. Thought you don't have to worry, I don't think that either of us will want to talk to you more than necessary." Izuku said as he stood up.

"I think we are finished here, I hope we can cooperate well" Izuku said as he took Eijiro's hand and left a destroyed Endeavor.



"Wouldn't it be better to make this public, so that this guy gets what he deserves." Eijiro asked.

"Ei, I know that you think, that this isn't right and that we should report this. Thought the truth is that this happens all the time, we can take him down now. We could send him to prison, but what about these that follow. I have learned early that this system is corrupted, and I learned to make use of this, it's better to control him than to turn him in." Eijiro wasn't sure of that.

"But don't we just accept that this world is broken, that people can’t count on the authority to keep them safe." Eijiro asked, but his voice said already that he was starting to accept it. This voice was something that Izuku didn't want to hear again, Eijiro's voice should be filled with energy. It reflected his view on the world and that was always an optimistic one, one filled with hope despite of his past.

"It's true that I have accepted this system and it's true that I have no problem with blackmailing people like Endeavor." He could see how Eijiro's eyes dulled a bit with each of his words and it hurt to see this. It wasn't every day that Izuku felt something like this, to feel such a strong urge to give Eijiro hope.

"Thought that doesn't mean that you have to accept it, you can become powerful enough to change things. Remember Ei, in this world you can archive anything you want as long as you have enough power. I have accepted this system, but that doesn't mean you can’t convince me to a better one." Eijiro had small tears in his eyes and Izuku hoped that it were happy ones.

"Before the sport festival on the roof top, I didn't forget what you said to me Ei. It was one of the happiest moments of my live, it gave me the strength to face them all. So, I will repeat your words 'I will always stay by your side'" Izuku said as Eijiro started to cry, but his face had the biggest smile he had ever seen.


Chapter Text

"Before the sport festival on the roof top, I didn't forget what you said to me Ei. It was one of the happiest moments of my live, it gave me the strength to face them all. So, I will repeat your words 'I will always stay by your side'" Izuku said as Eijiro started to cry, but his face had the biggest smile he had ever seen.


"And here I thought my boyfriend is a big boy, but it seems he is more of a crybaby" Izuku said with gentle smile, Eijiro didn't really react to his teasing.

The rest of the evening was spent with the two of them going to one of Izuku's favorite restaurant. They could say that this was their first official date since they never had the time before. 



They all sat in class as Aizawa approved of their choices for their hero agencies to intern. Eijiro was going to an old man named Gran Torino, he was All Might’s old teacher and Izuku said that he could be worth it. He was a bit concerned about Iida's choice since it was clear that he was going after the Hero Killer; Stain.

Their internship should start in a week, it was perfect since Toshi would get his arm before the internship starts. The poor boy was waiting so long already, even if he tried to hide it, it was clear that he suffered mentally.

Kaminari, if Eijiro had to be honest, was a good distraction for the boy, but Izuku was also right. The boy was to bold, they haven't officially started dating yet and yet they wanted to do things they shouldn't.

"Yes" All of their heads turned to Izuku, who had let out a cry of joy.

"Ei, Toshi, Shoto" The three were on high alert as Izuku was already at the front of the classroom.

"I just got the position of the head terrorist, I will be away for two weeks for my mission." They all know what mission meant to Izuku, it was assassination. How they were cool with a classmate that killed, they weren't sure either. Probably because he saved them all back at the U.S.J. 

"Ei is in charge while I'm away, you two will not question him whatever he tells you. If you have a problem with him, tell me after I'm back. Are we clear?" The poor souls nodded rapidly as Izuku asked them.

"Perfect, if you need help with anything Ei, then just call Yamato or Kenny over." The rest of the class wondered who they were but kept quiet.

"Okay, I'm sorry that I'm suddenly off like this, but my jet is waiting" Izuku said as he moved to the door but stopped there.

"And for the rest of you" they tensed up as his tone got too sweat for their liking.

"I hope you will be understanding and supportive, I don't want to hear that you all made trouble." Izuku said as he directly looked at Kaminari before he left them.



It was already three days since Izuku had left and Eijiro was getting anxious, who know if Izuku wasn't already dead. He did his best to hide it when the other two were around, the first two days they had ordered food, but he decided that he would cook today. 

"I'm home" Eijiro heard Hitoshi voice, the boy was with the girl from the support course. He would get his arm tomorrow and they wanted to make sure that everything fitted. He continued to cut the vegetables but stopped when he heard Hitoshi's footsteps, or more like the steps of another person. 

Putting the knife down he made his way to the hallway, he just came out of the kitchen as Hitoshi and Kaminari had passed him. He sighed as he grabbed both of their ears and pulled them back, getting a yell of pain from both.

"Do you guys really think Izu would date me if I was some kind of pushover?" He asked as he twisted his hands a little getting them both at their toes.

"I'm sure that the Rules made it clear that you had to ask before you bring someone over Toshi" Eijiro said as he let them back down, they both rubbed their ears as they stayed silent.

"I'm waiting!!!"

"Hey, look I'm sorry that I tried to sneak him in, but could you let it slight?"  Hitoshi asked hopeful. 

"Fine but let the door to your room open" Eijiro said. 

"Why is that" Kaminari whined out but was pinned against the wall with Eijiro's hand covering his mouth. 

"Didn't I just say that I'm not a pushover, I don't have the same patience as Izu. You can either push further and find out what happens, or you can be thankful that I haven't thrown you out yet" Kirishima said as he took his hand off Kaminari's mouth.

Both of them stayed silent as they looked at each other, they then silently walked to Hitoshi's room where they left the door wide open. Kirishima just shook his head as he made his back into the kitchen.


Eijiro checked on them from time to time, but to his delight they only played video games. He was still worried about Izuku but checking up on these two made forgetting him easier. 

"Dinner is ready" He shouted, Izuku isn't at home so it's okay.

They all gathered at the table as Eijiro sat down on Izuku's place getting a ridiculous look from Toshi, but the boy didn't say anything against it. 

"Can I sleep over tonight?" Kaminari asked to the end of the dinner.

"Hmm, maybe" Eijiro thought out loud.

"Oh please, please, please" Kaminari really didn't had spark of shame in him.

"I will answer after the dinner" Eijiro said dodging the bullet for now. Would Izuku let him sleep over, probably not, but he wasn't Izuku. 

"Let's switch the topic then, did you and dad" Hitoshi said with a smirk as he made a fucking gesture, Kirishima and Kaminari blushed. Shoto and Toshi on the other hand looked completely normal.

"Why the hell should I talk to you about your fathers and my sex live" Eijiro chocked out.

"I'm not asking as his son, just from one teenage boy to another. Come on friends our age talk about something like this" Oh low blow, friends, yea it was a trick and they all know that, but it was working as well.

"Fine I will tell you" The other two perked up as Shoto face stayed the same.

"But" ah and there goes their excitement.

"I want you to promise me that you keep your hands to yourself until Izu comes back, because I don't want to tell Izu how Toshi has taken your virginity" Eijiro said as he looked directly at Kaminari.

"Hey, why did you assume I'm the bottom?" The guy asked embarrassed.

"Well you are smaller than him and you have way less muscle mass. I mean, can you even hold him up against a wall?" Eijiro asked with a smirk as he saw the other boy blushing, karma, they shouldn't have asked about him and Izu.


"So, does this mean that you hold him against a wall while--" Toshi couldn't finish as Eijiro started to laugh.

"Sorry, it was just funny that you thought Izu was the bottom" Eijiro stated as the other three stared at him.

"Well, how is it" surprisingly it was Shoto who asked as he finished his bowl.

"Who knows, Izuku always teases me like the devil he is and then stops. Speaking off, Yamato meant that I should ask you for permission first" Eijiro said as he looked at Hitoshi.

"Why would you ask him" Kaminari asked.

"Because my dad puts me before anything else, we spoke about it a few days ago. I said it was fine with me, someone should be having a good night when he comes back" Hitoshi with a smirk as Eijiro's face blushed.


"I wish he would like me more" Kaminari said as his head slumped on the table.

"He would, if you could hold your hands to yourself" Shoto said.

"Hey, I'm a guy with needs, do you know how hard that is" Kaminari complained.

"I'm perfectly aware of it and I can still manage it" Eijiro answered as he came back with icecream. 

"I think what he is more afraid, that you are with Toshi because of his money" Toshi and Kaminari stared at with a funny expression.

"What money, I'm always broke and have to ask dad for more" Hitoshi said with a confused expression.

"Yea, the last time we went out I even payed for him" Kaminari said.

"Well, let us say it this way, Izu has a lot of money. Toshi will get half of it when he turns 18 or Izu dies, whatever happens first." Eijiro explained.

"And about how much are we talking?" Hitoshi asked, he know that they had money, but Kirishima let it sound like they were rich bitches.

"About three billion dollars" Kaminari snapped his spoon that was still in his mouth. 

"Holy" Hitoshi didn't know what to say more. Even Shoto gaped and that boy was known for his stoic expression.

"Yea, I had the same reaction, but you can see why he might think that" Kirishima said as he took another spoon of icecream.


They finished their dessert quietly after that, the three boys were left to clean the table and the kitchen. Kirishima on the other hand did something nobody of the other two would dare to, he went into Izuku's office.

Sitting there at Izuku's workplace he felt at peace for a few minutes, this place always reminded him that Izuku was careful and that he always planned ahead.

He looked through a few documents and had to say that this world was rotten to the core. Who would have thought that so many disgusting people were in their government, with this knowledge he could destroy them all. Izuku said that he would support him for a new system, but for that he had to understand the current system.

He started reading every file in the room, he will be perfectly informed to change this system. He was halfway through all files when he already felt like vomiting, rape, incest, pedophiles and murderer all still in the streets like nothing happened.

How this people lived on with what they did, he had no idea. The only thing he know was that he could blackmail all of them without feeling bad.

He continued to read through the other half of the files, it was 10PM and he was glad Izuku didn't let his notebook here. He should check the on the two troublemakers before he himself goes to sleep.



"I'm going to sleep now, don't stay up to late we still have school tomorrow." Eijiro said to two as they still played a video game.

"Sure thing" Kaminari answered without looking back.

"Good, you still let the door open, don't even think about breaking your promise. Should I hear even the slightest sound of you two making out. I swear that you will never be welcomed here" Eijiro said leaving two very pale boys in their room as they inched away from each other.

"He is even scarier than your dad" Kaminari whispered as Hitoshi nodded.

"It feels like he is my dad" Hitoshi whispered back.



The following days were nothing special, Toshi had gotten his arm for everyday use. Mei was working on his combat arm now, but it will take some time until it is finished. The arm itself was a masterpiece, it was perfectly control able and had a texture that made it very hard to tell apart from real skin. The only real disadvantage was that the arm didn't had feeling sensors. 

It had some in the hand so that he know that he was grabbing or touching something, but the arm itself didn't had that much sensors. Mei said that she would add them later since it was more important that he had one to begin with. Toshi seemed to be more than happy with the result, he even showed it around in class as he lifted Kaminari with his robotic arm.


Their internship is going to start today, they were all on the train station ready to leave. A crowd was already gathering as they recognized them from the sport festival, Aizawa explained the last rules like no wearing hero outfit in public without permission. 

"Do you think it's a good idea to let Iida go to Hosu" Eijiro asked Aizawa as the rest of the class had left. Toshi was standing there waiting for Aizawa since he was interning under him.

"We have no evidence that he is after the Hero Killer, so we can’t forbid it. I have informed his supervising hero though; he will look after Iida." Aizawa informed.

"Hmm" Eijiro hummed as he waited for his train.

"So, you are training under Gran Torino?" Aizawa asked to break the silence.

"Yea, he knows about One for All, Izuku meant that he should be decent teacher. I'm a bit curious too, All Might seemed afraid of him" Aizawa laughed a bit at that. The announcement for Eijiro train came and Eijiro made himself ready.

"Okay I gotta go. Make sure to call me if anything happens no matter how small the incident is." Eijiro said as he started to walk away.

"Yea, yea" Aizawa said in a dismissive tone, that made Eijiro stop as he turned.

"Aizawa" The tone let the other straighten up.

"Yes?" The teacher asks uncertainly.

"You know whose kid that is right? Should anything happen to him it will not only be your head that will be rolling" Aizawa gulped as he nodded.

"Good, I hope you will inform me then" Eijiro said. 


Chapter Text

"Good, I hope you will inform me then" Eijiro said. 


Eijiro walked into a shady neighborhood as he left the train station, looking around he saw a lot of ruined houses, this was really a shady neighborhood.  

Speaking of ruined houses, the one where his destination is leading to is also pretty much ruined. The house looked like a strong wind would let it crush in itself, well it doesn't matter.

He knocked a few times but, nobody opened. He knocked again, but this time the door opened from his force, seems like he hadn’t closed it probably. Waking in he stopped as he saw an old man on the floor with blood everywhere, he sighed as he walked past this old fool. He just hoped that Izuku wasn't wrong and that he could really learn something here.

"You know, I'm dating an assassin. I can see and smell the difference between blood and sauce" Not a second later the grandpa was on his feet as he walked back to him with a laugh. 

"Well at least Yagi didn't choose a naive boy, Gran Torino" Oldy said as he held his hand to out.

"Kirishima Eijiro, hero name; Unbreakable. Nice to meet you, All Might didn't choose me though" Eijiro replied as he shook the hand of the old man.

"What do you mean All Might didn't choose you?" The old man asked a little shocked.

"All Might choose someone else without their parents permission, long story short, I have it now" Gran Torino nodded as he sat down.

"What a hassle, well what training is All Might doing with you until now. I have seen your techniques so far and I have to say that they are not bad." Torino said.

"I created these moves myself, Izu the former holder didn’t see All Might fit to train me. I think he even forbid All Might from even getting near me" Kirishima said with a thoughtful look.

"If All Might didn't train you then who did? And who is Izu?" Torino asked annoyed. 

"Izu is Izuku Midoriya, he gave me the quirk and trained me in combat. I figured out the techniques myself" He said again with a proud smile.

"Okay that explains a few things, last question for today. Why and how did Midoriya forbid All Might from coming close to you" Torino asked.

"Well he most likely threatened to kill All Might or something like this, I wasn't there and haven't asked yet. As to why, Izuku once said that All Might was to naive. That he was insane to give away a quirk with this much power without a background check, and All Might is terrible at teaching" Well Gran Torino could understand that. 

"Well it's reasonable, he was always a bit too optimistic. Let's see how much mister first place has taught you" Oldy said as he attacked.




Izuku pulled his blade out, as the person he stabbed went weak and fell to the ground. It was already a week since he left and it felt weird to him, he hadn't left Toshi this long alone before.

Was Eijiro doing okay with all the responsibility he had with the kids, did Toshi and Shoto behave? He was missing them, it was a new feeling between missing, sadness and loneliness, is this what they call homesickness. 

Nevertheless, he had already killed 14 of his targets, he should be finished in four days. That would be earlier than expected, he will surprise them when he comes back. He felt bad that he hadn't send a message home, but it was saver this way.



"Your speed and reflexes are impressive, you also have fighting experience. This Midoriya kid seems to know how to teach, but there are still things that can be better" Torino stated as they finished their fight.

"I know Sir" Eijiro commented as he panted slightly, this old man was better than he thought.

"We should focus on the time you need to charge up, be it for your fancy stone moves or faster movement you always need to gather energy first." Torino observed and Eijiro was impressed with the old man’s observation.

"That's correct, I harden myself in that time so that nothing happens to me" Eijiro explained.

"Hmm, not bad for starters, but what will you do when civilians are in danger or if there is a quirk that can hurt you" Torino asked.

"I'm open for suggestions Sir" Eijiro sighed out.

"Stop saying Sir" Torino said as he felt old, or older than necessary.

"Okay then Oldy" Yea that didn't make it better, Gran Torino ignored it for now.

"Well you should learn to have your energy charged all the time, we can’t have you always wait a second before you can pull a move." Torino said.

"I know that too, how do I do that?" Eijiro asked annoyed, because he know that already. Though a second later he had to rub his head as Torino had slapped him upside down.

"Brat, don't use that tone with me, it's your quirk find it out yourself like everybody else. I'm getting us some food." Torino said as he went for the door.



Kirishima needed three days to solve the problem, he had tried multiple times, had experimented and failed. It had taken all his wits to come up with this idea.  

First, he tried to stack up energy in his limps, but that went horrible wrong as his arm almost exploded. He had tried to expand the energy from the middle of his body, but it was ineffective and took too much time. He then tried to reduce the time he needed to charge up, but it was dangerous since he pumped his energy too unevenly into his body.

The closest he had gotten to perfection was One for All; Full Crowl, it was a technique he came up with to circulate the energy around his body. It was powerful and allowed him to access and discharge his energy immediately, he could even pull his, Falling Sky, move even if it was a way smaller scale. 

Though, Eijiro wasn't satisfied with it. It still had to be activated and the power output wasn't perfect, what made it even more imperfect is the fact that it had a time limit. He could only use it for 15 minutes before his body exhausted, furthermore he had to be 100% concentrated all the time. 

The idea for his perfect solution came up when he read a medical book, Toshi had given his daily report and mentioned that his arm was itching. He then tried to find out what the reason could be when he saw a picture of how the blood vessels are distributed in the human body.

That was it, the way to circulate the energy in his body without doing it himself. He just had to put his energy into his blood and his heart would do the rest, he tried, and it didn't work. He then studied blood cells and after another day he understood how they worked or should work at least.

He then imaged how his energy was broken down until it was small enough to pass through the bloods cell membrane. The effect was immediately noticeable, he could feel how the energy spread through his entire body. It also had an unexpected result to it, he observed that his senses sharpened. Was the energy in his blood going over to his organs?

He tried it out and indeed he could see further, could smell better and could hear the pair in the house next door. This was amazing, he now had to test out how it affected his strength and speed. 

He wasn't as fast and strong as he was in Full Crowl, but he knows that he would get stronger the more energy stacked in his blood and body. The last and he would say best surprise was that his wounds healed faster, and when he meant faster then it's a lot faster. The energy that are spread through his body are used to replicate his damaged cells faster. 

Eijiro smiled as the cut on his wrist healed before his eyes, he will win the next fight against Izuku. All Might didn't figure out any of this because he could use One for All at 100% from the start, he didn't needed any way around it. What a shame, he could have healed his own wound.

His new powers had also a downside, it was hard to sleep like this. He heard everything thing in a complete block around them and he smelled what was in the trash can downstairs, what was most annoying was that his skin was more sensitive. He willed the energy out of his head and tried to ignore the itching at his skin. 

Power was after all never without a price, he just hoped that he would get used to it fast. Izuku always says that there is nothing more dangerous in a fight then someone that doesn't know his own powers.



Kirishima and Gran Torino were on their way to the train station when his phone vibrated, reading it Kirishima stopped.

"Hey, it seems like I have to cut my internship short" Eijiro said as Torino gave him a ridiculous look.

"What? Why?" The old man asked annoyed.

"Well I have a kid to take care off" Eijiro said as he checked the trains to get back home.

"You have a kid?" Torino looked even more ridiculous and shocked now.

"Adoptive kid, he is as old as me. Nevertheless, thank you for your time, it was a really big help to me" Kirishima said as he bowed in 90 degree. 

"If he is so old as you, shouldn't he be able to take care of himself?" 

"Of course, he can" Eijiro said with a smile.


"It's a parent’s responsibility of course, to worry even if nothing serious happened" Torino just shook his head as he watched the boy, to be honest he liked the kid. He was hard working and intelligent, who would have thought that he was also so responsible and mature.

"Well, I will be going to Hosu alone then. Give my regard to your brat, brat" Torino said before he dashed off, Eijiro just smiled as he shook his head. For an old man he was pretty cool.




"Toshi I heard that something happened during----" Eijiro said as he came back into their apartment when he saw what happened right in front of him. 

Kaminari was sitting in Hitoshi's lap as they kissed deeply, he could even see how Kaminari let Hitoshi's tongue in as said boy gasped. The two were so entranced that they didn't even heard what he said, he closed his eyes as he tried to control his anger. He almost killed Kaminari as he leaned down to bite the now shirtless Hitoshi's collarbone. 

He pumped energy through his blood in full force as he appeared behind the two, he grabbed both boys at their neck as he lifted them up. They both were so surprised as they started to struggle to breath.

"You have to be fucking kidding me" He yelled into their faces as they paled, they had never seen him so angry before. It was terrifying, he looked so much more intimidating then Izuku right now. 

"Living room, now" Eijiro growled out as he throws them both at the floor. He didn't even look if they followed him as he passed the downed boys, he was sure that they wouldn't dare to disobey right now. 

Eijiro sat down in Izuku armchair as he stared down at the two boys on the couch, he gave his best to calm down as he saw the bite mark on Hitoshi's nipple. That guy must have bitten him through the shirt, ooh god what should he do with them. Should he call Yamato or Kenny to help him with this situation, or should he call Izuku directly.

He sighed as he the answer was obvious.

"Come out Kenny" he said as he looked at the shadow from the door, not a second later they all watched how Kenny formed from the shadow.

"How did you know?" Kenny asked with a laugh as he took a seat besides Hitoshi.

"I have read Izuku's files and well you are in it" Truth be told, in his rage he had released to much energy that filled the room and he could feel how someone shifted around.

"Well it doesn't matter anyway, so what will you do?" Kenny asked as he leaned back into the couch, completely unbothered by the situation or that Hitoshi was still shirtless.

"I'm thinking, so shut up and wait for your punishment" The three were surprised when Eijiro let out a huge about of energy that pressed them into the couch.

"Toshi get your shirt and come back, you have 20 seconds" Eijiro said as Toshi almost flow out of the room and returned with a shirt on.

"Now you three---"

"Hey, what do you mean thre--" He couldn't finish as a gag of stones formed around his head and chains that hold him in place.

"Nobody, interrupts me right now." It was a clear statement that let them all shiver.

"Aizawa send me a message saying that you didn't feel well and went home earlier. I cut my internship short to look after you" Eijiro said as he looked at Toshi, the boy had a guilty expression as looked away.

"I was making great progress in my abilities, just so to stop that because you two were fucking horny" The last part was yelled out as other three flinched away.

"Hitoshi Midoriya" The boy tried to make himself as small as possible. 

"You haven't informed me that you bring someone over not once, but twice already. I'm also sure that Izuku stated no sexual activities until he had spoken with the two of you." Eijiro said as Toshi almost teared up.

"But more importantly, I seem to remember that you two had promised me that you would keep your hands to yourself until Izuku is back" Eijiro said as he took a deep breath.

"Now, is he the fuck back?" He shouted out, it was really hard to control his anger.

"Answer me" He yelled again after they stayed silent.

"No Sir" The two, who could talk, said.

"Then who gave you the guts to break your promise to me" Eijiro yelled out.

"no one Sir" they whispered out.

"And you" Eijiro said as he faced Kenny.

"You are in your mid-thirties, you know full well of this houses rules. Why the hell didn’t you stop them or informed me" Eijiro asked as let the gag disappear.

"I didn’t want to ruin my cover" Kenny said as he rubbed his jaw, but a second later Eijiro was on him, hand around his throat.

"If any of you shit heads lie to me again" Eijiro said as took Kenny pinkie finger in his hand and broke it.

"FUUUCK" Kenny cursed out as tears started to appear in his eyes. The other two paled as Eijiro had never been this brutal before, in fact they have never seen anyone that broke fingers just to prove a point.


"What is going on here?" They all turned to see .......  fuck this shit.



Chapter Text

"What is going on here?" They all turned to see .......  fuck this shit.


The four of them stared back at Izuku standing in the doorway. His clothes and hands were covered in blood. His eyes were ice cold as he stared them down, his eyes reminded at Kenny’s broken finger before he looked at Eijiro. They all swore that his cold eyes warmed up for a second, but it was gone as he saw the bite mark on Toshi's neck.

"I will take a shower, nobody of you leaves this room" Izuku stated with such a cold tone that the three on the couch froze.

"I'm dead" Kaminari whispered as he slumped down.

"You? What about me" Kenny said as he looked at his broken finger, he hissed as he set it back in place.

"You all wouldn't be here if you didn't deserve it, man I'm getting grey hair" Eijiro said as he walked back to the armchair, he stopped himself from sitting down. This was the chair for the head of the house, Izuku is back now. He sat down in the small chair besides the armchair, he was a bit revealed that Izuku was back and that he would handle the situation.



All their hearts began to beat faster as Izuku came back into the room, he had white pants and a white shirt on, his hair was still wet. He looked like a ghost with this outfit, his white skin paired with his white clothes. It made his stare with these snake-like green eyes even deadlier.

Izuku stopped at his armchair before he looked at Eijiro, without saying a word he moved behind the chair, facing the three on the couch. He seemed to wait for something, but they couldn’t guess what it was.

 "Take a seat Ei" Izuku said to Eijiro, Eijiro blinked a few times before he switched his chair. This was way more comfortable. He wasn’t sure why Izuku didn’t take his place, was he going to let him handle this mess?

Izuku sighed as he looked at three in front of him. “I don’t know what really happened, so Ei will handle this situation. I will support his decision” Other three glanced at Kirishima to see if he had calmed down a bit, but this was a mistake.

He already had a dominating presence before, but now it was on a completely different level. It was like he was towering over them, he was strong, his head held high. Nobody would say that this man was only fourteen years old.

What made his presence even more outstanding was the fact that Izuku stood behind him like a wall. He wasn’t moving an inch and yet he was following all your movements with his eyes. It was terrifying to face these two, even if they hadn’t said something.

"Kenny you are an adult I can’t educate you" Kenny breathed a sigh of relieve.

"But I will tell Yamato-san and the others what happened today, I hope that you don’t disappoint us like this in the future" Kenny gulped as he nodded, but he knows better than to talk back.

He will deal with the others later, this was a scary punishment. They all loved Izuku, he was like their son or grandchild. He feared what the others will do to him when they find out that it is his fault that Izuku and his partner were angry at him.

"Now go and don't come here for a while" Eijiro said and the other assassin vanished into the shadows, Eijiro sighed as he noticed that his binds had no effect at all. Well it was clear that one of the top assassins could escape him without a problem.

But that also meant that Kenny had let him break his finger, that he helped Eijiro to relief his anger. He will have to apologize to him later, but the kids come first.

 “You two have no idea how disappointed I’m.” The two flinched with every word Eijiro said.

“These rules are put down for your own safety, if I understood this right, then it was these rules that let Izuku to adopting you. Yet here you are, breaking them for your own selfish desires.” Kaminari tried to comfort the poor boy who was a small ball of guilt and regret right now.

"Now to you Kaminari" Izuku said as he looked at the pale boy, poor thing paled even more.

"If you were some stranger, then I would have already beaten you to a bloody pulp." The boy gulped at Izuku words as he started to shake.

"You are a distraction to my son, you--" Izuku couldn't finish as Eijiro took his hand and squeezed it a little.

"What Izuku wants to say is that love, crush or horniness are no excuse to lie or be irresponsible. Do you two have any idea how important this internship is, it will be the be your first experience in hero work. You two skipping it for this is just unforgivable." To hear the yelling Eijiro calmer made them both a bit more hopeful.

"As Ei said, it's not forgivable without punishment. Kaminari you are no longer welcome here, at school you---" Eijiro stopped listening as he saw their wide blown eyes, how their fear vanished, and sadness took its place. Eijiro again interrupted Izuku as he squeezed his hand.

"Izu, I will handle this. They have made a mistake yes, but something like this happens all the time and will happen again." Eijiro said as he looked at the two, he will help them for now.

"I will ground them or something like this" Eijiro whispered so that the other two couldn't hear him.

"We can’t ground Kaminari, he isn’t my child" Izuku whispered back.

"Oh, please. As if he wouldn’t listen to you." Izuku made an expression that said 'Oohhh'.

"Fine, I will be back later. Shoto should come out of the hospital today." They all perked up as they heard Izuku.

"Why is Shoto in the hospital?" Toshi asked forgetting his situation.

"He had a fight with the Hero Killer; Stain" Izuku said as the other three paled.

"He is okay, I killed that bastard before he could do something. I was only here to change before I go back, the police also have questions that needs to be answered." Izuku said as he stood up.

"Ei will punish you. You two better be regretting what you did when I'm back" Izuku said as he left them, Eijiro sighed as readied his heart, it was strange to give punishment to someone his own age. Responsibility really lets one mature.

“I will ground you two for a month---” Eijiro began but was interrupted.

“I’m not even –" Kaminari started but stopped as Eijiro released a huge wave of energy again.

“You two will not interrupt me or I will make it two months. Are we clear?” He asked as he stared them down.

“Yes” They both said at once.

“Good. You will have no access to any electronic device, that means no smartphone, no TV and no computer. You will stay in your rooms and reflect or learn for school.” Eijiro said and he felt bad, he himself would die from boredom if he had to do that.

The two also seemed to the think the same thing, but what should he do.

“You are allowed to meet with friends on the weekends, but they will have to came here. Denki you can come here anytime” The started to smile, but Eijiro wasn’t finished.

“But should you decide to come, then you two will have to stay with me or Izu” He could see how the two had to hold themselves back from asking why.

“You want to know why? Well, I don’t trust you anymore” oh that hit hard, he could see it. Their faces showed that he had hit a weak point.

“A man that breaks his words is totally unmanly and will never be able to walk with his head held high. Now Toshi you are first, come over my knee.” Eijiro said with a heavy heart, the two looked ridiculous but didn’t dare to say anything.



Two hours earlier.

Shoto shouldn't have chosen his father to intern with, his old man was doing his best to be decent to him. It seemed that Izuku had worked his magic here, well he was just here because Izuku was right. He had to learn how to control his fire and his father, even if he was a horrible person, he was still the best with flames.

They were on patrol in Hosu when the Nomu’s attacked, his father left him behind to fight these creatures. He just moved around and helped civilians to get to safety, that is until he saw how Iida disappeared into a dark alley. 

This brought him to his current situation, fighting Stain as he tried to protect the downed Iida and a pro hero. The fight was hard as his ice was pretty much useless against his opponent, that creepy guy cut through it like it was butter. He tried to use his fire to keep the guy away from him, but he didn't have enough control over it.

He wanted to laugh, who would have thought that Izuku would be right this early. He was ready to use his fire, but not training it well in the past made him sloppy and predictable. He was an amateur with fire, it didn't move like he wanted.

"Todoroki go, this has nothing to do with you" Shoto ignored the boy on the ground as he made an ice-wall to shield himself from two knifes.

"Ah, didn't someone tell you to never block your own vision" Stain said as jumped over the wall, sword ready to attack. Shoto directed his fire upwards, but he knows that it was too late. He watched how the blade came down when it was blocked with a throwing knife. 

Stain then jumped backwards as two more knifes were sent after him, he dodged them and even blocked one that was aimed at his head. Shoto looked up to see that Izuku came out of his aura, it was always breath taking to see these emerald green eyes. 

"What sharp senses you have, what a shame that you will die today" Izuku said as he pulled his blades out that he used at the final battle. 

"I know you, you are the kid from the sport festival. Impressive speech, if I had be honest, I didn't think that you had the guts to kill. A true hero that isn't afraid to turn against their own, why are you stopping me. These fakes don't deserve to life, the only real hero is All Might" Stain said or growled out.

"You do know that people can change right?" Izuku asked a bit amused.

"These rotten heroes will never be worthy of the title, they aren't true heroes." Stain said ignoring Izuku's question.

"Hmm, Blizzard please tell Mr. Stain what is written before the words Hero License" Izuku said as he gave the card to Shoto.

"Job?" Shoto asked as he read it out loud.

"There you have it, this is just a fucking job nothing more. You save people and you will be paid for it, just like a firefighter. Your imagination that heroes have to be like in the old times are completely bullshit, if they do their job right and get fame and money for it why not." Izuku said and Stain was fuming.

"Musicians were once only there to entertain us, if today they are good at their Job then they will become famous. Are you going to kill them, aren't you just pitiful? Is it that you just can't stand that someone archived something you couldn't" Stain lost it as he dashed straightforward.

"Shut up, my ideals are real" He said as their blades met. 

"I think that you are using these unhealthy ideals as coping mechanism that you never archived what you wanted, so you are putting such high expectations on everybody else that nobody can reach it." Shoto watched how Izuku fought in his white coat that only showed his eyes. 

"I will kill you" Stain screamed as he blocked another throwing knife. He throws one of his own back, but the bastard aimed it at Iida. Izuku dashed to the boy to block it and could only roll at the last moment when Stains sword cut through his hood. What he didn't expect was for Izuku to stab him while dodging, a small knife was in his left leg.

He hissed as he jumped back, but Izuku was already after him. He was serious now, he used all the speed he could get to use the walls to bounce off again. It was going to be signature move of him, the alley was perfect as the walls were close to each other. He danced around his opponent in such speed that the target didn't even see from where he was cut.

The only thing you could see was how Stains body got one cut after another, Stain on the other hand panicked. He lashed out to get Izuku by chance, but each time he did it was another cut on his arm. 

That continued until Izuku stopped right in front of Stain, not a second later blood flow out of his neck and stained (no pun intended) Izuku's coat and hands.

"Blizzard you look after the downed Student, I will look after the pro hero" Izuku said in a commanding voice. Shoto just nodded as he helped Iida to stand up, the poor boy was pale and didn't really react to him.


A loud inhuman scream let him look up as he saw Izuku pushing the other person away. 

Chapter Text

A loud inhuman scream let him look up as he saw Izuku pushing the other person away. 


The Nomu flow down to grab Izuku and Shoto was already readying an attack, but it wasn't necessary as Izuku moved in lightning speed and cut the things head off. It felt lifelessly to the ground, it seemed that this one didn't have a regeneration quirk. 

"Blizzard freeze its body, we don't want it to get snatched away" Shoto did as he was told. It didn't take long for the police and other heroes to show up, he, Iida and the hurt pro hero were sitting by the ambulance as the police secured the area. 

"Hey Shoto, are you okay" Izuku said as he looked into his eyes, it made him always wonder how someone as emotionless as Izuku could do that. His eyes were always cold and calculating and yet he could see that the white-haired boy cared for him. 

"I'm fine" He simply replied, he was more concerned about Iida. The boy hadn't spoken after what happened, he just hoped that he was in shock and nothing more serious.

"Okay, I will go home and change. I will be back as fast as I can, so don't talk with them until I'm back." Izuku said as patted Shoto's head. His heart stopped for a moment, this feeling, it was just like his mother when he was small. 

"You don't have to" Shoto said as came out of his daze, he hadn't realized that he had leaned into the touch.

"Don't be ridiculous, I'm your guardian now. I will look after you, so don't be afraid okay?" Izuku asked as he took a step back and smiled, Shoto smiled back as he nodded.





Shoto was in very uncomfortable hospital bed as he waited for Izuku to fetch him, he had already told the ambulance that he wasn't seriously hurt. They still did a completely check up on him, he was after all the son of the Number Two hero. Iida was in the bed besides his, he had a more serious injury. His shoulder was cut pretty roughly, it might enable him from using it for a while.

He looked at the door when he heard someone walk up to it, he was sure that it wasn't Izuku, he would never have heard it if it were Izuku. Coming in where three people, an old man or grandpa, the pro hero Manual and the last person had a dog head.

"Hello, we are here to discuss some serious matters, Woof" Did the guy really just say 'Woof?'.

"You two as U.A. students should know that using your quirk without permission is against the law right" The dog asked again, but he got only silence in return. 

"Hey, he asked you something" Manual said.

"I have heard, but you neither introduce yourself nor do I have to answer his question" Shoto replied and the three were shocked at his answer.

"Retired Pro Hero Gran Torino" The old man said.

"Pro Hero Manual" But he already knows that.

"Kenji Tsuragamae, I'm the chief of the police here in Hosu" The dog said. 

"I'm Todoroki Shoto, I would like to see your ID" The dog sighed as he pulled his police ID out and handed it over, Shoto took but put it down on the table before got his phone.

"What are you doing kid?" Torino asked.

"Searching how to be sure that this isn't fake, who would be so naive to just trust someone without making sure himself." Shoto of course know that this ID was real, his father had made sure that he knows something like this. It didn't stop him from buying time though. 

"It seems real" He finally said after 10 minutes of searching and looking at the ID, he gave it back as he looked at the annoyed dog.

"So, could you answer the question?" The policeman asked again.

"What was the question again" He will buy time until Izuku is back, had told him not to talk with them. He was just worried since Iida hasn't said a thing about his rudeness, normally he would have already lectured him for this.

"Do you know that using your quirk with permission is illegal, U.A. could expel you for this" Shoto thought about what he was going to answer when someone else spoke up.


"Do you know that questioning minors without their guardians is illegal, it could get you suspended" Izuku said from behind them. The adults nearly screamed in shock, how could he sneak up to them. They were all pros after all, well doesn't matter.

"Boy this has nothing to do with you" The dog said.

"Ah, so if they break the law it's illegal, but if you do it's okay?" Izuku asked. Shoto could swear he saw a vein coming out at the dogs head. 

"These are two complete different cases boy, don't compare them like it's equal bad." The dog said.

"You don't watch TV often do you? Because if you did, you have already recognized me" Izuku said as moved and sat down on Shoto's bed.

"Izuku Midoriya right?" Torino asked and Izuku nodded, so this was the boy that had One for All before and he trained Kirishima in fighting. What an interesting boy, he didn't fear them at all. Was he so good out of the battlefield like he was in fighting, time will show.

"So, are you going to let this incident be or should I call a layer?" Oh boy, this kid wasn't afraid of confrontation. 

"There is no need, we came here to say that you aren't in trouble anyway" The police dog said after a moment of silence.

"That's good to hear, we three will write our official reports and hand then over by tomorrow" Izuku said as he made a gesture that everything was settled with that, but the other three didn't leave.

"Is something the matter?" Izuku asked as he slowly started to smirk that them.

"About the report, how should I put it, since you don't want to get into trouble with illegal quirk use, how about we pretend you were never there?" The dog asked.

"No, it's fine. We don't want young heroes to think that they can get away with everything, do we? It's better to stick to the truth, or it might come out sometime later." Izuku said with an innocent look.

"You and your friends could get into serious trouble, it could mean the end to your hero career" The police dog tried again, Kirishima would love this. How the adults thought that they could manipulate them to do what they wanted, but to Izuku the most he could feel was a bit of annoyance.

"But we did, are you telling us to break the law even more and lie?" He could feel about Shoto was trying to hold back a scoff, Izuku of all people was in no position to say something like that. The ice boy had an interesting sense of humor.

"No, I'm just telling you to think of your future" Oh this dog was trying really hard.

"It will be okay, we will get punished by the court should we have done something wrong. You don't have to worry about us, we will tell the truth and face the consequences" Izuku was getting excited to know why the police man tried so hard to let it slide, he must have done something already that can’t be taken back.

"Look kid if you---" The chief started but Izuku interrupted him.


"You can stop now, I know from the start that you aren't here for us. You want that we shut up right? You probably made a decision that would look really bad if we told the truth, so stop acting like you are doing us a favor" Izuku said as the three adults stared at him in shock.

"What? Did you think that just because we are young means that you can manipulate us like you want? I know what plan you had" Izuku said as he sat up straight to face them.

"First you scold us, you will make it so that it looks like we are in real trouble. Then you give us an option out of this, and we would probably even feel grateful, but that is not gonna happen." Izuku said as the adult tried to think of something else.


"Well, since you already know then do as I say" The room stilled as the two pro heroes stared at the police chief in shock.

"And what if I say no?" Izuku asked as he tilted his head to the side.

"Then I will arrest you for public safety" Not a second later Gran Torino and Manual were in front of Izuku ready to protect him.

"This is going too far" 

"You are overstepping you boundaries chief" They stopped as Izuku put a hand on their shoulders.


"I can look after myself, thank you very much" Izuku said as he stood up and walked to the dog man, he was almost double the height of Izuku.

"I can only think of one reason that you are doing this, you are afraid that the public opinion on the police and hero will be damaged" Dog man smiled.

"That's right, so if you alrea---" He hissed as Izuku had kicked against his shin. 

"I'm not done talking puppy" The voice let them all shiver.

"You are afraid that the all mighty Hero Killer; Stain, who couldn't be found or stopped by heroes and police is killed by a mere freshman in high-school. That the public will think that you can't do your job probably, so you want to give the credits to someone else. Am I correct?" Izuku asked the dazed policeman as he just nodded.

"Is it too late to take it back?" Izuku asked, the policeman sighed as he walked through the room and turned the TV on. There was an interview from both police and Endeavor as they said that the Number Two hero was the one killing Stain.


Silence filled the room as they waited for Izuku to react, the boy had surprised them all for many times now. What would he do? Torino was really interested, the kid was after all a holder of One for All, even if it was just briefly. 

Izuku sighed as he walked back to the beds and sat down.

"Iida, Shoto" Both boys looked away from the TV at him.

"This is a lesson you should better never forget in the future" Was the kid giving them a lesson, like right now?

"They decided something what they thought was a good idea, but they didn't gather all information they could beforehand" Izuku said.

"They thought that this is the best way of action, but they forgot that it would permit the League of Villains to gather more members in his name" The adults stared at the boy in shock, they didn't think that he could think this far ahead. 

“Make sure to always cut all lose ends before you make a decision that” Izuku lectured.

Izuku pulled his phone out and searched through it until held it out to them, it was a video that shoved his fight against Stain. It showed how he ridiculous Stain's ideals, and it showed that it was already getting downloaded a few thousand times.

"I loaded this video up when I got home, so that the League would have a harder time gaining members. Your lie is now going to give a bad impression to the public, the impression that the government is incapable and lies to them." Izuku said.

"But what the things you are saying aren't true, our profilers are sure that Stain believed in his ideals" Dog man said.

"I just twisted his words a little, the man was about to die anyway. If that helps to slow down the League, then it’s an acceptable lie" This kid really was something.

"Well you better figure out how you will handle your scandal chief" Izuku said as he walked between the two beds, he grabbed both boys on their ears and pulled them close as they yelled out in pain.

"Now you two, what the fuck were you thinking." The adults sweatdropped at the scene, they wanted to say the same thing to him.

"Iida did you think that a few weeks at school make you a stronger hero then your brother?" Izuku asked as he twisted his ear more.

"No, of course not" Iida hissed out.

"Then how come that you thought that you could beat someone your brother couldn't, I have already called your family. You will sit here and reflect on your selfish actions, what do you think they would have felt when you died today. Your brother would have probably killed himself from the guilt" Okay maybe a bit over dramatic, but Iida was always so proud of his brother, this should work it's magic.

"And you" He said as he twisted Shoto's ear.

"You should have at least shouted for help before you went in there. Or you could have sent us your location. Your brother already messed up big time at home, I want to be back as fast as possible before Ei kills them. Now get your things together, we are leaving." Izuku said as looked at the three adults.


"You make sure that you handle the situation like I want it, or I will release the audio tape that I have made" Izuku said as he showed them a recorder.

"I'm too old for this, you two can handle it" Gran Torino said as he left through the window.

"We are so fucked" Manual said with a sigh. 

"Indeed, we are" Dog head sighed out, the press conference was his idea. Who would have thought that it would bite him in the ass this harshly, he will have to look out for this kid in the future.


Chapter Text

"Indeed, we are" Dog head sighed out, the press conference was his idea. Who would have thought that it would bite him in the ass this harshly, he will have to look out for this kid in the future.



Izuku way silent on the way back home and Shoto wandered what Hitoshi must have done to make Izuku this angered. Izuku was completely different than usual with the policeman, normally he would have dominated the conversation from the start. This time he played with the man and even manipulated, Izuku must be emotional troubled.

Walking through the door they felt the heavy atmosphere, it was depressing. Izuku got a little hectic as he looked around, he dashed to the living room and Shoto followed. In the living were Hitoshi and Kaminari, both were hugging each other as they sat on the couch. You could see that they must have cried a lot since their faces and eyes were a mess.

Izuku rushed to them and hugged both, but the two boys only hissed at his touch. 

"Hey, are you alright?" Izuku asked weakly, what was he supposed to say in this situation.

"We are fine, just extremely sore, but Kirishima" Izuku panic as he heard his sons hoarse voice.

"Our back will heal, we deserved it. Kirishima, I think he broke himself" Kaminari continued with some hoarse voice.

"Hey, look at me you two" Izuku said as he took their chins to make eye contact, he felt so guilty that he had let Eijiro do this.

"Mistakes happen okay. It is only normal for us to make them, and it's normal to get punished for them." Izuku said, his hands traveled to Toshi t-shirt to lift it up, but the boy was fast to slap his hand away.

"No, don't look. He knows you couldn't hurt me dad, he didn't want it either. He gave me and Kaminari a chance, because you would have forbidden us from meeting again. Shoving you this would mean wasting Eijiro’s efforts" Toshi said.

"I'm so proud of you" Izuku said as he leaned down and kissed Toshi forehead.

"I will look after Ei, why don't you watch a movie. I'm sure Shoto will get you something to eat" Izuku said as he ruffled Toshi's and Kaminari's hair before he left.

"Let me see" Shoto simply said as he moved behind them peeked under t-shirt, he hissed as he saw the angry red skin on the back that traveled until his ass. He lightly touched Hitoshi ass and legs and the boy hissed at him. Sighing he carefully lifted Hitoshi up and then laid him down on his stomach, he then used his right side to cool the wounds down. 

"Shit that's magic" Toshi said with relieved groan. 

"I can't do more right now, I'm still exhausted" Shoto said as his hand moved lower and Hitoshi could only groan as the burning feeling was getting lesser. Shoto gestured for Kaminari to lie down and did the same thing for him.




"Ei, can I come in?" Izuku asked as he knocked at his own bedroom door, a few months ago he would have never thought that he would need permission for his own bedroom.

"Hmm" It was low and Izuku barely heard it, but it was enough for him.

Coming in the room Izuku dashed to Eijiro, the other boy was on the ground as tears were running out of his eyes. He picked the boy and brought them both to the bed.

"Hey" Izuku said softly as he hugged the other, knowing that no words will be best right now. He just hugged the other boy as tightly as he could, giving him a shoulder to lean on. What had he done? This should have been his place, he shouldn't have pushed away his responsibility. Toshi was his son not Eijiro's, what was he thinking?

They stayed like this for an hour before Eijiro stopped crying, Izuku's t-shirt was already completely soaked. He patted the boy on the back as they laid down. He could get someone to erase Eijiro's memories, make it like it never happened.

(Small trauma since it should be hard to punish a friend if you are only 14 yourself)

"Izu" Eijiro voice was cracking as he called.

"I-I-I don't think I ca-can look in their eyes again" Eijiro sobbed out.

"Hey, hey. Everything is okay, the boys are okay. They know why you did, and they understand it." Izuku said as he forced Eijiro to look at him.

"I'm so sorry that I pushed this onto you, if I wasn't such coward and hide behind you this wouldn't have happened" Izuku said.

"No, I wanted it. I wanted to help you, I know that I didn't do anything wrong. I even made sure that I hit them as lightly as possible without them finding out. It’s just, I don't think that I will ever forget their screams." Eijiro said.

"And I will never forget what I did to you, but we two will move forward okay" Izuku said as he took Eijiro's hand. 

"Look I know someone that can erase your memories" Izuku put his finger on Eijiro's lips as he wanted to protest.

"He could delete it all, make you happier for now. I had this moment in live, were I would have given everything for that" Izuku said as he himself started to tear.

"I was five when I" Izuku couldn't continue as his throat tightened, Eijiro just waited patiently for him.

"When my mother was killed because of me, I was five when I killed my father in self-defense. All this pain I felt, I wished it would be taken away. However, our past is what forms us, I wouldn't be here today without. I wouldn't have Toshi or Shoto and I would certainly not have you. I'm offering you a way out, but I think that you can overcome it" Izuku said as made space between them.

"I will be here for you, and let’s be honest, spanking two brats for breaking their promise to you and my rules is not wrong. They will get over, we will get over. So, forgive yourself, because you did nothing wrong" Izuku said as he looked directly into Eijiro's eyes.

"Yea, you are right. You should show me an example and forgive yourself first" Eijiro said as he smiled.

"Very well, it will take some time, but I will give my best. How about this, we go into the living room and watch a movie with them. Tomorrow I will have 'The Talk' with them, so that something like this doesn't happen again. I should have done this way earlier, but I was too afraid of losing him." Izuku said as Eijiro smiled at him.

"That sounds good" Eijiro said with a sad smile, you could see that it still troubled him.


The evening was very pleasant after that, they watched a movie as they all sat on the couch eating ice-cream. Nobody talked about what happened and they were content that it was hurtful but necessary punishment. 



 (I want to give a warning here. When I started this story, I would have never thought that it would become so popular and that I would write so much. So, for our own sanity, let us pretend that they are 18 when it comes to sex) Thanks for reading.

Next morning in the living room.

"So, how do I put it. We will have a talk about certain things" Izuku began and Kaminari already blushed.

"Dad" Hitoshi hissed out.

"I will not tell you how these things are done since we all have internet, but what I will say is that I will set a few ground rules" Hitoshi wanted to groan, weren't the other rules enough. 

"You two will inform yourself well before you do it, not just about the process, but also about the after care. If I see one of you limping around, then we will have this talk again. With again I mean I will show you how it’s done, so please do it right, nobody of us wants that." Izuku said as the other two nodded, there was no one that wants that.

"You will do it here or Kaminari's, I don't want to hear someone saying they saw or heard you in public places." Izuku said and they nodded again, this was really embarrassing for the two.

"In the bathroom under the sink are lube and condoms, use them." The two in front of Izuku almost exploded.

"No quirk use in the bedroom, at least not until you have more control over them" Kaminari's thoughts drifted away as he thought about using electricity to--

"Last, if you want to have a sexual relationship, then you have to tell your parents that you are going out. Because if you don't go out, I will forbid it, I'm not raising a slutty brat in this house" Izuku said and again a nod.

"Good, do you want to tell me something?" Izuku asked as he looked at them expectantly, Toshi gulped as his hand tried to find Kaminari's.


"Well, . . . . . . . . . . . This is Kaminari Denki and we are dating" Toshi said before he gave Kaminari glance that asked, 'We are right?'. The other just nodded as he tried to avoid Izuku's eyes.

"Well, . . . . . . . . . . . . It's nice to hear, it's still Midoriya-san for you Denki-kun" Izuku said in a way that it let them shiver. 

"Since you are going to date my son, I will tell you a thing" Kaminari's blush instantly vanished as he paled.

"You hurt my son and I will give you a real spanking, Ei was holding back as much as he could yesterday. If you should hurt him in anyway, then I will spank you 10 times harder. Clear?" Izuku asked.

"Yes Sir" Oh poor thing, but Izuku wasn't finished.

"You also better start working out, I don't want someone that can’t even carry my son to his bed as his boyfriend. It's also better in your sex life activities to have more stamina" Kaminari nodded again, this will be hard work to get the boy to talk to him.

"Toshi, the same is going to apply to you. Should you hurt this boy in anyway and I will put you over Eijiro's knee" Yea he still couldn't hurt Toshi.

"Can you promise me to follow these few things?" Izuku asked.

"Yes" They both said.

"Don't you dare to break this promise, you still have to apologize to Ei because of this. A man whose word isn't worth a thing is just a shell from what he could really be, don't forget that." Izuku said as he left them alone, it was funny how both of them said the same thing with different words.

‘A man whose word isn't worth a thing is just a shell from what he could really be, don't forget that’ and ‘A man that breaks his words is totally unmanly and will never be able to walk with his head held high’ They both meant the same thing, both, Toshi and Denki would never forget these words. It was an advice that two people they respected gave them, it was the wisdom his father gave him.



A few hours later, around noon.

Eijiro looked up from the desk in Izu's and his bedroom when someone knocked at the door.

"Come in" He said as both Kaminari and Toshi came through the door. He tried not to flinch as a scream went through his head.

"Hey, we are here to apologize" Toshi said.

"We are really sorry for breaking our promise and with that your trust" Kaminari said as they bowed.

"We are also really thankful that you did what you did, dad would have forbidden us from meeting again if it wasn’t for you. We just hope that you can forgive us" Toshi asked hopeful.

"There is nothing to forgive, you have already payed the price. How are your backs?" He asked as tried to take a look.

"It's better, Shoto iced it" Kaminari said as he lifted his t-shirt and it was true, they didn't look that bad like yesterday.

"That's good to hear, are you going somewhere?" Eijiro asked as he eyed the clothes they had on.

"My parents, Midoriya-san said we should inform our parents that we are dating and gave us permission just for today" Kaminari said.

"That brings us here" Toshi said as he stood around a bit awkwardly. 

"So, -- I ---um. I--- hmmm. . . . I would like to date Kaminari and would like to ask you if that is okay" Toshi finally blurred out. Eijiro stared at the boy in front of him, he was asked for permission. Toshi had really asked him, had considered him as parent.

"It's okay and you have my permission, just do bedroom things in the bedroom" Eijiro said with a pointed look at Kaminari.

"Uumm, thanks. See you later and love yea" Toshi said before he took Kaminari's hand and dashed out without waiting for a reply. Eijiro just shook his head as he looked at the open door.


"You know that eavesdropping on our conversation is rude right?" He said to his left, Izuku smiled as he became visible.

"Well, well, if there hasn't someone sharpened their senses. He is a cute little boy, don't you think that too, Dad" Izuku said with a teasing smile.

Chapter Text

"Well, well, if there someone hasn't sharpened their senses. He is a cute little boy, don't you think that too, Dad" Izuku said with a teasing smile.



“He is a little punk that somehow got permission to leave the house while he is grounded” Eijiro said as he gave Izuku a pointed look, the other just glanced away.

“What?” Izuku finally asked after Eijiro didn’t stop staring at him.

“It’s the first day of their grounding and you are already becoming soft, can you even say no to Toshi?” Eijiro asked and Izuku really had to think, there were only a few things that he had forbid Toshi.

“Not really” He admitted sheepishly, it was strange, besides Eijiro it was like he had never lost his emotions in the first place.

“Okay, this is how this is going to work. If they ask you again, send them to me” Eijiro said with a stern look.

“How can I talk back against an angry Dad” Izuku said as he dodges a jap to his ribs.

“Aggressive, is there someone embarrassed?” Izuku asked as he jumped away from a punch. Eijiro jumped right after him onto the bed as they wrestled with each other.


Izuku then turned them until he was on top of Eijiro and pressed both his arms and his chest down. It was hard with his non existing weight in a pure strength battle, but he was still stronger when they both didn’t use their quirks.

“What Toshi would say when he knows how horny you are for my dick” Eijiro blushed as he struggled to get free, but his actions were paused when he felt Izuku hand lifting his shirt. Don’t tell him that he sent the two away for them to have fun?

“Oh, someone is getting exited” Izuku said as he touched his hard cock.

“What would the two think of you, when they know what you would do to just have my cock your mouth” Izuku whispered into his ear as he teared his shirt apart.

“Shut up, I’m not that needy little slut you make me sound” Kirishima said as he turned him around. He had to smile as he looked at that red face of his boyfriend above him, just like his hair.

“Really, I remember that someone had one wish open and the only thing he wished was—” He couldn’t finish as Kirishima put a hand over his mouth, really this guy has gotten so daring.

“I said shut up” Kirishima hissed as he bit his ear.

“In my bedroom I decide when I keep my mouth shut, and it is certainly not now” Izuku said as he turned them again, but this time he rolled Kirishima on his stomach as he pulled his pants and underwear down.

“I said the next time I would come, it would be in your ass. Can I?” Izuku asked as he rubbed his dick over Eijiro’s ass. The other boy was frozen under him as he didn’t move at all, then suddenly his entire body tensed for second before it completely relaxed again.

“You have to be kidding me” Izuku said as he rolled Eijiro back to face him.

“You just came from my words alone, you are even more kinky than I thought.” Izuku said with a smirk as his hand gathered Eijiro’s cum and brought it to his boyfriend’s lips.

“Be a good boy and clean it up for me” He said and watched satisfied how Eijiro sucked them clean.

“So, you wanna let me in or are you to exhausted already” He asked with a smirk, with Ei nothing was emotionless. He was a completely different person, he had fun teasing that boy.

“As if that little thing of yours could exhaust me” Eijiro challenged.

“Knees up” Izuku simply said as he almost folded Eijiro in half as he pressed his legs against his chest. A finger entered him and not a second later two more, he hissed at the sudden pain, but it almost instantly vanished as Izuku found his magical pleasure spot.

He screamed as Izuku hit this point over and over again as he stretched him, he was just glad that all rooms were soundproof, or he wouldn’t know how to look into Shoto’s face again. This thought was banished as Izuku hit him a few more times until he came again.

“I think you are ready for me” Eijiro immediately came out from his high of his last orgasm. Looking down he saw Izuku’s way to big cock as he waited at his entrance, he just nodded as Izuku gave him one last questioning look.

“Fuck” Izuku groaned out as he slowly entered him, it was indescribable feeling to be filled like this. He could only moan as Izuku hit his sweet point, this was the best he ever felt.

“Does it hurt” Izuku asked from above him.

“No, it’s perfect” He groaned out as his boyfriend started to move, shit he saw stars as he screamed Izuku’s name.

“You are so tight” Izuku groaned as he used more speed.

“So fucking perfect for me” Eijiro couldn’t take it anymore as he came again, Izuku fucked him right through his orgasm and didn’t stop for a second. His eyes were blown wide open as Izuku continued to fuck him with his already overstimulated and sensitive prostate.

It didn’t take long for Izuku come and oh god, that small boy had filled him up completely. He could feel how his cock softened in him and his hot semen spread through him until came out of him.


“Well that was---” Izuku started.

“Amazing?” Eijiro finished as Izuku just smiled at him.

“Come let’s get cleaned up before it dries” Izuku said, but Eijiro just stared at him like he was crazy.

“Do you really think I will go the bathroom now, not knowing if Shoto could see me?” He asked his boyfriend who looked puzzled.

“Is there a problem with him seeing you?” Izuku asked innocently.

“Yes” He screamed at Izuku who looked completely lost.

“It’s a sense of shame” He said as it didn’t seem like he would find the answer.

“That feeling would be new to me, why would I be ashamed for having sex with my boyfriend?” Eijiro was just too exhausted for this.

“I really don’t have the energy to explain this right now, just ask Yamata-san next time. For now, put on some clothes on and check if Shoto is in his room and get me if it’s safe to go out” Eijiro said let himself fall back.


It didn’t take long for Izuku to come back and even carry him into the bathroom where he cleaned him on top. Didn’t stop another orgasm as Izuku cleaned his ass thought, he was way too much into this.

Toshi came back alone in the evening since Kaminari’s parents wanted to talk with their son just under themselves. The next days were relatively quiet as they trained everyday do get their quirk better under control.

What interested them was that Toshi’s quirk started to work on Izuku, it didn’t hold long but a minute was enough for Toshi to escape. He meditated almost the entire day as he pumped energy into his blood, he then stopped for a day and trained his control as he smashed more than one plate.

This amount of power was hard to control as Izuku had given him wooden sticks, he only learned to hold one after he broken at least hundreds of them. His senses sharpened even more, it was hard to sleep like that since his entire skin itched, but he was getting used to it.

He was just glad that their bedroom was soundproof, or he would go crazy. He must find a method to put the energy somewhere while he isn’t in need of it. This way he wouldn’t be so sensitive to everything around him.

His healing got so fast that someone could mistake it for a regeneration quirk. Izuku was so impressed that he even doubted if he could still win against him, didn’t stop that him from cutting his arm thought.



School had started not long after again and most of their classmates had swarmed Izuku and Shoto to tell them about Stain. The police had taken heavy public criticism for lying, Endeavor on the other hand had just a small problem since the police stated that it was their idea.

Izuku become a public figure after this, many admired his skill and mental strength to not falter from his words and kill the man. Some questioned if he was even allowed to do that, but since nobody arrested him it seemed that it was clear.

It even affected the crime rate as the brutal video spread through the entire world, the crime rate in japan fell from 9% to 4%. It was an amazing achievement and Eijiro had to say that he was proud of his boyfriend.

Toshi’s arm was adjusted again, now it worked perfectly well for everyday use. His combat arm was still being build, but Mei said that she wouldn’t take more than a month for that.




“We will have race, who finds the flag in the middle of the field first wins” Eijiro smirked as he heard All Might’s explanation, he would beat Izuku this time.

He looked at his boyfriend who was getting ready as he waited for All Might’s signal to start. With them were Iida, Uraraka, Bakugou and Momo, this is going to be interesting. He already saw how Izuku turned invisible.


Eijiro jump right away to the highest building as he searched for the flag. He saw it on a building right in the middle. He also saw how Momo flew past him on her glider, but this time she had added a jetpack on top of it making her speed go up even more.

He jumped down as he went for the center, he knows that Bakugou and Iida had no chance winning in speed against them, so they were already out of his mind. Uraraka however was fast, she should be at least as fast as him.

The problem was that he couldn’t hear or see her and that with his new senses, her quirk made her even lighter than Izuku and with that faster. Izuku was of course also there, but it was impossible to track him down in this situation.

He just jumped from one building to another when he saw both girls before him, they must have trained hard to be faster them him after his upgrade. He put extra energy into his legs as he shot past them his hand already outstretched for the flag.

His fingers were already touching the bar when it suddenly shifted to the side, surprised he landed face first in the rooftop. He should have fucking know as he heard a small laugher, his boyfriend was an ass.

“Hmm, you didn’t think that you had a chance in speed against me, did you?” Izuku asked in mocking tone and he wondered if Izuku was really emotionless to begin with. That boy had changed so much from the time he had first met him.

“I can hope” He said as he wiped his face clean from all the dust that was on it.

“Man, you two are just too fast” Momo said as she landed on the roof.

“Yea, where is the fun if you already know that you can’t win.” Uraraka said from behind her.

“This isn’t about fun, we four are one of the fastest people in japan. We need to know our limits to calculate our plans, or it could lead to someone’s death” Izuku said.

“True, but we are still in school, and we are here to give our best, doesn’t mean that we can’t have fun doing so” Momo said as she sat down.

“True, especially you Izu. Have some fun here in school, there isn’t much they can train you to begin with.” Eijiro said, as Izuku nodded.



Meanwhile at the starting point.

“They have to fucking kidding me, how are they getting even faster” Mina said as they all stared mouth agape after the four that vanished and finished the race in under a fucking minute.

“They are monsters, this isn’t even normal anymore” Sero said and All Might couldn’t even deny it, they were at least as fast as him now. In his prime he could have out run them, but now. He didn’t see Midoriya, so he wasn’t even sure if he really could.

“Poor Bakugou and Iida, to be put in the same group as them” Ojiro said as the rest nodded.




“Four minutes and five seconds, congrats Bakugou.” Izuku said and the others didn’t know how his words sounded so monotone, he gave nothing away when he talked with that boy.

“Fuck you all, I can still kick your ass” He said as the four of them gave him a ‘Oh really’ look.

The next groups weren’t even close to their time, Iida had made it in 2 minutes and Toshi in 5 despite not having a mobility quirk. The average time was around 7 minutes and with that 6 minutes longer than theirs.


“We have gotten a good respond for most of you” Aizawa started as he glanced at Toshi and Kaminari.

“But this internship was just the beginning, midterms are around the corner and I will have you know, that you won’t be able to go to the summer training camp we have planned should you fail” Most students groaned as they heard him.

“This means both practical and written exams” Aizawa warned.

“Nooooo” Eijiro whined out as he heard the man.


Chapter Text

“Nooooo” Eijiro whined out as he heard the man.



“Do we have a problem Kirishima-kun?” Aizawa asked as his hair was floating up and his eyes were shining blood red.

“No” The boy quietly said as he tried to hide behind the person in front of him, his teacher creeped him out. This eyes just stared into his soul or even deeper.

“Good, that would be all for today, you are dismissed” Aizawa said before he got into his sleeping back.

“Izu, you need to help me” Kirishima whined as he hugged his boyfriend from behind.

“These exams a complete torture, how is a human supposed to learn all this stuff anyway” Eijiro said dramatically as he clung to the smaller boy.

“Hmm” Izuku hummed as he brushed Eijiro off him, the other boy had a helpless expression as he tried to pin out if his boyfriend was going to help him.

“Please Izu, I really wanna go to the summer camp with you” Eijiro said as he picked Izuku up and held him in front of him.

“Fine, I will help you” Izuku answered defeated as he was let down to the ground again.




Eijiro came to regret his pleading as he set in the living room together with Toshi and Denki. He was at least glad that Denki was also such an airhead if it was related to school, thought, Izuku didn’t seem so happy about it.

“It seems your family has a kink for people like us” Denki whispered to Toshi who laughed quietly as he worked on his subject, it seemed that Toshi was good in learning or had learned with Izuku long enough.

Eijiro sighed as he stopped reading his history book, why on earth did he need to know who the first hero was. It was nothing that would help him in his real life, Izuku’s secret documents were helpful and easy to read.

Why didn’t the school teach them something about spying or hacking, those things would be helpful in their career. His attention was taken away from his thoughts as Izuku slapped his head with a stick.

“Focus, how else are you going to learn if you don’t start reading” He asked as he watched on which page he had stopped, sadly it was page ten.

“You have to be kidding me” Izuku said as he sighed heavily, he walked behind Denki and looked how far the other boy had gotten.

“You two are a completely lost case, how come I like you?” Izuku said to Eijiro as he let himself collapse into his chair.

“That is something we all would like to know” Toshi said looking up from his book as the other two sniggered.

“Okay, now this is how it’s going to be, I will teach you the subject and then give you two hours read them again and memorize it. In the meantime, I will cook something really delicious, should you not be able to do it in this two hours then you can’t eat with me” Izuku said with a smile that showed that he meant it.


The following days passed like this, all day learning with Izuku giving them a reward each time they had made it. Some classmates came by from time to time and learned with them, but most of them didn’t last under Izuku’s pressure. Thought, Eijiro had to say that he learned everything that Izuku had explained to him, even the hard parts that he struggled with in the past.

Shoto learned alone in his room and declined their invitation each time they asked him, but he came out to eat with them at least. He was a quiet boy to begin with, Izuku and Eijiro had already discusses many times how to warm up to him.

Mostly Izuku suggested an idea and Eijiro explained why it wouldn’t work, it was funny and at the same time sad. How come that the boy had no idea how to read other people’s emotions probably. He was getting better, but there were still times when he said some hurtful things, even thought they were true.


“Man, Izuku is gonna hit me again when he comes back” Denki said as he looked at his math problem, it was one of the classes he struggled the most with. Izuku was out for today to meet with his assassin friends or family.

“Let me see, maybe I can help you” Eijiro said as he took Denki’s book, math was one of the few classes he was relatively good at.

“Here, if you divide this first and then use this formula to get your answer” He explained, and Denki just nodded as he started to write it down before he forgets it.

They all had gotten used to this learning atmosphere and it greatly helped their learning process, but it was boring as hell. Eijiro sighed as he works through his English textbook and tried to translate it. They all stopped when they heard a bark from the front door.

They looked at each other to confirm that they heard the same before they stood up to look what had made the sound, how in the world did a dog get into their home?

Coming into the hall they all stopped as they saw Izuku putting his coat away as he had a small puppy in his hands. That poor thing was snow white just like Izuku with blue eyes as it barked at them.

“Dad?” Toshi asked uncertainly as he looked at the small living thing in his fathers’ hand.

“Why are you out here and not learning?” Izuku asked as if it didn’t matter that he brought a puppy back home.

“No, no. Why do you have a dog with you?” Eijiro asked as he tried to pat the small puppy, but Izuku blocked him with his body as he turned him away.

“No one gets to touch Fluffy until they are done with their learning” Izuku said with a smirk as the other three looked at him with disbelieve, Fluffy? Was he for real?

“Where do you have it from?” Denki asked as he tried to look at it, but Izuku just it behind his body.

“Kenny gifted it to me as an apology.” Izuku simply said as he walked past them into the kitchen and got a bowl for water.

“Shouldn’t you work?” he asked as they followed behind him.

“Oh, please. Just show him to us for a second” Eijiro said but Izuku was stubborn as he hid him again.

“No, learn and you can play with him as long as you want” Izuku said as he took the bowl and left for his room.

“See you in an hour” He called as he closed his door. You didn’t have to guess, the three had learned this hour more distracted them ever as they thought about the small fluff ball.



“Oh, come on, I have learned most of my things” Eijiro complained as Izuku still didn’t hand over the puppy.

“Just give me second” Izuku said quietly and it was the first that Eijiro considered that Izuku just liked the small ball of fluff in his hands.

“Has someone grown a heart?” He asked as he placed himself besides Izuku and looked at the small dog.

“He is just so fluffy, it’s like magic, I can’t let go” Izuku said as his hands were all around the pet.

“But you should let go of him, you know that it wouldn’t feel good anymore when I touch you nonstop right?” Eijiro asked and Izuku pouted as he let the dog down in agreement. That was all Eijiro needed as he patted the puppy himself.

“He is really fluffy” He agreed with his boyfriend.

“I wanna hold him again” Izuku whined out as he looked at the small thing on the ground. It was the first time Eijiro saw Izuku act like someone of their age, was the dog really that magical to let him behave like this.

“Let him be for now and get him after dinner, he has to get used to his new home” Eijiro said as took his personal assassin out of the room to the kitchen as he closed the bedroom door.



“Please dad, I finished all my studies for today” Toshi begged as he stood by the entrance to the living room. Eijiro and him had gotten themselves a cup of tea as they enjoyed the view from this high over the city.

It was always breathtaking to be able to look over the entire city like this, having your tea in your hand while sitting in a comfortable chair with your boyfriend beside you. It was so peaceful to just look out of the window and relax, to forget all the worries they had.

The whining of a little brat didn’t really help their atmosphere though, Izuku sighed as he slowly turned his head to Toshi as the boy flinched a little. They all know how much Izuku cherished his quiet moments in the evening to forget his world for a minute.

“Be careful with him” Izuku finally answered as he exhaled deeply to get his frustration under control. Eijiro know that Izuku wasn’t sleeping well for at least a month now.


The next few days passed like this. They studied all day together, ate and talked a little. However, Izuku became quieter with each passing day, to the point where even Shoto talked more with them.

Eijiro know that the boy almost didn’t sleep at night, that he stayed awake besides him all the time. Sometimes he watched how the small boy gasped awake from a nightmare, he even started to talk in his sleep.

Begging to not kill someone, to only harm him. It was hard for Eijiro to watch it, he knows that he should help Izuku, but he had to no idea how. How are you going to help someone that didn’t want help to begin with, Izuku always blocked him when wanted to talk about it.

The only one that was close to Izuku was Fluffy, that small dog was the only thing that calmed the teenage boy. Eijiro know that Izuku wanted to talk with him, but that his exhausted mind was too far gone.

That was also the reason why Eijiro put sleeping pills in Izuku’s favorite tea this evening, the boy had to sleep for once. He was glad that Izuku trusted him enough to let his guard around him down and drunk it.

Toshi and Shoto had cleaned the dishes as he carried the small boy into their bedroom. He covered him with a blanked and gave him a small kiss on his cheek before he went out.

“How is he doing?” Shoto asked as he had Fluffy in his arms, really these two. It was like a magnet, the small puppy was with Izuku or Shoto, there was hardly a time when he wasn’t in one of their arms.

“Sleeps” He shortly answered as he took the offered cup of tea with a small nod.

“Is dad not sleeping well?” Toshi asked. This was also one of the few things that concerned him, he wasn’t sure if he should tell them what was going on. Izuku didn’t let a word out about his problems, they all know that he lagged sleep, but they didn’t know why.

He wasn’t sure if it was his place to tell, Izuku must have had his reasons to not tell his son about it. On the other hand, he wasn’t Izuku, but where was the line between respecting the others wishes without losing yourself?

“He is fine for now, just a little sleepy. He said that he worked on a hard case the last few days” Eijiro lied out like it was nothing, his stomach twisted as the words left his mouth. This wasn’t really like him, he just hoped that he had made the right decision.

“I will also go to sleep now, make sure that you don’t stay up to late, we still have school tomorrow.” Eijiro said as he got back into the room. He sighed as he closed the door behind himself, lying wasn’t really his thing.


“I hope you have a good reason to drug me”


Chapter Text

“I hope you have a reason to drug me”


Kirishima screamed as he jumped around, sitting on their bed was a very not sleeping Izuku. He was just glad that their rooms were soundproof, who knows what the others would have done when they heard him.

“Well?” Izuku’s tone was cold as he demanded an answer, his eyes glaring holes into his skull.

“Izu----” Eijiro started, but he didn’t really know what to say, it wasn’t like he wasn’t aware of what he was doing.

“Izu you need sleep. How many days has it been since you slept well, it’s affecting your mood and it concerns us all.” Eijiro said as he let himself fall on their bed.

“That is no excuse to drug me” Izuku said coldly from above him.

“It kind of is, you were avoiding me all the time. If you don’t talk to me and find a solution fine, but not talking and not finding a solution is my limit. Since you didn’t let me help you openly I did it secretly” Eijiro answered as he stared at these cold eyes, they were so beautiful.

“I’m searching for a solution and it doesn’t excuse what you did” Izuku said.

“You are right, it doesn’t. However, you should talk to me, maybe I could help you” Eijiro tried as he grabbed Izuku’s hand.

“I don’t know what there is to talk about” Izuku replied and it hurt to hear him say something like that.

“Why don’t you just trust me Izu?” Eijiro asked as he let go of the hand.

“I do trust you Ei, it’s just—” Izuku stopped as he looked away, but Eijiro waited patiently.

“I don’t want to burden you with more than I already have.” Izuku finally said after 5 minutes of silence between them. Eijiro could only sigh as he let himself relax, that stupid boyfriend of his was just concerned for him. In a time when he needed this way more himself, what is he gonna do with that blockhead.

“Whenever I feel burdened or not is only up to me to decide and nobody else, so tell me what is keeping you awake” Eijiro said firmly as stared the white-haired boy down.

“I have nightmares” Izuku admitted.

“I know” Izuku looked at him like he had found out his greatest secret.

“I want to know what they are about” Eijiro said as Izuku didn’t seem to explain. The other boy just stared at the ceiling as he searched for the right words.


“I see death, all these people I killed. They come and haunt me, th—they kill—” Izuku stopped as he started to cry, this was new to Eijiro. Izuku wasn’t someone that cried this easily, it must have been something serious.

“Come here” Eijiro said as he pulled the boy into a tight hug, it was all it took for Izuku to fully break down. He started crying even more as he sobbed into his shirt, his body trembling. Eijiro just waited silently as he rubbed his back and patted his head.

“Did they kill Toshi?” Eijiro finally asked when the boy in his arms had calmed down.

“All of you, every night it’s someone different” Izuku said as he whipped the tears from his face. Eijiro just nodded when took his shirt off, he then pulled Izuku’s shirt off.

“Come here and lay your head on my chest” He said as he got under the blanked, Izuku did as he was told and placed his head on Eijiro’s chest.

“Can you hear it, my heart is still beating and always will be” Eijiro said as put an arm around Izuku to hold him in place.

“Now sleep Izu, my heart is right beneath you. I’m safe and so is Toshi and Shoto” Eijiro said as he closed his own eyes, he could already feel how Izuku’s body relaxed. He must have been extremely exhausted to fall asleep right away.  

Eijiro stayed awake for four hours to make sure that it worked, that Izuku could get enough sleep. To their luck it worked perfectly fine, Izuku was sleeping soundly as he rose with Eijiro’s chest each time he breathed in.

Eijiro smiled as he finally closed his eyes and allowed himself to catch a few hours of sleep. They had exams in two days, he really didn’t want to destroy his sleep rhythm more than necessary.




Eijiro woke up as a certain someone wanted to leave his side, the only problem with that was Eijiro’s arm. It was firmly planted around his waist, locking him in place.

“You could have let me sleep a little longer you know” Eijiro said as he looked at his smartphone, why must this boyfriend always wake up at 5:30 AM every morning.

“I’m sorry, but I have to train” His boyfriend said, looking at his face he was glad that his eyebags were almost gone.

“No, you have woken me up. Now I need you as my teddy bear to fall asleep again” Eijiro said as he rolled them to the side. He spooned Izuku as he tried to leave, putting both his arms around the smaller boy.

“Please Ei” Izuku tried as the other didn’t let him go.


“Shoto might be waiting” Izuku said and Eijiro cursed, because it really could be.

“Fine, but I wanna have breakfast in bed for that” He said as let go of the boy and turned around.

“Whatever you want” Izuku said as he put his clothes on, Eijiro just ignored him as he wanted to get two more hours of sleep before school started.


Izuku indeed did wake him up with breakfast in bed one and a half hours later, thought his pleased breakfast wasn’t that quiet when Toshi came in. The kid complained about no room service and snacked half of his food.


He had to physically restrain himself as he stepped into something brown, this little shit of white fluff ball was shitting into their home nonstop. He will have to talk with Izuku about this again, Fluffy was his responsibility after all.

They all went to school and tried to concentrate on the lessons, even though everybody know that it was useless one day before the exams. Even worse, they tried to focus on Aizawa-sensei’s lessons without looking back each time Fluffy barked.

Yes, Izuku had taken the small puppy with him to school, it was hard for the teachers to deny him. One of the reasons being that they still were in debt with him for rescuing Eraserhead a years ago. Furthermore, everybody loved that small shit ball, don’t get him wrong he liked Fluffy too, but shitting into their apartment was a no go.


The following week passed rather fast as they all gave their best to pass the written exams. Studying with Izuku, even though hard, had helped enormously. The questions seemed even easy compared to these Izuku had asked them, in the end he was just glad that it was over.


“So, what do you think we will fight in the practical exams?” Denki asked into the class.

“Robots” Mina yelled as she was confident in fighting them with her quirk, it was hard to fight humans with it. She always lived with the fear that her acid could be to strong and melt them away. It was one of the reasons she was even here.

She wanted to be in control of her fears, she didn’t want to live the rest of her life with the fear of killing someone accidently. Here she would learn to control her quirk, to be a hero.

They all walked to the training ground Beta like the teacher had instructed, dread started to build up in their stomach when they saw all their teachers there. Eijiro already started to guess what it was they would be doing for their test.

“We are not fighting robots I assume?” Izuku asked as his hands reached for his weapons in his costume.

“That’s right, you will fight in pairs against one of us teachers” Nedzu said proudly as he came out of Aizawa’s scarf.

 “But wasn’t it always robots?” Iida asked as they had gotten information from class-B and their upperclassman.

“That is right, but since the villains started to be bolder recently, we can only hope to train you more in these kind of fights” Nedzu said jumping down.

“Oh, that is so unfair” Mina whined together with Denki.

“It is a very good idea, nothing tops personal experience” Izuku said as his blades were ready, Nedzu just smiled at him as he activated the projector.

Team Midoriya Hitoshi & Sero vs. Midnight

Team Asui & Tokoyami vs. Ectoplasm

Team Ida & Ojiro vs. Power Loader

Team Ashido & Kaminari vs. Nezu

Team Sato & Todoroki vs Cementoss

Team Bakugou & Aoyama vs Thirteen

Team Hagakure & Shoji vs. Snipe

Team Koda & Jiro vs. Present Mic



“I’m sorry, but some names are missing” Uraraka said, it wasn’t too hard to pin out that it was the monsters of their class. Some even thought that they would pass without a fight, since they already showed how strong they are.

“That is correct. Uraraka, Yaoyorozu and Kirishima will be fighting Midoriya-san to pass this exam.” The three looked over to the white-haired boy who didn’t look impressed at all. Nobody said something as the boy in question reminded silent to the matter.


“The teachers will have handicaps, Mei from the support department has created weights to slow us down. You can either capture us with prepared cuffs or escape” Nedzu explained as the students already thought of plans to fight their opponent.

“I will kick your ass Izu” Eijiro said as they looked over the other students preparing for their turn.

“You can try, but I will not hold back since I know that you can regenerate now” Eijiro paled as he heard his boyfriend. If Izuku holded back before and that already hurt like hell, he wasn’t sure what kind of pain was in front of him now.


The matches started and Izuku had to say that they weren’t that special. The students were by no means creative, to predictable. He had thought that they would learn from their mistakes, but on the other hand, he didn’t outright tell them what to do better.

Thought, they were heroes in training, they should be able to improve by themselves. How come that they would be so straightforward, they should start stealth training. This is no way to fight probably, weakness analysis should be taught too.

Toshi did win pretty easily as he tricked Midnight into answering him, how silly of her. Shoto had his problems with Cementoss, since his ice was destroyed with each wave of cement. They were lucky that his teammate could escape without notice, while he fought.

Bakugou was decent, if not even good. You could say many things about the boy’s personality, but you couldn’t deny that he had potential and was an extremely natural fighter.

However, the school should start to teach them hand to hand fighting, because what he saw in the other rounds was downright embarrassing. How come that they didn’t even have basic training up until now?

They were in this school for three whole months already and still didn’t have a single class for basic training. He should really ask Nedzu about this, he was just glad that he taught it to the kids at home.


He sighed as it was his turn now, he would have to defend against the three and make sure that nobody of them escapes through it. This was one hell of a difficult job, but he knew that the three wanted to fight him.

He looked around the fake city as he entered the area, the signal came for the start.

“Well, let’s see how good you have become”

Chapter Text

“Well, let’s see how good you have become”



Izuku stepped into the fake city and jumped to the nearest building in his reach as he continued to do so until he reached a fairly high one. If he understood them correctly then he would have to defend against the three.

Well, that would be hard as both Kirishima and Uraraka were almost as fast as him, but he couldn’t picture them running away. 

He turned his invisibility on as he waited for his aura to cover him, meanwhile, he tried to think of new uses of his newest ability, he had gotten on the terrorist mission. Killing almost twenty terrorists had his tattoo grown much more, even adding a new color.

The quirk was not much, just the ability to create an invisible platform or shield. It was nothing useful for him since he was an attacker and not a defender. But he wouldn’t complain about a new quirk, furthermore, the platform could be created anywhere in a one-meter radius around him.

It even stayed there for a second, so that meant he could use it as a steppingstone. Maybe it was even just made for this because the platform vanished after only one little touch. He could use it to walk through the sky, but he wasn’t sure how many he could use until he reached his limit.

Well, for now, that didn’t matter, because it was just his ace card when he faced the three. Speaking about them he saw how the city started to smoke. It seemed that Momo wanted to take his vision away, but that also meant they wouldn’t see him.

Unless she created night vision glasses for them, seeing that it would counter his invisibility and his mist, it was the most logical option. He turned off his invisibility again as it had no use now and would just cool him down.


A fast movement caught his eye as Ei sprinted to his building and smashed it with all his might, he could already feel how the building started to fall as the lower half of it was completely smashed away.

Yea, his boyfriend had night-vision on, he sighed as he jumped away from him. It would be wrong to fight the tank first. His priority was Momo, the longer she was in the game the more dangerous it would become.

He almost reached the new building when suddenly his whole body started to feel heavy.

Gravity Pull ” Shit how could he have forgotten this ability of hers. Only now did he see Uraraka in the building he was about to jump on, so they even calculated his escape route, not bad.

He could already see Ei waiting for him on the ground, but that wouldn’t be so easy as they thought. He grabbed his kunai and connected it with a rope before he used it to get away from Eijiro.

At least now he knows from where they came from, he jumped over all the buildings to their entrance. If he guessed correctly then Momo should still be there, he could already hear how the two flanked him from his left and right side.

So, that meant that it was really true, she must have hidden somewhere there. He used the last high building to propel himself even more as they got close, though that was a mistake as he was in free fall and had no building near him to escape to.

Even more so as two gigantic nets were shot in his direction, he thought about cutting them for a moment, but Momo knows what he could do, so these things must be special. It hurt his pride that he already had to use his trump card, but he would be caught without it.

“The fuck?” He had to smile as he heard his boyfriend under him curse in wonder, it was surprising to see someone just jump up in midair. It was cheating like in video games when someone did a double jump or in his case multiple jumps in midair.

He used their surprise as he created a second platform to jump straight at the unprepared girl, Uraraka couldn’t do much as he knocked her out. His instincts told him to dodge as a rock was shot at his head, fuck that smoke was taking his vision.

“Got a new quirk again?” Eijiro asked as he tried to hit him, Izuku dodged a few but was hit with a surprise attack as Eijiro hardened the energy around his feet. That punch hurt like hell and now he saw no reason why he shouldn’t hit back.

Their fight continued with Izuku cutting Eijiro up and he was amazed how much pain the boy could tolerate. Eijiro was closing all his big cuts with his healing almost instantly as he sometimes hit him back, though, he couldn’t shake the feeling that Eijiro was stalling for time.

This continued for at least five minutes until Izuku felt how his moments began to become slower, he couldn’t dodge most of Eijiro’s attacks anymore. What was wrong with him? He shouldn’t be exhausted from just this.

Did Ei somehow poison his breakfast? No that can’t be, they wouldn’t know what kind of test would come until just an hour ago. But he wasn’t hit with anything until now so that only left the smoke.

“Sleeping gas mixed in our smoke screen” Eijiro answered his silent question, he wanted to curse himself. Because Eijiro could regenerate and detox the poison, but that also meant.

“You sacrificed Uraraka for this plan” Yea, she had no way to avoid it and she couldn’t wear a gas mask for the plan to work.

“It was her plan and I would say it worked out well.” Indeed it did, but he wasn’t out yet. His resistance against poison was high so he could find Momo before he was out cold. But all the fast movements let his blood in his veins just run faster and with that the poison.

He created a platform and jumped away from Ei, he had already discovered where the produced poison came from. Momo would be defenseless since she was producing this amount of poison the whole time, her fat reserves must be almost out.

Jumping around the corner he was faced with a Momo who had her entire back exposed as gas came out, even now he saw the tripping wires as he jumped over them silently. He would eliminate her and try to fight Eijiro after this, though he wasn’t very optimistic about his chances.

The three of them had gotten really strong already. Hitting Momo’s pressure points from behind he already felt that something was wrong but it was too late, electricity shot through his entire body as it paralyzed him.

He saw how Momo turned around and put the cuffs around his arms.

“You totally fell for our plan President.” She said before the tone came out that the match was over, he didn’t hear it clearly as his eyes became heavy when he slowly drifted to sleep.








Izuku groaned as he woke up, he had a headache from the sleeping gas. Another groan came out as he realized that he had lost against the three.

“You shouldn’t move too much.” Ei said from his side as he handed him a glass of water. Izuku gladly took the glass as he gulped it down.

“Who planned this?” He asked as he gave the glass back to Eijiro.

“It was Momo, she made the overall plan. Uraraka planned the attack and I provided them with your most likely ways to react.” Izuku nodded along as he heard him.

“Momo pointed out that you would finish us one after another, so we needed to lure you into a trap. Uraraka said that she would let herself be eliminated to let you feel at ease, it worked out well since you didn’t notice the poison until was too late.”

Izuku could only agree with Eijiro on this, they had defeated him with a good plan. He was going to train harder from now on, it was unacceptable to lose. 

Next time people around him could be hurt or even die, he was glad that Eijiro was getting stronger, but it also meant that he would have to get stronger to protect him.

“You did well Ei, you have grown so much over the past month.” Izuku said as Eijiro smiled at him.

“Yeah right, look I’m almost a head taller than you now.” Eijiro said as he stood up, now that Izuku paid attention to it, he was right. That guy was growing like he took some steroids and not only that, he was also getting more muscular.

Eijiro definitely looked like a little greek god, something that woke up desires Izuku never had encountered before. He wanted to explore the young man in front of him, to devour him.

He never had these kinds of urges in his life up until now, had always everything under his control, but he couldn’t deny that Eijiro was drawing him in. It was hard to control something he had no experience with.

“You look good, the top outlines your muscles perfectly.” Izuku tried as he gave his thoughts a way out, it wouldn’t hurt to say the things he thought, right?

“Thanks?” Eijiro replied or more asked with a heavy blush as he avoided his eyes, well that looked cute. Eijiro was really perfect, sexy and cute at the same time. 

“I’m just trying to vocalize my desire instead of just rubbishing you straight away, but I must say that it doesn’t work out all that well.” Izuku thought out loud as Eijiro blushed furiously.

“What do you do if desire overcomes you like this?” Izuku asked but was surprised as Eijiro pressed his lips hard against his as he kissed him. Eijiro didn’t stop there though as bit his lower lip to get access into his mouth to deepen the kiss.

“I take a kiss to satisfy it for the time being and take the rest later in the bedroom, or at least that’s how I’m going to do it from now on” Eiijro said confidently when pressed Izuku’s chest down to lean over him.

Izuku was staring right into these beautiful red eyes when pulled Eijiro gently down to his kiss him again, it was different from before. This time it was filled with love and passion instead of lust and hunger.

“Auww” Kirishima hissed out as he rubbed the back of his head where Recovery Girl hit him with her cane.

“You should watch over and not devour him the moment he wakes up” The old lady scolded as Eijiro looked a little sheepish. 

“Is there any kind of pain besides the headache?” Recovery Girl asked Izuku as she checked the young man over, well boy, but they all respected him enough and knew that he was more man than other adults.

“No, everything is fine.” Izuku answered as he did a short check of his body himself, it seemed that she had healed the small wounds Eijiro had left on him. 

“You can go home then, I didn’t expect anything away.” She said as she almost throws them out of the infirmary, well, they shouldn’t have made out in her workroom.


“Are Hitoshi and Shoto already home?” Izuku asked as he put his jacket on. 

“Hmm, Denki is also there” Eijiro hummed out with a smile as Izuku cursed under his breath.

“I think he wants to stay for a sleepover.” Yap, Eijiro enjoyed it to provoke Izuku like this, because he knows how much Denki bothered Izuku. One, because the boy was just everything Izuku didn’t like for a man.

He was undisciplined, immature and maybe Hitoshi liked him more than Izuku. Second, because the boy was somehow likable, his personality was so happy and carefree that you had to like him, which created a conflict with the first part.

But Eijiro knows that Izuku liked Denki more than he let on, or the boy would already be thrown out of their apartment. 

“We are back”