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Tiny sparrows chirped eagerly to each other, landing on the balcony. All was tranquil, early risers only just leaving their houses. The trees were a brilliant shade of green, its leaves coated with smooth waterproof material to minimise water loss, giving them a silky sheen. Dew dripped from the leaves, the effulgent globules creating an uneven rhythm as they reached the roof of a small apartment.

And inside the apartment, screaming.


"Just chill, kook-ah."


"We will now do this new thing I found called mindfulness. Sit down put your hands in your lap. Close your eyes. Focus on your breathing."

Okay, he was right. Namjoon was right. Focus on his breathing. Breathe in. Breathe out. Breathe in. Breathe out.

"If you're getting distracted, notice it and bring your focus back to your breathing."


Okay, this was fine. Focus on his breathing. Breathe in. Breathe out. Breathe in. How long had it been already. He had approximately 4 hours and 15 minutes before his date. Not date. Almost date. Playdate.

What was a playdate? Was a playdate like a date but more fun? What did playdates involve? What did this mean? Why was this happening to him?

Why would anyone ever plan a not-date on Valentine's day?

What were they going to do during the not-date oh god.

What did normal people do on normal platonic dates with the people that they had normal platonic relationships with the people they were mildly in love with.


The tiny sparrows chirped ever so slightly louder.

"If you are getting distracted, notice it and bring your focus back to your breathing."

Jungkook sighed as loud as he could, trying to drive away the birds. Lovebirds. Birds.




Somewhere, about 7 minutes away by foot, was a lovely flat, meticulously painted to simulate a red brick wall when it was in fact concrete. Clothes and rags of incredibly diverse and clashing colours were hung up against the windows, making it an incredibly chaotic to see.

And in one of the units, screaming.


"You asked him out first, get over it."


"Okay, suit yourself."


Yoongi sighed at his roommate who had a decidedly large lack of balls.

"I wonder how you got the balls to ask him out."

Jimin twiddled his thumbs for a while.

And a while more.

And a little bit more to top it all off.

"Do you have something to say to me?"

"So, I uh. I might have like, uh. So yknow how I have only two balls, and that's not enough balls to ask someone out, and like. I may or may not have asked him out on a playdate."

Yoongi sighed at his roommate who had a decidedly large lack of balls.

"You have got to be kidding me."

"Haha, yeah, I know. I am unfortunately definitely not."

"Nice mess you got yourself in."

"A playdate is a date, just a fun one. One where you play. There are many interpretations of play, such as pet play-"

"Wow! Would you look at that, it's 7am! Seems like a time where I should be asleep! Adios my friend!"

Jimin stared out the window dramatically. However, this effect was ruined by the colourful checkered rags they hung on the grille.

What did people normally do on playdates?

This was an absolute disaster.




Okay, so Jimin probably should have gotten some balls from Yoongi. This was so bad. He could see Jungkook just THERE. He was JUST THERE. Maybe he could take a detour for a short number of years.



"Hi. I like your ears."

Nailed it.




So they were at the playground, two fully grown adults amidst a gang of children.

They were nice children though.

Jungkook went ahead, volunteering to push the swings for a queue of little humans.

He was freaking precious. The world did not deserve him.

Jimin played by himself on the seesaw. It reminded him of Yoongi's recent single.

He was so single even on his completely platonic playdate he was alone on the seesaw oh god.


Jungkook sat and Jimin was not ready for his feet lifting from the ground. Not too much, just the right unsettling amount.

This was fine. Damn Jungkook had sinewy arms. Muscular arms that were gripping the handlebars on a damn seesaw.

"So, uh. Earlier when I said I liked your ears I meant uh. They're a nice proportionate shape. Nice good healthy looking. Um. Very good details." Jimin stammered, trying to fill the mildly awkward silence.

"Oh uh haha thanks. I, uh, like your personality."

"That's. Wow. Like wow thanks that means a lot to me I. Thanks. Yeah."


Could he get a do-over? There were loads more first date locations that had to be better than this.

Jimin looked around. And jungkook looked around. And suddenly they were looking at each other.

Jimin tried not to make it too obvious that he was checking him out.

Damn Jungkook had really nice eyes. Big and careful and sparkly. Sparkly like a vampire.

"I like your eyes." They announced in unison.

"Wait I'm sorry what?" Jimin asked.

"Oh uh I'm sorry you go first." Jungkook added at the same time.

"I, uh. Think your eyes are very pretty. Because they are big and innocent and careful and they look like doe eyes and you are cute." Jimin spouted his word vomit.

"Oh thanks. I think your eyes are very pretty too. Because I can hardly see them which means you're smiling and I love it when you're happy."

Oh shit. He did not just say that.

Well that was settled he'd just have to marry Jungkook then.

He could feel himself burning from his chest to his neck to his face and he was burning very hard. This boy in luv was on fire.

Surprisingly, Jungkook was flushed with a similar colour of peach.

Jimin suddenly felt like he should say something.

"So, this playdate. Was meant to be like. Not a playdate. Like a playdate but without the play which means like."

"It's… it's a date, yes?" Jungkook whisper-yelled.

"Yes, it is a date. Are you okay with that? I want to date you." Jimin whisper-yelled, feeling exceptionally brave.

An exceptionally brave pigeon flew to land on the middle of the seesaw.

"I want to date you very badly too," Jungkook whisper-yelled back.

"Why are we whisper-yelling?" Jimin whisper-yelled.

"Emotional scenes call for whisper-yelling," Jungkook whisper-yelled back.

Jimin reverted to his normal voice. "Now that we're done playing can we get to the date now please? We can walk down to the Seoul river and take nice pictures."

"Damn you right. Let's get going then," Jungkook giggled.

And when they got up several things happened at once.

The seesaw creaked.

The pigeon flapped its wings for several moments before it lifted off and flew away.

And the playground broke into applause.

"Oh shit, the children," Jungkook whispered under his breath.

"Will you push me pwease?" One of the girls got up and tapped Jimin on the torso.

"We'll push all of you!" Jungkook proclaimed happily.




"JUNGKOOK YOU IDIOT DID YOU GET MUGGED WHAT TOOK YOU SO LONG." Namjoon called after he finally couldn't take it anymore.

"I'M SORRY, I HAVE CHILDREN TO TEND TO." his voice crackled through the phone, Jimin's cackles a background noise.


"THEY ARE CHILDREN, YES." Jungkook hung up, high-fiving Jimin.




And they were soulmates.

Oh my god, they were soulmates.