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Prompt from RaeRae84: I kinda enjoyed this. And I can kinda see this happening too... I need more Ming and Kit in my life if you're of the mind to do it. Maybe an Alpha/Omega theme if you want. I'm up for anything.



Whilst it may not look like it to others, Kit really did love his Alpha.


He’d never been courted before, and whilst he was secretly pleased that Ming listened to him, only choosing courting gifts that he was sure Kit would appreciate (e.g., rare medical books, his favourite chocolates, more study supplies, things like that), he was not about to let the Alpha scent him anytime soon.


The Doctor gang and their respective boyfriends were out clubbing when Kit ultimately changed his mind about that.


Kit was sipping at some weird cocktail that fellow omega Wayo had handed him, glaring at the surrounding crowd. He couldn’t see his Alpha anywhere, and it was making him slightly nervous… not that he would ever admit that.


Finishing the cocktail, he slammed the glass down onto the wooden table and went to find him, moving through the crowd, glaring at anyone who tried to get too close.


It was near the bar where he found Ming… Ming and a bunch of other omegas surrounding him, both male and female, all flaunting their scents.


Kit scrunched his nose at the excessive Omega pheromones in the air, storming closer to the group.


One of the omegas was brazenly feeling up Ming’s biceps as the Alpha (much to Kit’s delight), tried to pull away.


“Oo, what’s your work-out schedule?” She was asking him, making Kit scoff.


Like she’d be able to keep up with Ming during one of his workouts.


She wasn’t even that pretty. Her eyes were too small, and her scent was so strong that it made Kit want to gag.


He elbowed his way through the crowd, smirking in victory when Ming perked up at the sight of him, finally managing to pry himself from the female omega.




Another omega shot Kit a glare, before shuffling closer to the Campus Moon. Kit felt his inner wolf snarl at the sight.


Unfortunately, he didn’t do a good job of containing the snarl, the sound making the omega’s startle and stare at him with wide eyes.


“Alpha Ming.” Kit snapped, making Ming jump, “I need you to come with me, now.”


The omegas around him gasped at the demand, murmuring about the audacity of the short omega, only to gasp further when Ming eagerly got to his feet to do as he was told, letting Kit grab his hand and pull him away, the crowd parting wisely before them.


Kit ignored all the gasps and mutters until they reached the bathroom, pulling Ming into a stall with him and locking the door behind them.


“P’Kit- “


“- You belong to ME Alpha.” Kit growled, pulling Ming’s head down to kiss him, smiling when Ming eagerly reciprocated. He nipped at the Alpha’s lips before pulled away.


“I’m sorry P’Kit.” Ming pouted, “It’s just that we-we haven’t claimed each other, so they all thought I was single. I told them I wasn’t, but they didn’t believe me and- “


Kit covered his mouth, bristling at the words.


Yes, he’d denied Ming’s attempted to scent mark him, but surely the whole university had seen them together?!




He would make sure that they knew.


“Mark me then.” He demanded, opening up the top buttons of his shirt, pulling it down to reveal pale skin, watching as Ming’s eyes instantly latched onto the sight, “N’Ming! What are you waiting for?”


Ming pounced.


His nose brushed against Kit’s cheeks, before his burying his face into Kit’s neck.


Kit tensed slightly, but he didn’t push Ming away, feeling his heart thundering his chest as Ming breathed in deep.


“So sweet.” Ming whispered, “I love your scent P’Kit.”


Kit shuddered at the words, feeling Ming’s hands on his waist.


His Alpha thoroughly scented him, his neck and collarbones mostly. Once Kit got over the shock, he returned the favour, hands sliding under Ming’s shirt as he rubbed up against the Alpha, drowning him in his scent.


And if he left a hickey or two behind, that was no-one’s business but his own.


Kit then shivered as Ming pressed his teeth to his scent gland at the neck, where a mating mark would traditionally go. Ming just placed a soft, wet kiss against it though, with a whispered, “My omega.”


It was a promise, and Kit was surprised to realise that he was actually looking forward to it being fulfilled.


Sated and scented he moved to pull Ming back out to the club, knowing that those Omegas would know exactly who his Alpha belonged to and who the Alpha chose.