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Prompt from bokerayboke: Are prompts open? Cause if yes, I would love to see more about Mek and boss from my engineer. augh they are so adorable :( I just would love to see more Mek and boss fics (fluff or smut or jealousy) any of those would work :D thank you so much



Mek sighed as he checked his pockets


“Great, just great.” He mutters through gritted teeth. He checks his pockets again in vain, his wallet is not there. “Goddammit.” He adds for good measure and turns around to go back.


He was going to be late anyway.


And he didn’t really want to take his sister on a shopping tour, so the later the better.


He sent his sister a text, informing her that he was going to be late, heading back to his rooms, opening the door to hear music playing inside. With his wallet on the bedside table, he entered that room, only to freeze in the doorframe, mouth suddenly dry.


Dancing to Toxic, by Britney Spears, Boss was in the middle of the room, shaking his ass and hips, not even noticing Mek slowly shutting the door behind him.


Boss always liked to sing and dance… but he’d never done it like this before.


His legs were bare thanks to the shorts, where Mek could see the marks he’d left there last night.


Boss spun around, finally seeing Mek standing there and coming to an abrupt stop, a small squeak breaking free as he did so.


For a moment, there was only silence, until Mek couldn’t hold it back anymore.


“Holy shit.”


“You- you were meant to be going out with your sister!”


All Mek could do was nod.


“All day! You were meant to be gone all day!”


“My sister will understand.” Mek hoped she would, anyway, reaching out and pulling Boss into a hug as the other man buried his face into Mek’s shoulder.


Could Boss feel that he was hard?


Judging by the way Boss pressed up against him, he had, prompting Mek to pull back and claim his lips in an open-mouthed kiss. Boss responded instantly, pressing even closer in an attempt to rub their groins together.


They kept the kiss going until Mek pushed Boss onto the bed, flat on his back, with his legs dangling over the side. Mek then fell to his knees in front of him, spreading Boss’s legs to sit between them, making him eye-level with Boss’s cock straining against the fabric of his shorts.


“M-Mek.” Boss whined, trying to spur Mek on.


Mek couldn’t restrain himself.


“Keep your legs spread.” He softly ordered his boyfriend, as Boss nodded, planting his feet on the edge of the mattress in order to do as he was told. Mek then started to stroke him through the material of the shorts, watching as Boss hardened fully under his touch, his legs trembling at both the sensations.


“Lift your hips up.”


Boss, once again, did as he was told, his cock bobbing free as his shorts were thrown off to one side. Placing Boss’s legs on his shoulders, Mek took his boyfriend in hand, stroking him almost lazily, before running his tongue over the sensitive head.


He loved the sounds Boss made when getting a blowjob.


“Mek, please! I-I-I-I- “


Mek pulled away, smirking at Boss’s desperation. “What do you want?” He asked softly, “Do you want to come like this? Or do you want me to fuck you?”


Boss looked turned on by both options, “I-I want to ride you.” He whispered.


Mek was on his feet and stripping his clothes off in a matter of mere seconds, reaching into their bedside drawer for lube and condoms.


His eyes flickered over the wallet for a moment, before ignoring them.


His sister would understand.


Slicking up his fingers, Mek pressed them inside of Boss, making his boyfriend keen at the sensation of two fingers inside of him.


He was still slightly loose from what they did last night, meaning that preparation was quick, removing the now-three fingers, before lubing up his cock. He then moved to sit against the headboard, watching as Boss straddled him, moaning as Mek entered him, hands clenching at Mek’s chest.


For a moment, they stayed where they were, breathing in unison.


And then, Boss started to move, legs trembling as he moved up and down, back arching when Mek’s cock brushed against his prostate, feeling Mek’s hands grip at his thighs.


It wasn’t long before Mek was thrusting up as Boss pushed down, their moans and groans filling the room. Mek could feel the pressure in the pit of his stomach, knowing that he was close to the edge.


And then his phone started to ring.


His sister.


Forcing Boss to remain still, he dismissed the call, firing off a text, explaining that he was ill and would have to cancel. Maybe tomorrow.


His sister hated germs.


She wouldn’t want to be anywhere near him.


Throwing the phone to one side, he looked back up at Boss, who was starting to giggle. It trailed off into a moan when Mek thrusted upwards, before flipping them over and pounding into him, hands on the inside of Boss’s thighs, almost bending Boss in half.


He grunted at the effort as Boss made a sound low in his throat, like a broken, breathless moan.


The bed slammed loudly against the wall, not that they really noticed.


“Please, please!” Boss didn’t know exactly what he was begging for.


Mek knew what he wanted, but being so close to orgasm himself, all he could do was continue to thrust, feeling Boss tighten around him before he was coming with a groan, feeling Boss come not long afterwards, leaving a sticky mess in between their stomachs.


Mek gently pulled out, as he collapsed next to Boss.


“I… need to dance like that more often.” Boss finally managed to speak up, breathing broken by his post-orgasmic panting.


“Hm… not until tomorrow, please?”