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Prompt from LimaBeanie: Hi Hi, Do you accept prompts for Won Seok and Ho dol from Love With Flaws? If so, could I get some fluff for them? I just find them so cute, especially Ho dol. Maybe people keep wondering why Won Seok is dating Ho dol and then one day something happens or Ho dol does something and then everyone just suddenly understands. Bonus points for possessive Won Seok because that’s always funny. Please and Thank you :)



Ho Dol knew that Won-Seok was out of his league. He wasn’t an idiot, seeing how eyes followed Won-Seok wherever he went.


But he knew he was the only one who knew Won-Seok, who REALLY knew the older man.


He knew about his past.


He knew that the older man had a bit of a sweet tooth.


He knew how the older man looked when he got up, that adorably confused look on his face as his brain struggled to figure out where he was.


What he didn’t know was why, after Ho Dol had come to visit him at work, Won-Seok was sulking… like proper pouting.


“Won-Seok?” Ho Dol snuggled closer to him, “You’ve-you’ve not said a word to me in an hour, and I don’t know why?” He’d been pressing himself closer and closer to his boyfriend for the past ten minutes, but there was no reaction.


Won-Seok’s arms were crossed in front of his chest, which only made him look more childish.


Not that Ho Dol would ever say that to him.


Thinking back, Ho Dol tried to pinpoint when Won-Seok’s mood changed. He’d come in about half an hour before Won-Seok was due to finish and taken a seat in the table at the far corner, waving at his boyfriend, before settling down to do a little bit of work.


Nothing eventful happened at all.


Certainly nothing he could think about.


“I don’t know what’s wrong.” He frowned at the affronted noise Won-Seok let escape.


“Is it because I sat at the back table, because you know I don’t really fit in with the kind of people that go to your bar, and they don’t tend to pay attention to me because of it and- “


“- People were playing plenty of attention to you today wearing that shirt.”


Ho Dol’s brows furrowed in confusion, looking down at his shirt. Yes, it was nicer than what he usually wore, but he had an important presentation to do and showing up in a hoodie was a little frowned upon.


“My-my shirt?”


Won-Seok glanced over at him, “Everyone was staring at you.” He gritted through his teeth, “I’m surprised that nobody tried to sit on your lap.”


“Won-Seok!” Ho Dol found himself flushing at the thought of Won-Seok doing exactly that.


“Don’t tell me you didn’t notice!”


Ho Dol could only shake his head, unable to find the words for how ridiculous this entire situation was. There was no way a shirt changed the way people were looking at him. “I-I didn’t notice!”




“Honestly, I didn’t.” Ho Dol took Won-Seok’s hand in his own, pulling at it until the other man looked at him, “I had to finish a report… and I only ever notice when you’re the one looking at me.”


“… Really?”


Ho Dol couldn’t believe this was happening.


“Because… a lot of them were closer to your age and- “


“- and if they didn’t notice me before, then why would I pay attention to them now, when I’m wearing a slightly nicer shirt? You’re the only one who likes me for me, and not a shirt… which actually isn’t even that nice because I’m sure this stain is from my dinner, and I don’t think I’ll be able to get it out and- “


“- I get it.”


Won-Seok still looked self-conscious, despite the impassioned speech, refusing to meet Ho Dol’s gaze. Unable to witness this anymore, Ho Dol pulled Won-Seok close, smiling when the older man clung to him, face buried in the crook of Ho Dol’s neck.


“I would never leave you; you know that right?” Ho Dol whispered.


Won-Seok reply was muffled, but Ho Dol felt like it was along the lines of “promise?”


“I promise…. You’re the only one for me.”


“You’re the only one for me too…. You’re not allowed to wear that shirt again.”