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The daily life of (rich and not so rich) demigods

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Pete and Yo, as joint counselors of Aphrodite Cabin, often felt it was not only their duty, but responsibility to guide their younger siblings as new demigods, campers, and children of the goddess of love. For love was one of the oldest and most powerful things around. To deny such a fact could lead to misery.

(Tutor often pretended to retch when Pete gave that particular speech, but Pete knew he was getting through to his twin little by little.)

But their newest sibling, Pi, was more than a responsibility or duty. He was a case. A case requiring the guidance of Aphrodite Cabin’s most experienced members in order to avoid catastrophically broken hearts!

It all began the night Pi arrived in Camp Half-Blood. The Romans of Camp Jupiter had apparently decided to visit. Among them, one of Tutor’s newest probatio, a legacy son of Asclepius, Mork.

It was as plain as Fighter’s loving gaze for Tutor or Can’s love of cookies that Mork harbored feelings for their new sibling. Even more so, Mork’s eyes never left Pi’s form, even before Pi had been claimed as their sibling in a shower of rose petals and a magic makeover. Pete and Yo took note of this as they gently led Pi to the side to welcome him properly to their cabin.

The interrogation proper began that night as they settled Pi into his new bed.

“So… Who was that boy staring at you?” Pete asked as he laid down a stack of fresh sheets for Pi to dress his bed with. “Did you know him from somewhere?”

“What boy? All of the campers were staring at me,” Pi whined as he stuffed his pillow into a pillowcase. “It feels… so weird to have people watch me after they normally don’t…”

“Oh, so you don’t know Mr. Tall, dark, and handsome with the deep voice who kept looking for you over his shoulder while we pulled you back to the cabin?” Yo asked.

“Mork was staring at me?!”

“Ah! So you do know him!” Pete sat down on the bed gently, barely disturbing the sheets that Pi had just managed to pull over the last corner of the bed. “Tell us more about him.”

“What’s there to say,” Pi groused as he sat down in a huff. “I guess we sort of knew each other… He was friends with the guy I had a crush on and… we started bumping into each other more often…”

“So you never became friends?” Yo asked as he sat down next to Pi.

“Well…” Pi scratched at his nose. “I… we… He kind of… disappeared?”

Pete and Yo looked at each other before saying, “Ugh, Romans, Lupa,” at the same time.


“The wolf of Rome. She collects campers when they’re of age and brings them to Camp Jupiter. Often campers don’t go back home all that often once they’re probatio in the legion.” Pete made a face. “Things would have been a lot smoother if Tutor had to go home like I did.”

“I’m guessing Mork disappeared recently since he’s still probatio,” Yo said before laying a gentle hand on Pi’s knee. “And clearly he still remembers you.”

“Remembers how much he likes to piss me off more like.” Pi punched his pillow. “Always fussing, always insulting me, always getting in my way…”

Pete and Yo looked at each other again. “Pigtail pulling.”


“These boys…” Pete sighed before putting out a fist at the same time Yo made scissors with his fingers. “Yes! I call helping Pi!”

“Oh fine, I’ll deal with the Roman boy.” Yo waved the two of them off before side stepping a few other Aphrodite campers coming in for the night and leaving.

“Where’s he going?” Pi asked while blinking. “And what are you helping me with?”

Pete smiled and pinched Pi’s cheek. “Don’t worry about that. Now come with me, let’s get you set up with a good skincare routine and some SPF. You’ll need it tomorrow. We have archery with Apollo cabin and Kit is a mean instructor.”