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Mickey Mouse shaped

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Tine stared at the Mickey Mouse shaped pancakes on his plate and then looked towards Sarawat who, with a frown of huge concentration on his face poured orange juice in two glasses.

Tine wasn’t really awake yet and he rubbed his hands over his face to get the sleep out of his eyes and sat up more properly. 

Was this? Oh. 

He hid a fond smile behind his hand and waited until Sarawat had climbed back on the mattress to him.

“Good morning,” he said and Sarawat nodded. 

Just because he had said he had enjoyed their trip to Disneyland. 

That was what he always did when Tine said something: he listened. He listened closely and Tine wouldn’t be surprised if one day he would find a little notebook of all the stuff he had ever said, about things he liked or disliked. 

Sarawat wasn’t built to push and pull and yes, Tine had liked him as a friend first and had considered him, at one point, as one of his best friends and he loved that. Loved that he could have had that with Sarawat if he wouldn’t have fallen head over heels in love with him. 

“Are you not eating?”, Sarawat asked then and Tine smiled. Because he knew that tentative face he made. How he tried not to seem too eager about Tine’s verdict of the pancakes but how he was secretly pleased that he had surprised him. 

Tine took one huge bite and smiled widely at Sarawat.

“Perfect,” he said, in no way comprehensive but Sarawat smiled smugly back.