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Hammock Happiness

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Intouch felt drowsy. He was on the weird brink of falling asleep and just dozing lightly and when he was honest couldn’t decide what would be better. 

The hammock they were lying in swung slightly from side to side and it was warm in the shadows but pleasantly so and Intouch never wanted to leave this place. 


He felt Korn’s deep voice more than he heard it and rubbed his face against the soft fabric on his shirt to signal him that he was awake… barely. But he had the feeling he would kill the atmosphere if he would talk and Korn could read him like a book anyway. 

Korn moved slightly, carefully and Intouch refused to acknowledge any kind of disturbance so he made his body heavier and felt Korn’s chuckle on the place he had laid his cheek on his chest. 

Then a kiss on his forehead, soft and lingering and Intouch sighed. 

This was paradise.