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Flames in the Breeze

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Omega pulled off Tobias’s cock several minutes later, and the smaller man groaned at the loss before he lifted his head and peered down at the devastatingly handsome ghoul between his parted legs, whose lips were red and swollen from his oral efforts.

Tobias reached downward and ran his thumb over the guitarist’s lips. “You’re so fucking hot, Omega,” he murmured as the Quintessence Ghoul pressed a kiss against the pad of the smaller man’s thumb.

“I could say the same about you, min älskling,” the guitarist replied in a low growl that made Tobias’s cock throb. “Hand me the lube, will you?”

The smaller man reached for the bottle they’d previously abandoned, and when his attention turned back to Omega, Tobias saw that his ghoul now on his knees between his legs. The Quintessence Ghoul held out his hand, and the smaller man was quick to give him the bottle.

Tobias watched anxiously as Omega first applied lube to his own cock, and then to the smaller man’s hole. He tossed the bottle off to the side and followed that by haphazardly wiping his hand on the comforter.

“Pillow?” the guitarist asked with a quirked eyebrow, and Tobias nodded as he reached to his right for a pillow that he then handed to the Quintessence Ghoul. The smaller man raised his lower half off the mattress, allowing his ghoul to put the pillow under his lower back to give himself better access to his lover’s entrance. Tobias relaxed against the pillow but still kept his legs spread, raised, and bent at the knees, and he watched as Omega wrapped his large hand around his member and guided the tip to Tobias’s hole.

The guitarist slowly pushed beyond the ring of puckered flesh, and Tobias whimpered his lover’s name as the ghoul eased his way inside. “You’re so fucking tight, Tobias,” the Quintessence Ghoul groaned as he continued to push until he was fully seated. “Fuuuuuuuuuck…”

Omega waited a few moments, allowing Tobias to adjust to the sizeable cock that he now had deep inside of him, but once his lover was ready for him to move, the guitarist didn’t hold anything back. He threw Tobias’s legs over his shoulders and leaned forward, hovering above his lover with one hand planted on the mattress while the other stroked Tobias’s member to the rhythm of his own piston-like thrusts.

“Not going to last much longer,” the Quintessence Ghoul growled through clenched teeth several minutes later.

“Me neither,” the smaller man panted as their eyes met. “I’m so close, Omega…”

“Have you missed my fat cock?” the guitarist asked in a low growl. His eyebrows were knit together, and his face was red from the dicking-down he was giving his lover.

“Oh, Omega,” Tobias groaned. “If you only knew how often I think about having you inside of me…”

The Quintessence Ghoul allowed Tobias’s legs to slip from his shoulders, and the hand that was planted on the mattress moved to the back of Tobias’s neck. He lowered himself, roughly capturing the smaller man’s lips with his own as the ardor behind his thrusts increased. He’d spent so much time being furious and resentful over the demise of their relationship, yet if he were entirely honest with himself, he’d never stopped missing or loving Tobias; love and their passionate expression of what they felt for each other had never been their problem, and the feelings had never gone away no matter how hard he tried to stuff them down and deny their existence.

“I never stopped loving you,” Omega mumbled against Tobias’s lips, finally admitting to the feelings that he’d failed to extinguish.

“I never stopped loving you either,” Tobias murmured in response before he was silenced by another bruising kiss from his ghoul. He could feel the tears coming on, and it was futile to fight them. The smaller man wrapped his arms around the guitarist’s neck and held on for dear life as tears leaked from his eyes and disappeared into his hairline. The wave of emotions passed soon enough, and if Omega noticed that Tobias had been crying, he didn’t say anything.

The Quintessence Ghoul continued to pound Tobias into the mattress, hammering away and giving him his all as if he were trying to make up for all of the time that they had lost together in a solitary fuck. The guitarist had steadily felt his crest building as he’d been giving his lover his everything, and his thrusts had become increasingly erratic as his end neared. It was ultimately his lover’s orgasm that set off his own.

“Oh fuck, I’m going to—” Tobias groaned as his member pulsed and kicked in Omega’s hand, and he could feel his own release spurting against his abdomen. A few moments later, his lover followed him over the edge when he gave a few final thrusts before he buried his cock deep inside of Tobias and came unleashed. The Quintessence Ghoul grunted his release as his demon seed coated his lover’s insides.

Tobias and Omega rode out their respective orgasms, swallowing each other’s moans as they kissed, and the guitarist pulled out and flopped over onto his back next to his lover after their climaxes had concluded. His breathing was still somewhat labored, and he used his forearm to wipe some of the sweat from his forehead.

“That was…” The Quintessence Ghoul trailed off for a moment before he whistled under his breath, and he turned his head to the left to see Tobias already looking back at him.

“Did that really just happen?” the smaller man asked, slightly dazed over the unexpected direction in which their reunion had gone, and he gave Omega a lopsided smile as his ghoul chuckled softly.

“Yeah,” the guitarist replied through a sigh. “Pretty sure it did, min älskling.” He paused and momentarily thought of how easily he’d fallen back into his old habit of calling Tobias “min älskling,” and how it still rolled off his tongue and felt as natural as it always had. “I can’t say I planned things that way, but it definitely happened.”

“I don’t think I’ve been fucked that hard since our last time together,” Tobias confessed with another lopsided smile that faltered for a moment when he recalled that their “last time” had been only days before they parted ways.

“Yeah,” Omega sighed, and he felt a twinge of the melancholy and despondency that had existed alongside his anger and resentment over the demise of their relationship. “We still have plenty to talk about, but what do you say we go try out that massive tub in your bathroom first?”

Tobias nodded as a smile overtook his face, remembering the limited space they’d had in the small tub in his old apartment, and he knew that they were about to put the hotel’s generously sized jetted bathtub to good use…very good use.