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Morning Wood

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This time Zon is looking for it, the end result of Saifah dreaming about him.

Saifah’s bedspread is white with lilac prints this time around and even though the football charity event ended two weeks ago, their parents still allow them to sleep over.

Zon has been waiting on this opportunity for two weeks now and he’s not going to let it pass him by. He’s curious.

He’s wrapped in Saifah’s arms, too comfortable to think of moving but he has to know...and maybe try. So, gently, as smoothly as possible he turns around, watches the angelic facing of a sleeping Saifah and just kisses him on the nose.

Couldn’t resist. Nope.

Cute Saifah is made for kissing and kisses. Handsome devil.

Zon gently wraps his fingers around the top of the blanket and softly pulls down, doing his utmost best to not wake his cute as heck boyfriend. He bites his bottom lip in worry when the tip of his middle finger gently brushes over Saifah’s sternum causing him to breathe way too deeply.

Luckily, Zon’s prayers are answered though because Saifah doesn’t wake up, so he can explore some more.

Zon knows all of this is because of his overly curious and stubborn nature, but seeing as they’re official now, he wants to know how he would react when faced with this particular situation again. The first time he was so shocked he walked into a door, but this time...he just doesn’t know. No idea at all.

They’ve kissed and hugged, touched in a lot of respect but nothing below the belt yet. He’s afraid to ask Saifah about his hard ons whenever they’re close but he’s resolved to do this the next time they’re in Saifah’s bed together for whatever reason. His courage and resolve is also bolstered by the fact that Saifah is asleep, he just doesn’t have the courage otherwise to initiate.


After what seems like too long, Zon finally gets the blanket down to below Saifah’s hips without waking him up. He sees it, saluting him like a general first thing in the morning. It stands tall in Saifah’s boxers, just like before. Obvious.

Zon swallows in anticipation and anxiety, wondering where to go from here. He sits up slowly, wanting to see it from a good vantage point. It’s throbbing and there’s a sticky patch, the evidence that Saifah is still dreaming about naughty things, even if his face looks angelic.

They would have to do this one day anyways, right? They’re boyfriends now and one day they will be having sex... and maybe more sex on top of that.

Besides, Zon knows how it feels to be so stiff and wanting to be touched too, he just doesn’t know how to ask. Saifah goes really slow with him, giving him space and time but he knows within himself it can’t always be that way, something has to give at some point.

Tentatively, he reaches out a finger, grazing the tip through the fabric of Saifah’s boxers. It’s hot and wet and it twitches at his touch. He imagines what would happen if it could talk...

“Hey, I’m little Saifah, nice to meet you. I’m getting up a lot lately because of you, you know? Get it? I’m getting up...xD”

“Mmmm, ah...” Saifah moans and Zon blinks. He feels his heart palpitating and his belly bottom heating up, watching his boyfriend arch his back before he settles back into the bed, his forehead scrunched in his sleep while his fingers flex like he’s trying to hold on to something.

Zon wants to stop...he really doesn’t.

He waits a few moments for Saifah’s breathing to even out again, evidence that he’s back in deep sleep, probably dreaming of him still. Then, he touches it again with a little more intent this time, watching in utter fascination as Saifah hisses his name through clenched teeth while his hips move involutarily up into his hand. Little Saifah jerks the way he imagines somebody getting a really hard slap would and it makes him feel a little giddy, knowing for a fact that he has this effect on his boyfriend. It bolsters his confidence and makes him pull the boxer down a little, exposing his prize fully. It’s thick and really stiff and the precome is even more evident at the tip, a white glob of obvious arousal. Saifah’s pubic hair is dark though, really dark compared to the color of the hair on his head. Zon wants to touch it. He wraps the fingers of one hand around it and squeezes gently, really liking the feel of it in his palm.

“Zon~” Saifah groans and Zon looks up to see his boyfriend halfway up off the bed, looking at him with wide eyes.

“It’s pretty,” is all Zon can really say because it is. Really, really pretty little Saifah.

He tugs, causing Saifah to plop back on the bed with a filthy moan.

“Zon...stop!” Saifah hisses, looking at his bedroom door before using one hand to cover the one on his throbbing cock and Zon just starts stroking, wanting to pleasure that thing.

“Let me...,” Zon says after licking his suddenly dry lips while watching Saifah’s pelvis move in a rhythm despite his protest.

“Zoooon~” Saifah groans before rearing up enough to grab Zon by the back of the head so he can pull him into a really hot kiss, all teeth and tongue and taste. Zon moans from deep in his throat. His T-shirt suddenly feels two sizes too small and he can feel his body temperature rising rapidly. There’s the sound of Saifah’s way too loud breathing and the noises he tries to bury in their kiss, but Zon just feels way too much and he doesn’t know how to fully respond. 

Saifah wraps both hands around his and starts setting the pace, supporting him in even this like he does in everything else. A moment later Zon realizes he was so lost in the kiss and the feel and just everything he hadn’t noticed he was slowing his pace.

“Zon, I’m gonna come,” Saifah pulls back to whisper to him and he watches Saifah like a hawk, drinking in every lustful expression on his face, him biting his bottom lip before pulling them back in an O of unequivocal pleasure. When Saifah looks down at their hands on his body he does too, feeling the heavily flowing precome lube his hand so he has to increase the friction. The skin is soft but it’s hard and the head just gets darker with blood. It’s fascinating.

“Zon...?” Saifah groans and he tries to pull his hip back, his face contorting into something between too much and not enough all at once. Saifah’s entire body goes whipcord tight, his muscles contracting and Zon just watches his every move.

“I’m gonna...,” Saifah strains and Zon wants it all, he wants this for himself. He wants Saifah.

Saifah splays his legs wide while gasping like he’s losing breath too rapidly. He grabs Zon by the wrist and then he stills abruptly. Zon watches the first of the cum shoot once on to his boyfriend’s stomach, Saifah’s length pulsing like it’s an entity all it’s own before the extra fluid flows out over his fingers. The breath punches out of Saifah and he gasps loudly, looking at Zon like he’s something ethereal.



They both stare at each other, breathing hard for different reasons. Without really thinking, Zon puts his middle finger in his mouth and sucks.

Not bad.

Saifah looks like somebody stabbed him in the gut.

“Shit!” Saifah hisses before he rears up and grabs Zon by the shoulders, turning him around and pushing him back until he’s flat on his back.

“Saifah...what!?” is all Zon manages before Saifah is on top of him, kissing the hell out of him like there’s no tomorrow. It’s a lot more intense than previous times and it just adds to the flame that’s a burning pit of desire in Zon’s soul. In the blink of an eye he feels Saifah take him in hand, tugging in all the right ways. He pulls back from the kiss with a gasp of ecstasy as Saifah watches him salaciously, like he’d eat him if he could.

“Zon... how does it feel, my Zon?”

Zon thought he could speak but a loud moan is what comes out of his mouth in answer..

Saifah grins, holding him by the back of the neck and pumping harder.


Zon’s eyes rolls back in his head as every nerve ending conspires against him to give him the most intense orgasm he’s ever had in his life.

Just like with a lot of things with Saifah, he gets carried away and comes all over himself.

“Saifah...?” Zon asks in a small voice when his senses come back online.

Saifah kisses him, soft and chaste. “How was it?”

There’s a hint of uncertainty in Saifah’s voice and Zon smiles. 

“Perfect,” he answers before wrapping both hands around Saifah’s neck and bumping their noses together.

It’s true, everything is perfect.