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BL oneshots!

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request by: H.Khairi



"I’m fine Mes, stop worrying-" Thun cuts himself off as he coughs, his voice sounding scratchy and rough. He was currently laid in bed, wanting to go back to sleep. It was Monday morning and he was feeling crappy. 

he definitely didn't want to go to school today. 

Mes was currently standing by his bed while Thun, despite the pounding in his head,  shut his eyes to try and get more sleep but was interrupted when Mes started to speak, opening his eyes to look at his ghost boyfriend.


"Thun, how do you feel? your voice sounds like it hurts to talk." Mes said, his voice sounding worried and a little scared. His hands hovered over Thun’s face, he looked a little helpless. not being able to focus clearly meant it was hard for him to focus on touching things. It was rare that Mes was in this kind of mood and Thun didn’t like it one bit. 


"It's times like this I wish I wasn’t a ghost..." Mes says quietly.


"calm down-" Thun starts only for Mes to interrupt him again.


"How can I calm down!? you're sick and I can't help either! i-" 

"Please stop head really hurts" Thun groans. Mes quietly apologising 

He covers his face with his hand. He was definitely not feeling well.


"You should drink some water to help with your throat.." Mes suggests, pointing to the glass of water on the bedside table. "will you calm down if I do?" Thun gives him a weak smile, "a little..." Although he finds it hard to lift due to his weak arms, Thun takes the glass and slowly sips the water. he's drinking when he hears Mighty let out a quiet sound of worry.


"thun are you sure you're ok?" He asks.


"I'm fine," Thun says, but hearing his own voice makes him realize he probably isn't fine, not at all. He starts to cough again, and it hurts. so bad. his throat feels like there's a knife in there.

Thun makes a pained face as he coughs again.

"If your throat hurts that badly then you should drink more water." Mes says, trying to sound intimidating but all it does is make Thun think he sounds cute, "but it tastes weird..." Thun groans "it tastes that way because you're sick." Mes sighs, "please? at least one more sip?" Thun does as he's told, making a grossed out face as he sips it. 

Mes looks down, "I'm sorry I can't help much..." Mes felt helpless like this, being a ghost really sucks sometimes, he's worrying so much that he can't focus on touching anything. Thun smiles at him a little "don't say sorry, you being here is enough for me" Mes laughs a little at that, watching as Thun yawns, his eyes slipping shut. 


"Go to sleep, you'll probably feel better when you wake up." "Will you be here when I wake up?" Thun asks weakly, Mes scoffs "obviously" Thun sighs a little as he shut his eyes ``night then" Mes smiles "goodnight" He then stands back up and walks off, letting Thun sleep in peace, he felt guilty that he wasn't able to help when Thun was sick.

An hour later Mes has calmed down enough to focus on pouring cold water into a bowl and placing it on Thun’s bedside table for Thun to wet a towel and place it on his head to help keep him cool, Mes would have wet the towel for Thun but he used up all his energy just pouring the water. Hopefully, he could convince Thun to do it himself.

Mes sits on the bed next to Thun who’s sleeping peacefully despite the few coughs here and there. Mes worriedly fidgets with the bottom of his sleeves while waiting for Thun to wake up.

Mes hates feeling useless, unable to help his sick boyfriend.

“Mm” Thun stirs a little before waking up, he coughs and then turns to look at mes “ wha-” “please put that on your head. Please.” Mes points to the cloth in the cold water bowl next to the bed, Thun groans but does as his boyfriend asks, placing the cloth on his head, sighing at the nice cold feeling.

“I'm sorry-” “mes. If you say sorry one more time I swear.” Thun looks at his boyfriend lovingly, he was so kind but Thun had a headache right now. Mes blushed a little as he got shy, if it wasn't for the fact Thun was sick he would have kissed Mes right there, wait. “Can ghosts get sick??” Thun asks out of seemingly nowhere, panicked. the ghosts face morphs in confusion at the random question “uh...i don't think so??” Thun huffs out a breath in relief “good, don't want to make you sick while you take care of me.” 

“I'm not really taking care of you, I'm not doing anything…” Mes says, sadly. “Are you here with me?” Thun asks, staring at mes. “Huh?” Mes tilts his head but Thun continues, “are you here with me? Are you next to me and just simply being here?” Mes, confused, hesitates but nods. “Then that's all I need. You're here, That's enough for me.” Mes blushes harder, “oh shush, you’re sick.” Thun laughs loudly before it suddenly turns into a cough.


Once Thuns cough calms down a little Mes tells him to go back to sleep “aww but i-” “sleep.” Mes glares at him, giving him a ‘don't argue with me’ look “fine, fine!” Mes smiles “goodnight Thun”


“Mm night Mes” Thun mumbles, already half asleep.