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So Rumor Has It I Missed You More Than I Said I Did, Also Hey Cool Tattoos Bro, Also Also, I Think I'm In Love With You and That Scares Me So Can You Stop Being Irresistible, Wait Who is She? Hey, That's My P' Don't Get Jealous If I'm Not Allowed To

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Tharn groaned at his apartment door shut. It was around eleven twenty-something, he'd just got home from his double-shift. He was dog tired, starving, and ready to collapse.

Tharn's stomach grumbled as the faux scent of food filled his nostrils. Damn he must be hungrier than he thought, he's started to imagine the smell of food. Good, greasy, weekend take out. Ohhhh take out sounded so good right now.

Tharn took off his shoes and hung his keys up on his key rack that was mounted by the door. He lazily pulled the strap of his bag off of his shoulder and headed to his living room.

Tharn pulled out his phone as he walked, not bothering with the lights, making sure to avoid the stack of books he still hadn't taken care of. He swore to himself that he'd pick them up uh-- tomorrow?

Tharn looked up just as he'd sent Type his usual Just got home :) message. Fucking hell. His TV was still on! His bill was going to be through the roof this month. Shit.

Tharn dove for the remote jumping over the stack of books that… Tharn almost tripped over nothing. The books weren't there. Tharn quickly stole the remote from the couch and shut the TV off, too distracted with the state of his living room to worry about the electricity bill.

He hadn't cleaned recently?

Tharn's phone buzzed in his hands.

Type. He could feel it.

"Ai'shit Tum." Tharn laughed nervously out loud. "If you were coming over, why didn't you tell me?"

Tharn checked Type's message.


♡♡♡♡ YAI NONG ♡♡♡♡


Hey baby, I just got home :)




It's pretty late P'


Worried about me? :)))


Can't you learn to be civilized? I'm being nice here


Haha :P

Yes, baby I'm a little tired.

But I'm okay

Talking to you is waking me up ;)



Eat. Shower. Get rest.

Go away


I can do that and still text you


Tharn smiled as he moved over to the kitchen, seriously his nose was fucking with him. He really smelled good food. He could swear it.

"Ai'Tum?" Tharn called out shedding his jacket.

It was too late to order anything, so he supposed he could settle for the leftover pizza he had stashed away.

Tharn draped his jacket over one of his stools. He had a mini bar in his living room. It made its use on days like this. Long, long days. Where all Tharn needed was food and a drink.

The smell grew stronger the closer Tharn walked to the kitchen. Tharn paused and inhaled deeply, that had to be real. Please god if Tum cooked for him, he'd bow down--

Tharn froze as soon as he rushed into the opening of his dining room/kitchen.

There was food. Real food. Two plates set on the counter by the sink. His favorite beer and a crystalline tumbler ready to drink. And best of all Type. Standing shyly in the middle of the kitchen. Phone still in hand.


Tharn's voice was hushed. He still didn't believe what he was seeing.

Type looked away for a second before fixing Tharn with a hard stare.

"I can't cook." He said sternly. "So I just bought regular take out and-- and brought it here."

Tharn didn't say anything, he just slowly walked forward.

"P'Champ gave me a ride and opened the place up." Type backed away as Tharn got closer, rambling his explanation, not knowing what else to say. "P'Techno said Ohm's Thai was your favorite. I made sure not to get anything you didn't like. It's-- it's just you said you were tired and hungry so I thought I would… Stop staring at me." Type's back hit the wall, but Tharn was still walking. "I-- I cleaned up a little bit, but I didn't go in your room. I turned on your TV when I got here, that's about it. And I brought a bag but if, if you don't want me to stay--" Type gasped when Tharn finally met him.

Hands on his waist, staring down at him strongly. He crowded Type against the wall, bodies touching from their chests to their knees.

Type turned his head from the intense gaze, but Tharn's hand forced him to look on.

"Damn it, Tharn, say something." Type glared up at him, strength dissolving.

Tharn's hands moved from his chin and waist to hold his face. He looked back at Type with so many emotions swirling in his eyes.

"My beautiful, wonderful Type." Tharn laughed quietly. "I love you."

Type's eyes widened exponentially. Before he could say anything Tharn kissed him quiet.

Type let out a squeak of surprise, hands flying to Tharn's arms. Then his eyes slowly closed and he let Tharn take him over.

Type's hands moved from Tharn's arms to his sides, stomach and up to his chest before he hooked his fingers into the fabric and held him close, kissing him back with all that he had.

Tharn released them with quick, kisses, short and sweet. Two last selfish ones to Type's lips, and one each to his cheek, nose, eye and forehead.

"Thank you, baby." He chuckled. Kissing Type's head and lingering for a moment. "This is truly the best surprise I've ever gotten."

Tharn shifted them, wrapping his arms around Type and holding him tightly to himself, so tight that he pulled Type off the wall.

Type wrapped his arms around Tharn's waist and finally breathed. He inhaled Tharn's scent of a long hard day and a powerful engine. He buried his face in Tharn's neck and let himself be surrounded. He'd really, really missed this. Being held so tightly again felt amazing.

"I couldn't wait for Saturday." Type closed his eyes tightly before admitting. It was extremely muffled. Lost to Tharn's chest where it belonged, with his heart.

"Hmm?" Tharn hummed. He pulled back a little. Enough to see Type before he kissed him and asked. "What was that baby?"

Type smacked his lips and hit Tharn. "You know what I said. I'm not repeating it."

Tharn smirked and kissed Type's nose. "My Nong is too smart. He already knows me too well."

Type nodded. "That should be a warning." Then he sighed and leaned against Tharn again, letting his head fall on top of Tharn's shoulder.

Tharn brought a hand up to Type's hair, brushing it softly. He kissed his hair every so often when he felt like it. Just because he could.

"Come on." Type grunted, hitting Tharn again and backing up. "The foods getting cold, I thought you said you were hungry."

Tharn smiled and shook his head. "I've got everything I need now." He leaned in and kissed Type's forehead softly. "Beautiful Type."

Type wrinkled his nose and removed himself from Tharn with great internal effort. Being in his arms again felt too good, too warm, it was getting dangerous.

"Shut up." Type snapped moving to get their plates.

Tharn chuckled and went over to help him.

"Where do you usually eat? The table or the couch?" Type asked, he paused looking back at Tharn.

Tharn took the lead and guided him towards the living room. "The couch, typically. I have eating tables, just give me a second." He walked over to his couch, turned his TV back on and set his stuff down on his cushion, before he went around the corner to his main room closet.

He pulled two eating stations from the closet and propped them up in front of the couch, leaving enough room for Type and himself to walk behind them as they sat down.

Once good and settled, Tharn picked up the remote again. "What did you want to watch?"

Type shrugged. "What do you typically see when you get home?"

"Uh, anything." Tharn thought about it. "Probably whatever game is on, if there's a good enough movie, I'll turn the channel."

Tharn surfed a little bit before finding the home movie station. "I also have Netflix if you want, and movies of my own, just over there." Tharn pointed to his DVD shelves with the remote.

"Whatever you pick," Type shrugged, more concerned with eating. "I don't care."

Tharn took this with a nod and switched to Netflix.

He went through his list, seeing what they could use to kill the background.

"Oh wait." Type suddenly stood, stepping out from behind the mini table. "I forgot my, uh, well your-- uh," He shifted a little on his feet, nervous to leave and nervous to tell. "I'll be right back."

And then he was off towards the kitchen.

Tharn smiled and watched him leave for a second, before shaking his head and going back to Netflix.

After clearing his list, not knowing if Type would like what he did, he kept searching.

Going through the genres he passed by the family friendly ones, and the horror. He spent a little on Action/Adventure debating on putting up a Marvel movie. In the end he passed it, keeping it in the back of his mind for a default and kept searching.

He passed by comedy and was going to pass the romance section when he paused. Type didn't seem like the kind of person who would watch romance.

Tharn smirked. Romance it is.

He went through the selection when an interesting one passed by his recommended. It wasn't a movie. It was a show. Tharn kind of wanted a movie to just put on and blaze through, but he wouldn't mind bingeing a show with Type either. If it meant more couch cuddle time, then hell yeah.

He selected the show, just to make sure it wouldn't be too long, and checked it's stats.

Fifteen episodes, one season. Not bad. Each episode was about forty minutes long. They could at least get through the first half of the season.

Tharn read through the description. Once he was satisfied with the plot, he decided to put it on and test it, if it wasn't good, they could always go back to some Marvel film or something.

Type returned not long after, holding something low by his hips as his eyes avoided Tharn's. He was glaring too, with a curl to his lip that looked absolutely adorable.

"Baby?" Tharn smiled up at Type, who'd come to stand a little off from being right in front of Tharn.

Type glared at the couch and gave Tharn the thing in his hands. "I brought this."

Tharn laughed lightly as his smile grew. A Sprite. He accepted the drink and set his beer aside in favor of Type's gift.

"Thank you, Nong. So thoughtful." He praised. Type nodded uncomfortably and sat down, still not looking at him.

"Whatever." He mumbled, as he continued eating.

Tharn hummed. "I put on a show from Netflix. I've never seen it, so I figured we could start it together."

Type nodded. "What's it about?"

"Uh, something about the program that engineering students have to go through. You know with the hazing and the drills." Tharn explained. "Apparently this one freshman stands up to the head hazer and it starts a rivalry between them and this is their story."

"Mm. Okay." Type conceded.

They took to watching and eating in silence while they watched the show.

About halfway through the second episode, a thought he'd forgotten to bring up before, crossed Type's mind. "P'Tharn," He started calmly. He continued eating and watching the show, keeping himself busy as he organized his thoughts.

"Hmm?" Tharn hummed around a bite of his own.

"You remember the, the conversation we had the day we met?" Type stayed calm. Not looking at Tharn.

Tharn smiled, setting down his fork. "How could I forget, baby? You proposed."

Type's had to stop himself from choking on his drink.

Satisfied with this reaction Tharn picked his fork up again, he resumed eating with a smirk.

Type set his drink down harshly. "I did not propose to you. How was I supposed to know that in two days--" he took a breath, and resumed eating, "I hate you."

Tharn laughed. "What about that day, Type?"

"When you told me the Sunny D story," Type resumed, "you said P'San kept pursuing you, and wouldn't accept the fact that you were turning him down."

"Yeah." Tharn furrowed his brow. "What's this about?"

"It's about what P'San told me at P'Thorn's party." Type set his utensils down, but he didn't look at Tharn.

Tharn frowned, he paused the show. "You never did tell me what happened."

"I told you the basics." Type shrugged.

"Type." Tharn turned to face him hiking one knee on the couch. "You told me as little as possible. What did P'San say to you?"

"Well, you told me that you turned him down because you didn't think you were gay." Type led with.

"Which is true." Tharn nodded, waiting for the point.

"He told me you turned him down," Type looked away, "because you were...waiting. For-- for your soulmate."

"N'Type," Tharn smiled.

"Is that true?" Type finally looked at Tharn.

"Krub." Tharn nodded proudly. "I'd never kissed him. His name wasn't Type Thiwat. He wasn't my soulmate."

Type nodded. "Oh."

Tharn laughed and scooted over to Type, he wrapped his arms around Type's waist and rested his cheek against his shoulder.

"Cute." He smiled, kissing Type's shoulder.

Type nudged him half heartedly. "Get off of me, you bastard." But he didn't move to push Tharn off of him.

"I can't." Tharn shook his head, squeezing Type closer to himself. "You're too irresistible, baby. I have to hold you, I have to."

"Is that so?" Type quirked an unimpressed brow.

"Yes." Tharn nodded against his shoulder. "It's the law."

Tharn shifted and moved himself behind Type, caging him in, legs on either side of Type's. Arms still secure around his waist.

"Where?" Type questioned, letting Tharn settle behind him. "Show me the amendment where this law is written."

"It's right here, baby." Tharn hummed.

He turned Type's chin to face him and kissed him softly.

Type smiled against his lips, releasing a small laugh. Type was already pulling away after one. Soft, short and sweet. But Tharn whined and went in for more.

Tharn pressed his lips against Type's lazily, humming in content into a warm mouth.

Type's hand squeezed the couch beside them as his other hand massaged Tharn's thigh. Tharn's hand cupped Type's jaw gently, while the one that held his hip kept him close.

After a few heavenly minutes of kissing Type, Tharn slowly, very slowly, leaned away smiling wide.

"Yeah, that's the one." Tharn nodded.

Type hit him holding a smile of his own. He faced forward, picking up his fork.

"Don't you have a plate to finish?" Type asked when Tharn stretched all around him.

Tharn groaned, damn that felt good, his muscles were really stiff. He shook his head and released a long sigh, hugging Type from behind and resting his cheek against Type's shoulder.

"I finished it." He sighed.

"I'm not a giant teddy bear you know." Type reminded.

"Mm?" Tharn hummed against him. "But you're small, cute, cuddly-- ow!" Tharn tightened his arms around Type's waist as the one in question pinched him. He laughed and raised his head to Type's ear. "And ferocious."

"Asshole." Type said in a low voice, avoiding Tharn's smile.

"You know, baby." Tharn leaned back for just a moment, pulling his phone out. He began looking through it. "Speaking of P'San…"

Type rolled his eyes. "Why? I thought we were done with that."

"Yeah, well, we would be." Tharn agreed, "If you would've told me the truth."

Type whipped his head around to face Tharn. He noticed Tharn was looking through his own phone.

"What the hell are you talking about?" Type questioned. "What are you doing?"

"I'm talking about you lying to me." Tharn looked up at Type with a frown. "About everything that happened before I found you and P'San at the party."

"What do you mean?" Type sat forward to face Tharn more. "I told you what happened. I mean I didn't tell you everything, but I never lied."

"Oh no?" Tharn quirked an eyebrow. His frown was seemingly permanent. The eyes that looked back at him were daunting. Type didn't like it.

He shook his head. 

"What's this baby?" Tharn showed Type his phone.

It was a video. Of-- of him. And P'San. In the hallway of P'thorn's house. Type could see the swinging doors behind them.

They were somewhere near the center of the hallway, a little ways off from the mouth of it, and a little obscured but he could tell it was them.

"What the hell?"

Tharn let Type take the phone as he watched what was happening in the hallway.

P'San was crowding Type against the wall, but no, Type was pushing him back. He was talking fast and loud. Pointing a finger in the center of P'San's chest.

He remembered this moment.

This was after P'San had threatened and insulted him, which itself was after his big stupid speech about chasing Tharn.

Type swallowed as he watched himself tear P'San apart with his words, his voice loud and clear.

Suddenly P'San was standing taller. In reality, Type knew P'San was bigger than him, but from the outside looking in, P'San really looked like he could eat him for breakfast. The man in question was now stepping forwards forebodingly, it was almost enough to make Type lean back right now. He watched as his video self did just that, retreating towards the wall behind him. Still in P'San's face like he had a fighting chance.

The whole thing stopped when video Type dared P'San to fight him.

Type shook his head. "Where did you get this?" But there was only one answer.

"Techno caught you two first." Tharn said, pocketing his phone. "He was going to interfere, but he heard you standing up for yourself and started recording. As soon as the video ended, he ran and got me. After everything was over, he sent me the video."

"Do you understand," Tharn turned Type around to face forward, lifting his shirt slowly while his nails dragged against Type's skin lightly. "How angry I was, when I heard you tell P'San to attack you?"

"Tharn-- P'Tharn--" Type raised his arms against his will, letting Tharn take off his one layer and throw it across the room.

"Seeing you stand up against P'San," Tharn growled. His hands explored Type's stomach, scratching lightly and kneading as he went. "A man who is twice your size and could really hurt you, baby," Tharn shook his head, "I can't tell you how I felt."

Type squeezed the cushions beside them and closed his eyes. "He deserved it. I wasn't going to let him intimidate me." Type's voice was tight.

Tharn's hands ran over his chest, still kneading only to suddenly retreat. Leaving Type exposed to the open air.

Type turned his head hesitantly at the loss, to see Tharn taking off his own shirt. "P'Tharn." Type breathed out. So many tattoos decorating so much muscle.

Tharn's hands wrapped around Type's waist as he drew his hips closer. Tharn kissed him on the cheek. "Face forward, baby."

Type slowly turned back, his whole body tense.

"No, no, no, Type." Tharn reached for Type's arms.

He slid his hands down from his shoulders to his elbows, to finally wrap around Type's wrists. He pulled tight fists from the couch.

"Here." Tharn put Type's hands on his own thighs. "Hold me tight, baby." Tharn dragged Type's hands up his legs till they were above his mid-thigh. "Right here." He breathed next to Type's ear.

Type closed his eyes leaning back into Tharn and squeezing his thighs with nervous hands.

"That's it baby." Tharn nodded, his own hands scratching up Type's side before sliding over to his ribs, down to his stomach, warm and expanse, holding as much of Type as he could.

Tharn kissed the back of Type's neck, feeling him tense under his touch. He moved over to the junction between Type's neck and shoulder, biting and tasting him there.

Type groaned, slowly moving his head to Tharn's shoulder, exposing that area of his neck more.

Tharn gently nipped at the skin revealed to him, humming in satisfaction as he licked over the areas he bit. Soothing the sting some.

Tharn kissed up Type's neck softly, and very slowly as his hands ran over his tan body.

"This," Tharn growled, "you, are mine."

Type bit his lip, his eyebrows pinched together, keeping the noises in and his mouth shut as Tharn took him apart.

Tharn's fingers ran over his stomach and went down, just barely dipping under the front of his jeans before coming back up.

Tharn could be patient for Type no longer. He turned his head, kissing up his jaw and cheek, finally his lips with a soft growl.

Type squeezed Tharn's thighs as Tharn invaded him body and soul. He opened his mouth, letting Tharn in, moaning softly when that tongue brushed against the roof of his mouth.

Tharn pulled back, breathing against Type as he kissed back down his jaw.

"Gorgeous, baby, you're just gorgeous." Tharn whispered, going back to attack Type's neck.

Type's eyes snapped open. Gorgeous.

He slowly lifted his head, brain numb. "Wait, wait. P'-- P'Tharn."

"Yes baby?" Tharn stopped sucking hickeys against Type's skin, in favor of leaving soft, harmless kisses up and down his neck and shoulder.

Tharn's hands were still running all over him.

Type closed his eyes. His hands squeezing Tharn's thighs tightly. Worse than before. Different.


"P'Tharn." Type's hands went to Tharn's hands, trying to pull him off. "Wait, P'Tharn, please."

The hands under Type's stilled, fingers thread between his and held him close.

"What?" Tharn gave one last kiss to Type's shoulder. "What is it baby?" His chest strong against Type's. "Tell me what you need."

"I-- I need to breathe. Please." Type looked away from Tharn incredibly embarrassed and beyond guilty. "I can't-- do this, right now. I've never, never even-- I mean, I don't think I'm ready. F-- for something like this. I-- because back at my place and now here, and I-- I just can't." Type put his face in his hands. "I'm sorry."

"Hey, hey, hey." Tharn said softly. The persona from before, gone. The heat in his eyes diminished as he leaned forward over Type's retreating form. "Baby, don't you ever apologize for this. Hey." Tharn hooked his arm under Type's knees and pulled his legs up over his on the couch. 

He carried Type back with him as he settled against the seat cushions and armrest. Tharn sighed and tucked Type, who still had his face covered, under his chin, and wrapped his arms around him.

"I don't want you to ever feel bad for stopping me, Type." Tharn shook his head. His voice was low but strong. He kissed Type's head. "I already told you, whatever you need, I'm here. Stop me when you need to. Every single time if you need to. And don't ever apologize to me for it."

Type curled in on himself further. Tharn's words breaking his heart, not in half, but open. Tharn always asked him for permission. He waited for him to be ready. He stopped when Type wanted to. He was stopping now.

He stilled his hands just now with Type, even with what they were doing, as soon as Type asked him to.

Stop me when you need to. He breathed harsh tight breaths as Tharn's voice washed over him. Every single time if you need to.

His shoulders were shaking before he even knew he was crying.

"Woah, baby." Tharn pulled Type's hands away from his face. "Why, why are you crying? What did I say?"

Tharn tried wiping the tears away, but there was too much.

"What did I say, baby?" Tharn sounded desperate, he tightened his hold around Type.

Type hiccuped and shook his head, wrapping his arms totally around Tharn. One around his back, and the other over his shoulder. He buried his face against Tharn's shoulder as he cried.

"It's alright." Tharn whispered. "It's alright." He held a strong arm secure around Type's waist while the other soothed his hair. "Dek di, dek di. That's it, baby. Let it out okay, don't hold back."

Tharn held Type, continuing to whisper such words of encouragement, and praise to his beautiful boy as long as the tremors shook his shoulders.

For a long quiet while, Type calmed against Tharn. Holding him strongly while he came down enough to breathe without shaking.

When he felt he was ready, he leaned back. Keeping his head down. Not that it mattered. He sniffled looking at the tears that ran over Tharn's body.

"Sorry." He croaked.

He turned and grabbed his napkin, cleaning them both up as Tharn shook his head.

"It's okay, baby." Tharn ran his hands over Type's hair as he cleaned.

When Type was done, he sighed deeply, exhaustion flooding him. He sat back against the armrest looking at the hands in his lap.

"Can I ask you one thing?" Type questioned quietly.

"Anything." Tharn confirmed. He intertwined Type's hand with his.

Type took a deep breath and closed his eyes. "Don't call me gorgeous." He requested. He looked up at Tharn for the first time in a very long time, but he needed Tharn to see that he was serious. He didn't care how blotchy and ugly he probably looked right now. "Please."

Tharn blinked in surprise. "Can I ask?"

Type shook his head. "No." He whispered truthfully. He looked away in guilt.

"Okay." Tharn nodded. He pulled Type in and kissed his temple softly. "It's okay."

"Okay." Type nodded too.

"Come on, baby." Tharn shifted, Type obliged by moving off of him and letting him stand from the couch. Tharn turned back and held out his hand for Type to take. "We'll get you cleaned up."

Type nodded silently. He accepted Tharn's hand and also stood from the couch.


Tharn, as promised, helped wash Type's face. Clearing the red eyes and nose just a bit. Together they worked mostly in wordless silence. Tharn would ask in a gentle voice every now and then if Type was still okay, to which Type would either nod or speak some one-worded answer that he was fine now.

After drying up, Tharn led them to the kitchen and made Type drink a full glass and half of water. Type by the end of it, felt a little less extremely exhausted and a little more cared for.

Once completely done, Tharn went back to the living room and gathered their dishes, turning down Type's offer to help and took all their stuff to the kitchen. While he was taking care of that, not wanting to be useless, Type decided to go back to the living room to clean up any mess left behind and put away the eating tables, storing them as he'd seen Tharn pull them out.

Type checked the time. It was about a quarter till one. He sighed and went to meet Tharn in the kitchen. Type peeked around the corner, seeing that Tharn was rinsing off their plates in the sink.

"Hey, P'Tharn?"

Tharn smiled up at him before going back to the dishes. "No helping, Type. I got it."

"No, I just wanted to ask," Type looked away for a second. "Um, can I use your shower? If I'm going home soon, I wanted to at least--" Type jumped when Tharn dropped the plate in the sink, causing a loud crashing sound.

"Shit! Sorry, sorry." Tharn laughed. He inspected the dish. "It's good. It's okay-- why, why do you say you're leaving? I thought you brought your stuff?"

"No, I did." Type nodded, looking down at his feet. "I did. I just-- you never said I could stay, and, and I'm not just gonna assume I'm staying. I mean, don't want to intrude or--"

"Type, stop." Tharn put the dishes down and pulled a dish rag from the counter, drying his hands as he walked closer.

He tossed the rag when he'd reached him, hands dry enough.

Tharn lifted Type's chin. "You are always welcome here, Type. You're not intruding. If you're willing to stay, then stay." Type sucked in a nervous breath at their sudden close proximity. Tharn leaned down and kissed him softly. Lingering at his lips. "I'm asking you to stay, okay?"

Type nodded. "Okay." He whispered.

Tharn smiled. He brushed the back of his knuckles over Type's cheekbone. "Silly Nong." Type glared and pushed his hand away. Tharn caught Type's hand and kissed it quickly. "Go take your shower. Everything you need is in the bathroom, unless," Tharn held Type close as he leaned in to whisper, "you want me to join you."

Type backed up, "Asshole!" A deep blush blooming over his face and ears.

Type hit his chest as Tharn laughed. And immediately retreated to the bathroom, shutting the door harshly once inside. Tharn smiled and shook his head, going back to the dishes.


"So we've established the animosity between you and your soulmates family." She sat forward. "This P'San, he's hostile towards you, and you fear, your soulmate, correct?"

Type sighed and sat back. "P'San-- P'San's complicated. I mean, yes, he's an asshole, but he's not my friend. Or Tharn's. We can't just fight with him, kick him out of our lives and never see him again. That's not how it works." Type shook his head. "We aren't threatened by him either, if that's what you're asking. And I've pretty much dealt with the fact that the last time I saw him wasn't gonna be the end of it, and neither will the next time. Or the time after that."

"So you're saying you've accepted P'San as an unpleasant addition to your life with Tharn." She nodded. "Is P'San the reason you've decided to come forward with the truth?"

Type rubbed his neck, and shook his head. "That asshole doesn't dictate what I do. I decided to…to do this on my own. If anyone pushed me to 'come forward' at all, it was Tharn. Although he doesn't know it."

"Your soulmate pressures you?" She questioned writing something down.

"No!" Type sat up. "Sorry. That was loud. No. He doesn't 'pressure' me or whatever. He-- he couldn't be more accommodating of, well, of all of me. It's fucking stupid." Type smiled as he shook his head. "That meaning, anyone else would be demanding me to tell them what's going on, Tharn doesn't. He doesn't even know the truth yet and he-- he doesn't ask. I told him not to ask and he respects that. That's kind of the problem, actually." He sighed and dropped his head in his hands. "This isn't making any sense, is it?"

"Well, let's see. Oh and, forgive me for my earlier phrasing, let me be clear." She said in a calm voice. "I'm going to relay what you've told me through all our sessions plainly. You are free to disagree with any of it if you wish." She shifted in her seat, Type sat back. "You have this truth hiding within you, friends all around, and no one to confide in. You're suddenly thrust into this life with your soulmate, Tharn, and you trust him. You trust him with everything except the truth, and he knows there's something there, but you've asked him not to pry, so he doesn't."

His kindness, compassion, understanding, and lift in your life makes you feel guilty for not rewarding his behavior with the truth. Which you feel he deserves because you want to tell him, but you're not ready to open up yet. The guilt of not telling him while he remains loyal to you despite actively being in the dark, is hurting you. You're being pushed to come forward, not by Tharn directly, but you feel that by coming to me, it will help you eventually go to him. Therefore, you are being pressured by your soulmate."

"Damn." Type sighed and nodded. He rubbed a hand over tired eyes. It wasn't Tharn, yet, but it was kind of nice that someone knew. Even if she didn't know anything about what he really wanted to say. He nodded again, but stayed quiet.

"Now that we've cleared that up, let's continue where we left off." She sat back again, crossing her legs. "So, this would be the first weekend you spent with Tharn, I believe."

Type nodded. "Yeah." He sighed leaning back into his own couch. "He had classes for that first Friday, but when Saturday came, we had all weekend together."


"Holy shit, holy shit." Type winced. "Oh my-- fuck. Are you okay?"

Tharn smiled up at him. "I'm fine, baby."

Type turned away. He couldn't look. He instantly turned back. "Are you sure, that-- that looks--" he let his shudder finish for him.

"Type," Tharn tried not to laugh. He couldn't exactly move. "I promise I'm fine. I've had worse than this."

"That does not help at all, thanks." Type shook his head. "Fucking idiot. I told you we didn't have to do this now." He turned away.

Tharn tilted his head. "Type. Babe. Adorable, sweet little, baby."

"Don't patronize me." Type spun around pointing an accusing finger in Tharn's face.

"Type look at me." He smiled. "See? I'm fine."

Type's face screwed up in discomfort. "No." He turned away again.

"Type." Tharn smiled.

Type didn't move.

"Type?" Tharn questioned. "Baby, please face me, I miss you."

"I didn't go anywhere, asshole." Type crossed his arms, still turned away.

Tharn whined. "Baby. Come here. Please?"

"Nope." Type turned further.

"N'Type." Tharn failed to keep the laugh out of his voice. "Please? Just let me see you, it'll help me. It'll make me feel better."

"I don't give a shit." Type snapped, but he slowly turned back around. He made the mistake of looking at Tharn's arm. Type sucked in a sharp breath. "Holy shit. Hold my hand. Right now." Type stuck out his hand.

"You," Tharn chuckled, "you're telling me to hold your hand, for my pain?" 

"Yes." Type insisted. "Do it."

Tharn smiled up and Type and accepted his hand. "Okay baby, thank you." He intwined their fingers. "I feel better already."

Type stepped closer to him but looked away again. "Aren't you almost done? When are you done?"

"Are we almost done?" Tharn turned to the amused looking artist.

He shrugged at the couple, not hiding his smile, "Yeah, just about. I'm just touching it up. Shouldn't be too long now."

Tharn turned and looked up at Type's turned back. "See baby? Almost there."

"I don't care." Type glared away from Tharn.

Tharn laughed, squeezing the hand holding his. "Okay."

It was just under ten minutes later when the tattoo artist lifted his gun from Tharn's skin. He wiped the area clean, swiping away the last remnants of Tharn's blood.

"Okay man," the artist smoothed out the skin spraying something over Tharn's new tattoo and wiping it away slowly, "looks good, you're all set."

"Thanks." Tharn nodded. He turned to Type pulling his hand, "look, Type, it's ready."

Tharn lifted his left wrist and showed Type, smiling wide.

It was a pair of two strawberries, both outlined in a bright red, laying and surrounded by a bed of black and white leaves. The tips of the leaves on each end, wrapped around his wrist, but not enough to touch on the other side.

Tharn turned his wrist over showing Type the whole thing.

Type smiled very minutely, holding Tharn's arm. "It's cheesy."

"I think it's perfect." Tharn smiled.

Type frowned poking Tharn's arm under the tattoo. "Your skin's all red now."

"Yeah the swelling will go down in a few days." Tharn shrugged. He turned to the artist. "Are we all set?"

The man paused putting his equipment away, to nod. "Yeah you're good to go, you can settle the bill up at the front."

"Thank you." Tharn nodded, rising from the chair.

He let go of Type's hand temporarily to grab his returned jean jacket, Type himself was wearing his pink hoodie that he pulled from Tharn's closet.

Type moved to hook their arms together before Tharn could slip his jacket back on. Truth being, although it took a little bit to get used to, since staying over at Tharn's place, Type's found he really likes Tharn's tattoos. He never saw them much before, but when Tharn isn't wearing his uniform and his arms aren't covered, Type has found himself staring at Tharn and all those tattoos, more and more.

His favorite so far was the lion, crowned king in black and white, covering Tharn's entire right shoulder. Underneath the lion a blooming bushel of three huge roses not red but touched, purposely faded, in pink. An intricate lotus design surrounding the two. Beneath the roses and completing the sleeve was an angel's wing, wrapping around Tharn's forearm. The wing wasn't immaculate either, it was tattered, worn. At the base of the wing were a bushel of sunflowers in a bracelet surrounding his wrist. There was a small crescent moon above his knuckle on his thumb. And writing on the other side of his thumb, palm side, lining his hand, fading into the bushel of sunflowers wrapping around his wrist.

From what Type could remember, Tharn had tattoos on his chest, right peck, and he knew there was something on Tharn's ribs, but wasn't sure what it was.

And there were definitely tattoos on his shoulder blades, Type could see the tops of the designs peeking out underneath his shirts low collar, but again, he didn't know what was there.

Type snapped out of his reminiscences when he heard Tharn speak.

Type looked around them, Tharn had already led them to the counter. He was paying. He looked at the arm around his, the man beside him. He sucked in a breath and backed away from Tharn.

Tharn gave him a confused look that Type avoided, but didn't say anything as he finished his transaction.

As soon as he was able, Type walked them out.

"N'Type?" Tharn followed him out. "You okay?"

"Fine." Type nodded, rubbing his hands up and down his arms as they walked to the car. "I'm fine just-- ready to leave."

Tharn chuckled. "It wasn't that bad."

"Yeah, well you're crazy." Type rolled his eyes. "You don't think letting assholes beat you and your friends up on a three days out of the week basis is 'that bad' but you're wrong so."

"First of all," Tharn stopped Type when they reached his car, spinning him against the door just as he'd reached for the handle. Tharn smirked and crowded Type in, arms hanging loosely around Type's waist.

Type threw a few looks over his shoulder to make sure they were in the clear. He glared up at Tharn waiting for his first point when he was satisfied that they were, in fact, alone.

"We do the beating up," Tharn winked. "Make no mistake, babe." Type rolled his eyes crossing his arms. "Second, I'm your soulmate. If I'm crazy, what does that make you?"

Type pushed Tharn off of him. "Insane."

He got in the passenger seat and shut the door. Tharn smiled and tapped his knuckles on Type's window before going over to the drivers side.


"Hello krub! Welcome." Her smile was brilliant. She was tall, skinny, pretty. And she was staring at Tharn.

Tharn smiled back. "Hello krub."

"My name is Paer and I'll be your server today." She set their menus and straws down. Looking at Tharn through her eyelashes as she did so.

Type took his menu with a glare.

"Is there anything I can start you off with?" She asked, nodding as she took up her pad and pen. She leaned her hip Tharn's way as she waited for him to speak.

"Yeah, can we get some dumplings, as an appetizer?" Tharn nodded looking over to Type. "Is that okay with you?"

"Fine." Type didn't look up from his menu as he answered.

"Okay," she wrote the order down, "no problem, I'll be back soon for your order and with your food!"

"Thank you." Tharn called after her as she left.

"Is there anything that looks good to you?" Tharn looked over to Type's menu.

Type shook his head. "Yeah, everything looks great." He closed his menu as he picked up his straw, settling it in his water. "Order for me, I don't care what you get."

Tharn eyed Type carefully as he sipped his water. "Okay?" Tharn went back to his menu, already sure of his order. "But there isn't anything in particular that you want?"

Type shook his head pulling out his phone. "Nope. Not really." He sighed. "Get whatever."

"Type." Tharn set down his menu, waiting for Type to respond. "N'Type." Tharn nudged Type's leg with his foot under the table.

Type looked up at him. "What?" Before going back to his phone.

"What are you doing?" Tharn sighed.

"Nothing." Type insisted. "Texting."

"Not," Tharn reached over, "that." He took the phone from Type.


Tharn kept it out of Type's reach pocketing it with a frown.

"What is this? What's wrong?" Tharn questioned. "Why are you upset?"

Type leaned against the table and glared at the discarded menus. "I'm not upset."

"You are clearly upset." Tharn argued. "What happened? Do you not like the place?"

Type shrugged. "It's fine. It's good. I'm fine."

"Type." Tharn frowned. "Look at me."

"Would you give me my phone?" Type glared up at him.

"No." Tharn shook his head.

"Theif!" Type accused, looking away again.

"N'Type," Tharn sat forward.

Whatever he was going to say was cut off.

"Okay," Their waitress smiled in, "here are your appetizers, and are you ready to order yet?"

"Thank you so much," Tharn shook his head, accepting the appetizers. "We need a few more minutes, though."

She looked disappointed. Type glared up at her, but she was too busy looking at Tharn to even notice him.

She brushed her fingers against Tharn's shoulder. "You sure, hon?"

Type curled his fists. That tramp needed to get her hand off of his soulmate right now.

Tharn laughed uncomfortably and discreetly pulled her hand off of him with a nod. "Yes, we'll be just a minute."

"Okay, I'll be back soon." She smiled squeezing the hand guiding hers before leaving.

"Okay krub." Tharn said as she left. He shook his head. "Um, anyway, N'Type why-- N'Type?"

"No, no." Type waved him off. "I'm fine."

"Are you sure?" Tharn questioned. "Because you're stabbing your fork into the table, and I don't think that's good."

Type looked at his hand. "Oh." He chuckled dryly and let go of the fork, letting it clatter to the table. "My bad. Maybe if miss perfect teeth would get her fucking hands off of you for two seconds, the table wouldn't have to suffer."

Tharn blinked and sat back. "N'Type. You-- are you...jealous right now? Is that why you're so upset?"

"Of course not." Type snapped. "Why the fuck do I have to be jealous? It's not like she's your fucking soulmate who has to sit here and watch pretty girls hit on you for fucking hours on end. It's great."

Type picked up his fork, but Tharn laughed and stopped him from stabbing the table again.

"Type." Tharn was smiling, he gently put the fork away and held Type's hand himself. "Baby, you have nothing to be jealous of. Like you said she's not my amazing, wonderful, adorable soulmate. You are."

"You can leave out the adorable, thanks." Type glared.

"But baby you are adorable." Tharn chuckled. "I can't help it. You're the most adorable."

"Mm hmm." Type pulled his hand out from Tharn's grip. "Keep it up and I'm walking out."

"Okay, alright." Tharn relented with a smile. "But seriously, Type, you have nothing to be jealous about. The only one I'm ever going to look at is you. My beautiful Yai Nong."

"You've said it." Type warned.

Tharn nodded. "I mean it."

Type sat back, satisfied for now. "Now can you give me my damn phone?" Type reached out his hand expectantly.

Tharn smiled and pulled out Type's phone, "Of course, baby."

Type accepted his phone with a scoff. "Such a fucking child sometimes. Stealing other peoples phones."

Tharn laughed. "I had no other choice, my soulmate refused to even look at me."

"Your fault." Type shrugged. "Don't be an asshole."

Tharn smiled. They looked over the menu together for a few minutes, finally deciding on a plate to split.

"Okay, do you think you're ready to order?" A familiar peppy voice chipped in.

Type rolled his eyes and Tharn gave him a look of warning. Probably worried that Type would come off as rude. Which was ridiculous because a) Type didn't give a shit if this man stealer thought he was rude and b) she wasn't even looking at him. She'd never notice.

"Um yeah, I think we're ready." Tharn nodded looking over at Type.

Type just shrugged and gestured for Tharn to take the lead here. Tharn smiled and went through the menu ordering for the both of them, when he was done, the waitress collected their menus.

"Alright," she smiled, using the excuse of getting their menus to bend down towards Tharn.

Type clenched his teeth and grabbed the fork again. Before he did anything, he felt Tharn's foot rub against his ankle.

Tharn was smiling at him patiently.

"If that will be all--"

"Yes." Type spoke up, smile splitting his face. "That will be all."

"Heh," she looked to him for basically the first time. "Okay. Then, I'll be right back with your meal," she smiled over to Tharn again. "Hope you enjoy." She dropped her peppy voice and brushed her hand over Tharn's arm. "Ow!" She snatched her hand back as if burned.

Type and Tharn both recoiled too.

Tharn clenched his teeth and brought his arm, which felt as if something hot was currently branding him, to his chest.

Type gasped and grasped his own arm, the heat burning him from the inside out, it seemed. "Shit." He looked at the area, but besides his soulmark, there was nothing on his skin. It wasn't red. There was no burn mark. He hadn't even been touching anything.

He looked at Tharn, who was already looking back at him in both confusion and concern.

"Uh, um," the waitress seemed shaken. She looked at her hand for the briefest moment. "Um I'll, I'll be right back with your meal."

She ran off.

"What the fuck was that?" Type instantly asked leaning forward.

"I don't know." Tharn looked at his arm. Underneath strawberries, there was just his soulmark. No burn. "But you felt it too? How? And our waitress--"

"She felt it." Type nodded. "Are you okay, do you have any burns?" Type reached over and pulled Tharn's forearm, inspecting it. "Where did you feel it?"

"Right here." Tharn pointed right Type expected him to. His soulmark. "I don't know why. There's nothing."

"And it still hurts?" Type asked, his own burn affect was fading.

"Yeah, a little," Tharn acknowledged. "What about you, baby?"

Type soothed his fingers over Tharn's mark. "I'm o--" he gasped again.

Tharn sucked in a sharp breath.

They both pulled back from each other.

Type rubbed his hand over his mark. He looked up at Tharn. "It's gone." He shook his head. "I don't feel it anymore."

Tharn nodded with him. "Yeah, I don't feel it either."

"What the hell is happening?" Type put his hands in his hair.

Tharn pulled out his phone.

"I'll check online." He said. "Maybe we can find some answers."

Type nodded. "Yeah. Good idea."

Tharn spent a few minutes searching before he sat up. "Ah! Okay. Okay. It says here, according to WebMD, that for true soulmates," Tharn looked up at him, "that's you and me," Type nodded. "When someone with romantic intentions who is not the soulmate, touches the soul mark, a mild burning effect occurs."

"Mild?" Type questioned, rubbing his arm. "That shit hurt."

"The remedy," Tharn continued, "is to have the soulmate of the one who was touched, also touch the mark. The pain is relieved instantaneously."

"Well shit." Type shook his head. "I've never heard of this. Have you?"

Tharn shook his head. "It's called The Burning, and no, I haven't heard of it. Although I also haven't known very many people who have soul marks."

"But didn't P'San used to chase you? His intents were dubious, why have you or I never felt this before?" Type questioned.

"Hmm." Tharn nodded, it was a good question. "Let me see. Maybe it says something here about that. Wait, don't you have friends who are each other's soulmates? They never experienced this?"

Type shrugged. "Maybe they have, I wouldn't know. Besides we're all friends. No one of us who's ever touched their soul mark has ever had any romantic intent towards either of them."

Tharn hummed, as he read through the website.

"Actually, let me ask them." Type pulled out his own phone and started texting Khlui.

"Okay, okay," Tharn spoke up after a few minutes of silence. "Here it is. It says the The Burning doesn't start happening until, after the true soulmates have met. So P'San wouldn't have activated it, unless he tried touching my arm now."

"Okay." Type nodded. "This is bullshit, but okay."

Tharn snorted. "I guess neither of us have to worry now. We each have a way of knowing that both of us are being safe." He surmised. Then he nudged Type's foot. "That means no more getting jealous, Nong."

"Yeah, yeah." Type waved him off, not looking up. "No promises."

"What do your friends say?" Tharn asked.

"Uh, they say, they didn't know it was a thing,"

"Really?" Tharn was surprised.

"But, hold on-- would you let me finish?" Type looked up at him. "Can I speak?"

"Finish, finish," Tharn smiled. "You're right. I'm sorry. Bad Tharn."

"Damn right." Type went back to texting. "Impatient bastard. Okay," Tharn chuckled at him. "They say they didn't know it was a thing, but it makes sense, because they have felt it before."

"What?" Now Tharn was more surprised. "So they just...never found out what was happening?"

"Yeah," Type nodded. "According to them as long as the sensation went away, which it always did, they never questioned it."

Tharn laughed. "Okay."

Type laughed with him, putting away his phone. "My friends ladies and gentleman."

"Like I said," Tharn smiled, folding his arms over themselves and leaning them on the table, "your friends are cute."

"Shut up." Type smiled, taking another sip of his water.


"So what do you want to do now?" Type sighed, he tossed his finished lemonade into the trash can, swinging Tharn's hand between them as they walked.

Tharn looked around at all the stores around them, they'd just exited GameStop, where Type spent looking for a game P'Tae recommended to him.

"I don't know." Tharn shrugged.

They'd been exploring the mall pretty much all day, and though Tharn was tired, he was happy to spend these hours with Type. Plus, he'd finally gotten Type okay with hand holding in public. He was content to stroll around some more if it meant showing off his soulmate.

"Let's just walk around a little." Tharn suggested. "See what we want to do next."

Type was okay with this plan. "Sure." He nodded, falling easily into step beside Tharn. "How was your test?"

"Hmm?" Tharn questioned, looking over at Type. "What test? Oh, for Physics, you mean." Tharn remembered.

"Yeah." Type confirmed. "Didn't Champ say he was studying for that same test?"

"Yeah, his class doesn't take it till Monday," Tharn informed. "Uh, but it was alright. Not too difficult, just tedious, long. Nothing I couldn't handle. Physics is basically just a better math subject."

"Better?" Type wrinkled his nose.

"It's more fun than math." Tharn shrugged.

"Fun?" Type couldn't believe his soulmate. "Physics is fun?"

Tharn smiled. "It can be, yeah."

Type looked away. "Alright."

Tharn laughed. "Well, what subjects do you enjoy?"

"Why are you even asking this?" Type questioned with a smile. "I'm a music major who's literally in a band."

"I meant besides music." Tharn smiled.

"Oy." Type groaned. "Why are we talking school? I told you when we met. School during the week, break during the weekend."

"What?" Tharn laughed. "You brought it up."

"Well now I'm un-bringing it up." Type said. "Deal with it."

Tharn laughed again, pulling Type's hand to his lips. He kissed Type's hand softly. "Okay."

Type glared at him, nudging their shoulders. "Sap."

"Stop being cute, and it won't happen, Nong." Tharn warned.

Type huffed and looked around them for a distraction. "Let's go to the movies."

Tharn looked over Type, seeing the theater in the distance. "What, really?"

"Why not?" Type shrugged, already pulling them over.

Tharn willingly went along. "Okay, what will we watch?"

"I don't know." Type said truthfully. "What do you want to see? What do you feel like?"

Tharn looked over the movie posters as they passed by, going through the grand entrance.

He was about to answer when someone surprised both of them.

"Type?" A voice spoke up. "N'Type?"

Both of them turned.

"Oh." Type recognized the guy calling him. He was a student in one of Type's music classes. "P'Run? What are you doing here?"

The man smiled as Type said his name. "Me?" He laughed putting his hand on Type's shoulder in excitement. "What are you doing here? I'm just with some friends," he moved his hand to gesture over to a group of people standing together off to the side. "We were about to go in."

"Um, Tharn," Type slipped his hand from Tharn's, "this is P'Run, he's in my music appreciation class. P'Run, this is P'Tharn, he's--"

"I'm his soulmate." Tharn smiled. "It's nice to meet you."

"Oh," P'Run was surprised. "Soulmate, huh? Well, it's nice to meet you too. So I'm guessing you two are here together?"

"Well--" Type started.

"That's right." Tharn nodded. "We were just looking around a bit."

"Really?" P'Run smiled. "Well that's great! What movie were you seeing? Maybe we'll go in together?"

"We actually--" 

"We don't know if we'll be staying long." Tharn spoke up quickly. "We just stopped by for a little while, but we were thinking of going home."

"Oh?" P'Run nodded. "That's too bad."

"Yeah," Type glared up at Tharn. "Cause I was really hoping we'd stick around for a bit, maybe see what was showing."

"I think you should." P'Run encouraged. "We're watching that new Spider Man movie so, if you change your minds, come join us. The more the merrier."

"Sure, P'." Type smiled.

"Well, I've gotta go. The popcorn line's getting longer as we speak." P'Run chuckled, Type joined him. "I'll see you around Nong, it was nice meeting you Ai'Tharn."

"See you P'." Type waved.

Tharn waved with him but said nothing. Just watched him walk away with a frown.

Type shoved Tharn when he was gone. "What the hell is wrong with you? Since when are we leaving?"

"Since I met your P' from music appreciation class, who's shit at hiding his feelings." Tharn grabbed Type's hand and led him away from the entrance. "Come on."

"And who is it that just warned me about not getting jealous?" Type pulled his hand out of Tharn's. "You're kind of being an asshole right now. And not like usual."

"He wants you, Type." Tharn insisted.

"So?" Type stood up to Tharn. "I honestly didn't think it was possible for you to forget, but," Type poked him in the chest for emphasis, "you're my soulmate. Not him."

Tharn shook his head. "He doesn't care. I can tell. He doesn't care that you have a soulmate."

"Yeah, well who gives a shit?" Type crossed his arms. "Do you see me with him, Tharn? No. Why? Because I'm not interested." Type said seriously. "You already know me, I don't bullshit, and I don't put up with other people. I'm with you because I want to be with you. No one else is gonna change that, you fucking shitty soulmate."

"I'm shitty because I'm jealous?" Tharn crossed his arms.

"No. Because you just told me I wasn't allowed to act like this." Type rolled his eyes. "Look at you, you're worse than me."

"Yeah, well," Tharn looked around. "I don't think anyone else should get to touch you anymore."

"That's what I mean. Such a fucking child sometimes." Type shook his head and pulled Tharn out of the theatre. "Come on."

Tharn let himself be pulled, still pouting. "Where are we going?"

"Somewhere I can beat the shit out of you without getting arrested. You possessive, hypocritical asshole." Type growled.

"Where's that?" Tharn asked.

"Your place." Type said pulling him along.

Tharn smirked, matching his speed. "Yes sir."