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(wake up) it's no longer a dream

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the afternoon light was fading, turning soft and golden, but sarawat could still see the faces in the crowd as his gaze swept over them, searching and searching and searching. his heart was in his fucking throat. tine had to be here somewhere. sarawat's fingers hesitated on the strings. if tine wasn't here, then it would be wrong to sing this without him.

but he had to believe. if tine didn't trust him anymore, sarawat would have to believe in their happy ending enough for the both of them.

his fingers trailed across the strings. 'tine, this is for you,' he said into the mic and let his emotions pour out. his regret, his own anger, his frustration, his longing, his love. so much love. for tine's smile and his laughter and his warm presence, for the way his elbows dug into sarawat's ribs when they slept tangled together and the way he glared whenever sarawat teased him too much.

tine, listen to me, was what he really meant as he sang. believe me. don't let go like this.

tine, i love you.

tine wasn't here, though. there were only the fangirls, his friends, his classmates, people cheering his name, but the one person who had to be here was not and it really was over, wasn't it? gone, just like that, one stupid misunderstanding and suddenly sarawat's bed was cold, his apartment was quiet, and his own smile was gone.

tine, he thought desperately, trying not to let his voice shake, tine, tine, where are you

suddenly, there he was. oh. tine looked up at him, his face soft.

sarawat wanted nothing more than to touch him, draw him into his arms and keep him there forever, but he had to finish this. sarawat leaned forward, lips almost touching the mic, singing more sweetly than he had ever before. his gaze never left tine's, who looked back at him with the same tenderness and regret. sarawat's heart calmed down. it felt like they were the only two people in the world.

'just tell me, i'm willing to accept it,' sarawat sang, 'just tell me you never loved me.'

tine shook his head. 'never,' he mouthed.

as soon as the last chord was played, sarawat pulled the strap of his guitar over his head, handed the instrument to mew, and jumped off the stage. they might have called him back up but he didn't care. sarawat could only go to tine, take his hand, and run away with him. tine followed without hesitation and tangled their fingers together.

they found a quiet place away from prying ears and eyes. sarawat turned to face tine, his mouth opening without really knowing what to say, when tine suddenly threw his arms around him and pulled him close.

'i'm sorry,' said sarawat.

'i'm sorry,' said tine at the exact same time.

sarawat hugged him closer. 'i never meant to hurt you. pam is only a friend. please believe me, tine. i'm sorry it took me this long to tell you. i thought, give him a little time to cool down, but i never imagined it would end up like this.'

tine pulled back just enough to look at sarawat. 'i do trust you, wat, and i should have from the beginning. you already told me but i was so jealous and scared that i let myself believe that you wanted her and not me. you're just so — and i should have let you explained, too.'

sighing, sarawat tugged him back in, resting his chin on tine's shoulder. 'we're both dumb, aren't we?'

tine said, 'excuse you, i was smart enough to show up.'

'after i was clever enough to tell you to support me.'

sarawat felt like he was going to burst with this bright feeling expanding in his chest. he let out a long, soft breath and closed his eyes, savouring the shape of tine pressed closed to him. his hair was soft against sarawat's cheek. tine still smelled of sarawat's body wash (which had suspiciously gone missing when he ran away.)

sarawat frowned. 'tine,' he said.


'move back in with me. i miss you and i miss fucking you'

tine laughed and tugged on sarawat's hair. 'oh, my god, why are you such a goddamn pervert?'

instead of answering, sarawat kissed him. the world realigned itself. the tension left his shoulders and tine melted into him. nothing else mattered, just tine and his hands coming up to cup sarawat's face so he could deepen the kiss a bit more.

after a while, the kiss trailed off to little nipping sips on each other's lips and sarawat pressed their foreheads together. tine's eyes were still closed, his eyelashes fluttering. sarawat brushes his knuckles along tine's pink cheek.

'tine,' he said softly. i love you. 'i really need to know if my band won or not.'

huffing, tine rolled his eyes and stepped back, but he also reached down and took sarawat's hand. 'fine, let's go. scrubb is closing the competition, anyway, and i am not missing their performance.'

this wouldn't magically fix things between them. they would have to talk and to really listen, to apologise and comfort, but this was a good start. they could do it, be stronger than before. they would, and they would be so happy people would hate them a little bit.

smiling, sarawat walked back to the concert with tine by his side, together.