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Villain Theory

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Izuku knows he should fight, try to escape, but he's so doped up on tranquilizers, he can barely move. He knows what they're doing. They're keeping him sedated until the heat suppressants and birth control leaves his system. Then they're going to induce his heat and some alpha will breed him under the guise of “saving” him. In reality, they’re just going to turn him into a brainless, knot-hungry slut. 

He knows it’s time when, after they take another sample of his blood, they come back to his cell and drag him out. He’s taken to a white room, empty except for the breeding bench in the middle. Izuku struggles, but he’s still drugged, and his useless flailing goes mostly ignored as he’s stripped, then shoved down and strapped to the breeding bench. His breathing is fast and harsh, nearly hyperventilating as he’s bent over, leather cuffs securing his wrists to the floor and ankles secured to a spreader bar that will keep his legs open. He winces when they inject him with the heat inducer. 

“This will all be over soon, Midoriya,” one of his captors murmurs. No doubt they’re trying to be comforting, but that only makes it more ominous. 

The door opens, then closes, and Izuku’s heart pounds wildly, wondering which hero they sent to fix him. He catches an achingly familiar scent at the same time he hears one of his wardens speaking. 

"Ground Zero, he's ready for you."

Izuku panics and starts thrashing. This can’t be happening. Anyone but Kacchan, please. He’s the last person Izuku ever wanted to see again. But there’s no mistaking that sweet caramel and gun powder scent, the low rumble of his voice that, even now, sends Izuku’s heart galloping in his chest.

He jumps, straining against his binds when he feels Kacchan’s hand on him, brushing gently over his rump. Then he’s crouching down in front of him and Izuku can see his face. He’s even more handsome than the last time Izuku saw him. The lingering baby fat on his face from adolescence has faded away, leaving his jaw more defined and his cheekbones even sharper, but his eyes look almost sad, and there’s dark circles under them, like he’s seen too much. 

"When I heard they finally caught you, I told them I needed to take responsibility," Kacchan says. He brushes his fingers over the faint crescent moon scars on Izuku's throat, remnants of the premature claiming bite he left on him when they were merely pups, and Izuku pulls against his restraints, trying to get away from his touch.

"Why?" Izuku packs as much hate and vitriol into that little word as he can manage. 

"Because this is my fault," Kacchan replies sadly. "If I'd just taken responsibility for the imprint and mated you like I was supposed to, you wouldn't have turned out like this. So now I'm gonna make things right.” His eyes harden. “I'm gonna breed you and you're gonna stop all this fuckin’ villain nonsense." 

Izuku shakes his head, tears slipping out of his wide, frantic eyes. “No! Kacchan, please, you don’t have to do this!” He hates to beg, but there’s nothing else he can do in this situation. 

"You need this, Deku," Kacchan growls, his face twisted up in that familiar scowl. "And if it wasn't me, they'd just send someone else, and I can’t have that.” He brushes his hand over the nape of Izuku’s neck. “I won’t lose you again,” he whispers and Izuku shivers despite himself, the omega in him responding to the possessive conviction in his alpha’s voice.

Izuku shudders as he feels a pulse of heat in his groin and wonders if it’s the heat inducer taking effect already. His skin feels tight and he’s warm all over, no doubt his fair, freckled skin is blotched with the flush of heat. He squirms when he feels his cock start to harden against his will, trapped between his body and the breeding bench.

Kacchan stands up. “It’s better this way,” he says firmly. “Now we’ll finally be together, just like you wanted.” 

Is that what he wanted? Izuku isn’t sure; the drugs make it hard to remember. A memory scratches at the back of his drug-addled mind until it surfaces, like an air bubble popping through the surface of a pool of water, and suddenly he remembers. That’s right. He begged Kacchan to finish what he started and complete the claim, but he never did, and it made him so angry. Izuku blinks and more tears spill down his cheeks.

“I’m sorry it took me so long, but I’m here now,” Kacchan whispers, gently massaging the nape of Izuku’s neck. 

Izuku gasps. Kacchan’s touch leaves a trail of tingling heat in his wake and suddenly his hot core is throbbing, aching to be filled, and his ass clenches down on nothing, slick gushing down his thighs. 

At this angle, it’s hard to see Kacchan’s expression, but Izuku can see the way his nostrils flare when he scents Izuku’s slick in the air. His fingers tighten around the nape of Izuku’s neck, squeezing for a second, and Izuku keens softly in submission, eyesight swimming like he’s trying to see underwater. Kacchan abruptly lets him go and walks out of sight. When Izuku hears the sound of his zipper, he thrashes weakly.

"Don't, Kacchan!" Izuku sobs when he feels the fat head of Kacchan’s cock press against his slick, aching hole. 

"You need this," Kacchan repeats. "I'm gonna fix you, Deku, I promise."

“Noooo,” Izuku’s protest turns into a long, drawn out moan as Kacchan presses inside, inch by agonizing inch of his thick, fat cock spreading him wide. Izuku pants harshly as he takes it all, his insides rippling as he sucks him in greedily. His whole body is trembling by the time Kacchan's fully seated inside him.

Kacchan strokes his spine, from the nape of his neck down to where they’re connected. He rubs his thumb over Izuku's rim, stretched wide to accommodate his massive cock.

"Feelin' better yet?" Kacchan rasps and just the sound of his rough, fucked-out voice sends shivers down Izuku’s spine. "Just relax, Deku,” his alpha murmurs. “Give in and let me fix you."

Izuku whines and shakes his head. Somewhere in the back of his head, he knows he has to fight, but the cock in his ass feels too good. It feels so amazing that he quickly loses the will to fight. Waves of heat pulse inside of him at steady intervals, and his insides ripple and squeeze around the cock splitting him open. He moans when he feels Kacchan’s cock brush a part of him deep inside that sends lightning crackling up his spine and heat bursting in his belly. 

“There, huh?” Kacchan rolls his hips and Izuku cries out, his cock twitching where it’s trapped between his body and the breeding bench. 

His alpha sets a rough, brutal pace, fingers digging sharply into his hips. Sparks fly up his spine and slick gushes out of his aching hole. His tongue lolls out of his mouth and and he pants, going cross-eyed as Kacchan pounds his ass, the breeding bench creaking under their combined weight. Their hips slap together and Izuku cries out over the lewd, wet squelching of their mating. He’s trying his best to grind back against the knot in his ass but it’s hard with his ankles trapped in the spreader bar. 

“Kacchan,” he sobs, fingers curling around the chains keeping him bound to the floor as Kacchan fucks into him again and again. It feels like he’s carving a path inside of him with his cock, his insides rippling and clinging to form a perfect mold of him. 

"That's it, Deku," Kacchan snarls through his teeth. "Fuck, c'mon, take it, take it, take it!" He keeps pounding into his ass until finally, he forces his knot through the tight ring of muscle with a roar. 

Izuku screams and writhes under him, eyes rolling to the back of his head, straining against his chains as his alpha’s knot pops into place. There’s a sharp edge of pain to the pleasure that’s making stars explode in his vision. But beside the pain, there’s a feeling of indescribable relief. He’s been torn apart, but all the raw, aching parts of him are soothed immediately after. He feels better than he has in years. 

“Kacchan,” he sobs. “Alpha!” He starts crying tears of joy when he feels the first wave of Kacchan's warm seed flooding him. 

"Get pregnant," Kacchan pants, hips twitching forward with every fresh wave of cum. "Get pregnant, get pregnant!" 

Izuku moans and clenches around him, shivering and shaking under the weight of his alpha’s command. 

Kacchan drapes himself over Izuku’s back and nuzzles into the nape of his neck, breath hot and heavy against his skin as he continues emptying inside him. His chest rumbles with a satisfied purr and he scrapes his fangs across his skin once, twice, before biting down and claiming him. 

Izuku keens softly but after the initial sting, heat and pleasure surges through his veins and he goes limp, eyes drooping in contentment as his alpha laps at his bite mark. He feels so wonderfully full and satisfied, warm and sated under the comforting weight of his alpha. If it wasn’t for the heat and desire steadily mounting inside him again, he might drift off. But eventually he grows restless, and the moment he starts whining, his alpha buries his teeth in the scruff his neck and mates him again. 

Izuku doesn’t remember being released from the facility where he was held, but that’s ok — he’s just happy to be with his alpha. Kacchan carries him over the threshold of his new home like a bride and Izuku giggles, nuzzling under his jaw. He’s ecstatic, his heart full to bursting. He has a belly full of Kacchan’s litter and nothing has ever made him feel so complete, so fulfilled. 

He spends the rest of his days in domestic bliss, and whenever he starts to get restless, Kacchan simply breeds him again. Izuku is too busy being fucked and filled and bred to even think about anything besides pleasing his alpha and having his babies and that’s just the way he likes it.