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blame it on the alcohol

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"Come on, Namjoon. It's not every day all of us get to hang out together!"

Jimin has been trying to persuade his boyfriend to go out with him for at least an hour now. He knows that his boyfriend loves doing his job, but he never knows he loves it so much that he wouldn't go hang out with their friends. Seokjin proposed the idea out of nowhere yesterday, and to Jimin's surprise, everyone happens to be free on the same date: everyone except for Namjoon. It's rare for any of them to have free time, he thinks that's why all of their friends are down with the idea. Unfortunately, his beloved Namjoon has work to do tomorrow. He tries asking his friends to change the date, even though he already knows it's almost impossible as they're all busy men.

Seokjin is a high-demand actor and is rarely free. Yoongi and Taehyung work at the same company with Yoongi as a producer and Taehyung as a singer. Hoseok is now probably the most sought-out choreographer in Korea. Their youngest, Jungkook, works as a freelance photographer and is always out of town. When Jimin thinks about it, he is fascinated by how much all of them have grown since their years together in high school. Jimin also remembers his time with his boyfriend in those years, how badly they were pining for each other but never had a gut to confess their feelings. After years of beating around the bush, they finally got together when Jimin was a sophomore and Namjoon being a junior in college. They wouldn't have wasted so many years, had one of them confessed since then. When he thinks about it, none of their friends know they are a couple. They just know that both Jimin and Namjoon are already taken coincidentally around the same time.

"Baby, you know the manuscript can't be rescheduled. The deadline is Monday, and I haven't finished rereading half of it!" Namjoon sighed. Poor his famous-writer boyfriend and his behavior of rereading the manuscript at least twice before sending it to the publisher. It's not that Jimin doesn't understand his boyfriend, but he wants him to put his work behind for a second.

Jimin walks over to the desk where Namjoon's working, he turns the chair around and sits on his boyfriend's lap. He knows Namjoon can never take his eyes off him, he has never been able to since he first laid his eyes on Jimin. "Please, daddy, come with me. Just this time." He pulls out his 'daddy' card because he knows there's no way Namjoon can resist his charms. His boyfriend always lets him indulge himself whenever he wants and however he wants.

For ten years they've known each other, this is the first time Namjoon doesn't give in. The older shakes his head and simply states, "No, babe. I really have to this time."

Jimin sighs knowing he can't change his mind, he kisses Namjoon on the lips while the other grabs his waist. He isn't angry, he isn't upset or anything; he understands that his boyfriend really needs to perfect his work. What can he say? Being so passionate about what he does is one of the reasons why Jimin falls for him in the first place. They continue kissing until they feel that they need some air to breathe. They break the kiss and press their foreheads together to look at each other in the eyes.

Namjoon's eyes never change, still full of love and adoration like ten years ago, but a lot more confident. Jimin sometimes still feels like the sixteen-year-old boy who met Namjoon for the first time, he falls for his boyfriend more and more with every single day passing by. "I'll let you work. See you in bed," he whispers sweetly while rubbing his nose on Namjoon's neck. Namjoon chuckles in reply and lets go of his waist to let him walk to their shared bedroom.

Jimin gets on their bed and giggles to himself. On his way to the bedroom, he might've swayed his hips a little more than usual, but he knows Namjoon loves every second of it.



Jimin is ten minutes late, but his friends are probably used to it. He walks into the club where his friends are waiting after texting his boyfriend to tell him he's there. Namjoon replies with a simple 'OK' and then probably gets back to work. He feels a little lonely being there alone, but he knows his boyfriend will cuddle him to sleep afterward, so that's one good thing. Once he's inside, he spots his friends immediately, thanks to Seokjin's handsome face that can be seen even from afar. Taehyung is the first to notice Jimin walking over, he waves his hands at him enthusiastically.

"I feel like I haven't seen you for ages!" Taehyung exclaimed while hugging him tightly. Jimin sits down and greets his friends who reply just as excitedly as he does.

"You look great today, Jimin-ah," Seokjin spoke up. "I'll give you a nine."

Jimin laughs at the eldest, "Why only nine, hyung? I deserve a ten."

"I'll tell you something, I'm the only ten, okay? Actually, everyone is an eight at most, you being a nine is special. Take that," Seokjin sips his beer after sharing his beauty standard.

"Jungkook-ah, how's your job going?" Jimin asks the youngest of them who is stuffing his face with food, unlike the others who keep downing the liquor.

"It's going great. Next week, I have a job in Daegu, it's a pre-wedding shoot. Should be fun," Jungkook says while munching his food. He can't help but feel so endeared by the bunny boy, years passed and he's still the same. He ruffles his hair slightly and chuckles to himself.

"What about you, Jimin-ah? How's your life?" Yoongi asks quietly behind his glass of wine.

"Oh, it's great, hyung! Work's going well, life's good, I'm healthy, my boyfriend's a little busy, but aside from that it's all good," Jimin sips some wine and thinks about what Namjoon's doing right now. It feels like the old times where they would hang out together like this, all seven of them. It's a shame Namjoon can't be here tonight, but Jimin will enjoy the moment on his behalf.

"I wish Namjoon hyung was here," Jungkook mumbles.

"You wish Namjoon was everywhere, Jungkook-ah," Hoseok laughs out.

Jungkook and Namjoon will always remain a mystery in their group as no one can understand the reason behind Jungkook's public declaration of undying love and idolization of Namjoon. Jimin must admit that he used to be afraid that the younger would have a crush on the same man as him, but weirdly, Jungkook never advanced. He waited to see if the younger would change his mind, but the younger remained the same; he really idolized Namjoon with the purest heart. When Namjoon released his first book, Jungkook, who is mostly offline, was the first one to congratulate him in their group chat; well, the first one after Jimin, that is.

They keep drinking until he feels a little tipsy, but not quite drunk. Of course, Hoseok will be the first one to get drunk. He asks Jimin to dance with him, and Jimin can't say no to his hyung. They dance together on the dancefloor, and soon Taehyung decides to join them. They dance and dance until he sees a guy approaching them. He tries to hit on Taehyung who refuses immediately, leaving that guy disappointed. They return to their table to tell the story to their friends.

"He tried to hit on me," Taehyung said. "But then I told him I already had a boyfriend."

"You didn't say that," Jimin chimes up. "You just said you're taken."

"Don't they mean the same thing?" Taehyung sips his coke because apparently he has to drive home, so he can't get drunk.

"And since when did you have a boyfriend? I'm not the only one who just knows this, right?" Seokjin asks. Everyone except for Yoongi nods their heads. "Wait, Yoongi, you knew?"

"Of course, he'd know. They work at the same place, relationships are never a secret in the workplace," Hoseok downs the water to hydrate and freshen himself up a little.

"Not really," Yoongi says at the same time as Taehyung says, "He's my boyfriend." Taehyung holds his hand up for them to see and Yoongi blushes lightly.

"What?!" Everyone shouts at the same time, probably a little too loud because the table near theirs is glaring at them. They look around apologetically and mumble a few sorry's.

"Yoongi hyung just accepted my courting a year ago," Taehyung gives them a deadpan while Yoongi hits him slightly on the arm and asks, "Courting? Seriously?"

Actually, it shouldn't be a surprise for them as it's not really a secret that Taehyung has pined for Yoongi since high school. Everyone knows it, except for Yoongi himself who seemed oblivious to all the flirting Taehyung had thrown his way and always managed to reject the younger unconsciously. He's more than happy for his best friend to finally get to date the man he has loved for a long time. It kind of reminds him of him and Namjoon, but Taehyung took longer.

They drink and chat some more until it's almost one in the morning. Hoseok is now dozing off, Jungkook and Taehyung have to drive, so they are completely sober. Yoongi isn't that drunk from what he's seeing, but definitely cannot drive, and Seokjin is now red from the influence of alcohol. Jimin isn't that better himself, he doesn't get drunk easily, but he thinks he drinks too much this time.

"I'll give Seokjin hyung and Hoseok hyung a ride, their homes are on my way," Jungkook offers when they start talking about how to get home.

"I have to go with Yoongi hyung anyway," Taehyung says. "But what about Jimin? He doesn't live anywhere near us."

"Should we call a taxi for you, Jimin-ah?" Yoongi asks with clear worry in his voice. Seokjin agrees, "Yeah, you should do that."

"No, it's fine, hyung. I already texted my boyfriend," Jimin replies. The truth is, Jimin doesn't really know if his messages make any sense. He definitely has tons of typos, but at least he is sure he texted the right person.

"Oh, great! You should introduce him to us, Jimin-ah! How long have you been dating him for?" Seokjin sips more water down his system.

"Five years, six years? I don't really remember. I miss him so bad, hyung," Jimin whines. He knows he is twice needier when he's drunk, and now he wants Namjoon.

"Yeah, he'll be here soon," Taehyung says.

"You don't understand, Taehyung-ah. He's so busy these days. I tried to get him to relax yesterday, I even pulled out my 'daddy' card that I know he can never resist," Jimin knows he's rambling, but he can't stop himself. "Do you know what he said to me? 'No, baby.', how dare he say no to me? How can he say no to his baby?" Jimin is pouting now at this point, he wants to go back to Namjoon as soon as possible. He doesn't think he can survive any minute without the man.

"Oh, you show up! Come here!" Jimin hears Seokjin call for someone far away, but he doesn't care, he wants to see Namjoon so badly.

"Hyung! Did you change your mind?" Jungkook asks someone behind him and shakes Hoseok awake from his slumber. Yoongi mumbles something about 'being late', Jimin isn't sure, but then he hears a familiar voice he's heard every day, "I'm here for my boyfriend, hyung."

Jimin turns around and sees his boyfriend standing behind him, he's wearing a simple white T-shirt and faded blue jeans. He must've hurried his way here because he still has his glasses on, and Jimin thinks he's more handsome than ever. It can be alcohol's influence, or maybe he just needs his boyfriend so much he can't control himself. He stands up from his seat before anyone can say something and starts kissing Namjoon needily. Namjoon's eyes widen in surprise, but he quickly grabs his waist and kisses back just as passionately as him.

Their friends are all looking at them shockingly, except for Hoseok who has just woken up and can really tell what's going on. He links his arms around Namjoon's neck and pulls him down even closer, then starts grinding on his boyfriend; he's pretty sure Namjoon can feel him getting hard under his pants. He doesn't care if they're in public or not, he needs his boyfriend right now, but apparently Namjoon does care that they're still in public. The taller pulls away from the kiss while Jimin chases after it, "Baby, you're drunk."

"Yes, I know, Namjoon-ah. I'm drunk and horny, and I want you now," he whispers. He sees how his boyfriend blushes and notices their friends looking down as if the table is so interesting. If he was sober, he'd probably feel bad for Jungkook to witness something like this. Poor kid. But he isn't sober so he doesn't.

"You're Jimin's boyfriend?" Taehyung who gains his consciousness back the quickest decides to ask.

"Yeah, that's me. Sorry, we never told you," Namjoon smiles apologetically at their friends while Jimin places the kisses on his jawline down to his neck and tries to climb him like a tree. Namjoon really wants him to stop because right now Jimin isn't the only one who's hard. He lightly pushes the other away from his body and he is met with Jimin's pout, so he has no choice but to pull him back closer and let him snuggle into his chest.

"Let's go home, Namjoon. Please, can we go now?" Jimin looks up at his boyfriend with pleading eyes and lips pouting cutely that he knows Namjoon can't resist.

"Alright, babe. We'll get going," Namjoon assures his boyfriend. He looks at the others who are still in shock and probably have a million questions in their minds right now. He shrugs slightly and starts walking away with Jimin in his arms, "We'll explain later. Good to see you." Before any of their friends can open their mouths, both of them are already too far to hear it.

Namjoon sighs mentally, knowing that their group chat afterward will be flooded with questions about them. He'll deal with them later, but right now his boyfriend needs his attention, and he'll give it to him.



After Namjoon closes the door of their shared apartment, Jimin doesn't waste any second before pulling Namjoon down into a kiss. Namjoon presses Jimin against the door and his hands start reaching and grabbing anything they can while Jimin moans into his mouth, allowing their tongues to meet. They both can feel the lust rushing through them, their kiss is getting hotter and hotter with passing second. Namjoon starts making his way down Jimin's neck, sucking on his soft flesh slightly, and Jimin gasps loudly. Both of them know they can't wait any longer.

"Bedroom, now," Jimin pants with Namjoon's mouth still on his neck. The other's eyes darken with desire, and he is sure that's what his boyfriend sees in his eyes as well. Namjoon hooks his hands under Jimin's thighs and lifts him up easily as if he weighs nothing. Their lips connect once more all the way from the door to their bed.

Namjoon sits down on the edge of the bed, Jimin straddling his lap and grinding on him. They start taking off their clothes until they have nothing between their bodies. Jimin can feel Namjoon's hard dick poking at his ass, and he wants nothing more than to just ride his boyfriend to oblivion right then and right there. "I want you in my mouth," Jimin whispers lowly in Namjoon's ears and the other groans just at the thought of it. He feels like he can explode at any moment now.

"Go ahead, baby. I'm not stopping you," Namjoon looks at Jimin and is engulfed by his ethereal beauty for the countless times in his life since they first met in high school. Jimin has always been pretty and is getting even prettier every day. His boyfriend gets on his knees between his legs, he strokes Namjoon's shaft a few times before he starts licking at the tip and rolling his tongue around. Namjoon groans slightly at the feeling, then Jimin takes him in his mouth, and Namjoon lets out a loud moan.

Namjoon is big, but Jimin is used to it; he loves it when his mouth is filled with Namjoon's heavy cock. He starts bobbing his head up and down his boyfriend's length while keeping eye contact with the other. Namjoon doesn't know if he can moan any louder than how he already does, "Jimin, you are doing so good. You're taking my cock so good, baby." Jimin looks too good to be true on his knees, sucking him off. His plump lips wrap around his cock perfectly, his moan sends a vibration down his dick, and his stare makes everything twice more intense.

"God, I love having my mouth full," Jimin groans when he pulls off with a loud pop to catch a breath.

Namjoon's dick is now slicked wet with precum and saliva, he gestures Jimin to get on his lap again. Namjoon reaches for the nightstand's drawer to get the lube and condom while still kissing his boyfriend like there's no tomorrow. He doesn't even think about how his boyfriend's mouth was on his dick a few minutes ago. It doesn't matter how many times they've done this, it still feels good every time.

"I'm gonna prep you, babe," Namjoon whispers and coats his fingers with lube.

He prods his index finger in Jimin's hole, and the other sucks his breath a little. He pushes his finger deep to the hilt and starts to move a bit when he sees his boyfriend already getting used to the sensation. Namjoon inserts another finger in and starts scissoring, he wiggles his fingers around to find the other's prostate. He knows he succeeds when Jimin moans out loudly. "Oh, right there. Feels so good, so good, Namjoon," Jimin pants between his breaths, and Namjoon grins to himself. He adds another finger and starts fucking into him lightly, making sure he brush up against the spot as much as possible, eliciting the sweet moans from the younger's lips.

"Does it feel good? Do you like it?" Namjoon lightly bites on Jimin's earlobe, making the other melt into his hold.

"Fuck me, Namjoon-ah," Jimin moans sweetly. “Fuck me hard.”

And who is Namjoon to deny his boyfriend's request? He pulls his fingers out, and Jimin whines at the loss, but he knows he'll get something better than fingers. Namjoon puts on a condom and squirts some lube on his dick giving it a few strokes before lining it up with Jimin's waiting hole. Jimin feels Namjoon’s cock twitching near his hole, and he wants to push down to the hilt. Namjoon finally pushes the head in and fucks into Jimin shallowly, not thrusting in more than the head. Jimin lets out a desperate whine and starts to push down himself, but Namjoon holds him in place, not letting him move an inch while chuckling lowly at Jimin's desperation.

"Beg for it," Namjoon groans in his ears, his eyes clouded with lust.

Stupid Namjoon and his love for dominating Jimin in bed. If Jimin weren't so horny and wanted his ass to be filled as badly as now, he would probably keep Namjoon entertained with his little game. But now, he wants nothing more than Namjoon to fuck him as hard as he can, so he immediately complies. "Please, Namjoon, fuck me. Fill me with your cock, just fuck me so hard I can't remember my own name, please."

“Do you want it that much, babe?”

“Please, Namjoon. I want you now, fuck me, please,” Jimin moans out loudly, his voice filled with pure lust. Namjoon wants to wreck his pretty body just as much as the other wants him to.

Namjoon shoves his dick into Jimin without warning, making him gasp for air. Namjoon can feel Jimin's wall clenching around his cock tightly, and he moans at the feeling, "You're so tight, babe. So tight and so good for me." Namjoon then starts fucking into his boyfriend frantically which he knows the other will appreciate. Jimin can only moan out wantonly, "Feels so good, Namjoon. Ah, keep going."

“Let me hear you, Jimin-ah. I wanna hear you.”

Jimin complies immediately; he knows Namjoon likes it loud, especially when Jimin screams his name at how good the other makes him feel. “You’re fucking me so good, ah! So big, Namjoon-ah. You’re filling me up so well.”

It feels so good having Namjoon inside him, he keeps wanting the man more and more, he wants him deeper. Jimin pushes down to meet Namjoon's thrusts, making the perfect rhythm for them. Namjoon hooks his hands under Jimin's thighs once more and flips their position from having Jimin on his lap to having Jimin on his back below him. The light on the ceiling makes Namjoon seem to glow, his face glistened with sweat, some hair is wet and stuck on his forehead, his glasses are gone somewhere, but he looks so handsome hovering above him and thrusting into him deeply.

Namjoon slows down his pace, drawing out the moans from both of them. Jimin links his arms around the other's neck and pulls him into a kiss. Their tongues are intertwining in their mouths, Namjoon biting softly on Jimin's lower lip and he chooses that moment to hike one of Jimin’s legs over his shoulder. The new position allows Namjoon to go even deeper and gives him a precise angle to hit Jimin’s sweet spot, and Namjoon makes sure he hits it with every thrust. He gasps loudly while Namjoon keeps abusing the spot, making Jimin scream the other's name repeatedly. The pleasure is too much for him, but Namjoon still makes him scream out with ecstasy. He feels like he won't last much longer, "Cumming, Namjoon. So good, you're fucking me so well."

Hearing that, Namjoon starts stroking Jimin's dick matching the rhythm of his thrusts, "Cum for me, baby."

And with that Jimin spurts out white streaks on his stomach when the orgasm hits him, making his whole body tremble with pleasure. Namjoon groans loudly when he feels Jimin's hole clenching tighter around his dick, he still fucks into Jimin even though the other has already stilled as he reaches his climax. A few thrusts later, Namjoon's body tenses up when he cums, releasing his load inside Jimin. Namjoon flops on top of Jimin, and they stay like that for a while, sharing small kisses between them.

Namjoon finally pulls out of Jimin, he takes off his condom and disposes of it before lying down next to Jimin. The younger rests his head on Namjoon's chest while he cards his fingers through Jimin's hair. That's when they hear their phones' notifications going off, their friends must be spamming them with questions, but they'll deal with that tomorrow. Namjoon sighs contentedly when Jimin asks, "Did you know that Taehyung and Yoongi hyung are together?"

Namjoon's shock is clearly written on his face that Jimin can't help but chuckle, "What? They are? What did I miss?"

"Many things, but surely not my ass," Jimin teases. Namjoon laughs and kisses his boyfriend on the top of his head which Jimin returns with one on his lips.

"Get some sleep. We have many things to say tomorrow," Namjoon refers to their blowing notifications from their friends.

Jimin thinks his friends shouldn't be that surprised they end up together, it's not really a secret anyway. Still, he thinks they deserve some explanation on why they never told anyone for five years. But for now, the most important thing is his boyfriend's presence next to him sharing his warmth. They both start dozing off until sleep fully takes over them.