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Like to watch you

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Yuan Zong liked to watch Xia Yao, it's true he was one bodyguard for his sister but he couldn't close his eyes when he saw Xia Yao looked so beautiful and so handsome.

True his sister wanted him, but he wanted him too and he not ashamed to say that he little creepy by have watched him touching himself.
He really wanted to take him and make him his.

He become also to be protective of him because he doesn't want that it arrives sometimes to Xia Yao.
He was surprised when Xiao Yao said to him "If you want to watch me and protect me, just do it with me in my bed"

"Xiao Yao?"

"If your job is to protect me, you could also protect me from my bed, it's big enough" said Xiao Yao while Blushing a little

Yuan Zong finally spend the night with Xiao Yao even if he didn't sleep because he couldn't sleep at all, he was just looking at him peacefully and pet his hair for tell him that he was safe with him.