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Making you feel better

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Even after the operation it happens that Yuan Zong was still a feeling in pain, everyone told him it's was normal.
It's was one of the reasons of why he stopped everything and do normal work, he have gained enough money to be at home for a while, cooking for Xiao Yao and sometimes be with the mom of Xiao Yao.

It's was difficult between them at first but everything have changed and now she recognizes him as his son.
So everything was great, they have cooked lots of food together than Xiao Yao can try after.

When they were in their home Xiao Yao said to Yuan Zong "I saw you were a little tired when we were walking, are you okay?"

"Yes, don't worry it's just the pain like they explained" says Yuan Zong

"Can I do maybe something for maybe release the pain?" said Xiao Yao

He have read that massage could be one great stuff for this even if he had ultimate motive like for top him but it's was worth a try.

"What it is?" asked Yuan Zong

"I have read that massage can release the pain"

"Oh great idea"

Xiao Yao began his massage and saw that Yuan Zong loved that because he also touched other parts sensitive.

"Do you plan to do something about this" say Yuan Zong while pointing at his bulge.

"Maybe, I would do to the work and maybe be the top" said Xiao Yao

Then Yuan Zong grab the hand of Xiao Yao and kiss him and say to him "You could sit on it and ride it and do all the work"

"Don't think I would give you the right to be a bottom, my bitch" say Yuan Zong with one look so hot.