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Thai BL Series BL Fluff Oneshots

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After hours of lying in kengkla’s bed and just kissing, they finally draw slowly away from each other, lips separating, but never too far. Their noses continue to slide gently against one another, their foreheads never breaking apart. kengkla is half lying on top of techno who is lying on his back, one of kengkla’s legs entangled with both of techno’s.

“you know, when your brother told me that you sleep on your back, I knew it would be perfect for cuddling.” kengkla whispers into the small space separating their lips and Techno grins, brown eyes twinkling with mirth and dimples popping.

“you imagined us cuddling long before we started dating? you had it so bad.” teased techno.

kengkla’s cheeks crimson. “tsk, shut up.” he shyly mutters, no bite to his tone.

“and what kind of things do you fantasise about lately?”

Catching his lips between his teeth, kengkla gives his boyfriend a heated look full of naughty promises. techno’s teasing grin melts away under the intense gaze and he swallows thickly, his minds reeling with all sorts of possibilities. Sometimes his younger boyfriend’s maturity stuns him, but usually in a great way.

kengkla shifts up until their faces are level and then he kisses techno, slow at first, before licking over techno’s bottom lip carefully, teasing his mouth open, leaking inside and meeting his tongue.

He slowly rolls techno fully on to his back, climbing on top of him, his mouth never leaving techno’s. kengkla takes charge every so often, but he has never done so in this sense. Techno is left breathless with the abrupt wave of excitement washing over him.

Techno sighs against kengkla’s lips, tilting his chin up, opening his mouth a little more, while kengkla slowly stroked down techno’s arms, until he found his hands, and techno moaned quietly when kengkla laced their fingers together, pressing them down on either side of techno’s head into the mattress.

Techno pulls back and asks, “so, is one of your fantasies pining me down lie this?”

“Everything we do together is part of my fantasies.” Kengkla smilingly replies

“Really.” Techno drags out the word. “Care to share what other naughty things re in that head of yours?”

Kla shakes his head. “I’d rather show you.”

“In that case, it’s terribly rude to keep your boyfriend dying of curiosity. You better get to the showing then.” Techno demands and Kla commences doing just that.