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Deliver My Soul

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A/N I've nothing to say in my defense any more, I just keep writing down my Fanfiction ideas.





''What's that?'' Edward does not mince his words when his two brothers enter their immaculately styled home carrying what looks like a bunch of old dirty bundled up blankets.

''An Omega'' Harry answers his brother, somewhat distracted as he and Marcel try and maneuver the small Bundle comfortably on the oversized corner couch

Edward sniffs the air indignantly, and even though he can catch the faintest of whiffs that, that thing in his brothers arms may in fact be an Omega he is feeling very obstinate about the fact. 

''All I can smell is mold, why are you putting it on my cream sofa, it's filthy''

''Edward'' Harry turns to face the eldest of the three triplets, hands on his hips which actually just serves to turn Edward on, he loves it when his pretty little Harry is sassy ''This Omega was being held captive by the looters, they were dragging the poor thing along behind their horses, his feet were bare and his clothes all torn up, goodness knows what their plan was to do with him when they got back home, I don't know which pack he was taken from, I can't get any sense from him, he was just crying and shouting nonsense when we fond him''

If Harry was expecting any sympathy from Edward he was sorely mistaken

'I still don't see why his filthy form is on my sofa, you should've of taken him to the refuge or a hospital to get looked over, pat yourselves on the back that you both did a good deed and remove him from my presence with immediate effect''

''For goodness sake Edward! the poor soul will be terrified when he wakes up, the least we can do as Pack Leaders is to make him feel comfortable and explain our ways to him before we cut him lose, besides I think he's a sweet little thing'' and Edward much to his horror does not miss the soft look on the youngest triplets face as Marcel looks down at the dirty pile on the sofa.

''Well I think he looks diseased'' Edward mutters just about able to make a out a muddy, filthy sleeping face with a shock of matted hair peeking out the blanket ''I shall have to have the whole house steam cleaned after he is gone, he can stay one night just to get his bearings and you can drop him at the refuge first thing'' and Edward thinks he is being more than fair, they are after all one of the kindest packs towards their Omega's and the refuge was set up for Omega's in these situations, it's not like he is suggesting his brothers deliver him back in the hands of rogue Looters or send him on his way out into the abyss, he doesn't understand how they can be so over emotional sometimes, Alpha's should rule with a firm hand and a clear head, and really, what use can this filthy downtrodden little thing be to them, one look at this dirty, smelly little bundle will send any perspective mates running.

''Harry tuts'' but he says nothing, Edward knows that's a bad sign, when his middle brother clicks his teeth and says nothing it means that he totally disagrees with everything Edward is saying and isn't listening to any of it, and he has Marcel on board too which is going to make it twice as hard from him to get his own way.

''I'm going to bed, and I want that thing gone when I get up'' Edward has a sinking feeling in the pit of his stomach when neither of his brothers respond, Marcel fussing over the Omega's Blanket and Harry heading off to the kitchen to get some water and a sandwich in case the Omega wakes up hungry or thirsty in the night. He shakes his head Idiots.



When Edward wakes up he feel quite refreshed and vaguely positive, he's certain that the grubby little Omega on his sofa will be well on his way to the refuge by now and that his brothers will shortly forget all about their 'Latest Project'

and the he hears it, a foul high pitched wailing noise followed by his two brothers dulcet tones and the sinking feeling from the night before returns, tossing his covers off him and pulling on some joggers and a loose T Shirt he heads downstairs to see what the 'Carry on' is all about.

''Louis not litter!! Louis not litter!!'' it's an absolutely ridiculous scene that Edward is greeted with in his living room, a tiny wild haired Omega wearing what can only described as rags and covered in dirt is curled up in the corner of his couch is screaming what appears to be complete drivel cowering away from Harry and Marcel who look quite upset.

''Louis not Litter'' The Omega screams again

''Well That's debatable'' Edward sneers under his breath as he enters the room, his cheerful mood from moments ago completely disappeared ''What an earth is he talking about? I know he does indeed look like he could be mistaken for a bit of litter but why an earth does he think you two soft lollops think that.

''Edward don't be mean'' Marcel addresses him, he himself looks confused however

''Well who can be blamed when being woken up to that god awful racket''

''Shut up you miserable cabbage'' Edward shouts over the still wailing Omega ''It's not my brothers fault you look like garbage''

''EDWARD!'' both Harry and Marcel turn on him in an instance but are distracted immediately by the fact the Omega stops screaming and stares at Edward

''Louis is not garbage'' Louis says sulkily, making sure he stays well away from any of the identical Alpha's in the room, it's not normal for three people to look the same, maybe they are magic, Louis doesn't want to be involved in their magic.

''No, well it's an easy mistake, never mind, my brothers are taking you to the refuge very shortly'' Edward speaks slowly as though speaking to a small child ''There are lots of nice ladies and pretty leaflets for you to look at about starting a new life, you will be happy''

''Not Happy in refuse'' Louis shakes his head, these Alphas are very strange, Louis isn't going to the refuse, it'll be full of litter, he doesn't care why these 'Nice Ladies' are there, they sound insane

''Oh'' and Harry throws back his head and chuckles loudly ''Oh Louis..that is your name isn't it?'' Louis nods

''It's not a refuse little one'' Marcel is smiling now too, big grin from ear to ear like a complete tool if you ask Edward '' Its a refu GE'' and he puts the emphasis on the G and the E ''A place where they will look after you and you will be able to start a new life, safe away from those horrible people we found you with''

Louis still looks suspicious

''Louis can go now, Louis will be fine'' he simply isn't going anywhere with these three people who are all the same person.

''Oh'' and Harry's face falls a little  ''Okay, we'll take you now then if you want to go, but I did think you might like some food first and maybe a shower''

'' You heard him, he wants to go'' Edward was relieved, the little mutt wanted to leave straight away, well good riddance, ungrateful shit, not even a thank you ''Goodbye then Louis, nice to have met you'' and Edward gives a little 'cheerio' gesture as he heads towards the kitchen to get himself something to eat.

''Louis is not going to ref...reff..uge'' he struggles a little on the new word ''Louis will be leaving on his self''

''On your own'' Edward corrects him whilst biting into an apple, quite enjoying the scene now that he knows the Omega will not be here much longer, earning a glare from Harry and a confused look from the Omega

''What I said'' Louis looks annoyed as Edward smirks

''Of course you did''

''Horrid witch''

Edward splutters, face growing red ... suddenly feeling angry again

''I beg your pardon, what did you just say to me?''

''Horrid Witch'' Louis says again folding his arms over

''Edward leave it'' Marcel warns

''The nerve!! you to rescue his sorry dirty ass from a bunch of Rogues, give him a place to stay for the night and offer him food and water and to take him somewhere to get help and he shouts all morning with his gibbering nonsense and then hurls out insults, you should of left him with those bandits from the gutter, it's clearly where he belonged''

''Louis, that's not a nice thing to call Edward, he's just grumpy but he isn't horrible and he's not a witch''

''He is, and you are and him'' and he jerks his thumb towards Marcel, Harry looks astounded '' and I think he's horrible'' he gestures again towards Edward

''He's clearly mad'' Edward says soothing out his own anger by convincing himself the Omega is unhinged

''Louis why do you think we are witches?'' Marcel asks the Omega gently, moving a step nearer to the small figure and kneeling on the floor to avoid intimidation

''You are all the same, Louis seen two people the same but you are three'' 

''Why can't he speak properly?'' Edward felt truly irritated by the Omega's lack of being able to manage coherent sentences

''Louis, you have seen twins then?'' Louis nods ''Well we're the same as twins but except three of us were born instead of two''

''Can that Happen?''

''Yes it can, clearly, how else would we all look the same, it's pretty obvious we can't all be the same person'' Edward decides that the Omega is overwhelmingly stupid, perhaps he was living his entire life under a bush before the looters took him. 

''Magic'' Louis says simply as though it's obvious

Edward sighs exasperated and rubs his forehead

''Louis how old are you?''

''Louis has counted sixteen winters since he separated from his family and Louis mom says Louis was five last time''

''So you're 21' Edward says more to himself than to Louis ''have you been with those Looters since you were five?'' Edward suddenly feels very worried about that.

''No'' Louis shakes his head ''Bad people stole Louis from minding his own busy a little days ago''

''Business a few days ago'' Edward corrects without even thinking, Louis looks down and shrugs

''Louis can go now though, Louis doesn't think he wants refuge'' he smiles almost cutely as getting the word right.

''I don't think it's a good idea for you to just go Louis'' Marcel says straightening up

''Is Louis prisoner again?'' Louis looks sadly at them all ''Louis thought you was helping me''

''Oh no, no no'' Harry looks alarmed ''You are not a prisoner, not at all, I mean you can go if you want to go of course you can, it's just very dangerous for an Omega to be out there alone with no pack, I'm surprised you have managed this long''

''Louis has friends''

''Really?'' Edward raises his eyebrows and Harry nudges him

''Okay, shall we take you back to your friends then?'' Louis looks sad again

''Don't know where they are.... Louis taken many miles by bad people and now louis lost'' and he starts sobbing all over again ''Louis lost family and now lost friends''

''Well you can't very well just go off on your own can you'' Marcel says more assertively this time

''Yes that's what the Refuge is for'' Edward adds unhelpfully

''I don't want to go refuge'' Louis is still sobbing ''I don't want nice ladies, Louis stay with three twins''

''Triplets, Louis we are triplets not twins, try and keep up''

''Two nice twins and one horrid triplet'' Louis glares up at Edward who rolls his eyes

''Well.... maybe you can stay for a little while Louis, just until you find your feet, but then you will need to go to the refuge so they can put you on the list to find a suitable Alpha'' Harry says kindly ignoring Edwards grunt of protest.

''We can't just throw him out Edward, he's clearly traumatized, he's obviously had a lot to deal with, maybe that's why he struggles with his speech'' Harry hisses at his brother turning his face away from Louis. 

''Fine, three days and he has to have a shower immediately and put those god awful blankets in the dustbin, he's not to touch anything and he can sleep in the basement room where I don't have to spend any time with him whatsoever''

''We'll see'' Harry says and Edward knows that means aside from putting the blankets in the bin and allowing Louis a shower he probably isn't going to get any of his other demands.


and he just knows that somehow this filthy rotten little thing is going to completely upturn his life and drive him insane.







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A/N Oh my gosh, I never expected all this Kudos for one chapter so thanks guys, I decided to write another chap quick, I must admit I do love these types of stories, there are never enough around and updates are never quick enough lol ... so I'm writing my own while I'm waiting for all the other wonderful writers to update :)



Edward decided if that lunatic of an Omega really did have to stay for the next three days he would be productively tucked away in his office getting some work done, he was also signed up to a dating app, well they all were, they'd touched upon the subject of Omega's several times, and whilst they assumed they would choose one and mate together, it was also agreed they could choose more than one if all parties were happy, or they could have one each as long as the Omega's were able to put up with the triplets being entwined the way they were, the triplets are already mated to each other and have been since they were eighteen, it isn't unusual for wolves to do this when they are born as an identical litter, it often feels like they are parts of the same whole,Anyway, it would be particularly difficult for any of them to rule separately.One thing however they have all agreed upon is that no matter what, they will put each other first and no Omega will come in between them, and none of them will mate anyone unless all three of them are happy with it.

Edward has been in conversation with several women and he is very interested in getting to know them some more, he thinks any time that he can make himself scarce over the next few days will keep his sanity in tact. Pleased with his plan he helps himself to a slice of toast and turns in the direction of his office, but before he can even step foot inside he hears the obnoxious rat carrying on again.

''Louis not taking clothes off''

''It's ok Louis, you can take your clothes off when you're inside, there is a lock on the inside of the door too, see?'' Although Edward can't see he can hear Marcel jiggling the lock back and forth just to show his point.

''What will Louis wear if you take Louis things to bin like the horrid triplet said?''

''Nothing'' Edward shouts, unable to help himself, the Omega really is stupid, does he really think that his brothers are not going to find him some clean clothes, for goodness sake, he's such an idiot.

'No!!! No!! Louis is wearing his clothes,not having wash, not having anything''

Edward can't help but chuckle at the Omega's outraged screeching, really there should be an off button for it.

''Edward was just joking Weren't you Edward?'' his brother shouts the last bit down the hall at him, Harry's rushed tone makes Edward splutter with silent laughter even more, it's Harry's own fault for getting involved with a street rat, it's one thing to to be the good Samaritan and save the wretched creature from Rogues, but it's  quite another to bring it back here and disrupt Edwards otherwise very pleasant life.

''But the Ho...'' Louis starts again but Harry interrupts him

''Yes I know what The Horr.. I mean Edward said but he was just joking, Marcel and I will find you something to wear and leave it outside the door, you can use a towel to cover yourself if you're worried.

''Is not funny'' Louis says, and Edward can only imagine him crossing his puny little arms over his chest again which does nothing to suppress his mirth at irritating the Omega and winding up his brothers '' Why Louis need tow..el?''

It's immediately clear to Edward that Louis doesn't even know what a towel is, this is just the most ridiculous thing he's ever heard, how did this thing live 21 years!!

''To dry yourself off sweetheart'' Marcel addresses him gently

''Louis is wolf, Louis shake dry''

''Oh..I mean if you want to wash in your wolf form that's ok, but how will you use the shower?''

''Louis just put pans on and fill tub or go to Lake, wolf likes lakes...''

Edwards had enough of this, it's going to take them forever at this rate just to get the bleeding thing to wash and he isn't putting up with that disgusting smell in his house any longer, not if he is going to be here for three more painstaking days, there is no way Edward is putting up with him boiling pans to fill a perfectly working bath tub or take a perfectly good shower, nor is he going to let any guest of his, welcome or otherwise tell people Edward made him bathe in a lake in his wolf form, goodness this Omega is so uncivilized.

''Come with me'' he snatches Louis arm ignoring his brother protests and trying not to grimace too much at the fact he is now touching the filth.

''Get off!!! Get Off!!!'' the Omega is wailing again but Edward is having none of it

''You see this!! he says gesturing to the taps on the tub and points to the one with a H on it ''H is for Hot'' then he gestures to the one with C on it ''C is for cold, do you know what it is to be hot or cold Louis?'

''Louis not stupid get off!!'' Edward drops the Omega's arm, like he wants to be touching it anyway.

''You put this thing here'' and he waves the plug around in front of Louis accidentally bopping the Omega on the nose but for once Louis is quiet so he continues ''in this hole'' he mimes slowly hoping that Louis two brain cells are keeping up ''and then you choose, hot or cold or both, touch it before you get in to make sure you like it'' he nods his head with a fake grin, he wouldn't put it past the Omega to just run a totally hot or cold bath.

''Louis know hot and cold'' Louis is glaring at him

''Good, just wanted to be sure seeing as you are akin to a wild cub right now''

''Akin?'' Louis questions wrinkling up his nose ''Louis not know Akin''

''No surprise there then is there? you are acting like a wild cub'' Edward simplifies it

''Louis grown'' the Omega says ''Louis have heats''

''Not here, no heats here, heats are forbidden'' Absolutely no way is this sad excuse of an Omega going into heat around his two stupid brothers, to his amazement the Omega starts laughing

''Silly, Louis not help heats, they just happen''

''Well not here, here you're not allowed'' and it's Edwards turn to fold his arms grumpily

Louis shrugs, Edward has noticed he does that a lot and it's usually when he seems to think Edward is not making sense which he finds ironic.

''Louis wash now?'' he asks Edward hopefully ''Please Leave?'' he says the last part like it's a question but Edward doesn't need to be asked twice, he's not interested in watching this Omega take a bath, not in the slightest.

''Use this'' he shoves a bar of soap into Louis hands ''Don't eat it, and those over there are the towels my brothers were telling you about''

''Louis knows soap and use towel''

''Right, well then goodbye'' 


Edward leaves bumping straight into his brothers who are not even an inch away from the door

''Is he ok?'' Marcel questions ''Honestly Edward you don't need to be so horrible to him all the time he's just a stray Omega''

''Exactly, a stray Omega, what are us three Pack Leaders doing baby sitting a Stray Omega'' he ushers them down the hallway not eager for Louis to be privy to any private conversation, just in case he actually does understand more than Edward assumes, though it's doubtful.

''Oh I dunno Eddie, he's kind of cute, and ... and it'll be nice having a little guest for a while, we hardly ever have Omega's stay'' Harry looks a bit wistful

''There is a good reason for that, and anyway IF we are going to have more Omega's to stay they will be proper and educated and useful.. that thing is .. well I don't even know what it is but it's not staying very long, he doesn't even know what a towel is for''

Marcel pouts ''It's a shame isn't it?'' he coos

''Poor little fellow'' Harry agrees ''probably been growing up in the wild not having his family or a Pack'' and his eyes fill with tears

''For Goodness sake!'' Edward bangs his fist off the table and the others jump slightly and turn to look at him '' have you all lost your wits, he has about two brain cells, whether it's his fault or not we can't become glorified babysitters for the rest of our days, there is absolutely no place for him permanently here, I doubt he would even make a useful housemaid, best we take him to the Refuge once he is fed, clean and well slept tomorrow where he can find a suitable Alpha, one with lots of patience and then some. Edward is certain there may not be such an Alpha unless you count his brothers

''Oooh Liam?'' Harry says almost delighted at his idea ''Liam has lots of patience, you know how good he is down at the hospital, he's looking for an Omega isn't he?'' Liam is the triplets best friend.

''Definitely not Liam''

''Why not Liam?'' Marcel asks frowning

and Edward hasn't got a very good answer because Liam is as soft as his stupid brothers, all he knows is it's a catastrophe of an idea, he just can't put his finger on why.

''Just not Liam, someone else who I rarely have to see, suggest the Refuge introduce him to.. I dunno Alf''

''Alf?'' Harry's eyes widen and his lips fall into a trout expression '' I don't think... he's a bit... old?''

''And Dull'' Marcel adds mirroring Harry's doubtful expression.

''Yes, Old and dull and patient, a very good match, there we go, all done, he can get with Alf'' 

''Well... maybe.... the Refuge will probably help him get in touch with a few potential matches'' Harry is obviously not in agreement with Edwards excellent suggestion, but anyway what does it matter as long as he's gone and he doesn't end up with anyone Edward has to see too regularly, this Omega gives him a headache. He turns and pours himself a generous whiskey, vaguely watching as his brothers do the same.

''Louis is finished'' and Edward averts his gaze towards the door, he almost chokes on his drink when his eyes land on the Omega, he looks nothing like the filthy little bundle from the night before, albeit the clothes do not fit him at all, Harry's shortest shorts reaching down to his ankles and the front ties pulled as far in as they will go with a bow to keep them up and an old woolen jumper of Marcel's nearly as long as the shorts with the sleeves rolled up, but his face, his face is quite honestly beautiful, all pixie like with high cheekbones and the wildest blue mischievous eyes, what's worse is he's smiling and his smile just lights up his whole face, his hair is no longer matted but fluffy and damp falling over his forehead. 

Edward turns away, he refuses to have any 'thoughts' like 'that' towards this simple creature, so Louis is quite a pretty little Omega after all, all the better for Alf.

''Are twins ok?'' Louis asks, and Edward realizes that the Omega is speaking to him, it's then he realizes that both his brothers are just staring at Louis, good grief.


''Yes'' he answers the Omega ''It's quite alright Louis, they're a pair of nitwits, do not mind them, lets go and find you some food eh! and he guides the Omega away from Harry and Marcel who are slowly snapping out of their trance and giving each other glancing looks.

Now it looks like all Edwards plans are going to go out of the window because he's babysitting two Alpha's and an Omega for the next two and a half days.



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A/N Thanks again for all the kudos guys :)




Edward led Louis into the kitchen away from his brothers

''What do you want to eat?'' in reality Edward wasn't really much of a cook, his brothers usually took it in turns if they didn't eat out or get takeaway which was quite often, the topic of a housekeeper had come up several times but none of the triplets had ever got around to calling the agency, in truth they were very busy and when they did get 'down time' they liked to spend it together doing unmentionable things that would certainly not be appropriate for any Housekeeper from the Agency to walk in on.

''Maura Make Louis Pie''

Well Edward isn't sure who Maura is and he isn't interested in knowing anything more about this Omega but he can do a frozen pie he supposes heading for the Freezer.

''Whose Maura?'' apparently Marcel is interested though as he and Harry enter the kitchen not far behind them

'Niall's Grandma'' Edward has the urge to roll his eyes for the umpteenth time as he puts a small chicken and mushroom pie on a tray in the oven

''And pray do tell, who is Niall?'' he indulges the Omega much against his better judgement

''Niall's Friend, Louis already tell Triplet about Friends''

'So you do have a Pack then?'' Edward eyes the Omega suspiciously now ''Why would you lie about such a thing? what pack are you from?''

''Louis not Pack, Niall and Maura Pack''  The Omega is clearly getting upset again at Edwards lack of ability to listen to what he is saying

''Stop it Edward you're upsetting him'' Harry puts a gentle hand on the Omega's shoulder and Louis jerks suddenly before looking up and seeing who it is, funnily enough Edward notes that instead of removing his brothers hand the Omega's eyes widen and simper a little bit, good grief! he really has his work cut out with this little fiend, first he tries to pass himself off a stray without a pack and now he's intent on getting as much attention off his brothers as possible.

Edward scoffs

''Nothing he says makes any sense'' he turns his head to the Omega ''Why didn't you join this Niall fellow's pack?''

''Didn't want ''

''Why didn't you want to sweetheart? did someone hurt you from their Pack?'' Marcel puts a hand on Louis other shoulder and bends down to his eye level and Edward notices the silly Omega simpers even more.

''No! THEY DIDN'T WANT!!'' The Omega shouts as though he is frustrated at their lack of comprehending which Edward finds rich.

''Oh well not wholly unexpected but better luck with better friends next time''

''EDWARD!!'' His brothers shout in unison

''What? it's not my fault that even his friends didn't want him as part of their pack, he's such a down trodden little thing, probably didn't see a use for him''

''Louis is useful'' he looks hopefully at Marcel and Harry

''Of course you are!'' Harry exclaims ''Of course you are, they're just horrible people Louis, and Edward doesn't mean what he is saying''

''How are you useful then exactly?'' Edward is sick of this stupid game, indulging this thing isn't going to help it, soon enough he'll be back out into the world and Edward is really doing him a backhanded favor

Louis looks at him

''Louis Omega'' he states simply

''Oh, so you are a good Omega are you?'' and Edward softens his tone slightly which seems to fool he Omega as he smiles and nods brightly

''Edward..'' Marcel begins, warning in his tone, but Edward will not be perturbed, his evening, his morning and now his whole afternoon have all been completely ruined and he's had enough of this charade.

''So you can cook can you? can you clean and keep house? you're educated in all arts and have a good level of schooling, you are ready to raise and teach pups?''

Louis looks at the floor

''Niall helping Louis with schools''

''I'll take that as a no then, you are not proficient at any of those useful skills an Omega might possess among many more'' It isn't that Edward does not have respect for Omega's because he absolutely does, well educated strong Omega's that can hold their own, particularly if they are going to bear he and his brothers heirs to the Pack leadership, he has no time however for scruffy little Omega's that have been dredged off the street that cannot even speak properly and keep wailing and shouting. This Omega has no manners, so he continues his tirade, not really noticing how the Omega hasn't looked up once since his eyes first locked with the floor. '' And if this is the same 'Niall'  that didn't even want you in his pack then I wouldn't listen to a word he says if I were you, he's probably deliberately teaching you this nonsense that you come out with''and Edward finally looks at the Omega who is not looking at them and sees his shoulders are shaking, the Omega is crying.

''Oh for gods sake! stop crying, the truth is hard to hear but at least you can build on this now and improve''

''Jesus Edward how can you be so heartless'' Harry bends and wraps his arms around the Omega, while Marcel moves to get the pie out of the oven, there's a burning smell, and Edward his sure that on top of everything else he is not going to blamed for the Omega's burnt food.

''You are useful Louis, all Omega's are useful'' Harry is cooing nonsense in the Omega's ear as Marcel eyes the tiny burnt oven pie in disgust

''Why are you lying to him!'' Edward feels himself  getting riled up, what favors do his brothers think they are doing this poor thing? do they not realize that it is far worse to indulge him and then cast him aside in a few days time to a refuge for the homeless and Down and Out's than it is to just be 'frank' and he knows he shouldn't be getting as carried away as he is but he is truly annoyed, he is getting all of the blame for everything and none of this was anything to even do with him in the first place.

''I am not lying to him!!'' Harry insists ''He is useful''

''How? to open his legs?? is that what you're saying?'' Edward growls back unaware that the Omega has suddenly stopped crying '' Is that what you pair of lumps want from him?, is that why you insist on him staying here, Mmm? you that desperate to have an Omega? fine!! go ahead fuck it and get it our of your system, maybe I'll have a go if he thinks he's so good at it'' and he pulls Louis up off the stool on which he's sitting

''You want to prove you are useful? is that it? show us then'' he's totally ignoring his brothers flabbergasted stares


''Come on!! get your clothes off then, show us how useful you are'' Edward knows he is being cruel but he can't stop himself for some reason, it's not like he actually expects the Omega to take his clothes off he's just taunting him.

''LOUIS SAYS NO!!!!!!!!'' and the Omega screams in Edwards face and pushes past him running through the kitchen and into the Living room to the front door, it's locked unfortunately.

''LET LOUIS GO, LET GO , LET GO'' The Omega continues to scream as Marcel tries to grab him and pull him into a hug but this just causes the Omega more panic ''NO NO NO NO'' he continues to scream looking at the huge three Alpha's towering above him.

''Edward you idiot, you've terrified him'' Harry looks close to tears and that makes Edward feel slightly bad, he didn't mean to upset his brother.

''I never touched him, Stop shouting now and listen to me Omega'' he uses his calmest Alpha voice and the Omega is quiet but breathing rapidly staring round at them all.

''Louis I wasn't being serious ok? nobody is expecting anything like that from you''

''Why say then?'' Louis Pouts, stray tears pouring down his cheeks ''You like bad men, you want Louis for ruts''

''Oh my god!'' and a hand flies to Marcel's mouth ''They took him to ease their fucking ruts Edward and then you go and say all that horrible stuff to him, I know you can be cold sometimes but you're being a downright asshole today''

Edward stares at the Omega for a moment

''Triplet would of left Louis with bad men....triplet is a bad man'' Louis looks so sad  Edward feels a twinge of guilt, maybe for the Omega and maybe at Marcel's harsh words, definitely because of the way Harry is crying and looking appalled at what the Omega has just told them all. Louis had basically been kidnapped so he could be some kind of sex toy for those rogue Alpha's, that was just unthinkable, and he thought what? that the triplets were going to keep him here and force themselves on him, that his brother Edward would do that? Edward is an ass but he would never do that.

''Lets order something'' Marcel says and Edward hears a thud as the burnt pie meets the bottom of the bin, and he hears Marcel rifling through the cabinets presumably for menu's, Harry leaves to go to the bathroom, and Edward is sure it is also to pull himself together, Harry has always been the softest among them, he often cries at movies.

Edward is left in the living room with the Omega who makes sure to stay well away from him, he turns to leave the room not wanting to dwell on Louis revelation, it's an unpleasant thing to think upon.his eyes fall on the small crumpled vulnerable form sitting on the sofa drying his tears

''I would not of left you Omega'' he says finally and Louis looks up at him blankly

''With those people who took you, I just want you to know if it had been me and not my brothers, I would not of left you to them... to that..''

and he doesn't see the smallest of smiles appear on Louis face because his back is turned when it happens.


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Edward casts his eye around the room, he's oddly contented, his brothers are sitting on the opposite sofa to the one he has taken over all by himself and Louis is sitting wedged in between them eating a piece of Harry's Ham and Pineapple Pizza which he insists is bread with ham and Pudding on much to Edwards dismay, who on this earth has never eaten Pizza? this Omega is seriously limited.

while Edward is lost in his thoughts Louis stretches his arms out and yawns loudly

''Louis is tired, where Louis sleep?''

''Oh Sweetheart'' Marcel exclaims jumping to his feet right away

''In the cellar room'' Edward interrupts before his sentimental brother can offer him their best guest room or knowing Edwards luck his bedroom; the master suite.

''Cellar? what is Cellar?'' Louis looks curiously at each of them, though he still hasn't actually moved from the place he is nestled on the settee

''It's a room downstairs'' Harry tells him looking uncertain

''Where?'' Louis looks around him ''Kitchen?''

''Don't be ridiculous'' Edward snorts ''Where would you even sleep in the kitchen? it's not on this level, it's through that door there and down the steps off you go'' Edward gestures to a door on the right side of the living room, there is a made up camp bed in there and a plug in heater, it's not like he is completely heartless, they have used it on an odd occasion when a member of the pack has had to be detained, usually an Alpha who's first rut has gotten out of hand or sometimes ....very occasionally if they have caught an intruder on their land, it's a sort of intermittent place whilst they decide what to do, comfortable and clean enough without being too luxurious, it also has a lock on the door, Edward intends to use it, yes Louis seems harmless enough and let's face it Edward isn't in the least bit worried about the Omega killing him in his sleep, what is worried about though is Louis going into heat, best Edward wait till Louis is asleep, lock the door and pocket the key, that way, should the worst happen only Edward will know where the key is, he can't risk them mating with the 'thing', not that he doesn't trust them to control themselves, that's not it, he is sure that they can, absolutely, he is more worried that Louis will use his devious ways to entice them into it! and then where will Edward be? stuck with an useless, idiotic Omega that thinks Ham and Pineapple Pizza is bread with meat and pudding on it. No thank you, there are only two more nights to go after this one and Edward intends to make sure there are no 'glitches'.

''Oh Edward! he can't sleep down there it's chilly'' Harry is looking at him disapprovingly, arms folded. Meanwhile Edwards notes that the Omega has wondered over to the door and opened it

''Is dark'' he says peering round the edge and looking down the stairs, Edward ignores him and continues his debate with his middle brother.

''Harry! I've been more than lenient enough, I've allowed him to stay haven't I? and we even ordered him pizza! I wouldn't exactly say he has been treated unfairly, it's not right to let him get used to creature comforts when you know as well as I that he cannot stay''

Harry sighs looking crestfallen but doesn't argue further.

''Do you  really think he'll be warm enough?'' now Marcel is questioning him, what is it with them and this Omega?

''Perfectly fine, there is a heater down there and blankets on the bed''

''Is dark'' Louis repeats again and Edward huffs barging over to the top of the basement steps where the Omega is still standing

''Here'' he presses the light switch on the wall, admittedly it isn't easy to see as it is set back in the shadows a little.

''Louis doesn't like'' Louis is still peering over the edge of the stone steps, in fairness you can't really see the basement properly from the top.

''You'll be fine, you are not a child Louis''

''At least let him have these'' Edward hadn't even noticed Harry bustle out of the room and come back with an armful of things

''What are those?'' Edward grunts

''Just a new toothbrush, some paste, a hand towel and soap, another pair of shorts and a spare tee, a plastic beaker - you know in case he gets thirsty.. and.. and a packet of biscuits'' he finished proudly putting the large bundle in the Omega's arms so that he is almost buried.

''For Louis?'' Edward can barely make out his muffled response behind the pile of 'goodies'

''Yes, yes , whatever, for Louis... I mean for you.'' Jesus the silly creature has him at this third person malarkey,he doesn't give Louis chance to even utter a thank you before he is ushering him down the stairs ''There is a sink down there Louis, you use it the same way as the bath tub... remember?'' he calls behind the Omega before beginning to shut the door

he thinks he just makes out a small ''Louis remember'' before it slams shut.

Edward stays up under the pretense of 'Reading' for half an hour after the others retire, it is only then that he crosses the room and turns the key in the lock, all he needs to make sure that he does is gets up earlier than Louis and unlocks it, he'll set his alarm for about six and nobody will be any the wiser.


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Chapter Text



When Edwards's second alarm goes off around 9.30 he is pleased with himself that his plan worked, he'd risen at 6am to unlock Louis door and none of them were any the wiser. It comes as a bit of a surprise to him when he enters the kitchen to find his two brothers rather subdued with plates of full English in front of them and the small Omega facing away from them with his arms folded and just a piece of plain toast on his plate.

''What's the matter with him?'' Edward jerks his thumb towards the tiny man

''He's sulking because he can't have Harry's cooked breakfast'' Marcel supplies munching on a bit of his own toast before dipping it in his beans

''Oh Marce, I said it doesn't matter, let him have a bit more than just that toast, he's too skinny as it is''

''No, I'm sorry Harry but I think Edward might be right, it might be better if we take him to the refuge today, obviously indulging him isn't helping, he has issues that they are better equipped to deal with''

''Louis is not having Iss..issues'' the Omega struggles on the word and Edward isn't sure if he even knows what it means, and even though he is delighted to find out that his youngest brother is coming round to his way of thinking he can't help but think he should probably find out the reason why.

''Why the sudden change of heart?'' Harry pushes a plate in frond of Edward before butting into their conversation

''Let's not be hasty Marcy, Edward doesn't need to be involved in such a silly thing, Louis is sorry now I'm sure he is, lets just forget all about it''

''Tell me what?'' Edward can feel himself getting grumpy already and his day has only just begun

''It's nothing'' Harry tries again giving Marcel a 'look'

''No! Harry I won't have liars in this house, not when you in particular have been so good to him, cooking and running around after him, and he has the cheek to say that you or indeed any of us would do such a thing''

''Is anybody going to tell me what the hell is going on here?'' The grumpiness Edward feels is escalating, Harry sighs

''Ok, but you have to promise not to over react, you know he's probably been through a lot and we don't really know him at all.... but he sort of said one of us locked him in the basement last night'' Harry's words are a tumble and he looks genuinely upset, Edward feels a 'pang' of guilt, shit.

''See!'' Marcel demands looking to his oldest brother ''and when we explained that he must of dreamed it or maybe the door was stuck he called us liars, I don't think here is a suitable place for him to stay, the counselors at the center are equipped to deal with troubled Omega's that tell tall tales.''

''Louis is not telling stories, You is'' Louis is so nonchalant, face turned away from them and his small arms still folded that Edward might have laughed if it wasn't for the fact that this is all his fault and he knows that he should really tell the truth, but would it be so bad if he didn't? Marcel is ready to drop the Omega off at the center and it means Edward can get on with his life again, plus it really IS the best for the Omega in the long run..... accept now the center are going to think that Louis tells lies. Dammit.

''Well, lets not be too hasty'' is actually all that comes out of Edwards mouth, and his brothers both look at him with surprised expressions

''He called Harry a liar!'' Marcel exclaims, it's very rare for anything to 'rile' Marcel up but offending the gentlest of the triplets will do it any time, otherwise he has the patience of a saint, but he won't let anybody offend his brothers not even Edward who can most certainly hold his own and then some in  any situation.

''Maybe is not Harry, Maybe is you! or him'' Louis huffs at Marcel jerking his thumb towards Edward

''Now see here'' Marcel gets up from his stool and marches over to Louis, it's clear to Edward and Harry that Marcel is just going over there to tell him a few stern words, however Louis jumps from his own stool and hurries towards the bathroom door, slamming it shut and the key turning behind him, maybe it wasn't clear to Louis. Marcel looks shocked and a little guilty. 

''I wasn't going to hurt him''

''Come out here Louis at once, you are making a scene'' Edward realizes that against his better judgement he is going to have to tell his brothers the truth, it would be dishonorable and dishonest to do any less, nobody answers from the other side of the door ''Louis if you don't come out this instance I am going to have to force the door open and I do not want to have to do that, so please do as you are told'' Edward tries again but there is still silence, so a moment later he uses all his strength to barge it, sincerely hoping the Omega is decent.

The bathroom is completely empty and the Window is wide open

''Oh for goodness sake!'' Edward curses, he stalks over to the window and looks outside but there is no sign of the Omega anywhere, he sighs in frustration.

''Oh dear!'' Harry exclaims ''The poor little fellow was so frightened he has run off!, I told you to leave it Marcy'' and Marcel looks so downcast Edward decides it's now or never

''Stop it you two, it's not your fault, either of you, okay? I did it''  and he looks away, which is much more cowardly that he likes to believe he can be but he can't stand to see their disappointed questioning faces.

''Did what?'' Harry seems like he is still trying to comprehend what Edward is saying

''You locked him in the basement?'' Marcel doesn't sound like he is completely comprehending either ''Eddie, why an earth would you lock him in the basement? do you think he's somehow dangerous?''

''Good grief! of course not'' Edward will not have them thinking he is scared of the scruffy little stray ''I...well... I was'' and it seems sort of silly now, in a way... ''I was worried about his heat''

''What?? you don't think we're safe around Omega's in heat??'' Harry asks incredulously

''No!'' Edward puts his hands up to stop this going any further and looks directly at his brothers now ''No, it's certainly not that, I just... I didn't want him to use his ways.... and mate with you'' and now he knows he just sounds daft.

''Well I've never heard you say such a lot of stupid stuff Edward'' Marcel is massaging his brow , clearly trying to rationalize  what is going on with his older brother ''Even if he did go into heat and even if he wanted to mate with one or all of us'' although he looks doubtfully at Edward '' we already said we would only mate with ANY Omega if we were all comfortable with it and had discussed it beforehand, so why an earth would Louis be any different?''

''I don't know, okay?'' Edward is done explaining himself, he 'fessed' up and that's all he can handle for now

''Edward do you think Louis is attractive? is that what this about? you fancy him so you think we do too?''

''No'' Edward scowls ''He isn't one bit attractive and he's a complete lunatic, I just saw the way you two oafs were ogling him in the Kitchen yesterday''The nerve of Harry! even if Louis isn't quite as dismal as Edward is making out, and even if he IS quite a pretty Omega after all, there is no way Edward 'Fancies' him, he's wild and uneducated and he can't speak in full and proper sentences, Edward will not have people associating Louis with him as HIS own Omega, pack Luna??? absolutely no way in hell, Harry needs to shut up.

''Well, whatever, we need to go after him, we can't leave him out there alone, he hasn't got a clue how to get back to wherever he originally came from and I don't know about you two but I don't feel comfortable with being the cause of him getting swept up by looters again'' Marcel is the voice of reason as usual, and nobody can disagree, Edward feel a growl escape at the thought of the looters getting hold of Louis again and refuses to acknowledge Harry knowing full well he will be wearing a smug grin, even though he is wrong, Edward couldn't care less about Louis accept for the fact he is an Alpha and his very instinct is to protect vulnerable Omega's and Louis is an imbecile so he's very vulnerable.


It takes them about an hour in total before they hear Harry's familiar 'Howl' he's calling his brothers, he has found the Omega, and when both Marcel and Edward finally locate their younger brother they find him trying to coax Louis down from a tree.


It's the very last thing Edward wants to be doing with his afternoon.



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Chapter Text


Edward simply groans into his hands when he looks up the tree to see the small Omega hiding in the branches.

''For goodness sake come down'' he tries through gritted teeth, sincerely hoping that they don't get spotted in this predicament by any other members of his pack, especially some of the elders on the council, he and his brothers are always battling their 'traditional' methods as it is without them spotting this lunatic Omega refusing to come down from a tree.

'' Louis is not'' is all the Omega says, what is that even supposed to mean? he is not what? coming down from the tree? well of course that is stupid because he can't stay up there forever.

''Louis don't be ridiculous, you can't stay up there forever, what about when you get hungry or thirsty, what if you get tired and fall?'' Edward says impatiently feeling very much like he'd get more sense if he tried to speak to a blade of grass.

''Louis I'm sorry ok, I'm sorry I got angry with you, Edward has told us what happened and that it was him who locked you in the basement so will you please come down before you get hurt'' Marcel tries a slightly more diplomatic approach

''Why evil triplet lock Louis away at night?'' the Omega sounds extremely confused, and Edward doesn't blame him really, I mean when he puts it like that it does sound rather odd.

''He was protecting you Louis'' It's a massive stretch that Harry comes up with but in fairness Edward doesn't have a better or more simple way to put the truth of the matter to Louis without just confusing him even more. I mean what is he supposed to say? he thought Louis was going to 'pounce' his two Alpha brothers and he'd get stuck having Louis as his Omega for the rest of his days, which would absolutely not happen, he's have to get them to 'un bond' and that would just make everything a real mess, and Edward is not one for 'mess', he likes his structured life with his brothers and he has no wish for the chaos that surrounds this Omega.

''From what?''

''Come down and I'll explain it all to you'' Edward would love to see how Harry's going to do that.

''Why are you all talking to a tree?'' Edward almost jumps a mile at the sound of a familiar voice

''Jesus Liam! you scared me'' Marcel admits the truth that Edward would never have done.

''What are you all doing?'' Liam is bewildered, well he may as well join the club.

''Oh hello there little fellow'' Liam lets out a little silly chuckle when he follows the triplets gaze to see Louis sitting in the tree ''I say, what are you doing up there little one? it looks awfully dangerous'' Edward in true fashion to himself rolls his eyes, now he has Liam acting like a sap and indulging Louis crazy antics.

''Louis is hiding''

''Are you indeed? good grief, who an earth are you hiding from?'' Liam looks around him, it's all a bit too 'pantomime' for Edwards liking but he refrains from making a comment, anything to get Louis down from the tree so they can all go about their day as it should of been from the start.

''them'' Louis says simply and he loosens one hand from the tree causing Harry to gasp as he points at the triplets before taking hold of the branch again in his small hand

''Louis you must come down or you will fall'' Harry is getting upset, this is all they need right now

''And why are you hiding from the triplets Louis?'' Liam is obviously not finished with his nauseating approach to the events

''They lock Louis in dark room'' Liam furrows his brow and looks at the triplets ''Why did you lock him in a room? ''

''Oh it's complicated Li, I'll explain it to you later, it's all got 'out of hand' the bottom line is that he is perfectly safe with us and he needs to come down from this tree before he falls'' Marcel's patience is slipping

''Louis, will you please come down, I tell you what, we can all go back to my house for a nice cake and a cup of tea and we can have a little chat about what's gone on...mmm.. would you like that Louis? I'll be there too okay?, and if you don't feel safe to go home with the triplets then you can stay with me until we get you sorted, how does that sound? your arms will get tired soon and if you fall from that tree you will have a very nasty bump and might need the hospital'' Patronizing git, Edward thinks to himself at Liam's spiel, though he is immensely grateful when Louis begins to climb down from the tree. though Edward realizes that instead of spending the best part of the day debating the plans over a new  recreational space on the common, he will now be having to eat Liam's terrible homemade cake whilst trying to rationalize this mess to a simpleton. in short, this is another day ruined since Louis came into his life.


Once they are all at Liam's seated around his large oak table with cups of steaming hot tea, and to Edwards dismay plates of Liam's homemade 'Marmalade' Cake which although Edward would never tell their best friend, is awfully bitter and surprisingly dry given that it is made with a lot of Marmalade.

''Cake is lovely'' Louis smiles broadly at Liam after taking a huge bite, well at least Louis can be polite when he wants to be and that is something to his credit as an Omega.

''Oh! do you like it?'' and of course his dopey friend is utterly delighted ''It's my own recipe'' 

''Louis can tell'' Edward hears a choking sound and knows he cannot look at Marcel right now or neither of them will keep a straight face, he's pretty sure Louis is too innocent to be faking his sincerity but the bluntness of it is funny all the same.

''So, does anyone want to start off by telling me what an earth happened to cause this Omega to hide up a tree''

''Basically Edward was protecting Louis a way...'' Edward can tell Harry is struggling a bit with the fact he isn't 'quite' telling the whole truth, but he really want's to hear how his younger brother is going to explain this one.

''You said Louis safe with you'' Louis looks at Harry, his big blue eyes wide ''Louis is not safe? Louis needs''

''Oh no! no.. not like that Louis, you ARE safe with us, but Edward was worried about your heat''

''Oh..ok...Louis isn't in heat, Louis is fine'' and to be honest Edward is sure that Louis would of just accepted that explanation alone except Harry plunders on embarrassingly so.

''I know that Louis, we would be able to tell if you were in heat wouldn't we? but Edward was worried you might come into heat in the night and .. well sometimes Omega's want to find an Alpha when they are in heat and Alpha's can find it a bit hard to resist if an Omega is encouraging them especially if they are alone in bed at night so Edward thought it might better if you were locked up safe and tight until morning, at least that way we would all be awake and able to handle it together and sensibly if you went into heat''

''okay'' Louis says shrugging and taking another bite of his cake

''Okay? is that all you have to say after we have wasted half the day chasing you around an coaxing you from trees''

''Tree'' Louis says ''not trees'' Edward is gobsmacked

''Well I'm glad that's sorted, would anybody like more cake?'' and Liam looks truly pleased, in fact everybody looks quite contented, except for Edward, he is not at all contented and he definitely does not want anymore of that rotten cake.

''No thank you Liam, I really think we ought to be going, I think it best if we drop Louis at the shelter on the way home and it's getting late and they will be shutting up for the day''

''But you said he was allowed to stay with us for three days'' Harry looks at Edward in shock, and Edward knows this is the right the decision, everybody is getting far too attached to this Omega, he is not their Omega and he never will be, he isn't even a friend, he's some poor little wild thing they rescued from some horrible 'looters' and if nobody else is going to use their sense then it looks like it will be down to Edward.

''I know I did..and brother I am truly sorry but I really feel after today's events it is time that Louis started to look at his realistic options going forwards''

''well..well. we could get him some leaflets to look at first and then ease him into it gently'' Harry tries desperately and it's this very attitude that is worrying Edward a lot.

'' Harry you can't keep him okay, I'm sorry but you can't, for goodness sake Marcel make him see reason please, you know this is going to be far worse for everyone the longer he stays and the more used to us he gets''

''Eddie does have a point'' Edward can tell that Marcel's heart isn't behind the words that he's speaking and that worries him more, Harry has always worn his heart on his sleeve, but level headed Marcel?

''Do you want to go to the shelter Louis?'' Liam addresses Louis directly and Louis shrugs

''Louis wants Niall and Maura but they are gone'' Liam looks at him quizzically

''Some people that wouldn't even let him in their pack'' Edward growls ''Never mind about them''

Louis sighs and looks upset, worrying the hem of his jumper.

''How about if we see if we can find your friends Louis?'' it's Marcel again ''Will you at least go to the center in the meantime? and we will chat some more about your time with Niall and Maura and see if we can track them down''

''Louis isn't wanting to sleep at shelter''

''How about if we go each day, one of us will come with you each day and then at night you can come and sleep at ours''

''In dark room?''

''No Louis'' Harry says matter of factly ''you will be sleeping in one of the guest rooms from now on'' Edward scowls but at least this plan means he'll be free of the Omega for the most part and it'll keep his brothers happy, hopefully the shelter will give Louis the bit of independence and confidence he needs to build a new life and he won't need his brothers so much after a short while.  It's a start, and Edward can tell by the happy looks on everyone else's faces that he is going to have to go along with it, but he will definitely be coming up with a lot of excuses so that he doesn't have to take his turn taking Louis to the shelter, he doesn't want to be wasting his time down there when he has more important things to do..... Liam seems quite taken.. maybe he can use that to his advantage.


Finally they depart, thanking Liam for his hospitality and bidding him farewell.

''Did you like Liam? Edward asks Louis innocently

''Yes'' Louis says happily .. and then...

''But not really his cake''

and he looks totally bewildered when all three of the triplets burst into laughter.

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A/N thought I would do another chapter while I'm in the the Zone because you've all been so lovely with your Kudos etc :)



As it was only 4pm as they passed the shelter they decided to go in and get Louis signed up and grab a few leaflets as Harry had suggested. There was a Beta probably in her mid forties at the desk and she beamed at them heavily when they walked in. ''Alpha's'' she stands and stoops as a sort of bow '' to what do I owe the pleasure?''

''Oh Cathy no need for that, sit down'' Harry instantly relieves the beta from her ceremony, it can be a little cringe worthy at times being a Pack Leader, everybody acting as though they are something almost 'god like', Louis doesn't say anything as they enter he just stares at the woman who blushes shamelessly with Harry's words.

''Oh thank you Alpha, you're too humble'' Edward who is already fed up with the 'niceties' decides it is time to get things moving so he clears his throat before Harry can begin some other Mumbo Jumbo about the weather or compliment the beta on her hideous sweater or before Marcel can begin a conversation regarding the ongoing community debate over the yearly Marrow contest, he simply is not in the mood to make small talk, he doesn't care for the weather or her sweater and he has absolutely no interest whatsoever in the yearly Marrow contest.

''We are here about this stray Omega'' and he pulls the Louis gently forward so that the woman can see him more clearly

''Oh, hello there'' and she gives the Omega a bright smile ''and who might you be?'' Edward thinks this condescending talk is meant to put the Omega at ease, Louis doesn't seem to take notice of her tone, he just answers her question as bluntly as ever.

''I is Louis'' he says... and then after a thought he adds ''Louis was taken by bad people and now he is looking for refuse..Louis means refuge'' he then looks blankly at the woman for a response

slightly affronted by how direct the Omega is, the woman looks at the Alpha's for guidance

''There were some rogue looters on the outskirts a few days back'' Marcel informs the Beta '' they'd taken this Omega prisoner from somewhere and now unfortunately he is lost, we don't think he has a proper pack in any case, so we thought you might be able to take him in here.... just in the days for now, Louis is going to be staying at ours while he adjusts''

''at yours Alpha?'' the woman looks aghast '' Oh no, it's quite alright, we have a spare bed here, you needn't worry yourselves, we'll take perfectly good care of him''

''Louis is staying with twins thank you'' Louis speaks up for himself before anyone else can answer

''I think he's a bit scared'' Edward supplies, he doesn't want this beta getting the wrong idea and spreading rumors, that will never do '' it'll only be for a short while, I know you'll have him on his feet in no time''

The beta tidies her hair flirting shamelessly with Edward

''Oh Edward you're so chivalrous, really quite the hero''

''Was not him that save Louis, was twins'' the woman looks ruffled for a moment and Edward is slightly annoyed at the Omega for being so embarrassing all of a sudden.

''Oh yes well of course, all of you are so so brave'' luckily Cathy is so busy backtracking she doesn't think to ask why Louis keeps calling them twins, it's a relief.

''Really we just came for some leaflets today'' Edward does not want this starting off on the wrong foot, he senses a bit of tension between the Omega and the Beta though for the life of him he cannot understand why that would be, but unlike Louis polite and enjoyable encounter with Liam, the Omega is being stand offish and almost quite obtuse towards the Beta, Edward will have to have words about his behavior before he returns. 

''Certainly, here you go'' Cathy whips out a pile of leaflets from under the desk and hands them straight to Edward ignoring Louis altogether.

''Thank you Cathy'' Harry says politely '' could I possibly book Louis in for his first session here tomorrow''

''Of course'' the beta pulls out a large diary and scribbles something on one of the pages ''I take it you want to bring him as soon as?''

Edward nods

''ok..well I can start him off at 9.00am and he can register with me and then I can go through the different measures and facilities available to him''

''That would be lovely'' Marcel thanks the Beta again

''Will Zayn not be available? I think he might adjust better with the guidance of a male'' Edward isn't sure what makes that come from his mouth, he's horrified at how rude it sounds, his brothers also turn to look at him in shock.

''er...yes.. Zayn is here... but he's only doing the 'chat groups' at the moment, I can certainly 'pen' Louis in for session in the afternoon though and maybe he would like to do 'domestics' with Alf?''

''Alf??'' Harry and Marcel both say in unison

''Yes, he does domestics now, you know Shannon had the baby and well... it's quite difficult for her to help out at the moment''

''Alf's fine, that's all fine, thank you very much for your time and we will bring Louis back in the morning'' Edward just wants to get out of there as quickly as possible, the situation has become quite awkward and he's still not sure why he said that thing about Zayn, what does he care who is looking after Louis as long as he's out of his hair.


''What an earth is an Alpha doing teaching 'domestics''' Marcel exclaims when they get in the car

''Well I'd hardly call Alf an Alpha'' Edward muses, the man is so soft, patient and slow it's excruciating

''Louis will probably fall asleep in those classes'' Marcel muses '' and I thought he was supposed to be learning something there''

''it'll be fine Marcey'' Edward tries a playful approach, he doesn't want Louis getting scared off before he's even begun, he needs it to work

''it's a little unusual though... I mean even Zayn's a beta, I've never know them take an Alpha on at the shelter'' Harry sounds a bit concerned as well

''It's Alf for goodness sake, the man may as well be an Omega'' Edward has no idea what the fuss is about, so that middle aged bumbling Alpha is helping out at the local 'down and out' who cares.

''What did you think anyway Lou?'' Harry turns to the Omega who has been eerily silent

''Louis thinks that lady with horrid sweater likes Edward''

the car goes quiet, firstly not one of them expected the Omega to even understand that the Beta had been flirting with Edward let alone mention it and secondly Louis called their brother by name.

''Oh no I don't think so'' Harry supplies not really knowing what else to say ''I think she was just being friendly Louis that's all, they're all very nice people at the shelter and you must try hard to be polite, helpful and kind while you are there, calling that lady's sweater horrid isn't nice at all''

Louis just shrugs and stares out of the window for the rest of the ride home.





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A/N - And yet again because you have all been so supportive, I decided to get a another little chappie up, now I also need to say that we will probably be getting a few other character angles in the next few chapters, simply because although it's Edward centric - if he is not heavily featured in a chapter ( like when it's someone else's turn to take Louis to the shelter and Edward isn't there I need it to be slightly angled towards some of the others ( you'll see what I mean) just give me the heads up if it takes anything away from the story, I will try hard for it not to.


Harry goes straight into the kitchen when they get home saying that he is starving and there is stuff in the fridge that needs using up

''I'll probably just whizz us up a pasta bake'' he says to anyone that might be listening ''is that ok with you Louis?''

''Louis is not eating pas..pas..ta before but if Harry likes''

''You mean you haven't tried it before or you don't like it?'' Harry is puzzled by the Omega's garbled response

''Louis not had''

''just do it Harry for goodness sake, he should just be pleased he is being fed'' Edward can feel a headache coming on as they all follow Harry into the kitchen and sit round the table, Edward knows he and Marcel do it under the pretense of pretending to 'help' ... well Marcel does help sometimes but Edward usually manages to get away with doing very little, he assumes the Omega just followed them in because he doesn't know what else to do.

''So who's taking Louis to the shelter tomorrow'' Harry asks whilst emptying a whole bag of pasta into a huge saucepan ( he and his brothers have massive appetites)

''I thought you were?'' Marcel sounds shocked

''I would love to, to be honest'' and Harry does indeed sound regretful '' but I already promised to be the judge of the town bake sale and I can't let them down last minute, will you be ok to do it Marce? I'm free the day after''

''well... the thing is.. I mean It's not that I don't want to at all, it's just I promised to help old Herbert out with his Marrow's, the contest should be next week if we can get it sorted and you know how Mary passed away last year and I know this has been something he has been looking forward to plus he doesn't get a lot of company, I'd feel awful if I let him down''

''Bloody Marrow's and that bake sale is pointless Harry, I tell you every year it needs knocking on the head '' Edward mutters, trying to pretend he hasn't noticed the three sets of eyes on him all of a sudden

''You say that about the Marrow contest as well'' Marcel says folding his arms

''Good point, if I had my way there would be...'' he's cut off

''Joy? Edward, if you had your way there would be no joy'' Harry supplies

''That's not true, I enjoy things... I like lots of things''

''Name one hobby you have, go on'' Marcel challenges

''Well.. sex.. for one''

''Apart from sex Edward ''Harry scoffs

''I..I like lots of things, I enjoy eating and drinking.. and''

''Go on and what?'' Marcel raises his eyebrows

''Well I haven't got time for all this frivolity, somebody needs to get the proper work done, I don't suppose either of you have given a seconds thought to the new recreational space? even though it's first on the Agenda at the next Council meeting, I've been trying to look at the suggested plans nearly all week and with all the ridiculous shenanigans I haven't even got started, I need to do that tomorrow so I can't take Louis''

''Don't worry, I'll phone Cathy and see if we can rearrange his induction for the following day, would you mind Lou?' Edward is alarmed, Lou!?!   Harry talks over his shoulder as he loads an enormous glass dish full of food into the oven

''Louis is not minding'' the Omega looked like he couldn't care less and that's because he probably couldn't, they'd practically had to force him to entertain the idea in the first place, this will never do, he's never going to get rid of the Omega if they keep putting things off, and it's become clear to him that he is actually the only person in any kind of rush to get Louis out of their hair and back out into the big wide world.

''No! it's fine... one more day away from the project won't hurt, I'll take him''

''That's good of you Edward'' and Edward isn't sure if his sassy little Harry is being sarcastic or not, his cock twitches in his pants, it's been too long since his brothers have had any private time, and now they have Louis staying with them, he really doesn't fancy the Omega hearing or walking in on them, great, Louis is the cause of his blue balls on top of everything else. ''Please make sure you ask them about some clothes for him, he can't keep going round in clothes several sizes too big, I know they have plenty of clothes donations down there so if you could just make sure he is 'kitted' out it would be useful.''

Edward scrunches up his nose, he isn't sure why but he isn't keen on the idea of Louis walking around in somebody else's grubby cast offs.

'' Louis will get new things?'' Louis pretty smile lights up his face and although Edward would never care to admit it, it does nothing to help his blue balls. ''Louis likes''

''I wouldn't get too excited Louis, it's only second hand stuff'' Marcel is getting plates out of the cupboard and beginning to set the table.

''Is nice, Louis only ever have Niall's old things''

''Did you live with Maura and Niall Louis?'' now that the 'bake' is in the oven and Marcel has alleviated his other 'would be' duties Harry sits down opposite Louis and Edward

''When Louis is little he sleep in Niall's room but now Louis has cave''

''You lived in a cave?'' Harry looks horrified '' that's not safe Louis! wolves don't live like that anymore especially not Omega's why would they throw you out? why didn't they let you join their pack, Louis I don't care to say this but I do not like the sound of your friends I'm sorry''

''Harry'' the omega addresses Harry for the first time with his name and Harry looks up teary eyed ''Louis is grown, Niall is Alpha.. Louis cannot be sharing now but Louis be seeing them always and Maura is feeding and Niall is teaching Louis all the many things''

it's no good Harry is blubbering again and he has to excuse himself

''Louis isn't meaning to upset Harry'' Louis looks at the remaining Triplets ''Harry is not understanding, you is not understanding, Maura and Niall is good''

''Well Harry can get a bit carried away sometimes, granted, Louis but he has a point about sleeping in caves, and these were the people that wouldn't let you join their pack'' Although Edward would never react with such an unfathomable amount of emotion the Omega hasn't been successful in painting his friends in the best of lights. I mean that would be like them leaving Liam homeless and kicking him out their pack, the thought is deeply disturbing.

Louis just lets out one of his big sighs

''Louis cannot be in Niall's pack''

''Yes but why not though?'' Marcel wonders aloud as he removed the oven dish and places the steaming meal on a mat in the middle of the table

''Because Niall says is best and Maura says is best''

''Well that's as clear as mud, thanks for clearing that one up I must say'' Edward says irritably as he begins to dish up the food, it is the one thing that he likes to do and he isn't really sure why, he just likes to make sure his family is seated and he makes sure they all get plenty of food on their plates, and Edward will see to it that everybody does, he heaps piles on His and his brothers plate and gives the Omega a healthy but smaller sized portion, Louis could gain a few pounds and it definitely wouldn't hurt him though, the Omega is a touch too skinny.

Harry rejoins them and they all eat their meals for the most part in silence though Louis does apologize for upsetting Harry which unfortunately almost sets Harry off again, luckily Marcel comes to the rescue by asking if Liam will be submitting one of his cakes to the competition this year, to which Harry tells them he has advised he will be bringing a' delicious' Gooseberry Cake just like the ones his grandmother used to bake and that apparently it's a real 'winner', and that has them all rather childishly laughing again especially when Louis pulls a face at the thought.






Chapter Text


When Louis and Edward arrive at the Shelter the following morning it is pelting it down with rain and both of them are only dressed in Jeans ( in Louis case severely rolled up) and hooded sweatshirts, but it was admittedly only a short walk from the car to the door.

''Oh Alpha!'' Edward nearly jumps at Cathy's high pitched shrill as they enter ''let me get you a towel, goodness you'll catch a cold'' and before he could stop the ( in his opinion over dramatic beta) she had disappeared, promptly reappearing with a couple of large fleecy towels, tossing one in Louis direction leaving the Omega to dry himself off, she tutted and clucked over Edward even standing on her heeled tip  toes to ruffle his curls dry.

''Good grief Cathy, I'm perfectly fine'' Edward scowls as he shakes the idiot Beta off, please see that Louis is found some dry clothes at once, he's practically dithering, and Harry has asked that whilst we are here today that he be given some clothes better fitted to him, that is if you have had anything donated recently more to his size''

Cathy, although seems a little affronted by Edwards terse behavior turns her immediate attention to Louis eyeing him up and down.

''Yes Alpha, certainly, we have plenty of clothes donated I will go and see what I can find'' and with that she scuttles off.  

''why is Louis di..di...dithering?'' Louis looks at Edward, confused ''what is mean?''

''You're cold and wet Louis, you ought to have dry clothes, you are shaking'' Louis in fact is not shaking and this doesn't help his confusion any more

''Is Edward having dry things too?'' he peeks up at Edward in curiosity

''Don't be absurd Louis, I'm fine''

''Louis is fine too''

''Omega's are predisposed to all sorts of conditions Louis, so you are having dry clothes''

Louis shrugs.


Cathy is only a short while, and she returns carrying a bundle of clothes under one arm and a cup of hot tea in her free hand which she holds out to the Alpha

''Better warm up Alpha, you must keep your strength up''

''I already told you Cathy, I am perfectly fine, it is Louis who has come to this shelter for help not me, thank you all the same'' Edward sighs, while he tries to keep his cool with the ever more frustrating woman, and he places his tea carefully on the side with the sole intent of giving it to Louis once he is changed.

Cathy leaves most of the clothes with Edward in a carrier bag then leaves to take Louis to get changed out the back

Edward is pleasantly surprised by the accurate fitting on the Omega, his new Jeans are no longer rolled up and baggy like a fisher-men's  but they are tight around what Edward begrudgingly realizes is a very nice round bottom and he no longer wears a hoodie twice the size of him but a long sleeved green Parker Jacket with a faux fur hood which is open to reveal a rather figure hugging top around the Omega's trim torso, although Edward cannot help but admire the small toned physique ( he is an Alpha after all) he still thinks the Omega could do with a few more hot meals, he'll see to it that Louis gets a little extra at meal times while he is staying with them, it can't help to build him up strong for his future Alpha and Pups.

''Now'' and Cathy is all Clipboard and pen all of a sudden, hair pulled up into a tight pun and her glasses perched on the end of her nose, Edward almost feels as though he is back in school and should be paying attention to the register instead of discussing football tactics with Marcel and Liam at the back of class. Harry was never one for football, he had his 'drama' classes instead, Edward almost smiles at the fond memories of his brothers before his attention is snapped back by the clicking of a pen tip against the paper. 

''Now... if I hand you this form, if Louis could fill in as many of his basic details as he can and as he feels comfortable with, I have put him in for a 'Group session' with Zayn in half an hour and then he has an introduction class with Bob after that, there are some other classes that Louis might be interested in and they are also on the form, he can fill those in at a later session if he needs time to think'' she then pushes the pen, paper and clipboard under Louis nose. Louis stares at the paper and pushes it towards Edward.

''Louis is not'' he says matter of factually

''Louis you have to fill this in, don't be rude'' Edward hisses as Cathy turns her back on them

''Louis is not, you is, please read.'' Louis looks angry and Edward for the life of him can't fathom what is the matter with the Omega this time.

''Louis, will you please just fill in the damn form'' Edward scowls loosing his patience, why the heck couldn't Harry or Marcel of been the ones to do his first session.

Louis takes the form away from Edward and begins to write an enormous letter L next to where it says Name, it is later followed by the O,U,I and S, all equally gigantic, he then puts his age in big numbers next to the word Age followed by the word CAVE next to Address. After this he puts the pen down and pushes the form away.

''Louis is done''  and before Edward can say anything Cathy picks it up and looks puzzled

''Louis, you have only filled in your name and age, there are another three pages'

''Louis filled in home too''

''Your home is a cave?'' the woman looks up at Edward with an eyebrow raised

''Of course it isn't, he lives with us at the moment doesn't he? just.... oh...  for heavens sake!! Cathy give me a fresh form and I'll fill it in tonight for him''

Cathy nods and politely hands Edward another form ''Is it possible Edward that the Omega cannot read and write very well?''

Of course it is, Edward wants to scream, obviously this demented Omega cannot read and write any better than a four year old, why didn't he even think of that! he knows Louis is like a wild beast and yet he expected him to fill out a three page form.

''Can't you read or write Louis?'' Edward tries in his most patient voice ( which is honestly very hard for him)

''Niall is teaching and Louis can do some spellings and words'' the Omega huff's defensively.

''Okay, it's okay'' Edward needs to remember this isn't Louis fault, he was abandoned as a child and then raised by some people who sound like rather dubious friends, nobody has given Louis proper lessons, that is why they are here, he slowly inhales and exhales ''Louis, never mind about the form, Harry or Marcel will sit with you tonight and read all the questions to you and you can fill it in together, it's nothing to worry about okay?''

''They will help Louis like Niall is?''

'Yes, if you like, they'll help you just like this Niall character allegedly does'' whatever makes Louis happy, it'll undoubtedly make his dopey brothers happy to feel like they are helping Louis.


''Mr Tomlinson'' Zayn takes this moment to make his appearance, his black shaggy hair standing on ends and a large white coat that reaches his ankles, in fact he is a trained medical professional who works at the local hospital but he volunteers at the shelter, the beta is extremely close to Liam, the two of them have been since school, although Zayn really had more to do with Harry back in school than Marcel and Edward, they still regard him warmly.

Louis stands up

''Hello there'' a wide smile appears on Zayn's face, the beta for what it is worth is exotically beautiful '' I'm very pleased to meet you little one, my friend Liam has told me all about your adventure the other day, how are you feeling?'' and he holds out a hand for Louis to shake, Louis takes it and giggles, smiling bashfully, great, another person who the Omega has wrapped around his finger, embarrassingly referring to him as 'Little one' .

''Louis is well thank you''

''And would you like Edward to come into the session with you, or do you want to come alone? there will be five of us altogether poppet, but I promise you don't even need to speak in this session if you don't feel comfortable okay?''

''Edward is coming'' Louis says firmly, and it takes Edward ever so slightly by surprise but the Omega's slim fingers wrap around his wrist and he is pulled towards the room used for the 'chat groups'

Edward can't believe he is going to have to sit in a circle and listen to a bunch of Omega's blather on about their problems, but what can he say? no? on Louis first day, when he doesn't know anyone'' and not for the first time in the past week Edward wishes his heart were a great deal blacker than it really is.


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Chapter Text


Edward tried his best to drone out the talking whilst the the Omega's in the circle discussed their 'woes', it wasn't that he was particularly unsympathetic to these people that had fallen on hard times, more that first, and foremost, he could not solve all of their problems single handed with immediate effect which irritated him greatly and secondly because sitting around talking about problems was definitely not Edwards style, he wanted to be 'doing' not twiddling his thumbs feeling sorry for himself and having tea and biscuits, it would never solve a thing and therefore caused him great frustration. He had however been told by Harry and other's numerous times that many people ( especially Omega's) benefit from this type of 'therapy' so Edward would just have to grin and bear it on this occasion, and if he didn't really pay any attention it would at least save him the need to tell them all to 'stiff upper lip' it or demand that they do exactly as he tells them in order to solve their issues, which he had a feeling Harry.... and probably Marcel would tell him was entirely inappropriate.

''And Louis, would you like to tell us a bit about yourself today?'' Edward wakes from his daydreams as Zayn addresses Louis, his interest aroused as he wonders curiously what the crazy Omega will say

''I is Louis'' Louis addresses himself in his normal 'Matter of fact' fashion  ''Louis is taken by bad people when Louis was not being busy with anyone else and now Louis is having the worries''

The normal, absolute drivel that Louis speaks does not surprise Edward one bit and he forgets himself completely.

''Louis, that doesn't make any sense, how do you expect these people to understand what you are talking about? I've already told you, you were 'minding your own business' not 'Being busy with anyone which means something else entirely and as for 'minding your own busy' as you said the other day, that doesn't even make sense at all, and I assume you mean you are worried about things? not 'having the worries'. Please learn to speak correctly or you will struggle to make the necessary advances to get ahead in life, if that is what you so wish to do, which I assume it is.'' in fact Edward naturally assumes it is what everybody wants to do, simply because it is to him the only logical thing to a.) want and b.) do.

''Thank you Edward'' Zayn speaks quickly before Louis, who looks a little mystified can retaliate ''however, I must advise you that this is a safe place for these Omega's to discuss their troubles and they must not be made to feel uncomfortable or belittled, you are only here as Louis guest and with the permission of all parties present, not as a participant, I suggest that if you are unable to listen with a polite sympathetic ear, that you do not listen at all, now, '' and Zayn turns to Louis before an astounded Edward can 'strongly disagree' with every word that he just said '' Louis, it was very brave of you to speak at all in your first session, would you like to talk to the group about the worries you are having? it is perfectly alright if you aren't ready to discuss it yet.

''Louis worries about bad people and Niall, Maura and the Cave, Louis is also having thinking on what will happen with Louis in the many days''

''What an earth do you mean in the many days?'' Edward can't help but huff, Zayn shoots him a glance but unfortunately Edward simply cannot help himself, how can these people even begin to help Louis when they don't have a clue what he is talking about and they are too nice to tell him.

''IN THE MANY DAYS'' Louis shouts directly at Edward loudly making several people jump

''Why an earth are you shouting Louis? it's not at all 'called for' '' Edward stands up, Zayn needn't worry, he is only too happy to leave this stupid meeting


And although Edward has made his intention to leave entirely clear without the need for a further prompt from Zayn, he turns from where his hand is poised at the door handle

''I assure you Louis that I am listening perfectly to what you are saying, it is you who is not being clear in what you are saying, and shouting it repeatedly at the top of your lungs with not make it any less incomprehensible, now, I shall wait for you outside, please calm down and thank Zayn for his time and sanity before you leave''  with that said, Edward is relieved to walk out into the corridor, knowing that unfortunately there is zero chance that Louis knows what the word incomprehensible means.


The session ends around another 15 minutes later, and although Louis is supposed to be seeing Alf for his introduction on domestics Zayn pulls Edward to one side and politely advises that Louis may have had enough for his first day, and perhaps it is better if he returns tomorrow with either Harry or Marcel and his complete forms.

''Well if you think it's better for Louis'' Edward is secretly overjoyed that he is already getting to leave '' did he say thank you at the end of his session?'' Edward will not have Louis being rude to the staff at the center when they all work so hard for the charity and do not earn a penny.

''Yes Edward, yes he did, though I'm not sure why it is of any importance to you, you are not Louis Alpha, it is not up to you to tell him to do anything and you might only serve to confuse him by acting so assertively around him, we don't know how emotionally stable he is or indeed very much about him at all. I know you, and I know you mean no real harm... although sometimes you do a lot of damage.... but I think it best if you just tread carefully around him until we see his character develop a little more and we learn more about him''

''Well I don't see how anybody is going to learn anything about him by indulging him and his nonsense, but you are the medical professional and as you quite rightly say, that 'thing' is definitely not my Omega. Thank you very much for your time today Zayn, I daresay I will see you in the not to distant future'' with that he shakes a tired looking Zayn's hand and makes to leave the center being sure to pick up Louis new bag of clothes, the last thing he needs is an angry 'Fish wife' Harry on his back.


''Did you enjoy today?'' Edward decides not to bring up his and Louis little 'spat' when they get in the car. Louis nods but doesn't say anything. Edward starts the engine ''you know you don't need to keep worrying about those looters Louis, they aren't likely to invade this territory again after Harry and Marcel saw them off, and if they know what is good for them they won't come back to encounter my wrath, especially if they try and take my guest from my home.'' Edward is seeing red at the very notion of that idea, they are lucky Harry and Marcel just ran them off and rescued Louis, he thinks he might of ended their sorry existences. He tries very hard not to think of what the sight of a tiny crying Louis was like being pulled viciously along by ropes. He growls loudly.

''What is wrong?'' Louis looks at him a little bit panicked

''Nothing, it's not you, those looters... just... they better had not come back is all, you are safe here, stop worrying about them, they are not worth your time''

''What about when Louis is not living with triplets'' it is not missed by Edward that Louis calls them triplets for the first time and he is pleased that the Omega does at least take something in sometimes, but he is unnerved slightly by Louis question because he has no idea what might happen to Louis if he decides not to stay with their pack and if he decides to leave with his friends ( should they find them) and returns to living in some hovel somewhere.

' Well, 'We'll have to think about that, and cross that bridge when we come to it, but right now you are safe so put those worries to one side'' 

Louis nods but he doesn't look too convinced.


''You're back early'' Marcel's voice sounds from down behind the TV, where he appears to be trying to do something with the electrics, Edward isn't inclined to ask.

''They... um ...Louis seemed quite tired it by it all so Zayn suggested that maybe you or Harry make a fresh start of it tomorrow with him'' Edward decides to leave out the part abut him getting grumpy and Louis shouting, no doubt they'll hear it through the grapevine soon enough, but for now he is ready for a pleasant relaxing evening and he can smell Harry's bolognese sauce wafting from the kitchen, his belly rumbles.

''Oh, you're back already?'' speak of the devil, Harry waltzes through looking absolutely delectable, his long brown hair tied back in a half ponytail and an oddly feminine looking Apron pulled about his person, there is a fleck of red sauce on one of his cherubic cheeks, Edward can't help but take him by the back of the neck and press a kiss to his forehead. ''Dinner smells too good darling''

''Oh it's only spaghetti'' Harry throws off the compliment easily

''Your spaghetti bolognese is actually the best though Haz'' Marcel has stopped messing with whatever is was he was doing with the television and come to join his triplets in the middle of the living room, Edward feeling oddly contented pulls Marcel in for a kiss as well, only this one lands on his other brothers irresistible full lips and lingers for a moment before reluctantly pulling away when he hears Harry addressing the Omega''

''How was your first day Lou?''

''Louis not do the questions right''

Harry turns to look at Edward quizzically

''His questions?''

''Oh these'' Edward pulls the forms out from the bag with Louis new clothes '' Cathy suggested that he struggles with his reading and writing which we probably should of realized given the fact he can barely string a sentence together, I said you or Marcel would sit with him and fill it in later''

''I'll do it'' Marcel volunteers ''Harry's spent all evening cooking''

''Oh thanks Marce, I must admit there I am shattered after the contest today, it wasn't much fun letting Liam down gently that he wasn't the winner again this year either''

''somebody really ought to tell him about those cakes, put him out of his misery''

''Edward don't you dare, I mean it, you'll crush him''

''Fine, whatever, just know that I am right''

''you always think you are right'' Marcel chides playfully

''Alright you two, dinner is ready''


Once they are all seated round the table, Harry asks the Omega more about his day at the center ''So Louis, what did you do today, after you got your forms? did you meet Alf?''

Louis shakes his head

''No, Mr Malik and Edward did not get along in the chat and Louis is shouting which Edward says is not good'' Louis doesn't even bat an eyelid as he shovels a fork full of spaghetti into his mouth

''Right, thank you Louis well that definitely sounds exciting, maybe Edward would like to tell Marcel and I more about this later on tonight.... Mmm Edward?''


Edward thinks that he doesn't want to talk about it later on at all.


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Chapter Text

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*Smut in this chapter*


''So... do you want to explain to us what Louis was talking about over dinner?'' Marcel asks his older brother as soon as he has shown Louis to one of the guest rooms and Harry has fussed around making sure he has everything he needs ( and then some). Marcel isn't in the best of moods since Edward interfered all evening while he was trying to fill in the forms with Louis, his older brother it seemed was incapable of leaving Louis to make his own choices on what classes he would like to take.

''Not really, it's of no consequence now'' Edward really doesn't want to discuss it, he's not sure how he is going to explain it, therefore best to avoid the conversation altogether.

''Oh really Edward!'' Harry exclaims from where he is lolling lazily in one of their big leather armchairs ''You know Zayn will tell Liam and we're going to hear about it anyway the next time we see him''

''Which by the way '' Edward tries desperately to steer the conversation in another direct ''Is probably going to be the next Council meeting on Friday, and I bet neither of you have given a seconds thought to the new recreational space''

''Edward, nobody cares about the recreational space, you know full well it's going to be commissioned regardless of our input, because you think it's a good idea''

''And you don't?'' Edward is only mildly interested in Harry's answer, he is right, Edward had already made the decision and he's emailed the plans to the elders to look at.

''It's not that, I mean.. oh hell.. stop changing the subject, I don't care about the recreational space right now, why was Louis shouting and why an earth were you arguing with Zayn''

''I wouldn't say it was arguing''

''Edward'' Marcel's tone warns the older brother that he isn't getting out of spilling the beans on the topic.

''Gods sake!'' he curses ''He was just going on how he does with his gibberish and not making any sense, I was merely trying to help him, if people do not understand a word he is talking about then they cannot help him can they?''

''but Edward you know he can't help it so what's the point? you only serve to confuse and upset him'' Harry is exasperated with the eldest triplet

''Well, I didn't want to go into the meeting anyway, all those people talking about their troubles and such like, I've told you before it's a fruitless exercise  and I was only too happy to leave''

''So did you apologize to Zayn after? how serious was the disagreement?'' Edward knows Harry is just worried about the 'fallout' from the situation, it's probably not as over the top as it may seem seeing as Edwards idea of a 'minor disagreement' has lead to big problems in the past and even seen the end of a few friendships. 

''It's fine really Harry''

''Your fine or everyone else's fine?'' Marcel demands

''We parted on good terms, he is just concerned that Louis might begin to get confused over my continued direction'

Marcel pinches the bridge of his nose

'' and 'by continued direction' I take it you mean the way you have to control everything?''

''It's not my fault I have good ideas'' Edward feels quite defensive, left to their own devices people get themselves into all sorts of muddles ''That Omega is an excellent example of why people should not be left to 'drift' along with their own unfortunate notions, he barely knows night from day, it's clear he has lacked any kind of proper 'direction' all of his sorry life''

''Oh, and now you are going to be the one to give it him are you? ''

''Well if it helps him get back on his feet and out of our hair, then, yes, I'd be happy to oblige'' He's not at all sure why his brothers have to be so problematic, this is really just a clear case of steering the poor little street rat onto the right path and leaving him with all the tools to lead a semi ( if not probably simplistic -  Edward isn't saying he's a miracle worker) normal life, with an Alpha that is not him, his brothers or Liam.

''I take it Zayn is worried about your assertiveness for a reason'' Edward can tell Harry is being diplomatic with the use of the word 'Assertiveness'

''Well... he seems to think that the odd little creature might get confused and think I'm his Alpha, but honestly, I don't think he has that many coherent thoughts, I don't think it's something we need worry about''

''Well I do think it is something we need to worry about Edward'' Marcel suddenly quite serious ''Maybe this is something none of us have thought about seriously enough, if Louis gets attached to us in the sense he believes us to be his Alpha's or even just one of us to be his Alpha it could cause him all kinds of trauma when we try and separate''

'' Well I did just say we should 'dump' him off at the shelter to begin with, but no, you and Harry were having none of that were you?'' How does everything always turn out to be Edwards fault, firstly he was 'cold' and 'cruel' for wanting to be rid of the wretched thing as quickly as possible and now he's 'confusing' the Omega by trying to be helpful.

''Okay, okay lets not argue, please'' Harry has moved from the sofa to stand between his brothers '' I'll take Louis to the shelter tomorrow and speak to Zayn myself, see how he recommends we approach the situation, and whatever he says, we shall respect his professional opinion agreed?''

''Fine whatever, I don't expect I shall be having a lot more to do with him anyway'' Edward concludes the conversation whilst Marcel just nods in agreement with Harry.


''Now'' Edward moves closer to Harry trapping him between himself and Marcel, playing with his long hair, entwining it in his fingers ''Maybe the three of us could talk about something else other than our recent house guest'' Harry jumps slightly when Edward's large hands move to grip his bum and Marcel's arms slip around his middle slowly stroking his crotch, Harry can't lie in the fact he is getting hard,  but there is something wrong, not with his brothers, no they are fine - perfectly normal... well the way they've always been at least, no there is something up with him, he shakes them off.

''Sorry, not tonight, I'm so tired, can we leave it?''

''Of course darling'' Edward tries to hide his disappointment at the lack of action just recently and just gives Harry a kiss on the cheek moving away to give him space, Marcel moves his hands from Harry's crotch area but continues to hug his brother tightly for a moment before releasing him with a kiss to his neck.

''It's no problem Haz, me and Edward can 'finish ' up here if you are tired'' Edward's dick regains some life and he is suddenly optimistic again, he knows that Marcel means that the two of them can quite easily please themselves if Harry is tired, he is simply seeking Harry's approval

''Of course, I'm sorry'' and Edward feels slight worry at the fact Harry does not seem his usual self as he kisses each of them goodnight but he brushes it off quickly as he throws Marcel against the wall and crashes kisses along his jawline, love making is generally 'softer' and more 'sensual' when Harry is involved but on the occasions it is just he and Marcel it is nearly always more rough and reckless, his hands go for the youngest triplets pants but he's stopped.

''Not that, not tonight''

''what then?'' Edward is using every ounce of his self control not to ravish his brother

''Let me?'' his hands go to Edward's flies and Edward grasps his wrist and looks into his brothers eyes, he trusts Marcel implicitly but he always needs to make sure, keep control.

''You know I don't do that''

''Trust me Eddie'' with that Edward drops his brothers wrist and allows his brother to continue unbuttoning his trousers, where he is finally rewarded not by penetration but by his brothers glorious lips.



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Chapter Text



In contrast to the day before when Edward took Louis to the Center, the sun was shining and Harry couldn't help but think how beautiful the Omega looked in a loose white T Shirt and beige cargo pants, although he would never admit it to Edward and probably not even Marcel he did find the Omega attractive, deep down he knew he would never be a suitable Omega for any of them, his lack of education and worldliness in general would put him at a terrible disadvantage to be a pack Luna, it would be unfair to Louis really, but there was something about him that made Harry's heart swell and roused a protective instinct in him that unlike his brothers was usually dormant to his nurturing side, he felt a 'want' to make all Louis problems disappear and provide a safe constant home for the Omega which seemed to be something he had never had.

Harry tried to shut the thoughts out, Louis would find a nice patient Alpha within their pack and he would be happy with them and there would be no need for Harry to worry about him and Harry would move on with his brothers and they would find a suitable Luna/Luna's.

''Is Harry having the thoughts?'' Harry wakes from his daydreaming instantly hearing Louis voice ''Only Louis been sitting here'' the Omega looks blankly at Harry as Harry realizes they have been waiting in the Car Park for the last ten minutes. 

''Oh sorry Lou'' Harry laughs at himself  '' I was just... I mean..''

''Having the thoughts'' Louis nods as though he understands completely even if he obviously has no clue what Harry's thoughts are about, Harry can't help but blush a little and he hopes the Omega thinks it's the heat.

They walk up to the reception desk and Harry hands Louis forms over to Cathy who swoons a little over the Alpha but not as dramatically as she does with Edward.

''It's the chat session first Harry, I do hope it won't be too boring for you, Edward sat in last time and I really must say it isn't a duty that any of you need to fulfill I know how busy you all are, we really can look after Louis here at the center, you can just drop him off each day if you like?''

''Harry is coming with Louis thank you'' Louis speaks nonchalantly to the beta before Harry has a chance, harry also notes that he is glaring at the beta. 

''honestly Cathy, none of us mind, not even Edward... well not really'' he bites his lip slightly at the fib knowing full well Edward minds the disruption to his well organized life very much '' Louis will be on his feet in no time and as we are taking turns to bring him it isn't disrupting our schedule too much''

''You're all so kind to the Omega, something special about this one I wonder?'' the words are spoken playfully but Harry knows full that Cathy is fishing for idle gossip, no doubt word as got out to the Pack about the Alpha's letting a stray Omega stay with them.

Harry gives Cathy a charming smile

''We are just making sure that Louis settles in, I'm sure you can agree being kidnapped by violent rogues and ripped miles away from your home can be quite traumatic, it isn't your usual circumstance'' Harry rarely feels himself losing patience and is always reluctant to use his Alpha tone but he hears it creeping in, in his response.  Nonetheless what happened to Louis was truly awful and the Omega does not deserve to be the victim of idle pack gossip.

''Oh goodness, yes terrible, I am sorry Alpha, I didn't mean to overstep the mark'' Cathy splutters and Harry feels awkward for her

''It's perfectly alright'' he says warmly ''you are right in one way of course Cathy, Louis is special, he is an Omega and they should always be made to feel special should they not?'' It isn't that Harry doesn't think everyone should be made to feel special and not just Omega's, it's just it is generally the Omega's disposition to 'want to please' and be needed and Omega's have been known to become terribly unwell or even die if they have felt worthless in their pack, it is part the reason they have the shelter.

''Edward says Louis is not special''  Louis hisses so only Harry can hear, while Cathy continues to apologize and agree with Harry's words.

''Sometimes Louis, you will learn'' Harry says softly as they leave the desk to go into the waiting area ''Edward is wrong'' Louis looks a little shocked at the statement but shrugs all the same.

''Mr Tom...oh hello Harry!'' Zayn smiles brightly at his old friend in the waiting room, Harry rises to engulf the beta in his arms, it's only been a few weeks since they have seen each other but Harry has always been a hugger and a good friend like Zayn is no exception.''I was just about to call Louis through, are you coming in as well? I know you will be less problematic than Edward at any rate''

''Oh, I do apologize on his behalf, you know what he gets like sometimes, can't help himself, which reminds me, can I have a word with you after the group chat? it's about what you mentioned to Edward yesterday''

''Yeah sure, no problem, do you guys wanna come through''


As it turned out Harry had to leave the group chat for the exact opposite reasons to Edward, he couldn't help but get upset at each Omega's story and he became particularly emotional when it got to Louis turn and the small Omega tried to explain in his own words how scared he had been when he was kidnapped and how he thought he would be forced to be an Omega for bad men when he wanted to be a good Omega for good people.

''Is Harry okay? Louis is sorry'' Harry jumps out of his seat when he hears Louis voice and sees the Omega leaving the session room looking right at him worriedly.

''Yes of course I am Lou, I'm the one that is sorry, getting silly over things as usual, it is a good thing for you to be open in your group about the ordeal'' and Harry stops himself from speaking about that any further, partially because he doesn't trust himself not to get upset all over again and partially because Zayn is now leaving the room and Harry really wants to speak to him.

''Are you okay to go into your next class ahead of me Lou?'' he asks the Omega seeing Zayn look at him pointedly and wait patiently by his office door.

''What class is Louis having now?''

''You have domestics with Alf, he's a lovely man, very calm and kind and I'm sure you will feel comfortable with him''

''what is Dom..m..estics'' Louis questions, and Harry really doesn't have time

''Ask Alf and he'll explain, will you be okay? I just need to speak to Zayn''

Louis nods and Harry takes his opportunity to make a swift exit.


''Cuppa?'' Zayn queries as they walk into the now empty room where the chat groups are normally held

''Oh no I won't thank you Zayn, I don't want to hold up your other classes, it's just Edward was telling us last night that you think it could be a possibility that Louis might associate us with being his Alpha's''

Zayn nods his head ''It's a possibility if Edward continues to give him guidance and direction and if he becomes emotionally attached to any of you'' Harry shifts uncomfortably in his chair knowing the latter statement is probably aimed at him.

''How do you think we are best to continue without causing him future problems if he is to continue staying with us''

Zayn clicks his teeth a moment in thought

''I wouldn't attend his classes with him eventually, you know phase it out so that in the end he is just being dropped off and becoming independent of you. It is also a good Idea to verbally reinforce the point of his efforts here and direct his concentration towards his life with his new Alpha, when he is ready encourage him to meet up with some potential matches, make sure he stays realistic in the fact he only staying with you as a 'stepping stone' not a permanent solution. I know it will be particularly hard for you and Edward because Edward will want to plan every detail of his life to 'achieve effectiveness' but in fact all he will do is make Louis go to him for direction and problem solving instead of Louis looking for a prospective mate who will help him with these issues, and you, you Harry will have to try exceptionally hard not to let him attach himself to you, don't do the little things Harry. No cooking special meals, no planning nice trips out together, no buying him presents, no 'getting to know him' other than what you need to know to help him and absolutely no time he can interpret as 'bonding'''

''Such as?'' Harry asks weakly knowing he is going to find this almost completely impossible just by his very nature alone.

''Cuddling on the sofa for one or unnecessary extra hugs for another and lets not go there with massages or letting him any where near your bedroom''

''I wouldn't do that'' Harry huffs

''No? not if he came to you in the night, had a bad dream about his abduction, just wants to feel safe?''

''Oh well, that's nothi..I mean it's not''

''It isn't nothing Harry, to an Omega it can be considered bonding and he will attach himself to you, and well you really do not need me to explain about the birds and the bee's, lets just both agree that 'safe warm snuggling'  in the case of Alpha and Omega very often leads into something more.

Harry gulps

''Let Marcel spend a little more time with him'' Zayn continues ''He is reasonable and balanced, he will provide Louis with a little direction and a little affection but will smother him with neither''

''I don't smother'' Harry folds his arms indignantly

''Yes you do Harry and so does Edward except they are entirely different types of smothering''

''Oh alright, I'll do my best'' Harry crumbles under his beta friends blatant honesty

''I know you will and I know Edward will but somewhere deep down I still feel like this is going to be a disaster, still, we can but try eh?'' and with that the Beta stands to his feet ''If you'll please excuse me Harry I have three more classes but it was lovely to see you and we must all of us catch up soon, go for a drink next week or something'' by all of us Harry imagines it'll be the triplets, Liam and Zayn himself.

''Of course'' Harry nods enthusiastically before rising from his chair to leave.


After domestics Louis doesn't have any other classes seeing as he only handed in his forms that morning and they have not had chance to process them yet and sort out the rest of his schedule so the two of them head back to Harry's car. Harry feels a little lost after his conversation with Zayn, he's not entirely sure how to act around the Omega

''Did you enjoys domestics Louis? what did you think of Alf?'' he decides that it can't hurt to make topical conversation, I mean, that's just polite right?

''Louis is making cake like Maura''

''Oh you made cake?'' Harry is a bit surprised because he would have thought his first session would be more of an induction

''Not now silly'' and the Omega chuckles making Harry grin too, even if he's not sure what he is laughing at, Louis smile is just so bright ''Louis is making in the many classes and Jumper and Louis will be using the soap and many stuffs what Alf says''  Harry takes it to mean Louis will be learning how to make clothes and do cleaning among the cooking and various other domestic chores, however it is not entirely clear from the Omega's almost unfathomable babble, he is just glad Edward isn't around to criticize.

''That sounds like you'll be busy'' Louis nods still smiling beautifully ''And Alf? what do you think of him?''  Harry remembers what Zayn said about reinforcing that Louis isn't with them to stay and what Edward said ( even if he disagrees) about Alf being a suitable match for Louis.

''Alf is funny Alpha'' is all Louis says, and Harry doesn't know what to make of it, funny how? he wouldn't have put Alf down as a comedian... does Louis mean he is strange? he decides that it is just Louis limited vocabulary and that the Omega probably meant a different word that he didn't know or couldn't think of.

It's not much of a drive back to the house and Harry is strangely tired when he and Louis walk back through the door.

''You're late'' Edward points out before Harry even has a chance to take his shoes off

''Well it isn't an exact science is it Eddie, I got talking to Zayn and Louis class over ran, I'm sorry did you do dinner?'' Harry knows full well that Edward certainly has not done dinner.

''No he hasn't I was just going to put  a pizza in tonight Harry if that's okay with you'' Marcel comes down the stairs ''Hi Louis how was your day?''

''Louis is making Cake and Jumper and Harry is getting upset in chat like Edward gets angry but Louis is not shouting today Edward'' an his bright smile returns to his face and looks at the eldest triplet.

''Where is this cake and Jumper then?'' is all Edward says and Harry knows he is deliberately winding the Omega up

''Alf is showing in the many classes''

''Alf will show you in your future classes'' Edward corrects '' Oh well, I thought it was too good to be true that you'd managed to bake a cake and knit a jumper all in an hour'' Louis face falls.

''Edward stop it, you knew full well what he meant'' Marcel chides his brother '' It sounds like you will definitely be busy Louis, do you want me to drop you off tomorrow? I can come in if you like but I have an appointment at 10.30, I will be back to pick you up though I promise'' 

''Marcel isn't wanting to come with Louis'' Louis frowns ''It isn't that Louis but you have been to your group chat a couple of times now and I'm not sure you've benefited from either of my brothers being there and to be honest I'm not sure I will be much use in domestics I'll probably only get in the way''

''What about Louis other ones''

''Your new classes?'' Louis nods '' Well Cathy emailed me your schedule for tomorrow and you have reading after lunch so I could pop down a bit early and come into that with you if you like? and painting after that?''

''Louis would like''

''How come you get out of the stupid chat thing'' Edward asks his brother grumpily

''Because I spoke with Zayn on the telephone today is why'' and Marcel gives both Harry and Edward a pointed look, Harry feels guilty and Edward just looks confused

''Oh.. yes I .. um I spoke with him too at the center like we discussed'' Harry mutters quietly '' don't you think he might be being a bit over the top hmm?'' Harry massages his toe into the carpet not looking at anyone, he realizes Louis has left the room, presumably to use the bathroom. 

''No'' Marcel states plainly '' He is a healthcare professional and we do as he says''

''And that is?'' Edward drawls questionably getting tired of this conversation which means very little to him right now.

'' You need to stop telling Louis what to do and Harry needs to... well Harry needs to probably spend as little time with Louis as possible.... in fact both of you need to spend as little time with Louis as possible, so I think it would be a logical idea if I drop Louis at the center and pick him up each day from now on as much as I feasibly can''

''Fine by me, anything else?'' Edward really is only too pleased to get out of his baby sitting duties

''No, not for you''


''But I.. I like spending time with Lou'' Harry says quietly almost to himself  but he knows both his brothers hear him.

''It'll be for the best Harry you'll see, I'm looking out for you too okay?'' Harry knows that Marcel is but he doesn't feel like Marcel is, he feels hurt, dejected even.

''Okay'' is all he says in the same small quiet voice hearing the bathroom door open, all three of them halt their conversation before the Omega returns to the room.


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Marcel shuts his car door in a hurry, he can't believe how late he is to pick up Louis and he promised he'd go with the Omega to his two new classes and managed to miss both and leave him waiting, Harry is going to be so mad at him if he finds out, and Edward is going to be fuming when he tells him how the meeting with one of the High Council went, jesus everyone is going to be fuming with him and he still doesn't understand why he has six missed calls from Edward and a text saying

'don't be late tonight, someone I want you and Harry to meet' and Marcel IS late and he has bad news, and he isn't at all in any condition to meet someone new but he hasn't even had time to text or call Edward back so it's tough luck.

he flies through the center doors completely out of puff

''Cathy... Louis.. where?'' is all he manages to get out when he can't see Louis in the waiting room

''Oh, Alpha Marcel, please sit down a moment, let me get you a glass of water'' Marcel waves his arm to stop her, desperately trying to catch his breath

''No time Cathy, please, where is Louis?'' The beta clicks her teeth disgruntled.

''he's in that room over there with Alf, he got a bit upset when you didn't come to meet him, and then he had a bit of an anxiety attack when you weren't here to pick him up so Alf took him to get some tea and biscuits''

''Oh gosh!'' Marcel's eyes widen, he feels awful, he didn't mean to upset the little fellow after all he's been through '' Is he okay now?''

''Yes, yes.. I think so'' the beta waves it off almost dismissively as she picks up the phone and presses a single button ''Alf, Marcel is here for Louis, can you bring him out?'' 


''You came'' Marcel turns to see a shy looking Louis standing in the entrance way to one of rooms, Alf a sturdy shadow behind him.

''Of course Louis, I said I would come didn't I?''

''You said you would come to Louis new classes too''  Marcel notes the barely broken sentence even if the words are all simple ones that Louis knows.

''I'm sorry Louis, the appointment I told you about, it over ran, and now we are both going to be in the dog house and Edward has someone he wants us to meet''

''Louis meet?'' Louis looks confused and Marcel come to think of it doesn't remember Edward mentioning Louis in the text, just him and Harry, but Louis is staying there so whoever it is will be meeting him by default so he nods at the Omega who continues to look bewildered.

thanks for everything Alf I'd love to catch up but I really have got to dash'' Marcel acknowledges the other Alpha briefly as he ushers Louis out of the building.

The two of them don't speak on the ride home, Marcel is too busy thinking about how his meeting went and how to tell Edward about it all and he suspects Louis is probably still sulky because he was late to pick him up, which he is sorry about but it really is the least of his worries and on top of all else, lord knows who this person is Edward wants him and Harry to meet.


''Can anyone in this house be on time? '' Edward Snarls when Marcel and Louis enter

''Edward look, I'm sorry but I've got to te..'' but Marcel is cut off before he can finish

''Louis, are you okay?'' it's Harry and he's carrying a heavenly tray of muffins '' You look like you have been crying, here have a muffin'' he holds the tray out to Louis swiping Edwards hand out of the way as the oldest Alpha reaches to grab one for himself

''not you, I made them for Lo..'' Harry stops himself a moment ''I made them for our guest and I thought Louis might like one'' Marcel notes the way Harry spits the word guest at his brother and knows there is something he is missing, even in the angry way he shoved Edwards hand away from the food, something isn't right''

''Louis can have?'' Louis questions ''Louis has biscuits''

''Yes'' Harry says at the same time as Edward says 'no'

''he shouldn't be having cakes if he has had biscuits, and it's 'had' Louis not 'has', past tense you 'had' biscuits see? now, you don't want too much sugary food, it'll make your teeth rot and you'll get fat''

''Louis is fat?'' Louis looks down at himself

''Nonsense'' Harry says sharply making them all look at him ''Nonsense, Edward is speaking a lot of nonsense today, have a muffin Louis'' and with that Harry practically throws the muffin at Louis glaring at Edward.

Louis looks shocked but he eats the muffin happily

''Is.. um.. is everything alright with you two?'' Marcel momentarily forgets his urgency to relay the events of the afternoon, rarely seeing his two brothers at such odds.

''Well it might have been if Edward had given me more notice that I would have to spend the whole day cooking for his new friend''

''I said we could eat out'' Edward looks unruffled by Harry's temper as he smooths his hands over what Marcel suddenly realizes is one of Edwards favorite evening shirts

''And what about Louis?'' Harry hisses

'' I told you, we could take him''

''No.we.absolutely.cannot'' Harry is staring at Edward open mouthed

''Why not?''

''Because we can't take Louis on a date Edward,surely even you are not that much of an asshole!'' Harry looks around to make sure Louis isn't listening, but the Omega has disappeared from the room and he can hear the tap running in the kitchen, maybe the muffin has made him thirsty, Harry does hope they aren't too dry, maybe he'll give them to Edward after all.

''I don't see the problem, it's not even a date, Gretchen is just coming over to meet you and Marcel, and Louis is just... well whatever Louis is... which certainly isn't the next pack Luna, anyway I still don't see why he couldn't be left here with some cheese and biscuits or something, you're not supposed to be doting on him remember>''

''What is Luna?'' Louis reappears from the kitchen with a glass of water in his small hand

''What you are not'' Edward answers the clueless Omega

''When is person coming?'' Louis asks as his next question, obviously deciding not to press the matter on understanding what a 'Luna' is ''Marcel says you is wanting us to meet person''

''She should be here any minute, and Harry has made you a perfectly nice plate of food which you are to eat in your room once you have said a polite 'hello' ''

''Why is Louis having to sit in his room?''

''Trust me it's better that way lou'' Harry folds his arms ''I wish I could sit in there with you''

''You can'' Louis answer is so simple it makes Marcel chuckle

''You are staying out here Harry, stop being so childish, Louis can read a book or something, there are loads around the house''

''Louis can't read'' Harry fumes

''He can look at the pictures then'' Edward is undeterred

''If he can find one with any in, I don't think I kept your first grade books sorry Eddie'' Harry barks back

''is okay Louis has own'' it's only then Marcel realizes Louis has acquired a book bag, he was in such a hurry he never even noticed.

''For Louis reading''

''Good there you are, he has his own book Harry, nothing for you to worry about'' Edward looks smug.


The doorbell rings and Harry never gets chance to throw out another retort at his brother, instead he takes his tray of Muffins back into the kitchen while Edward walks to the door, and Marcel realizes he is going to have to wait until this woman leaves now to tell Edward and Harry about the meeting. Even though Edward hasn't spelled it out exactly, Marcel imagines that this woman is someone Edward regards as a candidate for a perspective mate seeing as Edward wants them to meet her so much and he's had Harry cooking something special and put on one of his most expensive shirts, and he gathers Harry isn't at all happy about this, Jesus when did life get this complicated, he's not even had the chance to consider how he feels about it all.

''Gretchen, so glad you could come, my brothers are very much looking forward to meeting you''  A tall slim lady in a dark blue cocktail dress walks into their living room, her hair is blonde and shines in the light and her lips are full and red, but it is her beautiful emerald eyes that catch Marcel's attention, she certainly is stunning Marcel can't argue with that.

''Glass of wine?'' Marcel stands gesturing for Gretchen to take a seat on one of their large leather couches

''That would be wonderful , please, and you must be?'' the Omega is gracious and sits down delicately

''Marcel, very pleased to make your acquaintance'' with that Marcel leaves the room just as he hears Louis speak, his stomach fills a little with dread.

''Hello I is Louis''

''Oh hello Louis, yes, Edward has told me about you, how are you feeling after your ordeal?''

Louis shrugs and stares at the woman in front of him, she is very pretty and Louis knows he is probably meant to be being polite but he doesn't want her there, he can't explain the feeling, he hates her sitting on the triplets couch where he likes to sit and he hates the fact Marcel and Harry are waiting on her like they do with him , but most of all he hates the way Edward is looking at her, the way Edward is interested in what she says and does when Louis tries Edward only ever seems bored or irritated, so Louis doesn't want to be rude so he says nothing.

''Don't be rude Louis, Gretchen asked you a question'' Edward looks at the Omega, the usual annoyed expression he reserves for Louis.

''Louis isn't being rude, Louis isn't saying nothing'

''Anything, Louis, you aren't saying anything, to say nothing would be a double negative, in any case, you are being very rude''

''I is not!'' Louis voice is getting louder

''Do not raise your voice at me  in this house Omega''

and Louis feels the words hit him like a force, Edward has used his Alpha voice, Louis suddenly can't move or speak, he feels sick and dream like all of a sudden.

''What an earth is going on?'' Harry dashes into the room upon hearing his brother use his Alpha voice, Marcel close behind him.

''Louis is being incredibly rude Harry, I suggest you get his food and he can eat in the other room as we discussed''

''Edward did you use your Alpha voice on Louis?'' Marcel has never heard Harry so angry, especially not in front of company.

''If you mean by telling him not to raise his voice in my own house then yes''

''Come with me Lou'' Harry gently takes Louis hand and guides him from the room, and if looks could kill Marcel fears Edward might actually be dead.


It's longer than expected before Harry returns to the living room, Louis isn't with him which pleases Edward immensely, he is still very much annoyed by the Omega's rudeness.

''Everything okay with the little guy?'' it's Gretchen that asks the question, she sounds like she is just trying to be friendly but Harry doesn't like it, he doesn't like her and he doesn't want to get to like her, he wants her to get away from his home, his nest and his omega... well Louis....who is an Omega, just not his...

''He's fine thank you Gretchen, he's been through an awful lot just lately and I think sometimes new situations are a little overwhelming, in fact I'm sorry our meeting has been so brief but I'm Harry by the way ( as if she hadn't already probably worked that out) and I shall serve up dinner and then I think if it's okay with you we'll all call it a night.''

Harry's statement hangs in the room and the tension could suddenly be cut by a knife.

''I asked Gretchen to come over tonight to meet you and Marcel properly Harry, don't be silly, it's just that stray Omega having one of his tantrums, he'll be fine''

''I said what I said Edward'' Harry looks his brother in the eye ''Or does what I say not matter?''

''Oh goodness boys, please do not argue on my account'' Gretchen gives what Harry thinks is a stupid giggle ''I'd be delighted to sample Harry's cooking and have another glass of that beautiful wine and the we can make it another night, if the little guy is feeling out of sorts, you know I understand you're trying to help him out, lets not be at odds at our first meeting Harry'' and then she does something Harry hates, she reaches her long slender bony fingers out and entwines them in his thick chestnut curls ''How pretty you are'' her last words a flirtatious whisper. Harry looks at the fingers in his hair and then he glances at Edward, Edward does nothing, nothing about the fact this stupid idiot Omega is playing with his hair the way only Edward does. Harry places two strong fingers around the Omega's wrist and removes the bony hand from his hair, then flicks her a casual smile.

''That's great Gretchen, I'll serve up then shall I?''

Marcel is on edge all through dinner, Harry hasn't spoken a word since the incidence with his hair but he notices the looks he is shooting Edward who completely ignores both his brothers, enamored with the female Omega who seems to find everything he says extremely interesting or absolutely hilarious. Marcel doesn't really like it, it's not that he doesn't like Gretchen, she seems accomplished enough and she is certainly attractive, it's just he likes Harry a million times more than he likes Gretchen, Marcel loves Harry with every fiber of his being and he can already tell that Harry does not see Gretchen as a perspective anything let alone luna, and he must admit he prefers the softer tone of the evening even with Louis about, Harry all playful and happy, Edward in his authoritative element, this evening just feels all wrong. no, Marcel isn't at all fussed about Gretchen one bit.


''Well that was rude'' Edward turns on Harry the minute Gretchen is gone, insisting on giving each of them a peck on the cheek goodbye much to Harry's utter annoyance.

''Maybe so Edward but so was speaking to Louis in your Alpha voice, and in any case I don't see the point in leading her on''

''Leading her on? what do you mean leading her on?''

''I'm not interested in her Edward, so I don't see the point in leading her on, I'm sorry what part of that is complicated for you''

''Well I'm interested in her, she's everything we are looking for in a potential Luna, intelligent, witty, compassionate and not to mention extremely good looking''

''Maybe to you Edward, but I don't want to see her again''

''But what about us? I thought we said we would all agree''

''We did say that Edward and I don't agree on Gretchen I'm sorry''

Edward looks dumbfounded ''Marcel?'' he asks almost desperately

''Maybe we'll meet up with a few other Omega's Ed, I didn't feel any particular connection and if Harry doesn't like her at all it's going to be awkward even if you just continue to date her, plenty more fish eh?''

''Well I am going to see Gretchen again, and Harry, you should apologize to her and at least try and get to know her''

''Do not bring that woman into my home again Edward, I will not cook for her, I will not clean for her, I will not make up a guest room for her and I certainly will not apologize for being honest with her, do you understand what I am saying?''

''This is my house too'' Edward growls at Harry

''yes and I can't stop you, but I'm asking you not to, and I am making it clear that I will not 'fuss' over your Omega, you can do that yourself and whilst you are dating her you will not come to my room... if you get my drift'' and there are tears in Harry's eyes.

''Oh Harry'' Marcel pulls his brother in for a hug ''Ed, you won't see her again will you? look how upset it's making him''

''You will do as you are told, both of you I am the official Alpha of this pack because I am the eldest whether you like it or not, and what I say goes, Harry grow up! I have found an excellent Luna and you will learn to like her eventually, you're just upset because I told of that miserable excuse of an Omega off, he's probably forgotten all about it anyway, when I walked past his room an hour ago he was smiling at a picture in his book, he's not even the full shilling''

''Well I like him, I like him more than you at the moment''

''Yes well don't get used to it because he's is also leaving, sooner rather than later if I have my way''

''And that's just it isn't it, you always have to have your 'way' well I mean it Edward Styles, do not touch me while you are seeing that woman and do not expect me to be her slave because it isn't happening''

''Don't be ridiculous, we're bonded and besides you won't be able to help yourself looking after her, you're always running around after everyone including that half wit''

''Excuse me?''

''Excuse what?''

''What does us being bonded have to do with anything? ''

''So we're bonded so we'll have sex again when you have gotten over this mood''

''Edward shut up'' Marcel interjects, getting annoyed at how much his brother is hurting Harry and not even being apologetic about it, and now bringing sex into things like it's a threat

''what? what have I done now?'' Edward asks surprised by Marcel's words

''You would try and force me to come to bed with you? and...that woman too?'' Harry is on his feet now tears streaming down his face ''Just you try it Edward Styles and you see what happens'' Harry leaves the room banging the door shut behind him.

''Jesus Ed, what's the matter with you? that Omega isn't worth upsetting Harry like this and you and I both know that 'Bonding' remark was a low blow, you would never hurt Harry or me''

''There is an obligation for bonded mates to be intimate or our bond will fade and Harry could get ill or we would require a separation, I'm sure once he's over this drama he'll see sense''

''Just drop the Omega Ed, seriously'' Marcel isn't going to discuss this any further with his pig headed brother, he trusts he will eventually do the right thing, and apologize to Harry, maybe to Louis too. ''I need to tell you something anyway''


''The Elders what to talk about Louis and his position in the Pack, they have heard he's staying with us''

''Good God'' Edward briefly closes his eyes ''Anything else?''

''Yeah, some other pack from up North want to 'trade' with us''

''Can this day get any worse'' Edward mutters to himself, they both know that by 'Trade' it means if negotiations don't go how the other pack want it could mean war. It certainly has not been the best of days, at least that is something Marcel can agree with his brother on.


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Chapter Text



The atmosphere between his two brothers isn't any better when Marcel gets up for breakfast the following day, Louis and Harry seated at one end of the table with big plates of bacon, waffles and maple syrup while Edward sits at the other end spooning a bowl of soggy weetabix and pretending not to care ( Marcel knows he does though, he can feel his triplet fuming). 

''Morning'' he tries to be cheerful about the fact,earning a grunt from Edward and a smile from Harry.

''Morning Marce, would you like waffles? I made plenty and there is freshly squeezed orange juice as well'' Harry immediately gets up from his seat seemingly only too happy to dish Marcel up some of whatever he's cooked, Marcel manages a light nod trying hard not to look in Edwards direction, feeling a bit like a traitor when Harry puts an overflowing plate in front of him and at least a pint of fresh juice.

''Are you trying to make our brother sick Harry?'' and there it is, the moment Marcel has been waiting for, one of his brothers to break the silence, unfortunately it's normally Harry and Harry is definitely better with the ice breakers

''I'm sorry Edward but why would you think that?'' Harry is still not paying much attention to Edward

''because you have given him enough food to feed all the Alpha's in the pack, not to mention the acidity in the Orange juice washing down all that sweet sticky stuff you've put all over perfectly good waffles'' Edward is smirking now, clearly enjoying trying to get under Harry's skin, it doesn't work one bit.

''If it's so horrible then it's just as well that you haven't got any isn't it? enjoy your cereal Eddie, Marcy can leave what he doesn't want, he's a big enough boy to figure out how much food he can eat without making himself sick''

''Then it'll get wasted'' everyone knows how Edward despises waste.

''Good'' is all Harry retorts

''Louis is thinking it is very nice thank you'' The Omega speaks for the first time since Marcel entered the room and grins broadly at Harry as though Harry is all of the stars and the entire Moon, Marcel knows that this isn't what should be happening though, and he is supposed to be stopping it somehow..... well according to Zayn, anyway, but he isn't sure how he is supposed to stop Harry fussing over the Omega in his own home especially not with Harry on the warpath, the only thing worse than Harry on the Warpath is Edward on the Warpath, and seeing as both of them are and it is directed at each other Marcel feels like all of the best placed intentions surrounding Louis stay are about to plummet South with the unwitting Omega an accidental Pawn in the middle. 

'Well Nobody asked you did they?'' Edward snaps ''Besides you think everything is 'nice' and what a limited vocabulary at that. ''

''except you isn't'' the Omega squints at Edward furiously across the table causing Harry to laugh out loud

''There you go Edward, seems Louis is 'picky' after all and may I commend his recent choices''

Marcel selfishly wishes Harry would reign it in a bit, Edward's going to blow his top if this continues and he's never seen Edward this angry with Harry, their opposite personalities somehow usually 'mesh' incredibly successfully with Marcel as the Anchor that keeps them all grounded, and now everything seems to be getting out of control ever since Louis turned up and Edward has taken to this new female Omega.

Edward stands sharply his hands splayed on the table corners and he looks thunderous, nobody moves for a second 

''What are you doing Edward?'' Harry looks at his brother now, properly, stares at his hands clenching the table then back up at his brothers red face, two sets of identical green eyes boring into each other, Marcel feels genuine panic, his brothers have never fought like this, ever, as the youngest triplet he's always looked up to them, the way they complete each other so uniquely, when Edward lost his toys Harry would find them, when Harry's toys got broken Edward would fix them, when Edward got in a fight Harry would patch up his wounds, when Harry got in a fight Edward would beat the living daylights out of whoever dared touch his perfect Harry. It was just the way it had always been, until now.

It feels like longer than a few seconds, silent communication between the two of them that even Marcel doesn't understand, but finally Edward releases his hands from the edge of the table and stops clenching them, it's a rare submissive gesture but he is still outrageously mad. 

''I'm leaving Harry, I have to go and speak with the elders on something me and Marcel were discussing last night after your little tantrum, I'm sure he'll fill you in'' Edward makes to get his jacket that is exactly where he left it last night not on the hook where Harry normally puts it.

Edward pauses before he leaves the room ''By the way, I have invited Gretchen over again this evening, so if we could all use our manners this time I would be grateful'' Edward doesn't wait for a response, he just leaves without seeing the look of absolute horror and betrayal on Harry's face, but Marcel doesn't miss it and he knows this is really really bad.


''Louis'' Harry addresses the Omega reeling himself in from Edwards departure

''Yes?'' Louis reply is eager and unassuming, Marcel feels a sense of dread, like he knows what is about to happen, and there is nothing he can do to stop the events from unfolding

''How about we forget all about the boring old center today? how about we go out and have some fun, we can go shopping or the cinema, and then...and then..''Harry starts getting excited '' I'll take you to one of my favorite restaurants and we'll eat everything we can manage Mmm my treat''

''Harry no, you aren't allowed to do this remember'' Marcel tries he really does, even if he knows it's fruitless

''Oh stop it Marcy, one day out won't hurt anybody, besides Louis deserves it after how rude Edward was yesterday, and we're only going out having a bit of fun, there is nothing wrong with having fun is there? or are you turning into Edward?  in fact why don't you come too? come on! it's only the same as going out with Zayn or Liam'' Harry is relentless now he's set his mind on his 'Day Trip' ''Besides I don't want to be here when that wretched woman is here, and Louis better off out the way too''

''Urgh!'' Marcel can't believe he's backing down this easily, but what can he say? he doesn't own Harry, if Harry wants to go out for the day with Louis then it's really up to them, and not Edward or him or Zayn for that matter ''Fine, but I'd better stay here otherwise it'll just make everything worse''

''Suit yourself'' Harry shrugs, but he looks a bit put out '' You like this Gretchen woman too then?''

''Not particularly, I already said that she is nothing to me either way, but he's not going to like the fact you snubbed his night and I just think it'd be better if I stay and smooth it all over before you get back, please Harry, it's for the best'' Harry thinks he's bothered about Gretchen?? Marcel is only bothered about Harry.... well...and Edward... but Edward's difficult lets face it.

''What is cine ma? will Louis like?'' Louis snaps them out of their hushed debate

''You get to watch films on the big screen and eat yummy snacks''

''What is films?''

''You know like on the TV that me Marcel and Edward watch''

''The Moving pictures? Niall and Maura not have a box with moving pictures like triplets''

''Well, yes it's like that Louis but bigger and the moving pictures tell a story, trust me you'll love it'' Marcel thinks his brother is the more excited of the two as Louis just looks suspiciously over at their TV as though the 'moving pictures' might actually jump right out of it. Still it can't hurt can it? no harm in Louis and Harry going out and having a nice together day just like friends. Marcel just wishes he could truly convince himself that's all, but he is broken from his thoughts by Harry offering him a cup of tea and asking what Edward meant about the Council.



It's about half past six when Edward finally gets in through the door, he is expecting Gretchen at around half seven, depending on Harry's mood and the fact he can't smell any cooking he thinks it might be better if they go out or get takeaway.

''How'd it go?'' Marcel greets him at the door, he seems anxious, perhaps it's nerves before meeting Gretchen again, despite Marcel's feigned indifference he is sure it is only for Harry's sake.

''Oh, the usual, they want to begin Trade talks with that Northern lot, and of course they want to meet Louis now as well, I've told them it's just Harry being Harry and fussing over a stray but they seem to think we are hiding something, so he'll have to come to the next meeting with us and then at least they will see that he really is just a pitiful uneducated thing and drop the subject. Speaking of  which where is he? and for that matter Harry? I take it he's still in a mood.

''They've gone out Edward''

''Who?'' Edward clearly isn't grasping the situation as he bends down to pick up his laptop from the coffee table ''Might have to be a takeaway''

''I wouldn't worry too much Ed, as I say, Harry and Louis have gone out''

''Typical, nobody in this household is any good at time keeping, when will they be back? we'll just have to order for them'' Marcel doesn't want to point out that actually Edward never told them what time Gretchen was coming, it's pedantic and not important on this occasion.

''They won't be back for dinner Ed, I believe they were making a day of it, cinema, shopping and a meal, you know that sort of thing'' Marcel tries to rush the words out, as if, if he says it quick enough it'll be like ripping a plaster from a wound.It doesn't work.

''A date? please tell me that Harry has not taken that half wit on a date''

''No, not a date, just like friends you know? like when we see Liam... or Zayn ... or um anybody who is a friend.. definitely not a date though'' Harry had a more convincing way of putting this argument.

''Zayn said he's not meant to be doing any of that stuff, and besides he's going to look even more rude in front of Gretchen now'' Edward isn't pleased at all

''Well what was I supposed to do?'' Marcel feels his patience ebbing, he loves his brothers, he really does but it's not his job to play referee between them constantly.

''You should of called me and I would of sorted it''

''Sorted it how? like you sorted it this morning? Harry told you he isn't interested in her and yet you go and invite her over again anyway the very next night, what did you expect was going to happen? you're lucky he just went out with Louis''

''What do you mean 'I'm Lucky' what else could he possibly do? this is exactly the sort of childish reaction I should of expected, I find a perfectly good Omega with excellent credentials so he decides to pick the worst Omega he can possibly find and take them on a date behind my back, just to show he can do what he wants''

''It's not a date'' Marcel repeats trying hard to keep cool. ''and he can do what he wants, he can also leave you Edward if that's what he wants''

''Leave me?'' Edward sounds incredulous as though Marcel just told him that pigs do indeed fly and he just saw one a moment ago ''Harry isn't leaving me, he's just being a drama queen, throwing his toys out of the pram and I'm not falling for it, let him have his trip out with Louis and get it out of his system, besides it won't hurt the Omega to get a greater sense of worldliness for his proper Alpha when the time comes, leave them to it, us three adults will enjoy our evening, I'll take us to the seafood restaurant on 'Crescent Street'''

''But that's Harry's favorite restaurant'' Marcel panics 


''Well.. what if that's where he's taken Louis, he said he was taking him to eat at his favorite restaurant''

''Well there we are then''

''What do you mean 'well there we are then?'''

''Well I mean IF they are there when we happen to be there, then we can all have dinner after all''



''You tricked me''

''No I did not, Its not my fault Harry's favorite restaurant happens to be mine''

''Yours is the streak joint at Tiffins Creek and we all know it''

''Well I've changed my mind haven't I ? now it's the seafood restaurant on 'Crescent street' go and get ready Gretchen will be hear any second''



Marcel has a feeling this whole situation is about to go from bad to worse.

Chapter Text



Harry is happier than he has felt all week sitting in his favorite restaurant with Louis, he took the Omega shopping and then they went to the cinema which amazed Louis to see such a big moving box, Harry even thinks he enjoyed the movie, although it's hard to enjoy 'the Titanic' fully if you ask Harry because he himself always ends up blubbering through at least the last half hour if not hour! of the film, still it's a good film and he wanted to pick something that Louis would hopefully be engaged by, just because his communication skills are that of a small child, it does not mean that his mental capacity is such given the right Environment and stimulation.

''What is for Louis?'' Louis is staring at his menu, but obviously he is probably extremely limited on what he can read, Harry takes the menu gently from him

''This is a seafood restaurant Louis, do you like fish?''

''Louis likes'' Louis nods his head enthusiastically

''Okay.. well if you like prawns there is a really go...''

''Just order him fish fingers and chips from the children's menu and be done with'' Harry is cut off by an identical voice to his own, his head whips up

''Edward!?'' Harry almost smiles thinking the triplet has come alone, come to find him, Harry. Then he notices a second identical face and an extravagantly dressed Omega trotting behind him and his heart drops ''What are you doing here?''

'' Having dinner, mind if we join you?'' Harry has a good mind to say that yes, yes he does, but that is incredibly rude to Gretchen, he may not like her and he definitely has no intention of 'mating' her but she's done nothing to deserve blunt rudeness even if Edward has.

''It's a free country Eddie, but don't think I will change my mind about anything''

The three of them seat themselves around the table, Harry now wishes that he'd picked a table for two, ironically he thought that it seemed a bit 'too' date like and didn't want to dishonor his brothers in such a way or give Louis confusing signals, so he'd opted for a large bench like table in the corner next to the window saying it was his favorite spot.

''Lovely to see you again Harry, I hear you have taken this little fellow out for a treat'' Gretchen, who is seated between Louis and Edward reaches over and ruffles Louis Hair.

''No Thanks'' Louis says and Gretchen frowns at him looking bewildered

''I don't think he liked you touching his hair'' Harry tells her hotly

''Oh'' she chuckles ''I'm sorry little one'' Louis stays silent

''Have you chosen Gretchen? because if not I would highly recommend the Lobster'' Edward decides not to address the Omega's attitude after last night epic fail.

''Harry says prawns is nice'' Louis says brightly to the group ''Louis is not trying Prawns, Louis is only having Trout''

''Unusual choice Louis, I don't think there is any Trout on the menu'' Marcel runs his eyes doubtfully over the colorful laminated paper 

''Of course they don't! don't be ridiculous'' Edward snorts '' What kind of people eat Trout out of choice, Louis you can have fish fingers, you'll like them''

''What about the Lob..lob..lobster and prawns?''

''They're too expensive to waste, and in any case I thought you only wanted Trout''

''No before, Louis is only having Trout before now'' Louis tries hard to explain himself ''Louis is having prawns and lobster isn't he? because you say is nice and Louis likes nice things like Gretchen does'' he looks at Harry for confirmation

''Of course, you can have whatever you want, I promised, don't listen to Edward, I will be paying for ours Louis''

''It's a joint card'' Marcel points out

''I have my own card'' Harry says nonchalantly

''Yes but that's for your own personal luxuries, not for things like food Harry'' Edward dismisses him

''Well I'm using it to buy Louis luxuries now aren't I? I wouldn't dream of using any of your money for that Edward''

''Our money'' Marcel corrects

''Yes, and Edward is one of 'us' ''

''Oh Edward let the poor little thing try it, I bet he'll never have the money for lobster in a fancy place like this when he finds his Alpha and moves out'' Gretchen simpers

''Well obviously he can try it, it seems like Harry is insisting as much, I only hope it isn't all wasted, now, does anyone have a preference on the wine? or shall I order for us?''

''Oh anything will do for me Ed'' Marcel answers as the others shrug not seeming to have a particular preference, Harry knows Edward knows his favorite wines anyway, and Gretchen seems only too happy to have Edward pandering to her and choosing her wines.

''Good, and I'll order a coke for Louis''

''Louis is having wine like Gretchen'' Louis says

'' Not a good idea'' Edward argues

''Why not, she is having'' and he jabs his thumb at Gretchen ''Why not Louis, Louis is grown Omega too, Louis likes nice things he is not refuse''

''Why is he saying he isn't refuse?'' Gretchen looks puzzled

''Just let him have the wine for goodness sake Edward! just make sure you ask for a jug of water'' Marcel can feel a headache coming on

''And Louis is not having a Alpha, so Louis is not leaving soon'' Louis says stubbornly to Gretchen

''Nobody said you have to leave soon Louis, You're a guest and I for one love having you around, today has been the best day I've had for ages, do you like your new clothes?''

''He is leaving soon, and he says odd things, just ignore it'' Edward looks apologetically at Gretchen '' And Harry, you are not supposed to be buying him gifts remember''

''I'll do as I please Edward'' Harry sasses, and for a moment he thinks he see's a flicker of desire in Edwards eyes but it's gone as quick as he thought it might have arrived, and Edwards attention is on the waitress''

''Are you all ready to order?''

''Yes'' says Marcel decisively before anyone else can argue, quickly listing off everybody's food choices including Louis prawn starter and lobster main ''Now the wines if you would Edward?'' he smoothly passes the ordering over to Edward who asks for an impressive and expensive list of wines, and much to everybody's surprise 5 glasses, but he does also order two jugs of water.


The food runs fairly smoothly, nobody speaks too much as they are all concentrated on their food especially Louis who doesn't leave one bit of his, even Edward looks a little impressed at the empty plates, especially as Harry notes Gretchen left half of her main claiming 'she couldn't possibly fit any more in the portions were so large', they were in fact normal sized portions.


''So Louis, how way your day out with Harry, did you enjoy it'' Harry really wishes Gretchen would stop directing conversation at Louis and including him in it, maybe she senses that Harry is not at all interested in her, and that could be a potential problem for her with his brothers.

''The lady on the wood should share and shopping is nice, Harry is getting Louis lots and lots and lots'' Louis gestures to the bags under the table

''The lady on the wood?'' Gretchen questions

''We saw titanic'' Harry says politely

''Quite right, stupid part of  that film, it would of made much more sense for them to have shared, especially because Men lose body heat quicker than women, rather selfish if you ask me'' Edward sips on his wine

''Jack's  romantic'' Harry says dreamily '' It's just a film Eddie stop taking everything so seriously''

''Why did you take him to see an old film?, I though you liked him'' Edward asks

''Because it's a classic and they show old classics in the afternoon, I thought Louis would like it, he's never been to the cinema before so he wouldn't know anything about the 'latest' films and I wanted to make sure it was going to be a good one which I can't guarantee with a film I haven't even seen myself, and you never watch those sort of films with me anymore'' Harry puts his hand over his mouth realizing he's 'opened' himself up a little too much considering there is a virtual stranger sitting at the table, and he definitely doesn't mean Louis.

''I..I '' Edward stalls for a moment ''Well...I.. well they're over the top''

''I like films like that Harry'' Gretchen leans over to him, quite rudely across Louis ''Maybe we could go together one of the afternoon's''

''Oh no thank you Gretchen, I don't mean to be rude, I know my brother has orchestrated a couple of dates with you, and I'm not sure what he has told you regarding Marcel and I, but I am not looking to come along on any more of these social events together if you catch my drift'' Harry doesn't want to assume Gretchen is interested in him, maybe she is being polite for Edward, but he certainly thinks it would be a big mistake to accept an invitation to the cinema together. 

''But you took this little guy?'' she gestures to Louis

''Louis is a friend'' Harry says plainly and Gretchen pouts as Louis face lights up

''And we are not?''

''No Gretchen we are not, maybe we could be friends in time if you are still dating my brother, we would have to see, but currently I do not know you and you do not know me and I have no particular inclination to force a friendship here''

''Harry, I'm warning you'' Edward growls at his brother

''Are you Edward? warning me? what are you warning me with then?'' Harry has had quite about enough of this charade, he can't stop Edward from dating this women if he has his heart so firmly set on it, but he sure as hell can't force a friendship or a relationship onto Harry, those are things that Harry will only choose for himself.

''No..No Edward, he's made it quite clear, I didn't realize that your brother was so hostile towards me, I just thought he was agitated because of the stray Omegas panic attack, I thought he was being kind, but now I see that his affections actually lie else where''

'Where?' Edward isn't catching up to what Gretchen is getting at

''With Louis of course'' Everybody looks at Louis and Harry who look at each other ''He obviously has affections for this Omega, look at all the presents he's bought him and this expensive meal, the cinema? the way he is always pandering to him, you're a fool if you can't see it Edward''

''Harry's a very generous person, he's always buying people things and treating them to this or that''

''Well I haven't seen that side of him, but it appears another Omega has, so I would be inclined to stay with my original idea that Harry has feelings for the stray''


''Harry?'' Edward looks at Harry ''Tell Gretchen she is mistaken and you have no 'feelings' towards this pitiful Omega''

Harry looks down at his napkin

''I don't want to talk about this now, in front of strangers''

''Gretchen isn't a stranger''

''What if I did, what would it matter? as it stands Louis and I are friends, he has been through a tough time  and he deserves a few treats and some kindness, lord knows he certainly gets none from anywhere else, especially from you, but if I did have feelings for Louis what business is it of yours? you have made it quite clear that you and I are finished.'' Harry stands up and digs his hand into his pocket pulling out a wad of cash and throwing it down on the table ''I went to the cash point earlier today, that should cover ours, come on Louis, we're going to check into that fancy hotel you pointed out in the middle of town''

''Really?'' the Omega looks utterly delighted

''Absolutely not, you're not taking that ridiculous excuse of an Omega to a hotel'' Edward is practically all but stamping his feet ''No way, Harry I mean it. I forbid it''

''Shut up Edward, you're behaving like a little boy again, and right in front of your Omega too in a restaurant full of people '' Harry tuts '' I shall return home for my things an we shall discuss other matters such as work and finances once you have calmed down''

''Harry?'' Marcel's small voice makes the middle triplet falter

''I'm sorry Marcy, I am, I can't live like this but you need to make your own choices and of course you will always have me as long as you want to, but It shall be separate from Edward''

''Harry stop it now'' Edward snarls but Harry doesn't look back at them again as he ushers Louis from the building and hails for a cab, Harry is feeling like his world has just come to an abrupt end, like his heart has been shattered into a million pieces but he is still holding it in as he pays the cab driver and leaves a tip, and as he checks in and smiles at the receptionist and at the man that carries their bags.... he holds it all in.....



It is much later when he and Louis lie there holding each other in the big single bed that Harry cries all night ..... and Louis cries a little too.



A/N They have titanic in this alternative reality too. I made myself sad in this chapter, so I'm sorry if I made anyone else sad too! probably just me.







Chapter Text


Harry is mildly surprised to find that he wakes up to Edward calling him, he knows he shouldn't be really, he and Edward have been together since the day they were born, wouldn't it be more weird if Edward didn't call him? he supposes so, but then Edward is stubborn and he had expected his brother to brood in silence. For a moment he glances at Louis lying peacefully asleep on the bed, and he is oddly contented in comparison to his restless miserable night, he considers not answering, but in the end he can't bear the ringing a second more.

''Edward?'' he greets his triplet, uncertain of where this conversation will lead.

''Harry where is my grey suit?''

''Good Morning to you too Edward, which grey suit?''

''The one that goes with my purple tie, in fact where is my purple tie?''

''They're both in the washing basket Edward where you left them''

There is a long pause, probably while Edward deliberates the fact that Harry normally washes all his clothes for him and that they don't just appear clean and back in his wardrobes by magic.

''Oh'' is all Edward responds with in the end, and then ''Harry when are you coming home, this is getting ridiculous'' there it is, denial.

''I'm only coming home to collect my things, and I don't have an exact time, rest assured I will be at the council meeting on Friday, I will not neglect my duties as a Pack Alpha''

''This is selfish, asking me to choose between you and Gretchen'' Harry can't believe his ears, the nerve of it! him the selfish one? ''We all agreed we could have our own Omega's''

''Yes, we did, but we also agreed that we wouldn't let anyone come in between us''

''What about Louis? you're always letting him come between us, you didn't listen when I said I didn't want him living with us! and last night you took him to a hotel without your mates''

''Louis and I are just friends and I don't need to justify wanting to help out a traumatized Omega, it's hardly in the same 'ballpark' as Gretchen''

''Fine, so Gretchen was wrong about you having feelings for him then?''

''Does it matter Edward?'' Harry doesn't want this conversation, it's pointless.

''Of course it  damn well matters!''

''No it doesn't, even if I have grown fond of Louis, I know it wouldn't be right to take advantage of the situation, he is vulnerable, and it would also be wrong to expect Louis to undertake the duties of a Pack Luna when the poor thing can hardly read or write, so  you see? it really doesn't matter how I feel, Louis needs an Alpha that can be there for him and patiently guide him, teach him and make him feel valued, not a busy Pack Leader who needs him to run before he can walk.''

''So that's it? you're throwing the towel in on us? after everything, you want a separation from me?''Edward sounds hurt and it physically hurts Harry.

''Edward, it won't work with me and Gretchen, I don't have any inclination towards her, and I don't think I could sit and watch you with another person who I am not myself involved with, so I'm sorry, maybe it is a little bit selfish but I'm not prepared to be unhappy in my own home''

''Harry I..'' but Harry doesn't get chance to hear whatever Edward is about to tell him because there is a knock on the door. ''Someone is at the door I have to go'' Harry hangs up on his brother, surprised that somebody is knocking on the door at only 8.30, maybe it's housekeeping.

''Hello, is everything alright?'' Harry is even more shocked to see three Alpha men standing outside his door, he doesn't recognize them from their own pack ''Mr Styles?''

Harry nods

''Which one?'' a Alpha slightly shorter than Harry barks at him tersely,  Harry is getting annoyed with their tone

''I'm Harry, can I help you at all?''

''Are you alone?'' the same Alpha asks again and Harry begins to feel uncomfortable, he doesn't want them to know Louis is with him all of a sudden


''Harry who is being there?'' he closes his eyes at the sound of Louis high pitched voice

''Liar'' another of the Alpha's says smugly and the three Alpha's wrestle past Harry into the room

''It's an Omega'' the third and shortest of the Alpha's says

''Didn't think the Styles had an Omega''

''Maybe it's just a shag''

''Excuse me?'' Harry says, beginning to see red ''Can I please ask what your business here is? barging into my hotel room and insulting friend, it's out of order''

''We've come to take you as leverage, I assume you have been informed that we intend to 'do trade' with your Pack? well we intend to get exactly what we want, and what better way than taking something of value'' 

''Get out before I kill you'' Harry feels himself in the beginnings of turning, he wants to rip their throats out

'' Even you can't take out three Alpha's at once'' the taller Alpha smirks

''What shall we do with the Omega?'' one of the others says

''Take him, he's a pretty little thing isn't he? wonder how much they value their Omega's here'' one of the Alpha's reaches and pulls Louis off the bed, large hand reaching round to grope his bum, Louis looks petrified and he protests defiantly as he tries to push the Alpha off him ''perhaps they will let us keep him as part of the deal''

''Get. your. hands. off. the. Omega. Now'' Harry's low growl is menacing, Louis has never seen Harry angry before but there is no mistaking the fact Harry is an Alpha now, eyes flashing and snarls that give way to huge flashing fangs as he begins to morph

''And why should I do that?''

''Because if you do I will come with you without a fight''

''Harry no, you isn't going with these bad men'' Louis looks close to tears, Harry ignores him and looks to the men

''Like I say, you are coming with us anyway, you can't defeat three of us'' the Alpha holding Louis scoffs

''I can guarantee, even if I can't take out all three of you, I will kill at least one of you if you don't leave the Omega alone, which of you want to risk your life for an Omega? ''

''Leave the Omega, it's not worth it, let him tell the others what's happened'' the Alpha that is the tallest and broadest and seems to be in charge orders, the other Alpha lets Louis go but not without looking him up and down.

Harry stops morphing and returns to his usual look

''Let me say goodbye to the Omega'' he commands as the men move in on him, they step back, Harry pulls a now crying Louis into a hug

''What if bad men hurt Harry?''

''Shh, shhh Lou, it'll be okay I promise, they're not going to hurt me, they are just going to make some demands of Edward and Marcel okay? my brothers will sort this out, all you have to do is ask the lady at the reception to call you a taxi to take you to the Styles residence, my brothers will get the bill and tell them what's happened'' with that Harry turns to the men ''okay I'm ready, but do not touch me, I said I would come with you''

Harry leaves with the men.




Edward is banging around his kitchen in a temper, he can't believe Harry hung up on him and then didn't answer any of his consecutive calls, and he still hasn't come home even if it is just to get clothes, Edward needs to speak to him properly, this whole situation is getting out of hand. 

''Edward, Edward Louis is here NOW... Edward please ... Harry...gone.....LOUIS'' Edward thinks he is going insane when hears the Omega's deranged panicked rambling, but sure enough when he looks out of the window he sees the small crying form rushing up the path''

Marcel who had previously been upstairs somehow flings the door open before Edward can even get to it.

''Louis, what an earth is the matter? calm down, where is Harry?'' Marcel holds both the Omega's hands

''HARRY'S GONE'' the Omega wails, words barely understandable through the tears

''What do you mean Harry's gone?'' Edward is suddenly gripped with panic

''CAR MONEY'' Louis changes topic and points to the taxi, whereby the driver is looking at them all impatiently, Marcel rummages in his pocket and hands the guy a wad of notes that Edward is fairly sure covers more than the fayre, it is then Edward that takes Louis hand and guides him inside, he places his hands on each of the Omega's shoulders.

''Louis are you hurt?'' he asks, genuinely concerned by the distress waves he is emitting

Louis shakes his head

''Then please try to calm down, where is Harry? this is important'' though Edward is normally frustrated by this kind of behavior he stays oddly patient, Louis sobs lessen

''Bad men take Harry like they take Louis, Harry says they won't hurt him but Louis isn't knowing, Harry is saying they want things from Edward and Marcel, Edward and Marcel is giving so that Harry can come back?'' Louis looks at them both hopefully.

''They want things from us?'' Marcel quirks an eyebrow at his brother

''Sounds like that Northern Packs idea of 'trade' is crooked'' Edward growls ''Did Harry have a fight with them Louis? is Harry hurt'' every inch of Edwards body wants to morph and destroy everything in his path to get to Harry, his mate.

''Harry is not fighting so they not take Louis away too, they was touching Louis not nicely where Louis says no, and Harry got scary like Edward does'' 

''They did what?'' Marcel looks disgusted, of course Harry would never allow those men to touch an Omega inappropriately, he turns round when he hears very loud repeated snarling and growling to see his brothers wolf.

''Edward please try to calm down''

Edwards wolf is having none of it and an hour later they have no kitchen left and the sofa is ripped up, finally it is Louis that snaps Edward out of his primal rage, the Omega's small mousy Brown wolf appearing in front of the large raging black one whimpering softly and bowing his head, the black wolf stares for a moment before it's shoulders droop and he throws back his head and gives a gigantic heartbroken Howl, he then allows the smaller wolf to nuzzle into him, Marcel's wolf identical to his brothers joins them and they all lie like that until they calm down and change back to their usual forms.

Edward looks around his house

''I'm sorry if I frightened you Louis'' he finally says looking at the small Omega who is wrapped up in a blanket given to him by Marcel after morphing, Marcel has gone to phone Liam, they need to contact this other pack, hell, they need to get Harry back.

''Is ok Edward'' Louis says knowingly ''Edward loves Harry, Louis knows''

and then Edward does something he'd never do in front of an Alpha or a Beta, or possibly another Omega than this funny little one.

Edward rests his head against the back of his now tattered sofa and lets tears fall, his beautiful Harry has been taken, his mate, his brother, his entire universe aside from Marcel, and Edward wasn't with him to protect him and their little guest, because of what? some Omega that he's met about three times.


What has he done.


A/N Whew! angst, some of you were probably wondering how Edward would ever get around to having any kind of 'moment' with Louis, well it only took for Harry to get kidnapped eh!



Chapter Text



An emergency council meeting is held within hours of Harry's abduction, Louis goes with the triplets because in Edwards reasoning he is a witness to the crime and the council wanted to meet him anyway so it kills two birds with one stone, he doesn't however add the fact that he wants to keep the Omega safe and close by when explaining this to Marcel.

Liam has spoken to the Northern Pack, as secretary he already had their details from their initial contact and request for 'trade', they assured him that Harry has not been hurt in any way and that their own Pack Alpha would attend the meeting along with a few other important council members,Liam secretly thinks they might want to bring an army of soldiers with them instead, he's going to have to try very hard to stop Edward ripping somebody's throat out today, and he isn't inclined to try all that hard.


''So this Louis?'' Alphonso one of the elders greets the small Omega who is seated between Marcel and Edward, although he is now fully dressed he still has the blanket round his shoulders from earlier and is sipping hot sweet tea, Edward advises him that this is for 'delayed shock' and that he must absolutely do as he is told. Louis quite likes the rare attention from the normally bad tempered Alpha and he feels even more special knowing he is present at this very important meeting and Gretchen is nowhere to be seen, but he misses Harry terribly.

''I is '' Louis holds out a hand for the man to shake, he has seen this sort of gesture between the Styles triplets and other Alpha's and Beta's when they greet and back 'home' although he never used to shake Niall or Maura's hands ( they used to hug) he has seen Niall shake the odd visitors at his grandma's cottage.

''Very good Omega'' the Older gentleman seems pleased with the gesture and pats Louis hand with some affection ''So you're the stray Omega that has found his way into the home of our Pack Alpha's?''

Louis nods, not really sure where this is going

''Interesting'' is all the man returns with before giving Louis a little wink and with that he goes to greet other members of the Council, all of which acknowledge Louis politely but with what appears to be some intrigue, if Louis is honest he is a little overwhelmed by it all, Edward must sense his distress because he begins to shoo everybody to their seats.

'' Enough of this small talk, can we please get this meeting started, has the Alpha from the other pack arrived?''

''I am here'' Edward turns to see a tall slim Alpha with hair jet black and wild blue eyes, his skin is pale and only serves to accentuate his other features, the man is not sitting and his presence is one that would not easily be dismissed.

Edward growls, this is the man that ordered his brother abduction, he should kill him, he wants to kill him, he feels Liam place a hand on his arm

''What is the meaning of your foul play? we would of happily spoken of Trade with your pack without the need for you to abduct our brother and terrify one of our Omega's''

''Insurance is all, your brother is perfectly safe so long as we get what we want, I don't do 'talks' I take action to get what my pack needs'

''And what exactly does your pack need?'' Elvira, one of the female elders esquires ''This does seem quite drastic''

'' We are short on food supplies for our restaurants, we have not been able to do trade as we have done previously due to harsh weather, we would ask the 'means' to help us get back our feet, I'm not looking for 'handouts' I require a substantial amount of money for improvements'

''How much?'' Edward demands, not that it matters, Harry is worth more than any sum of money, and starting a war with his brother as leverage is the last thing he wants.

''One Million'' the man leans forward placing his splayed hands on the table, noisy chatter suddenly erupts amongst the council.

''that's a lot of money'' Marcel swallows and thinks of the economic damage it could do to their own pack '' Could we negotiate half the sum?'' it's still a lot, but they need to get their mate back.

''No negotiations''

Edward really wants to kill this man, but he has to think of Harry, if he kills this man they will definitely kill Harry.

''We don't have that much'' Edward tries ''we can do half as my brother suggested and I want to see Harry alive and well before you get a penny of it''

''Don't lie to me Edward Styles, everyone knows you are the richest pack for miles'' he leans in ''Pretty for an Alpha isn't he your brother?, I think it's the long hair that does it, why should you have all the fun? I bet he looks good in bed with that blue eyed Omega by your side, do you like to watch them?'' before Edward can stop himself his black wolf is pinning the man to the floor, the only thing stopping him from biting down is the open threat of what will happen to Harry if he does, and it takes every ounce of control for him to break away.

the man looks ruffled for a moment as he slides from under the gigantic wolf and straightens himself out but then he smirks

''So what's it going to be? do we have a deal? all the money or no Harry''

''Fine the money is yours'' Edward refuses to play games with his brothers life ''You, Harry and myself will meet at the old warehouse in town, if you need directions get them from someone that can be bothered to speak to you a minute longer, I will be there at midnight''

''Even the odds a little, two pack Alpha's against one?'' the northern leader speaks in  a mock pitying tone

''Harry is more likely to stop me from killing you than any small army of Alpha's that stand in my way of him, in fact Harry is the only thing stopping me from killing you, now please leave if you have nothing else to say.''

''I do have something else to say''

''and that is?''

''That Omega'' his voice is smug '' he's one of mine''

everyone's heads whip round to look at Louis

''Louis is not'' the Omega begins to protest and panic ''Louis is not knowing anything, Louis pack is lost, Louis has been minding his own busy with Niall and Maura for all the many years''

''So it's Niall and Maura that have been hiding you, thanks for the 'tip' ''

''Louis didn't mean...I .. I you know Niall and Maura?'' he cocks his head slightly in confusion,

''Yes Louis, they are part of our pack, but apparently they didn't tell you''

''Enough of this, show me your tattoo'' Edward is fast losing patience, the man rolls up a sleeve to reveal a tiny triangle which matches the one on Louis ankle, it's true, this is Louis pack.

''I noticed the tattoo when we took Harry, thought I' wait for the right moment to let you know'' the man is loving it '' My name is 'Midas' by the way Louis, I am your Pack leader and you should do your duty and come back with me, come home to your own pack''

''Louis says NO!'' the Omega is getting stressed ''Louis is staying with Edward and Marcel isn't he?'' he looks desperately at the triplets ''Louis is hating your pack, Louis is hating you, you took Harry''

''There you go'' Edward says matter of factually ''He doesn't want to join your depressing bunch of bandits that you call a pack, and funnily enough I have no inclination to encourage him, stay away from the Omega or the deal is off''

''What about your brother?''

'' I swear that he will take more of you than you expect with him to the grave, especially if he sees you anywhere near this Omega, now be happy you are getting your money and leave'' Edward is still unsure of Harry and Louis 'relationship' and it needs to be addressed when Harry comes home, but he is sure his gentle brother will snap for this Omega and it will not be pretty for those involved.

''What about your friends Louis, don't you want to see them again?, I might be less inclined to punish them for hiding you''

''You is punishing Niall and Maura?'' Louis stands up '' Then Louis will come''

''Louis no!'' Marcel blocks him '' This is disgraceful, I don't know why his friends were hiding him but it was obviously for a good reason, now that I have met you I can understand to some degree, you bring this Niall fellow and Maura along as well, they are clearly hostages too, if you do not there will be no money, my Harry would never forgive himself if we traded these peoples safety for his own'' He knows it is true, Harry would rather have an honorable death defending innocent people than be treated as a damsel in distress, or is your obvious spite more important than the financial stability of your pack''

the man shrugs

''We'll see if I don't get what I want in the end, but you can have them for now, see you tonight'' with that the man leaves with a small band of his fellow pack members


Edward does not hang about discussing his or Marcel's  decisions with the rest  of the council, he knows some of them will disapprove with the amount of money exchanging hands but he doesn't care, he just wants Harry back and he needs to get Louis somewhere safe, the days events have been a 'lot' for him to take in, he needs to process what he has been told, that he has a pack and that his friends knew all along and were keeping it from him, Edward has no doubt after meeting 'Midas' that there are good reasons surrounding this, but it will still be confusing for Louis to get his head around, Edward only hopes that this Niall and Maura will be able to explain things properly to him, once they are also safe.


In the end Edward decides that one million pounds to save three people's possible lives and reunite Louis with his friends is by far worth it.


Chapter Text


''Definitely not Louis'' Edward isn't even going to entertain the idea of the small Omega coming with him to get Harry back

''Louis will wait in the car with Marcel''

''Not happening'' The Alpha says adamantly ''You are staying here and Liam is coming over to sit with you''

''Louis is not a child''

''No you are not a child Louis but you still aren't coming with me and Marcel, it's too dangerous, and after the threats from that other Pack's leader we need to take your security seriously''

''You can't stop Louis, you isn't Louis Alpha''

Edward stops for a moment not understanding why those words affect him, I mean, he isn't Louis Alpha that's correct, and he doesn't want to be, so why an earth would that bother him? he shakes it off

''Louis, do you want to stay here in this Pack?''

''yes, you isn't making Louis leave is you?'' the Omega looks scared

''Why an earth would I be concerned about your security if I was going to make you leave, use your brain Louis'' Edward taps his head at this statement desperately trying to 'rub off' some intelligence on the Omega ''The point is, if you choose to stay here in this pack then you follow my rules, I am asking you to stay here for your own safety and to avoid putting any of us in the added position of having to protect you should anything happen''

''Why would you protect Louis when you isn't Louis Alpha'' Edward is getting a headache

''Because, I told you before, you are safe here with my brothers and I, if you are initiated into this Pack then you will be an Omega in my pack, we look after Omega's in this Pack Louis, it's very important to me and don't ask wh''

''Why?'' Louis cuts him off

''That's enough questions now Lou'' Marcel enters the room in dark clothing carrying a gigantic duffel bag, he looks in Edwards opinion like he could rob a bank ''Edward is right on this occasion, not coming with us is for everyone's safety and protection''

''But you is definitely bringing Harry, Niall and Maura back?'' Louis still seems unsure

''for the hundredth time, yes'' Edward snaps, there is a knock at the door ''Right, that's Liam, are you ready Marce?'' Marcel nods

''Come on then, lets get this done with''

Louis hears the brother's bickering as the walk out into the porch

''I still don't see why I have to wait in the car''


''Because of what''

''I say so''

the voices gradually die out and Louis can't help but chuckle to himself before he hears another familiar voice

''You alright there bud? what you say we get take away tonight my treat'' The Omega turns to grin at Liam, he's really quite fond of this Alpha too, just not as fond as he has grown of the triplets.


It seems like an awfully long time before Louis hears three identical voices on the driveway outside, followed by two other voices that he recognizes well and he literally hurls himself from the couch where he, Liam ( and now Zayn who had later joined them from work) had been lounging on the couch eating fish and chips and dashes to the door throwing it open with lightening speed. 

''Harryyyyyy'' he screams and throws himself at the long haired triplet ''Harry is alive, they didn't killed you'' Louis says it as a statement not a question sobbing and still hugging the triplet as hard as he can. 

In fact Harry can't pry the Omega from him so he picks him up and carry's him into the house, crying himself at being reunited with the loving  Omega he has come to adore.

''Louis is it really you?'' once they are in the House Niall addresses his old friend ''you look so well Lou, new clothes? gosh we've been so worried, I went looking everywhere for you when Maura said she heard you screaming but couldn't find you, honestly Lou I feared you were dead! and of course I couldn't exactly go to Midas for help with a search party'' the blond Alpha sounds genuinely upset.

Louis prizes himself away from Harry and launches himself on Niall instead making his friend laugh out loud

''Louis is missing you and Maura so so much, I was thinking I was losing you as Louis is losing his Pack'' the Omega falters ''but Louis never lost his pack did he?'' and the Omega looks as if he is going to cry for different reasons that happiness.

''Alright that's quite enough, come and sit on the sofa with me Louis petal'' Maura takes Louis hands and sits down on the now vacated battered sofa cuddling Louis to her breast, everyone else stands around awkwardly not sure how to react ''Come now Boo Bear, Niall and I wanted to tell you about the Pack but we were worried about upsetting you, or worse we thought you might be curious and want to come back to the Pack with us''

''Louis hates that pack, but why is you lying for all the many years and keeping Louis away? ''

''Lou they treat Omega's really badly in our pack, like you have no idea, they are second class citizens, and Midas doesn't let anyone leave his pack easily but especially Omega's'' It's Niall that speaks up ''we all wanted to find a different pack when you came of age but Grandma's health isn't what it was, and even traveling here here has been a great strain''

''Now Niall don't fuss so much, I'm alright'' Maura although old is still a feisty Alpha female in her own right. ''Your mother Louis, she was the daughter of an old friend of mine and you were her only child, she came to me begging for me to look after you because she was gravely ill and would not be able to run away with you like she had planned, so I agreed and she left while you were playing peacefully in the garden, knowing that I would 'happen' upon you and everything would be quite alright, she knew I had a healthy Alpha grandson the same age and I suppose she thought at least you would have a young playmate''

''What happened to Louis mom?'' tears are dripping from wide saddened sapphire blue eyes

''Sadly Louis your mother passed away, she knew that she would not last long my darling'' Maura kisses the top of Louis head ''but there you go, you're old enough now to know the truth and it is important to know that you did not have a neglectful mother who simply lost and then abandoned you.

''Does Louis have other family?'' she says through sniffles

''You do have some extended relatives but they all though you had run away and perished and Midas father who was our Pack leader at that time did not have the inclination to 'waste'  resources on a five year old Omega, he might be quite different now however''

''Why do you say that?'' Marcel questions

''Well, I don't suppose Harry got the chance to notice but our Pack has a distinct lack of Omega's these days, you think they would treat the ones they have better don't you? but no, alas, it has still not improved things.

''So that's why Midas was so keen to convince Louis to go back with him''

''He wanted to take Louis back with him?'' Harry looks at his brothers wildly

''Unfortunately so'' Edward crushes a left over prawn cracker in his fingers to dust

''Oh no, no absolutely not, Edward he can't go back there, nor can these good people, its a horrible pack full of vile Alpha's and sly Beta's''

''What do you take me for Harry, he isn't going back there, and these two people can stay or go as they please but they have the protection offered by this Pack if they choose, a good strong Alpha Male is always useful when it comes to patrolling the borders'' he eyes Niall up and down, he's a cheerful looking Alpha with dimples and twinkly blue eyes, baby faced, but strong and broad with some muscles, he'll do, should he choose to stay, Edward can find a place of use for him among them, as for the elderly woman, Edward is not for kicking elders out to fend for themselves, he has more respect than that, also it is perhaps likely she has wisdom that could be of use on the council '' you are all welcome if you choose to stay, but Louis isn't going back to that Pack if you choose to leave''

''What are you his keeper?'' an annoyed expression suddenly crosses the blondes baby faced features

''Oh dear, I knew this was going to happen'' Edward hears Zayn whisper to Liam but he chooses to ignore it

''No, I am not his keeper, but he needs assertiveness and  guidance lest he go and do something stupid and get himself hurt or worse!, and nobody else seems to have done that for him'' Edward's rage at Niall seems to come from almost nowhere, how dare this Alpha question what is good for Louis? where has he even been until Edward dredged his sorry ass out of a pathetic good for nothing Pack holding him and his grandmother practically hostage.

''I beg your pardon, I've always looked out for Louis''

''HE CAN'T READ OR WRITE OR EVEN SPEAK PROPERLY..... HE WAS KIDNAPPED BY ROGUES THAT WANTED TO RAPE HIM!!'' Edward hadn't meant to unleash all his anger out at Louis pitiful situation on Niall but it was too late for him to go back now, all the words hang in the air and Louis is beside himself crying.

''Please stop shouting, Louis isn't wanting Edward to hate Niall, Niall is helping, see! and Maura, it's not Louis friends fault, it's bad people''

''Ok Louis, calm down, you can come with me and Grandma now, if you don't want to stay here any longer, I think you need a calmer environment, this isn't good for you at all, you're getting distressed'' Niall shoots Edward a dirty look

''Louis stop crying, go and dry your eyes and Harry will go with you to the guest room, I will sort this out with Niall and everything will look better in the morning, if you want to go somewhere with Niall and Maura then, of course it is up to you'' Marcel decides it's time to interrupt this interlude before it goes any further and Edward causes irreparable damage with Louis friends

''He isn't going back to that pack'' Edward insists

''He isn't you Omega Edward'' Marcel looks at his brother long and hard for a moment  ''you can't tell him what to do, these are his friends''

Edward still shakes his head adamantly, not being able to stand the thought of the struggling Omega being bullied around and abused by some disgusting Alpha from that pack, Louis can't always communicate things properly, how will he ever stand a chance if their pack is as bad as they say.

''Look, it's getting late, why don't you and your Grandmother stop at ours and come back and speak to Louis in the morning, everybody's had a really harrowing day and our tempers are getting fraught, I have some excellent melon cake that needs eating up as well'' Liam offers cheerfully.

''Sounds good'' Edward huffs, secretly pleased Niall is going to have to endure Liam's Melon cake which sounds even more vile than usual.

'' Fine I'll take you up on that, it's a good idea and I don't fancy staying here'' Niall agrees without an ounce of fuss


Once they have left, Edward hugs and kisses Marcel goodnight and heads to his own room, pausing  as he passes Louis, the door is wide Open and the Omega is asleep in Harry's muscular tattooed arms, it's a beautiful soft scene but it still makes Edward growl, his wolfs natural protectiveness taking control, somebody tried to hurt them and take them away from him today, Edward's wolf is having none of that ever again.


Whether Edward will agree with his wolf when everything calms down is another thing.

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A/N Sorry this is short but it actually took two hours to write, and sorry the update was longer than I wanted it to be, I hope you all enjoy and as always thanks so much for my Kudos and comment.

You should be warned there is smut in this chapter ( not Louis yet sorry) but I'm terrible at smut so hope its not too bad for you all.


The house is eerily quiet when Edward gets up and he's a little alarmed that he can't hear any noise at all, especially as saying the Omega can be very loud would be an understatement, he pulls on some jeans and a hoodie and goes to investigate, his 'wolf' still on red alert from the previous days events.

Edward however is immediately put at ease when he sees a delicious sight n the living room, Harry walking around with a bin bag wearing nothing but a long blue shirt barely covering his naked bottom.

''You think between them they could of decided on just one type of take away wouldn't you' Harry huffs shoving a pizza box, fish paper wrappers and left over Chinese cartons into the bag, he doesn't turn to see Edward, just knows immediately that Edward has entered the room. ''And another thing, what happened to the Kitchen? it's barely usable and the Sofa is going to have to go too, what a waste''

Edward moves to rest his two large hands on his brothers shoulders, they are tense and Edward knows his brother well enough to know that the tension has nothing to do with left over takeaway containers or a battered sofa, he turns Harry to face him and Harry immediately buries his face into his brothers shoulder and Edward holds him tenderly while he sobs a little.

''A small part of me thought you might not come'' Harry says barely audible with his face buried ''They told me how much they were asking for, it's such a lot of money Eddie, I'm not sure you should of given it to them''

''Nonsense sweetheart, I will always come and you know that, no amount of money is 'too much' money to have you back here safe and sound'' he plays with Harry's hair winding it around his finger the way only he should ever do so, he frowns softly as he remembers the first dinner with Gretchen, it annoyed him when she played with his brothers curls even though he tried his hardest not to let on, he's pretty sure nobody noticed but it angered him to have somebody else do something that had always been so intimate between the two of them, he can't imagine his little stray Omega ever reaching out and tugging at Harry's hair, its almost dominant now he thinks of it, odd that Gretchen should of thought to do it, he shakes himself  from his thoughts, he's over thinking things, the Omega probably just thought how delicious his Harry is and couldn't resist a touch, who can blame her? ''I'm sorry I destroyed the kitchen I'll get the contractors on the phone today and you can choose whatever new Sofa you want ''

''You destroyed the kitchen?'' Harry looks shocked ''why would you destroy our kitchen? I thought it was another dirty trick from that Northern Pack''

''My wolf destroyed the kitchen, what do you expect Harry? my mate was kidnapped! they better not have hurt you?''

''No, they just kept me locked in a room, there was water, I mean they weren't cruel to me or anything but they weren't nice people''

''The leader, did he come near you at all?'' Edward suppresses a growl when he thinks of Midas comment about Harry and Louis 'together' it's rare for an Alpha to be sexually attracted to another Alpha because of the overall dynamics, if they are not careful it just becomes a war for dominance and leads to misery, but it can happen, and in some extreme situations an Alpha has taken another Alpha against their will, although this is usually difficult because there is usually a massive fight involved where one Alpha would more likely end up killing the other, never the less it can happen and Harry is extremely beautiful and oddly feminine for an Alpha male.

''he came to me to tell me what he was going to ask for at the meeting, I told him it was too much but he just laughed, and made an odd comment, he said, and I quote ' If you think that your brother isn't going to pay whatever it takes to get you back then you are delusional, just one look at you and I realized it was going to be easier than I ever imagined' and I thought that it was odd because, well it doesn't really make a lot of sense, we all look the same anyway, it would of been the same if he had taken Marcel or if he'd taken you.

Of course Edward would pay any amount on Earth to get Marcel back and yes, they are identical in their facial features but it doesn't stop Edward from knowing exactly what Midas meant by that comment, Don't get him wrong Marcel is handsome, he's hot as hell in Edwards humble opinion, but where Marcel has short cropped hair Harry has long loose flowing locks, where Marcel wears business shirts and pants more often than not, Harry will often wear pretty silk blouses with cute neckties and wide flares with heeled boots, where Marcel wears nothing but a simple 'band' on his mating finger, Harry wears an array of exquisite pieces of Jewellery. Harry is an exotic looking Alpha, but he is still an Alpha and Midas will do himself well to remember that.

''Never mind about him'' Edward doesn't want to dwell on that disgusting Alpha any longer than he has to, he's not getting near Harry and Louis ever again and that's that, he reaches down with his hand and cheekily pinches Harry's bum ''Where are the other's?''

''Marcel's taken Louis to the center, he's worried Louis is missing out on too many of his lessons and has arranged for us to go over to Liam's this evening instead, and oi, don't do that, just because you rescued me doesn't mean that anything has changed''

''What are you talking about?''


''Darling! if you want Gretchen gone then she's gone, now let me enjoy having you back'' he starts to trail Harry neck and jawline with kisses, groping the other Alpha's pert round bum with one hand whilst pushing his brothers body against the tattered leather sofa with his other so that Harry is lain face down, Edwards never tried rough sex with Harry but he wants nothing more than to dominate him right now, pound into him and make him remember who he belongs to, the only person other than Marcel who he will ever submit himself to, he sucks a finger and then pushes it into Harry's hole, Harry jerks a little looking round shocked


''Do you want me to stop?'' Edward immediately wonders if he's over stepped the Mark, he wants this but he wants Harry to enjoy it too

''No it's it's fine, carry on''

Edward fingers Harry for little while, making sure he's properly opened up before putting lube on his now hugely swollen dick, he won't press into Harry with nothing but spit, he's shared that with Marcel but he thinks that would be too far too soon ( if ever) for Harry, he starts off slowly the same as ever but quickly picks up rhythm pulling back and then pushing back in, harder and faster than they have done this before, he listens to Harry's moans  of approval and words of encouragement for guidance until the words have turned unintelligible and the moans are almost screams of what he really hopes are pleasure because he'll never forgive himself if his brother is allowing him to do this for Edwards own pleasure but he, Harry is experiencing pain.

Finally Edward slows the rough pounding knowing he is about to come, he reaches round taking his brothers own large ( thankfully very hard dick)  into his hand and begins to get him off, they both reach orgasm within minutes.

''Jesus Eddie'' Harry pants

''Was it okay? are you okay?'' Edward is till concerned, he knows Harry was consenting but he still needs reassurance

''I'm fine, I mean it was good, really good, but I really think you need an Omega if you want to do it like that very often'' he laughs making sure Edward knows he's only half joking, he enjoyed it, but he's just trying to remind Edward that his body isn't built in the same way that an Omega is for that kind of pleasure, an Omega has the ability to heal if they are 'stretched', even the males, because of course Omega Males can get pregnant unlike Beta and Alpha males who cannot.

Edward tries to block the naughty thoughts of a certain small pixie like Omega sitting on the end of his knot or even on the end of one of his brothers, it would be something to 'behold' he has to admit, but it's also not going to happen, its too wrong and Louis is not to be taken advantage of, especially where he should feel safe, but it's a 'hot' thought all the same.


''Look, about Gretchen'' Harry is seemingly still not ready to let this subject go ''It feels wrong that you are getting rid of her just because I got so jealous, maybe, maybe we can give it a go, I mean you dating her of course and dating me, but not me and her dating, I don't want that''

''Really Harry? I meant what I said, I'll tell Gretchen I don't want to see her anymore, I would never choose another over either of my mates, I'm sorry if for one minute you thought that I would, I won't.''

''No, I know that now, that's why I'm willing to try and just see how it goes, but I'm not going to lie I'm not sure I will ever be comfortable with it and like I say don't ever insult me by bringing her to my bed, or with Marcy when the three of us are intimate''

''Do you think Marcel would allow that?''

''Probably not'' Harry concurred '' but he might let you bring her to bed with just him'' Harry tries hard not to think about that too much

''Okay fine, but I meant what I said, if it's you or her then it's you every time, there is no competition'' Harry nods feeling a bit guilty with his own private agenda for allowing the charade between Gretchen and Edward to  continue, his guilt at his own secret ( or not so secret) growing bond with Louis, it's not fair for him to share feelings for an Omega that Edward has made it clear he does not want to take as his own and then prevent Edward from sharing that same bond with an Omega who he chooses, not when Louis is even living in their house and sleeping in Harry's arms, he feels like a hypocrite, plus..... perhaps this way Edward will get distracted from his original goal of making sure Louis leaves as soon as possible, and Harry will get to to feel the joy that he gets from spending time with Louis for longer, but he still feels a bit deceitful about his underhand methods of trying to pull the wool over Edwards eyes, he is sure Marcel finds it pleasant having Louis around so he doesn't feel too bad there, Maybe... it never really occurred to Harry before, maybe Marcel has feelings for Louis too.



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A/N - Didn't want you guys to have to wait so long for an update, also you were missing Louis so I thought I'd just do a kinda short cute update.




Harry drives himself and Edward to Liam's later that evening where they will meet Marcel and Louis there, it's unusual for Harry to drive if it's just he ad the oldest triplet but it seems that Edward is not inclined to argue the toss, which suits Harry just fine. 


When they get there Louis and Marcel have already arrived and Louis is sitting on one of Liam's big comfortable armchairs nursing a mug of tea and some biscuits, Edward can't help but wonder how the Omega got out of having that rotten cake, he definitely needs the 'tip' for himself.

''Hello Harry, Hello Edward'' Louis gives them a bright smile ''Louis is making breakfasts in the morning''

it's very random but somehow Edward is used to it ''Breakfast'' he corrects without even thinking

''Yes'' Louis nods ''Louis is using a toaster and Alf says kettle is better than pans for tea''

''You really do need to get some more 'Mod Cons' Grandma'' Niall is in the opposite armchair, however he does have a plate of orange looking cake that makes Edwards stomach turn.

''Something to look forward to then Lou, I shall enjoy that very much'' Harry returns the Omega's bright smile and it always surprises Edward how Harry seems genuinely impressed by such things, he himself can't believe the Omega has never used a toaster and that he has been boiling bleeding pans to make tea all his life, and not only that, Edward is now going to have dry toast for breakfast instead of Harry's cooking and everybody is going to expect him to be 'excited' by this and no doubt grateful and in 'awe' of a grown Omega being able to use a kettle and a toaster, when, he, Edward, has been doing these things since he was a small cub, his life has become absurd, but then he reminds himself that this is all progress for Louis and that's a good thing for all involved, it'll help him when he finds his Alpha, and Harry did buy that nice salted butter and there is Harry's homemade Jam in the cupboard so perhaps it won't be all bad.

''So'' Marcel who is standing with his back resting against one of the walls begins the conversation, Liam is stood next to him and both have mugs of tea, Maura and Zayn are taking up most of Liam's large sofa and with Harry and Edward's arrival the living room is getting rather crowded ''Louis you need to decide with a clear head what you would like to do, it's always been made clear to you that you are not a prisoner here and if you wish to leave of course you may do so''

''Louis I really don't want you to go to Midas pack, whatever you choose promise me you will not go there '' Harry speaks with concern before Louis has a chance to answer Marcel

''He isn't going back there I already told you, nobody should be going back there if you ask me''

''Did anybody ask you though?'' Niall retorts scoffing at Edward ''As it happens there is no way we would advise Louis to go back to the Pack with or without us, in case you hadn't noticed we have been trying our damned hardest to keep him from it for pretty much his entire life! but you can't just go around telling everybody what to do, acting like you own Louis when I very much doubt you have 'intention's towards him as a potential mate, and another thing! My Grandmother and I have tried to do our best by Louis but we don't have much money for fancy appliances, and Grandma was bound by Pack duties whilst I have been in education and then undertaken duties myself, there hasn't been a lot of time for 'schooling' Louis and I know Louis doesn't like people to know, and I'm sorry Louis but he needs to listen'' Louis looks at the floor but doesn't say anything so Niall continues ''Louis is dyslexic and he may have some very minor other learning disabilities this has hindered his progress greatly,but his warm heart and keen attitude more than make up for that and any Alpha would be lucky to have him, but if what I suspect is right you have no intention of becoming his Alpha, any of you, and you're leading him down the garden path but trying to control his every move. It's not on mate, and I don't know if anyone has ever put you straight your whole life because you seem quite 'up' yourself to me'' with that Niall folds his arms in contempt and goes silent.

''Edward is being good to Louis Niall, giving Louis a bed and food and taking Louis to do his lessons, Edward is being very grumpy is all'' Louis defends Edward to his friend ''All triplets being good to Louis'' he finishes making sure Marcel and Harry are also included.

''Yes, I apologize for my Grandsons outburst but you have to see they have been raised together from cubs, he is very protective of Louis, he doesn't mean to offend you, it's obvious that you are doing your best to get Louis the correct support and keep him safe even if it might be misguided'' Maura's calm words seem to have an effect on the room.

''I did warn them'' Zayn whispers as unhelpfully as ever to Liam and Edward once again chooses to ignore the Beta on the matter, he's a little ruffled by Niall's outburst but he decides to let it go for once, tensions are high and he has no doubt that the man has Louis best interests at heart, he is especially intrigued to learn of Louis learning difficulties and it does make him understand a little bit more why Louis struggles as he does sometimes to get understood, it also makes him even more adamant that the Omega will not get swept away with the wrong sort, no matter what anybody says he knows his guidance is best for Louis.

''So what do you want to do then Lou?'' Niall asks tentatively ''Do you want to try and find somewhere for the three of us to stay here until we get ourselves on our feet? or do you want me to go and try and find us another Pack?''

''Louis is loving Niall and Maura so much and Louis understands Niall has the worries, but Louis would like to stay with triplets and for Niall and Maura to stay too so Louis is seeing lots''

''Louis I don't think that these men want us to stay at their house too, that's a bit rude, grandma and I have a little money and I'm sure I can do some work here so we can rent somewhere, that's if the offer for us to stay is still open, he looks wearily at Edward''

''Stay as long as you like, I have plenty of work for a strong Alpha and I will not have Louis friends 'renting' some hovel, we have  a townhouse and an apartment, either is yours until you can save enough for a deposit on somewhere'' what do these people take Edward for, Louis is.... well Louis is a friend of sorts isn't he? even if he is crazy and drives him round the bend, Edward looks after his friends it's all very simple and not at all complicated to him as it seems to others.

''That's... well thank you, that's really good of you I must say'' Niall shakes Edwards hand.

''You must stay here another night though, it's getting late and we'll need to sort you out with a car, you do drive don't you?'' Liam directs the question at Niall

''Yes, but unfortunately Midas wouldn't let me bring my car, in fact I think we're lucky he let us get out at all. ''

''I've got a second car that I never use'' Zayn 'pipes' up ''It's yours until you can get yourself a new one, you'll just need to get some insurance is all''

''Right, now that, that is all settled'' Edward feels oddly pleased like he has won a prize, Louis has chosen he and his brothers over Niall and Niall will see in time that Edward really does know best, when Louis has a fine strong Alpha and is very happy all will come good.


When they return to their house and everyone is sitting around the TV Edward notes Harry and Louis chattering away about 'this' and 'that' and Marcel joining in with them every now and again and he realizes how very lucky he is that Harry is returned to them unharmed and that the 'bubbly' Omega is safe, he must speak with Marcel, Niall and Liam tomorrow about border protection, he doesn't trust that Midas fellow and he can't just have him 'abducting' his loved ones every time he wants something and for a moment he feels quite happy with his 'lot.'

the doorbell goes

''Bit late for visitors isn't it?'' Marcel looks at his watch, it's not as late as he thought, only eight thirty

''Are we expecting anybody'' Harry queries lazily, arm wrapped around Louis shoulder

''Not that I know of?'' Edward is automatically alert as he walks to the door and pulls it open

''Gretchen! whatever is the matter?'' The Omega is crying and Edward doesn't have the heart to ask her if next time she wants to see him can she message him first, it's not at all convenient her just 'showing up'

''Edward!! I heard all about it, how awful! Harry being kidnapped!! and you having to go and meet that dangerous pack you could of all been killed'' and she throws herself at Edward who awkwardly hugs her

''There, there now, everything is quite alright see? everybody safe and sound, no need to cry''

''Oh I'm sorry Eddumz, you must think me such a silly sensitive little thing, I should never have just turned up but I was so worried about you all' Edward feels awkward, this for some reason really just doesn't feel right, he'd been relaxed, happy even, and now he has the Omega he is dating in front of him worrying about him and he should feel ecstatic but instead he just kind of wants her to leave, it's probably just because of everything that has happened, and the fact he knows Harry would rather not spend time with her so it's probably making his brother uncomfortable which he doesn't want.

''No, Gretchen it isn't silly'' he feels a bit guilty, he didn't even think to message her and she heard all this from some other Pack member ( gossip travels) '' and I should of  called you, I was just.. it's been hectic, can we have lunch tomorrow? talk about it all then? I'm just so tired''

''I could stay here with you if you need me to'' Gretchen offers, Edward falters slightly, the Omega is offering to be HIS Omega in his time of 'need' and she's beautiful and intelligent and everything Edward ever wanted his future Omega to be, yet somehow it's all wrong, it's all too 'perfect' which makes no sense because Edward strives for 'Perfect'

''I.. I'' Edward struggles for once in his life to put his thoughts into words ''I just.. please, can we have lunch tomorrow and we'll talk then, I really have had a harrowing 48 hours, I need some time to think''

''Think about what? us?'' Gretchen sounds startled

''No.. maybe, I don't know, please meet me tomorrow'' 

the Omega looks deflated but nods giving Edward a peck on the cheek before leaving.

Nobody really says anything when he goes to sit back down, his brothers sensing he needs the space, the Omega on the other hand rests his small head on Edwards shoulder''

''Is okay Edward, everybody is okay'' is all he says before closing his big blue eyes nestled between him and Harry comfortably.

and somehow in some weird way that was all the comfort Edward was looking for that night,




Chapter Text


Edward can't help put suppress a smile ( that he sincerely hope nobody notices) when he comes down to breakfast in the morning, Harry has undoubtedly deliberately got up before himself and Marcel to ensure that Luis 'breakfast' is a success.

''Shall I just butter these Lou? there is some Jam in that cupboard if you want to pop it on the table'' The Omega nods eagerly putting a huge plate of toast on the counter next to Harry, Edward is sure that Louis has done that part himself.

''Morning Edward, is you liking tea or coffee?'' Louis greets him as soon as he notices the older triplet  , he places the jar of Harry's homemade Jam on the table and looks up expectantly

''A cup of tea will be fine Omega, thanks you'' Edward is pretty sure Louis hasn't used a coffee machine before and he isn't in the mood for Instant.


A few minutes later Edward is seated with  a steaming cup of tea ( which looks strong, the way he likes it) and a plate of jam and buttered toast, it's actually decent and the toast isn't at all burned as he'd half dreaded.

''Is Louis going to the center today?'' Louis asks perched on the edge of his stool sipping some orange juice that Harry found out

''Yes and Edward is taking you'' Marcel confirms taking his own seat between Harry and Edward helping himself to toast, Harry places a drink in front of his younger brother and Edward suppresses another smile when he realizes the Omega's  interest in making breakfast has already waned, his attention span has a lot to be desired.

'' I'm meeting Gretchen and we need to organize more security, I was going to sort out a meeting, can't Harry take him?''

''No'' Marcel answers uncharacteristically grumpy ''Harry and I will deal with security, you drop Louis at the center and go and meet Gretchen, you can pick Louis up afterwards''

''I don't think..''

''Just do it Edward'' Marcel cuts him off before he's even begun

''Everything alright Marcy?'' Harry looks confusedly from one brother to the other

''Everything is fine, it's just a good plan isn't it? Edwards got arrangements for today and we need to get some extra security sorted asap, it makes sense for us to do that as soon as possible with no delay'' Marcel still seems on edge but nobody questions it, Edward surmises that perhaps he didn't sleep well and isn't interested in an argument on the matter, he is busy today so in a fashion it does make sense. 

''Fine whatever'' Edward grunts ''Go and grab your things Louis, it's nearly 10.30 already''

Louis does as he is told but Edward doesn't miss him giving Marcel a funny look on his way out of the room.


''Is Marcel angry with Louis?'' Louis asks as soon as they get in the car

''Doubtful'' Edward answers honestly ''I don't see what you have done that would upset Marcel, he's not particularly emotional''

''Marcel isn't happy'' is Louis odd reply

''Why do you say that, I'm sure Marcel is perfectly happy, he doesn't have any reason not to be''

''Louis knows, he has the feels''

''You have a feeling Louis''

''No, Louis HAS the feels, Louis has the feels with Edward, Harry and Marcel but not with Liam or Niall'' Edward almost crashes the car as his head whips round to look at the Omega

''You feel our emotions?'' does Louis realize how serious that is? maybe he's just close to his heat, but then he said he couldn't feel Liam or Niall's feelings and he only saw them yesterday.

''a little on some days, Louis is not always having the feels, but Marcel is not happy'' Louis replies as though it's all perfectly normal, normally Omega's can only sense the feelings of those they are mated to and Louis is not mated to anyone let alone them, he'll need to speak to Zayn on this and he's not looking forward to the Beta gloating, he also needs to find out why Marcel is 'unhappy' 

''Well I'm sure Marcel isn't angry at you Louis so I wouldn't dwell on it too much, just concentrate on your lessons'' Edward tells the Omega as they pull up outside the Center ''Now under no circumstances are you to leave this building until I come and collect you, is that clear? there is security at the center and not just anybody can walk in or out, we don't know what Midas might be planning now he knows you are part of his Pack and we can't tale any risks''

''Louis will not leave, Louis wants to be a good Omega for triplets Pack and not getting in the trouble''

''Glad to hear it, now, off you go'' He watches Louis jog up to the center doors and disappear, he also can't help but appreciate the Omega's fine bum jiggling up and down as he runs, it's actual sinful and makes Edward hard in his pants, he hopes Louis isn't 'sensing' that.



''What's the matter with you?'' is what greets Marcel when his brother call him around 11am

''What do you mean?''

''You're in a mood, why?'' Marcel has no idea how Edward knows he is displeased, he knows he acted a little 'off' at breakfast but Edward is normally pretty oblivious to other's 'feelings' unless they are transparently obviously and thrust in his face.

''doesn't matter, just forget it, I'm fine''

''You aren't, answer me''

Marcel sighs '' Fine Ed, if you must know, I can't believe you would consider leaving Harry alone with Louis at the moment after what happened last time''

''Are you implying that Harry is an easy target? that our brother isn't just as capable as any other Alpha'' Edward is appalled

''Of course I'm not saying that'' Marcel huffs, Edward really is annoying sometimes ''I'm saying that Harry is vulnerable when it comes to Louis, he'll do anything for that Omega and if you haven't noticed that then you really are an idiot, he put himself in danger willingly and he could of been killed! he didn't even try and stop them from taking him, he went without a fight''

''Are you suggesting that he let dirty Packs like that one abduct our Omega's Marcel?''

''No, I'm suggesting that if it hadn't been Louis Harry would probably have at least fought back, used his head a little more, I'm sure our brother could of out vexed that bunch of bandits if he had really wanted to, but he was too scared to even try, he could of let them take both of them and tried to find a way out later, but he wouldn't risk a single hair on Louis head''

''So you're angry at Louis?'' it sounds like Marcel is beginning to resent their house guest

''Not really, no, I mean it isn't Louis fault, I just don't want him putting Harry in danger, the thought of losing one of my mates it would kill me'' Edward knows the feeling.

''You could of dropped Louis off, I could of stayed with Harry'' Edward changes the subject a little, he's not willing to get his head round this new problem just yet

''You're missing the point and anyway that really just did make sense as you're meeting that Gretchen woman today, and security needs tightening as soon as possible'' for once Edward can't argue

''I'll have a think about what we can do regarding Harry and Louis'' Edward says finally

''Maybe Louis should stay elsewhere'' his younger brother responds ''I mean it Ed, Harry comes first, Zayn warned us about this, and you didn't even want him to stay in the first place''

''Where would he go?'' Edward isn't sure if Marcel is being serious or not, but he thinks he is

''He could stay at the townhouse with Niall and Maura, the Apartment is too small'' Marcel is being deadly serious

''It's a bit far away from the Center and I have duties for Niall that will keep him from being able to be Louis Taxi, you can't expect him to get there alone with the way things are with that Pack of his''

''We'll think of something'' Marcel sounds frustrated ''Anyway gotta go, Harry's coming back'' with that the line goes dead, and Edward is left feeling extremely torn, his brothers are his world and he will do anything for them.


Gretchen is dressed beautifully  in a long flowing white gown when Edward finally reaches the restaurant, she is sipping a glass of water and reading a book, an example of class. Edward has no idea why he felt the way he did the evening before and why he still isn't very excited by the prospect of spending time with this glorious Omega, he knows it probably has a lot to do with everything that has been going on.

''Edward, I'm so glad you came, I was a little worried after yesterday''

''Sorry'' the Alpha answers sheepishly, sitting down opposite her '' I didn't mean to be rude last night, and I should of called you to let you know what happened with Harry, but the thing is Gretchen, I'm just not sure that this is going to work out'' and the words fall from his lips before he can stop them.

''Look, Edward, I know that things have been tough for us with Harry not liking me very much and then the abduction, and I completely understand if you want to end it, but I just think you might feel differently if you didn't have that Omega in the house''


she nods her dainty head

''Yes, Louis, I know you and your brothers did a good deed taking him in and everything, but honestly do you want him as your mate, or your brothers mate?''

''No of course not''

''Then do the right thing and stop leading the poor thing on, it's not doing any of you any good having an Omega live with you who you have no intentions of mating, it's confusing him and it's starting to confuse you'' Edward thinks of how 'taken' Harry is and Marcel's words about him being too scared to defend himself because of Louis, he then thinks of his own behavior and how his usually impeccable judgement seems distorted and although he doesn't blame Louis he thinks maybe Gretchen is right.

''Where would he go though? his friends are staying on the other side of town and he really needs to continue his lessons, he's making so much progress'' Edward thinks back to breakfast.

''Why doesn't he come and stay with me, would be lovely to have another Omega around and I have four Alpha brothers that live with me'' Edward has heard that this is the case, although he'd never met Gretchen personally before the dating app, her father is on the council and he has often spoken of his five strapping Alpha lads and beautiful Omega daughter. ''Louis would be more than safe I promise, and if after a few weeks of him being out of the house you still decide that this isn't right then there is no harm done is there? Louis can always go back to yours, it'll be like a little holiday for him'' The Omega flashes him an excited smile

''Oh Gretchen I don't know, Louis is a bit funny about things and I'm not sure you two really hit it off, and then there is Harry''

''Well how about if I talk to Louis, and if Louis doesn't want to come with me then that's fine, no problem, but he might enjoy it'' Edward can't see the harm in Louis being asked the question, Gretchen lives lose enough that if needed he or his brothers could still pop by and take Louis to the center.


''Okay... we'll ask him, but if he doesn't want to go Gretchen I'm not going to make him, we'll think of another solution''

''I'm sure he'll be persuaded but absolutely we won't force the poor thing'' and she chuckles delicately.

''Now lets order some food, they do a wonderful cheese salad I hear''


Edward has no interest at all in a cheese salad.




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A/N this is a very short chapter but I wanted it to be a 'stand alone' it's a very important turning point for everyone and I hope you like the way I have portrayed Louis here, I think that's important and integral to the story as well. Thanks as ever for all my lovely Kudos and comments, can't believe I got more than 300 Kudos, it's the most I have ever got so thank you all so much.




Gretchen and Edward both go to pick Louis up from the center when he finishes, Edward thinks it is better if Harry doesn't hear about Gretchen's proposal until they have asked Louis first because Edward is serious that if Louis doesn't want to do it then he's not going to pressure him.

''Do you mind if I speak with Louis alone?'' Gretchen calls to Edward as he gets out the car to go and fetch Louis ''Only I feel like this needs to be an 'Omega' to 'Omega' thing''

''Uh.. yeah sure I don't see why not, I'll drop you both at the cafe near ours and then wait outside for you'' he can listen to the radio for a while and have a snooze, it's not all that bad really.

''Why is she here?'' Louis demands rather rudely when he gets in the car

''I thought we might go for a coffee Louis, you know, get to know one another a bit, might be nice for you to make some new friends'' Gretchen tries to soothe the  other Omega before Edward can explain anything.

''Louis is ok thank you, Louis has friends''

''Oh I know you do Louis, I know that,  but a coffee wouldn't hurt would it? Edward would love for us to be friends wouldn't you Edward? all this tension, it's no good for anybody'' Edward is a little taken aback at Gretchen using him as the excuse for this charade, but he lets it go.

Louis shrugs ''If Edward is happy Louis will do it''

Edward feels oddly guilty at that statement as he pulls up outside the diner watching the two Omega's get out, Louis doesn't look at all excited to be there and Edward very much doubts Gretchen is going to convince him to stay with her, in fact he's beginning to wish he'd not gone along with it in the first place, it sort of feels like am 'ambush' on the funny Omega he has become a little fond of despite everything, still it's too late to stop it now, they've both disappeared into the building in front of him.


''Are you enjoying that Lou?'' Gretchen smiles patronizingly across the table as Louis sips on a chocolate milkshake that she insisted on buying for him ( he doesn't realize that it is actually Edwards money anyway)

''Is nice thank you'' he doesn't want to be ungrateful but he feels very awkward, he doesn't trust the other Omega one bit and she makes Harry miserable which in turn makes Louis feel guilty for spending time with her, even if it is only for Edwards sake.

''So, Louis, Edward and I were talking, and we thought it might be nice if you came to stay with me and my brothers for a while, a little holiday of sorts, you know get to meet some new people, my brothers are all Alpha's you know'' and she flashes Louis a knowing smile as though they have some little 'in' joke which they absolutely do not Louis isn't interested in her Alpha brothers, there are three gorgeous Alpha's that he lives with.

''Louis is happy staying with triplets thank you'' this woman doesn't get the message very easily, it's getting hard for Louis to not be rude.

''Louis, sweetheart look, just between you and me, I know you have a crush on the triplets, I mean 'hey' what Omega doesn't'' she smiles again as if they are the best of friends and Louis is confiding his deepest feelings with her ''but honestly, do you ever seriously see yourself with an Alpha like Edward or even Marcel for that matter? you may have Harry's affections but in the end do you really think he is going to take you as his mate? make you a Pack Luna? '' she then gives Louis a sympathetic look ''oh honey, you're going to get yourself hurt, better that you separate yourself from them before you fall too hard, I'm really offering you a great opportunity, we have a lovely big house and horses, there are gardens and a massive library'' Louis is pretty sure the woman is crazy, she doesn't listen to a word that he says, what Edward see's in her he does not know.

''Gretchen'' Louis takes the other Omega by surprise by addressing her with her name which he rarely does '' Louis knows you has a big crush on triplets and Louis knows Harry isn't wanting and that Marcel isn't very fussing, so Louis thinks you is wanting Louis gone, but Louis is very happy with triplets thank you, Louis is staying'' Gretchen looks astounded for a moment.

''Ok, I wanted to be nice about this Louis, but it's clear that you have a little more behind the ears than those idiots realize and it's laughable really because there is no way on earth they will ever make you their mate, and you will inevitably end up hurt I am not lying about that, but if you really think you have some kind of chance, prove it, stay with me, see if they even bother with you once they don't feel obligated to because they feel sorry for you, see how long it takes for Harry to get over this strong attachment you believe he has for you, or are you too scared of the truth, you know as well as I do, as soon as you leave they will go back to their lives without you and you will be left to realize it was all just in your imagination, that's why you didn't leave with your friends, am I correct?''

Louis doesn't understand all of the words Gretchen is using but he understands enough to know that it makes him feel rotten and upset.

''Louis is friends with triplets, they will come and see Louis, Harry will, and Edward is pro..protecting he says he is, he promises, you is lying to make Louis gone''

''Fine, maybe I am, prove it then, take up my offer'' Louis thinks for a moment, and he decides Gretchen is right on one thing, if this is all a fairy tale in his mind like the stories Maura used to tell him when he was small, he would rather know sooner rather than later so that he can go back to his old life with his friends and leave this all behind him, even though he already knows it would never be the same again without the triplets, he would still have to try, he isn't the sort to just give up and Gretchen needs to learn that.

''Louis will stay'' Louis shrugs

''Great, that's good news,look, I'm sorry for being so harsh on you I know you've had it bad, but you will see that what I am offering you really is a terrific opportunity, sometimes Louis you will realize that good friends do not always tell you what you want to hear''

Louis doesn't answer her, Niall quite often tell him things he doesn't want to hear, but he doesn't make Louis feel like a piece of litter.



Much later that night.... after Louis has packed his things and Harry has asked him a hundred times in tears why he is going to stay with Gretchen and the triplets have all had the biggest row the three of them have had in a long time and Harry has gone to bed still in tears and Edward has locked himself away in his office with a full bottle of wine after already having two whiskeys, Marcel sits on their new sofa and looks at the picture Louis has drawn for them in his art class that day.. well it's more 'modern art' but it's actually very good, very colorful, it would look excellent on the mantle piece in a frame and his heart sinks a little, Louis has chosen to leave them without any pressure, he's simply packed up his things and gone, and it's what he wanted isn't it? now Harry will be safe, accept for Harry is beside himself in grief, Edward will be pleased he can go back to his ordered life, accept for Edward is drinking himself into a stupor right now .... and what about he, himself Marcel? honestly? he's beside himself with worry for the little Omega, a strange house with four strange Alpha's, what if Louis goes into heat?? what if he doesn't like them? what if they aren't good to him? will he come back? does he know he is always welcome back? or that he was ever welcome at all??

the usually balanced and calm Alpha pushes his head in his hands, what a royal mess everything has turned out to be, and all he wants right now is the colorful picture to morph into his colorful Omega and tell him laughing in the cheeky way he does that it's all a big joke and he isn't really leaving them, he'd love to see Edwards scowl at being caught out and Harry smile at realizing that Louis hasn't left them after all, but in the end a picture is just a picture and nothing else.  




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A/N Okay, I think there are going to be a few chapters coming up where it might be a 'trust the author' situation, things might get a bit...or a lot worse before they change course, but I have always promised that it will be Louis/triplets and it will.



Louis grins from ear to ear when the first thing he hears when he wakes up with his head nestled in duck feather pillows ( Gretchen spent a long time telling him about how these particular ones with satin pillow cases were originally sourced in Paris and Louis hasn't the foggiest where that is anyway but he was polite) when he hears a familiar deep voice floating upstairs.

''I just thought he might want a few things''

''That's very kind of you Harry but you appear to have brought all but your bathroom sink, and we do have plenty here for Louis''  Louis frowns when he hears Gretchen rebuke Harry for whatever gifts he has brought for him and throws the bed covers off immediately, he falters before he turns the door handle to his room when he hears a second deep familiar voice

''Did the Omega settle? and where are your brothers?I need to speak with them regarding Louis security'' his breath hitches a little, he's expected Harry really, but to have Edward turn up after just one night away was something Louis never expected from the stubborn hot headed Alpha.

''Yes, and we must consider if Louis has a heat while he is here'' it's when Louis hears the third triplets voice that his heart really swells with joy, stupid Gretchen said they were not Louis friends, but Louis is right, hopefully she will soon see and Louis can go back to living with them instead of here, even though regrettably it is very nice, it isn't home.

Louis whizzes down the stairs and dives into Harry throwing his arms around the Alpha's middle, Harry tries to hug him back but it seems to be very difficult for him with all the shopping bags he has in his arms.

''I'm sorry to just turn up Lou I know you are probably wanting to do your own thing, but well the weather is supposed to take a turn and I couldn't remember if you had enough jumpers, and there are some fleecy pajamas and some new slippers too, and then I couldn't resist picking up that 'simple steps cookery' book I was telling you about that I found online and there's some sweet's..and''

''Okay Harry I think you have covered all of your completely unnecessary  and impromptu purchases that you got up at 6am to raid the Mall for'' Edward it seems no longer has the patience to listen to Harry list out every single item he has crammed in his carrier bags.

'' I brought some bits from home too, a bit of the homemade Jam and some muffins and..and.. well a few other bits....'' he trails off guiltily when he catches the eldest triplets impatient stare, Edward is tired, he is hungover and he is grumpy as hell but despite the previous evenings events, all the triplets had woken with the small Omega in mind, Harry was absolutely sure Louis didn't have all his creature comforts and he was very worried about the supposed bad weather that is on it's way, Edward had an overpowering need to personally meet and inspect all four of these Alpha's that would be in close proximity and essentially 'looking after' his little stray Omega after all he had promised Louis he would be safe in his Pack, and Marcel thought that they should speak with Louis about his Heat, how long he usually went in between heats, whether he wanted to come back and stay with them and if not then they would need to ask Gretchen what plans for the Omega's privacy and 'well being' would be in place.

''My brothers are out'' Gretchen responds with a wry smile ''I'm so sorry Edward, but it's their turn to border patrol, Liam phoned last night and said that you personally had advised that all Alpha's were now mandatory in the security Network''

''And they were not previously volunteering to help out?'' it's already a black mark in Edwards opinion

''Unfortunately no, dad as you know is busy with the Council and Mother and little Roderick, so it falls on my other four brothers to run the family business''

''Your father has never mentioned any business''

''Did he not?'' Gretchen tilts her head with a surprised expression. ''oh, well you know, being an Omega I don't really know much about it, you would need to ask him or my brothers.''

Edward is not sure he believes a clever Omega like Gretchen knows nothing about her fathers own business, supposedly run by the four brothers that live with her, he makes a mental note to speak with her father at the next council meeting. 

''Would it be possible for my brothers and I to have a private conversation with Louis about his heats?'' Marcel takes his turn to address Gretchen, it's purely out of politeness because it is her house, it's up to Louis of course ultimately.

'' It's rather a 'touchy' subject don't you think? I mean please do not get me wrong but you are not Louis Alpha's and as an I Omega myself I would find it extremely intimidating if three Un mated Alpha's started asking me about my heats, it's almost suggestive'' with that she chuckles, as though the mere thought that Marcel would be being deliberately suggestive towards Louis is absurd. ''Maybe I could speak to Louis about it''

''Louis isn't minding'' Louis is now standing in between Harry and Marcel, Marcel has a hand on the small of the Omega's back and Harry has put all his bags down and has one around the Omega's shoulder.

''Um, well if Louis doesn't mind then of course, please use the dining room'' Gretchen gestures to a room to the left, she doesn't seem too pleased by the prospect but for the time being appears beaten


Ornate is probably the best way of describing Gretchen's dining room, there are delicately carved wooden chairs and a table covered in soft white linen with a vase of lilies in the center, there are various paintings on the soft pink walls, all of which look exotic and expensive.

''Beautiful room' Harry comments as he sits down and the others follow suit, Louis nods in agreement, it is indeed beautiful but it still isn't home and he personally prefers Harry and Edward's combined tastes, he has come to realize that Marcel passes no comments on the interior design of the triplets home, only sometimes Harry will want something outlandish and Edward will expect something sleek so the decor falls somewhere in between and somehow it works .

''Louis, you haven't had a heat since you arrived at the pack and it 's been well over a month, do you need to see a doctor?'' Marcel asks the first worrying question that he has regarding Louis heat

''Louis is sometimes having heats at different times, Niall says can be stresses or sometimes normal'' Louis isn't at all perturbed by his irregular heats

''Well there has certainly been a lot of stress'' Edward concludes ''However, I would say in that case you are due any time''

''Louis is due Louis heat'' Louis agrees

''And aren't you worried at all? you are in strange surroundings and there are Alpha's you have never met which may be present'' Marcel is becoming a little exasperated when Louis seems to be failing to grasp the serious nature of the subject.

''Edward says Louis is safe in Triplets Pack, Louis used to stay in his cave, Louis will just stay in his room''

''Didn't anybody look after you?'' Harry seems very shocked, obviously he knows that Louis wouldn't of had an 'Alpha' looking after him in that way, but Omega's are normally assisted by a trusted person even if it's just to leave food and drink by the door and occasionally knock the door to see if anything else is needed.

''Niall and Maura of course'' Louis looks at them as though they are all dumb '' Maura or Niall is bringing foods and water to Louis''

''And what about bathing facilities''

''Louis wash in lake after heat''

''Good God'' Edward can't believe his ears, the Omega's heats have been primitive, Edward guesses he didn't have any toys either ''How did you relieve yourself Omega?''

''Louis make himself feel good'' The Omega blushes and Edward doesn't want to explore that subject any further, it is not a very gentleman like thing for an unmated Alpha to discuss with an unmated Omega that he does not intend to have relations with.

''Were your heats painful?'' it seems Harry is concerned

''No, Louis is ok Harry, you isn't needing to worry, Louis has been having heats for 6 summers, Louis is grown and understands what to do''

''Yes, of course, sorry Louis, how very rude and intrusive of us, you are 21 years of age and of course you are more than capable of understanding your own biology'' Edward thinks only Marcel would use the word 'Biology' when talking about something of a sexual nature.

''Well you can always come and spend your heat at ours'' Harry makes sure to tell the Omega '' if you feel it coming on, you just ask Gretchen if you can call us ok? and we'll make sure you have the Master en suite so you can bathe whenever you want, and I'll get some extra nutritious snacks in to keep up your strength ''

Louis nods feeling very special, the triplets have given him exclusive permission to spend his heat at theirs, they've even been worrying about it.

Louis knows when he feels his heat coming on he will definitely go home, there will be nothing better than being looked after by Harry when he has his heat, and the Master En suite is Edwards own room, and he didn't even object like he normally does saying that Louis is a simpleton, Louis feels Glee like he has never felt before, in fact, he wants to go home with the Triplets right now, but then he needs to make sure Gretchen has got the message before he does so that she will leave him, Harry and Marcel alone, and hopefully Edward too, but that might be a stretch, but Louis doesn't care right now because Edward isn't letting Gretchen have his luxurious room for her heats, he is letting Louis.

Unfortunately Louis happiness is short lived when there is a knock on the door and Gretchen pops her head round without anybody telling her to 'come in'

''Yes?'' Edward asks her, he is a little impatient at her interruption but then it is her house.

''I've had the maid make us a lunch Eddie, I thought we might take it out on the Lawn with half a bottle of the champers'' she pauses and looks at the other Styles triplets, deliberately overlooking Louis ''Of course you are welcome to join too if you want Marcel, and you Harry?''

''No thank you'' Harry says at the same time as Marcel makes his own excuses

''I've made a reservation at that new Thai restaurant in town for myself and Marcy, I would love it if you could come too Louis?'' Marcel looks at Harry, it's the first he has heard on this, but be damned if he will let Louis be left here watching Edward and Gretchen 'take lunch' on the lawn.

''Yes please do come Lou'' Marcel offers, adopting Harry's nick name for the small Omega

''Perhaps I should go with my brothers, its supposed to be an excellent restaurant, I could take you another time Gretchen'' Edward looks torn

''Well there is far too much lunch for me to have alone Eddie, it would be a shame for it to be wasted, unless of course you are suggesting we all go, in which case I could have 'maid' pack it up for tea'' Edward caches Harry's eyes, and there is no way he will hurt his brother like that again.

''No, sorry Gretchen I wasn't thinking, of course I would love to have lunch with you in the gardens, I'm sure your Maid is an excellent cook''

''Wonderful' Gretchen claps her hands together as the others head towards the door.

''Goodbye Gretchen I will see you later when I drop Louis back, thanks for letting us use your dining room, and I do apologize for us all just turning up this morning'' Marcel bids his goodbye as Louis gives her a cheerful wave, her spiteful lunch with Edward forgotten in light of his exciting trip with Harry and Marcel.

''Yes goodbye Gretchen, enjoy your Lunch dear, I do hope it doesn't rain, the forecast has been very dismal'' Harry gives the female Omega a wave as he nods at his head towards brother.



''What a shame your brothers weren't able to stay'' Gretchen says lazily as she rests her head in Edwards lap making Edward feel awkward.

''Another time maybe'' he is beginning to find it annoying how Gretchen does not seem to be getting the message where his brothers are concerned, he doesn't want to be mean to her but it is quite clear to him that neither Harry or Marcel are interested, not only that but it was very rude of her to not invite Louis to Lunch especially when he is a house guest by her own invitation, it's not at all the sort of behavior that Edward desires in an Omega, it's almost as though she is being spiteful and jealous towards Louis, which is ridiculous because poor Louis has been dredged up with barely anything or anyone, he didn't even have his mother from five years of age! and Gretchen has and has always had everything good the world can offer, she is stunning and rich, too bad that he is beginning to get turned off by her personality.

''I think that Louis has a crush on you Eddie'' the Omega looks up at him batting her eyelashes '' Funny to think he thinks you and your brothers will actually 'mate' with him, I do feel sorry for him though when he realizes that none of you will ever make him Pack Luna''

''I'm sorry?'' Edward doesn't like the tone of this conversation, of course Louis can't be Pack Luna but he doesn't want to talk about it with Gretchen, he doesn't want to talk about Louis at all with Gretchen.

''Louis, he's got this silly idea that you three are going to mate him and it's going to be some fairy tale ending''

''Did he say that?'' Edward is suddenly very alert, a jumble of thoughts going through his head

''Well, not in so many words but...I mean it's pretty obvious, you can't blame him, any Omega would be over the Moon with the attention you three give him''

''I..I never meant for him to get hurt'' Edward stumbles over the words talking more to himself than to Gretchen

''Oh I know you didn't Edward sweetumz, you and your brothers were just being nice, I know you just felt sorry for the little fellow''

''He was on his own'' Edward reasons, again, more to himself than Gretchen ''We just wanted to do the right thing, well Harry and Marcel did, to begin with I thought he was a bit of a waste of space''

''And now Edward?''

''And now?'' Edward asks himself several questions at once ''And now? what? how does he feel about Louis? what does he do about his brothers and Louis? And Now? why is he here, sitting with an Omega he doesn't even like''

''Gretchen I'm sorry, I have to leave, this won't work''

''But Edward we said..''

''No Gretchen, listen to me, this isn't going to work, I'm leaving.'' Edward refuses to be manipulated anymore, he needs to go home and sort out his head out, he needs to speak to his brothers seriously about Louis.


Edward leaves, he doesn't feel good about leaving Gretchen like that, he knows he led her on a bit but it's not right, it doesn't feel right and even if he doesn't understand why, that's just how it is.




Louis is dropped back at Gretchen's after his delicious meal with Harry and Marcel, he's actually quite excited to tell her about it, and maybe these brothers if he ever gets the chance to meet any of them, they never seem to be about.

''Gretchen'' he calls ''Gretchen''

''Louis'' the other Omega greets him walking down the stairs, she looks a mess and it's evident she has been crying

''Is Gretchen okay?'' Louis naturally kind nature makes him momentarily concerned for her

''Edward broke up with me'' and Gretchen starts sobbing all over again

''Louis is sorry'' He is a little bit, yes he doesn't want the triplets anywhere near her, but its still sad that she is so upset about it

''Oh don't be, he's simply horrible, and the things he said about you dear, so rude and condescending'' Louis freezes

''Don't be mean, Edward isn't saying anything, you is just upset and being mean to Louis''

''Oh Lou Lou, I'm sorry, I didn't even realize my phone was recording, but I captured the whole thing on there'' she pulls her phone out of her pocket and replays the conversation right up until Louis hears 'well Harry and Marcel did, to begin with I thought he was a bit of a waste of space' ''I'm so sorry Louis, they really did just feel sorry for you, I know how much you liked Harry and even Marcel.''


Gretchen carries on waffling away in the background but Louis just stands there looking at the woman not hearing another thing, he feels numb.


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Chapter Text



Louis refuses to see the Triplets the next day, he hears each and every one of them at the base of the stairs but he refuses to speak with any of them, Gretchen thinks it is because he is mad, but in truth, Louis isn't mad, he knows Edward never took an instant liking to him, and it comes as no surprise that initially Marcel and Harry were just concerned for a 'Stray Omega's' welfare, no, the problem is him, has he dreamed too much for too long? has he expected more from the brothers than he ever had a right to? I mean they never asked for Louis hand in marriage, all they ever  did was take care of him and look out for him, it's him that is the problem here, Louis will admit, he's never had anything like this, yes Maura and Niall cared for him like family and Louis loves them more than he could ever express, but it isn't the same feelings he has when it comes to the triplets, its not that he loves Niall and Maura less, it's just different and that's not the triplets fault.

Louis thinks this must be what happens in the stories Maura used to tell when somebody falls in love, and yet it's only Louis that is in love, the Triplets are just friends, but they are good friends, maybe Edward didn't like Louis to begin with, but Louis isn't stupid and Edward never lied, he needs to go home to them and talk to them is the conclusion he comes to about 7Pm that night when he hears arguing downstairs.


''Just leave him alone Cyril''

''I thought you said you wanted him gone'' Louis hears the louder deeper tones of a male, he guesses it's one of the brothers

''I was wrong, they like him, just forget it, leave him be.''

''Stupid bitch!!'' Louis hears the horrible noise of skin hitting skin ''Can't even do what an Omega is supposed to do, fucking useless'' and Louis hears the horrible slapping noise again, he's terrified, but he knows he can't leave Gretchen alone in this despite the fact that she has tried her best to come in between him and the triplets, she obviously had strong feelings for Edward and was jealous and that is not a reason to be just left to be beaten or worse. 

Louis tiptoes down stairs and opens the living room door, the sight before him is awful, there is a really tall blonde haired Alpha with features that resemble Gretchen's own standing above the woman who is now cowering in the corner.

''Can Louis help?'' Louis asks timidly, no idea what he is doing.

''LOUIS RUN!!'' Gretchen screams, which lands her two more kicks to the ribs and a final punch whereby she appears still, Louis and the unknown assailant look at each other for less than a second before Louis runs.





** Earlier that day**


Edward can't help but pick up the phone to Gretchen's father, he and his brothers having had a talk whereby they have decided Louis needs to come back home, none of them know what will come of it, but all agree that without Louis in their lives it's not quite right, Marcel believes Louis is exactly the Omega to appreciate this and that Louis will be more than happy to take friendship first an see how things go, but he needs to know he is more to them all that the initial 'stray Omega' that walked into their lives.


''Mr Maynard'' Edward greets him

''Edward? to what do I owe this pleasure'' to his credit the man sounds utterly delighted at the phone call.

''Nothing special really, I was just with your lovely Gretchen yesterday afternoon taking lunch'' Edward decides to play it 'up' a little''And she mentioned your family business, I was just wondering if this was something we could turn into 'Pack business' if you get my drift'' the man on the other end chuckles lightly, although there is no malice to it.

''Oh good grief no, I'm so sorry Edward that I never mentioned this to you and your brothers, I do deal with tobacco, overseas as well, but I don't think that it'll help the Pack, not unless we want to help them all turn into smokers'' he laughs again, it sounds genuine '' I invest a great deal back into the Pack already as you know, my boys are out there now working on new leads, and we definitely need the money what with that Northern pack and their dirty antic's''

''I'm sorry'' Edward stalls for a moment '' Your sons are abroad?

''Oh yes, well, three of my lads, obviously the youngest is still with his mother and Cyril is home, can't have my Gretchen all by herself now can I?, not with her being an Omega and all''

Edward suddenly has the feeling something is very wrong, he glances at the clock, 6.45.

''No, sorry Mr Maynard for taking up your time, thank you for the information, I feel you are right the Pack doesn't need extra tobacco, the funds you provide from the proceeds are excellent, thank you.''

Edward hands up, he needs to get to Louis now

''HARRY! MARCEL!'' he screams rushing to towards the door, Gretchen lied to him, why?  something is very very wrong.


within twenty minutes the triplets are at Gretchen's home, and its even clearer that something is not right, the front door is wide open.

''Louis!! LOUIS!!!!!! LOU!!!!!'' Harry is screaming, apparently desperate upon entering

''Good Lord!!'' is all Edward needs to hear from Marcel who is standing at the living room door, he goes to see what his brother is so shocked about, and really, he feels like throwing up, little Gretchen is curled in a ball, bruises and cuts on her face, her eyes just about flicker open.

''Oh Eddie I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I tried to stop him'

''Shh, shh,'' he's beside the Omega in seconds, yes, he doesn't lover her, but to see her in this broken state, it's not at all right and Edward would like to severely punish if not kill whoever did this, the Omega  is in and out of consciousness.

''What happened to Louis Gretchen?, the truth this time please'' Edward is giving her a chance to put this right, to stay under his Pack's protection as he hears Marcel speaking to the Ambulance crew on the phone ''Please'' he adds his voice soft so only he and Gretchen can hear.

''Midas'' the small Omega gasps, clutching her ribs ''If he catches him he'll take him to Midas, Edward, I never wanted this please believe me, I just wanted to do something right and make them happy, I really did like you and that's why I was going to get Louis out '' the Omega screams in pain, and Edward holds her comfortingly, her eyes flicker up to him again, '' You love him Edward, not me, you were all taken before you could ever love me, I realize that now, I'm so so sorry, can you forgive me?''

''Of course, I could never hate you'' Edward mumbles into her hair, his heart bleeding, it's not Gretchen's fault she is bringing back all of Edwards worst memories, all the memories Edward has tried to hide for years and years, a broken and battered Omega lying in his arms, a broken and battered Omega that he couldn't save, a broken and battered Omega that was Edwards mother.


''Edward'' it's Harry that crashes down and throws his arms around  his brother tightly ''Edward, it's okay, it's okay they'll save her,  we need to go, we need to find Louis''

Edward looks straight at his brother

''You and Marcel take Gretchen to hospital, I want to know exactly how she gets on, she might not be our Omega, but she is one of my Pack Omega's, I know exactly where to find Louis, send Liam and Niall to the borders of the Northern Pack, as soon as Gretchen is safe you join them, if I do not return to you within 24 hours, declare war on the Northerners, for my brother, if I have not returned to you by then I am dead''

''Edward!'' Harry shrieks, Marcel looking mortified behind him, there are sirens in the background.

''' do as I say brothers''

''Why should we?'' Harry's lip trembles

''Because I'm the eldest and I say so'' Edward winks


and nobody gets a chance to argue because Edwards wolf is so fast it's that of legends to come and legends that have past.


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Chapter Text



Edward found himself being escorted through Midas's pack by three of his Pack Alpha's, he knew there was little to no chance that Louis had managed to outrun an Alpha and decided he may as well cut to the chase.

''Edward Styles what a pleasant surprise'' the tone in Midas's voice when he greets Edward is mocking, Edward has never wanted to kill him more as he sits smugly at a long table filled with Alpha's and Beta's, the only Omega in sight is serving them all drinks, Edward notices how she keeps her head down and barely looks at any of them as she tips wine in their glasses.

''I've come for the Omega that you have kidnapped'' Edward isn't about to play games with this man and he has come alone for one reason only and that is to appear less threatening to other Pack, he isn't interested in creating a war unless it's absolutely necessary, being 'flanked' by his brothers and/or any of his other capable Alpha's would only have come across as excessive if his business really is to collect one stray Omega, which it is. 

''You mean the Omega that I have merely brought home to the Pack of his origin''

''He doesn't want to be here, therefore, you have kidnapped him and I have come to collect him''

Midas laughs

''How do you know he doesn't want to be here?'' and then before Edward can answer Midas gives another laugh ''no need to bother to answer the question, you're right, he doesn't want to be here, in fact he's kicking up quite a stink I hear at the Omega House''

Edward has to purse his lips momentarily to stop himself losing patience

''What on gods earth is an Omega house?''

''It's where unmated Omega's of age live until they find a suitor, they entertain Alpha's and earn 'bids'''

''Bids?'' Edward repeats the word and wrinkles up his nose

''Yes bids, you know and then the highest bidder claims him after a month unless he goes into heat first of course it's nature isn't it, I won't stop an Alpha from claiming him, though they will have to pay a fine after'' Edward feels sick as Midas continues '' momentarily Louis is struggling with bids, people are very interested when they see him but then unfortunately he has to open that god awful mouth of his, I must say if he wasn't so unintelligible I might have fancied a piece myself''

''Then you won't mind if I take him back then will you?'' Edward says through gritted teeth ''What is your highest bid?'' he doubts very much if many of the low life Alpha's in this Pack can out bid him.

''Currently there is only a bid of £20.00 but he has only been here a matter of hours, I would anticipate more''

''I'll give you £500.00 pounds and we'll leave it at that''

''Oh, and are you going to mate him?''

''What?'' Edward is disgusted by this man

''Well that is what you are bidding for of course, to mate him''

''What I do with him is none of your concern, I'll write you a cheque for 500.00 and I'll leave with the Omega''

''Mmmm''Midas infuriatingly mimes 'thought' for a moment whilst a couple of his companions snigger '' I don't think that will do Edward, I mean, if one of my Pack mates with Louis then I get an Omega that can possibly breed more Omega's, he's fertile apparently.. well as goes the old wives tale as you know well I'm sure.'' Edward knows damned well, male Omega's are quite rare and allegedly very fertile, he hasn't done any science on it but the few male Omega's he does know with families do have had plenty of pups. ''No.. I think if you want him then you need to make it worth it to this pack, I would want ten million pounds'' Edward almost chokes, he honestly cannot afford to spend that much on a single Omega, Midas earlier request for money hit them hard, if he gives away a further ten million pounds then they will face financial insecurity, if they can't afford trade his Pack will become endangered and they may have to scatter, some of them will not find other Packs, they will die or be picked up by looters, especially his Beta's and his Omega's, Edward has no choice but to be a leader first it's his birthright, he would die for his Pack.

''Take me to him and I will consider your request'' is all that Edward actually says to Midas, nothing of the turmoil within showing outwardly.

''Very well'' Midas shrugs and pulls himself up from the table, he wobbles a little, the man is clearly intoxicated

the trip across the town doesn't take them long and they soon enter a ramshackle building which in Edwards opinion could do with being torn down, he's just about to address a male beta sitting at a desk with horn rimmed spectacles and a pen when a shoe comes sailing through the air narrowly missing his left ear, followed by a lot of almost incomprehensible bellowing.

''Louis is not! you is doing! Louis is not for wiping shoes!! what is for Louis??'' he almost smiles remembering the first morning when Louis had looked like a small filthy tramp shouting and bawling in Edwards living room, good to see he doesn't just reserve that kind of nonsense for him and his brothers.

''He is insane!'' a disheveled red-faced Alpha of about fifty with long lanky grey hair comes out of a room behind the Beta at the desk, he is clutching his other shoe and what looks like a cloth and some polish ''I only asked him if he would clean my shoes for me and he started shouting like a lunatic'' his wild eyes look at Midas ''Loopy that one'' he finishes trying to cram his horrible dirty shoes back on his large feet.

''Yes well, maybe next time you will think to clean them yourself, or failing that, I usually find taking them to a reputable cobbler and paying them to do it does the trick'' Edward addresses the pathetic Alpha in front of him

''Ed..ed.. Edward Styles?'' the man stutters his name and goes even redder

''the very same'' Edward drawls casually, not having been in the presence of such a buffoon for a good while '' and a word of advice, if you would like an Omega to clean your shoes try showing them some damn respect and they may very well offer to clean your shoes for you out of 'love' and not because they are your slave''

the man blushes deeper and says nothing further rushing out the door between the two men.

'' I want to be with the Omega alone'' Edward looks at Midas ''I need to speak to him, make sure he really does want to come back to our pack if I am to spend so much money''

''Very well, take as long as you like I have drinks to finish, you know where to find me'' Edward supposes Midas doesn't see him as a threat to the Omega's welfare, not that he considers Louis anything but a precious baby making machine, he doesn't need telling where Louis is, he saw very clearly which room the flying shoe and blustering Alpha came from.


''Louis'' he calls gently as he enters the room closing it behind him

''Edward?'' the sight is adorable, Edward can't lie, Louis is sat on a double bed with his legs and arms crossed, his cheeks red tinged with what is probably anger and he is pouting ''Edward can Louis go home now, Louis is not liking these people, they want Louis to wipe shoes and rub nasty shoulders, Louis isn't wanting'' the smell hits Edwards nose immediately, Louis is going into heat, it's a very faint smell and it's very early, normally only an Omega's own partner can sense a heat before it begins, Edward really needs to speak to Zayn on these weird thing that keep happening.

''Well of course not, nobody would want that would they sweetheart?, now, I need you to listen very carefully to me, and I need to know that you understand'' Edward only has one good solution to get them both out of this safely without putting the future of his pack in jeopardy. 

Louis nods

''Okay, well you're going to go into heat shortly Louis''

''How is Edward knowing?'' Louis wide Sapphire eyes peek up at him

''I just know Louis okay? trust me, and if you go into heat here one of those Alpha's is going to try and mate with you'' he holds up his hand before Louis can start to panic ''Let me finish, Midas has asked me for a lot of money to take you home Louis, more money than my pack can afford to lose in one big pay out for nothing in return but an Omega's safety''

Louis starts to cry

''But Louis isn't wanting to stay here, Louis was taken'' Edward pulls the small Omega close to him ''I know, I know my little stray, it isn't your fault, the thing is Louis, the only way out of this would be for me to take you as my mate''

Louis looks startled

''As Edwards Mate? really? Louis?''

''Yes sweetheart, I would need to take you as my Luna, but I can't promise you love in return Louis, we've only known each other just over a month, I can't promise you any of the things  a life partner can promise you, only that you will of course be provided for and kept safe, an unbinding can be dangerous for an Omega so please think very carefully because if you end up unhappy, you may end up stuck unless you want to go through that at a massive risk''

''Will Edward have other Luna's?''

''Maybe.. I hope I will not want to, we would talk about it'' Edward is truthful, he doesn't want to lie to Louis, it's not right.

''What about Harry and Marcel?''

''You can mate with them also if you and they wish it of course''

''What is Luna?''

''My Queen Louis, my Luna is my Queen'' it's the simplest way to put it to the Omega

''Louis will be Queen? but Louis isn't knowing all the many things to be Queen''

''Shhh now... it'll all be alright we will help you, we don't have a lot of time Louis, so what is your decision?''

''Will Edward leave Louis if Louis says no'' Edward rocks the crying Omega in his arms as the smell of Louis oncoming heat gets stronger, nature beginning to take hold of his senses as he feels relaxed even though there is impending doom.

''Of course not, I shall stay here with you and I shall fight off as many Alpha's as I can'' He can't just leave Louis to be raped, even if it would set both of their fates, Louis cries harder.

''what would happen to Louis and Edward?''

''I would probably die...'' Edward says truthfully ''And then I would not be able to protect you any longer, I am not sure if my brothers would make it in time'' he has never been one to mince his words, he doesn't see the point now, he will give Louis his life if he can't sacrifice his entire pack he can sacrifice himself.

''Then Louis will mate with Edward, Edward will be my Alpha'' Edward Groans at the tightening of his cock, those words out of Louis mouth are sinful, it's even more sinful when Louis starts to unbutton the Alpha's trousers and small soft lips begin to suck him off, who knew that Louis would be so instinctive in the bedroom, he wastes no time pushing his hands down the back of Louis trousers feeling  at the Omega's entrance for what he needs to know is there before he can begin, and gloriously there is plenty of it, plenty of slick, at least this will make things relatively enjoyable for both of them, he doesn't want Louis first time to be in pain.

Edward begins to work his fingers in, Louis begins to give out small high pitched breathy moans which drive Edward crazy, Louis heat has started and the Omega is thrusting his hips

''Please'' he mumbles pushing back on the Alpha's fingers, Edward wishes they had more time but he knows he needs to mate Louis before they find out what is going on, he lines his dick with the Omega's entrance and begins to thrust as gently and slowly as he can get away with, he pins the Omega beneath him with large hands running kisses up and down his neck, taking Louis moans of pleasure as his continued consent.

They continue like this for as long as Edward thinks he can afford, and possibly although he will never admit it probably for as long as he could of gone without popping his knot anyway 

''I'm going to knot you now sweetheart, hold onto my shoulders and squeeze if you need to, it might hurt a bit but it's required to complete the mating, are you ok?''

''Just do, Louis is ok''  Louis gasps a little as Edward inflates, his eyes scrunching up a little before they open and widen and then the Omega gives even more high pitched moans trying to fuck himself on Edwards enormous knot'' it's the most erotic sex Edward has ever had with an Omega, mind you he's never mated an Omega before for obvious reasons.


once the deed is done they both lie panting on the bed, naked and it's not long before they are discovered, Midas has come to check on them what with Edward being so long. 

''What at earth is going on?'' the anger on his face is blatant, it only serves to make Edward savor the moment more, he wraps Louis up in the bedclothes and pulls on his own tight fitted jeans

''I'll be leaving now Midas with my mate if you don't mind'' Midas stares at the bite on Louis neck and the stains all over the sheets ''As it happens he went into heat, and you know how us Alpha's can be, couldn't help myself, still I don't think he minds, beats being saddled with any of your lot eh!?'' and he offers a crooked grin as he pulls on his shirt.

''You did that on purpose!! you'll pay for that! I want my gold''

''Er, no I don't think so actually, you know what they say about Alpha's that have just mated, the old wives tale, you know? the one where an Alpha is ten times more powerful withing the first 24 hours of his mating, biology they say in order to protect the vulnerable bond from unwanted attacks, would be awful to test it out  right now wouldn't it? how many Alpha's can you afford to lose?'' and before Midas who is now purple in color can answer Edward finishes up by looking at his watch ''Oh, and look at that if we start now my brothers and Two of my best Alpha's will be joining us in about half an hour'' it's a bit of a lie but Edward is in his element, plus he doesn't trust his brothers or Liam and Niall ( with how protective he is over Louis) to wait the 24 hours requested. He scoops up the tired bundle of Louis in his arms and gives a little cheerio wave.

''You'll pay for this Edward Styles''


''Maybe'' Edward calls over his shoulder '' but not today''



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''We can't just stand around here waiting'' Niall throws up his arms in frustration squinting at the trees that line the border to the Northern Pack Territory

''Sh, calm down a minute, Edward gave us strict instructions'' Marcel raises his hand making a stop sign at the Irish man who Harry senses is beginning to irk his brother

''To hell with Edward, what is it with you lot always listening to him like he's god or something'' Niall clearly does not have the same faith in the oldest Triplet that the others in the group do

''Edward is extremely good at his job'' Zayn denotes

''Says you that isn't even 'summoned' to be here'' Liam supplies lazily

''What can I say, I don't like to be left out'' Zayn quips back

''No surprises there'' Liam is just as quick to return as Marcel rolls his eyes, he is stressed by all accounts and definitely not in the mood for the Irish man's ranting or Zayn and Liam's banter ( which is what it is)

''Do you guys always do what 'Edward' says'' Niall isn't giving up easy and this time despite Marcel's huffs of frustration it his Harry that 'bites' back.

''Where our domestic affairs are concerned then no, not that that it is any of your concern, however, when it comes to matters of the 'Pack' there is nobody I would trust more with decision making, if Edward has asked for things to be done in this way then there is a reason for it and we should not just go barging over the border when it may be completely unnecessary'' Harry doesn't have any intention of waiting as long as Edward has asked him to, he would never, his brothers life could be ebbing away and his beautiful Louis could be being subjected to goodness knows what, but he will give his brother a while yet. 

''There!! I see something!!!'' Niall shouts suddenly after another  minutes or so scanning the border, and sure enough Harry spots it too, a figure who is most definitely his brother walking towards them carrying a small bundle with feet poking out .

''Louis?'' he whispers almost to himself, terrified that the bundle appears to be still in his brothers arms

''LOUIS!!?'' Niall has already started to move towards the figures in a sprint, the others close behind him, Harry rushes to catch them up.

''Eddie, is he alright?'' Harry pants breathlessly as soon as his brother is in hearing distance, Edwards eyes meet his, there's something in them, there is something very wrong.

''He is well'' Edward confirms, and now Harry is close he can see the small Omega's chest going up and down even though his eyes are shut, it appears he is only sleeping.

''Oh thank god!'' and Niall makes towards Edward, it's a mistake, the growl Edward lets out is feral

''Oh good Lord!'' Niall steps back, ''Liam you stay away too'' Zayn's eyes are wider than wide

''What's the matter with him?'' Marcel seems alarmed too ''Ed, what's wrong with you? are you injured? '' Marcel eyes his brother up and down, there is a darkness to his green eyes that is not normally present.

''Mine'' Edward says pulling Louis closer to his chest

''Eddie, stop it at once!'' Harry charges over to his brother grabbing the other Alpha's arm and forcing him to look into his eyes once again ''It's me Harry, you're worrying everybody, have you been drugged Edward?'' Edward does not growl at Harry in the same way that he did Niall and he makes no move to remove Harry's hands from about his person but his head just lollops creepily to one side as though for a moment he can feel and hear Harry but not quite see him.

''Mine'' he says again softer this time pulling his gaze away from his brother to rest on the sleeping Omega.

''I...I..don't know quite how to tell you this'' Zayn begins timidly from where he is standing back from the brothers with Liam and Niall  ''I..I..think they're mated''

''I'll bloody kill him!''Niall looks like he is about to start towards Edward again but Zayn grabs his wrist

''No, you mustn't do anything at the moment, Edward is extremely dangerous right now, he could seriously hurt you if not kill you by accident''

''Mated? you mated Louis, Edward?'' Marcel looks equally hurt and appalled, whilst Harry remains still with his arm rested on his brothers shoulder, expression unreadable. 

''Okay, he says finally, Edward we need to get you and Louis home, do you understand what I'm saying to you? we need to go home, we need to get you and Louis somewhere safe where you can finish... um finish.. his heat'' the last word is said almost with a waiver.

Edward doesn't really respond but he begins to move in the general direction of their Pack so Harry assumes on some basic level he is understanding what needs to be done.


Once they are back at the house Edward still barely acknowledges his brothers and  actively growls when Liam tries to enter the house, so he, Zayn and Niall agree to wait outside until Harry and Marcel are sure that they don't need any further help with Edward.

Edward carries Louis through the house to his Master Bedroom where he lays the still sleeping form on his bed softly brushing back the Omega's caramel hair before closing the door and returning to the living room where his brothers nervously await.

''Louis is mine'' he all he addresses them both with, he looks very very tired and somewhat confused

''Okay we'll talk about this later'' Marcel has so many questions and he is sure Harry does but now is not the time for a lot of questioning, there is only one that is really important anyway

''Was he willing?'' Marcel has to know, needs to know, and he knows if Louis wasn't there would still be some reason why Edward would do this but he still needs to know.

Edwards eyes snap up to his youngest brothers, they are formed as slits and there is anger lurking there but still, the fact Marcel is his brother and his 'mate' must on some level prevent Edward from acting on it

''Yes'' the simple word falls from his tongue before he gets up and leaves the room, they both hear the Master bedroom door click shut.

''Hell I need some air'' Harry says running his hand through his curls raggedly

''Lets go to the others, I don't think Edward will harm us or Louis, if he wanted to he would of done it already, we need to see if Zayn knows anything about how long this 'weird' phase will last''


''I'm not sure, but strangers need to stay away from the house for the rest of Louis heat, I mean, it's normal procedure really, Alpha's don't like to be interrupted with their Omega's at the best of times and we all know that it's a particularly bad idea on an initial mating, the thing is, nobody normally would even try! unfortunately these aren't normal circumstances and obviously Edward already has you guys, though, as I expected initially he can still acknowledge your bonds even through this 'haze' he is in.'' Zayn gives the best of his knowledge to the two brothers though it's a strangely unexplored topic because normally a couples first heat together or mating would be a private affair and if other mates were involved they would probably also be present at the initial mating and be a part of it if the decision is made to share another partner.

''I'm still gonna kill him'' Niall mutters fists clenched ''wait until I tell Grandma about it''

''He says Louis was willing'' Marcel says sternly ''my brother is no liar, and he would never do anything without good reason''

''Just because he was willing doesn't mean he didn't take advantage''

''He wouldn't, Edward wouldn't do that'' Harry looks tearful as he says it and Marcel has had enough.

''Right! I'm tired and I'm sure everybody else is too, I'll phone you all tomorrow with news on how they both are, I promise Niall, I would of course ask you to stay to be with Louis but it's not safe and Louis wouldn't want that''

Begrudgingly Niall agrees and leaves with Zayn and Niall


That night Harry sleeps huddled up in Marcel's room and neither of them speak about the noises they can hear coming from Edwards.



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Chapter Text


Harry isn't sure what he is meant to feel when Louis heat is finally over, Edward just leaves his bedroom one morning, stares at his brothers and walks out the house and Harry isn't sure if he wants to run after him and hug him or run after him and kill him ( metaphorically of course). In the end neither Harry or Marcel go after Edward, instead Harry gets up to go and check on Louis, he finds the Omega crying in the bedroom buried in the sheets.

''Oh my gosh Louis, Lou? are you okay? please tell me Eddie didn't hurt you? he wouldn't? he couldn't? please tell me he didn't'' Harry feels his own eyes well up holding the small Omega tightly, to his overwhelming relief the Omega shakes his head. 

''Edward isn't hurting Louis, Edward is saving Louis but now Edward has a..a.. Luna that Edward doesn't want and Louis isn't knowing anything about being Luna, Louis doesn't even know Luna only what Edward says it is''

''Okay Lou, it's okay, Edward will be alright he's probably just a bit freaked out by everything, you know how he is, don't get stressed over being a Luna you'll be wonderful at it, we'll show you everything you need to know right?''

''Really? Harry promises?'' and Louis looks so vulnerable that Harry mentally curses Edward for just barging out and leaving the Omega he just mated and spent an entire heat with in this mess, it's totally irresponsible behavior, Louis needs his Alpha close by and attentive, the bond is still fresh and everything is still new. 

''Of course Louis, nothing has changed, we're still all here to help you and look after you, just because you and Edward are bonded it doesn't mean that Marcel and I aren't still here for you just the same.

''Harry is sad though'' Harry frowns, he had really tried his best to cover any feelings of sadness or jealousy regarding the mating with Edward, it had obviously been necessary or Edward would not have done it, Louis himself said that Edward was saving him, what right did Harry have to be childish about the situation, but somehow he hadn't hidden it well enough.

''Oh Louis, I'm not sad, not really, I'm happy that you're back home and both you and Edward are safe, I just... I just didn't want it to be like this for you that's all ok? I wanted it to be really special for you, whoever you chose to be your Alpha'' he doesn't mention all the romantic ways he's gone through in his own head regarding the scenario of the Omega's first time. ''Look, it doesn't matter, life has dealt us what it will and we will make the best of it hmm?'' 

Louis nods drying his eyes

''But Louis is wrong because Louis loves Harry not Edward'' Harry freezes. Louis is mated to his brother, they haven't even talked about that, let alone Louis deciding that he loves Harry and not Edward.

''Sh, Lou, you're just confused, your senses are overwhelmed and you need to get some rest, we will talk about this when you have more strength, I'm going to go and make you some hot soup and I've got homemade bread rolls''


''How is he?'' Marcel calls to Harry when he see's him exit the master bedroom

''He's in shock I think, I'm going to make him some food, I can't believe Edward just walked out like that! every time I think he is 'turning over a leaf' he goes and does something life this''

''This is a lot Harry, even for Edward, come on, he just got mated and even though we don't know the full details yet, it doesn't sound like either of them had much of a choice''

Harry bows his head, maybe he is being harsher on Edward than he should be, and maybe that is because it is Louis and not some other Omega that this happened to.

''I just wish he had spoken to us properly and not just walked out, I know, I know it's typical of him... but oh I don't know, I really don't, what a mess'' he decides not to mention what Louis told him to Marcel, he isn't sure how to approach it yet or even if Louis really knew or meant what he was saying, he has to be exhausted, poor thing. ''Can you call Niall and better give Liam and Zayn a call too, just let them know that Edward is being his usual unhelpful self again and Louis is tired but okay, I think tomorrow would be better for visitors'' Marcel nods in agreement and heads for the cordless phone in their varnished hall way.


It's midnight before Edward finally comes home, Marcel has gone to bed, he knows Edward will be back in his own time but Harry's anger has started to set into worry and he knows he won't be able to sleep until his brother is home and well.

''Where have you been?'' he demands, he expects Edward to get snarky with him and  tell him to mind his own business but he doesn't, he just sits down on the armchair opposite Harry, he looks shattered, in fact Harry would even say he looks a little unwell which is extremely unusual for Edward.

''Walking...running... I dunno I let my wolf take over for a while''

''You shouldn't allow yourself to get lost in your inner wolf Edward, people have gone mad and stuck like that''

''Says who?'' Edward snorts, more of his usual self coming back.

''People'' Harry says lamely, even though he's never actually met anyone that, that has ever happened to, technically it can, he's read articles about it anyway.

''How's Louis?'' Edward's eyes finally meet Harry's

''I was wondering when you might ask about your Omega, the same Omega you mated and then this morning so callously abandoned, I found him crying into the sheets, he says you don't want him''

''Well it wasn't exactly planned'' Edward says honestly, getting up to pour himself a whiskey, he pours Harry one too ''I couldn't leave him for Midas pack to rape could I? what life would he have there? I like to think even the worst life mated to me would be better than the best life there'' his voice is hitched as his head turns away, and Harry knows he won't see Edwards face until he is fully composed again.

''No, you couldn't do that Eddie, but you shouldn't of left him like that this morning''

''I know'' Edward turns back to face him his composure no longer compromised ''I just didn't feel like talking about it, It feels wrong even though I know I had no choice, not really''

''and now?''

''Not now either, but I know you won't rest until I do, so I'll just get it over with and tell you the real reason I walked out this morning, I have an Omega I never planned on mating Harry, I have an Omega that I'm not in love with and one that I'm not entirely sure is up to the job of Pack Luna though I'm sure he will do his best, but that's not the worst of it, do you want to know what the worst part of it is Harry? I have an Omega that doesn't want me, an Omega that didn't choose me, an Omega that I had to all but force myself on in a desperate situation, an Omega that would have had everything so different if I'd just let him have the Alpha he so clearly wanted in the first place, his first time would of been so romantic, no doubt you had it all planned to the last detail huh Harry? the wining, the dining a beautiful hotel, maybe even a mini break, and instead he got me. I just feel like I'm just like him''

''Jesus Edward you are nothing like him, Louis would never think you are anything like him, don't speak his name Eddie please''

''Yeah well I feel gross ok Harry, I feel like shit, you wanted the truth you got the truth, I'm sorry I ruined it all for the two of you, I mean you can still feel free to mate if you want to and I'm sure in time you will, but I'm sorry I messed it all up and it had to be like this, look, I just want to go to bed, I'll have your room''

''Edward you need to 'bond' with Louis you'll make yourself ill, hell, you'll make both of you ill''

''Louis will be fine, go and be his surrogate Alpha, scent him, hold him, reassure him'' Harry stands there open mouthed

''And what about you? we don't have any other Omega's in the house, you need to be with Louis, this time is important for the bond! I'll call Zayn''

''Call who you want Harry, I'm going to bed''


and Edward does just that, leaving Harry gaping after him.


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Chapter Text

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Marcel was surprised when he woke up at 3 am and went downstairs for a coffee to find his brother Edward awake at the kitchen table.

''So, not dead then Eddie?'' he greets his brother, Edward grunts in return '' Harry was worried'' Marcel continues even though he knows it is fruitless  and that Edward already knows that Harry was worried. 

'Harry always worries'' Edward returns

''Why aren't you with Louis?'' Edward isn't sure if Marcel means to sound accusatory but he does all the same.

''He's with Harry'' Edward says simply

''Is that wise? you have just bonded, I'm pretty sure that you and Louis are supposed to spend as much time together as possible to solidify it''

''Harry will make an excellent surrogate in my absence'' 

''So that's it then? just leave it to Harry to sort out? and in the meantime if you make yourself ill then screw the rest of us including Louis''

''Harry adores Louis, I would hardly call it a chore for him and I will be fine, statistically speaking it is typically the Omega's that suffer the worst in these types of situation, that and Louis and I haven't exactly had a 'lifelong' bond'

''So you intend to sever the bond already? have you even asked Louis? it's really dangerous''

''I never said I was severing it'' Edward growls ''I just don't need to spend all of my time with him, we are only mated out of circumstance and we do not need to be 'joined at the hip' I have things to get on with and Louis enjoys spending time with Harry most likely more than he does with me, I do not see the problem Marcel''

''You're avoiding the situation'' Marcel is angry with him, Edward isn't stupid, his normally calm and balanced brother has got himself 'riled' up and be damned if Edward knows why he is taking it all so personally when it affects the youngest triplet the least. ''You're avoiding the situation and you're expecting Harry and I to just pick up the pieces of a mess you made as usual''

''I beg your pardon?'' Edward feels his patience with his brother ebbing away and anger rising in his chest ''you act like I had a choice in the matter, so pray do tell, what would you have done given the circumstances?''

''I would of done the same thing'' Marcel crashes down into the chair opposite his brother ''Of course I would of done the same thing! but the difference between you and I Edward is that I would of taken full responsibility for it, I would be with Louis right now doing my duty and talking things through with him, asking him what he wants, how he envisages this panning out, explaining the basics of being a Luna, discussing how we both intend to live the rest of our mated life under such unusual circumstances, what I would not of done is fuck him then discard him onto my brother to wallow in my own self pity'' and there, Marcel has said his piece and he is done with it. ''I'm going back to bed Ed, you'll do what you think best as always and no doubt Harry and I will go along with it''

Marcel leaves the room, if Edward were less exhausted by the events of the past 24 hours then he might of found it in him to follow the younger man and continue to defend his 'stance' instead, as it is, he pushes his forehead into hands and wishes he were anywhere else but 'here' right now. Marcel may be right in regards to the fact that he is avoiding Louis and everything that goes with that,but he could at least try to understand 'why' Edward is doing what he is doing rather than scalding him like a naughty pup.


The morning finds each of the triplets and Louis quieter than normal during breakfast, there are cereal, yogurt, toast, fruits and condiments laid out on the table but there is no cooked breakfast, nobody complains and they eat in near silence, Edward in particular sparing not a single glance at Louis and very few for his brothers.

''I'll be out all day, I need to speak to the council about Louis initiation as Pack Luna'' he finally says with half a slice of toast in his mouth pulling his jacket round his shoulders. 

As soon as he leaves Louis bursts into bewildered tears

''Edward is hating me'' 

''No he isn't sweetheart, of course he doesn't hate you'' Harry immediately goes to Louis side pulling the Omega's head into his chest

''Edward is an idiot Louis that is all'' Marcel growls, he is angry that not one of the words he spoke the night before seem to have sunk into his 'pig headed' brothers skull, the unwitting damage he is doing to his own mate, Harry might be as good a surrogate as you could get but he is still not Louis actual mate and Marcel who excelled in the sciences in his studies knows that there is never a substitute for the real thing, what Edward is doing is reckless and dangerous to both himself and Louis.

''Louis didn't mean to make Edward mis..miserable'' he struggles on the word that the brothers have never heard him use before

''He was born miserable'' Marcel grumbles, no longer bothered if he is being unfair towards his sibling ''I've arranged for Zayn to come over and speak to you regarding the mating Louis, you can tell him anything and ask him anything, this is a really important time for you and it's important to be honest with him, he is a healthcare professional and he can try to help 'ease' you into your new 'mated' life, maybe even prescribe some medication if you need it.

''Niall coming too?'' Louis sounds hopeful

''I'm pretty sure wild horses wouldn't keep him away right now'' Marcel says with conviction, only because Niall had phoned several times since they had found a fevered Edward carrying a limp sleepy Louis in his arms. 

Louis smiles a little brighter but the dried tears on his cheeks still show the evidence of his brothers cruel indifference and it makes Marcel's blood boil, it makes him wish it has been him and not Edward that had gone after Lou, he would at least of given the Omega the respect and recognition he deserves even if it was a far from perfect mating, it was still a mating and the fact that Edward is neglecting his mate makes him question everything he thought he knew about his oldest triplet. 


A/N Hope this was ok?? will try not to make it too long for the next chapter as I already know roughly how it will go and it will have a lot more of Louis in it, I just wanted to give some of Marcel's perspective on the situation here.