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Eijun tucked himself under the blankets and stared at Miyuki Kazuya, who was sitting on the edge of his bed while rummaging through his bag. At that moment, Eijun was reminded of a classic movie trope, in which near the beginning of the film, the scene would freeze at a wild moment and the main character would narrate, ‘Yeah, you’re probably wondering how I got to this point.’

If only Eijun could show himself from a little under a year ago what was happening now. Last summer, he sat in that very chair across from Miyuki, ranting on and on about Miyuki’s content being nothing but clickbait aimed towards a thirsty female viewership. Now, Miyuki himself was in his room, getting comfortable as he prepared himself for bed.

Right—the bed. 

Eijun’s heart hadn’t stopped hammering wildly against his chest since he realized what was going on. He was worried that Miyuki could hear the pounding of his heart from where he sat, for in Eijun’s ears, the sound was as loud as thunder. He had the blankets pulled up to just under his eyes so he could hide how red he was, and he clutched the material of his blankets in a vice-tight grip. He watched Miyuki like a hawk, holding his breath, as if Miyuki would suddenly develop x-ray vision and be able to see the women’s clothing that was hidden behind the doors of Eijun’s closet.

Thankfully, Miyuki did not spontaneously gain any sort of superpower. Instead, Eijun let out a soft, mortified sound as Miyuki removed his shirt without warning. He was frozen in place, panicked as he debated whether or not he should stare, but Miyuki glancing over his shoulder was enough of a push for Eijun to make a rapid decision. He flipped onto his side, back facing Miyuki, as he curled in on himself self-consciously. Who could blame him—Miyuki was made of muscle and confidence and… and sex itself! How was Eijun supposed to handle seeing a man of Miyuki’s caliber strip his shirt off right in front of him?

“What’s wrong? We’re both guys,” Miyuki said with a mocking tone, clearly not apologetic at all for how he just embarrassed Eijun. He could hear the smug grin on Miyuki’s face.

“Don’t get naked in front of me!!” Eijun snapped, the tips of his ears now burning hot. They were peeking out from over the edge of the blankets, and he could feel Miyuki’s gaze settling on his ears, noticing their bright red color. “Stupid tanuki bastard…!”

“Who said anything about being naked?” Miyuki snickered, the dip in the mattress where he’d been sitting now disappearing as he stood up. “I’m just changing shirts, you know. What, did you want me to sleep naked?”

“D-Don’t just ask me that!” Eijun was so scandalized that he decided to turn back over, cat-eyed and scarlet, but his words died on his tongue as he watched Miyuki put on a new shirt. Briefly, he was able to stare without being noticed. He soaked in a glorious view of Miyuki’s abs flexing and the trail of dark hairs leading down from his navel before a shirt fell over it all, leaving only a small peek still available by the hem of his new shirt. As soon as he realized Miyuki could see his expression again, he turned his back towards Miyuki and huffed. “You wouldn’t sleep naked in someone else’s bed, would you? That’s just inconsiderate!”

“It’s not inconsiderate if there’s a reason for being naked, you know,” Miyuki countered. “Usually that’s what ‘sleeping together’ means.”

Eijun gulped when he heard Miyuki’s belt buckle clink together as it was loosened and removed. He wanted to watch Miyuki undress so badly.

“B-But that’s not the situation here, so… keep something on,” Eijun mumbled, fighting against the urge to soak in the sight of Miyuki dropping his jeans to the floor with every last bit of resistance he had left. He failed pretty quickly, but he at least had the clever idea to cover up his intentions. He decided to reach back and pretend to adjust his pillow, which would be the fake reason why he was twisting around so much. As he messed with his pillow, Eijun peeked over at Miyuki and—  

Shit, he really shouldn’t have done that.

Eijun was supposed to know the detrimental effect seeing Miyuki in his underwear would do to him, but like a clueless fool, he was like a deer caught in the headlights. He thanked every higher being that could possibly exist for the fact that Miyuki was looking down as he stepped into a pair of sweatpants, since Eijun was staring directly at him and he did not want to be spotted in the act.

He always knew Miyuki was big judging by the confidence Miyuki carried himself with. He knew that it had to be huge, but seeing just how large the bulge between his thighs was—when soft, might he add—had Eijun’s entire body flushing hot with arousal. The briefs he wore extended down to the mid-thigh, tight and snug on that mouth-watering swell of muscle on each leg, and they were definitely designed to cup his manhood and emphasize its impressive size.

Fuck. Eijun felt his neck burn red when Miyuki tugged his sweatpants up and noticed the pair of eyes staring him down like a starved animal. Frozen in place, Eijun held his breath as they locked eyes for one mortifying second. Miyuki didn’t even look mad. Instead, his pupils appeared to widen, like he was giving Eijun the same hungry look that Eijun was just giving him. 

Unable to bear the feeling, Eijun looked away again. He couldn’t find any words to say to excuse himself for staring, but judging by Miyuki’s reaction, he wouldn’t need to explain himself. Not when Miyuki was equally as guilty.

Only after Miyuki slid under the covers on his side of the bed did Eijun wonder what that meant for them. If Miyuki had just been looking at Eijun with that same level of carnal craving that Eijun felt, then… 

… then what came next?




Sawamura was curled up so tightly that Kazuya could sense just how tense his muscles had to be, even from his short distance. The kid was solid as a rock, like a rolly-polly prodded too many times, slightly trembling as he didn’t dare to breathe too deeply or make a sound that could interrupt the thick silence that was stewing between them. Besides, Kazuya felt like he’d just slipped under a heated blanket as soon as he got into bed, with Sawamura burning up right next to him.

At least Kazuya was under the blankets before his dick decided to give a twitch of interest. He released a shaky sigh and subtly pressed the heel of his palm down between his legs, as if telling himself to relax.  

He was tired. He had a long day, he performed in front of an audience for hours, he met fans, and he unexpectedly lost his hotel room at the end of it all. Tomorrow he was on the move, transporting to the next city with Youichi by his side as they prepared to perform yet again. This was just the beginning of the tour and Kazuya would need all the rest he could get in order to avoid burning out or giving the next crowd a lackluster show. By all means, he should have been passed out the moment his head hit the pillow.

Instead, Kazuya was genuinely unsure if he would be able to sleep without at least touching Sawamura first. He couldn’t just reach over and start greedily feeling Sawamura up like he desperately wanted to. He couldn’t just throw himself onto Sawamura, force himself on him, or do anything that would make Sawamura genuinely upset and uncomfortable in his own bed. None of those were options, but Kazuya was just… a little afraid.

The last time he tried romance, it backfired on him. All Mei ever wanted was the physical. He hated it when Kazuya would try to woo him with sweet words or corny gestures, like bringing a bouquet of roses in a vase. When the roses quickly died from Mei’s neglect, Kazuya learned that things like roses didn’t carry the meaning Kazuya wanted them to, not without Mei returning the same emotions Kazuya felt for him. He realized all Mei wanted was for Kazuya to fuck him and carry on—he pushed Kazuya away when he tried to give him a gentle kiss rather than a filthy one, decided to get out of bed when Kazuya tried to cuddle him instead of initiate a second round.

When Kazuya tried romance, he got hurt. Of course he was nervous to try it again. It was easy to think about putting on the act he did before by lowering himself back down to the level of that shallow guy that Mei found sexy. If Kazuya embodied that ‘fuckboy’ style again, he could easily just start pushing himself onto Sawamura. Maybe it would hurt less when Sawamura told him off and kicked him out of the room than if he tried to be sweet and got the same sour reaction.

Except Sawamura wasn’t Mei, Kazuya was by no means traumatized by heartbreak, and most importantly, if Kazuya was going to do this, then he wanted to do this the right way. He had to grow a pair and make the first move before the chance passed them by. He had to do something before Sawamura assumed Kazuya was not seriously interested and went on with his life, leaving Kazuya behind him.

Kazuya took a deep breath and allowed the tension to release from his body. He set his arousal aside, forced himself to calm down, and collected his thoughts before deciding to speak.

“Sawamura… are you awake?” Kazuya tentatively asked, even though it was obvious he was. Sawamura still didn’t turn off his bedside lamp, after all.

“Of course I am, I don’t fall asleep that fast,” Sawamura tutted in response, still facing away from Kazuya. “Why? Do you need something?”

“Yeah, I…” Kazuya grew nervous, but he swallowed down the feeling as he tried to decide the best way to go about the subject. They had to start somewhere. Something important to Kazuya when it came to a romantic relationship, especially after failing to hold onto a committed one with Mei, was to establish their expectations from the get-go. That way, he could avoid getting his hopes up only to be crushed later by something he hadn’t communicated clearly enough. “I wanted to ask… where do you see yourself in the future? A few years from now, five years from now, and beyond that, even. What do you want to do?”

Seemingly taken aback by the genuine question, Sawamura turned a bit so he could lay on his back next to Kazuya rather than facing away from him. His brows were furrowed as he looked at Kazuya’s expression, as if to clarify that he was being serious. After a beat, Sawamura must have decided that Kazuya really wasn’t just fooling around, so he directed his focus up at the ceiling and hummed.

“I haven’t really decided,” Sawamura began, “but I know I want to be with the people I love. I want to be happy, and be the best at whatever it is that I am doing. Being a YouTuber has been more and more rewarding for me every single day! I really enjoy it, I do, so that means I’ll stick with it. Years from now, I want to still be making content on YouTube, and I want to hang up a Diamond Creator Award next to my silver and gold ones!” Sawamura smiled brightly as he tilted his face towards Kazuya a little more directly. “In fact, my goal is to become equal to big creators like you. In fact, I want to surpass you and all the others, so watch out, Miyuki Kazuya!”

Kazuya really had it bad. He wondered how whipped he looked as he felt his heart slam against his chest at the sight of Sawamura’s exuberance. Knowing that Sawamura wanted to continue pursuing YouTube as his main career was reassuring, for Sawamura had no reason to move far away or even be tied down to one particular place. He wanted to be close to his loved ones, and Kazuya personally had no qualms about moving from his current residence. Ever since Youichi moved out, Kazuya knew that he should start thinking about finding a new place. He just hadn’t made it a priority yet.

“What about you?” Sawamura asked after a moment, now turned over onto his side so he was facing Kazuya directly. His eyes glittered in the dim, warm light of his bedroom, and he cuddled a squishy cat plushie up against his chest as he got comfortable. Kazuya wanted to curl his arms around Sawamura and snuggle into him just like Sawamura did with the plush cat.

“I’m going for a Ruby Award,” Kazuya said with a smug grin, referring to the highest possible award that can be given to a YouTube channel, earned only after they reach 50 million subscribers. Very few channels had accomplished such a milestone, but as YouTube’s platform grew, more channels began to receive the award than ever before. Kazuya believed he stood a chance one day if he kept trying. “But hell, by the time I get there, I bet there will be a new award for 100 million subscribers that I’ll have to strive for. I don’t know if I can keep the attention of that many people. But then again, I never thought I’d keep the attention of more than ten viewers, and yet here I am.”

Sawamura was listening closely, eyes gleaming with fascination at the sound of Kazuya’s long-term goals. As fun as it was to talk about their professional lives, Kazuya wanted to get to more intimate matters, and so he cleared his throat and carried on.

“As for everything else, I don’t really have a place I’m tied down to,” Kazuya explained, one arm folded behind his pillow while the other rested beside him, fingers drumming idly against his chest. “You know how it is; with a job like ours, we can move anywhere and keep working as long as we have a place to record and some sort of internet connection to upload with. But I…” Kazuya glanced aside, anxious to be admitting something so heartfelt. “... I’d like that. To be tied down to someone, somewhere. To have someone to come home to and a place to call home that actually feels like one.”

Sawamura was uncharacteristically quiet, cheeks reddening as he gazed at Kazuya’s profile. He could tell that Sawamura’s feet were fidgeting against the blankets due to the way they subtly moved, and he could almost hear Sawamura’s thoughts, even while he kept his mouth shut.

“I’d like that, too,” Sawamura admitted after a pause, voice wavering slightly. He was clearly just as uncertain as Kazuya was, like a baby fawn wobbling on its legs for the very first time. Just catching onto that hint that Sawamura was feeling the same way was enough for Kazuya to feel that burst of confidence he’d been waiting for. 

Kazuya turned onto his side to face Sawamura, bringing them much closer together than they had been before. Rather than reeling back, Sawamura remained in place, eyes widening and breath hitching at the change in position. Suddenly, now things were so much more intimate. The understanding that they were just barely apart, sharing each other’s body heat under the warmth of Sawamura’s covers, dawned upon them both.

Kazuya wanted to kiss him so badly he could hardly stand it, all consequences be damned. 

“Do you remember what happened on New Year’s Eve?” Kazuya asked, daringly reaching one hand up to cup the side of Sawamura’s face. His cheek burned hot under Kazuya’s palm, the bright red color of his skin matching the temperature Kazuya’s fingers detected.

“H-How could I forget nearly throwing up all over Onii-san’s new couch and still puking my guts out in the toilet in front of you?” Sawamura said, face scrunching at the gross and embarrassing memory. Kazuya couldn’t resist grinning at that, a small laugh escaping from his lips. At that, Sawamura glared at him sharply. “Don’t laugh!!”

“Sorry, but it’s funny for me,” Kazuya pointed out. As his laugh faded, he took advantage of the natural silence to inch a little closer. The movement pulled Sawamura’s eyes back up to Kazuya’s, locking their gazes at the opportune moment. “Do you remember what happened before you got sick?”

Sawamura’s attention then briefly, but unmistakably, glanced down at Kazuya’s lips. Bingo. Even if his shy little kitten tried to play dumb from this point onwards, Kazuya knew the truth and he already started to smirk because of it. Compelled by his partner’s telling reaction, Kazuya stroked his thumb along the curve of Sawamura’s cheek, petting the soft, rosy skin with gentle movements.

“I do,” Sawamura whispered, blush staining up to his ears yet again. He hesitated, then seemed to take the same leap of faith that Kazuya had by looking into his eyes as he continued. “But it wasn’t even a real New Year’s Kiss, you know.”

“Oh?” Kazuya quirked one brow up while nudging closer, so close that the tip of his nose brushed along Sawamura’s. “What’s a real New Year’s Kiss to you then, Sawamura? Care to show me?”

Sawamura curled his fingers in the fabric of Kazuya’s shirt right over his chest, twisting it in his hands with the intention of pulling Kazuya in close.

“Just call me Eijun already, dammit…!”

Kazuya didn’t wait for him to tug and close the miniscule gap left between them. Instead, Kazuya leaned in on his own, and when their mouths met, Kazuya was met with no resistance whatsoever.




Miyuki Kazuya was the world’s most evil, cunning, and self-centered tease that Eijun had ever met. 

Yet Eijun was so hopelessly attracted to those traits no matter how much he proclaimed to hate them, and that was how he ended up getting pinned down to the mattress of his own bed, gasping into the mouth of that very same man.

The kiss was both relieving and thrilling—all Eijun could think was finally as their lips molded together, earning a shared sigh of satisfaction from both of them. He went tense, he relaxed, and then went tense again. Eijun’s hands trembled as he clutched onto Miyuki’s shirt, at last able to press his palms against the meaty pecs he admired so much and let out a shameless groan in the process.

Underneath his palm, Eijun detected the pounding of Miyuki’s heart. The sensation caused blood to rush to his face and groin, making him shiver while Miyuki fervently deepened their kiss. They parted briefly for air, but each inhale was followed by another kiss more passionate than the last, over and over until Eijun was pushed down and Miyuki was all around him. He settled between Eijun’s legs, brawny arms on either side of his head, and totally caged Eijun within his embrace.

“M-Miyu—nhh…!” Eijun tried to call out his name between hungry kisses, dizzy from the rush of adrenaline, but Miyuki shushed him with a smile curling against his lips. 

“If I’m calling you Eijun now, then you’ll call me Kazuya, okay?” Miyuki corrected, peering down at Eijun with passion burning in his amber-brown eyes. His pupils were blown wide and his skin was flushed, frenzied with the feeling of kissing Eijun. How was Eijun supposed to say no to that face?

“Then, in that case… Kazuya,” Eijun tried, saying his first name on its own for the first time through a sigh, and it spurred Kazuya on into kissing him more aggressively than before. 

Eijun wasn’t complaining, not when he got to feel Kazuya’s tongue slip into his mouth for the first time, and oh —oh god, why had they waited so long to experience this pleasure again? Eijun’s mind was spiraling into a mess of desire now that their tongues slid together, and unthinkingly, he hoisted his legs tightly around Kazuya’s hips to keep him close. His arms curled around Kazuya’s neck, fingers sliding into his hair as Kazuya’s tongue explored his mouth with hungry, deep strokes.

Kazuya’s kiss was all-consuming, passionate, and better than anything Eijun had ever fantasized about. It felt like he was getting devoured, making Eijun believe that he tasted more delicious than honey and sugar. Kazuya was savoring him, shamelessly groaning low and deep, which turned Eijun on even more. Rather than trying to stay stoic to please some stupid standard of masculinity, Kazuya didn’t hold back his excitement to be kissing Eijun in the slightest. As someone with one hell of a praise kink, Kazuya’s vocal expression of how much he enjoyed what they were doing was all getting to Eijun’s head really quickly.

“Mmh—!” Eijun yelped against Kazuya’s mouth when he felt the man rock forward, hips driving down purposefully against Eijun’s slim, shaking body. He felt it—he felt the hardness Kazuya was packing, now nudging right against his own growing erection, making it clear just how much they were melting into each other. Kazuya’s hands roamed, moving down to slide underneath the hem of Eijun’s shirt and feel up his front. Eijun let out another soft cry, one that was swallowed up by Kazuya’s demanding mouth as his nipples were fondled and rubbed by Kazuya’s large hands.

Every touch wound Eijun up tighter, making his cock swell and twitch and start to leak in his underwear. He was lost in a haze, unable to focus on anything besides the pressure of Kazuya’s body against his own, how they rocked together and how good it all felt. Eijun hopelessly humping on his pillow didn’t even hold a flame to what it felt like to have Kazuya grinding onto him, showcasing that breathtaking strength and dominance with body language alone.

“Hnn— Kazuya, hah—!” Eijun couldn’t hold back the sounds that bubbled up in his throat as the friction between them burned. Not all of his sounds could be silenced by Kazuya’s mouth, and Kazuya appeared to like that, for he grinned a bit even as his tongue remained out, still toying obscenely with Eijun’s floundering tongue. He then closed his eyes and dove down again, dragging Eijun back beneath the surface of pleasure, dulling his thoughts with another impassioned kiss.

Eijun felt feverishly hot as he clutched onto Kazuya, so shocked by the intensity of their kiss that he didn’t know what to do next. Did they stop? Did they keep going? Was it too much too fast? Were they idiots if they didn’t take advantage of their uninterrupted solitude and— 

Eijun gasped when Kazuya then abruptly pulled back, gulping down breaths of air to try and steady himself. His heart was racing, his head was spinning, and he felt like he was somewhere high above the clouds. Feeling the heat down between his legs, he wasn’t sure if he came in his pants or what was going on. All he knew was that he was overstimulated and lost in a sea of bliss as he stared up at Kazuya, lips parted, glassy-eyed and burning with arousal.

It took a moment for them to come back down to earth and process what they were hurdling into. Eijun was throbbing in his underwear and he whined, feeling so exposed with his shirt pushed up under his chin and nothing to conceal the shape of his erection underneath his underwear. Eijun didn’t know if he should reach down and cover himself or what, but now that he had a moment to think clearly, he grew anxious. He wasn’t ready to go so fast into the next step when that had only been their first kiss, and it looked like Kazuya was having the same realization now that they managed to split apart.

“I think we got carried away,” Kazuya admitted softly, somewhat shy despite how disheveled and drop-dead delectable he looked. His hair was tousled, bangs pushed back on one side thanks to Eijun repeatedly combing through it, and his lips were full and slick with saliva. When Eijun glanced down, he saw how Kazuya’s chest heaved and how with each deep breath, the thin material of his shirt strained around his muscles and emphasized his stature.

Thanks to that maddeningly sexy sight, Eijun started to doubt the assertion that he wasn’t ready. Every cell in his body urged him to pounce and just sink onto the man’s cock, but his conscience reminded him to calm down and not act so foolishly. Eijun released a sigh and relaxed against the bed, trying to ignore the pangs of protest coming from his groin that wanted him to cave into instinct.

“Maybe just a little,” Eijun agreed, blushing so deeply he thought he could melt into a puddle right then and there. Despite how embarrassed he felt, he couldn’t stop smiling, and he didn’t have the energy or care to try and hide his dopey grin. Kazuya gazed at him for a moment before leaning down again, just to press a gentle, lingering kiss on Eijun’s lips that made his toes curl from joy. Eijun leaned up into his mouth, silently demanding more, but Kazuya pulled back with a knowing chuckle.

“Stop that,” Kazuya scolded with a playful tone. “I only snapped out of it because of my phone, you know.”

“Your phone?” Eijun echoed, watching with confusion as Kazuya reached over to the nightstand on his side and picked up his phone. Sure enough, right on the screen was a text from Kuramochi.

angry ogre wife: alright listen i am all for you two FINALLY figuring it out but i swear to fucking god if i hear sawamura moan in there ONE MORE TIME i will take your place in that bed and YOU are taking the couch, you understand???? PUT IT AWAY FOR ONE NIGHT OR SO HELP ME, KAZUYA

Eijun was only able to figure out it was Kuramochi thanks to the context clues. He wondered about the weird contact name, but truthfully, he’d be a little more surprised if Kazuya had Kuramochi saved under a normal name considering how close they were. Contact name aside, the contents of the message caused Eijun to blush for an entirely new reason, and he groaned with embarrassment as he grabbed the nearest cat plush and hid his face behind it.

“Alright, that settles it, we’re going to bed!” Eijun declared, voice muffled by the plush. Kazuya laughed as he set his phone aside, and begrudgingly, Eijun set the plush down elsewhere before re-adjusting his shirt. Kazuya then started to lean to his side, intending to get off of Eijun. Rather than letting them become detangled, Eijun continued to cling to him so that they were still cuddled up together even while laying down. As he wriggled about, he realized that he did not cum in his pants like an overexcited teenager, but it had been difficult to tell the difference in the heat of the moment.

“Was that too much?” Kazuya asked as they got comfortable, arm sliding around the dip of Eijun’s waist to pull him close. Eijun nearly purred from the feeling, the possessive touch making him feel small and protected—exactly what he desired.

“Hm? No,” Eijun answered drowsily, still high off the serotonin or dopamine or whatever the name of the happy-and-horny chemicals were. He didn’t know, he didn’t care—all that mattered was that he just made out with Miyuki Kazuya and he could probably die happy now. Well, scratch that, Eijun wanted them to make it to the next step before he accepted a peaceful death, but at that moment, he was very satisfied. “Why? Do you think we went too far tonight…?”

“No, it was great, but I want to do this right,” Kazuya admitted. “I’ve been wanting this for so long that if I screwed up here and did whatever I wanted to you without talking to you first, I’d feel like a total idiot.”

… did whatever I wanted to you— Eijun had to suppress a shiver of excitement at the sound of that. What things did Kazuya want to do to him? He was dying to know, but something else in Kazuya’s response had piqued his interest.

“You’ve wanted this for a long time?” Eijun repeated, trying to peer up at Kazuya despite how heavy his eyelids felt. Before responding, Kazuya tilted his head so he could press a kiss to Eijun’s forehead. It was a tender movement, so delicate that Eijun felt cherished from that gesture alone. He closed his eyes, soaking in the feeling of that warm contact against his forehead before Kazuya pulled back.

“Like you wouldn’t believe,” Kazuya said, his voice barely above a whisper. Eijun let the weight of those words sink in, a far-too-giddy smile on his lips. He could keep asking and pushing the subject, but when he noticed Kazuya failing to suppress a yawn, he decided he should let them both get some rest. Kazuya especially needed to sleep before his next show tomorrow.

Eijun pulled away from Kazuya only for a moment to turn off the light, plunging them into darkness a second later. It was easy to find Kazuya’s embrace again thanks to his body heat. In no time he was snuggled up against Kazuya, cheek pressed against Kazuya’s chest and all limbs coiled around Kazuya like a baby animal. 

Like that, he settled into Kazuya’s arms with a gentle, contented sigh. He just hoped that when he woke up the next morning that he wouldn’t be hit with the cold realization that it had all just been a hopeful dream.




Kazuya woke up to the sound of knocking on Eijun’s bedroom door. He couldn’t see anything for a moment, and it took his groggy mind a moment to remember that he put on his eye-mask before passing out. After tugging the eye-mask up onto his forehead, Kazuya sat up as much as he could with Eijun’s limbs curled around him, keeping him in a somewhat horizontal position with his weight alone.

“Who’s there?” Kazuya asked, voice raspy with sleep.

“Me,” responded Youichi’s voice from the other side. “Get up. We gotta leave in like, 15 minutes and I already let you sleep as long as I could, so be grateful!”

“A’right,” Kazuya slurred, an exhausted sigh escaping from his lips before he flopped back down. Youichi’s footsteps disappeared down the hall and though he hadn’t gotten out of bed yet, Kazuya was already mourning the loss of his comfort now that they had to get moving. He decided to savor the fact that he could cuddle Eijun for a few more minutes, and he released a heavy, reluctant sigh while squeezing the smaller man close to his chest.

It took Kazuya some time to truly wake up, but once he was more alert, he got to admire the way Eijun’s cheek was all squished up against Kazuya’s chest. His mouth was parted slightly and he left behind some drool on Kazuya’s shirt, something that might have disgusted anyone else, but Kazuya was endeared by that little wet spot on the corner of Eijun’s mouth. It was such an innocent and sweet image, and Kazuya couldn’t resist lifting a hand to wipe at the saliva with his finger.

“Nmh…” Eijun inhaled sharply and mumbled from the feeling of the touch, which seemed to pull him out of his deep sleep in just a few seconds. Kazuya almost felt sorry to wake him, but he was relieved that Eijun was stirring before Kazuya had to go. He would hate to fulfill some movie cliche by making Eijun wake up alone in a cold bed with only a note left behind on the nightstand.

“Eijun,” Kazuya whispered, reaching up to brush Eijun’s bangs back and plant another kiss on his forehead. “Eijun, get up. I have to leave.”

“Noooo…” Eijun groaned, his limbs tightening around Kazuya with a shocking amount of strength. Kazuya wheezed a bit, surprised by how tightly he could coil around Kazuya. He was reminded of a rattlesnake squeezing its prey. “Don’t go… ever. Don’t ever go.”

“Haha… I wish,” Kazuya answered, heart throbbing at the sincerity in Eijun’s sleepy tone. After hearing nothing but how much Eijun supposedly hated him for months on end, it was a nice change of pace to see Eijun behave honestly. He made a mental note that Eijun was a morning cuddler for future daydreams, then tried to figure out how to best escape the tangle of limbs they found themselves in. When Kazuya made another move to escape, Eijun clung on tighter and made a sound akin to a hiss. He really was a cat-boy, Kazuya realized.

Finally, an idea came to Kazuya’s mind. Instead of trying to pull away, he leaned forward, grabbing onto Eijun’s chin to guide his head up for a kiss. Eijun moaned sweetly once their lips met, the resistance gradually easing from his body as Kazuya pressed their mouths together with slow, deep movements. Kazuya rolled Eijun onto his back and teased him with a brief flick of tongue, just to hear the subtle, flustered noise he made at the feeling, and then broke their kiss with a victorious smirk.

Right after that, Kazuya got off the bed before Eijun had a chance to latch back onto him. Eijun immediately whined like a child. “No fair! That was so mean!”

“I know, I know, I’m sorry that I can’t stay,” Kazuya said as he turned towards his bag and stripped off his night-time shirt. He felt Eijun’s eyes boring into his back and knew that he was ogling Kazuya’s back muscles, a fact that only boosted Kazuya’s already-inflated ego. He made sure to flex unnecessarily as he fetched clean clothes. “I don’t even know how much time I have left to get ready. Youichi came by and knocked a while ago to wake me up since I clearly forgot to set an alarm.” 

Despite knowing that Eijun was enjoying the show, Kazuya made quick work of changing shirts, then grabbed a fresh pair of underwear and pants. When he turned for the door with the intention of finishing up in the bathroom, he caught sight of Eijun out of the corner of his eye. Eijun sat with his legs crossed, a pillow hugged snugly to his chest as he watched Kazuya move around with a blush on his cheeks.

So cute… Kazuya suppressed the urge to turn right back around and mess Eijun up all over again.  Instead, he forced himself into the hallway and closed the door behind him. Youichi was standing at the other end of the hallway, one hand in his pocket, the other holding a half-eaten banana. He chewed and narrowed his eyes at Kazuya while giving him a once-over.

“Surprised you didn’t come out of there with your dick hanging out,” Youichi grunted. Kazuya couldn’t think of a clever comeback, so he just flashed a stupid grin at Youichi before ducking inside the bathroom. 




“We really appreciate you letting us stay for the night,” Kuramochi said as he stood in the open doorway, hoisting his bag over his shoulder to readjust the position of the strap. “Hopefully shit like this won’t happen again.”

“It’s no problem, really,” Haruichi answered with a smile, cupping a mug of steaming coffee between his hands. Furuya was in the kitchen preparing breakfast for the three of them, having already given a small, to-go style portion to both Kuramochi and Kazuya. “I’m glad we were here to help. Good luck with the rest of the tour!”

“Thanks.” Kuramochi turned his focus towards Kazuya, who was kneeling on the ground as he finished tying up his boots. “Time to go.”

“Alright.” It was adorable, in Eijun’s opinion, how pouty Kazuya looked at that moment as he stood upright. He clearly didn’t want to leave, and that fact tugged right on Eijun’s heartstrings. 

Eijun didn’t know what to do to say goodbye, so he offered a smile, cheeks rosy with contentment as he recalled their drowsy morning kiss. Though as soon as Kazuya caught sight of his expression, he took a step closer and wrapped an arm around Eijun’s waist, using that grip to tug him flush against Kazuya’s body. He was clad in denim and leather, a stark contrast to Eijun’s bare, soft-skinned legs and the rumpled cotton of the t-shirt he slept in.

“Kazu— nh!” Eijun’s eyes widened, his name cutting off as Kazuya leaned in and stole a kiss from his lips right in front of everyone. Eijun flushed red down to his neck, frozen in place as Kazuya parted from him and grinned smugly.

“I’ll text you later,” Kazuya promised Eijun with a warm, low tone, and with that, he followed a disgruntled, gagging Kuramochi out the door.

Eijun was still burning red by the time he turned and saw Haruichi’s intrigued expression. Furuya had paused after sliding a pile of pancakes onto a clean plate, gazing at Eijun with a gleam of interest in his deep blue eyes. The two of them were staring him down with so much pressure that Eijun cracked before either Haruichi or Furuya even said a word.

“I can explain!!”