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The Pragmatic Sanction

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The detention room was as bare and undecorated as one could imagine. Wonwoo never needed to read the motivational quotes that teachers posted around the room or the pictures of kittens and dogs with clever quips about learning. But it spruced up the room nevertheless and gave his life purpose in those long minutes.


At least there were windows. One row was arrayed on the left from where he sat and one was behind him. It was the late afternoon and he was transfixed by the orange hues that the sun had painted on the sides of buildings across the field and in the distance. There was always something about sunsets that made him sad, although he didn’t know why. 


He was watching the branches of pine trees outside dangle in the wind when his eyes fell upon the tall and built figure which looked as though it emerged from his nightmares. 


Kim Mingyu was the reason why he was here. He was the reason why his life was synonymous with suffering. And yet, the basketball player had the gall to say it was his fault? Please, anyone with a good conscience would know that Mingyu was a no good dirty rat. One could tell merely by one look at the guy and that stupid smirk of his. Well, except for the teachers who had a vested interest in him. Mingyu may have been that much of a deviant playboy. Although it was lazy of him to think that way and he thought twice about making such an assumption. 


Perhaps Mingyu deserved a second chance. Although that would be the one-hundredth second chance he had given him throughout their three years in highschool. He wasn’t even dating Mingyu and he felt like he was taking him back like he had been cheated on. Alphas could get away with that, couldn’t they?


Speaking of making broad assumptions. Wonwoo laughed at himself. He needed to stop, sit back, and relax. If only the urge to look at- no- strangle the alpha, wasn’t so strong than maybe he could.


Just as he was beginning to feel guilty for admiring Mingyu’s muscular physique, the alpha just had to turn around and catch him. Almost automatically the taller adopted a smug grin, as if he had proved himself right. Did Mingyu know he was staring at him? Well, if he did, Wonwoo wouldn’t let him have it. Knowledge may have been power, but not caring was another thing.


“What?” the taller boy cocked an eyebrow, careful as to not be heard by the teacher who went out into the hallway.


Wonwoo only glared at him.




“Really? Because you were looking at me like I had grown two heads so I was just curious.”


The shorter boy snorted.


“Don’t flatter yourself Kim, you aren’t that interesting to look at.”


“You are though.” Mingyu smirked, not stopping when Wonwoo furrowed his brows. Mingyu was dating someone. 


How unfaithful. 


No hot guy was going to make him forget about loyalty and commitment. Even if the person being cheated on was a bitch.


“Are you in heat omega or are you always that red?” 


Wonwoo’s breath hitched at the remark. All he could do was glare at the alpha since he had no explanation for why he was blushing.


“That’s it-” he said, about to get up from his seat when their teacher came in with a loud sigh.


“Fifteen more minutes Wonwoo. I trust that you can sit in your seat for that much longer.” 


Mingyu snickered.


“Yeah Won, might want to tone it down a notch with the heat suppressants.” 


Wonwoo was going to make a retort but the teacher cut him off.


“If I hear one more peep out of any of you, you’re all staying here for another hour!”


Mingyu didn’t believe it.


“That means you have to stay with us for another hour too.” 


Wonwoo saw it as the perfect time to make an alliance, even if he hated the basketball player. He was not staying for another hour.


“Yeah Mr. Hong, don’t you have important things to do after school? I thought teachers had lives on the outside?” Wonwoo added.


The older man gulped, half insulted and half shocked by the question. 


“Well- I- I do. So don’t play smart with me. I’ll be leaving because I do have a life outside of school Wonwoo. Gosh has anyone ever told you that you are a nosy omega? And as for you, Mingyu, that’s why I will be telling the other teacher down the hall to come in and check on you and if they see you misbheaving they’ll make you stay until four-thirty”


“Four-thirty?” Wonwoo gawked. 


“If you don’t behave I said.” Mr. Hong replied in a stingy tone. “I thought you guys had acute hearing.”


The under-the-breath comment went unnoticed as the alpha had an even more derogatory one.


“Leave it to Wonwoo to mess this up.” Mingyu muttered, eliciting a huff of amusement from their teacher.


“Don’t forget Mingyu, an alpha can do as much and even more damage than an omega.” 


And with that, the older man left with his bag on his shoulders.


Mingyu craned his neck to taunt Wonwoo once again. It was his favorite pastime, even better than making out with his girlfriend.




The basketball player turned his head to distract himself from the thought, but he found himself looking at a Wonwoo instead. 




He couldn’t lie, nor could he prevent the thoughts from coming to his head. Wonwoo wasn’t any average omega. Well, he fit the category in regards to his biology and all that. But just by one look at him any guy would question if he belonged to the werewolf species after all. Omegas were supposed to have a warm aura to them, right? How else could they be good mothers? 


Where omegas had softer features on their face, Wonwoo’s eyes were narrower, his nose more straight and prominent, and his jaw and chin were more defined. Maybe it was because Wonwoo was half kitsune. It explained why he always heard Seungcheol calling the omega kitten. Sort of. He didn’t want to think it was a pet name that had come from behind their bedroom. Wonwoo doing it with another guy wasn’t something he wanted to think about. 


All it took was one look below Wonwoo’s shoulders, and any guy would know for sure who Wonwoo really was, or, what he was categorized as. Yet Mingyu always thought that he could tell what kind of person someone was with a simple glance at their face. Maybe that was why he was captivated by the omega. While Wonwoo’s face did not conform to his presuppositions, he knew the older boy wasn’t as cold as his eyes made him out to be. Maybe that could go the same way for him? It wasn’t like he had to be a jerk just because he was an alpha. 


Mingyu chuckled to himself. He’d save that thought for the future. Taunting Wonwoo was fun.


The basketball player shook his head, turning back to a piece of paper that he’d been doodling on. He had a more creative idea than simply insulting Wonwoo to his face.


It took only a couple of minutes before Mingyu had given himself the ‘go ahead’ to begin to torment his existence again. This time, it came in the form of a piece of paper which landed in his hair. 


“Nice shot for an alpha.” Wonwoo muttered, doubting that Mingyu could hear it even with his heightened senses. But the guy proved him wrong and smirked at him. None of the teachers at the school had any supernatural abilities, at least that was what Wonwoo thought. So he hoped they weren’t able to hear them.


Wonwoo turned back to the homework that he was trying to get done which seemed to anger Mingyu rather noticeably. 


The alpha didn’t relent, deciding that it was a better idea to throw something harder and that would make a bigger impact.


“Ow!” he hissed, clutching the area that Mingyu automatically guessed was his eye. 


The basketball player jerked up in his seat, grabbing the back of it to twist around and get towards Wonwoo, but the realization that Wonwoo was in immense pain made him freeze. 


“Fuck- Wonwoo! are you okay?” 


His alpha instincts were going haywire, but there wasn’t any time to wonder why. Yeah Wonwoo was an omega, and alphas were naturally attracted to them, but Wonwoo wasn’t just different from the average omega, he was more. And his reaction was more than what his instincts had produced. It was like his own soul - not his wolf - had caused him to react that way. Luckily Wonwoo didn’t particularly notice.  


It took a second for Mingyu to realize that Wonwoo’s sobbing had turned to giggles, and the omega raised his head to give him a mischievous smile. 


“You thought.” he mouthed the words, watching as Mingyu grunted and sat back down again. 


Since Mingyu started the war, Wonwoo didn’t mind retaliating. So he wrote a message on the eraser, and threw it back to its sender.


It grazed Mingyu’s shoulder and plopped onto the front of the desk he was sitting at. Mingyu didn’t flinch or anything, in fact, he slowly reached for the eraser, picking it up and eyeing the dark pencil marks on it.


“F*** off” 


Damn, Wonwoo has good handwriting.


Mingyu gave the omega a challenging grin but Wonwoo dismissed it and went back to reading his book, ignoring the sound of crumpling paper and hardworking hands coming from the other boy’s desk. 


The next thing Wonwoo knew, a pointy object pricked his shoulder and fluttered onto his desk. It took him a second to realize that Mingyu had stooped so low as to craft a paper airplane with a message in it. Well, what did he know? Mingyu understood aerodynamics and was literate. 


“You should apologize for pushing me. That was uncalled for. You have one chance to say sorry after school or else I’ll go even harder on you than I was planning to.”


Now why did that make Wonwoo’s spine tingle? Perhaps it was out of fear but he also felt a hint of anticipation. It made him want to annoy the alpha even more. He had never seen the athlete so devoted to a cause, nevermind his relationship with his girlfriend. 


Mingyu may as well have written a cut-paper ransom note because he could barely read it. 


Wonwoo merely whispered, hoping his voice was sharp but loud enough for the words to reach the alpha.


“I don’t owe you anything.”


It came out more like a hiss but his tone was deep and seething. Mingyu’s head to turn slightly as he said it, prompting the taller boy to smirk as he shook his head. The omega’s voice made his dick twitch but he reminded himself that he couldn’t let that stop him.


On the other hand Wonwoo didn’t know whether to be satisfied that Mingyu received his answer, or terrified that he could hear the alpha growl low in his throat. 


It didn’t sound like he got the memo.




Wonwoo planned to make a run for it as soon as the clock showed that fifteen minutes had passed, but Mingyu seemed to be one step ahead of him. Whether it was the scent of fear that he was giving off or if omegas were just that predictable, he didn’t know. All he could think about - the only thing his instincts had made him think about - was getting out of there as fast as-


He shrieked. 


Mingyu grabbed his shirt, letting him lurch forward slightly before coming back as if a rubber band was wrapped around him. 


“Let me go.” Wonwoo hissed, keeping his voice low. He wanted to think he was only keeping his voice down so that he could punch Mingyu in the face without any teachers coming into the hallway to stop them. But he remembered they had all gone home. Of course he wouldn’t admit that he liked being in the position he was in; a tiny and helpless omega caught in the grip of a large, strong, alph-


“You’re lucky I didn’t have my claws out.” Mingyu gritted. “I mean- I wouldn’t mind seeing you with some cut outs. Never was really into pale-skinned omegas but you look like you’d be hot with some skin showing. You know I could tear your clothes to shreds? Fuck, I’d embarrass you in front of the whole school if I wanted to. So watch who you’re talking to omega.”


Wonwoo tried twisting his body out from Mingyu’s grip but it was no use. All he could do was crane his neck and grit his teeth, making it look like he was some rabid animal the alpha had caught in a cage. It was then that he realized words were his only weapon of defense.


“I’m not afraid of you.” he said menacingly, looking up at the taller boy like he wanted to get revenge on him. If only omegas weren’t the types to be pacifists and diplomats. So much for supposedly being level-headed and agreeable. Yet he liked the feeling of inferiority Mingyu gave him, although not in it’s raw present form. Rather, he wanted someone to lead and take the reigns. Maybe if Mingyu was a little less of a douchebag he’d offer himself to him-


“You like being disobedient don’t you, little omega? Huh?”


It was at that moment that Mingyu slammed him against the lockers, holding him by the collar. He could only whimper.


“Do you?” 


“What makes you think you deserve an answer?” he retorted, wrapping his dainty fingers around the alpha’s arm, trying to pull it off.


Mingyu scowled harder. It was obvious he was clenching his teeth as his face became firmer and his eyes more narrow.


“Don’t deny it Wonwoo. I can smell how turned on you are. Maybe next time wear more perfume. You don’t want alpha’s like me getting the wrong idea, or are you just that thirsty?” he said, finally smirking.


“You’re messed-”


“Imagine you meeting with your boyfriend after this and he smells me on you? I’d hate to see what happens after that.” he snorted. “I can’t wait for him to find out you like it when alpha’s show you who’s boss. It’d hurt his little beta heart knowing he can’t give you what you really need.” 


Wonwoo eyes crinkled as he laughed in the alpha’s face, although it looked more like he was wincing in pain.


“And you really need to shut up. Alphas and betas aren’t the only one’s who protect their mate’s name and dignity, not that you would know. You treat your girlfriend like she’s a piece of meat you bastard-”


The grip around his collar tightened.


“Yeah well she’s the one getting an alpha’s cock. Can’t say the same for you. Maybe you’re just jealous.”


“Oh yeah, I totally am.” Wonwoo nodded, rolling his eyes. 


Every remark and rude gesture he made with his face was met with an even harder push by the alpha who pressed him more and more into the lockers.


“I’m not stopping until you apologize, Wonwoo. You fucking omegas don’t know when to give up. Bet you think you’re beta will come and save you. Well he’s not. You have to just accept that guys like me will always be better than you. It’s not that hard Wonu. It’s what you were made for. You’re just a slut.”


Wonwoo could only stare at him.


“Are you done now-” he muttered but before Mingyu could realize just how clever of a quip it was, the alpha forced him into the cold metal behind him. Wonwoo winced in pain as the door handles, grates, and locks dug into his back and for a second, he could feel wetness begin to gather around the corner of his eye.  


Mingyu noticed the tear drop too and froze, as if he was debating with himself whether he should go on or not. If Mingyu did have a heart it more or less surrendered to the forces of vengeance and resentment lurking within him; things his wolf wasn’t able to fight off. 


As Wonwoo expected, the taller boy laughed at him.


“Are you really going to fucking cry Wonwoo? Yeah, I get it, Not having the school’s biggest alpha cock in you is kind of hard to accept right?” 


He could have sunk down to his knees on the floor and begged Mingyu to stop but he remained stoic, undeterred even if the tear drop was rolling down his cheek. Nevermind childbirth, omegas could take the pain. 


Although he wished Mingyu could have been at least merciful enough to let him wipe his tears away, the alpha liked seeing him cry. As if his tears could wash away the other boy’s guilt.


“Let go of me.” Wonwoo said angrily, although it was deeper rather than sharp. There was a soft air of power to it, like a low reverberating hum of an engine combined with the venom of a snake bite. 


At that, Mingyu actually released his arms, his eyes becoming more tense than smug. Wonwoo had looked at him as if they were a married couple having an argument, or at least, the alpha wished they were married. Wonwoo just had to go and ruin it for them.


“You’re a little feisty omega aren’t you?”


Wonwoo merely grimaced, not even bothering to give him a dirty look as he stepped out from being pressed into the locker and walked away.


Of course Mingyu stopped him from leaving but it wasn’t simply because he hated Wonwoo so much that he wanted to make him suffer more. Rather, he frowned at the loss of attention the omega was giving him. 


“Hey, I didn’t say you could leave did I?” Mingyu growled. He was glad he released Wonwoo’s arms, letting him go and capturing him again was fun. 


“Can I leave?” Wonwoo asked sternly, although it was more than a statement than a question. Rather than come up with a rude remark, Wonwoo was too tired and decided to play the game. Although he was having a little fun with it by mocking the alpha. 


The striking white around the shorter boy’s dark pupils seemed to shine rather than glow, and he hadn’t even needed to make them turn blue for Mingyu to understand just how scary Wonwoo could be. 


Rather than let his smirk falter, Mingyu covered his shock and nervousness with a smirk, unclamping his hand as if the motion were automated, as if he held Wonwoo’s life in his hands and could let him go that easily. It was more of a display of power than of mercy but Wonwoo didn’t seem to notice, merely scoffing at him as he stomped away.


The alpha turned his head slowly to follow the other’s back getting smaller and smaller until he disappeared around the corner. All he could do was chuckle to himself. Never would he have thought that he’d actually respect an omega. If he even was capable of the act of respecting that is. 


However, that didn’t mean he couldn’t try and test Wonwoo’s worthiness; to try and break his spirit more than his heart. Alpha’s liked the tests to be physical but since Wonwoo was an omega…. Well, he knew the boundaries. 


He had to get Wonwoo back somehow. To break him so much that the omega could actually feel sorry. 


It went beyond mere fun and games or not-so-friendly banter. It was a price Wonwoo had to pay. Something Wonwoo had to be shown. 






If Mingyu had a heart, it would have warmed at the thought of his buddies staying after school waiting for him outside. But then again, most of them were just leeches, wanting to fit in and be with the cool kids. Hanging out with them really did make them cool in the eyes of the rest of the student body. Though only he was untouchable. He was the fountainhead of it all. Even if they all decided to get up and leave him one day he’d still be the alpha of the pack. It was a sense of self and an air of pride that he had always carried with him, striking and wounding the egos of everyone around him, making them gulp not just from his stature, but from the energy he radiated. 


Hence why all his friends whipped their heads towards him as he burst through the lobby doors, exiting the building as if he were walking into a Wild West saloon. He had his hands in his pockets and was smirking wider than ever. 


The pathway out from the school’s side entrance bisected two large plots which contained flowers that the school’s garden club had planted. His friends all sat across from each other on the brick walls that served as a border, playing on their phones or playing catch with a tennis ball.


“Bunch of losers.” he muttered. “Can’t have fun without me huh?”


Jaehyun snorted as he caught the tennis ball Yugyeom threw at him with his baseball cap. 


“You should be grateful that we stayed after for you Kim. Some of us have lives you know.”


“Your lives aint nothing without me.” 


Yugyeom got up from where he had one leg on the wall he was sitting on, stepping onto the ground and standing to full height.


“You know what, Kim has a point.”


“Yeah, for once.” Jaehyun muttered.


“I mean- think about it. If Mingyu was gone our lives would be pretty boring.” Yugyeom continued, holding his chin in the crook between his index finger and thumb.


“And we wouldn’t have a leader.” Jungkook said from where he was sitting on the other brick wall across from Yugyeom. “So you know what, thanks Kim.” 


“Shut up.” he replied, knowing they liked to mock him.


“Gee, Kim’s pretty paranoid if he can’t even accept a compliment.” Jungkook laughed. 


“Cut me some slack. It’s not like you guys haven’t been trying to roast me.”


Jaehyun groaned.


“Sorry but you know what they say. When you’re at the top you get a lot of flak.” 


Mingyu was about to come back with a remark but the other alpha stopped him.


“When you’re at the top you can’t punch down either.”


The taller boy arched a brow, reveling in the way Jaehyun suddenly became nervous.


“Who says I can’t?” 


Jaehyun noticeably gulped.


“Good morals.” 


“Or just common decency.” Jungkook added, not at all as scared as his friend was and he wasn’t even an alpha. 


Yugyeom huffed.


“None of those things matters guys. C’mon. We could all take Mingyu if we wanted to.” he said, rolling his shoulders forward as he craned his neck to the side to loosen up.


“Oh yeah?” Mingyu dared him, stepping closer in an attempt to intimidate his friend into backing down. Before he could get anything else out, he noticed movement in the corner of his eye and his glare shifted from the beta’s frightened eyes to the figure moving behind the cars in the parking lot off to the right.


Yugyeom noticed the change and turned his head around slowly to match his line of sight up with the alpha’s 


It was almost like a light bulb lit up over his head with how the beta turned back around smirking at him. 


“What?” Mingyu snarled, shoving him slightly. If it hadn’t been for his suspicion that Yugyeom knew something he didn’t want him to know, then he might not have reacted that way. Besides, Yugyeom was tough.




“That’s what I thought-”


“You see something interesting Kim?” Jaehyun chimed in, leaning forward as he rested one elbow over his knee.


“Does it matter?” 


“Pshhh yeah. You couldn’t have just spent a whole hour in detention with an omega and walked out like it was nothing. Did Wonwoo grow on you or something?” 


He tensed at the mention of the omega’s name.


“What are you talking about? What’s Wonwoo got to do with any of this?”


“You know.” Yugyeom said, nodding his head towards the black-haired boy who emerged from a row of cars carrying a whole tray of coffee.


Mingyu narrowed his eyes even more, reluctantly turning his head to watch Wonwoo speed walk through the parking lot. If it weren’t for the fact that he had to shake his little omega ass like he was trying to attract potential mates, he would have proudly admitted to all of his friends that he thought Wonwoo was cute. 


What the hell. Why did Wonwoo have to look so fucking adorable?


Not that alphas every described omegas like that. 


“I don’t.” Mingyu retorted, annoyed. 


“Good.” Jungkook huffed, looking like he wanted to fight Yugyeom and Jaehyun instead. “That’s my brother in case any of you didn’t know.” 


Yugyeom made a soft ‘O’ with his mouth. Even though Jungkook was a dork, he remembered the other beta was capable of showing affection, even if he always complained about his brother bossing him around. 


“Well maybe he can tell us how detention went since Kim over here looks like he’s too in love to-”


“Be quiet. Honestly.” Mingyu growled, shoving his shoulder. 


“Yo Wonwoo!” Yugyeom called, laughing as the alpha in front of him tried to muzzle him. 


The omega’s tiny figure stopped moving in the distance as that black ball of hair on top of his head swiveled around, his pale and glowing skin facing them. 


“Yeah?” he said, pretending not to see Mingyu glaring at him. Yugyeom brought his arm back to signal for the omega to come closer. Wonwoo complied although he was still suspicious. Hopefully Jungkook could keep them all in check if he couldn’t. 


“You better not ask anything stupid or I’ll kill you.” his brother hissed towards Yugyeom. 


“C’mon. I’m not. Cut me some slack.” Yugyeom groaned, jabbing his friend before turning back to face the omega.


“Did Mingyu give you a hard time there? he asked, wiggling his eyebrows. Meanwhile, Wonwoo visibly scoffed.


“Ask your friend the big guy. It was more like the other way around.” 


They all chuckled from that. Well, except for Mingyu.


“Shut up. Don’t you have somewhere to be, little omega? I bet your boyfriend really misses you right?” the alpha snickered. “He must be some boyfriend if he’s making you get him all that coffee.” 


He felt Jungkook elbow him in the stomach but it was barely noticeable. Jungkook tried to hide the fact that his hits were weak under the guise that he was just being friendly. Although they both knew it was because betas were nothing compared to alphas. If only Jungkook had seen what he had done to Woozi outside the locker room. That reminded him.


How in the world was Wonwoo not flashing his blue eyes at him? Didn’t the omega want to rip his head off after everything? Wonwoo was probably just scared. However, now that he noticed, all he could smell from the omega was the scent of vanilla with a tinge of cinnamon, roses, and citrus. It was sweet but sharp, just like his personality.


“I have to go home and study thanks for asking.” Wonwoo snapped, continuing on his trek to his car which was still a distance away.


“Hey, Wonu. What’s with all the coffee?” Jungkook asked furrowing his brows. 


Mingyu smirked.


“Yeah, I didn’t know you had friends.” 


The black-haired boy looked at him as if he weren’t surprised, mouthing the word ‘wow’ rather dramatically for extra effect.


“It’s for me actually.”


“You got a test to study for or something?” Yugyeom chuckled, tilting his head.


“No.” Wonwoo snorted. “Maybe I just like coffee?” 


“Yeah, a little too much.” Mingyu muttered, eyeing the four plastic cups filling up the plastic carton. 


“Hey, what do you know? Kim actually cares about Wonwoo. Don’t tell his girlfriend.”


“Yeah, she’d be so fucking jealous.” the alpha retorted, not wanting to look at Wonwoo anymore now that they were paying extra attention to their interactions. He was just glad Yugyeom hadn’t called him out because he was staring. Although he couldn’t help but sneak a glance at the omega who luckily got out of earshot when Yugyeom decided to open his mouth again.


“Yeah we don’t want to make your girlfriend not let you have it tonight.” 


Mingyu growled, shrugging it off as he turned towards Jungkook.


“Isn’t he your ride?” he asked, using his head to point to Wonwoo who just plopped himself into his car.


Jungkook chuckled.


“No. I thought we were gonna shoot some hoops?”


“Sure but you don’t have a ride. I got to be home by sundown.” 


“We get it Kim, you don’t want to play because you know I’ve been practicing.”


“Yeah we’ll see about that when coach cuts you from the team.”


“How’s he going to do that?” 


“Because I’ll break your leg.” Mingyu snickered, nudging him.


“Keep telling yourself that Kim. Wonwoo got out of detention still alive so I’m guessing you’re all talk.”


“You won’t be saying that when I’m captain of the team next year.” 


Jungkook made a face as if he had just tasted something unbearably sour.


“Now I know why my brother hates you.”


“He does? I mean- he hasn’t told you?” Mingyu snorted, trying to cover up his curiosity. Even if the feeling of hatred was mutual between them, it still kind of stung to hear Wonwoo actually did.


“He doesn’t tell me anything. He’s probably scared I’ll tell you or something.” Jungkook chuckled.


“He should be.” 


“Hey. What’d I say back there?”


“Oh right, you’re his protective little brother. I forgot. Maybe hit the gym and I’ll actually back off for once.” 


“Dickhead.” Jungkook huffed, shoving his hands in his pockets as the rest of the group pulled themselves together and set out for the basketball court. 


“You still haven’t told me why you hate him so much. And I’m not talking about the fact that he’s a ‘smart ass omega’. I mean- why do you hate him? Like what’s the real reason?”


“You already said it. I fucking hate omega’s who prance around acting like they are something. But if you want me to give you more than that, fine. I sound like a scumbag but it’s true. He’s always laughing and smiling with his friends. I just want to wipe it off his face, honestly. No one likes an omega who’s always trying to be cute.”


Jungkook looked at him with skepticism, being suspicious about more than one thing. 


“You sure that’s all?”  


He shook his head and shrugged.


“It’s a long story.”