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Jimin flopped on the floor of the studio. He had been practicing his routine over and over, he wasn’t happy with it. The others constantly told him it was perfect, and he was over working himself, but he would never listen. He laid back with a sigh he was pushing himself hard because he wanted to really show he mattered, he would get lost in his head and think he brought nothing to the group. He knew the group members and their fans didn’t think they, but he couldn’t help but thinking it. They were off for the next week with nothing on their schedules, everyone was going to family, but he was going to devote it to perfecting his moves.

He sat up to turn the music on again and do another run through when Jungkook came in the room. “Ah. Jiminie what are you still doing here.”

Jimin frowned, he knew they hated when he over worked his self. “Just practicing some more.”

Jungkook waved his free hand and held up a bag with other. A bright red and black gift bag with tissue paper sticking out of it. “Here, for all your hard work.”

Jimin raised his eyebrow and took the bag. “What is this?”

Jungkook smiled and motioned for him to open it. Jimin let out a sigh with a smile and pulled off the paper. He pulled out a set of Micky Mouse ears, he looked at them confused. Jungkook was practically jumping up and down. “I am confused.”

Jungkook was clapping now. “Keep going.”

Jimin laughed and put the ears on his head. “Do I look good?”

Jungkook smiled. “Always hyung, now keep going!”

Jimin smiled bigger, he loved Jungkooks excitement it was contagious. He reached into the bag and saw an envelope. He took it out sitting the now empty bag on the ground, Jungkook could not keep still he was so excited. Jimin opened the envelope tucked inside were two tickets to Disney and plane tickets to Japan. Jimin’s mouth dropped and he looked back up at Jungkook. “Kookie, what is this?”

Jungkook beamed. “You work way to hard and do not take time for yourself. I know you think you are going to stay here and work but sorry no.”

Jimins mouth dropped for a second time, knowing Jungkook wasn’t entirely wrong. Jungkook pulled the tickets from his hand waving them around excitedly. “Me and you are going on a trip, to Japan and to Disney. Everything is set all you have to do is pack, we leave tomorrow.”

Jimin wanted to fight it, but instead of fighting back he just broke into tears. Jungkook cooed and pulled him into a hug. “Thank you Kookie, you have no idea how much I think I really need this.”

Jungkook nodded hug tighter. “Anything for you Hyung.”


The next morning the members had all gone their separate ways. Jin and Yoongi were going on a fishing trip. Hobi was going home to see his Mom and sister, Joonie and Tae had plans to visit a bunch of art exhibits. Jimin and Jungkook were sitting waiting for the plane to board. Jimin had a big grin on his face he was so excited. Jungkook was snapping pictures and taking video. Their boarding passes were called and Jimin danced his way onto the plane with a smiling and laughing Jungkook behind him to video it all. He wanted to keep all of these memories. They were so precious to him; he would do anything to see a smile on his hyungs faces but even more so on Jimins.

On the plane Jimin fell asleep nuzzled into the side of Jungkook who just looked at him with a soft smile. Jimin had worn himself completely out with vocal and dance trainings that he needed this break to not be Park Jimin of BTS and just be Jimin hanging out with his friend.

The flight was smooth and easy and before Jimin knew it he was being lightly shaken awake by Jungkook he blinked with sleep eyes and smiled. “Are we here?”

Jungkook nodded. “We are we can go to the hotel drop our stuff and get some dinner, tomorrow we get to go to Disney.”

Jimin grinned at that he gave Jungkook a hug. “Thank you again Kookie. I am so excited for all of this, just a break away from it all.”


They exited the airport and were quickly able to hail a taxi to the hotel. Jimin gawked up at the hotel it was beautiful. “Ah Kookie, this is too much what did you do.”

Jungkook waved his hand taking Jimins luggage and heading into the hotel after getting out of the taxi. Jimin looked around the lobby as Jungkook checked in. It was big and beautiful; he didn’t deserve such good friends it made him sigh a little cause that’s what they were friends and bandmates. He shook his head and smiled as Jungkook made his way back over. “Let’s go!”

They made their way up to the hotel room, down the hall and Jungkook slid the keycard in unlocking the door. He walked in first Jimin following behind texting the group chat to let everyone know they made it safely and were at the hotel, when he heard a groan. He looked up as Jungkook stared at the room, and only one bed. “I asked for a room with double bed I can go get this fixed. I am sorry.”

He turned to leave the room and Jimin caught his arm and shook his head. “No no this is fine we can share a bed, come on we live together and have done it before. Beside I slept on you the whole plane ride. It’s no big deal, right?”

Jimin wanted to curl up in the bed with him, it would be the closest he could get he was worried Jungkook would freak out and be disgusted. “Are you sure? I just want to make sure you are comfortable.”

Jimin nodded with a smile walking over to the bed and flopping himself back with a pleased groan. “I am totally sure it will be fine. Be warned I am a cuddler!”

Jungkook laughed walking over and sitting down next to him. “It’s fine Tae always throws himself on me.”
Jimin laughed, Taehyung was very huggy and touchy something it took time for him to get used to. Now that he was, he liked cuddling and hugging as much as Taehyung did. Jungkook stood up, “Lets freshen up and get some dinner I am starving!”

Jimin nodded as Jungkook walked towards their bags by the door pulling his shirt off and tossing it on the floor he opened his bag and pulled somethings out. Jimin was staring, Jungkook wasn’t the kid he first met anymore, he was grown and all muscly and he was gawking at him like he was a steak. He licked his lips and looked away before he could be caught. He couldn’t think like that or it was going to be a long trip. Jungkook went into the bathroom and Jimin ran his hands down his face. He was going to be alone with Jungkook and now sharing a bed. This was going to be the best worst trip ever.


Jungkook was flipping the meat on the grill at the Barbecue restaurant they went to. Jimin was sipping a drink and smiling. Jungkook let a big smile cross his face. “Ah Jimin-Hyung. You look so relaxed.”

Jimin sighed smiling and nodded. “I really am Kookie. Thank you for making me do this, and it’s only just started!”

Jimin plucked a piece of cooked meat off the grill dipping it in some sauce and popping it in his mouth. He closed his eyes with a soft moan, it was so good. The steak practically melted and the sauce with it was perfect. He opened his eyes and Jungkook was staring at him, Jimin flushed looking down taking a sip of his drink. “Sorry Kookie, I guess I got a little lost in the moment.”

Jungkook laughed and shook his head. The rest of the meal was spent talking about what Jungkook had planned to see and do. Jimin was excited for all of it, Jungkook had really put a lot of thought into this. It really showed how much he paid attention to Jimin and knew the things he liked, while also pairing them with things Jungkook liked. Jimin was a little tipsy on the walk back to the hotel. He clung to Jungkooks arm laughing and falling over. Jungkook was thoroughly amused. “Hyung, you can barely stay up right sober, this is even worse.”

Jimin let out an even louder laugh and Jungkook just shook his head. He had to get Jimin upstairs and into bed so they could go to Disney tomorrow. Jungkook stopped standing in front of Jimin and then he turned around. “Come on, get on my back.”

Jimin laughed and jumped up. “Giddy up!”
Jungkook shook his head and skipped down the sidewalk with a hysterical Jimin on his back. He carried him all the way into the hotel and refused to put him down in the elevator. Jimin sighed and hugged onto Jungkooks back. “You really are being too good to me Kookie. I don’t deserve this.”

Jungkook shook his head. “That’s not true. You deserve this and more.”

Jimin felt his heart constrict. Jungkook was so blunt with it. He didn’t want to read more into it. Jungkook saw the members as his family and he would do anything for them, that is all this was and nothing more. Jungkook helped him into the room and plopped him on the bed, kneeling down to take Jimins shoes off. “Let’s get comfortable and get some sleep.”

Jimin nodded he got up going to his suitcase to ready himself for bed. Jungkook went to the bathroom first to brush his teeth and wash his face. Jimin looked at the single bed that suddenly felt so much smaller as he was about to crawl into with Jungkook. They had before but the other members were usually not far away, this time it was just the two of them. Jimin took a deep breath and tried to calm himself. This was like any other time, just two friends on a trip.

Jungkook came out smiling in a shirt and boxers. “Bathroom is all yours.”

Jimin stared for a second nodding his head before walking in. He groaned softly he really hoped that he could get some sleep this was going to be so hard. He brushed his teeth and did his skin care routine. Stripping out of his clothes, he normally just slept in his boxers but not wanting to make Jungkook uncomfortable he left his shirt on. He came out and Jungkook was in bed sitting up against the headboard flicking through the tv, his own shirt now discarded on the floor. Jungkook smiled over at him “Come on Hyung get in bed.”

Jimin nodded sitting on the edge of the bed. Since Jungkook had his shirt off he pulled his offsetting it on the nightstand. He heard a hum from behind him and looked over his shoulder. Jungkook was staring at him “Forget you have the tattoo sometimes.”

Jimin nodded running his fingers over the nevermind tattoo. He crawled under the sheets making himself comfortable shifting quite a bit. Jungkook raised his brow. “Are you okay Hyung?”

Jimin nodded. “Yeah, I just forgot my cuddle pillow.”

Jungkook tilted his head. “Cuddle pillow.”

Jimin flushed and groaned. “I told you I am a cuddler. I like to hold things at night.”

Jungkook laughed turning off the tv sliding down into the bed. He turned off the bedside light and reached over pulling Jimin in. Jimin yelped at the tugging but let Jungkook do it. “I told you too, that I don’t mind the cuddles hold away Hyung it’s no problem.”

Jimin was never so grateful that it was dark in the room and Jungkook could not see how red he was from blushing. Jimin pressed himself into Jungkook and slung an arm over him, it was different from a pillow, he was solid but still soft, and much much warmer. Jimin closed his eyes as Jungkook gave him a squeeze. Soon enough he drifted off to sleep.

Sometime through the night, he felt something warm and wet pressing into him. He slowly blinked his eyes open. Jungkook was pressed even tighter into him and was kissing at his neck. Jimin let out a soft breathy moan. “What…what are you doing?”

Jungkook didn’t stop rocking his hips forward pressing into Jimin who let out another moan. “Want you hyung.”

Jimin moved his head to give Jungkook better access to his neck feeling him kiss over it and too his chest. Jungkooks hand running over his tattoo bucking his hips again. Jimin moaned out again, “Ah, Kooks please.”

Jungkook growled biting softly as his neck. “What hyung what do you want.”

Jimin rocked his hips against Jungkook pressing their clothed erections together letting out little whimpers. “Want you Kookie, want you for so long.”

Jimin felt a release building Jungkook pulled back and looked into his eyes holding his face softly. His hips still grinding at Jimin. Jimins mouth fell open in a pant. He was so close he wanted a release he wanted more. He called out softly, but his pleas went unanswered. Instead a sound was blaring in his ear he felt like he was getting pulled away losing the moment.

He awoke with a startle, his alarm on his phone going off. He was still very much clinging to Jungkook and felt his erection in boxers. He quickly rolled over hitting the alarm off on his phone, darting out of bed and into the bathroom. Jungkook was a heavy sleeper and didn’t move the entire time. He shut the door and pressed his back into it. He needed a shower he needed to calm himself down. He stripped out of his boxers turning on the water stepping in. The initial cold shock did nothing for him.
He took his cock in his hand and stroked it softly. He was already on the brink he panted It only taking a few strokes before he released into soft whimpers. He let it run down the drain, pressing his forehead into the wall of the shower with a deep sigh. What had he just done, thank god Jungkook had not woken up. He finished cleaning himself and got ready for the day. He was going to have to try and act as normally as possible.

He slipped out of the bathroom and Jungkook was sitting on the bed scrolling through his phone. He smiled at Jimin. “All done Hyung?”

Jimins head snapped. “What?!”

Jungkook motioned to the bathroom. “All done with the bathroom?”

Jimin nodded trying to steady himself. “Oh yes Kookie its all yours.”

Jungkook leaned over picking the shirt up off the floor and slipping it over his head. He got out of bed and Jimin was relieved that it was long and covered everything. Jungkook smiled. “Let me get showered, then we can go downstairs grab some breakfast and be Disney bound!”

Jungkook was smiling so big it was contagious. Jimin laughed and smiled feeling the tension leave him. Jungkook hadn’t noticed anything and he was fine. “Alright but hurry up because I am hungry!”

Jungkook laughed and went into the bathroom. Jimin sat on a chair and let his breath out. He flicked through his phone. The group chat had a couple of pictures, Jin had caught a fish and was so proud. Tae and Joonie shared pictures from the museum. Yoongi as asleep on the boat they took out fishing which made Jimin laugh. Jungkook has sent a picture of the Mickey ears he had bought Jimin saying “todays the day!” They all told them to have fun. Jimin smiled they really were a little family.

He heard the shower turn off and pocketed his phone. He gathered the stuff he and Jungkook would need for the day and put them in a bag. He draped the crossbody bag over his body. Jungkook came out and Jimin stood waiting. Jungkook laughed at Jimin standing there ready to go. Jimin rolled his eyes. “Come on I told you I was hungry.”


Jimin had drug Jungkook to the lobby for breakfast and practically inhaled his food. Jungkook thoroughly amused by the elder’s excitement. They were now passing through the gates and walking into Disney. Jimin hopped around his Mickey ears firmly on his head. He turned around facing Jungkook with the biggest smile. “What should we do first, look at the shops or go on rides. I want to do the teacups.”
He kept talking excitedly and Jungkook just smiled watching, this was all worth it to see how relaxed he was right now. Jimin grabbed his hand and drug him in the direction of a shop. Jungkook pulled out his phone snapping pictures and taking video as he tried on different things giggling the entire time.
Jimin was all smiles as he pulled Jungkook through the park getting in line for the teacups bouncing. Jungkooks grin got bigger and Jimin blushed. “Ah, hyung your adorable when your excited.”
Jimin waved him off and ducked his head to hide his blush and Jungkook tickled his side, causing Jimin to burst into a fit of laugher. “At stop stop.”
They got on the ride and Jimin was making the cup spin around and around laughing. Jungkook recorded a video with a big smile. He would later edit it all together to give to Jimin so he could remember the day and look back on it and see it all of his point of view. They staggered off the ride Jimin barely able to keep up right from the world spinning but was laughing hysterically.

They wandered around the park going on rides, snacking on food. Forgetting all the pressures they felt with upcoming appearances and tour. The sun started to set and Jimin bounced grabbing Jungkooks hand. “Let’s go to the castle to watch the fireworks Please!”

Jungkook just nodded letting Jimin drag him to a spot that made him happy. The awe that Jimin looked up at the fireworks with left it so Jungkook was just staring at him instead of the fireworks. Jimin turned and saw he was staring blinking slowly. “Are you okay Kookie?”

Jungkook nodded and smiled softly he brought his hand up to Jimins face. Jimin stared up at him his lips parting slightly. Jungkook looked down licking his lips “Jimin, I want to, can I?”

Jimin knew what Jungkook wanted and he wanted it too. Jungkook held on to Jimins face and leaned down softly kissing him. Jimin felt his breath hitch as he wrapped an arm around Jungkooks waist. The kiss was softly and slow, exploratory. Jungkook pulled Jimin closer to him deepening the kiss, making Jimin let out a soft whimper. He didn’t want the kiss to end, he was all he ever wanted and felt so right. He didn’t know why Jungkook did it, but he was so glad that he did.

Jungkook broke the kiss and leaned his forehead on Jimins. “Let’s get back to the hotel huh?”

Jimin nodded he laced his hand into Jungkooks and leaned into his side as they walked out of the park. They didn’t talk as they walked out or waited for a cab. They settled in and told the driver the hotel, Jimin rested his head on Jungkooks shoulder. He knew they had to talk about somethings but wanted to bask in this for just a little longer. Jungkook held on to Jimins hand his thumb softly brushing over it. They rode back silent, but Jimin was dreading when they got back to the room.

The got to the hotel paying the cab fare, Jungkook helped him out and they walked into the hotel. The ride in the elevator was tense. Jimin was bitting at his lip unsure of what was to come once they got to the room. He shuffled behind Jungkook down the hall who opened the door and motioned for him to enter with a soft smile. Jimin stepped in taking his Mickey hat off and sitting it on a table. He heard the door shut and turned to Jungkook. He opened his mouth to speak, but before he could Jungkook had grabbed hold of him kissing him deeply. Jimin melted into the kiss with a whimper.

Before they could get to far into anything Jimin pushed him away panting. “What is happening here?”

Jungkook grinned stepping closer and Jimin took a step back eyebrow raised. “What I thought you wanted, you were whimpering my name in your sleep and rutting against me.”

Jimin groaned and wanted to cry he moved to go to the bathroom and hide. Jungkook grabbed him and pushed him against the wall. Jimin let out a surprised yelp looking up at Jungkook. “Jiminie, don’t run away.”

Jimin squirmed under his gaze. “But Kookie I.”

Jungkook shook his head. “Jimin you are so perfect and pretty. Please say you like me. Because I like you, and I was hoping that was a confirmation for me.”

Jimin blinked up tears filling his eyes, he couldn’t speak but he felt so happy in that moment. He just nodded his head a smile gracing his lips. Jungkook smiled and leaned in for a kiss, their lips met again Jimin pressing his body into Jungkooks. He could feel Jungkooks excitement he rutted his hips against hip letting Jungkook know just what he wanted. Jungkook wrapped his arms around Jimin crouching down picking him up. They continued to kiss as Jungkook walked them over and placed Jimin on the bed.
Jungkook pulled back and looked at him Jimin bit his lip looking at Jungkook. “Ah Jimin I hope I can make you make better noises then you did in that dream. Jimin whined sitting up grabbing Jungkook by the shirt and pulling him down to meet kiss him again.
Jungkook pull at Jimins shirt they broke the kiss so he could pull it off him. Jimin yanked at Jungkooks wanting it off as well. This made Jungkook laugh. “Is someone a little eager?”

Jimin whined but nodded pulling his shirt off him. “Been wanting you so long Kookie.”

Jungkook grinned leaning down attaching his lips to Jimins neck and sucking softly. Jimins head fell back and he let out a breathy whine. Jungkooks hands traveled down Jimins sides to his pants undoing the button of his jeans. He pushed them down Jimins hips who lifted himself off the bed to help. Jungkook pulled them off along with his shoes. He toed off his own shoes taking off his pants looking Jimin over licking his lips. “God look at you, I just want to taste every inch of you.”

Jimin got up sitting on his knees with a grin. “Then come do it Kookie.”

Jungkook stepped closer to the bed when Jimin latched onto him pulling him down and flipping them so he was on top. Jungkook let out a surprised noise as Jimin straddled him and pressed his hips down rubbing their erections together. Jungkook let out a grown as Jimin leaned over kissing his chest. He slowly moved down licking and kissing his way to Jungkook’s cock. He pulled off his boxers tossing them to the side, kneeling between his legs. He looked up with hooded eyes. “The amount of times I am thought about your cock being in my mouth.”

Jungkook groaned and before he had time to process more Jimin was licking up the underside of his cock. He let out a moan feeling the warmth of Jimin’s mouth on him. Jimin sucked lightly on the head while removing his own boxers. He popped off and moved off the bed leaving Jungkook to look up at him. Jimin leaned over his bag wiggling his butt at Jungkook who laughed. He stood up coming back with lube and condoms. Jungkook raised his eyebrow, Jimin shrugged. “I keep some in my bag to be safe.”

Jimin crawled back on the bed placing the condom and lube down kissing Jungkook softly. Jungkook wrapped his arms around Jimin bucking his hips up towards him. Jimin pulled away from the kiss and nibbled on Jungkook’s lip. “God I just want to ride you so bad.”

Jungkook growled. “Turn around baby let me prep you.”

Jimin grinned turned around. He licked on Jungkook’s cock. Jungkook groaned squeezing Jimin’s ass, he picked up the lube opening it coating his fingers. Jimin sunk his mouth on Jungkook’s cock suck softly, causing his breath to hitch.
Jungkook slowly pushed a finger into Jimin causing him to whine as he sucked. The moans around Jungkooks cock caused him to thrust into Jimin with his finger. When he felt he was ready he pushed another finger into him Jimin popped off with a loud moan. “Ah fuck Kookie.”

Jungkook grinned. “The sounds you make I knew they would be good.”

Jungkook continued to move his fingers in and out curling them up making Jimin pant. He took Jungkook back into his mouth and sucked hard. Jungkook growled. “Oh, want to play like that do we.”

He pushed a third finger in wiggling his fingers to spread him open. Jimin whine taking Jungkook deeper into his mouth sucking hard. They both worked each other panting and whining. Jimin popped off with a cry. “Stop… stop or ill cum”

Jungkook rubbed over his prostate. “But I want you too.”

Jimin shook his head trying to pull away but Jungkook had a firm grip on his hip. He panted out. “Please would rather you be in me Kookie”

Jungkook groaned as he slowly pulled his fingers out. Jimin turned around slowly catching his breath looking down at Jungkook. His eyes were dark as he stared at him. “Damn Jimin you are a vision.”

Jimin groaned and picked up the condom opening it rolling it on. He poured more lube over the condom before lining himself up. He bit his lip as he slowly sat down on Jungkooks cock. His head fell back as he moaned out. Jungkook gripped onto his hips and breathed out harshly. “Fuck Jimin, this feels better then I imagined.”

Jimin placed his hands on Jungkooks chest and looked down. “You imagined me riding you Kookie.”

Jungkook nodded his head as Jimin slowly began to ride and bounce on Jungkooks cock he moaned out feeling filled up. Jungkook closed his eyes pressing his head back into the bed panting out Jimins name. This spurred Jimin to go faster digging his nails into Jungkooks chest. Jungkook pushed his hips up putting himself deeper into Jimin who fell forward onto Jungkooks chest.

Jungkook rolled them over hooking Jimins legs on his shoulders, the angle cause Jimin to cry out loudly. “Ah fuck, Kookie right there.”

Jungkook thrusted into Jimin. He looked down at the panting boy his mouth hung open. He moved his hips faster feeling Jimin tighten around him. “Come on baby, let go for me.”

Jimin whined arching his back off the bed as Jungkook continued to thrust in hard and deep. Jimin reached up raking his nails down Jungkooks back his pleasured cries getting louder. Jungkook gripped his hips and thrusted abusing his prostate. Jimins body began to shake Jungkook took a hand and stroked over Jimin matching his thrust.

Jimin let out a cry as his release hit him covering his stomach and chest. Jungkook groaned at the sight, his own body reaching its climax not shortly after pushing into Jimin as he came panting. Jimin flopped his body on the bed breathing heavily as Jungkook pulled out. Taking the condom off tying it, he slipped off the bed and into the bathroom.

Jimin laid on the bed catching his breath as Jungkook came back with a wet towel wiping Jimin up. Jimin blushed and hid his face. Jungkook laughed. “Now you want to hide your face?”

Jimin whined and nodded, Jungkook went to his suitcase got a clean pair of boxers slipping them on. He did the same from Jimins walking over to him. “Here let’s get these on you.”

Jimin nodded and held a leg up off the bed. Jungkook laughed at how adorable he was acting. He got Jimin into the boxer and got him under the covers. Wrapping his arms around him pulling him tight to his chest. Jimin bit his lip looking up at Jungkook. “Uh, what does this mean for us.”

Jungkook ran a hand through Jimins hair. “Well I hope this means we can be something more. I like you, like a lot. Hell, to be honest I might even be in love with you, no I know I am.”

Jimins eyes swelled with tears. Jungkook seeing this started kissing all over Jimins face. “Hey no tears!”

Jimin shook his head with a laugh. “They are happy, oh god I am so happy. I like you a lot too. No, I Love you Jungkook. My Kookie.”

Jimin held onto Jungkooks face looking into his eyes adoringly. Jungkook smiled and kissed him holding him closely. They slowly fell asleep in each other embrace.


Jungkook woke up before Jimin and slowly slid out of the bed. He took a quick shower and came back out to see it was still sleeping. He slipped from the room and got them some breakfast. He was setting it up when he heard Jimin rustling in the bed. Jimin reached out patting the bed sitting up quickly, he looked around and saw Jungkook was setting up the breakfast and smiled. He got out of bed picking up Jungkooks shirt along the way and slipping it on. He slowly came behind Jungkook and wrapped his arms around his waist. Jungkook held onto his hands and smiled. “Well good morning baby, lets eat some breakfast and go shopping.”

Jimin grinned kissing on Jungkooks neck. “You don’t have to woo me; I am already yours.”

Jungkook laughed turning around taking Jimins face in his hands. He smiled softly and kissed his lips. Jimin sighed into the kiss. When Jungkook pulled back Jimin was smiling brightly. “I know but if I can keep this smile on your face forever, I would do anything for you.”

Jimin blushed and slipped away sitting down to eat. They ate breakfast and talked about the places they wanted to go and look at Jimin was excited. He really loved the fashion district, so after they finished eating and cleaned up they were there and Jimin was skipping around looking in the windows wanting to go into every store. Jungkook just cooed at how cute he was.

Jimin looked up at the Bvlgari store, and back to Jungkook. “Can we go in?”

Jungkook smiled and nodded. Jimin grinned and practically ran into the store, with a laughing Jungkook trailing behind. Jimin wide eyed looked at all the rings and necklaces. He sighed stopping in front of one case looking down at them. Jungkook tilted his head. “Why the sad face?”

Jimin looked up. “I guess I just always wanted like matching couples’ rings, like wedding rings. Not that I am saying getting married like right now or something. I guess it’s a dream of mine ya know?”

Jungkook nods looking into the case he motions for the salesperson to come over. “So which set do you like?”

Jimins head snapped up to Jungkook. “What?”

Jungkook smiled and repeated himself. “Which set do you like?”

Jimin stammered and looked back down at the case. He bit his lip before pointing to a set. “Those, I have seen them online, and in the catalog.”

Jungkook nodded smiling. He pointed to the rings, telling the clerk both of their sizes. Jimin raised his eyebrow at how he knew that. The clerk placed them on the counter Jimin looked up at Jungkook again who just smiled. Jimin slipped it on his finger and smiled as it slid on perfectly. Jungkook slid the other on this finger and held his hand next to Jimins who smiled and giggled. Jungkook looked back at the clerk and grinned we will take them. Jimins mouth fell open. “What!”

The clerk cooed and walked away to get a sales ticket. Jungkook looked at Jimin who looked like he was going to burst into tears in the store. “Jimin, baby. I am in this full in for life. If this makes you happy it makes me happy and its like I am claimed by you and that is what I have wanted for so long. So maybe they are not engagement rings, but like promise rings. A promise to fight for each other and love each other endlessly.”

Jimin threw his arms around Jungkooks neck pulling him in close. “God, I feel so lucky right now Kookie. I love you so much. I mean that.”

The clerk came back over and before she could say a total Jungkook just held out his card. Seeing the smile on Jimins face was worth everything. They walked out of store bag in hand, with empty boxes because the rings remained on their fingers. They started their relationship with a promise to love each other unconditionally and do whatever they could to bring happiness to each other. Watching Jimin look down at his hand and smile and blush, Jungkook could not think of anything better to do for the rest of his life. So, while they were not engagement rings, for him they were still a ring that meant a promise of forever.