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When Tamaki had text you saying his heat was going to spring up in the next day or so, you were a tad surprised. Not that you didn’t like the heads up but Tamaki was still rather shy and reserved despite the two of you dating for half a year. Nevertheless you replied like you had the last time this happened.


You want to spend it alone again? I can bring over some of my clothes before it hits. Make sure to have plenty of water and snacks around, if I find out you aren’t eating I’ll kick your ass.

Minutes later a reply came through, what you didn’t expect was the answer.


Can you.. Spend it with me?


I mean if you can’t that’s fine! I don’t want to make you!


I just thought maybe we could.. Spend it together?

Your alpha rumbled happily at the idea of spending his heat together. If you were spending the heat with him it meant packing, and boy did you. Dirty clothes, clean clothes, snacks, drinks, the works. When you arrived at his apartment, you dug out the spare key he’d given you and let yourself in.

The heavy scent of an omegas preheat smacked you in the face upon entry, quickly locking the door behind you, you slipped your shoes off and set your bag down. “Tama?” Upon hearing a whine you immediately made your way to his bedroom, that’s usually where omega’s made their nests right? The omega’s scent hit you even further upon entry to his room. “Woah, you sure you aren’t in heat already?”

“Alpha..!” Tamaki jumped slightly from his position in the middle of his nest, having been caught rearranging the items he blushed. He ignored your tease and hid his face into his hands in embarrassment.

“Oh pup, it’s okay I didn’t mean to startle you.” You weren’t quite sure if it was something all omega’s got embarrassed about or just Tamaki, but it was cute to see him get flustered at being caught building his nest. “That’s right I bought some clothes for the nest if you want them.”

Tamaki’s face lit up and it took everything to not tease him at how happy he was over dirty clothes. After backtracking and grabbing your bag from the front door, you set it on his bed and dug out the dirty clothes. Before you could hand them over the omega ripped them from your hands and got to work on arranging your clothes into his carefully planned nest. You took a seat on the edge of the bed a safe few feet from the nest and simply watched him, did he even realize he was humming?

You bit your lip and slowly slipped your phone out to snap a few pictures of the omega, he was so focused he wouldn’t notice right? And he didn’t! You stared at one of the pictures and zoomed in to notice his smile. Dammit he was too cute playing with literally dirty laundry.

Tamaki tore himself from his work long enough to look at you smiling at your phone. He cocked his head slightly wondering what had you so happy and you glanced up in time to see the cute gesture. “Are the clothes good enough? If not I have more, I haven’t worn them though.”

The omega looked you up and down before glancing at his nest. “Can I..” he paused and you watched his ears grow red. “C-can I have what you're wearing right now?”

You looked down on yourself and scrunched up your nose. Right, omega’s and their love for stinky clothes. “I suppose I did work up a sweat running around and coming here.. You sure it’s not too stinky?”

Tamaki shook his head frantically and crawled out of the nest to your knees, giving the fabric a tug. “N-no..” He helped remove your clothes leaving you in your underwear. “Those too..”

“Woah, you want me to just walk around naked? How bold of you pup~” He went red at your words but stared persistently at your underwear. “Can I at least put on a new pair of underwear?”

The omega gave a faint nod and the moment you stood to remove them, Tamaki yanked them down your hips and as soon as you stepped out of them he went back to the nest. “I’m only wanted for my stinky clothes, boo hoo.” You brushed away a fake tear before putting on a pair of clean underwear.

“You know that’s not it..” He stopped and turned to you, resisting the urge to take the new underwear as well. And that stare was not lost on you, thankfully you at least got to wear that much.

You crouched outside his nest and placed your hand to his cheek. He leaned into it and let out a few purrs before placing his hands on your forearms. Maybe it was because of the heat but he felt uncomfortably warm and it worried you slightly.  “You feel warm, how about you strip down some and take a nap? I’m gonna set up the snacks and everything.” You cooed, gesturing towards the mini fridge in his room.

He let out a whine, reluctant to let you leave his side and nodded. Tamaki removed most of his clothes save for one of your more baggier shirts and slipped into it. You glanced up from digging the snacks out of your bag to see his bare hip peeking out from one of your shirts and let out a low content rumble from your chest. Tamaki perked up at the noise and looked at you with curious eyes. “Nothing pup.” You held the snacks to your chest and gave his hair a gentle tousle before pointing down at the nest. “Nap.”

The omega did as told and you got to tidying up while he rested. A few hours later you sat in the living room watching tv and texting your boss that you’d be busy with your omega’s heat. Tamaki’s phone suddenly went off in his room causing you to jump up and answer it, less it woke the tired omega.

Slipping back into the living room you answered the phone call. “Hey Mirio.”

The male said your name with a confused tone, probably checking to make sure he called the right person. “I called Tamaki, is he okay?”

“He’s napping right now, his heat’s set to kick in in the next day or two. Sorry for answering but I didn’t want him to wake up.”

“Oh that’s fine then!” You could practically hear Mirio smiling and in turn it made you smile. “I just wanted to check up on him, he told me this morning about his heat. You know I’m a bit surprised he wanted you to be with him this time.” Mirio’s tone changed and you instinctively sat up more straight as if he was right in front of you.

“To be honest? I am too.. He’s skittish and I don’t hold it against him, once he got up from his nap I was going to talk with him before his heat kicked in.” He hummed and you continued. “I don’t think he’s still comfortable with the thought of actually having sex, so I was going to bring it up. I wanted him in the right mind.”

Mirio hummed again and somehow you felt like you’d told him the right thing. Your mate was his best friend after all, it only made sense for him to worry. The two of you made small talk until you heard your name be called. “Ah that’s Tamaki, do you want to talk to him?”

“Sure!” You wandered into his bedroom and gave a soft coo to the sight before you. Tamaki on his knees at the edge of the nest, your shirt ridden so far up his legs it almost hid nothing. The flushed expression told you more than enough as you stepped closer.

Tamaki tried to tug you down to his height and realized his phone was in your hand. “Ah its Mirio, he wants to talk to you..” you ran your fingers through Tamaki’s hair and gave his head a gentle scratch. “Think you can do that?” He nodded and you handed the phone over.

The two exchanged words and you simply sat there, scratching his head and brushing his hair from his face. You didn’t even notice when the call ended until Tamaki’s face was nudging into your thigh. “Hey pup, can we talk before your heat hits?”

The male nodded and turned himself to lie on his back and stare up at you. “Did Mirio tell you anything?” Tamaki’s brows furrowed in slight confusion before he nodded. “Did he tell you that we won’t be having sex?” He flushed but nodded.

“I’m still afraid.. Not of you! Just..” Tamaki whimpered and you scrunch your nose up at the sudden sour shift in his scent.

“Hey hey, no pup it’s okay I completely understand.” Releasing a comforting scent of your own you watched him relax, lifting his head from your thigh. “I’m not upset at you pup. I completely understand, we’ll do it when you're ready. You know I wouldn’t pressure you.” Sure ruts were twice as bad and discomforting, but you’d never push yourself on an omega, especially one that’s your mate.

Tamaki sat up and you brushed away his tears before they could fall. “I just feel awful.. Mirio told me your ruts are worse than normal.. It’s all my fault..”

It took everything to not jump on him and intrude in his nest, instead you pulled him out of the nest and onto your lap. “No, baby it’s not that bad. My ruts are nothing compared to how cruel your heats can get.” Tamaki buried his face into your neck and you gave him a gentle squeeze and tried to calm him with a soothing low rumble from your chest.

It didn’t take long to calm the omega and you placed a few kisses to his neck, causing him to shudder. “Is there anything outside from sex you don’t want me to do?” He shook his head and you mindlessly ran your fingertips up and down his back. “Okay, you know the tap out if your horny little brain won’t let you say anything?”

Tamaki huffed and nipped at your shoulder causing you to laugh. “I do..”

The two of you moved to the bed for the time being until his heat hit, you watched tv, made dinner and napped until it hit around midnight. Tamaki woke you with a knee to the side, it didn’t hurt but it jolted you awake. “Alpha..” he whined and you sat up rubbing the sleep from your eyes.

“Shh I’m here pup.” You scooped the omega up and laid him in the nest waiting patiently. He shuffled around making minor adjustments before flopping down, your shirt shifted on him showing off his cute little butt.

You reached out and gave his ass a gentle slap, he let out a moan and nipped at your arm playfully. “In..” he mumbled, when you didn’t move he tugged on your arm. “Get in..”

Finally having permission you finally crawled into his nest and moved to lie beside him. In no time he pushed you over and climbed on top, his shirt riding up and it allowed you to catch a glimpse of the slick starting to slide down his inner thighs. “Damn you smell..” he held his breath nervously, “absolutely intoxicating..” he exhaled and let out a content purr.

Tamaki leaned against you, his lips working from the middle of your chest to your neck, leaving kisses and little nips. “You have any toys you want to use pup?” He paused and reached over to the side table drawer and pulled a few out. You let out a whistle at one of the dildos with a knot and plucked it from his hands. “This little thing is supposed to make you feel good?” You shook your head and Tamaki blushed, slapping your shoulder.

“I-I know it’s not as g-good.. Bu-but it works..” He shuttered, taking the toy back and setting it aside. “I wish.. I wish I didn’t need to use it..” he mumbled. It really didn’t bother you that he wanted to wait, what bothered you was how he beat himself up over it.

“Hey pup, how about.. We use this heat to experiment, so that maybe next heat you’ll feel comfortable actually doing it?” He turned his attention to you and appeared to be thinking it over before giving a nod. “That’s my little omega~”

He buried his face into your neck and inhaled deeply, you simply laid there and let him do as he pleased until the entirety of his heat kicked in. And even when it did you let him be in control to set his anxiety at ease.

“Alpha..” Tamaki whined, his hips pressed down against yours and you sucked in air at how wet he was. No doubt your underwear would end up soaked in his slick, your own arousal slowly stirring up from his scent. “Want you..”

You rubbed at Tamaki’s thighs and shuddered when he pushed his hips against you. “Tell me what you want pup, I’m here for you.”

“Fuck me.. I want you alpha..” He bent forward and nosed at your scent gland, taking a deep whiff of you before moving his hips against you again.

“Fuck.” You dug your fingers into his thighs and bucked up against him, he let out a purr and you nipped at his ear. “You know I can’t do that omega.” He let out a series of whines and you nudge your nose against his cheek. “How about I make you feel good with my mouth yeah?”

The omega above you shuddered and quickly pulled away to move his hips over your face. This sudden assertive side to him made you chuckle, here he was embarrassed not long ago over some little thing and now he was shoving his sopping wet hole in your face. Fuck he was going to kill you if he kept this up. Slick dripped from him onto your face and you gave a quick lick to your lips before pulling his hips down further.

Tamaki let out a loud moan as your tongue ran over his hole, the more rough and aggressive you became the louder his moans grew. Despite drowning in slick you continued to eat him out, your inner alpha howling in pleasure at the cries of the omega atop you. “That’s a good omega, let out all those pretty moans for me.”

“Alpha!” He looked back at you and rocked his hips against your face. “Come.. I wanna come..”

You growled and nipped the inside of his thigh. “That’s not how you ask..”

“Please!” He whimpered and wiggled his hips slightly. “Please let me come alpha!”

“Good little omega.” You pulled his hips back down to your face and continued to eat him out, when his moans shifted and you noticed he was close to coming you slipped two fingers in with your tongue. His hips stilled and his insides clamped around your fingers.

Tamaki let out a loud moan and shook, his hips shaking slightly before pressing more on your fingers. You pulled your face back and licked your lips clean before shifting to thrusting your fingers slowly. “S-sensitive..” He whimpered, pulling his hips slightly away from your face.

He fell face first into the nest, his hips still in the air with your fingers buried deep. Sitting up right you made yourself comfortable before working your fingers in and out, spreading the two and taking note of how his hole tried to suck your fingers deeper. He pushed his hips back against your hand and you placed a few kisses to his plush ass cheeks before speaking. “You want your toy pup?”

He shuffled around and plucked up the dildo with a knot and pushed it between his legs towards you. “Fuck me with it.. Please?”

“Such a good boy, leave it to your alpha.” Tamaki spread his legs further and fully presented himself to you. You licked your lips trying to ignore the ache in your crotch, it was starting to get stuffy and hard to focus but this wasn’t about you right now. This was about the beautiful omega presenting himself to you.

Taking the head of the dildo you simply teased over his hole, soaking in his whines as he moved his hips to try and get the toy to catch on the rim of his hole. You slapped his ass and laid a few kisses to his lower back before letting the head of the artificial cock slip inside his eager hole. “Look at this greedy little hole trying to suck up this pathetic little toy.”

“Nnhn..” He pushed his hips back and you grinned pulling the toy back some, watching his hips follow. “Give me!”

“I thought you knew better,” you slapped his ass, “that is not,” another slap, “how we ask for things.” He hissed and let out a few whined purrs before asking politely. You rewarded him with a kiss to his ass and thrusting the toy halfway into him. He let out a yelp and you had to hold his hips to stop him from impaling himself on the toy.

Tamaki let out a soft growl and turned himself around to lie on his back, legs spread wide with the toy halfway in him. He moved his hips to be closer towards yours, from your view it looked like he was trying to pretend the fake cock was you inside him and it made your chest ache. “Oh puppy..” His expression shifted and you could smell the disappointment rolling off him, you wanted nothing more than to give him what he wanted but he said so himself he was afraid.

To take his mind off the thought you pushed the toy fully inside him, he let out a yelp and one of his hands game to rest on your wrist. You pushed the toy in and out slowly at first, his insides clamped down hard making it hard to move. A new gush of slick trickled out making the toy easier to move.

Tamaki eventually began to move his hips against your thrusts. “So good.. But it’s not enough.. I want you..” he gave a hard swallow and pushed his hips fully on the toy. “I want your knot..” He let out a cry and your inner alpha whined at his sadness.

The omega covered his face as he cried and you ignored the toy in favour of pulling him into your arms against your chest. “Shit, baby don’t cry please.. I don’t want to hurt you.” You let out a comforting purr and nosed at the side of his head. “You said so yourself, you were afraid and I don’t want to make you uncomfortable.”

He dug his nails into your back and you gave a slight hiss to the pain before ignoring it. “I take it back.. This is scarier.. Finally having you here, filled with your scent and finally able to touch you.. It’s worse than the fear of having sex..”

You gave his body a gentle squeeze and exhaled, it was hard to tell if that was the heat or himself talking. But he made a valid point, dealing with his heats alone then suddenly having you here but you wouldn’t even fuck him? After struggling to think of what to do you felt him finally pull away from you.

“I wanna do it.. Please.. I take back what I said, I wanna do it in this heat.. Please..” He stared with tear filled eyes and your alpha found it hard to resist his plea. “Or is it that you don’t want me..?”

Your eyes open wide at his claim and you tightly grab his shoulders. “No that’s not it! Dummy you now that’s not the case..” You growled and put his hand on your crotch. “Does this feel like somebody who doesn’t want you? It’s taking so much in me to hold back and not pounce on you Tamaki.”

He shuddered at the use of his name and gave your crotch a firm squeeze. “Don’t hold back then.. I want it.. I want your knot.. I want to be stuffed and filled.. Please alpha..”

You rubbed your face roughly before exhaling, god you hoped he wouldn’t regret this later. “Okay pup, but if you want to stop at any point then tell me, push me away I won’t be hurt by the action.”

His face lit up and in no time he pushed you down and tossed the toy that was inside of him out of the nest. You snorted watching that thing make a mess on the floor, that’d be a hazard to clean later. Tamaki tugged at your underwear and you lifted your hips as he pulled them off and brought them to his nose. You flushed heavily and a deep growl left your chest, he tossed them into the nest and bent down to nose at your cock.

“Smells so good…” he mumbled. “Smell of my alpha’s cock.. So thick..” Your cock twitched at his words and he licked from the base to the tip before taking the head into his mouth. You moved your hand to the back of his head and without hesitation he swallowed down the entirety of your cock, drawing a loud moan from you.

“Shit.. fuck..” His mouth felt like heaven and it took everything not to come as he bobbed his head up and down. “Yeah that’s it.. Such a good omega.. Pretty boy sucking down my cock.” Tamaki moaned at your words and the vibrations caused you to choke on air. “C’mon pup I thought you wanted me inside, or do you want me to come down that pretty little throat of yours?”

Tamaki pulled off your cock, saliva connecting the two of you. “I want you to come in my mouth.. I wanna taste everything.. Please alpha..” He dove back down onto your cock before you could answer and your head fell back with a hiss.

“Fuck.. it’s so hot seeing you so eager for my come.. What a cute little cock slut.” You gave a few slaps to his ass and slipped three fingers into his greedy hole. “Look at how loose you are, this slutty little hole is sucking my fingers in.”

It wasn’t much longer before the coil snapped, your free hand holding Tamaki’s head down as you came down his throat. The moans that tore out of you sent a shudder down his back, he pulled off you with a wet pop. Before he could swallow you stuck your fingers into his mouth and held his tongue, watching your release that coated his mouth drip down his chin and the back of his throat. “Swallow for me pretty omega.”

He did as told when you pulled your hand away and he opened his mouth to show it was gone. You hummed and pulled your fingers out of him before licking them clean. Tamaki flushed and pushed your arm away, clearly flustered at the action. “Knot.. it hurts so much already..” He sat on your lap and you lied back to enjoy the view.

“I’m sorry baby.” You gave a soft rub to his tummy and watched him take hold of your cock again to angle it at his entrance. “Remember to stop if it’s too much okay?” He nodded and without much struggle the head of your cock slipped inside, the two of you let out a few moans before he found himself slowly sliding down inch by inch.

“Such a good boy, taking me so well.” You cooed praise after praise, your hands roaming his body with gentle strokes before one hand rested against his cheek to brush his tears away. Meanwhile your other hand rubbed softly at his hip as soon as he bottomed out just above your knot.

“Feel so.. Full..” Tamaki placed his hands to his tummy and you glanced down to see the slight bump from your cock. “So deep.. But it’s not enough..” He shuddered and gave a few rolls of the hips causing you to accidentally buck up into him. The omega let out a yelp and his hands moved to your chest to steady himself.

Everything in you screamed to take control and fuck him into the nest, but out of respect for him you tried to let him take control. “If you want my knot you have to work for it omega, show me how you move those pretty little hips yeah?”

He set a slow but deep pace, it was clear of the strain on his legs so you positioned your legs so you could thrust and meet his hips. One of his hands moved back to his stomach and it was like a switch watching him hold his flat little tummy. “Tamaki, do you trust me?”

Tamaki looked down at you and nodded, flipping the two of you over he let out a yelp of panic before calming down. You stayed fully seated inside him and let him get comfortable before starting to thrust. His hand went back to his tummy and his other hand lied over yours against his hip.

The speed of your thrusts began to pick up causing his back to arch off the fabric under him. His legs locked around your hips and you leaned forward to kiss and nip at his neck and jaw. “Fuck you feel s-so good.. Such a good little omega..”

He wrapped his arms around you and pushed your face into his neck. You knew he wanted you to bite down and claim him, but you also knew that he didn’t want that yet either. Instead you continued to nip and lick at the sensitive gland causing more of his sweet scent to ooze out.

Tucking your arms under his thighs you angled his hips better and pulled back enough to stare down at him. He looked so ruined and it made your inner alpha purr in satisfaction. You stilled fully inside him and he reached between the two of you to feel your knot start to swell. “Want it.. Fill me, breed me.. I wanna have your pups..”

A growl tore itself from your chest and you slammed your hips roughly against his. “You’d look so beautiful swollen with my pups.” He whimpered and rubbed at his tummy at the mention. “You’ve been such a brave omega, I think you deserve to be stuffed..” Grinding your hips against his, you teased his entrance with your knot.

His legs tightened around you and you started to thrust roughly purposely keeping your knot from entering. “Gon-gonna come..!” Tamaki pulled you closer and buried his face in your neck, you wouldn’t last much longer either at this rate.

After a few more thrusts you pushed forward entirely, your knot slipping inside him. He let out a howl and you continued to thrust even after it inflated and locked you together. “Come with me pup, come with me..” Tamaki let out a series of moans and cries until the two of you finally came. Your hips jerked against his as you emptied yourself, the knot keeping you from pulling far away but that didn’t stop you from rocking your hips against his to milk your orgasm.

Tamaki dragged his nails over your back, his body shook and for a minute you panicked that he blacked out. His arms fell from you and you quickly made sure he was okay, one of his hands moved to his stomach and you watched him stroke at the small bump. “So full..” he cried.

Still locked together you carefully adjust the two of you to lie side by side, he tucked his head under your chin and used his free arm to hold onto you. The two of you lied in silence before you finally found the energy to speak. Knowing his heat filled mind calmed down enough you nervously asked. “Do you regret it?”

The omega hummed before shaking his head gently. “No.. I’m.. I’m happy..” He purred into your neck and you returned the gesture pulling him closer.

“When my knot dies down let’s get you some water and a snack, then I’ll clean you up.” You brushed his hair back and placed a kiss to his forehead.

Tamaki whined at the thought of having to move. You chuckled and rubbed gently at his back. “I’ll take good care of you pup, we’ll see if I can get you pregnant from just this one heat.” He groaned at your teasing and buried his face into your neck.

“Pl-please pretend I didn’t s-say any of that.. It’s s-so embarrassing..”

“Mm, but what if I want you swollen with my pups?” Tamaki hit you with one of the articles of clothing in the nest and you let out a series of laughs as he struggled to try and get away from you and your teasing. “Hey hey we’re still stuck, calm down!”

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When Shigaraki told you he’d never made a nest or been in one before you weren’t all that surprised. You couldn’t really imagine All for One to have taught him how to make a nest for him to take shelter in. Not that All for One would’ve respected his nest anyways. To say you hated the alpha was an understatement, not because he was a villain but because he was just flat out a fucking prick.

It was no surprise that when you met Shigaraki, like anyone else you boldly assumed he was a beta -- he had no characteristics of an omega and his scent was covered up. Not that it bothered you he wasn’t omega like, fuck stereotypes. If anything you were proud of him opening up and accepting some of his omega like tendencies when it was just the two of you.

Shigaraki sat scrunched up on the bed with his full attention on his game as you beep bopped around the place collecting things. It’s not that alpha’s couldn’t make a nest, just they weren’t very good at it. And frankly you’d never thought about nesting before so this would be a first for you. Would it be too stupid to look up videos on how to? You just sorta slap stuff together and make it comfortable right?

Time slipped away from you as you shuffled and adjusted things in the corner of the room. God you felt stupid for literally playing in dirty laundry as if it was snow, none of this felt comfortable or looked quite right. The omega grumbled now and then, over his game and over how “loud” and “distracting” you were being. “Would you stop walking in front of the tv!” You jumped at his sudden volume and nearly dropped the pile of laundry in your arms.

“Woah mister grumpy pants, it’s not even an online game chill.” Shigaraki ground his teeth and you winced, god you hated that habit of his. “Stop that.” His jaw quickly relaxed, you hated using your alpha voice but that was the only way to get him to stop.

“You know I hate when you do that, pisses me off.” He hissed, scratching at his neck in irritation.

Hey, stop that!” Dirty laundry abandoned on the floor you yanked his hand away from the poor abused skin and his scent gland. Of all his bad habits that was the one you hated the most, no wonder he didn’t smell like an omega his damn scent glands were scratched and torn to high hell. And due to being a villain it’s not like you could just take him to a doctor to get them properly looked at.

Shigaraki dropped his controller and took hold of both your wrists, careful to leave one finger from each hand off you. “I said fucking stop that!” The muted bitter scent rolled off him in waves, irritation, stress, fear. Wait, fear?

Your eyes scanned his face, it didn’t take much inspection to tell he was pissed off at not only you disrupting his game but using your alpha voice on him not once but twice. “Look, I can accept a lot of your bad habits but that one..” you exhaled and his shoulders twitched. “That one I hate the most..” His grip loosened and you moved a hand to gently touch the non scarred sections left.

Shigaraki’s hands dropped to his lap and you sat on the bed in front of him, your fingers ghosting over the damaged glands. God you couldn’t even imagine how badly it felt. Mumbling drew your attention and you hummed a soft ‘come again?’ The male hissed and dropped his head before mumbling a bit louder. “Sorry..”

His muted scent shifted from irritation to simply stress and fear, the latter smell made you worried. Scooting closer you practically sat in his lap and rubbed your cheek against his. “Hey talk to me.. I can tell something’s off.. You wanna tell me what that’s about?”

He shifted but didn’t move far with you keeping him trapped in place. It was clear as day he didn’t want to talk about it, tough shit. You were not going to let that unpleasant smell of fear go unspoken. His mumbling made you lean closer, brushing his long hair slightly out of the way. “Why do you stay with me..?’

Well that wasn’t the response you expected, the fuck kind of question was that? “Babe what are you talking about? Is this about you being a villain? You know I don’t care about that.” He shook his head and bent forward to bury his face into your shoulder, as much as you wanted to see him you knew he’d speak more if he was able to hide.

“I’m a defective fucking omega, I can’t give you things a normal omega would.” Shigaraki snapped, his fingers tightened on your shirt, pinkies raised. “My scent glands are damaged, I don’t even have an actual scent. Fuck I’ve never even had my first heat!”

The more he spoke the more your heart and inner alpha ached, is that what he thought he was? Some defective omega? You pulled him even closer and let him bury his nose against your scent gland, releasing the most comforting scent possible to set him at ease. “Tomura you are not a defective omega! I don’t care that you’ve never had your first heat, I don’t care about any of that.” He squeezes you tight and it took everything to ignore the wet feeling on your neck.

“The neck scratching thing is a bad habit you can’t break, it’s not your fault it caused damage to the glands. That’s why I keep getting onto you about it, I can’t imagine the pain you go through and god knows there’s probably an infection.”

The sound of sniffles made you freeze, shit you probably weren’t making this any better. “Tomura I love you, it hurts me to see you ignoring my help. I just want to clean them and who knows maybe if we stop the scratching and let it heal you’ll have a natural scent again.” Shigaraki stayed silent and you simply sat there with him pressed tight against you.

The sniffles and tears eventually died down and Shigaraki was first to move and pull away. His face was a mess of tears and snot and without hesitation you grabbed the tissues and helped him clean up. “Fine.. but if it hurts--”

“It’s going to hurt and I won’t lie that it won’t,” you cut in, “baby you’ve torn the skin on the glands and the skin under that.” Reluctantly you stood and left for the bathroom for the first aid kit and when you returned he moved to the edge of the bed. “I’m just gonna clean it, put some cream on it and bandage it so you stop touching it alright?”

He nodded and you stood between his legs taking all of his hair and pulling it into a messy bun. “Oh fuck that’s a cute look on you.” He hissed and nipped at you, the blush painfully visible on his pale skin. “This is going to hurt.. So here.” You handed him one of the anime plushies you bought when you started courting him and he held it firm to his chest with fingers raised off the plush.

The god awful cries and whimpers he made as you cleaned the glands made you choke up, tears pooled and threatened to spill. “Shh no baby it’s okay, I know it hurts I’m almost done.” It was mostly to reassure yourself but you continued to praise him for being a good boy and once the cream and bandages were on you placed a kiss over both sides of his necks. “Such a good omega, I’m so proud of you.”

Shigaraki purred at the praise and you gently scented him, he might’ve not been a traditional omega but that didn’t stop you from loving the male any less. “Now promise you won’t pick at the bandages.” It was faint but you heard him promise and that was more than enough to satisfy you.

He returned to his game and you watched him for a bit before returning to the nightmare of a nest you had been building. Yeah this still felt stupid and hopeless. The sudden noises of frustration behind you went ignored since you assumed he was angry at his game. However the sudden shove to the side took you by surprise. “The hell was that for?!”

“This nest sucks, move over.” He hissed. “It’s frustrating watching you fuck this up, how can you call yourself an alpha and you can’t even make a nest?”

Leaning back on your hands you simply watched him bicker and fuss, it took everything to not comment on how he supposedly “didn’t know how to make one” and yet here he was. “Jesus this literally looks no different then to what I had like ten minutes ago.”

“Wrong, this isn’t even remotely the same.” Shigaraki gave you that look of ‘what are you stupid?’ and boy did you wanna slap it off him. “Are all alphas that shit at making nests?”

“Don’t know, I’ve only seen omegas make them and their naturals at it.” You mindlessly plucked at an article of clothing in the nest and Shigaraki slapped the back of your hand. “Ow hey.” He continued to fuss and you couldn’t help but smile at seeing him finally relaxing. Whether he realized it or not his scent had shifted, he no longer smelled stressed or irritated. The action of nesting and sitting in the mixed scents soothed him, even if it was primarily your smell in the nest it worked wonders at calming him down.

By the time he was finished you’d taken over playing his game, hell you almost forgot about him if it wasn’t for the fact he started letting out whines for attention. You paused the game and looked to the omega in question before choking back a snort. Shigaraki lied smack dab in the middle with the anime plush from before in his arms, one of your hoodies turned into a makeshift pillow under his head. His hair was still in the messy bun and his eyes were screaming “get the fuck in here” which was all you needed to ignore the game and crawl in with him.

Shigaraki buried his face into your neck and you got comfortable and played with the short strands of hair at the base of his neck. He let out a few quiet chirps and purrs and you didn’t have to guess what he was getting at, he was silently thanking you. For what exactly you didn’t know but you could take a few guesses.

“So much for not knowing how to make a nest.” It was a simple tease but one he didn’t seem to appreciate as he punched your side. “Okay maybe I deserved that but it's true!” Rubbing the tender zone you hummed and glance down at him. “Maybe it’s an omegas natural instinct to know? Man not only did I get your first kiss and first time” you grinned “but I got your first nest cherry too!”

Shigaraki punched your side again and you coughed before silently mouthing ‘okay I’ll shut up’. He adjusted himself to get comfortable again and you couldn’t help but look over his face. He looked so relaxed and despite the cracked parts of his skin he seemed so soft and innocent. Lord knew he was anything but innocent.

“If you keep staring I’m going to jab your eyes out next.” The threat was empty but you looked away out of nervousness. He might not jab your eyes out but a third hit to the same spot wasn’t something you were looking forward to.

“I have a doctor friend, I’ll call her tomorrow and see if she knows anything about mending scent glands.” Shigaraki let out a low growl and you rubbed his back. “I won’t bring her near you, I know you don’t like me around other omega’s. But she’s just a friend, I promise.” His growl died down and you pulled one of the blankets off the bed that hadn’t joined the nest and covered him with it. “Sleep lil pup, I’ll wake you in time for dinner.”

Chapter Text

When you first bumped into the number two hero you never expected it to be when he was chasing a villain. Not that he stuck around long enough, the villain was bobbing and weaving through people until he rudely shoved you over in the process. Rather than eating asphalt you were held up by a single red feather as he stormed past you. A few of the civilians nearby let out excited chirps of ‘hey it’s Hawks’ or ‘go get ‘em Hawks!’, only one of them bothered to make sure you were okay even though they saw the iconic red feather holding you up.

That was the first and last time you expected to see Hawks, except it wasn’t. He’d for some reason shown up at the daycare center you worked at which not only surprised you, but the children and other caretakers as well.

“It’s Hawks!” One of the children shouted and in no time all the kids were off the playground and circling the number two hero.

“Children calm down!” A coworker made her way over and tried to shoo the kids back onto the playground before turning herself to the number two hero to speak.

You couldn’t hear what was being said and figured maybe it was some publicity stunt, not like this daycare was anything fancy. Just your standard daycare that definitely had seen better days. Not particularly concerned with the thought of a hero outside, you turned away from the view and back to the pup you had been feeding.

The sudden call of your name startled you, sending the baby spoon you held to launch to the right of you. One of those iconic small red feathers shot out and caught the spoon before it could fall and slowly drifted over to you.

“Sorry!” She panicked and shuffled closer. “It’s just that, Hawks asked for you.”

Now why the hell would the number two hero want to talk to you? “Uh, okay.” The blonde stepped closer and your coworker reluctantly left the two of you alone, you could tell she wanted to stick around since she wouldn’t stop eye fucking the poor guy.

“Mean right arm you got there.” Hawks pointed to the spoon still resting on the feather and you flushed, quickly taking the spoon.

He chuckled at your embarrassment and looked over the drawings on the wall as he got closer. “Cute pup, yours?” He teased, you seemed easy to fluster and he was eager to see more reactions.

You rolled your eyes and returned to feeding the pup who seemed grateful to finally be fed again after that interruption. “If you think this one is mine, does that mean you think they're all mine?” You quipped.

His mouth open and closed before he raised his hands in a ‘you win’ gesture. Not the reaction he was expecting but still just as cute. He sat on the other side of the small table resting his chin on his hand and simply watched you feed.

Was he really just going to stare? Didn’t he want to talk to you or something? Cleaning the pup’s mouth off you glanced over at him. “So uh, what’d you want me for?”

One of Hawks' brows rose slightly before he hummed. “Oh right, I just wanted to meet you.” The look of confusion on your face made him laugh and he gently tapped the table with a finger. “A few days ago I saved you from eating the ground--”

“I’m surprised you remembered me given you flew right past me.” You cut in. It was hard to believe a pro hero who saved countless people could remember a single face from three days ago.

Hawks closed his mouth and tapped his finger again, you had some bite and he liked it. “Yeah okay true, I see a lot of people so how could I remember you? Easy.” He tapped again and you glanced at his hand before staring back at him. “You kept the feather that saved you yeah?”

Right the feather. You didn’t really know what to do with it so you ended up taking it home and just keeping it. The feather was stupid soft too so of course you couldn’t bring yourself to just toss it. Wait. “Do you need it back or something? I didn’t know what to do with it so I just took it home.” You paused and panicked. “Shit was I not supposed to or something?”

The male choked back a snicker but it quickly turned into laughter instead, startling you and the pup. “Oh man kid, your a fuckin hoot.” He shuddered at your glare and glanced at the pup, right no cursing. “Sorry.” He watched you pick the pup up and man did you look good with a pup. “Yeah no I don’t need it back, if anything I’d rather you keep it.”

“Keep it? What are you gonna sign it for me too?” After successfully burping the pup you sat back with him against your chest, occasionally giving him a playful bounce.

Hawks laughed and leaned his arms into the table, simply watching you interact with the little pup. God he hated how much he enjoyed the sight. “Would it be weird to sign my own feather?” Probably, but you kept silent knowing the question was rhetorical.

“Hawks, what is it you're really here for?” Not that you didn’t enjoy his handsome mug but this was a lot to go through for one feather, you watched the normally cocky hero shrink on himself a little and shuffle in his seat. He tapped his finger on the table again and your gaze flicked to it. Why’d he keep doing that?

He sighed and used his free hand to scratch his head some before leaning closer, causing you to do the same. “I take it you don’t really know the ins and outs of my quirk..” You shook your head, children occupied your time so aside from what you caught glimpses of on the tv or heard from the children you didn’t pay much mind to the pro heroes.

“Okay so the best way to word this without sounding creepy.. Who am I kidding, it's still gonna sound creepy.” Hawks muttered to himself and you adjusted the fussy pup in your arms. “I could feel it.” He paused and you gestured for him to continue. “You touching the feather… I felt it..”

“Oh.” Silence fell between the two of you, the children's screams and laughter outside the only thing to fill the void. So when you kept running your fingers over it the past three days he felt it? Fuck. Well this was awkward wasn’t it. Hawks startled slightly when you suddenly stood and walked away, missing his expression of a sad puppy you dug through your bag and produced the red feather.

“You brought it with you?” He chirped and the way his expression changed made your heart flutter. Fuck he was cute.

“Yeah it’s soft and relaxing so I find myself playing with it a lot.. Well as I’m sure you’ve felt.” You lowered your head shyly and sat back down placing it on the table between the two of you.

Hawks hummed and eyed the feather. “I noticed, after work yeah?” He glanced at the kids behind you before looking back at you. “Stressful?”

The pup in your arms fussed again and you gave him your hand to play and teeth at. “That’s one way to put it.”  You loved your job, seeing such excitable pups bounce around and being able to take care of them temporarily made your inner alpha jump with joy until the day you had pups of your own. Not to mention your quirk made the job quite easy, and being an alpha meant it was easier for you to handle the more hot headed kids.

“Is this the only reason you reached out to me? Cause I have a feeling that’s not the case Hawks.” Before the blonde could reply the children immediately ran over, play time was over which meant it was time for lessons. You tucked the feather away in your apron pocket and turned to hush the children and get them seated.

“We don’t want dumb boring lessons!” One of the older kids yelled. “I want Hawks to tell us a story!”

“Yeah well Hawks is a busy hero, he only stopped by for a short bit. I’ll read a story later alright?” Noting which child it was that spoke you leaned closer and loudly whispered so that other kids could hear you. “Good kids get to fly around when the little ones hit nap time.”

Hawks watched the children all go silent and eagerly get ready for their makeshift lessons. Guess that was his cue to leave, he gestured outside and you let one of your coworkers take the pup from you before meeting him outside. “Sorry about them, not every day the number two hero literally swoops in.”

He gave a chuckle and scratched at the back of his head, probably not the wisest move but he looked hard for you. A gust of wind came out of nowhere and his wing extended instinctively to cover the two of you.

Being practically pushed to his chest you caught a hint of his scent, how come you hadn’t noticed it before? Berries, dirt and some type of wood you couldn’t pinpoint. And was that, oh my god.

Hawks simply watched you sniff at him, it was actually really cute you only picked up on his scent now. He saw your expression go from confused to surprised, your faces inches from his as you looked up. “Oh my god did you eat fried chicken? Is that why you smell like chicken?” You couldn’t hold the laugh in anymore. “Please tell me the chicken scent isn’t actually you!”

That was most definitely not what he expected to come out your mouth! He let out a nervous laugh and rubbed his neck. “Yeah that chicken smell isn’t me. Wait is that the only smell you picked up?”

Brushing stray tears away you cleared your throat and tried to look at him without laughing. “Ahah no, it was faint but the chicken was what threw me.” You finally calmed down and looked him in the eye. “You smell of berries, dirt and wood.. Though I’m struggling to place the type.. It’s nice.” You paused and Hawks held his breath. “Kind of makes me think of a cozy little cabin in the forest. It’s comforting.”

The blonde let out a groan and rubbed at his face, you weren’t making this easier dammit. “Gotta say that’s a first, most people usually say I smell like citrus and dirt. Though I’m not sure if it's a compliment saying I smell like dirt.” he half teased.

“Maybe dirt is the wrong word? You smell earthy, like I said it reminds me of the whole cabin thing.” You hummed and cocked your head slightly in thought. “I’d say the wood scent is the cabin itself, the dirt is the earth surrounding the cabin and the berries are from bushes that would be in the forest.”

Hawks froze when you leaned back in to sniff at him. “Maybe the wood is firewood?” You took note of what was likely his discomfort and pulled away. “Shit sorry.” Stepping back you fidgeted slightly, at least he deserved a slight explanation. “I like smells.. Or rather I like scents.” The confused look on his face had you giggle. “Everyone smells different, some good and some bad but everyone always has a scent and it’s just interesting to smell the ones that are mixed.”

You gestured back at the kids and crossed your arms. “Kids don’t really have much of a scent, the younger ones at least, but the ones that do their scents are so simplistic until they grow older and their scent evolves.”

Definitely not the weirdest thing Hawks had heard someone say, but who was he to scent shame you? “You know I don’t think I paid much attention to it. Heroes usually have their scents dulled or wear something to block them. So I don’t really realize the lack of smell.”

“What do I smell like?” Your sudden question threw him, he’d spent days thinking about your scent since he first caught whiff of it.

“Best way to put it? A spice rack.” He watched you sniff yourself and he gave a weak chuckle. “Another way to put it? You smell like home.”

The confusion never left your face, if anything it only further intensified when the blonde pulled something out, scribbled and handed it to you before flying off without so much as a goodbye. You smelt like home? What the fuck did that mean? Curiously you looked to the paper in your hand and unfolded it, he left you his number and a stupid winky face. Shoving the paper into your pocket you turned away and went back inside, you’d taken up enough time already just standing around with the male.

Texting him had slipped your mind, as soon as you went back inside you were hounded by your coworkers on what the pro hero wanted with you of all people. Ouch, but not unexpected with these horny omegas - of course they’d want to try and get with some hot alpha like Hawks. Not that you were ugly but apparently these omegas didn’t care for people who didn’t scream classic “alpha” vibes.

Life had you busy the next few days so it wasn’t too surprising that Hawks showed up at the daycare. This time it was naptime so when he flew in there were only hushed whispers from your coworkers. You made a gesture for him to stay quiet and pointed for him to follow but not before waving to your coworkers.

In the safety of the break room you closed the door and exhaled, he was the first to speak up. “Not even so much as a text, I’m hurt chickadee.” He feigned a hurt expression and it took everything in you not to roll your eyes.

“Yeah sorry, some stuff came up and it kept slipping my mind.” Hawks took note of the nose tingling scent that rolled off you, stress or irritation maybe? He scrunched up his nose momentarily before directing you to sit down at one of the tables. “I’m surprised you showed up though, can’t imagine what you find interesting about me.”

Hawks snorted and took a seat across from you, if only you knew. He noticed the fridge in the room and moved to stand. “Thirsty?” You shook your head and he sat back down, instead the fridge door opened on its own and a water bottle flew out and into your hand. “Lazy.”

“Says the man that can pretty much do the same thing with feathers.” You quipped, he grinned and nodded with a soft ‘touche’.

Realization and curiosity hit him. “So wait.. That day you told the kids about flying..”

“It’s nothing fancy but the kids love it and it makes my job easier.” He rubbed his chin and you heard him mutter ‘telekinesis huh’. “It helps with multitasking, mainly cleaning. God these kids love their messes.” He chuckled and you exhaled leaning forward on the table, burying your face into your arms. “Fuck me..” When was the last time you even sat down, god everything hurt.

“I think we’d get caught if we did.” He purred.

Your head whipped up so fast at that comment before you buried your face back onto your arms. “Oh my god..” Your face felt like it was on fire, that was such a stupid line why did it make you so embarrassed?

“I prefer to be called Hawks.” You kicked his leg and he let out a chuckle before placing a bare hand to the back of your head.

Was he trying to comfort you? Now that you thought about it, did he think you were an omega too? Was he trying to use his alpha charms on you of all people? Then the scent of sweet berries hit you, this fucker was trying to calm you. “You know I’m.. not an omega right..? You don’t need to do that whole calming pheromone thing.”

Hawks hummed and his hand continued to rub at your head, his fingers gently wiggling through your hair to your scalp. “I know.” He saw you sniff yourself and gave a weak laugh, you probably thought he was an alpha if you made that comment. “You're not the smartest alpha are you?”

“Wha--” The feather that you kept in your apron pocket flew out and he pinched it between two of his fingers. You looked from him to the feather and almost forgot he could probably tell you had it with you.

“You continue to carry this around and treat it with such care, and yet you can’t even realize why I let you keep it?” He sat back and twirled the feather between his fingertips. “Surely not out of the kindness of my heart, so why else?”

“I guess I hadn’t really thought about it..” And in truth you hadn’t, your mind immediately went to well if he told me to keep it he probably didn’t need it anymore. “Your feathers grow back right?” You gestured towards his thinned out wings and leaned your cheek on your hand.

“Yes,” He extended his hand as if he was going to hand it over but quickly pulled it back before you could take it. “but not this one.” Hawks examined it before looking at you with a serious expression. “There’s a single feather that hasn’t regrown back in place of this one.”

“Why? I thought it would’ve become useless to you once it served its purpose.” For some reason the thought of something being wrong unsettled you, sure it sucked to part but if he had to dispose of it to grow a new one then so be it. It was his feather after all.

“Because it hasn’t finished serving its purpose.” Hawks watched confusion consume your expression and used the tip of it to tickle your nose. You huffed and shook your head before leaning back some. “Since I was interrupted that day by the children,” he stared at the feather and gave it another twist of the fingers. “I caught a whiff of your scent that day when I flew past you, almost didn’t catch that villain.”

Almost? You weren’t a distraction, and he was plenty fast to swerve around you. But the way he spoke made it seem like it was your fault somehow.

“Couldn’t get that scent out of my head for the rest of the day,” he continued. “And then suddenly I felt my feather being touched oh so gently at that? You know chickadee, at first I was confused until I remembered the civilian I helped from eating dirt.”

So was he saying you were a distraction then? He nearly lost the villain because your stupid ass kept the feather and played with it? He noticed the shift in your scent and leaned forward to look at you. “It’s cute to know you sleep with it.”

You choked on spit and he let out a howl of laughter at how quickly your face grew red. “H-how’d you.” It was only once that you fell asleep with it, and that was on accident. Okay maybe you might’ve dozed off with it on naps but still!

“Your heartbeat, I was actually at work when I noticed and almost fucked up some important paperwork you know.” A lie, he didn’t do paperwork that day. But it’s not like he was going to admit he had soaked up the sensation of your heartbeat through the feather like some love sick little omega.

Hawks further explained about the uses of his feathers and by the end of it you wanted to die in a hole, so not only had he felt every time you touched it but when you’d accidentally dozed off with it he could sense your heartbeat. He laughed as you tried to become one with the table and placed the feather near your head.

“So what do you mean it hasn’t served its purpose then?” His words echoed in your head and somehow you couldn’t entirely wrap your head around it. What job did the feather have then? Did he suspect you were a villain or some shit?

“Man I thought alphas were supposed to be more aware of stuff like this.” He sighed and looked away out the window, he wasn’t irritated per say but he was a little disappointed at how slow you were. Did omegas not hit on you often or something? There’s no way, you smelt amazing and just from what little he’d seen of you last time he couldn’t help but need to get closer to you.

Your heart ached for some reason, sure you were slow but it's not like you were playing dumb. “Look let’s agree I’m a tad slow, but I’m not doing it intentionally. I really don’t get it.”

Hawks glanced over at you and sighed before sitting up right. “I’m trying to court you.” He mumbled and you leaned forward some. Did you hear that right? Number two hero Hawks, trying to court you?

“You're an omega?” The words left your mouth before you could process them and Hawks was quick to scowl, scent shifting to sour berries. “Shit I didn’t mean that in a bad way!” You explained, “I don’t pay attention to things like alpha and omega, I mean we live in a world with quirks. What difference does something like that make? Alpha’s were said to be strong and big while omegas were small and weak, but we have people with all kinds of quirks and mutations that cancel out what we knew of alpha/omega stereotypes.”

His shoulders relaxed the more you spoke and the sour berries shifted back to freshly plucked berries. You exhaled and ran your fingers through your hair before apologizing again. “I agree.” You took a sip of your water and looked at him. “Stereotypes piss me off, so I got a little ticked off when you called me out on being an omega.”

You hummed and picked up the forgotten feather and looked it over. “So you still wanna court this dumb alpha?” Hawks chuckled and gave a tiny nod before leaning closer. You tucked the feather away and put your hand out for the blonde who placed his in yours. “I’d be honored to be courted by you chicken butt.”

Hawks snorted and used his free hand to pinch your cheek. “Yeah we’re gonna have to work on the nicknames.”

“You call me chickadee, I don’t think you have any right questioning my nicknaming skills chicken butt.” A grin broke out on your face and Hawks had to hold back from trying to kiss you. 

A knock to the door caused the two of you to pull away from one another. “Sorry to interrupt but two of the kids got into a fight again.. We need your help.” You plucked up the water bottle and with Hawks following behind, you followed her to the two little troublemakers.

The boy took notice of you and immediately ran over and latched onto your leg. “Haruto said because I’m an omega I can’t become a hero! He said omegas were weak!”

You frowned and crouched down to their height and simply let the omega boy latch onto your arm instead. “Now Haruto that’s not nice, you know that’s not true.” The alpha boy in question crossed his arms but before he could speak you continued. “Omegas can be just as strong as alphas, maybe even more stronger.” The whole in depth speech you gave Hawks would be lost on these kids so you settled for the more simple version.

“With quirks these days? Stuff like alpha and omega doesn’t matter.” You adjusted the omega on your arm and pulled up your sleeve showing off four incredibly long scars on your forearm. “I once lost a fight to an omega over a donut, look at these scars and tell me she isn’t strong.”

Easily distracted the two kids gasped and looked over the pale markings before snickering. “You fought over a donut? How lame.” Haruto snickered.

“It was a good donut!” You huffed and tousled both of their heads before standing up right. “Now no more fighting, just because he’s an omega doesn’t mean he’s weaker than you. Now apologize and run along.”

The two ran off and you glanced over to find Hawks staring a hole in you. “Wh-what?” He stepped closer and looked at the scars on your arm, did you really get those from a fight over a donut? Part of him wanted to ask but he didn’t want to be nosy. A smirk rose to your lips as you leaned into him and whispered. “I lied, but if you want, maybe one day you can scar my other arm to match?”

Hawks froze trying to process your words before his cheeks flushed red. “Oh my god.” He slapped your arm and you let out a howl of laughter before gently bumping into him. “Is that the only one you--”

“The only one, promise my skin is free for you to mark up.” Hawks hit your arm again, you’d take as many hits to the arm if you got to see his stupidly cute flustered face. “So about our first date, I’m thinking of dinner at my place?”

The blonde exhaled and ran his fingers through his hair, that did sound pretty good. A nice quiet dinner without the pain of being recognized every few minutes, it’d been ages since he had a home cooked meal on top of it. “Only if you actually text me this time.”

“Right, I’ll do that now.” You pulled your phone out and sent him a simple winky face and heard a snort come from the right of you when he checked it. “That’s right, there’s something you said last time that’s been on my mind..”

“Hm?” He looked up from his phone, having added you as a contact.

“What did you mean when you said I smelled like ‘home’?”

Chapter Text

Arranged bonds were incredibly old school, just like quirk marriages - both of which were still practiced by rich and old fashion people. Which was your parents, less so on the rich side but they were old fashioned, their own bond and marriage was decided for them.

Luckily the two got along and there hadn’t really been any problems, the same couldn’t be said for the Todoroki family however. The exact family your parents planned to hook you up with.

Apparently Enji was adamant to stick you with his youngest, being an apex alpha meant a list of things and what exactly that meant to Enji had you clueless. It sure as hell wasn’t for your quirk, while Soldier was neat and all you couldn’t imagine that to work well with whatever quirk his son had.

Your parents gave the envelope to you containing the medical information on the omega in question. Todoroki Shoto, quirk Half-Cold Half-Hot. Right he was that hero you sometimes caught glances of with the green one that everyone was raving about. Somehow the thought of a kid with your guys combined quirks made you laugh, they’d definitely be a troublemaker.

A chill ran through you, too soon to think of kids with someone you didn’t even know. The file further went on about his height, last record heat as well as an unsettling note that he was a virgin. Well that was creepy to keep track of, you didn’t even want to think about what your file said.

He seemed alright but this whole arrangement was stupid, for now though you settled on humoring the old fools and at least showing up to the dinner date they already set up. On the bed lies something your parents picked out, your mother nagging that you had to look presentable to not only Enji but your “future” mate.

With a few hours left to kill you simply settled on a shower with some lazing around before getting dressed up. Without even knocking your mother barged in, his hair neatly styled and a suit so stylish that it was clear he was trying hard to impress. “Mom can’t you at least knock? What if I was naked?”

He waved his hand to dismiss your complaints and bounced over excitedly. “I’m so glad everything fits, I had it custom tailored just for you the moment Enji approached us.” He fiddled with your clothes making sure they laid right before fussing with your hair.

“Now no funny business.” He saw you smirk and slapped your shoulder. “I mean it, this is important I don’t want you messing it up.”

“Yes mother.” Another figure entered the doorway and you looked up to see your father standing tall. “Afternoon father.”

He simply hummed and stepped inside giving you a once over. “Let’s go, don’t want to be late.” Your mother finished playing with your hair and the two quietly left giving you a chance to do any last second touch ups before joining them.

The restaurant was stupidly fancy, of course it was. Enji had money, he seemed like the type to show off what he and his family was capable of. Part of you wondered if he somehow threatened your parents to plan this.

While your father took care of the mindless chattering with the person at the desk, your mother looped his arm around yours and tugged you along when they finally got moving. Who needed a two floor restaurant with so much open space? The whole place was indeed gorgeous but screamed expensive and a waste to you, luckily your family wasn’t paying shit for this meal.

Your mother cleared his throat and you smelt him before you saw him. Turning your head to see the unmistakable Enji and a smaller figure behind him. “About time, I was worried something happened.” His voice boomed.

Somehow you doubted that though.

“Sorry there was traffic, some villain blocked off the main street.” Your father explained. Enji hummed and your mother gently pushed you forwards. “Ah yes.” Your father introduced you and despite not wanting to be here you humored him and shook his hand.

“Rather short for an apex alpha.” Enji scowled.

“That’s funny coming from a fucking beta with an alpha complex.” You thought. “I might be short but I assure you sir, I have all the other qualifications of being an apex.”

The cocky smile on your face caused his scowl to grow. Your parents panicked and tried to gesture to the figure behind him. “Ah yes, this is my son. Your future mate, Shoto.”

He moved aside and you took note of the half and half male, it’d been awhile since you’d seen him on tv but he looked the same albeit dolled up. His usual long flowing hair was neatly done so that half of it was in a bun. God it should’ve been illegal to pull that look off so damn well.

Shoto stepped forward and quietly introduced himself as he shook your parents hands. When he got to you he stared down at you with the saddest of eyes, his scent mirroring them. Then you took his hand using the softest touch, he appeared taken back for some reason.

“Rather tall for an omega, I know. That aside he’ll do fine birthing if he’s anything like his mother.” Enji turned away and gestured to the overly lavished table behind him. “Sit.”

The table was circular allowing you to sit beside Shoto, your parent to your left and his father to his right. The three chatted about heaven knows what, instead you took to trying to strike up a conversation with your supposed future mate. He seemed to be in the same boat as you not wanting to be here.

“Is he always an asshole like this?” Your voice was soft but Shoto heard it clearly and you saw his shoulders bounce in a soft chuckle.

“Unfortunately.” He whispered.

“Oh charming..” You mumbled.

Appetizers were brought out and it took everything in you not to throw up at how much there was. At this rate you’d be stuffed before the actual dinner, and by the look on Shoto’s face he felt the same.

“Excuse me, Mr Todoroki.”

“Enji.” he cut in.

“Enji,” you corrected. “Let me be blunt, why me?”

The red head stared at you before the question hit him. “You're an unmated apex alpha, top of the food chain and rare.” he sat straight and brought his wineglass to his lips. “Not to mention your quirk seems like it would be interestingly compatible with Shoto’s.”

There was a gentle twitch of your eye, and your mom’s hand moved to your thigh as if trying to warn you to avoid saying anything stupid. “I see.” Well you weren’t too surprised but you were pissed nonetheless, so he viewed you as some sort of trophy?

“Is this how you met your wife?” The atmosphere around the table went cold.

Enji cleared his throat, clearly uncomfortable at the question. “I don’t see how that matters, but yes.” He paused and looked at the two of you. “It’s a shame it took so many tries before we got an omega.”

You didn’t have to know their family situation to know that was fucked up. He literally kept trying for kids just to have an omega? Your hand tightened around the fork in hand causing the metal to bend slightly.

The table fell quiet as everyone ate, your eyes occasionally drifting to Shoto who quietly minded his own business. It was clear any time Enji spoke to your parents he seemed to tense up. When the appetizers were taken away you leaned back in the chair.

“Excuse me, miss?”

The female stopped and turned back to you. “Yes?”

“Can you set up that pretty little two seat table on the patio for us?”

She looked at the table in question and glanced at the faces of the people behind you. “I-I don’t..”

You stood and brushed off the wrinkles on your clothes before pushing your chair in. Without hesitation you rattled off that Shoto’s and your meals were to be brought out there before turning to said omega. “If you three don’t mind I’d like to spend some alone time, if we’re to be together it’s important we spend time together yes?”

Enji’s scowl vanished at the mention, clearly he was pissed at whatever you were trying to pull prior. “I suppose so.” He gestured for the waitress to do as you stated and she vanished. “Shoto, behave.”

Before the omega stood you placed a hand out for him to take which surprised him. He accepted it and even once he stood you didn’t let go, you gave your mom a kiss on the cheek to set him at ease before leading Shoto to the table on the patio.

Once the two of you sat you let out a loud exhale and sank back in the uncomfortable seat. “Christ that old man never shuts up does he? You don’t know how badly I wanted to knock his lights out.”

Shoto stifled a snort and glanced at your guys’ parents a few feet away. His father looked very unhappy from your little stunt, and your parents looked just as unhappy. So much for behaving.

“Sorry about that, you looked so uncomfortable and if I sat there a minute longer there was going to be a fight.” He might’ve won that fight but it wouldn’t have looked good for a pro hero to damage up such a high status restaurant like this.

The omega silently shuffled in his seat and you leaned your elbows on the table, fuck etiquet right now. “Look,” he lifted his gaze to you and you lightly tousled your hair. “I hate this as much as you do, arrangement shit like this is so old school. I’m not marrying someone I don’t love, I simply humored my parents.”

His shoulders tensed up and you placed a hand on the table inches from his. “I know you don’t want this either, your dads an asshole and we both know it.” Shoto snorted. “Just eat and pay no mind to our parents, you don’t have to talk. I can do enough for the both of us.”

A waiter brought your meals and as soon as she left you leaned forward to whisper. “Think your dad would blow a gasket if I ordered some expensive ass dessert?”

“Possibly.” Not like this was hurting his wallet very much. “But he’ll get over it, he’s trying to impress you..” You paused mid bite and nodded, of course he was.

“He does realize even if we married I wouldn’t touch his money right?” You pointed your fork at the omega and he glanced at it before looking back at you, ignoring the rude gesture. “You're a pro hero with your own money, and while yeah I don’t currently have a job I’ve got my own savings and the money from the Association for sperm donations.”

Shoto choked and you quickly patted his back, probably not best table conversation. “They.. pay you for that?” It was the most expression he’d shown all night and it was the cutest little curious tilt of his head.

“Oh yeah a lot,” you paused for a sip of wine, “Apex alpha’s have incredibly strong sperm so we’re highly requested for donations.” Shoto watched you lick your lips before turning back to his own food. “Not that regular alpha sperm won’t take but sometimes it doesn’t work.”

You gestured to yourself with the knife in hand and grinned. “That’s where they contact us for help.” Shoto’s nose scrunched up and you laughed at the action. “Yeah not really the best way to ask.”

“Yes hello,” you made a faux introduction into your hand pretending it was a phone. “There’s a client trying to get pregnant and we need your super sperm, think you can help?”

Shoto covered his mouth with the back of his hand to avoid spitting his food out. His shoulders shook and you threw an internal one man party at having gotten him to laugh.

“God that sounds horrible..” he paused and his expression shifted. “They don’t.. Actually ask you like that, do they?”

Now it was your turn to laugh. “Hell no, I get a call requesting permission for a ‘donation’. I accept and go to the Association and sign some papers, give my junk, take my money and leave.”

“Sounds fun.” Shoto teased.

“Oh oodles.” Your response was dry in return and it caused the two of you to chuckle.

From there chatting became so much easier, when the meal was finished you settled on skipping dessert more focused on chatting. An idea came into mind, it was risky and chances are nothing would blossom from it but worth a shot.

“Hey Shoto, if this doesn’t work he’ll just try and shove you off onto another alpha right?”

He nodded faintly and you could see the sadness build up on his face.

“Then how about I tell them that I wish to court you properly? Why rush into this bond stuff if I have genuine interest in you?” His head snapped up so fast you momentarily worried if he pulled something. “I won’t lie and say I don’t find you cute, but I would kind of like to see how this turns out.”

Shoto’s cheeks flushed and you reached out to take his hands in your own. “With your permission I’d like to properly court you.” The two toned male simply nodded and you placed a kiss to the back of his hand. “Remember I’m not forcing you into anything, if you realize you don’t want this I won’t be upset. And if Enji has something to say I’ll gladly beat his ass for you.”

He hummed and you glanced through the window at your parents still inside. They must’ve been watching the whole thing because your parents had smiles plastered on their face, and Enji looked rather happy. Time to fuck up that smile.

You stood and hand in hand escorted Shoto back inside. “Mother, Father,” you paused and glanced at the red head. “Enji.. we’ve decided to go about this the proper way.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“Rather than rush into a bonding, I’m going to court Shoto instead.” A look of irritation crossed Enji’s face and you moved between him and Shoto. “Be mad all you want, but if this courting goes well then at the end you’ll have what you wanted right? Your omega son wed off to an apex alpha, so who cares that’ll take a touch longer?”

The others went silent and you had a stare off with the large male before he looked away. “Fine. But there’s a time limit.”

“No there isn’t, we go at our own pace.” You heard your mother gasp, Shoto’s hand tightening around your own at your bold denial. “Shoto has hero work and if we are going to marry then I’ll need a job of my own, that takes time and rushing into a marriage won’t help.”

Enji growled and you stood upright, even if he towered over you while sitting you refused to back down. “You have a lot of guts talking to me like that.”

“I should be saying that to you,” god you hated pulling rank like this but, “you're just a beta, what right do you have to command me? An apex alpha is above you last I checked, pro hero or not.”

Flames ticked Enji’s body and you could only figure he was suppressing the urge to literally blow up at you. Yet somehow you weren’t remotely terrified of him, perhaps it was knowing he wouldn’t damage his appearance, or that your inner apex alpha was just too confident to be afraid of him.

Heat radiated off him and Shoto’s hand gave you a few tugs to back off. “You can either accept my condition for a courting at our own pace. Or you can suck it and accept the fact I’m going to court him anyways - and if we marry and bond I will see to it that you never step foot near Shoto.”

Your parents and the poor waitress from before gasped heavily at your words. “Honey you don’t mean that!” Your mom tried to step closer as if he’d be able to defuse the situation.

“Oh but I do, I’d just have to make a few calls so that my mate stays safe.” Enji’s eyes twitched and you couldn’t help but smirk. “It’s considered a crime to hurt an apex alpha’s mate.”

Silence fell and the two of you continued to stare at each other, unlike the fury that Enji was clearly giving off, you stood there happily smug. Shoto’s hand moved to your inner elbow and he bent down to whisper. “You're going to get yourself kil--”

“Fine.” Shoto paused and looked up at his father curiously. “Take it at your own speed, all I care about is the marriage and bond.” The heat died down and he sat back in his seat, you could tell he was still unhappy but refused to start anything.

Now that that was taken care of, you spun around to face Shoto who seemed just a tad surprised at the events that unfolded. “Alright, so lets trade numbers.”

He watched you pull out your phone and he did the same, allowing you to put your number into his phone. “I can’t believe you just did that..” he mumbled.

“Yeah well, if not me then who? Had it been anyone else I’m afraid they wouldn't have come out unscarred.” He wouldn’t have started something in public but he probably would’ve found a way to make their life hell.

“And done,” he took his phone back and you crossed your arms, completely ignoring the three behind you. “I’m thinking about our first real date,” you paused. “Will you trust me to plan it?”

Shoto gave the smallest of nod and for some reason it gave you butterflies, some of his hair seemed to have gone astray and without thinking you moved to fix it. He held his breath as you brushed the stray strands back down, and that bright smile you gave had his heart stupidly racing.

Someone cleared their throat and you glanced back to see your parents staring at the two of you. Probably not comfortable with the little stunt you just pulled, without a doubt you’d get quite the earful from mom later but this whole thing was so worth it.

When it came to leaving you ignored saying goodbye to Enji and went straight to Shoto. “I had fun tonight, and I know you did too.” Both of your gazes trailed to Enji before falling back on one another.

Shoto chuckled. “It was.. Entertaining, albeit a little nerve wracking.”

“I’ll text you about the date plans, Friday yeah?” He nodded and you gave a few excited bounces before placing a kiss to the back of his hand. “Until then~”

Once home you indeed got the yelling of a lifetime from your mother, though it went through one ear and out the other. It didn’t last long though because then your parents got into it when your father had agreed at how you handled things.

Taking advantage of that time you left the house to head back to your apartment, it was sweet they kept your room and everything but your apartment had way more freedom to it. Besides, you had a date to plan.

Chapter Text

“Come to the hospital immediately, it’s Kacchan.”

Normally those words wouldn’t have been too surprising, it wasn’t often but there were cases and days where you’d pick up your boyfriend from the hospital. But those words, the way Midoriya said them with such fear. He refused to explain over the phone, it wasn’t right apparently which meant it was serious.

As soon as you rushed into the hospital entrance Kirishima stood there tense, as if waiting for you. He called your name and took hold of your arms pulling you aside. “Eiji what’s happened to Katsuki?”

He flapped his mouth like a fish out of water, not really sure where to start. Now was not the time to be clamming up. “Kirishima Eijirou you don’t tell me what happened right now or I’ll --”

Another voice called your name and you whipped your head around to see the familiar green fluff. “Izuku!” Kirishima let you go and Izuku placed a hand on your arm leading the three of you to an empty area to talk.

“Kacchan was hurt.. Fairly bad.. He’s in surgery right now.” Okay well that was normal-ish, that didn’t explain the unsettling aura of seriousness right now though. As if sensing your confusion Midoriya continued. “Have you.. Noticed anything off about Kacchan?”

“Off about him?” A few things came to mind, but with how your boyfriend was he never really let you poke him for answers. “He has been acting weird lately.. He’s been getting sick and complains about body pains more than normal.” A feeling of dread ran through you. “I-is there something wrong with him? Be-besides being injured?”

The two seemed to share a look, unsure of how or who would break the ice. “Kacchan was pregnant.” Midoriya bluntly stated.

Gears turned in your head at the words unable to process them. Katsuki was pregnant? Katsuki? Pregnant? “Wah-was?”

They shared another look and fed up with being kept in the dark. You kicked Kirishima’s leg, his quirk protecting him from the kick. “Hey even Bakubro seemed surprised!”

“He’s right, I don’t know the status of the baby but they had to remove it early I guess?” Midoriya’s voice was unsure as he spoke, he wasn’t family so he probably only overheard the nurses or something. “His parents should be here any minute..”

Everything after hearing the news was muffled, it was hard to process that your angry sparky boyfriend had been pregnant and didn’t tell you. Wave after wave of questions echoed in your head. Did he know? Why didn’t he tell you? Especially if he had been sick and feeling so bad, of course his stupid ass would be stubborn and still work. Admitting he was ill meant unable to work, and a bored Katsuki unable to work was a dangerous Katsuki.

The noises dispersed when a hand was carefully placed on your shoulder. Head whipping up, you saw her. Katsuki’s mother staring at you with concern at the scent radiating off of you. “He’ll pull through, something like this wouldn’t kill that dumbass.” It’s what she said every time but it was evident she had no clue what really to say in this circumstance.

When the Bakugou’s were pulled into a talk by Katsuki’s doctor they tugged you along, you were family after all even if the two of you hadn’t sealed the deal. Katsuki had finally been taken out of surgery and was in stable condition, in the process of surgery they were forced to remove the premature baby with the highest chance of survival.

You’d never heard Mitsuki be so quiet and behaved at hearing the news that Katsuki was pregnant. But her stare in your direction didn’t go unnoticed, even if you were focused on staring at the floor. “The baby isn’t out of the ball park yet, being taken out so early and on top of that we have no clue of any damage due to Ground--Mr Bakugou still proceeding with hero duties.”

“I see, thank you so much Doctor. Please keep us updated.” Mitsuki bowed her head in thanks and as soon as the doctor left she stood up and kicked the chair she was just in. Masaru flinched and you continued to stare at the floor, everything still not processing.

Masaru called your name softly and you finally moved from your position. “Did you know about the..” he gestured a bump over his stomach and you shook your head. “I see..”

“So that brat kept quiet?!” The blonde fixed her chair and sat down facing you.

“Apparently he didn’t even know.. I knew something was wrong but when I confronted him he kept brushing me off.” You mumbled. “He was getting sick out of nowhere and kept complaining about pain.. But you know him.”

“Admitting something was wrong would mean no work.” Masaru finished.

“Who cares about work if something’s clearly wrong! That fucking idiot, I swear I’ll --!!”

“Darling please, volume, we're in a hospital.” Masaru tried to ease her anger, his sweet comforting omega scent circling around the two of you.

Mitsuki grumbled and you felt bad for her, the worry and fear was well masked but you knew her well enough. It was one thing that he was hurt but to be pregnant and put risk to a baby on top of that wasn’t making the situation better.

When the three of you were finally given permission to see Katsuki he was still out of it. It was painfully quiet in the room aside from the noises occasionally coming from the machines. Mitsuki sat at her son’s bedside holding his hand while you and Masaru sat on the couch, occasionally throwing small sentences back and forth.

You had left to use the restroom and returned to hear yelling from inside Katsuki’s room. Guess he was awake. The moment the door slid open you had to cover your nose at the pungent mix of smells. Anger from both the blonde’s as well as worry from Mitsuki, fear from Masaru and stress from Katsuki. You closed the door in hopes the smell wouldn’t bother any of the other residents and slipped inside.

“Finally your back, tell this idiot what he did was fucking stupid!” Both blondes turned to you and you froze under their piercing gazes. Way to pull you into the middle, sure you weren’t happy about the whole situation but you were still struggling to know how to feel.

“Tch don’t listen to her, I fucking told the doctors I didn’t know. Besides I’m fine now who the fuck cares.” He snarled.

Sure you were glad he was okay but was he forgetting he wasn’t the only one who was fighting? Apparently you didn’t need to say anything because Mitsuki beat you to it. “Are you fucking stupid?! That baby, your fucking child is fighting tooth and nail to survive because of your fuck up!”

That had Katsuki frozen in a cold sweat, that soft of look he used to get back in high school when his classmates started “passing” him up. “I..” Mitsuki fell silent waiting for his excuse. “I don’t care..” he mumbled.

“Ha?! What do you mean you don’t care?!” Mitsuki yelled.

Masaru further panicked and out of instinct you released a more calming scent to try and ease the poor omega from the smothering smell. While the two argued it was obvious he wasn’t getting any better and without word you escorted him out of the suffocating room.

The two of you sat down in the hall far from the smell and he tiredly rubbed at his face. “Your calm through all this..” He softly stated.

“Haa.. hardly.. I guess everything hasn’t completely caught up in my head. So I don’t really know how to feel..” Did Katsuki never plan on telling you and simply just get rid of the baby when he found out? It was his body you couldn’t be angry at his choice, if he didn’t want a baby that was fine. But that didn’t mean it didn’t break your heart hearing him speak cruelly about it.

“Do you.. Think he means it?” Masaru hummed at the question, Katsuki had never been great with children and never showed signs of wanting any. And on top of that something like a relationship wasn’t even on his mind, it was a huge shock to them when their son came home and introduced you to them.

“You know how Katsuki can be..” he paused and exhaled. “I think he’s just in shock, though he only has himself to blame to an extent.” You looked at the male and took in his exhausted state. “If Katsuki had just said so sooner and found out he was pregnant, then getting rid of it would’ve been fine.”

You nodded and Masaru took your hand in his, the rest of the conversation went unspoken. Everyone who knew you, knew that you weren’t one to judge something like that, he’ll you’d even gone with a friend of yours when she got her abortion. When everyone shunned her, you were her only beam of support. Hell even Katsuki has been incredibly understanding with her staying over during that whole thing.

Mitsuki storming out of the room causing the two of you to jump, she stormed over and you paled seeing her cry. “H-honey?” The two of you stood and Masaru was at her side in an instance.

“We’re going home..” She brushed the tears away as if they weren’t there and turned to you. “We told the doctors they can keep you updated about the baby, if anything happens please don’t hesitate to call. No matter the time.” You nodded and she pulled you in for a tight hug. “And if that idiot gives you any trouble, you're welcome to stay at our house, okay?”

Unsure at what sort of trouble Katsuki could manage to give you right now you simply nodded and accepted the gesture. “Of course, be safe getting home.” Masaru and you shared a hug before the two left, leaving the door separating you and your boyfriend.

Without much thought you slipped into the room and looked over to see Katsuki acting as if nothing happened. He flipped through the channels until he noticed it was only you who entered before turning the tv off. “Bout fuckin time, can’t believe you left me with that old hag.”

“Your father was suffocating over the two of you. I’m not just going to ignore him.” Part of you wanted to hit him for acting like nothing happened, but he was still injured. “Eiji and Izuku were here earlier, did they stop by?”

“Tch no, thank fuck. Last I want is those two crying my ear off, the old hag was bad enough.” His voice was more scratchy then normal, and his tone was wavering. A sign he wasn’t being entirely truthful, you wondered if he knew he did that.

“Katsuki we need to talk.” The words came out on their own before realizing the repercussion of wording it like that. Katsuki’s expression fell and a mild scent of panic radiated from him. “Shit. I didn’t mean like that, I mean yes but.. Fuck.”

You tried to take his hand but he snatched it away and you simply ignored it. “I’m not breaking up with you, but we are going to talk about what just happened.”

“I don’t know what you're talking about.” He looked at anywhere but you.

“Did you know you were pregnant?”

Katsuki growled, the panic shifting to irritation and boy did it smell awful. “I fucking told you morons I didn’t know. What do you think I’m a liar?”

“I didn’t say that Katsuki.” The bitter panic spiked through again, you rarely used his name and it was incredibly off putting to him. “You’ve been sick and kept mentioning pain.. I should’ve noticed something was off.. Your scent too..”

The blonde’s jaw dropped as you suddenly piled the blame onto yourself, this was his fuck up not yours! “Dumbass there’s no way you would’ve known.”

“I should’ve! I’m your alpha and I didn’t even notice the change in scent or the symptoms.” You buried your face into your hands, guilt eating you for failing to notice. He’d been more snappy then normal and his scent changed, getting sick so frequently and complaining about stomach pain?

“Oh my god.. It's my fault.. If I had known I wouldn’t have kept telling you to take all those meds for the pain.. What if it’s my fault I got our baby killed??”

Katsuki froze seeing you completely break down like this, any attempts at trying to get your attention went unnoticed as you spiraled further into self blame. The blonde covered his nose trying not to choke on the acidic smell oozing from you. It filled the room so fast a nurse passing by came in panicked.

“Not good.. Doctor!” The nurse placed her hands on your shoulders and Katsuki growled at another omega touching what was his. The doctor rushed in with a syringe in hand and took hold of you from the nurse. You didn’t put up a struggle as they held you down and injected you with whatever was in the syringe.

“The hell are you doing?!” He panicked.

The three watched your eyes slowly fall close and fall completely relaxed. “Alpha relaxer.. We don’t use it often but now and then there’s an alpha that goes into such a panicked state that we have no choice but to use it..” The doctor replied.

It took both of them to move you to the couch and Katsuki hated it, unable to push them away and hold you. He was trapped in this bed due to his own fuck ups and he fucking hated it. “They’ll wake in an hour or so, if it happens again I’m sorry but they’ll have to be restrained for safety reasons..”

Katsuki let out a few hushed whines as the two left. God you were so fucking stupid thinking it was your fault. He was the one in pain, he was the one to push off the thought he could be knocked up. For fuck sake as an omega he should’ve been the first one to notice but he didn’t.

Sleep was far from his mind despite how exhausted he was, he wanted to stay up and wait for you to wake up and beat it into you that it wasn’t your fucking fault. His mom's words suddenly echoed into his head.

“So you’re just going to leave that baby to die?” She snarled.

Katsuki snorted. “I have zero control whether that thing dies or not, hag.”

“How can you be so heartless to something the two of you created?! Even if it was unintentional! I don’t remember raising you to be such a heartless bastard!”

The blonde flinched, fingers tightening around the sheets pooled at his lap. “I’m a hero.. A pup now would only be in the way..”

“In the way?! Bullshit!” She slammed her hand on the railing at the foot of the bed, jostling the whole thing. She called your name and the omega froze. “What about what they want? What if they want this pup?”

They fell silent and Mitsuki crossed her arms, seriousness rolling off. “I’m not saying they’d leave you for this..” she paused and his heart pounded heavier. “But what if they want to keep it, knowing you don’t?”

It’s completely possible you might want to keep it, he wasn’t stupid he knew how much you seemed to enjoy the thought of having pups one day. Katsuki was the one against it, kids meant free time he didn’t have. Fuck he hardly had time to spend with you, he wasn’t going to dump the kids off on you and make you a stay at home parent.

You stirred on the couch and Katsuki froze, the moment of truth, he wasn’t ready for you to wake up that fast. “'Suki? Wh-what happened..?”

“Relaxer.. You're panicking was a safety hazard.” He snorted, you were too soft even when you were pissed off to hurt anyone.

Despite the fuzzy feeling in your head and the dry mouth, you felt much more relaxed. “Right.. I.. was talking about it being my fault..”

“Which it fucking isnt!” He spat and frustratingly tried to reach for you. You slowly got up and let him cling to you as if you’d disappear otherwise. “If anyone’s to blame it’s me, I didn’t notice what was happening with my own body dammit.”

It didn’t change the fact you still blamed yourself, but for now both of you would shoulder the blame. Carefully you slipped your arms around him and he buried his face into your chest, inhaling your scent. “What’re we going to do with the pup if they make it?”

Katsuki held his breath and went rigid, something you immediately noticed. “Katsuki?” He kept silent and you pulled back. “Di-did the pup not make it..?”

Your voice cracking broke his heart, he gently pushed you back and furiously rubbed at his face. “I don’t know..” he paused and kept his face buried in his hands. “I don’t want it..”

“What?” He repeated himself and you sat on the edge of the bed to avoid falling. “Why..?”

“We don’t need a pup, not now.. I’m still climbing the ranks. I’m not giving up my dreams dammit.” Peeking through his fingers he watched you stare off at the wall. “Plus I doubt it’ll live.. It’s way too early.. Too early.”


“I couldn’t have been pregnant that long.. I wasn’t really showing that much dumbass.”

True, Katsuki hadn’t put on much weight the past some months but there was a noticeable change. His abs weren’t as defined as they used to be, he had more pudge to him and the cutest little growing love handles. There was a weight gain but nothing noticeably screaming “hey I’m pregnant”.

“So what, whether it lives or dies, we just ignore it?”

His response felt like acid in his throat, he was well aware how harsh it sounded. “Yeah.”

You licked your lips and laced your fingers together, leaning forward some. “I see.” It didn’t feel like a secret Katsuki had no real interest in kids, he never got along with them and never showed interest when you mentioned the thought of pups of your own.

Everyone knew how much of an asshole Katsuki could be, and you still loved him. But this? That heartless response? It hurt.

Even if the pup only lived for a few weeks that was your pup, the two of you created that. And you wanted every second with possibly the only child the two of you would have. “I’m going to go get some coffee.” Without waiting for his response you booked it out of the room a little faster then you meant to.

Katsuki yelled your name as you closed the door hastily and leaned against it. Too many thoughts and emotions to organize, first was getting coffee, then finding someone who could update you on the baby.

Achieving coffee felt like a monstrous task, you forgot to bring your wallet in the rush here and in the process of trying to pay via your phone it died on you. One of the nearby customers must’ve taken pity on you for some reason because she reached out with the cash to pay for the drink. “You don’t have to do that..!”

“It’s just coffee, besides you look like you need it.” She gave a weak smile clearly trying to console you.

Giving a nod the man behind the counter accepted her money and turned to make your drink. “Thank you ma’am.”

“No problem.” She gave her order and the two of you stood there. You could tell she wanted to talk, you kept feeling her gaze linger and saw her mouth open a few times out the corner of your eye.

“Newborn pup.” It was so soft she had to lean closer to hear you. “Preemie.” She gave a soft ‘ahh’ and cautiously laid a hand on your arm.

“I hope all goes well..” What else was there to say? ‘It’ll be alright’? Cause it sure as hell wouldn’t be, not with a preemie this early.

The male behind the counter set your drink down and with shaky hands you accepted it, black coffee was awful but the stronger the better to keep you awake and focused. The female beside you blatantly cringed at the lack of sugar and creamer but kept her mouth shut.

“Would you care to talk about it? Maybe talking would help..? If it's not too personal to ask.” She quickly added.

Jerking your head over to the nearest empty table you sat down while she fixed her coffee and joined you. “Long story short, the pup wasn’t planned.. My boyfriend didn’t even know he was pregnant..”

She let out a soft surprised hiss. “Oh my.. I’m so sorry.”

“And what’s more is he doesn’t want to keep it. Though we have no clue if the pup will make it.. I haven’t been told anything yet..”

The woman choked on her drink and you frantically patted her back. “That’s so heartless?” She watched you gaze at your now untouched coffee and shifted. “What do you want to do?”

“If it lives I want to make what time I have with it special.. I’ve always wanted pups of my own, even if this little one was unplanned..” You choked back the oncoming tears at the thought of what you were about to say.

“Even if the pup only survives for a few days.. Hours even.. I want to be there.. I want to soak in every second I have with them..” Unable to hold the tears in they finally fell onto the table, her hand gently rubbing at your back. “Even if my boyfriend loathes me for it, I want the pup..”

Unsure of what to do she simply sat there continuing to rub at your back as you cried. And when you stopped she leaned her elbows into the table and exhaled. “If the pup is unlikely to live that long, I say do it..” You raised your head confused.

“Spend every second you can with the pup, soak it in.. he can be upset but he can’t hate you for spending time with the pup. I take it he’s here as well? If so maybe it’s best for the two of you to take some time apart?” She frowned and rubbed the back of her head. “Sorry I’m not really good at advice, especially with something like this..”

It wasn’t the best that’s for sure, but she had a point. “No you're right.. Maybe a break is for the best, just until the pup…” passes away . It hurt too much to finish the thought let alone the sentence but she nodded in understanding. “I’m sure he wouldn’t be too happy seeing me more focused on the pup then him right now, or smelling like it..”

“Pardon me but he sounds kind of like an asshole..”

A laugh tore itself from you, watery from crying. “Yeah he’s an asshole, but I love him and he’s not always like this.”

The conversation shifted to something lighter between the two of you before you got up. “I should head back, I’ve got to see if anyone has an update on the pup.”

She stood and threw away her empty cup before smiling. “I really hope things turn out okay.. Or as okay as they can be.” Her smile softened and you returned the somber smile before tossing your own cup in the trash.

“Either way it’ll be a mess.. But thank you for the coffee, and the talk.”

She waved her hand and gave a snort. “We’re in a hospital, it’d be inhuman of me to not reach out to someone who looks like they're hurting. I can’t fix the problem but if they need an ear or shoulder then I don’t mind it.”

You hummed, that was an interesting way to think about it. But something so simple could be so appreciated, hell you were thankful for the outside opinion.

On the way back to Katsuki’s room you passed the doctor and he rushed over. “Ah there you are!” You froze and he hunched over clearly out of breath. “The pup is in relatively stable condition and is the NICU, I meant to tell the two of you sooner but another person came in and --”

“It’s okay, I’m just glad the pup is okay..!” It was a long shot but.. “Can I see them..?”

He stood up right and adjusted his glasses. “I can take you there but at the moment you won’t be allowed inside, if things go well tomorrow morning you’ll be allowed to enter.” He turned to Katsuki’s room and pointed to the door. “Should we get --”

“No, let him rest.. He doesn’t want to see the pup anyways..” It felt like venom coming out, the doctor seemed startled and mildly confused before giving an ‘okay’ and started to lead you.

The two of you walked up to the glass window peeking into a room housing a single tiny baby in an incubator. “There she is..” He straightened up and smiled. “I won’t lie it’s incredibly amazing how much of a fighter she is.”

His words almost went completely ignored as your eyes locked onto the pup, your pup. Your little girl. Placing your hands on the glass separating you the doctor side eyed your suddenly shaky self. Expected and not uncommon by parents that come here.

“What’s her chance of survival?”

The doctor grimaced at the question, the part he hated the most. “Forty percent, but being here is the best chance of survival..” he paused. “Even if it’s only for a short time..”

Resting your forehead against the glass you found yourself unable to take your eyes off her. That tiny body hooked up to so many things, it hurt so much to see you almost found yourself looking away.

“Normally we wouldn’t let the parents in so soon.. But since she’s a special case right now.. We’ve decided to make the exception.” He adjusted his glasses again and you finally tore your gaze from her. “If you plan on staying the night we can alert you in the morning when you can come see her.”

The thought of having to sleep on the couch in Katsuki’s room had you groaning, but it beat having to go to an empty apartment. “Thank you doctor.”

He gave you the directions and room number for when you came back and you tucked the note away before heading back to Katsuki’s room.

The omega didn’t even bother to greet you when you came back, he was quietly watching tv and obviously ignoring you. “The pup is in NICU..” he hummed and you sat on the couch. “I’ll be able to see her tomorrow morning.” Katsuki hummed again, his hand twitching a few times on the remote.

Fuckin great, don’t know why you thought maybe hearing the pup was alive would change his mind at all. “I don’t know if the doctor called your mom or not, so I’m gonna deliver the news and take a shower.”

Katsuki finally looked at you but you looked to the floor. “Want me to come back afterwards or?”


You looked at the time, it was still early and you knew Katsuki wasn’t going to eat the hospital food. “Want me to pick you up something to eat?”

He snorted. “Sneaking in food? Fuck yeah, this hospital shit is garbage.”

“I’ll see if Mitsuki can whip something up then.” Katsuki wanted to argue that he didn’t want his old hag’s cooking, that he wanted yours instead and simply gave a grunt.

It felt too cold to just up and leave so to his surprise you gave him a kiss on the head, your hand cradling the back of his head. “Try not to drive the nurses wild, yeah?”

“No promises.” He snorted, tugging you in for a kiss you gladly returned.

Katsuki was reluctant to let you go when you pulled back, his fingers still curled around your shirt. It was obvious he didn’t want you to leave but as much as you loved him. A breather felt necessary, sure the chat with the woman over coffee was nice but you wanted out of the hospital and fresh air.

“Text me if you need anything while I’m out okay?” He grumbled out an ‘okay’ and you gathered yourself mentally to leave.

The drive to the Bakugou’s house was silent, allowing plenty of time to think things over. Maybe you could get someone else to stay with Katsuki when you decided to visit the pup. The pup, shit that’s right she needed a name. Was it fucked up to name her knowing she might not make it?

No, it’d be more fucked up if you didn’t name her and she actually survived long enough to leave the hospital. Katsuki probably wouldn’t be interested in picking a name, even so maybe later you’d extend the offer to be nice. If you named her without offering him input he might throw a fit, well his omega would at least.

As soon as you pulled up to the house a head poked out the main window. Masaru waved and you returned the gesture before getting out. Masaru was the first to the door and as soon as it was open Mitsuki practically knocked you over.

“What did that little shit do now?!”

Charming woman as always. You chuckled and gently pushed her back to step inside the house. “Nothing, I just came home to update you guys and maybe get a shower? I uh.. Didn’t want to go home..”

Masaru nodded, it probably would’ve felt uncomfortable to go back there at the moment. “I’m sure we have some spare clothes for you.”

“Update? On the idiot or..?” Mitsuki tugged you inside to sit down, clearly on edge at whatever update you had.

Masaru froze mid search of clothes and not so subtly scooted closer to hear. “It’s a girl.” You smiled and watched their faces light up. “Her chances of survival are still really small but they said because of it they made the exception to let me see her tomorrow morning.”

“That’s amazing!” The blonde threw her arms around you and gave a particularly tight squeeze. “You’ll have to send me pictures, I need to see my granddaughter.”

Granddaughter, right. It was possibly her only grandchild and she might not ever get the chance to see her in flesh. You nodded, a sincere smile plastered on your face. “Yeah, I’ll take a bunch of them. Gotta start that baby scrapbook early.”

Mitsuki’s expression shifted. Pulling away, she gave a slight nervous laugh. Wrong move on your part, shit. But was it wrong of you to wanna make one? If she really was going to be your only pup it only felt fair to take the memories and put them in one place to revisit over and over.

The omega gave a soft whine between the two of you, clearly not at ease with the sudden tension. “Here honey, go take a nice long shower. Use whatever you want.”

You accepted the clothes and stood, eager to escape the uncomfortable situation you created. “Oh that’s right, think you can whip up some food for me to take back to Katsuki?”

Mitsuki snorted and stood up. “Yeah, we both know that brat won’t eat hospital food. Spicy stuff probably wouldn’t be easy on him right now.” She grumbled to herself as the two of you parted ways.

The hot shower felt amazing, it didn’t do much to relieve the mental tension but for the muscles it did wonders. A glance at the clock in the bathroom told you it’d been long enough of you trying to drown out the world and get out already.

Dried and dressed you came downstairs to the scent of Mitsuki’s cooking and practically drooled. You couldn’t remember the last time you ate, everything before rushing to the hospital felt like a blur at that point.

“Bout time you came out, I figured you haven’t eaten either so I made enough for the two of you.” Mitsuki finished packing the bento’s and tied them up.

“Thanks Mitsuki.”

She scoffed and waved her hand in faux irritation. “I told you, call me mom. Even if things don’t work out between you and that idiot I call my son, you are always welcome here. And are always welcome to call me mom.”

Even if the two of you didn’t work out she was still allowing you to call her mom. Still allowing you to come to her if you needed help. Something about what she said made your chest ache, tears quickly pooling.

Masaru was the first to notice and placed a hand to your back. He had an inkling of what you might’ve been crying about, Mitsuki’s words carried a weight but also likely reminded you of your newborn daughter. The alpha panicked and pulled the two of you into a hug, allowing both of them to literally smother you in love. Their scents mix to create a cozy little safe place over you.

“Thank you.. It means so much..” You choked out, voice sore from crying throughout the day. Mitsuki had been the closest thing you had to a mother growing up. For some reason it only felt right naming your daughter after the woman.

The cryfest ended short and now that you were showered and had food, you left the two with promises of pictures first thing in the morning.

Fortunately the hospital let you bring the food in, Ground Zero such a regular that they already knew his disgust of the hospital food. After giving them the okay that there wasn’t anything that was unsafe for him to eat in his current state they sent you off without worry.

It was surprising to not see him wide awake waiting for your return. Katsuki was asleep on his side, with a spare pillow held against his stomach. The pose had you nearly dropping the bento, Katsuki never slept like that. Omega’s only usually slept like that when they were pregnant. Did his omega still think he was pregnant?

Bento set aside and forgotten, you placed a hand to his hair, gently brushing the untamed strands out of his face. His head nuzzled against your hand, likely sensing your presence and scent. When he woke should you question it? Something told you not to, Katsuki would be pissed.

You leaned forward, placing a kiss to his head, voice soft as you spoke. “ Omega? ” Katsuki shifted slightly as if part of him was suddenly awake. If he was aware of what you were going to do he’d skin you alive. Taking advantage of him like this without his permission. “ What’s here? ” Hand placed on his that lied against the pillow.

Katsuki whined, hand rubbing the pillow. “Pup..” he mumbled.

It felt like someone took a bat to your stomach. His omega thought he was still pregnant. Which suddenly meant a whole new issue brought to light. If his omega thought he was still pregnant and found out he wasn’t it’d cause ten times as much stress to the omega. You couldn’t fault Katsuki for not wanting a pup, but his inner omega would cry, ache and throw a fit at the whole thing.

With newfound knowledge you quietly let him sleep and left to tell the doctor of your findings. As to which he said shouldn’t be a problem, since he was out when the pup was removed his inner omega hadn’t had time to process it. The only side effect would be depression, omega thoughts of being possibly defective or that they did something wrong.

“Usually reassurance is all they need, I presume Mr Bakugou will be very emotional.” He cleared his throat. “Um, more than normal..”

Here you were back in his room and gently petting his hair and cheek. “Wake up, I brought dinner.” The omega grumbled and rolled onto his back with a hiss of pain. You set the pillow behind him to help him get comfortable. “Hungry?”

“Fuck yeah.” He rubbed the sleep from his eyes and the two of you sat in silence while eating.

“Hey babe?” He grunted, mouth full of food. “I thought about names for the pup..” Katsuki froze mid chew before continuing. “I know you probably don’t want to be part of naming her but.. I thought we could name her after your mom?”

Katsuki’s fingers picked at the fabric around the bento, you could tell his brain was working in overdrive to process the information. “I guess.”

A shaky exhale left you, okay that went smooth. Better than you thought, part of you expected him to complain about not needing to name her. Maybe he was starting to come around to the idea of a pup? Or was he intentionally keeping his guard up not wanting to get attached if she didn’t make it?

When the two of you finished eating you set the bento aside. Katsuki insisted on you sleeping with him instead of that god awful couch. “Idiot your hurt I’m not about to make it worse.” The blonde’s shoulders dropped, he was giving you that cheap omega pout that you couldn’t deny. “Fuck.. No.. I’ll stay here until you pass out but then I’m moving to the couch. Take it or leave it babe.”

Katsuki scoffed, usually that worked. “Fuckin fine.. Dumbass you won’t hurt me.” Just to prove a point you carefully poked at his side causing him to flinch and slap your hand. “Don’t you dare say anything..”

He lied back, flipping through channels as you turned off the light and closed the blinds. Plopping down beside him he set the remote aside and you reluctantly got in the bed with him. Careful of the IV and his injury.

Morning came and found you with the stiffest neck pain. Katsuki had fallen asleep and to your word you tried to move to the couch, he didn’t like that. Half asleep Katsuki threw a temper tantrum of all things, demanding you stay in bed with him. Katsuki never threw childish temper tantrums like this which only caused slight alarm, resulting in you simply staying there with him.

Neck pain aside, you finally managed to slip out of the bed, shortly after one of the nurses entered and smiled seeing you awake. “Good morning, I’m just here to check up on Mr Bakugou.” he smiled and further stepped into the room.

“Morning..” You moved from the bed and stretched, a few pops echoing in the quiet room. “Oh man that felt so good..”

The nurse chuckled and you turned to them with a smile. “He insisted I sleep with him.” you clarified.

“I thought so, I’m not surprised.” He hummed. “Oh that’s right, the doctor told me you could head over to the NICU.”

Well if you weren’t awake before you were now, that news was better than coffee. “I-I can?”

The nurse saw you glance at the omega and he tugged you towards the door quietly. “When he wakes I’ll let him know where you are.”

Unfortunately you knew Katsuki better and that would only upset him that you left without a word. But your daughter was suddenly top priority. “Yeah, okay thank you.”

Leaving the room you dug around for the paper the doctor gave you, following the instructions to the area from last time. The woman behind the counter called another nurse over and from there they got you into her room.

“If you want to touch her you’ll have to wash your hands, every time. Don’t touch anything else.” She explained. “I’m sure I don’t need to tell you this, but her immune system is very weak. We can’t risk hav--”

“I know. I know.” You chewed at your lip nervously, excited to finally see her first hand. The woman smiled noticing the excited shift in your scent and gave you a rundown on how to properly wash your hands and approach her.

“Just be careful is all. I’ll be right outside the room if you need me. Okay?”

Yes, yes move lady my daughter is finally within reach! The nurse left and you washed your hands thoroughly before moving to the incubator. Mitsuki was fast asleep, her tiny chest going up and down. “That’s good..” It was muttered to nobody but yourself, a reminder she was indeed alive.

Your dominant hand slipped through one of the holes, gently placing your finger into her incredibly tiny hand. Her fingers curled together around the digit, tiny head moving and little legs giving a tiny kick. Tears quickly rose and you gave a soft watery laugh. “Feisty little girl, definitely like your mama and grandma.”

Standing there for a solid thirty minutes you simply soaked up the skin contact, watching her chest rise and fall, the occasional leg kick. The moment she made a noise you cooed, face practically pressed against the plastic of the incubator. A sound of the door opening was heard but you paid no mind, likely already knowing who it was.

“You should sit.” She hummed and moved a chair over so you could at least rest your legs. “Your first?”

“Yeah.. a complete unknown accident.” Sitting down you allowed your cheek to rest against your arm, hand still inside and holding her tiny hand.

“Congratulations.” The woman smiled and stepped closer. “Would you like a photo for your significant other?”

Shit that’s right Mitsuki wanted pictures. “Yeah actually, I promised my mom I’d send her some of the baby. It’s okay if I take a few photos of her?”

“Sure. Just remember to wash your hands before touching her again.” You opened the camera on your phone and handed it to the woman who took a few pictures of Mitsuki and you. She returned the phone and you stood to take a few pictures of her close up. “I’ll get you something to drink, I suspect you’ll be here awhile.” she chuckled.

Damn straight, you were going to soak up every damn second with your daughter. You sent a bunch of pictures to Mitsuki with the message “Say hello to your granddaughter, Mitsuki. She’s a feisty fighter just like you mom.”

Tucking the phone aside you thought about sending Katsuki a picture. Was he awake? If he was he’d probably text you, unless he was mad you ditched him. You pulled the phone back out and sent one of the better angled photos to Katsuki with the text “I wasn’t sure if you wanted to see her or not, but Mitsuki definitely has that feisty Bakugou gene.”

If he actually cared deep down it might’ve cheered him up to see her okay, worst he could do was ignore it and pretend he never saw it when you spoke to him. The thought hurt but he was the last thing on your mind at the moment.

Speaking of your daughter, if she pulled through and was able to leave the hospital what were you going to do? Katsuki expressed not wanting to keep her, as if she was a pet. Did that mean you’d have to break up with him? You had no desire to hand her over to anyone.

For the first time you let go of her hand and stepped out of the room to talk to someone. “Excuse me?” The nurse from before turned and gave you a smile. “I know it was supposed to be only me allowed but… would it be okay if I had my parents come see her? They don’t have to come in, at least not at the same time I just… really want them to see her..”

The woman bit her lip, you could tell she wanted to say no but struggled. “I can see what the doctor says.. They can come for sure and watch from outside, but to come in I..”

“They can come one at a time with me, just for a little bit.. Please?” You knew throwing in a puppy dog expression wouldn’t work, but on all honesty you were begging. Even just for a few minutes you wanted Mitsuki and Masaru to see their grandbaby.

The woman groaned and rubbed her head, you hadn’t even realized you were releasing an anxious scent and she took pity on you. “Fine, one at a time with you.. And not for long.” She sighed.

“Thank you so much!” Without wasting a second you called Masaru and told them to come in. 

Mitsuki was borderline in tears when you met up with them and led them to the room. The two stood on either side of you, clearly choked up at the sight. A mix of heartbreak from seeing such a tiny body in that little incubator fighting to live, but also at seeing their first and likely only grandchild they’d ever have.

“Did you really name her after me?” She choked out and you nodded. “I can’t believe that brat let you.” Right.. The blonde bit her tongue and placed a hand on your shoulder. “I wanna see her first!”

A chuckle slipped out at her sudden youthful excitement. “Okay. One at a time, let's get you washed up.” She followed you inside and did as instructed, without the hesitation you initially had she went straight for taking little Mitsuki’s hand.

“She’s so cute.. I knew that little brat would make cute babies.” She joked. You rolled your eyes and stood beside her, your own hand entering to gently thumb over your daughter’s tiny bare foot. The two of you chatted and you took several photos of her with the baby before she swapped out to allow Masaru to enter.

The moment he touched her hand he teared up. “I remember when Katsuki was this small.. Well not this tiny.. But I remember when he was just a little pup..” You threw your arms around Masaru in a hug and watched him choke back his tears. “I didn’t want to ask when my wife was around but.. What do you plan on doing if she makes it out of the hospital?”

Good question. You had no desire to give her up, but you also didn’t want to break up with Katsuki. If he still wanted the two of you to be together but had no part in his own daughter's life well, part of that pissed you off. It felt hard to take the relationship with him seriously if he was just going to pretend the child didn’t exist.

“You know..” Masaru pulled his hand from the pups and placed it on your arm. “No matter what happens with Katsuki, we’ll still be there to support you and Mitsuki. Foolish son aside, you are family too.”

Now it was your turn to choke back the tears, damn this whole Bakugou family making you feel new things. Everything was so different before these three. “Thanks dad.” Masaru hugged you and the two of you left for the alpha outside the room.

“I’m sure Katsuki’s awake now, do you guys wanna see him?” After a quick glance at the clock it was approaching eleven, he was probably awake and upset given he saw your text but didn’t reply.

“Hell yeah, did you show Katsuki those pictures? There’s no way he could turn down his own kid after seeing how cute she is!” You nodded and Mitsuki crossed her arms as the three of you walked. She still was pissed off and it was obvious she planned to throw how cute the pup was in his face when they got there. Knowing Katsuki would possibly get upset that his parents got to see the pup in person before him.

The three of you entered the room and of course Katsuki was wide awake and grumpy as usual. And his eyes looked watery, red as if he was crying. What could he have been crying about? Was it because you left without saying anything? “The hell are they doing here?”

“We came to see our granddaughter, decided to check up on our dumbass son while we were at it.” Mitsuki snorted.

Masaru and you shared a glance before he put a hand on her shoulder, you doing the same to Katsuki. The two went silent and turned their glares away from one another. The four of you sat in silence, maybe bringing them up was a mistake.

Katsuki fiddled with his phone, angling it as if whatever he was trying to look at was a secret. “You okay?” You mumbled. He nodded and put his phone face down before pulling you closer to lean against.

Your hand found home in his hair and scratched at his head, he wouldn’t be in the hospital much longer. He was probably ready to leave and get back into hero duties even though you knew he was given off time.

Mitsuki exhaled and finally asked the question you’d been too terrified to. “So what do you two plan on doing if Mitsuki makes it and gets to come home?”

Chapter Text

The day quickly arrived for the date you’d set up with Hawks, the hero must’ve expected to go out somewhere fancy because when he showed up at your apartment he was thoroughly confused. “I asked for the restaurant address and I ended up at an apartment building.. I thought we were going to eat?”

“Nice to see you too chicken butt.” You pulled him into the apartment and he closed the door with his foot, his attention entirely on inspecting the room curiously. “No hello kiss? I’m wounded.”

Hawks rolled his eyes, he was rubbing off on you already and he loved it. “Baby.” He gave you a quick kiss to your surprise, you didn’t actually expect him to kiss you that soon.

“Hey that’s an improvement from chickadee, you've been working on that awful nicknaming of yours?” Leaving him to be nosy you ventured into the kitchen and Hawks quickly followed, probably smelling the food.

“You wish, I was insulting you.” He chuckled. “Not every day you see the alpha being clingy for a welcome home kiss.”

“Oh so this is home huh?” When he didn’t reply a quick glance over your shoulder explained it all. His cheeks were flushed and his gaze was anywhere but you. Bet he didn’t expect you to play his little game back at him.

Hawks cleared his throat and walked over, inspecting the food on the stove top. “So we’re having dinner here then? I expected to pay an arm and a leg at some high end restaurant.”

Part of you didn’t think he was joking, with a title like number two hero he could probably easily get into anywhere he wanted. “That’s cute you think I’d let you pay for me.”

“Oh get the alpha stick out your ass.” He groaned. What was with alpha’s and their need to be in control of everything?

Did he always immediately think it was a secondary gender thing? You turned the stove off and faced him, arms crossed. “It’s not an alpha thing, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to pay for your own half of the bill. I’m sure you're loaded Hawks but I’m not interested in you for the money.”

That seemed to surprise him, and it broke your heart because you knew that meant people only tried to get with him for his fame, money and “alpha” status. He looked to the floor ashamed but before he could apologize you gave a tug to his jacket and threw your arms around him. “I’m not those people Hawks, I don’t care about your money, fame and I sure as hell don’t care that you're an omega. It’s not an alpha thing, it’s a respect thing.”

His hands hovered over your frame before finally resting against your back. Man you were full of surprises and frankly he was scared of it. Not that he’d tell you. “You always keep managing to surprise me chickadee..”

With a hum you pulled back and patted his chest, gesturing for him to sit at the table. “Good, now sit.” You spun back around and began to set the table. “I figured an at home date would be more relaxing, no paparazzi, complete privacy and a chance for you to get that hero stick out your ass.”

Hawks gave a chuckle and propped his chin on his hand. “Hero stick? That’s a new one.” You weren’t wrong though, a home cooked meal and no paparazzi sounded like heaven.

“Some heroes have a tendency to always be in hero mode even when off duty.” You sat across from him and leaned on the table slightly. “I don’t think I’ve ever seen..” Nobody knew his actual name, so instead you made a hand gesture to him. “It’s always Hawks this, Hawks that.. Never just you.”

Ouch, calling him out on the first date. Not that you were wrong, but his situation made it hard to switch off of Hawks and into “Keigo”. He scratched his neck nervously before looking down at the food. “You got me there kid. Alright, no Hawks tonight.”

You didn’t question the lack of his name, as curious as you were there had to be an obvious reason nobody knew it. Part of you felt like he was silently begging you not to ask, and so you didn’t. Instead you decided to poke at something else. “You do know I’m older than you right? If anyone’s the kid here it’s you.”

His shoulders relaxed and he was eternally grateful you didn’t pry. He really wasn’t too sure when would be the right time, if at all. “No shit?” You didn’t look that much older then him, there’s no way..

“Twenty eight.” His wings bristled at the way you grinned at him. “Maybe I should call you baby bird instead of chicken butt.”

“D-don’t you..” Hawks’ wings fluttered and extended around himself as if trying to hide his blatant embarrassment from you. “Fuck..”

Fuck he was cute getting his feathers in a ruffle over a dumb little pet name. “Okay as much as I’d love to keep teasing you, let's eat before it gets cold.”

Hawks looked at you from his wing cocoon before lowering them and taking in the meal in front of him. “Man.. I couldn’t tell you the last time I had a home cooked meal..” You paused mid bite and took in his expression, it must’ve been long because he looked like he didn’t know how to handle it.

“Well, how about this..” Setting your chopsticks down you leaned forward, brushing some stray hairs from his face. “Whenever you want a home cooked meal I’ll make it for you, doesn’t matter when.”

“Whenever?” He asked, his voice was so soft it made your heart ache. Of course you nodded. “What if I said I wanted to eat like this every day?”

Your hand pulled back and he had to stop himself from chasing the warmth. “Hm..” Giving a scratch to your chin you thought about it. “I don’t see why not, maybe not every day I’m sure there’ll be days where I won’t want to cook or you’ll be busy. But if you're willing to chip in for groceries sure.”

The blonde took a deep breath and for a moment you wondered if you’d said something wrong. “Tomorrow I want yakitori..” Well that wasn’t what you expected.

“Yakitori? That’s pretty simple sure.” Rather than immediately digging into the food you tried to brainstorm some things to serve alongside it. The sudden snapping of fingers brought you back, Hawks had started eating and you quickly joined him. “Maybe I’ll make some bourbon chicken skewers too.”

“And fried rice?” He chuckled but it was cut off once he started eating. “Holy shit this is good..” Manners be damned he started to scarf down more of the food and you had to lean forward and pat his back to try and slow him down before he choked. That wouldn’t make for good headlines, ‘Pro hero Hawks found dead in some random civilian alpha’s apartment’.

“The food isn’t going anywhere, would you slow down.. I don’t want to have to give the number two hero the heimlich maneuver..” He stopped and you handed him a glass of water to wash it down. “Look Hawks, I won’t try and pry and ask what’s going on.. But the food isn’t going anywhere, I’ll cook for you as long as you want me to. Take your time eating, if you rush and just inhale the food it’s an insult to me who put all the time into cooking it specially for you.”

Like a scolded child Hawks’ shoulders dropped and nodded. “Sorry..” You shook your head, there was no reason for him to apologize and no matter how curious you were you refused to pry. He was a pro hero in the top three so there were bound to be things he couldn’t or wouldn’t say.

Instead you reset the table and put your food on the other side of the table and moved to sit beside him. “Am I going to have to baby bird you the food to make sure you don’t choke?”

The blonde choked on his saliva before bursting out into laughter. God your ability to change the mood was a blessing and a curse. “Don’t even think about it.”

“Yeah I had no plans to do that, I’m pretty sure I’d throw up spitting food into your mouth.” You gagged at the thought and shuddered. Gross. “Eat, I may or may not have dessert.”

Dinner consumed and dishes washed with the help of the omega, the two of you plopped onto the couch to rest your filled tummies. “An amazing cook and great with pups.. What can’t you do?”

“Taxes..” you tiredly replied.

Hawks gave a snort before leaning in to lie his head on your shoulder. “Bet you think your real funny huh?”

“Absolute comedy gold.” You replied in a monotone voice and the blonde couldn’t help but chuckle. That was until you pulled him even closer to the point where he was almost laying on you.

“Uh, chickadee..?” He nervously glanced at you trying to figure out your goal.

You shushed him and lied back on the couch and pulled his head down onto your shoulder. “Cuddle time..” you paused and peeked at him. “Unless you’d rather not?”

“No, no cuddling is okay..!” He cursed himself for replying so fast, damn inner omega screaming at him to take in every second of being in the personal space of his alpha. His alpha? You weren’t his, not yet at least.

The two of you lied there for what felt like forever, and Hawks was living for it. Utter silence aside from the beating of your heart and sounds of you breathing. No Commission breathing down his neck, no villain’s to deal with, no obnoxious paparazzi shoving cameras and microphones into his face.

It felt unreal to just simply unwind . In fact he had been so relaxed the blonde hadn’t even noticed you subtly pumping out a calming scent to soothe him. Speaking of scent he found it embarrassing how easily your scent could ruin his whole mask he worked so hard to build.

As a pup he was head over heels at the thought of a soulmate, a true mate. But after what happened that dream was crushed, there was no way such happiness and love existed. Even if he felt like this over you there’s no way it was something as serious as that, he didn’t deserve it after the things he’d done.

Your inner alpha rumbled, almost as if telling you the omega was stressing himself and overthinking. It didn’t help that his scent started to match, there was no way of knowing what had him trapped in his head. The most you could do was hold him, release a calming scent and.. Glancing at his wings you remembered what he’d said previously. 

Without much thought your hand left his back to the nearest part of his wing, finger tips stroking over the beautiful red feathers. Hawks shuddered in your hold but ultimately remained still at first until your fingers continued to pet and preen them.

He squirmed and his untouched wing fluttered out and extended out of your reach and over the back of the couch. He wanted to ask what the hell you were doing but it felt too good. Sure it was turning him on a bit but ultimately he was more distracted by the warmth and tenderness you showed him. When was the last time anyone ever touched his wings in such a manor? Probably never.

A low rumble left your chest, pleased to see the omega relaxing and melting against you. The sudden soft chirping from the omega had your inner alpha giddy, he was completely relaxed! Despite the awkward angle you could see Hawks’ face relaxed, he looked so young and child like.

You could only speculate how rough he’d had it, becoming a hero so young and rising the ranks so fast. The way Hawks would speak at times in interviews seemed so rehearsed and even at times clearly forced. All you could do was let him be himself, cook him food and do everything to remind him he wasn’t the Hero Commissions hero slave.

After a while your leg fell asleep which was probably a good indicator the two of you had been lying there for a while. He must’ve fallen asleep at some point because you could feel his breath on your neck and hear the occasional little cute snore. Part of you wanted to take a picture of him, the other part knew better than to without his consent.

“Baby bird..” His leg moved against yours. “Hawks wake up..” He buried his face into your neck and his wigs stretched out before tucking back in.

“Don’t wanna..” The omega mumbled.

You chuckled and gave him a gentle squeeze before lightly scratching at the back of his head. “You don’t want dessert?”

“No.” He childishly whined.

God he didn’t know just how cute he was did he? The alpha in you wanted to jump him but the non animalistic part of you knew that was incredibly inappropriate at this stage in courting. You were not going to look at him for his fame or as a slab of omega meat to stick your dick in like so many other alphas.

“Does that mean you won’t let me get up?” He shook his head and you laughed. “Even if I have to pee?”

Hawks glanced up at you with a pout. “Do you really have to?”

“No.” Your reply was instant and you wanted to slap yourself. There was no way you could force this precious comfortable cutie to move. “I’m just surprised you got so comfortable, the couch is a little cramped.. But I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t find the nest comfortable.”

Hawks was up in an instance sitting on your lap at the mention of a fucking nest . “Why do you have a nest?” Anger and jealousy quickly consumed him, did you just keep a nest around for any omega or something? Of course he wouldn’t find a fucking nest that probably other omegas had been in comfortable, fuck that.

“Woah woah calm down.” Your nose scrunched up at the bitter scent rolling off him, he shoved himself off your lap and you internally whined at the loss of his weight and body heat. “Hawks I don’t know what you're thinking but stop .”

The omega froze, completely obeying the sudden alpha voice despite his new onset anger that you actually used that fucking tone on him.

“Shit I didn’t mean to do that! I just wanted you to hear me out before you get the wrong idea. The nest is mine, nobody else has been in it!” The effect wore off quickly and he raised a brow curiously. Just why did an alpha need a nest?

“It’s actually embarrassing.. But since I was a pup I’ve always been building my own nests.. Obviously not as good as an omega could but it’s comforting..” His expression softened and his shoulders dropped. “I slept in my moms nest a lot growing up, it was just so comforting and safe. Even when he wasn’t home I’d just curl up and boom it’s like I was wrapped up in my moms arms and all my troubles melted away..”

You refused to look up at Hawks, he’d be disgusted like all the others. All the others had been creeped out and thought you were kidding until they saw it first hand. It wasn’t up to omega standards but it worked for you and despite only smelling like you, it was comforting after being at work and being exposed to so many scents.

Others had reacted like Hawks did, flipped out and probably thought the nest was from a previous omega or a current one. But they all left and blocked you without even letting you explain it, so eventually you just kept quiet about it. Why you even brought it up was beyond you, your stupid inner alpha probably thinking it was a good idea to offer the bed of your scent to the omega.

You hadn’t even recognized the omega was calling your name until he gave you a hard shake. “Hey baby look at me..” He chirped and took your hands in his, gently rubbing his cheeks on them. “That’s it.. Deep breaths..” When had your breathing become so panicked? You followed his breathing and once he saw you calm enough he placed his hands on either side of your thighs on the couch.

“I’m sorry for freaking out..” He exhaled and made himself more comfortable on the floor. “I shouldn’t have freaked out like that without hearing you out. And thank you for telling me.”

He wasn’t grossed out? A fully grown alpha stuck in the childish habit of building a nest like some small pup?

“No I’m not grossed out, and it’s not childish.”

Shit you didn’t realize you said that out loud. “Why do people act like alpha’s making nests is such a taboo thing? Sure we can’t make nests the same way omega’s do but what’s wrong with us wanting to have a safe place to hide in?”

Hawks watched you like a hawk, pun not intended, as you spoke. It felt weird to have someone actually listen to you so intently. “I get it. Trust me I get it, not only as an omega but I get wanting to have somewhere safe to just hide in.”

Being shown and entering an omega’s nest was a huge honor and a big step, he could only imagine it was just a big of a step and honor to be allowed into an alpha’s nest. Into your nest.

Despite being calm and understanding you couldn’t help but feel like this was some sort of deal breaker for the omega. “Can I see it?” Your head whipped up and he hissed in worry that you’d give yourself whiplash.

“You really want to..?” The blonde nodded and stood up, pulling you to your feet. “Oh-okay.. Yeah I’ll show you.”

You led him into the bedroom, flicked the light on and as soon as he stepped in he could see it. If anything he smelt it before he saw it, it was your bedroom of course it smelt so heavily of you. The nest was average size and he could tell it definitely wasn’t made by an omega. Pillows and blankets were in the “wrong” places and part of him wanted to storm over and fix it.

“Gross isn’t it?”

He scoffed, you really didn’t know what kind of actually gross stuff he’s seen before. This was far from “gross”. “No, I’ll admit it’s messy and I want to fix it. But it’s not gross.”

Of all the bombs you’d dropped today, this would be far more personal and probably too soon into the relationship to say, but you said it anyway. “You can if you want, fix it up I mean.” Hawks’ wings went rigid and you looked away, rubbing nervously at your arm. “If it’s you I think I’d be okay with letting someone into it.. I know it’s probably too early but..”

Damn straight it was too early, but nothing about the relationship between you two had been exactly “normal” or paced.

“I actually don’t know why I even brought the nest up.. I think my alpha just wanted to give you comfort and plop you in the nest since it smells like me.”

You wanted to plop him into a nest filled with your scent just because he was cozy laying on you? His cheeks grew heated and his wings gently shook, as if trying to unruffle the feathers. “I..” You licked your lips nervously and he held back the urge to kiss you. “I’d like that..”

Letting out a deep breath you didn’t realize you were even holding you stepped aside and gestured to the nest. “Go crazy. I’m going to go grab dessert while you work your magic.”

Hawks slipped past you with a hum and threw his jacket onto your bed before hyper focusing on the nest. He didn’t even seem to realize that he was digging in your dirty laundry to add to the nest. You simply chuckled and left off to collect the dessert.

By the time you returned the nest looked different and Hawks seemed to have included his own jacket into the mix. “Better?” He slumped into the half finished nest and closed his eyes, clearly in heaven.

“Much better, I’ll have to bring clothes over next time to make it perfect.” He replied.

So there was going to be a next time? Wait, he was going to willingly build a nest of their mixed scents at your place? You’d never get sleep if his scent was forever ingrained into the nest. 

Hawks must’ve realized what he said because he shot up, red as ever and cocooned himself with his wings. “You heard nothing.”

“Really? Could’ve sworn I just heard an attractive omega offer to add his scent into my nest.” You teased.

“Our.” He peeked from his cocoon and reached out for the dessert that you purposely kept out of reach. “Our nest.”

You crouched outside the nest and set the plate down before entering the nest with him. His wings pulled away and one of them blanketed your lower legs. “Alright sit up baby bird, I don’t want you spilling pie in the nest.”

Hawks groaned and fussed around until he sat comfortably leaning against you, legs thrown over your lap. “Feed me?”

You grinned and made a gentle vomiting noise before he punched your side. “Little shit you know what I meant.” He opened his mouth and you fed him a spoonful of pie. “Mm.. not too sweet and not too bland.” His mouth opened again and you continued to feed him until the plate was empty.

Plate now forgotten, the two of you lied in the nest, a mess of limbs and his wings as a makeshift blanket over the two of you. Things might’ve been rushed but it felt right, Hawks could probably say he wanted to move in and you’d agree. Not that he would, your tiny apartment was probably nothing compared to where he lived.

Hawks must’ve noticed you got stuck in your head again and started to croon and pepper kisses along your jaw and neck. “You think too much chickadee. What is it this time?”

Too many things to pick from. “A lot, but it’s okay.” Your hand slipped under the lower half of his shirt and rubbed at the small area of skin. “Is it bad to say that rushed or not I’m really content with how things have been?”

“Mm not at all..” If anything he should be the one more surprised, this was completely unlike him. Getting hypnotized into a scent of a civilian and going so far as to find where you worked and only after meeting two times he jumped the gun to have this date. He was acting completely unlike himself and found himself trusting you too easily, if anything he was terrified.

“Stay the night..? You can leave work from here.. You can take a shower too, I’m sure I can find something for you to wear to bed.” You didn’t want him to leave, this was the most comfort and relaxing your nest had ever been. If he stayed you were sure to be late for work but fuck that, you wanted his scent to further soak into the nest.

The blonde threw his leg over one of yours and buried his face into your chest. “Okay.” He mumbled. Not like he wanted to leave, especially not the nest he worked on.

“I’ll probably have to cut a shirt up but that’s fine, you can wear it whenever you stay.” Trying to free yourself from the omega proved difficult and resulted in you almost carrying him to the closet. “Baby bird..” you softly scolded.

Hawks grumbled and let you go but the moment you were within reach again he latched onto you. You took a guess on the cuts in the shirt and like a child Hawks threw his arms up. “You’ve gotta shower first handsome, then I’ll help you dress okay?”

He grumbled again and stood before leaving to search for the bathroom. “Leave your dirty clothes out and I’ll wash them!” Couldn’t very well send him off to work in stinky clothes.

Once he finished showering he looked like a fluffy new birdman. It didn’t help that he looked so different and younger with his hair down on top of it. “Woah look at you, like a whole new bird.”

“One that doesn’t smell like you anymore..” He mumbled.

You walked over and quickly tossed his dirty clothes into the washer before picking up the cutely childish omega. It was a pain to dress him but once he was in his new clothes he dove straight for the nest.

“Tsk, you didn’t even finish drying your hair.” Hawks threw the towel at you and you took it as a cue to dry it for him. “Feels more like I have a pup on my hands then a future mate.” you teased.

Hawks gave a few soft insults and simply melted into the nest. Right pups, he almost forgot how good you looked with them when he first showed up at the daycare. Having pups of his own never crossed his mind but if you asked he’d gladly pop out a clutch if it meant he got to see you fawn over them.

You set the towel aside and took in all the finer details of Hawks’ face. They were subtle but he had freckles that stuck out on his nose and cheeks, a hint of bags under his eyes probably hidden by makeup that now was washed off by the shower. Without his hair slicked back and product in it the strands were incredibly soft and almost feather like in a way.

The man before you was a very different man then the one on tv and you felt incredibly blessed to see such a side of him. “What kind of things do you give to people you court anyways?” He suddenly asked.

“Oh um, I’m not really sure.. I’ve never really gotten far enough to court someone..” You awkwardly admitted.

Hawks still found that hard to believe and stupid, you were a prime alpha despite not appearing physically as one. Oh well their loss, his gain. “Well good news then, you aren’t courting me. I’m courting you.”

“Is that so.” Spunky little omega, that seemed like something Hawks would do.

“I already gave you that feather.. That’s about as serious as a bond mark.” He sighed. “Well for me anyways. I’m giving up a feather to fight and protect others for you.”

Well shit, you didn’t think about it like that. That did sort of feel like a big deal. “Are you really sure it’s okay for me to keep it?”

“It’ll give me peace of mind when I’m away, cell phones easily get broken but the feather won’t.” One of his feathers flew off and flicked the lights off to the room.

“Lazy.” You muttered before getting more comfortable, you still had to shower and brush your teeth but it was so tempting to just pass out. “I guess you're right though.. You better check in with me frequently though.. Like you said your phone can easily be broken.. You might have peace of mind with the feather but I have nothing..”

Hawks shuffled around and the feather you had set on your side table flew over and he easily caught it before holding it to your chest. “I can still control it if it's within reach.”

Taking the feather from him you stared at it long and hard. That would have to work you supposed, without hesitating you kissed the feather causing Hawks to let out a loud chirp. He sent you a death glare but it was hardly intimidating despite how piercing his eyes were.

“Don’t you da--ahh!” You placed another kiss to the feather and he curled into your side. “Fucker.”

“Not yet I’m not.” You teased. It felt almost illegal at how easy it was to rile him up. Suddenly an idea popped into your head, a completely stupid one but it made your heart race. Tucking the feather safely away you moved to climb on top of him.

Hawks glanced up at you before curiously cocking his head some. “What are you--shit..” His breath hitched as your hips grinded lightly against his ass. You’d stop the moment he showed any signs of being uncomfortable, the plan wasn’t to go all the way but to simply pamper and love on your future mate.

“Stop me if it’s too much alright? I won’t go all the way.”

He seemed almost disappointed by that if the pout was any indicator. “Why the hell not?”

“Hawks I know we’re both fine with the speed this relationship has taken off.. But I’m not some alpha who thinks with their dick, I’m not about to try forcing you into all this and possibly make you think that’s all I care about.” He gave a soft whimper like chirp and you could see his eyes watering.

“You aren’t some hole to fuck. You are a human being with feelings, you could tell me you never want to have sex and that’d be fine. I just want to treat you right, show you I care about you and give you the best life I possibly can.”

Hawks turned onto his back comfortably and you easily slipped between his legs. His arms wrapped around your neck as he crashed his lips onto yours. You leaned in and used one of your hands to brush away the tears threatening to spill. His kisses were hungry and rough that by the time you pulled back they felt swollen and tingly.

“You really have no idea what those words do to me..” He softly called your name and tightened his legs around your waist, caging you against him.

Your chest rumbled with a low purr as you peppered kisses across his face, over the newly found freckles, his tearful eyes, that cute little nose of his. Hawks gave a few whimpers, it felt overwhelming, like he was being worshiped by you. The kisses moved from his face to his neck, dancing around his scent gland to the parts of his shoulder that peeked out from your shirt.

He called your name softly before tugging at the back of your head. You looked up at him and just from a little kissing he was an absolute fucking mess. Hawks arched his hips against yours and you quickly slipped your hands under his ass. “If you keep acting cute I can’t promise I won’t eat you up Hawks.”

“Keigo..” he mumbled.

“Huh?” Did he just..?

“Call me Keigo.. Please..” Keigo threw his arm over his eyes in embarrassment, initially he planned to wait a few months to drop his name. But with the intimate situation it bugged him to hear you use his hero name, this was about him. About Keigo, not Hawks.

You placed a kiss to his arm and leaned back. “My cute little Keigo.” He shuddered and you moved your hands to slip under his shirt and push it up over his chest. Torso now exposed you found yourself taking it all in, of course he was fit but it wasn’t grotestly like some of the larger heros. There was a little bit of pudge on him in all the right spots, likely from the omega genes but that didn’t stop you from finding it attractive.

Letting your fingers trail down his sides he shuddered and pulled his arm away to watch you. You were really worshiping him huh? When your hands found his slightly pudgy sides he jolted slightly, he sure as hell wasn’t expecting you to give it a gentle squish and suddenly found himself a tad self conscious.

“If you're thinking something negative then stop, I don’t care that you aren’t super fit and lean. If anything I like the little bit of pudge, gives me something to grab on.” You teased, licking your lips.

“Fuckin animal.” Keigo teased back, for some reason he found himself pressing two of his fingers to your lips and without hesitation your lips parted for them. If your mouth was this wet and warm on just his fingers he couldn’t imagine what it’d feel like in other places.

He wouldn’t have to wait long though, part of you felt that he wanted something more if he was shoving his fingers in your mouth. Slowly you gave a tug to the shorts and he raised his hips allowing you to easily slip them off and tossed aside into the nest.

Without even needing to look you could smell the slick staining his borrowed underwear. His fingers left your mouth and his thumbs hooked into the elastic before tugging them down to show off his sopping wet cunt. If he was this wet from just a little body worship god only knows how wet he’d be during his heat.

“Such a pretty little cunt for a pretty little bird.” You cooed and leaned back to shimmy down to his crotch. Part of you felt filthy for getting off on the scent alone but the man’s scent was like some sort of aphrodisiac. “You gonna sing for me baby bird?”

“Fuck yes.. Plea..please.. I need you..” Keigo cried out feeling your fingers glide over his cunt and slip into him. “Yes.. right there..” He shoved your hand trying to take in more but you kept firm and it caused him to whine in irritation.

“Patience.” You eased two fingers in easily due to the slick and placed a few kisses to his thigh and inner hip before working your way to his cunt. Keigo whimpered at the hot breath and tried grinding down onto your face. You stuck your tongue out and gave a few teasing licks to his clit. “Sing for me baby.”

Before Keigo could complain he let out a yelp, fingers stretched him wide and your tongue rapidly played with his clit. His fingers tangled into your hair and you had to hold back a chuckle at how desperately he was trying to push your face into his crotch. “Harder..” he chirped. “Stuff me more.. Please.. Alpha ..!”

That can do. You growled in content at the title and quickly went to work lapping up the slick, sucking and nibbling at his clit while your fingers continued to work his insides. In no time you were able to add a third and fourth which seemed to only temporarily work for him.

“Bigger.. I want more..” Keigo swallowed and leaned up onto his elbows, leg hooked over your shoulder to grind into your face.

“Awe baby want a fat cock?” You teased, slightly muffled by his cunt. “You seem to be doing just fine with my tongue and fingers though.”

The omega growled and pushed his cunt further into your face practically suffocating you, and frankly you wouldn’t have it any other way. He ignored your muffled speech and trapped you between his thighs. “If you don’t fuck me right now I’ll go out and find someone who will.”

An absolute fucking lie and the two of you knew it, Hawks might’ve been titled a “player” but it was clear he was anything but that. He was far too touched starved and awkward to be someone who pulled person after person into bed.

His grip loosened and you pulled back panting, trying to suck in the lost oxygen. “This was supposed to be about you and making you feel good. Not sex.”

Keigo kicked his leg out and you swiftly avoided a foot to the face. “It’s still about me and making me feel good, I want you in me. Now.” He demanded.

You sat up and slipped your fingers from his cunt and slipped them into your mouth with a groan. “So tasty..” The blonde gently shoved your shoulder with his foot. Why were alpha’s always so gross and embarrassing?

With jelly like limbs he forced himself to sit up and shoved you onto your back before tugging at your clothes. He stripped you free and quickly added them to the nest before taking in your naked form. Keigo took a deep breath and swore he felt more slick pool down his thighs at the sight of your cock hard and resting against your stomach.

“Are you just going to stare or?” He slapped your thigh and pushed them apart to slip in between, giving his lips a hungry lick.

“I’m debating whether to suck you dry or ride you. You gave me all that attention and let yourself be neglected.” Keigo took your cock in hand and gave it a few weak pumps causing you to shudder. “I bet you’d blow your load if I just stuck it in.”

You gave a nervous chuckle, probably, it wasn’t like you’d been with anyone in awhile. “Would you be disappointed if I did?”

“Fuck no, I’ll overstimulate your ass.” He grinned. Without any extra prep he straddled your hips and sunk himself onto your cock. “Fuck!”

Both your hands immediately went to his hips and steadied him before he speared himself on your cock. While that would’ve felt great it would’ve been uncomfortable for him regardless of how wet he was. “Shit.. careful baby bird..”

Keigo lied his hands on your forearms to steady himself and let himself sink inch by painstaking inch until he sat completely against your pelvis. “So fat..” One of his hands left your arm and moved to the bulge in his stomach before giving a gentle press down. You choked back a groan, hips bucking up into him at not only the feeling but the gesture. Oh how amazing he’d look swollen with pups.

Your hands moved to his thighs and he adjusted himself to steadily raise himself off your cock, leaving the tip in before slamming his hips down. Both of you let out a loud moan and Keigo’s wings began to jerk and flutter repetitively. You left it up to him to move at his own pace, even if you weren’t going to last long that didn’t matter, this was about Keigo.

“That’s it baby bird, sing for me.. Sing for your alpha..” Your hips bucked up into him and he let out a cry at the sudden movement. “That’s it, good omega. Such a pretty little dove.”

Keigo dug his nails into your forearm as he bounced up and down on the cock stuffing his insides. His other hand moved to your chest to steady himself but ultimately kept coming back to his stomach to touch the bump. “Alpha..” His wings unfurled and twitched against the bed.

The pace of his thrusts began to grow and you knew he was chasing after the need to come, and you were right behind him. Keigo slammed his hips down and stilled, the sudden clench of muscles around your cock had you writhing. It’d been too long and the toys you used felt nowhere near as good as this.

“I’m not gonna last much longer..” You choked out.

“Me neither..” Keigo rocked his hips to keep you fully seated inside and leaned forward to wrap his arms around your neck. “Fuck me.. Pound my pussy until I can’t walk.. Stuff me so full I get pregnant..”

Your inner alpha growled in delight at that image, the cute little omega swollen with a clutch and so plump he’d be stuck in the nest all day. “Fuck don’t tempt me Keigo..” He lied against you and your hands immediately went to his waist, legs spread to thrust rapidly up into him.

“Fuh-fuck!” He buried his face into your neck and simply let you take over, every thrust hit his cervix and that sex riddled brain of his was almost praying you’d knock him up. “Inside.. Stuff my pussy..” he whined your name feeling your hands manhandle at his ass.

“Yeah? You want me to come so deep in that pussy that there’s no way you won’t be pregnant with my pups?” Keigo mumbled incoherently against your neck, you could feel something wet that was most likely drool. If he was like this off his heat you couldn’t wait until he was comfortable to spend it with you.

The omega continued to grind his hips down in time with your thrusts, both of you furiously chasing the high. The feather came to mind and your hands slipped up his body to the base of his wings. Keigo let out a shriek and clenched down on your cock so deliciously you couldn’t help but continue to tease his wings.

“Nh-no.. Not my wings..” He drooled. Keigo’s toes curled and you swore you fucked him stupid, nothing but moans and cries left him as you continued your assault on his wings and insides.

Every single clench felt like heaven, there was no way you’d last much longer if he kept it up. Just before the high came you slammed roughly into him and stilled, fingers still playing with the base of his wings as he clenched down. The two of you came with a mix of moans and curses, Keigo fell limp against you but gave his hips a few rocks despite being oversensitive.

“You.. tryin to milk me babe..?” You tiredly panted out.

Keigo bit at your jaw playfully, purposely flexing his muscles around your cock. You cursed and Keigo let out a small chuckle before reaching behind him to keep your cock in him. “I won’t get pregnant on birth control.. But that doesn’t mean I don’t want every drop.”

Of course he was on birth control, but that didn’t stop you from fantasizing about knocking him up. “All yours Keigo, every last drop.”

He lied against you and kept still, even after you long went soft and started to slip out of him. He dreaded having to take another shower, there was no way his legs would cooperate with him after a fuck like that.

You exhaled deeply before running your fingers through his hair. “I’ll wipe you down, just you relax sunshine.” Keigo let out a few whines but ultimately got comfortable on his back. He hated every second you were gone and even whimpered until you returned with a wet washcloth and water.

After gently cleaning him and trying to avoid overstimulating him you propped him up to drink at the bottle of water. “Think you can wait long enough for me to take a shower?” Keigo shook his head, not really, he wanted you to stay there until he fell asleep but he knew you must’ve felt sticky and gross.

“Yeah.. just be quick.”

With a quick kiss you sped off to the bathroom for a quick shower and threw on something to wear before hopping back into the nest with him. The omega cuddled into you and threw a leg around yours before yawning. “When do you have to be up tomorrow?”

Keigo tiredly glanced at the nearest clock before groaning. “I’ve got an alarm set on my phone.” He hid his face in your neck and quickly found himself dozing off. You watched him for a bit before muttering a soft good night and found yourself quickly joining him in slumber.

The next morning you woke to a loud thump and shot upwards out of bed only to find Keigo on the floor, crawling to the door. “Morning..”

Keigo smiled and looked at you as if nothing was wrong. “Morning, go back to bed it’s still early.”

With a sigh you rolled out of the nest and stood in front of him. “And let you crawl around the apartment like a pup? I’m already awake now so I might as well make you breakfast, got an appetite?”

“After last night? Hell yeah.” He laughed. You pulled him up and carried him into the kitchen with minor difficulty thanks to your quirk.

He sat at the table and shifted uncomfortably before the soreness went away. Breakfast was simple and easy, while he ate you collected his clean clothes and debated on pulling his jacket from the nest. “Hey babe do you want your jacket back?”

Keigo glanced over his shoulder to the bedroom door and saw you holding his clothes. “Nah I’ve got a spare in my locker at work.”

He didn’t need the help but he wasn’t going to say no to a little more pampering before he had to switch into hero mode and become somebody he hated. You dressed him and took the dirty clothes before he could try and thrift them into the nest. “If you want more clothes in the nest you need to bring your own. Though I’m sure after last night your scent will stay for a few days.” 

You smirked and Keigo swatted at your arm. “Can do, but I’m taking this.” With shaky legs he went back into the bedroom and held up the underwear from last night.

“Keigo!” There was no way he was going to steal your gross dirty underwear! “I’ll give you my shirt instead.”

“Nope, these are mine.” He spun them around his finger and stuffed them into his pocket.

You tiredly rubbed your face before grumbling out ‘fine’. “Just drop them at home before you go to work.. Last I want is someone to come across those and ask questions.”

Keigo chuckled and took a quick glance at the time and frowned. “I’ll text you later, I gotta go.” You followed him to the front door and he leaned in for a kiss before opening the door. “Stay safe chickadee.”

You mumbled against his lips before giving him another kiss, not wanting to let him go. “I should be saying that to you..” He gave you a smile, a genuine one before turning away. “Keep the feather on you, I’ll keep you updated that I’m alive and well!”

He left your apartment and you stuck your head into the hall. “You better!”

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Chapter Text

It’s not the alarm that wakes you, no. One wasn’t even set, it was your off day and you were going to sleep in. It wasn’t the sounds of your obnoxious neighbors arguing at the ass crack of dawn. It was your stupid phone, that specific tone chiming like nails on a chalkboard.

“God why did I set that obnoxious tone for the Association..” Feeling around for the phone you answered and grumbled a tired ‘hello?’

The person on the other end was much too chipper for--eight in the morning. You flopped your head back into the pillow and listened to the woman wish you a good morning and ramble the usual spiel when you got a request.

“The omega in question has requested to meet you before the paper signing and insemination.” Clacking of the keyboard was heard before she cleared her throat. “I know it’s early and I caught you sleeping again but would it kill you to listen?”

You gave a tired grumble, shit you didn’t even realize you dozed back off. “Sorry mom .” The woman let out a unprofessional snort and you cracked a smile. Ever since she got put as your representative for the Association the two of you quickly became buddies. Cracking jokes of how she acted more like your mom then anything.

“Like I said the omega who requested you was hoping to meet you before the signing. Apparently he’s a good judge of character and wanted to make sure he was making a good choice by picking you.”

Well that’s a first, most people just wanted your junk and didn’t care other more than a pretty face and apex sperm. “Sure what time?”

“Uh,” more deafening keyboard clicking, “today at noon.” She snorted. “Think you can get your ass out of bed that early?”

“Ouch mother you wound me.” You teased. “Yeah I can make it.” So much for getting any more sleep, oh well the fat stack of cash you’d get from this would be worth it. You said your goodbyes and hung up.

For several minutes you lied there unmoving before finally kicking the blankets off. “Ugh.. why does everyone wanna do this shit so early.. Why can’t people wanna meet at like three in the afternoon or some shit..”

After showering and making yourself presentable you left to the clinic, nearly tripping on the rug at the front door. “I said get out of bed early, not almost kill yourself at the front door.” Your representative looked up from her desk and you flashed her a quick glare. “He’s in room four.”

“Alright, wish me luck.” The woman fixed up your hair after you nearly took a nose dive into the ground.

You quickly nabbed a coffee before heading to the consultation room. After a quick knock and a “come in” you quietly slipped inside. “Hello.”

“Hello.” The omega looked up and you nearly dropped your coffee when he stood. Big omega, thick omega. Wait..

“P-pro hero Deku? Holy shit..” There was no way the pro hero Deku was standing in front of you, wanting your sperm for pups.

Midoriya laughed nervously, scratching his head. “Yeah that’s me. Sorry it must be weird to have a hero asking for your.. help..”

“N-no not at all, I’ve helped one other pro hero before…” Midoriya’s brow raised curiously and you hesitated, surely it’d be fine to tell him? “Um pro hero Juudaime.”

“Juudaime?! I thought he had a mate already?” He sat down and you watched him start to mutter to himself.

“Oh uh, apparently not. He’s got a lot of people trying to court him but he didn’t really like being smothered and fought over like a slab of meat.” You sat on the couch across from him and set the coffee down. “You know it’s amazing, he’s all seriousness on tv but when I spoke to him he was like a clumsy, stuttering mess.”

Midoriya stared intently as you spoke, he’d never gotten to meet Juudaime so all this new information was so tempting to write down. “That’s amazing.”

You shrugged, it was interesting but Juudaime was just another person. He didn’t come in as a hero, he came in as an omega and you treated him like anyone else. “So, my representative told me you wanted to meet me. Ask whatever you wish and I’ll do my best to answer it.”

The freckled omega quickly shifted into serious mode and nodded before asking a list of questions. Even though he’d already seen your health papers it didn’t help to verify and ask a few more. And you couldn’t blame him, this was going to be his pup and he had every right to know and be curious if there was something he should suspect or worry about.

It ended up feeling more like an interrogation then a casual meet up for some questions. Which again you didn’t blame him for, he was a pro hero and had more worries and safety measures then a regular civilian.

“Well that’s all I wanted to know.” He smiled and slid the folder that had been on the table over and signed it. “This is probably a dumb question but.. Do you know if it hurts at all?”

He slid the folder over and you signed as well. “I don’t think so? I’m never there when it happens, I can only imagine some minor discomfort. One of the nurses would probably be better help. Sorry.”

“No it’s okay. I was just curious, after all I’m sure I’ve felt worse.” He laughed and you gave an awkward chuckle, that was scary to think about but probably true. “I also um.. Have another question.”

“Shoot.” You sat back and closed the folder.

“Would it be possible for us to trade numbers?”

Technically it was against protocol to trade numbers with a client, but once the two of you left the building you weren’t really a donor and client anymore. “Sure, I don’t see the harm in it.” It didn’t help that Midoriya was quite the looker and incredibly sweet.

Midoriya smiled and quickly pulled his phone out to trade numbers. You wanted to make a joke about how happy he seemed over a number but refrained, last you wanted was to upset him. The two of you traded numbers and your inner alpha couldn’t help but rumble at seeing how happy some numbers made the omega.

“Sorry I probably seem silly getting all excited..” He mumbled and you shook your head. “I don’t really know how this whole thing is supposed to go.. I know I’m probably just supposed to leave here and we part ways and never talk again but..” Midoriya looked down at you and rubbed his arm. “I mean it is kind of your pup too, so like if you wanted to see the process you have the right to..”

The room quickly fell silent after that. He wasn’t wrong, normally you’d part ways and never hear from the client again. None of them had ever laid that offer on the table, was that something you’d even want? The thought of settling down or having proper children of your own with someone never crossed your mind.

Midoriya must’ve thought he said something wrong because he quickly started to rapidly apologize. “I’m so sorry I don’t know what came over me I just--”

“No it’s alright,” you placed a hand on his arm and he relaxed. “It’s just nobody’s ever said that before.. I mean I’ve considered offering clients help if they're going through it alone but I never thought someone would ask me to like.. Be a part of it..”

The omega’s shoulders dropped some, he didn’t know how you could do this. You were an unspoken hero helping so many couples and individuals trying for their own pups. And none of them ever offered you even a photo or a moment to see the life you helped create? It was probably normal but it didn’t sit in his stomach right.

“You don’t have to say anything right now of course!” He rubbed his hands together nervously and you swore it looked like he was going to cry. “I just wanted to put that out there.”

You rubbed the back of your head in thought before humming. “Okay I’ll think about it.” He nodded and glanced at the time. “If you take this to the front they can probably get you in today for the insemination.” Midoriya picked the folder up and you held the door open for him. “I don’t think they’ll let me go in with you, but I can wait outside if you want.”

“You will?” He chewed his lip slightly and relaxed when you nodded. “Okay.. how about we meet up at the little café down the street?”

“You sure?” A totally not a date with a client, that’s a first.

Midoriya smiled and patted you on the back. “Yeah! Nothing wrong with grabbing a bite as new friends.”

“Right. New friends.” You faked a faint smile and Midoriya said his temporary goodbyes to turn the folder in. Once someone led him away you walked to the counter and slouched against it.

“That’s against the rules you know.” Your representative looked up from the folder in hand and closed it harshly in your face.

You scoffed, did this woman have the room bugged or something? “Once we leave here he’s not my client, besides it’s the pro hero Deku. I can’t say no.”

“Yes you can and you should’ve said no. You do realize how bad it’ll be if the paparazzi catches the two of you together? ‘Pro hero Deku seen with an apex alpha who’s registered with the Association. Are they finally trying to settle down?’” She crossed her arms and you groaned. “Pro hero Deku suddenly dating an apex alpha? Is our hero being forced into this relationship by the apex alpha?’”

“Alright shut up I get it, it’ll probably look bad but it’s not that deep. If that was the case then he could never hang out with Dynamight, he’s not an apex but he’s fucking feral.” You snorted.

“They're a duo, it’s expected for them to hang out.” She retorted.

“Whatever, I doubt this’ll go that far.. He’s just nervous and wants to give me the chance to watch the life I helped create to grow.”

The woman cooed and she squished your cheeks the same way a grandmother would her grandchild. “That’s so sweet, you better be nice to him or I’ll kick your ass personally.”

“Yes mom.” You pulled away and dumped the empty coffee cup in the trash.

“The money’s already been deposited.” She hummed. “Oh and I’ll keep my mouth closed, but try not to be an asshole to him.”

“He’s like a golden retriever, there’s no way I could hurt him.” You snorted. “He could kill me with one finger if I did.” The last thing you heard was her laughter as you exited the building. Café time.

The two of you texted on and off for the next few weeks until Midoriya dropped the bomb. The insemination had gone successful and the appointment for his first check up was set up. Midoriya asked if you wanted to be there for it.

Did you want to be there? Yes and no. This could be your only chance to be part of the experience to watch a child of yours grow and be born. Dating for apex alpha’s was rough and many people still feared them, thinking them no more than a violent lion ready to attack.

Didn’t Midoriya have family or maybe even someone he was dating to go with him? If he did he probably wouldn’t have asked you, he could’ve just told you how it went. After ignoring the text for an hour you finally settled on telling him that you’d love to be there.

The appointment went fine, absolutely perfect. Midoriya was having triplets and despite his initial panic you however weren’t too shocked at the number. “I got that ‘magic sperm’.” You joked.

The doctor choked back a laugh and Midoriya elbowed you. “That’s so gross, don’t say it like that!” His nose scrunched up at the words ‘magic sperm’ and you couldn’t help but laugh.

“The two of you are so cute, you’ll be great parents.” The doctor hummed.

“Oh we’re not--”

The doctor cut you off without hesitation, talking to Midoriya about when to schedule an appointment for and mentioned some other stuff relating to hero duties that you tuned out.

It didn’t take terribly long before Midoriya started to show, with triplets on the way that was to be expected. And the media ate it up. Pro Hero Deku going from fieldwork to desk work for supposed ‘no reason’, and on top of it he started to get “pudgy”? It didn’t take the media long to start hounding him if he was pregnant, who the partner was and if they were even mated.

Midoriya’s PR kept your face and name out of any news, and the omega himself was a wonder at handling the questions. Never exposing more than necessary and yet never quite answering the questions they oh so desired.

The two of you kept hang outs to a minimal, turning to video calls instead. Part of it made you a little giddy having to sneak around, it felt oddly forbidden and exciting. Even if the paparazzi saw you Midoriya’s PR would cover it, they probably already had a list of lies claiming you as an old friend or distant family member.

You wouldn’t lie that the thought of lying about being family or a friend didn’t hurt. Even if that was exactly what the two of you were, just friends. You were just a friend that sometimes cooked for him, that woke at the ungodly hours to bring him food. The friend that loaned him blankets and clothes for his nest and to help calm the pups inside him. Just the friend that drove him to his doctor appointments and helped clean his house.

Just a friend.

After that night you limited contact with the omega, lied that you were busy or that your job gave you extra shifts. Ever since meeting him you hadn’t accepted another client, your representative didn’t remove you from the system so much as temporarily pull your file from the selection. Meaning you didn’t have a steady income, sure money was saved up but it never hurt to have more.

Monday both of you were busy, paperwork at the Wonder Duo’s agency had gone up which meant Midoriya was swamped aside from during his lunch break. Which you at least tried to make sure he was eating well.

Tuesday was busy again. You only had to work a few hours but with Midoriya busy it meant you could have a few painful hours to yourself to drown in your thoughts.

Wednesday was your off day, Midoriya had tried to reach you multiple times. You’d let it slip that you were off on Wednesday’s now and he always tried to call you during lunch or when he had a moment of free time.

Thursday was back to work, it was Midoriya’s day off and he tried reaching you again. Like a worried lover he spammed you with various texts trying to check in on you, hoping you were okay and asking if you were eating. All you could do was reply simply to set him at ease, stress wasn’t good for the pups.

Friday both of you were swamped again, neither of you tried messaging each other. You’d be lying if you say it didn’t hurt a little to not see a text or missed call during his usual lunch time.

Saturday came and went like Friday, not a single peep from the freckled omega.

Sunday was a slow day so during your shift you sent Midoriya a simple text to make sure he was eating okay. His cravings had been all over the place and he often forgot to eat health things to balance it out.

You never got a reply.

Monday morning the TV at the diner showed Dynamight and Deku leaving a restaurant together. Footage from Sunday apparently, rumor quickly spreading that the two were together and that it was Dynamight’s pups. You couldn’t be angry, well you could but it wouldn’t be right. If Midoriya started seeing someone that wasn’t up to you, you had no say. He was a grown adult to make his own choices.

‘At least I don’t have to worry about the paparazzi seeing the two of us now.’ You thought. The voices on the TV quickly drowned out as you took an order from one of the tables. ‘I didn’t know they were seeing each other, I mean they work together so it’s not like it was impossible..’ Your brain rattled off.

No, it didn’t matter. Sure you were disappointed to not be the one to take care of him anymore but if Midoriya was happy then who were you to get in the way? You forced your brain to shut off and went into auto pilot taking and serving orders.

Hours later the bell jangled and a small group walked in, your mind unfortunately able to clearly recognize the group of pro heroes in their casual wear. A coworker seated them and being the only server this late at night meant you were stuck tending to them. Giving them a few minutes and some time to stall you threw on your work face and walked over, fake smile plastered on.

“What can I get you all to drink?” They went around the table giving you their drinks allowing you to buy more time while they looked at the menus.

From where you stood at the drink machine you could hear them start to gossip. “Man I can’t believe how big Midoriya is, he’s not supposed to be that far along is he?” Pro Hero Red Riot asked.

“You didn’t hear? Bakugou said he’s pregnant with triplets.” Pro Hero Cellophane added.

A few of them gasped and it was Uravity’s turn to speak. “Triplets?! Oh my god!” One of them hushed her and she squealed into her hands excitedly.

“Midoriya looks like a turkey ready to burst.” Pro hero Shoto casually stated.

“Way to go Bakubro, not one, not two but three of them!” You heard the sound of high fives and had to restrain from breaking the coffee cup in your hand.

Placing the last drink on the tray you took a deep breath before heading to their table. “Alright, we’ve got an orange juice, two waters, a soda and a coffee.” With drinks dispersed you tucked the tray under your arm and pulled out a pad of paper and pen. “You guys ready to order?”

Like with the drinks they went around the table giving their order. Kirishima’s phone went off and he looked up from his phone. “Hey we have two more showing up, is that okay?”

Ugh more people, your feet hurt. “Absolutely.” You smiled. “I’ll move another table over.” The red head stood and helped you move the nearest table over and gave a quick ‘thanks’. “Should I put that order in now or wait?”

Kirishima looked to his friends and they all gestured and replied they could wait. “I hope it’s no problem.”

“Not at all, I’ll wait to put it in until they get here.” You tucked the items into your apron pocket. “Any idea on what they might want to drink?”

“Probably water for now.” Todoroki replied. You nodded and left the group to grab two more waters.

It wasn’t long before the bell on the door rang again and you left your coworker to it until you heard a familiar voice. “Bout time you showed up!”

“Sorry, the pups didn’t want me to get out of bed.” The new voice chimed, and like an idiot you glanced over to see the voice belong to the one and only Midoriya.

“Your just fucking lazy.” Bakugou snorted. He helped the pregnant omega sit and sat right next to him despite the clear free spot in front of him.

“I have the right to be, my feet and back are killing me. You try carrying three pups.” The omega huffed.

Your grip tightened on the glass so hard it broke, the shattering and spilling seemingly echoed in the relatively empty diner. The group looked over to the noise and thankfully you were hidden by the drink dispenser. Your coworker rushed over and urged you to tend to the wound, offering to take the two new drinks to the table.

Midoriya’s back was to you allowing you to slip away to the bathroom to clean the cuts. None of his little group of friends knew you so none of them would pay any mind to you slinking off.

The cuts were minor but a particular stubborn piece of glass wedged itself into your palm. Like some jealous child you purposely took your time cleaning and dressing the wound. You didn’t want to go back out there and have to see Midoriya being happy with his new beau. It was hard to be happy for him, you really wanted to be but it hurt.

Unable to waste any longer you left the bathroom and plucked the half filled order on the pad of paper, ready to take theirs and get out of there. Purposely standing out of Midoriya’s field of view you raised the pad of paper and smiled. “What can I get you two?”

Midoriya’s shoulders tensed up after you spoke, so much for trying to go unnoticed. “O-oh um..” He looked over the menu and seemed to struggle until you couldn’t help but point something out on the menu that he’d like. “Ye-yeah I’ll take that then please.”

“Of course.” Bakugou gave you his order and you collected their menus before rushing off. Completely unaware of the crimson hues watching you retreat.

While their food cooked it meant you had temporary safety from that table, you went so far as to even avoid being in the immediate area, tending to the nearly forgotten people on the other side of the diner.

“Yo Midoriya you good?” Sero leaned forward and crossed his arms. “You smell nervous.”

“Wh-what? Nervous? Aha no, I’m just hungry.” He rubbed his swollen tummy and those around the table simply stared at him, not believing him for a moment.

“That’s right.. Congratulations!” Uraraka shifted the conversation and the others followed with their congratulations.

“For what?” The freckled omega asked curiously.

You turned around the corner with a tray on your shoulder, completely oblivious to the topic and nearly dropped the food when Uraraka spoke. “For finally getting together! We all knew it would happen eventually.”

Midoriya and you made eye contact for a split second before you went back into server mode. “Here’s three of the meals.”’ You smiled and set them down plate by plate carefully, allowing them to move the food down to its respective person. “The rest will be out shortly.”

You left again and Midoriya’s eyes stayed glued to you, only being seen by the hot headed alpha next to him. When you came back with the rest of the food the omega and his mate were whispering, immediately stopping when you stood across the table from them.

“Here’s the rest.” Your bandaged hand wavered, setting the heavy dish down and Midoriya let out an audible gasp.

“What happened?” He reached to take your hand in his own but quickly pulled back, realizing that would probably be inappropriate.

“Oh just a little accident, I’ll be fine.”

Sero raised his head and licked his lips clean. “You didn’t have that before, wait was that the glass breaking we heard?”

Midoriya’s brows furrowed at you, and you couldn’t help but feel like he was scolding you for being reckless in his head. Rather than speak you simply laughed awkwardly and rubbed the back of your head before excusing yourself.

After that you limited eye contact with anyone at the table when asking if they needed anything. The feeling of being stared at didn’t help, you knew Midoriya was probably looking at you and for some reason it felt like Dynamight was too.

It felt like ages before they finally called for the bill and you took your sweet time breaking it up for them to pay individually. Placing the receipts and cards on the table you smiled and delivered the exhausting line of hoping to see them again and to have a good day. It felt like a breath of fresh air as they all left, all except two of them.

Dynamite shot you a glare from across the diner and tapped the table, a clear indicator for you to come over. Heaven knows what the alpha wanted with you of all people, he didn’t even know you existed.. Unless.

“Sit.” The alpha commanded, which didn’t work on you but you sat across from them regardless. Like a child being scolded you stared at the table.

Midoriya softly said your name and you let your fingers tighten around the bottom of the apron. “I’ve been trying to get a hold of you all week.”

“I’ve been busy, we had someone quit so I’ve been picking up extra hours. Sorry.”

“Bullshit.” Bakugou slammed his hand onto the table and you flinched.

“Kacchan don’t be mean.”

Kacchan. Kacchan. So the rumors were right, they were together. Why else would he use such a familiar, intimate name?

Midoriya glanced between the two of you before letting out a discomforted groan and shifted in his seat. “Kacchan I told you it couldn’t be helped, besides I have no room to speak. I've been just as busy at the agency.”

“Shut it Deku. This asshole abandoned you for an entire week, what if something happened?!” Bakugou slammed his hand down again and you swore the wood was going to crack. “This was the shitty alpha you picked to take care of you and they can’t even do that.”

The omega tried to calm the other but Bakugou was having none of it. “From now on I’m taking care of him.”

“H-hey that’s not fair.. I already said work--”

“Work shmerk, you couldn’t even take the time to check in on him on your day off. You really think your fucking reliable to take care of him?” Ouch, okay you could’ve seen him but you were still struggling over your own feelings. Frankly you weren’t even reliable to take care of yourself the past week.

“Kacchan that’s enough.” Midoriya shifted and tugged on Bakugou’s arm. “Apologize, we know better than anyone that work can be draining. They did check in on me.”

“Not in person they didn’t!” Bakugou snarled at the omega and yanked his arm away. “This fucker didn’t even come over to see if you were eating. A text asking if you were eating healthy isn’t the same damn nerd.”

The more Bakugou spoke the shittier you felt, and you couldn’t even be mad because it was the truth. You got so jealous that you tried to cut yourself from interacting with Midoriya in fear of running into his mate. Wait, you got jealous? Of what? You were just friends. Right?

There was no way you’d be feeling like this if you thought he was just a friend though. The moment you saw that news report of the two of them you were angry, jealous that it wasn’t you being plastered on the news with him.

“Are you even listening?!” Bakugou’s voice made you jump and whip your head up to look at them. Of course not, you were coming to the realization that you were in love with Midoriya! “Tch, lets go Deku.” He stood and pulled a grumpy Midoriya to his feet.

“Would you just let me speak for two minutes dammit.” He hissed. “I’m not going anywhere until you listen to me!”

“I will carry your ass out of this diner if I have to.” Bakugou snarled.

Your coworker and the remaining few guests looked over to the two arguing and you simply wanted to melt into the floor. Oh how useful Lemillion’s quirk would be right now.

“And you!” Midoriya pointed a finger at you and you sat up straight. What was he angry about? “Just what’s wrong with you? Why do you smell so heartbroken and depressed?”

“Haah? You dumbass.” Midoriya turned to the alpha confused. “This idiot is clearly in love with you. But they lost their chance.”


Bakugou pulled Midoriya’s jacket on for him and grabbed the bag of leftovers. “That idiot’s been staring at you all night.” The blonde leaned over the table and snarled. “They're the one that did this and abandoned you.”

Did Midoriya tell him? The male avoided your gaze and you snarled back before punching Bakugou across the face. “It was one fucking week! If he really needed me he could’ve said so.” Your coworker gasped and Midoriya tried to pull Bakugou back. “And stop treating him like he’s incapable of doing his own shit. He’s not some weak omega, Midoriya might be pregnant but that doesn’t mean he’s incapable of doing stuff for himself.”

Midoriya let out a soft gasp and held tighter onto the blonde. “You're treating him like all the other brain dead alpha’s treat their omegas, he’s fully capable of taking care of himself and knowing when he needs help.”

“You motherfucker.” Sparks flickered from his palms and Midoriya nearly lost his footing when the blonde pulled away to throw a punch at you.

It took nearly everyone in the diner to pull the two of you from the fight, both of your clothes were slightly torn and disheveled. You landed a few good punches and he managed to get you in the cheek and side, it’d hurt like hell later but you were just happy to have the last hit.

“Both of you stop this stupid fighting right now!” Midoriya turned to the blonde first. “Kacchan you are a pro hero! What if the public knew about this?!” The blonde simply ‘tsked’ and looked away only slightly guilty.

“And you!” He jabbed a finger into your chest and you hissed. “You're an apex alpha, do you know what the Association could do to you if they find you being violent?!” Of course you knew. Midoriya smelled the guilt roll off you and clenched his fists angrily before groaning and taking your shoulders. “Kacchan go home, I need to talk to this idiot privately.”

“Dumbass how’ll you get home then?” Bakugou rubbed his bruised cheek and reluctantly accepted the ice your coworker gave him.

“They’ll take me home. Won’t you?” Midoriya stared you down and you muttered out a soft ‘of course’ which seemed to please him. “See there, now go Kacchan.”

The blonde reluctantly left but not without cursing you out a few more times under his breath. Right back at you asshole. Midoriya waited patiently for the diner to close and you pulled the car up front to avoid him making the walk. “I can walk.” he huffed.

“I know but you said so yourself that your feet and back were hurting.. I just wanted to make it easier, sorry.”

Midoriya frowned as he got comfortable, you looked a mess and it made his heart ache. “We’re not together.” he stated.

Of course the two of you weren’t, that was painfully obvious. “I know we aren’t..”

The male opened and closed his mouth a few times before making a noise of confusion. “What? N-no I meant me and Kacchan..”

Well shit.

“O-oh..” You stuttered out, well this was awkward.

The two of you stayed silent, avoiding eye contact with one another. Midoriya was probably exhausted so might as well just take him home, whatever he had to say could probably be said during the short trip.

“Sunday the two of us went out to eat, we’re not together and you know he’s not the one who did this.” Midoriya laced his fingers together and stared at your reflection on his window. “Kacchan and I have been friends since we were born, he’s just looking out for me.. He’d been pestering me about who the other parent was and I kept avoiding it until recently..”

“You don’t have to explain this to me you know..” It was sweet and you were over the moon happy to know they weren’t actually together, but that still didn’t help your broken heart.

“Tch, I swear all you alpha’s are stupid.” Midoriya crossed his arms and your brows rose at the sudden attitude. It completely slipped your mind he’d been acting differently since earlier, likely due to the pregnancy.

The car fell silent again and Midoriya mindlessly flipped through the radio channels before speaking. “Was what Kacchan said back there true?”

“What, that I’m unreliable?”

He rolled his eyes. “No, that you're in love with me.” Your grip on the wheel tightened and Midoriya inhaled sharply. “Pull over.”

“What? Pull over? We’re not at your apartment yet..” Don’t tell me this stubborn idiot was going to try and walk home. It’d be a cold day in hell before you let that happen.

“I said pull over dammit.” Midoriya tugged the wheel and you swatted his hand away.

“Okay!” Jeez pregnant people were scary.

The moment you pulled over and set the car into park Midoriya struggled to face you. “I’m too fat for this ugh..” He reached forward and grabbed you roughly by the back of the neck and pulled you halfway before slamming his lips into yours.

It hurt but more than that you were surprised at his actions. When you didn’t return it he leaned in further and nipped at your lip until they parted. The kiss was heated and messy, oddly filled with passion you didn’t know a kiss could hold. Midoriya was the first one to pull away, his hand still on your neck.

“I thought it was just me… I never said anything because I didn’t want to ruin what we had.” He whispered. “At first I was just grateful to have the support, but then you started cooking for me.. Cleaning and even giving me clothes for my nest and a blanket to try and calm the pups when they got out of hand at night.. It just started feeling so right having you around..”

“It felt natural to do.. It felt right.. I never wanted to do this with the others, but with you? I got excited when you would call me to come over, whether it was to cook or just hang out.” You confessed and Midoriya teared up, giving a soft laugh he pulled you into another short kiss.

“Right? It felt so natural having you in my home that every time you left I’d lay there and cry.. And I swear the pups cried too.” The two of you chuckled and you placed a kiss to his forehead, lips lingering for a moment longer. “Would you.. Go out with me?”

He beat you to it, you never planned to confess but now that you knew all of this? You’d be stupid to say no. “Of course.” Midoriya smiled and pulled you in for another kiss. “What about the media though? They already think the pups are Dynamight’s..”

The omega snorted and pulled back trying to get comfortable again. “You didn’t see the rest of the interview did you?” You shook your head, it hurt too much just to see the cover image and hear the news itself. “I told them it was a dinner between friends and that the other parent simply wanted to stay out of the spotlight.. I hope that was okay of me to say..”

“I mean you handled it better then I would’ve.” You chuckled and placed your hands on the wheel. “I’m not really sure how well the media would take to finding out the person you're with is me though.. Some act like apex alpha’s are more awful then villains..”

“Which is stupid!” Midoriya huffed and patted at your arm for you to start driving again. “If that was the case then all alpha’s are no better than villains, just because you're an apex and they tend to run a tad more violent than normal alpha’s doesn’t automatically make you bad.” he rambled. “You’ve never gotten into a fight as long as I’ve known you or lost your temper.. Well except for back there.. But Kacchan started it!”

You wanted to say ‘gee thanks’ but that level of sarcasm mixed with pregnant temper probably wouldn’t end well. “It’s okay, relax..” Midoriya was getting himself worked up and it wouldn’t do him any good to stress out the pups. Instinctively you filled the car with a relaxing scent as you drove, the omega’s head bobbing a little as if he was drunk off it.

“Smells good..” he mumbled. Midoriya leaned over a bit and laid his head on your shoulder, rubbing small circles on his tummy. “The real thing smells way better than the scent lingering on the clothes..”

“Do I need to give you new clothes?” He nodded slightly and you couldn’t help but chuckle at how quickly his ranting died down. You let him be and drove to his apartment in silence. Once there you took his leftovers and led him to his place. “Here.”

Midoriya took the leftovers but his hand remained over yours, refusing to part from the bag or you. “You don’t think I’m going to just let you leave do you?”

“Yes? No, maybe? I don’t..”

Pregnant be damned the omega threw you over his shoulder and carried you inside. “You really think after that talk in the car I was just going to let you leave? I haven’t seen you in a week!” He tossed you onto the couch and put his hands on his hips. “Better get comfortable because you're staying here tonight, and forever if I had any say in it.”

You let out a few groans from being tossed like a ragdoll and slowly sat up. Forever? You couldn’t exactly say that was ‘moving fast’ given you already sort of lived here. “So you're telling me to cancel the lease on my apartment?”

“Exactly!” Midoriya chirped from the kitchen. “But maybe we should look for a bigger place.. I don’t know if we could fit three pups here..” He exited the kitchen with the leftovers re-plated and heated up.

“I mean my place is big enough, two of the rooms just turned into storage at this point.” Why you settled on such a big apartment back then beyond you, all that space just went to waste.

“I don’t think I’ve seen your place..” He mumbled mid chew. “The building has great security since you're an apex alpha, if there’s plenty of space it could work until we get our own house or something.” He rambled.

“You're really taking this seriously huh?” Midoriya shot you a glare and you stuttered to correct yourself. “No I mean you really thought about all this, like spending the future with me in the long run.. Because I’m the pups parent or..”

Midoriya wanted to be pissed at you for that but with that sad expression on your face he refrained from getting snippy. “Because I like you dummy.. Yeah you're the pups parent too but even if you weren’t I don’t think my feelings would change..” He ignored his food in favour of pulling you close. “I could go on for hours about how I feel but..”

“But..?” You glanced up at him.

“I’m hungry..” he whined.

You let out a loud laugh and he pouted. “Feed me?” He pointed to the left overs and you adjusted yourself to hold the plate and feed him. Midoriya hummed into each bite and cuddled up against you before turning the TV on for background noise.

“It’s late so after this how about we get you a nice hot bath and get you into bed?”

Midoriya took another bite and swayed his head in thought. “Will you wash my hair for me?”

“Sure baby.” Midoriya flushed at the sudden pet name and buried his face into your shoulder. “Awe are you being a cutie, if you don’t finish the food it’ll get cold.”

“I don’t care.” he mumbled, breath hot against your neck. “I want a bath now..”

Carefully setting the plate aside you put your arms around him. “Want me to carry you?”

“Ugh no, I’m too fat.. Alpha strength or not.” Midoriya pulled back and with your help stood before hobbling to the bathroom. “Can I have bubbles?” he asked childishly.

“Whatever you want babe, whatever you want.” You smiled.

Chapter Text

When you opened the door the last thing you had been expecting was for Hizashi to barrel past you and into your bedroom. “Hello to you too..” Did he forget something last time? “Did you..” The blond exited your room, arms full of clothes. “Forget something.. Why are you--”

Hizashi slipped back out of your apartment without so much as a peep. Door left wide open. Did he plan on coming back? The answer was yes. Minutes later he came back in and had stolen some dirty towels and the blankets off your bed. Wait!

“Hey that’s my blanket! I need that, it’s cold!”

The blonde spun around sporting the biggest frown. “More than me?!”

Not the reaction you were expecting. “Babe is something wrong?” To others that frown might’ve seemed dramatic and cheesy but you could see it in his eyes just how upset he was.

“I..I’m taking it..!” he huffed and bolted. You followed him to the doorway to see if he’d make a third trip, but his door down the hall closed with a slam.

“Is it that time already?” Nemuri popped her head out of her own room, clearly not happy from the ruckus.

“No, it’s not till the end of the month..” The two of you watched the usually loud blonde’s door, not hearing a single peep of the usual music he played. “Did something happen today Nemu?”

She crossed her arms and leaned on the doorway. “Not that I know of, but now that you mention it he did seem a little off today. He wasn’t as loud,” red flag, “and he didn’t even style his hair!” Even bigger red flags.

“Shit, okay thanks for telling me. I’m gonna see if Sho knows.” If he wasn’t his loud self and didn’t even go to the great lengths to style his own usual cockatoo hair then clearly something was wrong.

You shot Shota a few messages to see if he had any idea, only to find out he’d forgotten to take his meds and on top of it one of his hearing aids had broken leaving him half deaf the entire day. Explains why he didn’t reply to you at first when he rushed over, you didn’t even notice he was missing one of them.

“I just planned on ordering out but I’m pretty sure he hasn’t eaten then..” You sighed and clapped your hands. “Cooking it is.” A full tummy and being bundled up in his nest wouldn’t fix his day but it could hopefully improve it.

Cooking was not your specialty but that didn’t mean you weren’t going to at least attempt something. Karaage came to mind since he liked chicken, but oyakodon felt more like the comfort meal he needed.

Thirty minutes later you had a tray with two bowls of oyakodon, two bottles of water and a packet of Hizashi’s favourite cookies. Phone and keys tucked into your hoodie pocket you left your room and went straight to his, carefully opening it with the spare key.

If he heard you he didn’t say anything, his room was uncomfortably silent that setting the tray down made such an unsettling loud noise. “Hizashi?” You cooed and took a look around before peeking into his bedroom. “Pepper?”

The room illuminated by a single string of LED lights around the ceiling, and in the corner of his room Hizashi was huddled up in what you’d come to quickly assume was his nest. That was a new addition since last time.

You crossed your arms loosely and spotted his hearing aids on the side table, one slightly busted and the other perfectly fine. If Hizashi didn’t want to hear the world right now you wouldn’t force him, and luckily you didn’t have to stand around figuring out how to get his attention. He must’ve noticed your scent, fresh and strong compared to the pile of clothing he stole.

“Baby?” Hizashi raised his head off what he was using as a pillow. He seemed confused yet excited that you were there, suddenly in his dorm room.

“Ah crap..” You scrunch your face up before cautiously trying to sign. “You need to eat.” Maybe skipping lessons with Hizashi hadn’t been the best, but hey you’d been busy!

“Too lazy.” he grumbled, face flopping back into the fabric.

“At least look at me! Argh!” You strangled the air before leaving and returning with the tray of goodies sat on his bed. Your foot tapped his nest and he raised his head again. “I cooked, you better eat it. Don’t make me baby bird this, we’ll both throw up then.”

He snorted and you considered that a small win. “I love you but that’s gross.” Hizashi lied on his stomach but kept his eyes on your mouth.

“Yeah well how’d you think I feel having to do it?” Grabbing one of the bowls you set it outside the nest for the omega and set a water next to it. “Eat. Oyakodon is one of my comfort foods. I made it just for you.”

Hizashi’s eyes grew big and it looked like he was about to cry. And he did, face buried into the nest he cried his poor heart out and all you could do was rub his back and brush his hair. You weren’t going to make him talk but it didn’t stop the ache in your heart at seeing the normal sunshine man like this.

The crying didn’t last long though, he sat up in his nest and ate the food regardless of it having grown cold or not. You sat outside his nest and ate along with him, simply keeping a careful eye as he ate. When the food was finished and set aside you made sure he drank some water before handing over the packet of cookies.

“For me?” He pointed to himself and slowly accepted the cookies.

“Of course for you Pepper.”

Hizashi’s lower lip stuck out and he gave a few whines before laying propped up on the nest's lip before breaking into his treat. While he munched happily you quickly took the dishes to the kitchen, you didn’t really mind leaving the dishes here for now. When you returned he stuck his arm out and held a cookie to you.

“It’s all yours baby.” You crouched beside him and he shook his head before gesturing for you to take it. And you did, reluctantly, still trying to give him the time to want it back. “Thank you baby.”

The omega chirped louder than normal causing you to jump slightly. Which he must’ve realized how loud he was since he didn’t have his hearing aids in. “Shit sorry!”

You rubbed at your ear and rolled your eyes a bit before looking at him. “It’s alright, I know you didn’t mean to.” Without even realizing it you started to purr, a low rumble to try and calm him, completely forgetting he couldn’t really hear it.

Regardless his inner omega started to croon and Hizashi made grabby hands in your direction. You glanced at your hand and offered him back the cookie, he snorted and moved your hand away before pulling you into his nest. So much for not wanting to move fast and give him his private space.

“The real thing always smells better.” He mumbled. He let you get comfortable before burying his face into your shoulder.

“Thanks I think..” Obviously he meant your natural scent, because you were pretty sure that you didn’t smell all that great after running around all day. 

Hizashi took a few deep breaths, his little ridiculous mustache tickling you in the process that you couldn’t help but laugh. The noise was faint but he could feel the vibration and rapid rise and fall of your chest which only made him happier. “How on earth do you put up with me?”

“I don’t “put up with you” idiot, I love you. When you love someone you help them through their rough days, even if you can’t fix it you can still be there to help them through it. Nobody should have to go through things alone, and you're my boyfriend so why wouldn’t I be there for you?” Hizashi stared at your lips as you spoke, his eyes occasionally flickering around your face taking in every inch of just how serious you were. “Pepper?”

He blinked and quickly brushed the onslaught of tears before roughly pressing his lips against yours. “I love you so much.. I don’t deserve you..” The omega whimpered and your grip tightened on him. What a dumb thing to say, Hizashi deserved the absolute best, it was you who didn’t deserve him.

“Oh Pepper..” Gently pulling his face back you kissed over every possible inch of his face causing the blonde to let out a stream of giggles that sounded like music. “That’s my baby.” You chirped and Hizashi’s giggle fit died down, happily crooning in return.

“Get some rest pup, I’ll be here when you wake up.” Hizashi got comfortable again and lied his head over your heart to feel it beat. Despite the crooning being faint and muffled, Hizashi soaked up the action nevertheless, quickly dozing off.

Chapter Text

“He’ll be here shortly..” Tamaki slouched in his seat, staring at his phone. “He’s leaving the agency now.”

“That’s fine.” You glanced down to the slouch male and dragged your finger down his spine, causing him to jerk upright. “Stop slouching, that’s not good for your back.”

He flushed and mumbled out an “okay” before forcing himself to sit upright.

The café bell rang after a bit and the two of you glanced over out of curiosity to see who it was. And low and behold, the man you were waiting for. And holy shit for an omega he was beefy, Tamaki wasn’t kidding you about his friend not looking like an omega.

“Sorry I was late, we caught a villain but he gave us the slip so it took a bit longer to catch him again.” Mirio smiled and raised his hand in a wave. “It’s a pleasure to meet you, Tamaki’s always talking about you. I’m Togata Mirio, though I’m sure you already knew that!” He laughed and took a seat across from you.

The entire time Mirio spoke you forced yourself to squint. Now it made sense that Tamaki called him the walking sun, was this man ever not smiling? It didn’t help that his scent quickly invaded your nose, a citrus mix that screamed “sunshine child”. It didn’t make sense and you weren’t going to try to make sense of it.

“I did, Tamaki told me.” You introduced yourself quietly and Mirio’s large hand reached across the table allowing your small hand to be engulfed in his as he shook it.

The three of you ordered and made small talk until the food arrived, and by small talk I mean Mirio did all the talking.

“I was really surprised when Tamaki told me he’d made a new friend.” Mirio suddenly changed the topic. “Not that he hasn’t before but the fact he initiated it? I’m so proud of him!”

Tamaki flushed at the praise, burying his face into his arms on the table. “Mirio..”  he mumbled. “You make me sound like I’m some kind of loser..”

Mirio laughed and patted his friend’s shoulder. “Not at all, I know dealing with people is hard for you. That’s why I’m so proud you worked up the courage and took the first step.”

Every laugh from the omega had your chest rumbling, how could one man be so positive and upbeat? You disliked the overly positive type but for some reason you couldn’t bring yourself to hate the man in front of you. “He’s right Tamaki, one step at a time in opening up. You don’t have to do it all the time.”

Tamaki raised his head some and looked up at you. “If anything I’m grateful you reached out to me.” You reached forward and tried brushing his bangs from his face, forcing the violet curtain from his eyes.

Neither of you saw Mirio’s smile falter at the gesture. He didn’t remember Tamaki saying the two of you were dating, because that seemed like a pretty serious gesture on his omega friend.

The violet male flushed again, burying his face back into his arms as he whined your name. “Stoooop..” Tamaki was clearly embarrassed and you weren’t helping the situation. “Let’s just eat.”

“Right, the food will get cold otherwise!” Mirio said, glad to finally change the topic. It took everything in him to not let his jealousy rear its ugly head.

Mirio asked you various questions as the three of you ate, if you had any siblings, what you did for a living, how old you were. It almost felt like an interrogation, like he was trying to find out if you were as good as Tamaki said you were and it made your stomach ache. God what did Tamaki even say about you? Did he tell Mirio that you were just as bad as he was when it came to being insecure or depressed?

At some point the two had gotten up to use the bathroom, leaving you a moment of peace alone at the table. When they finished and stood at the sinks together Mirio shot his friend a glance. “Are you and her dating?”

Tamaki choked on air quickly trying to sputter out a stream of “no’s”. “Wh-why would you think that??” He shook his hands dry and stared up at his friend who’d gone suspiciously serious.

The blonde stood there, his smile gone and brows slightly furrowed at his friend's answer. Before Tamaki could ask he quickly smiled again as if nothing was wrong. “No reason! We should get back before we make her wait too long.”

Mirio dried his hands and Tamaki quickly followed after. He’d never seen his friend get so serious like that outside of something work related. Did he like you or something? The two sat down and Tamaki watched as Mirio’s smile grew genuine as he talked animatedly at you.

Despite originally being hesitant to this arranged meetup you found yourself having fun. It was fun seeing Tamaki open up with his childhood friend around, and despite the blinding aura the blonde radiated it was fun listening to him talk. “Ah crap.”

Tamaki looked up from his milkshake curiously. “Something wrong..?”

“Yeah, my boss needs me to come in for a few hours. Someone had to go home sick.” You exhaled and stuffed your phone into your pocket before grabbing your coat. “I hate to be the first to leave--”

“But duty calls, we know the feeling.” Mirio chuckled. “We have been here for a few hours after all, I’m surprised they didn’t kick us out.” He joked.

A small smile rose to your lips, the first of the night and man was Mirio vibrating with excitement at it. He’d have to wait for you to open more in hopes of seeing a proper smile from you. “This was fun, we’ll have to try and do it again.” You set down a few bills to cover your half of the meal and Mirio tried to return it.

“Ah I got it, keep it.”

You huffed and pushed his hand with the money back towards him. “Just take it, I’m not starting a payment war.” It came out harsher then you meant to and you didn’t miss the way Tamaki flinched at your tone.

Mirio held your stare, his smile gone momentarily before returning. “Okay.” Tamaki exhaled in relief. He didn’t know what he’d do if the two of you started a fight, probably die of embarrassment at the attention.

“Sorry for raising my voice Tamaki.” You gave his back a gentle rub causing him to sit up and turn towards you.

“It’s okay.. I know you didn’t mean to.” He smiled and you gave his cheek a gentle pinch.

“You two be safe getting home.”

“We’re heroes, we’ll be okay.” Mirio chimed in.

“Text me when you get to work.” Tamaki tugged your sleeve and you couldn’t help but coo at seeing the poor omega worry.

“I will,” you patted his head and turned to Mirio. “It was nice meeting you.”

Just as you were leaving the café you were stopped by a hand on your shoulder. You spun around and nearly bumped straight into Mirio. “Whoops sorry! I was sorta wondering.. Think we could trade numbers?” He laughed and rubbed the back of his neck. “It’d make planning stuff easier then having to go through Tamaki.” he partially lied.

“I guess that makes sense. Sure.” The two of you traded numbers and you swore Mirio vibrated with pure happiness over just a couple of numbers. Your inner alpha rumbled at seeing the sunshine omega so happy. “I’ll text you when I get to work.” You waved him goodbye and Mirio gave a big wave back.




Weeks had passed since the initial meet up, the three of you hung out a few more times and one of them left you and Mirio alone when Tamaki got called into work.

Hanging out with Mirio became easier, he never seemed offended when you were quiet. And if he was he didn’t say anything, perhaps it wasn’t an issue given how quiet Tamaki usually was? Nevertheless Mirio’s scent never seemed to waver to show his displeasure at how distant you seemed.

If anything it made you uncomfortable at times, the more you spent together the more he was exposed to your sudden depressive episodes and mood swings. But Mirio always took it in stride and responded calm and supportive during the episodes, as if he’d been through this before.

After the last time the two of you hung out you started receiving gifts at your apartment. The scent on the gifts was subtle and hard to pinpoint, it didn’t smell like anyone familiar. Most of your co-workers were alpha and betas and none of them had a rather noticeable smell. You didn’t recall suddenly attracting any omega’s, sure you bumped into a few but nothing worthy of them sending you courting gifts. And if they did that meant they were a stalker to find where you lived, creepy.

The first gift was harmless, a simple soft knitted scarf in your favourite colour. Okay they knew your favourite colour, so whoever it was likely talked to you often. That didn’t help narrow it down any, you frequently chatted with co-workers and had a small friend circle.

The second gift was also harmless albeit shocking, the jump from knitted scarf to necklace had you panicking. Sure jewelry was common when courting someone but it was usually the alpha courting the omega, which meant this person seemingly didn’t care about any of that. If anything it had your heart racing at the fact this possible omega didn’t care about old fashion traditions, which hopefully meant they didn’t mind you being a runt alpha.

Before a third gift could ever surface you were confronted by Mirio. Who upon seeing you wear both the necklace and scarf seemed to grow fidgety and flushed. He greeted you with his usual bear hug but unlike previous times he didn’t back away and give you space.

“I see you're wearing them, I’m glad you like them!” Mirio smiled and laid his hands on your shoulders. “I take it that means you're okay with this.. With me courting you?”

Suddenly everything made sense, someone who knew your favourite colour and that you’d been needing a scarf. If any of the people you knew didn’t care about traditions it would definitely be Mirio, he himself was the opposite of traditional. Bodily wise he screamed alpha, while bodily you screamed omega.

A worried whine from the blonde in front of you snapped you from your thoughts. Instinctively your inner alpha rumbled to ease the nervous omega for neglecting him. You placed your hands on his forearms for comfort before speaking. “You’d.. Really be okay with an alpha like me..?”

Mirio scowled at your words, was that really hard to believe? Heaven’s did someone say some cruel shit to make you believe you weren’t worth courting? “Would you be fine with an omega like me?” he fired back.

“Wh--of course! I don’t care about that shit. You could be as big as All Might and I wouldn’t care!”

He chuckled at your quick response and let his hands slip down to rest just above your elbows. “And I don’t care if you're as short as Uravity, none of that stuff matters. My dad raised me to not look at the shape or secondary gender of someone, you could be an omega just like me and I’d be fine.”

When he saw you weren’t going to speak Mirio quickly continued. “My parents are both omegas, even before they gave me that talk I didn’t see anything wrong with it. They were both happy and that’s all that mattered. So no, you being short and small doesn’t matter..” He paused. “Especially since you make me feel this way..”

Your head cocked to the side some, so he felt the same as you? The past weeks you kept telling yourself you were only interested in him because of how bright he shined, you totally weren’t head over heels for his scent and seeing his smile.

The two of you were in public and a few people started to stare, Mirio pulled you away from the public eye and carefully backed you to the wall. “You know back at the café.. You were really close to Tamaki we actually got omega wanted to throw a fit and I felt betrayed..”

“Betrayed?” Your brows rose. It didn’t seem like special treatment to you, Tamaki was a fine hero but socially he was still a nervous wreck. It never crossed your mind that your kindness would come off as something more. “Tamaki is like family to me, I know he’s capable of taking care of himself but as his friend I look out for him anyways.”

“I know that.” Mirio signed and leaned closer to rest his head on your shoulder.

That couldn’t have felt comfortable with the height difference, like you had done previously to Tamaki you trailed your finger down his back causing him to jerk upright. He let out a laugh realizing what you did and why before doing it again, this time refusing to let go of you.

“It doesn’t hurt I promise.” He gave you a gentle squeeze and nosed at your scent that rubbed off onto the scarf. “So this is okay..? My feelings?”

He heard you hum as if contemplating and he grew ridged with nervousness. “Yeah, I’d be lying if I said I didn’t like you.. After we first met I couldn’t forget your scent.. Or the way you smiled..”

Mirio pulled back and stared down at you with the largest smile you’d ever seen. “Oh yeah? Cause I’ve been interested in you since I walked in, you can even ask Tamaki, I haven't shut up about you.” he nervously admitted.

“I’ll be sure to ask.” You hummed. “But are you really sure it’s okay..?” The smile vanished and a heavy frown replaced it. “I’m a fucking mess.. Even with medicine my depression is bad, I don’t wanna hurt you.. What if I.. what if I do something..?”

Mirio frowned heavily, brows knitted together as he held you tight to his chest. “I won’t let that happen.. Nobody including yourself will hurt you, I won’t let that happen. I don’t care what time of the day it is, if I’m working or absolutely exhausted. If you call or text me that you aren’t okay I will be there in a heartbeat.”

He heard a sniffle and felt you break apart in his arms, his hold loosening to not smother but still firm enough to show his support. “Nighteye will understand, I’m sure he’d even understand letting you stay at the Agency while I’m working. That way you won’t be alone, and you know Nighteye would keep a close eye on you. Pun not intended.” Mirio chuckled softly and gave you a gentle squeeze trying to perk you up some.

You let out a wet laugh and wiped your eyes. “Thank you Mirio..”

The omega crooned and easily picked you up to hold against his chest. “I say we pick up some take out and go to my place or yours and watch movies. Or if you want I can cook for you!”

“Tamaki told me you couldn’t cook and to avoid letting you at all costs..” You shot him a questionable glance and watched his lips fall flat and thin.

“It was one time! One time as a teenager!” Mirio huffed, it was soft and almost childish the way he pouted. If he was upset he sure as hell didn’t look upset, it was like when a child got pouty. “Dad’s been helping me learn to cook. I don’t burn food..” He grimaced slightly. “Not everything at least..” he softly added.

You couldn’t help but laugh into his shoulder, the depressive state far from forgotten but you’d gladly accept the distraction. “How about we just get something to go? Next time we can cook together or something but I’m feeling lazy. I just wanna eat and cuddle up next to you..” You shyly mumbled.

He would gladly accept that! “Okay! Sounds like a plan to me!” Ignoring the stares that came after he carried you out he went back to rambling. “Should we head to your place or mine? You haven’t met my parents yet and I figured if we’re going to be dating then you should meet them at some point. Or is it too soon?”

“Maybe just a tad to soon.. Do they even know about me..?” You turned your face towards his neck and took in the sweet citrusy scent.

Mirio smiled feeling the heat of your breath on his neck. “They do! Sorry.. Seems I couldn’t keep quiet about you..”

“Ugh..” Burying your face into his shoulder you thought if over, better sooner than later. Especially if Mirio had been talking about you to them. “Maybe we’ll try planning a dinner, all four of us together or something..”

The omega crooned happily, his grip tightening on you slightly before the excitement in him bubbled over and he stopped. You raised your head curiously and he happily and excitedly scented you, in public. You tried to ignore the soft gasps and giggles, Mirio was known out of hero costume so no doubt news would spread fast of this. “Mi-mirio..!”

You flushed and he cradled you close like a child. “I’m just so happy is all, sorry.” He let you hide your face back into his shoulder and you gladly hid, using your scarf as an extra means to hide your face from prying eyes. “Alright food, what’re you hungry for?”

Chapter Text

“Another one?” Eraserhead stepped past the yellow tape, surveying the surroundings in the process.

Deku looked over his shoulder at the familiar voice and hummed. “Yeah, that makes four this week.”

“It’s only Tuesday.” the raven grumbled, quickly using his eye drops before slipping them back into his pocket. “Anyone alive this time?”

“No, we just got an ID on our victim.” A police officer strode over with a tablet in hand, offering it to the two heroes. “Like always, it turns out he’s been abusing his omega boyfriend for a while. There’s two reports filed about the harassment but apparently nothing was done by the police.”

“So they either went to the Judge or the Judge caught wind of it and approached him directly.” Deku mumbled, swiping through the reports before handing it to Eraserhead.

“Regardless of who approached who, this is getting out of hand. I still don’t get going so far as to kill them, playing judge is one thing but executioner is different. I could see beating the abuser’s but..”


Eraserhead tapped the screen and highlighted an area before facing it towards the officer and Deku. “Abuse wasn’t the only thing it seems, there was a report filed for rape but it was expunged.”

“So? Does that have anything to do with..” The officer gestured to the body. “This?”

Deku crossed his arms, shifting to lean on one foot. “The Judge usually only resorts to killing if there’s rape involved.” The officer gave a soft ‘oh’ before Deku continued. “Usually if it’s--well I wouldn’t say “tamed”, but if it’s something more simple like abuse or just overly hot headed alpha stubbornness, they get off with a beating. Usually tied up and called in anonymously for heroes to take in.”

“But on cases when rape and heavy abuse is on the table,” Eraserhead chimed in. “That’s when this happens.” he nodded towards the body.

There was heavy debate on whether the vigilante known as the “Judge” was a villain or a hero. Depending who you asked they’d say the Judge was a villain, acting out of authority, taking matters into their own hands with violence rather than legal action. Others would say they were the unspoken hero to omegas caught in terrible relationships or marriages. It was said that an omega in need of help would always magically find a way to reach the Judge.

The Hero Public Safety Commission hadn’t taken particular interest in the Judge for whatever reason, despite the slowly increasing number of cases. Some heroes turned their heads the other way at the mention of the Judge, since they couldn’t voice their honest opinion over the vigilante. While they might’ve not entirely agreed with the Judge’s actions in each case, quite a few had agreed that the reports on omega abuse being brushed under the rug was appalling.

Silent sympathizer groups grew, from civilians to heroes, even the occasional few villains even praising the Judge for acting when the heroes refused to. For taking matters into their own hands to do something to protect the omegas that were assaulted, raped, murdered.

The officer cleared his throat, uncomfortable at the topic. “Do they really have nothing on this Judge person?”

“Nothing.” Deku’s finger tapped erratically on his cheek. He quickly left the two with a mutter of wanting to see the body before they left. Leaving the two alone, Eraserhead was left to explain their lack of findings.

“I can’t say much, but it’s likely due to their quirk that we’ve been unable to get a solid lead on who they are.”

“That or they're just really good at covering up their tracks.” You chimed in, flashing both a smile and your badge to the officer. “Sorry we’re late, there was a detour due to some villain.”

“Ah, fashionably late again Mx Medical Examiner..” Eraserhead glanced lazily at you, of course they’d send you to the Judge’s victims. He glanced behind you and watched the familiar omega stumbling with the heavy bag and clipboard.

“Hey, I had an excuse this time!” With a huff you shoved the badge away and turned to the struggling omega, taking the bag from his shoulder. “I told you if it's too heavy just let me carry it.”

“S-sorry..” he mumbled, pushing his glasses up. He gave a timid bow to the pro hero before heading straight towards the body.

“Body’s all yours.” The officer mumbled, glancing between the three of you with confusion.

Just as you slipped on a pair of gloves, a detective in a long coat came over. “So what can you tell us that we can’t already see?”

“Well at first glance he was strangulated, and stabbed a number of times.” Crouching closer to the body you could see the neck better and hissed. “Jeez, not once but twice..”

“Pardon?” The detective asked.

You shot him a quick glance before using your pinky to ghost over your own neck. “There’s distinct and harsh hand prints.” you explained. “There’s two sets though, the same person probably but angled differently on the neck.” Skimming down the victim's body you plucked up a hand and examined it. “He definitely fought back, or at least tried to.. He’s got a few broken fingers, hard to tell if he broke them in self defense or from torture.”

Someone hissed in pain from over your shoulder, tortured victims weren’t uncommon when dealing with a Judge victim. Even the ones that weren’t killed often had been through some sort of torture.

“Multiple stab wounds, lots of bruising.. It’ll be easier to tell what’s from torture and whats from self defense once I’ve got him laid out on the table.” After giving the victim’s neck another look over you hissed softly. “Yeah once I get him back it’ll be finding out what killed him first.. The crushed windpipe or the bleeding out..”

Deku shuffled closer but still far enough from the body before crouching down. “Can you tell which happened first? The stabbings or the..” he gestured to his neck.

“Um, I can make a guess but I won’t know until I can see where exactly he was stabbed.” The omega assisting you shifted the victim’s shirt around, allowing you to get an idea for the placements. “Given where this one is, it was likely the first..”

Ignoring the feeling of everyone's eyes you shifted to straddle the victim’s waist carefully and put your hands together, holding an imaginary knife. “I’d say he was knocked down, stabbed.. The victim, being an alpha, likely went into fight mode..” you gestured at the hands. “It’s possible the self defense injuries were from before, but if I was trying to take down a large alpha like this I’d likely aim to wound enough to keep him off his feet.”

“Bleeding out would slow him down, but as an alpha that would only set him off further.” Eraserhead huffed, finding the whole thing ridiculous. “What good does making assumptions make? You're wasting time playing here when you could be getting him back and finding out what actually happened.”

You scoffed. To the trained eye you likely seemed irritated at being told off, but you weren’t. “The detective asked.”

“Alright alright, easy.. Take him in and call me as soon as you know anything.” The detective turned from you to the two heroes. “You two--”

You drowned out the rest of the conversation, focused on getting the body moved and ready for transport. Once it was ready to go you shot the group a quick wave and hopped into the passenger seat.

“Do you think he’s suspicious?” Your assistant asked before driving off.

“Who? Eraserhead?” they nodded. “Nah, he’s just got a stick up his ass..” You glanced out the window with a sigh, blowing some hair from your face. “They don’t suspect a thing, and they never will.”

Chapter Text

“You’re pregnant?” The pregnancy test you threw away yesterday was suddenly thrusted in front of your face. With Keigo so busy with hero work, the thought of disposing of the test outside of the house didn’t even dawn on you.

The question didn’t even click right away, more importantly.. “I’m sorry. Did you dig in the bathroom trash?” You were baffled to say the least trying to imagine why he’d be fishing around the trash like some racoon.

“Don’t avoid the question.” The blonde wagged the test in your face again, irritation clear in his gesture. “Are.” wag “You.” wag “Pregnant.”

It wasn’t even a question that time, he knew it was yours. He hadn’t taken one and he was on top tier birth control provided by the Commission. Pregnancy wasn’t an option or risk for him, but you on the other hand..

“Did you stop taking your birth control?” The scent of bitter, rotten apples wafted off of the omega, of what you could only describe as being anger.

He waved the test again, irritated at his persistence you slapped the test away until it clattered to the ground. “I didn’t fucking stop, what you think I stopped taking them conveniently on the days you wanted to top? That’s pretty fucked up you think so poorly of me.”

Keigo’s disinterest in having kids wasn’t new, despite wanting to have a family of your own one day, you were content to wait. Both of you were still young, even if Keigo was younger between the two of you. The work he did kept him plenty busy, plus there was also no guarantee the two of you would be together that long to even think of a future with kids.

“I didn’t fuckin say that.” he hissed, pearly whites on display.

Flashing your own teeth back with a snarl, he refused to submit to the alpha in front of him. It had been one of the many reasons you fell for him, his dislike of the shitty hierarchy only further gained your interest when the two of you had met. “And you didn’t answer my question, why were you digging through the bathroom trash. Lose something that you should be worried about?”

Arguments weren’t uncommon between the two of you, whether it be because of the age gap or his job with the commission, but those arguments you could see both sides of the story in question. This one though? There wasn’t a single reason for him to dig in the trash, nothing for him to lose or accidentally toss in the bathroom of all places.

His lip curled in disgust at the idea of fishing through the trash. “I’m sorry..” he laughed. “Were you trying to hide this? When the fuck did you take this?”

“Yesterday.” Leaning over to pick the test up you aimed to toss it into the trash but Keigo’s hand grabbed onto your wrist, removing the plastic stick from your grip.

“And you weren’t going to tell me?” A tinge of burnt cinnamon hit your nostrils, why was he feeling anxious if he was pissed off? The question implied he was hurt that you kept it a secret, but his words showed he was angry with the thought of you being pregnant.

Was it because you were an alpha?

“God Keigo it’s been one fucking day, you were busy with work. What was I supposed to just call you up and say ‘hey so turns out all that switching in bed led me to getting knocked up’? Yeah cause that’s what I wanted, I wanted you to have that swirling in your head all day preventing you from focusing on work.” Finally standing from your spot at the table you stared him right in the eye. “I know you Keigo, that would’ve distracted you.”

Keigo bit his lip, unable to deny that fact. It definitely would’ve taken his mind off his hero duties, he’d make more then enough fuck ups that could risk lives with info like that swarming in his head. And the higher ups would have a field day ripping into him about how he was slacking.

“Get rid of it..” he paused and turned away, unable to look you in the eye before tossing the test in the trash. “If not, then we’re done..” Keigo didn’t even give you a chance to reply before storming to the balcony and taking off.

With him gone you sat down roughly, face buried into your hands. The ‘if you're gone when I get back, I’ll know your answer’ went unspoken. You had tried multiple times to find out why he was just so against having kids, or at least why he continued to date you, knowing that having a family was your end goal. Maybe not with him, but with whoever you planned to settle down with.

There was a chance that if you put distance between the two of you, maybe he’d come around to it. Though part of you doubted his behaviour was from shock.

Going home wasn’t an option, your parents would be thrilled to have their first grandchild, but they wouldn’t like you being a single parent. There were also the health risks that came with being a pregnant alpha, your father would without a doubt try and talk you out of keeping it.

 You could almost hear him. “You can find a better omega, one that’ll be more than happy to start a family with you. They can carry the baby much more safely.” A laugh tore itself from your throat picturing it. He’ll have to get over it, you weren’t going to get rid of it, and you weren’t going to just find someone at random to settle down with.

After lazing around for what felt like hours of listening to the obnoxious clock ticking, you finally got up and moved to the bedroom to start packing. There wasn’t too much to pack fortunately, aside from clothes and a few toiletries, everything else was replaceable. Not that much in the condo was yours, everything belonged to Keigo before you moved in.

A few calls were made in the attempts to find at least a couch to sleep on for a few days before a permanent solution could be made. You came to a stop over a particular name in your contacts, thumb hovering over the call button. He’d give you a room no questions asked, he was your kohai from high school, more importantly he was still your best friend. Even if it had been awhile since the two of you really sat down and talked.

Clicking the green icon you sat and waited.

Ring , you could back out. It was only the first ring after all.

Ring, ring . Two rings, you could back out still, claim you hit the wrong contact.

Ring, ring ring , too late to back out, you could lie though..say you butt dialed him.

Ring, ri-- ”Senpai?”

Well shit.

“Hey, long time no talk Sho.” Smooth. The other end went silent, double checking he didn’t hang up, you tried talking again. “Hello?”

“What do you want?” he tiredly asked.

“What, can’t a senpai reach out to their kohai and see how they’ve been?”

“Not you.” he yawned. Shouta could hear the nail clacking that you did when you were nervous and decided to re-worded himself. “What can I do for you, senpai?”

Your gaze flickered occasionally to the packed suitcase beside you. He’d say yes, you knew it. “Mind if I steal your couch for a few days?”

His side went quiet, you could hear the squeak of his chair when he finally moved and heard him standing. “Yeah, I’ll text you my address. Give me an hour to clean up.”

Your thanks was short lived, Shouta ignored it and simply gave a curt goodbye, likely to start readying for your arrival. Well that was easy, step one of god knows how many down.

Pushing yourself off the bed, you took your time putting your shoes and coat on. This would be the last time you’d see the place you called home, the last time you’d get to smell Keigo this intimately. Leaving the suitcase at the door, you made one last visit through the condo, which quickly turned into a mistake.

Every room held memories, every surface the two of you could fuck on held one hell of a memory. There were mornings you couldn’t stand at the kitchen counter without thinking about the times you had Hawks pinned to the counter, making an utter mess of him.

A heavy sigh left you, the memories would be erased within time. Someone else would take your place and dirty those happy memories from these spots.

Without giving it another thought you removed the house key from your key ring and set it on the counter, grabbed the handle to your suitcase and let it drag behind you as you left.

The taxi trip to Shouta’s was uneventful, no villains, no heroes, no thoughts. You disassociated most of the trip, making it feel like only a few minutes had passed since you climbed in.

Upon reaching the apartment building there was no surprise at the security, you were ID’d after entering, stating you were visiting the pro hero Eraserhead. After a quick check in from the man himself, he let you through.

“All that damn security, you’d think security would be a little easier given no idiot breaks into a pro hero’s house not expecting to get their ass beat.”

Shouta closed the door behind you and crossed his arms. “Some of them have families, children who can’t protect themselves. As well as material items that hold value to the individual.”

“Ah yeah, I guess that’s true..” The male took your coat and set down a pair of guest slippers before stepping inside, dragging your suitcase behind him. “Thanks for this by the way.. And thanks for not asking why.”

Abandoning the suitcase, Shouta sat on the couch in front of a pile of papers. After a quick glance you noticed he was grading papers, fun. Plopping beside him caused the couch to jostle, he shot you a quick glare before lowering his hand back to the paper he’d been grading. “You’re my senpai, I know if the roles were reversed, you’d do the same.”

“Eheheh.. Correction, I have done the same.” You snickered.

The memory of a young second year showing up at your apartment late at night, silently questioning you if he could stay the night. There were no questions asked, all you asked was that he let his parents know he was safe. The couple knew you and therefore knew their son was safe and not wandering the dangerous streets.

Shouta gave a tired grunt, swapping out the finished paper for another one. The stack of non graded vs graded papers caught your attention, without permission you grabbed one of the non graded sheets and glanced between the questions and the answer sheet.

You felt him occasionally stare at you as you worked beside him, it was clear he wanted to ask why you were there.

After grading a few more sheets in silence, you gave him the answer he didn’t dare ask for. “I’m pregnant.” The raven went stiff beside you, but not from disgust, you knew him better than that. If anything Shouta was simply caught off guard by you just dropping such sensitive information.

Once the initial shock went away he hummed and continued grading papers.

With the two of you grading, it turned his usual two hours into a simple hour. With that distraction finished, Shouta crossed his legs, hands resting on his knee. “And the other person?”

Your nose scrunched up with distaste, making the omega nearly second guess asking such a thing. “They didn’t want it, the whole--”

“Get rid of it or we’re done.” he finished. You quietly nodded, sinking into the plush couch. “Coward.” he mumbled, uncaring if you heard him or not, you did. You had nothing to say on the comment though since you really had no clue why Keigo was so against it.

“How far along are you?” Shouta gave the air a subtle sniff, unable to pick up the scent of a pregnancy. You hadn’t been expecting yourself to produce a scent, pregnant omega’s were very distinct, but you weren’t an omega. Neither of you knew what a pregnant alpha would smell like, or if they even did.

“No clue.” he gave you a confused look. “I took a basic pregnancy test yesterday, I haven’t seen a doctor yet.” He gave a silent ‘oh’ and faced forward, crossing his arms as he slouched back into the couch with you.

Shouta didn’t ask any more questions on the topic, instead he moved the topic to food, asking your thoughts on dinner tonight. “We can order something, I haven’t had the time to go food shopping.”

“You, shopping for food? That’s hard to imagine.” he shot you an annoyed look, one that you simply brushed off and scampered off to the kitchen to find he was indeed correct. Aside from some weird pouches in the fridge and some things that were more than likely expired. He had a whole lotta nothing.

Shouta leaned on the doorway as you ransacked his kitchen. “Guess it’s take out.” He pulled his phone out to browse and you ignored him in favour of trashing the expired stuff, less he accidentally ate it.

-- Fast forward --

After the initial week you asked to borrow his couch, Shouta never kicked you out. After the week was over he cleaned out the spare room he was using as storage and let you indirectly move in.

Everything went smoothly. He gave you a roof over your head and a bed to sleep in, in return, he got to eat a home cooked meal practically every night and you were there to feed his cats when he was away for longer periods of time.

It had been roughly three months since then, three simple months of living despite the new pregnancy obstacles. In those three months you had finally worked out visiting the doctor and verifying that you were indeed pregnant. In those three months you had already visited the doctor a number of times, every check up mainly for your own health since this was new territory for your doctor.

It had been three months of semi-decent living, until it wasn’t.

Shouta was an omega, one of the fortunate ones to have a heat every three months compared to omegas that had them every other month. Three months of living with him right after his previous heat ended, meant treading into the situation of him going into heat again.

He claimed time and time again that you didn’t have to leave, stating he wasn’t expecting you to take care of him or anything along those lines. You were single now though, you could sleep with whoever if that’s what you really wanted. 

Omega’s in heat often sought out strong alpha’s, one’s with scents that spoke to them as well as ones that smelt virile. Ready to pup them at a moment's notice. While Shouta’s omega would notice you as a likely strong alpha candidate, you wouldn't however smell virile. Or at least you thought that.

Despite not being able to help him sexually, you set out to at least help him be comfortable. You’d be the only person keeping him fed, hydrated and comfortable. Plus part of you found it hard that Shouta kept himself taken care of, given back in high school it took your entire little circle to keep him fed during lunch.

Shouta claimed he was very conscious during his heat, that he wasn’t going to fall into some lustful state just to sate the urges. Only a tinge of you hoped to see a side of him that nobody else got to see, it would be nice to tease him, like old times.

That morning Shouta called off work for the week. You had just finished stocking up the fridge with water before moving to get the snacks more readily available. He sat on the couch, leg impatiently bouncing up and down as he watched you come and go. He’d been on edge since yesterday, his confidence in how he’d behave during his heat seemed to waver.

“Are you sure you’ll be fine here? I can see if Hizashi will let you stay with him.” You placed a hand to his knee to stop it from shaking, and took a seat beside him.

“I’ll be fine, you won’t hurt me. And I won’t hurt you, besides while I’m like this,” you gestured to your swelling belly, “I won’t go into a rut, and nothing will trigger one.” he hummed and you raised your hand off his leg. It began to bounce and you placed your hand back on it to still him. “Actually I talked to my doctor the other day, he said it should be completely safe. If anything, having someone pregnant around you might tame the urges.”

“You told your doctor about this?” his brow raised in confusion, he didn’t know you talked about him during your visits. 

“Of course, I wasn’t really worried to be honest.. No offense, but I was curious how, or rather if the pup would react.” he watched your hand rub circles onto your swollen tummy. The doctor and you both assured him the size was normal for the end of your first trimester, but he couldn’t help but instinctively worry.

He lost track of how long he simply sat there, watching you rub at your stomach. If he noticed you watching him he didn’t say anything, more particularly you didn’t say anything less to embarrass him. When your hand fell to a stop he snapped out of his trance, he shook it off with a slight blush.

Being the little shit you were, of course you’d have to say something. “It’s okay to stare you know.”

“Shut up.” he buried his face into his hands, hair falling like a curtain to further hide him.

“Did you wanna feel it?”

“” he glanced at you through his hair, even though you couldn’t see that.

“Yeah, I mean it’s not much to feel. But the presence is there.. It’s hard to explain, I guess.” You removed your hands from your stomach and gave him free range to touch, part of you hadn’t expected him to take you up on the offer.

But he did, his pale, battle worn hand reached out slowly as if approaching a spooked animal before finally making contact with your stomach. You were right, there wasn’t much there, you were only at twelve weeks after all, but he quickly understood what you meant by feeling it.

For once you didn’t feel the need to tease him as his scent and body visibly relaxed. Shouta shifted in place to face towards you before his other hand joined your stomach. His pupils grew, indicating his shift in his state of mind. His heat was slowly kicking off, likely triggered by the pup inside you.

Teasing went out the window the more invested he got in your stomach, he was in a sensitive state of mind after all. The omega slid off the couch to the floor between your legs, at first you tensed up, painfully aware of the situation. Shouta shot you a few quick glances upward before shifting forward again, hands still firm on your sides. You moved your hand ready to push him away at a moment's notice, but rather than aim for between your legs, his head aimed for your stomach.

A croon slipped past his lips, muffled but you heard it clear enough. He was crooning to the pup in your tummy, head lying against it so softly as if you were made out of thin paper mache. 

Well that wasn’t what you expected, but that was definitely the better outcome then possibly stressing out the omega if he wanted something you wouldn’t deliver on.

Both of you lost track of time as he sat there, at some point you’d wondered if he fell asleep he was so still. Eventually the urge to pee won, sitting still was no longer an option. Shifting caused the omega to stir from his comfortable position, shooting you a confused glance he reluctantly pulled back.

“Gotta pee..”

Shouta seemed to sober up at that, he pulled away clearly ashamed at his actions. Before he could beat himself up over it though, you let out a soft purr to ease his thoughts. “How about you go lie in your nest? When I finish, we can lie back down and you can do that again. Okay?” Still too embarrassed to talk he nodded, moving aside for you to get up.

After going to the bathroom and making sure the cats were fed, you made your way to Shouta’s bedroom. He did as you asked, he got in his nest with plenty of extra space for a second person. For you. There was no panting, no whining and demanding you knot him. He simply lied there like a tired, docile kitten.

The moment you set foot into his room his eyes shot open, he sat up and moved the blanket he had on him off. You stopped just outside of his nest, it was a particularly intimate thing to allow someone, especially an alpha into an omegas nest. The raven seemed conscious enough to seriously consider the situation, you were friends since high school, you were his upperclassman. Not his mate, not his love interest, just his pregnant friend.

He shifted some things in the nest to make it more cushioned where you’d lie. The gesture was sweet but unnecessary, the nest was for his comfort, not yours. “You don’t need to do that silly, I’m not that fat yet.”

He let a huff out through his nose, taking your hand to allow you into his safe space. It took a few minutes of moving around for the both of you to get comfortable before Shouta’s inner omega surfaced again. The usually reserved man was all over you now, hand back on your stomach as his head made home on your chest.

Lying there, you wondered if Keigo would’ve done this. If his omega would drive him to fawn over your stomach the way Shouta was. Knowing what a brat Keigo could be, his omega would probably get snippy, huffy that they weren’t the one with pup instead of you.

From there the thoughts shifted to what the baby would look like. Who’s quirk they would take after? How would they smell? Would their scent be similar to his, or yours? 

The omega noticed your shift in scent, the spike of acidic panic had him instinctively reacting to sooth you. A low, husky purr rumbled in his chest accompanied by a warm lavender mahogany scent filling your nostrils, grounding you.

You crooned back an unspoken thanks, hand gently petting and playing with his hair as he continued to purr. Almost as if he was trying to keep you grounded from your thoughts. Shouta was smart, he could easily thumb through the reasons why you might be upset. As if to further keep your mind off the topic, he seemed to try and lull you into napping with him at least until his heat completely kicked in.

The remainder of the week was tame, after the first twelve hours lying together his heat officially kicked off. Taming a horny omega that you weren’t intimately involved with was definitely an interesting experience. By the end of the week you had more than enough material to embarrass him for life, not that you would.

-- Fast Forward to Month 4 --

Initially there was no plan to delay the talk with your parents about the pregnancy. In fact for a while it had slipped your mind, between everything falling in place and setting up a routine living with Shouta, the fact that they didn’t know you were carrying their grandchild went completely forgotten.

After spending Shouta’s heat with him, the friendship shifted. The two of you weren’t simply senpai and kohai from school, but the two of you weren’t romantic partners either. If anything it just felt like the two of you had grown closer, a familial bond. A packmate .

At the moment you sat on the couch, the phone laid on the table before you with the number to your parents staring back at you. Shouta left whatever his task had been to sit himself beside you, hand resting loosely on your knee. “You can do this on a different day, you know.”

“Yeah.. but if I do I’ll just keep putting it off. They deserve to know they’ll have a grandchild later this year.. I’ll never hear the end of mom crying on how she “missed out”.”

He chuckled at the air quotes and gave your knee a firm squeeze. “Then better hurry up, sure she’ll still complain that you took this long to say something.”

You let out a sigh, sinking into the couch. “Yeah, it honestly just slipped my mind for a while.. But then I thought about it..” he hummed for you to continue. “Fifteen weeks along.. There’s no way dad could try and push me to get rid of it. It’s a whole ass apple now.. Well give or take a few centimeters..”

He didn’t even want to question why your parents were so chill with their only child, an alpha, bottoming of all things. Not that he was one to judge someone’s position in bed, he had no room to talk. He barely remembered the couple from the few times he’d met them as a teen. “If he did, I’m sorry but I’d have some choice words for him.”

The mental image of Shouta using his capture scarf to tie your dad up and yell at him caused you to chuckle. Somehow you wouldn’t put it past him to do that given the way he’s talked of having to do that to some of his students.

“Be nice Sho, dad’s old you might give him a heart attack.” you teased. He must’ve taken your words seriously though for the brief look of fear crossed over him. “I’m kidding, he’s a former pro hero. You know this, I’m sure he’d easily evade you or something.”

Former pro hero, the words sparked a question he’d been dying to ask since you graduated. “Speaking of pro heroes..” he laced his fingers together and leaned on his knees, purposely avoiding your gaze. “What happened.. After you graduated you had all these plans..”

After graduation you did become a hero, but it was short lived. Nobody knew why and you never told them, the only people who knew were those that needed to know. 

“Actually, never mind, forget I asked. This isn’t the right time.” Shouta nodded his head towards the phone.

You were grateful for the out, that was a subject for a different time. Right now the task at hand was to contact your parents, break the news and hopefully not have to worry about them starting anything.

Shota tapped the call button for you, something he knew you wouldn’t have been able to do yourself. In almost no time someone answered.

“Honey! It’s been ages, I thought you’d never call us!” Your mother wailed.

“Phones work two ways mom, you can call me too you know.” You rolled your eyes and Shota stifled a chuckle, leaning back to simply listen.

The woman huffed, noises on the other line indicated she was playing with the phone to put it on speaker. “You hear the way your child speaks to me?” she asks who you can only assume is your father.

“They aren’t wrong though.” he chuckles.

His voice sounds distant from the phone causing you to lean forward some despite the obvious bump preventing it. You make a quick attempt at getting the pleasantries out of the way before hitting them with the heavy topic. Shota never presses you, in fact he’s stayed so silent the entire time your parents thankfully don’t even know he’s there.

“So, what are you really calling about sweetie?”

Smart woman, leave it to your mom to see right through you even at her age. “I have some news.. Can dad hear me?”

She hums and you can hear your father clear his throat loud and clear. “Is something wrong?”

You reach for Shouta’s hand, who happily takes it in both of his hands and lets his fingers massaging into the flesh to try and calm you. “I’m pregnant.”

There’s silence to no one’s surprise, then there’s a baffled laugh. “ You’re pregnant? As in.. we have a grand baby?”

“That’s usually what being pregnant is mom..” Shota silently chuckles, eyes closing to focus on keeping you relaxed. So far so good.

“I heard that right though, you said you’re pregnant?” Here we go.

“Yes dad, that’s why I said ‘I’m pregnant’.” you paused. “ I’m carrying the baby..”

The two of you can hear your mom’s excited babbling about being a grandma, but your father is still silent, either in shock or--

“You can always get rid of it, it’s dangerous, you know. For alpha’s to be pregnant it’s a whole other matter. I’m over the moon for you my little one, but shouldn’t you consider letting your partner be the one to carry?”

--there he goes.

Your hand leaves Shouta’s and you strangle the air in front of you, resisting the urge to groan. He simply slaps your arm and points to your phone to get it over with. “Dad, I love you.. But I’m keeping it. I’ll be a single parent and it’ll be difficult, but I’m keeping it.”

The words “single parent” don’t slip by either of them, your mother’s excited ramblings go silent and you can picture them staring at each other trying to figure out what’s going on. Before they can think up wild ideas however, you aim to be straight forward, or at least partly.

“We broke up, I’m keeping the baby. I understand it’ll be difficult but I’m ready to face those obstacles, besides I’ve got my friends I can lean on as well.” Which was true, while Shouta was the one you spent most of your time with, your friendship with Hizashi had rekindled. And through those two you made new friends who inadvertently became your little makeshift pack.

“Honey.. I know you want to settle down and have a family at your age.. But--”

“Mom,” you snapped, “I’m fifteen weeks in, I’m not getting rid of the pup. Now you two can kindly accept this fact and get over it. Be happy that you're going to be grandparents, or you can be as unhappy as you want but I will be happy and content with my damn pup regardless of whether or not you accept it.”

Nobody had expected you to snap, especially not Shouta. Even back in high school he’d never seen you snap at anyone like that, and you were far more hot headed back then. Shouta ignored the soft chattering between your parents and moved to his knees in front of you. “Hey look at me, breathe..” When you didn’t he placed his hands to your cheeks, forcing you to make eye contact with him. “Breathe, you need to calm down.. Now .”

Your eyes watered, everything hit you like a truck, you did not mean to snap like that. It was obvious they were just worried, if it was your child in your position you’d worry as well. Shota pressed his forehead on yours, intent on calming you down he slid one of your hands to his chest. “Breathe with me.. In..” he took a deep breath in and you followed suit. “Out..” he exhaled and repeated that with you until you calmed down.

After several minutes of silence you simply leaned against the raven, he kept you up right but relaxed, your weight nothing compared to him. Your mother was the first to break the awkward silence. “Who’s that?”

“Ugh,” you groaned and buried your face in Shouta’s shoulder, taking in the familiar scent of your packmate. “Shouta mom, you remember him right?”

“Mm, that tired looking little boy who used to follow you around a lot?”

Shouta groaned, that’s how they remembered him? How embarrassing..

You chuckled and lightly tousled his hair. “Yes mom, except now he’s a tired looking grown man who’s been taking care of my ass. Oh how the tables turned.” It was meant as a tease, back then you looked after the omega all the time, now it felt so weird being on the opposite end.

“Taking care of you?” It was clear what she wanted to ask. Is Shouta your new partner?

“Yeah, I was living with my previous partner and Shouta’s letting me live here.”

Shouta pulled away despite your whines for him to keep still. “Before you say they’ll be imposing on me, they aren’t.. I’m stable enough that there’s no worry about money. And on top of that, they do their own share of work around here, so they aren’t mooching.”

That seemed to set her at ease since it came from Shota himself. “If you're sure, it'll be cramped at some point. It doesn’t hurt to look into moving later on.”

“If it comes down to that, as long as they're comfortable with it, I have no issues finding somewhere bigger. Raising a pup alone is no joke.” Shota took his seat back on the couch, his full focus was on the phone as if it was a person in front of him. “I refuse to let them do it alone, and I know three others that would agree.” he paused and took your hand in his. “We’re packmates after all.”

Your mother let out a loud, emotional croon before squealing. “My baby has packmates!”

“Raising a pup with packmates is different then raising them with your partner.” Your father suddenly chimed in. “But to try and find the right partner to love your child as their own can be difficult..” he continued. “A child raised by packmates is an entirely different experience, that child will know ten times more love.”

Shouta quirked a brow in your direction. “He’s saying he approves, and that a pup in a pack is a pup to everyone in the pack.” Seeing the confusion still on his face you nudged him. “Meaning that they’ll be just as much your pup as mine, as well as Hizashi, Nemuri, Shaun and Oboro.” God this was a wild nightmare of a pack, and you were bringing a pup into it.

“Oh..” He’d never been part of a pack before, so that was all news to him. Shouta shot your stomach a few quick glances. You trusted him that much to allow him to be that close to your pup? To help take care of them, look after them? He’d definitely have his work cut out for him if Hizashi and the others were included in this. Babies raising babies was bound to cause chaos.

From there the call went smoothly, your mother demanding to be kept up to date more regularly as well as any progress pictures from doctor visits. Despite your father’s usual indifferent tone, you could tell he was just as excited as your mother about being a grandpa.

-- 5 Months --

A week after the call with your parents you picked up a part time job as a means for additional income. While yes, you had plenty of money in savings, and yes Shouta made more than enough to cover the two of you. With the pup coming up it meant a lot more additional goodies. None of which you began to buy, it took a few more weeks before you could set a day aside to make the trip. One that Shouta and Hizashi had off so they could accompany you.

“You guys really don’t have to come with me, I’m pregnant, not fragile.”

Hizashi hopped excitedly in place while Shouta went to park the car. “We know that! I’m just excited!” he squealed. “But all the little itty bitty baby clothes are too cute to not see! Plus , this pup is gonna need some daddy Hizashi style swag.”

You shot him a mildly disgusted look, groaning at one of your least favourite words. “Say “swag” one more time and I’m locking you in the trunk..”

“Careful with that kind of talk, might have to take you in.” Shouta playfully droned, you jumped slightly and spun around to see him shove the keys in his pocket.

“Take me anywhere as long as he’s not saying the cringey words.” he chuckled and led you into the store.

Hizashi already had a cart waiting for you to lean on, practically radiating to look at the clothes already. “You,” he pointed to himself curiously, “yes you, stay by the cart. Actually, hand on the cart.”

“Wh-what? Why?” Hizashi laughed nervously, hand ghosting over the side of the cart before grabbing onto it. “Why am I being treated like a child?” he pouted.

“Cause you're gonna toddle off out of my field of view and end up dumping a bunch of junk in my cart.” He couldn’t even be mad, the two of you knew it was true.

“Look at you, pup isn’t even born and you're already a mom.” The two of you shot him a look of confusion, to which he only responded by gesturing between the two of you, then to the cart.

“Oh bite me Sho.” Hizashi groaned and looked away, gently tugging the cart along to get the three of you moving.

“Kinky.” You murmured, Shouta slapped your arm and the three of you finally got moving.

First aisle was for formula and diapers, there was no such thing as having “too many” diapers. The blonde browsed the various brands and whistled. “Lots of fancy packaging for somethin’ that'll just get shat on and tossed.”

The omega groaned in disgust at his friend's language, but not surprised. Shouta spotted a good brand hefted up one of the large bulk boxes.

“Whatcha got?” The blonde let go of the random item rack in the aisle and peeked around you into the cart. “This supposed to be a good brand or somethin?”

Shouta hummed. “Saw an ad about them last week.” He tucked the box under the cart and grabbed a second one. “It’s a ninety pack, so two of them should be enough to start with.”

You whistled. “Look at our little Shouta, I never thought I’d live the day to see him picking out baby stuff.” Hizashi snickered before the two of you leaned on one another, fake crying. “He’s grown up so much, I miss my little Sho!”

The omega in question flushed heavily and yanked the cart along to get away. “So embarrassing..”

“Waah, wait I need that to lean on..!” The two of you chased him slightly, the raven stopped at the formula section and the three of you whistled, impressed or horrified at the variety of options.

“This.. this part I don’t know about..” Shouta mumbled.

“Um, my doctor did recommend a few brands in particular.. Since my body can’t produce milk..” Your eyes scanned the shelves before spotting a few of the brands, plucking one of each off the shelf to look at the backs.

“Why don’t we just get one of each?” Hizashi squinted at the backs of two of them, not really finding a difference. “That way if they don’t like one, they have options.”

“How rich do you think we are to do that ‘Zashi?” That said, you didn’t really know what you were looking for either. Did taste really matter to babies? Did any of these actually taste that different? “Look we’ll just get this one, it’s affordable but has more in it.”

Hizashi grumbled still reading the packaging as he put the others away. He spun around with a soft gasp, with that done it could only mean.. “Clothing!” Completely forgetting the hand on the cart rule you placed, the blonde took off out of the aisle to the baby clothing.

When the two of you found him he already had a few little items draped over his shoulder. “Hizashi.. You know that’s the section for six to twelve months right?”

“No such thing as getting larger stuff too early, what if the pup grows fast?!” He pulled back once the two of you got closer and showed off the onesies in question.

“They are pretty cute..” you mumbled, examining one of the yellow duck print onesies. “Okay, but only a few, I doubt the pup will grow that fast.”

The beta showed you his findings and upon your approval they were put in the cart. Shouta took Hizashi’s hand and forcefully led him to the proper month area for clothes searching.

The three of you browsed the section, a few tears shed primarily between you and Hizashi at just how tiny everything was.

A particularly bright yellow sleeping back was nearly slam dunked into the cart, startling you. “It matches Sho!” The two of you inspected the item and it indeed did match Shouta’s yellow sleeping bag. “We have to get it now, that’s the rules!”

Shouta was silently staring at the sleeper when you looked at him. To the untrained eye he probably seemed uncaring, completely disinterested in the fact it “matched”. However he was clearly happy, a faint but low purr emitting from him. “Yeah alright, the pup can match his dad.”

Hizashi and Shouta both shot you a confused look, both knew damn well Shouta wasn’t the father. Was that a slip up or?

You turned away and ignored their confused looks to thumb through another section of clothing. “Go find something so the pup will match you too ‘Zashi. Gotta match both daddies. I’ll see if there’s anything for Shaun, Nemu and Oboro as well.”

The blonde flushed and shot his friend a look. “Do you know what they're talking about?”

Shouta rubbed his flustered face remembering the conversation from when you had told your parents about the news. “Since we’re all uh.. A pack.. I guess they're including us as parents..” he coughed into his hand and looked around at nothing in particular. “When they told the news to their parents.. Their dad said something along the lines of the pup being ours just as much as theirs.. Cause we’re a pack.”

Hizashi’s lip jutted out with a quiver. “Aw shit.. I got a baby!” he sniffled and shuffled over to you unannounced. You didn’t flinch when his arms came around you, hands lying on the baby bump. The mix of his scent and cologne told you who it was without even having to look, what did make you look was why he was sniffling.

“Hey hey, what’s wrong?” You laid a hand over his and used the other to pat his head.

“Our baby..” he mumbled through sniffles.

You shot Shouta a look, brow raised, hoping for some context. “I mentioned what your dad said. Guess he’s just a little.. Emotional?” Shouta sighed, awkwardly patting his friends back.

You let out a low rumble from your chest, which immediately soothed the beta latched onto you. He simply purred in return, hands still never leaving the baby bump. “Lil shit’s gonna be so fuckin spoiled.. So spoiled..”

There was no denying that, a birth parent and five pack parents? Regardless of gender there was no way anyone was breakin that child’s heart when they got older.

Ignoring the height difference your thoughts went to Keigo, no, Hawks. After you left there was no attempt at contact, he never tried to reach out, but you never got rid of his number. There were nights you simply just stared at the numbers, almost hoping that they’d just pop up with his name and icon. But there was no reason for him to call you anymore.

It was dumb to think about, if he hadn’t tried to reach out after a month, there was no way he was going to reach out at five months.

At some point you stopped looking through the clothes and started staring into space. Hizashi had let go of you by then, Shouta snapped his fingers in front of you a few times and you snapped out of it. “Sorry, I lost myself for a minute.”

The two shared a look as you simply laughed it off, neither bought it, Shouta could take an easy guess at what though. He’d have to remember to talk to Hizashi and the others about it later.

With the mood dampered Hizashi shuffled uncomfortably in place. Diapers, formula, clothing.. Right! “Hey let’s go look at cribs and all that! I’ll go grab another cart!” He shot off before either of you could say anything.

“Might as well, I think this is the basics.. Aside from well.. Bottles, wipes.. Toys..” You looked over the mess in the car and internally dreaded how expensive this would be. Maybe a baby shower wouldn’t be such a bad idea.. Even if it would just be the pack, if this was going to work out they’d have to chip in at some point anyways.

“I can grab the first two, you go meet him over there before he starts going crazy.” Shouta gave your arm a gentle squeeze and left to pick up said items.

You slowly made your way to the cribs and changing tables, fortunately there weren't too many to pick from. That would make this easy, right? Wrong.

Hizashi was already there with a cart, lifting the sides up and down for whatever reason. It took him a minute to notice you, and when he did he quickly waved you closer. Abandoning the cart to tug it behind you, you stopped at this specific crib he was focused on.

“I vote this one, I don’t know shit about cribs, but this has these cool swinging doors to open up.” He unlocked the top latch and the side opened for easier access. While yes it did look nice, it seemed almost--

“Dangerous, no. We’re getting a traditional one, no doors.” Shouta smacked Hizashi on the back of the head with the pack of bottles before putting them in the cart.

“Oh c’mon, live a little!”

“I agree, it doesn’t seem safe..” You sighed. “Actually, it kind of makes me feel like it's a pet cage more than a crib..” The wooden slats and door did look awfully familiar to a large animal cage, just with an open top.

Hizashi whined but nodded. “I mean babies are kinda like animals,” he teased. “Eat, poop, sleep, scream, be cute.”

“I think you just described yourself.” the omega snorted.

Hizashi gasped dramatically before throwing his arms around the male. “You think I’m cute?”

You gripped tightly onto the cart and your stomach with laughter. Shouta’s face grew red as he tried to hide it, eventually just shoving it into the blonde’s shoulder. When the giggles died down you gestured to a particularly nice crib, it was easy to reach over even with your stomach.

“I think I like this one.. In..” a quick glance of the colour options only had you mildly disappointed. “Dark brown..”

The boys wasted no time finding it and hauled it into the second cart. Next to the cribs were changing tables. Your nose scrunched up. “Do people even still use changing tables? Pretty sure my parents just used whatever surface they had to change me.. Which was usually the floor..”

“We can always worry about that later, I think we’ve got enough for now. Any other stuff can wait, we’ve still got time.” Shouta slapped Hizashi’s not so stealthy attempt at taking the second cart for a spin.

The beta pouted and simply hung himself on the front, nearly knocking the cart over in the process. Shouta panicked and put his own weight onto the other side of the cart to stop it from tipping.

“Children..” You rolled your eyes and snorted, pushing past the two to check out.

The total was what you expected, expensive. Shouta was right to stop the three of you when he did. Hizashi tried paying two times but was denied both times. “You can buy us lunch in the cafeteria instead.”

“Fiiine, then while we take this to the car, you head over there. Find a table and we’ll all eat!”

“Sho, please make sure he doesn’t get himself or others killed..” the male shot his friend a glare. “And you, off the cart, now.” Hizashi whined but got off with a soft “fine”.

With those two gone, it was time to hit the cafeteria. The only upside to a mall was never having to leave it for other stores, or most importantly, food. The cafeteria wasn’t as packed as you were expecting it to be, it was easy to find a place to sit and stare at the various options. Mid pondering what you wanted, one of the display TVs caught your attention.

It was live footage of a villain attack, the exact location eluded you but the heroes in question didn’t. Hawks was there, half his feathers missing and clothes covered in dirt and debris. Everything was drowned out by the chatter around you, making it hard to guess just who or what was happening.

A hand on the shoulder snapped you from staring hypnotized at the TV. “You okay?” Shouta glanced at the TV before giving you a more worried look.

“Huh? Oh yeah, I’m fine.” You sat up straight as the two sat down, Shouta beside you, Hizashi across from you. “That was fast.”

Hizashi reached across the table to take your hands in his. “Was eager to come back and eat with ya.”

Not that the blonde couldn’t be serious, but it was weird to see him so touchy and focused. Giving Shouta a quick glance confirmed he must’ve told Hizashi about who the “father” was. Which was probably why the blonde opted to sit in front of you to block the TV. Unlike Shouta though, Hizashi seemed less frustrated at Hawks than the omega.

“Alright!” The beta shook your hands to draw your attention back to him. “Figure out what you want? My treat!”

-- 7 Months --

With half of the spare room Shouta had given you, now lies a newly made dresser and crib, it left you with the closet of stuff that belonged to you, now on the bed. Cramming everything to fit was proving to be a task and a half.

“Are you sure you don’t want to just move into my room?” Shouta leaned on the doorway, staring at the mess you created.

Tossing one of your shirts into the folded pile you sighed. “Look I know Hizashi bought that huge ass king size bed for all of us, but I’d still feel bad invading your space like that..”

“You won’t be, besides if they come over again and your scent isn’t there, we both know they’ll all flip.”

While Hizashi did buy the bed, everyone had chipped in for it. While Shouta’s apartment was too small for everyone to live in, having a large bed made it easier for pack nights. And ever since the thing was brought in, you had yet to lie on it let alone sleep in it.

Shouta pushed off the doorway and steered you out of your room and towards his. “Go, lie down. Your feet must be killing you.”

While true, you were still grumpy about the whole thing. You had every right to be, even if it was just you being confused on how you felt about the whole thing. The last time you shared a bed with someone after all was with..

“Oh wow this feels amazing..” Sprawling out on the bed you quickly forgot about the bed sharing thing and got comfortable.

“Here.” You looked up to see Shouta tossing a C shaped pillow onto the bed. “Nemuri got it.”

A gasp tore itself from your throat. “Bless her, no more sleeping with shitty pillow set ups!” The omega helped you get more comfortable and watched you quite literally pass out. The stress and being on your feet so much lately clearly got to you.

Shouta let you sleep and worked on making space in his own closet and dresser. The rest of the gang had already made themselves at home, various underwear, socks and even a few bras were shoved into the dresser. Various shirts and pants hung in the closet, mixed recklessly in the jumble of his own.

Sliding the closet doors open hit him in the face with a mix of scents, a little smokey from Shaun, something sweet from Nemuri and Oboro, and that unavoidable leathery scent from Hizashi. Now all that’s missing was your scent.

He carried everything from your closet over to his and carefully organized it. The closet had been primarily empty before you had showed up, slowly filling up with shirts gifted by the pack as well as their own clothing being tossed into the mix. It was quite the interesting first few weeks when it happened. Reaching in to grab a shirt that was two sizes too big, or three sizes too small or clearly not a shirt he’d be caught dead wearing.

The second trip was for things to go in the drawers. You had never been private about your undergarments, while a few choices were questionable, he never particularly cared. Underwear went in the mixed underwear draw, anything else went in another drawer.

Of course however you began to stir when he had a handful of your underwear to try and cram away. He stilled and listened to you mumble in your sleep before he felt it was safe enough to move again. He sighed heavily before closing the door and took a seat on the floor. Any other storage boxes could stay in your closet for now until more baby junk could take its place. Shouta got up and quietly closed the closet before crawling into bed, a nap couldn’t hurt.

Later that month saw the Aizawa apartment a lot busier and messier than it had ever been prior. The group had initially set up rotating days to come stay and keep you company, especially on days where Aizawa was gone for missions. Which eventually turned into anyone showing up whenever they weren’t working or busy. 

By that point practically everyone had a key and even the security guards had recognized them out of hero costumes with how often they visited. 

At the current Oboro, Hizashi and Shaun sat in the living room. While Hizashi bordered on basically living there, the other two were free and keeping you company for the weekend with Shouta gone.

“Did you mail that letter I gave you?” Pinning stray hairs from your face as you cooked, you shot Hizashi a quick glance.

“Yeah yeah.” he waved his hand before turning back to the TV. “You send those out like once a month, who’re they even going to? Parents?”

Technically you did send them letters too, but not nearly as often. Shouta had questioned you once before but found your lie acceptable. “Yeah, gotta keep them updated on their grandson after all.”

“But the address was Japan, aren’t they out of the country?” Oboro chimed in.

“I didn’t even notice that..” Hizashi mumbled.

“Yeah no brainer.” Oboro snickered. “But for real, who are you mailin? Or is this some snail mail tinder?” he teased.

Shaun looked away from the TV long enough to shoot you a look, the conversation sparking interest in everyone now it seemed.

“Oh uh..” you shuffled uncomfortably, three sets of eyes on you made it hard to talk. “J-just a friend..”

Shaun squinted, the other two might’ve been easy to lie to, but he wasn’t buying it. “Just a friend? I didn’t think you really had any friends out of our circle, no offence.” he quickly tacked on.

“Ouch.” one of the other two snickered.

You huffed and tossed the hand towel at Shaun who simply caught it with ease, throwing it back it hit you dead center on the ass. “Ow!”

“Shit! Sorry!” Shaun shot up off the couch and came to your aid, not that you particularly needed it. The brunette picked the hand towel up and you swiped it up to gently hit his arm with.

“It’s just my ass, I’ll live. Go sit back down.” You smiled and tried to push him out of the kitchen. Shaun hesitantly left to sit back down, it wasn’t the first time he’d accidentally hurt one of you guys by throwing stuff at you. Usually it was fine, but every now and then it’s like he honed in and shot shit at you guys intentionally.

Oboro cooed at the alpha who seemed to still be feeling guilty. “It was just their ass, the pup is fine.”

“Yeah, I know..” he grumbled.

The thought didn’t even hit you that he was worried about that. You had turned when throwing the hand towel at him, if you hadn’t it would’ve hit you on the side of the stomach. While again, it didn’t actually hurt, everyone had still been so careful of your stomach.

“I didn’t even think of that.. Shaun..” Abandoning the food you wobbled over and put the alpha’s head and hands to your stomach. “He’s fine, see?”

Apparently one set of hands meant it was zoo time, the other two quickly joined in, shoving their hands onto any spare spot they could. This little boy was going to be spoiled like crazy.

“I know he’s fine..”

As soon as the pup developed enough the doctor had broken the news that your son seemed special . While the gene had skipped you, it would seem it did not however skip your son. Akin to your father it would seem little Fumi inherited his “mutant” like head. While you wanted to punch the doctor for his poor choice in wording, this information had been crucial as it decided how you’d newly approach feeding him once born, as well as how you’d give birth. C section was always the plan being an alpha, but this just made that choice the only option.

With that news the pack seemed to change, treating little Fumi even more gently. Or rather they treated you more gently.

“Alright, hands off, the petting zoo has to finish dinner.” You swatted their hands away but gave Shaun an extra few seconds to calm down before he pulled away. “Dinner will be ready in ten minutes, clean up and come set the table up boys.”

-- 9 Months --

You groaned in discomfort, while the medicine was doing its job it didn’t change the fact all of you still ached and the room was freezing cold. Nemuri laid a blanket from home over your legs and gave them a gentle rub to try and warm you up. “I wish we brought another one, I didn’t think it’d be this chilly.”

“I don’t think any of us thought it’d be this chilly though.” Oboro took your free hand and quickly warmed it up with his own.

“Ugh all of you are smothering me..” You slapped Hizashi away with your free hand and wormed the other out of Oboro’s grip. “Let me breathe!”

“Oh, here comes the moody phase.” You reached out and slapped the back of Hizashi’s head.

“You shut it.”

Shouta pushed the blonde to sit by the other alpha on the couch. He wasn’t about to deal with security because of Hizashi’s silly ass. “Everyone step back, let them breathe.”

Nemuri and Oboro stepped back some but you whined and made grabby hands for Nemuri. “No not you, keep rubbing my feet..” The woman laughed before returning to your legs.

“Sucks we’re gonna miss out on the halloween party..” Everyone shot Hizashi a glare.

“We’re literally having a baby..” Nemuri shot.

“Wait, who's “we”? You guys aren’t doing shit.” You hissed.

“Fine, you're having the baby, that’s beside the point.” She replied.

“If you want to go to the party tomorrow you can go, alone .” Shaun tacked on.

“I don’t wanna go alone! I mean I don’t plan on going, but I can be sad about the party!” The beta whined.

“Would all of you just shut the fuck up!” You buried a pillow over your face, muffling a yell. When the pillow came off the group had gone silent, sitting down aside from Nemuri who still worked on rubbing your feet.

A sigh left you, finally some silence. Which was only short lived when the doctor had finally come in to tell you it was time.

-- Fast Forward a Month --

The pack rarely left Fumikage alone after he was born, in fact ever since then entire group temporarily moved into Shouta’s apartment. That way help was available round the clock by someone when you were resting.

Feeling suffocated you set your foot down, dressed your son up and told them the two of you were going on a walk. Alone. To which none of them were happy about, but were forced to accept regardless.

While the walk to clear your head was the main goal, there was actually a meet up you had planned behind their backs. After the incident in the kitchen a few months ago, nobody had brought up the monthly letters you were mailing out. In fact it wasn’t even letters you were sending, simply photos with dates on the back. Photos of Fumi’s growth while he was inside you.

At the moment you sat on a bench, Fumi cozy and tucked away, napping in his stroller. Under the blankets beside him was a plush of Hawks, the group had seemed less than happy at the purchase but you intentionally bought it, refusing to leave the omega out of your child’s life.

Which leads you to the situation at hand.

Every month when you got photos, your parents got a set, and Keigo got a set. Whether he read the short letters with them or not you didn’t know, but you held onto the hope that he did. Opting out of sending newborn pictures, you instead sent him a text with a date and time.

Foolishly you continued to hope that Keigo might change his mind, or at least upon seeing Fumikage he might change his mind. Shouta was the only one from the pack that knew you still held feelings for the blonde, and initially didn’t talk to you for a week when that happened. 

Shouta didn’t think he deserved to be part of Fumikage’s life, didn’t think he deserved you . And at first you had to agree, but if Keigo wanted to know his son he had the right. Just like if he didn’t want to meet his son, he had the right to ignore him, even if it led to questions down the road when the boy got older.

Despite the fact Keigo wasn’t there a single time during the whole nine months, he was still there in your day to day life. Whether it be on TV, or in person passing by a few meters away. Every time you saw him on TV there was this subtle look of sadness, especially so during a particular Q&A where he’d been asked if he had plans to have a family one day. Although short, the time you spent together with him when dating showed you a lot of him. Making it easier to pick up lies and his whole hero act.

Keigo seemed to still be bothered by what happened. Whether it was true or not, only could be told if he showed up or not.

Your thumb mindlessly rubbed over Fumi’s sleeping face, he shifted in his sleep but didn’t wake up, merely taking the arm of the Hawks plush into his chubby hand. The tree’s rustled, child laughter echoed in the nearby park.

“I wonder when it’ll snow.. We’ll have to see if we can take some cute little snow angel pictures to send to mom and dad. Grandma is so excited to meet you..” Fumi shifted in his sleep again as you spoke to no one in particular.

“I dunno if it’s wise to let him out when it’s that cold, don’t wanna get him sick now.”

You flinched and sat up right, turning towards the sudden voice. “Hawks, you came..”

“Was I not supposed to?” He rubbed the back of his neck nervously, eyes flickering to the back of the stroller. “I can go if--”

“No you idiot, I invited you for a reason.” you laughed.

“Eheh.. right.” He had no clue how you were so calm, so inviting to let him in after what he did to you. Well not that he hurt you, not, physically anyways.

Fumikage shifted, letting out a wobbly chirp in the process. Keigo’s eyes grew at the sound before giving his own little bird chirp back. To both your confusion Fumi let out another weak chirp.

“The hell?” You looked at your son and watched him wake up with a big stretch. “You chattin with daddy?”

Keigo watched you smile and resisted the urge to clench at his chest. Slowly he approached the two of you and peered into the stroller. Big crimson eyes stared curiously up at him, one fat chubby arm reaching up.

“Hey chickadee..” Without even thinking about it his hand went forward, Fumi’s fingers quickly grabbed onto the omegas pinky. Several unidentifiable baby noises left him in the process, almost as if trying to get Keigo closer.

“Seems like someone’s happy.” You chuckled, pulling Keigo closer to look at the baby. Part of you wondered how he’d react given his son wasn’t exactly normal looking. But so far he seemed confused?

Keigo crouched beside the stroller and the boy played with his fingers. “So uh..”

“That’s from my side.. The gene skipped me but..” You gestured to your son's head, giving the short feathers a stroke. “If you say the “u” word I’m sorry but I’m gonna have to fight you right here.”

He shot you a confused look. “What? No, I'd never say that!” Keigo huffed and turned his attention back to his son, he removed his glove and let the pup play with his hands directly. Fumi must’ve found them warm since he chirped up a fit to try and get it closer.

“I wanted to ask how you’ve been..” he cleared his throat. “He’s beautiful, I’m not going to insult my own kid.. I’m not that big of an ah--jerk..’

“Oh so he’s your kid now?” The tone went over Keigo’s head, you were merely teasing but he took it as being upset if the twitch in his wings were anything to go by. “I know I should be mad..” you paused, frowning. “But I’m not..”

“I mean, I can’t blame you if you were.. I was quite the prick..” You watched Keigo entertain Fumi, the occasional finger roaming to his squishy cheeks.

It was hard to place if he was so enamored because it was his son or because his head was different. The morbid part of you wanted to make a bird joke, now you just needed another one with bird feet to complete them. Maybe that joke would be appreciated at a later time.

“You never did tell me why.. I knew you didn’t want kids but that.. Really hurt..”

“Not here..” Keigo stood up and gently pulled his hand away from the fussy pup. “Let’s talk somewhere private.”

“Fine, but we’re walking.” You got up and tucked Fumikage’s hand back under the blanket, keeping him snug before following.

“So what’s his name?”

“Fumikage, dad came up with it.. I’m no good with coming up with names..” The two of you shared a chuckle.

A warmth tickled your back, something you’d come to know as Keigo’s wing. Although not completely covering your back he kept it open, likely noticing your shivering. Fumi was toasty warm but you were far from it, the cold sucked.

You said nothing though as he did it, part of you missed being wrapped up in them after all.

Keigo led you to a hole in the wall cafe, as soon as you stepped foot into it he changed the sign to “closed” and took a seat. “People rarely come here, found this cute little place after saving the owner once.” He gestured to the middle aged man behind the counter dozing off until he spotted the two of you.

“Oh! Hawks!” He shuffled over and set two menus down, giving you plenty of time to flip through it. “I see you changed the sign.”

“Ah yeah, private talk with my friend here.”

The two of you gave your order and the man nodded before turning away. “Talk away~”

Keigo took his gloves and visor off before getting more comfortable in his seat. “Where do I even begin..”

“Why you told me to get rid of him is probably a good place to start…”

“Right..” he rubbed his face and leaned his arms on the table. “First off, I don’t hate kids.. Not in the slightest.” he jabbed a finger in Fumi’s direction. “Especially not him.”

All you could do was nod, Keigo always seemed to enjoy chatting with kids on patrol. Even if it was just to scold them for reckless behavior.

Keigo shifted again in his seat and ran a hand through his hair. “I never thought I’d have kids…You know how busy the commission keeps me.” he whispered. “We both know the risks that would come from being involved with me.. If the public knew I had a son? Frankly I don’t give a flying shit what they think, fu--frick ratings.” he shot a glance to the sleeping child and exhaled.

As much as you were glad Keigo tried to censor himself, your son would pick up cursing regardless due to the idiots around him at home.

“So what, you were worried about the villains taking advantage of it?”

“No, well yes maybe..”

“Then what?” you pressed on. If he wasn’t worried about the villains then what else was there to worry about?

“The commission itself…” he sighed. “I can’t go into details, hell I’m treading on thin ice right now by talking about it..”

“Would they.. Really do something like that..?” Keigo nodded. “I dare them to put their hands on my child, label me whatever you want I’ll mur--”

“Woah there.” he chuckled nervously and put his hands on your arms. “Relax, ain’t nobody hurtin lil Fumi.”

“Is that why you pushed me away? What so the two of us could just live a “peaceful” life without the commission on our ass? Keigo,” you leaned in and whispered. “If you seriously thought I’d be happier without you, your fucking wrong. I was a pro hero myself, I can protect myself and our son.”

“Not from the commission, I can only do so much myself.” he paused and gave you a not so subtle sniff. “Why do you smell like that?”

“What?” Pulling back you gave yourself a quick sniff. “Hey I showered for the record.”

“No not that.” he pulled you in again and gave you another sniff. “You smell like an omega..”

You stopped sniffing your arm and rolled your eyes. “Really that’s what you wanna bring up? Me smelling like an omega? Where do you think I’ve been living?”

“Excuse me.” The owner carried your drinks over and carefully set them down.

“Oh thank you.”

As soon as the owner left Keigo snapped his eyes back to yours. “Hell if I know, your parents?”

“Out of country, I’ve been staying with a classmate from high school.”

“Are you..”

“If you ask if I’m fucking him I will lean over this table and pluck you like a turkey.”

Keigo slumped forward and chewed on the straw of his drink. “So..?”

“He’s my packmate.. Anyone else you're smelling on me is also my packmate..” You sighed and rubbed tiredly at your eyes. “Fumi smells the same as me, they’ve all crammed themselves in the apartment since his birth.”

“Sounds chaotic..” he grimaced. No wonder Fumikage seemed so confused on trying to stay asleep rather than look at stuff like any other curious baby. Or maybe it’s just because he was a baby and tired.

“You don’t know the half of it.. I love all of them but I really need to move out..”

“Come home then..”

You pulled your hands away and stared at the blonde. Home. Home? “Are you.. Asking me to come back..?”

“Yes? Well.. trying to.. I don’t expect you to forgive me right away..” Keigo nudged the drink away, mindlessly playing with the straw. “Even if you don’t forgive me.. You know I’ve got plenty of space..” he swallowed hard. “Everything feels so empty and bit since you left..”

“You.. never had anyone over?” Did you sleep with someone else?

He shook his head. “No and no, the place smelt like you.. Bringing anyone else in would’ve gotten rid of it faster..” Keigo looked at Fumikage with the softest expression you’d ever seen. “I couldn’t sleep with anyone else, they weren’t you.. You don’t know how badly I wanted to find where you went and try and get you back.”

“I wasn’t very far.. I actually saw you once.. Though I was in the crowd so I’m pretty sure you didn’t notice me.”

Keigo pushed your drink aside and cautiously took your hands into his, they were just as soft as you remembered. Just as warm and big, no wonder Fumi showed such interest in his hands earlier. His hands moved from yours to your cheeks, closing your eyes it was easy to remember the late nights in bed with him.

“You don’t have to say yes right away, just.. Think about it..”

Shouta was going to hate that, he was the only one with a personal grudge against Keigo after all. If you moved back in with him all of them would be upset, but he’d probably get upset at you directly for agreeing.

“I do miss you.. I do still love you..” you mumbled, hands resting atop his.

Keigo choked out a small laugh, bringing his forehead to yours. “I still love you too baby bird.. Or should I call you momma bird?”

You chuckled and gently bumped your head against his. “I might’ve carried him, but if anyone is a mother hen that’s you.”

“Haha ouch, not wrong I guess.” The two of you pulled apart, keeping at least one of his hands in yours.

“The real baby bird here is Fumi.” The pup in question slowly woke up, kicking his little limbs in a stretch. Another chirp left him and Keigo leaned forward, eyes full of love and chirped back which seemed to set Fumi into a few more chirps.

“You speak bird?” The omega flicked his wing out to hit your shoulder, attention all on his son. “Bird brain.”

“You're never gonna stop with bird jokes are you?” He looked out the corner of his eye at you before reaching his free hand out to Fumi’s stroller. “Also don’t think I didn’t see this. You got him a little me.”

“You started the bird jokes when we met, and yes I did. On the off chance you didn’t show, I still wanted him to grow up knowing who his bird brain of a dad is.”

Keigo crooned and shifted in his seat to get a better look at his son, letting go of your hand in the process. “Can I hold him?”

Standing up you pushed the cover of the stroller back and made work of his blankets and little seat belt. “Oof, up we go.” Without even needing to be directed Keigo held his arms out perfectly as you placed Fumi into them. “There we go, my two little birdies.”

Keigo crooned again, shifting the wide eyed pup in his arms to get a better look at him. “He’s so tiny.. And his feathers are so small.”

“There still growing, the doctors say he may or may not be like a bird in that sense that it might take a long time for them to fully grow in.” You sighed and crossed your arms, leaning back. “I wonder if he’ll have to preen them.. I planned on asking my dad for advice when they came for Christmas.”

“I can teach him!” You jumped slightly at the sudden enthusiasm that came from the omega and stifled a laugh at his embarrassed expression. “Shush..”

“You know, I’m surprised you're taking this so well.. He’s barely taken after you.”

“I think you mean he’s taken after me more than you.” he teased. 

“Oh haha.” It was now or never, guess he deserved to know at least. “Actually.. There are a few spots where some feathers are growing in.. they aren’t exactly black..” Keigo watched you shift across the table and gently turn Fumi’s head slightly. “Doctor’s think they might turn red when he gets older.”

Keigo let out a laugh before chirping up a storm, the owner peeked his head over as if expecting to see a flock of birds in his cafe. The two of you ignored his curious stares to watch Fumikage kick his legs with excitement, sloppy chirping coming out to “chat” with his daddy.

It would take a long time to make up for the pain he caused, but it wasn’t impossible to try and make this work out for good. Even if it was a little scary, the both of you could experience this together. Parenthood, pack mates, family, it was only just the start of the long road ahead.

Chapter Text

“Do you think you’ll give birth to a baby, or to an egg?”

Keigo had been fussy all morning, or better to say he’s been fussy for the past few days. When it wasn’t him complaining about his feet, back or some other body part hurting. He was complaining about all the calls his hero agency was sending him. Even if he was on break due to pregnancy, everything still ran through him.

“What?” His brow twitched with irritation, he’d just gotten off the phone wanting to strangle someone and you asked that ?

You glanced at him over the back of the couch and repeated. “Do you think you’ll give birth to a baby, or to an egg?” He turned away with a scoff and you couldn’t help but laugh and lean over the back of the couch. “Hey, it's a genuine question.”

“It’s a stupid question.” A crimson wig stretched out like a tired cat before returning to its original position. “You know just because I have wings and a few other bird-like features doesn’t automatically mean I’ll start poppin’ out eggs.”

“Really? That’s a shame, we could do with some free eggs. I think we’re running low.”

Keigo bit the inside of his cheek, refusing to smile or laugh at that shitty, albeit funny retort. “At the end of the day I’m still human.” 

He brushed you off after that and it was quiet for a solid two minutes before you hatched an idea. Aha, hatched. Shaking your head with a chuckle you got up and lazily slid yourself between his wings, peppering kisses to the top of his head.

“Whatever it is, no.” Your hands slid around his torso and he gave the hand on his stomach a weak slap before returning to his writing.

The omega ignored your childish whine and rolled his eyes. “I don’t want anything, can’t I just want to hold my pregnant mate?”

He rolled his eyes again and pinched the bridge of his nose before looking up at you. “Look baby, I think we both know that’s suspicious. Now I’ll ask again. What,” he paused, “do,” again, “you” and again, “want?”

“No fun..” you mumbled. He scoffed hearing your mumble before smacking you with a wing, not hard enough to knock you away but to make you stumble a tad. “Ouch, what crawled in your ass and died?”

Keigo shot you a cold, blank stare.

You rubbed at your cheek before looking away, the heat of his stare too much. “Well.. okay so I didn’t crawl in you per say.. And I sure as hell didn’t die..”  Making another joke was a gamble, and one that you hoped paid off.

The blonde continued to stare at you long and hard before the corner of his mouth twitched ever so slightly. A win! “Your so dumb.. How did I fall for you again?”

With a grin you wormed your way back between his wings, hands softly rubbing over his tummy. “You know you love me, stupid or not. I add an extra spice to our relationship, you never know what I’ll say.”

“Ain’t that the truth..” he mumbled.


“I love you.” he chuckled.

You chuckled and Keigo shuddered at the warmth on his neck. Lips ghosted his bond mark before you finally placed a few kisses on it. “I love you.” Your thumb stroked roughly where the pup rested in his tummy. “And I love them too.”

Files forgotten, Keigo leaned his head on your shoulder, blowing some of your hair from your face. “I’m tired.. I don’t wanna look at any more files..” Keigo childishly buried his face into your neck, turning himself slightly to get more comfortable.

You gave a few coos before slipping your arms around to pick him up with ease. “We can look at them later, for now I think a certain chickadee needs some rest.”

Keigo grumbled in protest but didn’t really put up much of a fight as you carried him back to the nest. “Can you at least bring the files here for me to look at them?”

You shook your head. “No can do chickadee, you’ve been a grumpy mess and looking at case files isn’t going to help that. You said it yourself that you're tired, what you need is rest.”

Despite you being within clear view Keigo couldn’t help but whimper and whine as you left the nest. Normally he’d be a bit embarrassed at his actions but right now he didn’t care, he just blamed it on the pregnancy. “Where are you going?”

You plucked up a file and glanced over at him when he whined. How precious. “If the files are that important I’ll look them over, and if someone calls I’ll answer.”

“You know you're not supposed to.. You're not even supposed to know those files exist..”

“There’s a lot of things we aren’t supposed to do, a lot of things I’m not supposed to know. And I do,” closing the file you threw him a wink. “Keigo~”

“Ugh, don’t remind me..” he buried his face into the nearest item, which just so happened to be one of your shirts. “Mm..” Keigo peeked up from the nest to inspect your back. A few more noises came from his throat, and when you didn’t turn to look at him he let out a loud whine from his throat.

“You should be resting~” you sang, not glancing up from the files.

“Can’t you do that in the nest?” One of his feathers slid up beside you, slipping under a small stack of files while another one moved on top to keep it from falling.


Despite the scolding tone, the feathers carried the stack to lie just outside the nest. Easily within reach if you sat beside him. “ Alpha ..”

“Omega..” he was being disgustingly cute, but the whole purpose of doing the work for him was so he could rest. “If I come over there and work, it’ll keep you awake.”

Keigo let out a big yawn before sending a few more feathers out. The feathers slipped to your back and gave you a moderate nudge causing you to stumble a bit. “It won’t bother me, I promise.. Just.. stay with me?”

“You hardly leave me a choice.” You laughed, his feathers firmly guiding you to the edge of the nest. “Fine, but if I don’t think you're getting enough rest I’m moving back to the kitchen table.”

“Deal.” he grinned and shuffled to give you just a hair of space to get comfortable beside him before practically laying on you. His wings stretched out and hung over you and off the nest, again reminding you like a cat or dog stretching out across their owners lap.

The files sat untouched for a while, the two of you simply lying there in silence. The occasional sleepy chirp coming from him, and the purr you’d give in return to lull him to sleep.

Despite seeming comfortable and being plenty exhausted, the omega found it hard to stay asleep for longer than thirty minutes. When he started to fidget, you set the file you were looking over aside, your free hand still tangled loosely in his hair. “Can’t sleep? Am I distracting you?”

“What? No, of course not..” he yawned, clearly tired.

“The pup acting up again?”

Keigo nodded. You gently pushed away the wing that had blanketed itself on you and helped him roll comfortably onto his back. He whined at the loss of warmth but quickly got over it when you moved down to his stomach.

“Is someone being a fussy pup and keeping mommy awake?”

Keigo would never get over how you talked to the pup. You never use that whiny baby voice that grated on his nerves, he had no clue how anyone could tolerate listening to that. Instead you spoke calmly, softly to the pup, voice low and rough that it reminded him of your morning voice when you were just waking up. 

He felt your hands rub at the sides of his tummy as if trying to sooth the energetic pup. “It’s nap time for mommy, and nap time for you little one. Can you be good and take a nap with mommy?”

“I think they favour you over me, their own mother.” he lied an arm over his eyes tiredly, but also for dramatic effect. Your laugh made his stomach do flips, years together and his stupid heart still got butterflies when you laughed. “You laugh but it’s true, they never listen to me.”

“Mm, I think I read somewhere that it’s usually easier for alpha’s to sooth them since our voices and purr’s are naturally low.”

“I’m a man, my purr is low.”

Your eyes rolled. “It’s not so much about being male or female, there’s just.. Something about an alpha’s purr and tone that’s just more relaxing for pups apparently.” His shirt had ridden up, taking advantage of this you pushed it up further and peppered kisses across his tummy causing him to shudder. “Though I feel like the connection between mother and pup is stronger, I feel like even if I wasn’t here they’d still listen to you.”

He hummed again, his free hand coming down to lie on your head. “You callin’ me lazy?”

“Mm,” you paused in thought for dramatic effect. “Maybe, but I love talking to our lil pup, so I’ll do it any chance I get.” He gave a snort and gently slapped you on the head before slipping his fingers into your hair.

The two of you fell into a comfortable silence. Keigo watched you trace your finger tips over various spots on his stomach, at first he didn't notice a pattern of where you touched. It dawned on him afterwards that you were touching only where the pup was, not his literally rearranged guts.

A low croon happily escaped him at the realization. Your eyes flicked up to look at the state of content on your mate. It was a shame you were going to say something intentionally stupid, he looked so beautiful and absolutely glowing.

“Do you think they’ll look more like me, or you?” Keigo hummed in thought, it was a good thing his arm was still blocking his eyes, hiding the shit eating grin you wore. “I personally hope they take after you.”

“Why’s that?”

You bit your lip to prevent yourself from laughing. “Cause then I can call the bathtub a bird bath..”

It took a second for Keigo to register the joke, he let out a hiss and slapped the back of your head again, this time not as gently. “Are you fuckin serious?”

“Aha! For real though, just picture it, cute lil bird pup with wings flapping away in the tub. Have you never watched videos on baby birds bathing for the first time? Cutest shit, I spent like a solid hour watching bird videos the other day.”

His irritation quickly vanished the more you spoke, his arm moved behind his head to prop it up better. The hand he slapped you with simply lied on your upper back, gently playing with the neck of your shirt. The picture of you lying in bed looking at bird videos made his chest flutter again for whatever weird reason.

“Thinking about it actually made me think about when you were little.” The smile on his face quickly fell, hand stilling. “I pictured you as a menace during bath time, making a bit ol’ mess with water everywhere. It made me wonder if our tub was big enough for that.”

You hadn’t even noticed his change in mood as you rambled. “Even if they make a mess though, I don’t care, I’ll clean up after them.”

Keigo watched you pepper more kisses to a particular spot on his stomach. Any discomfort he had was washed away by the amount of love your eyes held. You genuinely meant it, he’d never known you as the type to raise your voice at anyone when they made a mess, big or small. “Yeah?” He hoped you didn’t hear the slight crack in his voice.

“Mhm, it’s just water. As long as they get clean and have fun. Maybe during the summer we can set up a little pool at my parents and let you two have a little bird bath bash.”

His eyes watered at the image, he loved your parents, loved how tightly knit your family was. How accepting they were of him despite his vast amount of secrets.

A soft sniffle caught your attention, drawing yourself away from his tummy, you spotted the tears threatening to spill at the corners of his eyes. Panic quickly filled you. “Wh-what’s wrong? Are you in pain? Was I heavy? I didn’t mean to put so much weight on--”

“Shut up, it’s not that.” Keigo gave a wet laugh but didn’t attempt to explain what was wrong.

Chalking it up to pregnancy hormones you simply lied back down beside him and wrapped him up against you. His face smushed into your neck, deeply inhaling your natural scent. If Keigo didn’t wanna talk about it, you’d simply ask later, hopefully it wasn’t anything too serious.

His crying calmed down after several minutes of simply crying it out, mixed with your scent he fell into a relaxed, floating like state. “Sorry..”

“Shh, don’t be sorry. There’s nothing wrong with letting it out.” Keigo let out a tired chirp and you simply replied with a low purr. “Was it something I said?”

He shook his head slightly. “Not exactly.. I’ll talk about it later..”

“Okay baby.” Careful of his tummy you gave him a gentle squeeze. “Hmm..”

“Ugh, what is it now?”


“What stupid thing do you have to say now? Just say it..” he sighed.

Saying dumb things was your forte, especially if there was the high chance of distracting your mate and making him laugh. “Just.. back to the egg thing..”

“Ugh.. get away from me.” He gave you a nudge, a weak and lazy attempt at trying to get away from you.

Knowing he didn’t actually want to push you away, you simply held him closer. “No hear me out. What if it’s eggs?” He heard you gasp. “What if it's one big egg!?” His body shook with a silent laugh. “That’s gonna be one big egg poop.”

“Oh my god.” He gagged in playful disgust and slapped at your shoulder. “You're so disgusting, I’m not laying eggs let alone one huge ass egg.”

“Why not? I think it would be cute watching you leg eggs. Well okay the process itself wouldn’t be cute, but just picturing you laying in the nest with a bunch of eggs is adorable.”

“Woah why a bunch of eggs? How many do you think we’re having?”

Keigo watched your expression change as you thought. “A whole carton?” He choked.

“A whole carton? We talkin pups or the grocery list now?”

At this point it was impossible for either of you to keep a straight face anymore, both belting out into laughter.

“Pups! Though I think even this big ass condo would be too small for twelve little chickadee’s runnin around..”

“Christ, don’t make me picture that..”

“You don’t wanna have a bunch of lil chickens with me?”

“Stop calling them chickens, I’m starting to second guess if you actually have brain damage now from that last mission you went on.” Keigo buried his face back into your neck as if that would shut you up.

“Mm you love me.” You gave him a gentle squeeze again, playfully nipping at his jaw and ear. “But your right, it’s not chickens--”

“--thank you--”

“--It’s a bunch of Hawks.”

He grabbed the nearest article of clothing from the nest and slapped it over your face to silence you. “It’s nap time now, mommy, pup and daddy nap time.”

Tossing the item off your face you snickered. “Alright alright, enough silly talk.” The two of you shifted to get comfortable, pulling a blanket up, you placed one hand on his tummy as if trying to lull the potentially active pup inside. “Daddy’s mistake for getting you all excited again, but it's nap time for real my chickadee.”

Keigo drifted on and off to you rubbing his stomach, occasionally staying awake long enough to hear you humming a song until it became too much and he fell completely asleep. Worries of his pup experiencing his childhood were long lost on his mind after today’s current events.

Chapter Text

It was impossible to not know of the hero All Might, even now that he was retired. If he wasn’t known before, after the most recent events of his final face off against All for One he was known then.

The two of you held little interaction outside of being the middleman between him and Nighteye, while not his sidekick, the two of you were long time friends. It had fallen upon you to be the unspoken pigeon for updates between the two, even if neither of them realized just where or who the information came from.

When the passing of Nighteye came and went, it found the two of you closer. All Might reached out to you more than he ever had before, you lost your childhood friend, it was only natural he worried.

And it was only natural you worried, and reached out in return. Mirai would curse you from his resting place if you didn’t try and keep an eye out on the man who insisted on working himself to an early grave.

Despite his busy schedule keeping him at UA most days, amongst other things. He’d try and find the time to set aside at least once a week for the two of you to catch up, have tea and simply forget the fate of the world temporarily.

The meeting spot of the week had been a hole in the wall café, a place you had found in passing while on patrol a few weeks ago, and after looking into it, the place seemed perfect for the retired hero to relax without being bombarded by fans.

The elderly woman had allowed you to pick a table, only a few other elderly customers occupying a table here and there. You settled on a booth near the back by a large window that looked out on an empty background, not entirely gorgeous scenery but it would keep the blonde out of view by those passing.

Recalling one of All Might’s preferred teas, you requested that alongside something that fit in with the omega’s diet restrictions.

“Such a sweet and caring alpha..” the old woman cooed. “I remember my late husband doing the same.. Going out of his way to remember the things I liked,” you flushed, trying to get out a reply that that was not the case, she waved you off with a cackle. “No need to be so embarrassed, whoever they are, they’d be lucky to have such a kind alpha like you.”

The woman left without letting you so much as try and explain yourself, not that you could, being too dumbfounded and tongue tied to work out a comprehensive thought let alone sentence.

Was ordering his favourite tea and something he could eat wrong? Would he take it the wrong way? It’s not like you meant anything more of it, just a simple kind gesture between friends.

“There’ll come a time where he’ll need you more than ever. There’s no harm in trying to talk to him more, even if he won’t talk to me..”

You shook Mirai’s words from your head, why would the former number one hero need you ? That’s silly, even if these little meetups seemed to relax him a fair bit, it could be anyone in your position.

It didn’t need to be you.

The bell on the door rang, signaling an entry, out of reflex your head rose to inspect the guest. To no surprise it was the man of the hour, All Might. The few older patrons in the cafe welcomed him, but didn’t hound him much to your relief.

His eyes scanned the room until his gaze fell on you, prompting you to get out of your seat to wave him over. With a sudden skip in his step, he made his way to you, arms stretched out for a hug that you happily returned. “I hope I haven’t made you wait too long.”

“Nonsense, I just got here.” Breaking the hug you sat back down, All Might took off his jacket and sat it beside him on the bench before lacing his fingers together on the table. “Hope you don’t mind. I already put an order in.”

“You didn’t have to do that.” he chuckled, hand rubbing nervously at his neck. “I appreciate it though.”

You propped your chin on your knuckles and tapped idly with your free hand on the table. “Nonsense, I wanted the tea to be nice and hot when you got here. And given your strict diet I got you something you could eat as well, hope you're hungry.”

The blonde flushed, finger scratching at his cheek some. “I suppose I could eat, I did have a light lunch.”

“I know you're limited with position sizes, but I do wish you’d eat more.” you sighed, shaking your head. “Anyways, I got–”

While you spoke, the blonde spaced out, it didn’t matter if you had just gotten out of work or had been lazing about your place, you always dressed so casually around him he couldn’t help but feel a tad out of place. His eyes lingered over today’s outfit, nude coloured patches peeked out from the neck of your shirt.

All Might understood the use of scent patches, to dull or even hide the individual’s scent. They were required in some fields of work, plenty of pro heroes used them as well to prevent conflicting dynamic issues while dealing with civilians. However, the reason why you wore them? He didn’t know. He’d considered asking in the past but it always felt rude, wrong even to ask something like that.

There were times he caught a whiff of an unfamiliar scent, but it was impossible to assume if it was yours, or someone else's. Anytime he thought about it being someone else's scent made his stomach churn, metaphorically in his case.

Which just felt silly to him, you were single, of course you’d smell like someone else from time to time. He was proud to be friends with you, friends with such a kind and caring alpha. Perhaps it was because he knew how good of an alpha you were, that he was afraid you’d get taken advantage of? Surely that was the case, he worried for all of his friends after all.

“-llo–” You reached out across the table, snapping your fingers near his face until he snapped out of it. “You didn’t hear a word I said, did you?”

All Might coughed into his hand. “Sorry..”

You sighed, the moment you noticed his far off gaze it should’ve been obvious he wasn’t listening. “Never mind it’s not important, but here..” you slid the plate holding his food over to him. “She said she’d be back with our tea in a moment.”

He cleared his throat and looked down to the plate, man you really knew his dietary restrictions, almost none of his friends knew it as detailed as you. Did Nighteye tell you about it? “Thank you, this looks great!”

The elderly woman slowly shuffled over, after seeing how heavy the tray was, you got up and quickly met her half way to take it from her. “Oh my, how sweet. Are you sure it’s not heavy?” she let it go and placed a hand worryingly to her cheek.

“Not at all ma’am, when we’re finished how about I bring it back for you?” You felt bad, the tray wouldn’t have been heavy had you not requested an entire pot of tea for the two of you.

She hummed in thought before nodding. “Thank you dear.” Curiously she peeked around you to see the guest you had put such consideration into. You eyed the nosy woman, though she had every right to know who came into her shop after all.

All Might watched the two of you, tossing the elderly woman a nervous wave. Why was she staring so heavily at him?

The woman waved her hand and you leaned closer. “You treat that omega right, you hear? Don’t think I don’t know who that is.” she smiled and waved to the blonde before looking back at you, pointing a finger at you as if telling you to be on your best behaviour.

“Yes granny.” Saying you’d treat him right felt wrong, the two of you really were just friends, but you didn’t want to upset the old woman by saying so. It was easier to just agree and go back to the table. Seeming satisfied she left without a second to spare, allowing you to quickly shuffle over to the table.

“What was that about?” He mumbled.

You set everything from the tray onto the table before sitting, pouring his tea first. “Oh uh, nothing..”  He gave you a look that clearly read he didn’t believe you. “Ugh.. don’t make me say it..”

All Might chuckled, blowing on his tea slightly. “I’m not making you say anything.”

“Ugh..” Taking a sip of your own tea, you told him what the old lady said when you got there, and a rough, less embarrassing version of what she just implied.

He set his drink down mid explanation, fingers laced together and face hiding behind them. “I’m so sorry–I..”

“N-no it’s not your fault.” The old woman hadn’t been the first and no doubt wouldn’t be the last to mistake your guy's relationship, it just got exhausting that the two of you couldn’t be seen as just friends. He was a retired, world known pro hero, the two of you were on far different levels.

From that point you shifted the conversation, asking about his day, how things had been since the last time the two of you really talked. And while he couldn’t talk about a majority of it, he told you what he could and loosely of things he wasn’t particularly confident about stating outright.

The rest of the totally not a date went smoothly, back and forth conversation about this and that with the occasional fan that entered coming over to simply say hello to the retired hero. Every time he apologized to you, not that it really bothered you getting interrupted. It only bothered you when it was clearly bothering the omega, situations in which person after person would come up and put a strain on the man who was simply trying to just sit there and enjoy himself.

When it came time to pay the bill you plucked the bill up to take care of it. “You took care of it last time against my wishes, now it’s my turn.” You stuck your tongue out and set everything on the tray to return it for the elderly woman.

All Might watched with fascination as you paid and spoke with the woman. It wasn’t uncommon for people to try and do stuff for him, whether it be to get on his good side or because they genuinely wanted to help. But the difference with you, was that you didn’t treat him like a hero, even before he retired. He’s always just been Toshinori to you, not All Might.

Even if you didn’t know that bit of information.

“Alright, paid for.” He looked up at you before finally getting up to put his jacket on. Once it was on you reached out to his surprise, fingers playing with the rim of his coat. “It’s getting colder out, I wish you’d wear something thicker.”

“I’m fine, I run on the warmer side you know.” The blonde stared down at you, watching you fuss at his coat, going so far as to do every single button. 

“I’d rather you sweat than catch your death.” Picking up your forgotten scarf from the booth you gestured for him to lean over. When he did, you tossed your scarf around his neck, tucking the ends into the chest of his coat. “If you aren’t careful, I’ll ask that Midoriya boy to text me daily on whether or not you're dressing properly.”

He chuckled nervously at the thought of being tattled on by his student, until the scent from the scarf hit him. It was your scent, and the same scent he had caught whiffs of previously. Subtly, he sniffed at the scarf and took in the scent. It was like standing in a field of flowers with the warm sun on your face during a summer day. If he was cold before, he definitely wasn’t now with this newfound warmth spreading through him.

You pushed the door to the cafe open, letting him step out first. “You okay? Sorry, it probably stinks of me..” you scratched your neck some, centimeters away from the patches. “I’ve been told I have a rather.. Unpleasant scent..”

“N-no!” He shouted, startling the both of you, he didn’t mean to nearly scream it. “I mean..” he looked around nervously. “It’s not unpleasant at all, I’ve actually always wondered why you wore patches..”

He led you away from the street to give the two of you a bit more privacy. “Ah well.. I’ve been told my scent, while subtle compared to most alpha’s, was on the unpleasant side.” You stuffed your hands into the pockets of your jacket, looking anywhere but at him. “So I took to wearing patches most of the time, Mirai was one of the few that never complained. Anytime it got brought up he simply stated it’s likely that we’re not compatible.”

“Compatible?” He cocked his head in thought. How someone’s scent smelt to one person, would smell different to another, which was why scent also came into play when people dated. Unfortunately, he had no real experience to go by in that department.

“Yeah, when he brought it up it made me realize that anyone I had dated in the past, while I did care for them, I didn’t love them per say. It’s like..”

“Like you dated them because they never complained about the scent?” he finished.

You gave a sad nod. While most of them you did care deeply for, there just hadn’t been that connection while dating. And those that you did love and have a connection with, turned you away when it came to your scent. “I’m glad though.” he peered over the scarf at you. “That you don’t find it gross.”

All Might flushed, he could feel his ears heating up the longer the two of you held eye contact. What could he possibly say to that? Surely you didn’t mean anything out of it, after all you said Nighteye was someone who didn’t complain about it. Though it’s possible he was simply accustomed to it, having grown up with you since the two of you were young.

You had taken his red ears and flushed face for him being cold. A quick check of the time told you it was getting late, which meant it would be colder. “I’ve kept you out long enough, you should get back so you can warm up. And remember to wear more layers at least if you're not going to wear a thicker jacket.” you scolded.

He nervously laughed, nodding his head a few times. “Yes, yes.” His hand fell to the scarf to pull it down some from his mouth, the scent becoming far too much to handle. “I’ll return this then–”

“Nope,” you held a hand out to stop him, “you can return it later. I don’t want you getting sick.” His heart fluttered at your worrying, while normally it would’ve gotten on his nerves with anyone else, he found it endearing when you did it.

“If you're sure,” he mumbled into the scarf, “then I’ll return it next time.”

He did not, in fact, return the scarf next time.

The next week when the two of you had met, he had worn it as if it was his own. You had a new scarf by then and neither of you had brought it up, why he still wore it, why he didn’t hand it over, or why you had a new one.

The week after, your scent had begun to fade from the scarf. When you didn’t bring it up last time that he hadn’t returned it, he began brainstorming on how to return it. There’s no way he could say something as embarrassing as apologizing for keeping it because he enjoyed your scent.

It was entirely possible to play off forgetting, saying he’s just been so wrapped up and busy with things that it slipped his mind. After all you didn’t bring it up, maybe you forgot?

You had most certainly not forgotten.

When All Might showed up that week wearing your scarf? The alpha within you stirred happily, proud that its omega smelt of it. Which you immediately scolded yourself for, he was not your omega, he was a friend. One who just so happens to get flirted with frequently, whether he noticed it or not.

Having him smell of you was like a friendly duty, right? It was something any good friend would do so their friend could relax without people constantly coming after them. You were just doing him an unspoken favour of keeping others out of his hair.

The one meeting a week turned into two days a week, on occasion you’d cross paths with him and Midoriya, the two inviting you to sit with them. Those days you enjoyed the most, being able to see All Might talk and interact with Midoriya, it was like seeing a father and son with the two of them.

There were various questions the public asked over the years, why he never took a mate, why he never had kids. While you could speculate a few reasons why, there was little stopping him now that he’d been retired from doing either of those.

At one point Midoriya had gotten up to leave, something about having plans with a few of his friends. “It was nice seeing you again.” he addressed you.

“It was, do me a favour and keep an eye on this old man for me. Don’t be afraid to tattle on him if he’s misbehaving.” you teased. All Might choked on his drink, slapping carefully at his chest before scolding you.

You brushed it off, soaking in Midoriya’s laugh before remembering something. “Oh, that’s right.” The two paused to look at you, Midoriya looking between the two of you more curiously. “I got that thing you asked about, here.”

You pulled out a small box from your coat pocket and slid it to the teen before picking up your drink. Midoriya’s eyes light up, hesitantly taking it into his hands before rapidly looking between it and you. “A-are you sure I can have it?”

“Of course, I even got it signed for you.”

Midoriya squealed, a lengthy list of thank you’s and embarrassing bowing before you got him to stop.

All Might watched the two of you cluelessly, but couldn’t help but soak in the sound of your laugh. “Calm down Midoriya,” the blonde looked at the time, “shouldn’t you be going? You’ll be late.”

The teen panicked at the mention of being late and gathered his things in his arms. “It was nice talking with you two, and thank you again! I’ll be sure to make it up to you!” he shouted back.

“No need to~!” you called back, settling into your warm drink again.

When Midoriya was no longer within his field of vision, All Might turned his attention to you. “What was that about?”

“Mm? Oh the gift?” he nodded. “Ah, we were texting and he was curious about the release date of something. I managed to set one aside and even got it signed.”

“That must’ve been expensive.. You didn’t have to do that..” ignoring his drink he dug out his wallet, you put his hand out to stop him though. But that didn’t stop him from still trying to fish it out. “I can’t in good faith just let you drop money on him like that..”

“Relax Big Might, Lil Might’s gift wasn’t that expensive, plus he’s such a sweet boy.. He’s doing so much for you.. The world..” Bits and pieces of the story had been left out when including you into his “secret”, that didn’t upset you in the least bit, the fact that you were trusted enough to be included was more than enough.

Big Might. The silly name always made him flustered, first students and teachers teasing him about being close to Midoriya, now you? Though the names did tickle him a little, something about them made him happy.

He cleared his throat, finally putting the wallet away. “Alright, but next time you do something like that.. Please tell me, I’d be more than happy to buy it in your stead.”

“Well that defeats the point of it being a gift from me , now doesn’t it?” You waggled your pink at him, chin propped on your hand. “I’m really starting to wonder if Midoriya really is your secret child.” While the intention was simply to tease and poke fun at, the thought hurt your chest. You only knew of Midoriya’s mom from stories, she seemed like an incredibly lovely lady.

The more you thought about it the more it upset you, even though the patches though All Might picked up on the shift in scent. Fresh flowers wilted to scentless, dead flowers within minutes. He had no clue what provoked the change but sought to try and fix it.

Something salty sweet tickled your nose, like sea salt ice cream on a hot day at the beach. Or salted caramel chocolate melting on your fingers while you sat in the hot sun. It took a few minutes to realize where it was coming from– who it was coming from.

All Might had little experience when it came to fully controlling his scent, like you, he’d lived in blockers most his life with little worry about controlling it. The strain on his face, no–the focus, showed clear as day he was trying to comfort someone, comfort you.

You blinked, forcing yourself from the haze and placed a hand on his arm. A silent thanks through the gesture, one he simply gave a nod to before placing a large warm hand over your own.

The rest of that little visit stayed in silence, simply finishing drinks in one another's company until it came time to leave.

The following week after that there was no meet up, and again the week after. Apparently things had come up, training or something. It left you plenty of time to mull over your feelings and figure out how you were going to act around All Might the next time you saw him. While that last time wasn’t horrible, the fact you started to get so jealous and territorial was embarrassing to say the least.

Any fool could see probably clear as day the way you looked at the omega, little instances where people said something along the lines of the two of you looking good together. Flashbacks of the old woman at that cafe, people in passing, even Mirai seemed to push the idea of you two being together for some reason.

“Did you use your quirk on me?”

“I did.” he replied bluntly.

“Mirai you–you can’t just do that without my permission!”

“I apologize, but I don’t regret doing so.” he nudged his glasses up and returned to his paperwork.

“What was so important that you had to see? We aren’t children anymore Mirai..”

Mirai sat in silence, either ignoring you or figuring out what he was going to say. After several minutes of standing around you gave up hoping for a reply. Just as you were about to leave he decided to speak up.

“That mission.. Should anything arise, I simply..”

Your shoulders sagged, just like being children again, Mirai’s elderly brother role still held strong as adults. Anytime a particularly risky mission arose, for either of you, he wouldn’t fail to use his foresight in hopes that all would go well.

“I’m not going on that mission you know, you should be more worried about yourself.” you sighed, crossing your arms. “I know you're strong, and there will be others.. But I saw that list Rai.. those names..”

Mirai waved his hand in a shooing motion. “You don’t have to tell me that, I know very well what we’re going into.” he leaned his elbows on the table, chin resting on his knuckles. “I was more curious about something else..” he mumbled to himself.

You slunk forward until you were leaning against his desk. “Come again?”

“Do you remember what I told you? Back when I was still All Might’s sidekick?”

“‘There’ll come a time where he’ll need you more than ever. There’s no harm in trying to talk to him more, even if he won’t talk to me..’” you repeated. “I’m still confused what the number one hero could want with me of all people. I’m just a nobody you know, a hero that bounces from agencies to help fill spots when situations are tight.”

Mirai sighed, adjusting his glasses out of habit again. “None of that has anything to do with this, I could tell you, but you wouldn’t get it. So just do me this favour and keep a connection with All Might.”

“I already do thanks to your petty squabble.” you mumbled, turning away.


“Nothing~” You laughed nervously before turning back to face him. “Fine, I’ll keep tabs on the big guy, but I don’t know what could possibly happen. Can you.. At least give me a hint?”

“No,” he looked back at his papers, “I’m sorry.. I just want All Might to live a long, happy life.” Mirai’s voice was soft, softer than you’d heard in ages.

It tugged at your heart strings, in the years you’d known this man it was rare for him to get this pushy about a foresight. It would take someone special like you to read between the lines, this seemed to shake him up like the vision of All Might’s death he went on about. Did it have to do with that? Were you somehow going to be involved? God you hoped not.

“Okay, okay..” ignoring the papers you reached over and placed a hand on his own. “I’ll keep in contact with All Might, if he ever seems like he’s in need of help I’ll do what I can.”

Mirai let out a shaky sigh, his other hand coming to cover yours. “Thank you..”

With the whole mood shifted, you figured it was best to just walk away from it. Let him get back to his work and go find something else to do. Just before you left however, you heard him clear as day.

“If I didn’t already believe in soulmates before, I would after seeing that..”

It was the last real conversation you had with the man. You’d never responded to a call from the hospital so fast, nearly getting into an accident to get there in time. Did he see his own death and asked you to comfort All Might knowing he’d show up? If the bastard saw his own death he should’ve told you, it would’ve been difficult but you would’ve dropped everything to join them.

That day, All Might had comforted you far more than you had to him. While that had been his sidekick, his friend, that had been your childhood friend, your big brother. Even now the exact memory of what happened afterwards was fuzzy.

A ring from the doorbell tore you from memory lane, you wanted nothing more than to ignore it, grab a glass of wine and just ignore everything. But you couldn’t shake the feeling it was important and only got up when the rings came more feverishly. “Alright, alright calm down..”

On the other side stood All Might, slouched and hollow, like a kicked, cold puppy left in the rain. “I’m sorry for showing up unannounced..”

“N-no that’s okay,” you ushered him inside out of the cold, “I’m more impressed that you knew where I lived.”

The blonde gave a weak chuckle, rubbing his hands together with a shiver. “Nighteye actually..” He watched your brows furrowed in confusion, that cute little head tilt you did when thinking. “After he passed, I was given a letter.. That included your address.. Sorry I never said anything sooner.”

“Ah that little shit.. I’m not surprised.” you mumbled, dead and still treating you like a child to be checked in on. The naggy voice in the back of your head thanked him though, now the omega knew where you lived if anything did happen. “Come in, take your coat off, I'll get you something to drink.”

When he didn’t refuse you knew something was off, normally he’d apologize and say it was unnecessary. Instead he simply did as you told, removed his coat, hung it, slipped his shoes off and made his way into your apartment to the living room. Without even being prompted to sit, he took a seat on the couch and slouched forward.

Quickly, you shuffled into the kitchen to prepare some tea, emerging a little after with a hot cup for him to warm up with. The mug looked so little in his hands, maybe it wouldn’t hurt to invest in a larger sized mug for his visits, or rather any guests visit with large hands.

All Might softly flinched when a blanket draped over his shoulders, it wasn’t soft, but it was heavy. When it dawned on him it was a weighted blanket he had to force back a whimper. You had no clue why he was here, he simply showed up at your doorstep unannounced, you didn’t even know he knew where you lived. He just showed up and you went into a protective state without any form of information.

While he internally fought himself, you were none the wiser of his plight, simply doing anything you could to ground the clearly stressed omega. You kept a loose, relaxed stance when you propped yourself on the arm rest of the couch to further convey that you weren’t upset or anything that would set his inner omega off.

Half way through his tea he finally set it aside, fingers pulling the weighted blanket further around himself. “Tha–”

“Shh, don’t thank me. Don’t force yourself to speak. Drink, warm up, when you're actually ready then you can talk.” Careful to keep your tone casual and calm, you got up and plucked a blanket off the chair you kept by the window to read at.

The omega accepted the fuzzy blanket, fingers grazing the fluff before unraveling it. It wouldn’t be the first time an omega you weren’t intimate with made themselves a nest in your apartment. If the man felt comfort to come to you, in your scent and personal space. Who were you to deny him the opportunity to make a nest if he so desired?

All Might looked around the room, his omega instincts kicking in to find the perfect place for a nest that didn’t impede on your own personal space. Without a peep he simply pointed at the corner where the chair sat, it was your favourite place to sit and read with a large beautiful window on both sides of the corner.

You made quick work of moving the chair and little table from their spots, and in no time the blonde got up and moved over. If he had been of a more clear head he’d be horrifyingly embarrassed at his actions, but as of right now he was on autopilot.

A weighted and fluffy blanket wasn't enough to clearly build with, you gave him the pillows from the couch and several extra blankets and pillows from the closet for guests. They wouldn’t smell like you, but maybe having a nest without your scent was best for his state of mind.

It looked silly in all honesty, a seven foot man building a nest that wouldn’t even fit half of him. His omega was surely beating him up over the lack of items to work with, the guilt of not having enough items for nesting ate at you. Not like you ever expected a situation like this to happen. Against your better judgement you left to the bedroom and removed practically everything but the bedsheets for him to use.

You lost track of time while he worked, having emptied his cup and brewed a proper fresh pot of tea, this time with chamomile and lavender. When he finally finished he simply lied there, and you placed the mug just outside the nest. “Better?”

Despite his face buried into the edge of the nest he nodded. If his ears were anything to go by, he came back to his senses and was likely feeling embarrassed. “You don’t have to feel bad by the way, this isn’t the first time I’ve had something like this happen.” Realizing just how bad that sounded you quickly sought to fix any improper thoughts he could think of.

“Mirai!” you cleared your throat. “Mirai had done this before, you know him.. Always neglecting his natural omega instincts..” when he didn’t reply you continued. “So I’ve had my fair share of big, cute omegas breaking into my house to make a nest in. If anything, I’m flattered? Is that weird to say?” The question was rhetorical, but you were flattered that two of the most important omegas in your life were so comforted by you that they felt they could do this.

“I had hesitated.. Originally, whether I should come or not..” he started, lifting his face from the plush fabric but still facing away from you. “It’s not your job or anything..”

“Mm..” you sat back on the cold couch and winced immediately, noting he took the blasted cushions as well. No wonder the couch looked so naked. “What did you do when this happened before?”


How very Mirai of him.

“I really don’t mind it,” while the next words would hurt, they were true, “we’re friends and I care about you. Even if I had a partner I’d drop everything to help you, just as I had done for Mirai.”

He must’ve not liked the response if his silence was anything to go by, and his scent clearly told you he wasn’t asleep. It was getting harder and harder to deny how you felt, you couldn’t compare the relationship to that of Mirai’s anymore. The relationship with Mirai had always been close friends, family, and unbreakable. But the relationship with All Might had been more than that.

A quick check of the time told you it was nearly dinner time, with the omega here it meant an impromptu dinner he could stomach. “Not that it needs to be said, but stay here and rest. I’m going to make dinner.” Although muffled, you heard him whine, likely due to the fact you’d be out of his view.

Hesitantly, you got up and every time you moved further away there was another whine. Internally you laughed, it was cute, stupidly cute. Externally though you kept a straight face trying to remedy this. “Mm.. hey.” he cocked his head in your direction, just enough to see you out of the corner of his eye. “Do you trust me?”


“Do you trust me?”

Without further context, all he could do was nod. You kept your distance, giving a few full body stretches, focusing on your arms before crouching down beside him. “No flailing now.” Before he could ask what that meant, you were picking him up, cocooned in the blanket he had wrapped around himself.

The man curled into himself the further he got from the ground, he was not expecting to be picked up like a princess. Given the large size difference between the two of you, he could only chalk it up to your quirk or an alpha’s incredible strength. He knew even in this shrunken, imitation of a hero size he was still rather heavy, and the fact you carried him without breaking a sweat? His heart pounded.

You carried him into the kitchen, the romantic in you wanted to place him on the counter so he could watch you cook. But the logical side of you knew he’d knock into everything and just be uncomfortable in the cramped space. You settled on putting him at the table closest to where you’d be working at. The chair looked ridiculous with him huddled up on it.

What was with you collecting lanky omegas that looked comical on standard sized things?

All Might seemed comfortable enough though, he shifted around at the table, going so far as to rest his head on the table like a sleepy child. From there it was much easier to make a quick dinner for the two of you, it felt unfair to have such a different dinner compared to his so you settled on something the both of you could enjoy.

With him already at the table it was easy to get him fed, part of you almost hoped he was like Mirai and let himself be spoon fed, but that was not the case.

When dinner was finished you quickly took care of the dishes before surprising him and yourself, by carrying him a second time back to his makeshift nest. Part of you had expected him to take a nap, and while he did seem to drift on and off, he was still quite awake.

You turned a blind eye every time he not so subtly sniffed at your scent from the bedsheets. It didn’t weird you out, again you were proud that he took comfort in it. Unlike in public, everything in the house reeked of you, even now you sat unpatched on the naked couch.

The uncomfortable springs from the bottom began to dig into your ass, causing you to stand up and stretch. “I can’t remember the last time I was like this..” he mumbled, you almost didn’t hear him over your groans from stretching.

“Like what?”

“Weak? No, vulnerable?” he mulled over trying to find the right word, but you brushed it off and gestured for him to continue. “People always felt safe knowing I was around, knowing that All Might was around,” he started, “people felt safe in their homes, but where did that leave me?”

Huh? You cock your head in confusion and All Might simply chuckles. “What I mean to say is, where am I supposed to feel safe?” Oh . All Might didn’t have to worry about being safe, he was a hero who made it safe. Who he was now, his omega, a retired hero, all of those didn’t belong to that same world anymore.

Rather than continue, the blonde watched you seemingly have a silent conversation in your head. He watched your head bob left and right in thought, face scrunch up and relax, it was almost as if you were losing an argument with yourself.

Which was what it felt like. The argument of whether to come out with how you felt or not, the timing didn’t seem all that great, it’s possible he’d think it was brought up simply because of what he said. Which wasn’t true, you wouldn’t have said anything if you didn’t mean it.

He jumped with a startle when you slammed your hands on the coffee table and got up. Too shocked to even whine at being left alone, which didn’t last long when you returned with a glass of–wine?

The blonde watched you pace back and forth, sipping from the glass that was very obviously not a wine glass. The only indicator it had been wine was by the bottle you had carried in.

After what felt like longer than you meant to wait, you abandoned the wine and came to a stop outside the nest. All Might craned his neck to look up at you until you crouched down beside him. “I like you.”

“I like you too.” he replied confusingly.

You shook your head, what an All Might response. “I. Like. You.” The longer he stared at you, the more you caved under the weight, looking away and slouching into yourself. “I like you.. Romantically.. I have for a while..”

He saw how little you had to drink, unless you were incredibly tipsy, he found himself struggling to make sense of the newfound information. “Wh–wait.. How much did you drink?” he sat up quickly, the blanket falling off him.

“I’m not drunk! I just.. Needed some liquid courage.. I’m still sober.. Mostly..” If it had been anyone else in the nest, you’d be out of arm's reach, but this wasn’t anyone else, it was All Might.

His hands were warm on your arms, the cold quickly reappearing when one of them left. Newfound warmth on your cheek had you leaning into it, head tilting to the side. It was clear he didn’t know what to say, while your inner alpha was so sure it had won its omega over, you however were unsure.

“Yagi..” he mumbled, causing you to lift your head some. “Toshinori..”

Your brows furrow in thought. Yagi? Toshinori? Who’s name was th–oh! He watched your brows relax and chuckled, you caught that quicker than he thought you would. “I like you, Yagi.”

Toshinori sighed softly, pulling you into the nest, into his lap. A rather comical sight if you were in the headspace for it. You sat stiffly in his lap, a name wasn’t a response, but it did mean he cared enough to trust you with such information.

“I.. think I like you too..” Despite words that should’ve made you happy, his face looked awfully pained. “I do like you, I’m just..” you inhaled, “afraid..” And you weren’t?

“This is new territory.. For the both of us.. It’s okay to be scared, Yagi.”

His face scrunched up in disdain, the two of you were closer than that, you could speak to him more familiarly. “Toshinori..”

“A-are you sure..?” You didn’t even know if he knew your name let alone first name. It would be weird at first, but to possibly hear him say it so familiarly one day? Your stomach began to flutter. “T–toshi..nori..”

The omega inhaled sharply, and for a moment you feared you hurt him and tried adjusting yourself. He mistook your attempts to lift your weight off him as you trying to get away. His arms tightened around you, pulling you further into his lap, into his chest. “Again..”

You shuddered when he hid his face in your neck, the warmth of his breath tickling. Again? “Toshi..nori..”

“Again,” he repeated.

“Toshinori..” you repeated, more confidently this time. A hand moved to his back, the way he hunched over looked painful. This man was too tall for his own good. “Toshinori.. Let go for a second, okay?” his grip tightened, fearing the worst. “I just wanna lie down, that can’t be good for your back.. You can lie against me okay?”

He reluctantly let go, keeping you within reach as you lied down, patting your chest like you would to get a dog to lay. He couldn’t help but chuckle before getting himself comfortable, a mess of hair hitting you in the face as he tangled his limbs around you.

It felt like a big fluffy dog, a big golden retriever. Man, that was a little too on the nose for him. Toshinori was none the wiser at being compared to a dog, he was far too satisfied soaking up everything from the past few minutes. From your confession, to you calling him by his name–something very few new of–it felt so intimate and he felt drunk off it.

The two of you lay there, Toshinori still on cloud nine while your hand mindlessly ran up and down his back. When it was obvious to you that he was still lost in the cloud, your hand stopped and you simply watched him, taking in his chilly sweet scent. “Toshinori?” he hummed, not completely aware. “Come back down to earth, it’s too chilly to be up in the clouds.”

The blonde chuckled, turning his head on your chest to look up at you with those tired blue eyes that were often drowned in the dark hollows of his eyes. “It’s not chilly, if anything.. It’s quite warm..” his eyes closed, “right here that is.”

You were grateful his eyes were closed, your entire face felt hot and there was no question that it was red. All you could respond with was a gentle squeeze, a hand raising to brush some hair from his tired face. “Alright mister smooth talker, how about you get some proper rest this time? We can talk about all this tomorrow.”

Rest would be difficult to find immediately, his inner omega was still jumping for joy, like a giddy child. Despite his complaints you had gotten up and turned lights off before joining him back in the nest. He practically locked you up in his spindly limbs, refusing to let you move an inch from him. It felt silly, childish, he was a whole grown man acting so uncharacteristically clingy.

The two of you traded soft spoken words here and there, when it was clear the blonde was struggling to wind down you released a relaxing scent to try and bring him down. Which worked, because within minutes he was leaning into you, mumbling replies to the little conversation until he ceased replying altogether.

At first it felt creepy, watching him sleep. It was a face you never got to see, such a relaxed expression, completely naturally–not forced for the public or anyone around him. After several or so minutes just watching him, listening to his breathing, you finally set out to join him. In the morning you’d greet him with warm words, a spoiled breakfast and keep him trapped in the nest.

Toshinori was going to get spoiled, just the way he deserved.




It had been months since the two of you became official, while not public, those close knew. After nights of hashing out stories of his and your pasts, one of the biggest questions on your mind finally came to light one night.

“How come you never took a mate, or had pups?”

Toshinori choked, dropping the book he was reading to his lap to slap at his chest. He wiped the saliva away from his lips and looked at you on the other side of the ridiculously large bed, something he insisted on buying to fit the both of you properly. “Where did that come from?”

“I’ve been wondering for a long time now, actually the public did too. I had my suspicions but with us talking about stuff the past few weeks, I thought it might be a good time to ask.” you ignored his odd stares and rolled onto your stomach, burying your face into the pillow before peeking out from it. “It’s okay if you don’t want to answer.”

He shook his head, your lack of filter was hardly new to him. He just didn’t expect that question to be popped. “No, no it’s okay.” You watched him bookmark where he left off and set aside the book, giving you the entirety of his attention, something you loved. There were never any distractions when the two of you spoke. He gave you his full attention, and in return, so did you.

“When I was younger there was little thought into taking a mate, I was a hero. That was my main focus.” you nodded, slipping away from your pillow and using his lap in its place. He chuckled and brushed the hair from your face, letting his fingers curl around any strands possible.

“There was a time that I had thought about the possibility, I had met someone once but it was..” he hummed, trying to find the right word. “Short lived? At the time I was flying up in ranks, it became harder to separate those that I knew cared, and those that cared because of who I was.”

It made sense, a hot new hero making a name for himself? Even if what he did was amazing, it only made people more interested in him–even if their possible feelings were mistaken as something more.

“I had to draw the line anytime someone tried getting too close.” Toshinori sighed softly, leaning back on his pillows. “If there was anyone that did fall under the category of a possibility to date–they didn’t understand that being a hero was my main focus. With my rise in fame, I couldn’t just let others down or let people get hurt just because I wanted something like romance.”

“No, I get that. Some people don’t realize what it means, what they're getting into when it comes to dating a hero–or anyone passionate about their work. It’s not that they're going to be second in that person’s eyes, but it’s selfish to think they’d give it up for them.” You ignored the blonde’s look of surprise and continued.

“Dating a hero in specific means there’s a lot of risks and possibilities, and it’s something people forget to think about when dating. Dating a hero puts yourself indirectly in harm's way, a villain might try to hurt them to get to the hero they're angry at. If the hero in particular is frequently in the news, there’s a chance their significant other will have people shoving cameras and mics in their face.”

Were you speaking from experience? He hadn’t even thought that you might’ve experienced any of that, sure you weren’t a big name hero–not to discredit your work! But you did work alongside many different big name companies and heroes. He couldn’t deny your words though.

“Correct, all of that was part of it.. But–”

“You were a hero, it was inevitable that someone would pull the “between work and me” card. Plus with just how popular you were, it was inevitable that some would simply try to get with you for the fame alone–”

Toshinori bent forward and silenced you with a kiss, while he wasn’t upset you cut him off, you were going off on a tangent now. Even if it was on his behalf.

You returned the kiss, a hand coming up to hold his cheek. It took the former number one hero forever to kiss you without acting like he was going to explode. The fact he could do it now without any hesitation was incredible. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to rant like that..”

“It’s okay,” he chuckled, “but you are correct, about all of it. It’s all something to worry about, so taking on a mate wasn’t really a priority for me.” Toshinori sighed, going his entire life through heats alone was torture, but now he had you–even if his heats were irregular now due to past extensive suppressant usage.

The omega flushed, heats with you, god he hadn’t even thought about that. Neither of you had gotten very far, and your own ruts had been spent on your own, which was just occasionally there for comfort during the worst of it.

He coughed into his hand, head tilted away to hide the pink that he knew tinted his cheeks. Once he composed himself he looked back to you, the hand not in your hair fell to his side. “As for having pups..” his tone fell.

You sat up quick to comfort him knowing this would likely be sensitive for him to bring up. “You don’t have to say anything, it was rude of me to ask.”

“No it’s okay, I’d tell you sooner or later.” Toshinori watched your hand ghost over his scar, it didn’t hurt to touch but you were always so careful. He chuckled, you raised a brow confused and he simply shook his head that it was nothing. “Even if I had found someone or went to a center, it’s not like I could drop everything for nine months.”

“You can barely sit still for nine minutes let alone nine months .” you teased.

He laughed, you had him there. “I just couldn’t bring myself to do it. And after my injury..” Toshinori’s expression fell, his gaze focused on his stomach. “After that I–I was told I couldn’t have pups, and if for some miraculous chance I did get pregnant.. It would without a doubt lead to complications. For the pup, and myself.”

You had suspicions that with his condition something like that might’ve been the case, with how skin and bone the man was there would be difficulty putting on the needed weight to safely carry even if there weren't complications. The only immediate issues that came to mind were lack of nutrition and Toshinori’s overall health–sure he was healthy, but he wasn’t healthy.

The two of you sat in silence, Toshinori grieving–even if you didn’t know he was, and you ran over a few questions in your head and the scenarios that might result from it. The omega was pulled from his grieving when your smaller hands tried to take in both of his, a tickle of a chuckle in his throat at the size difference.

“Have you ever wanted pups? Or better yet, do you still want pups?” Your tone was serious, much more serious than he was accustomed to. For some reason he expected to see a smile or grin at the question, you were prone to teasing him to see his reactions. But there wasn’t one, it was almost unnerving to see such a serious, hard focused expression.

Did he want pups in the past? Absolutely! The question was did he still want them? If he had pups now at least he had the time, he had the money and connections to keep them out of the media. But he was older now, no spring chicken to keep up with the hustle of a pup, even if he did work teaching a bunch of energetic high schoolers.

“I–I suppose so.” when you didn’t say anything he looked away nervously. “Not that I can, but if I had the opportunity.. Yes.” he looked back at you. “I would still want pups.”

You continued to stare hard at him, making sure that his body language confirmed he was being honest. A look of discomfort fell over him the longer you continued to just gawk at him. It was now or nothing you supposed. Your grip tightened to his hands, drawing his attention back to you.

“If this relationship continues strong, and we’re serious about this..” he swallowed nervously. “I would a hundred percent be down for the idea of carrying for you.”


“Pups, however many you want. However much my body can carry.” A hand rested on Toshinori’s cheek, he hadn’t even realized he was crying until both of your thumbs came swiping the corners of his eyes. “I love you Toshinori, and when the time comes. I would love the idea of having a family with you. It’ll be interesting, being an alpha and carrying, but I’m more than willing to do this for you.” you shook your head, that wasn’t right. “For us .”

Toshinori cried harder. He cried at your love, at the thought of having a proper family, at how adamant you seemed to carry for him. It had only been months of dating but it felt so much longer, and you were already thinking about a future? With him?

The omega had cried himself to sleep in your arms that night, happy tears you had to remind yourself. When morning came you’d try and bring it up again, hopefully with less tears. If he was in agreement, you could see a doctor in advance to make sure you would be healthy enough, and look into how the two of you wanted to approach it. Whether it be using a donor, or if he wanted it to biologically be his.

Regardless of how the two of you went about it, you would carry as many pups as he asked, to give him the big family he’d secretly always craved for.