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That Damned Facebook Page

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When he walked in the front door to his house and saw his sister and her friend (that he was fairly certain had been following Ae around for months like a lost puppy) sitting at the table in the kitchen squealing over something on Lay's phone- he could place a pretty good guess of what picture it was that they were fangirling over.

The first time he really took into consideration the affect of his sister's infatuation with two guys (specifically Pete and Tin) dating was when he saw Pond shaking his head at him as Can came over to their bench for lunch, Ae was looking at something on his phone and didn't talk to anyone until Bow plucked the device from his hands and put it in her bag. It was later that No of all people told him about the picture from months ago that had resurfaced of Pete and Tin leaning over a laptop together, looking pretty close with a bunch of hashtags explaining how much Tin must be "missing his boyfriend"

He knew that Ae was taking Pete's abrupt leaving for Germany hard, having woken up to a text one day explaining how his boyfriend -his first love- of over a year was moving to Germany for an undetermined amount of time and couldn't say when he would be back, cutting Ae loose so that he could "move on" The usually hot headed man was unusually mellow and wouldn't even rise to Pond's usual attempts at annoying him.

Ae had been brooding about the #tinpete Facebook page that had only grown in popularity since Pete left. More than once Can had been dragged out by a tired Pond to keep an eye on Ae as he drank and eventually broke down crying until he either passed out or would become too tired to cry any more. It was a very different image to the unshakable man that he had been at the start of their first year, and it made him unfairly think that if an angel like Pete could up and leave without warning- what could Tin do if he agreed to date like the other man had so wanted.

Ae's melancholy was taking a toll on everyone around them, not that they would complain because Ae had been there for them many times in the past so when it was their time to step up and be the comforter rather than the comfortee they were more than willing. But at the point in time that Can found himself in now, having convinced Ae to go back to his dorm with Pond and go straight to sleep to prepare for a test rather than go out drinking, he found himself angry at his sister and her followers for causing so much prolonged pain to his friend.

"Oiii Lay! You're so loud!" He yelled as he came over to them, chucking his bag to the side.

Before they could reply to him, he had already picked up Lay's phone and stared at the picture of Tin and Pete clasping each other on the back (he remembered that day, he had gone with Ae to pick Pete up after the IC college had finished some exams, seeing the two hugging and barely being able to hold Ae back from storming over) He could see that Lay was half way through posting that picture with over half a dozen tags onto Facebook.

#tinpete #yaoi #bl #boyfriends #hope-you-feel-better-soon-tin #cute #angels

Dodging his sister's attempts to grab her phone back, he quickly deleted the post that she had been making.

"P'Can! What are you doing?!"

"Deleting this post!"

Both girls gasped in exaggerated horror, they began shouting at him, asking why he did it and Lay snatched her phone back out of his hands. Their commotion must have roused his mother from where she was probably watching her dramas in the living room.

"What on Earth is going on here?!"

Lay whirled round to shout that he'd deleted a Facebook post she had been making and his mother turned to him with a confused look on her face. Chompoo (he's fairly certain that was her name) remained standing but didn't speak as he began to talk, looking between him and his sister like it was a game of tennis.

"She's been spreading rumours that have been hurting my friends!"

"What are you talking about?! We're offering our support to Tin who's going through a hard time-"

He interrupted her before she could finish, the energy that he usually had for running and bouncing around exploding all at once in uncharacteristic anger.

"Tin was never dating Pete!"

His yell stopped Lay in her tracks, his mum continued to look angrily confused between the two of them and Chompoo's eyes had widened into saucers.

"Tin liked someone else! Pete was dating someone else! Get it through your head! You're hurting one of my best friends with all the shit-" his mother gasped at his swearing but didn't move to speak up "-that you're posting! I have had to watch him cry his eyes out for the past three weeks over Pete leaving and you posting this utter rubbish is just making him feel worse!"

He took a deep breath, chest heaving as he watched the three women in front of him stare at him in confusion and shock. He rarely shouted like this, usually his loudness came from whining but he'd honestly had enough at this point.

"But- but- Tin asked Pete out! We saw that, that day when they were talking by Pete's car! You came over, remember!"

"I don't know what Tin was saying or what they were talking about, but even if he had asked Pete out, Pete would have said no! Do you know why?"

He paused to let her think before continuing "Because he was already dating someone! You're just too blind to see the signs! They weren't exactly subtle!"

He resisted the shudder that ran through his body as he remembered the time that Ae had dragged Pete off in the direction of the classrooms during lunch a few months ago, not even wanting to think about what they could have been getting up to.

"Do you honestly think that posting this stuff would make anyone who knows Pete feel better?"

His sister stuttered for an answer, his mum seeming to have decided to let them fight it out rather than get involved. As Lay was struggling to come up with an answer he heard Chompoo speak up from where she had been stood quietly.

"But P'Pete was always so close to P'Tin! Wouldn't P'Tin walk P'Pete to his car and to school?"

"What? No! Pete was walked to school by his boyfriend! Not Tin"

"But I've spent a lot of time with P'Ae! And P'Pete spends so much them with them that I would have seen this so called boyfriend before!"

Can laughed hopelessly. He didn't want to out Ae's relationship to the poor girl that apparently liked him but if that was what it took to get them to stop posting the things that caused Ae's face to crumble whenever he turned his phone on…

"You have met his boyfriend! You said it yourself, who was closest to Pete?"

Lay made a quiet noise that sounded like she had finally gotten the message, but the other girl still looked confused. Can felt any anger and energy drain out of him, he just felt tired.

"Look. You two are going to stop posting this stuff okay? Take down that Facebook page- don't complain I know you're the admins- and I'm not going to hear hide or hair of this again okay? Nor are you going to go around telling everyone who Pete was dating- I'll know it was you, you're the only people that would go spreading rumours"

He heard Lay's quiet agreement as he finished. He grabbed a bottle of water out of the fridge and walked past them, going up to his room. As he passed he saw a look pass over Chompoo's face that made it seem like she had finally figured out the meaning of what he had said as well, he felt a bit bad for her- liking someone who wouldn't like you back must be quite hard (-actually it was better to stop that thought right there, because he didn't want to deal with his own problems on top of the other drama that he caused tonight)

Their quiet murmurs of his mother's questions of what had just happened. He tuned them out in favour for music and as he put the first song on play he hoped that he hadn't just royally screwed something up.