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All Roads Lead Back to You

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It was a nice day. The weather was good, the expansive lawn of the Medthanans undisturbed.

Can trudges forward to the gates, heaving a sigh of relief when he spotted the Medthanans’ housekeeper in the garden.

The Thai Program didn’t even have to shout to get noticed. Tin often told him stories about this particular housekeeper. She was good and motherly to Tin.

Can was hopeful that the housekeeper would allow him to see Tin. 

The middle-aged woman approached him, asking what brought him there. Can remembered her on his last visit to the house. She told him to come to the home whenever he felt like it. Can hopes that still held true, even when he had hurt Tin Medthanan so. The guilt forms a lump in his throat that he can’t quite swallow.

“Is Tin - can I see him? Please, I just need to talk to him. I hurt him - I’m sorry.’ Can pleads, using his best puppy eyes for the good-natured housekeeper.

Can’s heart leaps out of his chest when the housekeeper allows him access to the house.

‘Thank you!’ Can exclaimed, practically running to Tin’s room, eager to foil his departure.

‘I know you’re here! You - ‘

Tin doesn’t lock his door and really even if it were, Can would tear it down just to see this jackass. Can bursts through the bedroom like he owns the place, confused when he heard a muffled shout coming from another room. 


“I JUST WANTED TO TAKE THINGS SLOW! And you just wanted so much, so fast. Just- “

“I have no business being here. It’s not like anybody wants me around.“ the muffled voice answered.

“THAT’S NOT TRUE! You have friends. Pete and- “ 

Can, incredulous, was fed up with Tin’s hiding.

Can opens the door to the bathroom - of course Ai Tin would leave this unlocked, too. Finally, Can was face to face with the rich bastard who had never fled his mind in the last few weeks of sheer agony and denial. Not even once.

A half-naked Tin distracted him for a beat. But he had to stop Tin from leaving - think, Can, think!

Actually, Can had no idea if Tin had friends aside from Pete. Can racked his brain. Had he ever seen Tin with a person that wasn’t Ae’s soft, good-natured boyfriend?

All that thinking drove Can’s gaze downwards…to Tin’s chiseled six pack. He didn’t understand how or why, but his breath caught. How come he’d never looked at any of his soccer buddies like this before? 
Tin, amused, grabbed hold of a slender wrist. His cantaloupe was always so cute when he got flustered. He’d get red from his adorable, pudgy cheeks to the tips of his ears. Tin wonders if he was red everywhere else too. The thought excites him. Hell, even the mere mentions of Can’s name from Pete were enough to fuel his fantasies forever. Pete was surprisingly more than helpful in the last torturous few weeks where Can avoided him like the plague. 

Pete would reassure him, telling him that Can wasn’t acting like himself either. And how he was going to come around sooner or later. Maybe Can just needed some space.

If this ploy of his didn’t work out, he had already thought of a few scenarios to win Can back. And he was going to run each of them through Pete’s approval first. Was. Tin smirked internally. Who would’ve thought that Can would seek him out first?

Tin places Can’s hand over his racing heart, hoping that Can would understand the sentiment. They stay like that for a few moments, listening to the beat of Tin’s thawing frozen heart. And then…Can’s hand wanders lower, experimentally. Tin’s eyes widen in shock and interest, wondering if Can would notice that he was getting hard despite the snugly tied towel around his waist. 

Tin lets Can touch him. Can marvels at Tin’s body, his exploration unknowingly driving the other boy mad. Once Tin thought Can had satisfied his curiosity, he roughly pins Can’s wrists over his head. And captures his lips for a searing kiss. God, he had missed this.

Tin paws at Can’s shirt, his fingers slipping inside the fabric to caress the naked skin. Can gasps for air as Tin allows him a little reprieve just to get his shirt over his head and out of the way. Can’s lips are red, his eyes gone a little cross-eyed. He’s adorable, Tin thinks. 

Tin’s kisses soon migrate to Can’s neck, where he makes sure to leave more than a few hickeys. 

At this point, Can had abandoned all forms of coherent speech, opting instead for half hearted protests and soft, sweet mewls of pleasure. Tin had reached his chest now, sucking the dusky little nubs to hardness. Tin blows air softly on one nipple, savoring the startled gasp from Can. 

Tin’s mouth wanders even lower, his lips trailing feather light kisses on Can’s abs. Tin lets his knees sink to the immaculate tiles of his bathroom. He tugs Can’s shorts down, Can making no move to protest or move away. Can was now down to just his cute checkered boxers, waiting. Tin places a wet kiss on the growing tent in Can’s boxers.

Tin begs in his own way. He never says please, never implores anyone to do his bidding. Instead he commands and uses intimidation to get what he wants. Can thought it was obnoxious. And this was no doubt as close to begging as Tin will get. On his knees, sucking Can off.

Tin licked the underside of Can’s cock, taking his sweet time before he got right down to business. Can stared at him in alarm all the while, a deer in headlights. Can was funny, Tin thought. He comes in and interrupts a naked man’s shower, shouting bloody murder. What did he think was going to happen?

He likes how Can grabs his hair now - rough, with abandon. 

'No! Don’t…I’ll come-'

Tin hadn’t had anyone as sweet as this cantaloupe. Not the posh, spoiled girls who were quick to give him whatever he wanted or the “straight” boarding school boys who were more than willing to do anything as long as the lights were off. Tin moaned softly as his throat constricted around Can’s cock, Can’s jerking hips making him choke a little. 

Can makes the most embarrassing sound in his life so far - that of a strangled cry and a whine alerting Tin that he was about to come in his mouth. 

Can looks down, slightly apologetic already for making him do that. But stupid Ai Tin, he did tell him he was going to come and for fuck’s sake - wait did he swallow? Tin makes no effort to get up or fetch a tissue to clean up. 

I mean he really should, right? Can Tin get sick from that? Can thought, still dazed. 

Can stares intently into Tin’s predatory eyes, the sated desire awakened inside him too dizzying and confusing to address.  

And Tin’s lips were still shiny with his-

Oh god.

Tin turns him around with ease, Can’s mind still reeling from his first blowjob ever; and from Ai Tin, no less. Belatedly, he remembers to panic. 

'Ai Tin. Ah, What-'


“Shh. Just squeeze your legs a little tighter, Can.”

Can gasped as he felt Tin thrust between his thighs. He was too blown away to do anything else but oblige Tin and…whatever the hell it was he was doing.

Nobody had ever made Tin wait this long.

Tin breathes him in like he was oxygen, softly chanting his name over and over again.

Today wasn’t the day Tin was going to impress Can with his stamina. He had been pent up for much too long, hungry for the real thing. Can left him hanging for months. Months. Who does that?

Can. Only Can could leave him hanging and wanting more.

Tin’s orgasm hits like a freight train, what with Can’s glorious ass cheeks on display. Honestly, Tin would’ve come from just the scent of Can alone - he had cursed himself for not stealing at least one of Can’s shirts to tide him over while the boy wasn’t around. Seeing Can in the flesh, panting and with a little bit of terror in his eyes was enough to make him go into sensory overload.

Can was so pretty like this. Naked, sweet, his body like putty in Tin’s hands.

The boy of Tin’s dreams speaks up suddenly.

‘Ai Tin - I really think you should cancel your flight.’

‘I never booked a flight.’

Tin’s flippant answer was followed by a resounding smack. Can would make another move to hit Tin, if the rich boy didn’t care to explain himself.

'But I was going to, if you hadn’t come.'

‘Ai Tin! You really shouldn’t put me on a pedestal like that. Thailand is your home. You have your own reasons for staying here.’

‘Yes. To stay with you.’

‘Ai Tin!’

Can pouted, drawing Tin’s lecherous gaze to the boy’s luscious lips again.
There was a time when Can denied his kisses. Skittish Can, who changes his mind like a girl changes clothes. Wanting more this moment, escaping Tin’s clutches the next. 

Tin sure hopes Can doesn’t have a change of heart after the romp in his shower. 

Well I better make the most of it while I can, Tin thought, advancing on the boy once more.

‘Hey! We just - ‘

Can playfully swatted Tin over the head after he failed to heed Can’s half-hearted protests.

'Hold on. I’m not - I wasn’t kidding! I just came and you -'

Tin closed the distance between them, Can already clamping a hand over his mouth to stop getting distracted by another kiss. He was surprised to hear the rich bastard talk instead.

'I’ll stop, on one condition.'

Can peered through his wet bangs, curious.

“I won’t force you to be my boyfriend, if you’re not ready yet. But you have to promise me that you won’t leave. “

Can just stares at him blankly before coming back to his normal self. 

“What? Stupid Ai Tin, of course I’ll be your boyfriend! You were the one who was going to leave with your posh plans to study abroad, in England of all places. England! What? So you could find a rich girl like you and get married? Besides, I just let you - "

The Thai Program speaks in typical Can fashion, never missing a beat to stop and catch his breath. He only stopped midway because he remembered what just happened. Tin went down on him and probably took his ‘blowjob’ virginity in the process, if that was an actual thing.

Can blushes at the recent memory, feeling slightly feverish again.

“You let me what?” Tin challenges, cornering Can into the shower stall. 

Tin doesn’t wait for an answer as he claims Can’s lips for a kiss. They should probably be tired after the recent exchange but the heated encounter only served to fuel their pent up desires for each other. Tin smirks like the devil when he finally breaks away from the kiss. Can is cross-eyed again.

Tin looks at Can like the small boy hung the moon and stars. ‘Unloved’ Tin finally got something he wanted for the first time in his life. Tin feels content and warm, the combination strange and pleasant for the boy who swore he’d never feel again. 

He gives Can a peck on the cheek, scaring the Thai program shitless. 

'We should get cleaned up.'