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I 🤟🏻 you

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Win : I love You

Team : Looks up ... down to the side “uhm” he says softly Looking anywhere but at Win

Win looks on expectantly.

Team suddenly gets up and brings his bag to where they are seated On the bed

He holds out a packet of original flavoured Lays to Win. Face slightly flushed

Win gingerly takes it from Teams hand ...a soft smile forms soon replaced by his usual smirk.

when he looks up from the bag of lays, Team is already on his side of the bed fast a sleep. ( more like pretending to sleep 😉)

Win just shakes his head ... Places the lays on his Night stand and pulls in Team to snuggle.










Years later If Team finds a framed original lays cover.. Then Wins pretends like it has got nothing to do with him 🙂