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Missing You

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Can quietly left the bathroom and padded back to the bed in his slippers, trying to keep the sound of his footsteps as low as possible. Tin had always been a light sleeper, and Can felt a slight sense of achievement when he managed to climb back under the covers and Tin remained asleep.

That is just because he is going through jet-lag and is tired. Can glanced at Tin's sleeping fatigued face and then the bedside alarm clock. Tin had slept the afternoon away and if Can let him sleep anymore, Tin might not be able to fall asleep that night. 

Tin fell asleep latching on to Can, but slowly let go when his body relaxed in sleep. Can had slowly manoeuvred himself slightly away from Tin so as to occupy himself playing games on his phone, with his earphones plugged in. Now, to wake Tin up, he slowly manoeuvred himself back, leaning on Tin's warm body and used the tip of his nose to stroke Tin's nose, slowly waking Tin up. As Tin stirred from his sleep, Tin's hands went around Can's waist and drowsily shifted his body so that he could nuzzle Can's neck. It took a few moments before he blinked his eyes up at Can, giving a soft kiss to Can's chin. 

"If you don't wake up, you won't be able to fall asleep tonight at a decent time." Can softly mumbled to Tin. 

Tin hmmed at Can and continued keeping his eyes closed. Can softly patted Tin's back trying to persuade him to wake up more fully, hoping that Tin would not fall back asleep. 

Tin finally sighed and slowly sat up, and made his way off the bed to the bathroom. Can continued lazing on the bed, but was surprised to hear the sound of the doorbell. He got off the bed and hurried towards the door. 

He was surprised to see on the doorbell system screen that Tin's family house staff member was standing outside the door, and quickly opened the door. 

"Sawadee krub, Khun Can. Khun Tin requested for this." The staff greeted Can politely and before Can could react, handed over 2 bags to Can. "Hope you have a good dinner." He bowed and quickly turned away to leave. 

Can stood stupidly at the open door and stared down at what was in his hands. When he next looked up, the staff had disappeared down the corner towards the direction of the lift. He closed and locked the door and blankly brought the bags into the living room. When he placed the bags on the dining table, Tin appeared in the living room. 

"Was dinner delivered? I told them to bring it at this time." Tin then unzipped the delivered thermal bags and the aroma of food hit Can. 

"You asked them to make food and deliver before you went to sleep?" Can questioned, his eyes staring at what Tin was taking out from the thermal bags and laying out on the table. 

Tin glanced at Can and chuckled at the shine in Can's eyes. "Yes, I didn't feel like cooking tonight, and I don't want to go out too. I checked and they said no one is eating dinner at home tonight, so I asked the chef to make something for us. They have to cook dinner for the staff working at the house anyway." Tin went to get plates and cutlery out so that they can eat. They had not eaten anything since the brunch that Tin made for Can earlier in the day. 

Can started loading up his plate with the five types of dishes the main house delivered. "This is like going to a buffet. How are we going to finish so much food?" Can asked in the midst of munching his food. 

Tin shook his head. "We will see what is left and whether we can keep for tomorrow. I can eat the leftovers for dinner tomorrow after you go home." 

Can paused in his munching and frowned at Tin. "You aren't having dinner at my house?" Can asked. 

Tin looked up at Can in surprise. For the past few weekends, he only dropped off Can when sending him home. Although they loitered outside the gates talking till Can finally went in, but Tin didn't go into the house. He suspected that Can didn't want to explain too much to his mother, as well as trying to avoid being teased by his sister. 

Can continued frowning at Tin, waiting for his answer. Tin took a bite of his food and looked questionably at Can. Did I miss hearing an invite to Can's house? I don't remember hearing anything about Sunday dinner at his house. 

Can rolled his eyes at him and picked up his handphone. He then called his mother, using the speaker mode after she picked up, so that Tin could hear. "Ma, are you free to talk?"

"Can, I was just about to sit down for dinner with your sister. Have you eaten?"

"I'm eating too. Ma, can I ask whether Tin can join us for dinner tomorrow? He will be sending me home tomorrow afternoon." Can rattled off his question to his mother before she could ask him more questions.

"Of course he can. Does he have a favourite dish that I can cook for him? Is there anything he doesn't eat?" Can grinned at Tin.

"Tin is not really a fussy eater. He will be fine with whatever you cook." Can cheekily replied, as Tin was a fussy eater, mainly fussy with the cost of the meal. Tin rolled his eyes at Can for that. 

Apparently his mother switched on speaker mode on her end as well, because Can heard Lemon's voice next. "Ma, didn't I see you buy a cantaloupe from the supermarket just now? We can have it for dinner tomorrow, right P'Can? Will P'Tin like cantaloupe for dessert?" Lemon giggled, and Can could just imagine Lemon's face from her tone emphasing his name, drifting out from the phone.

Can blushed when he looked at Tin. Tin smirked and answered into the phone. "Nong, I will really enjoy having cantaloupe for dessert. Thank you for letting me join your family for dinner." Tin replied smoothly while staring at Can. Can gulped at Tin's stare and looked down at his plate, slowly putting some food into his mouth. Tin continued answering some questions from his mother about what specific time Can would reach home the following day, and whether his new condo required anything else. Tin politely answered her questions.

"Can, behave when you are at Tin's condo. I will see you at home tomorrow." Can's mother said.

"Ma, you say as if I'm a hooligan. See you tomorrow. Bye." Can quickly ended the call. His mother had the tendency to believe the worst of him. He glared at Tin and quickly munched his next mouthful of food. Tin's family chef was really a skillful chef. Can wondered what the menu would be for the following Friday's family dinner. 

"Can, why the sudden..." Tin asked, placing Can's handphone back beside Can's plate. He took over the phone when Can's mother asked him questions just now. 

"I don't want you to... eat dinner alone. Next time you send me home for Sundays, dinner will be at my place, okay?" Can asked. Tin gave Can a small smile and nodded. Can grinned at the small smile that Tin had on his face. There's that smile again. I love seeing that smile on Tin. 

The two of them cozily continued the meal in silence. Eventually, they packed the unfinished food into the refrigerator and Tin started washing the dishes and cutlery used. Can drifted to the balcony and leaned on the railings, staring down at the water features and greenery downstairs. He let his mind drift while enjoying the fullness feeling his body had after a good meal. 

He was startled when suddenly a pair of arms surrounded him as Tin pulled him into his arms. Tin being slightly taller than Can, easily slotted himself behind Can and Can leaned some of his weight back against Tin. 

After some time of quietly being in Tin's arms, Can suddenly realised that being in Tin's arms were the only moments in the past week when his mind was not full of scrambled thoughts. Past two days, when making love or in the bath, he was able to let his mind go blank and just enjoy the feeling of peace that surrounded him. Other times his mind kept going in all directions, especially trying to second-guess Tin. 

Can half-turned in Tin's arms and nuzzled Tin with his nose, with a small smile. Tin stroked his cheek softly and pulled him further into his side, enjoying the relative peace that surrounded them.

Since becoming an official couple, Tin had been increasingly surprised by Can's affectionate behaviour with him when they were alone. In front of Can's friends, his behaviour tended to be rather abrasive towards Tin, not really wanting to show that he cared for Tin and sometimes even seemed exasperated at Tin's presence or any public displays of affection. However, when he was alone with Tin, Can was totally different. He would tag Tin from room to room when at Tin's main house. He would be really comfortable whenever Tin pulled him closer for a hug, and when watching movies, he would volunteerily lean on Tin's shoulder or even entangle his fingers with Tin's. One weekend, when Tin was managing his business portfolio at his work desk, Can silently got up from the sofa and sat down sideways on his lap while he continued playing his game silently on his phone. Tin was stunned by his actions for a few seconds, but upon realising that Can did not expect anything else, just went about continuing to read business reports and emails. Can never once glanced at Tin's computer screen at all. Tin smiled when he realised that Can behaved like a cat, disdain in public and affectionate in private.

Can noticed his smile and raised his eyebrow at him. Tin chuckled and said, "I realised you are like a cat."

Can frowned. "What do you mean?"

"You can't stand any PDA in front of your friends and sometimes make me think that you find my presence a nuisance. However, in private, you are very willing to hug and nuzzle me, and sometimes even initiate them." Tin explained to Can.

Can was silent for a few moments, staring at Tin. Then he asked, "Do you mind?"

Tin thought about his answer before replying softly. "I can't really say I don't mind, because sometimes I'm not sure what I do in front of your friends is acceptable or not by you. But I do enjoy the fact that you are not shy about what you want in private. I'm actually more concerned about what you mind or don't mind."

Can looked at Tin and looped his arms around Tin's neck. "If you think I am like a cat, you are Gucci Number 2." Tin raised his eyebrow. "You want to show affection for me. You want to know where I am. You want to be with me by my side. All the time. I think even Gucci isn't as affectionate as you. He tends to be cooler and will ignore me at times. Unless I have his food." Can pouted. He loved Gucci, but despite being a big and fluffy dog, it had a rather laid-back nature in the family. Can had always been the proactive one who had to sit beside Gucci to hug it, rather than Gucci bothering him.

Tin chuckled. Gucci came to him to greet him every time he went into Can's home. It would come to him to sniff him with curiousity and let him pet its head and then sit itself down near him. Tin was rather fond of the big dog, who behaved as if it was keeping an eye on him without being invasive.

"You need to let me know whenever it bothers you to the point that you cannot stand it. If I'm being too... restrictive. I can be too demanding at times..." Tin sighed. He would not be able to bear it if Can decide to break up with him in the future, just because he was being controlling. Not when it took him so long to convince Can to be with him in the first place. 

Can looked into Tin's eyes silently, for a long while. Can's arms were still looped around Tin's neck and his fingers lightly stroked the tips of Tin's hair behind his neck. Tin took comfort in Can's actions, while quietly looking back at Can, awaiting his verdict on the issue. 

"Simple actions are okay, since the whole school seems to already know that we are together, but I feel shy sometimes in front of my friends because they may tease me. I just feel that out in public, we shouldn't flaunt our relationship. People who do not know us well may not form a good impression of you, especially since you are starting to represent your family in business. What we do behind close doors is another matter. I do enjoy having you to myself in your rooms. Although I eat and talk too much and may be a bother to you, you don't seem to mind... But if I ever bother you too much, let me know." Can blinked his eyes cutely at Tin. 

Tin was aware that over the past weeks, Can had been slowly adjusting to being in a relationship with him. There were still many issues he had not discussed with Can, and he would need to start discussing them soon, especially if the issues might involve Can, his family, their security and public image. Although he kept telling Can that his family background did not matter, but it did matter to the public. Can officially became Tin's soft spot for anyone who wanted to take a shot at Tin, when Tin selfishly pulled Can into his world. Tin wondered if tonight was a good time to start that conversation. 

Can had been observing Tin's facial expressions for the past few moments and saw that Tin had slipped into a sombre mood. He reached out to softly smooth out the slight crease that appeared between Tin's eyebrows and drew Tin's attention back to him. Tin sighed and dropped a soft kiss on Can's palm in front of him. He then pulled Can to sit on his lap in the outdoor chair on the balcony, cradling Can close to him. Can quietly settled himself and waited for Tin to restart the conversation. 

"Can, if I'm not happy with something, I will let you know. Similarly if you are not comfortable with certain things I do, let me know, okay?" Tin held on to Can's hand and stared into Can's eyes. Can nodded and gave Tin a grin. He had never been shy to let Tin know whenever he was happy, or unhappy about things. 

Tin hesitated, before continuing, "I'm not sure if you are aware, but there may be certain changes in your lifestyle now that we are in a relationship. This is not just about making time for each other's family. It's more than that, when we are talking about my family." 

Can was aware of the huge social difference between the two of them, especially by comparing the size of their family homes. He might have declared that he did not care about it when he was Tin's friend, but being in a relationship, he would need to be more considerate of that factor. Tin's father might accept his presence in Tin's life, but Can also had to be more aware of consequences now that his actions might reflect badly on the prestigious family. He was made painfully aware of that fact when the picture of his one kiss at the soccer field in front of his friends and sister became a trending hashtag in Facebook and Twitter overnight due to Tin's family name. He was shocked when Lemon sent him a screen capture of the hashtag's ranking and spent the following week after that incident, feeling creeped out by the stares on him wherever he went, even in the toilets. He had to use the cubicles and not the urinals for a few days, so as to escape the stares from other male students. Only when people got distracted by other hotter news, did he relax and go back to his normal behaviour. He kept most of those thoughts from Tin as much as he could, but he had the feeling that Tin knew. 

"I get photographed quite often when I go about my daily life. It could be by the press or just classmates posting on Facebook and Twitter. This is also why I got a private and protected condo here and not just a hostel room on campus. Being around me, officially as my boyfriend, means that you are going to have to face that as well. Thus it means... no more small holes in tshirts wandering around 7-elevens when you are buying snacks." Tin recalled a picture on Twitter which he saw posted by Lemon. 

Can pouted. "So no more... wandering around the locker room half-naked?" Tin glared at him. Can giggled and nuzzled Tin. "We were changing out of our jerseys." 

"Use the cubicles." Can nodded and grinned at Tin. Tin did not like it that Can was so friendly with his soccer team members, but that was how he had always been. "So tomorrow when I send you home, I'm also going to be looking at your wardrobe selections. I may need to buy you some new clothes." Can frowned. "Not as gifts, but because they are necessary. There may be some family occasions in which my father will want me to bring you along, and you will need dress shirts and pants. It is better for us to be prepared than to scramble to buy when needed. My father said that it is better for the family to be aware that I am already spoken for, than for people to think that I am available for match-making." His father was likely aware that by bringing Can for such events, it would also serve to prevent Tin from making numerous excuses for not attending. 

Can was back to pouting after hearing that. "What do I do during those events? I'm more likely to embarrass you and your family." 

"Well, you can accompany me so that I am more tolerant of such events. My father hinted that he may introduce you as being 'selected' for me so that everyone continues to think that I am still not favoured by the family, and would give us more freedom. And the food is usually great during such events. And I no longer need to talk to weird girls who keep stalking me." Can's eyes shone when he realised that he was protecting Tin by going and nodded. He would have to tolerate shopping for clothes, for Tin's sake. He swiftly cuddled back into Tin's arms and swore to himself that the other girls would not get to have their hands on Tin. 

Tin slightly smirked out of Can's line of sight as his plan worked. By making Can think that Tin needed his rescue in this, he managed to convince Can into allowing Tin to buy him clothing and to accompany him for stuffy events. Although the reasons were true, but he had purposely made it sound worse than it was, so that Can would be easily persuaded. 

Tin restarted the conversation again after a few moments of cozy silence. "Can, we also need to talk about security." 

Can sat back from cuddling Tin and frowned. "What do you mean?" 

"Did you wonder about the CCTV installed above the main door?" Tin asked. 

"It didn't come with the condo?" 

Tin sighed. "No, it was installed by my security team. They wanted to install in the living room and balcony too, but I refused." Can's eyes opened wide. "This is not a big condo, so I wanted to keep as much of the space private to us as possible. But the front door was necessary, in case of intruders." Tin looked at Can and he still seemed calm enough, thus he continued to plough ahead. "There is a small security team in-charge of protecting me 24 hours a day. They can track my car, my hand phone and my watch at all times." 

Can's mouth had fallen open in his surprise. He did not recall anyone tailing Tin whenever he was with him. Was I so unaware of our surroundings that I missed them? 

"I don't remember seeing anyone following us." Can frowned. 

Tin sighed, "If you can spot them, then they are not worth the money my father is paying them for the job. But they are there." 

Can looked around them with shining eyes. "Can they see us now?" Can whispered to Tin. 

Tin smiled at Can. Tin turned Can's head so that he faced the opposite block of apartments. "Same level, fourth window from the right." 

Can's eyes widened in delight and he waved enthusiastically in that direction. Tin chuckled at Can's childlike wonder and his heart calmed down on Can's behaviour on this issue. Suddenly his handphone vibrated. He took it out of his pocket and realised his security team just messaged him, questioning 'Khun Tin, why is Khun Can waving at us from the balcony?' He smiled and showed Can the message. 

"Wow... they rock. They are really alert and watching us! Hmm... that means... we can't make love on the balcony." Tin rolled his eyes at Can for the remark and replied his security team that he had just made Can aware of the existence of them in the condo opposite, and put his handphone back into his pocket. 

"We are not making love on the balcony." Tin pulled Can back into his arms. "I will give you a contact number for them, should you need help or need them to check or do something for you. If there is no instructions, they would not appear in front of you. They don't even appear in front of me when I have a flat tire." Tin said in a wiry tone. Can giggled. 

Tin then asked Can to take out his handphone and revealed that he had secretly installed a special tracking app before gifting him the hand phone, back when his phone was destroyed. This app allowed Tin's security team to be able to track the location of the hand phone. There was also a panic button in the app that if Can pressed it, it meant that Can was in danger and that would mobilise the team into action. 

"I'm sorry I installed that app without your permission in the first place, but I wanted to protect you. I don't regret it but I hope you will not uninstall it." Can thought about it and nodded. He was actually touched that back when Tin started to woo him, he already started looking into protection for him, even when he gave no hints that he would ever accept his wooing. 

"Anything else you have been hiding from me?" Can asked in a teasing tone. 

Tin stilled, while trying to decide whether there was anything else he could reveal to Can. His father ordering a concise check of Can and his family background for the past three generations? His father did that when the Medthanan marketing team alerted him of the hashtag trending that involved Tin, and just acted surprised when Can revealed the relationship when he was confronting Tul with his fists. He decided that since his father was the one who ordered it, and although Tin himself recently also read the investigation report from his father, he would not talk about things not done by him. 

"Can, I would like to add a security detail to you. You won't even notice them. But just know that there is always someone tailing you outside your home and my home. It is just for your protection and for my peace of mind. It is not meant to restrict your actions. I will still be calling you to find out where you are if I want to find you. Is that okay?" Tin softly asked. Can went still on Tin's lap when considering his words. Actually Tin did not reveal the full extent of this detail. The security team that was in-charge of Can's safety had already started work the moment Can went to Tin's house for their first movie date. That day was the first time that Tin was confident that Can was accepting of his affections. 

"Can I meet them first? So that if I ever see them I at least know they are friend and not foe." Can asked, and Tin immediately agreed to arrange it the following week. "Tin, since you have your own security team, is it possible for you to... do something about my house's security? Would your team mind discreetly installing another camera facing my house gate? It is just to make sure that no one really loiters outside the house." 

Tin nodded. "Do you need to seek your mother's permission?" 

Can shook his head. "I'm making the decision on this. If nothing ever happens, the outside camera footage will never be needed. Just go ahead to discreetly do it. But nothing inside the house."

Tin nodded, and shot a quick message to his team to arrange for it to be done as soon and as discreetly as possible. 

"So, going to stuffy events and being followed everywhere. Anything else I need to know about dating you?" 

"I think that's all for tonight. Any more, you may decide to break up with me." Tin said in a nonchalant tone, although he did fear that Can would reconsider the relationship if he heaped more issues on Can. 

"At this moment everything is still at your expense so why should I mind? And why would I give up such a cute and handsome boyfriend, who cares so much for me?" Can dropped a quick kiss to Tin's lips and giggled. 

Tin relaxed fully upon hearing his words and pulled Can to stand.

"Let's watch a movie on Netflix and just relax tonight." Tin smiled at Can and walked into the living room, pulling Can along. He watched Can fiddle with the menu, selecting a movie. 

Tin remembered the gifts he bought from London for Lemon and Can's mother, left in the boot of the car parked downstairs, and was relieved that he had the foresight to buy something so that he would not be empty-handed tomorrow during the impromptu dinner. He settled beside Can as a movie was loaded, and relaxed to watch the movie.