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Missing You

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Can was halfway to the bathroom before he ran back to drop a quick kiss on Tin's forehead. "Accept this as a deposit first." He then ran back to the bathroom and grabbed his toothbrush to start his teeth-brushing. 

Tin came in as well through the open door and hugged Can from behind, sniffing the back of Can's neck. 

"Didn't you say that you don't like it when I have the smell of sweat?" Can was surprised at his action. 

"You are already mine, your smell is my smell too." Tin did not lift his head from behind Can, just lifted his eyes to the mirror to look at Can's eyes. Can continued brushing his teeth. Tin picked up his own toothbrush to squeeze toothpaste on it and started brushing his teeth too.

Can finished first and stepped away from the water basin to make space for Tin. He then glanced between the bathtub and the shower cubicle. He hesitated for three seconds and decided that the bathtub was more romantic, since Tin complained that he wasn't romantic enough on the bed, when he just woke up. He turned the water tap of the bathtub on and started to adjust the water temperature while plugging up the bathtub. When he turned back to look at Tin, he realised that Tin had finished rinsing his mouth and was leaning against the water basin looking at him. He stepped towards Tin, put his hands around Tin's neck and tilted his chin to the bathtub with a silent invite in his eyes. Tin breathed in deeply at his look and reached for the waistband of Can's boxers with a slight smirk at the corner of his mouth.

"Cantaloupe is going for Round 3?" Tin lowered his voice huskily. 

Can pouted and replied, "No, just wanted to try your bathtub, and... I really missed you the past week." 

Tin's hand paused at Can's waist and tightened his hold on Can, looking deeply into Can's eyes. He raised his right palm and stroked Can's cheek softly as his gaze softened. Can had been touching him as much as possible since the music festival, even allowing Tin to hold his hand on their way to the car. When Tin wanted to enter Can from behind when making love, he refused by saying that he wanted to put his arms around Tin while making love. Tin didn't think much about it when his mind was occupied by other things the entire afternoon, but now he suddenly realised that Can was showing his insecurity, even when he was asleep. Usually Tin was the one who will envelop Can in his arms when sleeping because Can usually falls asleep first. However he remembered waking up just now to Can's arms around him. His days of silence when flying home, after hanging up abruptly on him must have scared Can rather badly. 

He stepped away from Can, towards the bathtub and turned off the tap. He took off his boxers, and stepped into the tub to sit down. He then looked at Can and indicated for him to sit between his legs. Can gave a small grin and quickly got into the tub after discarding his own boxers, settling down in front of Tin, while Tin encircled him in his arms and entwined their legs in the warm water. Can leaned back against Tin with a small sigh at the cozy feeling. Tin gave him a soft kiss on his cheek and just breathed him in, while silence filled the bathroom. 

Usually Can's body was always in a state of motion, but he managed to let the cozy feeling of being in Tin's arms calm most of his body down. His right thumb was the only part of his body moving, stroking the back of Tin's left hand that it was laying on top of. 

"I brought back Tul's male lover from England." Tin whispered into Can's ear suddenly. Can jerked slightly at the sudden words spoken into his ear and turn his eyes slightly to look at Tin, frowning at him. 

"Why?" Can pouted at Tin. 

"Why what?" Tin asked Can back. 

"Why did he leave Tul? Why did you bring him back? Why does it have to be you? Why does he deserve to get his lover back? " Can continued pouting. 

Tin sighed. Can's view of people was usually rather monochromic. Tin was unsure if Can would ever be able to understand that maybe his brother Tul was not that evil. Having to explain it all to Can leave Tin with a bitter taste in his mouth, but he did make a decision on the flight back to Thailand that he would tell Can about the whole situation with Tul and his grandmother. His father had essentially accepted Can as Tin's life partner and Can will end up having to deal with Tul as a family member, no matter how much he dislike Tul. Can would also likely question the presence of Gonhin when he sees him. 

He recounted to Can what he found out from his father and Gonhin before and during his trip to England, and how Gonhin had immediately packed his things to be sent back to Thailand as soon as Tin left his home in England. Gonhin even silently arranged for himself to be on the same flight back to Thailand as Tin, securing the ticket next to Tin in business class, showing his efficiency as someone trained since young to be working for the household. 

"I thought we were supposed to make Tul unhappy?" Can was still pouting after Tin finished his recount. 

"Isn't it better that now he owes me for bringing his lover back? I can always hold it over his head that he lost his most precious person, and I had to go to halfway around the world just to bring him back for him. That is like the most bitter revenge on him." Tin slightly tightened his arms around Can. "Gonhin can hold him back now if he ever wants to stir up trouble for us, and maybe with him happy, we can finally stop having to look behind our backs and just... get on with our lives." Tin sighed. He was already rather tired of all the backstabbing he had to watch out for within his extended family. It was bad enough that being in this family he had to live with backstabbing in the business world, but now that Can is his boyfriend, he would also have to protect Can from such influences too. Having one less enemy was better for his peace of mind. 

Can lifted his head from where it was resting on Tin's shoulder, sat up straighter in front of Tin and spent the next few moments silently staring into his eyes. He then turned away and poured shampoo in his palms and started rubbing the shampoo into his own scalp. Tin just quietly looked at Can, wondering at the abrupt end of their conversation, while he started cleaning himself as well. Can turned on the showerhead above the tub and stood to put himself under the water spray to continue his cleaning. Tin then took his turn after Can was done and got out of the tub. 

By the time Tin left the bathroom, he found the bedroom empty and the bedroom door was open. Tin walked out into the living room after grabbing some clothes from the wardrobe and found Can taking out two bottles of juice from the refrigerator. Can must have some clothes in his bag because he was dressed in his own t-shirt and shorts. 

Tin had just gotten the condo furbished before he left for England, and made plans for his staff to stock up the place before he got back as he intended to move in right after coming back. He went back to the family home to settle Gonhin in and went directly to the school the next morning to pick up Can. Knowing Can's stomach, stocking up the fridge was a necessity. 

"Hungry?" Tin asked Can who started drinking his bottle of juice, while Can handed Tin the second bottle. Can nodded and looked around the kitchen area, opening some of the cabinets to see what was in them. One cabinet had some canned food and instant noodles and Can grabbed them. Tin frowned at his action and glanced at the time, realising that it was only eight in the evening. 

"We can eat out, or get a delivery. Or I could cook you something simple." Tin said to Can, who was already opening a pack of noodles to dump the contents into a bowl. 

Can shook his head and said, "Don't feel like going out. This is something simple."

Tin sat down at the small round dining table with his bottle of juice and watched Can with his palm propped under his chin as he busied himself with the actions of preparing two bowls of instant noodles, adding tuna flakes from a can to the top of the prepped bowls when the noodles are ready. When Can brought the bowls to the dining table, Tin went to grab some chopsticks and spoons and was rather amused by the entire domestic atmosphere. Even back at the family house, there was always some staff walking around, so he never really got to see Can being so carefree except in his own bedroom, but Can wandering about barefooted while preparing noodles was something he had never seen before. 

Tin spent his attention split between his noodles and the person sitting opposite him. As soon as they started eating, Can casually placed his foot to lean against Tin's ankle, while Can continued slurping noodles into his mouth. 

"Eat slower." Tin noticed that Can seemed to be eating faster than normal. 

Can shook his head, murmuring around his full mouth of noodles, "Too hungry. Haven't ate much recently." 

Tin frowned. Can was known for having a good appetite and was often seen begging his seniors to treat him food. Tin looked closely at Can's face and remembered the week before the soccer competition that he was so concentrated on his soccer that he lost weight because he spent more time training and did not eat as much. 

"Do you have any upcoming competitions? Were you practising a lot this past week?" Tin asked. 

Can shook his head. "No practice at all this week. Competition season was over and this month is free time for us." 

"Then why did you lose weight?" 

Can paused in his munching of food and stared at Tin who was glaring back at him. Can then looked at his bowl again and refused to meet Tin's eyes. "Did you bring back snacks for me from England?" 


Can sighed. He did not want to reveal to Tin that he did not have much appetite because he was missing Tin. Although P'No did promise him a bribe of 1 week of meals when he discovered him with a batch of love letters, he had not collected on that bribe. Especially after being stressed by whether Tin was angry with him about the phone call. He was just not as hungry when he was stressed about something mentally and emotionally. He kept his head down and finished his noodles and got up to put his empty bowl in the kitchen. He could feel Tin staring at the back of his head as he left the table, and even when he opened the fridge to get a second drink for himself, opening the bottle and drinking it standing right in front of the fridge. Looking at the fruits in the fridge, he took out a bundle of grapes to wash and plated them, while removing them from the stems. He then started popping the grapes into his mouth, hoping that his full mouth would keep Tin from talking to him. When he turned back with the plate of grapes in his hand, he hesitated on whether he should sit back at the dining table with Tin or go on to sit on the sofa away from Tin. 

Tin noticed his hesitation and knocked the table with his knuckle, indicating him to sit back at his seat at the dining table. Can pouted but still moved to sit down. After he sat down, Tin placed his foot against Can's ankle and stroked it slowly. Can continued eating his grapes silently, while Tin continued to eat his noodles in a refined manner. Tin's foot continued slowly stroking Can's ankle throughout the silence. 

Finally Tin finished his noodles and put down his chopsticks. He reached out to Can's hand which held a grape that Can was about to put into his own mouth, and pull Can's hand towards him, popping that grape into his own mouth. As he munched on that grape, he gave Can a small smile, and lifted his eyebrow at Can. 

"Tin..." Can pouted back at him at the loss of his grape. 

"Answer my question." 

"I did, this afternoon." Can shot back, popping another grape into his mouth, munching on the grape harder than before, taking his anger at Tin for making him repeat himself, on the grape in his mouth. 

Tin thought back to that afternoon and all he could remember were the many times that Can said "I miss you" before, and during the lovemaking. He even suspected that Can did not realise the few times he murmured it during the lovemaking because Can tend to run his mouth when in thoes of passion, from past experiences with Can. Tin suddenly frowned when he realised a pattern. The week before the soccer competition was also the week Tin did not appear in front of Can because Can had just rejected him. Can over-practised for soccer and lost weight. Can also lost weight the past week because he went to England and for a few days he did not call Can. 

"Can, you only said you miss me this afternoon." 

Can glared at Tin for stating the obvious and nodded. "I don't have much appetite when... my brain is stuck on something." 

"Can, you cannot don't eat just because you miss me. That time after you rejected me, you also did that, didn't you?" Tin glared at Can. 

Can pouted. "I didn't do it on purpose, but I did eat. I study Sports Science. I didn't starve myself. " Can scratched the back of his head. Job kept trying to bring him to the cafeteria this past week to encourage him to eat and he did eat, just not as much as normal. 

Tin's face still looked as pissed off as before even with the assurance that he did eat throughout the week. He got up from the table to bring his bowl to the kitchen and started to rinse the bowls off at the wash basin. His back suddenly stiffened as Can's fingers crept under his tshirt and landed on his abs as Can hugged him from behind. 

"I promise to eat more the next time you are away and I'm missing you, ok? Khun Tin krub, na na na..." Can whined at Tin from behind him, his fingers stroking his abs. 

Tin breathed in deeply at the stroking. "You better remove your fingers. I'm sure you are a little bit sore, no matter how good I am. And you have not called your mother to tell her you are staying out with me."

Can giggled behind Tin, gave him a soft kiss at the back of his nape and then skipped off to find his mobile to message his mother. After messaging in the family chat about staying at Tin's new condo, he received several private messages from his sister teasing him for not going home and he just sent a toothy grin emoji back to his sister. Her knowing about his relationship with Tin was actually a god-sent because she could help him hide the truth from his mother. He was not ready for his mother to suspect anything yet. 

"Can, come here." 

Can looked up at Tin and found him standing near the door. Can got up from the sofa and Tin brought him to the front door area. He opened the door and did something with the digital lock installed on the main door. Tin then got Can to scan his left index fingerprint into the system. 

"So to enter the condo, just scan your fingerprint and type in your birthday day-day-month-month, and it should open. Try it." Tin left Can standing outside and closed the door on him. Meanwhile he opened the shoe cabinet beside him, took out two pairs of soft home slippers and wore the blue bigger pair. He left the green pair ready for Can to put on when he decide to open the locked door. 

Can was stunned for about 5 seconds when the door closed and locked on him. He looked left and right along the empty corridor and realised that he was standing outside barefooted in just a thin tshirt and shorts. He looked at the lock in front of him and tried his left index finger like what he did just now and when the number panel lit up, he carefully pressed 0711. Then the lock clicked open and he pushed the handle to open the door. Tin stood looking at him and indicated for him to wear the slippers in front of him. "Welcome home." 

Tin then showed Can certain things around the apartment. Firstly was the security camera embedded in the ceiling above the main door, how to operate the game console attached to the TV in the living room, where to throw rubbish in the kitchen area, where the laundry basket is and the half-empty wardrobe. 

"Someone from the main house will come by every Monday and Thursday at 10am to clean the place and pick up the laundry to be washed. The empty portion of this wardrobe is for you. How many sets of uniform do you have at home? Do we need to buy more since laundry will only be done twice a week? What about your soccer jerseys?" Tin asked Can. 

Can was just following Tin around the place, listening to Tin's instructions and was now frowning at Tin, not responding to his questions. "Can?" Can left the bedroom and Tin followed him to sit down on the sofa. 

"Tin, you said you wanted to move out from the main house because you wanted freedom, right?" Tin nodded. "Why are you... giving me half of the wardrobe and asking me if I need to buy new uniform? Are you... asking me to move in with you?" Can asked. 

Tin was stunned by the question. He suddenly realised that he did not verbalise moving in together to Can and assumed that since Can came out to his friends in school and even Tin's father, that he might have assumed too much that Can would be willing to move in with him. Can likely thought that Tin will invite him over only when they want to make love. 

"Can, I'm... giving you the option that if you are willing, we can live here together. On some nights, I may go back to meet with my father for some business discussions, and he even asked me to bring you for dinner once a month over the weekends, if possible. I understand that your mother is not aware that we are together, so you coming over too often will look weird to her..." Tin grabbed Can's hand and held it with both his palms. 

Can tsked Tin when he felt Tin's anxiety level go up. Although his boyfriend always tried to act cold and uncaring to the outside world, he was rather emotionally insecure because of how his family treated him. He was always verbalising his love for Can and asking Can not to abandon him. 

In a sudden move, Can straddled Tin's lap and put his arms around his neck. "Calm down, I'm just discussing schedules with you. On nights that you are going back to meet with your dad, I don't want to be here alone. I think it would be good if you spend some time with N'Phu too. I would like to spend at least 3 weeknights at home to have dinner with Ma and Le, but this I need to discuss with Ma first too. I will bring some clothes over for me to wear when I'm here, so that I don't have to keep a change of clothes in my bag. That's what I've been doing, because when I wore your clothes back the first time I stayed at your house, Ma asked about the clothes. She could tell it wasn't mine because the quality and branding was different. As for uniform and jerseys, once we settle into the schedule, then we will see if it is enough." Can leaned down to nuzzle his nose with Tin's nose. "I really would need to talk to Ma about coming to stay with you more often to keep you company first, but I'm not that ready to tell her about our relationship yet. This is not about hiding it, just that it is embarrassing to talk about such things to her..."

Tin's arms came to hold Can around his hips and nuzzled his nose back at Can's with a soft smile. "I want to be there if you do tell her about us. She has a good impression of me so I'm sure that helps."

"But Tin, I may not have enough pocket money to contribute to this condo, and I'm still saving money to pay you back for the mobile phone...I don't want to ask Ma for more pocket money because it would add more burden to the family. We are saving for Le's university fees too, and her being so much smarter than me, she will definitely go for the better courses..." Can did not really like it that most of the time when he is with Tin, he was relying on his finances like "a little lover", even if he normally beg his seniors for meals. He might have joked about it, but whenever he saw Tin whip out his card to pay for meals, he tried not to guess how much the bill amounted to, and Tin did not eat at street stalls. Le once saw him with the snack packs that Tin gifted him at the beginning when he was wooing him, and told him that they were branded snacks. 

"Can, I don't need you to return me money for the mobile phone. Or anything for this condo. I just want you to be happy with me, and if I'm buying you gifts, that is my choice, right? Can't I pamper the person I love with gifts?" Tin asked. 

Can sighed. Somehow, he would regret giving permission to allow Tin to give him gifts, so he just kept quiet and lean in to rest his head on the crook of Tin's neck. Tin just took his silence as consent to his question and grinned. After all, he buys N'Phu gifts too. He even used to buy gifts for Tul back when he was on good terms with him. When he was in England, he had to curb himself from buying too much snacks for Can. He glanced at the suitcase still standing outside the bedroom door that he brought in from the car this afternoon, and indicated for Can to get off his lap while he stood up. 

He lifted the suitcase to the sofa and opened it. When Can saw that more than half of the suitcase contained snacks, his eyes glowed. 

Tin looked at his expression and chuckled. "You will gain back the weight you lost in no time, right?" 

Can answered with a cheeky grin, "Khun Tin krub, with that amount of snacks, I will have enough energy for no matter how many rounds you want tonight!" 

Tin closed the distance between their mouths and decided that they have done enough talking for the moment. 

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Tin sipped his coffee as he leaned against the railing of his balcony, looking out at the pool below him. He relaxed as the warm coffee slowly woke up his mind. 

He originally wanted to get a room at the IC-assigned hostel building near the university but realised quickly that the other students might invade his and Can's privacy when they see Can go to his room. The hostel room likely will have thinner walls too. This condo was smaller than what he was used to back at the main house, but came with gym facilities, a pool and a parking lot downstairs, and it would not be too much space for him and Can. That is assuming that he is willing to move in here, or at least he is able to talk to his mother into allowing him to spend some nights here. 

Yesterday was the first time he brought Can to the condo. He did his research on the area and made the decision straight after viewing the apartment, making arrangements with his secretary to ensure the refurbishments were done as soon as possible. He only realised last night that he had jumped ahead in his impulsiveness, that Can assumed he would come over only when they needed privacy. The two of them only started officially dating a few weeks ago and both were still adjusting to having each other in their lives. 

Before he went on the short trip to England, he was requested to attend a dinner at home with his father and mother. During that dinner, his father corrected his mother's misconceptions about Tin about the past drug accusation, Tul's actions, and how Tin was to be given no pressure about who he would end up marrying or what he decide to do in the future. His mother was horrified that she had thought the worst of him for so long, believing the papers and what Tul said. Tin admitted to his parents that he did misbehaved for a short period of time after he returned to Thailand. He also told his mother that he was dating Can, giving some quick information about him. His mother was not concerned that he was dating a boy, but more concerned that Can was not from a prestigious family. She started saying that she was sure that she could get Tin another boy from a family with better standing, if he really wanted a boyfriend. She only stopped when his father said that he had already met Can and fully approved of him and she was to be accepting of him whenever he comes for future family dinners. Tin only rolled his eyes at his mother's shallow views and told her that it was not about him wanting a boyfriend, but about him falling in love with Can and he happened to be a boy. His father also revealed to his mother that Tul was finalising his divorce and Vadee would be leaving Thailand after the divorce, and Phupha would stay with Tul and the Medthanan family. It was a night of surprise for Tin's mother. 

He remembered Can mentioning the night before that he wanted Tin to spend time weekly with Phupha. It was small gestures like this that really touched Tin, and made him realise that Can really was a caring person. He might not have come from a family with money, and he talked as much as he could eat, but his parents brought him up with sound values. It made him feel like a horrible person sometimes because he could be rather intense at times and pushy when he did not get his way. He behaved like Phupha at times. Can just tended to talk a lot, sometimes with no filter between the mind and mouth. 

Suddenly he heard sounds from the bedroom and saw Can opening the door in a hurry and rushing out of the room half-naked. Can braked at the sight of Tin at the balcony and just stared at him. 

"Looking for me?" Tin asked with a raised eyebrow. 

Can just stared at Tin with huge eyes and opened his mouth to say something. He then paused and finally said, "I'm going to brush my teeth." He then rushed back into the bedroom. 

Tin leaned his back against the railing and finished his coffee. He suddenly remembered the vague mutterings he heard Can saying the night before. Can muttered "Don't abandon me" in the last few moments before coming during their love-making. Tin was rather surprised at that, as that was something usually said by Tin, not Can. Can was likely unaware of what he said at that moment. 

Can stepped out of the bedroom again after a while, this time no longer half-naked, and glanced at Tin. Tin waved him towards him and Can moved towards the balcony. When he was close enough to Tin, Tin reached out to Can and tugged him into a hug. Can allowed the hug with a frown and tried to relax his body as he leaned against Tin. 

"Morning." Tin mumbled into Can's hair. Can just hmmed at Tin. "Why were you panicking just now?" Can tensed and just shook his head. 

Tin just continued hugging Can and lightly stroked his hand up and down Can's back. Can was slowly relaxing in his arms again. On a downstroke of his hand, Tin let his hand stroke further down to Can's butt and paused there. "Any pain?" 

Can looked into his eyes and grinned. "Just sore. But it's okay. You put cream on me last night?" 

"Someone fell asleep right away. I have to take care of my lover, right?" Tin smirked and dropped a kiss on Can's forehead. 

Can shivered at the word 'lover' and glared at Tin. He always felt weird whenever Tin teased him with that word. "but no more tonight. Otherwise Ma will wonder what happened to me when I go home tomorrow in pain. That's the problem when it's two guys having sex. Can't have sex too many times a night. When you had sex previously with girls, I bet it wasn't so troublesome. How many times can you go a night with girls?" Can asked, an inquisitive look in his eyes. 

Tin kept quiet at that question. Somehow when it came to sexual issues, Can was never shy about it, or even asking Tin directly for answers whenever he had queries. It was emotions that Tin was more open about, in comparison. 

"Well?" Can questioned. 

"I... don't go beyond the first time with a girl." Tin reluctantly answered. 


"... because I don't want to?" Tin huffed. 

Can looked at Tin's face with a frown, trying to read him. Tin just continued stroking his back and kept quiet. "You never... wanted more before?" Can asked. 

Tin thought about it. He was aware when he was studying in England, that he was bisexual. Being attracted to both sexes was not an issue growing up in a co-ed boarding school. Yet he also barely remembered the faces of the girls he ever dated or slept with. Many of these girls were during the time when he was very upset with the family situation and the drug accusation, and his emotions were in shambles then. He remembered that in all the relationships, or even one-night-stands, he just went along for the ride. The other parties usually approached him with the intention, sometimes even fighting it out amongst themselves and he just let it be. Some boys approached him before, but usually the girls chased them away, assuming that he was not interested, never realising that he was not really concerned about the gender of his sexual partner. Sex to him then was just a release. He sometimes did not even want to spend more time with the girl after having sex. He never wanted to cuddle up like with Can and feeling blessed and cozy just having him in his arms. Until one day, he decided that even masturbation was better and he did not need to communicate with other people. He then started focusing on his studies and looking into developing his own wealth portfolio. 

He recounted this to Can, and silently wondered when he became so comfortable with Can that he was able to share almost all his thoughts with him. In the past few weeks, Can had encouraged him to let him in, so that they could know each other better and Can would not need to guess at Tin's thoughts. They would spend moments after lovemaking, or afternoons at the stadium stand, talking about random topics that Can's fast mouth or mind threw at him. Tin had never talked so much with a person before, even back when he was young and still trusted his brother. 

"So, I'm actually the first person you put in effort to chase? No wonder you were so awkward back then. My poor handphone..." Can teased him. 

Tin chuckled. "You were the first person who scolded me so fiercely too. The whole cafe stared at us that day. I think there was even a video of it floating around the campus." 

Can grinned back at Tin. "I think the people thought I was going to punch you and that they better have evidence of it so that you can sue my pants off me." 

Tin looked at Can with a smirk. "I had no problems getting your pants off you without suing you. You offered yourself and took them off for me on your own after the soccer match." 

Can huffed and crossed his arms. Tin chuckled and pulled him back into his hug and both settled into leaning on each other again. 

"I panicked just now when... I woke up and you were not in bed. Last night, I kept waking up to check..." Can muttered softly to Tin's ear. Tin sniff-kissed Can on his cheek and just let him go on. Can sometimes needed space to expand his thoughts to Tin. "I'm usually not like that. Previous weeks I could just go home after spending the weekend with you. And there will be good morning and good night messages. And you will come fetch me to school. And many messages throughout the day. And I will get to see you for lunch or after lessons. But the past week... I knew you were overseas, but I still looked for you in school everywhere. I went to the stadium stand or cafe and sat there alone almost every afternoon. Job thought I was crazy staring at my phone the past week. I sent messages to you and... got nothing back. I was so... scared that you realised that you didn't want me anymore." Can tightened his arms around Tin and tried to breathe in Tin's scent and his presence as he recalled his emotions in the past week. 

Tin's hand came up to stroke the back of Can's neck, while he dropped a slow and gentle kiss on Can's lips. "I told you before that I'm not leaving you right? I will always want you with me. I spent so much effort getting you that I don't want to let you go at all. I don't even want to let you go home sometimes." He sighed. 

Can dropped his head back into the crook of Tin's neck, nuzzling his nose at Tin's neck and nodded. He always noticed Tin's look in his eyes whenever he sent him home after their weekend together, and how he did not want to let go of his hands outside his house. He was rather surprised that his mother never found out about his relationship, seeing that many hugs, kisses, and intimate gestures were happening right outside their gate. 

They finally let go of each other and Tin volunteered to cook for Can. Can sat at the dining table, reading and answering his messages while waiting for his food. Half the time, he was staring at Tin's profile while he cooked food to feed Can. The cozy silence was interrupted by the ringing of Tin's phone, on the table beside Can. 

Can glanced at it and saw the caller ID as "Evil". Tin glanced at Can and raised his eyebrow at Can to question who it was. 

"It says Evil."

Tin sighed, "Tul" and then chuckled when he saw that Can puffed his cheeks and then rejected the call on his behalf.

However, Tul did not give up. Can rejected the call twice more and it still rang for the fourth time. Can finally picked up the call and pressed the speaker function so that Tin could hear. 

"Hello." Can glared at the phone. 

"... I thought I called Tin's phone." Tul seemed surprised to hear Can's voice. 

"You did. What do you want?" Can replied in a pissed voice. 

"I could call back if he is not available." 

"You already called back so many times disturbing us. What do you want?" Can continued answering in his pissed voice. Tin walked towards the dining table with the ready food and quietly put them down, while being amused by Can's protective behaviour with his brother. 

"Can you pass the phone to him?" 

"No, from now on, you are not allowed to speak to him on the phone without me knowing, and don't talk to him at home either. I have enough of you bullying him, and if you don't stop, I will go and punch you again and tell your father about it. You are behaving like a kid in kindergarten and this has to stop." Tin grinned and sat down beside Can. Can grinned back at Tin. 

There was a long silence on the other end and finally Tul spoke. "Tin, I know you are listening. I just want to say thank you for bringing Hin back to me."

Can pouted at his words. "You are a horrible person and you should be thankful that Tin cared enough to spend 1 week away from me, to go all the way to England to bring P'Gonhin back, even after all the accusation and backstabbing that you did. I hope that N'Phu never find out about what a horrible person you are. Bye." Can resolutely stopped the call and started eating his food. Tin just kept quiet throughout it all and started eating too, his whole body feeling warm about how Can had defended him during the phonecall. He sneaked glances at Can.

"You heard what I said. Tell me if he bullies you again. I will punch him again. Kick him between his legs too." Can raised his fist and puffed his cheeks to show his anger. 

Tin nodded obediently and continued munching his food. 

Some fights he would willingly let Can fight for him. 

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The key to succeeding in a relationship is not finding the right person; it’s learning to love the person you found. Love is therefore a decision. 

Can had finished washing the dishes after lunch and was swiping his facebook feed when he came across this quote. It was in English but his friend translated it into Thai when sharing it. He glanced up from his handphone screen at Tin's profile, as Tin sat at the small dining table. Tin needed some time to settle some business issues that popped up while he was away and told Can to entertain himself in the living room. 

Can was not used to thinking too hard about the things that happened to him. His life was fairly simple, till he met Tin. His social connections were not complicated, and he usually showed all his emotions and thoughts to his family and friends. Sometimes he was not very good at figuring things out, and would consult his sister, regardless of the fact that Lemon was actually younger than him. She had always been smarter in the ways of dealing with people. 

Over the past months, his life had expanded to many new people: Tin, Phupha, stupid Tul, Tin's father, the staff at Tin's house. Many whom he was not used to dealing with, especially Tin's father, and his mother whom he had not met yet, but had heard Tin being rude to her before on the phone. He was still rather puzzled about that first surprise kiss that Tin gave him when he scolded him. Can stole a look at Tin again and wondered if Tin actually remembered that first kiss. 

He suddenly switched to his Line app and messaged Tin. 

Can: Do you have P'Gonhin's mobile number? 

Tin's handphone beeped and Tin picked it up, reading Can's message. He then glanced up at Can, while sending Gonhin's number to Can. Tin wondered if he should ask Can why he wanted the number, but decided that since Can asked for the number directly from him, it should be nothing for him to worry about. What more, Gonhin was actually more mature than Can and they would soon meet each other anyway. 

Can was rather surprised that Tin did not ask for an explanation and just sent the number to him. He glanced up at Tin directly into his eyes and saw Tin give him a small smile before turning back to his laptop. 

With a soft smile on his face at Tin's trust, Can saved Gonhin's number and started messaging him. 

Can: Hi Phi, this is Can, Tin's boyfriend. I heard about your return from Tin and asked him for your number. Welcome back to Thailand. 😊

Gonhin: Hello Khun Can. What can I do for you? 

Can: please don't 'Khun' me. I'm very much younger than you. I'm just waiting for Tin to finish his work and decided to get to know you better. Hope stupid Tul is treating you well. 

Gonhin: He is treating me rather well. He introduced me to Phupha this morning. I will be going to his office on Monday to help him in the business. 

Can: how did Nong respond to you? 

Gonhin: He is missing his mother, but is polite when K'Tul told him that from now onwards I will be living in the house and helping K'Tul in taking care of him. He will need time to adjust to my presence in the house. 

Can: he is just a little brat. Runs in the family. 

Gonhin: I shouldn't say this but 😂

Can: they all are! Tin was a brat when he doesn't get his way. And let's not say anything about stupid Tul. Do you know what he did to Tin? 

Gonhin: Yes, but I did explain to K'Tin why K'Tul was like that. 

Can: it is no excuse. Just because I was bitten by a dog when I was young doesn't mean all dogs are bad. I even own a dog now. His name is Gucci. He is adorable. (Can sent a picture of Gucci to Gonhin.) Cute, right? 

Gonhin: Yes, very cute. For such a big house that they are living in, the family never had any pets. 

Can: yes, i was thinking of bringing Gucci to meet Phupha one of the weekends. 

Gonhin: K'Tul did mention that his father was rather taken with you and wish to have you come for dinner once a month. You can bring Gucci along then. Let me know beforehand so that I can get the kitchen to prepare some food for Gucci. 

Can: ok. Mind if I ask you a personal question? It is ok if you do not want to answer.

Gonhin: Sure. 

Can: what made you come back? Why leave and then decide to come back?

Gonhin: K'Tin did not tell you? 

Can: he did tell me why Tul treat him so badly. But he didn't tell me why you left and why you came back. 

Gonhin: I left the family because K'Tul was going to marry and I could not stay and watch him marry someone else. It would have hurt too much. I came back because I could not stay away knowing he is alone after the divorce. 

Can: how can you still go back to him? You still love him? 

Gonhin: Yes, I made the decision to return because I told him before that I will never let him be alone. I left him before because then, he was going to be married and would not be alone. My love for him never diminished. 

Can: When did you first know you like him that way? 

Gonhin: I always loved him. We grew up together. 

Can: always? 

Gonhin: Yes, always. 

Can: oh. 

Gonhin: You seemed surprised. 

Can: I thought there will be that gradual realisation that you like another guy, and it would be... a particular moment you realised you like him, that way. 

Gonhin: Was that what happened with K'Tin and you? 

Can: yeah, he started saying he like me and did nice things for me. I never even considered another guy liking me before. When he first asked me to be his boyfriend, I refused. I told him I rather just be his friend. 

Gonhin: I see. How did he take that? 

Can: he disappeared from my sight after that. But I kept thinking about him and couldn't eat or sleep well. When I next saw him, he was with a girl. I was so angry! Even soccer couldn't make me forget him. When he approached me after my soccer match, I told him I really missed him and I like him too. 

Gonhin: Well, I bet that made him happy. 

Can: yeah, he smiled at me then. I like to see him smile. 

Gonhin: He doesn't really smile at home. 

Can: he does smile at me. Just need to say or do the right things. 😝🤭

Suddenly Tin sat down on the sofa next to Can and turned himself so that he could lay his head on Can's lap. Can jumped and looked down at the man laying on his lap, with a raised eyebrow. Tin reached up to Can's face and softly stroked his cheek with his thumb, before turning back to his tablet to continue reading the business report from his staff. Can then turned his attention back to the Line chat again. 

Gonhin: 😁

Can: the years you left, you didn't miss him? 

Gonhin: I did. 

Can: how did you managed to handle that? Past week when Tin was away, I missed him like crazy. My friends all thought I was really becoming crazy. I couldn't sleep well. I couldn't even eat well. 

Gonhin: I am sorry to hear that. If it helps, K'Tin did not seem to sleep well the past few days too. He stared at your pictures on his phone for quite a while during the flight so he must have missed you too. 

Can: Oh. 

Can looked down at his lap as he read Gonhin's message and realised that Tin had dozed off. 

Can: that explains why he is so tired now. He just dozed off. 

Gonhin: 🤭

Gonhin: Need to go. N'Phupha wants us to bring him out for ice-cream. 

Can: Don't spoil him too much. Talk to you next time. Bye. 

Can quietly looked down at the napping man on his lap, while slowly removing the tablet from his hand without jostling him awake. He could see some signs of fatigue on Tin's face now that he was looking closely at him. Was he keeping Tin awake? Past two times they fell asleep, Tin woke up first and they did stay up last night to make love. Can tried to stay as still as he could, so that Tin could nap better. However, he was used to moving and after half an hour, he was feeling so restless that he was staring at the second hand moving in the clock. He looked down at Tin again and sighed, while softly stroked Tin's face at his eye tip. Tin was usually a light sleeper and was soon blinking his eyes at Can. 

"I fell asleep?" Tin reached up to Can's hand and held it loosely to his chest, as he blinked up at Can. 

Can nodded. "Am I tiring you out? Should I go home? You must be tired from your flying the past week. I can grab a bike trip home so that you can sleep earlier and better tonight and..." his murmurings were stopped by Tin's fingers on his lips.

Tin pushed himself up to a sitting position and cuddled to Can's side, laying his head on Can's shoulder. "I sleep better with you here. It's just the time difference and I will be fine after a few days. I didn't sleep much in England because I had to settle some issues in the limited time I was there, so that I can fly back as soon as possible. I want you here." 

Can stroked the patch of hair above Tin's ear and hmmed at him. He then pulled Tin to lay down on the sofa with him, with Tin's head still pillowed on his shoulder. Tin turned Can's face to face him and gave Can a soft kiss on his lips to reassure him. Can gave Tin's forehead a kiss after that and smiled softly back at Tin. 

"Had a good chat?" Tin asked, after a short and cozy silence. 

"P'Gonhin sounds nice on Line. He has met your nephew and is now bringing him out with Evil to buy ice-cream." Can rolled his eyes. "Just one more person to spoil that brat." 

Tin's smile widened. "His mother would not be around, so I guess he deserves another uncle to spoil him. As if you don't spoil him." 

Can pouted. "I bother about him because he is your nephew. That makes him family." He looked into Tin's eyes. 

Tin nuzzled Can's neck, touched at his words that he regarded Phupha as a family member. He understood this as Can's way of declaring him as a family member and his entire body warmed at that thought. His arms tightened around Can and his legs tangled with Can's as Tin tried to plaster himself as close as possible to Can's body. Can slowly stroked his palm up and down Tin's back, while allowing Tin to latch on to his body, enjoying the warmth of Tin's body pressed down to his side. 

"Next Friday, come home with me to the main house? Por wants you to come to dinner. You can meet up with Gonhin then." Tin asked. 

Can thought about it and looked at Tin. "Your mother is going to be there too?" Tin nodded. "She knows about us?" Tin nodded again. "Does she..." Can trailed off his question in uncertainty. 

"It doesn't matter. Por invited you there for Friday's dinner. He penned the date down in his schedule and sent the email invite out to the whole family. And your invite was mentioned in mine. Thus I'm inviting you. Want to go? I can fetch you after lessons and we can spend the weekend at the main house." Tin's words might have been strong, but his voice had a slight pleading tone to it as he continued nuzzling Can's chin. 

Tin's family was different from Can's, and the words made Can realise the difference. Tin's father held the absolute power in the family, and Can pondered over a family dinner requiring email invites. Maybe because their house was so big and everyone ran on a different business schedule and usually don't even see each other? Meeting up for a family dinner required everyone to clear everything else from their schedule, but it also indicated to Can how isolated Tin was from the other family members. Can wondered how he would feel if he couldn't hear Lemon's presence in her room from the thin wall that separated their rooms and if Ma required an email instead of a shout from downstairs to tell him something, and his body shivered at that thought. Tin had been observing Can's facial expression and frowned at his silence. 

"If you are uncomfortable, I can tell Por you are needed at home for something. It's fine." Tin sighed. Maybe it was too early in our relationship for the official dinner? But Can already admitted to the relationship to Por.

"Can we go back to my house first on Friday for me to pick up clothes for the weekend? And I was thinking of bringing Gucci to meet Nong so maybe Gucci can stay with us the whole weekend? Is that okay? Gucci is toilet-trained, and we just need to bring him out for a quick walk twice a day. He can sleep... in front of the sofa and will not spoil your furniture." Can looked at Tin with a questioning look in his eyes, unsure if Tin was fine with allowing Gucci into his room in the main house. Tin met with Gucci a few times when he picked up or dropped him off at home, and seemed to get on well with the dog. Gucci responded well to Tin as well, sometimes listening to Tin's command even better than Can's. 

Tin smiled back at Can for that suggestion. "Of course we can. Phupha will love to meet and play with Gucci. Having Gucci with us for the weekend is no issue. And... if he spoils any furniture, we will just replace the furniture." Tin popped a quick kiss to Can's lips for the lovely gesture. Can was showing and reassuring him via his actions that he was serious about them being boyfriends. Although Can had not told his mother about their relationship, he did not hide from his mother that he had spent the past few weekends with Tin, and Can's mother was aware of Tin's coming and going from the house the past weeks. Tin actually treated Can's mother with more care and respect than his own mother whenever he saw her, and she had always responded in kind, even commenting that it was like having a second and more responsible son in the family. 

After settling back into a cozy silence, Can hesitantly decided to restart the conversation. "Tin, if you are unhappy with me about something, you should tell me directly. Sometimes I am quite dumb at reading signs, so I might make you angry. Like if you told me you were tired last night, I would have let it be without the sex and let you sleep. You just need to tell me."

Tin frowned at Can and moved so that he could stare at Can in the eyes. "What made you think that?" 

"You said you were tired from your trip. I likely made you even more tired when... we had sex... like the whole afternoon and... night..." Can hesitated more and more as the conversation continued as he could see Tin's frown becoming more prominent and he could sense that Tin was not happy with what he was saying. Tin continued staring at Can, making him rather uncomfortable and the silence dragged on between them. "I mean, we do have sex quite regularly... but we don't have to, if... you don't want to. If you are tired. I know I am sometimes quite irritating if I don't get what I want, but if you tell me, I won't bother you anymore." Can tried to fill the silence with his words. Anything to break the silence in the room. 

Tin suddenly sat up and pulled Can up to sit properly on the sofa. "Cantaloupe, look at me." Can sat properly and looked into Tin's eyes. "I am going to say these slowly so that you understand fully. If you have any queries, do ask. Okay?" Can nodded. 

"I told you before. I don't have sex with you. I make love to you. I do that because I love you and you are my one and only lover. I want to make love to you. Being away for a week made me miss you so much that I wanted to make love to you to assure myself of your presence. I love to make love to you. That is when I can bury myself in you and feel you surround me. I want to kiss every part of your body and see all your most basic reactions and emotions, as you respond to my love. So making love is not about you only. I do want to make love to you. Understand?" Tin made sure he was staring straight into Can's eyes so that he could make his point across to Can. 

Can blushed and covered his eyes with his hands. He was not expecting to hear a love confession, nor the explicit details mentioned. Tin snatched his hands from his face and held them down, subconsciously enjoying Can's embarrassment. 

"Tin, let go of my hands." Can glared at Tin. 

"You see, you always hide your emotions when we are not making love. Sometimes you feel or want something, but you don't tell me. When you are naked under me is when you are most honest with me about everything. Your emotions, your reactions... and your demands." Tin smirked at Can and dropped a kiss on one of Can's hands that he was holding on to.

"Tin, let go..." Can struggled to pull his hands back. He could feel that his face was burning hot from blushing and wanted to find somewhere to hide. 

"No, I'm not letting go. I'm never going to let go of you." Tin interrupted Can's words and pulled him into his arms, refusing to let Can out of his arms. Can hid his face in the crook of Tin's neck and nuzzled his nose at it, relieved that Tin was no longer staring at his blushing face. "Can, if I don't want to do something, nothing you say or do will persuade me to give in to you. Understand?" 

Can nodded, and pressed a soft kiss to Tin's pulse on his neck, while relaxing his body in Tin's arms. Tin slowly relaxed his body as well, leaning backwards on the sofa while still latching on to Can's body. 

"So... I'm not... too demanding?" Can murmured. Tin sighed at his words. 

"Are we talking about how many times we made love yesterday?" Tin leaned back to look into Can's eyes.

Can nodded, then shook his head. Tin raised his eyebrow at the two opposite responses he got and waited patiently for Can's answer. Can sighed and finally said, "I meant... in general. Every weekend when we met up, we had sex... made love, is it too regular? I've never been in a relationship before so I'm not sure how often we should have... make love. We do other things too, during the weekdays like talk to each other a lot... but weekends the first thing we do when we are alone in your room seems to be... making love."

"Did you not want to?" Tin asked carefully, trying to recall the past weekends whether Can gave any indication that he was not welcoming the advances Tin made, wondering if he missed any signs that Can was unwilling. 

Can shook his head. "I wanted to as well." 

Tin looked at Can in puzzlement. "Then what was the problem with that?" 

Can sighed, unsure where the conversation was going and regretting ever starting the conversation. "I don't want you to... make love to me just because... I want it often. You mentioned this morning that previously with the girls you dated, you didn't seem that... interested in that aspect. If you are somehow giving in because of me, then I rather we don't do it that often. Although I do like it too when we make love... " Can frowned, wondering what was the point he himself want to make, getting confused when his mind needed to think deeply about how uncomfortable he was with the idea of Tin giving in to him just because he loves him. 

Tin was silent for a while, thinking about what Can said and trying to understand the whole issue from Can's point of view. He could feel Can's insecurity about the relationship, at least about what was expected of a couple, and yet his adorable Can seemed to have focused on the wrong aspect. Other couples worry whether the other party was losing interest, and yet Can was worried that they were making love too often. Tin was trying to think of a way for Can to understand that such thoughts were unnecessary. 

"Can, how often do you masturbate?" Tin asked Can with a straight face. 

Can blanched at Tin's question. "Not often, only sometimes. Why? Usually I'm rather tired after soccer practice. And nowadays, we make love in the weekends." Can looked away from Tin when answering the question. 

Tin smirked, turning Can's head so that he was once again looking into his eyes. "Since I realised that I like you, it's been every three days for me." 

Can stared at Tin with astonished eyes, trying to understand Tin's meaning behind his words. So our weekend sex was actually not often enough? 

"What do you... think of when you..." Can blurted out, trying to blink away the mental images of Tin at such moments. 

Tin smirked at Can, looking down his body with heated eyes. Can's body quivered slightly and Can hurriedly threw himself into Tin's arms, refusing to think of Tin's look. Tin had the same hungry look whenever they were making love and Can's body had been conditioned to warm by that expression over the past weeks. 

"Can, this is also why I really would prefer if you are willing to move in with me. That way, I can be in your presence everyday. I won't miss having you in my arms at night. And I can come home to you too. I never used to look forward to going home before. But no pressure, whatever your ma is willing to let you do, it is fine with me." Tin spoke softly into Can's ear, with Can's face still hidden in Tin's neck. 

Can winced at Tin's words as it pained him that Tin did not have the best family in recent years. I'm going to make sure you get all the love you can get from now onwards. You will learn what it is like to trust me with your life, and that trust will be cherished instead of abused. 

"So... it wasn't regular enough?" Can pouted at Tin. 

Tin rolled his eyes. "Can, it is not about how regular we make love. I just want to be with you. Some days, it is hugging you, spending time to talk or even just watching movies together. Some days, I want to have skin-to-skin contact with you. There is no fixed timetable for any couple to make love. We are young now, in a new relationship, so our hormones are more active."

"So you won't want me as much next time when our relationship is no longer new?" Can pouted indignantly. Something about that made him want to latch on to Tin and never let go. 

Tin sighed. "That's not what I meant. We will just do whatever we are comfortable with. In the first place, I never even expected that I will end up in bed with you, before you even officially agreed to be my boyfriend. I first made love to you because you wanted it. I was so afraid that you would hate it and you will cry or scream at me for hurting you or something. That was... the most stressful love-making I ever had. It was only after when you said you enjoyed it that I dared to ask you to be my boyfriend the next morning." 

Can relaxed in Tin's arms and thought through what Tin revealed throughout the day. He always thought that their first time was enjoyable and was likely a normal occurance to Tin, seeing as he seemed so much more experienced than Can. He never knew that Tin was having performance anxiety during that first time and suddenly understood Tin's giddy happiness when he asked him for a second round that night. Can had thought that Tin was maliciously laughing at his inexperience. Can quietly told Tin his thoughts, and Tin's body stiffened when he realised that Can misunderstood his actions. 

"I thought I had better make sure that... I am no longer so inexperienced. The week after that... I went to Pond to borrow some videos to watch so that I know more. Pond said he gave the same batch of videos to Ae back when he started being in a relationship with Pete." Can's voice went softer and softer as he could feel Tin trying to control his breathing in order to keep his temper. He tightened his arms around Tin, closing his eyes as he waited for Tin to shout at him. He was aware that Tin had always been a very private person, and these actions actually revealed certain aspects of the relationship to Pond. 

After some time, when Tin's breathing had slowed down in frequency and intensity, he finally spoke, "Can, we really need to communicate more. You don't know how honoured I am to be the first person to be with you that way. From now onwards, whatever you want to learn about making love, and our relationship, we will learn together. We will not jump to conclusions about each other. Okay?" 

Can nodded, and stuck out his pinky finger at Tin. "I promise." Can wiggled his pinky at Tin. Tin huffed and kissed the pinky finger in front of his face and smiled at Can's pout. 

Tin got up from the sofa and pulled Can up as well, ushering Can into the bedroom and onto the bed. 

"Now, I'm tired, so I'm going to take a nap. Join me?" Tin climbed under the covers and opened his arms to Can. 

Can paused for a moment and looked at the man in front of him, before leaning towards Tin's octopus arms. As Can smiled softly at Tin's soft eyes, he remembered the quote from Facebook. 

Love is a decision. A decision to start a relationship with you. A decision to share my family with you. A decision to be happy with you and make you happy. A decision to share my future with you. 

Chapter Text

Can quietly left the bathroom and padded back to the bed in his slippers, trying to keep the sound of his footsteps as low as possible. Tin had always been a light sleeper, and Can felt a slight sense of achievement when he managed to climb back under the covers and Tin remained asleep.

That is just because he is going through jet-lag and is tired. Can glanced at Tin's sleeping fatigued face and then the bedside alarm clock. Tin had slept the afternoon away and if Can let him sleep anymore, Tin might not be able to fall asleep that night. 

Tin fell asleep latching on to Can, but slowly let go when his body relaxed in sleep. Can had slowly manoeuvred himself slightly away from Tin so as to occupy himself playing games on his phone, with his earphones plugged in. Now, to wake Tin up, he slowly manoeuvred himself back, leaning on Tin's warm body and used the tip of his nose to stroke Tin's nose, slowly waking Tin up. As Tin stirred from his sleep, Tin's hands went around Can's waist and drowsily shifted his body so that he could nuzzle Can's neck. It took a few moments before he blinked his eyes up at Can, giving a soft kiss to Can's chin. 

"If you don't wake up, you won't be able to fall asleep tonight at a decent time." Can softly mumbled to Tin. 

Tin hmmed at Can and continued keeping his eyes closed. Can softly patted Tin's back trying to persuade him to wake up more fully, hoping that Tin would not fall back asleep. 

Tin finally sighed and slowly sat up, and made his way off the bed to the bathroom. Can continued lazing on the bed, but was surprised to hear the sound of the doorbell. He got off the bed and hurried towards the door. 

He was surprised to see on the doorbell system screen that Tin's family house staff member was standing outside the door, and quickly opened the door. 

"Sawadee krub, Khun Can. Khun Tin requested for this." The staff greeted Can politely and before Can could react, handed over 2 bags to Can. "Hope you have a good dinner." He bowed and quickly turned away to leave. 

Can stood stupidly at the open door and stared down at what was in his hands. When he next looked up, the staff had disappeared down the corner towards the direction of the lift. He closed and locked the door and blankly brought the bags into the living room. When he placed the bags on the dining table, Tin appeared in the living room. 

"Was dinner delivered? I told them to bring it at this time." Tin then unzipped the delivered thermal bags and the aroma of food hit Can. 

"You asked them to make food and deliver before you went to sleep?" Can questioned, his eyes staring at what Tin was taking out from the thermal bags and laying out on the table. 

Tin glanced at Can and chuckled at the shine in Can's eyes. "Yes, I didn't feel like cooking tonight, and I don't want to go out too. I checked and they said no one is eating dinner at home tonight, so I asked the chef to make something for us. They have to cook dinner for the staff working at the house anyway." Tin went to get plates and cutlery out so that they can eat. They had not eaten anything since the brunch that Tin made for Can earlier in the day. 

Can started loading up his plate with the five types of dishes the main house delivered. "This is like going to a buffet. How are we going to finish so much food?" Can asked in the midst of munching his food. 

Tin shook his head. "We will see what is left and whether we can keep for tomorrow. I can eat the leftovers for dinner tomorrow after you go home." 

Can paused in his munching and frowned at Tin. "You aren't having dinner at my house?" Can asked. 

Tin looked up at Can in surprise. For the past few weekends, he only dropped off Can when sending him home. Although they loitered outside the gates talking till Can finally went in, but Tin didn't go into the house. He suspected that Can didn't want to explain too much to his mother, as well as trying to avoid being teased by his sister. 

Can continued frowning at Tin, waiting for his answer. Tin took a bite of his food and looked questionably at Can. Did I miss hearing an invite to Can's house? I don't remember hearing anything about Sunday dinner at his house. 

Can rolled his eyes at him and picked up his handphone. He then called his mother, using the speaker mode after she picked up, so that Tin could hear. "Ma, are you free to talk?"

"Can, I was just about to sit down for dinner with your sister. Have you eaten?"

"I'm eating too. Ma, can I ask whether Tin can join us for dinner tomorrow? He will be sending me home tomorrow afternoon." Can rattled off his question to his mother before she could ask him more questions.

"Of course he can. Does he have a favourite dish that I can cook for him? Is there anything he doesn't eat?" Can grinned at Tin.

"Tin is not really a fussy eater. He will be fine with whatever you cook." Can cheekily replied, as Tin was a fussy eater, mainly fussy with the cost of the meal. Tin rolled his eyes at Can for that. 

Apparently his mother switched on speaker mode on her end as well, because Can heard Lemon's voice next. "Ma, didn't I see you buy a cantaloupe from the supermarket just now? We can have it for dinner tomorrow, right P'Can? Will P'Tin like cantaloupe for dessert?" Lemon giggled, and Can could just imagine Lemon's face from her tone emphasing his name, drifting out from the phone.

Can blushed when he looked at Tin. Tin smirked and answered into the phone. "Nong, I will really enjoy having cantaloupe for dessert. Thank you for letting me join your family for dinner." Tin replied smoothly while staring at Can. Can gulped at Tin's stare and looked down at his plate, slowly putting some food into his mouth. Tin continued answering some questions from his mother about what specific time Can would reach home the following day, and whether his new condo required anything else. Tin politely answered her questions.

"Can, behave when you are at Tin's condo. I will see you at home tomorrow." Can's mother said.

"Ma, you say as if I'm a hooligan. See you tomorrow. Bye." Can quickly ended the call. His mother had the tendency to believe the worst of him. He glared at Tin and quickly munched his next mouthful of food. Tin's family chef was really a skillful chef. Can wondered what the menu would be for the following Friday's family dinner. 

"Can, why the sudden..." Tin asked, placing Can's handphone back beside Can's plate. He took over the phone when Can's mother asked him questions just now. 

"I don't want you to... eat dinner alone. Next time you send me home for Sundays, dinner will be at my place, okay?" Can asked. Tin gave Can a small smile and nodded. Can grinned at the small smile that Tin had on his face. There's that smile again. I love seeing that smile on Tin. 

The two of them cozily continued the meal in silence. Eventually, they packed the unfinished food into the refrigerator and Tin started washing the dishes and cutlery used. Can drifted to the balcony and leaned on the railings, staring down at the water features and greenery downstairs. He let his mind drift while enjoying the fullness feeling his body had after a good meal. 

He was startled when suddenly a pair of arms surrounded him as Tin pulled him into his arms. Tin being slightly taller than Can, easily slotted himself behind Can and Can leaned some of his weight back against Tin. 

After some time of quietly being in Tin's arms, Can suddenly realised that being in Tin's arms were the only moments in the past week when his mind was not full of scrambled thoughts. Past two days, when making love or in the bath, he was able to let his mind go blank and just enjoy the feeling of peace that surrounded him. Other times his mind kept going in all directions, especially trying to second-guess Tin. 

Can half-turned in Tin's arms and nuzzled Tin with his nose, with a small smile. Tin stroked his cheek softly and pulled him further into his side, enjoying the relative peace that surrounded them.

Since becoming an official couple, Tin had been increasingly surprised by Can's affectionate behaviour with him when they were alone. In front of Can's friends, his behaviour tended to be rather abrasive towards Tin, not really wanting to show that he cared for Tin and sometimes even seemed exasperated at Tin's presence or any public displays of affection. However, when he was alone with Tin, Can was totally different. He would tag Tin from room to room when at Tin's main house. He would be really comfortable whenever Tin pulled him closer for a hug, and when watching movies, he would volunteerily lean on Tin's shoulder or even entangle his fingers with Tin's. One weekend, when Tin was managing his business portfolio at his work desk, Can silently got up from the sofa and sat down sideways on his lap while he continued playing his game silently on his phone. Tin was stunned by his actions for a few seconds, but upon realising that Can did not expect anything else, just went about continuing to read business reports and emails. Can never once glanced at Tin's computer screen at all. Tin smiled when he realised that Can behaved like a cat, disdain in public and affectionate in private.

Can noticed his smile and raised his eyebrow at him. Tin chuckled and said, "I realised you are like a cat."

Can frowned. "What do you mean?"

"You can't stand any PDA in front of your friends and sometimes make me think that you find my presence a nuisance. However, in private, you are very willing to hug and nuzzle me, and sometimes even initiate them." Tin explained to Can.

Can was silent for a few moments, staring at Tin. Then he asked, "Do you mind?"

Tin thought about his answer before replying softly. "I can't really say I don't mind, because sometimes I'm not sure what I do in front of your friends is acceptable or not by you. But I do enjoy the fact that you are not shy about what you want in private. I'm actually more concerned about what you mind or don't mind."

Can looked at Tin and looped his arms around Tin's neck. "If you think I am like a cat, you are Gucci Number 2." Tin raised his eyebrow. "You want to show affection for me. You want to know where I am. You want to be with me by my side. All the time. I think even Gucci isn't as affectionate as you. He tends to be cooler and will ignore me at times. Unless I have his food." Can pouted. He loved Gucci, but despite being a big and fluffy dog, it had a rather laid-back nature in the family. Can had always been the proactive one who had to sit beside Gucci to hug it, rather than Gucci bothering him.

Tin chuckled. Gucci came to him to greet him every time he went into Can's home. It would come to him to sniff him with curiousity and let him pet its head and then sit itself down near him. Tin was rather fond of the big dog, who behaved as if it was keeping an eye on him without being invasive.

"You need to let me know whenever it bothers you to the point that you cannot stand it. If I'm being too... restrictive. I can be too demanding at times..." Tin sighed. He would not be able to bear it if Can decide to break up with him in the future, just because he was being controlling. Not when it took him so long to convince Can to be with him in the first place. 

Can looked into Tin's eyes silently, for a long while. Can's arms were still looped around Tin's neck and his fingers lightly stroked the tips of Tin's hair behind his neck. Tin took comfort in Can's actions, while quietly looking back at Can, awaiting his verdict on the issue. 

"Simple actions are okay, since the whole school seems to already know that we are together, but I feel shy sometimes in front of my friends because they may tease me. I just feel that out in public, we shouldn't flaunt our relationship. People who do not know us well may not form a good impression of you, especially since you are starting to represent your family in business. What we do behind close doors is another matter. I do enjoy having you to myself in your rooms. Although I eat and talk too much and may be a bother to you, you don't seem to mind... But if I ever bother you too much, let me know." Can blinked his eyes cutely at Tin. 

Tin was aware that over the past weeks, Can had been slowly adjusting to being in a relationship with him. There were still many issues he had not discussed with Can, and he would need to start discussing them soon, especially if the issues might involve Can, his family, their security and public image. Although he kept telling Can that his family background did not matter, but it did matter to the public. Can officially became Tin's soft spot for anyone who wanted to take a shot at Tin, when Tin selfishly pulled Can into his world. Tin wondered if tonight was a good time to start that conversation. 

Can had been observing Tin's facial expressions for the past few moments and saw that Tin had slipped into a sombre mood. He reached out to softly smooth out the slight crease that appeared between Tin's eyebrows and drew Tin's attention back to him. Tin sighed and dropped a soft kiss on Can's palm in front of him. He then pulled Can to sit on his lap in the outdoor chair on the balcony, cradling Can close to him. Can quietly settled himself and waited for Tin to restart the conversation. 

"Can, if I'm not happy with something, I will let you know. Similarly if you are not comfortable with certain things I do, let me know, okay?" Tin held on to Can's hand and stared into Can's eyes. Can nodded and gave Tin a grin. He had never been shy to let Tin know whenever he was happy, or unhappy about things. 

Tin hesitated, before continuing, "I'm not sure if you are aware, but there may be certain changes in your lifestyle now that we are in a relationship. This is not just about making time for each other's family. It's more than that, when we are talking about my family." 

Can was aware of the huge social difference between the two of them, especially by comparing the size of their family homes. He might have declared that he did not care about it when he was Tin's friend, but being in a relationship, he would need to be more considerate of that factor. Tin's father might accept his presence in Tin's life, but Can also had to be more aware of consequences now that his actions might reflect badly on the prestigious family. He was made painfully aware of that fact when the picture of his one kiss at the soccer field in front of his friends and sister became a trending hashtag in Facebook and Twitter overnight due to Tin's family name. He was shocked when Lemon sent him a screen capture of the hashtag's ranking and spent the following week after that incident, feeling creeped out by the stares on him wherever he went, even in the toilets. He had to use the cubicles and not the urinals for a few days, so as to escape the stares from other male students. Only when people got distracted by other hotter news, did he relax and go back to his normal behaviour. He kept most of those thoughts from Tin as much as he could, but he had the feeling that Tin knew. 

"I get photographed quite often when I go about my daily life. It could be by the press or just classmates posting on Facebook and Twitter. This is also why I got a private and protected condo here and not just a hostel room on campus. Being around me, officially as my boyfriend, means that you are going to have to face that as well. Thus it means... no more small holes in tshirts wandering around 7-elevens when you are buying snacks." Tin recalled a picture on Twitter which he saw posted by Lemon. 

Can pouted. "So no more... wandering around the locker room half-naked?" Tin glared at him. Can giggled and nuzzled Tin. "We were changing out of our jerseys." 

"Use the cubicles." Can nodded and grinned at Tin. Tin did not like it that Can was so friendly with his soccer team members, but that was how he had always been. "So tomorrow when I send you home, I'm also going to be looking at your wardrobe selections. I may need to buy you some new clothes." Can frowned. "Not as gifts, but because they are necessary. There may be some family occasions in which my father will want me to bring you along, and you will need dress shirts and pants. It is better for us to be prepared than to scramble to buy when needed. My father said that it is better for the family to be aware that I am already spoken for, than for people to think that I am available for match-making." His father was likely aware that by bringing Can for such events, it would also serve to prevent Tin from making numerous excuses for not attending. 

Can was back to pouting after hearing that. "What do I do during those events? I'm more likely to embarrass you and your family." 

"Well, you can accompany me so that I am more tolerant of such events. My father hinted that he may introduce you as being 'selected' for me so that everyone continues to think that I am still not favoured by the family, and would give us more freedom. And the food is usually great during such events. And I no longer need to talk to weird girls who keep stalking me." Can's eyes shone when he realised that he was protecting Tin by going and nodded. He would have to tolerate shopping for clothes, for Tin's sake. He swiftly cuddled back into Tin's arms and swore to himself that the other girls would not get to have their hands on Tin. 

Tin slightly smirked out of Can's line of sight as his plan worked. By making Can think that Tin needed his rescue in this, he managed to convince Can into allowing Tin to buy him clothing and to accompany him for stuffy events. Although the reasons were true, but he had purposely made it sound worse than it was, so that Can would be easily persuaded. 

Tin restarted the conversation again after a few moments of cozy silence. "Can, we also need to talk about security." 

Can sat back from cuddling Tin and frowned. "What do you mean?" 

"Did you wonder about the CCTV installed above the main door?" Tin asked. 

"It didn't come with the condo?" 

Tin sighed. "No, it was installed by my security team. They wanted to install in the living room and balcony too, but I refused." Can's eyes opened wide. "This is not a big condo, so I wanted to keep as much of the space private to us as possible. But the front door was necessary, in case of intruders." Tin looked at Can and he still seemed calm enough, thus he continued to plough ahead. "There is a small security team in-charge of protecting me 24 hours a day. They can track my car, my hand phone and my watch at all times." 

Can's mouth had fallen open in his surprise. He did not recall anyone tailing Tin whenever he was with him. Was I so unaware of our surroundings that I missed them? 

"I don't remember seeing anyone following us." Can frowned. 

Tin sighed, "If you can spot them, then they are not worth the money my father is paying them for the job. But they are there." 

Can looked around them with shining eyes. "Can they see us now?" Can whispered to Tin. 

Tin smiled at Can. Tin turned Can's head so that he faced the opposite block of apartments. "Same level, fourth window from the right." 

Can's eyes widened in delight and he waved enthusiastically in that direction. Tin chuckled at Can's childlike wonder and his heart calmed down on Can's behaviour on this issue. Suddenly his handphone vibrated. He took it out of his pocket and realised his security team just messaged him, questioning 'Khun Tin, why is Khun Can waving at us from the balcony?' He smiled and showed Can the message. 

"Wow... they rock. They are really alert and watching us! Hmm... that means... we can't make love on the balcony." Tin rolled his eyes at Can for the remark and replied his security team that he had just made Can aware of the existence of them in the condo opposite, and put his handphone back into his pocket. 

"We are not making love on the balcony." Tin pulled Can back into his arms. "I will give you a contact number for them, should you need help or need them to check or do something for you. If there is no instructions, they would not appear in front of you. They don't even appear in front of me when I have a flat tire." Tin said in a wiry tone. Can giggled. 

Tin then asked Can to take out his handphone and revealed that he had secretly installed a special tracking app before gifting him the hand phone, back when his phone was destroyed. This app allowed Tin's security team to be able to track the location of the hand phone. There was also a panic button in the app that if Can pressed it, it meant that Can was in danger and that would mobilise the team into action. 

"I'm sorry I installed that app without your permission in the first place, but I wanted to protect you. I don't regret it but I hope you will not uninstall it." Can thought about it and nodded. He was actually touched that back when Tin started to woo him, he already started looking into protection for him, even when he gave no hints that he would ever accept his wooing. 

"Anything else you have been hiding from me?" Can asked in a teasing tone. 

Tin stilled, while trying to decide whether there was anything else he could reveal to Can. His father ordering a concise check of Can and his family background for the past three generations? His father did that when the Medthanan marketing team alerted him of the hashtag trending that involved Tin, and just acted surprised when Can revealed the relationship when he was confronting Tul with his fists. He decided that since his father was the one who ordered it, and although Tin himself recently also read the investigation report from his father, he would not talk about things not done by him. 

"Can, I would like to add a security detail to you. You won't even notice them. But just know that there is always someone tailing you outside your home and my home. It is just for your protection and for my peace of mind. It is not meant to restrict your actions. I will still be calling you to find out where you are if I want to find you. Is that okay?" Tin softly asked. Can went still on Tin's lap when considering his words. Actually Tin did not reveal the full extent of this detail. The security team that was in-charge of Can's safety had already started work the moment Can went to Tin's house for their first movie date. That day was the first time that Tin was confident that Can was accepting of his affections. 

"Can I meet them first? So that if I ever see them I at least know they are friend and not foe." Can asked, and Tin immediately agreed to arrange it the following week. "Tin, since you have your own security team, is it possible for you to... do something about my house's security? Would your team mind discreetly installing another camera facing my house gate? It is just to make sure that no one really loiters outside the house." 

Tin nodded. "Do you need to seek your mother's permission?" 

Can shook his head. "I'm making the decision on this. If nothing ever happens, the outside camera footage will never be needed. Just go ahead to discreetly do it. But nothing inside the house."

Tin nodded, and shot a quick message to his team to arrange for it to be done as soon and as discreetly as possible. 

"So, going to stuffy events and being followed everywhere. Anything else I need to know about dating you?" 

"I think that's all for tonight. Any more, you may decide to break up with me." Tin said in a nonchalant tone, although he did fear that Can would reconsider the relationship if he heaped more issues on Can. 

"At this moment everything is still at your expense so why should I mind? And why would I give up such a cute and handsome boyfriend, who cares so much for me?" Can dropped a quick kiss to Tin's lips and giggled. 

Tin relaxed fully upon hearing his words and pulled Can to stand.

"Let's watch a movie on Netflix and just relax tonight." Tin smiled at Can and walked into the living room, pulling Can along. He watched Can fiddle with the menu, selecting a movie. 

Tin remembered the gifts he bought from London for Lemon and Can's mother, left in the boot of the car parked downstairs, and was relieved that he had the foresight to buy something so that he would not be empty-handed tomorrow during the impromptu dinner. He settled beside Can as a movie was loaded, and relaxed to watch the movie.