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a week's worth

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Shi Luo loves being pampered by Yu Sui. This little spoiled self of his only appears for a short time when they do it, and it was rather rare, too, but it’s a part of Shi Luo that Yu Sui had given himself the challenge to bring out each time he reduces the younger man to a hot mess on his bed.

After all, who would’ve thought that he could be this adorable once he’s been fucked to the point of no return?

Shi Luo whimpers softly as his body is lifted by Yu Sui, who was whispering sweet words into his ear — good boy, good boy, you’ve done so well, taking me in readily, Shi Luo’s mind is too hazy to remember the other near-sinful things Yu Sui’s been coaxing him with — and places the younger man on his lap, his cock meeting with Yu Sui’s lower body.

Shi Luo almost moans out loud at the friction, and Yu Sui’s hands rubbing the inside of his thighs weren’t helping him at all. He brings his arms around Yu Sui’s head, hugging the other man to his chest as he grinds his hips lightly against Yu Sui’s stomach, moaning softly into Yu Sui’s head.

Yu Sui, who had his hands on Shi Luo’s waist, could feel everything — from the way the younger man’s hips and his wet cock rubbed itself along Yu Sui’s abdomen, the tight embrace Shi Luo had around Yu Sui’s head, his face pressed against the area of Shi Luo’s collarbone — and felt aroused to the point of excruciation.

“Ah, who would’ve thought,” Yu Sui pants out, hand moving up to gently tug on Shi Luo’s hair, revealing the dazed and debauched expression on his face, “...that you could be so adorable for me?”

“Will be adorable, if Yu Sui asked.” Shi Luo whispers, leaning down to kiss Yu Sui on his lips, his face colored cherry red from the blush that never seemed to leave his face, hands moving to cup Yu Sui’s cheeks. “Will do what Yu Sui asks.”

Yu Sui, the man in question, almost came there and there. Shi Luo, is he asking for a week’s worth of limping? Not wanting to tease his boyfriend any further, he slowly lifts Shi Luo’s ass, and little by little he brings him down on his cock. Shi Luo whimpers as he hugs Yu Sui’s head to him even tighter, hands gripping the older man’s hair and tugging as he feels Yu Sui’s large cock fill him to the brim and only then does he finally let out a loud exhale as Yu Sui bottoms out.

“Baby, you‘re so tight even after all the times we’ve done it?” Yu Sui’s voice almost sounds delirious, hoarse and low after holding his voice back for too long, and he groans when Shi Luo’s insides tighten around his cock. “It’s okay, it’s okay, breathe for me, I’ll take care of you...”

Shi Luo yelps as he feels something wet slide down on his nipple, and he almost sobs when Yu Sui begins sucking on it hard, his hands gripping Shi Luo’s hips tightly. The younger man stifles his moans, and could only hug Yu Sui’s head closer to his chest, his hands tugging on his hair for a sense of relief, waiting for his ass to stretch as Yu Sui pampers him even more.

“I’m... Yu Sui, stop it...” Shi Luo whimpers, and he watches as Yu Sui’s lips detach themselves from Shi Luo’s hardening nipple, a wet trail forming that attached Yu Sui’s lips to his chest; it was a sight so dirty it made Shi Luo clench his ass again around Yu Sui’s cock. “I’ll— ah, did you just grow harder?! I’ll move now, don’t...”

Yu Sui watches with excitement as Shi Luo places his hands on Yu Sui’s shoulders and leans forward. He brings his ass up, just until it was only Yu Sui’s tip that was inside, and lets himself fall back down.

They both moan at the movement, Shi Luo’s voice muffled by Yu Sui’s head. Yu Sui bites his lip as he wraps his arms around Shi Luo’s waist, breathing hard against the expanse of Shi Luo’s skin. Like this, it’s silent, both of them waiting for the other to adjust. Yu Sui’s heart softens at the thought, where it’s in the little things like these that they find it in them to still care about the other.

Slowly, Shi Luo sets a pace, bouncing up and down on Yu Sui’s large cock, his hips rolling against Yu Sui’s, the friction further heightening the tension around them.

Yu Sui watches him thrust himself onto his cock, head facing down and eyes closed, and he slowly leans back into the bed to shift them to a more comfortable position.

“You look so pretty like this.” Yu Sui whispers, hands moving behind Shi Luo to grope his ass. “Such a good boy. Make sure to suck me in here properly.”

He watches Shi Luo’s eyes widen, and Yu Sui gently mutters, “Bite your lips if you have to.”

“Ah… really good...” Shi Luo continues to move roughly, cock thrusting in and out behind him, and he catches the sight of Yu Sui’s sultry gaze, eyes moving from his face down his body, as though slowly but surely taking in the view, and Shi Luo suddenly feels very hot.

They’ve darkened, but never has Yu Sui looked at him without any trace of adoration. Even at their most vulnerable, Yu Sui looks at him like he’s the only person in the world. Shi Luo feels tears form in his eyes, and he closes them as Yu Sui pulls him closer.

“I’ll support you from behind, so move as you wish.” Yu Sui tells him, and oh, this angle

—Shi Luo’s back arches as he bounces his ass repeatedly on Yu Sui’s cock, already failing to stifle his low moans, his precome smearing against his chest. He was whimpering Yu Sui’s name over and over beneath his breath, eyes closed as tears fell down his face, not of pain and sadness, but of too much pleasure and arousal.

Yu Sui feels the hot walls around his cock clench around him when Shi Luo thrusts his hips back and forth, and he groans at the sensation, hands tightening around Shi Luo’s ass, moving along his thighs and back, his labored breathing and his quickening pace an indication that he was about to reach his peak.

“Shi Luo, ah, your pace is a little too...”

Shi Luo kisses Yu Sui, over his forehead, to his cheeks, and then to his lips, and pulls away as he reaches his climax, moaning out Yu Sui’s name as his cum smears all over their bodies.

The sight of Shi Luo’s nearly red and struggling face, his tight ass sucking in his cock deeply, the dirty squelching sound from their connected bottoms that makes Yu Sui’s head spin, and Shi Luo’s utterly sinful moans, nearly drove Yu Sui to the point of madness. He thrusts his cock up into Shi Luo’s hole and cums inside.

“Come here, baby, shh...” Yu Sui brings Shi Luo down to hug him, peppering kisses all over his face as Shi Luo comes down from his high.

The dried streaks of tears on Shi Luo’s cheeks made Yu Sui only a little regretful, but he felt better knowing he didn’t cry because of something bad. He moves Shi Luo up and removes his cock from inside his hole, and Shi Luo immediately scoots over to lie down next to Yu Sui. He plants his head into Yu Sui’s chest, and Yu Sui’s heart melts.

“Have I been...” Shi Luo blushes even more, which Yu Sui didn’t even think was possible, and averts his gaze away from Yu Sui, “...a good boy?”

Yu Sui’s soul left his body.

Shi Luo, no need to answer the previous question. You are looking for a week’s worth of limping.