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Worlds Apart

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Taehyung was sitting at his desk, pushing his phone left and right with his fingers. He’d just been to one of the world’s most boring meetings that seemed to drag on for much longer than the 2 hours 37 minutes that he was in the room. It was one of those investor meetings where he had absolutely zero intention of investing in anything so his mind wandered to the place it went to a lot these days… Jungkook.

Earlier that morning he’d been surprised when Stefan had asked him how he was and while they were having their morning briefing, he’d asked if there was an update on his situation. At first, Taehyung was taken aback by the personal question but Stefan asked in such a way, asking if he could ask once he’d got business out of the way, that Tae thought it was kind of him. Stefan looked puzzled as Taehyung explained what happened in the same undetailed way that he explained everything where Jungkook was concerned.

“If you don’t mind me saying, I’d have been annoyed if you’d asked me to spend my break with you then you’d disappeared for most of it.”

“I wasn’t expecting a personal call, I was planning on shutting down whoever it was. It was never my intention to allow the situation to happen as it did.”

“Did you tell him that?” Stefan asked.

“Not in so many words.” Taehyung thought he’d let Jungkook know that he was sorry by asking if they could meet again… that made it clear, didn't it?

“Mr Kim, Sir, while you were outside on the phone, he was probably getting annoyed because you left him on his own and when you came back he’d wasted his break. You initiated the date to apologise but then you left him alone.”

“Date? No it wasn’t a date. Okay, I can accept your perception of the situation and how he was more than likely annoyed with me. That would explain his attitude.”

Stefan smiled, the most obvious thing about his boss was how he was utterly clueless at times and for someone so astute and intelligent, he was quite dumb when it came to this situation. He wasn't focusing on the man he was spending time with, possibly expecting him to behave the same way as everyone else in his life, which from what Stefan knew already, was not going to happen.

"What kind of attitude?"

"He told me that there isn't anything super about me." Taehyung was slightly irked by the comment if he was honest.

"Did you ask him?" Stefan was shocked.

The CEO looked confused, "Ask him what?"

"For a compliment"

"No! I don't need a compliment from someone like him."

Stefan was now annoyed and was feeling sympathy for the busker.

"Sir, if you don't mind my honesty, I would like to say that it is maybe your attitude that is causing the problem."

Taehyung sensed yet another conversation where the circumstances had turned sour, this was becoming a regular occurrence and one he thought was limited to Jungkook but evidently not.

"What attitude?"

"Mr Kim, you just said 'someone like him', which is really derogatory. I am a normal guy like him so I took offense to it, I am probably more like him than I am like you. Also, it is 'someone like him' that you are trying to get to know because you like him."

"I will take that on board, I apologise for any offence caused, it wasn't intentional. I appreciate you giving me your opinion."

Throughout the investors meeting, Taehyung’s mind was replaying his chat with Stefan and the conversation with Jungkook at the diner. He thought that perhaps people like them were far too sensitive because he was of the opinion that getting worked up over such simple things was a bit silly. He thought about what would happen if he allowed himself to be affected by every triviality in a meeting or other area of dealing with people who weren't very happy with him. He decided he would permanently be in a mood and that's why he had to let such things wash over him but Jungkook and Stefan were not like him, obviously.

He was ready for food and some decent conversation by the time he handed his key fob to the car park attendant at Blueside, sometimes he had the space near the front reserved for him and other times he used their parking service. He knew that Jin, Namjoon and Hobi wouldn't be here yet because they were the worst at time keeping out of their group. He semi scoffed to himself as he was shown to their table and saw that two out of the three were missing.

Jimin jumped up and embraced him, kissing him on both cheeks because that was who Jimin was. Jin and Yoongi stayed seated but gave him a big smile as he took his seat.

"The flight was on time then?" Tae asked Jin who was pulling a face at the wine he'd taken a sip of.

"What is this?" Jin asked Jimin before looking at Tae "Early would you believe?"

"I don't drink wine, I just ordered the bottle that had the prettiest label." Jimin said in his defence.

"Because of your career, I forgive that logic but next time please leave the wine to me." Jin said as he waved over the young man dressed impeccably in his navy blue uniform.

"Usually, if it looks good, it tastes good, I mean just take my boyfriend for example…"

"No! No thank you, Mochi." Tae interrupted, knowing exactly where the shameless conversation was heading.

“Just because you don’t get any.” Jimin said, leaning over and kissing Yoongi on the cheek.

“That is irrelevant, I could be having the best sex of my life and I still don’t want to hear about yours.” Tae said to his friend.

“You do realise that we are on dessert?” Yoongi said when he saw Namjoon and Hobi approach the table.

“You do realise that you say that too often?” Namjoon said, taking his seat beside Yoongi.

“You do realise that I only say it because you are late all too often?”

“We like to save the best until last, stop complaining.” Hobi added, pulling out his chair and picking up a menu.

“I heard that Moonchild signed?” Jin said to Tae while nodding in appreciation at the wine he’d chosen.

“Eventually but yes. A supermodel tantrum obviously did the trick.”

“They need to up their game if they are going to compete with the big boys.” Jimin added.

A quiet ‘tink, tink, tink’ sounded as Jin tapped his glass with his nail “Their recent collection was better but they definitely need Purple Aura. Some heavy advertising for their next season’s collection and that should help.”

“Have you got ideas, Tae?” Namjoon asked.

“I do and they involve you lot. I’ve been looking at their past advertising and it’s been non existent, aside from their name on the boards for the show.”

“What do you need?” Jin asked.

“I want the campaign to have you as the focus, Jin, you are a big name in the modelling world and that alone will get attention. The advertising period will fall around awards season so I’m thinking that it wouldn’t be a bad thing if your names were thrown into the public. Yoon, could you do something with the music, I want edgy?”

“I can do that. I don’t have plans for another comeback until the new year so promotions are slowing down.”

“Joon, I might want your advice on the set, Hobi… can you give me two dancers if I tell you what I’m looking for?”

Joon nodded as Hobi spoke “Sure. We’ve just opened up applications for the next intake so all our students are established. You should have a good range to choose from.”

“Mochi, will you have time to come and lead the stylists on set?”

“Depends on the timing because you know how awards season gets but I’ll make time for you. I saw the worst advert yesterday so it would be good to get involved.”

“One of mine?”

“No, not a Purple Aura ad. If it had been one of yours, you’d have known about it.” Jimin crossed his legs.

They ordered their mains, which came out exactly 30 minutes after their starters had been collected and chatter continued.

“Are you still due to be in Europe on the 14th of next month, Tae?” Jin asked his friend.

“It’s been put back to the month after.”

“I’m in Paris then, send me your schedule and we can meet up at that restaurant”

"I will providing it isn't put back again."

Namjoon sat back in his chair "what's causing all the delays?"

"A company from Japan insists on meeting in Europe but they always have hold ups. I did suggest that we fly to Japan but no one agreed."

"It sounds like a lot of fuss." Namjoon replied.

"It is but the Japanese company is huge and we do all their advertising so it's not too much hassle, really."

"Are you two going to that charity night that your record label is hosting?" Hobi asked Yoongi.

Before Yoongi could speak, Jimin chimed in "Absolutely, yes! It's a LGBTQ+ event. You should see our suits!"

"Have you seen your suit, Yoon?" Jin asked him with a chuckle behind it.

There were a few laughs around the table as Yoongi shook his head. They all knew full well that Jimin would have picked out both suits, matching of course, had them tailored to perfection and the chances are that Yoongi would see his suit for the first time when he puts it on.

"He will look amazing, that is all he needs to know. Don't hate just because my man trusts me." Jimin said confidently.

There was more laughter as Yoongi just smiled, of course he trusted Jimin, there wasn't anyone else who could make him look that good and Jimin knew everything there was to know about fashion and him. Even his record label employs Jimin to manage the styling for their new artists because everyone knows that Mr Park Jimin is the best.

"You guys should come, put some of your money to good use and donate it. I'll put you on the vip list." Yoongi said while leaning back so that the waiter could put his plate in front of him.

"What's the money being used for?" Namjoon asked, biting the head off his asparagus.

"The label has bought up an old building and are renovating it. They are using the top floor for office space and stuff that doesn't interest me but the space downstairs, they want to transform it to use as a centre for kids who need help dealing with their sexuality. They're going to have therapy rooms and stuff."

"I'll be there. There's this cute guy I've been meaning to ask out on a date so maybe that works?" Hobi said.

"You want to introduce someone to Jimin on your first date?" Jin laughed.

Jimin glared at Jin "When do you fly out again?"

"I want to know who this guy is." Namjoon added while taking a sip of his wine.

"A couple of our students went for an audition for a big show due to hit Broadway and the guy in charge of casting was there. We started talking and he's a bit more flamboyant than I'm used to but then I thought about Mochi and if Yoon can put up with him then I don't see that as a problem." Hobi purposely did not look in Jimin’s direction because he could feel his eyes boring into him and could imagine the look on his face.

"What the fuck is this? Let's all victimise Jimin day?"

"Oh come on, you have to admit that you are a Queen." Tae said to his pouty friend.

"Yeah but we don't need to make it the topic of conversation. Besides, no one is as flamboyant as me." Jimin watched as his friends nodded.

"You’re my Queen, Mini." Yoongi said quietly, leaning towards his boyfriend.

"Off topic… the guy is a casting director? What else?" Namjoon said.

"He works for the big up and coming shows and has been hired for a couple of movies so he's used to moving in the same circles. We have been chatting and swapped numbers last week because he asked me to let him know if I come across someone exceptional. The texts haven't just been business shall we say?" Hobi grinned.

"So why haven't you asked him out?" Jin looked confused.

“You can’t sext but not ask him out.” Yoongi pitched in.

"Timing. We're both busy. But this charity thing would be a good excuse to ask him and you lot can tell me how great he is."

"What's his dress sense like? Hair colour? Style?" Jimin asked.

"Smart casual most of the time. I asked him where he bought the Versace belt he was wearing last week. You'd have liked it, Tae. Oh his hair is undercut, has been bright red but was blonde last week so I'm thinking he's changing colours."

“I’m impressed with your detail, Joon is shocking at remembering details.” Jimin said to Hobi.

“I am not, detail is part of my job and I have an eye for it.” Namjoon responded.

“It might very well be a part of your job but when it reverts to outside of that, you are awful. The last guy you were seeing, I specifically asked you for a description and you said ‘tall’ and that was it.” Jimin raised his eyebrows because he knew he was right.

“That is beside the point… and it was a girl I was seeing last.”

“No… it was a guy because he only drank martini’s with a cherry in. The girl was the one before it and she was cute but boring, she carried that Chanel handbag everywhere and it didn’t match half her outfits.” Jimin knew he was right again.

Namjoon squinted his eyes as he tried to remember and then his expression changed as the memories came back “Yes, you’re right. How do you remember all that?”

“I have an eye for details, Joon. It is a part of my job.” Jimin said and sat back smugly in his chair.

“Is there anything else you need to know before you embarrass me in front of him?” Hobi asked.

“Nope. I will wait to pass judgement when I see what he’s wearing. You obviously like him?”

“I do, he has the kind of infectious personality that makes me smile. Even his texts give that air of happiness.” Hobi said, grinning.

“I’m excited to meet him, we can discuss meeting up before the event if you like? There’s an exclusive bar nearby that I’m going to contact about their vip room.” Jimin had contacts everywhere.

“I will ask him and give you a call in the week. I’ve not had a night out in ages, it should be a good evening and for a great cause. Are they doing a raffle or something?”

“Of course. A raffle, an auction and general donations.” Yoongi added.

“Give me a contact number because once the centre is finished, I could offer one of our best students as a teacher for an hour a week? Dance classes would be a great way for them to express themselves. There wouldn’t be a charge for the centre of course and the student I have in mind is someone who struggled with his sexuality when he started with us so the kids would relate to him.”

“That would be great. I reckon they would bite your hand off for that, Hobi.” Yoongi reached for his phone to get the number for Hobi.

“When is it?” Namjoon asked.

“In a fortnight, the 7th, I think.” Yoongi dabbed his mouth with his napkin.

“I’ll see what I can do, if I can come I’ll bring Jo, she’s so familiar with these events that it saves me worrying about who to bring.”

Namjoon thought highly of Jo, she had been his accountant for years and was great to take as a plus one when there wasn’t any other option. She lived in a small house on the other side of town, she had several big clients but remained modest. Jo fit in well with the group, she was easy going and friendly, she’d been around them for long enough to know what they were like and she blended in well. In the early days she’d had a bit of a fixation on Namjoon, they’d shared a few moments and evenings between the sheets but they both agreed there wasn’t any longevity in it so chose to remain friends instead, with business kept separate.

Jimin clapped his hands together “I’ve not seen Jo in ages, you deprive us of her, it will be great to see her.”

“I haven’t deprived you of anything, that’s Yoon’s job.” as the words left Namjoon’s mouth, the sound of Yoongi choking on the wine he’d just swallowed could be heard and everyone laughed.

Jimin looked at his boyfriend with a serious, unimpressed expression written all over his face “Did you tell him?”

Yoongi reached his hand up while still coughing and trying to breathe properly, stroking the side of Jimin’s face but missing when Jimin moved away.

“He was meant to have kept it to himself!” Yoongi spluttered, turning sharply to his left to glare at Namjoon.

Jimin folded his arms across his chest and moved his chair closer to the table, twisting himself so he was side on to Yoongi.

“We will talk about this later.” Jimin added.

Tae looked at Yoongi, one side of his mouth moving downwards and ‘yikes’ is exactly what his expression read. There was a momentary silence as everyone looked at eachother feeling the tension that they knew would pass and they were perhaps a little pleased that Jimin had chosen to wait until he got home to yell at Yoongi. Everyone knew what would happen, they would be silent in the car on the way home because Jimin would refuse to speak to him but then once home he would strop and protest, act defiant and with the best amateur dramatics put his point across. Yoongi would listen and wait for him to finish, he would pull him into his arms and tell him he was sorry but that he was the most gorgeous creature on earth and express his undying love for him and then they would have copius amounts of sex… that’s usually how they worked, with both admitting that the best part of arguing was the making up, Yoongi going so far as to stoke the fire on a few occasions just to cause a row so they could make up.

“What about you, Tae?” Yoongi asked.

“I’ll check my schedule but I need to find a new escort agency, that last guy they sent was not what I requested.”

Jin laughed “He was dreadful! I like an accent but it would have been good to have been able to understand him.”

“Or not.” Hobi added, laughing.

“If he interrupted someone once more I was going to ask him to leave.” Namjoon said with a serious tone.

“I won’t forget your face when he pinched your backside.” Jimin scoffed.

Tae recoiled at the memory “By the time you saw him do it, that was the third time and I’d had enough. He was too much and I’d specifically requested for the person to remain quiet unless spoken to. The only thing is that they refunded me and gave me a credit note for the next one. They’d always been good up until then.”

“Maybe give them one more chance and remind them of how they messed up before? If they know this is their last chance, they might provide the goods. If they don’t then they don;t want your business.” Yoongi spoke between mouthfuls of wine.

“Can you imagine if they gave you someone who was the man of your dreams?” Jimin might well be stuck up his own backside but he loved a fairy tale.

Hobi’s face read ‘confused’. “He couldn’t be the man of his dreams, he would be an escort.”

“Exactly. Can you imagine that getting out into the public domain?” Namjoon agreed.

Jin sneered “The CEO and the sex worker, that is a sure way to destroy a reputation.”

Tae put his hands up in protest “We don’t have to worry about that, I’ve never even kissed one of them. The company might assure me that they are clean and tested but it’s not worth risking with people like that. They are there for show only.”

Everyone nodded in agreement as Yoongi spoke “I make you right, Tae, it isn’t worth the risk both healthwise and with your reputation. It was enough hassle finding a company that would sign the NDA.”

“Another reason I want to give this company the chance to redeem themselves. That whole NDA situation was a debacle and I don’t fancy going through that again.”

“How about you meet someone at the charity event and leave the escorts alone? You wouldn’t need to worry about NDA’s or dodgy companies.” Jin suggested after the non-disclosure agreement seemed to cause so much stress..

“Yes! If you actually met someone, you wouldn’t need to worry about all that. Even though you might need an NDA anyway.” Jimin added.

“I’m happy as I am, thank you. I know where I am when I’m paying for company and there aren’t any strings.”

“Don’t you miss being fucked though? Don’t tell me that your array of sex toys keep you satisfied?” one of Jimin’s flaws was his lack of filter.

“Not everything is about sex, Mochi. I’m happy with the way things are. My life doesn’t need any complications outside of work.”

Happiness was the truth but there was a miniscule feeling niggling away deep within him that was evolving at a stagnant pace. That atom sized feeling was caused by the busker and it told him that his life was already more complicated than he was giving it credit for.

“One day you might meet someone and you can share that apartment of yours.”

“You talk like I’m the only single one here.”

“Oh I haven’t even started on Joon and Mr Supermodel yet.”

“I’m too busy to have a relationship, I pick up a fuck when I need to and that’s all I need for now, thank you, Mochi.” Jin excused himself from the table, walking so gracefully towards the bathrooms he appeared to float.

“And you can leave me out of this too.” Namjoon said.

“Is there anything wrong with wanting my friends to have partners who cherish and adore them?”

Yoongi leaned across towards his boyfriend “Mini, you just want to have more people you can fuss over.”

Jimin turned to look at him, met his line of sight for a second then turned his attention back to the others, Yoongi’s sly smile as he sat back confirmed he knew they would be having the best sex later.

When Jin returned, they tied up the evening and said their goodbyes, leaving Blueside with their usual extortionate tip and all satisfied with everything as they had become accustomed. This was their favourite restaurant and the owner of Blueside made sure they were well catered for every time they visited.