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Worlds Apart

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"Where next?" Tae asked. They'd decided to conquer Captain Hook Land before getting donuts so now they were sitting on a bench, fingers and mouths covered in granules of sugar, looking at the map laid out on Tae's lap.

Jungkook laughed at the way Tae licked his lips and Tae frowned, wondering what was so funny but liking the sound. “What is so amusing?” he asked before the busker could answer his earlier question.

“Nothing really, just the way you licked your lips, it tickled me.”

“I wouldn’t want you laughing if my lips were tickling you, Jungkook.” he looked at Jungkook whose eyes were big and sparkling. It amused him the way he blushed because of something so basic and began to wonder if he had a completely different persona in the bedroom.

“I suggest that you don’t tickle me, then.”


Jungkook couldn’t imagine how good Tae was with his lips. Right now as his eyes scanned the moist plump pillows that glistened with saliva, there wasn’t a lot he was imagining as he couldn’t think about much. He knew what was going through the head of the CEO, the same thing that most people thought when they were getting to know him. Men made a snap judgement, they saw the way he blushed and saw how flustered he could get when they spoke dirty to him, were suggestive or spoke in innuendos. He didn’t understand why he reacted the way he did and why he couldn’t tap into the confidence and bravado that he knew he had… he could sext and even talk dirty on the phone… in the bedroom when in the moment he wasn’t afraid to take charge and lead… he was sure that Taehyung would be thinking the same as everyone else because he shied under eye contact.

There was a moment where the word ‘noted’ hung in the air, they searched each other's eyes for something or maybe nothing but their gazes were locked. Jungkook found that he broke eye contact first, the blush forcing him to look away eventually, he liked looking at Taehyung, he was noticing more and more of the small things that made his stomach flip or forced the red tinge to flood his body. He wished he’d invited him here as a date, it would have made the brief looks and innuendos a logical part of today instead of an awkward part of it because he didn’t know what this was.

“Tinkerbell Land is next? Should we just work our way around?” he asked, distracting himself from the way he was feeling.

“I should hire you, you are full of good ideas”

“You only wish you had an employee like me.”

Jungkook nearly snapped, he nearly bit his head off because he didn’t like the idea of being hired but he saw in Tae’s face that it was intended as a compliment, not a display of his stature. He was learning, he was trying to pay attention to the whole picture and not just focus on the words that if spoken by someone else would probably mean something else entirely. He was starting to believe that Taehyung liked him, he didn’t think that anyone would choose to spend the day with someone they didn’t like, let alone offer them the chance to drive their supercar so on that premise he needed to give him a chance… another thing that Ash was right about.

“I prefer not to mix business and pleasure so it is more beneficial that I am not your boss.” the CEO added in a matter of fact way.

Jungkook allowed the words to sink in, his mouth answering before his brain considered the options which wasn’t always a good thing as he was finding out “So this is pleasure?” it was an automatic response, he made himself blush as he asked and wished immediately that he could get to grip with the ability to think before he spoke.

The expression on Taehyung’s face was one of amusement and confusion, he wondered what Jungkook thought he was doing here if it wasn’t pleasurable. The question further enhanced his own feelings and thoughts that he liked Jungkook and he very much wanted to see where this (whatever this is) took them but the conversation never seemed to lend itself to addressing that topic.

When he tucked the map back into his pocket and stepped closer to Jungkook, his own heart thumped harder, the busker’s eyes looked at him with such softness, he leaned forward a little and watched as his eyes widened and he gulped. Taehyung’s line of sight went to Jungkook’s cheek as he reached up and brushed some granules of sugar from his face “This is definitely pleasure” he said quietly before smiling and stepping back.

Jungkook dusted his cheek with his fingers and felt the now all too familiar feeling of embarrassment creep up his face, his eyes diverting to the path ahead as his his cheeks burned, “This way, then.” he said, after releasing the breath he'd held when Tae got close earlier.

The CEO followed behind, then picked up the pace once so they were side by side "Do we have a plan for the fairy land?" He asked.

Jungkook giggled "Tinkerbell Land."

"Kookie… Tinkerbell is a fairy, is she not?" Tae liked the shape Jungkook’s eyes made when he was smiling as much as he was.

"Yes, Tinkerbell is a fairy." Jungkook liked the way Taehyung could operate his eyebrows independently, the right one raised.

"So, fairyland is an acceptable title." Tae added.

"Not really but I'll let you have this one."

A playful grin formed on his face "You are allowing me this? How very kind of you."

"One of us has to be in charge." Jungkook replied with a satisfied smirk.

"I very much anticipate the excitement of being under your control."

Taehyung held his breath quickly to prevent the giggle that threatened to magnify the situation when Jungkook tripped over his own feet upon hearing what he said. He thought it was probably another thing that would be best not spoken about so he didn't acknowledge it at all.

The first ride was the giant swings, metal seats held on by chains where your legs swung free while it spun around. It was a relatively gentle ride and when allowed through to take their places, Jungkook sat in the seat furthest from the middle, he said he liked it there because the outer seats flew out wider than the others. Taehyung sat on the seat one in from Jungkook and the ride filled quite quickly.

"This is a good choice of ride after donuts." Jungkook shouted to Tae on his right as they were elevated into the air.

"I am but a slave to your theme park plan." Was Tae's reply, which made the busker smile.

With the breeze in his hair and his legs hanging freely, Tae could think about what he would be telling Stefan about today. He felt it was going well, he was enjoying Jungkook’s company and he got the impression that Jungkook was enjoying his, too. He also thought about the lunch he'd had yesterday with Jin and Yoongi, he didn't want to take an escort to the charity event, there was something niggling away at him and he didn't know what it was but it didn't feel right. It was such a dilemma, he couldn't tell his friends about Jungkook, he didn't know what he would say, he didn't even know if there was anything to tell and he wanted to be sure. What he very much wanted to do was invite Jungkook to the charity event and have him meet his friends without the pressure of being his date. Being his date, in itself brought a whole load of expectations and baggage and Taehyung couldn't be sure enough of his feelings to put him or them through that. They didn't know each other well enough and he needed to be sure of his intentions before they met in the group as a couple. He would need to give it some thought.

"Hey, are you okay?" Jungkook yelled from his out-swinging seat, his hands holding the chains loosely.

"It's really peaceful up here." Taehyung shouted back.

Jungkook’s smile turned to a frown when the seat to Tae's right got closer because the young girls in the two seats beside him thought it would be fun to rock side to side and try and bash into each other.

"Here" Jungkook yelled, holding out his hand to Tae.

The CEO reached for it as Jungkook swayed his body and managed to swing himself close enough. He felt the connection instantly, as he had when he'd gone to Jungkook’s place that evening and he'd held the games controller over his hands. Tae's fingers fit in between each of Jungkook’s and folded over his knuckles. It was awkward and strained his wrist but he liked it, he liked that Jungkook had been the one to initiate it, rescuing him from the girls laughing incessantly about something beside him. He could see Jungkook blushing, even this high up he managed to get shy when it was him who made the decision to offer his hand. The way Jungkook was so confident and defensive, yet so coy and soft made Taehyung’s mind boggle, he was a real mystery at times.

Their hands remained clasped until the ride came to a halt and their feet were finally back on firm ground. They both appeared to get a little shy as they parted and undid the harness to release themselves from their seats.

"You’re making a habit of rescuing me" Tae said with a smile.

"I'm a regular knight in shining armour." Jungkook said with the confidence that betrayed him so often.

"Do you ride, Jungkook?" The tone in which he asked the question changed into something that told the busker there was more to the question than was obvious.

"Horses? Yes I can ride." He said quickly, eyes looking ahead.

"Yes, horses. Funny, I didn't think riding was your style."

Fucking hell! Jungkook was convinced that this conversation was connected to what Tae heard him say this morning. He thought it was probably best to ignore it or it wouldn't be long before he would be praying that the ground would open up and swallow him.

"Would you like to get lunch after this Land?" he said, hoping Tae didn't find anything suggestive in that.

"Does that mean you are about to suggest the vomit inducing rides before then?" Tae said, the left eyebrow raising itself this time.

Jungkook giggled "Yes, it does. Come on. Let's do this one next, this is a new one, I've not seen it before."

The ride was a big circle with pods attached to it. As they reached the front of the queue the man directed them to a pod, inside there was what looked like a motorbike seat, a long black leather seat that was positioned in the middle from the rear to the front. Jungkook’s eyes widened as he looked at the backrest to the rear and realised that they were going to be sitting one behind the other without any barrier between them.

"I think you should get in first." Tae said.

The ride attendant spoke "Okay, so, one of you gets in and sits right at the back, that person needs to make sure his back is against the backrest. The other one sits between his legs and you both need to push back and fasten the belt around you. There are bars on the top half of the pod once the lid closes. I'll be back to check your belt."

"Are you going to get in?" Tae asked as the man walked away.

Jungkook inhaled deeply and climbed in, pushing himself as far back as he could go and opening his legs wide, a foot either side of the seat, as Taehyung followed suit. As the CEO pressed himself backwards, Jungkook was sure he would feel how fast his heart was beating against his back. His mind was fogging and he was losing cognitive function as Tae wriggled back, his ass jiggling against his crotch and the inside of his thighs. Tae fastened the belt and tried to twist his upper body so he could look at the busker but they were so tightly squeezed together that there wasn't a lot of room to manoeuvre.

"This position suits you." He said, just as the ride attendant returned, pulling on the belt and securing them in by pulling the pod lid down, encasing them completely.

Tae reached up and held the bars on either side of him, leaning his head back and resting against Jungkook’s shoulder. As the ride started he wriggled a bit more, he knew how flustered the busker was and he couldn't help but allow his mind to drift further into the gutter, given their positioning.

Jungkook couldn't really think of anything except surviving the ride. He could smell Taehyung, his hair, his cologne. The softness of his hair brushed against his face tickled his mouth and nose. His backside fit snugly against his crotch and his back was pressed to his chest. Thanks to centrifugal force, the CEO was forced more firmly into Jungkook and the busker thought he may not live through it. At the peak, when the ride was at its highest and spinning fastest, he was left with no option but to place his arms around Tae's middle and it was all too much, given that his feelings were gaining in momentum along with the ride.

Taehyung really wasn't a fan of this ride, it was dizzying and he felt like he understood how clothing felt in a washing machine on a high spin. The only thing grounding him was the overwhelming presence he felt from the man behind him, holding him tightly. It had been a long time since anyone held him at all, let alone like this. Tae was an intelligent man, he was fully aware that Jungkook was only holding him this way because of the situation they were in but it didn't change the fact that he was enjoying it. He'd nearly forgotten how it felt to have a man pressed against him, strong arms gripping his body, his sex life as scheduled as the rest of his life but in this moment, he didn't care what the circumstances were, he simply allowed himself to enjoy it.

The rush of wind eased through the vents in the pod as the ride began to slow down. It was like their own personal bubble and neither man wanted to get out… not really but neither would admit it to themselves let alone each other.

As the ride attendant released the lid, Jungkook relaxed his hold on Taehyung.

"I can't get out if you don't leave first." He said close to Tae's ear.

Taehyung pushed his lips out and huffed, knowing that neither could be seen and reluctantly scooted forwards so he could climb out. Once out, he held his hand out for Jungkook who looked a bit puzzled by the gesture but accepted it anyway, allowing Tae to help him out.

"That was great, can we do it again later?" Tae asked, using his best acting skills and hoping for a yes and no at the same time.

"You can get in first next time"

"Now, that surprises me, I didn’t have you down as a switch."

Jungkook answered quickly, so quickly that he didn't have time to register his own words "I'm not."

Tae's lips curled into something that was part smirk, part grin "As I suspected."

After finishing off Tinkerbell Land, they made their way through 'The land of the Lost Boys' then headed to the pizzeria for a very late lunch that was now more like dinner. Whilst in the queue, Taehyung rested his hand on the small of Jungkook’s back, his fingers barely touching as they moved forwards slowly.

"What would you like?" Jungkook twisted his body to ask Tae.

"I'll get a table, you order whatever you fancy and I will cover anything extra. I'm starving and you must be too."

"I do have money." Jungkook snapped back.

Taehyung had already started walking towards an empty booth, the pizzeria was relatively nice given that it was in the middle of a theme park. He heard what Jungkook said and hoped his attitude would disappear by the time he joined him. He didn't quite understand why Jungkook reacted the way he did over the seemingly smallest things but he would try and smooth things over if he had to because he thought they were having a good day.

Jungkook ordered the food, the voucher being more than enough which was a pleasant surprise because he ordered the biggest pizza plus sides and drinks. Before heading to the table he went to the toilet, rolling his eyes at a text from Ash, given what had just happened:

How’s it going? I mean with you keeping that big mouth shut that is 😉

Jungkook quickly pressed ‘call’...

Ash answered immediately, “Oh no.”

Jungkook frowned “What?”

“You’re calling me, this is bad.”

“What? No… it isn’t… well… I don’t think so.”

“Oh no. That doesn’t sound very promising. What have you done?”

“Why does it have to be me? You know that you’re meant to be my friend, right?” Jungkook loud whispered into his phone.

“I know, that’s why I can talk to you the way I do. Duh! So, what have you done and why are you hissing down the phone?”

“I’m in the toilet. The day is going well, actually but I just bit his head off and I’m annoyed.”

“Annoyed? With him or yourself?”


“What did he do?”

“He knows I’ve got those vouchers for lunch but told me to order whatever I wanted then said he’d cover the extras.”


“Ash? Hello?” Jungkook whispered forcefully.

There was a loud breath from the other end of the phone which told Jungkook that his friend was still there before Ash responded, “I’m waiting for you to tell me what he did to result in you biting his head off.”

Jungkook sighed, “I’ve told you.”

“You. You are a fucking idiot. Why can it not be a nice thing that he offered? Why do you have to take it badly? He is aware that you had vouchers, he is also aware that he’s fucking loaded and seriously, do you think it would dent his wallet to pay for extras? It was a nice thing to do! We are going to have a talk when you get home, unless you bring him home to fuck him.”

“I knew that would probably be what you’d say.” Jungkook sighed again.

“Go and apologise for being a dickhead! Enjoy your lunch and the rest of the day and Kookie Monster?”

“Yeah?” Jungkook said in a defeated, if not a little irritated, way.

“You need to try not to let Ryan ruin this for you.”

“I gotta go… thanks.”

He pressed ‘end call’ and took a deep breath… Taehyung probably thought he’d left and gone home and he needed to lighten the atmosphere.

Jungkook felt his stomach do a little swoop as he walked towards the CEO who was sitting looking at his phone. The food was laid out on the table and he had the straw to his drink resting on his bottom lip.

“Hey, sorry about that.” Jungkook said as he slid into the seat opposite Taehyung.

“Which part are you apologising for?” Taehyung responded, straw still close to his mouth as he sat hunched over, flicking through emails on his phone that rested on the table.

“Whatever you feel I need to apologise for.” he said… with attitude.

Taehyung sat back in his seat and looked at Jungkook with an unimpressed expression “If I accept your apology, which isn’t really an apology, can we eat?”

On this occasion, Jungkook considered his answer beforehand, he didn’t want the day tainted by something so trivial “Yes. I hope I didn’t order anything you don’t like.”

Tae smiled a little “There isn’t much I don’t like, food wise. You have nothing to worry about there.”

Jungkook returned the smile a little sheepishly as they tucked into the food. He knew that Ash was going to give him the lecture from hell when he next saw him so he decided that he may as well enjoy the rest of the day and if he made an effort, he could update his friend, possibly lessoning the intensity of the lecture.

“Do you have a favourite pizza topping?” Jungkook asked the CEO.

Tae didn’t often eat pizza, the restaurants he dined in didn’t have it on the menu and the last time he remembered eating it was when he was in Italy on business because he hadn't been to his friend's restaurant in a while. There was only one place he frequented if he wanted pizza, usually and that was the most authentic outside of Italy.

“I like it meaty, Jungkook.” he replied, opting for an answer that conveyed something else.

Jungkook managed to prevent himself choking, the innuendo behind the words and the way his name sounded when Taehyung said it that way was just too much.

“I make a great pizza or so my roommate says.”

“You do? From scratch?”

“Making the base is the fun part.”

“Perhaps I will be fortunate enough to experience more of your culinary delights one day and then I can be the judge as to how great it is.” the smile told Jungkook that the last part was meant in jest and the wink that followed confirmed it.

“I’m not sure you could be that fortunate.”

Tae giggled “I look forward to the day that I get to experience just how talented you are with your hands, Jungkook.”

The busker took a deep breath and held it, he was desperate to find a way to stop that tingling sensation that told him his cheeks were pinking up.

They ate and talked, the conversation faltering every time Taehyung resorted to something suggestive and giving Jungkook time to ignore what he said and change the subject, which had become a game that Tae enjoyed playing. Once finished they headed to the final area of the theme park to complete their day, the atmosphere having lightened a lot.

“Peter Pan Land has some great rides.” Jungkook said.

“I am following your lead, Kookie. Your plans have been successful thus far.”

Jungkook liked being called ‘Kookie’ mainly because of the way it sounded coming from Tae because his voice rose in tone as he said it and it sounded playful unlike when he called him ‘Jungkook’ which always sounded downright sinful… which he also liked… a lot.

The first ride they went on was a relaxing ferris wheel type ride, the talk at the top was about the view and how far they could see. It was a good choice after the amount of food they’d recently consumed. The next ride was also relatively gentle, a slow boat ride through the land of Neverland, with statues of the characters and a lightning scene through a cave as Captain Hook made an appearance.

In the queues for the rides, Jungkook was becoming familiar with the feeling of having Tae’s hand touching him, either resting on his lower back or at the back of his arm. He wouldn’t have thought that the CEO would be so tactile but any opportunity that presented itself to touch… he touched.

“I love this ride!” Jungkook exclaimed as they stood penned in my barriers, side by side, Tae’s hand a little lower than it had been all day, closer to the top of his ass than his lower back.

Taehyung scanned the signs and tried to get an understanding of what the ride entailed before he answered “Is it one of your favourites?”

“Yep! We need to work together.”

They were seated side by side in the ride car, the rules on a sign near the laser gun in its holster on the dashboard. They brought the safety bar down onto their laps and took out the guns, listening to the ride attendant as he spoke over a loud speaker and reiterated the rules.

The ride started, the car moved around a track through an indoor cavern or scenes where objects appeared that had light targets on them. The duo had to fire their laser at the targets and collect as many points as possible whilst avoiding the targets that would deduct points.

Taehyung watched as the green digital score on Jungkook’s side changed constantly, the numbers rising every second. His own reflexes weren’t so impressive and holding the gun felt alien but he decided to do his best and once he’d worked out the pattern that the targets would turn… he was ready for the next one and his digital numbers began to rise.

A hologram of Peter Pan greeted them at the end of the ride, congratulating them on a successful journey which freed Neverland from the clutches of evil Captain hook. The ride attendant announced that the explorers in cart number 7 were the victors with a score of 123,000 and Jungkook cheered at the win.

“Yes! We won!” he said excitedly, doing little skips and jumps as they left the ride.

Tae smiled, he liked seeing Jungkook like this “I think it is probably safer to say that you won.”

“No, we won! Okay, so I was a bit concerned at first when you killed that fairy and then you killed Wendy but you came good in the end!” his eyes shone as he spoke.

“I bet you could make me come good, Jungkook.” Taehyung said, as a matter of fact, with a huge smirk on his face, not bothering to look at Jungkook who he saw trip and go bright red, out of the corner of his eye.

Jungkook put his hand to his mouth and coughed, not knowing how to respond so choosing not to. The next couple of rides were quite gentle too, the final ride being the big rollercoaster that Neverland was famous for and it was a nice way to end the day. On the way out they walked through the gift shop, Tae stopped and looked at everything while Jungkook just stood and waited for him.

“Choose something.” Tae said to Jungkook.


“I would like to get you something to say thank you for today.”

“You don’t have to do that. You’ve thanked me, that’s enough.”

Tae tilted his head and raised his brow “Please? Jungkook, I would like to buy you something as a momento of the day, to thank you for inviting me.”

Jungkook inhaled a big breath, he looked at Tae who looked expectantly at him and he felt bad for being so awkward when it seemed that he just wanted to do something nice for him.

“Here.” he said, handing Tae a fridge magnet… Peter Pan’s hat with a fairy in the middle and the word ‘Neverland’ in glittery letters scripted across it.

“Is that all you want?”

“It is a perfect momento of the day.” and he hoped it was small enough to not require anything big in return.

Tae didn’t argue, he paid for the magnet and nodded when the lady asked if he wanted it wrapped, handing it to Jungkook as they walked through the exit towards the car park.

“Thank you.” Jungkook said, feeling warm at the gesture even if he didn't think it was necessary and wondering if it would come at a price.

“You’re welcome. Thank you for today.” Tae replied.

They found the car, it was easy to spot and a definite plus point about having a bright red Ferrari.

“Wrong side.” Tae said to Jungkook. Holding the key fob in his outstretched hand. “I thought you were driving us home.” he added.

Jungkook’s eyes were wide “But what about insurance and stuff?”

“I sorted the insurance while waiting for you in the Pizzeria and there isn’t any other stuff

Jungkook took the key fob and listened to Tae’s instructions about how to start the car and before long he was sitting behind the wheel of one of his dream cars with the engine running and his heart was in his mouth. He melted into the seat as he drove them back to his home, the car was a dream to drive and he could see Taehyung staring at him in his peripheral vision, all the way back. The silence was comfortable, the only words spoken were about the car itself and how it drove. Jungkook tried to rein himself in from outwardly gushing with every comment made about the car, even something as simple as how amazing the steering wheel felt in his hands had him feeling animated.

“You drive well, Jungkook.” Tae said as he unfastened his belt and opened the door to get out when Jungkook parked up outside his complex.

“It’s a lovely car. Thanks for letting me drive it.” Jungkook climbed out and walked around the front to hand the key fob to Tae.

“You are most welcome. You can drive it any time.” Tae said as they met at the front of the car, taking the key fob back, allowing his fingers to stroke the hand of the busker as he did so and leaving his hand where it was.

“And thank you for today, I had a good day.” Jungkook said, his heart suddenly thumping as Tae took a step closer, the oxygen disappearing from where they stood, making it hard to breathe.

“I did too.” the CEO practically breathed the words out as he leaned forwards slowly, the gap between their faces decreasing with each slight movement and Jungkook could practically hear his heart beating as he edged his own face forwards.

Their lips touched, they both instinctively closed their eyes even though the meeting of mouths was brief. Tae’s fingers still had contact with Jungkook’s hand and he stroked across his knuckles as his own heart rate sped up at the sensation of having Jungkook’s top lip resting against the seam of his own lips that were parted very slightly.

He didn’t know if he’d crossed a line but felt that he had. The line he crossed being the line between platonic and something more. His feelings were clear now, his intentions also clear… a big reality check to himself and much to discuss with Stefan on Monday morning.

Jungkook blinked quickly as they parted, stepping back and ignoring the blush that overwhelmed his face. His insides were fluttering and now he was under no illusion that not only did Taehyung obviously like him but that was definitely reciprocated.