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Worlds Apart

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“I shouldn’t go.” Jungkook shouted from his room.

“Maybe if I borrowed a suit.” he said walking into the bathroom.

“No, I shouldn’t go.” this was his decision as he entered the kitchen.

“It would be nice to go out, like on a date but it isn’t a date.” were the words spoken while pouring a drink.

“Okay, I don’t think I should go.”

Ash was rooting around down the side of the sofa cushions, as Jungkook sat down in the armchair. “Have you finished?”

“Finished what?” the busker asked.

“Being an indecisive idiot.” was the reply.

“I don’t know what to do.”

“Really? I hadn’t noticed.” Ash said with a giggle.

“What are you looking for?” It finally dawned on Jungkook that he didn’t know what his friend was doing.

“I’ve lost my pen.”

The pen? Your pen?”

“Uh-huh. I had it last night while you were fucking your boyfriend in the car and I’ve lost it. I have an exam in two hours, I need it.”

“I wasn’t fucking anyone and he isn’t my boyfriend. Have you checked the fridge?”

“Do you think you could get married without actually ever going on a date?”

“What? I don’t know, who’s getting married?”

“You will one day and it would be weird if you hadn’t ever been on a date because obviously nothing equates to a date with you two… why the fridge?”

“Because you always get a vanilla shake before bed so if you had the pen in your hand you probably left it in the fridge. It’s a you thing to do.”

Ash thought about it for a split second then went to the kitchen “I thought you were phoning him last night, anyway?”

“I was meant to but he was waiting for me to give me a lift home after work.”

“He is so into you, Kookie Monster. I will keep saying that until it sinks in… Got it!” Ash waved the pen in the air in the doorway “You were right, it was behind the milk.”

“Do you think I should go on Saturday?”

“Yes, definitely. I have a suit but it’s at Dino’s. You can try that on.”

“I would like to go, it sounds like a great cause. I might also like that Tae thought about me because of the dance classes.”

“That’s because he. Is. so. Into. you.”

“It isn’t him who will be into me though is it?” Jungkook laughed.

Ash choked on a giggle “You really need to fuck him because that tension is building. I definitely want details when you do.”

“It is becoming difficult to think of anything else when I’m with him, not gonna lie.”

“You are kissing him more though so that’s kinda expected.”

“I thought that he would take charge more than he does but when we kiss, he just… I don’t know… he turns into putty.”

“But that suits you, you are perfect for each other, surely?”

“Well… yeah… but I didn’t expect him to be like that. He's so confident and cold at times, mainly arrogant but then he touches me and… he… well, I… you know?"

Ash laughed loudly "I think I follow but you aren't making much sense. I don't know if I prefer you pretending to dislike him or this daydreamy, slushiness."

"I'm not daydreaming or being slushy."

"It's a good thing, Kookie Monster. I like seeing you like this, I mean, it gives me a lot to rip the piss outta you but it's also good to see that you're giving Mr Moneybags a chance."

"Fuck off, Ash."

"You are so rude."

Jungkook laughed and tapped out a text to Tae, confirming that he would be attending the event with him tomorrow night and keeping his fingers crossed that the suit fits.


When Saturday evening came, Jungkook felt like he was going to throw up everywhere, his nerves were getting the better of him. The messages between him and Taehyung were more or less constant now, he was a little bowled over by the effort the CEO was making if he was honest. Ash wasn't letting him live anything down though, especially when last night, Jungkook paused the game part way through just to answer the phone when Taehyung called him unexpectedly.

He was now standing in his bedroom, looking at his reflection, deciding that he shouldn't go… even though Tae would arrive to pick him up any second. He worried about everything, about meeting people and about there being too many people with money there, hoping they were like Tae and not like most people who are wealthy. He'd never been a fan of posh, stuck up affairs, people flaunting their money and fake laughing about topics that no one really cares about. He checked himself over, the dark grey suit was actually quite smart, it fit him well and Marie had given him a small blue scarf to tie around his neck instead of wearing a tie so that it wasn't quite so formal. The white shirt was crisp and he'd styled his hair for once, Marie had straightened it for him and he’d gelled it into a sort of quiff, showing his forehead. The last time he'd worn a suit was at his Mother's wedding several years ago and that was a day that he would quite happily erase from his memory so he was looking forward to replacing it with something positive this evening… even if he was once again deciding not to go…

The one thing that was most certainly not going to help his nerves, was seeing Taehyung standing by his ferrari dressed like a supermodel. The outside lights of the apartment complex shined bright on the CEO, dressed in a forest green suit, matching waistcoat, blazer and trousers. The blazer was nipped at the waist and the trousers flared slightly at the bottom. The tie nestle under the collar of the white shirt was burgundy stripes and the waistcoat seemed to accentuate his waist. His dark hair looked soft, still curly from his hair appointment on Thursday and Jungkook nearly tripped on air, he thought he was going to die. The smile that spread across Taehyung’s face made him feel less like a mere mortal to his supreme Godliness because whatever their situation was, he was pleased to see him which definitely brought out Jungkook’s shyness.

"H-hi" now was absolutely not the time to stutter or turn into more of an idiot than usual but Tae took his breath away and he hadn't had a minute to get control of himself.

"Hi." Taehyung replied, holding open the door and surprising Jungkook by pecking him on the cheek as he got in.

The busker fastened his seatbelt and used the minute he had before Tae got in, to compose himself and remember that this was no big deal, it wasn't a date, it wasn't as if Tae was dressed like that for him, this was just an event. He should be thankful that this isn't a date because now he could prepare himself for the future, should they ever go on an actual date, he knows what to expect and maybe this could be seen as a dress rehearsal... not that he thinks that viewpoint is helpful at all.

"Are you okay?" Tae asked, clipping in his belt and starting the ignition.

"Yep, thanks. Nice suit."

"Thank you. I would like to take the credit for it but the one I intended on wearing wasn't acceptable apparently so my friend sent this over."

It was a normal situation for Taehyung and the group. Every event that they attended would go the same way with Jimin asking for photos of their outfits and usually disagreeing and sending something over. They would have been annoyed in any other circumstances but Jimin was damn good at what he did and they all usually approved of his choice.

"The same friend who organised your hair appointment?"

"The same one. You will meet him tonight."

Oh! Jungkook hadn't really thought too much about the possibility of meeting Taehyung’s friends and the nausea kicked up a notch which was daft since this wasn't a date.

When they pulled up at the venue, Tae handed the fob to the parking attendant and tipped him. He'd learned that at events like this, they could get busy so a little extra to begin with meant he would get his car first in a queue of people. Money talks. They walked through some doors, up a flight of stairs and into a lavish hall. The record company and first sponsors had spared no cash in setting this up which would certainly encourage others to part with their money. Jungkook felt a little fuzzy as Taehyung placed a hand on the small of his back, as he had done so often when they were at the theme park. It was a small gesture but it was one of many things that he was reluctantly having to admit that he liked.

Jungkook looked around the hall, lots of rainbow colours and people walking around with tall glasses on trays. There were so many people and tables covered with rainbow coloured cloths and giant plumes of feathers as the centre pieces. There was a man juggling, a drag artist doing card tricks and a woman on a trapeze. It was crazy but Jungkook liked it.

Tae saw his group of friends up ahead, standing near a table. The first thing he noticed was Jimin and Yoongi in their matching black sparkly suits with rainbow handkerchiefs in the pockets, they looked amazing but that was a given. Hobi was beaming as he had his arms linked with the man next to him, his hair a fuschia pink which went well with the baby pink suit. They were all laughing, Jo's laugh the loudest which always tickled Taehyung because she was the smallest person in the group and she was mostly quiet unless she was laughing. He could see why Namjoon took her with him to events because she was quite easy going and fun when she wanted to be, part of him always hoped that they would end up together but as time went on that hope disappeared. He smiled when he saw Jin waving, the man looked ridiculously handsome as always, the deep purple suit looked great against his tanned skin and chestnut coloured hair and Taehyung wondered if the suit was down to Jin's myriad of stylists or whether it was Jimin.

"Holy Herrera! The next time I need to make a complaint, you are in charge of it." Jimin was astounded.

"What complaint? Why?" Namjoon, always slow on the uptake.

"Come on! He had problems with that company, he complains and they send him that. And if that isn't a piece of Taehyung then I don't know what is." Jimin pointed straight at Jungkook.

"Yeah, I see that." Jin added.

"Good to see you, Taehyung." Jo said, standing next to Namjoon in the cutest red dress.

"Nice to see you again." Tae said.

""Hi, I'm Jo." She said to Jungkook who smiled in return.

"My apologies, this is Jungkook. That's Jimin, his partner Yoongi, Jin, Namjoon, Jo, Hobi and…. Sorry I don't know your name."

"My bad…" Hobi’s words earning him a scowl from Jimin because that phrase was so two years ago. "... this is Emery. His real name is Arthur but he hates it."

Hobi laughed and Emery laughed too, Tae already thought they were perfect for each other.

"You survived drinks with this lot, then" Tae said to Emery.

"I did! They are so nice."

"This is our table. We only need to sit for the speeches and raffle draw." Yoongi said, looking Jungkook up and down.

"Have you seen Cruise's new movie?" Hobi asked the group in the random way that only Hobi could.

"I have." Jungkook answered.

"I'm an extra in it. I did the casting for it and the director asked if I wanted a cameo." Emery beamed.

"Wow! That's cool." Jungkook had seen the movie a few times.

"Being a handsome supermodel is better." Jin offered.

"Sure it is." Hobi laughed.

"What did you put in your complaint, anyway?" Jin asked Taehyung.

"Is this really the topic of conversation?" Tae said.

"Well, it is now we've seen him." Namjoon smiled.

Jimin had a displeased look on his face "even though, I do think you need to broach the subject of clothing with them. I mean, did they lend you that?"

"Sorry?" Jungkook looked at Jimin.

"Did they lend you that suit or do they expect you to provide your own?" Jimin added.

Jungkook didn't really know what he was talking about "I borrowed it from a friend."

"It needs to go in the feedback, Tae."

"Shall we sit down?" The CEO asked the group who all nodded and took seats around the table.

When they were all seated, Hobi started chatting about a new dancer at his school and Jungkook was animated as he joined in, talking about the different dances and being amazed at the complexity of the styles that the new dancer was able to do. He was enjoying the talk about movies, acting and dance, the arts was something he was passionate about, something he'd always longed to be a part of, he'd never lost sight of his dream, even when he thought all hope was lost.

"So you study and do this in the evening?" Namjoon asked Jungkook.

"I study, yes." Jungkook was getting a bit fed up of how his conversations were interrupted and how Yoongi kept side eyeing him.

"Does this pay for your schooling?" Yoongi asked "or do the extras pay for that?"

"I don't know what this is." Jungkook got the impression that Tae's friend thought that he was taking money from the CEO, which got his back up because he wasn't interested in the money, never has been, didn't even want the tips in the subway.

"Guys, can we not refer to the situation because I'm sure Taehyung doesn't really want it discussed in public." Jin was trying to be the voice of reason. "Not everyone can fly solo like me."

A few of them scoffed and giggled, turning to watch the woman in the leopard print costume eating fire and breathing flames like a dragon on stage.

Jungkook felt really uncomfortable, these people were everything he detested about the rich, they waved their money around in their expensive outfits and looked down their noses at people like him. He sat and listened to them asking Tae about the problem at Purple Aura, they all knew a lot about it, especially Namjoon. He hadn’t realised the full extent of it and was pleased it was rectified because he didn't like the thought that lies and deceit could have destroyed a whole company. The one thing he thought he knew about Taehyung was that he was a businessman who was honest and well respected for the way he ran his empire and the more he heard, the more this thought was reinforced. The conversation, however, was completely out of Jungkook’s remit so he sat quietly, feeling like a fish out of water, glances around the table met with looks from the others every now and again, except Yoongi who stared a lot. He wasn't keen on the looks he was given, it was knotting his insides and causing an irritation to build within him.

He needed to breathe so excused himself from the table. Taehyung stood as he stood "Is everything alright?" the words almost making Jungkook laugh.

"Wonderful" he said, the word dripping with sarcasm as he walked away from the table in search of the bathroom.

Taehyung turned back to the conversation and Jungkook inhaled deeply as he locked himself into a cubicle in the swanky bathrooms, there was a chance that he was reading it wrong but his gut said otherwise. He hated the way he felt, even on his way out of the bathrooms into the hall, everyone looked at him, he was sure they knew he wasn't like them, which was a ridiculous thing to think because he was a guy in a suit like many there. He took a glass of fizz from every tray offered to him on his way from the bathrooms, drinking it down before placing the empty glass on the next tray and helping himself to another. It was on the third pause at a tray, swapping the empty glass for a full one, that Jin appeared on his way to the bathrooms. Jungkook really admired the way he walked so gracefully, practically floating through the sea of people as he approached.

"Hey kid, some friendly advice, Tae doesn't like his dates to talk much. After the complaint, I'd have expected them to brief you but obviously not."

Jungkook looked at the model with a an irritated expression "Who? Brief me on what?"

"You aren't required to act, just smile and look pretty. That's what he pays for. The last guy who spoke too much was the reason for the complaint so I'm extremely surprised that they didn't brief you before giving you the job."

"I'm not following, I'm sorry but I think you're mistaken."

"There’s no need to pretend, Jun… J… Everyone is aware where you were hired from. I just thought I would offer some advice if you wanted to get paid tonight. Tae will refuse to pay if you don't behave accordingly and then it's your job on the line, but suit yourself."

As the light bulb shone and reality set in, Jungkook grabbed the arm of a member of staff walking past, taking two glasses and draining the contents before placing them back on the tray, watching Jin saunter off like he'd done him a favour. The rage burned in his core like the centre of the sun, his face flushed with the sudden onset of alcohol rushing through his system. If he hadn't needed to return to the table to collect the jacket to his suit, he'd have walked out already but it was Ash's suit and he couldn't leave it.

"Did they really?" Namjoon laughed as the group were discussing something that Jungkook had no interest in, he just wanted to leave.

He walked around the table to his seat between Taehyung and Yoongi, making no effort to make eye contact or sit down, taking the jacket off of the back of the chair and cursing when the lining got caught.

"Are you cold?" Taehyung asked him but getting no reply.

"I'd just leave it if I were you." Jimin added, watching as the busker wrestled with the jacket and chair.

Jungkook finally got the jacket free and slipped it on "If you'll excuse me, I'm going."

"What?" Tae's voice sounded beside him.

"Is that your call to make?" Hobi asked him.

Jungkook fought down the urge to shout, the furnace inside raging, the urge to cry hitting him. "You see, I have a headache, it's brought on by my extreme allergy to bullshit. Nice to meet you all."

"Jungkook, wait" Tae got to his feet as the busker strode off.

"What the hell?" Jimin said as Jin rejoined the table looking confused as everyone muttered things about further complaints to the company.

"Where are you going?" Yoongi asked Tae who was putting on his own jacket.

"I'll speak to you all later. I need to go."

"Make sure you ditch the company this time. They can't supply people like that." Hobi said, his words earning nods around the table from everyone except Jin who was none the wiser.

The cool air was the least of his worries as he was spotted approaching by the parking attendant who stuck his thumb up and rushed off to get the car. Tae needed the guy to hurry, he didn't know where Jungkook was or what happened to cause that outburst but no one embarrassed him like that. Jungkook hadn't been gone that long so he had absolutely no idea what could've happened between him leaving the table to go to the bathroom and him returning.

"Going so soon, Sir?" The young man said as he handed Tae the fob and had notes thrust at him in return.

"Yes. Thank you." Tae said, climbing into the Ferrari and speeding off without a second thought.


Jungkook was livid, he was stomping down the street when he heard the Ferrari slow down beside him and a familiar voice shout his name through the open window. He didn't turn his head, he kept walking, fists clenched because he'd been made to feel so worthless and was so humiliated that he wanted to murder someone.

The Ferrari slowed, crawling beside him as Tae yelled his name.

"FUCK OFF, Taehyung!" he yelled back.

"Jungkook, get in."

"Are you deaf? I said FUCK OFF!!"

"What is your problem?"

Jungkook felt enraged, laughing deliriously "You are kidding, right?"

"Can you please get in the car?"

Jungkook scowled at him "I'd rather eat my own vomit but thanks."

"Jungkook! Get in the car. I'm not doing this here."

"So don't then… fuck off, Tae. Go home and forget I exist, just like you have all evening."

"Is that what this is about? You're angry because I didn't give you enough attention?"

"Fuck my life! If I say yes, will you leave me alone?"

"No, but I'm about to abandon my car in the middle of the road because you obviously prefer to shout in public."

"Don't be fucking stupid! Just. Go. Home."

Taehyung was someone who didn't like public confrontation, he avoided it at all costs but this man was pushing him to his limit. He wasn't used to someone who didn't listen, who didn't do as instructed and his patience was wearing thin. He cut the engine and climbed out, leaving the red car in the middle of the road. "I'm not going until we've sorted this out."

Jungkook walked back towards him, hand gesturing towards the car "What the fuck are you doing? You can't leave that car there!!"

"Get in it, then." Taehyung was standing with both his hands on his hips, feeling more irritated with every passing second.

"Why, why should I? What makes you think that I want to be on the same planet as you right now? Let alone get in your car."

"I'd rather you yell at me in the car but if you want to shout in the street then we can do that."

"I let you in!! I knew I shouldn't but I did! And you've made me feel everything that I was scared of. You are a fucking cunt! I hate you!" Jungkook was spitting as he forced the words out with venom, using his hands to point and every muscle was tight as he clenched his stomach in anger.

"If you are going to be so offensive I'd rather you got in the car. Let me take you home." he knew that Jungkook could be hostile but this was another level of hostility.

"Your friends think I'm a fucking prostitute!! How would you like me to be?"

Tae's stomach dropped, he'd hoped that Jungkook hadn't picked up on it but obviously he was wrong. "Can we talk about this in the car? I'm going to just leave it there otherwise and walk after you."

"You can't do that to that car."

"I can and I will."

Jungkook stormed towards the car, throwing himself in the passenger seat and splaying his hands out in front of him, palms up at Tae who was stood in the street looking at him "Come on then, arsehole."

Tae walked around the side of the car and got in, fastening his seatbelt and pulling away before Jungkook decided to get out, even though he suspected that if he wanted to get out, he would, whether the car was in motion or not.

"Escort, not prostitute by the way." He said into the darkness of the car.

"Oh well that's so much better. Do you know what is worse than them thinking that I'm a prostitute? Do you? In fact shall I tell you what is worse? The worst thing is that you let them think it! You sat there while they looked down their noses at me and you said nothing! That is worse!"

"And how should I have introduced you? Since you're the one with all the answers."

"That isn't the fucking point! You are the complete arsehole that I thought you were! I gave you a chance, you made me think I had you all wrong but you are just a rich cunt, like the rest. You think that you can have anyone and anything, it must have made you feel so fucking proud that your friends thought you'd bought me."

"You haven't answered my question though? You sit there spitting vile words out at me for the dreadful things I have done, so please tell me, how should I have introduced you? A friend? Would that have been acceptable to you? Would it? Please tell me" irritation laced his words.

"Don't do that! I'm not one of your staff that does as he's told and I'm not someone you can throw money at to get a blow job at the end of the night."

"Jungkook, if you were one of my staff I'd fire you on the spot and I have never paid for sex but I would quite happily give you extra to shut your mouth, not open it."

"Yes I heard about how you want your dates to keep quiet and look pretty. Wow, you are such a pompous prick."

"Who told you that?"

"The model. He gave me some friendly advice."

"I see. Well there is an element of truth in that but I have my reasons and none of it applies to you because you were there under different circumstances. I'm still waiting for you to answer my question Mr 'quick to cast blame'"

"I don't fucking know, is your answer."

Taehyung parked up in space 69 which certainly wasn't amusing anymore.

"If I'd have introduced you as my friend, would that have been okay? You must know the answer, Jungkook, because you seem to have the answers to everything. So quick to shout and address all my faults but hesitant to look at your own."

"Fuck off, Tae. You are so fucking arrogant."

Jungkook made a move to open the door but Tae locked it. "You are exasperating. Answer the question."

Jungkook kicked his leg out, clenching his fists and was doing everything in his power not to cry, he wanted to feel anger but there was a point when the rage manifested itself as tears and he hated that.

"It would've probably made me feel shitty… but… it would've been better than being your prostitute."

"Escort… I've never been with a prostitute and I've never paid for sex."

"Whatever, it doesn't change the fact that they treated me like that, looking down at me because they thought you'd paid me to be there."

"I didn't know how to introduce you so I just didn't. I take responsibility for that. I would like to know why it would've made you feel bad if I'd said you were my friend."

"And I'd have liked to have not been made to feel the way I feel. We don't all get what we want, Taehyung but I'm sure that's a foreign notion to you."

"Please, tell me." he softened his tone.

They looked at each other, both had thoughts running through their minds, Jungkook’s eyes about to lose their battle with the tears welling in them and Taehyung desperate to reach out but wouldn't dare. He’d never fought with anyone like this before, it was all new and he didn’t quite know how to deal with how emotional Jungkook was.

“Because… that would’ve been wrong… I didn’t want to just be your friend.” Jungkook’s voice was quieter and he looked out of the window as a few tears broke free, turning his head away from the CEO.

Taehyung finally had the answer he wanted, the answer he'd hoped for “Jungkook, I’m sorry… truly… if I’d have thought about how much it would hurt you, I’d have done it differently. It was never my intention to hurt you.”

“Well, you have. I don’t think I’ve ever felt so humiliated in my life.” he spoke into the pane of glass beside him, not looking at Taehyung, a few more tears rolling down his cheeks, pausing before they dropped onto his suit.

Tae took a breath so deep that he felt his lungs cry out at full capacity and for once he was lost for words. “I am so sorry. Jungkook, please… look at me.”

The busker shook his head and whispered “No.”

Taehyung reached out his hand but retracted it instantly when Jungkook flinched at the contact “Please… please look at me.”

Jungkook turned his head slowly, the tracks from the tears glistened under the light from the street lamps, he could feel his cheeks getting tight as the skin dried. “What do you want Taehyung? You walked into my life, I didn’t ask for any of this.”

“I know and I would like the opportunity to do this properly.”

“Do what properly?”

“I didn’t introduce you as my friend because that didn’t feel right and…”

Jungkook went to cut him off but he continued.

“... please, let me finish… I know… I was wrong in allowing my friends to think that you were hired, I know and I am so sorry for the hurt that has caused. I like you, Jungkook and I would really like to see where this goes, I couldn’t introduce you as my friend because I have enough friends.”

“It’s too late, Tae. I can’t show my face to those people again. Just go back to hiring people, hire someone who will just keep their mouth shut and ignore comments from your friends because it won’t matter as long as they get paid at the end of the evening. Hire someone who can’t be humiliated and hurt, go back to that, it’s better for us both.”

Taehyung couldn’t lose Jungkook now “I have no right to ask but will you consider allowing me to take you out… on a date… a proper date. Clean slate and if you want to walk away after that, I won’t stop you. I… we haven’t had the chance and, I’d like to have that chance.”

Jungkook actually agreed with him, they hadn’t had the chance but he really was so hurt, he had to decide because if he got out of the car now, he would be turning his back on the CEO forever. He also knew that he couldn’t make a decision in the current circumstances, his mind was the aftermath of a storm, his heart was shattered and his emotions were all over the place.

“Do you want to come up for tea?” he needed to get out of his suit and needed to think. He couldn’t think like this but he couldn’t watch Taehyung drive away, either.

“That would be good, thank you.” he was a little surprised but so grateful that he hadn’t been rejected… yet.

While Jungkook changed, Tae made the tea, he’d insisted, wanting to do something. His heart hurt when he’d seen Jungkook’s tear streaked face in the light of his apartment and he felt rotten. He’d removed his jacket, tie and waistcoat by the time Jungkook emerged in sweats and a t-shirt, face washed but the hurt only too clear.

“I made you coffee.” Taehyung said, pointing to the cup on the coffee table.

“Thanks.” Jungkook picked up the cup as he sat down beside Tae, facing the tv, the black screen showing their reflection.

“I meant what I said, Jungkook. I should have handled this very differently and I'm perfectly capable of admitting when I am wrong."

“You won’t get any argument from me.”

“There’s a first time for everything.”

Jungkook looked over his cup at Taehyung, raising his brow “Really?”

“It’s true but it was bad timing. Sorry.”

Jungkook sighed “That might’ve been amusing if you hadn’t just trampled all over my emotions.”

“That’s fair enough. Will you let me take you out? Properly, on a date?”

“What if I have conditions?”

“Name them.”

“Is that what you really want? To take me on a date? To be with me as more than friends?”

Taehyung put his cup down and turned to face Jungkook “Yes, that is what I want. I would like the chance to take you out. It’s sort of been you taking me out up until now and the topic of dating has never come up, so I would really like it if you would give me the opportunity.”

Jungkook’s mind was numb but fuzzy, like the feeling after a migraine, the pain dissipates and leaves behind a thickness. He couldn’t disagree with the things that Tae was saying but he was apprehensive. “If you win us a game, I’ll think about it.” he said.

“A game?” Tae was taken aback.

“A game.” Jungkook said, gesturing towards the tv and games controllers near the cups on the table. He just needed time to get his head straight, not wanting to make a rash decision because that’s what he always did, he always reacts without thinking. He kind of hoped that Ash would be impressed when he told him. He appreciated the CEO waving the white flag and for admitting his mistake, the innocence on his face leading the busker to believe that he is genuine.

“So, I need to win us the game? Me? Who is unable to tell his character apart from others?”

“Yep.” Jungkook tried to sound unbothered and casual when the CEO was quite obviously confused and a little panicked.

Once the game was on and they were settled, Jungkook turned to Taehyung “eyes on the screen, you are the character jumping.” he said, pressing the button on his controller.

“Sometimes I struggle with looking elsewhere.” Taehyung said quietly, eyes darting to the tv and back again.

“There’s a lot riding on this though so maybe you should focus.”

The tiniest hint of a smile on both of their faces was welcomed as they turned their attention to the game. Taehyung was used to pressure but this felt a bit too much.

After a while there was complete silence in the room, aside from the music coming from the game that was rubbing their faces in the fact that they had lost. Taehyung looked dejected, he was surprised at how heavy his chest felt as he went to stand up.

“Thank you for the game, it was fun.” he said, desperately wanting to hide the sadness in his voice, it was so stupid.

Jungkook got to his feet, he moved his hand forwards and his fingertips found Tae’s, it was surprising how intense such a small thing was as the ends of their fingers made contact, “I accept your invitation, I will go on a date with you.”

“You will? But I thought you said…”

“I know what I said, I’m so hurt, Tae, I can’t help that right now but I want to give us the chance to do things the right way. I’m partly to blame for that because I didn't admit that I liked you as more than a friend and I haven't mentioned dating either.”

Their fingers moved against each other as they stood close “I am sorry.”

Jungkook sighed “I know but it isn’t that simple.”

Taehyung reached up with his free hand and pushed some hair behind his ear “Thank you for giving me a chance.”

Jungkook’s eyes close briefly “Us… I’m giving us the chance.”

“I should go.” Tae said quietly.

“Will you stay, just for a bit longer?” Jungkook was drained and really didn’t want to be left alone just yet, he didn’t want to part when he felt the way he did.

“I’ll stay as long as you want me to.”

They settled on the sofa, both of them squashed on the small piece of furniture, laying down facing each other, Jungkook’s back against the backrest and an arm around Tae’s waist after he’d nearly fallen backwards twice. They didn’t need to talk about anything heavy right now, small talk about the game they’d played and weekend plans was enough. Tae wasn’t sure whether he should but conceded that Jungkook would probably push him off the sofa if it was inappropriate… his right hand moved strands of hair from his face as he brought his face closer and gently touched Jungkook’s lips with his own, pulling back straight away to gauge his reaction.

“Sorry.” he said into the small space between them.

“It’s okay.” Jungkook whispered back.

Taehyung leaned in again, this time slotting Jungkook’s bottom lip between his parted ones. Mouth unmoving as he dragged the tip of his tongue along his moist lips, sparks flying as Jungkook’s tongue greets his own. It isn’t rushed or heated, there is no intensity or obvious desire. This is quite simply, two guys experiencing and tasting each other for what feels like the first time, both well aware of the mountain they need to climb if they are going to make this work.