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Worlds Apart

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Jungkook opened his eyes, then closed them again, feeling like he had the hangover from hell but knowing that wasn’t possible as all the alcohol was burned from his system with the rage he'd felt, he was sure of that. He blinked slowly, eyes bleary, his face felt tight and his head was awash with a dull ache. He couldn’t move, his body felt heavy and then he heard a soft noise, trying to move his head but stopping when his chin came into contact with the head of the CEO snoring quietly on his chest. Jungkook couldn’t remember falling asleep, they lay facing each other on the sofa for ages, their mouths connected, their tongues savoring the taste of the other. At some point, sleep must’ve taken them both but he couldn’t remember when or who'd given in first.

He listened to the steady breaths and beautiful deep sounds coming from the man on his chest, he was just like any other man like this, there wasn’t wealth or materialistic things, it didn’t matter that the suit he wore probably cost more than the furniture in the lounge or that he had a ridiculously expensive supercar parked outside. He shifted slightly so that he could raise his hand and lightly twist the dark curls around his fingers, being careful not to wake him. He thought back to his previous relationships, he couldn’t remember a situation where kissing didn’t lead to sex, not in the way they had been kissing last night anyway, it was refreshing even though when he'd let the event, he'd expected never to see him again. Taehyung was unlike his other partners, he'd never had any complaints about his past, but the CEO certainly stood out... not that they were an actual couple yet because agreeing to a date didn’t mean anything, not really.

Jungkook wondered if Taehyung’s friends would contact him or even if they had done so already, wanting to know that he’d rectified the situation. He presumed that they would expect him to ditch the company for providing someone like Jungkook, they weren’t to blame for having the opinion that they did, that was Tae’s fault for not correcting them but they were to blame for the way they thought their behaviour was acceptable. Whether he was an escort or not, the way they looked down their noses at him and even the tone in which they spoke was unacceptable, even if he'd been getting paid at the end of the evening, it still wouldn't have been enough to warrant that treatment. They reminded him of every reason that he’s made the life changing decisions he’d made in the past, they reminded him of a time when he thought life was great but then he’d had to turn his back on the people he loved because his life wasn’t his own and he wanted to make his way in the world, achieve his goals and attempt to make his dreams a reality. He’d made many sacrifices to get away from people like that, he’d isolated himself from a world where rich people wanted to control his life and he despised people like that. He started to think that Taehyung was different, as Ash had pointed out, he’d done everything Jungkook asked of him with the tips and had been making an effort after the misunderstanding with the ghosting. But after last night… he didn’t know if it was enough.

He was still twirling the dark chocolate curls in his fingers when Taehyung yawned and rubbed his eyes. As he looked up at Jungkook, his eyes were still heavy and watery from the yawn. ‘He really is beautiful’ Jungkook thought, not really aware that his fingers were still busy in his hair.

“Morning.” Taehyung’s voice was hoarse from sleep.

“Morning.” he replied with a small smile.

“What time is it?”

“Just after 7 I think.”

Taehyung groaned, he knew he had a lot to sort out today, sighing at how he would need to talk to his friends about last night, sighing again when he remembered he had a brunch date with Jimin which they’d planned so he could return the suit he wore last night. In all honesty, he didn’t want to move, he didn’t actually want to leave Jungkook because he knew how much he’d hurt him last night and he just wanted to reassure him that things would be different and that it wouldn’t happen again. Tae wasn’t used to chasing people or feeling like he didn’t have the upper hand but last night he’d been very aware that he was close to losing the busker. It was like an important business meeting in the early days, where the people around the table needed convincing to choose Purple Aura for their campaigns, where Taehyung needed to pull a rabbit out of the hat and give the best sales speech of his life to sway them… that was as much as he was used to not having the upper hand and now, it wasn’t a big deal if the companies decided to go elsewhere. He’d spent years building his reputation and 99% of the time, people chose Purple Aura, they didn’t need convincing or a big sales pitch, the reputation and evidence spoke for itself.

The fact that Jungkook was so hurt, was hard to swallow, his reaction was startling to the CEO, he certainly hadn’t ever been spoken to like that but it got the point across nonetheless. He remembered that Stefan had referred to Jungkook as being emotional during one of their chats and Tae could quite confidently agree with that now but he didn’t quite understand the full extent of it. Many of Jungkook’s reactions seemed to be an overreaction, the feistiness and anger must come from somewhere but perhaps that was just Taehyung and the way he viewed it and it was definitely something he needed to learn to manage. He understood why he was hurt last night though, Tae should have corrected his friends but more than that, he should have dealt with the situation before the event, asked him as a date and told his friends who Jungkook was. Taehyung handled it badly, he knew it, he was old enough to accept when he was wrong, which thankfully wasn’t very often, it was now another puzzle he needed to solve because he actually wasn't sure of the best course of action to put things right.

“I should go.” Tae said, pressing his lips gently to Jungkook’s jaw, just to the side of his chin but not making any effort to move.

“You have work to do today?”

“Yes I do but I have a brunch date first… well, not a date as such.”

Jungkook didn’t know why he found the comment so endearing but he did. The way Taehyung corrected himself at the mention of a date.

“Who with?” it came out before he could think.

“Mochi… Jimin.”

“Oh.” Jungkook started to shift his body, moving out from under Tae so he could sit up.

Taehyung started to put on his shoes but turned to look at the busker who was rubbing his face and running his fingers through his messy hair.

“I will tell him about you and explain about last night.”

“There’s nothing to tell, is there?” Jungkook got to his feet and went to the kitchen, opening the fridge.

Taehyung took his waistcoat and tie off of the chair and slipped his arms into the suit jacket, walking the short distance into the kitchen where Jungkook was standing with his back to him. Jungkook stopped pouring the milkshake when he felt Tae behind him, standing so close there was barely any space between their bodies.

“I want to tell him about the date we are going on, about my intentions.”

Jungkook closed his eyes, feeling the heat from Tae’s body, the breath on the back of his neck “You’ll have to ask Jimin to call me and tell me what your intentions are because I obviously don’t matter enough to find out first.”

Taehyung put his hands on Jungkook’s shoulders, he leaned closer “My intentions are to make sure that you feel like you matter to me, which I am failing at, obviously.” he kissed Jungkook on the cheek. “Call me later if you can.”

Tae turned and went to the front door, Jungkook following, fiddling with the lock to pull the door open. He stood with his back against the open door so the CEO could pass by, an irritation festering in his stomach at the mention of Jimin but he didn’t want Taehyung to leave like this, either.

“It’s probably better that you call me when you've got time, if you have work to do later.” he attempted to soften his tone but the irritation still showed.

Tae faced Jungkook, he moved his hands towards him and when his fingertips found Jungkook’s he spoke quietly “I will definitely call you this afternoon. It isn’t just work, I have a date to plan too.”

Jungkook’s fingers hooked around Tae’s and he gave him a small smile “Okay. I don’t have any plans so I’ll be free.” he looked at Taehyung’s lips before he moved closer and left a delicate kiss there.

Tae tugged on his fingers and leaned in for another kiss, wanting to savour the way their mouths worked together, something he hoped they could extend to themselves at some point because he wanted them to work.


Taehyung had a lot on his mind, it was a chaotic storm right now and a shower didn’t really make him feel much better. He hoped to get brunch out of the way then get home so he could focus on getting some work done and plan the date. He felt an uneasiness, there was a heaviness sitting in his stomach that made him feel nauseous, he didn't like the way he left things with Jungkook, albeit with a kiss.

He parked up, walked the short distance to the restaurant Jimin chose and smiled at the doorman who opened the door for him, greeting him with a 'good morning, sir"

The lady behind the desk waved over a young man who showed him to the table where there were two empty seats. He chose the one on the left and sat down, placing a menu in front of him.

"Two lime sodas please. Hold the ice on one and add a slice of lemon to the other one. Thanks"

The young man nodded and went off to get the drinks while Tae tapped out a quick text to Jungkook.

How is your morning going?

He sighed, not knowing if he was doing the right thing but just feeling the need to let Jungkook know that he was thinking about him… that's all he ever did, really. Since the first day he'd heard his voice, his mind always managed to stray to thoughts of the busker. It was only last night that the depth of his feelings was apparent, it wasn't that he hadn't cared about upsetting people in the past, because it would absolutely bother him but it rarely happened. In the business world, he upset people all the time but that was business, that was brushed off because business came first and if he said or did something to upset someone then it was what it was. Last night felt awful, he felt like a headless chicken because he didn't know what to do, apart from apologise. Jungkook was the sand slipping through his fingers as he tried desperately to hold on.

"The traffic was dreadful." Jimin said as he was shown to the table "where did you park?"

"In the car park. Traffic was slow when I left mine."

"There’s a car park?"

"How can you not know that when you chose this place?" Taehyung heard his phone and picked it out of his pocket while his friend fussed with putting his jacket on the back of his chair.

You saw me a couple of hours ago.

I know but does that mean that I can't ask?

"So what was that all about last night?" Jimin asked as the young man brought the drinks over, putting them on the table and leaving again when Tae waved him away with his hand.

"Which part are you referring to?" The CEO wanted to be sure.

"The whole thing. That was the rudest guy I've met. What happened when you left? Did you complain?"

"It is slightly complicated, Mochi."

"How so?" Jimin looks up from the glass he has to his lips.

"He wasn't from the company. I didn't pay him to be there. I met him just over a month ago and I asked him to go with me."

Jimin took another sip of his drink, the ice making a sound as it knocked against the glass. "So it was a date?"

"No but it probably should have been and I should have corrected you all when you made it clear that you thought he was hired."

"You’ve known him a few weeks?"


"Where did you meet him?" This was news to Jimin.

"The subway. Are you ready to order?"

Tae waved over the server as Jimin nodded, both of them giving the young man their orders and sending him on his way.

"Is that when you had that ridiculous idea about trying normal things?" he couldn't hide the unimpressed look on his face. He'd told Taehyung at the time that it was a stupid idea.

"That’s the one and for once I agree with you. I blame that drama for putting the idea in my head."

"When is that released? I've seen the ads and one of the actors is up for an award next month as best newcomer."

"The pilot episode airs this week. Are you working with the actor?"

"No, I don't usually take on newbies."

"What happened with that Korean actress? Yoon told us about her."

"I turned her down. So, this non-escort… what does he do?"

Taehyung knew it, he knew he'd feel like this because this is the point when it is apparent that they were worlds apart and he knew what people would say, not just his friends, the entire world he lived in.

"He studies, like he said last night and he works at a local diner."

Jimin raised his eyebrows "And how did you meet in the subway? I could think of many scenarios but I have the feeling it isn't one of them. I'm hoping that his car was broken or that his driver was unwell so he had decided to get the train. Please tell me that he owns the diner and studies to cure boredom."

"He was busking. You should hear him, his voice is straight out of one of those old films we used to watch."

"Tae, how do you go from listening to someone beg, because that's effectively what busking is, to bringing him along to an event?"

"It's a long story, Mochi. We've spent quite a bit of time together. I didn't just meet him in the subway then invite him last night."

"Is this a set up? Are you pranking me?" Jimin looked around the room.

"No, I'm serious. I like him, it took some time to admit it but I like him."

"I know I only met him briefly but I'm not seeing what there is to like, unless you're just fucking him because he's definitely your type."

Their food arrived and they tucked in Tae checking his phone and responding quickly before his conversation with Jimin continued in-between mouthfuls.

You can ask. My morning is non eventful. How is brunch?

Non eventful sounds appealing. Brunch is good.

"I haven't fucked him at all, we've kissed and that's it."

"What's he studying?"

"Dance. I haven't seen him dance yet though."

"How do you know he's telling the truth?"

"About what?"

"About any of it? Have you given him money?"

"I've been to Dino’s Dawgs so I know he works there and I'm not completely sure why he would lie about studying dance? Yes I tipped him for singing in the subway, that’s the reason we started talking."

Jimin laughed "Of course it is. I'm sure he wanted to get to know you after that. You don't ever tip small amounts."

"It wasn't like that. He wasn't happy with how much I left and would only accept if I went for a drink with him. He's really strange about me paying for things."

"Sure. Maybe he's just got a different tactic to others?"

"It's possible of course but I don't think so."

"What was his problem last night?"

"I let everyone think he was an escort, Mochi. You'd be royally fucked off too."

"Maybe. So what now? Are you together? You do know that suit was awful, right? You cannot suddenly be blinded to what is suitable attire because the guy's got a pretty face."

"I'm taking him on a date. I'm very aware of our differences but I like him. There's something that is making me want to try with him."

Jimin laughed "You’ve always been a sucker for a pretty face and some muscle. I hope he's got a tiny cock because at least then you might come back to earth and start thinking properly."

"I wouldn't pin all your hopes on that."

"What? How do you know about that when you've not had it up your ass?"

"We went to Neverland and we went on this ride where I sat in-front of him. I'm telling you now, it isn't small."

"Things have been getting cosy huh?"

Jimin didn't like it, his suspicious mind was working overtime and he didn't like this one little bit. He would definitely be talking to Yoongi when he got home to see what they could do because there wasn't any way on earth he was having someone like Jungkook take advantage of his friend.




"Oh! So that face has to be bad? You are either pining because lover boy has gone or… I have no idea?" Ash walked out of his room and flopped onto the sofa, yawning and making lots of noise while he did.

"What? There's nothing wrong with my face and how do you know he was here?" Jungkook was sitting at the table, where he'd been trying to write notes since Taehyung left 30 minutes ago.

"I came home stupid hours this morning and you were cuddled up on the sofa, it was cute. I mean, thankfully you had put your clothes back on, that could've been awkward."

"We didn't take our clothes off."

"What's up, Kookie Monster? This isn't what I was expecting."

"I don't wanna talk about it."

"I'm not going to give in. You know, it's when you don't wanna talk about something, that's usually the stuff you need to talk about. Didn’t you have a good time?"

Jungkook looked down at the paper, taking a deep breath and doodling with his pencil. "It was awful. His friends… they treated me like I should whip out a cloth and shine their shoes."

"What? And he let them?"

"Yeah. Really it was his fault. They thought I was paid to be there, that I was basically a prostitute and he didn't correct them."

Ash sat up and leaned forwards "so what happened?"

Jungkook shrugged his shoulders "I left. I told them I had a headache and I'm allergic to bullshit and I walked out."

"Good for you! But how did he end up here? You didn't look like you were angry when I saw you."

"He left too and followed me. He fucking abandoned his car in the road because I wouldn't get in it! He can be such a prick. He drove me home and I couldn't let him go… I've crossed the line, Ash… I'm torn between wanting to turn my back because last night everything I detest about people like that was happening and it made me feel so shitty and then there's the part of me that believes he's different to Ryan and others… the part of me that really likes him and wants to give him the chance. He said some stuff that made me think, he asked if he could take me out on a proper date because he said we haven't had the chance and he was right… but that feeling inside me… I can't shake it."

"We need to separate KTH from Ryan, if you think he's different. I bet you gave him a piece of your mind huh?"

"Yeah, just a bit."

"The way I see it is that KTH can quite literally have anyone he wants, I mean, I'm straight and I'd drop my pants for him. But he likes you, obviously. I don't know why but he's put a shit load of effort in to stalk you and everything, so he must like you, right?"

"He admitted to liking me last night."

"Okay good! So… he likes you and you like him. He has officially asked you out on a date so no more of that stupidity. I bet he felt shitty too after you lost your shit at him… and don't look at me like that, I've seen you go off on one. His friends are clearly dickheads but you can't blame them if they thought you were a hired date. I wouldn't worry about them just yet. KTH isn't going to be like other guys, Kookie Monster, he's not going to act like Jim did last year when you dumped his ass. Has he even dated anyone who doesn't have several bank accounts abroad?"

"Oh my God, it was because of Jim sleeping outside our front door that I had to stay at Smilers for a couple of nights. He really couldn't accept that we weren't working. How would I know who Tae's dated and what their financial situations were?"

"You haven't asked about past relationships yet?"

"We have only just agreed to go on a date."

"Okay, fair point. I'm not excusing his behaviour and I know you aren't going to just let it slide but even after everything that happened last night, he asked you on a date. He could've just let you walk off and never see you again. Mr Monster, I'm here for you, I got your back, you know that, but I know that you can't keep letting your past interfere with now just because your stalker is loaded and reminds you of bad stuff."

"Can't you just agree with me that he is a complete prick?" Jungkook put his head down onto the table.

"He is. For what he didn't do last night, he is a total arsehole. He didn't tell his friends the truth and he didn't stand up for you."

"Go on! I know there's a but." Jungkook whined.

"But he did go after you, he did get you home, he did ask you on a date, he did tell you he liked you and he did stay with you all night… without making a move. He had no incentive apart from you agreeing to go on a date with him."

Jungkook thumped his head on the table "Fuck off. Stop. I hate him."

"God, are we back here again? This time though, you are actually going on a date with the guy you hate, as well as kissing him."

"Fuck. Off."

"You can't be a dick with me Kookie Monster. I've known you too long."

Jungkook thumped his head on the table a few more times.


When Jimin got home, he put his keys on the hook near the door and walked down the long hall into the lounge. Yoongi was sitting at the piano playing his favourite song, he instantly melted, a smile spreading across his face. Their home was a house that they'd renovated themselves (their designs) with a lot of thought and furnished with the help of their interior designer friend, Namjoon.

"Hey baby." Jimin said as he walked past their sofas into the large dining room at the back.

Yoongi turned his head to smile at his partner "How was brunch?"


"Is Tae alright?" He stopped playing and patted his thighs.

Jimin smiled more, taking a seat on Yoongi’s lap "I think he's having a mental breakdown."

"Why? What happened with that company?"

"That escort wasn't an escort. He wasn't hired at all."

Yoongi frowned "So who was he?"

"A student busker who works at a diner… they've been seeing each other."

"Who have?"

"Tae and the guy. It's been going on for weeks."

"You're not serious?"

"Does this face look like it's joking?"

Yoongi took Jimin’s face in his hands "this face is the most beautiful face on the planet."

Jimin was struggling to think as he leaned in for a kiss. "Smooth talker."

"What did you say to Tae?"

"I asked him a lot of questions, mainly. I'm worried about him. The guy begs in the subway and Tae wonders why he's hanging around?"

"Can we do something? He sounds like a gold digger."

"I think we need to do something, Tae isn't thinking straight. That bloody drama has a lot to answer for. But this is real life and I'm not sitting back and watching some pauper mess with everything Tae has worked so hard for."

"I agree with you. Where does he work? Did you say 'diner'?"

"He did say the name of it… erm… Dawgs? Something? Dinos! Dinos Dawgs."

"We need to find out when he's working and go for lunch. We need to look into this guy."

"I'll make some calls tomorrow. What are your plans this afternoon?"

"It entirely depends what you have in mind?"

Jimin didn't say another word, just wrapped his arms around his man and kissed him hard… which told Yoongi exactly what he would be doing for the rest of the afternoon.