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Worlds Apart

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The wine was so cold and crisp on his tongue and it was well needed after brunch and an afternoon working on the big campaign. He'd been itching to call Jungkook sooner but as usual, something came up every time he was going to call it a day. Eventually he drew a line and turned off his computer, he wanted to do some thinking about the date, he had so many ideas but didn't know whether to give Jungkook the choice or just do it. He wouldn't usually ask his date which option they preferred and it hadn't ever been a big deal but this feels like a big deal and the worry of putting a foot wrong is a foreign notion but a real one.

The CEO rarely had time to be spontaneous, his diary was his bible and he even had his non business engagements scheduled in but after thinking about Jungkook all day he decided that a phone call wouldn't be enough tonight. He'd only had one glass of wine so grabbed his key fob and left his home, feeling nervous when he started the ignition of the Ferrari, driving towards Jungkook’s apartment across the city. He spoke into the car “Call Jungkook.” the sound of a phone ringing almost automatic and a “Hello” sounded through the speakers.

“Hi, are you at home?”

“Yeah, why? Have you had a busy afternoon?”

“I’m about to pull up at yours, are you free, now?”

“Free? For what?”

“A drive? A coffee?”

“Oh… err… Can you give me a minute to change? I’m not really dressed to go out.”

“We will be staying in my car so don’t worry about it too much. See you soon?”

“Err… yeah… see you soon.”

Jungkook was standing in the lounge, eyes wide, staring at his phone after ending the call, it wasn’t a regular occurrence that he was rendered speechless but he really didn’t know what to say. “Fucking hell.” was about all he could manage, making Ash look up from the sofa.

“What? Has he dumped your ass because you’re an idiot?” he giggled.


“What? What do you mean ‘he’s here’? I thought he was phoning you after he’d done some work?”

“He said we were going for a drive or a coffee. He’s downstairs. What do you think he wants? Why is he here?" Jungkook looked up briefly from his black phone screen.

"Why are you still standing there? Instead of phoning you, he's driven over to take you for coffee… am I missing something? Because isn't that a really nice thing to do?"

"Well… yeah, it is but I'm not dressed to go out."

"What did KTH say when you told him that?"

"He said we wouldn't be getting out of the car so not to worry about it."

"And you are still standing there, like a gormless idiot, why?"

"I'm in my tracksuit, Ash." he says it like it's the most obvious answer in the world.

Oh for fuck sake! It's a grey tracksuit, you look fine! Now please, put your shoes on and go… or I will because I will suck his dick without question."

"You're vile."

Ash made kissy noises and puckered his lips, waving his hand at Jungkook to shoo him away.

When he finally made it downstairs and through the entrance of his complex, his breath did that annoying thing that happened every time he saw Taehyung. He was leaning against his car, legs crossed at the ankle, cream, loose, flowing trousers and a blue shirt, hair fluffy and curlier in some places than others, scrolling through his phone, so he didn't see Jungkook straight away.

The busker was grateful that he had his attention on his phone because it gave him a second to gather himself. Was there even a moment in the life of Kim Taehyung where he didn't look like he should be on a catwalk or movie set? Jungkook made it his personal mission to find out because it was impossible for someone to look so perfect all the time.

"Hi" Tae said, looking up and standing upright when he heard footsteps.

"Hi" Jungkook got that fluttery warm feeling and couldn't deny that the CEO had an effect on him.

Tae opened the passenger door, as he always did and pecked Jungkook on the cheek as he got in.

"I hope I didn't disturb your evening, sorry, I’m not usually so impulsive.” Taehyung smiled at Jungkook, clicking his seatbelt in place.

Lines appeared on the busker’s forehead as his brow creased “You are apologising for driving over here to see me?”

“I suppose I am. It’s just that I was unable to phone you earlier when I’d have liked to so by the time I was available I thought talking in person would be better.”

Jungkook didn't really know what to say, he sat back in his seat, keeping his head turned, looking at the CEO as he pulled out of the complex and joined the traffic.

“Did you have a lot of work to do then?”

“I did, there’s an important campaign coming up and it’s taking a lot of work. It appeared that every time I picked up my phone, something came up, when I decided to call it a night, I was fully intending to phone you but changed my mind.”

“Well, I wasn’t busy.”

Tae looked over, making eye contact briefly “Lucky me, then.”

Jungkook isn’t sure when it happened, he constantly thought about when everything changed but every time he came up with a different answer so he was clueless. But at some point, it changed, it was like he’d taken off sunglasses in a dimly lit room and could see much more clearly. It was possibly when he woke up this morning with Taehyung in his arms, he softened in the moment he ran his fingers through his hair and the issue of wealth was non-existent. He worried that money and the world he lived in would define Taehyung, would make him who he is but part of him didn’t believe that about him. He wanted to let him in, to trust him wholeheartedly and believe that he is the guy he hopes he is… but after last night, he needed time… in a strange way, it appeared that Taehyung understood that, with the effort he was making, such a small but lovely gesture would certainly not go unnoticed. Jungkook would have to try too.

"Where do people get a coffee this time of the evening?" Tae asks.

Jungkook giggled a little, mostly to himself "McDonald's has a drive through?"

Taehyung hadn't ever been to a McDonald's, drive through or otherwise… did they even do proper coffee? He'd seen the adverts, of course, but he knew better than most that advertising is often a non truth and exaggeration, a story to convince people to buy that product or use that company. When he thought of McDonald's, he thought of cheap, nasty burgers and overly salty fries.

"Do we have another option?"

"Not really, not if you want a drive through. There might be a Starbucks or something, but I travel on foot so I'm not too sure."

"Do you want to go to McDonald's?"

"I really don't mind, Tae, it's just coffee." He fake coughed to hide the giggle in his throat.

"I don't even drink coffee but can hear coffee enthusiasts crying at your words."

"Okay, if you say so." He did giggle this time and the smile that he received from Taehyung caused an internal reaction, one of fondness and something else… something he dared not even entertain right now.

"I do say so, I know a few and I can imagine how dreadfully upset they would be." This was nice, he liked this relaxed banter, it reminded him of the flirty banter that seemed to have got lost recently.

Jungkook just smiled, his teeth visible, his eyes wrinkling, the apples of his cheeks bulging… this was such a nice feeling that he was already wishing that they could remain in the car forever because life was so complicated outside of it.

Taehyung pulled into the drive through, his window slowly winding down, listening to what the female voice had to say through the speaker. He turned to Jungkook "what would you like?"

"Toffee latte, please." His smile faltered a little, it was a feeling that was now deeply embedded, put there by his past and as much as he could reason with himself, that this was only a coffee, just some loose change to most people… the feeling was there, he hated accepting things from people… he very much hated accepting things from someone like Taehyung.

"Is that all?" Tae asked.

"Yes, thanks."

Taehyung relayed the order to the female through the speaker, adding on an apple turnover because he thought it sounded good, not having the time to ask if Jungkook wanted one too so conceded they could perhaps share. He got himself a toffee latte too, he thought he would trust in the busker because he knew what he wanted straight away so it must be okay, not really wanting to try anything else. He noticed that Jungkook had gone quiet, there was something slightly off all of a sudden but he couldn't begin to fathom what the reason was because they were only in a McDonald's drive through and things were the same as they were when he'd picked him up. He drove to each window, pressed his bank card on a machine to pay then collected their order and drove around to the exit, he had an idea, maybe another impulsive move but he thought Jungkook would like it.

"Where are we going?" Jungkook asked, not recognising the direction they were headed.

"Out of the city. You like looking at the stars, so let's find somewhere to look at the sky."

Jungkook smiled, holding the cups and the small brown bag in his lap. "Thanks for the drink. I'll get the next ones."

"You don't need to do that, it's only a coffee."

"I will though… buy the next ones." he said quietly, almost to himself, a statement to help the ugly feeling inside.

Tae turned quickly and smiled but Jungkook was looking out his window and so he couldn't see his face. He turned back to the road and pulled up at the side, it was a small road, just a few street lights dotted around but the darkness was the dominant force out here. Tae pushed something in the car and the roof rolled back, revealing the night sky in all its beauty, with a crescent moon and twinkling stars.

Jungkook sipped his latte and looked over at Taehyung who was already watching him, which made his face flush, wondering how long he'd been staring. "You can see so clearly out here." He said, placing his coffee in the cup holder, handing Tae his drink and the small brown bag.

"It is so clear and beautiful." Tae sipped his drink and pulled a face, it was very sweet and quite artificial tasting but it would do.

Jungkook blushed more, remembering when Tae alluded that he was the view that was beautiful, not the sky and he wasn't sure what he meant this time so just nodded, looking up at the stars and drinking his latte.

"Ouch!" The disgruntled sound from Taehyung made Jungkook look over sharply to see the CEO rubbing his mouth.

"Did you burn your mouth?" Jungkook asked, unclipping his seatbelt so he could twist his body and face Tae.

"Yeah, it isn't pleasant."

"I should've warned you, that's a hazard of eating those." he gestured to the apple turnover.

Tae was rubbing and sucking at his lip, the sticky apple sauce was nasty, he decided. "I bet it's going to leave a red mark."

Jungkook giggled, earning him a stern look from the CEO who pulled down the visor and tried to look at the damage to his mouth.

The busker watched him, pulling his lip and turning his face in different directions, getting as close as he could to the tiny mirror in the visor, the huffing and puffing causing him amusement. "Here, let me see." He said finally.

Tae twisted his body and stuck out his lip, frowning when Jungkook was quite obviously holding back a laugh. "What is so hilarious?"

Jungkook fake coughed "Nothing… well, okay… you're pouting and it's funny, sorry."

"I'm injured, possibly requiring plastic surgery on my face and you are laughing."

At those words, Jungkook did laugh, even snorting, clamping his hand over his mouth. "I didn't realise you were such a drama queen." he leaned over and held Taehyung’s face with one hand, studying his mouth intently.

Tae felt so much fondness looking at Jungkook who was so close now, the warmth from his hand a pleasant heat on his cheek. He could smell his shampoo, even in the light breeze dancing around them. "How bad is it?" He says, with pouted lips, exaggerating it.

"I can't see anything, it isn't even red, I think you'll live." He whispered into the space between their faces.

Tae pushed forwards and his bottom lip slipped nicely between Jungkook’s, whose mouth was slightly open as he concentrated. The hand on his cheek moved to his neck and their mouths moved lightly against each other.

"I thought it would be better to try it out, make sure my lip doesn't fall off or something." Taehyung says, pulling back to look at Jungkook.

"If you'd wanted a kiss, you only needed to ask." Jungkook said, the pad of his thumb stroking Taehyung’s cheek. "That was a lot of effort for a kiss."

"I did burn my lip, that was not a fabrication. Am I required to ask you every time I want to kiss you?"

"No." Jungkook whispered as he made a move forward this time, his lips connecting with the corner of Tae’s mouth.

"If you want me to ask, I will." Taehyung said, closing his eyes while Jungkook covered his jaw in light kisses.

"I don't want you to ask." The busker replied a word between each kiss.

"Then I won't." words spoken as he captured Jungkook’s lips with his own.

Tae hummed as Jungkook grazed his teeth along his bottom lip, his fingers entangled in the inky loose curls tied with a band at the back of his head. He liked it when the busker tied his hair back, it gave him a rawness that Tae craved to experience in its entirety. He pushed into the kiss, twisting his body over the centre console as Jungkook’s hands reached for his shirt, fisting it and pulling him closer. Tae was being pulled, he awkwardly and clumsily made it over the centre console into Jungkook’s lap, their mouths not disconnecting once. He smiled against the busker’s mouth, giving him a mouthful of teeth, reaching for the button that he hoped was where he thought it was so he could move the seat backwards a little.

Saliva soaked lips glistened as Jungkook sat back, pulling away and resting his head against the seat, hands still gripping the front of Tae's shirt "I thought you wanted to look at the stars?" He said with a smile.

"I can't imagine there is a better view than the one I have right now." Taehyung says, leaning forwards and sticking out his tongue to flick at Jungkook’s bottom lip, feeling the breath that he exhales against his skin.

The blush rises from his toes or at least that's how it feels, he realises that the CEO has a habit of causing this reaction in him and he hadn't yet decided if he liked it. "My view isn't bad either." the words leave his lips and before Taehyung can respond he sharply tugs on his shirt and kisses him firmly.

The air around them is heated, even the cool, light breeze can't reduce the temperature. Tae is pleased that the roof is down because he could only imagine how steamed up the windows would be. He liked a man who took control in the bedroom, he always had. People naturally presumed that he was the same between the sheets as he is in a boardroom at work but that couldn't be further from the truth. The bedroom is somewhere he can be himself, not have to be in charge and domineering, he spends so much of his day like that, it was a different story behind closed doors and trying to find someone who didn't have this preconceived idea of him was always a challenge. That is why he didn’t have much success when it came to relationships… it was easier not to bother than to start liking someone, get intimate and realise that the guy expected him to control the situation. He got the sense from Jungkook that he needn’t worry about that side of things because he’d more or less made it clear that he preferred being in charge… even no switching and Tae hadn’t forgotten the words he overheard the morning of the theme park. This excited him so much and he’d wanted to be fucked by the busker before he’d admitted to himself that he liked him and now he actually liked him, he craved the intimacy.

Taehyung was putty in Jungkook’s hands, feeding him soft whimpers with every swipe of his tongue, going lax in his arms as the busker’s hands let go of his shirt to reach around his back and grip his ass. Jungkook’s large hands knead the CEO’s peachy backside, drawing him closer as the noises he is making send sparks of arousal to his nether regions. Tae tilts his head, the tip of his nose making an indent in Jungkook’s cheek as he wants his tongue deeper, wants to taste more, saliva escaping but neither paying it much attention as they devour each other.

When Taehyung pulls back, his lips feel tingly and now he thinks they are definitely red. He reaches out for the strands of hair hanging loosely around Jungkook’s face, the bits of hair refusing to comply with the rest neatly tied back. He wraps a strand around his finger and leans forwards to kiss the tip of Jungkook’s nose. He wants to keep kissing him, to revel in the way he's being held, the way Jungkook’s hands feel so strong on his backside, feeling so small and powerless in his grasp… but he had a really early start.

"I should take you home." he hoped that his voice didn't betray him and show just how disappointed he was but he doubted it.

"Yeah, it's getting late, I guess."

Before he made the move to climb out of Jungkook’s lap, he kissed him once more, their mouths instinctively moving in sync, like they'd been kissing for years. He's never been with anyone like Jungkook before and was finding him more and more addictive as time passed, he couldn't wait to arrange the date tomorrow and tell him what he has planned.

During the journey back to Jungkook’s, they glance at each other often, feeling a bit like a couple of loved up teens, stealing glances when they think their crush isn't looking. A sadness sits in Taehyung’s stomach when he pulls up outside, undoing his seatbelt and getting out of the car as Jungkook does.

"Thank you for coming out with me tonight, given the short notice."

Jungkook walked around the car and stood in front of the CEO, feeling a little shy as he took a step forward into his personal space and put his hands on his hips. "It was really nice, much better than a phone call." A blush creeping up his face and making him feel warm.

"So shy at times." Tae says, more of a thought spoken out loud than anything, reaching a hand up and pushing some hair behind his ear.

Jungkook feels his face heat up more as Taehyung leans in for a kiss, first kissing his cheek then his lips. "I will message you tomorrow." It hasn't escaped him that he's glad that he decided to give Tae a chance, even if a huge part of him could have so easily walked away last night.

Tae gives him a smile, the kind of smile that makes his heart flutter and makes him feel like anything is possible.

"Sleep well, Kookie."

Taehyung gets back in his car and drives away once Jungkook is inside… feeling a whole lot more settled this time and daring to hope that everything will be okay.