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Worlds Apart

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Jungkook feels a buzz of excitement as they walk through the big doors into the foyer of the theatre, there are people standing around chatting and the whole area is decorated as if it were part of a set from the production. His fingers are intertwined with Taehyung’s as they walk through to where a young man in a 1920’s suit, complete with hat, nods and greets them with a smile, “This way, Sir.”

He leads them to a door which is opened by another member of staff dressed accordingly, who also smiles and welcomes them. As they step inside, the man turns to speak to them “You have 20 minutes backstage, Sir and then you will be shown back to your seats. There is a private bar area just outside of your box and drinks are courtesy of Mr Lee, this evening, he apologises for being unable to be here.”

Jungkook feels Taehyung squeeze his hand, however, he’s internally rolling his eyes and huffing, of course they couldn’t simply go to the theatre and attend a stage show, there had to be a box and a private bar, as if the limousine and restaurant weren’t enough. He doesn’t understand the need for all this, why can't they just sit with everyone else and enjoy a show without all the fancy stuff? He doesn’t need all the frills and it doesn’t impress him in the slightest, in fact it makes him wary and makes him question what on earth he is doing in a situation that he vowed he wouldn’t ever be in again.

He looks in Tae’s direction as he feels lips on his cheek and sees the bright eyes and big smile looking back at him, which softens his resolve a little. It's that look of innocence, the sparkling eyes, the genuine expression that tell Jungkook that Taehyung isn't being sinister in the slightest.

“Ready?” Taehyung asks, earning a frown from his date.

“For?” Jungkook quips back.

“I know the owner of the theatre, Mr Lee and he has given us 20 minutes backstage to meet the cast. I thought you might enjoy meeting the dancers and to see their costumes.”

Well… shit! Jungkook might not be bowled over by a display of wealth, unimpressed by a show of riches but he can’t help the way his stomach erupts with butterflies at how Taehyung is looking at him and the thought he’s put into this.

“That would be really great, thank you.” he isn’t completely sure that his gratitude is conveyed as much as he would like it to, there’s still a part of him that wants to hold back, just in case, the part of him that dislikes the wealth and has hidden away from money for so long.

The time backstage is fantastic, the cast are so lovely and Jungkook tells them all about the production at university. One of the dancers even sympathises when he tells her about the part in the choreography that has been causing him a bit of bother and he feels slightly better when he knows that it gave her trouble too. He stands close to Taehyung who has his hand on his lower back throughout the time they are with the cast, he doesn’t say anything, just listens because this is about Jungkook and he’s just pleased to have been able to do this for him. He watches how animatedly his date talks to the cast members, how his eyes shine and his teeth show when he smiles and he thinks he might feel more for him than he previously thought.

On the way back to their box, Jungkook can’t stop smiling and thanks Taehyung again, “That was so good, thank you.” He really tries to make sure he emphasises his gratitude because he very much appreciates that Taehyung used his contacts to do something so very thoughtful.

“I’m really pleased that you enjoyed meeting them, would you like a drink?” Tae guides him to the small bar that serves the few boxes in that area. He likes the privacy of a box, the fact that the bar area will only have twelve people using it at once if the boxes are used to full capacity.

“I’ll have whatever you are having, thanks.” Jungkook takes in his surroundings, looks at the decor of the theatre and the three people standing to the side with champagne flutes in their hands. He makes a judgement on them because of the way the woman in the trio looks him up and down, not hiding the fact that she is doing so. He is sure she wonders what Taehyung is doing with someone like him, the CEO is so dashing and clearly belongs in that environment and Jungkook… doesn’t. He scoffs to himself because he expects that will happen a lot because he looks like the poor guy on the rich guy’s arm, maybe people will think Taehyung is his sugar daddy? Maybe people will automatically presume that Jungkook is a gold digger but that couldn’t be further from the truth and it irks him that they would think that but that’s what people like this do. There was a time when he blended in because he was bought the right clothes and given the right accessories, when his shoes were designer and imported and when his name was on the V.I.P list. That was the time when people spoke to him because of who he was with and they didn't bother to look past the incredibly expensive attire. He couldn't stand people like that now.

“Here you go.” Taehyung hands him a bottle of beer and a tall glass.

“Thank you.” he says, putting the bottle to his lips and drinking straight from it, ignoring the glass and noting the look on the face of the woman that had been staring at him. It's incredibly tempting to belch loudly but even Jungkook wouldn't embarrass Taehyung like that because it's not his fault that the woman is clearly an arsehole.

Taehyung didn’t appear to notice, tilting his glass and pouring the fizzy liquid into it before placing the bottle on the bar and speaking to Jungkook “I didn’t know what to get but I remembered that you mentioned beer earlier.”

“This is fine, thanks.” Jungkook replies, turning his back on the woman and pouring the rest of the beer into his glass before setting the empty bottle beside Taehyung’s on the bar.

Tae takes hold of Jungkook’s hand, leads him through the private entrance to their box where two seats await them. There is a bag on one seat, a black tote with ‘Chicago’ written across it but before Jungkook can sit down, Tae turns to face him and kisses his cheek and his heart rate picks up a little bit.

The CEO takes the empty seat and places his glass in the holder beside him, looking up at his date who is hovering awkwardly, “Are you going to sit down?”

Jungkook looks at the bag on the seat “Someone left their bag, I should take it to the bar.” he says.

“They haven’t, that’s for you, Jungkook.”

“It is? What is it?”

Taehyung smiles and looks at his date with a puzzled expression, “Why don’t you sit down and look in it?”

“Y-yeah, sure.” Jungkook says, trying to be cool but failing thanks to the stutter.

“It’s some Chicago merchandise, nothing major, a few bits and pieces that I hoped you would like.”

Jungkook’s face is heating up as he looks through the bag, he doesn’t know what to say, he feels like he did when he was a young child on his birthday when someone gave him a present and it all got a bit awkward. There was a time in his life when presents were so extravagant and he was so extremely grateful because there was also a time when gifts were meaningful and inexpensive on special occasions. He pulls out a t-shirt, a frosted tumbler, a programme signed by the whole cast, a fridge magnet (which makes him smile as he wants to put it alongside the one from the theme park) and a black trilby style hat. It is all so thoughtful but he wishes that Taehyung hadn’t made such a gesture because he’s added it to his list of things he needs to return the favour for and the list is getting longer after this evening… he doesn’t think that cooking lunch tomorrow will achieve his aim. He already knows what Ash will say, he will tell him that the merchandise is a lovely gesture and that he should be grateful (which he is). He will also rip the piss out of him for getting another fridge magnet and ask if he gave Taehyung the blow job of his life for such a lovely gift. Ash will also tell him that he is overthinking things again, that a bag of show goodies doesn't mean anything malicious and that he shouldn't need to do something in return.

"I genuinely don't know what to say aside from thank you." He might be panicking internally but Taehyung looks so sincere and it really is such a thoughtful gesture that he doesn't know what to say.

Tae smiles "Is there anything else to say, aside from thank you?"

"Probably not."

"Then you don't need to say anything else. I will presume that being lost for words is a positive and you have a bag of goodies, that's settled."

Jungkook looks over at Tae, their chairs are close enough for him to be able to reach out and place a hand on his nape, he applies a little pressure and pulls him towards him, leaning in himself while he does. When their lips are barely touching he says "I love it, thank you." Before the miniscule space between their mouths closes and their lips meet. Taehyung turns his upper body as best he can and rests his hand on Jungkook's thigh, nearly faltering with his jaw movements as he grasps the hard muscle. The kiss is slow, languid even and interrupted when the lights go down to signify the start of the show. Taehyung pulls back, leaning in for one more brief kiss "As much as I would like to continue this, I think we should watch the show."

Jungkook grins, his fingers still stroking the short hairs of Tae's hairline, "I agree with you."

"Now that is a first." he smirked.

Jungkook gives him another quick kiss then lets go of his neck "And probably the last so don't get used to it."

Tae laughed as he turned to face the direction of the stage, he kept his hand on his date's thigh and Jungkook didn't seem to mind it being there.

During the interval, drinks and snacks were brought to them, Jungkook flicked through the programme to follow what was next.

"Are you enjoying it?" Tae asks, pouring his beer and popping something crunchy into his mouth from the serving bowl.

"Oh yes! It's so good! The actress who plays Roxie is great!”

Taehyung thinks Jungkook's smile is infectious because he finds himself smiling too, "she is. It's really good, just as I remember, I actually think I'm enjoying it more being here with you."

Jungkook is a little taken aback, "You are?"

Tae leans across and presses his lips gently to his cheek "Yes, I am."

He can feel the heat rise in his cheeks and thankfully the theatre is thrown into darkness again as the show continues. Jungkook places a hand over Tae's and wriggles his fingers underneath his palm so he can hold his hand properly, he sees Tae smile and feels the gentle squeeze as he focuses on the show. He likes this, the way they can sit and just hold hands, there’s a level of intimacy with Taehyung that he hasn’t really had with anyone else before. He is absolutely certain that by now, in the past they’d have moved on from kissing and hand holding, yet the most he’s done with Taehyung is sexting and making out. Jungkook isn’t used to moving so slowly, a snail's pace, yet the intensity that comes from fingertip touches and languid kisses is a level of sensuality he’s not experienced before.

When the show finishes, they get to their feet and only let go of each other so they can applaud the cast and the musicians, both smiling, Jungkook placing his thumb and middle finger into his mouth so he can whistle loudly. The applause doesn’t die down, even as the cast bow again and leave the stage, it’s only when the lights come on that people start to file out of the auditorium. Taehyung takes Jungkook’s hand and leads them out of the box, making sure that his date has the bag of merchandise with him. They walk down the hall towards an exit and the limo is parked on the other side of the road along with a few other expensive cars, some with drivers and some without. They cross the road and Taehyung opens the rear door, stealing a quick kiss on the cheek as Jungkook gets in.

He's still smiling from ear to ear when Tae gets in, sliding in close next to him. He takes his hand and looks at his date, he looks so happy and he's so pleased that he'd booked the show.

"Thank you for your company, this evening, it's been a really lovely date. I'm thankful that you gave me the chance." Tae's voice is sincere.

For a second Jungkook didn't quite register what Taehyung meant, that all seemed like a long time ago and he's done his best to try and put it behind him. It was probably one of the first times in his life that he tried not to allow his immediate reaction caused by the hurt to control the entire situation. "I just… I thought we deserved that chance… you know? Like you said."

Tae leaned in slowly, speaking just before their mouths met "Are you glad that you gave me the chance?"

Jungkook is having a little difficulty maintaining his thoughts with Tae so close, "Y-yeah… I am." The words more of a whisper than anything else.

The gap between them disappeared as their lips connected, it's a gentle and slow kiss, as usual, even as Jungkook flicks his tongue out, catching Taehyung’s teeth, causing him to repeat the action so Tae opens his mouth, which he does.

When the car stops, Taehyung pulls back, the way he disconnects their mouths but lingers slightly, warm breath just caressing saliva slick lips before he leaves one more brief kiss. They say goodnight to the driver who smiles at the couple and expresses his gratitude to Taehyung who tips him because that's what he always does. He has been working for Taehyung for long enough to know that he will be given a cylinder of notes after doing extra work for him, even though he's paid well anyway and enjoys jobs like tonight. He learned his lesson, the most important one being that his boss will find a way to show his gratitude whether he liked it or not so it was best to accept his offer, whatever that was.

As the limousine drives away, Jungkook is staring at the building in front of him, he feels a hand on his lower back and looks at Tae who is smiling at him. They walk up the steps to the large glass doors where a doorman greets Taehyung and acknowledges Jungkook. The foyer is as grand as you would expect and the CEO taps a code into the elevator which takes them to the top floor and a private landing. The decor is chrome and glass, with abstract art pieces on the smoky grey walls. Taehyung guides them to his door and enters another code which allows them access to his apartment, lights automatically illuminating the extensive main living area.

"Let me show you around, please make yourself at home while you are here." Tae says while removing his shoes.

Jungkook follows suit, places his shoes near Taehyung’s, pausing to allow him to lead the way. It has been some time since he's seen an apartment as luxurious as this with its floor to ceiling windows, the interior a stark contrast to the decor in the main building. He hadn't paid attention to which floor they were on but he guesses that it must be near the top judging by the view, the night time city surrounding them, all twinkling lights and high rise buildings.

"Have you lived here long?"

"A couple of years, I think. It's one of few buildings that has an extensive list of amenities, not that I'm a regular in the gym but I've seen it once."

Jungkook huffs out a half giggle at that and the look on Taehyung’s face as he says it.

"And there I was, thinking that you were into lifting weights."

Taehyung smirks, "I prefer to be the one being lifted, Jungkook." the smirk turning to a grin when he watches the pink tinge flood Jungkook’s face.

Relief is evident when Tae turns and walks away, across the room and up a step into a wide hallway where there are a series of doors. The dark wood continues along the length of the hall but there is a cream and forest green narrow carpet that runs up the centre. Taehyung points to each door as he walks slowly, "The main bathroom is in there but there is an en-suite in each bedroom, use whichever you wish. This is my office, that is my bedroom and this should be where Mr Hicks left your bag.” he says as he opens the second door on the right at the end of the hall.

Jungkook follows Taehyung inside the room and it is as luxurious as he’d expected, the huge windows reflecting the contents of the room as the lights switch on as they enter. The bed looks huge, covered in pillows and cushions, the bedding a slate grey and white, a wall, papered with metallic grey flowers providing the headboard. Jungkook’s feet sink into the plush carpet, there’s a walk-in wardrobe and a door that houses the en-suite bathroom with its large shower and sparkly marble flooring. He likes how simplistically the room is decorated, quite modern compared to the homely feel of the living area.

“Would you like to freshen up, I can go and make us drinks if you would like time to shower or change?”

Jungkook looks around the room, the windows making up one whole wall and he knows that he would spend every evening laying on the bed in the darkness, looking at the view if he had a room like this in his apartment.

“A drink would be nice, thanks, I’m good, no need to change or anything.” he didn’t really have a great deal with him to change into, he sleeps in his underwear and has an outfit for tomorrow but that’s about it.

Taehyung smiles and turns to leave the room with Jungkook having one more look around as he follows him back down the hall. They cross the room to where there are two doors, Taehyung pointing to the door on the right and explaining that is where the dining room and mini library is before he opens the other. The kitchen is illuminated by spotlights covering the ceiling, there are worktops all around the edges, aside from the wall straight ahead of them that is one big window. Jungkook notices the bag of ingredients sitting on the central island near a bistro style coffee machine and he really likes the monochrome decor. He senses that the kitchen doesn’t get a lot of use because it has the appearance of something you would see in a show home. Taehyung walks over to the huge double door, American style fridge and pauses before pulling open the door, “Would you like a hot or cold drink? I have wine, spirits, coffee, tea, water, fruit juice, no beer though, I’m afraid.”

Jungkook stands near the island and smiles “Coffee would be great, thanks.”

“I hope you know how to use that…” Taehyung points to the machine “...I never use it.”

“I’ve used the one at Dino’s which is pretty similar, I can use it, maybe I need to teach you.”

“I’ve imagined how adept you are at giving instructions.”

Jungkook turns around quickly, taking a white mug from the side of the coffee machine, he knows he’s blushing, he needs to pull himself together. Taehyung smiles, mainly to himself as he takes a small bottle of fruit juice from the fridge and closes the door.

“Umm… do you have milk?” Jungkook asks while grinding the coffee beans and pressing some buttons.

“I do, I have almond milk because that’s what the housekeeper persists in getting, is that okay?" Tae pulls open the fridge door as he speaks.

"Yeah, that's fine." He didn't know if it was fine because he hadn't had almond milk before but as he is thinking about it he turns around to see Tae walking towards him with the carton in his hand.

"Here." He hands Jungkook the milk and pulls out a high chair to sit on while he waits.


"Hasn't anyone ever advised you that caffeine isn't good for you this late at night?"

Jungkook grins "Of course they have but I like coffee."

"If you are awake all night, don't blame me… or maybe you will."

Jungkook puts the little plastic lid back onto the carton of milk and takes a deep breath, he walks over to the fridge and puts it away, "maybe I will, what? Taehyung?" he knows what he's asking but as he'd walked to the refrigerator he'd noticed that the CEO had one side of his bottom lip between his teeth and he'd felt his member twitch. The way that Taehyung says such suggestive and filthy things but then looks so coy, is enough to drive Jungkook crazy.

Tae tilts his head to one side as Jungkook approaches him, raising his eyebrows but leaving his bottom lip as it is. There is a split second of disbelief where it doesn't feel real that he has the busker here, it felt like he wouldn't get anywhere with him at one stage and yet here he was. Tae takes a breath, the jittery feeling in his body isn't nervousness or anxiety, it's excitement and desire, weeks of kissing, suggestive comments and sexting, all coming to the surface. There's still a chance that he's completely wrong about the type of lover that Jungkook is but there's also a fear that he could be right. If he's right, he may kidnap him and never let him leave, the fact that this man who swooped into his life purely by chance, could actually be all his dreams and fantasies rolled into one, is scary as hell.

He releases his lower lip from the grasp of his teeth "Maybe you will blame me for keeping you up all night."

Jungkook watches as Taehyung chews on his lip, "Why would I blame you? Because it's your coffee?" He says smugly, he's not stupid, he knows exactly what Taehyung was implying when he said it but he doesn't want to allow the blushing to win when he knows that he can have this effect on Tae too.

"If you like… it is my coffee."

Jungkook stands close to Taehyung, close enough that Tae has to look up just slightly, still sitting on the breakfast bar style chair. He picks up the mug of coffee and puts it to his lips, takes a sip and places it back down again, "I do like." he says.

Tae hooks a couple of his fingers into the pockets of Jungkook’s trousers and pulls him a bit closer so he's standing between his legs, "you like the coffee?"

"I do but I'd like to keep you up all night."

He’s about to worry that he has said the wrong thing when Tae tugs on his pockets and before he can think about it, he is close enough to feel Tae's breath on his face. It's Jungkook who makes the final move, pressing his lips to Taehyung’s, eyes closing as he swipes the tip of his tongue along the inside of his top lip. He feels the sparks of arousal as a gruff sound comes up from Taehyung’s throat when their tongues meet. Jungkook places his hands on the thighs either side of him, stroking over the fabric. He tilts his head to the right as the CEO moves to the left, the kiss becoming deeper as their tongues caress each other, he squeezes the flesh under his palms and swallows the sound that comes from Taehyung.

When Tae pulls back, he leans back in to leave a chaste kiss on Jungkook’s cheek, his fingers holding onto the pockets in an attempt to ground himself because his head is foggy with wanton desire for the man standing between his legs, looking at him with the same need in his eyes.

"Will you come to bed with me?" as he asks he presses his lips to the corner of Jungkook’s mouth.

"Yeah." The word comes out as a harsh breath more than a vocal sound as he nods his head to confirm.

Jungkook moves when Tae removes his fingers from his pockets and takes him by the hand, walking through the large living area, past the couches towards the hallway, Tae stopping momentarily with his hand on the handle of his bedroom door. His heart is thumping, he feels like he would see it beating if he looks in the mirror, he's been anticipating this moment for longer than he cares to admit to himself. Once inside, a few wall lights illuminate the room in a golden, warm, dim glow, their reflections visible in the floor to ceiling windows that make up two walls of the huge space. The bed is on a raised platform and looks huge from where they are standing, Jungkook swallows down any nerves he has when he looks at Tae who is staring straight back at him while chewing one side of his bottom lip.

He takes the lead, reaching out for Tae's waist and pulling their bodies closer, connecting their mouths and groaning when their tongues meet once more. His hands move to the buttons on Taehyung’s shirt, nimble fingers working slowly to release each small metal disc from the silky fabric. He daren't think about the skin that is revealed as he reaches the collar, his composure hanging by a thread as it is. He exhales noisily as he runs his hands up Tae's torso, the skin underneath his fingers as smooth as the fabric of the shirt. His stomach flips as he sees Taehyung’s hands fall to his sides so that the shirt slides off his shoulders and floats down to the floor. Arousal spikes through him, he places a hand on each of Tae's shoulders and leans in for a kiss, it's brief, moving along his jaw and dipping his head to attach his lips to the skin below his ear. He works his tongue with his lips, caressing the skin of Tae's neck, closing his eyes in a paused blink every time a soft moan leaves Tae's lips. Jungkook turns Tae around slowly, lips pressing to his nape, one hand moving to his chest, fingertips casually brushing a nipple. He brings the other hand to his throat and lightly holds, applying a slight amount of pressure to push his head back so he can reach more of his neck with his mouth. Jungkook’s mind is buzzing at how pliant Tae is, he's like putty in his hands and he wants to treat him like he's made of the finest porcelain, treat him like a delicate flower, something so precious. He leaves light kisses along the tops of his shoulders as he walks around to face him again, his hands holding him firmly by his waist.

Tae leans in for a kiss, the skin on his upper body awash with goose bumps from the light touches and the shiver that ran the length of his spine when their lips met. He realises that his hands are trembling slightly when he goes to undo the buttons on Jungkook's shirt, he chooses to ignore it, focusing on the way the plastic discs give way so easily. A husky breath expels from his lips as his hands make contact with the naked chest in front of him, the definition of his toned physique causing his brain to short-circuit. He's always been with fit guys, the more toned the better, once he'd ended up with a weight lifter but that was a bit much, especially when he needed all of his meals prepared two weeks in advance in small plastic containers, so they could never eat out together and Tae found him a little high maintenance.

"Beautiful." he hadn't meant to say it out loud but it made its way from his thoughts to his mouth.

Jungkook feels beautiful when he is with Taehyung, the way the word drips from his lips with so much sincerity, it’s difficult not to. He does find it amusing though because he thinks that the CEO is probably the most beautiful person he’s ever seen, convinced that if you look it up in a dictionary, the definition says ‘Kim Taehyung’. He never knows what to say to compliments though so a whispered ‘Thanks’ is about all he can manage.

Time seems to halt as they stand in the large warm bedroom, both pairs of feet sinking into the overly plush carpet, eyes fixed on the other, hands gently exploring as soft gasps can be heard amidst breaths that are becoming heavier with every passing minute. Jungkook smooths his hands up Tae’s arms from his elbows to his shoulders, following the curve to the junction of his neck, thumbs resting on his jaw and fingertips getting lost in his hairline. He brings their mouths together, moist lips that slide so easily against the other, walking forwards instinctively when Taehyung starts taking steps backwards towards the bed.

Tae stops just before the bed, his heels against the step of the platform, he runs his fingertips up and down Jungkook’s spine and rests his hands on the small of his back, thumbs dipping below the waistband of his trousers and palms holding his ass. His body vibrates with anticipation as Jungkook licks into his mouth, he has a momentary panic when he isn’t sure where he put the lube but remembers and internally blushes when he remembers the extra bottles he bought, not wanting to presume but wanting to be prepared.

Jungkook thinks that he could stand here and kiss Taehyung forever and never get bored, he rubs the corners of Tae's jaw with his thumbs as he takes his plump bottom lip between his teeth, then sucks on his cupid's bow. His hands trace down Tae's chest to his stomach, unfastening the belt and trousers, allowing them to drop to the carpet.

Tae shuffles his feet out of the clothing in a heap around his ankles, returning the favour, not brave enough to look down at Jungkook in only a pair of tight boxer shorts. He wants to drop to his knees and tell the busker that he can do anything he wants with him, he's quite willing to roll over and submit himself completely. He's always been that way but there's something about Jungkook that makes him want to be good for him, wants to hear him tell him how good and well behaved he is, he wants to be claimed… he doesn't know what it is about him but he wants that. He takes Jungkook by the hand and steps up onto the carpeted platform that the bed is on, pulling their bodies together, both gruffly exhaling when their hardened lengths are pressing against each other.

Jungkook takes two handfuls of Tae's ass and squeezes, taking a deep breath before connecting their mouths in a gentle kiss. In the time they've known each other, they've done quite a lot of kissing, how their mouths mould together and their tongues stroke each other makes it seem like they've been kissing for years. But these kisses… these ones are the ones that are leading to something… Jungkook is a little scared because he knows this will nail his feelings for Tae. He knows that once they've had sex, it will be without hesitation that his feelings for the CEO are deeper than he'd admit openly… that was scary but he wants this so badly and from the look in Taehyung’s eyes, so does he.

Tae's hands glide up and down Jungkook’s back either side of his spine, the pads of his fingers running over the ridges, he practically groans into his mouth, he can't help it. His mind is whirring at finally having Jungkook like this, it's been a while since he's been so turned on, he's unlocking feelings that he'd long since forgotten.

After mouthing down Tae's neck and back to his ear, Jungkook slips his fingers under the waistband of his underwear, taking handfuls of the soft fleshy buttocks, he moans quietly.

"Lay on the bed." He says, his voice low as he looks into Taehyung’s eyes, pushing down the shorts, careful to lift them away from his erection as he removes them.

Tae chews on his lower lip and nods, eyelashes fluttering, stomach swooping, he feels vulnerable and exposed as he climbs onto his bed, it's the best feeling.

Jungkook is considering if he's dreaming because he has definitely scripted this situation and it is straight out of his realm of fantasies. He knows that Taehyung told him he liked being told what to do but he didn't even blink, he just did it and Jungkook is so hard at the sight of him laying on the bed with his legs spread, looking at him like that.

"Holy fuck, you are so precious, just look at you." There's no blushing now, no embarrassment as he speaks, he feels so confident and he wants to make this man feel good, wants to take care of him.

"I did say that I like to follow instructions." Tae says, feeling like prey as Jungkook crawls over him.

"You did say that. So, do you wanna take these off for me?" Jungkook asks, kneeling upright.

"Are you asking me… or telling me?" He raises his eyebrows.

Holy shit! Jungkook is going to die, quite literally, so that's how Taehyung wants it? That suits him perfectly.

"Take them off." he cocks his head to the right, eyes wide as he too, raises his brow and fixes his gaze on the CEO, who visibly gulps at his tone and words.

Tae nearly chokes as the words leave Jungkook’s mouth, impressed with the change in tone and stance. If anyone spoke to him like this at work he would terminate their contract instantly. In any other part of his life, no one spoke to Kim Taehyung like this but aside from the fact that he thinks that Jungkook would probably get away with most things that others wouldn't, this is how he liked to be treated in the bedroom. It's the only time when he can let himself go and allow someone else to be in charge and he now knows for sure that Jungkook gets off on being in control, which ironically is a contrast to how coy he usually gets but Taehyung is slowly getting used to that.

Tae's eyes are hooded as he sits up, looking up at Jungkook after licking his lips at the sight of his hard member visible through his tight underwear. His eyes travel down his torso, taking in his pecs and the ridges of his abs. He toys with the waistband of his shorts, runs the tip of his index fingers around the top and strokes over his pert buttocks with his hands. He looks up through long lashes when he hears Jungkook tut, blinking and chewing his lower lip.

"You also said you could be good… that isn't being good."

Fuck! Holy shit! Taehyung’s stomach jolts internally, the feeling goes to his toes and he curls them. He wants to be good, wants Jungkook to tell him he's been good so he keeps his gaze on his and removes the underwear, albeit a little slowly. As Jungkook wriggles himself out of the shorts, Tae roams his body with his eyes, his imagination hadn't done him justice, he was so toned but not overly so, his cock was thick and curled beautifully against his body. When Jungkook blushes, he knows he's been caught staring but he can't help it, he must look like an idiot, open mouthed and mouth watering but the busker really is stunning.

Taehyung is gawking at him and for a brief minute, Jungkook's face heats as he sees the CEO's eyes travel down his body. He isn't sure that anyone has ever looked at him like that, however he isn't sure he's ever taken his time with someone as much as this. He quickly focuses, regains composure, he didn't miss the shift in Taehyung’s expression when he told him he wasn't being good, that instant look of guilt like he'd been caught doing something wrong.

"That's better" he says as he puts a knee between Taehyung’s legs and leans in to kiss him, pushing him down onto his back as he claims his mouth with his tongue.

Tae's hands move to Jungkook’s back, fingers pressing into his shoulder blades, lifting his head to push firmly into the kiss because he can't get enough. Jungkook didn't say he was good but he nearly did, 'that's better' was close enough and he was determined to hear him say it properly.

The busker turned his attention to his neck, tongue working in tandem with his lips, tasting then sucking the soft flesh into his mouth, repeating the action down to his collarbone. He hones in on every breath, every rise and fall of Tae's chest, every movement of his adams apple when he swallows. Everything about the CEO is attractive, he's the most enticing thing that Jungkook has ever come into contact with and he's reeling inside. He mouths down his chest, flicks his taut tongue around his nipple, feeling the bud harden as he takes it between his teeth.

Taehyung feels like his body is floating, like it no longer belongs to him as Jungkook kisses his neck and takes his nipple into his mouth. The busker's hair tickles his chest as he feels sparks of pleasure coming from the bud as teeth squeeze around it. Tae's mouth is going dry, breathing deeply as he tries to swallow, so affected by the lips travelling across his stomach and the tongue that dips into his naval. He exhales noisily when he looks down to be met with Jungkook looking up at him “Where do you keep the lube?” a question that Tae answers on the second attempt after wetting his lips.

“In the cupboard there.” he says, pointing at the tall white piece of furniture near the bed.

Jungkook dips his head and sucks a tiny red mark into Tae’s stomach before he gets off the bed and goes to the cupboard where he finds a few bottles of lube. He nearly stumbles on his way back to the bed when he sees the man laying with his upper body propped up on pillows, legs spread, knees slightly bent, face quite flushed and looking like a whole buffet that he couldn't wait to devour. He has the bottle in his hand as he repositions himself with his knees at the side of the CEO, his upper body hovers above him as he lowers his head down for a kiss.

"I need to start another list, with 'beautiful' at the top of it." Tae says, his hand coming up to tuck strands of hair behind Jungkook’s ear.

"I'd say that other list is irrelevant now."

"Some of those words still apply."

Jungkook pulls his head back quickly as Tae made a move to kiss him "if this is you on your best behaviour then I think I need to start a list for you with 'delusional' at the top."

The next thought that goes through Taehyung’s head is wondering how on earth Jungkook can do that? He wants to respond with something witty and smart mouthed but his bedroom persona is yearning to be good so bites his lip, literally, which earns him a smirk from the man hovering over him. Instead he smooths his hands up Jungkook’s arms, over his biceps, along his shoulders and cups either side of his neck, his fingers resting on his nape and his thumbs moving slightly over the skin.

The smirk remains as his mind is flooded with disbelief that Taehyung didn’t answer him back and now he is sure that this version of the CEO is his favourite version. He wonders what he is like at work, in the middle of a meeting or when he has to fire someone… he thinks he might like that version of Taehyung too, if his thoughts are anything to go by. He’d like to see him at work one day, see the composed man in action, then get him alone and see how quickly that composure fades.

He dips his head and slots his lower lip between Taehyung’s, sucking lightly on his cupid’s bow, his weight on the hands either side of his head pressing into the feather pillow. As the CEO pokes the tip of his tongue out past his teeth, Jungkook captures it with his lips and sucks on it, the action igniting a feeling of pleasure in him. He doesn’t know what Taehyung is in to when it comes to sex, aside from the fact that he clearly has a desire to be good and is comfortable taking direction. Jungkook doesn’t really have any kinks, nothing out of the ordinary but he likes the contrast of being rough but with gentle hands, he loves to fuck hard then take care of his partner afterwards. He really likes to push someone to the edge, watch them fall apart at his hands, give them exactly what they ask for, then smother them with affection. He’s only ever been in love once, he thinks, but has always enjoyed sex, especially when his partner is likeminded but Taehyung is beyond his imagination, he seems to be a fantasy all on its own and the excitement coils in his stomach, magnifying the arousal already there.

Jungkook uses his nose to nudge Tae’s head to the side, giving himself access to his neck, he doesn’t know if he wants to be hard or soft on him, not knowing what he prefers so decides to play it by ear and watch his reactions as he goes. His mouth finds Tae’s nipple, he flicks it with his taut tongue and his lips engulf it, feeling it harden and perk up each time he sucks. His mouth moves across to the other side, repeating the action, when he pulls away, he blows on it gently, knows his breath will feel cold against the wetness and smirks when a breathy exhale is expelled from Tae’s lips.

As he moves down Tae’s body, he can taste the body lotion he uses, isn’t sure what the scent is, just knows that it smells of Taehyung. He dips his tongue into his naval and sucks another little red mark into the soft flesh just below it. The tip of the CEO’s member is right near his mouth so he sticks his tongue out and kitten licks the head before licking a fat wet stripe down the length, firm enough to move the foreskin as he does.

Taehyung’s mouth is dry once more, head back, lips parted as he revels in the sensations caused by Jungkook’s actions. His skin feels like it’s got a million insects crawling over it as it tingles and peaks with goosebumps. He is uncertain about what to do with his hands, wants to thread his fingers through Jungkook’s hair and give his scalp a tug but he doesn’t know if that will be a good thing and he really wants to be good so he grips the sheet either side of him.

Jungkook takes the bottle of lube into his hands, kneels up so he can squeeze some onto his fingers and rub it between them. He glances at Taehyung who is watching him, he struggles to comprehend how someone like Tae is looking at him with such desire, wonders what it is that he sees in him when they are so very different or maybe that in itself is the alluring factor. He places the bottle on the bed and gets himself comfortable beside the man on his back who raises his legs automatically, telling Jungkook exactly what he wants without saying a word. His lubed up hand grazes Tae’s erection as he makes his way to the cleft of his ass, stroking his perineum with a fingertip as he goes. He props himself up on his elbow beside Tae’s head and leans across to connect their lips as his fingers find the puckered entrance and he teasingly smooths around it.

Tae has one hand clenched with the bedding in it and the other arm underneath Jungkook which he bends and places the hand on his back, fingertips pressing into his spine. His legs fall open as a finger intrudes, sliding past the ring of muscle before it’s being dragged out again. He lets go of the sheet and brings the hand up to comb his fingers through Jungkook’s hair, it’s so soft and silky, he has always liked longer hair on guys, it’s a secret preference that he’s harbored for years.

As Jungkook pushes his finger in again, he traces Tae’s lower lip with his tongue, allowing a hoarse breath to be expelled as his hair is tugged a little. He curls the finger inside, drags it back and pushes a second digit in beside the first, slightly surprised that Taehyung is so tight, wondering when the last time he’d had sex was or even if he used toys when alone. As he moves the fingers in and out, he finds the sensitive bundle of nerves and when the man beneath him looks to the ceiling, he attaches his lips to his throat and mouths at his adams apple.

“Fucking hell, you’re so tight,” Jungkook’s words are practically a groan as he enters a third finger, twisting them and stretching the muscle until he feels it relax.

Tae pulls on Jungkook’s hair to bring their mouths together, eagerly licking into his mouth and wiggling his pelvis on the fingers inside him. Small sounds fall freely from his lips, his fingers digging into Jungkook’s back and he does his best to keep stroking Jungkook’s tongue with his own while panting.

By the time Jungkook decided that Tae was ready, the CEO was moaning and squirming on his fingers, his body electrified by the massaging of his prostate and the way Jungkook kisses him so firmly. He points to the drawer in the same cupboard unit that had the lube in it when Jungkook asks about condoms, even though he’s desperate to go bareback. He needs to remind himself that this is their first time and that should be something they discuss, even though it suddenly dawns on him that technically they are only dating right now, their relationship undefined.

The busker rolls on the condom, smothers himself in lube and holds Taehyung’s knees against his chest, watching his face for any sign of discomfort as he enters him because he was very tight. He pushes in slowly, slower than he usually would, caressing Tae’s thighs with his hands as he pauses halfway and takes a few deep breaths. Taehyung reaches for the pillow either side of his head and squeezes, as he feels more and more full with every inch that goes in. His eyes don’t leave Jungkook’s, his mouth slightly open and his breaths are a string of moans as the busker’s girth stretches him further.

Once his balls are flush against Taehyung’s ass, Jungkook stops, his hands kneading the flesh of his thighs, searching his face for anything other than pleasure, “Can I move? Is it okay?” the words come out husky through deep breaths.

“Please move.” he can’t wait any longer for him to move, he feels so full and his body thrums with anticipation.

Jungkook circles his hips to get a feel for how relaxed Tae is and as soon as he feels little resistance he pulls out, only to push back in straight away, hoping he'd applied enough lub. Tae’s back curves away from the mattress and he squeezes the pillow close to his ears, elbows out wide.

The busker tries not to get too caught up in his thoughts, wondering how Taehyung usually likes to be fucked, not wanting to go too slow or too hard, his mind a minefield of questions without answers. He thrusts in and out a few times then lowers himself down so his body covers Taehyung’s. Jungkook places his hands over Tae’s and the CEO opens his fists so their hands can be clasped together palm to palm, knuckles pressing into the pillow close to his head. He lifts his head to capture Jungkook’s lips in a kiss, resting his head back again when the busker presses into it, breathing heavily into each other's mouths as he snaps his hips and the room is filled with the sounds of bodies clashing.

“Fuck… you feel amazing.” Jungkook grips Tae’s hands and speaks against his mouth.

“You… too.” Tae manages, body being shunted up the bed with every thrust.

Jungkook kisses him once more then sits back on his knees, raises his legs and continues to thrust, his hands gripping his thighs.He keeps one leg raised in the air with one hand and uses the other hand to take a hold of his dribbling cock, smeared with precum. “You’re so wet… shit… you’re so perfect.” he mumbles through heavy breaths.

Tae keens at the praise, the tight ball of ecstasy wound in his stomach begins to unfurl as the hand around his member strokes the length. Jungkook’s hand motion is firm and his fingertips apply pressure to the thick vein on the underside, the precum glistens on the head of his cock and smears over the foreskin as it's dragged up and down. He clamps his teeth down over his lower lip as deep groans rumble in his throat, his knuckles white where he squeezes the pillowcase beside his head, sounds forced from him as his body jolts from the strength Jungkook is putting into each thrust.

“I wanna hear you, precious.” Jungkook says, noticing that Tae is muffling his sounds.

Taehyung releases his lip instantly then groans loudly when Jungkook says “You’re so good.”

“I’m… I’m gonna cum.” Taehyung announces as a loud moan leaves his lips and he grips the fabric tighter, white streaks dripping down his shaft over Jungkook’s knuckles.

The busker strokes him slowly now, until he stops cumming, moving his hand to hold the other leg and speed up his pelvic movement, grunting with each push of his hips, a light sheen of perspiration dusting his body.

“I’m cumming.” he says with a strained voice as his orgasm wracks his body and he spills into the condom. His movements stutter, he slows to ride out the pleasure coursing through him, deep breaths making his chest heave.

He lowers Taehyung’s legs and wipes the hair from his face with his clean hand, “Have you got something I can clean us up with?” he asks the man laying beneath him looking bleary eyed.

“There are wipes in the drawer.”

Jungkook holds the base of the condom as he pulls out, moving backwards and climbing off the bed. He takes the wipes out of the drawer before he removes the condom and looks around for a bin.

“In the bathroom.” Tae says, his body feels like jelly and he isn’t sure if he can be much help right now.

Jungkook walks towards the bathroom and Taehyung licks his lips at the view, taking an eyeful of the muscular back and perky backside. He’s still in the same position when the busker returns, aware that he may have a dopey look on his face but doesn’t really care after that sex. He lays there and lets Jungkook wipe him over, he’s impressed when he remembers to clean where he held his leg with the hand that had cum on it and he definitely watches him when he goes back to the bathroom to discard the wipes.

Taehyung sits up and moves across to his side of the bed when Jungkook comes back, throwing back the duvet so he can climb in beside him. The feelings flooding his system are quite overwhelming as he snuggles close to the busker, he feels needy and wants to be held. Every part of him is being invaded by intense emotions… feelings that he will acknowledge another day.