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Worlds Apart

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When Jungkook left the diner, he had a bag full of food and a head full of the conversation he’d had with Marie. The walk back to his apartment was a good dose of fresh air and the music flowing into his right ear wasn’t enough to distract him from considering whether he was being fair to Taehyung or not. He couldn’t deny that the CEO was trying, the effort he’d made after the incident when he thought he’d been ghosted was clear to see with texts every morning and throughout the day, phone calls and turning up when there was a chance Jungkook wouldn’t even be there. It wasn’t easy to see past the wealth though, it was so prominent and at times it overshadowed everything and he knows that money is a priority for people like Taehyung. Money buys him whatever he wants, he can go wherever he wants, he never has financial worries and Jungkook knows that money is more important than anything and anyone and it doesn’t matter what he does, he could never compete with that.

When he'd packed his bag and received the text to say that his boyfriend was on his way, he went straight downstairs to wait. He smiled as the bright red Ferrari pulled up and he climbed in, Taehyung greeting him with a kiss to his cheek before the drive back to the luxury apartment suite. The traffic was light and Tae whizzed through what traffic there was, general chatter about anything that came to mind. As they parked, the CEO asked about his day and Jungkook told him all about the rehearsal and how they were going to be doing one of the dances as part of a showcase at university.

"You will be performing one of the routines from Chicago?" Taehyung listened animatedly as Jungkook spoke, he liked hearing him talk in such a relaxed manor.

"Yeah, the showcase is for prospective students so they want us to show what we do. We are altering it slightly because our dance teacher doesn't want to give away an element of the show."

They continued talking as the private elevator reached Taehyung’s level and they entered the apartment. It was strange for Jungkook to feel somewhat at home in such a place, it still gave him hotel suite vibes but he liked being here with Tae. After removing his trainers that Ash had given him, he hesitated before going through to the kitchen, a moment where he was on autopilot but brought himself back to feeling that maybe he should ask if it's okay to go through. He reminded himself what his boyfriend told him last time he was here, that he should feel at home and treat it as his own, so in a split second he'd done a complete 360 and headed for the kitchen anyway, followed by Tae.

"Can't you do a specific routine for the showcase?" Tae spoke while removing his tie and unfastening his waistcoat, relieved to be home.

"We still have a lot to master with the Chicago performance so learning something new now would be a big ask." He placed the bag on the island in the middle of the kitchen and proceeded to unload the many tubs of food.

"That is understandable. Couldn’t you use an old routine? The people attending the event wouldn't know it was from a past performance, you would know it and it wouldn't detract at all from Chicago."

"That would have made more sense to be honest. It's not for a month or so, we will see what happens."

Tae watched Jungkook as he organised all the tubs and went through drawers and cupboards to get whatever it was that he needed, “Would you mind if I showered and changed? I could do with getting out of this suit.”

“No I don't mind. If I am supposed to feel at home here then you should be able to feel at home with me being here and do whatever you normally do.” he says with a slight shrug of his shoulders.

The CEO caught Jungkook by the hand as he walked past him, pulling him in so they were chest to chest, “My normality is being here alone and there are some things that are much more fun with two.”

Ugh! Jungkook was powerless to prevent the heat from bleeding into his cheeks because he suspected that Tae was being his usual suggestive self, “You know what I mean.” he said, giving Tae’s hand a little squeeze.

One side of Tae’s mouth curled upwards and he tilted his head to one side, “Oh I know but I’m quite fond of this reaction.” he reached up and he stroked Jungkook’s cheek with the back of his hand.

The busker rolls his eyes and smiles just before he moves forwards and pecks his boyfriend on the lips which leads to a soft and gentle kiss, mouths moving with the synchronicity of an olympic swim team. After one more peck on the lips and a kiss on the cheek, Tae heads off to shower and change, Jungkook left to calm his heart rate and bring himself back down to earth. It takes several minutes before Jungkook realises that he's been staring at the empty doorway like an idiot, shaking his head at himself and tutting. He refocuses and gets to work on cooking the chopped belly pork in a griddle pan while pushing some julienne carrots in a wok, followed by mushrooms, beansprouts and some spinach. He loves the colours of the vegetables as he spoons steamed rice into two bowls, layers the belly pork, vegetables, seasoned seaweed, the sauce he made without gochujang because he thought that would be too spicy and fries two eggs which he puts on top. He leaves the two bowls on the worktop while he loads the dishwasher and tidies up, deciding to mix the bibimbap once Tae is ready.


Namjoon, Jimin and Yoongi all have expressions of un-amusement on their faces as Jin shows up twenty three minutes late. They are also not surprised so they also wonder why it bothers them given the fact that it was to be expected. The only relief is derived from it being only Jin that is late and they are not left waiting for Hobi too and Namjoon pleased that he was only eight minutes late for once.

"Please tell me that you ordered the ‘Gaja, Gaia and Rey’?” Jin says as he saunters in and takes a seat next to Namjoon and opposite Yoongi and Jimin.

“Yes, we did, they were waiting for you to arrive.” Yoongi says while putting his hand in the air to get the attention of the server.

“I’m impressed. Have you ordered food or do I have to have input?”

“We took the liberty of ordering food for you. The manager wanted to provide the meal, they have a new head chef and she wants to get in Mochi’s pants.” Namjoon ignores the look he gets from Yoongi as the server comes over.

“Joon, jealousy is remarkably ugly on you.” Jimin adds.

Namjoon responds with a laugh as Jin takes a sip of the wine that has been poured into his glass. The server returns with various dipping oils and a variety of enriched focaccia, as well as a whole host of anti-pasti items that create a feast in the middle of the table.

“So that we are all on the same page, I think we should start from the beginning." Jin says as he places his glass down.

"That would be the charity event, correct?" Namjoon asks, while stabbing a black olive with a small wooden pick.

"Yes, that's the first time we all had the misfortune of meeting the beggar." Jimin sighs.

"I seriously cannot fathom how Tae got himself into a situation where he thought bringing a beggar to an event, as a date of all things, was a good idea?" Namjoon, Yoongi and Jimin all nod in agreement at Jin’s words.

"I don't get it. When Hobi and I went to Aura to see him he said he'd handled the situation badly and that he liked the guy. They'd been seeing each other for months and Tae told us that it all started on what's his name's terms."

Yoongi took a deep breath and swallowed the sundried tomatoes he had in his mouth, "Since when does Tae do something just because it's someone's terms? This is because of a tip or something, right?"

Namjoon nods, "Yeah, he said something about the guy only accepting the tip if he went for a drink with him."

"That’s genius, really, don't you think?" Jimin shook his head in disbelief, "think about it, he makes it look like he won't accept the money which makes Tae think he isn't a gold digger. The terms by which he will accept it is by spending time with him, turning on the charm, therefore ensuring that there will definitely be more money coming his way once his feet are under the table."

"He uses the money as an excuse to get Tae to spend time with him and looks like the good guy. It largely amounts to Tae paying for the guy's time so he may as well be an escort, even though Tae told us that he wasn't one. When we were at Aura, Hobi basically called Tae out on it and said pretty much what you said, Mochi."

"He definitely had Tae under the thumb, even at the charity evening because as soon as he stormed out, Tae followed him. Joon, you said that Tae told you they'd only kissed?" There was a definite scepticism to Jin's tone.

"Mmmhmm, Hobi lowered the tone by insinuating that he gives good head to explain why Tae was seeing the guy and Tae said they'd kissed."

Jimin gave a little giggle, "Oh my God, trust Hobes… wow. I get his logic though, I said to Tae that he's been bowled over by the guy because he's pretty. As soon as I saw him, what did I say? He was a bit of Tae. He's muscular but not too much and he's pretty, if you think about the guys that Tae has been with in the past and the reasons he says he ended it or didn't take it further… that Jungkook guy fits the profile."

"And it's not like there have been many, mainly escorts because he's never been bothered. Yet this guy has reeled him in completely." Yoongi adds.

"I didn't think he was that likeable at the charity event but I'm sure he turns on the charm for Tae." The last word just leaving his lips as Jin took another sip of his wine.

"Aside from his looks, I don't see what the fascination is either. He can't give Tae anything apart from a sexually transmitted disease, maybe."

Namjoon chokes on his drink at Jimin’s words, "Well, let's at least hope that they're using protection, who knows where he's been."

"If he gave Tae an S.T.I he'd just be shooting himself in the foot because there's no way Tae would continue this thing in that situation."

"Jin’s right, but I don't think we can concern ourselves with that right now. There's nothing we can do about it. The only problem if they have slept together is that Tae's going to like him a whole lot more so we all have to be on the same page when we tell him."

Yoongi sits back in his seat and stretches out his legs, crossing them at the ankles as two servers greet the table and place dishes in front of them.


Taehyung rubs at his hair with a towel, looking at the bed that he hopes will have his boyfriend in it tonight, he never likes to presume, even now and even after the things Jungkook said when he was here last time. The smell from the kitchen filters through to the bedroom and he can't help but smile, it reminds him of something his Mother used to cook on the rare occasion that she chose to. Usually the cook would make their meals, she did the best lunches but Taehyung really liked her hotteok the most. The housekeeper would usually sneak some extra onto his plate for him, with the excuse that he was a growing boy. The staff they had were always great, his parents were extremely particular with who they hired and rarely did they have to replace a member of staff, everyone seemed to like working for the family.

After hanging up the towel, he went through to the kitchen, the soles of his feet enjoying the feel of the floor beneath them, his loose silk pyjama bottoms flowing like liquid as he moved. There were small dark spots on the blue button down pyjama top from where his hair had dripped, not getting to it quickly enough with the towel. The smell of dinner got stronger as he entered the kitchen, slowing his walk in an attempt to startle Jungkook who had his back to him, humming a song. He could see that he had earphones in but didn't get the expected reaction when he was about to grab him by the waist and Jungkook turned his head and said, "Hi, feel better?"

Tae looked slightly bewildered, "How did you know that I was here?"

Jungkook turned around fully so he was facing Tae, "because I heard you."

The CEO reached up and touched the right earphone, "Even with music playing? I can't hear anything when I'm wearing my earbuds."

"Oh, one of the earpieces doesn't work, I only wear them both in the hope that one day it will start working again." he said with a giggle as he takes them both out of his ears and switches off the music. "Are you ready for dinner now?"

The bewilderment is now for a different reason as Tae finds it difficult to understand why Jungkook wouldn't just buy some new earphones? He would view earphones as being a priority, given that the busker clearly listens to a lot of music. He is about to ask, when Jungkook turns again to face the kitchen counter and starts mixing the bibimbap with chopsticks so he decides against it as his mouth waters at the sight of the food.

"The smell reminds me of when my Eomma cooked for us."

Jungkook smiled as he hands Tae the bowl, "I hope that's a good thing?"

The CEO breathes out a giggle, "Yes, it's a good thing. She didn't get to cook very often so I remember the times she did."

"Did your Appa cook?"

"He would say yes, everyone else would say no. Mai-ling would always ban him from the kitchen. She said he was a bad omen."

Jungkook starts mixing his own food before picking up the bowl and following Tae through to the living area where they sit on the floor either side of the table. He laughs at what Tae says about his Father, "Who is Mai-ling?"

"Our cook. She's still with my parents."

"I see." he says, shovelling some food into his mouth.

"Does your Mother cook?" He makes appreciative noises as he chews.

"Marie helped me with this. She's wonderful in the kitchen."

"Marie? From the diner?" Tae remembers Jungkook mentioning the owners a few times.

“Yes, she makes the most amazing gimbap and it’s always huge, she also makes the best burgers… oh and fried chicken.”

“Do you have a favourite thing to cook?” Tae says while chasing a mushroom around his bowl with his chopsticks.

“Not really, I’ll give anything a try once.”

Taehyung looks up and a smirk forms on his lips, “That’s a very useful piece of information, Jungkook.”

The busker can’t hide the flush in his face or the eye roll as he knows exactly what his boyfriend is saying and it has nothing to do with the actual topic of conversation. Jungkook is trying to get to grips with the way Tae is sometimes and the reactions it provokes but it is a task when he says his name the way he does and appears to enjoy making him blush with innuendos.

“I’m sure it is.”

Tae just offers a smile in response as he continues eating until his bowl is devoid of food. Jungkook feels warm inside because Tae is much more appreciative of his cooking than he ever thought he would be and it brings him back to conversations he has had with Ash and Marie about the way he stereotypes him. He knows he shouldn’t pigeonhole his boyfriend, he knows he shouldn’t tar him with the same brush as his past but he needs to keep his defences raised until a time where he has enough proof to let them down. He is aware that his walls are being chipped away at with situations like this, when Tae shows much more gratitude and enjoyment of his food than he’d expected. Jungkook knows that Ash thinks he’s crazy for needing to do something in return when Tae does something for him but it’s moments like this when he feels really good about the fact that he cooked dinner and it has been so well received, that he feels justified in his decision.

“I would like to take you out for dinner on Saturday, if you aren’t busy? It occurred to me that there aren’t many days remaining before I leave so I would like to spend as much time with you as possible.”

The mention of being taken out for dinner fills Jungkook with dread on so many levels. He considers being busy but he can’t keep avoiding these situations, he knows that. It means borrowing clothes again or wearing something he’s already worn, it means extensive internal counselling of his mind because he naturally starts wondering how he can do something in return to maintain balance. He is also armed with the knowledge that the likelihood is that if he doesn’t go to London with his boyfriend, he will miss him while he’s away so he wants to spend time with him too.

He wishes his life could be more simple or at the very least that he could allow it to be simple, “Oh… umm… did you have a restaurant in mind?”

“Can’t it be a surprise?”

“What if I don’t like it?”

“That wasn’t an issue on our first date?”

“Well no, you planned all that.”

“And I’d like to plan this.” Tae sensed there was a problem but as usual he had absolutely no idea what the problem could be and he felt it wasn’t the right time to ask because Jungkook was already appearing to be quite defensive.

“Couldn’t you give me an idea? If there is a dress code I will need to know.” he doesn’t want to sound ungrateful and he doesn’t want to piss his boyfriend off but he can feel that knot in his stomach so he picks up both of their bowls and gives him a little smile before taking them into the kitchen. He thinks about his conversation with Marie and he suspects that he isn’t being fair to Tae right now but how to change it?

Tae stands once Jungkook has left the room, he is completely out of his depth and it’s puzzling how he always seems to end up here. He cannot comprehend how a dinner invitation can cause this reaction and although it’s more akin to a ‘pop’ than a ‘bang’ as he has experienced from his boyfriend previously, it doesn’t make it any easier to understand.

His mind is awash with options as he tries to solve this puzzle and find the correct path through the maze that is Jungkook when he stands in the open doorway of the kitchen and sees him standing at the sink. He has his back to Taehyung, both hands on the edge of the sink, head lower than his shoulders in a defeated stance. Body language was a topic that Tae knew a little about because he was thrust onto a course on the art of communicating when he first started Purple Aura. It comes in handy from time to time when he can tell that someone’s resolve is softening to a business deal but their mouth is saying the opposite but he doesn’t really think about it or apply it often. The image before him though, tells him that whatever is going on with his boyfriend is bigger than just a meal but until Jungkook feels able to open up to him, he doesn’t believe that it’s his place to further back him into a corner… he’s seen his boyfriend irate and he’d rather not be the cause of that again. He doesn't want to be the enemy and he doesn't want to ruin the time they have together by pressurising Jungkook into telling him things that could upset him.

He walks quietly towards him, in a hushed tone says “hi” and wraps his arms around Jungkook’s middle, clasping his hands together against his stomach. The busker stands upright but keeps his hands on the edge of the worktop, turning his head slightly and saying “hi” back.

This reminds Taehyung of when they were on the yacht and he invited Jungkook to go to London with him, he felt clueless then too. He didn’t think that wanting to treat his boyfriend to dinner would be such a big deal and it is then that he has an idea, “Why don’t you choose the restaurant? I could give you a shortlist and you could make the final decision based on what menu you like the most?” he wasn’t even sure this was about the food but chooses to play along with Jungkook’s earlier argument.

The busker is astonished by the suggestion, once again taken aback by the man who doesn’t seem to be deterred, just keen to find a solution. “Okay, you will need to give me time to search them up.”

Tae kisses Jungkook on the cheek then rests against the side of his face, “I will send you the options via text tomorrow, before lunch.”

Jungkook releases his grip on the worktop and places his hands over Taehyung’s that are still clasped against his stomach, leaning his head into Tae’s, “Thank you.”


At L’Escala, the chatter around the table decreased while they ate their main meals and the manager came out with the chef to gauge their opinions on the food. The group of four were complimentary, they had high expectations and the food exceeded them, unable to find a fault and Jin was most impressed with the wine choices. The female manager mooned over Jimin and gushed over Jin when she recognised him from a magazine, taking the time to quiz them both about her ideas for a change in the restaurant staff uniform. It gave Yoongi and Namjoon the opportunity to go over the ideas for the centre after their meeting there, Yoongi finding the drooling over his boyfriend to be quite amusing as he watched her out of the corner of his eye.

Eventually the foursome were left alone again while they waited for dessert and were able to resume the subject of the evening, Yoongi filling them in on their time at the diner, “We know that if Jungkook is telling the truth, that Tae has sent him dick pics which he has shown to at least one person and we know he has driven the Ferrari. We don’t know when though, so that could be a lie.”

Namjoon frowns, “I am astounded that someone would have that conversation where others could hear it. I would have to presume that there wasn’t any doubt that they were talking about Tae?

Jimin shook his head, “No, they said ‘Tae’ and ‘KTH’. There is quite literally no doubt at all. I felt like I was going to vomit. They were so casual about it and the way they planned to get whatever they could out of Tae once he was naked, tells you the power that tramp thinks he has over our friend.”

“And you couldn’t find anything on him?” Namjoon asks.

“Nothing. We thought we were searching for the wrong surname, maybe we’d remembered it incorrectly so we contacted the university and with a few of the right questions we had it confirmed. We had him looked into again but came up with nothing. Everyone that came up as a possible connection wasn’t linked to him at all. The only explanation is that he is using a false name.” Yoongi says, drinking the last of the orange juice in his glass.

“So it looks like he’s a hustler? People do make a living out of that by scamming others.” Jin thinks this could be the only explanation.

“We can’t allow this to go on, I think Tae is already going to be hurt enough but the longer it goes on the worse it’s going to be for him.” Jimin reached across and took his boyfriend’s hand.

“Agreed. We need to bring Hobi up to speed too.” Namjoon adds.

“I can speak to Seok tomorrow and then we need to tackle getting Tae to a meal.” Yoongi says, just as the desserts arrive.

“I’ll phone Tae tomorrow. He doesn’t know I’m back yet. Are we all free Saturday evening?” Jins asks the group.

They all nod as Jimin speaks, “I’ll book Blueside for 7.”

The group agreed and continued their evening, none of them were particularly looking forward to Saturday, they all agreed it was the right thing to do to save their friend, the evidence spoke for itself, they just hoped they were getting to him before he’d had too much money swindled out of him.


The plan to watch a movie hadn’t gone exactly as expected, neither had listening to music because Taehyung was in Jungkook’s lap on the couch and they’d been kissing for the last hour. Intimacy between the couple was never hurried, it was as if every moment would be their last as they took the time to savour it.

“Will you be sleeping in my bed tonight?” he asks as he takes Jungkook’s earlobe between his lips and applies a little suction.

“If you want me to? The guest room is for guests after all.” Jungkook’s fingers flex on his boyfriend’s hips.

"It's more about whether you want to, Jungkook. I would never presume or want to make you feel pressured in any way."

"From now on, I see no reason why I would stay in the guest room." Jungkook feels respected, that is something he didn't say to Marie when she asked him how he feels when they are just being a normal couple. It amazes him how someone like Taehyung, who is quite obviously a strong business man, who must have been pushy and a driving force in order to be as successful as he is, is so soft and patient with him.

Jungkook’s brain begins to malfunction as his boyfriend drags his tongue up his neck and speaks quietly near his ear, "I'd like to be taken to bed, now we have our bedroom arrangement sorted."

Jungkook wasn't going to turn that down, the way Tae phrased it made him yearn for him even more. This was Taehyung’s apartment, yet he was requesting to be taken to bed, putting Jungkook in the driving seat which ignited every flame within him. Their sexual compatibility was definitely not in question and it provided a freedom from the battles he fought when it came to the other areas of their lives. Intimacy brought a release, it enabled him to be himself and he felt that Tae was the same, both of them finding common ground with their sexual dynamic and being free of the people they are outside of the bedroom.

It did have an air of peculiarity as he led Taehyung to his own bedroom but the way he was being given the control so naturally was mind blowing. When it comes to sex, it feels so organic, which is a big turn on in itself. As soon as they are inside the bedroom, the lights switch on and the space is illuminated in a golden glow, the city skyline visible through the wall of windows but as Jungkook stands in front of his boyfriend on the raised platform next to the bed, it isn’t the view that he finds captivating. His hands slide over the silk fabric as he reaches around to Tae’s back and draws him in close, starting at the corner of his jaw he places a line of delicate kisses, stopping just before he gets to his lips.

Taehyung doesn’t move, he stands still, allowing his boyfriend to do whatever he wants, closing his eyes at the softness of the kisses left along his jawline. His hands remain on the busker’s waist as nimble fingers make light work of his pyjama top, eyes locked on each other as each button is undone. Jungkook makes him feel beautiful, he’s used to being the centre of attention to a certain degree, before he started Purple Aura he was popular among his peers and adults alike but of course it wasn't like this. In the world of business, when he takes a meeting and has twenty pairs of eyes on him, it’s a bonus that he feels at home being in the limelight but it's something he never really thinks about, it's an acceptance because it happens on a daily basis. He’s always wondered how Jin handles the attention he gets, Taehyung hasn’t really experienced it to that degree unless he has attended a special event or for a few months after the edition of Vogue was released. However, standing here, being undressed slowly by the man looking at him the way that he is, makes him feel desired and Tae feels like he discovered a diamond in the rough the day he met Jungkook in the subway.

“So beautiful.” Jungkook verbalises the thought that transpires in his head as the final button is undone and he pushes the garment off of Tae’s shoulders. The only sound in the room is the sound of breathing as he glides his hands from Tae’s stomach to his shoulders then down his back, pausing once his hands settle on his backside.

“As are you.” Tae whispers, reaching his hands up to the band tying Jungkook’s hair back. Before releasing the bundle of inky strands, his fingers stroke the undercut, surprised at how soft it feels. He tugs carefully on the band and as the hair falls around his boyfriend’s face, a quiet whimper leaves his lips.

The next time their lips connect, it is more intensive than anything they’ve shared so far this evening and Jungkook pulls them closer so their hips are flush together. Tae’s fingers are entangled in Jungkook’s hair as their heads alternate in opposite directions and the sound of heavy breathing is accompanied by hushed groans and slurping noises.

They manage to undress fully, without losing the connection of their mouths and Tae gasps when Jungkook picks him up and lays him on the bed. The busker feels electric, charged purely from the reactions he gets from his boyfriend. He thinks that Tae, himself, is a gift, one that he wants so badly to accept and keep but there’s a fear that he may never be able to give himself to Tae in return. It's terrifying, the thought of letting his walls down completely, he's worked so hard to distance himself from the past that haunts him more now than ever because his boyfriend is who he is.

Tae's breath catches in his throat as Jungkook crawls over his body, his chiseled jaw appearing to be sharper with the way his hair hangs in waves around his face. The CEO's arousal increases with how much he feels like prey, he feels vulnerable and he practically groans before Jungkook bends down to lick across his lips with a flat tongue. There's nothing robotic or necessary about the intimacy between them, he's had enough sex to know that there is something that sets this apart from anything else he's experienced. He has questioned whether he believes in love at first sight and what it was that made him keen to get to know this man that he still has so many questions for but the mystery remains unsolved.

Both his hands stretch upwards, his fingers interweaving in the silky strands as he pulls his boyfriend down, parting his lips to grant permission before it is asked. He's sure he hears Jungkook make a sound that can only be described as a growl and the noise vibrates through him, causing his member to ache and his pelvis to jolt upwards.

Jungkook pulls back, he wants to devour the man laying beneath him, his face flushed with the prettiest rouge and his lips show signs of the extensive kissing, "are you feeling impatient, precious?"

Jesus! Tae can't cope with the pet name or the assertive tone in which it's spoken. He knows all about changes in tone, this can be one of his biggest weapons in a meeting when he needs to make a point. In this situation, coming from the man hovering over him, it's one of the sexiest things he's witnessed. No one has ever used a pet name before, aside from the standard 'babe' which he's always thought to be lazy and a word he doesn't associate with himself. He's also never needed to be concerned with premature ejaculation but suddenly it's reality as arousal explodes inside him as Jungkook speaks and he whimpers in response.

"Y-yes." He feels so meek but so incredibly sexy at the same time.

"What do you want?" Jungkook says as he leaves little kisses along his collarbone.

"To taste you, I want… to taste you." Each word separated with laboured breaths.

Jungkook stops kissing his boyfriend's soft skin and looks up with a curious expression, "You do, hmm? How about we taste each other at the same time?"

Tae nods, his head feels heavy as he moves it, "God, yes, please."

Jungkook gives his boyfriend a grin, his enthusiasm is more of a turn on than it should be, he thinks, "Are you comfortable being on top?"

Tae starts to move as soon as the last word leaves the busker’s lips, "Absolutely." He breathes out.

The busker lays on his back and guides Tae over him, knees either side of his head, hands that promptly act to take an ass cheek in each and knead at the plump flesh. He's never really had a type that he goes for, that's one question he struggled to answer when asked. He's been with muscly guys, leans guys, men who are shorter than him and those who are taller. The differences between his past partners stand out more because there haven't been many, not compared to someone like Ash who changes his socks less than he changes his partners. What Jungkook does know, is that he is unquestionably attracted to Kim Taehyung and if he had a type, he would be it.

The CEO licks his lips when confronted with the sight of his boyfriend's cock and he leans down to flick his tongue over the slit, drooling precum. He tries not to focus on the large hands squeezing and parting his cheeks, the wet tongue probing at his entrance but it isn't easy, his own cock a weight between his legs. He takes Jungkook into his mouth, doesn't waste time as he takes him all the way to the back of his throat and swallows around the girth. He hums in contentment at the pressure of his boyfriend’s member heavy on his tongue as he pulls off to the head and takes him down again. His mouth falters every now and again as Jungkook inserts fingers and finds his prostate, saliva drips down his scrotum and he struggles to maintain a rhythm.

The busker works efficiently to stretch Tae, removing his fingers to lick over his sensitive rim and bury his face between his boyfriend's cheeks. He has to pause when Tae sucks gently on his member, the warmth of his mouth is overwhelming and he doesn't want to cum like this. He lifts Tae enough to be able to move out from underneath him and smiles when his boyfriend turns around, looking every bit as fucked out as Jungkook himself, feels. He beckons Tae to him with his index finger and loves the way his eyes shine at the gesture.

"You tasted amazing," Jungkook says against Tae's mouth.

"You did too." He replies, lips ghosting each other.

Jungkook takes hold of Tae by the shoulders and gently lays him on his back, taking the lube and a condom from the nightstand. As he's about to rip open the packet, Tae grabs his wrist, "This really isn't the appropriate time to discuss this but I've had the intention of speaking to you about it after you were here last time."

"Are you saying you want to go without a condom?" the busker wants that too and hopes he's not jumping the gun.

Tae is biting his lip, he feels nervous because he's never needed or wanted to have this conversation before, "I've always used protection, I've not once gone without it."

This surprises Jungkook a little but they haven't really discussed past relationships so he is your sure what he expected, "Before our first time together, it was six months that I'd been with anyone else and I always get tested afterwards."

"Are you comfortable with not using protection with me?"

Jungkook is stunned, "You trust me that much?" It was intended as a thought but it found its way to his mouth.

Tae smiles sweetly, a little confounded by the question, sitting up to face his boyfriend properly, "yes, I trust you, Jungkook. You are my boyfriend, you are in my bed, in my home."

The busker drops the packet, covers his erection in the clear gel that smells of candy and makes a note to find one that doesn't smell so sickly sweet. As he bends forwards, he presses his lips to Tae’s and pushes him down, placing a hand either side of his head. Tae draws his knees up and rests his calves on Jungkook’s hips, his hands running up and down the biceps of the man that he's sure has stolen his heart.

Jungkook pulls away just enough so he can look at Tae without either of them going cross eyed, "Are you sure?"

The CEO smooths his hands upwards to Jungkook’s neck and cradles it either side, "I am sure."

This feels so incredibly intimate, Jungkook has gone bareback before but this feels so very unique. He's astonished by the level of trust that Tae is showing in him and it gives him a massive dose of reality, he needs to start opening up more and trusting Tae too. His emotions are fraught as he enters the man beneath him, whose thumbs rub soothingly on the underside of his jaw and just like that, this feels considerably more like making love than fucking.

Tae pulls him down so their tongues can dance and their moist lips can slide against each other, so that their vocal sounds of appreciation are fed to the other. Jungkook doesn't thrust hard, he grinds his pelvis against Tae's ass, ensuring he hits the exact spot inside him as the CEO hoiks his legs up and grips him with his thighs.

Their mouths do not disconnect even if their tongues and lips stop moving as they pant hard and fast. Tae manages to speak as he exhales gruffly, "Cumming."

Jungkook’s brain glitches as he absorbs the word spoken by his boyfriend, yet another surprise. He's close to his own orgasm which now comes barrelling at him full speed as Tae's walls contract around him and the sounds leaving his lips head straight for Jungkook’s cock. He almost cries as he cums, the sentiment is so great that it's quite overpowering. He attempts to kiss Taehyung as he rides out his orgasm, the euphoric feeling flooding every part of him and he feels like he's drowning in it. This is one evening that has had an unfounded impact on him and underneath the feeling of bliss, is a fear that he's not sure he's ready to acknowledge just yet.