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Choke me like you hate me

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After finally getting together at the resort a little over a month ago Win and Team couldn’t be happier! Their relationship was going well, and their sex life had gotten even better if that was even possible to do in the first place. Team had finally stopped being scared of Win’s feelings, he started to be brave about them like Win had told him he should do. He is absolutely elated and smitten with his cute boyfriend. Until last night.

Team had come onto him which was such a rare thing for him to do he had jumped at the chance. Not that he would ever say no to Team. What confused him though was that Team came onto him last night and yet he didn’t seem satisfied after Win was pretty rough with him. Sure he gasped when Win touched all the right places and moaned when he kissed that spot on his jaw that turned him to jelly. He even came last night but Win just felt like something was off and he didn’t know why. Was Team just getting used to the sex? Did he have to try and figure out ways to spice up their sex life? Already?

It wasn’t winter break anymore, classes having gone back in about a week ago. It was still a little chilly outside though and Win could tell by the way Team walked up to him and the rest of the group at lunch wearing a scarf. Win instantly felt a little happier when Team sat down next to him and cuddled a little closer when a particularly chilly breeze swept through their lunch table.

Win had put his hand on Team’s lower back and had been slowly making his way up towards the nape of his neck all lunch. When he finally reached it he tried to find his hair so the tips of his fingers could play with it. Win had noticed something he didn’t like though. His scarf was tight. Way too tight.

“Geez Team I get you’re cold but this scarf is way too tight! You’re going to make yourself suffocate,” Win complained as he moved to undo the blue and yellow scarf wrapped tightly around Team’s neck.

“Hiaaaaa, stop you’re letting cold air in!” Team complained as he tried to move his boyfriend’s hands away from the murderous scarf. Win wasn’t budging though and he loosened the scarf a bit anyway but not too much because he still wanted to make sure his boyfriend was warm against another harsh breeze that brushed through their lunch table.

“Team you’re always the one complaining that you’re too hot! How is it that you’re cold today?” Manow piped up in between bites of the sandwich that Pharm made for her.

“I just am! And at least my scarf isn’t wiping off all my foundation!” he bit back. Manow gasped and pulled out an orange beauty blender and a compact mirror to try and fix the smudging that had occurred.

Win noticed that Team was a bit poutier for the rest of lunch. He wanted to ask, but thought against it and decided that he wasn’t so bad that it couldn’t wait until they were alone.

Later that night Win and Team were alone in Win’s room and the lust had taken over once again, the pouting at lunch forgotten about.

“Oh fuck baby you’re so tight,” Win said between gasps and moans. Team was on his stomach his head buried in his crossed arms and his ass in the air for Win to use at his disposal. They’d never done this position before and honestly, Win wasn’t too much of a fan because he loved to be able to see his boyfriend’s flushed face and splotchy neck. He’d done it anyway because he thought maybe Team was bored of the same positions. Team was moaning and gasping and whimpering beneath him, his legs even started shaking a bit earlier than they normally do. Team seemed to like this position a bit better. Win shifted his hips which made Team cry out.

“Hia! Right there! Don’t stop, please don’t stop,” Team cried. Win was satisfied that a change of position was all Team needed to feel satisfied and a few more pumps later they both came with vicious grunts. Team rolled over onto his back after Win pulled out and laid next to him trying to catch his breath. He looked over at Team who looked like they hadn’t even had sex that night. He was just staring at the ceiling with a bored look on his face and his fingers interlaced across his stomach. Win got an unsettling feeling in his stomach and decided that he couldn’t do anything else until he found out why Team looked so...bored.

“Baby?” Win asked, more quietly than he intended.

“Hm?” Team grunted, looking at him with a cocked eyebrow.

“Was that...boring for you? Did you not have a good time?” Win asked, feeling a little self-conscious in himself that he was no longer doing a good job. Teams eyes widened and he shifted so he was on his side and looking right into Win’s eyes.

“No of course not, I always feel good when I have sex with you,” and that was all Team would say about it despite Win’s gentle probing to get more information out of him. Win couldn’t help but notice that Team’s answer wasn’t an answer to the question he asked at all.

Win skipped one of his classes the next day to look for a certain someone who he could ask for help. He thought about going to Dean and Pharm for help but at the surface, they looked as Vanilla as it gets and he decided that he would spend his time looking for someone he knew was probably a little wilder. Just as he was thinking about her he spotted her long gorgeous hair and the makeup bag she carried around like a lifeline.

“Manow!” Win called. He waved when she turned around trying to figure out who called her name. She sent him a bright smile as she waved him over. Thankfully she was sitting alone and looked only to be touching up her makeup.

“Hi, P’Win! Team is in class right now,” She informed him.

“I know, I’m supposed to be in class too, but I needed to talk to you,” Win said, looking down at his locked hands. He was not shy in any sense of the word when it came to sex, but it was a little embarrassing to have the only person he could talk to about it be a girl two years younger than him.

“Oooooooh is it about Team? Spill!” She said, her eyes sparkling at the gossip. Win could practically already see the Facebook post she was planning on putting on the WinTeam page.

“Listen I’m going to keep this short, the last few times that Team and I have gotten busy he just looks bored...has he said anything to you?” It took every cell in his body to keep eye contact with her. He couldn’t believe he was telling a girl two years younger than him how he thought he was underperforming. Her mouth fell open and she gaped at him.

“Not that I’m complaining but isn’t this usually something you would go to P’Dean about?” She asked, her eyes sparkling at this chance to hear about Team’s sex life.

“Come on, look at the guy, he’s about as Vanilla as it gets.” She nodded agreeing with him.

“No he hasn’t said anything, In fact, I would say he’s more shy talking about sex with us than Pharm is.” She told him, not even a hint of embarrassment on her face. Win couldn’t help but be a little surprised though. Team? Shyer about sex than Pharm?
Win couldn’t help but show the disappointment on his face, Team wouldn’t say anything and now he couldn’t even get intel from his friends. Manow gasped though and raised her pointer finger like she came up with a brilliant idea.

“I just thought of something!” Win raised his eyebrows at her waiting for her to continue. “Over break I made Team put on one of my chokers because I thought it would be fun to tease him and he actually asked me if he could keep it. I said no because it was my favorite one, I didn’t think anything at the time but maybe he’s just into stuff like that,” She said like she was talking about the weather. Win knew he liked this girl. He smiled and thanked her going on his way to try and make it to his next class across campus.


After practice Win stayed behind to watch Team because he wanted to do some extra laps to prepare for the swim meet next week. Everyone else was long gone, and normally Dean would stay but Pharm called and he wouldn’t pass up a chance to hang out with his little pumpkin. Win and Team were in the locker room and just finished showering, now getting dressed silently.

“What do you wanna get for dinner Hia? I’m starving,” Team asked first, pulling his shirt over his head.

Win thought this was a perfect segway into testing what Manow had told him earlier about the choker. He threw that devilish smirk on his face as he moved and pinned himself up against Team. He snaked his right hand along his hip, under his arm, and painfully slow up his torso. He could feel Team’s breathing start to get faster and could see his cheeks start to pink up. He moved until his hand was just resting around his boyfriend’s neck, his hand large enough to cover the whole thing. He didn’t want to squeeze in case he and Manow had been wrong and Team was totally not into this.

“I was thinking about having you,” Win all but purred into Teams ear, kissing the shell of it.

He looked at his boyfriend’s face and Team looked absolutely wrecked. His breathing was very fast and because Win had a hand on his jugular he could feel just how quick his pulse had gotten. He wanted to make sure this was actually something Team liked and not anxiety, so he put his forefinger and thumb on Team’s jaw while still resting his hand on his neck and turned Team’s head toward him. Team’s eyes were half-closed, his face totally flushed, his mouth partway open. Oh. oh shit, Win thought. He knew there was a chance that Team might actually be into it but he was not expecting this. Not in a long shot.

“Hia,” Team said softly, looking away from him, his embarrassment shining through.
Win gave the slightest squeeze to Team’s neck, barely any pressure at all. Team let out the dirtiest moan Win had ever heard from him, even if it was a quieter one. It echoed deliciously through the empty locker room. Win froze, Team froze with him. The dark-haired boy went wide-eyed and tense as he slowly moved to remove Win’s large hand from his throat.

“U-um, I remembered we came to school separately today, so I’ll meet you in my room at the dorm okay? I forgot about our leftovers in my fridge,” Team said quickly before he sped out the locker room, leaving Win to stand there alone.

On his bike, Win couldn’t help but let his mind race about his new discovery. His boyfriend was kinky. His shy, tiny, steam bun cheeked Team was kinky. Win thought back to the last few weeks, and how bored Team looked after they had sex. No wonder, they had done nothing but vanilla sex since they started having sex. Team had probably really liked the sex they had because it was new, and exciting because he liked Win and sex was new to him. Now after they’ve been together for a bit Win isn’t so new, and Team wasn’t so new at sex either. He thought about how that choker over winter break had accidentally woken something up in Team and the longer he thought about that pressure that wasn’t there the more he wasn’t satisfied without it. Holy Shit. The scarf. Win thought about the scarf and how bad Team had wanted it that he was subtly kinky in public and not a single person had noticed it.

Win went a little bit faster on his bike after he thought about that damn scarf.

When he got to Team’s room the door was unlocked and Team was already in the shower. Probably properly washing the chlorine out of his hair because he couldn’t do it in the locker room. Win went sifting through Team’s dresser, looking for the clothes he left here to change into after he showered next. When he opened the top drawer though he found a black box that had a decorative red ribbon tied around the lid, not actually meant to keep the box closed. His curiosity had gotten the better of him and he opened the box. Win was very surprised at what he saw inside. The box was filled with chokers and ribbon, the scarf he had on the other day neatly folded next to the others. What really got Win’s attention though was the collar that was in the box that looked like it would be just a tad too tight around Team’s neck, but not too tight to hurt him. Win was in complete awe.

He couldn’t explore this box any further because he heard the shower turn off and he knew he had about 2 minutes before Team stepped out of the bathroom. He quickly found his clothes that were in the drawer below the one with the kink box and grabbed them. Team stepped out of the bathroom and looked at Win, pretending what happened in the locker room didn’t happen at all.

“It’s all yours,” Team said gesturing to the bathroom. Win nodded and walked into the bathroom to take his second shower of the day to make sure his blonde hair didn’t turn green.

When he finished showering and got dressed Team already had their leftovers heated and set at the table, and Win sat and scarfed down his food as did Team. They were eating later than usual today which was bound to catch up with them at some point. After dinner, they sat and watched a movie. Win had desperately wanted to give Team what he’s been craving for what seemed to be awhile now, but he knew he had to hold off. Win didn’t know what he was doing, and he had to make sure that he educated himself before fulfilling any kind of kink. Win knew from stories that if he just went into this uneducated he could make Team pass out, or even accidentally crush his windpipe, and that was something he would never forgive himself for doing.

The next day was Saturday thankfully which meant that Win had the day to himself. Team left early that morning to hang out with Pharm and Manow and Win all but skipped up to his room to start browsing the internet. He learned so many tools, tips, and techniques for how to choke Team in a way that definitely wouldn’t hurt him. By the time night rolled around again and Team was tucked snuggly into his side after having an exciting day with his friends Win was buzzing with anticipation.



Win knew what he said next would make Team upset, but he couldn’t figure out another way to bring this up. No matter how much he thought Team wanted it, he of course would never do anything sexual without his consent first.

“I was looking for my clothes yesterday and I stumbled upon your black box,” Win said, making sure his eyes never left Team’s. Team seemed to pale and flush at the same time.

“You what?” Team said, his face filling with what could only be panic. “ didn’t open it did you?” Team asked.
Win didn’t say anything and that answer enough for Team.

“Oh god,” Team said making a move to get up.
Win gripped his hip and didn’t let his boyfriend move away from him.

“Baby it’s okay, there’s nothing to be ashamed of,” Win said lightly.

“Fuck off, that’s so embarrassing, of course, there’s something to be ashamed of!” Team said, his face flushing red with mortification.

“Baby everyone has stuff that they like, there’s nothing wrong with that. Not everyone is vanilla,” Win said, pulling his boyfriend closer to him. Team buried his face in his hands, Win could tell his eyes were shut tight.

“Why didn’t you tell me?” Win asked.

“Oh really? What was I supposed to say? ‘Hia I just discovered that I really want you to choke me’? Get real!” Team said, not moving.

“Yes Team, that’s exactly what you’re supposed to say. Is that why you’ve been looking so bored after we have sex these days? It’s too vanilla for you?” Win asked.
“I like having sex with you, Hia,” Team said quietly.

“I didn’t say you didn’t like it, I asked if you were bored with it,” Win said, turning to face Team instead of letting him continue to cuddle to his side. Team didn’t answer. Win leaned forward until his forehead was connected with the side of Team’s head, his mouth almost connecting with Team’s ear.

“Did you...wanna try it?” Win whispered in the most seductive way he knew how. Team’s ears went even redder at the suggestion. He still didn’t say anything. Win snaked his fingers up and around Team’s neck again. Still not squeezing, only resting there. Team made a tiny noise of surprise and delight. “I sat here all day and researched how to choke you while you were with your friends. I wanted to make sure I don’t hurt you,” Win mumbled right into Team’s ear. Win could see the goosebumps explode over Team’s neck and arms. Win tilted ever so slightly to kiss and lick the shell of Team’s ear that was now scarlet.

“If you want it baby I’m ready to give it to you, but only if you want it,” Win said. He didn’t say or do anything else until he got the okay from Team.

Team slowly put his hands back down to rest in his lap. He was breathing a little heavier too, the simple weight of Win’s hand on his throat already giving him so much.
“I-I want it Hia,” Team said softly, not making eye contact with Win at all.

Win plastered that award winning smirk on his face and starting nibbling on Team’s earlobe while he slowly started to apply pressure to Team’s neck. Team let out the most delicious sound and Win noticed that Team was already hard as a rock.

“Snap twice if you want me to let go okay baby?” Win said, he wanted to make sure that if Team couldn’t get the words out he could still tell Win to stop. Team nodded as best he could with a giant hand tightening around his throat.
Win slowly pushed Team down onto his back, and let go of his neck to grab lube. Team whined at the loss of pressure, and Win leaned down to kiss him deep and passionate. Team moaned into the kiss and bucked up his hips slightly. Win quickly and unceremoniously stripped Team of his clothes before going to leave kisses all over his neck and chest.

Win coated his finger in lube and slowly slide one finger into Team’s hole. Team hummed in pleasure but it wasn’t quite enough. Win knew he was missing his hand on his throat already, but Win was new at this himself and he didn’t want to overdo it on their first time doing this. While Win lubed up and put the second finger inside of Team he leaned down to capture his leaking hard dick in his mouth. Team always loved Win’s blowjobs, he thought they were best thing after swimming and he moaned as he felt that wet heat slide over his dick. Win was doing all of the right things with his tongue and if he just shifted a little to the left he would be doing the right thing with his fingers too. Win put a third finger in while he slid down until Team’s cock hit the back of his throat. Team groaned at the pleasure of it all.
Win suddenly shifted his fingers to exactly where they needed to be at the same second that he slid down to make sure Team’s cock hit the back of his throat again.

“Oh shit, Hia. It’s so good, it’s so so good,” Team whined.

Team was already feeling pretty overloaded by having Win’s fingers abusing his prostate and his cock at the back of Win’s throat and he was so close to cumming. He started to moan louder and found it impossible to stay still anymore.

“Hia, Hia, its too much! Win it’s too much!” Team writhed against it all and just because Win is the devil himself he reached up with is left hand and squeezed Team’s throat in the most delicious way.
Team was on cloud 9, and when Win peeked up through his eye lashes he couldn’t help but moan at the sight. He’d never seen Team’s face contorted with so much pleasure before. The vibration from Win’s moan had Team trying to scream but being unable to because of his throat being squeezed.
Team let a few tears fall from how good it felt. All of his pleasure places being hit at once, was torture but in the best way. Win squeezed just a little bit harder, while still sucking and fingering and that was all Team needed to send him over the edge. He let out as much of a grunt as he could muster and came hard down the back of Win’s throat. He felt light headed from how much it was all at once. Win stopped all of his sweet torture and kissed up Team’s body, helping him come down from his high. He gave Team a deep kiss and Team moaned at the taste of himself in Win’s mouth. Win laid down next to him and Team shuffled closer so he was tucked back underneath Win’s arm where he belonged.

“How was that?” Win asked.

“Hmm, not that great,” Team said nonchalantly to poke fun at Win.

Win looked down at him, giving him a warning glance which made Team giggle and Win pressed a kiss to his dark hair.

“Thank you Hia,” Team said quietly, sleep already starting to pull him under.

“Of course baby, I love you.”

“I love you too,” Team replied. After a few silent moments Team spoke up again.



“I-is there maybe anything that you might...wanna try?” Team asked shyly.

Win was surprised that Team would ask him a question like that. Sure he cared about making Win feel good too but he was always so shy about asking questions.

“I’ve thought maybe rope could be kinda fun,” Win said, full of confidence.

“You wanna tie me to the bed?” Team said, not amused at all.

“No, I want you to tie me to the bed,” Win replied back staring right at Team.

Team’s face ignited once again into a deep red and he nodded, quietly telling Win that they could try it sometime if he wanted. Win smiled. His boyfriend was absolutely perfect.