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Rope Bunny

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After Win had told Team that he wanted to try rope, Team started researching. After reading a forum online he found out he couldn’t just tie any kind of knot he wanted because he could cut off Win’s blood circulation and just because overall it wasn’t safe. Team was never a boy scout so he had to look through a lot of videos on how to tie knots that wouldn’t hurt Win. Surprisingly TikTok had been a lot of help too, with it’s quick and easy to follow tutorials.

Team had taken more time to research than Win had with the choking, mostly because Team had to actually practice these knots so he knew he did them right and so he didn’t look stupid having to watch a tutorial while he was tying Win down.

Team had even gone to a sex shop in Thailand which wasn’t as hard to find as he was expecting. The store clerk there was very patient with him and all of his stuttering and shyness. They also were very helpful in answering all of his questions and directed him which rope was the best to buy. He hadn’t really paid that much attention to the material when she was telling him about it but he had to quickly zone back in when she asked him a question.


“I asked if you will be doing any kind of suspension? If so you don’t want to get a rope that will stretch out too easy,” She asked.

Team’s face turned bright red and the room instantly got hot. He sheepishly shook his head, and he prayed that Win would never want to be dangling from any place at any time. The store clerk giggled and then put a few bundles of rope in his hand.

“Then I recommend this kind, this is the most popular kind in our store,” she said, putting four bunches of the rope in his hand.

“I’ll take them then,” Team said, walking over to the register with her to pay for it. After she rang him up she said she forgot to ask if he was interested in handcuffs as well and Team quickly said no and took his bag and left the store. He was grateful it was black and unlabeled, but it didn’t stop him from thinking that people knew exactly what he bought.

That was a week ago and he had his rope hidden out of sight. He didn’t want to get Win riled up about it before Team was confident that he knew exactly what he was doing.

He spent every private moment he could learning how to tie it. He picked one knot he would learn and if Win was picky about the knots Team would learn more later. For now, he took the time to learn the Somerville Bowline knot, it looked easy enough and the steps weren’t complicated.

Today Team realized that he was tying the knot without even looking so he knew he was ready to bring it up to Win. During this week, he had also gotten more comfortable with the idea of it. He wasn’t too excited when he heard that Win wanted to try rope but he thought there wasn’t any harm in trying it at least once and if he really wasn’t into it of course they could always stop. Now that he thought about it and practiced and got comfortable with the rope he was actually a little excited at thought of being fully in charge. He’s initiated a handful of times but usually, Win is quick to take the lead.

Today was Friday and they had no swim meet tomorrow so he thought tonight would be the perfect night to try it out.

Team and Win had slept separately Thursday night because Win had a big test this morning and Team didn’t want to risk keeping him up with a nightmare. So Team was even more excited about the thought of trying the rope now that he hasn’t been with his boyfriend in 12 hours and he wouldn’t be for at least another 8.

Team sought out his boyfriend during their quick break in between classes. He found the mop of blonde hair that he’d been looking for, the only downside was that he also happened to be with Dean and that put a little bit of a damper on his plans. Team took a deep breath to calm his nerves. If he is going to be in charge tonight he had to start building up the confidence now, and he just wouldn’t look at Win’s face to start.

He walked right up to the table Win and Dean are sitting at and Dean noticed him first. He tilted his chin at him in a greeting and Team gave a little wai back. Before Win would turn around to see who Dean was greeting Team pressed up against Win’s back and put both of his hands on the table in front of him, trapping Win between them.

Luckily Team noticed that Dean seemed to get a phone call right then and was no longer paying attention to Team’s boldness.

“Hi baby, I hope your test went well,” Team said low, right into Win’s ear.

Win could only nod in response.

“Do you remember that favor you did for me awhile back? And the request you made after?” Team moved his right hand to briefly run across the front of Win’s neck so he would know exactly what Team was talking about. Again, Win could only nod letting out a breath that tried to have words with it but Win couldn’t seem to muster them.

“If you’re up for it, I’m ready for you tonight, I bought some pretty blue rope for you,” Team kissed the shell of his ear, and as quick as he came he was gone.

Win couldn’t even move, that was the hottest thing his boyfriend has ever done in the months that they’ve known each other. How the fuck was he supposed to concentrate in the last class that he had to get to in five minutes? He thought about just skipping it altogether, but it was the only class he had at the same time as Dean and he knew his best friend wouldn’t let him get away with skipping for something so trivial.
“Win, hurry up we need to go to class,” Dean said. He was already on his feet with his backpack across his shoulders. Win tried to quickly follow him, while also doing his best at hiding the arousal in his pants.

Dean noticed how flustered he was and scoffed at him.

“It’s not every day I see you flustered. Do I need to punish him with more laps?” Dean asked, just lightly teasing his friend.

“You think you’re so funny,” Win bit back.

He slung an arm across Dean’s shoulders and hastily made his way to class. Maybe the quicker he got there the quicker it would be over.


Team hasn’t seen Win since the break where he teased him and he’s been riled up since then. His last class was impossible to concentrate in and lunch wasn’t much better but at least the conversation was engaging enough. Neither Win nor Dean came to lunch today but that was because they had already decided they had to sort out everything for the swimming meet next week.

Team decided he would text Win to meet him in his room because his headboard would probably work the best for what they had wanted to do.

So Team has been sitting here and waiting for an hour for that knock on his door. His phone finally chimed and he read the text from Win saying that he would be there in ten minutes.

Team went over to his freezer and pulled out the vodka he had there. He quickly downed a shot. He knew it wouldn’t do much more than making his nerves calm down just a little which is honestly just what he needed. If anything the warm feeling in his chest was a nice reminder that he had just a little alcohol in his system.

There was finally an urgent knock on his door and Team went over to open it. He was immediately greeted with a deep, fiery kiss which Team returned just as eagerly. Win wasn’t moving much and Team remembered that technically he is supposed to take the lead tonight. He shoved Win up against the wall and when his back hit he let out a grunt. Team was immediately back on Win and threading his fingers through blonde hair, tugging the hair tie out at the same time.

Win snaked his hand from Team’s hip up his chest and grasped Team’s throat. Very lightly squeezing, just enough to get Team that much more aroused. Team gasped in between a kiss at the sensation, tugging those blonde locks in his fingers.

Team gripped the collar of Win’s shirt and pulled him to the side of the bed. With a very rough push to his chest Win fell onto his back on the bed and Team immediately straddled Win’s hips that were already trying to roll.

Team held one wrist, and Win’s hip to prevent the rolling. When his hips stopped he brought his other hand to hold Win’s other wrist. Win struggled against the hold just to see if he could, and he often forgot that Team is stronger than him. Not much, but strong enough to keep Win right where he wanted him.

Win’s mind was incredibly fuzzy from how rough his boyfriend was being. With how bold Team was at the break he had expected this, but he didn’t think it would feel nearly as good as it did. Team tried to unbutton Win’s white school shirt without breaking the kiss and he just couldn’t, so he just ripped the whole thing open. Button’s making faraway sounds as they hit the floor in various places of the room. Win cursed under his breath as he was yanked up by Team to pull the shirt off.

As much as Win loved when his boyfriend was rough, this felt different. This felt aggressive almost, and he didn’t like it as much. His shirt was off and discarded on the ground and Win carefully pulled away from the lips attached to his mouth.

“Baby, It’s not that I don’t love this and I don’t wanna spoil the mood but can you dial it back just a little?” Win said out of breath.

“Are you okay?” Team asked, immediately pulling back further and letting go of the wrists that Win hadn’t noticed he’d grabbed again.

“Yeah I’m fine, I don’t want to stop, but you’re being just a little aggressive,” Win told him.

Team smiled and kissed him again, this time a lot more gentle than he had before. He went back and threaded his fingers through Win’s hair again and tugged in the way he knew Win loved.

Win liked this a lot better, and he moaned back into the kiss. Team’s hands continued to be rough when he went back to squeezing his wrists, but his movements weren’t as fast and jerky. THIS is what Win had been dreaming about. Team moved down to Win’s neck and kissed the sensitive spot right below his jaw. Team’s right hand simultaneously squeezing Win’s clothed hip. Team grinded down into Win, their clothed erections rubbing together pulling out moans from both of them. Team sucked and bit and licked Win’s neck, leaving a hickey due to the overwhelming urge to mark him for everyone to see.

Team loved biting Win, because of how much Win’s reactions aroused Team. So he nibbled all the way down his chest and his abs pulling out gasps and groans from Win. Win would never in a million years have expected this kind of leadership from Team, but he wasn’t complaining. Team moved to unbutton his Hia’s jeans and he pulled the zipper down with his teeth. Win groaned at the sight.

“You’re going to be the death of me,” Win said, threading his fingers through Team’s dark locks, starting to get a little damp with sweat.

Team giggled and pulled everything off in one swift movement, leaving Win deliciously naked below him. Team leaned down and gave Win’s leaking dick a few sucks which left Win writhing around and moaning out Team’s name. Team pulled off with a pop and moved up to give Win another kiss.


“Where do you want me?” Win said, his eyes were oozing with eagerness.

Team moved Win to exactly where he wanted him. He grabbed one bunch of rope and grabbed Win’s right arm.

“If anything is too much, or too tight, you need to let me know okay?” Team stressed.

“Of course.”

Team nodded and tied his special knot around Win’s right wrist and the other end of the rope was tied to the bedpost. Team gave Win a little slack, but not too much so that his hand wouldn’t go past his ear. Team moved over to his left hand and expertly tied the same knot.

Win was in awe watching him do this. He loved the feeling of the rope, the pressure of it going straight to his already aching cock.

“I hope you got to touch as much as you wanted because you won’t be able to now,” Team said. He adopted Win’s devilish smirk and it made Win swallow, his arousal peaking that much more.

He moved to the end of the bed and tied down Win’s ankles. He could feel Win’s heated stare burning into him and he made sure to make a show of wiggling his ass a bit as he tied him. He didn’t give win’s ankles any slack because he wanted to make sure that he couldn’t lay his feet flat and push up into him. Win swallowed again when he realized this, not being able to have any control turned him on and made him nervous at the same time.

Win was obsessed with the feeling of the rope around his skin. He was sure his left wrist would bruise, but the thought of a bruise from this made it that much hotter, he even moaned at the thought.

Team moved to straddle Win’s waist, making sure that he didn’t touch Win’s dick, he wanted to tease him as much as possible.
He unbuttoned his white school shirt achingly slow, and when it was unbuttoned he stopped before taking it off. He leaned down to kiss Win, heated but slow. Lightly grazing down Win’s sides, making the skin twitch underneath Team’s fingertips and pulling a gasp from Win.

Win wanted to touch Team so badly, and the fact that he couldn’t was the sweetest kind of torture. Team finally pushed up again and pulled his shirt off, throwing it off the side of the bed landing somewhere next to Win’s buttonless shirt. He stayed there, making a show of slowly unbuttoning his pants, and unzipping them. This was the best striptease Win had ever gotten and he found himself fighting against the restraints to touch him.

Team briefly got off the bed to slowly and teasingly pull his pants and underwear off. Win couldn’t help but bite his lip as he watched. Win thought about the things he would do to Team had he been the one tied down.

Team crawled back on top of Win and Win couldn’t help but notice how angrily red Team’s hard cock was and how badly he wanted it in his mouth.

Team still refused to touch Win’s aching cock, and it twitched at the neglect.

“What do you want baby?” Team asked. Win got impossibly harder at the rare pet name.

“I want your cock in my mouth, please baby, please,” Win said, his eyes falling closed and his head falling back onto the pillow. He tried to roll up to get some friction if he could just hit Team’s back with his dick, but he realized Team didn’t even leave him a centimeter of slack on his ankles which left him deeply frustrated.

Team’s lower abdomen burned with arousal. Win was not a beggar, he wouldn’t beg for anything. Seeing Win like this, so needy that he felt the need to beg was overwhelming, and he found himself straddling Win’s shoulder’s before he could even think about it.

Win lifted his head back up and Team slid a hand into those golden locks to support the weight of Win’s head. He had his mouth open, tongue sticking out, and panting just waiting for Team’s cock. Team cursed under his breath and guided his dick into the wet heat of his boyfriend’s beautiful mouth. He kept his hips still but helped Win by continuing to support the weight of his head while he moved.

Win hummed at the taste which sent delicious vibrations through Team’s cock and up his spine until goosebumps erupted over his skin. Team threw his head back moaning at Win’s talented tongue running around the head and over the slit. Team pulled off before he finished in Win’s mouth, because he wanted so badly to come around Win’s cock. Win whined at the loss of Team’s dick in his mouth.

Team scoot back so he was straddling his hipbones again and bent down to kiss him. Win did his best to buck up and get just a tiny bit of friction from Team’s ass. Team broke the kiss and pressed his hand into Win’s stomach and whispered in his ear.

“Don’t be naughty Hia. The more you’re naughty the longer I’ll make you wait,” Team teased.

Win moaned at the words and wanted so badly to buck up again but he restrained himself.

“Will you be a good boy Hia?” Team purred into his ear, licking up the side of it and nibbling the lobe.

“I’m sorry Team, I’ll be good I promise,” Win said between breathy moans. Team gave him another quick kiss before he grabbed the lube he hid under the pillow.

Team propped a pillow up underneath Win’s head so he could watch as Team stretched himself. He coated some lube around his hand and waited for it to warm up a bit before he reached behind himself and put a finger agonizingly slow into his velvet heat. He only gave that finger two or three thrusts before he put the second one inside and began to play with that bundle of nerves he loves oh so much.

“Hia, hia, hia,” Team moaned out. He knew it would drive Win crazy and when he opened his eyes to look at his tied down boyfriend he knew he was right. He was sweating like crazy and he could feel his cock twitching as it hit his wrist, biting his lip and his hands gripping the rope like a lifeline. Team had totally wrecking Win and he hadn’t even slid down onto his cock yet. He quickly put in that third finger and abused his prostate, shouting Win’s name even louder as he felt that familiar coil in his stomach. He stopped before he could come, still adamant about coming on Win’s cock.

“What do you want Hia?” Team asked again.

“Please Team, please ride me,” Win begged again. The begging would always throw off Team, but he loved it either way.

“Ok, but only because you did what I asked and you were such a good boy,” Team responded. Win whined at Team’s words and he felt like crying with how much his cock ached. He needed to come so badly.

Team moved down just a little to line himself up and he grabbed the base of Win’s dick, not bothering with a condom, and sank down agonizingly slow. Win let out such a needy groan that was sure to get the neighbors’ attention if they haven’t already. Team sat carefully, not wanting to go too fast because he totally forgot to put lube over Win’s cock and he was running on leftovers right now.

Once he was fully sitting he sat there for a moment to revel in the feeling of being so deliciously full. Win whined with the overwhelming need of needing Team to move, circle, bounce, do SOMETHING.

Team got the message and started doing his best at fucking himself on his boyfriend’s dick. Win already looked like he was about to come and he would never admit that he almost did the second his head was inside of Team’s ass.

Team steadied himself with hands harshly gripping Win’s hips lifting himself up and down. He was so thankful at that moment that he’s a swimmer and his thighs could take the intense burn of bouncing up and down like that.

He shifted a little forward, moving the hands from his hips to his shoulders instead. The different angle allowed Win’s cock to thrust into his prostate almost every time Team bounced again. Win was moaning so loud and so often that Team moved to cover his mouth to prevent getting another complaint from his neighbor. Win bit his lip to try and keep quiet behind his boyfriend’s hand.

“Look at you being such a good boy,” Team said, trying to get his boyfriend to come because this was a lot more work than he had expected. Though the delicious burn in his thighs was a reminder that he was the one that made Win into such a whiny, moany mess.

Team continued to fuck himself on his boyfriend’s dick and leaned forward to catch the delicious skin on his neck in between his teeth.

“Fuck Team,” Win said at the nibbling. Team pulled back.

“Do good boys curse?” Team asked, and he stopped his movements, giving himself a tiny break while Win corrected himself.

“No, no they don’t. I’m sorry Team I’ll be a good boy,” Win said, his voice wrecked with passion.

Team smiled and started moving again, faster this time because his orgasm was so painfully close. He could tell that Win’s is also close because he started to pull more at the rope.

“Please Team, please,” Win said right at the edge of his orgasm.

Team leaned down again and captured Win’s earlobe between his teeth to nibble. He let go and whispered in his ear.

“You’ve been such a good boy for me Win, I love you,” Team purred.

Win came undone, his eyes shutting so tight he could see a bunch of shapes and colors. Team had only ever called him Win instead of Hia twice before and never before in this setting. Win hadn’t known he liked it so much and Team didn’t either. He filed that information away for future use. When Win opened his eyes again he noticed Team coming all over his chest and stomach as he started to slow his bounces.

He leaned down and kissed Win lovingly and then pulled off of him, going to get a rag to help Win clean up.

Win was still tied and Team came back with a wet washcloth and started wiping away his orgasm all over his boyfriend’s torso.

“That was amazing baby,” Win said and Team looked at him and just smiled. He was incredibly tired.

Team just stared down at Win and didn’t move to untie him yet. Win was confused, why was Team just staring, they were both spent did he really want to go for another round?

“Um, Team? Little help please?” Win asked, prompting him to at least untie one arm so he could do the rest.

Team got a mischievous smile on his face and Win paled.

“No, don’t you fucking dare,” Win said.

It was too late, his fate was already sealed.

Team jumped back on top of him and started digging his fingers into Win’s exposed ribs and sides.

“NO TEAM STOP HAHAHAHAH PLEASE HAHA,” Win pleaded as Team mercilessly tickled his vulnerable boyfriend.

Team stopped and leaned down and give him one more kiss before he untied his hands and ankles while giggling.

When Win was free, he tackled Team and tickled him back until Team had tears pouring out of his eyes.

After they settled down they were in the shower, Win holding Team up because of his jelly legs.

“I love you,” Win said, pressing a kiss to his boyfriend’s forehead.

“I love you too.”

“Ok, your turn next, what else do you want to try?” Win said, smiling down at him evilly.
“Hia!” Team exclaimed and lightly smacked his chest.

Win’s laughter rang through the entire room.